Jeremy Lin Set to Return for Hopefully the Final 26 Games

JLinFloaterBrooklyn Nets announced that Jeremy Lin is set to return to play in Denver on Feb 24 after the NBA All-Star Break. It will be almost 2 months since Jeremy last played on Dec 26, 2016 against Charlotte Hornets. Hopefully, the 3rd return is the charm so Jeremy can finish the final 26 games with strong performance.

His return would energize the Brooklyn Nets who possesses the worst record in the league at 9-47, and more importantly some surprising wins under his leadership would help the Nets to persuade future free agents to come join a rebuilding Brooklyn Nets. And last but not the least, the wins will help the Nets marketing department to sell next season’s tickets in the off-season.

From Newsday’s article “Jeremy Lin is Set to Return to Practice”:

“Yeah, yeah,” Atkinson said when asked if he expects Lin to play against the Nuggets. “And then we’ve got to see the minutes, how that looks, the gradual buildup. He does have this 10-day period. But I’m not sure exactly what that minutes restriction is going to look like, or if there’ll be one.”

Lin laughed when he described his first practice.

“I didn’t play great, but I was competitive,” he said.

During the break, Lin said he would follow a detailed rehab plan away from the Nets’ practice facility, and noted he will have two more practices with his teammates before the flight to Denver.

Watching his teammates struggle without him has been difficult, Lin admitted.

“I feel for the guys because they’re playing hard, they’re playing the right way, they’re moving the ball, trying to do the right things,” Lin said. “They’re giving effort, and sometimes, it doesn’t happen. Sometimes, we have a good lead, we’re in control, and we lose it.

“I’m not going to lie. It wears on everybody. I walk in there, and I just feel bad. I feel bad. I’m a little bit upset at myself. I just feel bad for the whole situation, really.”

Let’s hope and pray that Jeremy can stay injury-free in the final 26 games and lead the Nets to some surprising wins and excite all Brooklyn Nets and his fans.


  1. Let’s go Jlin!!!! Spank the……whoever!!!!

  2. So eager to see him play. And have to wait a little longer because it’s a West Coast game.

    Stay healthy, Jeremy.

  3. third is the word…wait i think the bird is the word. oh well.

  4. Great. I don’t care about the winning rate of Nets, just want to watch Lin lead his team to win a game.

  5. receives $15M investment from Jeremy Lin, fund associated w/ SF 49ers owners & execs

  6. Then another, and another, and more and more.

  7. Great news. I’m a bit tired of hybernating anyway…

  8. Lin is all smiles these past few days. I think he’s ready to go beast mode when he returns. Just hope the hammy holds up. Either way, he will be able to rest all summer and come back 100% next season.

  9. Is Jlin’s part of investment 15 mil or are all the investors total investment 15 mil?

  10. I thought i had become a basketballfan, but found myself not watching one game when Jeremy reinjured himself. But instead only watching soccer again. When Will another player appear who is as likable as Jeremy? I know for myself IT is not the Chinese aspect. In soccer i don’t root for Any Asian player, as long as they don’t wear a Ajax shirt.

  11. Because Asian players aren’t at that level yet in soccer
    Kagawa had some prospect but he died too soon
    Lin can compete at the NBA level and he can do some good things

  12. Very true not to mention soccer is more of a team game no “hero ball”. There’s something about soccer that even if a goal isn’t made it’s still fun and exciting to watch with the passing and defense. Also the furthest an Asia country, South Korea, has gone to was final 4? in World Cup. Europe and South America just have a longer history of football and stronger fan base in the sport than other countries. Not to mention many more teams to compete against each other and improve themselves.

  13. I used to root hard for kagawa, but then he ruined his career by going to Man U. He should have gone to arsenal. I’m hopeful asano will break into arsenal in a couple of years. Japanese soccer golden years was fun to root for but they were mentally weak. But teamwork and technical skills were really fun to watch. Endo and kengo nakamura were 2 of my favorite players to watch.

  14. No, part of the 15M is from Lin, I was a bit worried that he put too much money in one item.
    ” has received a $15 million investment round financed by a fund “associated with the owners and executives” of the San Francisco 49ers, basketball player Jeremy Lin and several other venture capital firms.”

  15. I didn’t watch the Nets while Jlin is injured, but I watched a lot of Spurs games.

  16. Thanks.

  17. OT, not about Jlin or Nets. Anyone remember this crazy Q4 ending of Clippers vs Spurs?

  18. i think this is pretty recent:

  19. Jeremy uploaded this to his facebook page about 10 hours ago. It has already gotten more than 110,000 views there.

  20. Correct me if i’m wrong. I think Ajax used to have an Asian player named Ling in the Cruyff era 🙂

  21. before or after the Johnny Bravo do?

  22. i’ve watched all the Nets games this season. it’s interesting to see which players would be compatible in a Linsanity type offense. on this team, i like just Booker and LeVert. and on the Mavs, i really like Brandon Wright

  23. Tsue La Ling, a brilliant wingplayer. But he wasted his talent on partying with lots of women and fast cars. His moves taunting his opponents to attack him and the fans chanting “all balls to Ling” were famous. But again, before my time and feel no connection with him.

  24. How about Sohn, who plays for man u i think?

  25. Not true, many Korean players played important roles in the premier league. They don’t have a great story like Lin however.

  26. Don’t know him. Anyways can’t wait till the Nuggets game.

  27. jimmy neutron

  28. partying with lots of women is never a waste.

    partying even with one woman is never a waste.

    not partying with even one woman is never a waste.

  29. OT: Nick Young throws massive shade at former Lakers head coach Byron Scott

    “It messes up with your whole cycle when you have a coach who harps on everything you do and talks so down on you. It was tough.”

    These quotes certainly won’t be going on the flap of Scott’s upcoming book on success and leadership.

  30. It is if you throw away your future and squandering away your talents. Education, career, then women (or men) That’s how I was raised

  31. chacun a

  32. LOL, what success? what leadership?

  33. Hope west coast’s warm weather will help Lin recovering completely.

  34. Well south korea bought its way to the semi final that year
    so many questionable calls
    2002 world cup was easily the most corrupted world cup to date in terms of referees

  35. Endo and K Nakamura didnt have the physical strength to compete at a higher level much like other japanese players
    South Korea has more talent imo

  36. Ji Sung park and maybe Son Heung-min
    not many
    Overall, there hasn’t been any asian soccer player that had the impact that Lin had in the NBA and hes still proven to be a solid player and a good scorer with consistency
    Ji Sung Park is the only one who was able to sustain that level of success but he was never as important as other star players in Man U

  37. tanking leadership 🙂

  38. Nick Young never shy away from dissing BS even when he was the coach though he had to pay for it with the constant DNP and lesser minutes. I think it was a good decision because it was a tanking year so who cares? Better than stay quiet and being walked all over.

    Not sure if Young asked for a trade or not but he loves the attention in LA so not sure if he’s willing to give it up for Boston, NY and reunite with Lin. He would be a pretty good starting SG or six man. He’s more genuine than backstabbers since after Lin left, Young still tweeted about Lin and praised his work with Hornets. You rarely see ex teammates tweet that about Lin. i think Casspi was another ex teammate to compliment Lin.

  39. There’s nothing enjoyable about the All-Star game. It’s 3 point and lobs and dunks. There’s no defense and a lot of showboating, but it’s not really entertaining.

  40. Not sure if they were bought or just bias but still getting to 4th was a big accomplishment. Hopefully it won’t be long before we see another Asian team get far in the World Cup again.

  41. It’s all for fun people dont wanna get injured

  42. Didn’t watch the allstar weekend competition didn’t know Nick Young was in the 3 point contest. Would be nice to see JLin in the contest some day. He’s pretty consistent when shooting stationary.

  43. yeah that’s what Lin referred it to but it reminds me more of Johnny Bravo

  44. Perfect picture choice! He’s gotta use that floater a lot more now. It’ll save him a lot of wear and tear.

  45. so is everyone in the NBA lol
    if Lin is 20/8 next year he will make all star

  46. Oh, right. Forgot that. He is really the master, tanking with disguise.

  47. Here are some nice highlights from the 1987 All Star game. The game was quite competitive and they needed overtime to decide a winner.

  48. They are good friend? I hope Casspi can come to Nets this summer.

  49. So now he can stay no need to go back to CA….

  50. It would be a bad idea to trade Lopez right now. His value is too low and the Nets never got to see Brook-Lin in action. Kenny said he wants to see them play together and they’ll have 26 pressure-free games to show what they can do.

    Whether or not Brook-Lin translates to a significant number of wins, it will boost Lopez’s value to play with a quality starting PG in competitive games. And then they can trade him if need be on draft night.

  51. What is a waste is the time for you to write this

    What is a waste for me to read this

    What is a waste is for me to write this

  52. Tottenham Spurs. He’s a good player.

  53. Will be interesting to see him and Davis mowing down the competition.

  54. jimmer doing work :

    khuang would be proud.

  55. i always thought this season a healthy casspi in a trade (for whichever of skil/bogs was not traded) with a healthy lin could have given the nets a decent season: lin/skil or bogs/casspi/booker/lopez.

  56. probably usa media, being cocky will say.. ‘hey he playing in cba.. not nba.. and cba lower than nba. that’s why he play so well.. he good for cba, not for nba’

    No,.. it’s more like no d-mn coach gave him da chance. So it shows the big loophole of the usa scouting system.

  57. Haha. Jammer getting the Asian discount now. Man that’s just sad

  58. I reallly believe in Brook. Hard to find a big with no big ego in tow. It’s much easier to get a defensive big to help with rebounding and toughness. A guy like Bismack Biyomboor Asik could be added much easier and cheaper.

  59. I’m like you. I never watch any sports so call “all-star” games. It’s like awards shows…it’s all fluff and posturing

  60. Crazy shooting by Jimo!

  61. KA said “I’d love to see them together, see how they mix, how they work,” Atkinson said of the “Brook-Lin” pairing.”
    I do not understand this. He had all the time to see Brook-Lin when the season started, but he did not do it, to the point almost prevented it happening. Now he is saying he really wants to see them play together. Am I missing something here???

  62. no..he has to be 30 and 16 to make allstar because he is chinese.

  63. why he so happy

  64. They tryna get Lin? they do need a PG

  65. It’s easier for him to make it if he plays well enough because he is Chinese

  66. Nets will not trade Lin now.

  67. Too bad for new orleans

  68. jimmer just needs the ball in his hands.

  69. he’s playing like his BYU days.

  70. Anything is possible besides that doesnt mean bulls wont ask

  71. Great job Chris.

  72. to be a backup? no thanks.

  73. or each other

  74. but davis is smart.. he adjusts so omar can play post..since omar more limited

  75. doubt he will be a back up there

  76. “When a few TV types in the Houston press corps — a group, which lets face it, all but waged an official anti-Lin propaganda campaign for the Rockets during his tenure — shoot some queries at D’Antoni during the Brooklyn Nets visit to the Toyota Center in January that seem to indicate they somehow don’t realize that he coached Lin in New York, the coach is ready.

    “It was this big thing called Linsanity,” D’Antoni said. “You may have heard of it.”

    Dry Wit 1, Houston Media 0.”

    Great article. It’s great that D’Antoni embraces and recognizes Linsanity instead of distancing himself from it which is what most of the haters seem to do.

    “Lin’s situation in Brooklyn is equally limited — by the constraints of the offense first-time head coach Kenny Atkinson insists on and the lack of talent around him. But Lin still makes the most of it when he’s on the court.”

    Good insight there.

  77. Wow, amazing. Anyone able to score that many points even against a non-NBA team must be decent.

  78. they don’t play much defense in the CBA

  79. I swear this guy is a poster here lol

  80. lol.

    I think Davis is a guy who can fit in with Cousins but we will see.

  81. Yeah, Jimmer would be real good for the Nets. Hope he’ll get his second chance in NBA.

  82. Wow, 73 points, great job there in any league!

  83. Very nice artwork and excellent penmanship.

  84. I am Chris Baldwin!

    We are Chris Balwin!

    We are Groot!

  85. Jeremy with his nephew:
    jlin7 Highlight of my All-Star Break!! #prouduncle #chunkzzz #cheeksoncheeks

  86. Chris Baldwin telling the truth like it is including what most fans have said this entire season. KA’s stubborn and half bucket motion offense is limiting Lin and his players abilities on the court.

  87. Same here, sounds like what KA said was just lip-service. He purposely refused to play Lin and Lopez together in the beginning of the season. Now he says he wants to see them player together? It doesn’t make sense when the most important thing is to build chemistry between the star players.

  88. man i love d antoni.. i cant imagine a lin d antoni reunion jesus that gives me chills. still though im selfish i want lin tothe spurs the most lol

  89. if they give us paul george im all for it

  90. Hope it works out, dude just needs anger management.

  91. Wow wow wow! As an anime fan, this is just awesome. Love it.

  92. Where can u buy this?

  93. don’t think so. Nets are looking to move Lopez and Bogdanovic. besides, Kenny has said that he has big plans for Lin

  94. Rubio would be great for the Knicks especially for KP

  95. now im starting to think lin should have go to new orleans… sure he would be over shadowed by boogie man and AD, but he would be on a winning team. he also could play pnr or pnp with both of them seamlessly and would rack up a monstrous amount of assists.

  96. Jeremy’s alter ego tearing up the SBL:

    dude needs to join Jimmer in the CBA.

  97. While being backup PG, no thanks. Again leading his own team to playoffs is the only way Lin will prove he’s an allstar.

  98. If true it means Melo continues ruin the Knicks and the losing curse continues.

  99. Not happening, even their dad said if JLin retires he’d play for Taiwan’s team. I can also see after NBA he’d join the team his brother is on to play together. Too bad, if only Lin could get Nets to sign Joseph.

  100. Jeremy was very cute and adorable when he’s kind but his nephew is even cuter and more adorable…sorry Jeremy… 😉

  101. No backup

  102. with cousinpuzzy.. no.

  103. Is his brother even good enough to play in the NBA? If not, Lin shouldn’t even ask the Nets to sigh him.

  104. Hopefully he lets Lin play a bigger role in their offense

  105. Lin once said Joseph is a better shooter than him, but he is also shorter than Lin…

  106. height and size matter.. otherwise you have an uphill battle.. just like isah thomas.

  107. his style is similar to jeremy

  108. yup..a better shooter alright..look at da form

  109. mda knows how to adapt and coach to the players strength even if they don’t know.. it..but he just wants a free flow running offense where bigs and post up ppl might have trouble with. so those are not his style even though the coach knows that the players strenght is in post up moves.

  110. you cannot deny his greatness

  111. thought they moved holiday, my mistake.

  112. Lakers cleaning house …

  113. So they really did it?? Wow!

  114. The main difference between Jeremy and Joseph is how they like to finish their drives.

    Jeremy likes to attack the rim and draw fouls while Joseph likes to finish with floaters and jumpshots, probably because he’s not as big and muscular as JLin. But I’d like to see JLin do more of Joseph’s floaters to save his body and save attacking the rim a lot until in the 4th quarter. It’ll keep defense guessing for sure.

  115. Wow. Magic is back in.

    Would Magic be interested in JLin as a big PG like himself next year?
    Clarkson proves to be more an SG by now

  116. lin used to use floaters..until mchale doesn’t allow it.. but let’s pb do it.. and even though chandler did it and mchale told chandleer if he does that again, he will ahve to kill him..hahaha.. so mchale doesn’t like floaters, but allows pb to do it.. go figure.

  117. yet I cannot deny his bad attitude.
    As a team of any team, they rather have ppl who is coachable and talented, than a uncoachahle but even more talented person to be on the team.

  118. I don’t know Magic likes Lin or not but he said he will ask Kobe to get back since they both know how to win….

  119. I doubt it. They will continue to develop D’angelo Russell. I do believe Lin would have thrived under Luke Walton unlike him and the rest of the Laker roster did under Byron Scott

  120. No. He did jump on bandwagon and said good things during Linsanity.
    He was silent when Lin under Byron fxxking Scott.
    He really like D’angelo Russell and worked out with him last summer.

  121. McHale likes PBev because he saw a lot of himself in Bev with offensive rebounding despite limited PG skills. Plus he catered to Harden’s request

    It was so hard to see JLin being mistreated by coach and media in Houston. Lakers was also not easy.
    Hornets and Nets have been good to JLin. Let’s hope Nets get rewarded soon

  122. The problem of Lakers is, great players don’t want to play under the shadow of those Laker legends.

    Same as the Hornets owned by Michael Jordan, they are not competitive in FA market.

  123. oh yeah, almost forgot about DRussell.
    Yes, they might stick with him

  124. @sam_amick
    Going after DeMarcus Cousins was Jim & Mitch’s last-ditch attempt to save their jobs, I’m told. Jim really wanted him, Mitch handled talks

  125. His 3pt% is worse than Lin last year, only 27.66%. He is too small and can’t even play in China.

  126. good point, almost forgot about DRussell. Magic will certainly wants to develop him first

    Note: please remove the cursing substitution since it breaks forum rules
    No cursing/swearing or any substitute/variation. Keep the language to PG to be family-friendly.

  127. by chuck bricks and if u miss try again???

  128. @EstelaQIAN
    To welcome Jeremy back to court this week, I edit this video to record his life in BK nets!! @jlin7 #jeremylin #nets

  129. So imagine after going to the pelicans, cousins got hurt and can’t play much… wonder how everyone thinks about the kings now.. some must be like zamm..they knew something.

  130. I’ve seen worse PGs in the CBA

  131. 5 years later, Pablo Torre’s “From Couch to Clutch” is still a great read!

    … Lin, on the other hand, will choose to keep pinching himself. It was not so long ago, after all, that he was a sophomore at Palo Alto, dunking for the first time. (“He came to tell me, ‘Daddy, I can dunk!'” Gie-Ming says. “I said, ‘Are you sure?'”)

    Even his old Crimson teammates marvel at how vocal Lin has been with vets such as Chandler, grabbing jerseys and yelling across the court. While they’re familiar with his humble postgame deflections of attention, this assertive brand of leader isn’t the Jeremy they knew. “He’s been more dominant in the NBA than he ever was in college,” says Harvard guard Oliver McNally, a friend and former teammate. “His confidence is through the roof.”

  132. Linna betta come back and play like crazy and win like crazy with him at da helm to show that he is a real starting pg.. (real starting pg meaning the media and other gms and coaches start to see it.. not ppl in this site..they don’t count in this sense) and they start winning, else you know that they will then look for new PG off season if there is no difference of him in there or not right.

  133. Hope he comes back after the Warriors game on Saturday. Lol. They will get destroyed.

  134. on the other hand… if they didn’t get destroyed….

  135. When I moved to a house out the country in my 40s, I decided to join an old timer softball league to try to assimilate with the locals. I was one of the best players on the team but was told I didn’t fit in “socially”. I tried it again with another team when the pitcher on that team asked me to join his team. I was treated the same way. He saw what happened and he was so disgusted that he also quit that team. Having led teams in my past probably didn’t go over well with the locals.

    I know that Lin must have ruffled a few feathers that way as well. We’d like to believe that at the top levels of pro sports, winning SHOULD solve everything. It’s self evident now that this clearly isn’t the case. Just like those 2 softball teams I played with, they’d rather lose that accept me as a leader. How else can you explain Lin’s treatment with the Knicks, Rockets, Lakers and even Hornets. THIS IS WHY WE SHOULD BE THANKFUL FOR THE NETS, MARKS AND ATKINSON FOR THE FAIR TREATMENT OF LIN. No one else would even consider an Asian floor leader but them.

    What ever growing pains they go through may be clumsy and maybe even amateurish but at least they have total confidence in Lin. That in itself is reason enough for me to give them time to learn. I have faith in Lin to bend the will of the Nets braintrust to his way of playing.

    so stoopid.

  137. Because KA’s system doesn’t fit post players and he doesn rebound much or play PnR well. Nets also need draft picks to rebuild.

  138. Thank goodness, thought they’d never get rid of Bog.

  139. ka can play Lin for Nuggets game and rest him on back to back.

  140. It is happening. The Nets are too bad with/without Lin. It put Lopez on the block.
    No more Brook-Lin.
    They are confident on their development program.
    Lin would be under trade rumors in the future.

  141. Lopez have been rumoredbyo be traded this entire season. It explains why KA did all the lip service but never allowed them to play together. KA knew Marks was going to trade Lopez.

  142. As Lin fans, it’s sad to know the Nets is now on reboot mode. Lin will have no chance to play in post-season next year.

  143. T.Booker has better chemistry with Lin than Lopez, even the simple size is small.

    And he out-rebounds Lopez.

    He has 8.6per game while Lopez’s only 5.2 under KA’s system.

  144. Do you guys think trading Lopez is good for Lin and Nets in the future?

  145. Trading him now doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. His value is too low.

    But trading him on draft night is probably good for Lin and the Nets. Brook is a great teammate but not an ideal center for the Nets (or Lin). Need someone more mobile to run PnR and defend PnR.

  146. Booker plays well when he isn’t going ball hog mode. The development for the veteran has worked since he can finally finish at the rim.

  147. They should win as a team and Lin will get decent stats no matter what. He is that good. But no point trying to carry this whole team though. They are that bad.

  148. Nets were always on rebuild mode, Lin knew that when signing.

  149. I believe Magic will know what he’s doing unlike Jim Buss.

  150. Hard to say. Depending on if Nets gets a mobile center with defensive talent.

    But I would give Brook-Lin a chance to play together for 26 games. First round pick would guarantee you nothing.

  151. @JLin7: Back in New York! Time to get to work! All-Star break is over.

  152. yes, Lopez doesn’t fit the modern offense the Nets and most teams are trying to run. but the Nets have lost their chance at unloading Lopez for a decent package because there won’t be another New Orleans team hoarding centers again. the Cousins trade makes Lopez even more less valuable now. also, the Nets won’t get a better deal for Lopez in the off season because teams are making a run for the playoffs now

  153. Only if we get a plus defender in return. With Lin I’m confident we have no problems on the offense side. However, you do have to worry about who is going to be scoring the points in the wake of a Lopez trade.

  154. “He tweaked it again in one of the practices and made it worse, right before the break. He was getting close,” said Hornacek, who indicated he would start rookie Willy Hernangomez again. “That’s the problem with hamstrings. You think you’re fine and you’re going fine and then you make that one hard move that sets you back.” – via New York Post

    (jeff hornacek on recurring hamstring issues with noah).

    (for all those who have questioned either lin or performance team for length and recurrence of lins injury/abscence).

  155. After i read the first sentence, i thought lin got injured again… LOL

  156. LOL, same here.

  157. Lol 1st sentence thought it was Lin x3

  158. It’s the collective fear of Lin fans. ?

  159. GOOD Lopez deserves to be on a better team

  160. A well fed chunky kid lol

  161. Hamstring of death.

  162. Working on more hair and suits? or his game? Is he coming back yet?

  163. Gogo Hardenets!

  164. Not a trade news – just a report showing Lin’s star power on issue of the shape of the world ?

  165. and the article uses this photo of Lin in action…

  166. what’s the best place to get single net game tickets? cheap maybe?

  167. Bog and C McCullough are traded to Wiz.. Chris is good. 🙁

  168. Sources: Washington’s Marcus Thornton joins Nicholson in the trade package to Brooklyn.

  169. isn’t andrew nicholson one of khuang’s favorites?

  170. At least the Nets get a 1st rd pick out of this trade

  171. Marcus Thornton is nothing but trouble

  172. So dumb

  173. why

  174. why they want pb..
    guess pb can now sk on LeBron’s now instead of hardenia.

  175. Holy smokes Bog was worth that much?! No wonder they were asking for 2 1st round picks for Lopez before lowering to one 1st and one 2nd.

  176. Watch Chris McCulloguh becomes a full time starter and blows up for Wiz just like Yogi! You can thank KA and Marks incompetence on this!

  177. lol that’s the guard Lebron wants?!

  178. To help LJ play dirty and breaks knees. Haha cheers

  179. Hopefully 2017 1st pick is a good one. fingers crossed.

  180. I hope so. Love to see how the Brook-Lin connection work for the remaining season.

  181. JLin is ready to win!

    Jeremy Lin: “At this point I could really careless about other stuff, we really need to win.” #Nets
    Lin: “I know what’s my standard for success. That’s what I’m chasing.” #Nets

  182. The Nets preparing for Friday’s game vs. the Nuggets.

    1️⃣ Back on that grind???
    2️⃣ JLin talking about his all-star break

  183. Sound like he’s backing off the players system a little bit.

  184. Lin can play both positions at anytime. No problem there.

  185. very selfish player…

  186. This .. is what a leader would say

    “This team needs to feel what it means to win and build a winning culture. My only goal is to get as many wins as we can.” @JLin7 #Nets

  187. smh this man still wouldnt let Lin handle the ball

  188. very low shooting % and takes way too many shots

  189. however imo this goal would stand in stark contrast if not diametric opposition to the stated and practiced goals of the nets as an organization; ie. development, culture separated from winning, wins not important per se in a long term “process”. etc. etc.

  190. and the other point guard would be who? they plan on trading for one? they certainly dont have another now. in fact the most frequent comment of nets fans with lin out is: we dont have a point guard.

  191. Hmmm I like having Nicholson…. Sounds like a very good trade for the Nets

  192. back in the day with sacramento thornton was once a big scorer when mostly starting or at least playing big minutes; but that was like 5 or 6 years ago.

    still his arguably best run as a 15-18 minute a game guy came in his previous stint with the nets. maybe can repeat.

  193. that’s not good because only Lin is a capable point guard. nothing i’ve seen from Kilpatric/Whitehead/Harris tells me they’re point guard material. if KA is talking about LeVert as the other point guard then that would be great, but he’s really a SG so that works out either way

  194. Another ballhandler on the court frees up Lin’s scoring. Right now, good teams can just force it out of his hands and the other Nets are lost. The only bad thing is sharing the floor with a ballhog…but the Nets don’t have any of those. Bojan would hog sometimes but now he’s gone.

  195. Lin & LeVert? Lin and Whitehead?

  196. happy to see Bog moved but sad to see McCullough gone with him. McCullough could be the next Yogi and we didn’t even give him a chance. the guy has lots of energy, super athletic and does all the dirty work. would have loved to see him play pnr with Lin

  197. that’s the thing. the Nets don’t have another capable point guard ball handler. i can see LeVert handling the ball but he’s really not a PG

  198. Once the minutes restriction is off, Lin can win 50% of their remaining games.

  199. this is a good indication that Lin will really go off scoring wise. this also explains why KA said there will be two ball handling point guards now. he probably wants Lin to take over the scoring duties

  200. For the purposes of Kenny’s statement, he could be considered a PG. He’s a guard who was a primary playmaker in college. Long-term, he’s best as a SG who can be a secondary playmaker.

    Lin / LeVert sounds good to me.

  201. Going to be waived according to Nets Daily.

  202. i guess the Wizards are in desperate need of a spot up shooter for giving away a first-round pick, Nicholson, and Thornton for Bogdanovic. i wouldn’t even think about trading just Nicholson for Bogdanovic. looks like Marks did a very good job on his first trade of the season

  203. To KHuang this is like getting two firsts, hehe.

  204. I agree. I think Marks did a very good job on this trade.

  205. Bogs isn’t but keeping Otto Porter is. By dumping Nicholson’s contract, they now have extra money to offer Porter a huge deal.

  206. i would love to see Lin / LeVert backcourt which i’ve been wanting all season long. if KA really wants a lot of ball handlers then i would suggest this lineup..

  207. I like LeVert’s length too. He reminds me of Khris Middleton, which is a very good thing.

    Harris at SF is a bit troubling…but I guess we need his shooting for Lin to drive. Would love to trade for a better SF. Someone like DeMarre Carroll.

  208. the only issue is McCullough thrown into the trade. i don’t like that at all. i would have much rather given them RHJ

  209. Marks is doing a very good job overall. He just got railroaded by Lin’s injury. His lone bad call was signing Vasquez, whose ankle was in worse shape than they thought (his new training staff goofed).

    Should have gotten Aaron Brooks who would at least know what he’s doing out there (unlike Whitehead and Dinwiddie).

  210. letting Yogi go was the worst move to me. Yogi played well while he was here

  211. That was baffling to me, but I think Marks/Kenny believe in size/strength. Lin is big. Whitehead is big. Dinwiddie is long. LeVert is long. Yogi was short.

  212. i feel that LeVert is a very special player who can do it all and has great size, length and athleticism. i would compare him to Penny Hardaway

  213. i believe you are correct

  214. source plz

  215. Thx

  216. no problem. i think the main thing the Nets wanted out of this deal was the 1st round pick. the two players they acquire was just to make the contracts work. and the Nets had to throw in McCullough to sweeten the deal for the Wizards. i’m just happy that Bog is out of the starting lineup and out of the rotation which opens the door for real talent like LeVert

  217. Good trade but wish it didn’t involve CMC.

  218. i think both teams have been negotiating for a long time now and the Wizard got a bit desperate because they want to win now and needed a sharp shooter. and the Nets goal was to get a first round pick for Bog. CMC was a sweetener in the deal for the Wizard

  219. nets apparently already waived thornton; i think the plan is to “stretch” his contract but dont quote me on that part.

  220. But if you’re really smart you develop and showcase Yogi and then trade him as an asset to someone that doesn’t consider his height a deal breaker. Not just let him walk to another team for free. Isn’t that what a good GM/coach would do to try and maximize whatever assets Nets have?

  221. Wow. That was quick.
    One cannot help wondering… will there be another Nets trade before the 3:00 p.m. deadline tomorrow?

  222. I hated how bog played so i say A+++. He is not much of a spot up. He dribbles a lot

  223. The worst I’ve seen when he shot from 5 feet behind the 3 point line with still 20 sec on shot clock.

  224. what is “stretch”?

  225. 26 games.

  226. It could change for the rest of the half season. That means trying to win with current roster and see what is the winning formula and roster.

  227. That’s one for one, 100% from 3. 😉

  228. wish we could trade brook lopez for steven adams, who btw is a great pnr big

  229. basically it means spreading out the money owed over several years so gives them more money to use each year of the existing contract for other players

  230. I see, thx

  231. Kenny wants Lin to start on Friday even if he has a minutes restriction, which is different from last time. Maybe it’ll help him stay loose (instead of sitting after warmups).

  232. Well, Rick Carlisle is one of the very best coaches in the league. He knows how to maximize players’ talents. Pop, Carlisle and Stevens are head and shoulders above everyone else in terms of Xs-and-Os.

  233. a very low basketball iq player

  234. winning mode turned on?

  235. he said that?


    Will he start Friday in Denver?

    “Honestly, I haven’t decided yet – we’ll see how he is after today’s practice,” Kenny Atkinson said of Lin, who has started nine games this season. “We’ll do a little more scrimmaging tomorrow and keep him engaged. My gut to be honest is I’d like to start him. I’m excited to see Jeremy back to get some momentum going in to next season with our line ups.”

  237. Due to minutes restrictions, coming off the bench made it easier for Lin to finish games. But for morale and “Brook-Lin” purposes, they might as well start him even if he can only play 20-25m at first.

  238. yes, I wonder if Lin talked to KA and SM to promote the theme of winning in the last 26 games to create excitement. If KA still talks about development, there might be disconnect.

    My guess is SM and KA want to promote Brook-Lin a lot by winning so Brook’s trade values will be higher in the off-season.

  239. I agree.. Yogi’s short… lol!

  240. I have hope that after a period of Jeremy settling in, the Nets will start winning.

    My (totally unscientific) hope is that the mid tier teams get too worked up over their playoff seeding and lose their cool and the lower tier teams decide to tank for the rest of the season. As for the top tier teams, well they were always gonna be good and probably won’t be beat anyway.

    Can’t wait till the game!

  241. any hope is unscientific.

  242. yea.. if that’s the case, wiz won’t bite and therefore no trade. they wanted bog and a potential rookie..since they are giving up a pick.. RHJ probably to the wizard is not worth much. Nets might have ask, but wiz might say no.. we want that rookie.

  243. might also be the reason why there was limited minutes in the first place they develop rookies…but ka didn’t realize they were that bad…so this time, he is like.. ok we going in.. have to wein at least 30 games this season to be respectable.. 9 games is demoralizing that no playa will want to come here.

  244. or he is trying to do the mchale.. in regards to the current pg whtehead/kill/ etc
    ‘we have 2 starting pg’.. but it’s in not favor of linna.. This time it’s in favor of lin.

  245. LLcoolJ

  246. JLin expects some rust and cobwebs after 8 weeks being out. I hope he doesn’t force things in the first 3-5 games so his body is slowly adjusting to game pace.

    But Lin spent much of the All-Star break in California, working out with shooting coach Doc Scheppler and a Nets team employee. Finally set to return, Lin and the Nets are hoping Friday serves as a reset — albeit a rusty one.

    You think you’re going to be able to do that move, move at that speed, jump that height, and it’s just unrealistic being out eight weeks,” Lin said. “So right now it’s just trying to get my body back to where it was before and then I’ll be able to do more of the stuff I want to do. There’s really no way other than to just go through it. It doesn’t matter how much rehab I do; I’m going to have cobwebs.”

    “I have to go in there and take those takeoffs where it’s like, ‘Ugh, well I can’t jump like that yet.’ Your body has to go through that, and then adjust, and within a few games the next time I jump it’ll feel normal again. I just need to go through it. There’ll be frustrating times, I know, times I expect to be able to get by somebody or I know I can, but then I can’t. That’s part of it.”

    Part of it may be a minutes restriction, though the performance team hasn’t yet determined that.

  247. “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

    – Martin Luther King, Jr.

  248. woj reports nets get k.j. mcdaniels from rockets. (no other details as to what nets give up).

    ive always thought mcdaniels had potential.

  249. What type of player is he?

  250. 6’6″, shooting guard/small forward

  251. lol i mean play style. like is a a 3 and d type of player.

  252. lol, idk, it is not my expertise

  253. Lol thank anyways. We will find out soon. I haven’t watch the nets in a while so lets hope he helps because we need a lot.

  254. has sat on rockets bench for 3 years. really no nba experience; i just remember thinking when the rockets got him that i thought he had potential.

    his one full year d league he was a good shooter and rebounder. (but then anybody looks good in dleague)–still nets are so bad outside of (imo) lin lopez booker (not sold on lavert yet at all and dont think any of the other young guys are ever going to “develop”) he certainly could be an improvement given some time.

  255. well beggars cant be choosers

  256. It is past 3 p.m. ET. deadline. Brook Lopez stays with Nets for now. ?

    We fans will see how the Brook-Lin connection work for the final 26 games finally.

  257. lol, didn’t Cuban think so high of Williams, would rather have him than Lin?

  258. I don’t want Lopez to be traded so glad he’s still here, but still time for Marks to trade him.

  259. tim mcmahon mavs beat reporter says: “Dallas is preparing to hand point guard reins to rookie Yogi Ferrell.”

  260. It is 3:22 p.m. now.
    “The NBA trade deadline is 3 p.m. ET on Feb. 23.”


    How about Nets picks up Terrence Jones?

  262. too injury prone

  263. The real NY cross down drama stars today, sharply after 3.01 PM.

    Welcome back Melo. (Oh, forgot you never leave and never wanted to leave). Fortunately to have you still stuck with the Knicks.

    BTW, Good luck Knicks.

  264. Low character. Remember, he kicked a homeless guy in the head in Portland.

  265. Just in case anyone hasn’t watched the Nets and want to know what’s going on with the team (for the record, yes I’m part of that crowd, which is why I’m doing this 🙂 ).

    New Roster:
    Jeremy Lin | Spencer Dinwiddie | Isaiah Whitehead
    Joe Harris | Sean Kilpatrick | Randy Foye
    Caris LeVert | K.J. McDaniels
    Rondae Hollis Jefferson | Booker | Quincy Acy | Andrew Nicholson
    Brook | Hamilton | Scola


    Waived / Traded away:
    Vasquez, Bennett, CmC, Bog

    Acquired (or is now playing):
    Levert, Dinwiddie, Quincy Acy, Nicholson, McDaniels

    Quick look at some of the players:

    Whitehead – PG
    People say Whitehead has potential to be an SG scorer. However, advanced stats shows him to be really, really bad at offense right now (-5 offensive bpm). It means that he was definitely thrown into the NBA too soon, but the good news is that he has shown that he is worth investing in. I can see him being sent back to the D-league to develop; I would be surprised to see him have significant minutes in the NBA this season.

    Dinwiddie – PG
    Haven’t watched him too much but he has had substantial minutes this season. He seems to be a very standard PG, nothing special about him but nothing bad either. From his advanced stats, his defense is not a problem but his offense is a bit lacking.

    Levert – SF
    Really high on Levert. He is only a rookie but already feels ready to contribute. Has an outside shot, does nifty drives, defends rather well. His advanced stats don’t look great (actually, they’re not bad compared to the rest of the team), but with rookies, I think you have to watch their play more because they are still adjusting their game.

    RHJ – PF
    RHJ got promoted to PF, where apparently he is doing very well. He didn’t stretch the floor well as SF and suffered in his effectiveness because of it, but as a PF he can use his speed to create a good shot in the post. He defends other PFs very well too. Interesting to see his development here.

    Booker – PF
    Booker is now backup PF. His defensive BPM and rebounding is the highest on the team, but his offense is pretty limited. He was getting beat consistently by top PFs and didn’t provide offense to compensate so I think the benching in favor of RHJ development was the right idea.

    Hamilton – C
    I tore into Hamilton at the start of the season because his D was atrocious. However, apparently it’s not that bad because his defensive BPM is pretty high compared to the team. I apologize Justin. However, your 3pt% plummeted. What happened??? Anyways, I don’t think much has changed here – he is our stretch backup center. Ironically, Brook has a better 3pt% than Hamilton, so I guess Brook is our stretch center?

    Quincy Acy – PF
    The only thing I know is that he has a 3 ball, is short for a PF, and he has played SF before. He reminds people of Booker with his energy down there, but his advanced stats show that he is NOT a good defender at PF like Booker is. Not sure what to make of him.

    Nicholson – PF
    Heard that he is slow on the court, but haven’t seen him play. Not terrible stats but not good either. Tall, quiet personality, showed flashes of scoring ability but never anything consistent. I really don’t know much more about him.

    McDaniels – SF
    Supposedly a 3&D player, but his 3ball is unproven IMO. It is .356 in D-league, and was decent in other places. People were wanting to see more of him in Houston before he got traded, so he seems to have some potential. Otherwise, have no idea who he is.

    New lineup potentials:

    Starting Lineup:

    Lin | Harris | Levert | RHJ | Brook


    Dinwiddie | Skil | ??? | Booker | Hamilton

    Note: I put Skil as the 6th man because scoring is definitely an issue with the bench. I don’t think Harris is a starting SG but his 3&D potential fits with the starting lineup.

    The starting lineup is actually really interesting. The only post player is RHJ, and everyone else can stretch the floor and slash. Brook, Lin, and Levert all can create their own offense, and Harris can try to be Korver. It also doesn’t have giant defensive weaknesses (like Skil + Brook or Bog + Brook). This allows Brook to be traditional center shot blocker since the smaller guards can all switch to cover each other.

    The Bench Lineup is a giant question honestly. I put the backup SF as ??? because I don’t know who will be SF or PF (McDaniels? Nicholson? Does Acy get a shot at SF? I have no clue – haven’t seen a single game.) I think we have some interesting SF/PF questions to answer, like who can we plug in there to help out with the offense or spacing? Also, who can we slide over to SG since I don’t know if Harris or Skil is the answer in the starting lineup? All questions to answer as the season goes along.

    Overall, I think the team got massively upgraded even though it may not feel like we have any good pieces yet. First, Skil+Brook and Bog+Brook will hopefully never see the light of day again (or Skil + Bog + Brook… wow my eyes). That is a recipe for disaster defensively. And, all of our new players are all decent defensively or have tools for good defense. Second, we are going to reduce the playing time and role of players with bad BPM (Whitehead, Skil, Bog (he’s gone), Foye, Harris, Dinwiddie). They will be given less responsibility and more able to focus on the things they are good at, hopefully making them more effective. Third, Lin is back and he will be surrounded by shooters. Remember the days of playing RHJ and Booker on the court? Yeah… those days are over.

    There’s a lot to be excited about for the remaining 26 games. The season’s awash but there’s even more potential than at the start of the season for development, breakout and (finally) getting some wins.

  266. Thanks for update,
    Haven’t watch much since JL7 out. Busy with other things… I’ll be rooting for …. the Nets to climb 3~4 places up by season’s end. Still like GSW Vs Cavs. Celtics Vs Cavs in ECF ?

  267. “He’s a system fit”. Sean Marks on Andrew Nicholson

  268. there was post on the other (what i call dark side) lin site asking what posters thought lins #s would be returning and someone put 20/8 and someone else said they thought those were his “per 36” #s in his previous 12 games this season: and that is correct.

    in fact those “per 36” numbers (obviously small sample size) are higher than any season previously including with the knicks!

    and for those who were complaining that lin wasn’t taking enough shots: (and there have been many), again “per 36” (or as i prefer to think of it per minute of playing time) lin has been taking more shot this season than he did with the knicks as well (and of course any other season with any other team)

  269. With only 26 games left it looks like that Nets 2017 1st round draft pick is going to have the highest probability of being the #1 pick. Unless Jeremy leads the Nets on a win streak and pushes them several spots up the standings. That would be awesome.

  270. He should be taking 12-15 shots even if hes only playing 27-32 minutes
    He is the second best player on the team and he should start acting like it

  271. let me repeat myself: he is taking more shots than he has ever taken per minute. obviously if hes not playing as many minutes he has less opportunity to take shots.

    playing time is not his to choose.

    your “he should start acting like it” is exactly the kind of factless assertion i was attempting to present facts to counter.

  272. It does matter how many shots he takes per minute
    per 36 stats do show some efficiency but at the end of the day people look at your ACTUAL stats, thus, he needs to take more shots to be looked as a good starting PG
    He is still starting so he needs to take 12+ shots
    13-6 is simply not gonna cut it as a starter and thats the only fact no matter how many excuses you make for him

  273. ^It doesn’t** matter how many shots he takes per minute

  274. Correct me if I am wrong. But that pick belongs to Celtics. The pick acquired from Wizards is Wizard’s pick which should be in 20ths.

  275. You can edit your writing once posted 🙂

  276. Starting PGs average 15 shots per game which means some take way more than 15. I did notice Lin taking more shots but with the minutes limitation and injuries it was difficult to see it happen every game. So long as Lin takes minimum of 15 or more per game he should be fine. If he’s feeling it he should take more shots.

  277. Wow I didn’t know Levert was moved to SF and RHJ to PF. I actually like that idea because it creates less competition for minutes. They already had Harris, Kilpatrick, and RHJ for SG. With Levert being a “PG/SG” he would’ve taken more minutes away from them. Besides Levert is definitely not a playmaker and more of a score first player. He doesn’t try to draw defenders to get his teammates open shots. Anyway I’ll give KA credit for this adjustment. RHJ has zero range shots so developing him as a PF instead is really smart especially his since his defense is pretty good.

  278. Also remember TJones freezing out Lin after he loss his leader and starter role. He’s a low character person, won’t be surprised if he’s out of the league soon.

  279. Now they want to see brook-lin??

  280. So that means Lopez isn’t getting trade? Geez the news outlet made it sound like Nets were close to sealing a deal. I seriously think it would be dumb to trade Lopez, you can’t replace a beast start Center like that! So many teams suffer due to lack of a capable center. Lopez and Lin never had an opportunity to really work together on PnR so it’s not fair nor smart to just give up.

  281. NBA definitely won’t allow GSW to miss the finals they have 4 star players, they will get in. Also GSW vs Cav will make loads of money and noise they won’t let go of the rivalry any time soon.

  282. In all honesty, CMC is more valuable than Bog. He might blow up and end up as a starter for Wizards with his offensive skills.

  283. Except they only have 26 games left they would need to win 21 out of the 26 game for 30 games won.

  284. We’ll see, still don’t think Nets will trade Brooks unless Brook-Lin doesn’t work out which I doubt. Now that KA has finally unleashed PnR it’s time to see what Brook-Lin can do with may PnR plays!

  285. Hornets lost again

  286. That’s where you’re wrong, Lin can score better with another guard who is a playmaker. Especially triple threat situations where he’s a cutting SG. When he’s the only PG, defenders have all the time to set up their defense and make things difficult for Lin! We’ve since how during Hornets, Lin was able to get pass the defender as a SG with a running pass where he’d easily get to his favorite spots to score! That’s what I’ve been hoping KA would do, instead during the start of the season Lin was iced out again when he was at the 2 guard position due to the motion offense and teammates being selfish and confused. With PnR finally be unleashed with Brooke-Lin things will definitely be different now.

  287. Lol

  288. Really? Why they can’t keep the record like beginning of the season?

  289. 4Q collapse, losing 2 digits lead. Lost in OT.

  290. Except it look slike Kenny has been playing LeVert as a SF instead. I think it’s a smart move that way SG talents like Harris and KilPatrick will being scoring threats as well. LeVert can still do those things and better at the SF position.

  291. also theres a lottery

  292. KA will or has been playing Levert as SF, Harris as SG as usual, and RHJ at PF. This is definitely the best decision KA has made that way all the main talents will get enough minutes instead of 4 guards (Levert, Harris, Kilpatrick, and RHJ competing for minutes especially when RHJ can’t score long range at all.

  293. pistons all the way down the comeback sat drummond/jackson the two players rumored available for trade; went with a lineup of ish smith (16 assists); kcp, harris at least one of the morris brothers and jon leur.

    easy to play small ball against hornets who have no hibbert (double shifted away) no hawes no plumlee who they got for hibbert/hawes because he is injured as is zeller.

    leaving least efficent shooter in the league frank the tank as the starting center and someone name something tobey as the back up.

    down the stretch they just took the ball out of kembas hands eventually putting kcp on him, forcing someone else to beat them. no surprise here. hornets with a horrible road record; surprise was it took the pistons that long to wake up and win.

  294. lol Booker is no longer a starter, he is now set at backup PF position like we’ve been saying all season.
    Starters are now:
    Lin (PG)
    LeVert (SF)
    Harris (SG)
    RHJ (PF)
    Lopez (C).

  295. inglorious start to the brow and bogie show in nola as “The Pelicans entered the 4th quarter down 33 points, the largest deficit entering the 4th quarter in New Orleans (Hornets/Pelicans) franchise history.” (quote from espn stats and info).

  296. It’s KA go figure. Like what Marks said “Kenny loves developing players if I was still playing he would develop me too but it won’t do much.”

  297. Gosh knowing the change in the positions LeVert (SF) and RHJ(PF) has played and the new starting lineup with the unleash of PnR for Brook-Lin has gotten me excited! Can’t wait to see what this starting lineup of Lin (PG/SG), Harris (SG), LeVert (SF), RHJ (PF), and Lopez (C) can do!

  298. 2 great talented but selfish big men don’t make them a great team.

  299. Well, it only cost them a season and Lin’s prime year.

  300. They’re missing this guy badly, doing stuff like this.

  301. LOL.

  302. He may have been the most talented young guy after LeVert. Well, good luck CMC.

  303. Not a fan of RHJ and believe Booker is way better at the moment, specially if Nets wants to win as many games as possible.

  304. To be completely fair, I haven’t seen both of them play in nearly six months so I can’t comment too much, only summarizing what I’ve read up on diff forums.

  305. While Booker is 6’7, he does have the weight and doesn’t get muscled up too often…RHJ will be out-muscle by bigger PF.

  306. how did he freezed out Lin after Lin lost his starting spot?

  307. Yeah, you can read some of the tweets by the coaches. “PF is RHJ’s natural position”. There’s an argument that he loves to attack the rim and has much more impact doing that from 10-15ft out than from 25ft. Uses his speed and moves to make shots for himself. He is pretty uncomfortable driving or shooting from 3.

    I think he’ll be matchup dependent as to whether he starts. You don’t want him going up against the bigger PFs in the league. Then again, Booker couldn’t really stop the better PFs either, so arguments could be made either way.

  308. Agreed, should be match up dependent with RHJ / Booker (/ Nicholson / Acy?)

  309. i have a feeling he meant Dinwiddie and Lin as the two starting point guards which would seriously suck because LeVert and Lin backcourt duo would destroy every other team’s backcourt

  310. this looks like a promotion for the kung fu movie “The Return of the Condor Heroes”

  311. hahaha all these rookies is like zammm lin’s back.. not much playing time for me!

  312. why and what

  313. Not that impressed by LeVert..I think he’s going to be better than RHJ but doesn’t think he’s going to be a star.

  314. He avoided it like the plague in early season…

  315. Lets see if our most prized and effective weapons work… after it doesnt matter…

  316. there’s a reason why Levert was moved to SF so he can start Harris as SG as well. Levert can pass but he’s a shoot 1st guard while Harris creates faster ball movement and shots for his teammates. Well we will find out who the 2nd ball handler is by tomorrow. It’ll be a 3 guard starting lineup with LeVert a pointguard playing SF spot.

  317. great size for a SG or a PG, has length and athleticism. can score, pass and defend. plays smart and team ball. i think he will be great for years to come

  318. i’d be happy with any starting lineup that includes Lin and LeVert

  319. all the Nets did was traded away Bogdanovic. but that in itself is a massive upgrade on the defensive side and basketball iq. lol

  320. I disagree….At best, I see him as a Kerry Kittles type of player…His handle is okay, nothing that tells me he can be a PG…Not a Grant Hill type of player…Far from it.

  321. The Nets are going to be more exciting than the Knicks in NYC in the remaining games.
    Rose said the Knicks are “Super team” but they end up like this. Their current players are too old to develop.
    Did anyone watch the Movie “Eddie(1996)” about someone coming from nowhere to save the Knicks? That’s exactly what Linsanity was and why the hype only happens to the Knicks. This team is only a toy to rich-kid James Dolan who can’t be fired. The way he treated Charles Oakley will scare all NBA free agents this summer.

  322. Haha, yes!

    If you look at minutes number, you’ll see that Bog, Skil, and Brook have the highest minutes of the season (around 1400 minutes each for a ~13500 minute total) They equaled to roughly 30% of the minutes. Add in Whitehead, Foye, Harris, and Scola and you’re pushing 50% of total minutes played. Ouch.


  324. so well, I guess at least it was good that when they didn’t try it , lin was out with that injury..not that it’s good to have injury.. so now.. there is NO EXCUSE NOT TRY IT AGAIN.

  325. Lets BrookLin!

  326. Very excited about tonight! Pray that JLin can finish the season without injury and achieve the goals he so richly deserves!

  327. Here is the latest in my annual series on Jeremy Lin’s career, this one entitled: “Part 3: The Epic Journey of Jeremy Lin Continues: Hamstrung” — please check it out and pass it on! If you like it, please post it on Facebook and to other Lin’s communities!

  328. Finally, a new JLin game thread!

    G57 Jeremy Lin Returns to Help Brooklyn Nets vs Denver Nuggets ????
    Lin might start w/ restricted min #pray4health?

  329. They need time to mesh. Also dont have much depth. Remeber gs lost by 29 opening night

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