Jeremy Lin Set to Return for Hopefully the Final 26 Games

JLinFloaterBrooklyn Nets announced that Jeremy Lin is set to return to play in Denver on Feb 24 after the NBA All-Star Break. It will be almost 2 months since Jeremy last played on Dec 26, 2016 against Charlotte Hornets. Hopefully, the 3rd return is the charm so Jeremy can finish the final 26 games with strong performance.

His return would energize the Brooklyn Nets who possesses the worst record in the league at 9-47, and more importantly some surprising wins under his leadership would help the Nets to persuade future free agents to come join a rebuilding Brooklyn Nets. And last but not the least, the wins will help the Nets marketing department to sell next season’s tickets in the off-season.

From Newsday’s article “Jeremy Lin is Set to Return to Practice”:

“Yeah, yeah,” Atkinson said when asked if he expects Lin to play against the Nuggets. “And then we’ve got to see the minutes, how that looks, the gradual buildup. He does have this 10-day period. But I’m not sure exactly what that minutes restriction is going to look like, or if there’ll be one.”

Lin laughed when he described his first practice.

“I didn’t play great, but I was competitive,” he said.

During the break, Lin said he would follow a detailed rehab plan away from the Nets’ practice facility, and noted he will have two more practices with his teammates before the flight to Denver.

Watching his teammates struggle without him has been difficult, Lin admitted.

“I feel for the guys because they’re playing hard, they’re playing the right way, they’re moving the ball, trying to do the right things,” Lin said. “They’re giving effort, and sometimes, it doesn’t happen. Sometimes, we have a good lead, we’re in control, and we lose it.

“I’m not going to lie. It wears on everybody. I walk in there, and I just feel bad. I feel bad. I’m a little bit upset at myself. I just feel bad for the whole situation, really.”

Let’s hope and pray that Jeremy can stay injury-free in the final 26 games and lead the Nets to some surprising wins and excite all Brooklyn Nets and his fans.