JLin Latest Sighting

@Maknusia had a great idea to post JLin’s latest pics/vids and sighting here so it’s easier to follow his latest whereabouts.

Edit: So I created this under Mak’s name, psalm234.



  1. JLin and MCJin “Never forget 9/11”

  2. ‘JLin presidential’ pose with a baby


  3. iammcjin the lady said to @jlin7 “hey ya talk guy, take this for us.” and he did with no hesitation. #servantsheart

  4. LOL I really like thi s lady. She has absolutely no clue who JLin is. Identify with her if I’m not JLin’s fan.

  5. Did the lady really say, “Tall guy?” LOL
    Gotta love the Humble Tall Guy!

  6. Thanks, @psalm234:disqus psalm, I just couldnt find the time to think it out…hence the delay.

    BTW, shall I create a thread on the forum as well? I would prefer to be there as well, for easier access and retrieval, bocoz, once the Disqus page goes deep, its a pain to “load more”

    PS: I wouldnt have mind, if you didnt create under my name 🙂

  7. I can create the Forum topic automatically after 30 days to archive it. Let’s not do it now because it will be confusing.
    I’m planning of making this a Sticky so it’s always on Front-Page along with Disqus Hangout (and future Sticky posts)
    Even as a Forum topic, wouldn’t we have to use pagination to load 15 at a time?

    It’s okay, you had the idea 🙂

  8. Awwe, so cute. Baby is cute too I guess ;P

  9. Not exactly a sighting but JackJack created a nice poster for whoever likes to put on our Wall

  10. LOL .. just missing the cute mama, right? haha

  11. @JLin7 BTS: MC Jin & Jeremy Lin,Collaborating on Jin's new music video "Chinese New Years" https://t.co/f3l1MxCn5P— Penny Lee (@penny10654) September 12, 2014

  12. nice site

  13. Welcome Yoyo!

  14. Apparently they are shooting a music video? I’m guessing its for Jin’s upcoming album release…

  15. Welcome, and feel free to post any pictures that you find. It will be good if we can post with some descriptions.


  16. Numbers of the photos below, including the 9/11 commemorative shot, seem to come from the same area on Grant Avenue in San Francisco. You can go there on Google Maps by clicking the link below ….


  17. This reminded me of some prank from a local TV show in my country wherein a mob of people would crowd an actor or actress excitedly, someone will say, “hey can we have a picture?” and the actor/actress will say “sure” then one of the guys will hand over a camera to the actor/actress and say,”Thanks! Please make sure everyone in the group is included”, then these people will pose and the actor/actress taking the picture.

  18. Jeremy Lin – good basketball handles; bad to worse baby handles

  19. Jeremy Lin FB on 13 September 2014: Had a great time at camp today with the kids from East Palo Alto! Thank you @bayshorechristianministies and MoGo BBQ for partnering with Jeremy Lin Foundation #iloveEPA

  20. JLin Foundation Update on 13 September 2014: We
    had a great time hanging out in East Palo Alto today! The kids were
    awesome! They worked on their dribbling, shooting, and defense skills.
    Afterwards there was a time of fellowship with food graciously provided
    by MoGo BBQ. Thank you also to @bayshorechristianministries for your support!

  21. Repost from Jonah S. Masuisui: Just took this selfie with Jeremy Lin @JLin7 and Sione — atEastside Gym.

  22. Great job by Lin and his foundation to work with and inspire the kids.
    Jeremy is in great state of mind and he will be ready to train in LA next week 🙂

  23. rosesribbons
    Via @kitchensensei : ” Jeremy + FrankLIN = Jeremy Lin #jlinbballclinic #i<3epa " Always thinking everything that @jlin7 does is really important, and also I'd love to wear this nice shirt from the @jlinfoundation activities all the time ~

  24. mogobbq

    We are so blessed to be able to serve the kids after their Bball camp! Looking forward to doing it again! Let’s MoGo! @jlin7 @jlinfoundation @scoops_sj @bayshorechristianministries #EPA #MoGolove #contribution #blessed

  25. I love how he embraces his role model status and continues to inspire kids and adults alike.

  26. Just met @JLin7 at a Quiznos in Wasco, CA???? pic.twitter.com/1VlwJAHrKg— Joey (@jojobreh) September 15, 2014

  27. @blubell might need to sign up for JLin Foundation volunteer activities 🙂

  28. Haha. Boozer’s expression still cracks me up.

  29. Everyone in the front row is clearly worried about Steve and Kobe who are the only two smiling 🙂

  30. I’m upvoting this picture because he’s wearing my favorite shirt of his.

  31. Jeremy looks a tad bit “older” in that pic hahaha

  32. Is that a stubble I see under his chin? LOL

  33. JLin Chinese FB update:
    在洛杉磯的感覺很好,很期待球季將要開始。 (Good feeling in LA, looking forward to new season.)

  34. good eyes. He’ll be more menacing indeed!

    It reminds me of my old blog post on “Searching for Jeremy Lin Fearsome Look” 🙂

  35. Why is he wasting food? Hmmm… very unlike him 😛

  36. Love this action shot! Looks like it may have been a step back jumper. His whole t-shirt is wet, too. Training hard.

  37. What is the connection between Jeremy in Adidas gear and a bag of pretzels?

  38. I can’t wait until he plays 5-on-5 scrimmage with his Lakers teammates and dominate 🙂
    I want to see lots of pictures soon!

  39. Adidas motto is “Impossible is Nothing”

    So maybe … in Jeremy’s hands, it’s possible to turn basketball into pretzels?
    I’m reaching a bit here :p

  40. that’s why it symbolizes Adidas’s motto .. It’s impossible! :]

  41. Uh… what?!?!?! hahaha

    Please, if he can turn a basketball into french fries, I’ll be impressed. 😀

  42. Then let’s call it “Lin-N-Out” fries 🙂 haha

  43. This was on Sept 11.

    Note to JLin Fans:
    If you want Jeremy to come to greet you, wear “NY 17” shirt.
    Stalking tips to @blubell in LA :]


  44. This info is provided by JLin fan, Anli Shin via Kinu JL:
    Marie Chen: Even more better~~ 今天女兒公司( Wong Fu ). 幫Jeremy Lin 拍片,邀請瑞祚和我當臨時演員。結果導演說我們太年輕。最後是天仁茗茶主人(白髮)親自上陣。 感謝主。昨晚,我心裏禱告,可以不演戲,但和Jeremy Lin 合影嗎?
    Marie Chen: Even more better–today my daughter’s company (Wong Fu), helped Jeremy Lin to make a vid. Invited 瑞祚 and me to be a star ac hoc. But director said we were too young. Finally Ten Ren Tea 天仁茗茶 owner (white hair) did it himself. Thank God. Last night, I prayed, ok for not acting, but would like to take a pic with Jeremy Lin.

  45. Doc Eslinger @docsheadgames
    Linsanity today for @CaltechHoops coaches. Good seeing @JLin7 again. All the best in LA. @Caltech

  46. So many restaurant pictures 🙂
    I’m pretty sure JLin Foundation would get lots of donation from restaurants/businesses if Lin started his own Yelp review on favorite food! #LinToast #LincredibleScrambledEgg

  47. Guess this is when most often the best chance of his fans is able to take a pic with him:o)).

  48. Stalking is hard work…

  49. I prefer clean shaven face 🙂

  50. Yes. I’ll do it for the kids… not Jeremy… right… ok… LOL

  51. Yeah…I guess once the season starts, he wont have much time to spare with this kinda requests…so its better to oblige now 🙂

  52. 林書豪今天在蒙特利公園市快閃拍搞怪視頻
    林書豪今天早上11時30分在在華人聚居的蒙特利公園市(Monterey Park)拍視頻,由於行程保密,僅有蒙市市長黃維剛、華人牧師李世敏與他見面,市民並不知道大明星來。
    林書豪拍視頻,按導演要求全程均用華語交談,拍攝結束後林和社區人士合影,並留下四顆簽名籃球,整個過程約50分鐘。 當天出席的華人牧師李世敏,也趁機提出要求,希望林書豪挪出空檔到華人教會。
    此外,林書豪得知南加華人球迷都想去Staples Center看球賽,包括揪團買票拿折扣,他對球迷們的熱情很高興。

  53. King Bach

    Jeremy Lin got jokes…

  54. Bayshore Christian Ministries (18 September 2014)
    In case you didn’t already figure out our secret Saturday event…Jeremy
    Lin hosted a middle school basketball clinic with us! The students
    were great and we’re thankful for all of the volunteers and donors who
    supported the event. Photos courtesy of Katie Rentzke (http://www.katierentzke.com).


  55. Kina JL: 新聞提到林書豪昨天在蒙特利公園市(Monterey Park)拍視頻,由於行程保密,僅有蒙市市長黃維剛、華人牧師李世敏與他見面。
    李牧師所屬的教會也在臉書發布消息: 有機會邀請林書豪來教會分享喔!!!
    李牧師昨天當面邀請林書豪來教會分享他生命的見證!!! 林書豪說….!!!

  56. amyokuda(IG) The one time being asian and have four dogs came in [email protected] #jeremylin #wongfuproductions #maltipoo

  57. jpfukumae the newest addition to the los angeles lakers – jeremy lin!! ‪#‎linsanitycontinues‬

  58. Jeremy in his element working with kids. He looks so happy 🙂

  59. klouganis(IG): On @JLin7 upcoming video set with the one and only Jeremy Lin #linsanity #bballrolemodel #humbleguy

  60. amyokuda To make me feel better about tmobile screwing me over and not being able to get an iphone6 today…. Flashback to yesterday, the happier times. ‪#‎jeremylin‬ ‪#‎wongfuproductions‬ thanks @christinechen4 for the pic tehe.

  61. caroltwang

    Yes this is what I’ve been hiding for two days!
    Thanks @wongfupro for picking our store for your new film and it’s awesome to meet the crew and @jlin7 We are super happy to be able to spend time with you guys! ‪#‎jeremylin‬ ‪#‎wongfu‬


  62. Cliff Chung: Look who i found?! ‪#‎toocoolforcamera‬ ‪#‎linsanity‬ ‪#‎lakers‬ ‪#‎mylifeiscomplete‬

  63. ^ THIS = MY HEAVEN! Sweet doggies plus that sweet,sweet man…

  64. Special guest star yesterday was Jeremy Lin on the set of @wongfupro

  65. Jeremy + a Corgi = now I’m intrigued with that video

    This is my new cellphone wallpaper 🙂

  66. Not only that, there is SF Chinatown, Gingsen, lion dance and now dogs???? Very intriguing vid line:o))

  67. No pictures but this is for the record that Kobe and Lin had a private workout 11 days before training camp starts. It’s a very good sign that could determine Lin’s role in the coming season in helping Kobe and Lakers to contend.


  68. it could be part of embracing Asian-Americans community in LA which would also benefits Lakers organization tremendously. Very savvy :]

  69. Chocolate [email protected] 6h
    Just so happen to see Jeremy Lin last night at the Santa Monica Pier so of course I had to get a picture


  70. Did we just meet Jeremy Lin? @ Chick fil A of UCLA http://t.co/vyziV5nBxE— princass. (@TheLovelyLexis) September 20, 2014

  71. man has gotta eat. and what’s better than yummy chicken and adoring fans. hope he got the lemonade too.. man they make great lemonade. fresh squeezed 🙂

  72. that smile melts hearts all around the globe

  73. Scenes from College

    At iqboom.com/college — So it hasn’t been a week yet and I met my first celebrity… JEREMY LIN!!! #La #Je…

  74. Michael Etehad
    ‏@[email protected] @jhanassab #cheshtang #lakers at the Adidas store in 3rd street!

  75. twoshay_be_foolish: Ran into @jlin7 at north park today he ballin for the Lakers ‪#‎TB‬ ‪#‎Dallas‬

  76. cool pic

  77. Agreed:o))

  78. Brenda bebe ‏@Bebehappytobe
    My son met one of his favorite @Lakers, @jlin7 today!

  79. thechozenjohn 1 hour ago · The 3rd Street Promenade
    The man @jlin7 going for 18-5-5 and at least 12 highlight #dunks this upcoming 2014-15
    #NBA [email protected] #losangeles #LAlife #lakers

  80. 1. Looks photoshopped to me or some fan chat event.
    2. Jeremy’s posture doesn’t look like in any way he’s doing Facetime or some other video chat. He’s too rigid.
    3. Too bad. The girl had the guts to post it, not valuing privacy to a personal event like this?

  81. Jeremy Lin Chinese FB: 半夜研究影片。左邊是拜倫-斯科特教練的進攻戰略,右邊是托尼 – 阿倫的防守集錦。
    (Studying the films at midnight. The left is Coach Byron Scott’s offense film and the right is Tony Allen’s defense highlights.)

  82. hey Bill found the left video:

    Byron Scott Offensive Motion & Sets Cleveland Cavaliers: http://t.co/Vnq5zWRciF via @YouTube— Bill Mcintyre (@thesuitedmonk88) September 22, 2014

  83. I might have found the right video:

    @thesuitedmonk88 @YouTube http://t.co/SvrRWPQaOO is this possibly the other vid??? Jlin is watching— g (@monkeyes2) September 22, 2014

  84. With all the fan sightings on Twitter he has to tell people hey I work hard as well!

  85. LOL Never doubt his work ethics.

  86. I think it is different?

  87. This late-night film study picture makes me wonder if Byron gave suggestions/homework in studying his offense/defense or it’s his own initiative.

    I think Lin is intentionally working hard to prepare himself to be the floor general who understands how Byron’s system especially on defense works inside out to gain his coach’s trust during the TC. That’s a Harvard-approved plan!

    He walks the talk!

  88. The famous “Hover-Hand” 🙂 .. This must be a while back in Asia?

  89. Nop the same one at Monterey Park 天仁茗茶 where he filmed the new vid. I was just too “lazy” to find the same place that was way down in this thread:o))

  90. ah ok .. I forgot Monterey Park is located in LA (Los Asia) 🙂

  91. Well, JLin has been doing this while he was in Knicks. He studied a lot of games (himself and others) to prepare himself for games. Believed I heard his sharing of this in some interviews…. Please don’t ask me for evidence:o))

  92. LOL Apparently slowly but surely each person that has taken pic with him came out now:o))

  93. Film study is the basic, I beleive he does that everyday.

  94. I don’t think that’s the same one. The one in the pic looks like it was at the Cav’s practice facility as you don’t see seats around the court. Bill’s vid is an actual game at the stadium. I think Bill’s on the right track though, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Lin watched this as well.

  95. Yes, this is the exact one! You can see it’s a playoff game at Thunder, you can see the “R” of Thunder at the very left edge of screen, “Playoffs” written on the floor and entire audience wearing blue shirts which they got on their seats during playoffs and finals.

    You see that on Jeremy’s computer the Youtube play marker is near the very beginning at the lefthandside. You see that tiny bit of red. You also see on the screen that the score is 5 to 14 and the running marquee at the bottom is talking about Zach Randolph’s regular season stats. Tony Allen is contesting Durant’s shot. If you go to 0:13 in the vid you posted, that is the same exactly that.

    Great sleuthing, wu kong!

  96. Heh, not in this one. This is not bad at all, some fingers are totally touching, hand is just at an angle. Hover hand is very obvious, literally floating but not touching.

  97. I’m thinking probably his own initiative. Anything Scott has to show him I think will be either on the court or team meetings reviewing tape.

  98. I think so, too. Patrick Beverley doesn’t believe in studying tape though.

  99. Yes, he was crediting Kenny Atkinson for tirelessly helping him train and reviewing tape. He said something I think about calling him early mornings to help him pull certain tapes to have them ready for him when he got in and stuff like that. Unfortunately I don’t know where that interview can be found but IIRC it was during Linsanity.

  100. thanks! for the verification 🙂

  101. true 🙂 glad to see Jeremy is improving in his “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hover-Hand” move with his fans

  102. Knowing Lin, it might be true. I know players have limited engagement with coaches before TC except for playbook and systems. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent PR to show coaches & fans how much work Lin is willing to put in as a student of the game.

  103. His brain can not stuff that much things anyway….

  104. That’s about right. I know definitely it was Knicks Linsanity days. Have watched almost all the clips that was on JLin for the past few months; some of them multiple times:o)) Heard this many times but just couldn’t remember which one.

  105. Here you go, 311 :
    “I mean this guy wakes up at 6 a.m. every morning,” Lin says. “I’ll text after a game at midnight, 1 o’clock when I go home and I’ll say, ‘Hey can I look at those turnovers. Can I look at the upcoming team? How
    they run pick and rolls?’ And he ’ll have the film ready when I walk into the facility the next morning.

    “When I wasn’t playing much, we were working out before practice, and after practice he was picking apart my game, teaching me what it’s like to play in Coach D’Antoni’s system.”

    See : http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/basketball/knicks/ny-knicks-assistant-ken-atkinson-helping-jeremy-lin-succeed-article-1.1024232

  106. Thanks Arsenium12. You are awesome!

  107. I’m glad I could help. Thanks.

  108. Yes, true, everyone loves to see the effort shown and I believe that Jeremy is genuinely super excited for TC to start. I wonder if we’ll see another appearance of coach Lin this year. 🙂

  109. Ouch! Well, he needed to sacrifice something for the mutant healing factor.

  110. Cool, thanks! I tried searching myself and couldn’t find it. I used Kenny Atkinson and tape. Guess I should have used film instead lol.

  111. Finally! @Jlin7 looking super sharp in today’s practice @Lakers #BringLinsanityBack #LakersNation> by @CelisDeportes (Time Warner Deportes Sports Anchor)

  112. Silver Screen & Roll @LakersBlog_SSR 4h
    Your Lakers point guards [email protected]: [email protected] & @JClark5on matching up in the gym today.

  113. [email protected] 4h
    “Jeremy Lin Scheduled to Meet Fans At Beverly Center Foot Locker http://p.ost.im/YcEbdJ pic.twitter.com/YYLJ5rIzye”

  114. wongfupro
    So this happened last week. On the set of #RushHour4 haha jk #worldscolliding Excited to share this new sketch with you next week! #guesswhosplayingchristucker #itsted #whyyouthinkitwasbach?!?

  115. peteracastro: #linsanity sandwiches care of the one and only @JLin7

  116. Ryan Chiang ‏@2chiangz 37m
    First she meets Klay, and now she meets Jeremy lin two days later. COME ON

  117. mechuums(IG): Missed LeBron, but caught Linsanity. @JLin7 #westwood #linsanity

  118. Didn’t expect to make @JLin7 Jeremy Lin a sandwhich at my part time.via Eric Jordan Perry-Kolvek pic.twitter.com/tbNoLPc6pe

  119. Ike Shehadeh @IkeShehadeh 7h
    Jeremy Lin ( @JLin7 ) stopping by to make his new sandwich. Spoiler Alert: It’s stacked with Potato Chips! pic.twitter.com/W87b5NfdBr

  120. Ike’s @ikesplace 7h
    The Jeremy Lin (@JLin7) sandwich: Turkey, Voodoo Heat Chips, Avocado, Havarti (Onions,Lettuce,Tomato,& Sriracha rec)

  121. Ike’s @ikesplace · 5h
    The Jeremy Lin (@JLin7) sandwich: Turkey, Voodoo Heat Chips, GodFather Sauce, Avocado, Havarti (Sriracha recommended)

  122. Jeremy Lin: Culver City @Footlocker from 4:30-6pm pst on 23 September 2014

  123. Worst security ever lmfao pic.twitter.com/yXEZkbkRUE— Jimmer Fredette (@mrlunatuna) September 25, 2014

  124. dj sourmilk ‏@djsourmilk 9m
    jlin7 just got bum rushed by media for this @adidashoops meet and greet. Line is wrapped around the… http://instagram.com/p/tYzJ5HNfjl/

  125. @JLin7 is at @footlocker right now and it's packed! Security can't control the crowd! #golddiggers are here too! pic.twitter.com/44rOVfMobd— My Social Events (@mysocialevents) September 25, 2014

  126. jeremy lin taking questions from media before greeting fans. pic.twitter.com/jxPLd702Wc

  127. Jeremy Lin signing autographs pic.twitter.com/SN191bEXnp

  128. xluisg Met Jeremy Lin at chipotle today! @JLin7 #jeremylin

  129. Yes, I just told him that he's my boo & it was greet to finally meet him. He smiled & laugh. WELCOME TO LA @JLin7

  130. LOL “Let me secure this Linsanity picture first, then secure the perimeter” #FirstThingsFirst


  131. @JLin7 @footlocker security guard @WestLAStranger is holding it down!!! pic.twitter.com/Rlfps3MAGh— My Social Events (@mysocialevents) September 26, 2014

  132. And for my next collection: "Selfies with Jeremy Lin" pic.twitter.com/C3Fp7qm5zq

  133. Jeremy Lin fans waiting outside Foot Locker http://t.co/65miHk62Jt— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) September 26, 2014

  134. I just saw Jeremy Lin in person it was unreal pic.twitter.com/HvHQoeUsHq

  135. Can't believe they don't allow photos with Lin.. so guy behind me took this for me when I was getting autograph pic.twitter.com/s0mzMFQc6J

  136. Took a picture with taiwanese new media CCTV 's reporter. He owes me a footage of me getting autograph with Lin pic.twitter.com/QKE2oKMIn8

  137. Such a rushed selfie but I met @JLin7 ! #linsanity pic.twitter.com/rNnhMuTozh

  138. joshua_montana 17 minutes ago
    Just hanging out at the mall with my buddy, Jeremy [email protected] #WelcomeToLA #Lakers #LINSANITY #Christian #Asian

  139. Jeremy Lin




    THANKS to all the fans, @adidasHoops and @footlocker for the warm welcome to LA!! Loved seeing everybody today!

  140. [email protected]
    Finally met @jlin7. It was so chaotic and didn’t get a chance to chat with him. At least the kids met him. #goLakers

  141. @paulabd24(IG) Met my second favorite basketball player in the world today @JLin7 !Such a cool dude! #lakers pic.twitter.com/J8eA43XfGA

  142. misterpresidente: An inspiration to all 5' 7" Asian-American basketball players.@JLin7 pic.twitter.com/F55TvJMHVf

  143. They look alike, father and son.

  144. Ay Jeremy Lin, let's take a selfie!

  145. I nominate Joyce as his PR person.

  146. @JLin7 The NBA Better pray a new force has come. @adidasHoops @footlocker via http://t.co/WpvSlBrEhf pic.twitter.com/XY6acorPxn

  147. Dale Sebastian @DALEydigest
    WOW!! My brother with Jeremy Lin!! INGGIT AKO :((((

  148. Had the chance to DJ the @jlin7 x @adidashoops meet and greet today in LA. via http://t.co/JIHErZHaHG pic.twitter.com/nLDx875P63

  149. tranncathys(IG):I got to meet @JLin7 today,not only did he wish me a speedy recovery,he gave me tickets to the game, pic.twitter.com/idsIOwd9LS

  150. kitliu5 Great to see @jlin7 at the @footlocker event!!! Your Chinese speaking improved a lot bro!!! #lakers pic.twitter.com/LZaNjsIsIT

  151. ❃ Daisy Valladolid ❃‏@DaaaisyVee
    Got To See & Get An Autograph Of Jeremy Lin At The Fox Hills Mall #JeremyLin #17 #Lakers #JLin17

  152. elenahhuang(IG): JEREMY LIN @JLin7 pic.twitter.com/hB8zoapmDg

  153. @JLin7 Lol!!–"xtineeeeyang(IG): #JeremyLin: huh~ who is 24?!!

  154. @JLin7 Welcoming Jeremy Lin to LA! @Footlocker @adidashoops via Laché Niaré Kamani3 pic.twitter.com/Af19bt9v7L

  155. @JLin7 Edward Tendean: Me and Jeremy Lin guard from LA Laker. Let*s go Laker!! pic.twitter.com/0ExwJIGvge

  156. julientb Hanging w @JLin7 is definitely ‪#‎linsane‬ !!! ‪#‎whistlesports‬ ‪#‎teamTLN‬ ‪#‎linsanity‬ ‪#‎funcontentcoming‬

  157. Much love to @JLin7 for making this a good birthday! pic.twitter.com/x2M59EGE6y— 9/25 (@KL_23CHEA) September 26, 2014

  158. @JLin7 adidas 球迷見面會~11連拍~2014.9.26. pic.twitter.com/oWuigYM68u

  159. @JLin7 was in a very good mood today. lol Cuteness overload. pic.twitter.com/zlyKVdCqNV

  160. Jeremy Lin autograph signing! https://t.co/1utt8d3tkN— Ross Madison (@RossMadison1) September 26, 2014

  161. @JLin7 The Mars Reel: Signed "adidas Crazy Light Boost" by Jeremy Lin anyone? pic.twitter.com/kvxTsrj258

  162. Nice pics!

    This might sound silly, but what is Foot Locker? Is that a shoe store or something like Payless? Is this a Lakers event or a Jeremy event?

  163. Foot Locker is a brand sport shoe store. Believe this event is coordinated by Adidas.

  164. Thanks. We don’t have a Foot Locker so I’m not really sure what it is.

  165. Understand. Most Australia shopping Centers have at least one Foot Lockers store. Most likely it originates from US.

  166. Thank you Melody for posting all the pics. Great Job!


  168. alancho08 9 hours ago · Whistle Sports HQIt’s official! Welcoming these guys to the @thewhistlesports family! @jwafan @jlin7 Stay tuned for exclusive content on his YouTube channel

  169. My pleasure blubell. Enjoy gathering pics in one place. I did this to all the pics that I have taken. So, this is just a piece of cake for me:o)).

  170. keiley [email protected] 9h
    kinda sorta really jealous of aunty allyson #jlin7

  171. Thanks guys for creating this thread. Now I know where to go for my Jeremy Lin media collection (first I have to fish him out from my Downloads folder. His media activities came after the Spring-Summer 2015 Fashion week. I have to dig him from the piles of Donna Karan, Milly, Gucci, Versace, Alberta Ferretti,etc. His media files might be screaming down there, “what the hell is this folder?!?”)

    I expect more Jeremy Lin stuff from the media now that he’s a Laker. The Laker media knows how much of a media darling he is, both as a player and as a person. I expect more brands knocking on his door for endorsement opportunities and investment invitations.I’m not surprised that as early as now he is starting to invest big time (good for him).

  172. Can find many Jeremy Lin’s Foot Locker event here:

  173. @JLin7:Do you know what #Lindorsements are lolll? Go to youtube.com/thejlin7 to watch! w/ @wongfuphil and @kingbach

  174. Tim DiFrancesco @tdathletesedge 26m
    All day training & then @JLin7 kept gettn better @WholeFoods workn on grocery skills #LakersPRONutrition #LakersWork

  175. Jeremy shopping at Whole Foods with strength trainer.

  176. post sth else later

  177. 餐飲老闆暨作家Eddie Huang 開玩笑說林書豪將加入我們的#北京烤鴨王朝休閒運動聯盟比賽.
    (Eddie Huang 是父母來自台灣的ABC, 法學博士, 律師, 曾在律師事務所工作, 因受父親開餐館的薰陶, 對美食感興趣, 爰轉行開餐廳, 2009年12月BaoHaus 開幕, 賣台灣割包……)

  178. Saw it now! welcome, @linspiredinla:disqus

  179. looks like someone else also posted already! Boy, people are fast. Thanks for all your help? do u post often?

  180. I mostly go to JL.net and here…..welcome…!

  181. Los Angeles Lakers @Lakers 7m
    Good follow through @JLin7

  182. dodgercelebs 09.27.2014 Dodgers vs. Rockies. Lakers Jeremy Lin (@JLin7 ) throwing today’s first pitch. #dodgers

  183. It’s time for @Dodgers baseball. https://t.co/Tu3UZ7OKJF (via @Lakers)— Laker Nation (@LakerNation) September 28, 2014

  184. He’s no Hong-Chih Kuo, but still not a bad first pitch for @jlin7. http://

  185. A different angle of Lin’s Dodger ceremonial pitch via webstagram


  186. Instagram clip of JLin7’s 1st pitch


  187. Thanks Psalm. Good find!!!

  188. hm, it looks like webstagram and instagram don’t show video in Disqus comment, just links.
    I guess we’ll wait for the vine version :]

  189. Good find on youtube video. If it’s not too much trouble, perhaps you can add a one-liner before the lnk so it gives short description on “Recent Comments”? Thanks, Melody :]

  190. He looks like a kid having lincredible fun 🙂

  191. Amazing! Really like how JLin is transforming in the past few months. He really becomes so free by just playing for the glory of God!!!

  192. Thanks I have added in Twitter and forgot here:o)) Just glad that came back from church and just caught up this on time:o))

  193. I know. Certain one and can’t remember which one just didn’t allow me to do any linking. Just gave up on those:o(( At least this one I can make the copy and paste except not showing up the vid:o))

  194. Combination of all Jeremy Lin first pitch experience:

  195. God is indeed good 😉

  196. Jeremy Lin: ‘I never thought I was going to play college basketball’

  197. if I didn’t know any better, I think you send your autobots to find all those pics and posting 🙂 Don’t know how you did it but you’re doing a great job finding and compiling the pics!

  198. Pregame interview. Great answers 🙂

  199. Great smart answers 😉

  200. Good collection of Lin’s pitching practice until the final ceremonial pitch.
    Apparently, he did quite well since he pitched from the rubber (as opposed to the front of the mound which is closer)

  201. Los Angeles Dodgers: Jeremy Lin (Lakers #17) throws out the first pitch

  202. @JLin7 [email protected]: Jeremy Lin on being in Los Angeles

  203. Jeremy Lin first pitch at Dodger Stadium (09/27/14)

  204. I love the way he said “I love LA” 😉

  205. We might need to organize this thread. Maybe separate threads for fan pics, event pics, photoshoots, gifs, and etc. I’m afraid lot of contents from this thread will get buried… This is when I miss the forum format. I like how wu kong’s forum looks in regards to organizing pics/vids/gifs.

  206. Agreed. This is what I thought yesterday about the prob of having so many pics and news/vids on all JLin’s events now. I even had a hard time to know which pics that I have already downloaded but continued to refresh all the time. It was slow and almost drove me crazy with so many info from everywhere. I had few JLin’s fan sites plus good sources that I’ve got all these info from. From one website to another and then repeated sometimes later just wasn’t sure which ones I have downloaded and which ones I haven’t. It was a little bit “nightmare” in a sense.

    Psalm, just wonder whether u r able to redo this thread to be a more manageable way to handle??? .Media Day is just around the corner. Can’t imagine how much more info we are going to have. JLin is in LA and no longer in H. Just LA medias have enough to deal with:o((

  207. Thanks. Was going thru all different sites like “crazy woman.” LOL Read what was outside and then just brought the pics and vids here. Had to let go with good articles and good tweets because I didn’t know where to move them to. Just thinking: maybe create a thread of the events of itself in advance and places all pics, articles, vids in that thread. For this thread, just kept the miscellaneous one like fans took pics with him…. What do u think? We have to act quick before Media Day.

  208. I see the abundance of pictures from fan tweets can be overwhelming. This would be a problem either if we use Disqus or traditional forum thread since there are so many to sort through.

    What I would propose is to create a dedicated post (i.e. “Lin Dodgers Ceremonial Pitch”) with only the important videos & articles. See Lakerholic’s good example of this :


    Even with a dedicated post for an event, we’d have to be selective on what to put in the posts and extra fan tweets added as Disqus comments. The post should only contain the main videos/pics.

  209. You are correct. Let’s use “JLin Latest Sighting” thread only for occasional fan tweets & pics.
    A dedicated event like Dodgers appearance should have its own thread with main videos/pics in the post. Additional fan pics can be added as Disqus comments

  210. Lakers Jeremy Lin Throws Out First Pitch At Dodgers Game

  211. The prob of them that is u have to compile all of them first before u made the thread/post. Guess I like the idea of thatLindorsements thread better. Create that thread and then I can post whatever that I have found in comments. It will be easier that way.

  212. yes, that’s exactly how it would work well. 🙂
    I would create an almost empty Media Day thread soon and fill them up as videos/pics are coming.

  213. Thanks Psalm. You are awesome! Really appreciate it!

  214. Where is this exactly? 🙂

  215. No idea but Jackjack ‏@supjackjack knows. He went there but the light was off. JLin has left.

  216. Yeah, I saw that but I like the fact that jackjack didn’t reveal the location. Let Jeremy have this court.

  217. Yep. He is very good at this detective work:o))

  218. Nice group picture by the Lakers (Hill/Swaggy/Lin/Kobe/Randle/Boozer).
    Nash is curiously missing.


  219. This is not a new pic. But I like the “JLin & NBA Big Things are Coming” poster

    And here is how Google Translate interprets the Chinese tweet. Always hilarious!

    Jones Cup Houmiqier will join the gray wolf back to NBA coaches, he said: “@ JLin7 is my favorite type of player, very aggressive, will also very tough, very suitable for the Lakers to join the Lakers new coach Byron Scott is me. friends, I believe Scott Lin will be reused, Lin outside, cut and assists is currently required for the Lakers. ”


  220. @JLin7 with friends. via @sienvanessa (IG) after Preseason Game 1 vs. Nuggets (6 October 2014)

  221. Lakers vs Nuggets (6 October 2014)

  222. ekhunnie @ekhadongwon1 4 hours ago
    Its what happen today.
    The Hale vs Not the Hale.hahaha

  223. [email protected] Thank you for the passes bro!!! Seriously meant a lot to us, man. Feels good to support the homie @JLin7

  224. bsalsberry9 hours ago
    My handsome brother @esalsberry24 and Jeremy Lin @jlin7 last night in #SantaMonica. I love how God hooks us up and blessed my brother by meeting this man of God and LA Laker Jeremy! // We love, bless, honor and believe in you Jeremy! May God forever keep you in this beautiful season your in with Him You are FEARLESS.

    I want to share a little bit about Jeremy’s heart in a article couple months ago. Linsanity swept the world up in excitement. But it made Jeremy Lin feel empty. But in a 42-minute testimony in a recent trip to Taiwain, Lin shares how he learned to better cope with such struggles because of his Christian faith. “I can’t promise next season will go well,” Lin said. “As badly as I want it to go perfectly, I know it could also be a disaster. But the one thing I can promise is that God’s bigger and better than anything that can happen.” Lin went into painstaking detail on how he formulated that mindset by not viewing God as “Santa Claus,” an omnipotent power that could help him play better or keep his starting job anytime he prayed about it. Instead, Lin soon viewed his Christian faith as a vehicle to better shape his attitude in both remaining humble and strong through both the joys and the struggles.

    He became convinced in this message after encountering a Bible verse through his daily reading, one of his brother’s necklaces and his mother coming across the same message all within a six-week span. The verse from Joshua, Chapter 1, verse 9 read this: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and be courageous. Do not be afraid and do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Lin attributed that into helping him overcome chronic pre-game anxiety which often entailed struggling both to sleep and eat on a game-day. “He showed me that even in the midst of all of my ‘failures,’ I had actually been succeeding,” Lin said. But God has used all of these setbacks to slowly strip me of all my idols that compete for my attention. He has gradually pealed away my pride. my selfish ambition and my self centeredness. Only by removing my idols could God draw me closer to him. Isn’t that real and true success?”

  225. arthsu: ran into Jeremy Lin! 33 min ago

  226. Art Hsu @ArtHsu 3 minutes ago
    Yes i noticed. he said he would be fine, and i believe him. yes, just met. i stopped him to say hi & asked for the photo.

    Art Hsu ‏@ArtHsu 2 minutes ago
    @linspiredinca I think he may have been coming out of treatment. he’s good.

  227. What a relief to hear that JLin’s okay.

  228. chineseguy88 #freshofftheboat Asian Dudes- LA chapter dinner @mreddiehuang @randallpark @jlin7 @parksbbq #parksbbq. Thanks @koreantomcruise for the hook up.

  229. miajanelledeleon Bae came by to bring me lunch

  230. Nick Young @NickSwagyPYoung 4 minutes ago
    Rush Hour 4 LA (Lee and cater) jlin7 #Lakers http://instagram.com/p/uMmQy9OGFS/

  231. @koko_the_frenchie Mommy got to meet Jeremy Lin @JLin7 today! ️ #jeremylin #love #happy #lakers #losangeles

  232. jdeez: Casino Night with the squad @JLin7

  233. @jsyang15(IG) #linsanity had the honor of meeting #jimsanity. @xtineechiang and Jeremy Lin @JLin7

  234. Teammates help each other out.

  235. aj rafael @ajRAFAEL (15 October 2014)
    My mom was such a cute fan girl tonight. jlin7 always making moms happy. Hahah. #bromo http://instagram.com/p/uNUv4kl0OQ/

  236. kaori nagao @kaorinagaovegas 32 minutes ago
    Great meeting you tonight @JLin7! Good luck this season as @Lakers! #vipparty #mgmgrand #purpleandgold #faninvegas

  237. p_r_e_s_i_l_l_a(IG) I might the only Asian that can’t play poker…. Whatever. Teach me #linsanity! @JLin7

  238. @iambenjamintan: Jeremy Lin on set for Adidas commercial shoot! ‪#‎tbt‬ from yesterday’s shoot.

  239. Jeremy Lin and Ed Davis: Spreading Thanksgiving cheer today at the Salvation Army of Inglewood with East West Bank. #LakersHoliday

  240. Jeremy Lin and Ed Davis: Today the team donates and distributes Thanksgiving turkeys and pies to 300 needy families. #NBACares #LakersHoliday

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