Jeremy Lin’s Defense Under the Microscope [At The Hive]

At The Hive, Charlotte Hornets fan community, released an article and video analysis asking an important question:

“Will Lin’s intensity on defense translate into a greater role with the Hornets in 2015-16?”

Coach Dwayne Cherry helped to break down 3 plays from last season to understand what strength Jeremy Lin can bring to Steve Clifford’s system who will give minutes for players who are willing to play defense.

1. JLin vs Tony Parker: Cover & contest his man well on defense
2. JLin vs John Wall: Smartly going under screen daring John Wall (not a 3PT threat) to shoot. Never give up to contest him on drive, not relying on big men (Jordan Hill who didn’t challenge Wall)
3. JLin vs Alfrid Payton: Challenge young PG & make a statement w/ a block

KHuang also added several Jeremy Lin strength that the two experts can further analyze:

1) Lin’s impressive ability to read and then break up opponent plays.
2) Lin’s fearlessness and efficacy in stopping bigger players in size mismatch switches
3) Lin’s ability to draw charges
4) Lin’s extremely vocal way of quarterbacking defenses in a way that leaves no doubt as to what players should be doing to get stops.

It is refreshing to see a fair analysis to see what Jeremy Lin brings to defense & more importantly, the conclusion that Coach Steve Clifford will appreciate Jeremy Lin’s defensive strength and might give him a bigger role in the system to make the Hornets better.

Jeremy Lin fans can be cautiously optimistic that a good coach might recognize & utilize Jeremy Lin’s strength well this season after a disappointing season in LA when Byron Scott buried a winning PnR formula of Lin/Davis under a gigantic tank.

LINK: WATCH: Jeremy Lin Defense Under the Microscope