Jeremy Lin’s Impressive FA Value; Nets Super-Important PG

In the past 2 weeks, there have been more impressive stats showing Jeremy Lin’s hidden values as a Free Agent steal and fascinating interview with Kenny Atkinson as the newest the Brooklyn Nets’ Head Coach regarding the ‘super-importance’ of the Point Guard position which will bode well to Lin or any point guards in the NBA.

  1. Jeremy Lin appears in 2 out of the Top 10 effective 5-man lineups for 2015-16 regular season. (per

Impressively, Lin and Marvin Williams were the only 2 Hornets who appeared in both lineups emphasizing their impact. This truly shows JLin’s ability to make his teammates better no matter if they are starters or reserves.


2. Jeremy Lin 13-game starter stats have 4 great companies (per

A quick look at players who can match those numbers (17 pts/4 reb/4 ast/.580 TS): Curry, Durant, LeBron James/James Harden. Despite the small size of 13 games, Lin showed a great value in stepping up big time to beat strong teams such as the Cavs in these games.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 6.29.23 PM

3. Nets Point Guard is Super-Important

Kenny Atkinson on Nets need for a PG: “It’s like the NFL quarterback. It’s the Drew Brees, it’s the Aaron Rogers. It’s super important. It’s a big decision for us, which way we go there. Obviously, we can’t talk about it but there are some exciting names out there cialis cost. Hopefully we get lucky”

Knowing the history how Kenny Atkinson helped Jeremy Lin to create Linsanity as the most exciting NBA story in 2012, it is probably safe to consider Kenny would love to recruit Jeremy Lin in his first head-coach position. There is no guarantee but it is very encouraging to consider their ties.

NY Times also published a well-written article “Rookie Nets Coach Kenny Atkinson Was Shaped by a Globe-Trotting Career” to chronicle the journey of Kenny Atkinson. It’s interesting to note that both Kenny Atkinson and Jeremy Lin shared the strong work ethics and perseverance throughout their career to start from the bottom to climb to the top.


  1. Not me again?

  2. > which has an event coming up on May 30 in the Harpa Center in Reykjavik. If he’s going to the event, he’s there a couple weeks early. But he’s an avid fisherman, and the Iceland is a haven for anglers. (Does Jared Jeffries still have that fishing show?)
    > which has an event coming up on May 30 in the Harpa Center in Reykjavik. If he’s going to the event, he’s there a couple weeks early. But he’s an avid fisherman, and the Iceland is a haven for anglers. (Does Jared Jeffries still have that fishing show?)”>[link] which has an event coming up on May 30 in the Harpa Center in Reykjavik. If he’s going to the event, he’s there a couple weeks early. But he’s an avid fisherman, and the Iceland is a haven for anglers. (Does Jared Jeffries still have that fishing show?)

  3. Very interesting. I asked @HollyisYourStar who’s an expert in Iceland if she invited Lin to Iceland

  4. @BrooklynNets
    Did you tune in? Catch up on key points from Coach Atkinson’s @WFAN660 Interview:

    Coming off Monday’s press conference when he was introduced at the Nets new Head Coach at HSS Training Center in Brooklyn, Kenny Atkinson jumped on the line with Joe & Evan on WFAN for a radio interview to talk Nets: his first impressions, his players and his vision for the future.

    “I was blown away by the infrastructure here, a D-League team 45 minutes away. That’s the way this league is going. Listen, I’m from New York and grew up on Long Island. For me, this is a high-priority job if I ever had the chance to compete for it.”

    “I think we can build something. It’s not going to happen overnight. I want to see steady improvement on a daily basis. I think we can find some players for the way we want to play.

    “I’m excited, I think we can get it done and I’m ready to get to work.”

    “It’s going to be a grind every day — that I can promise the Brooklyn fans. We’re going to have a great culture here and bring in high-character players. We can turn this thing around.”

    The first thing we have to sell is the change in culture. They have to feel that. A bunch of our players yesterday were saying, ‘we want to be a part of this.’ We have to put it into action now.”

    “At the end of the day, it’s New York. It’s a great market and there’s tons of potential here.”

    [On the NBA Draft Lottery] “I think we have to focus on our future and think of the different ways we can get players here. We’re not focused on that. Past is the past, and we’re trying to be really creative.”

    “We have to be able to play small, play big and rebound — height, strength, versatility and skill.

    “Brook is an excellent starting center in this league and Thaddeus’ resume speaks for itself. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, man there’s your draft pick. He’s an athletic guy and can defend the position. Why can’t he be a darn-good starting three-man in this league?”

    “I’m optimistic we can find the pieces. Sean Kilpatrick, White Plains, he’s driving into the workouts at the practice center and he’s hungry. He’s ready and has got a chip on his shoulder.”

    “It’s tough to win in this league, our mentality is that we’re going to improve and be a competitive group in this league.”

  5. “You have a great facility, the Barclays Center, which I was blown away the first time I went there. Great arena, a great, diverse fan base.”

    I know a way to make the crowd become 95% Asian.

  6. After listening to Atkinson’s press conference yesterday, I’m even more ecstatic about the prospect of Lin joining the Nets next season. Nets remain my #1 pick for Lin by far for a number of reasons. Atkinson and Marks seem like genuine guys who are all about doing the right thing, who value substance over flare and who are looking to develop a team of high-character, unselfish players. I can’t think of a more PERFECT coach/GM for Lin.

    I have the utmost confidence in Atkinson/Marks to create a Spurs-like culture and Lin can be in on the ground floor and help develop this culture. Nets is a better option for Lin than Spurs, because he gets the benefits of a Spurs culture AND he’ll have the freedom to play his game. I know a lot of Lin fans are excited about Spurs, but I don’t think Lin will be able to play his game with Spurs, because Aldridge is a post-up player and Kawhi acts sort of like a Point Forward. There’s a quote by Parker that says with Aldridge and Kawhi, he knows he’s only going to get about five shots a night, so he’ll have to make every shot count. Lin is a scoring and passing PG, but with Spurs, he won’t have very many opportunities to score and very few PnR opportunities. So I know this may not be popular, but I really don’t like the Spurs for Lin, even if Lin gets to start there.

    I think right now, it’s more important for Lin to establish himself as a star PG than to win rings. And I actually think Lin can make the Nets a playoff team next season, as long as he gets to start and play PG. I have felt that Lin is destined to join the Nets, since there are a lot of interesting coincidences/signs that connect Lin/Linsanity to the Nets. I lay them all out here for those interested:

  7. In the last thread, I posted a picture of JLin posing under a net.
    I want his next selfie from Iceland showing him posing under a rock.

  8. Yes most of us are seeing Brooklyn would be best suited for Lin (vice versa) but we should not put all eggs in it. We need to prepare just in case Lin ends up to sign with another team like we all have been wrong before.

  9. You mean you want Lin to sign with the Rockets again???

  10. He’d have to have rocks in his head, not over his head, to do that. I just want him under a rock that Kenny Atkinson is looking under.

  11. LOL. Oh, now I get it.

  12. Another reason to like the Nets is they don’t have any draft picks for the next few seasons. So they have absolutely no incentive to tank.

  13. my first choice is Nets not spurs…

  14. They desperately need to win games right away to start the season on the right foot. They need players of great work ethics.

  15. Brook – Lin
    I’ve got to hand it to U.
    Who else?
    How many ex-teammates Nets have for Lin?

  16. JLin’s schedule that we know:
    10-17 June Taiwan
    22 June Opt out of his contract and become a free agent
    1 July FA begins

    Exciting time to wait:
    22 days (3 weeks) to Taiwan
    35 days (5 weeks) to become FA
    44 days (6 weeks) to FA

    Not far to go now:-) Hopefully we will know a little more of what JLin is thinking about his coming FA when he arrives in Taiwan.

    My prayer for JLin: Go to a team/an organization really wants him to be THE PG with a totally trust him to be THE PG head coach with at least 12 millions+ payment (Preferably 15+) per year. Meanwhile, enjoy his time with family and summer break.

  17. Latest Inquisitir is advocating the Pacers to sign Lin as their starting PG, and move Ellis to 6th man.

  18. Nets will not go after Jeremy and there’s no signal Atkinson and Jeremy have been close these years.

    Instead we have MDA and Lin who had dinner together, who text each other after games and so on.

    Forget the Nets: they’re a mess, without a pick and they have already ruined a GM carreer and some coaches’ too.

    Sixers will not tank anymore. Got plenty of young players who are great.

  19. An article in the publication “Focus Taiwan” says that Jeremy will be heading to China AFTER being in Taiwan. Here is an excerpt :

    Jeremy Lin (林書豪) will visit Taiwan June 10-17 as part of his annual Asia tour, his agency said Tuesday. During his stay in Taiwan, the Charlotte Hornets point guard will coach at a basketball camp in Kaohsiung June 11-12. While in Kaohsiung on June 11, Lin will also attend a Christian gathering to share his life experience.

    He will be in Taipei June 13-16, when he will take part in a series of activities, including a charity event, a seminar, a fan meet-and-greet, and two promotional events, before heading to China June 17.

    See :

  20. Sixers pitch to Jeremy:

    -your favourite coach
    -next Steve Nash. Keys of the team.
    -menthor to young players
    -pnr after pnr
    -run and gun

    Nets pitch

    -new York
    -Asian community
    -coach who helped you a lot years ago

  21. What about George Hill?

  22. More from Iceland …

    vivitee913 (IG) — When you casually run into Jeremy Lin at Reykjavik! Guess I’m never washing my BC sweatshirt again

  23. They recommend to move him to SG

  24. Looks like his little brother is in the background

  25. Nets is a COMPLETELY different organization now that they’ve hired Marks and Atkinson. The change is palpable. they used to be a mess. Not anymore. They used to be the wrong place for Lin, not anymore. I know it may not be a popular opinion, but Atkinson is a better coach than MDA. I actually don’t think MDA is that good of a coach in general. Also Sixers organization is more of a mess to me, because you have the GM who has a relationship with MDA and then you have coach Brown who will be looking over his shoulder to see when they will promote MDA. I think there’s going to be a lot of politics in Sixers that will get in the way of developing good chemistry, cause it’s hard to buy into a coach who you feel might be gone at any moment.

  26. Think that’s his older brother. Younger bother has samurai hair like JLin but with a rat tail.

  27. Glad to hear it. I think a lot of Lin fans get excited about Spurs, because Spurs is a great organization with a GOAT coach. But when you examine the situation closely, it’s not a good situation for Lin. This article gives an idea of the limited role Lin can expect if he joins Spurs, even as a starter:

  28. But older brother is busy being a new father? Oh well, I think that is younger brother b/c of the shape his ears

  29. I’d be pretty surprised if the Nets don’t go after Lin, given the dearth of good FA point guards. I see Lin as being the only viable free agent PG for the Nets. Lin is lucky that there aren’t very many good free agent PGs this off season. I go into more detail in my article. Of course, Nets can get PG via trade or overseas. But if you’re talking free agency, then Lin is really the only one that fits, cause I Conley is too costly and I doubt Conley would even be interested in joining Nets.

  30. Spurs would be a risk. It’s hard to predict how much Lin would play. Even if he didn’t initially, injuries can always lead the way for more. IMO, there’s a huge need for Lin on the Spurs. There’s chance of high reward in that risk.

    Nets to me is the 2nd house on the market I know of (say Sixers were the first). It’s a possibility. But the realtor says more houses are going to be available in 3 weeks. So, I want to check those houses out as well before making my choice.

    I think D’Antoni is a fantastic coach if he has the right type of players. If not, he doesn’t seem to tweak his system enough for his players’ talents.

  31. you guys are stalkers if you can identify Jeremy’s brothers by the back of their ears! =p

  32. Dellavadova, Jennings, Rondo if they are crazy enough to consider are some. Chalmers certainly can play point, Foye isn’t bad, DJ Augistin isn’t bad. Conley of course but probably will be most expensive.

  33. Joe Lin posted this to Instagram a couple of hours ago …

  34. Nets were interested in Conley since November. He is their priority.

    Players go where money are. Even Marks didn’t wanna go in Brooklyn. Then money make him change his mind.

  35. Not sure how you can conclude Atkinson is a better coach than MDA at this stage.

    MDA has a body of work that includes 4 years atop the Western Conference second only to the Spurs at the time; then for various different reasons did not achieve success at other places.

    Atkinson has never been a head coach, so until we can attribute what he has done to a record or responsibility, we don’t know how Atkinson will be judged.

  36. Not at all. Atkinson is just a temporary coach. When they will attract stars, stars will rule like every other NBA team, including these new Spurs.

  37. i think youre right about the limited opportunities on the spurs.

  38. how did you know the June 22 opt out date?

  39. If Conley wants the money and goes to the Nets then that means the Nets in all likelihood enticed Conley in other ways as well as the money; e.g. big market, getting other players he wants etc.. – because we know Memphis said they will pay max.

  40. who are they? Jeremy, brother, mother?

  41. Yes, but which front office is more trustworthy? I do not want another James Harden surprise even before a single game has been played.

    As we can see from past history, the front office controls the coaches, so I am just wondering which one is more reputable and not prone to sudden star chasing and fake star creation.

  42. I’m sure Nets are interested in Conley, but at what price? Sean Marks was hired in Feb, so whatever happened before Feb doesn’t really factor anymore. I think Marks is too smart of a GM to overpay for Conley.

  43. That’ why I hope this time Lin makes a point of meeting with EVERYONE before signing: coach, GM and owner to make sure everyone is on the same page. Michael Jordan was not down with all the promises Cliff made by phone.

  44. Exactly. Clifford probably threw game 7 after the front office put the kibosh on him to showcase Kemba and Batum.

  45. NBA forced Dikembe to tweet this followup to keep their conspiracy under wraps.

  46. Yep. I hear you. I knew someone would make this obvious point. It’s just my opinion that Atkinson is a better coach than MDA. I’ve laid out reasons for MDA not being a very good coach in the past in my articles. Of course, only time will tell. If you’re interested, I talk about MDA’s shortcomings some in this article:

  47. Yeah. Sixers seem fishy to me because there are so many variable
    agendas the front office can pursue, MDA notwithstanding. Even he has
    to accept his marching orders, otherwise he would get fired, again.

    The front office is king.

  48. Glad you see it, too. I think a lot of Lin fans and probably Lin will be blinded by the thought of joining such a venerable organization and not really see that Lin’s role will be limited. A situation like Spurs is good for Lin to go to when he’s already established himself as a start PG. It’s not the right time for him to join a situation like the Spurs.

  49. I’ll reserve judgement on whether an incoming new Head coach is better than a Coach of the Year winner and 2 time Western Conference Finalist until after I see a few games.

  50. I have an argument to that point. What if I say you never know when you get the chance to get a ring and if you can get a significant role in getting that ring, it may be your only chance in your career?

  51. There are hundreds of lower skill players who have won rings doing very little from the bench and COMPLETELY forgettable – that is the fact.

    Now JLIN will never wish to encounter another situation like he experienced in Games 1,2,6 & 7 marginalized on a playoff team.

    JLIN will be a starter leading his own team from now until he decides to stop – despite what his detractors want for him

  52. It was asked on Twitter, and I think it was Woj who answered it.

  53. So Lin either becomes a Spur (Nets) under Marks/Atkinson, or a Sun (Sixers) under Colangelo/D’Antoni(?). I prefer Sixers because of Lin’s playing style is more akin Nash (under the caveat of D’Antoni becoming the coach), but would be happy with Lin starting as PG for either team.

  54. I read your points on MDA. I agree with most of them.

  55. Got this from the other side…. from 6:35 started to talk about Lin….

    Kenny Atkinson On WFAN–

  56. The reaction from the report bringing up Lin’s name about a perfect marriage, Kenny with a joyful laugh. That’s is a good sign.

  57. Ya! I think he sure did talk to Lin…. LOL!

  58. Not talking about Lin, moved it to others when host Evan Roberts asked about him. That’s fine, doesn’t mean Nets aren’t interested, just not showing who they may be favoring (if any at this point).

  59. “Will there be a mutual interest between you, the Nets and Jeremy Lin?”

    Atkinson starts laughing knowingly and immediately says, “You guys know I can’t talk about any free agents…”

    Pretty clear that there’s already “motion” there, if only on the Nets’ side. An offer is coming. We’ll see what it is.

  60. The opportunity (if it arrives) to play for the Spurs as heir-apparent to Parker is unlikely to appear again next time Jeremy is a free agent. I also think there is disagreement on “limited role”. But even if we agree that Jeremy’s role would be limited, the opportunity to increase his role during the course of next season is very high.

  61. He’s not allowed to talk about other teams’ players or free agents.

  62. why they doing this to me? why the teasing? Its driving me insane

  63. Wait What?

  64. When asked about Lin he said he couldn’t talk about free agents but said there were many on the list that were good players. When asked about developing Lin, he didn’t say much and went on and talked about how the player does most of his own development and coaches act as guides.

  65. Wooooooooooooooo lol Its happening.

  66. The host tried to ask Atkinson about Lin joining the Nets. Of course Atkinson gave no comment. Then host tried to ask Atkinson about Lin with the Knicks since that was in the past and not directly regarding free agency. Atkinson still only talked generally and not about any player directly. So the host moved on to asking Atkinson about his own players, which he could answer.

  67. For me, as expected, inconclusive. Too early.

  68. im not sure if youve discussed this yet, but the new nets GM sean marks is basically a spurs guy. hes a pop protege, and is all about bringing the right culture and team guys to the organization. his hiring of atkinson also speaks well of what Marks.

    in other words, nets could be thought of as a nascent san antonio. its a totally different look compared to the billy king era.

  69. At the end of the day Its Lins choice

  70. Lin/Lopez will be the next Lin/Chandler. Double L’s of Death. i’m aLLin!

  71. Lopez is way more talented than Chandler offensively. He’ll get lots of easy dimes on pick and pops and post-feeds. Lopez is supremely skilled; his big problem is rebounding and injuries.

  72. I think the Wizards got a lottery pick

  73. darn, Lakers kept their top 3

  74. Besides Lopes who can do the Reb?

  75. i actually liked Chandler because he wasn’t so talented offensively but he did all the right things as a pnr Big man like set picks, roll at the right moment, and dunk!

  76. So Sixer’s get the top draft pick. If they go with Ben Simmons. It could be Embiid / Simmons / Lin. Maybe they get Barnes , Parsons, Williams or Batum at SF?. Beal at SG?

  77. Young averaged 9 boards on a slow-paced team which is good. They’ll need the entire team to contribute. Lopez can at least box out and let others grab the boards. Lin has always been an underutilized rebounder, IMO.

  78. How did Motumbo know? That’s the $50,000 question.

  79. He was an elite finisher for sure. His lack of jumper and post-up game limited him, though. If Lin’s jumper wasn’t on, then there’s not much they could do.

  80. So perhaps a week in China then return June 25th? Should be home for when FA starts.

  81. LOL, Dikembe was right! The conspiracy lives on!

  82. Math 101. Sixers had the highest probability.

  83. Indeed!

  84. (via ESPN) NBA Draft Lottery Top 10 :

    1. 76ers
    2. Lakers
    3. Celtics
    4. Suns
    5. Wolves
    6. Pelicans
    7. Nuggets
    8. Kings
    9. Raptors
    10. Bucks

  85. if it’s rigged then the league must really want Sixers to win next season. they’ve been getting their hands dirty with the Sixers all year long. may be a good idea for Lin to go there. FT freebies. LOL

  86. The entire draft corresponded exactly to the odds. #rigged


  87. And the sixers get younger

  88. People can really be silly.

  89. Well, if there’s good news from the draft lottery is that the Sixers got the #1 pick, so they most likely won’t take PG Kris Dunn (unless they trade down).

    They’ll take a center instead. LOL

  90. again?

  91. It was a joke.

  92. Yeah, the Sixers remain in play since they “only” got the #1 pick and not another Top 5 (since the Lakers landed #2).

    Without MDA as head coach though, I’m still leaning towards Brooklyn. Not sure what Bryan is doing. Seems like he’s deviating from Dad’s plan.

  93. Its hilarious

  94. well, you never know LOL. but then again, new GM. i’d guess they’ll go for a SF Ben Simmons

  95. They will lose and lose a lot

  96. They still need a backcourt
    also cant see Simmons and Okafor get along both have huge egos
    Ingram is better for now

  97. Not if Lin on the team. Think of what he could do with that assortment of bigs. If he could make Asiik and Jefferson look good, just think.

  98. for who lol

  99. Yes they will. a group of kid who want to prove themselves. Just shoot and cure less about defense. That team is a no go zone.

  100. IF the lakers didn’t teach you about bad teams. IDK what will. They pick the wrong coach. Have the wrong type and mix of players. Lin won’t win on that team

  101. Hornets without JLIN would do much worse than Sixers with JLIN – you don’t know much about Colangelos.

  102. The Lakers are gonna be so good with Russell, Clarkson, Randle and possibly Ingram if they are luck, under Luke walton
    They just need to sign a capable centre like Biyombo they will be unstoppable in a few years.

    The 76ers still need a backcourt with Ingram at 3 they can be really, really good because they have really good bigs

  103. No they won’t.Thats not how basketball works

  104. If they draft Simmons. Lin should really avoid going there
    they will lose a lot and he wont get many touches

  105. Lakers need much more then that. They will lose a lot again. Regardless who they draft. even if those rookies are good

  106. If you studied JLIN’s history and you still doubt his capability with young, athletic no-name players, there’s not much left for you.

  107. There is zero chance Simmons starts at PG under Colangelos and most likely he’ll be a SF or SG.

  108. Lakers was a good mix of veterans and unselfish hardworking players. With a great offensive mind. Lin is not god. Lakers was the only bad team Lin has played with. Every other teams was pretty good.

  109. Have you been right about much with your prognostications this season?

  110. I don’t know much about him. I thought he’s a PF not a PG? What’s wrong with him? They still need a PG.

  111. You mean the Lankers? under BScott tank commander?

  112. As a reminder, Nets could have had #3 pick, but they traded it to the Celtics. They traded for Garnett, Pierce, Jason Terry and Celtics got 2014, 2016, 2018 1st round picks, and the right to swap 2017 1st round pick.

  113. Thats why i said in a few years the youngsters need to grow up but they will get there LA can always attract FAs
    but the raw talent is there just need good management Lakers have the upper hand there

  114. No leadership/low character on the Lakers team, both Clarkson and Russell think they should run the show. Walton has his work cut out for him.

  115. Thats exactly how bad teams are bad. They make those choices. Look you can believe what you will Teams that make bad choices always make bad choices. Teams that come out of nowhere have a good mix. Sixers don’t have a good mix. They are too young. Dantoni isn’t the coach. Nets are further along then them. In development. Anyways I’m done debating

  116. Yes a SF like Lebron and handles the ball a lot so Lin wont get many touches

  117. Nice insult.

  118. Yes hes a SF but like Lebron he handles the ball a lot like point forward

  119. same thing for the sixers

  120. JLIN is the point guard on a MDA offense, in what universe does that mean he doesn’t touch the ball. lol ridiculous.

  121. Just a question, I regret you feel hurt.

  122. Trust me. He’ll be asked the same question again. Haha~

  123. Well maybe if he can handle the ball, and pass he could be like Dramond Green.

  124. Walton is their leader. Clarkson has also matured a lot he can put russel in his place

  125. Yea you’ve said that before

  126. If you knew anything of how the Colangelo’s bring along a young player much less a rookie, you’d speak with more persuasiveness.

  127. And I mean it every time.

  128. Reporters knows what’s up! Atkinson isn’t going to let someone he trained “before the fame” go. Atkinson believed in Lin even before MDA so there’s A LOT of trust there.

  129. Well he plays like LeBron so yah he will get touches

  130. He’s not even the head coach yet, its all just wishful thinking
    and this is still a players league so simmons will get his
    thats the reality LOL

  131. Statistically speaking, it is highly unlikely that the ENTIRE draft corresponds EXACTLY to the odds.

    Then there’s that Mutumbo tweet that slipped, was rescinded, and then proven correct.

    Just saying.

  132. If you knew how this league works, you’d know its a players league
    and if you knew anything about SImmons he handles the ball so yah there you go

  133. I doubt he would say anything about Lin, don’t want to get fined. Also don’t want other teams competing for Lin’s service.

  134. 65% chance Sixers & 35% chance Nets that’s also the reality

  135. #1 hinkie is a genius and colangelo enjoys the spoils.

  136. For those Saying sixers will be good with Lin and fight for the playoffs. Ill just ask. Out of the last 20 years in the NBA. Name one team who has so many young players and went from winning 11 games to fighting for a playoff spot?????? Teams like the hornets last year or the Blazers both the last 2 years. The rockets with Harden and Lin the first year surprised people by making the playoffs. All these teams had a good mix of players. Young and old. You notice when a team is making good choices. Picking the right mix of player. For the rockets it didn’t last. Still teams don’t have that many young players and Win a lot.

  137. what reality LOL thats ur wishful thinking not based on any facts whatsoever

  138. Hinkie engineered a 10 win season and that makes Hinkie a genius?

  139. Bye

  140. You forgot the #sarcasm tag…

  141. Let’s meet back in 44 days when JLIN is playing on either the Sixers or Nets and then again when Simmons gets a few minutes a game and rarely handles the ball.

  142. Alex Kennedy ✔ ‎@AlexKennedyNBA
    I’m happy for 76ers fans. They obviously had no say in tanking, but had to endure those losses. Now, they get top pick and future is bright.

  143. A bunch of rookies aint gonna win you games
    They are still rookies no matter how great they are
    even MJ used to lose

  144. MDA has 2nd interview with Houston.

  145. If they trade some of those players. Add some veterans. A yea r or two of maturing goes by. We will see. Simmon was taught as the next lebron. So we will see.

  146. Anyone who doubts JLIN’s ability get make a team of scrubs who are motivated, enthusiastic, athletic and want to learn to play like a TEAM doesn’t know ANYTHING about JLIN.

  147. lol again wishful thinking

  148. 2004-05 Suns went from previous year’s 29-53 to 62-20 winning WCF with the only significant addition being Nash.

    Lin’s the second coming of Nash.

    Also, Lin led the sorry Lakers to beat fully-staffed GSW last year.

  149. Yes, the odds of the entire draft corresponding exactly to odds is not high. It’s 7.3% (.250 x .188 x .156)

    But it’s still the most likely single permutation.

  150. But they have ton’s of cap space to get veteran free agents too. They got too many bigs already anyway and can trade Okafor to get a good vet.

  151. Really? That’s really surprised to me.

  152. What ???they want Lin back…No way!!!

  153. Why would MDA be interested in that? Harden is worse than Melo.

  154. Biggest problem with the Sixers is that they have too many trade assets. I can see Bryan Colangelo doing something silly like trading an All-Star caliber center like Okafor for Dennis Schroder.

    Lin and his agents should use the Sixers as leverage, but Brooklyn is the clear front runner now. Even if there’s a last minute coup d’etat and MDA is installed as head coach, I’m still leaning towards the Nets. They need Lin for so many reasons (including $$$ and media attention).

  155. Zero chance MDA goes to Rockets even if he’s offered the job.

  156. Thats not how the nba works.

  157. What makes you think Bryan Colangelo would trade Okafor for Schroeder?
    Is there something in BC’s history that makes you think he might trade a recent top pick for a backup point guard?

  158. Sounds like more PR pressure from his camp. It’s always good to get a coach’s name out there to make him look desirable. Kenny Smith won’t be hired either, but he did a good job making himself look like a viable coaching candidate in the future. Gotta play the PR game.

  159. lol

  160. it wasn’t easy beating out the Lakers

  161. Okafor is too talented to be traded but if you do, better go for a really good player
    Their bigs are all rookies
    Hard to win when ur bigs are young kids

  162. joe johnson 3 years experience , shawn marion 5 years experience, amare stroudermire 2 years experience, richardson 4 years experience, and steve nash 8th year in the nba. No rookie was a big part of the offense

  163. “The plot thickens”, as Joyce always says. Lol.

    I too am as surprised by MDA’s move, but anything can happen. Let us just sit back and get entertained by this off season NBA activities about Lin and anything/anyone Lin-related.

  164. I feel like you wish for a lot of thing. I didn’t say you cant wish. We all can dream. Don’t make it true. I wish i had a purple dragon.

  165. 1) Major logjam at center — someone has to go.
    2) Sixers rumored interest in Schroder.
    3) Not promoting MDA.
    4) BC was brought in to make trades.

  166. really? ha!

  167. I like watching game of thrones

  168. I don’t think he is. He is a very good player but his shooting is poor. Ingram shoots well and may be the better defender.

  169. Yep, buch of rookies with big egos can be very hard to work with

  170. Ah.

  171. There’s no chance Okafor would be traded for Schroeder straight up – zero.
    Might they trade Okafor absolutely, he doesnt fit into the Sixers/MDA offense, but they will demand someone much better than Schroeder.
    MDA will be Head Coach early in the season.
    BC will make trades but not silly trades.

  172. That didn’t really happen with Rockets, Lakers and Charlotte. Guys went for theirs

  173. Its just odd debating some one with facts then they say a dream of theirs. When i said i like purple dragons. Would you still debate Lin should go to philly? I get some which for this. Still please say you are bias. Or atleast its a wish of your. I cant debate dreams.

  174. and all the insults

  175. You’re taking my words so literally. Maybe Atlanta throws in another asset/pick. Maybe it’s a 3-team trade. Maybe it’s another PG entirely. Doesn’t matter. The point is that BC is a wheeler and dealer and Sixers have lots of assets to acquire a PG who isn’t Asian.

    Without MDA at the helm, I have little to no confidence in Philly. Lin has been swindled before by two-faced GMs and coaches.

  176. It’s a shame you know so little of JLIN or appreciate how he makes just about every teammate he’s played with better (proven statistically).

    That says alot about those of you who think this way. smh

  177. Glad to hear it! I think we’re in the minority of the Lin fan base in not being that high on MDA. 🙂

  178. Where you coming from Jamie, since you’re relatively new here amongst true JLIN fans.

  179. Wheres the insult?

  180. No need to insult others’ opinions.

  181. JLIN won’t allow himself to be swndled again, whoever he chooses Nets/Sixers you can bet that will be the best choice and we will all support his choice.

  182. If he takes the job, his career will be over forever, sad to say. D’Antoni, wake up!! JH, Morey, and those clutchfans are so poisonous!!

  183. Opinions are opinions. Debating them is futile

  184. I didnt say he didnt make people better but he didnt make them play teamball thats a fact
    you need a reality check
    the hornets played iso so did the rockets

  185. Be nice if they could get Ed Davis to show the rookies how it’s done. I think he’s too small to be a starting center but would be a good bench center, instant chemistry with Lin and a veteran presence.

  186. not you specifiacally but people get insulted here for their unpopular opinions

  187. Yes, I’m aware that Marks came from Spurs and is a Spurs guy. It’s why I have been so high on him and after hearing him speak at Atkinson’s press conference, he appears to be the real deal. So that’s why I’m really optimistic about the future of the Nets. I do see them as a nascent Spurs as I mention in my article. I think it’s a great opportunity for Lin to get in on the ground floor and help develop that Spurs culture. Lin is the perfect man for the job. I just hope the Nets and Lin both realize this.

  188. Raptors getting blown out. Cavs had it so easy this year 50-32

  189. darn, Lakers didnt lose their pick…= =

  190. Well, so far no losses. See if Toronto can change that.

  191. Ha ha. Spurs (Nets) or Suns (Sixers). Right on! I

  192. Yah hes a good bench player for sure some vets can definitely help them

  193. Yea i notice that. They do it in smart rule abiding ways. so do it back to them. lol

  194. No one can. like you said, it’s all opinion. Or it is wishes and dreams.

  195. Factually wrong, JLIN as a playmaker (when he was afforded the opportunity) had his squads play teamball better than any POINT GUARD on the Hornets and pretty much every team he’s been on since Harvard.

  196. And the funny thing is i wish all they were saying was true. Hell id prefer what they are saying. If it was real

  197. That was not an insult.

  198. Why you think that? He went for 2nd interview?

  199. Yes, I think so.

    I have a question for you. Remember the either audio or article you did on Lin as Harden’s ballboy? That sometimes happens with Lin even when he starts. Do you know why and how it can be avoided in the future?

  200. Again that only happened when harden/Kemba was out
    Look, I agree Lin can lead good teamball but he needs to be trusted by his coach completely not with clifford or mchale

  201. These are condescending insults:

    “It’s a shame you know so little of JLIN or appreciate how he makes
    just about every teammate he’s played with better (proven

    “That says alot about those of you who think this way. smh”

  202. Im sure it will stay reasonably close but not really. Its a non embarrassing blowing out lol

  203. “Yea i notice that. They do it in smart rule abiding ways. so do it back to them. lol”

    Please don’t, it only encourages everyone do imitate that behavior.

  204. If MDA gets the job in Houston, don’t rule out they will offer Lin a contract. Morey has history of going after his former PGs. Remember, to them business always comes first.

  205. They’d have to offer a HUGE contract. Way more than the Nets (who have less cap space). At least 4yr/60M to even consider. That’s what Demarre Carroll got last year, so that’s the minimum from Philly.

  206. That could be your interpretation.
    This JLIN fansite is for the purpose of exchanging positivity about our favorite player. There should be leeway to defend JLIN’s verbally stated dreams against brand new posters and others who have shown a pattern of NOT supporting JLIN’s stated goals.
    Rather, there seems to be a moderation focus on defending the “doubters” of JLIN.

  207. Houston is basically free money. As long as he caters to Harden, he will have cash in the bank.

  208. good, I would be glad if Houston offers Lin a contract. Give him more leverage for other teams. (Like Chris Bosh LOL)

  209. Absolutely.

  210. It’s a ploy in conjunction with the Colangelos to show that MDA is desired as a head coach and the he must be kept on the Sixers team at all costs.

  211. Lol, yeah. Houston is good trade bait.

  212. I think I remember which video you’re talking about. Lin has had some of the worst situations a player could ever have in the NBA after Linsanity. So I think it’s all uphill from Lin’s days in Houston and LA. I think the situation of being a glorified ball boy can be avoided if Lin doesn’t play alongside a ball-dominant “superstar”. That’s first and foremost. And secondly, but just as important, Lin needs a coach who actually understands his game and gives him the freedom and trust to run the offense. I’m hoping that the Nets will be that situation for Lin and Lin can FINALLY start at PG and run the offense for an entire season. Only then can people fairly judge Lin’s real potential.

  213. When was the last time MDA was willing to “cater” to a star? why do you think he quit Knicks and Lakers?

  214. I hope you’re right, if MDA doesn’t get hired as head coach ASAP they will have zero chance at Lin. But seriously Nets are the obvious front runners.

  215. Too much politics on the Sixers. I get a bad feeling about that team.

  216. Regarding MDA and Houston, maybe MDA looks at them and sees they could be fast paced and suitable for his system.

  217. Exactly. Maybe he has learned his lessons, lol.

  218. Doesn’t hurt to have leverage!

  219. LOL I don’t think so.

  220. Fool me once, shame on you; fool-me twice shame on me.

    JLIN will not be shamed again by that organization.

  221. But he would have to deal with another diva volume shooter, not sure if he would like that. Might just be PR talk to get Sixers moving.

  222. Ever since Les watched a few Run-N-Gun games led by Lin during his first year in Rox, he has demanded that playing style for Rox. I feel Les is enforcing it just as he used to order Morey to get Lin. There are only 2 seasons left in H’s contract so they may feel differently than in the beginning of his contract.

  223. Thanks. So I think that rules out Chicago if Rose leaves and they become interested in him. I can see Butler being a ball hog. The one danger always is Lin signs, everything looks good, then a trade or signing is made for that ball hog (Houston and Harden scenario). But, maybe Lin’s fortunes will move in a better direction.

  224. Lol, the only thing houston is good for is to be a trade bait.

  225. Last I check, Lin was Harvard grad Eco degree. He will not rule out anything. This is why coach Atkinson refuses to comment about Lin when asked. All he said was hope for good luck.

  226. If so he needs to clean away some dead wood first, starting with the gm.

  227. Well, yes, but he interviewed and apparently may again. So he has to be aware of that. I don’t think it is PR personally, I think MDA is trying to get a head coaching job and has applied for 2 that we know of.

  228. Yes, that is my interpretation of what is considered an “insult”.

    Also, I consider the “If you think [this opinion of Lin], then you are [condescending insult]” to be Labeling (#5) and an Insult (#8).

  229. Yes, the NBA is a business and JLIN is the most intelligent NBA player.

    Two things, first MDA won’t coach that team with Harden as the star (a simple review of the prima donnas who MDA has coached to bad outcomes make that clear) ; Second, JLIN is smart thats why he never goes back as long as Morey is there.

  230. Honestly, I think MDA is just looking for any head coaching job. He probably hasn’t gotten any offers yet, so you have to take whatever interviews you can get.

  231. Or he can bring it back to Sixers and pressure them.

  232. He can do both. But if he’s interviewing, there’s a possibility he could land an HC job. And HC is bigger than Associate HC.

  233. It may be different this time if MDA is his hire, recalling that McHale and Harden were Morey’s hires.

  234. MDA wouldn’t go back 2nd times to Houston if he has no interest to coach there. In this world there’re only 30 NBA head coach jobs, you don’t say no to one unless you’re the legend with multiple champs. Mike has nothing to lose especially his reputation has been destroyed after the Lakers.

    Lin? Multiple options on table, nobody knows.

  235. Well, this is the nba after all. Fake superstars are the rules de rigeur. That is why I am so bored with the nba.

  236. Well if the “If you think… then you …” is automatically an insult then where was the Mod comment on these?
    “If you knew how this league works, you’d know its a players league and if you knew anything about SImmons he handles the ball so yah there you go” Jamie
    “IF the lakers didn’t teach you about bad teams. IDK what will.” alain gervais

    Are these not insulting enough for you.

  237. But can he deal w Harden? I don’t think Harden will let PG to in charge the ball.

  238. do you prefer college ball instead with less superstardom?

  239. If Colangelos really want MDA to be head coach I thought he would have done that once season ended. Other teams got rid of perfectly functioning coaches, sixers easily could ride on a tanking team excuse to let go of Brown. Leading me to think that it was never the plan to have MDA as head coach.

  240. The whole going back for a 2nd interview is a political act- you just don’t see it that way.

  241. I think Harden would still be the PG.

  242. Houston will end Jeremy’s career, the same way they almost ended Jeremy’s career by progressively easing him onto the bench, and then trading him to the tanking lakers.

    There is a reason I hate them with a passion.

  243. normally, how much an associate hc gets paid?

  244. MDA coaching style fits the NBA games perfectly On this era.If he will get a job and landed on a team that gives him the reign to really coach his style he will be successful.

  245. Brown has
    1. the only relationship to Dario Saric currently
    2. Close relationship to Joel Embiid
    3. sentimental and political sensitivities lingering from Hinkie which might be exacerbated at this time
    4. Brown is likable and appears to follow the Colangelos orders

    Brown also has 200 losses in 3 seasons, that is a record and worse than any of the 13 coaches fired thsi year; MDA will be the new coach (an agreement that MDA and Jerry Colangelo made back in December) and the change will be early in the season.

  246. to be fair, Rockets actually a team that can run MDA’s offensive scheme. Only problem is Harden’s defense will get even worse. Or he needs to hire a defensive associate head coach to help him.

  247. I doubt MDA can change the inevitable lack of synergy with another Harden/Lin pairing. I know there have been rumors of Morey getting fired. Any whispers of a Harden trade?

  248. fair point

  249. Yeah Harden is the only player that can hold a light to Kobe and Carmelo.

    How well did the experience of Kobe & Carmelo go for D’Antoni (hint: both guys got MDA fired)
    So I’m sure MDA is looking forward to coaching Harden.

  250. I see it what it is, he wants the coaching job. Pressuring 76ers to fire the head-coach so he can get promoted is not who MDA is.

  251. Me too but it is what it is.

  252. The Colangelos and MDA are setting the stage to keep MDA and position him for promotion and that is exactly what the Colangelos and MDA are doing.

  253. If there’s such rumor, why wait?

  254. In the previous thread, someone mentioned in NY radio interview after the presss conference, Atkins said that they are chasing ”undervalued” players. With Nets new coach, cap salary and injury problems, Conley is not even remotely close to that criteria. I doubt very much Nets is still interested in Conley.

  255. Seem that way but it’s not happening.

  256. Colangelo says don’t blackmail me after I’ve done for you. Just go.

  257. There only remains about 3 open head coaching jobs in the NBA – every single rumor that MDA would take the job Nets, Suns, Pacers, Kings, Wolves… all fell flat.

    What is your theory if he does not get a Head Coach job at Houston?

    That means MDA is then just a terrible coach or terrible interviewer, correct?

  258. What if Colangelo calls MDA’s bluff, and MDA turns down the Rockets HC offer to remain as associate coach for Sixers? That would be hilarious

  259. Colangelo Sr. and Colangelo Jr are on-the-same-side with MDA

  260. You don’t get to be invited to the 2nd interview had you been a terrible coach terrible interviewer. Team has it’s own agendas, is he fit or not would be their number 1 mandatory.

    I don’t have any theory, many fit to coach but few are chosen.

  261. Lol.

  262. I do have a theory and it’s the same one I’ve had since December with few modifications.

    You might be right that MDA gets offered to be the Houston coach (but honestly it’s a slim chance)

    I still like my theory until it’s proven right or wrong – as all theories are eventually.

  263. Yes until then.

  264. The only bright spot on the sorry Lakers team last year was the bench that was led by Lin – one of the better ones in the league.

    This year with Charlotte was bench force one until Clifford felt it was getting too much attention over the starters and mixed up the rotation.

  265. How many players have there been named Lin? How many have the record for most points as a rookie pg?

    I have no doubt that he can turn the Sixers around in 2-3 years. The same amount of time for Nash to turn the Mavs around till he became Nash the MVP at 30 for Suns?

  266. What do you dream for? Let’s hear your reality based opinion.

  267. What??

  268. wishful thinking

  269. I can’t even understand your sarcasm,I think your barking at the wrong tree but to satisfy your ego,I don’t believe MDA will accept a coaching job from Houston.

  270. Houston is not really a good fit for MDA because of their style of play,he needs a young team that can propel his 7 seconds offense.

  271. 2 and 3 years, though not rookies, are still green. Nash’s on 8th and Lin’s on 6th.

    But basketball is not all number lines, there have been plenty of rookies who played beyond their predicted capability (and vice versa, i.e. Kwame). The key is to HAVE FAITH in Jeremy’s leadership, ability to structure effective offense, and set role model on D.

    Remember Linsanity happened with rooks (Shumps, Fields) and D-Leaguers (Billy Walker, Steve Novak, Jerome Jordan), not even NBA rooks. Toney Douglas was only a sophomore. Except for Tyson and an old-injured Stat, that team was way worse than the current Sixers, who now has the top draft.

  272. @howardmegdal Trying REALLY hard not to get ahead of myself on the @JLin7/@BrooklynNets front, though @FredKatz, others know I’ve been touting for YEARS.

  273. May be false alarm? It seems weird that Stein would jump the gun on the original report.

    ESPN reported on Tuesday that former Suns, Knicks and Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni has been “summoned” to have a second interview with the Rockets and particularly with Rockets owner Leslie Alexander. But according to two individuals involved in the process, an additional formal interview is not scheduled with D’Antoni.

  274. Something to be said about beating the Tank Commander Supreme. LOL

  275. He may sign there because of harden. He is a PNR guard

  276. I think Les likes MDA. Les has been dreaming to have a Run-N-Gun team ever since Lin put on a show in his first year there. But Morey has him bet and tied on the wrong player.

  277. The lakers taught us about what tanking is all about. Make every move to make sure Lin doesn’t shine and promote the worst scrubs on the team to lead.

    That’s Hinkies teams. The reason the NBA stepped in was to make the owners stop following the forever tanking madness. They installed Jerry Colangelo to do that. The culture must always filter from the top. Everyone follows that lead.

    It’s very easy to look backwards and see what’s wrong. It’s takes vision and bravery to meet the challenge. That’s Lin!

    What you see as negative is exactly why Lin is so right for the Sixers. Fans there are so fed up with losing that just about anyone that Candice them wins will be hailed as saviour. Lin has the opportunity it’s ti take a totally loser team to be a contender.

    I betting on Lin’s talents What are you betting on?

  278. Sounds like semantics. Maybe they invited MDA for another informal chat but not an official second interview.

  279. Twice? If he goes back it would be his 3rd time with the Rockets. But I guess the first time was picked up on waivers so didn’t get a choice.

  280. Rockets: Morey set out to discredit Lin to prove himself “correct” for cutting him the first time. Revenge for having the phone slammed on him by Les.

    Lakers: KoBS, need I say more?

    Hornets: Vested interest Kemba, team politics, but Lin DID motivate Al, Cody, Kam, Daniels, etc. and Lin’s value DID go up as a result.

  281. MDA would be unwise to choose Les, Morey, and Harden. He should have learned from Melo

  282. So what happens if MDA does NOT get the Houston job? So many fans would have loved to see MDA coach Harden.

    What a disaster then – perhaps MDA will get kicked out of Philly, he’s obviously unwanted by Nets, Suns, Wolves, Pacers, and just about every team that said he was on their list and interviewed him.

    Well laid plans … oh well – maybe MDA sticks around in Philly as a towel boy or something.

  283. bummer to lose a JLin style coach to the hegemony.

  284. MDA is a wise man, LOL.

  285. But would not be wise if he chose dysfunctional Rickets

  286. Why do people even hang out here if they don’t believe in Lin as a game-changer?

    Don’t they have anything better to do than to spends hours and hours here, typing up hundreds of posts trying to say “Lin can’t do this” and “Lin can’t do that”? If I wanted to hear people discount Lin ad nauseum, I have Twitter to turn to, and know my way to Clutchfans.

    I don’t go to LeBron fan sites to discount LeBron. The decency.

  287. So true, lol

  288. I can only speculate on the motives.
    a) Of course it could be the same feelings that permeate the Clutchfans that drive these posters to spend thousands of posts here.
    b) More likely is the idea they are Hornets fans desperate to keep JLIN as “Linsurance” backup for Kemba and included in that plan is get JLIN’s fans comfortable with the idea of “bench” player then furth convince JLIN fans to embrace staying with his new friends on the CHA team which he “adores playing with” – surreptitiously.

  289. That’s some forceful opinion up you have. Care to elaborate and debate it?

  290. Les could build up a good relationship with MDA by paying him to visit and chat with him, telling him to wait until the house cleaning is done.

  291. Opinions vary. People hang out here because they share an interest in Lin’s game and I think everyone here wishes Lin well and take different approaches on viewing his game.

  292. And yet it took Nash and MDA together to turn a lottery team around. How’s that possible? Those bets were doing as great as a bunch of rookies weren’t they?

  293. Yes opinions do vary, but I can promise one thing – anyone who does NOT believe that JLIN is one of the best and most elite game-changers in the NBA should expect to encounter vigorous debate when they espouse their views on a JLIN fansite – and assuredly so.

  294. You keep being the nay sayer. Let’s hear you put forth your reality based opinions on who Lin should play for. Tells us why you think that is a good move.

    It’s so easy being a fence sitter putting others ideas down. Let’s hear your great ideas on who you think is a good team for Lin next year. After all it’s all opinions we have here. We put ourselves on the line by putting forth our own opinions for the likes of you to put down, but yet you keep saying nothing but no to this and no to that.

    Say what you want for Lin and we can maybe take a turn at tearing up your great ideas.

  295. There are all sorts of variables and dynamics that will make something work. IMO, Nash didn’t turn things around. A team of Nash, Stoudemire and other good players meshed and maybe Nash led and his team game led in a system, but he didn’t do it by himself. Then others things had to come into play such as the competition with other teams, schedules, and so forth.

    We can’t predict what will happen with Lin on any team. We can’t predict chemistry. Lin had little with bigs like Sacre and Hill and even Boozer yet had incredible chemistry with Davis. So, he goes somewhere, we can’t predict how all will mesh or the time period. We can guess, and that’s all we can do. We can give our opinions and hopes, and that’s all we can do. But some of us will take a more modest estimate and others will have their faith. Whatever. It all boils down to opinion. All fans have them because fans are people, and people have opinions.

  296. Whose site is this? Who founded it and administers it?

  297. JLIN fans I suspect.

    And I would hope that they consistently and always remind themselves of why they originally started this site and what drove them away from other JLIN sites when the actions of a few on those sites made said sites intolerable to TRUE JLIN fans.

  298. Who administers the site?

  299. Hornets led by Clifford and KemBatum in 2016-17
    1) Lose to every .500 + team
    2) 33-49 record
    3) Miss playoffs

    Rinse and repeat for the next four season.

  300. True vs. treacherous Lin fans:

    True Lin fans see the Nets and Sixers as great opportunities for Lin to regain his starter status and show what a game-changer he is.

    Treacherous Lin fans call the Nets and Sixers horrible teams with a losing culture.

    True Lin fans are horrified by teams with ball hogs like Kobe, Melo, Harden, or Kemba.

    Treacherous Lin fans see those teams as an opportunity to join a winning team.

    See the difference? 😉

  301. fans are fans…lets not start labeling them as treacherous or any other things

  302. That was a totally over the top, tongue-in-cheek, humorous post. This site needs to lighten up a bit. 🙂

  303. Do you want me to delete it anyway? Despite it’s great comedic value?

  304. Disagree re. Lakers. Lin had a good pick-and-pop thing going on with Boozer, and JHill. If I recall, Byron Scott kind of tried to separate JLin and Ed Davis, and Lin still played really well in lineup of Boozer, Jordan Hill, Nick Young, and Ellington.

    Yes, it did not look like NYK Linsanity with Lin throwing lobs to Tyson, but this lineup still was one of the NBA’s best benches.

    More often than not JLin makes it work.

    The biggest problem for JLin in LA was one they put him back in the starting lineup and Clarkson iced him out.

  305. 😛

  306. I don’t know, man, sometimes I get the impression that people want to “work on us” and disavow some ‘misconceptions’ we have as myopic Jlin fans.

    What they don’t get is that as fans of the game of basketball, we love what JLin can bring and think he should be allowed to show it more. My 2cents.

  307. He wishes..

  308. Well said! I think maybe you hit the nail on the head.

  309. Well, if they can tov a ball within 7 seconds. Does that count? lol

  310. Yes and this is what a treacherous Lin fan looks like.

  311. Oh…

  312. Better still…

  313. I have even better proposed lineup:


  314. For 76?

  315. Looks like what? Can’t take the humorous?

  316. I came to this site to get quality Lin news, info, analysis, have community with Lin fans, and cheer him on.

    I came to this site to get away from the rudeness, disrespectfulness, antagonization, labeling, name-calling, and insulting that is pervasive on most internet boards. It’s hard to find actual quality content if the majority of the posts are just personal attacks between individuals.

  317. For my dreams. 😀

  318. Gotta say, he’s good at the job they hired him for:

  319. Definitely Not the Sixers for JL7 unless they trade for some good veterans. But who’s good would go to the Sixers ? I will take Nets, Bulls, Grizzlies, Pelicans, and …. Not crazy high on all rookies-team Sixers…

  320. Harden alone can do that even in less than 7 sec…lol

  321. The line between difference in opinion and nay-saying a fine one is.

    Disclaimer: the text below not referring to you in particular.

    Discounting Lin’s ability is hardly “an interest in Lin’s game”, and saying Lin’s isn’t strong enough to lead a green team to success, and needs to be surrounded/cuddled by superstars in order to succeed is not genuinely “wishing him well”.

    Lin fans have seen way too many underhanded compliments being used as façade for lack of faith.

  322. Two unnamed individuals? Maybe they don’t even know the meeting took place because it’s with the owner?

  323. Maybe they get Brandon Ingram instead. He’d be a good shooting wing since they already have Embiid and Noel. Leave the playmaking to JLin:

  324. May be factor on whether Lin goes to the Sixers and how he’s used.

    Alex KennedyVerified account ‏@AlexKennedyNBA 5h5 hours ago
    It’ll be interesting to see if the Sixers select Brandon Ingram (more of a scorer) or Ben Simmons (point forward and more of a facilitator).

  325. Sixers will pick Ingram for sure.

    So it’s Lin Stauskas Ingram Noel/Okafor Embiid

  326. lol….it was your opinion…..and you have the right to pen it out……

  327. Then perhaps a good veteran SG. Who’s available? OJ Mayo, Bradley Beal, Cortney Lee, Dion Waiters, Kent Bazemore, Barbosa

  328. Agreed with B) a lot….Many Hornets fan are shocked by how many Lin fan do not wish Lin to remain in Charlotte to simply be a back-up to Kemba…They think Lin should be happy at the chance of making it in the playoff and should gladly accept his limited role.

    Now, the next step for these Hornets fan is to try to get his supporters to be glad and accept such a role for Lin and not try to convince Lin he can do better.

  329. Nate Jones ‏@JonesOnTheNBA 41m41 minutes ago

    Going out on a limb early. 76ers will battle for a playoff spot next season. That regime is gonna put a competitive team on the floor.

  330. This is what a loyal Lin fan looks like. He waited more than 4 years for the return of Linsanity but just couldn’t hold out any longer.

  331. This is a treacherous Lin fan when Lin misses a free throw.

  332. Right. Could be. I expect David Lee to go there

  333. Is there any spot left for Hornets ?

  334. It’s impressive.. Crack me up.

  335. He gets paid for tanking.

  336. He says this based on?

  337. LOL Harden PnR? He plays exactly like Kemba and iso all day long just passes here and there.

  338. Passes with 3 seconds left when he can’t create a shot.

  339. Lots of spots in the lottery.

  340. his limb?

  341. From Iceland back to New York already?

    infinity88 ‏@linfinity88 10m10 minutes ago

    Fan ran into Jeremy Lin & his brothers at @byGraceStreet, New York.

  342. Definitely a head-scratcher…

  343. There is a certain arrogance of those who think they are more objective by being critical

  344. There are too many wanna-be Simon Cowells when it comes to Lin.

    When it comes to other players or designated “superstars”, there seems to be an eagerness toward effusive praise.

  345. Agreed, akin to Thunder fans wanting Harden to stay as the perennial 6th man, except Lin’s not even considered the 6th man in Charlotte. The subliminal Asian discount is deeply rooted in the minds of the average NBA fan who has not following Lin every step through the thick and thins. To ask Lin to back up Kemba, IMHO, is not different than to ask CP3 to back up Austin Rivers.

  346. Man, that’s a lot of players that can’t shoot from the outside…Ingram is not really an outside shooter…Than Noel + Okafor/Embiid…..

    I think Sixers have to trade either Okafor or Embiid for either a good stretch-4 or a small fordward that can shoot from the outside.

  347. A great majority still use personal scoring as the main metric for gauging player performance.

    Melo was a great scorer in his peak (he’s passing/past it now), indisputably better than Kemba, but even then he couldn’t take the Knicks anywhere. I fail to understand the “fervor” about any and every PG in front of Lin (including Ronnie Price), seems like every un-praised PG suddenly becomes “max player” when having Lin inserted behind them.

    The funny thing is, one sees the same trend in both English and Chinese/Taiwan forums. 100% sure that before Lin joined the Hornets 99% of NBA fans in Taiwan didn’t even know who Kemba was, but once Lin signed up Kemba became Kobe’s second coming in their eyes. It’s really hilarious, anything (no matter how absurd) to undermine Lin. Once Lin leaves Charlotte, no one will ever speak of Kemba again.

  348. The NBA should have a statue of him outside the newly inaugurated Scott Memorial Basketball Hall of Shame.

  349. Shortest non-stop flight is six hours.

  350. what was Lin doing in Iceland?

  351. Sounds NOT reliable at all..LOL

  352. At this point, MDA simply wants to get back to being a coach and would jump at any chance to get back at it.

  353. The smart move would be to simply let Harden be the full PG and sign a shooting guard to play beside him…Someone better than Beverley that can play off the ball.

  354. Was he really asked about Lin? I missed that.

  355. Embiid can shoot from outside. Ingram too. They can improve anyway.

    Okafor is the one I don’t trust, cause in my eyes he’s selfish.

    Noel is a good pnr guy.

  356. i don’t know… after hearing atkinson express himself, he sounds like a guy who’s really happy (and surprised) to be head coach and may be over his head in deep waters…

  357. His badmouthing his players was phenomenal.

  358. NY?

  359. i really think lin is considering not opting out if he doesn’t get an ideal offer. he’s reluctant to opt out right away, because his camp knows that charlotte is not a bad situation. people talk behind the scenes and likely the lin camp is waiting to see an offer that’s worth opting out for.
    people look down on cliff and charlotte, but for the reality of the situation there… jeremy got a fair shake.

    what’s best of all is that if nothing swet comes his way, jeremy can wait out another year, see how much farther charlotte can go and seek out bigger pastures in next year’s free agency!

  360. What Brooklyn should recruit this coming season: Courtney Lee, Jeremy Lin, Marvin Williams.
    All unrestricted free agents.

  361. Eric said he has to wait until 6/22??? Plus if you read what he said in his FB…. that didn’t sound like he will not option out.

  362. I think MW will stay w Hornets bc right now they seem to promote him & Al a lot in their web….

  363. Perhaps you should hit Morey, Byron Scott, Kevin McHale on the head too.

  364. Just trade the Beard.

  365. The question remains was he actually trying to win and is just so clueless that he has no idea how horrible he is at coaching or is he totally aware of how horribly he treats the players and runs the team into the ground and does not care because he is well paid to do it? Which person is he really deep down in his soul : a clueless cotton headed ninny muggins or an evil motherless male dog?

  366. 7Jeremiah17 • 9 hours ago

    True vs. treacherous Lin fans:

    True Lin fans see the Nets and Sixers as great opportunities for Lin to regain his starter status and show what a game-changer he is.

    Treacherous Lin fans call the Nets and Sixers horrible teams with a losing culture.

    True Lin fans are horrified by teams with ball hogs like Kobe, Melo, Harden, or Kemba.

    Treacherous Lin fans see those teams as an opportunity to join a winning team.

    See the difference? 😉

    can you imagine if sws wrote that, how quickly it would be deleted? The unfairness is out of this world,. Rule says no name calling yet if you do it with the right point of view its ok. I thought rules was rules.

    7Jeremiah17 Maknusia • 9 hours ago

    Do you want me to delete it anyway? Despite it’s great comedic value?

    He knows he broke the rules yet the mod or his friends says

    Maknusia mod 7Jeremiah17 • 8 hours ago

    lol….it was your opinion…..and you have the right to pen it out……

    Yup thats the reaction i would get for calling some fans peter pan fans. Thats the exact reaction i would get yup. Its all fair over here. No friendship and letting things slide.

    Anyways i know its unfair here. I really don’t care but you should see it for yourself

  367. What happens to selfish randle if Lakers get Simmons ?

  368. I think Lin and Bazemore should be targets #1 and #2. Lee isn’t worth signing. Marvin is nice, but on the wrong side of 30 and won’t help with rebounding. Add a Euroleague backup PG and a scrappy D-Leaguer C/PF to bolster the bench. They already have some solid backup wings, so not a big need there.

  369. @jlin7 is coming off what Cliff considered “ in many ways the best year of his career.”

  370. I don’t think Lakers like Randle or Russell. They will try to trade them both. They only like JC.

  371. I think Maknusia is a really fair mod.

    FWIW, I think there are disruptive, in my opinion, overly protective fans here that try to form cliques. I hope the mods deal with that accordingly. There’s a difference between forming a supportive opinion of Lin that is not in the majority vs. making it a deal to go after other posters on personal frustration and then deeming yourself a superior fan because your ideas, that a few support, are popular here. Doesn’t make them better or right, you’re just in a “neighborhood” where they are.

    It’s not a competition here for who are the “true Lin fans”, it should be as DSB described, without the usual ugliness we find on internet forums. So those that constantly have “critiques” of other posters or are confrontational should have it pointed out to them when they are. Some of that happened I think last night.

    I wish more posters like you posted, and I miss some that post but usually don’t post here when not much is going on because the more and varied views we share, the better, IMO.

  372. lin has a quick first step

  373. I pass this place a lot. wow.

  374. It’s a fair summary of Lin’s year with Hornets, though more credit could have been given for his performance in the Playoffs.

  375. Sorry if you felt that my moderation was unfair….as the poster mentioned..I took it as, pun intended…..unless he had further proceed with the same tone and others jumping in…then I would have deleted the post.

    I do understand where you are coming from… I mentioned, we here dont different fans as loyal fans, true fans, senior fans….whatever way one wants to fan it…lol….to us fans are fans and they come with various perceptions and views.

    As long as the members post within the rules and show respect, I’m fine with it…

    We may not be up to some member’s standards, but we do try to keep the moderation as moderate as possible.

    cheers mate

  376. The passing between Lee and Lin in the Spurs game really amazes me. Lee is a good defender and a good SG; a true team player.

  377. I don’t think so. 76ers would select Simmons.

  378. Considering the way that Lin had been used. He was really playing out of his natural position.

  379. Thanks to Lin, else Walker won’t be listed anywhere among the top 10 effective 5-man lineups for 2015-16 regular season.

  380. he played well.
    except game 6, where he didn’t show… leadership.
    of course he should’ve gotten more minutes but he should’ve also had more heart from quarter 1!
    we as real lin fans should recognize that. and i hope he learns from that exp.

    but most importantly is how the refs affect his success. his game is predicated on getting calls going to the basket. whether we see games 3 and 4 as him getting the calls that he deserves or him just getting calls, the refs were not stopping him from succeeding. so we should recognize that the nba is ultimately not about meritocracy but something else… $

  381. Wait a minute, lin didn’t show leadership? Can’t show anything if you’re sitting on the bench when the game was on the line.

  382. leadership from the bench? I’m confused… can you attempt to clarify please?

  383. I’ll agree that game 6 he didn’t have the same stuff he had in the others, but to me, he gets a pass. Games 1-2, he was aggressive and strong, 3-4, best Hornet, 5, winning with assists and still able to command the defense. Game 7, inexplicably didn’t get to play enough minutes to make a difference but played well when he did.

    The NBA IMO is about promoting stars and more and more about show-biz. I don’t know if it ever was about meritocracy, we’d have to go back a long time but I always remember some element of star promotion in the NBA dating back from the late 1960s.

  384. chicken or the egg. he would’na been on the bench if he played sharper from the start. go watch the game. he deserved more minutes based on how he played the three games before but not based on the quarters 1 and 2.

  385. Too late, this frachise had so many chances to keep Lin but they blew it by the coach.

  386. Lin’s not going to opt out until near the deadline, which is supposedly June 22. There’s no advantage in doing so.

    Even if Lin didn’t have any better teams he wanted to join, he would still opt out of his contract and re-sign with Hornets for higher contract.

  387. You’re right. Lin was much more hesitant, picked up the dribble too much, etc. When he didn’t get calls he got more hesitant. 2nd half he got a bit reckless, had the two offensive fouls, just never played on the same level as the rest of the games. I think it was his only substandard game. The other games, he was solid to great.

  388. Dumb question. Is that how you trusted the one player who has brought you back on top after down 0-2?

  389. I agree with the last sentence. I disagree with what you said about leadership or heart.

    Lin can fully release his skill and leadership only when he is not shakled by his coaches — being on the court with reasonable PT!

  390. I see this as Hornet’s PR lame back peddling attempt . Not surprised if NB state his signing consideration dependent of select teammates returning. Any surprise the last two Hornets tweets were for MW and Lin best season? Lin…please please please no more going back there.

  391. He didn’t have good start like game 3,4,5 so he got benched? This is anot her reason he should not go back to Charlotte

  392. Just take Williams with you to go to the Nets.

  393. what i meant by leadership, is he really needed to play like he did in that cavaliers game. i know he didnt have the reigns of the team but he needed to find a way to have an impact and jolt the team. but he was… scared. i said it. i love him but that’s what i saw!

  394. jhae-mie appears to be a brand new poster with handful of posts a compedium below:

    jhae- “crazy idea: what about jeremy not opting out and instead playing out 1 more year to see how far charlotte can go…”

    jhae-“is it just me or hearing atkinson talk makes me think he’s not the brightest bulb?”

    jhae-“i really think lin is considering not opting out if he doesn’t get an ideal offer”

    Note to Moderators – these comments from this new poster contravene words spoken by our own JLIN in recent comments.

  395. What tick me off about Hornets is how they always downplay Lin’s importance and fail to appropriately credit him.

  396. I think Rockets would hire MDA and fire Morey.

  397. They just try winning with Walker at all cost. Frankly the Hornets couldn’t.

  398. So you say the nba is about $ but somehow you suggested lin shouldn’t optout?

  399. not surprise if they are also thinking of getting Lin back. After all like MJ, Les must be thinking about China preseason games and Lin’s impact , guess only way to Lin’s heart is through MDA LOL. Plausible ? Will Lin return if Morey is fired?

  400. I think he just didn’t play well, it’s the playoffs, so this particular game, and only this particular game, he got less minutes. Overall, and I’ve said this before, I think Lin had a superb playoffs but game 6 was his one bad game.

  401. I don’t think Lin should have received less minutes in game 7 however. He played well in game 7 the 19 minutes he played and that was wrong for him to get such few minutes.

  402. Lin may have been nervous, but not “scared”, I believe. We all love and support this inspiring athelete, semantics does not matter much to me. Besides, G6 is water under the bridge.

    What team do you hope to see him join for next season?

  403. he was sitting on the bench!

  404. I don’t know if he was scared but I think he realized that the Hornets could advance with a win in game 6, he was home, and he wanted to really get it going and have a big game. But, when he got on the court, he may have played too conscious of that situation rather than just being the aggressive player he was in games 1-5.

  405. propagandizing and falsifying data LOL

  406. cf must be a boring place these days.

  407. You’re saying this poster came from CF!!??

  408. So was game 1,2 and 7 where he also got less mins. All those games had 1 thing in common, loss.

    My point was you don’t excuse to bench your best player best hope because he had 1 bad start.

  409. i meant the organization, the purpose of the “association” is about maximzing profit for the owners and the gambling houses. lin shouldn’t opt out because he’s above that. besides if money is his concern he can get more from sponsorship -not salary. but by opting in he can sacrifice 1 year of earnings for the possibily of greater basketball success. of course if his agent team sees the opportunity for greater success elsewhere he should opt out but the nets and sixers do not offer the same opportunity for team success as charlotte. the two teams may offer jeremy starter minutes…

  410. many posters come from there… just sayin’ they still have a Lin thread going and there is still an amazing amount of vitriol for JLin and his fans. Also posters there have said multiple times how they troll Lin fan sites and articles so if the shoe fits…

  411. They’re overly courting Batum but it is Lin that was instrumental to the wins in the playoffs. I honestly think they appreciate Lin but they’d rather have Batum and feel they can let Lin go. Perhaps they are realizing that Lin was a huge part of their success last season.

  412. Not if Harden is there

  413. So while MJ is still making his hundreds of mil, lin should sacrifice to stay for league minimum? Lin is not greedy but he no dumb to allow himself getting advantage.

  414. Lets face facts in Game 6 of the Playoffs

    Hornets Fans/Coach/Organization are using the excuse that JLIN’s play was a cause of the loss – this couldn’t be further from the truth:

    1) You don’t blame a bench player with 23 minutes for a loss.
    2) Kemba perhaps had 20+ games where he started 1-8 but Kemba never gets yanked & kept shooting.until the end
    3) JLIN won Games 3, 4, 5 and had ONLY 5 fouls not 6 fouls
    4) JLIN is clutch in Q4 but was not allowed 1 second of time in last 6 min
    5) Ultimately Clifford relied on Kemba who delivered another playoff loss to Heat.

    JLIN would have helped generate a TEAM WIN that iso-Kemba ultimately failed and cost JLIN the series.

  415. Whether the shoe fits is the question then.

  416. Great and perceptive observation.

  417. Yep, Ingram is better

  418. he should eat some humble pie while watching his defenseless video roundup.

  419. Only game 7 did he get a very small amount of minutes. I don’t think Lin made a case for big minutes in game 6 and only game 6. He was out of sync. In all other games, I thought Lin was strong, best Hornet or one of the best Hornets on the floor. I think he had the strongest playoffs of all Hornets.

  420. But they still played iso for the majority.
    None of these teams played teamball,
    its not really up to Lin
    Its up to the coach whether they play teamball or not

  421. why compare mj’s and lin’s monetary gain as a measure of fairness? mj may want money but the jeremy that i love wants a ring (or at least to get closer to that goal). taking less money to get closer to his goal is not a sacrifice, being dumb, or being taken adavantage of. it’s him following his dream.

  422. If lin cares for his sponsorship, Charlotte would be the last market he should play for.

  423. at the hive just posted an article on KW.. what caught my attention

    “With or without Batum, Walker is an extremely talented scorer that can do a lot of good things on the offensive end.” hmmm

  424. “Hornets Fans/Coach/Organization are using the excuse that JLIN’s play was a cause of the loss”
    That’s just not true. Nobody blamed Lin for the loss. He just didnt play well himself

  425. sigh. where was this allegation of blame ever made?

  426. He played as well as Kemba did for 20+ games – is that what the Hornets fans say?

  427. Lol ring in Charlotte? It’s not about fairness, it’s about the double standard you have for Lin. He should also pursue for more money just like everyone else and he’s doing just that by opting out.

    One year is more than enough for underpaid, under appreciated.

  428. Imagine this:
    If I had pointed out on a HORNETS team fansite that Kemba MISSED the MOST shots in the playoffs when he lost the series to Miami – I would have been banned almost immediately from that team board.

    Consider yourself lucky that you are posting on a board that tolerates what the Hornets team boards would NOT tolerate.

  429. Maybe Batum will not stay….LOL! Well if Batum stays he will be like D12 in Rox even gets pay more but this still will be Kemba’s team.

  430. so if he can’t get what he wants in charlotte he shoud sacrifice his standards?

  431. No it wasn’t. He was on the bench watching starters getting double digit behind then eventually blown out.

  432. His standard or yours? Don’t confuse yourself.

  433. What are his standards? Does anyone really know. Win with a smaller role or win less with a bigger role? I don’t think we know the answer.

  434. But you set standards for him as well. I think all of us do. As long as we know this and that the choice is up to Jeremy, we’ll accept wherever he goes. Including back to Charlotte if he so chooses.

  435. That’s the thing some people really don’t like “varied views” if you are not with them, if you are a hater lol
    I don’t think that will ever change. Those people are very narrow minded they don’t realize they are not much better than those clutch fans they despise so much with all these personal attacks when someone doesnt say what they want them to say

  436. and kemba deserved more minutes based on what? Games 1-7 net rtgs:

  437. That doesn’t make sense don. You would get banned for making all conversations about Lin on a team board. That was the major infraction of some Lin fans on team boards. Team boards have to think of all of their players. And any repeated amount of posts that tend to be on one player and elevating the other got “derail” type of warnings and then bans.

    On a Lin fan site, the focus is Lin. I think we should be open to different ways of viewing him, but he is the main focus and not the team he’s on.

  438. what i’ve taken from his own words: team ball, team success, championship, finding his full potential. not necessarily in that order of importance but those were the things he has mentioned as important.

  439. give JLin the time on the floor. give him the chance to get into a rhythm and more often than not he will get the win for the team over and over and over again. Scoring the most points is not a win for your team. Go ask Harden about how that worked out for him.

  440. exactly why they are back peddling on MW and Lin now that the situation is unfolding. Remember your video Lin – don’t be the last pick be the first. You are worth so much more and there are others who value you wholeheartedly and will feel extremely “lucky” if they get you.

  441. The vague part is how. Find his full potential on a winning or losing team, in what position? Maybe Lin leaves all of this open. But his own words can take him in different directions, sometimes opposite directions. And there is no timetable on trying to get that championship.

  442. except he’s not the leader of that team.
    its not his job to show leadership
    It’s Kemba’s Clilfford loves him

  443. “…by opting in he can sacrifice 1 year of earnings for the possibily of greater basketball success.”

    He can opt out and still negotiate with the Hornets. There’s a huge difference between sacrificing several hundred thousand dollars vs several million.

    Team success in the NBA is often difficult to predict. Most people thought Charlotte would win ~30 games this season, yet they won 48. Who knows what the Nets or 76ers will accomplish IF they allow Jeremy to lead the team?

  444. An opinion is not setting a standard.

  445. Alain, Alain, Alain! You are one of my all-time favorite Lin fans. This post was intended to amuse with its hyperbole. Surely you must know my sense of humor by now. I am so shocked and hurt by your post. Besides, the mods have deleted my comments and banned me more times than Lin has been flagrantly fouled. I’m…at a loss for words!

  446. by opting in, charlotte may keep both him and marvin. that’s huge for charlotte success in the future.

  447. Hornets next season
    1) 33-49 record
    2) missing playoffs
    3) losing to every elite team they face under the leadership of KemBatum

    I will point out again that you have dozens of times said that you will ignore my posts – that is FACTUAL if any moderators are watching.

  448. Despite how desperate Hornets fans are to keep JLIN as your “Linsurance” backup for Kemba it’s already over – that ship has sailed .

    And you will NEVER convince or even come close to convincing JLIN’s fans to be comfortable with the idea of “bench” player for our beloved JLIN and most certainly not persuade JLIN fans to be comfortable with JLIN staying on this Hornets team.

    JLIN has spoken – Game over.

  449. I agree. Fire Morey and trade Harden. 🙂 Les can follow his initial instincts and build the team around Jeremy.

  450. How is it no one blame the to be 25mil max player for no show at playoff yet conveniently scrap goat an off the bench 2 mil player? that is why Lin should never consider returning. It will be the same old same old all over again.

  451. The full potential alone is no finding in Charlotte.

  452. except winning.

  453. i’m sure him and his team is weighing all this out, which is why it’s not so simple as just joining mda or atkinson.

  454. You get the two forums mixed up. This is not the other forum and you should keep what happens there, there per the rules here. If you make basketball points, I’ll sometimes discuss things with you. If you get into some personal stuff, then I feel it goes nowhere then I feel it is best to ignore you. You post quite a lot here as do I and sometimes we’ll be in the same discussions.

    I’m not in any trouble with moderators and I don’t wish to be argumentative or confrontational. I’d rather just discuss Lin, agree or disagree with others, but always respectfully.

  455. nope Lin just didnt play well but nobody blames him for the loss

  456. in his mind because no one blamed him

  457. I think Jeremy is open to ALL contract offers, including whatever the Hornets might present. There are too many unknowns to close any doors at this point. Predictions of any sort might be fun fan speculation, but are essentially futile.

  458. real leadership is felt not stated as a rank by others. when jeremy hit that three pointer and the look on the other players faces and the crowd was at… leadership.

  459. When and if there are posts which require a response – you will receive one from me – you can be assured of that.

    When anyone denigrates JLIN (it may or may not be any particular poster) then you can bet your bottom dollar that I will DEFEND JLIN in a vigorous manner.

  460. The only reason I would like for Lin to stay in Charlotte is because he said he feels great and has fun playing there. Because he has a bond with his teammates. There are concerns. Playing time is the biggest one.

  461. That was just a good play
    Anyone else who hit that 3 would have the same thing

  462. If Charlotte truly believes both Jeremy & Marvin are important for their future success, why not ask them both to “sacrifice” something. In fact, why not ask Nic to do the same? All 3 players are going to get offers from multiple sources.

  463. Hornets would rather lose than let Lin take the spotlight and win for them, why should Lin sacrifice himself for such an organization ?

  464. And they all crawl out of the woodwork – great.

  465. I don’t think it is that simple, either. And I think it is all too early to really sink one’s teeth into any team yet.

  466. i can neither deny nor support this idea. but i think there are much more convincing reasons why lin has not had the success that he deserves in the nba.

  467. Normal range of minutes except game 7. His minutes were only outrageously lacking game 7, and in game 6, he was out of sync so you can make a case to not play him or play him down the stretch. It’s debatable. I would have played him but I can’t say he played well in game 6.

  468. I can’t believe what I just read here. you said Lin should “Opt in and sacrifice earnings” What a load of bull crap. Why should he sacrifice his earning? Sacrifice for who? so Hornets can paid max $25mil to another player. This is baloney!

  469. Not only do we not know Jeremy’s list of priorities, I don’t think even he can know them until he hears the offers and presentations from the various organizations. What is their vision (with details)? Which specific players will they gather around him? Just like last year, he’ll want to talk with the GM & head coach. There is so much that even Jeremy does not know.

  470. Lin has shown time and again he can lead a team to victory as the starting main PG. When Kemba was out, Lin led the Hornets to a victory versus the Cavs (something Kemba could never do as main PG).

    Let Lin play his position, give him a chance, and he will blow everyone away.

  471. Well said. Lin is better than the rest of Hornets.

  472. Exactly. If asking just Lin to do so after he gave what he gave them this season, that’s unacceptable and insulting IMO. Ask all 3, including “golden boy” Batum, who I think came up small in big games too much to be heralded so much even if he has strong skills for his position.

  473. Last year there were fans who were not only open to Lin staying with the Lakers, they were absolutely convinced he would re-sign with Kobe and Byron.

    “He’s a Cali boy, he likes to stay close to his family, he doesn’t want to be a journeyman, he’s happy to just be a role player and collect his salary, he’s tired of the struggle, blah blah bla.”

    Some of us knew there was NFW. And during the summer Lin revealed how much he hated playing for BS. So it’s not surprising that this year fans are convinced he’ll be staying with Cliff and Kemba. Some of us just know better and will not try to convince the misguided.

  474. they are both unrestricted at the end of their contracts, but jeremy as an option. for better or worse he is in a different situation. if all three were in option years we can quesiton fairness and equality of sacrifice.

  475. Agree. However, among these teams, Hornet may have minimal chance compared to the other teams.

    KW is their cornerstone. Lin is going to be a 6th man unless things dramatically changed.

    This is does not fit into Lin’s statement ” the best player that I can be”.

    Still minimal chance is not zero. So, let’s wait and see.

  476. LOL sure stay with Cliff and Kemba, play <20mpg <5shots a game when he could be starting or coming off the bench as 6th man playing 30mpg with 10+shots

  477. all leaders had a good play.

  478. That’s exactly what I mean by over-defensive stance.

    “When anyone denigrates JLIN (it may or may not be any particular poster) then you can bet your bottom dollar that I will DEFEND JLIN in a vigorous manner.”

    You are not Lin’s keeper, you are not his voice, you are not the representative of all Lin fans. You are a regular poster here, that’s what you are. That’s what I am. That’s what other posters are.

    I asked you who founded and administers this site. The correct answer is psalm234. He sets the tone and advises moderators how to keep some semblance of adhering to the spirit and rules of the site here. No poster on here has any function in policing other posters. We can point out when the rules are broken politely to other posters, but it is out of line for any of us to “play moderator”.

    Now, I will stop because it is you and me and I consider this selfish and boring to the rest of the board. We are here to discuss Lin, not snipe at each other and anyway, I’m going to do some field work in an hour or so and will be back tonight. I hope to find good, fun, wonderful exchanges when I get back 🙂

  479. There is a reason for Bobcats to be the laughstock of the league. Let me guess, they love to spend a lot on a few stat padders but become extremely tight toward unselfish winners.

  480. I still remembered the 3 dynamite games when Lin and Harden first playing together in Houston.

    Boy, are they good duo!

    Had Harden had any desire to win a “team” game, these two would have been be in the NBA final already.

  481. “I’m thinking of leaving Lin forums.” – sws94 – 11 days ago

  482. Let’s break this down just a bit. An organization consists of people, right? At the top is MJ. I’d be willing to bet lots of money that MJ would NOT “rather lose than let Lin take the spotlight”. MJ doesn’t want to lose at all. He might feel like he has a lot invested in Kemba, but not to the point where he’d rather see his team lose in order to funnel all the light on Kemba.

    Next up is Cho, a Burmese-American immigrant. Why in the world would anyone think he would begrudge Jeremy the spotlight? His job performance is based on team wins regardless which player makes the highlight reels.

    Same goes for Clifford, except that maybe he has a handful of players that he trusts implicitly. That might taint his decisions in critical times during a game, but that doesn’t affect his ultimate motivation: win games.

  483. I agree right back. Hornets chances are further reduced because they are trying to retain a few critical free agents, all of whom are going to receive multiple competitive offers. They will realistically be able to retain probably only 2 of 5 FAs.

  484. Relax you guys… As a fellow poster who likes both of you… these one on one battles you have are really disturbing… Most good info on this site gets lost in pages of your conversation.

    My humble request to you – start ignoring posts after 2 back to back inconsequential posts; further Bws is not a hornets fan (though that is exactly how you come across sometimes), I have seen him/ her multiple times on lakersgroung when lin was there… he/she just believes what he/ she believes.

    You guys are great!

  485. Lin is very smart. When he has a choice, the chances are he is going to make the best one. After finishing with LAL Lin made the right choice to play for Hornets. Lin earned his precious chances to shine by playing top defense of the team and doing the dirty work for those who got a license to pad their stats. Hornets also break their no-win playoff record to win 3 games in the playoff—thanks to Lin. So it is a win-win situation for both, no one owes the other !

  486. My personal impression is that Nic would not be willing to make any financial sacrifice, but Marvin is a different type of person. The real question is what kind of competing offers Charlotte will face to retain these guys. It might not even be within the realm of possibility regardless of any reasonable “sacrifices”.

  487. True. Are these people ever watch the games?

  488. Seriously? I didn’t know about this forum this time last year, but I don’t recall any Jeremy fans in other forums supporting a return to the Lakers for Kobe’s swan song season.

  489. its still a fan site reporting…

  490. “I’d be willing to bet lots of money that MJ would NOT “rather lose than let Lin take the spotlight””
    Agreed. It should be
    MJ would rather lose than see KW get out of the spotlight.

  491. I do not think he is referring to Lin’s fan sites. There are a lot of fans do not participate these forum. Some fan might have over interpreted Lin’s PR exit speech. You know Lin. He never bad mouthed to anyone and showed characteristic moves when asking difficult question such as “will you return? Do you like Lakers….”

  492. We’ll just have to disagree on “MJ would rather lose than…” That guy is such a competitor that I think he would give his left nu…. to win a championship. Kemba? He’d sacrifice Kemba on a burning pyre in a heartbeat to win another ring.

  493. I understand. Its not really your comment. Its was playful. Its just rules are rules. Just want some consistency. Fairness is all we want.

  494. thats fair

  495. Idk how Maknusia is usually. Just want consistency. If i say something like that but against the popular ideas. Would i be deleted. I would think so. all I’m saying consistency. Rules are rules. Unless we are going by the superstar calls in the nba. Then i guess ill accept it.

  496. sws94 posted, “I think Maknusia is a really fair mod.” as he will do with ALL moderators.

    but you just want consistency? ” does that mean you don’t believe Maknusia is a really fair mod?

  497. Totally agree.

  498. Interesting question. Oddly enough all of Lins former teams except golden state needs a PG. Which one would you be least against Lin going to??? Knicks, Rox, or Lakers??? Is it not weird all of Lins former teams need him yet decided to let him go. Is that not amazing. Very telling of what Lin had to go through. At the very least Lin was an average starter 3 years ago. Rox i get it sold there soul to win a chip. The lakers are just a bad team so i get it. They let go of Ed davis and Lin who both ended up in the playoffs. The Knicks are the most infuriating team of them all. Lin was theres. He blew up with them. The fact they abandon him it shows you why they have not won the chip since 1973. Like i said yesterday bad teams make bad choices. Anyways Which of those teams would you guys be the least against Lin Returning to????????

  499. I honestly don’t know. There are a number of mods so i cant tell who makes what choices. If one cop is bad we usually blame them all. Not saying he is. Just saying it doesn’t matter. The rules so be done equally.

  500. Got it. I don’t really visit team fan sites, so never saw such posts.

  501. Rox due to Harden/Morey.

  502. “I honestly don’t know.” so you honestly don’t know whether Maknusia is a fair mod – wow.

    Maknusia, what do you think of that, and what are the rules on personal ad hominem attacks on decisions of moderators in this show. That might in and of itself break a rule.

  503. The Least against?

  504. I’d say Lakers. Kobe and Byron Scott gone now. Downside is their young players seem to have an ego, attitude problem but no team is perfect. Still has great media exposure although I’d like all the Scott cronies out of Time Warner such as Coach Dave Miller. Asia exposure. Team in need of star power.

  505. Vacation with family

  506. Lakers no longer have Bryant or Scott, so they are the least of three evils. But I don’t think any of those organizations will be anywhere near the top half of teams Jeremy would choose to consider…unless some major changes were made (trade Harden or Melo).

    This is a huge generality (lots of holes), but you can split the NBA into two major camps. Warriors & Spurs represent team basketball with players willing to share on both ends of the court. Cavs and Thunder represent superstar b-ball with players who demand minutes, touches & stats, while also insisting that supporting players bear the brunt on the defensive end. (again, generalities…I know Lebron & Westbrook can pass & play D)

    Rox, Knicks & Lakers fall into the latter category. Obviously the Lakers no longer have a superstar, but it’s not clear if management has changed the broader team philosophy. I just don’t think Jeremy is interested in playing for that kind of organization.

  507. Man, I think Harden is just too selfish offensively and scatterbrained defensively to be a good teammate for Jeremy.

  508. JLin is back in NY from Iceland so soon?

  509. Don’t you know he has a very quick first step?

  510. Not to Rockets while Harden is there. Not to Knicks while Melo is there.

    Lakers don’t need a PG. You might not consider D’Angelo a viable PG, but they drafted D’Angelo #2 overall, so they’re sticking with him for now. But if the Lakers were to trade away D’Angelo, then Lakers. Luke Walton believes in team ball.

  511. OK, read it wrong. I’m most against the Rox. Least against the Knicks.

  512. Read it wrong, I’m most against the Rox.

  513. Actually it may be that he stopped over in NY on way to Iceland. Person may have not posted the picture right away. Seems like would be too short a time in Iceland after traveling so far to get there.

  514. Now that Kobe and Byron are gone, the Lakers are a fine team.
    Knicks are out of the question unless they trade Melo. But PJ’s insistence on the triangle is also a problem
    Now that McHale is gone, Rox are less toxic, but Harden is still a huge problem.

    So I am least against the Lakers but…

    I am most against going back to the Hornets. That would be suicidal for Lin and his fanbase!

  515. Good one 🙂
    I wonder if JLin goes to NY to add some excitement to his fans there.
    Hope the quick first step leads to “accidentally” bump into Kenny Atkinson at a dim-sum restaurant

  516. that makes more sense

  517. interesting….

    Mike D’Antoni emerges as front-runner for Rockets’ job

    By Jonathan Feigen Updated 12:24 pm, Wednesday, May 18, 2016

    “Former Suns, Knicks and Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni has emerged as the front-runner for the Rockets’ coaching position though several steps have to still fall in place for him to land the job, a person with knowledge of the process said Wednesday.

    The individual, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the private nature of the process, said that talks have been ongoing and that there are two other coaches that can be considered finalists for the position.”

    more at link

  518. Two quick question. Would dantoni leaving Cancerl the idea of Lin to Philly??/
    Would dantoni to Rox open up Roxland lol ?????????

  519. I understand

  520. Maybe Alex wants MDA but Morey don’t….??

  521. Absolutely there were! There were many on this site as well as One fan, who shall remain nameless, used to predict so often that Lin would stay with the Lakers that I threatened to tar and feather him with purple and gold feathers if he predicted it one more time.

    (Later I felt bad about that when I learned that he was actually a she.)

  522. good detective work. I saw more Iceland pics, so most likely the NY one was delay posted from before the trip.

  523. Just some good natured ribbing here: if enough people “read it wrong”, does it really mean “wrote it wrong”? 😉

  524. How about a little humor? It may be off topic, but is it?? NBA players are this generation…MILLENNIALS!!!

  525. Hopefully fires Morey and trades Harden.

  526. Brett Brown seems to be pro-Lin and might be a very good coach for him. If Lin is convinced that the tanking is over and they offer him >$10M to be starting PG, I think it’s still a good option.

    Rox plus MDA? Lin would have to somehow become convinced that Harden will play ball.

  527. There’s a treasure buried in my backyard, need your help to find it Rick.

  528. Sixers would have to offer Lin atleast 13 million

  529. I believe Alex still likes Lin & wants him back… it’s true Harden is not good for Rox. He will not get the ring for them. If Alex is smart enough he should trade Harden. As for Morey, Too bad Alex likes him too.

  530. Whats odd is Harden is like Walker in that a player Like Lin helps him a lot. Take the ball handling away from him. Also takes pressing away from him. Michale would PNR them two Lin would get easy drives off it. Ohhh well i guess its too late now. They paid Lin 15 mill and still benched him so idk what kind of rust i would have there. With dantoni it would be interesting

  531. Yeah the more the better. Money shows that they’re serious. But in terms of Lin getting paid, if he could have another Linsanity season, he would get literally 100s of $millions in endorsements.

  532. MDA would not choose Houston if he had more than one coaching job offers. When I was unemployed, I’d take almost any job. NBA coach? It’s crazy if MDA would say no to this opportunity.

  533. Only if Rox offer a contract which is bigger than and also outlasts Harden’s…

  534. Looks like JLin is still chilling in Iceland

  535. Hmm. I think that is possible. Harden only makes like $13M/year.

  536. more like $15M/year.

  537. So he went from Iceland to NY back to Iceland in 1 day? Man, he really is fast. 😉

  538. Yeah he forgot his fishing pole in JFK airport.

  539. You’re right. Would Rox pay Lin that much?

  540. I think Lin knows that he has to get a dominant contract in the back court in order to have the coach cater to his game. I predicted that Lin is going to get paid more than Harden, we will see.

  541. “Grizzlies assistant Jeff Bzdelik is among the coaches the Rockets would consider for that, but they have not interviewed Bzdelik or yet received permission from the Grizzlies to meet with him, a person with knowledge of the process said. Bzdelik will be considered for the Grizzlies head coaching position, according to the individual familiar with the process”.

    So that means the 76ers aka Colangelo gave the Rockets permission to talk with MDA about the new coaching position? No flopping there.

  542. Do Lin’s former teams really need a PG?
    Unfortunately it’s only true on paper.

    We all know JLin needs a ball-handling PG role and plenty of PT to thrive in his career.
    Knicks triangle O and Harden’s ball-dominating role simply rule this out as an ideal place.
    Lakers future bet on DRussel needs him to play a lot so Lin will only be seen as a backup role

    So yeah, I’m against Lin returning to all teams who don’t fit Lin’s strength and need for PT 🙂
    It’s like asking which former boss who hates you is the least evil.
    I’d rather find a new boss who believes in me … haha

  543. Then he has a $200 mil contract with Adidas. He played this past year like he didn’t care about basketball nor the team. He got his money just wants to do whatever he wants. Shows up to training camp overweight and out of shape.

  544. Yeah but I cant see Les letting Lin be traded away for nothing (in fact adding draft picks for Lakers to take him) and then turning around and giving him >$16M/year now. And it would take Les intervention over Morey.

  545. Amazingly, this process has no say or involvement of Harden.

  546. It sounds like MDA gave this serious consideration by meeting with Les Alexander who likes the fast-pace offense while Morey wanted JVG to add defensive impact in another article.

    This is either a power play by MDA to see if 76ers will offer a HC job or he knows Brett Brown will be given another chance as a HC

  547. If Les thinks firing Morey won’t cost the organization too much in the short term, he may pull the trigger. Now if Les gets the coach and the franchise star he wants, and the team functions well, the condition may just be right for doing that, or at least shifting a lot of decision making from him to the HC.

  548. 76ers would not give Houston permission to speak with MDA if they wanted to promote him.

  549. if the Sixers wanted to promote MDA, why haven’t they done it already?

  550. Because they thought they were so sure to get Bosh on board.

  551. Brown just had his contract extension, cost them millions if he’s fired.

  552. Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojVerticalNBA 22s23 seconds ago
    Sources: Jeff Van Gundy is no longer a candidate for the Rockets job. Though JVG had interest in reunion, two sides never sat down to talk.

  553. so when would they promote MDA? next year?

  554. Morey lose this time. LOL! So MDA is really the front runner?

  555. Les overruled Morey’s dream of hyping Harden forever.

  556. Les would have to be convinced that Harden is a hopeless case: impossible to get him motivated again or to play well with his teammates. That would be a real bombshell. I wonder if there is any precedent of a team trading away a young player who is considered a superstar and face of the franchise.

  557. With JVG out of the way. It looks pretty convincing that MDA will be the next Rox HC. Hmm….

  558. yes, for now.

  559. Still it would mean that their valuation of Lin had changed 180 degrees.

  560. For NBA teams, millions means nothing. It’s a nice parting gift to Brown for endure the tanking job created by Hinkie.

  561. I have asked this many times. Can’t trust a FO playing political games. Imagine MDA’s disappointment of promises not fulfilled? Don’t want that to happen to Lin

  562. Cupcake recently said that neither Russel nor Clarkson are true PGs. I bet he would trade either one or both in a heartbeat for a better PG.

  563. Morey should be considered lucky that he’s still has a job.

  564. Maybe they first made a promise to Brown: Tank for a few seasons to get picks and then we promise you’ll get to coach the rebuilt team. Firing Brown now would be extremely unfair to him.

  565. He deserves to see through the process according to the new GM.

  566. Possibly but only if Brown is not showing anything this season.

  567. Alex likes him. Morey will stay… smh!

  568. May be wishful thinking from Houston… I don’t believe most news that come from the chronicle

  569. Morey also just got his contract extension a year ago I think.

  570. Since the HC is not Morey’s body this time, Morey will lose a lot of saying in personals.

  571. Hopefully Colangelo steps up and hires MDA to be head coach soon before he goes to the Rockets.

  572. Harden is definitely not a Nash-like PG. Nor is he willing to cooperate with one.

  573. I don’t think so…. Colangelo already said MDA may leave….

  574. Feigen is their number one reporter. Chron is their biggest PR machine. They would not say anything unless FO told them what to report.

  575. It’s from Jonathan I believe the news.

  576. They did since the trade for Harden.

  577. MDA’s system depends on the talent of the floor general, and Harden’s ability in this area is less than average in NBA.

  578. At this time I believe MDA and the Rockets are considered a done deal.

  579. Really? Why? What about Vogel?

  580. Based on Feigen’s report. It must be from the insider. They always send out test water news before the actual confirmation one.

  581. Either MDA is desperate to be a HC again, or he will take the offer back to Philly and say, promote me or I’m taking this job. Then it will be the Sixers call.

  582. If its true, no more sixers for lin?

  583. Harden’s very talented as a defensive matador

  584. Ya! Jonathan do have inside infor….

  585. We only trust Lin and wait. He has good team standing behind him, his family.

  586. I hope you are correct, 7J!

    Really hate to have Lin and MDA miss each other again!

  587. Well we still have Atkinson. Who knows? Maybe Lin even prefers Atkinson over MDA?

  588. Les, Morey and Houston do not deserve a coach who does what’s right

  589. What if MDA becomes head coach for rockets and try to bring lin as a starting PG with agreement from owner? Still No to Rockets?????

    I will still prefer Nets…

  590. definitely no to rockets ever again…
    what’s that saying? “fool me once…

  591. Harden is more like a SG. If Lin can be the PG and Harden the SG. AND Harden is willing to play team ball. The Rocket will be dangerous.

    Honestly, I think Harden is too spoiled to be a team player.

  592. Positive thinking ! Thank you.

  593. The only remaining problem would be Harden. If the owner could somehow guarantee that Harden will cooperate (like if doesn’t they’ll trade him) then it has potential.

  594. The idea is very welcome, the more bidders for Lin the better.

  595. No please!!!! Otherwise, I’ll have to mute all JLin’s games! I can’t stand the three stooges… 🙁

  596. did Lin turn down Rox last FA?

  597. The thought of MDA trolling them for lying to and treating Lin so badly is entertaining

  598. Did not hear any offer from them.

  599. Like Bosh!

  600. link please?

  601. exactly

  602. Yeah I don’t think that was reported but he did turn down the Lakers.

  603. That would be awesome

  604. recall reading somewhere that Lin dropped the offers from Lakers, GSW and Rox to join Hornets and was questioned then if he made the right decision.

  605. Brace yourselves since if MDA will go to Houston…Lin will be recruit hard by the Chokettes.The irony would be if Lin agreed to go back they will pay him more compare to the contract he signed when he was hated hard due to his contract.LOL

  606. no one can control harden who is more powerful than the head coach. it doesnt matter who coaches the rockets as long as harden is there. he’s just a loser, period.

  607. Could be. Sometimes it’s hard to separate reliable sauces from rumors. I remember the Lakers and GSW but not Rox being reported after FA. Before FA there were tons of reports by those Yibada types of publications saying that the Rox were definitely interested in Lin.

  608. dantoni is brilliant with Xs and Os stuff but he’s historically been bad at managing big-ego, selfish players. he can only fail in houston if he gets that job. and that’s fine for him, he will ‘step down’ like he did in NY and LA and collect his paycheck as he has done previously.

  609. Here is my speculation on Les.
    (1) “Run-N-Gun” for the team——-get MDA。
    (2) MDA may play Harden like he did to Kobe in LAL. If this doesn’t work out, trade him in his contract season. Harden has two seasons left and is easier to trade now.
    (3) Les may like MDA so much that Morey is going to lose lots of saying in players, if not his job.

  610. MJ, Kobe, LeBron definitely have/had unlimited power. But at what point does a team get fed up with the losing of a Melo or a Harden? I do believe that the Knicks might want to trade Melo if only he’d waive his NTC.

  611. He made the statement few weeks ago.. don’t have link now. Google it.

  612. Good, then Lin can pull a Bosh to drive up his FA value.

  613. Harden is now in no position like he was 2 seasons ago. He had no say and was exposed by horrible defense.

  614. I think if Alex really hires MDA then big reason it’s bc he wants Lin back. Well, when Lin was out of NYK, he only had 25 real NBA games but Harden on the other hand, just out of Final vs Heat… But now it’s different. What Lin did vs Heat in playoff showed he can be as good as any top player in the league. Maybe Alex will really trade Harden…. since no one likes him on the team. Maybe PB only…. LOL!

  615. you’re right. I do look at news sources and recall it was from xinhua news. These chinese news reporter tend to crowd the CA and Hou market… Now whether that is reliable is another question 🙂

  616. Your thoughts could be very well like Les’s thoughts

  617. harden got mchale fired. you dont get more powerful than that. he doesnt play defense and doesnt get punished for it. you dont get more powerful than that.

  618. my thoughts went that direction too when I heard it was Les decision for MDA round 2 interview.
    Morey contract was extended in early 2013 thru 2017-18, it was done at the high point of Lin and Harden duo chemistry on Rox. Les liked that team then. It won’t be difficult for him to let go of Morey at this time. Heck he is already taking control. Bet he hated what it has become this season.

  619. ROFL. K-fan site already has an “Official Fire MDA” thread going. These fans are just soooooooo bad.
    Lin, don’t ever go bad to Rockets please!

  620. I don’t think Les or D’Antoni are as focused on Jeremy Lin as we are. Les is worried about solving his huge Harden problem and D’Antoni is concerned with getting a HC job. They don’t always see Lin as the solution to all problems as we do.

    Of course they should, but they don’t.

  621. its like talking to child right? haha

  622. Exactly. True he can get 30, 40 pts per game but also took lots of shots by himself only… this team’s not good under him as #1 guy…. tons of problems in locker room. Alex knows more than anyone what’s going on in this team…

  623. that was bc he had an enabler. let’s see what happens if that enabler is no longer in control.

  624. If you were Lin at his prime of 27 years old, which one would you choose:
    1. Leading role:Kenny Atkinson’s “super-important PG is quarterback” Nets role OR
    2. Scapegoat role: the prospective “PG cornerback” role in HOU behind Harden

    I got a hunch Lin would understand MDA has to feature Harden heavily to keep his job so the Nets job would look more appealing (great coach & GM, adoring NY media, main guy to lead to playoff)

    The risk/reward will heavily favor the Nets Leading role over the Rockets ‘scapegoat’ role

  625. I think trust is important for Lin. I’m not sure if he can trust the Rockets’ organization…

  626. My thought exactly. Lin don’t need MDa to succeed .

  627. He cant ever trust them again. Id trust Knicks and LAL before Rox

  628. Even w MDA as HC in Rox (if that really happens…) I still don’t think Lin will be back w Harden on the team. As for Nets, so far looks good ….

  629. Don’t worry, Lin understands it even better.

  630. Never like office politics . Eye test shows Nets has more heart less bs in their press. I vote that Lin goes to Nets . No baggage and fresh new start to what I foresee a great season.

  631. I agree that Harden (and Melo) have that kind of power. But at some point they have to deliver.The first solution is always to fire the coach. But if Harden continues to collect money while destroying the team, somethings gotta give.

  632. Hmmm, maybe if they offer a max contract I’d trust them lol

  633. If money and term are very much the same, I would choose BrookLin.

  634. Alex Kennedy ✔ ‎@AlexKennedyNBA
    It’s been clear for quite some time that Dwight Howard would most likely leave Houston, but hiring Mike D’Antoni would ensure he’s gone.
    12:38 PM – 18 May 2016

  635. Even then. They gave Lin 15 mill the last year. Thats 20 plus million in the years cap space. Still benched him. Still traded him to the worst team in NBA.

  636. People please remember jersey gate. With Lins number while he was still on the team

  637. One day all that venom will catch up with them (if it hasn’t already)… heart-attack, high blood pressure, cancer

  638. And remember Clutchfans . Yuk

  639. It depends on what Lin wants. But to be honest, if MDA is the coach and they sign Lin for 12+m per season for 4 years, I will prefer him to join the Rockets in terms of chances to win a championship.

    Nets with Atkinson is good for Lin personally but they have very few assets to be able to go deep in the playoffs within the next 4 years. They can be a playooff contending team but a first round exit at best.

    Either team will be fine with me.

  640. They traded Lin so horrible remember the highlight or low light they made of Lin while he was on the lakers.

  641. I don’t think Lin likes chilling at the corner that much. So, no thanks. 🙂

  642. Totally forgot about D12… LOL! Rox don’t want to keep D12 as well. They already used Capela to replace him on lots of games.

  643. And waived him on Christmas! I’m still super mad about this. Hate Morey.

  644. It would be hard to take if Lin were to go back there since we’d have to deal with theses Clthfans all again…But I agree that if MDA and Les were to offer him$12M+ and a starting role beside Harden, it would be tough to decline it, unless Lin has other offers to start.

  645. Knowing Lin, even if Hou offers more money but he is not trusted as a PG, he’d go somewhere else

    Hard to see Lin ever accomplishes his All-Star goal playing behind Harden

  646. Was that before the knicks?

  647. true for that clutchfan base, they are horrible. But, no one can force us to join their forum. Ignore them as if they are not exist at all, peach of mind, haha.

  648. Very true but like Lin himself has said, money is important because it shows how much the team wants to invest in you.

  649. Right now if you look to the right there are links to sauces like Yibada, Sportsrageous, Inquistr that constantly have rumors of Lin going to almost every possible team. When there is a rumor with any legs, you will see it in some more recognizable publication like ESPN, SI, etc. and often more than one source reports the same rumor.

  650. Hope they will enjoy (more like suffer) their first round exits for years to come.

  651. if money is much better from HOU, I would still choose BRK, or even PHI without MDA, or even LAL.

  652. Yup. But, it was still done by this terrible organization and GM.

  653. You may be right….There were reports that Les really liked Lin and had apologized to Lin for something but don’t remember.

    Maybe the MDA possible hiring could be an attempt to bring back Lin to Houston.

  654. Well, a team cannot prevent an assoc/asst coach from interviewing with another team just because they may promote him next year.

  655. If MDA got the job and Rockets go after Lin, that’s a good news. Now Brooklyn and/or 76ers can not low ball offer on Lin.

  656. All that Lin went trough. To over come what went on in Roxland. This past season of great teammates. Saying he enjoyed played for the first time in a while. All of this is a reaction to what happen in roxland. IDK ..Rox would be a tough pill to swallow. Even with MDA

  657. Yes, I’m not worried at all about Lin actually taking an offer with Houston, even if they do have D’Antoni. Lin isn’t dumb. He knows that D’Antoni won’t be able to change Harden one bit.

  658. You are right More bidders more better lol

  659. Actually, I think Atkinson will be super happy if MDA take the Rockets job. That means 76ers loses their MDA appeal. And, we all agree JLin wouldn’t go back to that toxic organization known as Rockets.

  660. u make good point

  661. Many NBA Analysts concluded this Rockets team is broken and toxic. And they will remain broken as long as Harden refuses to play defense and share the ball with big men like Howard. Without teamwork and strong team defense, they’ll be struggling to make the playoff in the next 3-4 years. And Howard might be leaving soon.

    After JLin experienced great team chemistry in the Hornets, he might lean to choose a team with similar healthy team culture.

    Of course it’s really up to Lin, but knowing how important trust and team chemistry for JLin to play basketball with joy, I’d be surprised if he chooses to go back to this toxic environment.

  662. Get a Max from Rox first. Then make Harden going back to his usual role, the best 6th man. Then a full clean house, purging Morey power. Then suddenly it is a team with bright future.

    Oh, am i dreaming?

  663. I had never heard that he had also turned down the Lakers and Rox..but I had heard that GSW wanted Lin but Lin was not ready to play to very small role that GSW was offering.

    From my understanding, Lakers were going in another direction by drafting a PG and never extended a contract to Lin.

    As for the Rockets, they already had Ty Lawson in mind.

  664. linsanity 2.0 coming soon to New York?

  665. Exactly ! The more bidder the better. Lin has proven his top winning talent with or without MDA when he is empowered on the court.

  666. Lin fan should not take the rumors coming out of source like Yibada, Sportrageous or Inquistr, too serious…These guys are making up fake rumors simply to get clicks.

    Many of their articles are simply re-written rumors from other publication.

    I frankly get annoyed when someone post a Link to these fake articles on here.

  667. Lin liked all of his Knick teammates with the exception of Melo. He liked all of his Rox teammates with the exception of Harden. And he liked all of his Laker teammates with the exception of Kobe. For example, Swaggy, Hill, Boozer, Ellington, Davis, he loved all those guys. As far as I can tell, he hated playing on the Rox and Lakers because of the coaches McHale and Byron. So this idea that Lin wants to return to Charlotte because of great teammates… I mean, how could he enjoy watching Kemba iso so much and icing him out?

  668. I will be okay with Lin going to Rockets if he gets a max contract AND final authority over player personnel… if you get what I mean. lol

  669. or a contract bigger than harden’s.

  670. The Vertical ‏@TheVertical 2h2 hours ago
    Summer agenda: Charlotte Hornets. Front-Office Insider @BobbyMarks42 on @TheVertical.

    “The issue for Charlotte is that with a weak free-agent point-guard class, Lin could be off the board within the first few days of free agency.”

  671. Jeremy lin and Kenny Atkinson workout…

  672. . So this idea that Lin wants to return to Charlotte because of great teammates… I mean, how could he enjoy watching Kemba iso so much and icing him out?
    I don’t get this part? I wasn’t talking about charlotte ?

  673. Last year took for ever. So the shorter the better

  674. Make it happen already

  675. I am glad Lin fans here always get things right way ahead of the outside world.

  676. “This past season of great teammates. Saying he enjoyed played for the first time in a while.”

    This is in reference to Charlotte isn’t it? And it’s the main reason why many think he would want to return.

    I just wanted to point out that Lin always likes his teammates. It’s the coaches who made his life so miserable in the previous seasons.

  677. Where did you correlate the two. i for one don’t want him to go back there. Still he may want a team with a good culture. Like Kenny Atkinson said he wanted. An unselfish high character individuals.

  678. Wow, like hot cake.

  679. The more the merrier!I can see him getting 12-17mil/yr with a 4th yr option

  680. I trust my eye tests more than the so called analysts, but it just me. They are considered as broken and toxic mainly because Harden and Howard do not gell and prolly hating each other. So its not a bad thing that Howard opts out. They would have more cap space to recruit solid players to suit what MDA needs.

    Defense from Harden is horrible but they are talking about to hire a defensive guru to help MDA for that matter.

    For the Hornets, they were not utilizing Lin to his strength and played him mostly at SG and defense. Even when Walker off the court, Lin was not really the pg so to speak. Many times there were broken plays that Lin had to do something out of nothing. Worse that is He’ll never start, so I don’t really care whether they play team ball or not. Lin was lucky that he shone when Batumn and Kamba injured and those games were nationally broadcasted. Otherwise, Lin may not have too many options to choose.

    Not saying that Rockets are the ideal team for Lin. If he opt for playing for fun or individual performance rather than for win, all good for me. If so, even the Sixers with all the young talents are better than the Rockets.

    Without playing alongside a superstar, you can hardly win. That’s why I will not object if Lin goes back to the Knicks with Melo and Porzingis (he’ll be a great great P&R partner with Lin) if they sign him for 12+m and being the starting pg.

    All in all, the most likely scenario, Nets seem to be mostly the logic choice and I will happy with it.

  681. What a difference then and now. He used to practice a lot of ball handling, now with the Hornets, all we saw was shooting 3, lots of those.

  682. I’m saying that once the coach in Houston, McHale, is replaced, the culture is already much better. Playing alongside Kemba is perhaps even worse than playing alongside Harden.

  683. Not to argue at all, just saying that Lin always will find some way to praise his teammates. He praised playing with Kobe to the sky, even though it was obviously a poor fit.

    I wonder how he feels in his heart of hearts, playing with Kemba and Batum. From a basketball perspective, how does he feel deep inside about Kemba bricking a ton of shots in that Kings game?

    For some reason, the press ran with this narrative that Charlotte was a great fit, and that Lin had found inner happiness. Statistically, his numbers were down.

    Probably because he didn’t have an openly hostile coach calling him soft all the time, lol.

  684. Agree with your post but just want to clarify regarding “He praised playing with Kobe to the sky.” Lin did that very early in the season. Like the first week or two. After that he never said another word about Kobe, good or bad.

  685. True, but he did give Kobe a lot of praise this year during the retirement tour. If asked about Kobe, he will always move to something positive. Reporters still ask him what he learned about playing with Kobe, and Lin will always come up with something creative.

  686. Lin is great fit for the Hornets but Hornets is not the good fit for Lin. Lin was lucky that there were injuries of other players for him had a chance to shine.

  687. JR Smith? ^_^

  688. Lol, even he was ok until he saw Lin’s salary.

  689. Not playing along side either maybe even better??

  690. Right, he has to add to the chorus of how great Kobe was and if asked what he learned form him he’ll say, to be very detail oriented. But he once said that Kobe had shown him “nothing but kindness.” He would never repeat that again.

  691. Read the 1st sentence, and I am already excited!!!
    “The Vertical Front-Office Insider Bobby Marks, a 20-year executive with the Nets…”

    Wow insider information!

  692. Sure, I’d rather Troy Daniels was his back-court partner.

  693. My guess is that pic was taken while he was on the route to Iceland. Remember he had to fly from SF to Iceland. Didn’t believe there was a direct flight from SF to Iceland. So, the pic was taken while JLin had a transit in NY. No drama to me:-)

  694. Anyways all these bidders. Is good news ofr Lin. Lol the harvard grade will make the best choice undoubtedly

  695. Last summer the FA was so intense. So much suspense and anticipation. It was fun and this year should be even better!

  696. It should be much quicker. His value is way up. Or Lin can make them wait like they did him last year lol

  697. They’re going to have to have a fire sale on these:

    What’s H?T Wednesday ➡ #JeremyLin #NBAPlayoffs Jersey #Hornets

  698. How about this? He also wrote:

    However NBA teams do not operate in a perfect world.

    The challenge of bringing back Lin could mean Charlotte will be looking for a backup point guard.

    HE’S GONE!

  699. Quick is good! Quick is a good sign that both sides got what they wanted.

  700. Just wonder about JH: Believe JH just finished his 4th season in Rockets. Is he RFA or FA in a sense this summer? Any idea?? Just curious about Rox situation. If MDA to Rox, wonder the possibility of JLin joins him there with/without JH.

  701. Still 2 more years. Last year is team option.

  702. Really!!!! So, Rox resigned him last yr. mmmmh. Not so good then if JLin goes back there with him and DM are still in Rox. Nopnopnop.

  703. Is Morey trolling us? Going after MDA So Lin will not reunite with him?

  704. Next season can be Harden’s last year w Rox if thing’s still not working out for the team… They can trade him…. Just read from Fox Sports….

    A person familiar with the organization told Sporting News that landing Hawks star Al Horford is the Rockets’ top-line goal in free agency, and Ryan Anderson also would be a possibility. Also, expect Morey to be creative when pursuing sign-and-trade deals involving star players like Blake Griffin, Jimmy Butler or Carmelo Anthony, should they become available.

  705. So D’Antoni could be coaching Harden and Melo? lol

  706. Melo will not come. But Jimmy Butler is SG… w Harden?

  707. The NBA makes strange bedfellows

  708. how much of the MDA to Houston talk is a chess play to get rid of Howard? hold on a minute my tin foil hat is a bit tight…..

  709. Still hope MDA can have another HC offer bc as long as Morey is GM, he will not have good life in Rox. Just saw some tweets from Rox media… as usual not high on him like they way they treated Lin…. smh! Hate them.

  710. Can’t they just trade D12 if they want to get rid of him?

  711. Seems like Clarkson will be FA. D’ AngeloSnitchsell is immature, not sure whether he has an ego. I thought BS tried his best to destroy E angelo’s self confidence.

  712. 1. Carmelo managed MDA out of a job
    2. Kobe managed MDA out of a job
    3. Harden managed McHale out of a job
    I’m sure MDA is looking forward to “managing” Harden.

    Each time rumors of MDA as a head coach away from Sixers hits the media there ensues a big uproar and we all fall for it. Pacers, Suns, Nets, Wolves etc…etc…

    Will anyone at this point really be surprised if MDA ends up NOT going to Houston? There are only 3 more head coaching vacancies left up for grabs – MDA for certainly will get one of those.

  713. Its almost like Morey has complete control over the Houston media. Oh wait, I’ve seen this show before!

  714. Ya! That evil guy just never changes…. smh!

  715. Ya! Morey starts his work now. smh! Use media power to trash him first then if he really comes… more later… smh!

  716. For those who haven’t listened to how Kenny Atkinson answered about JLin question during interview, it’s worth listening yourself how he reacted (with laughter knowing the Lin question will come up)

    ICYMI Kenny Atkinson Linterview Question [6:38]
    “Will there be mutual Linterest b/w u+Nets with @JLin7?”

  717. What if…
    1) Les is sick of Morey creating such a bad rep for Rockets, he offers GM & head coach to MDA
    2) Lakers is such a sucker for stars that they will trade #2 pick and bunch of young players for Har_en
    3) MDA and Les get their star PG back, and run the high octane offence all the way to WCF

    Bonus: TV station get rid of the three stooges…

    Wouldn’t this be ideal?:)

  718. wow, this is Chris Baldwin’s twitter bio:

    Editor | SEO Strategist | Entourage Leader — Digital director @PaperCityMag, put @CultureMap on the map, built @WorldGolf, defend Jeremy Lin, pull for MSU

  719. Thanks, he is not talking much

  720. Dantoni please resist the devils’ lure!!Your coaching career will finish in one month!

  721. Last time Bryan Colangelo was frontrunner for the Nets. Then Sean Marks got hired and Colangelo signed with Daddy.

    We will see

  722. Baldwin’s at 999 followers. Give him another follow to hit 1000!

  723. It is so true though. Chris has been a Lin defender since day one. He is like the Robin Lundberg in Houston.

  724. that was fast, he’s over 1000 =)

  725. I think his laughter says it all. He is excited about the thought of JLin. Anything after that is just PR stuff… hehehe

  726. Complete Q&A
    Nice 2nd try by the host to ask about Lin opinion

    Host: Will there be mutual Linterest between you, the Nets with @JLin7?
    KA: jovial *laugh*
    Host: “…You have a relationship with him. He will be a Free Agent! You know he’s opting out. I think he has a player option so does that seem like a perfect marriage?”
    KA: You guys know I can’t talk about any .. any Free Agents. I uhm, uhm not allowed to do it.
    I think across the board when I look at the names, there is a lot of interesting guys out there
    Ya’ know from 1st option to 2nd option then some guys way down the list that are probably undervalued in the league so we really have to dig into that and make the right decision .. and like you guys said, sell something to these guys that there’s a great thing going on, there’s change in the air.
    And at the end of the day, it’s New York. And it’s a great market. There’s a ton of potentials here so I think we’re gonna get some good guys here

    (2nd try)
    Host: As far as .. (and this is not about signing him anymore, I’ve moved on. Until he opts out, you can’t talk about him )
    KA: yup
    Host: got a lot of credit (and rightfully so) for the development of Jeremy Lin and Linsanity. but the guy has become real solid NBA player in this league, not just the run that he had with the Knicks. What did you see in Jeremy Lin? I kind of looked at what you were able to do with Lin as “Hey, hopefully he’s able to do that with a lot of guys with this team because of the situation that you’re in .. so with Lin specifically, what did you do with him? What did you see in him where he blossomed into a really good NBA player?
    KA: Listen.. ugh, I’m glad you put some other but across the board, ..I think my mindset is developing a C-rated player to a B-rated player, a B-rated player to an A-rated player. Listen player makes player.. coaches guide them. …
    I kinda shy away from ‘You made him’, he made himself these players .. Again, I look at ATL …

  727. You are right. There is no good ending with this… none.

  728. Ya! I also think that laughter is good sign….

  729. Yeah, the media is already saying Morey wants JVG as coach, but Les is more interested in MDA in order to run a high pace system.
    Just like years ago… Les wanted Lin. Morey didn’t.

  730. Exactly. The same trick. Use media to question his skill & trash him before he even comes… create bad coach image for fans to hate him. smh!

  731. Sounds nice…
    Would also need to eliminate klutchfans and Houston’s hateful fanbase lol

    Houston simply does not deserve Lin or MDA

  732. “down the list that are probably undervalued in the league so we really have to dig into that and make the right decision .. and like you guys said, sell something to these guys that there’s a great thing going on, there’s change in the air. ”

    VERY INTRIGUING – Lin is definitely undervalued in the league

  733. I don’t know what Les sees in the guy! He is so terrible in building a team! Always trading and dealing. Never values teamball and chemistry… The exact opposite of our boy.

  734. Chris Baldwin is awesome

  735. These JLin fans are so hard to please… hahaha

    Yeah, this is a tough one. I have tried but it looks like JLin going back to Houston is still a bad idea. LOL

  736. Morey & Harden have to out of Rox before they can start to work again…. smh!

  737. Only good ending is if they fire Morey and trade Harden.

  738. and sign JLin 😉

  739. yes.. his tone was serious and professional but he genuinely laughed when he heard the Lin question

    He avoided talking about Lin and talked in generalities but I thought he complimented Lin by saying players made players.

    Very good sign indeed 🙂

  740. Indeed he is

  741. I’m also very impressed with the hosts. They say Lin is now a REAL SOLID player in NBA. I sense that they are excited about signing our boy too.
    So funny they work different angle to try and get coach to talk. Good hosts.

  742. yes, the hosts did their research trying to get Atkinson to talk about Lin directly and indirectly 🙂
    I think they’re excited to see what Atkinson can do with Lin after his comment the previous day about PG is super-important like a quarterback

  743. Oh I am excited to see that too!!! Lin quarterbacking a downhill offence.
    I’m more exited about this than the GSW vs OKC game tonight. LOL

  744. That’s sounds like a lot of work…. A mountain would be moved with that much effort…

  745. They should fire Morey…

  746. When will all draft begin???

  747. Agree. It is effortless to just sign with Brooklyn. And, everything else is much better with NY anyway. 🙂

  748. The 2016 NBA draft will be held on June 23, 2016, at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

  749. Just curious. Who’s still on Nets payroll for next season? Lopez and Thed Young?

  750. NETS definitely value Lopez and Young. Remember towards the end of season, Nets is going nowhere anyway, they rest Lopez and Young for the last few games to make sure both guys are healthy and not injured

  751. They’re both big men. Who are the swingmen and would still be on their payroll next year?

  752. There is more than a month away. Very interesting. Thought it happens now.

  753. Lin to the nets is a risky proposition. they were terrible this year and they werent tanking either because boston has their pick. the only 2 players worth talking about on that team is brook and thad. bog, RHJ and Trob are nice young players too but the rest of the roster is filled with crap players like shane larkin. it’s downright scary how many moves they would have to make just to make 8th seed… nets are in full blown rebuild mode and would have to sign a bunch of good players for lin to play with. can lin take so much loosing after what happened in LA?

    very conflicted as a lin fan. starting isnt everything. minutes and role are…

    one scenario that i cant stop thinking about is if dwight signs with hornets. lamb can be traded, lee is a luxury and can walk if he wants too much. both batum and dwight need to agree to far less than max. both marv and lin need to take a discount.


    that team can make it to the ECF and compete with lebron…

  754. Would you believe they’re still paying Deron Williams, too? Here’s a list of their projected payroll, ar least so far …

  755. Got this from RealGM…

    Guaranteed Contracts (6): Bojan Bogdanovic, Ronda Hollis-Jefferson, Sean Kilpatrick, Brook Lopez, Chris McCullough, Thaddeus Young

    Partial/Non-Guaranteed Contracts (1): Jarrett Jack

    Potential Free Agents (7): Markel Brown, Wayne Ellington, Sergey Karasev, Shane Larkin, Willie Reed, Thomas Robinson, Donald Sloan
    “Dead” Money on Cap (2): $323,599 (Andrea Bargnani), $5,474,787 (Deron Williams)
    First Round Draft Picks: None


    a bunch of garbage if you ask me… the only thing bklyn has going for them is cap space. but them being so bad last season and so poorly run the years before, can they attract any talent?

  757. Another scenario is for Lin to be with Memphis. Many writers talked about this: since Spurs is interested in Conley and if MC goes to Spurs or another team then Lin signing with Memphis is very possible. He will be going to a playoff contending team and be a starter.

  758. No they’re not paying Dwill anymore. It’s just his salary is still counting to the cap. They already bought him out.

  759. Kemba alone would not take them anywhere far.

  760. Hornets were .400 team last season before Lin signed with them.

  761. You really want Lin to backup Kemba and Batum again? And get to run the point for about 4 minutes a game?

  762. memphis is in turmoil. plus they were never a real contender anyways, especially in the west.

  763. say what you will about him but kemba is not pure garbage like shane larkin. and batum though not a #1 option is still a good player. lin + thad and brook isnt enough. many moves would have to be made….

  764. Yet Lin’s 3 point attempts were very low this season and 3 pointers was by far his worst due to the new shooting form.

  765. i still have hope for the hornets. kemba played so many minutes it got him another knee surgery. the lamb experiment will hopefully end. get mkg back and lin is in a good position for quality minutes and role on a WINNING team….

  766. Lin/Ellington/BB/Young/Brook can make the playoffs in the EC. And that’s without adding any other FAs.

  767. they got the pick order already.

  768. 3 most important positions are there as starters, adding two more shouldn’t be problem. Hornets still have much work to do to convince more than half of their regular rotation to stay and most of them want a lot of $$$$$$$$.

    Kemba is not a team player and his career has proven my point. Shane might and might not be a Net but he’s a good backup for Lin.

  769. Most think MKG would reduce Lin’s minutes as Batum would play even more SG.

  770. Not it’s toxic because of Harden more than Dwight. You people seem to forget how badly they treated Lin with their false news to that totally hurt his value and image!

  771. That lineup is much better and younger than the group during Linsanity.

  772. if nets is risky, hornets is suicidal

  773. Lol.

  774. It makes me drool! Lol

  775. no, kemba really is pure garbage. his isolation costed countless games including game 6 & 7

  776. First round? They won’t even make playoffs next season.

  777. No worse teammates than those in LInsanity games

  778. Morey and Harden would both have to go for Lin to even consider.

  779. Lol, you already knew and experienced what it is for the entire season and you still have hope?

  780. and 1 and 2.

  781. Trade Harden and fire Morey but their fans are racist so no thanks. I don’t think MDA will sign with Rockets, just leverage for Sixers to give him HC job. Either that or Rockets really want Howard to opt out by hiring MDA since he hates him.

  782. Howard is a risk though. Injuries, will he get along with others? And how can Lin get his 28 mpg with these guys? I don’t see Lin closing too many games with that starting lineup unless they go small to replace Dwight when hack-a-Dwight would come into play.

    Nets as is, has issues. Even with Atkinson and Marks, the personnel is a work in progress. In my house analogy in FA, the Nets are a fixer-upper. Will be nice in time perhaps.

  783. I agree. I like Gasol, ZBo with Lin I don’t see as well, and we’ll see what type of new offense they’ll put in place. And in the West, they don’t seem like they can go far into the playoffs. Hornets are a better bet. They can go deep into the playoffs with Lin. Without him next season, I see them in the playoffs perhaps, but Lin just adds so much to that team.

  784. Another coaching door closed. D’antoni to rockets even closer

  785. no, just no….

  786. NYK was not even consider MDA at all.

  787. Former employee with unpleasant breaking up. No way.

  788. Odd. Hornacek doesn’t run triangle at all or anything resembling it. He runs a double-barreled PG, spread PnR offense. That’s not Melo-friendly either.

  789. Some of Lin’s most die-hard fans wouldn’t watch his games anymore. It would be a catastrophe.

  790. I think you might actually BE your avatar.

  791. Hornets are a loser org with bad GM, coach, star and culture. Lin should never go back to any other teams he’s played for with owners and people in charge that have treated him with Asian discount.

  792. Knicks need a PG. Hope JLin doesn’t go there as long as Melo still there. No more iso ball hogs.

    Alex Kennedy ‏@AlexKennedyNBA 3m3 minutes ago

    Last year, Jeff Hornacek had PGs Eric Bledsoe, Goran Dragic, Isaiah Thomas, Brandon Knight throughout season. He’d take any of them in NY.

  793. We shall see…

    In the meantime you need to go back to the drawing board and find an option that doesn’t involve backing up Kemba.

  794. just run a 3 guard rotation with kemba, lin, batum. kemba played way too much last season and his knee surgery is testament to that. lamb and lee messed this up last season. in my scenario, that wouldnt be the case cuz they’d be gone. depending on matchup, you can close wth kemba, lin, batum, mkg, dwight.

  795. Yes I saw that. I’m more interested in who and where:-) Not sure I know much about this but am just curious of what each team chooses.

  796. No chance while Melo’s still there, but any leverage he can use to get a FAT contract from Brooklyn would be great. Right now, he’s probably looking at 10-12M per. But with a couple other offers, he can jump to 12-14M.

  797. That’s mean.

  798. OT:Your profile photo hurts my eyes, Mr. Infinite Wisdom.

    Of all images available, why did you choose that of Public Enemy no. X? Lol.

  799. Well, get the job first…. He will say whatever please PJ in interview…. LOL!

  800. Hornets will not get Lin back, might lose Batum, Lee, Williams. Jefferson will stay though.

  801. Melo wants Rondo.

  802. get rid of lamb and lee and things open up. play mkg at 4 and things open up. why do you guys want him on a bad team? makes no sense…

  803. I think they need to go find a backup for Kemba because Lin is gone.

  804. Lin usually came into the game to replace Lee or Batum and played alongside Kemba for about 4 minutes or more. Then Kemba would go off, Batum would come back on the floor or Lee and Lin would play with them. Lin was a 6th man on the Hornets, not the way strictly backup players are used. And the point here is look at the strength of the team and how far Lin would go into the playoffs, so it is a different priority than Lin must start where it is available with the hope that he can turn so-so players into a team of playoff contenders. That’s something some can believe and think can happen and others can assess that is so unlikely to happen, it’s not worth it for him.

  805. In combination with his handle, t’s the epitome sarcasm.

  806. The likelihood of MDA getting the Rockets jobs seems stronger now. Not saying it is imminent, but the buzz I’m reading on social media is pointing in that direction.

  807. Lin is going to where he will be the PG, period. The days to replace Lee, Batum and Kemba are over.

  808. Local guys like Evan Roberts like Lin a lot. So does Ian Eagle, the Nets broadcaster. The Knicks announcers, the great Mike Breen who you hear doing the the Eastern finals games and Clyde Frazier, like Lin. If you were in NY when Linsanity happened, and then you saw him come back and take it to the Knicks, you know what he’s capable of doing.

  809. you forgot the part where that option has to include winning. unless bklyn can make some big FA signings, that’s a BAD team… look at their stats. it’s horrific for a team not trying to lose…

  810. Gotta admit, I’m pretty Kemba’d out.

  811. I see. Thank you.

    Unfortunately, that avatar evokes multiple emotions: anger, disgust and contempt.

  812. relax, he’s fired and a laughing stock. lin fans won 🙂

  813. Lin specializes in turning bad teams into playoff teams, it’s what he does.

  814. When Kemba and Batum are on the court together they do not share the ball with Lin at all. Lin just stands in the corner and plays D. So not only didn’t he get to play PG, he doesn’t get any touches at all.

  815. Well many people thought very little of Memphis last season, and they made it to playoffs. I don’t think Hornets is a real contender in the east either. I used to be more neutral about Lin staying at CHA. But the way Clifford treat him in Game 6, and 7 changed my mind. Even if Lin is not going to be a starter, I prefer he backup Rose at Chicago as PG. At CHA he is playing backup SG, combo whatever, if he is lucky he may be PG for 5 mins a game

  816. No, you have it backward.

    Be a starter leading the team as the PG to get the win OR sitting on the bench watching others trying to do so?

  817. Another Jeremy call Lamb, seriously they already paid him a 3 yr contract.

  818. Really? Rondo has a lot of baggage. Are they friends?

  819. again i’ll give it back to you, thats what we call what if….too much too early to specukate and i know you hate speculation.

  820. Batum as primary ball-handler (so “PG” Kemba can focus on “shooting”) is a failed experiment from the get-go. Batum’s not even a guard, he’s an SF by craft, and is often haphazard with ball, leading to many careless TOs. The last successful PG with that size in recent was Magic Johnson.

  821. I always thought Batum will stay b/c CHA will pay max. But some writers are floating this around – that Batum is actually better than D DeR bcause Batum can shoot 3. So others team will be trying to sign Batum. Lee will definitely go. It is suggested that the LAKERS should sign Lin and Williams.

  822. It usually doesn’t work that way. When an assistant interviews for a job the organization says good luck and that’s that. If the HC gets fired the first assistant usually gets the interim job. MDA is looking for an HC job wherever he can get one and the Philly management knows it.

  823. I hope Lin and Williams will somewhat go to 76’ers or Nets.This 2 can easily be acquired by a lot of means on these two teams

  824. better have an option to chose from that just to accept only one team who wants you

  825. DeLorean, back to the future car. He drove it and hit 88 mph and then he took a Concorde that took a special trip to Iceland from NYC and then back to Iceland. It was all to go to a restaurant and take a pic with a fan. 🙂

  826. at least melo know that rondo pass the ball and doesn’t play hero and shoot

  827. again, i have hope their chemistry will get better.

  828. Hornets might get stuck with a ton of cash but no one to buy. That’s why they’ve been hyping up how much everyone loves playing for Cliff. If they lose Batum, etc they will become desperate for Lin but hopefully he will be gone by then.

  829. winning is FAR from guaranteed in the nba. even curry on the 76ers wouldnt be a playoff team. nets need major acquisitions for them to even be close to 8th seed.

  830. They lost DWill and Jack got injured. Replacing no PG with Lin should improve the team dramatically. They did make the playoffs the year before.

  831. this is simply not true. linsanity doesnt happen without tyson chandler. and he’s no scrub. no player can play with scrubs and win, NOBODY. lin needs help. if the nets dont make signings, then lin would be wasting his prime in a rebuild…

  832. I understand it. The hope is Lin plays PG, uplifts and improves his teammates, and then gets the stats as a 32 MPG starting PG that he can’t get as a 26 mpg 6th man. In a few seasons, some say 1 or 2, Lin can lead a team to the playoffs. So, the team won’t stay bad and the full Lin will get his chance.

  833. I agree. I said Steff had Clay and Draymond, LeBron has Love and Kyrie and heck, Garnett couldn’t get past the first round with the Timberwolves and then got his chip with Allen and Pierce and the biggest of all, Jordan needed Pippen. Lin with scrubs will be a frustrated Lin. And he doesn’t deserve that either.

  834. Maybe. I’ll say it got better Lin and Batum and then in the playoffs, Lin and Kemba was exciting and awesome at times. “slash brothers” was very cool for the few games it happened. But all 3 together is a challenge.

  835. Batum is something of a “point forward”. Magic was a true point guard, just taller than most.

  836. I think PJ finally decided to ditch the triangle. Or at least not insist on just the triangle.

  837. i understand it too, but it’s not that easy to contend in the nba. plus the nets as a franchise messed up trading all their picks away. deron is still on the cap, etc. there’s a LOT of work to do to contend. philly is even worse. the tanking has destroyed their perception within the league. no free agent wants to go there. they will need to stop tanking and grow organically with their young talent. only then can they start to entice free agents…

  838. I don’t really agree with it. I’m for play with the best talent so they can lift your game while you lift their games and get to the playoffs. As you know, I’m OK with Lin in a Manu Ginobili 6th man role if it is a team, like the Spurs, that will use him like prime Manu and not like a backup (minutes AND involvement). And if he starts somewhere (would be great), I prefer a team with a modern multi-facilitator offense that is a sure playoff contender or close to it and over the top with the addition of Lin or Lin and others this season. I’m into seeing Lin go to the playoffs and make his mark. This year was a start to that, and I want to see him build off of the Hornets-Heat series. I think he’s a big-game player, there aren’t many big games on losing teams.

  839. the east was still terrible the year before and they also had joe johnson.

  840. There will be rumors all over the place but until the draft day no way to know for sure. So many foreign players as well as all the USA players. A few even right out of high school maybe. Some of the players will get drafted and immediately traded. It really is a chaotic event

  841. I think at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter where Lin goes, AS LONG AS IT’S A TEAM THAT RESPECT HIM AND WILLING TO BUILD AROUND HIM. After all these years of journey and harsh tests, I think Lin has earned it like Hercules did with his quests. He deserves to be up there with the Olympian gods…

  842. I honestly don’t think teams will build around Lin. That’s just not what I see from today’s NBA. I think they may have him as a crucial piece, but they tend to build around “star” players or younger potential star players. Guys like KAT and Wiggins, Okafor and maybe Simmons if he is drafter by the 76ers, Harden on the Rox (for now), those types. As you see, Hornets are trying to build around Batum, but he’s not really a star.

  843. Good post – that is what the NBA should do. The NBA though is a black man’s industry and an Asian man does not compete from an equal footing so of course it is much tougher for our JLIN to get a fair shake.

  844. Lin going back to the Hornets with a pay cut??? You think Lin’s play time would somehow mysteriously increase with Dwight Howard on the team? Let me tell you BS, no team in the NBA would trade for Lamb with his 7 mil/year contract. Hornets is stuck with him. If Lin is to go back to the Hornets he’s right back on the bench. It’ll be Bench Force One all over with either Cody or Big Al. The bulk of Lin’s time will still be playing with Kemba as SG. Howard is not a PnR guy, he likes his ball at the low post. So when Lin is on the floor with Kemba and Howard, good luck in getting the touches. Starting isn’t everything, minutes and role aren’t either. It’s the touches that count.

  845. And Hornet fans are gonna lose 🙂

  846. Yes I remember I saw this last summers. Not going to pay much attention on this. Can’t wait for JLin’s Taiwan and China trip. Hopefully we will hear more about all these from JLin himself then:-)

  847. Don’t know who started the Point Forward non-sense, but pretty sure Melo pushed the idea into prominence. The only thing that makes even less sense is Point Center.

  848. It’s not an issue of chemistry, it’s the coach’s intentional game plan.

  849. Last season Dolan said no… so not only do Knicks have to get rid of Carmelo they also have to get rid of the owner (who still holds a grudge)

  850. Lin and Harden make better slash brothers, but the small-minded Morey didn’t want that to happen. It was more about getting revenge on the Linsanity humiliation than the team’s benefit.

    Kemba is an undersized, less talented Harden who has worse court vision and can’t pass.

  851. draymond green anyone? point center isnt a joke if you have the right players…

  852. saw a very nice Chinese painting of Jlin in the thread of JeremyLin at the Hives forum. You have to scroll down to the bottom

  853. Frankly I’m tired of even speaking about the Hornets. JLIN has already put the Hornets in the rear view mirror and within about 45 days we all will as well.

    The die-hard Hornets fans who still hoping beyond hope that JLIN remains Kemba’s perennial backup constantly bring up how wonderful this middling team is so at this point we still do discuss CHA if merely to rebut Hornet’s fans that their team is actually a “loser org”.

    I suspect soon we will all gratefully move on from ANY discussion whatsoever of them apart from occasionally noting how terrible Hornets became after the JLIN era.

  854. Steve Novak was, and now is again, a scrub. But during Linsanity he was hot and shooting the lights out. Fields was a rook and now not even in the league anymore. Toney Douglas was borderline. Bibby and Baron Davis were way past expiration date. Should I even continue on with Billy (now Henry) Walker, Jerome Jordan, and

    Jeffries was an excellent blue collar D guy, but lacked offense. Shumps was green and hurt, STAT was old and hurt. Tyson Chandler was the only healthy/prime player during Linsanity. In all honesty, the Linsanity squad was really no better than the current Nets.

    On the flip side, I do think Brook Lopez style is not as compatible with Lin’s as was Tyson Chandler’s.

  855. Truth!

  856. Stacking stars is no guarantee for success, gotta do the Pops way: get green guys with potential and take time to teach and develop them INTO stars. There’s a very good reason why the Spurs is a perennial playoff team.

  857. If they miss playoff entirely, they would enter lottery and may get lucky. If they lose in the first round, then they are stuck in mediocrity forever! Hahaha… evil me laughing ?

  858. Or just troll by his numerous odd posts

  859. Draymond Green is a Power Forward, not Center. And he’s not better than Curry at Point.

  860. some people tends to be selective with their history. nyk had stu who was always hurt, melo who was also injury prone that time..smith who was ok his first game but did grow horn studded team that’s why they made into the playoff then? who was their star then? and some dare to say some teams now can’t do it because of their roster?

  861. BS should be immortalized with Byron Scott Memorial Hall of Shame, the opposite of Naismith.

  862. Hahaha, Melo had a chronic crotch issue, not dissimilar to Batum’s chronic toe “issue” this year.

    I can see many are subliminally buying into LeBron’s Dream Team and Morey’s “Big Three” theory. The Spurs also have big three, but they were molded and properly cultured, NOT stacked via shortcut.

    I miss the old days when players had guts and fought hard for the team, instead of “if you can’t beat them, join them”. Imagine if Larry Bird called Magic and tried to join forces…

  863. And he’s turning 28
    You usually build around younger players

  864. It depends on the skillset, and the right combination of coach/PG. D’Antoni/Nash was the perfect example, transforming 29-53 Suns into 62-20 in ONE YEAR.

  865. Lamb’s a pure SG through and through, he can’t handle the ball but tries to do it, and bad D.

  866. If they do get DH12, thats a game changer but if Lin is gonna be a back up PG and still take a pay cut, he can be it on a much better team

  867. I have reasons to believe that the CAA is at least partially behind Lin’s (and mostly likely also Yi Jianlian’s) predicament. Yao being Asian in a black league had no issues and was successful. Lin was asked to join CAA during the height of Linsanity, after D’Antoni was ousted, but Lin refused.

  868. Yao Ming is a 7’6″ freak-of-nature, there is no problem for the average American to embrace someone like Yao in the NBA because historically, Asians have been viewed as sub-human, circus sideshows, chattel laborers and Yao’s other-worldy size played right into that stereotype.

    JLIN is a normal human being like the rest of us – that is not acceptable in the NBA.

  869. Long before. Don Nelson called Anthony Mason a “point forward” in the 1990s (I believe) but I’m sure the concept came before that.

    excerpt: A lot of people are surprised by the Knicks’ fast start, but the players are not. And Nelson’s innovative style has been an integral part of the early season success. His decision to start Mason and use him as a point-forward has given him the freedom to use his versatile skills.

  870. He’s the “big” facilitator in GSWs multi-facilitator offense.

  871. I guess it goes both ways. Team forums get flooded with some craz…er, I mean “overly passionate” Lin fans, so it’s only logical that some of those team fans would loiter here as well. LOL

  872. GM is Asian too and he did a great job as GM but it’s not him who decides how many minutes Lin plays and in what role. GM was the only good one

  873. can you post the pic? i don’t really want to give those jerks any clicks

  874. I think Kemba is a pretty strong player. Harden is good offensively and such and has better court vision, but he’s more of a ball-hog even if he does pass more. Harden is more of a driver for contact. Kemba is a quick slasher off of strong hesitation moves. It’s more exciting to watch LIn and Kemba vs. Lin and Harden because I don’t find Harden fun to watch.

  875. Cho allowed your team to give JLIN that player-exemption option after first year – How do ya like Cho now?

    We value CHO for the 1 yr opt-out — that is the only thing of value he did and now Cho has outrun his usefulness.

  876. That’s been brought up before and that team had Nash, Stuodemire, Marion and other better than average basketball players and Nash/Stoudemire were great players. That isn’t comparable to today’s Nets.

  877. That’s not stacking stars which I am against. It’s stating ONE great player doesn’t turn around a team. Not just one. All great players need another one or two with them, even if one of them plays off of the bench to start games as in the case of the old big 3 on the Spurs.

  878. Yah he did Lin a solid favor
    Cho put together a playoff team, thats a fact. he’s a good GM and did right by Lin also

  879. Hawes, Zeller, and even Kam were excellent facilitators as well during the Hornets preseason in Shanghai, when Lin was allowed to run the point. There was one quick ping-pong passing sequence in the paint that I remember to this day.
    Watch at 8:10

    That said, being part of facilitating doesn’t mean one has to run the point.

  880. Cho could be a mole within your Hornets organization, you ever thought of that?
    What if Cho could have signed JLIN to a longer deal but told JLIN, “take the opt-out 1, it’ll be better for ya; even though it will destroy the Hornets later because you’re the best PG that we’ve ever had on this team for years”

  881. Harden’s talents are misused and wasted. Given proper discipline and guidance he can turn into one of the greatest SGs in NBA history. Combining the contact drawing cuts and Novak-like 3s (when there’s good spacing, which Lin can provide aplenty), he’s the most deadly combination with Lin this side of Splash Bros. I blame Morey for spoiling him and derailing his career from optimal professional achievement (he’s got financial success, obviously). Regretful case of could’ve would’ve should’ve.

    As for Kemba…if he was only 3-4 inches taller…

  882. Looks restful

  883. the hornets roster is not an impressive one either. nothing to get excited about, and worst of all, their cap flexibility is very limited and locked in to overrated players like kemba and batum.

  884. Thinking about the new start.

  885. Well, Yao Ming was a super star protected by Houston Rockets
    He was accepted because he played so well not because he was “viewed as sub-human, circus sideshows, chattel laborers”
    The fact is Lin is accepted as a solid NBA player

  886. Hornets next season 33-49, missing playoffs, losing to every elite team, huge holes left on the bench and starters when JLIN & Marv leave.

  887. That’s what I’ve been harping: Lin makes underrated teammates with underutilized potential GREAT. Novak was a nobody, but during Linsanity he was shooting like Curry. Fields has no jumper, but slashed to the basket efficiently when Lin gave him good feeds with the occasional alley-oop. Both were pretty much one trick ponies, but even then, their limited skillsets were MAXIMIZED by Lin.

    So no, Lin does not need “established” great players, as he specialized in polishing up the undiscovered diamonds in the rough. THAT, is Lin’s true magic. And it can only happen when permitted full PG duties by a trusting coach and an empowering F/O, not as part-time SG from the bench standing in the corner, watching the PG pass the ball THE OTHER WAY.

  888. GS is cheating. They use remote control to open the basket wider when Curry shoots.

  889. I am not a Hornets fan.
    If he did that, that wouldn’t affect me at all.
    Either way, he’s a tremendous GM. Good for him.
    He gave Lin the opportunity to have a career year. You should be thanking him if anything

  890. What does that have anything to do what Yao? How does your mind even process things?

  891. Well, some teams play that way. The Knicks, Thunder Rockets.

    Can’t he be like Isaiah Thomas, Reggie Jackson, Dwight Lowry?

    I think he’s better than all those guys. A lot of NBA teams build their offense around their point guard play. I’m not even asking for that. Just a system of team play.

  892. This year with JLIN there was no need to be embarrassed to be a Hornets fan… next season on the other hand you’ll be wanting to wear a bag over your Kemba jersey after the numbers your team post.

  893. I mean in terms of stats, he is already on the way to become one of the greatest SG’s
    but he needs to be more …’cooperative”

  894. Yes, that was me (déjà vu). And the SAME Stoudamire, Marion, and Joe Johnson were responsible for the 29-53 season. Long, dexterous fingers mean NOTHING without a strong palm that holds them together, THAT is what the PG is for (not one to take 30 FGA per game).

    Hypothetically, if Nash didn’t leave the Mavs, Suns would’ve continued to suck and those players’ reputation would’ve taken a hit. 20/20 hindsight tells us that they’re good players NOW, but causality doesn’t work that way. Nash MADE them better, like Lin made his lesser-than-Stat/Marion/Johnson Linsanity teammates better.

  895. Can you read? lol i guess not

  896. I often wonder how Kemba’s mind processes things… seeing his backup beat elite teams Kemba never could; having his teammates never rise to the occasion when he has a wonderful iso-game but LOSING; getting beat in practice day after day by the Bench players.– that is all very taxing on the psyche, he really needs to see a sports psychologist.

  897. Is that Lin or his little brother?

  898. 33-49, 30-52, 28-54, 25-57 sad isnt it? Perhaps Brian Roberts comes back to help, he did alright in the playoffs.

  899. That’s fine, have competing PG’s go to places we don’t want Lin to go. Leaves more good destinations open. Have Conley go to the Rockets. He will wilt next to Harden.

  900. Lol Lin didn’t beat elite teams singlehandedly, its a team effort. He led them but not singlehandedly.
    Kemba won them a lot of games too. He played well all season.
    How do you know he was getting beat in practice, were you there or are you imagining things again?

  901. He needed guidance from a true coach. I want to see Harden succeed at the highest level, because he graduated from the same high school as I. Which is why I HATE Morey so much, Harden and Lin playing in harmony would’ve given Curry/Thompson a run for their money.

  902. lol they are probably gonna do fine and you will end up eating your words

  903. Yes, freakish height is very hard to deny and will allow the player to get a chance.

    JLin since the beginninghas been stuck with a label of being unathletic. It has taken years for people to slowly not believe that.

    This plagues many non-African American guards, like it or not. Yes, African Americans are some of the best athletes on the planet, but In the NBA it’s hard for someone like Jeremy Lin to get past the label that he is not athletic enough to play defense. Which is simply not true.

  904. Kemba’s a bully he beats the Nets, Lakers, Suns but like a bully he wilts against someone who will stand up to him like Cavs, Spurs, Rapts, Clipps, Celts .

    Kemba played like garbage and Dell Curry said Starters got creamed repeatedly in practice by bench – sorry to break that to ya, lol

  905. Let’s meet up again and we’ll see who eats his words junior.

  906. CAA got Yao Ming’s back not because of this freak-of-nature height, but due to his cooperation in helping the CAA go deep into the China market. This is why the Rockets continue to be popular in China, years after Yao retired. It’s no coincidence that the Heat were the most eager to be out to school Lin during Linsanity, Wade was Melo’s CAA buddy as was LeBron (at the time still with CAA) and was doing it to humor Melo (whose thunder was “stolen”) amongst other things.

  907. For sure, Morey is a good GM in terms of getting players but he doesnt know basketball at all.
    Lin and Harden can be the best backcourt in the NBA. They can’t shoot like CUrry and klay but they are way more athletic. Honestly, I wanna see them play again. Lin-Harden-Parsons-Jones-Howard
    They could have been so good but Morey juse couldnt get the job done

  908. “For sure, Morey is a good GM in terms of getting players but he doesnt know basketball at all.” <– This is actually on Les Alexander.

    Morey could've gotten it done, he just didn't want to. Imagine if he did, that Rox team would've been immortalized once they meshed. *sigh*

  909. It’d be Sooooooo funny if the record turns out EXACTLY as predicted… LOL

  910. lol 21-5-4 for the season He shot better than Lin
    He had big games on good teams too more often than not
    You are acting just like the Lin haters on clutch fans if not worse

  911. Did Yi Jianlian refuse to sign with them too?

  912. You certainly do spend an inordinate amount of time defending the Hornets despite claiming that your “not a Hornets fan” ?

    Fact is the Hornets don’t make the playoffs without JLIN’s 11 regular season games that he WON for the Hornets and the Hornets don’t lose the HEAT series had Kemba not been garbage.

    Kemba missed the MOST shots in the PLAYOFFS on the day he got CHA eliminated.

    Thems the fact buddy.

  913. Yah…hope hes gone soon

  914. Because that’s all you talk about.

    They dont make the playoffs w/o Kemba either
    He contributed to the wins in the playoffs too
    Facts also

  915. Au contraire, if Kemba missed 82 games the Hornets would still have made the playoffs because JLIN is a better PG than Kemba. Kemba is garbage.

    And you should know about Clutchfans wouldn’tcha?

  916. I wonder if this team will ever beat the Cavs without Lin.

    I also wonder if they can win a playoff game without Lin.

    If I’d have to bet, I’d bet on no.

  917. I watched EVERY single Hornets game this season, the number are pumped up, with Kemba staying on court vs. opponents’ 3rd stringers during blowout games, win or loss. He had big games vs sub-500 teams more often than not, like the Utah Jazz. Never beat a LeBron team in his career.

    Now, I would agree that using the terms “bully” and “garbage” are undiplomatic, but truth was Kemba tried to CARRY the team, which he couldn’t (like Harden can, within certain limits), and most importantly shouldn’t. He’s the PG, he should LEAD, instead of doing everyone’s work by taking 20-30 FGAs.

  918. Probably not they’d lose 21-5-4 a game
    Kemba is a pretty good player

  919. Not a fan of Kemba ball at all it was ugly he shouldnt lead the team he should just come off the bench and score thats the only hes good at doing but i wont call him garbage out of jealousy like donsmacau thats no better than those ppl calling Lin scrub on clutch fan and too immature

  920. Kemba hurts the team most with his very poor defense.

    Offensively he can get hot but sometimes doesn’t let go of the rock in the fourth quarter and takes an obscene amount of shots. After all, he’s the star.

    I don’t see the Hornets as a winning team with Kemba-ball. I think they’ll go back to their old ways of non-winning basketball if Lin leaves.

    But I guess we’ll have to see how they do next year.

  921. True, let’s stay classy…at least with classy players. I really can’t stand Kemba’s play, but off the court he seems like a super nice guy. Kemba’s the perfect guy for 3-on-3 pick-up game, but his style does not make effective team basketball.

    Don’s just frustrated, I totally feel his pain.

  922. What good does it do if you score 100 but allowed 110 pts when you’re on the floor?

    99% of ball control whenever he’s on the floor but produced 5 apg? That’s very poor stat.

  923. yep but with classy people, i do and Kemba is no leader so clifford will sink with him which is good cuz im not fond of either

  924. he hurts the team the most wirh his iso
    you dont win with him leading your team
    clifford stuck with his ugly iso ball and lost game 7

  925. Apparently, according to Chinese reporters. IIRC, Yi’s team drove a pretty tough bargain, which turned many people off, including Milwaukee.

    Also, despite CAA being the evil Empire, they really capitalize on their assets and pushes the envelop. Yi’s NBA career would’ve been much smoother without CAA stones of retaliation. Lin’s current agency, Tanner’s, is no spring chicken, but I doubt they go up against CAA.

  926. You guys should just start your own Lin fan site call so that you can spend all your time talking about the things Lin can’t do. Lol

  927. Yah you cant beat them, join them, right? lol
    but Lin did make some poor choices during that time.
    More endorsements and everything would have helped put more pressure on teams to play him more

  928. he’s not a player hes a scorer thats the only thing he does

  929. You probably talk more about the things Lin can’t do than us

  930. You will need to refrain from labeling and insulting.

  931. What are you talking about “a career year”? That’s straight out of Clifford’s mouth, come on! Lin was a starter with Knicks and rockets with numbers much better than this year and you say this brainwashed comment on a Lin site? Smh.

  932. Lots of these doubters here in the forum. Doubters are mostly haters disguised as fans, they should be removed from this forum.


  934. So you agree he’s the team liability on defense.

    Now my question was what good does it do he he only can shoot shoot shoot?

  935. more like they need to thanks Lin for elevating Hornets international presence. Also thanks to Lin, at least the nation is interested to watch hornets game. You think they tune in to watch KW ?

  936. Speculations claim that upon Melo’s return from his crotch injury, it put a screeching halt to the Linsanity run, at which point D’Antoni (seeing chance of repeating the 2004 Suns heroics in NY and saving his own reputation) pushed for dumping Anthony. This was a BIG NO-NO for CAA and Dolan, so D’Antoni “resigned” abruptly after the Linsanity phenomenom. Out of principle, Lin was not to sign with CAA, who just got his coach “resigned”.

  937. Last summer, almost every one, me included, thought Mavs was a sure bet for Lin to join as the starting pg. But what a surprised ending.

    This summer, most of us, me included, seeing Nets should be the home for Lin because of Atkinson, although some may still hope Sixers are the team as long as MDA does not get a HC job from other teams.

    We may be surprised again when Lin announces his decision. If so, what could be the surprised team Lin would join?

    My guess: Mavs

  938. GSW just blow out Thunder by 27 pts, proving that the best ISO team is still no match of the best team ball when they get serious.

  939. My guess is still Lakers even I like Nets. Haha!

  940. In no particular order: Mavs, Pelicans, Bucks, Grizzlies if Conley leaves, hopefully not Bulls.

  941. respect your passion on the Lakers, no pun intended 🙂

  942. come on, you can’t list all the teams so you won’t miss. pick just one, haha.

  943. “….his style of play did not lead to a large increase in wins.”
    “Sacramento finished the season 30th in the NBA in points ” allowed at 109.1 points per game. While it wasn’t all on Rondo, he was the culprit on plenty of defensive breakdowns.”

    why Lin should be #2 or #1 FA PG .. he does all these very well.

  944. Don’t Lin will choose a stealth tanker if he has other options. Nets are a better choice.

  945. Atkinson should know what Lin can do offensively, but defensively? Some one please send this link to Atkinson:

  946. I just listed the likely ones as they may be looking for a PG. Technically speaking, the true “surprise” team would be one who is NOT searching for a PG, and got Jeremy anyways. 🙂

  947. I liked Kerr’s comment about no need to review controversial calls in the clutch. He knows refs screw with teams, and once done it can’t be unscrewed so what’s the point. I think he and the team are P/O’d and are out for blood.

  948. If Lin goes to Mavs, I will whip out my stalking boots LOL Srsly tho, Nelson always liked Lin and said “He makes everybody else around him better. That’s a sign of a real player,” well granted that was 6 years ago but it still hold water.

  949. It’s not my passion on Lakers I just think Lakers it’s always his choice. We will know the real result in July. LOL!

  950. Don’t worry they know…

  951. I agree. Lin was not even a starter….

  952. Interesting, this article “Mike D’Antoni emerges as a front-runner for Rockets’ job” has disappeared!

    We know Feigen’s Morey’s guy, so this may mean Morey’s in trouble and is desperate? MDA never said a single word about going to HOU. Apparently there was a chat bringing this up, but never any formal interviews. Always thought the whole thing was PR smokescreen, just not sure what kind of game Morey’s playing.

  953. just curious, do you also post in “ISay” blog?

  954. Amazing positioning and foot speed!

    Lin anticipates extremely well. Sometimes he knows where they’re going to go before they do lol

  955. But Morey wants JVG not MDA? Maybe Harden disagree about MDA to be HC…

  956. That is interesting. Feigen’s tweet linking to the article (now a dead link) was not deleted yet though.

    Marc Stein had tweeted a few hours after Feigen’s article that according to his source, D’Antoni was gaining steam but not the front-runner yet.

    “The Houston Chronicle on Wednesday labeled D’Antoni as the front-runner
    for the post. One source close to the process told ESPN that the Rockets’ search had not yet progressed to that point but did say D’Antoni was indeed gaining steam in the search for a successor to Kevin McHale and interim replacement J.B. Bickerstaff.”

  957. Yeah, actually you could say that all of Lin’s team changes have come out of nowhere and not on anyone’s (Lin fans or sports analysts) radar before they were announced:
    HOU 1st time, NYK, HOU 2nd time, LAL, CHA.

    So my dark horse sleeper team prediction will be MIN, who will trade away Rubio.

  958. It’s back on now. It was updated Wed May 18 11:57pm CT. That’s why it was offline briefly while it was being updated.

  959. Haven’t lately, but yes I do frequent the site. 🙂

  960. I don’t know what was changed, but possibly these paragraphs:

    D’Antoni has had multiple conversations with Rockets officials, including owner Leslie Alexander, building momentum to be selected, though several individuals with knowledge of the process said no negotiations have started and no additional formal meetings are scheduled.

    Another individual with knowledge of the team’s thinking said there
    are two other coaches who can be also be considered top contenders for the position.

    The Rockets have not put together a firm short list of candidates, a
    person with knowledge of the process said, adding that there is one
    additional coach who could receive a first interview. But another
    individual familiar with the team’s thinking, when asked if D’Antoni
    should be considered the favorite, said, “I would agree with that.”

  961. I just joined this forum lately and this is the first time I read if someone has a doubt about a situation, not doubt about Lin’s ability, got labeled as doubters or haters. To me, that’s absurd and disrespectful. Even Lin wont agree with that. We all love Lin and hope for the best for him but the last few seasons tell us there were things that had not happened as our expected and it will happen again ’cause it’s the reality of NBA. What’s wrong to have doubts or even points out Lin’s weakness? If this forum is only for those agree on everything, then it won’t last very long.

  962. So Alex likes MDA… But another individual familiar with the team’s thinking, when asked if D’Antoni should be considered the favorite, said, “I would agree with that.”

  963. I think so.

  964. Here’s a thought… Maybe MDA to HOU is a smokescreen and what is really happening in the background is BRETT BROWN GOING TO HOU!! I mean there is the Morey-Hinkie-Brown connection, right? And, Morey always needs a puppet in the HC. So makes sense to have the Hinkie minion become the new Morey minion, no? I mean Brown was so very upset with Hinkie being fired, he might be considered a disgruntled employee by the Coangelos… So, Brown to HOU and the Coangelos promote MDA to HC for the Sixers. Everybody is happy…

    Since we are wildly guessing about everything, I thought I’d add my own here as well. 😉

  965. I wish. Brown said Hinkie is going to get the job soon… maybe he’s back to Rox? Hope he can bring Brown w him. LOL!

  966. Ooooo- sounds like a plan! Make it so, Hinkie!

  967. idk about the nets guys.. it seems like during the interview with Kenny atkinson he was almost afraid of saying Jeremy’s name.. He didnt even mention it once after being asked multiple questions about Lin. It seems like he doesnt think very highly of lin…

  968. The Hornets was indeed a surprise last year but I don’t think it will happen again. 🙂

  969. AT this point in time, they are not allowed to say anything about who they are looking at or have in mind…no player namings…in other words

  970. Teams are not allowed to contact and talk about free agents until free agency date begins. At which time, every teams will have an equal opportunity to reach out to the players’ agent and get his commitment. Additionally, why would Atkinson want to talk about wanting to have Jeremy on his team before signing him? It’s stupid don’t you think? to show an interest and thereby losing the Nets leverage in negotiation.

  971. Atkinson knows there will be questions about Lin and the media loves writing about him. He just to be cautious to not let the media direct the topic i think.

  972. The point was about what others do around Lin. Where’s the doubt? If that’s what the NBA does, build around young players and stars, mostly, that’s what they do. Saying it is so isn’t doubting, it’s making an observation.

  973. hmm..interesting

  974. thanks for the reply.

  975. Nets coaches & front office can’t talk about players on other teams but their own players can talk to Lin just like Parson’s was talking to and going out with D’Andre. So if we start seeing pictures of Lin working out or going out with some NBA players it could be a hint as who they are working on.

  976. When he talked about player they like that just exactly matches Lin… specially high character… I think there’re not that many players w that in the league….

  977. I feel they worry more they can’t get Lin in FA… “There’s some exciting names out there. Hopefully we get lucky.”

  978. Yes, even on those interviews, I believed Atkinson also mentioned those things about only being able to talk about his own players. I also recently heard an interview with him and Adrian Wojnarowski, and Atkinson said he had met and learn a lot from great players in the league. He mentioned Jeremy as one of those players. The topic wasn’t about Jeremy, but he mentioned him as a player he learned a lot from.

  979. You said you don’t think teams will build around Lin, because that just not what you see from today’s NBA.
    -> what do you see from today’s NBA?

    “I think they may have him as a crucial piece?”
    -> like sixth man? Like a crucial back up to certain stars? Why is that NBA only sees Lin as a crucial piece? Why is that Lin can only be a crucial piece? Why?

    “But they tend to build around “star” players or younger potential star players”
    -> What are the star criterias or a potential star criterias we should looking for ? Is Lin not a player with star potentials before and now If a team is willing to give him the chance? can’t describe him as a younger potential player at 27years old, how about when he’s 24, and 25? Is that not young enough?

    “Guys like…Harden on the (rox)now ,those types”
    -> If James Harden can be seen as a star, why can’t Jeremy Lin? They are very closed age. One was born in 88, one in 89. If Jeremy Lin is not consider younger anymore so is James Harden. Why is that the NBA sees the potential in players like James Harden? Why is that NBA doesn’t see the potential in Jeremy Lin?

    James Harden was a great sixth man on the OKC, why didn’t he stays as a sixth man but want to be a starter on a team like rocket? Isn’t OKC a better team than rocket?
    If James Harden as people say the name without the D can be a star, so is Jeremy Lin!!

    Don’t know what you see from NBA, Pulling that term from Khuang, -> RACIST DOUTERS. This is what I see from today’s NBA. And adding my own term, ->BLIND

  980. Wow, pray for them and families …

  981. I believe this place was not created with the intention of how long it wants to last or to last long in mind. It was created from a supportive, loyal fan with other same minded fans who just want to post lin news, share sentiments about lin’s journey with each other, provide a positive and up spirit place for the distress Lin fans from witness lin’s sometimes very disappointed treatments in the NBA. This place was created to be away from reading too much of the doubters and haters posts about how Lin can’t this and how Lin can’t that.
    I believe if it’s a genuine weakness point out, it will be well accepted and understand by the crowd. If not like some said they don’t care.
    And lastly, it’s what I believe as what I believe may had change and not true so don’t take my words for it.

  982. If hinkie goes to Rox, does that mean morey gets fired?

  983. @ [9:16] of the KA radio interview, KA said: “I just kinda shy away from talking about specific players I love…when this all plays out, you know, we can get into the details of each player…”
    The host was trying so hard to get him to talk about Lin, yet he’s trying so hard to not even mention Lin’s name but finally said that “I just kinda shy away from talking about specific players I love.” Isn’t that crystal clear–“specific players I love”?

  984. The bigger question to me is, why are so many members of the NY mainstream media talking of Lin and nets together? Even if speculation, does it have any basis in things they are hearing in the Nets FO? I think it may be quite possible.

  985. Good question…I’d like to know there are hints that the Nets will indeed go after Lin this summer.

  986. It is against league rules to mention potential free agents. It’s called tampering

  987. Believe it’s the first time JLin invites Diepenbrock for the camp. That’s great!

  988. i wonder if Zhou Qi will attend. he’s a promising big man from China who may get drafted in the first round

  989. Don’t believe so. JLin camp is only for Junior and senior high schoolers.

  990. There’s a human trait that makes us give much less credit to those we know, even less to those closest to us. Just because Lin is from Cali doesn’t mean he should forget that the owners and GM lied to him with fanfare…”third times a charm”.

    The Lakers used Lin for their own sick purpose and nothing more. He was a impedenece to their tanking for draft pick and they trashed him just like Morey. Lin should never go back to Lakers.

  991. At about [9:16] of the KA radio interview, KA said: “I just kinda shy away from talking about specific players I love, you konw, when this all plays out, we can really get into the details of each player that’s on the market…” The host was trying very hard to get KA to talk about Lin, but KA was trying even harder to not even mention Lin. Finally in the end he said “I just kinda shy away from talking about specific players I love.” I heard it loud and clear: “Yes, Lin is one of the specific players I love.”

  992. You don’t play poker with your cards face up.

  993. Last year already like that… but this time add his high school coach.

  994. Lol, I’m Hornets’d out!

  995. I’d think Zhou Qi will be in training camp in China prepare for Olympic game for China national team. He is from Mainland, and Lin will go to Mainland China too, so no point for Qi to go to Taiwan.

  996. He actually mentioned Lin once. In his podcast with woj., he was talking about he learn from players what they need from a coach, he said he learned from great players how they drill, how they think by working with them, and he mentioned Melo, Lin, Horford …. I’m kind surprised he mentioned Lin there, since when Lin was working out with him, Lin was second yr NBA player through Linsanity, but not in the same range with Melo and Horford…..

  997. lol…gonna be interesting…if he can handle JH?!

    If he can…then ROX would be a team to watch for

  998. I think Alex sure will go after Lin…. this summer Lin is hot….

  999. Only if Morey is gone or demoted.

  1000. yup…never say never…….everything is still open…lets see

  1001. I hope not but Lin still follows Morey & Kobe. It’s going to be very interesting this summer.

  1002. his past jersey # were 13 15 16 yet at the draft combine, he don a #77 . don’t you think his agent wants a #7 connection to someone LOL

  1003. Hot Lin’s FA “show” is getting more and more interesting.

    I am excited to watch the show unfold this summer, wonder how many suitors are there in total? Ah, the suspense…

  1004. Ya! No wonder Lin needs the break in iceland w mountains to think which team to pick….haha!

  1005. Are you guys really ok with Lin back to the Rox?????

  1006. It feels like anything is possible at this point. One M in Rockets’ M&M is gone, the other may be on the way out or demoted as BobbyH said.

  1007. No Morey & Harden.

  1008. lol…I’m fine wherever he goes…as long as he is happy

  1009. Ya! Last summer Lin said this in China, there are two teams have starting job for me. I want to know which one is real starting PG job…. I believe that two teams were Rox & Lakers. Well, he end up w Hornets… so this year where he will go….?? Can’t wait for July to come.

  1010. I do not have negative feeling with the Rockets. However, I do have opinions with their FO (i.e. Morey), the f**king Clutchfan sites, and JH.

    These are the cancer of the team.

    Also, I do not take it for granted that Lin will automatically sign with the Rocket because of MDA’s hiring.

  1011. I did not know Lin said that in China. Lin is a hot commodity in the FA market, as you said. We are going to have a fun summer following all the news, reports and rumors.

  1012. I don’t think Rox fans and the three stooges will make him happy. Add more and ball dominate harden.

  1013. Nets are the front runners

  1014. Ya! In the middle of his tour w China forgot which city…. he also talked about he still wants to get starting job so he didn’t pick GSW job …. nothing never easy w his career…. w NY Post last Nov or Dec…You know w Marc Berman.

  1015. Lin will have so many suitors for his talent that he would have a hard time making a choice.

    1st dilemma in FA: should he choose MDA or Atkinson. 🙂

  1016. Thank you. You have a wealth of information on Lin and always share with fans here.

  1017. It will be so funny if Alex gives Lin max (like poison pill 4 years ago) + MDA….Harden demands a trade….LOL!

  1018. Lin won’t get the max. Although If Dantoni really want Lin.He could get a few extra million. 14, 15 16 million a year

  1019. Thanks to my followers from twitter.

  1020. That would be a great scenario for Lin!

    A coach who trusts him, an owner who loves him, and no ball-hogging diva… Wow!

  1021. Ya from other teams but who knows what Alex will do… you know since no big star will come to Rox.. they have money so… LOL!

  1022. Lin to the Rox has officially become the dark horse. I don’t want it to happen but it could happen.

  1023. All of clutch fan are against dantoni

  1024. That’s for sure…. bc they & Morey are ONE. smh!

  1025. It’s indeed for now…..

  1026. We haven’t heard any rumors yet. Thats when it becomes official

  1027. Morey has to go before all these happen. He is the real brain of all the shenanigans when Li was there.

  1028. He’s. Really hate him the most…. why he’s still in Rox. Go to Celtics.

  1029. Hope the 2nd M in Rockets’ M&M will follow the steps of the 1st M…out of door!

  1030. No. Some are okay, many are not.

  1031. I don’t think the Lakers offered Lin a chance to start ahead of Clarkson and D’angelo, especially with Kobe and BS still running the show. And it seems that the Rox didn’t make Lin any offer at all last summer.

    If there were 2 teams offering a starting job, and he turned them down, it was probably the Sixers and Nets again (same as this year.)

  1032. via ESPN. Dwight Howard talking about being “disinterested” this season in Houston …

    Howard: “There were times I was disinterested because of situations that happened behind the scenes that really hurt me. It left me thinking, ‘This is not what I signed up for.”’ ….

    “I felt like my role was being reduced. I went to [Rockets general manager] Daryl [Morey] and said, ‘I want to be more involved.’ Daryl said, ‘No, we don’t want you to be.’ My response was, ‘Why not? Why am I here?’ It was shocking to me that it came from him instead of our coach. So I said to him, ‘No disrespect to what you do, but you’ve never played the game. I’ve been in this game a long time. I know what it takes to be effective.”’

    Morey declined comment.

    See :

  1033. Top 12 suitors for Lin:

    1) Nets 2) Spurs 3) Sixers 4) Bulls 5) Grizzlies 6) Rox 7) Mavs 8) Jazz 9) Magic 10)Lakers 11) Kings 12) Bucs

  1034. this is fair

  1035. The exact order is very debatable.

  1036. Nets is a lock at 1. Spurs may drop because Lin won’t start .

  1037. This list from….?

  1038. A good sauce lol

  1039. lol

  1040. Wow! Morey said so…. smh! “I felt like my role was being reduced. I went to [Rockets general manager] Daryl [Morey] and said, ‘I want to be more involved.’ Daryl said, ‘No, we don’t want you to be.”

    D12 knows who’s in charge the team not coach but Morey & Harden….

  1041. Did you keep your list from last year? I wasn’t really following along with the rumors, so I’m curious which teams were supposedly interested in Jeremy. I’m pretty sure the Hornets were not on anyone’s radar.

  1042. 2015:
    Here is my ranking of all NBA teams in order of best fit for JLin:

    Good fit (Potentially; 18 teams)

    1) Nuggets 2) Magic 3) Mavs 4) Spurs

    5) Kings 6) Jazz 7) Hawks 8) Celtics

    9) Nets 10) Bucks 11) Hornets 12) Pacers

    13) Sixers 14) Pistons 15) Trailblazers 16) Heat

    17) Bulls 18) Timberwolves

    Poor fit (8 teams)

    19) Raptors 20) Thunder 21) Cavs 22) Suns

    23) Wizards 24) Grizzlies 25) Clippers 26) Pelicans

    Ruled out (4 teams)

    27) GSW 28) Knicks 29) Rox 30) Lakers

    May need some tweaking here and there 🙂

  1043. “I am sorry. but our analytical model shows that you are no longer a cornerstone for the team. Actually one cornerstone is enough, according to our ingenious model. You can be a decorate door if you prefer that way”

  1044. Worth about the same, I guess 🙂

  1045. OK, I got it. LOL!

  1046. Dwight’s got that bridge burning nice and hot. It’s clear that Harden holds the reins (presumably with Les’ approval). Houston is not a healthy option for Jeremy unless Harden/Morey are removed one way or another.