JL Articles & Facts – Tweetable STATS

Let’s start to brainstorm ideas on how we should feature the latest Stats JLArticles & Facts by @wukong.


@wukong always feature the best JLin Stats and we can help with visually-appealing graphs/charts to create awareness in the social media. Fans should easily find the tweets here and tweet it or post in on FB

In many instances, stats and videos will influence how reporters write their articles, and perhaps help JLin’s candidacy for All-Star selection, etc.

The viral video of Harden’s Defensive Juggernaut video helped to expose his lack of defensive effort that many NBA writers and players (Ty Lawson)  is aware of it. That’s just one example of how powerful social media can help shape the public opinion. When you say it a thousand times, it can sound like the truth. So we can help present the truth in the social media.

So how should we do it?

Some ideas:

1. Retweetable tweets on JLin Stats with visually convincing graphs

Example: JLin’s 2nd Driving FG% after LeBron has been cited but not quite well-known in the social media. Let’s create a bar chart showing Top 5 players with highest Driving FG%.

This is another good example of @wukong’s informative tweets of JLin starter stats in HOU. And it would be even better with a visually-appealing bar chart to contrast the difference.

2. We can also create several categories of stats to summarize and feature Jeremy Lin’s strength so it will help with his All-Star candidacy
  • NBA.com Stats showing JLin’s rank in AST/gm, # of drives/gm, Drive FG%, TS%, etc. primarily com him against Western Conference guards

Let’s brainstorm our ideas so please share your thoughts and ideas on the type tweets, stats good to influence social media.

I believe together we can make a positive difference.



  1. First?

  2. Now, @blubell is after u…..watch out

  3. I agree.

  4. Gotta love Wu kong and the info she provided!

  5. Hey, no warning! Now I lost the element of surprise.

  6. Tweet is good, but how to go deeper. For ppl who wanted to look it in greater depth?

  7. I truly appreciate her work so this is a good idea, psalm.

  8. The thing about Lin’s game is that he is focused on playing the right way, and that does not always translate directly to cold, hard, ruthless stats. What it does is increase the probability of maximizing the teams output as a unit. In Lin’s latest interview he spoke of finding ways to add his strengths into the Lakers offense. Once again you see his team first approach. Just think of all the stars in the NBA, when they get the ball isn’t it their first reaction to play to their strengths and then execute plays if they fail? Yet everyone of them will swear they are trying to ‘play the right way’. To beat a dead horse even er…deader, the Spurs implemented this ideology and had some mild success, as in championship. People have spoken about Lin’s attacking style being equivalent to that of Tony Parker, but the funny thing is that when Parkers stats and focus towards the game became Lin-like, the Spurs won easily. Pop pulled him aside after that game and told him that that is what true leadership is about.

    Calling ourselves Lin fans, should imply that to some level we are chasing a star. Groupie may not be the appropriate word, but it is what comes to mind. Yet often I find that my fellow friends here are more like basketball purists than some pro analysts and reporters I have come across, during my limited period of existence. Or maybe it is just because we are following the lead of a great basketball purest….and his name is not Brent.

  9. You could always ask the mod to delete my first post….I wouldn’t mind.

  10. So…are you saying your existence is coming to an end?

  11. It is OK to have bias in sport analysis, but trying to be objective is a MUST.

  12. Who told you that??!! Who have you been talking to?

  13. That are another 2 good questions….

  14. I wonder if anyone has tried to compile a list of negative Lin stats (wink at Brent )

  15. WE have no shortage of that on the internet, just ask @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus

  16. I hate that guy already.

  17. Haters gona hate hate hate hate…….(music)

  18. thanks. It’s long overdue. I just had a hard-time envisioning the best way to do it.
    So I open it up to everyone to brainstorm.

    I envision Lin fans will tweet wukong’s stats in social media to inform people of his impact.

  19. I’m going to ask a question that may expose my mental ineptitude…so how do you Rate …

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  22. Raining3’s July 2014 article on “JEREMY LIN’S DEFENSE FAR BETTER THAN REPORTED” has a plethora of statistics that convinced many knowledgeable basketball fans/analyst.

    I’m also interested to mine and keep track of these stats to see if we can provide regular tweets to showcase Lin’s defensive performance.


  23. While I agree that there are no perfect stats to show Lin’s contribution to the whole team, there are some stats (Driving FG%) that show how alike Lin and Parker in performance. I see these stats are of great value when we start discussing basketball with non-Lin fans, and more importantly the reporters/NBA Analyst.

    Media is such a powerful entity to shape public opinions. I already heard LA announcers (never happened in HOU) raved about Lin’s 2nd rank of driving FG% to LeBron or in the Top 5 with minutes given in HOU. LA fans are much more informed about Lin’s playmaking ability to break down defenses with his driving skills. Asians can drive! LOL

    So with that in mind, I believe in the vision that we can showcase JLin stats (if he performs well) in the social media so writers can use them up to write their articles.

  24. Good idea

  25. Shoot for the stars, baby! haha

  26. That would wreck my screen.

  27. then you should definitely shoot it…

  28. His stats are from synergy sport, which we do not have access. I was going to subscribe, but they closed end used subscription after OCT 1st this yr.

  29. Creepy…

  30. That would not be fair… I play the right way.

  31. I completely agree with you, (Surprise)

  32. Wonder why…was it because of your name?

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  34. She is THE MOD

  35. I guess they are now signing contracts with teams. Great way to keep the stats for…I dunno..defensive juggernauts in the dark.

  36. You could have warned me.

  37. No…they signed a contract with NBA, so now the video play by play is available on NBA.com. And they will only provide Adv. Stats to their business clients like NBA teams.

  38. In that case I should have clicked awful, then I would only have 1 hole on my screen.

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  43. I always thought we should add link to her website in the post game threads once she compiled the stats for that particular game.

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  49. It’s Brent’s fault.

  50. Obviously.

  51. I’m never sure if you agree or disagree. haha :]

  52. that would be a good start. Should it be in a post? Let’s ask @wukong how she would like the links to her site to be presented

  53. Oh, he is definitely against Brent…….. i think. lol

  54. The secret is to remain ‘Amphibious’

  55. What are you?

  56. Jump in the ocean.

  57. It would have to link to @wu kong’s site (or even a dedicated page here if she wants to) for sure.
    So we only feature & organize her summary so people can easily find it.

  58. Sounds like he can use your help.

  59. I think we need to figure out how are we going to categorize the stats 1st. Lin’s critics focused on his, poor D, poor consistency, etc. So the numbers will have to be focused on those.

  60. Same question my mom asked her gynecologist before I was born.

  61. I’m pretending I didn’t see his post.

  62. God bless your mom. You better be good to her.

  63. We have something in common.

  64. Are they the only source that provides advanced stats?

  65. You know, jump in the lake is more appropriate. Since Lin is a Laker now. 😛

  66. No…but there is a reason they get to sign contract with NBA.

  67. From Raining3’s article it seems that Beverly’s on ball defense is better than Lin’s, which in everybody’s mind is equivalent to being a better defender. In order for people to recognize the fact that Lin’s strength in defense has just as much or even more impact on the actual result of the game, compared to Beverly, you would have to first make people aware of the many types of defense. I mean if a team kept running pnr’s at Houston, Howard and Beverly would become defensive liabilities, but who will believe that….

  68. 3 pointer for Brent!

  69. True, that is why, meaningful one liner is important. My one liner is basically a counter-example.

  70. Good point. (arrggg I agreed).

  71. This is your first warming. Next time you agree with Brent will result in exile. Location: TBD.

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  74. No worries…”not making any sense” has some sense in it as well! 🙂

  75. Its good that they had published this data, right after playoffs and it had stick on, onto many writers and viewers…end of the day, ost of the stuff is ruled by perceptions.

  76. I gathered most of that stuff b/c of PBev starting of jLin and the constant narrative that it was for defense… I just could not believe it…. but he is a completely different situation now so….

    I am not sure how much of what is there is really relevant now… he needs to play with the Lakers and see what comes of it. We will have to gather new data. as we see how he is used by the lakers.

    having those stats was great though I could just drop that into some haters tweet and walk away. not that I ever thought I was making the actual hater change their mind but I know there are so many ‘lurkers’ who read and never comment back so I always was leaving the articles & facts for them ( hence the name)

  77. I know you have heard this about 63 times already, but keep up the good work.

  78. Maybe we can go back to the way most players are compared in NBA, meaning comparing them to actual talent and not falsified facts and narratives. Really hope the LA media and coaching staff stay the course.

  79. thanks.

  80. Jeremy Lin quietly has a Top 15 NBA handle.— Chris Palmer (@ChrisPalmerNBA) October 24, 2014

  81. wukong provided the latest tweetable JLin stats showing Lin is much better in shooting and scoring (FG%, 3FG%, TS%) when playing >30min in the past 2 seasons (12-13, 13-14)


  82. @wukong found another gem from NBA stats with Kobe & Lin passing % and the shooting efficiency of their teammates after receiving passes

    Here is the detail for further tracking & discussion to create awareness for LA media

    wukong, this is a great stats to keep track on!

    It may convince LA media that:

    1. Kobe should pass the most to Lin with the highest efficiency% at 67%

    2. Lin should pass more to West who makes 70% 3FG.

    And Lin’s passes result in high FG% (53-60) except Kobe (40%) so Lin should pass less to Kobe 😀

    It’s a little hard to understand because there’s a lot of data but it’s really good decision-making tool.

    I wonder if we combine %passes and %FG as top-down chart to simplify it, then use the same scale to demonstrate how high Lin’s 67% and West 71% efficiency are.

    Note: I’ll add this in the Sticky Post for JLArticles so we can keep track of it. Great job!!



  83. LakerNation had a good summary of Jeremy Lin’s statistical impact on-court on July 2014:
    1. In 2014, Lin shot 57.9% off drives last season, 2nd only to LeBron James who shot 63.8% (minimum seven drives per game). That’s proof that Lin is a stellar dribble-drive player.
    2. In 2014 HOU playoff, Lin also led the Rockets in Assist Percentage (he assisted on 22.8% of his team’s field goals) and assist ratio (24.3 assists per 100 possession). He did that while only ranking fourth on his team in usage percentage at 19%. All that to say is Lin is a clutch playmaker who will definitely find his teammate’s good looks.

    On the Court Impact
    So what exactly does Jeremy bring to the Lakers on the court? Last season, he averaged 12.5 points, 4.1 assists and 1.2 threes with the Houston Rockets. These numbers were slightly down from his previous season, but part of that was due to the reduction in his minutes and the emergence of Patrick Beverley. If we take a look at advanced stats, Lin shot 57.9 percent off drives last season, second only to LeBron James who shot 63.8 percent (minimum seven drives per game). That’s proof that Lin is a stellar dribble-drive player.

    During the playoffs, Lin also led the Rockets in assist percentage (he assisted on 22.8% of his team’s field goals) and assist ratio (24.3 assists per 100 possession). He did that while only ranking fourth on his team in usage percentage at 19%. All that to say is Lin is a clutch playmaker who will definitely find his teammate’s good looks.

    A quick look at his shot chart and one can see that Lin is most effective near the rim and from beyond the three-point arc. He hit 57.7 percent of his shots within five feet of the basket and also drained 35.8 percent of his three-pointers. The Lakers are getting an intelligent playmaker who can pass, drive, and connect from deep. One question that the Lakers will need to answer is how often will they let Jeremy handle the ball? He clearly is most effective when he is the primary ball handler, but as we all know the Lakers already have a ball-dominant superstar in Kobe Bryant. This will be an important wrinkle to pay attention to early on next season. Whoever ends up coaching the Lakers will have to figure out a the ball handling balance between Kobe and Lin.

  84. Jan 7, 2014 @JAD2456 published NBA stats showing Ronnie Price defense is not better than Jeremy Lin, contradicting the propaganda that BScott and LAL announcers have consistently sold.

    It needs to be published regularly in social media to uncover the truth that JLin defense is actually better. It will force the NBA and BB analysts to ask the real question if Kobe playing as the PG is the reason Jeremy needs to go to bench.

    We need ideas on how to visually convey this information in graphs so it might be viral or easily understood

    Original link

    Original Twitter tweet


  85. Jan 8, 2014

    It’s good to see a LakeShow article showing JLin’s “On-Ball Defense” is better than RPrice based on NBA.com stats #BetterSnakeHead

    We need to do more of this so reporters are aware and might use it in their articles.


  86. Jan 14, 2015 NBA.com Stats showed Lin is a better Defender than Price. Scott is wrong

    I just helped Bob Garcia to learn that @NBAStats proved Lin is a better defender than Price. so what Scott said about Price a better defender is incorrect.

    He made Opp FG% lower in almost all zones so he made his opponent miss more than Price does.
    (except minor 1% in Restricted Area & Above-the-Break zones)

    Hopefully, he knows that by now



  87. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2518682-jeremy-lin-finds-right-role-outside-the-spotlight-with-charlotte-hornets

    Jeremy Lin Finds Right Role Outside Spotlight with Charlotte Hornets

    Nothing much on the article, that we can be surprised off…

    What I liked from one of the comments made by Ebon Kim (reformatted)

    So, on a whim, I decided to input Lin’s stats onto a spreadsheet for his 2014-2015 season with the Lakers.

    However, I only put data for when his minutes was greater than 28 minutes.

    Out of those 28 games, he was averaging 31.5 minutes per game, his FG was 44%, 3P was 43%, FT was 77%, 3.3 REB, 6.2 AST, 0.3 BLK, 1.5 STL, 3 TO, 15 PTS.

    Now, if I excluded the games where Kobe Bryant was also playing, (he played 13 games without Kobe playing, while playing at least 29 minutes), he was averaging 30.3 minutes per game, his FG was 45%, 3P was 48%, FT was 80%, 3.6 REB, 6.5 AST, 0.3 BLK, 1.8 STL, 2 TO, 17 PTS.

    That would put him tied at 8th best FG% for PG’s alongside John Wall. That would put him 1st in 3P%, even better than Stephen Curry, who shot 44% from the arc and sits at the #1 spot for PG’s.

    That would put him tied at 11th for Assists with Elfrid Payton for PG’s. That would put him at 4th best in Steals, ahead of John Wall, who had 1.75 Steals per Game. That would put him tied at 9th for Points with Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight.

    Those are some pretty good numbers!

  88. Jeremy Lin, Kembe Walker, Brandon Bass (PF)
    rank Last season among all players
    103 JLIN made 32 blocks for whole season
    103 Brandon Bass made 32 blocks
    104 Kembe Walker made 31 blocks.
    241 Mo Williams made 14 blocks

    As to BLKP48M for qualified PGs only
    Jeremy is ranked number 1 with 0.81
    Bledsoe is ranked number 2 with 0.77
    John Wall is ranked number 3 with 0.76
    Kembe Walker is ranked number 4 with 0.7

  89. Just for the record…Hornet player analysis by TTNN

  90. Byron Scott figures out a way this season. He is going to send Kobe to the PF position with absolutely no chance at all to hog the ball.

  91. Awesome! When Jeremy one day starts for a team again, he will surprise lots of people.

  92. Credit to @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus

    Posted at http://www.jlinportal.com/g12-bkn-cha-game-thread/#comment-2368693395

    interesting…. playing with numbers… Deft RTG through 12 games….

  93. Here is 1 playoff stats by John Schuhmann (May 13) showing JLin’s defensive impact

    Jeremy Lin is 6th BEST in #NBA PLAYOFF NetRtg Diff due to his Defense.
    His 21.1 DefRtg Diff was actually the highest in the Top 10.
    Note: He didn’t publish the final playoff stats after the playoff

    Eventually we would need a dedicated Stats page.

  94. 7/10/16 HornetsSwarm blog acknowledged the 5th most effective lineup in the NBA 2015-16 includes the departed JLin and Al Jefferson. It will be a huge loss for the Hornets

    Via @BleacherReport, #Hornets had the 5th most effective lineup in #NBA last season. Included departed @JLin7 & Al

  95. Hey I had to share this two interesting facts.

    We have Jeremy reacting to his 35 strength rating on video game NBA 2K. If you notice below him is Nick Young who has a strength rating of 51!

    I couldn’t believe my eyes and I have found proof to back up my assertion that Nick Young is as soft as Charmin (using a direct quote from Kobe…maybe this was who his comment was directed too all along and not JLin).

    So Disrespectful Man… Not only to @NickSwagyPYoung and his son but to OJ and his ex relationship. pic.twitter.com/qezJOXssv8— christopher seith (@christopher_s03) 13 July 2016

    Feel kind of bad for Nick Young but the dude really has no backbone what so ever! First he cheats on his finance (we have proof with his baby momma but also D’Angelo Russell exposed him for being a guy who sleeps around) and now he lets an ex NBA player trespass onto his property and humiliate him for the whole world to see. Furthermore he allowed Gilbert Arenas (the ex NBA player who did this and filmed the incident) to damage his property. Any guy in their right mind would of gone mental and told him assertively to leave right now but not Nick Young.

    I am hope for the rest of Jeremy’s career he doesn’t have to play with this fool/joke. Swaggy P so desperately wants to be a celebrity and is known more for want his has done outside the court than on it. Take for example this act of stupidity from yours truly.

    Unsafe: Nick Young holds firework as it explodes https://t.co/uBLf2m0IWE https://t.co/Zt17rAoMHw— iPhillySports (@iPhillySports) 5 July 2016

    I would rather the Nets risk an injury prone Landry Fields (give the guy a chance with a minimum contract 1 year deal to prove his fitness) over Swaggy P. (I read comments a while back suggesting we make a trade for him).

  96. Going forward in a more positive direction I found this video of Jeremy (back when he was with the Mavs on their Summer League team) very endearing.

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p2cBplN1aw&w=560&h=315%5D

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