JLin Fans Gallery

This is a place to display JLin Fans wearing his jersey (or some other attires) around the world.

If you’d like to have pictures to be included, please post and add GeoTag at http://www.geoimgr.com/

1. ‘Choose File’ to upload picture
2. Drag the red button+zoom on the map to the desired location.
3. Save & download the file now with geotag info saved into the file.
Ready, voila! 🙂 You can post as comment below so I can add to the post.


  • blubell

    How fun. Great idea!

  • 311


  • webattorney

    Good idea.

  • sog117


  • JLin Fan from Australia

    Where is everyone else????!!!!!:o))

    Guilty!!!! Won’t get one from me as not intending to purchase my first one anytime soon:o))

  • yeah, it’s kinda pricey too 🙂 Maybe when LA Linsanity is reborn!

    But I might get the cool Adidas jacket

  • wu kong

    ok I’m lost how do I do this?

  • cute! LOL ..where is the location so I can geotag the picture then update the map 🙂
    Lin fans will get a kick out of this! We’ll try to get @Jlin7 to respond, haha

  • wu kong

    Latitude 34.73258420612365
    Longitude -86.58325195312494
    I went to the geoimgr site above… is there some way to do it from there automatically??

  • wu kong

    BTW Lily watches games with me… will get picture of her doing so once season starts. 🙂

  • yes, we just need to ‘Choose File’ upload picture then drag the red button+zoom on the map to the desired location.

    Then save the file now with geotag info saved into the file. Ready, voila 🙂

  • It would be an awesome #Lily4Lin series!

  • BTW, don’t choose precise address for privacy concern.
    Just choose downtown area of the city

  • wu kong

    omg that is brilliant!

  • wu kong

    yes Lily approves!

  • and you can tweet & post “Adventure of Lily4Lin Series” here with Woof-like commentaries on pictures 🙂

    “Game 1: Woof! Kitty has better defense and beard. At least she tried …”

  • JLin Fan from Australia

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  • Can we have a picture with fans? 🙂 It would be extra cool!
    Kangaroo suit, JLin masks can be worn for privacy haha..

  • blubell

    What a lucky dog! She is so cute and happy 🙂

  • JLin Fan from Australia

    If I can find someone who has JLin’s gear, none of my friends and family has one. Sorry.

  • it’s okay 🙂 gears are not requirement.

    Perhaps I can get your Twitter Snapshot with Brisbane picture just like I did for Ghana. So it’s more personal than only a (beautiful) Brisbane picture.

  • Aust JLin Fan

    As soon as I get back to Oz, I’ll post a pic to represent Australia!

  • JLin Fan from Australia

    Great! Wonderful! Wait for your pic.

  • IsabeliJane*7

    Does this apply just to fans wearing jersey?

  • no, it started that way but I added the note it can be with another attire to show support for Lin.
    Ido is right. Not all Lin fans can afford jerseys.

    Are you going to post one with the Funko dolls? 🙂

  • IsabeliJane*7

    I’m still on the fence if I’ll get a jersey. I’m STILL on the hunt for his red Nike shoes though. No avail since they only came in men’s size and they’re big for my foot.

    Once there’s a Jeremy Laker funko, I might post a pic of them with me.

  • there will be more Lakers Lin gear so I’ll be waiting for the picture 🙂