Jeremy Lin’s jump shooting: Release time

From time to time, we saw fans’ comments on Lin’s shooting. Especially while he was under shooting slumps. One of the mostly noted flaws of his shooting is his release time. Slow release time means it is harder to have open shots, either in catch and shoot (C&S) or ISO situation. Lin is one of few players in NBA who dip the ball down very low (down to the knees) to gain more power and rhythm while C&S. The longer dip seems to give the impression that Lin needs more time to release the ball. But is it true? The following video from PRO SHOT SHOOTING SYSTEM will address some doubts in this regard (yes, Lin is featured in it).

As mentioned in the above video, it has demonstrated that, 1) Lin’s release is very quick in C&S and 2) Lin indeed dips the ball very low. In general, release time is defined as the time difference between the time instant of you catching the ball (either form a pass or from you doing iso moves) and the instance of the ball leaves your index finger, your shot is only as quick as how quick you jump (note that, set shot is different…and we are not talking about Kendall Marshall here). By this definition, C&S will take the longest time for releasing as well, because you have to dip the ball down low and bring it back up again. In off the dribble situation, the ball is already down there in your hands, hence you can shoot it quicker. Therefore, given Lin is clocked as one of the quickest in C&S (per video above), there is no doubt that he is one of the quickest overall in any situation.

In summary, Lin has a pretty good shooting form. Maybe not perfect, but his release time is definitely not his biggest problem (if it is a problem at all).

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