When Would JLIN Play His First Game in 2018-19 Season?

When would JLIN play his first game?
I listened to JLIN’s 10cent Chinese interview, (thanks Psalm, @infinitewisdom & others) and this is my verbatim translation (around the 1:00 mark):
JLIN>: “Now I’m almost good, now playing 1 on 1, also rehabbing very well, so there’s no urgency, no need to recover very quickly because I know I still have a lot of time. The first game is at end of October, so now there is no urgency.

Not to nitpick JLIN’s Chinese because my Chinese isn’t perfect either, but when JLIN conducts a Chinese language interview, he tends to be less precise, simply because his vocabulary range is greatly diminished versus conversing in English. In Chinese we often use, 月初 (beginning or early in the month),and 月底 (end of the month or towards the latter part of the month.) Hawks opener is Oct 17th.

Within the context of the interview combined with JLIN’s Chinese imprecision propensity, I’m of the opinion that when JLIN said 月底 his intention appears to be merely that the first Hawks game was in the later part of the month and it was not to imply that he wouldn’t play and/or be ready to play until the literal end-of-the-month.

In conclusion, I believe JLIN intends to play in the Hawks opener but let’s see how training camp goes.

Note: It helps to clarify when Jeremy said he will play first game of the season because there is a potential confusion with an article that stated Jeremy Lin will not play his first game until late October, which means he might miss the first 5-7 games since the first regular season game starts on Oct 17.

[CGTN] Jeremy Lin interview with Tencent Sports: I want to be more than ‘Linsanity’

“During the recovery, I have learned more about my body and enriched my knowledge about basketball. I cannot give up (on basketball),” said Lin.

The rehab is not over for Lin who said that, though his knee and ligament have recovered well, he will not play his first game until late October when he can be 100 percent healthy.

When asked about the difference between being 22 years old and being 30, Lin replied “too many differences. I could not even compare the two stages. Now I know exactly what my goal is and I’m satisfied with what I have.”


  1. no idea. but i think the translation attempt here is more in line with how i interpreted what he meant.

    there was this repeated story line that oh lin said he’s not available till the (literal) end of october.

    i suspected at the time that it was a matter of repetitions of repetitions of translations of translations. and would be more included to agree with the more detailed analysis above.

    its like that old joke about (used in some of those silly penguins and monkeys movies) where the first guy says; i need a rope,the second guy says he needs some hope, the third guy says, lets smoke some dope, and by the time it gets to the end of the chain of repeats its: he’s going to see the pope.

  2. Don, hopefully that is exactly what he meant. Of course his latest tweets are cryptic as well.

  3. I saw in one recent Lin video where he said he was playing 5 on 5 basketball the whole week before departing for Atlanta. He said his knee was feeling good. The interview was with some Chinese media but Lin spoke in English. The impression I got was Jeremy is close to readied for training camp. Let’s pray he is.

  4. Thanks for the translation! Crisis averted!

  5. good clarification on the issue…thanks to all!

  6. maybe during the interview, JLIN and his trainer thought that that will be their schedule for Jeremy to play, but nature is thinking on the contrary for him to heal him slowly thats why the message then..he might be inching in to his goal right now with just a little tweaking and more PATIENCE in the process.

  7. Thanks @donsmacau for the interpretation, there are many non chinese speakers here…me as well, that helps

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  9. some numbers:

    18 days till training camps open
    21 days till pre season opens
    24 days till hawks first pre season game
    39 days till regular season begins &
    hawks first regular season game

    number of nba games played and career “per”
    lin 406 15.5
    bazemore 416 12.3
    dedmon 286 15.2
    collins 74 18.3
    prince 141 12
    len 335 14.5
    young 0 na
    anderson 168 13.3
    aldrich 339 16.6

    these are the players i would see getting major minutes.
    note: vince carter has played significant minutes only one of the last 4 seasons and not really put up a strong season since 2012-2013. i dont expect him to be anything more than a “udonis haslem” type for this team. when carter entered the nba lin was ten years old. young was not yet born.

    number of games beyond high school played by young (not counting summer league)

    number of draft pick point guards to put up a per significantly above lins career ave. in the year they were drafted in the last six years:
    (damian lillard)

  10. It was an August 1st interview. That’s month old. From the interview, Lin specifically said first NBA game is in late October (in Chinese term), so he still got time to rehab and recover, no need to rush back. That’s the context of the conversation about coming back playing.

    Yet there is a recent Lin tweet about God’s schedule. We don’t know what that entails. Hope it is nothing related to his return schedule.

  11. I believe Lin will join almost all the practices and thus he will be available in the season opening regular season game.

  12. Jeremy out-and-about in Atlanta. It’s curious that he doesn’t seem to be posting anything about his current training activities or interaction with the Hawks …

  13. From what I have seen that is available Jlin has been much more reserved about his basketball feelings in ATL. Maybe it was the suddenness of the trade and the need to become more familiar with his new teammates not to mention a new coach and cultural environment.

  14. I think you are talking about Chinese whispers. Yeah I don’t know why some people like to read in between lines and draw up conclusion on matters they themselves were not involved in.

    Anyway I just watched the first half of the interview and I can say that Lin’s Chinese is pretty much English grammar structure in Chinese words so it sounded kindda funny. Therefore I wouldn’t be surprised if people without thorough knowledge of both languages would struggle to interpret what he really wanted to express.

    In a nutshell, he was just saying that there’s no need to be anxious or put needless worries on his rehab progress at this stage. He sounded pretty confident in how his knee has healed and is now able to practise in 1-on-1 settings. He made no mention of training camp nor preseason games but I don’t feel as if he’s making any statements on whether he will or will not participate in those, nor his expectation on recovering in time for those. So it seemed like he just wanted the audience to see that he’s positive about his situation and his mind is in the right place, and that’s all I’m going to come away with and perhaps spicing it up with a grain of hope.

  15. Lin has been in so many teams and played so many different types of offense, he could be the best offense coach for the Hawks.

  16. The next man up: Miles Plumlee; Lots of unnecessary dissing to the centre

    He is kept and serviceable to protect the rim

  17. Likes lobs might like lin

  18. Did you see him block Portzingis’s shot?

  19. Yes, watched the film clip. Have not seen Plumlee play and it is hard to tell much from film, since they only show the good stuff. But he looks pretty mobile and with a PG like Jlin who likes PnR he could be pretty good. So ATL has 3 true centers, one, Dedmon who can stretch the floor and two who are big and can rebound and run the PnR. That is a good center position. So far this does not look like a tanking roster as I agree with you that Bazemore, Dedmon and Jlin form a good, skilled, fast core for the youngsters to play around. They might surprise this year with some extra wins. Even the ATL commentators don’t think ATL will win much more than 20 games. They need a decent vet to lead a bench though to win more games than projected

  20. At least, he can play at NBA level.

  21. Here is a trailer for an interview with Jeremy, with english subtitles.

    The interview was done on Jul 28 and the full interview will be released on Sep 12, according to Popo Chung.

  22. “#Nets 49% owner @joetsai1999 held Joe Tsai Foundation opening ceremony in his grandfather’s home town- Nanxun, Huzhou Zhejiang on Sep 5.
    Media asked Tsai about his Foundation’s goals…, and Nets’ development in China market after @JLin7 traded”

  23. “Wow. Incredible interview with new Hawk, Jeremy Lin. Definite top 5 all-time of mine. Awesome to hear his crazy journey and the amazing way he looks at life. HUGE impact on me. If you’re not a fan of his-you should be! Can’t wait to cover his next chapter on @HawksOnFSSE !!”

  24. Nash thanked Amare for so many PnR highlights in his HOF speech
    Ed Davis might be the best PnR match for JLin after Tyson Chandler but it’s not meant to be.
    Hoping for a good PnR partner with Lin in the Hawks.

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    Maybe they’re experimenting first

  26. JLin had incredible natural pick and roll synergy with Greg Smith (Smith just couldn’t stay on the floor for more than a few minutes trying to defend his own man), and I suspect Lin could have that same synergy with Kawhi Leonard (Ed Davis, just like Cody Zeller, was relentless in how unselfishly he kept setting screens for Lin, but neither had the elite athleticism to finish with power at the rim like Kawhi or Smith:

    Ed Davis would sometimes get a flat tire jumping for Lin’s lobs and get rejected by the rim, and Cody just had trouble finishing through contact at the rim.

    Trevor Booker had similar problem (seemed more of a long jumper than high jumper in that he could take off near the foul line and get near the rim, but he can’t elevate jumping right at the rim).

  27. https://youtu.be/FUogYh8Wo44

    Lin has always been so instinctively brilliant in an improvised transition attack, just like Nick Foles was so brilliant out of RPO for the Eagles during their Super Bowl Run last season:

    https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2017/8/25/16201116/most-important-play-2017-run-pass-option-rpo-aaron-rodgers-ben-roethlisberger (http://disq.us/p/1r8cgyd)


  28. why is kerro not smiling

  29. Charlotte and Spurs offered Parker similar money, but Parker chose Charlotte because he still wanted to play and did not want to be a veteran mentor.

    Yet everyone expects our Lin to be the veteran mentor


  30. This’s another way of dissing. PG typically primes after 30. Lin is at his best. His primary task should be playing for wins

  31. Not everyone sees Jlin as “mentor”. With his new focus, on a new team in a contract year I expect to see something similar to Linsanity, only lasting for the whole season. Jlin, is seems, tried to “mentor” the whole Nets team and in appreciation he got traded to ATL. Maybe Schlenk brought in Vince Carter to “mentor” Jlin into being the best player he can be.

  32. “Maybe Schlenk brought in Vince Carter to “mentor” Jlin into being the best player he can be.”

    doubt it. that’s lin fan’s thinking.

  33. Vince Carter is more for their new franchise, in Trae Young and younger players. I doubt Hawks is wanting Lin to be a mentor they haven’t said anything about that. Also it seems like Hawks haven’t been promoting Lin like Nets did. Not expecting much, Hawks are rebuilding with many upcoming 1st round drafts and young players. It’s doubtful whether Lin stays for more than 1 year unless he breaks out and becomes all-star. Honestly Lin is nearing the end of his career after this year who knows whether he’d get any offers other than bench roles. He needs to treat this career like it’s his last, all that mentor crap is just using him, forget it just focus on scoring and getting his! Take Nash’s regret and advice to heart, be a scoring, shoot 1st PG!

  34. Not just haters, it’s every team and FO he’s been to! They’d rather risk it with a new drafted PG or a 1st round bust than truly make him the franchise! Just be realistic, don’t expect Hawks to treat Lin any better than his previous teams. Lin needs to focus on scoring and getting his, forget about following orders or mentoring!

  35. The trade from Nets should definitely be the final wake up call for Lin! just play his game and focusing on scoring and having fun! Forget about the offense and limitation by coaches!

  36. Here is the complete interview with Jeremy, done on July 28, for the Tencent network in China.

    There are no subtitles, unfortunately, at this time.

  37. No matter what sport writers do to evaluate the Hawks, it will only boil own to Luka Doncic vs Trae Young next season. Dallas will build the team around him. The team will have Harrison Barnes, DeAndre Jordan,
    Dennis Smith Jr., Dirk Nowitzki, Dwight Powell, & Wesley Matthews around him. On the book, Atlanta has nothing to match.
    It’s going to be diffiult on the Atlanta FO. Trae Young will have nothing to match.

    Doncic is an established professional player and the comparison is utterly not fair. Yet it is this type of comparison to make team owners sore.
    The Hawks has to win a lot mor games to offset this. The only hope comes from JLin. Atlanta has to play Linsane to ease the pressure on Travis Schlenk.
    Dallas has done everything possible to maketh Rose on the other side fabulous. Losing on a franchise player like will make people lose their jobs.

    I’m not worrying but Travis Schlenk would.

  38. Luka Doncic looks way more NBA ready, you can’t teach height, build or even maturity. Trae Young calling his teammates pieces already shows his ego. But he’s what the Hawks wants to build around so be it. So long as Lin starts as a guard and gets his for the contract year I don’t care.

  39. An important aspect ignored by most is the knowledge of the game and of course, the fittest survive too. You can build a team around any person but it may not win many games for you.

  40. At the end, th greatest value of Lin is on the court, Lin said so. He is a player!
    Trae Young hasn’t played one single NBA game yet.
    (any other role stuck to him is degrading.}

  41. Lin has been replaced by other players
    Just look at how they are doing now.
    Are they really worth more than Lin or was Lin simply trashed?

    2018-2019 SALARY
    Jeremy Lin $13,766,421

    James Harden $35,650,150
    Nick Batum $24,000,000

    Jordan Clarkson $12,500,000
    Kemba Walker $12,000,000
    Jeremy Lamb $7,488,372
    D’Angelo Russell $7,019,698
    Patrick Beverley $5,027,028
    Ronnie Price $2,442,445 (2017-18)
    Raymond Felton $1,512,601

  42. Linsanity is the best

  43. like I said those mentoring talk are lin fan talk.

  44. LOL, at least they are saying Linsanity was a 3 week “lucky” fluke now (instead of 2 week previous false talking point)!

  45. This weekend Jeremy will be back in New York. In addition to appearing at the Q&A session for the film ‘Looking for Luke’ (Sunday), he will be at a church gathering on Saturday.

  46. Interesting full interview. Here’s my takeaways :

    – Disappointed no opportunity to prove he could take Brooklyn to playoffs (we knew could have too) but no regrets of his time with Nets.

    – Were he not confident new team would play him … then he would have made a decision about going there or elsewhere. (Evidently, he believes at this point that Hawks will play him)

    – Only one concern post rehab, “will he run as fast and jump as high as before?” because other parts of game including his ability to break through defenses and shooting are strong. (good news)

    – Post injury eats no sweets, chips, ice cream (paleo is the boss, note to JLIN: fried meats are fine)

    – Regrets training too obsessively in the past such as taking 1000 shots per day, diminishing returns and inefficiencies. (great news, I’ve never subscribed to this type of mindless training especially for athletes who want to prolong their careers – i.e. save the energy for GameTime when it counts)

    – Rejected the notion from fan that his greatest value is locker room leadership, JLIN says his greatest virtue is what he does on the court and the coming years he will show everyone. (great response by JLIN)

    (Parenthesis are my personal thoughts)

  47. I find the word ‘mentor’ absolutely disgusting. Lin is at his prime as a PG. People try to treat him like a goner. This is an idiosyncracy of Lin hating at its worst form. In contrast, much hype is given to a college kid recently drafted; a project which would most likely pale in comparison to Luka Doncic. If his productivity couldn’t catch up with the hype, he would be dumped. We have seen fallen college stars year after years. This is NBA; not college basketball. This team looks for real champion level performer, fake star chucking up shots won’t cut it.

    I would think that Travis Schlenk has no confidence that either Luka or Trae could do the job. The GM wants another chance to land his ideal PG. For the time being, Lin looks like Steve Nash on the way up. This will keep the bet going until the real champ shows himself.

    I wouldn’t believe that the GM place all his bets on one rookie. Diversity makes more sense. Newcomers will keep the betting alive.

    JLIN says his greatest virtue is what he does on the court and the coming years he will show everyone. (This is Lin’s answer to trash from the media as well as Infinite Lin haters. ‘Bravo!’)

  48. To win a game, all you need to do is to SCORE more than your opposition. Linsanity did just that. Find a way to win made Linsanity.great to watch.

    Not like Lin piling up stats while Knicks lost 7 games

  49. Trae Young was drafted because of his range in shooting 3s. Now the team starts talking about his passing. Perhaps the Hawks wants to build a team like the Sun. This change will not help the GM build Warrior 2 in the east though. Will the owner accept this. I consider this is a setback for the team already unless Travis Schlenk gives up finding a PG like Curry.

  50. i think only lin haters say lin was brought in to only mentor. you dont blow all that cap space in return for lin + 2 second round picks if he was only a mentor. he will of course get playing time. as i have said over and over, lin is the best thing to happen to trae. that’s not by accident. he will play WITH lin and that’s how you learn, by doing it, not by studying it in practice or in film.

    you want a mentor? that’s why they got vince. vince wanted to be in atl where the tnt/nbatv studio is located, and atl wanted a mentor. win-win.

    the only real question left is will lin start or come off the bench? that dedmon injury may push them to start collins at the 5 and open up a starting spot for lin in the backcourt…

  51. Trae Young is their Curry 2.0 and franchise for the time being unless other future 1st round draft picks are better than him. They taking about Young his’s driving and passing being Curry-like every since summer league, no clue where you’ve been. Young’s drive to the basket and to draw defense before passing for an assist is exactly like Curry’s. Have you even watch any of his highlights?!

    Just stop putting Trae Young down, he’s the franchise so be it. Lin just needs to start and get stats for his next big contract!

  52. Mentoring talk are hater talk and degrading.

  53. Curry-like is contrary to what Trae Young’s statement. He himself personally admitted that he wants to be Nash-like. If this is a put down, so be it.

    As long as it’s the truth, I rest my case.

  54. calling his teammate pieces is what you get from hanging out with harden too much.

  55. Lin can be more than a mentor, but the Hawks and Lin didn’t talk how he can help the offense and defense. They want to keep the expectation low. Lin’s healthy is a big factor. He can definitely play, but if his speed and explosiveness are not above 90%, he may not contribute as he wants.

  56. pieces is a standard vocab in BB, so I wont read too much into it

  57. Those who are exalted will be humbled.

  58. I know Lin didn’t ask to be traded but he will play as well as he could. Lin collects his trade bonus. Lin has passed his physical exam. If Lin is not worth the cap space Atlanta gave up for him, the trade would hurt Schlenk’s reputation. It is not even a gamble. It should be a sure thing for Atlanta.

    Lin is better than before or else Atlanta will not make the trade. $13M+ for a mentor? This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

  59. Lin plays defense. How long do you think this grasshopper can pick this up from his master?
    A long project!

  60. I don’t get why you’re so anti-Trae. The pre-season let alone season hasn’t begun and we don’t even know what Pierce has in mind about lineups, rotations, playing time for his PGs, how much they’ll play together and what their exact roles will be. Trae may be a very decent kid and he’s very, very young. If the Hawks see him as the future franchise PG, that’s the reality of the team Lin has joined. If they want Lin to stick around, we’ll see. If not, Lin’s a free-agent and is in power to go where he wants next year.

    I’m just hoping Lin is healthy this season and still has some of his trademark speed and explosiveness. Lin himself doesn’t know about that part of the game and to me, it can’t be assumed after this major injury. All of that has to be in place before we can say anything about Lin’s current game. These highlights are pre patella rupture injury. There are none post. They will come when Lin plays this season. We all know what Lin used to play like. We’ll see what he looks like in a few weeks.

  61. I agree. His ability to stay on the court and how much of his old game is retained are the most important factors going into the season. Other things will work out based on info we don’t have yet.

  62. Lin was really really cautious in that 10 sec 5-5 scrimmage so can’t really tell and that’s at least a month ago. I hope an upgraded Lin could rely more on his all-around control of the game and shooting, and less on the explosiveness and driving to the rim.

  63. I’m more than fair to this kid.

  64. Totally agree. Explosiveness is not a rare skill in NBA. Driving to the rim is too much of risk for injury. Lin, I hope given his smart Basketball IQ, can develop his own brand of unique skill sets establishing him-self as an all-star in NBA.

  65. i actually dont want lin to drive as much anymore. i want him to be a shooter that can drive, not a driver that can shoot. he knew this and that’s why he changed his shot. if he can bomb away from 3, then why go for layups and get hacked? we all saw a glimpse of his improved shot at bklyn but now he has had even more time to get that shot perfect.

    40+ 3p% shooting off the dribble or C&S will extend is career and make him VERY valuable for years to come. his driving game will always be there i think, he just needs to tone it down a bit. when the defenses collapse on him and he’s among the trees, he needs to finally settle for floaters or use his (hopefully improved) handle to navigate around the paint.

  66. just noticed the second bullet point again…

    he was traded, and doesnt have a no trade clause, therefore he has no say about where he goes… what decision could he have made about going there? buyout!

    it looks like lin straight up asked the front office if they would play him or get the deng/mozgov/noah treatment… and they must’ve assured him he’ll get plenty of playing time otherwise he would’ve asked for a buyout…

    this bodes well. can’t say if he’ll start, but at least he’ll play…

  67. it’s sad how he has to keep flying back to NY for these appearances. he booked these well in advance unbeknownst to him the absolute backstabbing marks would do to him. must be draining traveling so much, even right before camp…

  68. -he has the shooting range of curry
    -he has the vision/passing of nash
    -he was the first player ever to lead the ncaa in both scoring and assists

    nobody is saying trae will be mvp. so stop acting like people have already crowned him king. what people are saying is that he has demonstrated the SKILL to be a very good player.

    can he end up a bust like dlo? of course! but you also cant disregard what he has done in college despite being on a poor team. the skill he has is undeniable. it’s going to be up to the coach to reign in his bad habits and mold him to be a winner.

    i am confident playing with a true leader like lin, trae will be a very valuable teammate. together with the core guys like collins and prince, they will defy the odds and make the playoffs…

  69. all signs suggest the hawks would have taken trae 3rd overall. but cuban was all aboard the doncic train so they traded a future 1st to move up. you have to remember the trade was predicated on the mavs selecting trae at 5. if he went at 4, then the trade was off. so this ended up EXACTLY like the tatum/fultz trade.

    in hindsight tatum became the boomer, and fultz was the yipper. what will become of this trade? who knows! but there is a reason the 1st match of trae vs doncic will be nationally televised. the only nationally televised atl game in fact…

  70. Ronny Chieng, who met Jeremy recently, talking about how strangers still approach Jeremy on the street and say “I think I could take you if we played 1-on-1.”

  71. I am just being realistic and I don’t jump on the bandwagon of Trae Young without seeing a single game he plays in NBA. I still have my common sense that tells me that this 19 years old is not Magic Johnson. Too much hype has been given to him that he couldn’t possibly grow normally

  72. Jeremy playing paintball with his Hawks teammates …

  73. Dewayne Dedmon Ankle Injury Update
    Atlanta Hawks center Dewayne Dedmon, diagnosed with an avulsion fracture in his left ankle last week, has progressed and his walking boot has been removed. He will now enter a period of weight-bearing

  74. You don’t need to support Trae but there’s no need to start bashing him even before he’s played a single NBA game. If he does poorly during the season or ices out Lin then sure. Right now it makes you sound like a sore Lin fan trying to bash his rival him look better. Even without Trae, you honestly think Hawks will make Lin the franchise when they have 3 1st round pink up their sleeves and are in rebuilding mode? It’s not about his ability but bias exist and there’s nothing he can do about it.

  75. Just let his play speaks for himself.

  76. There is nothing more to be upset when Lin is needed and paid extra for his service.

    Why would it be OK to bash Plumlee and Bazemore? I am not only a Lin fan but also a fan of Bazemore, Dedmon etc. I am sore of all unfairness. Why should Young be treated differently?

    I think I said more about Bazemore & Dedmon than Lin lately. They deserve more credit. As to Young, it’s the truth and facts and common sense that I post about him. It’s intended to balance the hype about him being more than he is now. You are certainly entitled to have your opinion. It is a different perspective that I posted which may have more validity than the hypes.

  77. “In only one of his five seasons thus far have the Hawks been better on defense when Schroder has been in the game than when he’s been out. And the differentials have been enormous. It’s not just that the Atlanta defense has been worse with Schroder in the game, it’s that it’s been far worse, and consistently so.”


  78. in 2016-2017 in San Antonio,
    DRPM of Dewayne Dedmon is 3.94 ranked 2nd in the league.
    Overall RPM was ranked 14th in the league.
    In 2017-18 in Atlanta, with hardly enough Teamates defensively adequate,
    his stats has dropped. DRPM is 1.69, RPM is 0.61; one of the few players in Atlanta with +ve RPM.

  79. People are deceptively better than a pro.

  80. Jeremy with well-wishers this afternoon in Brooklyn. He spoke at the Brooklyn Tabernacle.

    Someone asked him to autograph a replica of the Reno Bighorns jersey he wore in the (then) D-league.

  81. What a team wants a player to be and what a player turns out to be aren’t the same. i have been telling what Trae Young would be as a rookie in Atlanta; not much!

    He can be the biggest disappointment.

  83. From the chart alone, Dedmon, Baz and Collins are outstanding in the last season. Of course, the roles given to them need to be taken into consideration too. This is what we call contextual factors. Anyway, these 3 by and large did their jobs well and are positive factors.

    RPM of Dedmon 0.61
    RPM of Baz 1.18
    RPM of Collins -0.49
    RPM of Dennis Schroder -1.79

  84. Found a good article on basketball stats tracking and player contribution evaluation. Not saying this is an absolute bible in terms of how we should look at stats but it has some insights into how some analysts come up with their player evaluations.


  85. Is it just me or JLin looked young in the video. Maybe the hair?

  86. D’Angelo Russell rpm -2.42 per 15.31
    Spencer Dinwiddie,rpm 2.40 per 15.89

  87. Jeremy with Eric Lu at the Q&A session for the film “Looking for Luke,” held at New York University today.

    Eric Lu is the Director of the film and a co-founder of the Jubilee Project. Jeremy has worked with the Jubilee Project in past years.

  88. Players like Wiggins & Towns may get paid max contract but they aren’t playing at their potential. The Timberwolves are having headache with these super stars.

  89. If he doesn’t get the starting PG role, yes. It’s obvious Lebron wanted him on the Cavs. Lebron obviously watches every Lin team for prospects not a coincidence. Remember how he wanted Daniel from Rockets after Lin made that assist for his 3 pointer?
    Knicks lineup: JR and Iman Shumpert
    Rockets: Troy Daniels
    Lakers: Jordan Clarkson
    Nets: Dinwiddie

  90. The assist to Daniels for the game winner demonstrates Lin’s court vision, unselfishness, and his athleticism to recover the loose ball in the first place. Everybody embraced Daniels for his shot but nobody cared to mention the terrific pass and how Lin drew the defenders for the wide open shot that Daniels took.

  91. An interesting discussion about who would be the starting PG for the Hawks.

    Locked on Hawks podcast: Surveying the rotation with
    Jeff Siegel: (Lin will start)
    Brad Rowland: (Trae Young will start)

  92. Atlanta Hawks 2018-2019 player preview: Jeremy Lin
    Lin missed all of last season with injury and will be looking to bounce back with the Hawks.
    By Sam [email protected] Sep 18, 2018,


  93. worth going to the link to read the whole write-up. excellent with no back-handed digs at lin.

    also note as they are basically working thru up to the “starters” that lin was the 12th player profiled after len; which gives u an idea of where site views lin in the pecking order of the players.

    if you dont have time or dont like to give clicks additional comments i noted include:

    “Lin has already made a name for himself in the NBA after years of steady production”

    “he is a guy that can start games and give you 20 points and five assists when healthy.”

    “it is clear that Lin will see major minutes if he is at all healthy. The Hawks are really starting the season with just two point guards on the roster so the two will have to split up 48 minutes a night.”

    “Lin’s versatility really allows for the Hawks to be creative with what positions he plays in order to put him in the best situations to be successful. Lin has normally been a good passer,”

    “Ideally for Lin, this season begins with him 100% healthy. If he adapts quickly to head coach Lloyd Pierce’s game plan, he very well could be the starter, as coaches love to roll with veterans who know what they’re doing.”

  94. PGs who have shown that they hit their prime and played at high level at or after 30s:

    Steve Nash (2 times MVP after 30)
    Jason Kidd (NBA hampionship after 30)
    Chris Paul (4 yrs $160M from 33-36, @32 made the Rockets 2nd best team of NBA in 2017-18)

    Stephen Curry @30 now

  95. Nets really have more than their shares in injuries. Would anyone suspect that there is something to do with their training staff?

  96. if trae starts ahead of lin it wont be because of talent or ability to win… sad how you cant understand simple concepts like this…

  97. they keep mentioning trading lin at the deadline though… it’s damned if you do, damned if you dont. if lin plays at an allstar level, they dont think “wow we found our franchise player”! instead they think “wow surely we can get a 1st for him at the deadline”!

    such is life as lin and his fans…

  98. You are so ignorant. LOL

    Lin will be an UFA after this season.

  99. Lloyd Pierce knows his job security depends on games won next season. He will have to play his best players.

  100. Media Day is next Monday, Sep 24.

    I guess this will be Jeremy’s formal introduction to the Atlanta media. The team never had a press conference to introduce him, as far as I know.

  101. I’m more impressed that Lin hustled down to the floor and got the ball. That was toughness and saved Harden from making a costly late-game turnover. That’s just one of the many ways Lin is a winner.

  102. Yup. It’s always someone else is more desirable. Don’t appreciate him fully till his gone, if then.

  103. it’s not about being better but investing and developing young talent on a rebuilding team! Hawks like every rebuilding team won’t sacrifice development of their 1st round picks for Vets just to win! Lin was better than a lot of players but just because that’s the case doesn’t mean FO has to buy into it.

    Right now Lin is no more than a 1 year rental who needs to prove he can still play.

  104. Exactly, Lebron and Lin’s playing styles are very similar, driving to the rim and looking for teammates; both needs 3 point specialist and another playmaking guard to spread the floor for them.

  105. Tencent Sports “NBA Panorama” show highlights one player for each NBA team. Lin is the star for Hawks, of course.


  106. “Lloyd is a guy I’ve known for a while, and his ability to develop young players is why he’s here,” said Schlenk.


    “Lloyd’s track record speaks for itself,” Schlenk said. “Everywhere he’s been, every stop he’s made, he’s been a big part of developing players on the roster.”


    “It was critically important to find a dynamic teacher who could connect with and develop our young core while instilling the culture and high standards we feel are necessary in a successful program,” Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk said in a statement.


    KWL is officially just making things up at this point. anyone who reads his drivel is reading fake news… schlenk LITERALLY SAID he hired pierce to DEVELOP the YOUNG CORE….

  107. Travis Schlenk knows Lin, Baz and Dedmon well because Lin was signed in 2010 by GS as undrafted free agent, Baz in 2012, Dedmon in 2013. They have all enjoyed a better basketball career than lots of lottery picks. These signings are the pride catches for scouts who first uncovered them. Lioyd Pierce has links with Lin. Just like Justin Anderson who also come to Atlanta for a reason. Coach likes to use veterans when winning games is important to them.

    The GM keeps on trying to acquire talents around the league. He virtually stole Hamilton from the Thunder. The moment that the Sun drafted their top pick, Alex Len caught his attention. He convinced Thomas Robinson to sign a non-guaranteed contract. This GM takes scouting seriously. Then he will decide what to let go. Competition is the most efficient way to sort out talents for his team.

    GS made it to NBA championship without the top 1st draft pick (The Wolves have two but nowhere close to a championship). That says it all about GS’s successful scouting for talents. Free agents like KD and Iguodala are also important to the team’s success. How about stealing Shaun Livingston from Nets.

    Will the Hawks keep Lin, Baz, and Dedmon? The GM from GS will have to make a decision himself. I don’t think Trae Young is a sure in nor Lin is a sure out. Time will tell. The team has made significant investment on Lin which is a fact. contract of Jeremy Lin is $13,768,421 plus $2.3 million Incentives. Only God knows what is going to be. Heaven forbidden! Don’t pretend to be God.

  108. open your eyes narrow-minded one. it’s not just the media that are talking about development. SCHLENK HIMSELF TALKS ABOUT IT!!!

    why do you think he hired a DEVELOPMENT COACH to be their next head coach? to “win now” with vets?


    KWL is fake news guys. his “opinion” has ZERO value because what he says is LITERALLY THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what the ACTUAL GM said about pierce’s hire.

  109. schlenk drafts trae

    KWL bashes trae incessantly

    KWL says: This GM takes scouting seriously.

    where is the logic here? how can you praise schlenk’s eye for talent on the one hand, and then bash his draft pick on the other? either you believe schlenk has an eye for talent or you dont. you can’t pick and choose depending on if it fits your narrative…

    that’s the thing with KWL and his alternative facts… it doesnt stand up to logic…

  110. I am so sorry for you that you can’t understand the logic. It’s too hard for you. Go and read something else close to your level.

  111. so instead of a response, it’s an ad hominem.

    typical behavior for a purveyor of fake news…

    im still waiting for your response on what schlenk said about the pierce hire. you cant walk away from that. you said what you said and i posted not one, not two, but THREE articles that QUOTE schlenk saying the EXACT OPPOSITE of whatever fake news alternative facts you keep posting daily…

  112. Th 2nd paragraph may be too difficult for you but it can’t be simple enough for the prejudice. Let’s agree to disagree. I try to take care of your pride without sabotaging common sense.

  113. “Coach likes to use veterans when winning games is important to them.”

    how do you know? pierce is a rookie coach and has LITERALLY NEVER COACHED THIS TEAM FOR ONE SECOND and yet you profess to know how he coaches? who is it that said: Heaven forbidden! Don’t pretend to be God.

    “The moment that the Sun drafted their top pick, Alex Len caught his attention. ”

    more statements that are just plain fake. KWL professes to know what was in schenk’s mind after the suns’ pick. Heaven forbidden! Don’t pretend to be God.

    “Competition is the most efficient way to sort out talents for his team.”

    more statements that only schlenk, and KWL apparently, know… Heaven forbidden! Don’t pretend to be God.

    read carefully guys. these are the kinds of statements that show just how much of KWL’s posts are full of fake news.

  114. you can’t agree to disagree on FACTS that you are DEAD WRONG about…

    you said pierce’s job depends on wins…

    what is there to “agree to disagree” on? you are flat out WRONG!!!!! im on to you. just admit you dont know what you are talking about and make up all this fake news…

  115. It’s a brilliant effort to dive at the ball and snatch it from Mo Williams without making a foul. Then the pass over 6’11” Lamarcus Aldridge surprise everybody. D12 was ready for Lin to shoot and get in position for rebound.

  116. This is my analysis and of course it could be news for you too. LOL. You are so funny.

  117. there’s nothing to “analyze” when schlenk ALREADY SAID THE EXACT OPPOSITE MONTHS AGO!!!!!!!

    NOTHING YOU SAY WILL EVER BE NEWS TO ME. all you post is fake news…

  118. All those talk of yours has take away the joy of watching basketball. May the best players win.

  119. LOL

  120. It is about basketball which is fun to watch. Play the best players to win. The Competitions on the court. Those tankings under whatever pretext is sickening.

  121. This week the Hawks’ players have been shooting promotional photos (via Popo Chung) …

  122. new thread on Atlanta Hawks 2018-19 Media Day and Training Camp

    Atlanta Hawks Media Day is only 5 days away at September 24 and the Training Camp is scheduled on Sept 25-27. And less than a week, the first of four preseason games (Pelicans, Grizzlies, OKC, Spurs) will start on October 1 until October 10.

    It will be interesting to observe and analyze how coaches will define Jeremy Lin and Vince Carter as the new veteran players in the new system. Jeremy Lin and Trae Young are the only two obvious Point Guards (PG) so both will be expected to play the majority of the 48 minutes. Tyler Dorsey and Jaylen Adams are listed as the other PGs in the CBS Sports depth chart.


  123. “reading between the lines” = “i made it up” aka FAKE NEWS!!!

    schlenk has said the SAME THING IN MULTIPLE INTERVIEWS. he will say the same thing at media day, just watch.

    i happen to live on earth where schlenk said those things multiple times. you? who the heck knows….

  124. Yet we’ve seen countless paid players benched including Lopez and Mozgov.

    13Mil compared to 100Mil contracts in the NBA is nothing. No one knows how Hawks or the new coach will use the team or Lin. All we know is that they will give green light for their young players to develop just like the Nets!

  125. You must have failed your literacy tests. Sorry You are strongly advised to take remedial lessons.

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