Jeremy Lin Leaving CBA, Back to the US to Rest and Reset

Jeremy Lin announced on his Instagram post on Dec 28, 2022 that he will be leaving CBA for the season and return to the US to ‘rest and reset’ before making a decision with his family. He expressed his gratitude to CBA, Guangzhou, his coaches, his teammates, and his fans.

@jlin7 After lots of consideration, I’ve decided to leave the CBA for this season. It wasn’t an easy decision. I still love the game of basketball and look forward to getting back to the court one day. As for now, I’m gonna go back to the US to rest and reset before I make a decision with my family for my next step. Big thanks to the CBA, Guangzhou, my coaches, teammates, and of course all of my fans. Deep gratitude for everyone who has walked with me through my career. In the past 3 years, it’s been really hard on me to not play basketball in front of the fans and I really really miss you all. When I have a decision, I will be sure to let everyone know. Much love ❤️

In a surprise move in September, Lin inked a deal with Guangzhou, hoping to start a “new chapter” in his career. But after just seven games — and a 10,000 yuan ($1,430) fine for making “inappropriate remarks” about COVID-19 quarantine facilities — he is now preparing for his upcoming exit.

Yahoo:Jeremy Lin Leaving CBA, Returning to the US for “Rest and Reset”