When Would JLIN Play His First Game in 2018-19 Season?

When would JLIN play his first game?
I listened to JLIN’s 10cent Chinese interview, (thanks Psalm, @infinitewisdom & others) and this is my verbatim translation (around the 1:00 mark):
JLIN>: “Now I’m almost good, now playing 1 on 1, also rehabbing very well, so there’s no urgency, no need to recover very quickly because I know I still have a lot of time. The first game is at end of October, so now there is no urgency.

Not to nitpick JLIN’s Chinese because my Chinese isn’t perfect either, but when JLIN conducts a Chinese language interview, he tends to be less precise, simply because his vocabulary range is greatly diminished versus conversing in English. In Chinese we often use, 月初 (beginning or early in the month),and 月底 (end of the month or towards the latter part of the month.) Hawks opener is Oct 17th.

Within the context of the interview combined with JLIN’s Chinese imprecision propensity, I’m of the opinion that when JLIN said 月底 his intention appears to be merely that the first Hawks game was in the later part of the month and it was not to imply that he wouldn’t play and/or be ready to play until the literal end-of-the-month.

In conclusion, I believe JLIN intends to play in the Hawks opener but let’s see how training camp goes.

Note: It helps to clarify when Jeremy said he will play first game of the season because there is a potential confusion with an article that stated Jeremy Lin will not play his first game until late October, which means he might miss the first 5-7 games since the first regular season game starts on Oct 17.

[CGTN] Jeremy Lin interview with Tencent Sports: I want to be more than ‘Linsanity’

“During the recovery, I have learned more about my body and enriched my knowledge about basketball. I cannot give up (on basketball),” said Lin.

The rehab is not over for Lin who said that, though his knee and ligament have recovered well, he will not play his first game until late October when he can be 100 percent healthy.

When asked about the difference between being 22 years old and being 30, Lin replied “too many differences. I could not even compare the two stages. Now I know exactly what my goal is and I’m satisfied with what I have.”