JL Articles & Facts – Tweetable STATS

Let’s start to brainstorm ideas on how we should feature the latest Stats JLArticles & Facts by @wukong.


@wukong always feature the best JLin Stats and we can help with visually-appealing graphs/charts to create awareness in the social media. Fans should easily find the tweets here and tweet it or post in on FB

In many instances, stats and videos will influence how reporters write their articles, and perhaps help JLin’s candidacy for All-Star selection, etc.

The viral video of Harden’s Defensive Juggernaut video helped to expose his lack of defensive effort that many NBA writers and players (Ty Lawson)  is aware of it. That’s just one example of how powerful social media can help shape the public opinion. When you say it a thousand times, it can sound like the truth. So we can help present the truth in the social media.

So how should we do it?

Some ideas:

1. Retweetable tweets on JLin Stats with visually convincing graphs

Example: JLin’s 2nd Driving FG% after LeBron has been cited but not quite well-known in the social media. Let’s create a bar chart showing Top 5 players with highest Driving FG%.

This is another good example of @wukong’s informative tweets of JLin starter stats in HOU. And it would be even better with a visually-appealing bar chart to contrast the difference.

2. We can also create several categories of stats to summarize and feature Jeremy Lin’s strength so it will help with his All-Star candidacy
  • NBA.com Stats showing JLin’s rank in AST/gm, # of drives/gm, Drive FG%, TS%, etc. primarily com him against Western Conference guards

Let’s brainstorm our ideas so please share your thoughts and ideas on the type tweets, stats good to influence social media.

I believe together we can make a positive difference.