Jeremy Lin’s Impressive FA Value; Nets Super-Important PG

In the past 2 weeks, there have been more impressive stats showing Jeremy Lin’s hidden values as a Free Agent steal and fascinating interview with Kenny Atkinson as the newest the Brooklyn Nets’ Head Coach regarding the ‘super-importance’ of the Point Guard position which will bode well to Lin or any point guards in the NBA.

  1. Jeremy Lin appears in 2 out of the Top 10 effective 5-man lineups for 2015-16 regular season. (per

Impressively, Lin and Marvin Williams were the only 2 Hornets who appeared in both lineups emphasizing their impact. This truly shows JLin’s ability to make his teammates better no matter if they are starters or reserves.


2. Jeremy Lin 13-game starter stats have 4 great companies (per

A quick look at players who can match those numbers (17 pts/4 reb/4 ast/.580 TS): Curry, Durant, LeBron James/James Harden. Despite the small size of 13 games, Lin showed a great value in stepping up big time to beat strong teams such as the Cavs in these games.

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3. Nets Point Guard is Super-Important

Kenny Atkinson on Nets need for a PG: “It’s like the NFL quarterback. It’s the Drew Brees, it’s the Aaron Rogers. It’s super important. It’s a big decision for us, which way we go there. Obviously, we can’t talk about it but there are some exciting names out there cialis cost. Hopefully we get lucky”

Knowing the history how Kenny Atkinson helped Jeremy Lin to create Linsanity as the most exciting NBA story in 2012, it is probably safe to consider Kenny would love to recruit Jeremy Lin in his first head-coach position. There is no guarantee but it is very encouraging to consider their ties.

NY Times also published a well-written article “Rookie Nets Coach Kenny Atkinson Was Shaped by a Globe-Trotting Career” to chronicle the journey of Kenny Atkinson. It’s interesting to note that both Kenny Atkinson and Jeremy Lin shared the strong work ethics and perseverance throughout their career to start from the bottom to climb to the top.