Jeremy Lin’s Defense Under the Microscope [At The Hive]

At The Hive, Charlotte Hornets fan community, released an article and video analysis asking an important question:

“Will Lin’s intensity on defense translate into a greater role with the Hornets in 2015-16?”

Coach Dwayne Cherry helped to break down 3 plays from last season to understand what strength Jeremy Lin can bring to Steve Clifford’s system who will give minutes for players who are willing to play defense.

1. JLin vs Tony Parker: Cover & contest his man well on defense
2. JLin vs John Wall: Smartly going under screen daring John Wall (not a 3PT threat) to shoot. Never give up to contest him on drive, not relying on big men (Jordan Hill who didn’t challenge Wall)
3. JLin vs Alfrid Payton: Challenge young PG & make a statement w/ a block

KHuang also added several Jeremy Lin strength that the two experts can further analyze:

1) Lin’s impressive ability to read and then break up opponent plays.
2) Lin’s fearlessness and efficacy in stopping bigger players in size mismatch switches
3) Lin’s ability to draw charges
4) Lin’s extremely vocal way of quarterbacking defenses in a way that leaves no doubt as to what players should be doing to get stops.

It is refreshing to see a fair analysis to see what Jeremy Lin brings to defense & more importantly, the conclusion that Coach Steve Clifford will appreciate Jeremy Lin’s defensive strength and might give him a bigger role in the system to make the Hornets better.

Jeremy Lin fans can be cautiously optimistic that a good coach might recognize & utilize Jeremy Lin’s strength well this season after a disappointing season in LA when Byron Scott buried a winning PnR formula of Lin/Davis under a gigantic tank.

LINK: WATCH: Jeremy Lin Defense Under the Microscope


  1. Jeremy Lin will be holding down the fort tomorrow, signing autographs.

  2. For those who haven’t watched it, AtTheHive also did video analysis on JLin’s attacking the Rim on Aug 8
    Not as nicely done as the defense but probably because there wasn’t much time to watch JLin videos yet.

    1. Lin at the Rim: Layup Finish

    2. Lin at the Rim: Drop Off Assist
    3. Lin at the Rim: Kick Out for 3
    Lin at the Rim: Diagnosing the TOs

  3. Thanks Psalm for summarizing this. Haven’t had the chance to watch this. Busy thus far and won’t be able to watch the vid until later.

  4. Lin fans watching these videos need to realize that Lin’s true impact goes far beyond these one-on-one type of analyses.

    Lin is a true TEAM PLAYER. No player in the NBA is more team oriented than Lin is.

    A lot of times the really good stuff Lin does goes unnoticed even by Lin fans. Those are things like Lin subtly angling his body to provide help defense to a teammate who doesn’t even realize he’s being helped. Or Lin siphoning 2 or 3 defenders away from teammates off the ball because Lin’s always the prime target of opposing defenders no matter what max contract “superstars” are on the court with Lin.

    Great players like Lin who do great player things like forcefeeding passes into teammates who haven’t gotten enough touches for their heads to stay in the game, those great players may not be thought of or even respected as great players but opponents PLAY AGAINST THEM with all the tactics and intensity that great players command.

  5. It really has been refreshing to have such friendly and fair support from the local media. Maybe this is the type of environment for Lin!

  6. The “expurt” from Nylon Calculus MISSED SO MUCH STUFF.

    Had he posted this stuff on this forum, our guys would have TORN HIM APART.

    1. On the first layup, Lin watched the body language of the opponents. He saw then leaning upwards, standing upright as they guarded their stationary offensive players. That defense works on a slow nonpenetrating guard like starter Ronnie Price, but it doesn’t work on Lin. Lin split the defense and made the basket despite THREE guys going after Lin after they were badly jolted by Lin out of their sleep.

    2. Lin drew FOUR defenders against the Wizards. That’s a striking contrast from years past when the Wizards would single cover Lin with John Wall and Lin would TERRORIZE Wall. Lin had to play 1-on-4 as the Wizards defense collapsed on Lin. And Lin STILL made the correct pass despite zero Lakers motion off the ball (bad coaching).

    3. OKC typically sends all five guys after Lin when he’s dribbling. That’s what happened here. OKC sent FIVE defenders at Lin beneath the free throw line, and only one Laker moved to the open spot. That’s what happens in an outdated 80s iso man to man offense that doesn’t have a clue what to do against modern day zones.

    4. Against the Blazers, FIVE guys collapse on Lin. Lin’s clueless coach and stationary Lakers teammates don’t even know what’s happening. Lin had nowhere to go because the Lakers DID NOT RUN THE PLAY.

    5. The Wolves sent FOUR guys against Lin. Because Sacre cut the wrong way (to the rim instead of away), it pinned Lin on the baseline. Where the Nylon Calculus guy went wrong was blaming Lin for the inability to make the play instead of blaming the other 4 players.

    6. In terms of Lin’s midrange, Lin’s inability to attack from the midrange is because the Lakers had so many midrange players clogging the attacking lanes. Things eased up a bit when Nick Young was on the court cutting to open 3 point shooting spots, but Young didn’t play enough to space the court for Lin. Also, opponents zone Lin in the midrange and so was almost impossible for Lin to get into the midrange without THREE defenders on him.

  7. Even so, the local media doesn’t truly understand how good they’re gonna have it with Jeremy Lin all set to become the greatest $2 million player of the modern era.

  8. you’re welcome 🙂

  9. Thanks for the separate thread.

  10. On the subject of Lin’s impactful defense, Christine Cheng’s extended version:

  11. So is it going to be Asian Night for each team that the Hornets visit? 🙂

  12. occaaf‏@occaaf

    Olly is taking picture of Lin tote bag and shirt right now. We will post those images on our website…

  13. occaaf‏@occaaf

    Just receive Lin’s lovely cute apron. It makes me look like a pro chef-:) lol

  14. Thanks so much for the analysis.

    I was looking for more of this type of analysis on the “chess-game” or “small-detail” side but couldn’t find one. This really open my eyes.

    If you have time in the coming season, can I request that do more of this ? It will help us, or at least help me to understand what u mean more “fundamental”, “4 on 1”, “80s’ illegal defend era”, “…GET HIS…”, “TRUE TEAM PLAYER”, … etc

    Thanks again !!

  15. the charlotte area has one of the larger asian communities in the s.e. area and relative to nba cities and american cities in general; however it has a very small chinese communitiy relative to the asian community.

    the asian community in charlotte is primarily vietnamese and indian.

    (just a resummarized contextual note from a response to a previous query).

    aww. even more irrelevant than might have been considered otherwise (my comment)–as i misread the post initially as the asian nite being in charlotte no with charlotte as a visiting team.

  16. isn’t that the day that someone on here ftf ftft with lin?

    expecting a report and that should then be the offcial beginning of the season i would think. (with media day training camp preseason regular season to follow).

  17. A late “Thank you Sir.”

  18. This year and last year too, any NBA team who lets Lin lead the team both on offense and defense, their chance to win the championship will be tripled… any below average team can win basically. I really don’t think I am crazy. Of course no team will do it. Western culture focuses on analysis, breaking things down into measurable pieces (stats). Eastern culture focuses on wholeness – the team becomes single entity, that’s why lots people will never understand why Lin was “hesitate” to shoot. Lin is the rare specie to have them both and can master them both. I don’t blame those teams/experts/superstars too much because they just don’t see it, and they probably will never be able to see it.

  19. Just a reminder, following from Rick’s posts, below : OCCAAF (Overseas Chinese Athletic and Arts Foundation) is working with the Hornets to arrange two special events during the upcoming season.

    “There will be one Asian night and one Chinese New Year night on 11-15 [Nov. 15th] and 2-8-2016 [Feb. 8, 2016] respectively.
    The first night will be mainly focus on welcoming Jeremy Lin and the second one will be more of a whole Chinese New Year celebration.”

  20. My friends and I are still very unhappy with Jeremy playing backup PG. For this reason, even though there’s an upcoming trip among us friends to NYK next March, I just couldn’t convince them to travel to Charlotte to watch Hornets’ games after taking a long haul flight for almost 2 days (transit + connecting flights).
    Unless Jeremy is a starter again, I foresee not many Jeremy fans who are outside of the USA will invest those kind of money and time to watch live games and buying souvenirs at the Charlotte’s NBA stores :((

  21. Heh heh.

    Lin’s concerned with getting THE TEAM a good shot.

    Often that means him siphoning multiple defenders away from unguarded teammates.

    The ability to appreciate Lin getting his team as opposed to himself a good shot is a sign of BASKETBALL INTELLIGENCE, though there is some cultural component to this. In Europe, they have the Lin mentality too and that’s why Lin has so many European fans.

  22. You’re welcome.

    Short Khuang glossary:

    Fundamental: the ability to make the correct basketball decision at the right time

    4 on 1: four defenders converging on Lin. Usually when Lin has the ball, opponents pay absolutely no attention to the man they’re guarding and focus on either stopping Lin’s scoring or picking off his passes.

    80s: 1980s era basketball which had completely different rules. All of Lin’s hater coaches played in this era. The 90s are actually included, but I cite the 80s because that was the “important” era for various reasons.

    Illegal defense: Prior to the year 2000, NBA defenses were not permitted to play zone. Only strict man to man defense was permitted, and double teaming was allowed only on the offensive player holding the ball. Thus defenses were far softer than today, though the good teams in the past regularly CHEATED the illegal defense rule by playing zone anyway.

    GET HIS: Lin’s proven ability to compile fantastic individual winning stats no matter what garbage is happening to him from coaches and teammates and opponents.

    True team player: In the NBA, players are strictly concerned with getting their own stats. That usually means refusing to pass or cut or play hard defense because those things are not perceived to improve one’s boxscore.

    Lin? Completely different. Lin plays unselfishly to WIN. Not surprisingly, the more unselfish Lin plays the better his teams do and the better his individual stats are!

  23. Lin is a true team player. Kobe is a truly eccentric player.

  24. Your loss then.

  25. Man, all three plays were from the defense highlights video compilation. These guys could have just reviewed that compilation and picked three of the best examples. Kudos to Lin fans for putting the comp together.

  26. Kobe Bryant is the most selfish player in NBA history.

    He is so maniacal in his drive to be the one and only greatness, he competes harder against his teammates than he does against opponents.

    Kobe Bryant is Kobe Bryant’s worst enemy.

  27. Wait a bit.

    See how Clifford uses Lin first.

  28. yes, KHuang is correct.

    Let’s wait & see how Clifford uses Lin. Starter or backup PG can be a misleading label.
    Lin as a starting PG last season didn’t mean much since Byron didn’t use him properly.
    Even Lin as a backup PG in HOU was much better than in LA since HOU wanted to win but LA wanted to tank.

    What’s important is having a coach who believes & will use JLin well to win.
    That’s why JLin is so excited to start the season.

    Having Kemba as a resident PG makes JLin to be a backup PG in title.
    But if Kemba/Lin/Batum can win games as PG/SG/SF, things can change quickly.

    It’s not about the title with Lin. It’s how much he’s allowed to play his game & if he closes the game to help Hornets win games.

    Tell your friend to not be discouraged 🙂 If Linsanity is brewing in Nov-Dec, book early for March tickets

  29. Non-Lin related: Funny Rondo-imitation “pass first/only” PG by DdotAdot5 🙂

  30. just a reminder:

    “Join us on Tuesday, September 22 from 6-8 PM at Time Warner Cable® Arena for our Open House!
    Jeremy Lin will be there to sign autographs, so don’t miss it. Please arrive by 7 PM for your chance to meet Jeremy Lin.

    You can also find your perfect seats and discuss our ticket plans with a Sales representative at our Open House.”

    someone on here i beleive driving 4 hours to ftf ftft with lin.

    anyone else going?

    appears to be promotion to sell season tickets, check out arena. (see official hornets page notice copied and pasted here tried to put on link but couldnt get to to work)

  31. If Lin is always the prime target of opposing defenders, doesn’t that mean that opposing coaches recognize Lin as a good player? And if so, why do you think Lin keeps having trouble getting respect from his coach on his own team (which changes almost every year so he has played for a number of coaches now)?

  32. Have to admit…this is pretty darn funny 🙂

  33. especially the last one from FT line lol

  34. Opposing coaches can’t seem to accept in their mind that Lin’s a good player. But they’ll do everything in their power to prevent him from going off and embarrassing them.

    Lin’s own coaches have believed that Lin is not good enough to play in the NBA. All of them set out to prove that Lin didn’t belong. Byron Scott was the only coach to admit defeat, saying in a very grudging was that “Lin is a NBA player”.

  35. Absolutely agree. Lin is just the latest victim of Kobe antics. It started with Shaq, then Gasol, Howard and Nash. Kobe would rather be selfish than win titles. He chased all these great players out of town in order to be the centre of attention.

  36. At twc. Arena

  37. You?

  38. Another one

  39. Iam taking pictures. 🙂

  40. Crowded!

  41. Wow, long line!

  42. Just refreshed and saw your photo taken. Thanks.

  43. awesome 🙂
    perhaps you can tell JLin you participated in JLin Foundation fundraising back in Jan, maybe he’ll vaguely remember lol

  44. Pretty long line, but I don’t know what the norm is for an autograph, one thing I do notice is a lot are non asians

  45. Yes. That’s nice about Charlotte.

  46. Waiting for Lin, inside the arena now

  47. I can imagine Josh would text Jeremy, “Bro, the 1st article that praised your defense. Congrats!” Or something along that line.

    To be recognized after working hard for so long is definitely very rewarding.

  48. and yet can only come up with one Yao Ming and indirectly, one JLin…

  49. They were rushing me, this is the picture my friend took for me with Lin. 🙁

  50. That’s suck, you could be any woman.

  51. Gotta show us that pretty smile Dorothy!

  52. Guy in the lower left picture already has a Lin Jersey. Or perhaps Mo Williams #7.

  53. Wow, pretty good draw for a 2nd string PG that the teams own security guard doesn’t recognize. ?

  54. To long of line, these are the people not allowed in. 🙁

  55. So is it going to be Naruto Lin this year?

  56. They finally let them in now.

  57. thanks to dorothy (of the 4 hr drive) for on the scene reporting and to jlinfan from austrailia for net collection posting.

    im sure appreciated by all here.

  58. My pleasure! Just that I have the opportunity to do it:-) Glad to participate this event from afar:-)

  59. Now that Lin has been treated like the face of the franchise for a day, I want to see Lin sitting with MICHAEL JORDAN at some sort of praising press conference.

    I wanna see Lin and Jordan do their TRASH TALK.

    gimme DIRT

  60. Oops didn’t see this. I will try to find another post to replace mine:-)

  61. Interesting. Is that an all black & white jersey?

  62. If it had been a Tyler Hansbrough signing as opposed to the Lin signing, I’d have been the only fan to show up if I were living in Charlotte.

    I think I’m like the only Lin fan ever who’d rather go to a Hansbrough signing over a Lin signing!

  63. Welcome the minimum wage superstar!!!

  64. very cute 🙂

  65. Good to see many non-Asian fans 🙂

  66. Smiled too much she can’t feel her face:

  67. Seriously JLin, purple colored earrings?Ha ha …feels good that JLin is much appreciated in Buzz city.

  68. Yep. Good surprise to see so many show up in this event:-) So far from what I have read, fans really enjoy to meet JLin in person:-)

  69. How do you like a Lin / Hansbrough Pick N Roll? Better than Lin / Davis? or Lin / Tyson Chandler? Would he be pair with Lin for Pick N Roll defense or some other big? Lin / Davis PNR defense was good, Lin would force his man away from the middle and Davis would cut him off as he’d try to get around the corner.

  70. Librafree
    WOW! Selfie with @JLin7 and get autograph! ?cariewan

  71. Lots of happy ladies tonight… Jeremy melting their hearts 🙂

  72. awesome!!

  73. Great points KHuang. Defence is a team task and more often or not in previous seasons he has had little or no help at all. Love the fact that Lin never gives up on defensive and always striving to improve this part of his game.

  74. I’m not alone!

  75. Creeeepy…

  76. Harvard connection there?

  77. occaaf: One of our followers from Instagram will be the lucky one to get this signed poster. By Lin. Thank you all for your support n help.

  78. Are these fans just for Lin?

  79. it was billed as an “open house” for the arena, to allow fans to visit the building and check out seats and to promote ticket sales. but the only featured attraction was lin signing.

    only lin there for autographs so yes all the fans are there just for lin.

  80. FANtastic! Thnx!

  81. poor guy. I guess they hit some limit. wonder if we will get a number eventually of how many showed up.

  82. That’s the spirit!

  83. Way better than Ed Davis.

    Hansbrough is not as spectacular soaring through the air like Davis, but he’s superior to the very limited Davis in all other aspects of the game. Hansbrough can muscle opponents and play outside and in the post like no teammate of Lin ever could.

    It wouldn’t matter whether it was offense or defense that Hansbrough did well with Lin on. Hansbrough defends extremely well and can score at will. The numbers show Hansbrough to be virtually unstoppable inside.

    Hansbrough is like a white Charles Barkley, and he doesn’t need Lin’s help to consistently play as well as Barkley did when given proper minutes.

  84. Linteresting.

  85. Linderellas

  86. Appreciate this, people of Charlotte. Lin fans love you more.

  87. Not related but Shaq with Russell , oops Randal Park.

  88. Sweet connection. Wow, brings out the best smile I have seen for decades.

  89. Your boys are really cute!

  90. Know the feeling, chase like a mad hound to meet him in Chengdu China and missed his function, we were late. Sob sob. ..

  91. Even those who’ve covered the Hornets for some years thought it was a strong turnout ….

  92. Hilarious story 🙂 thanks!

  93. Who’s Randall Park?

  94. I might be the only Lin fan who rather go to a PBev signing over Lin signing! Lol

  95. I’m really pleasantly surprised at how many fans showed up. Did not think there would be that many people near charlotte that would be interested in seeing Lin. Most sport radio shows fail to mention Lin as an off season pick up. I hear Batum and Kaminsky named more often. Did not think outside our Lin community there was much “buzz” for Lin on the Hornets. Are other players going to have signing sessions? Would be interested in their fan turn out as a comparison.

  96. jk

  97. Randall Park is the main actor in ABC “Fresh Off the Boat” TV series.
    It’s very funny. Constance Wu (who plays the wife) really carries the show.

    Are you ready for the season?

  98. Haven’t watched regular TV show in 20 years, so I am out of it. Lol

  99. lol .. you can watch almost any TV shows online nowadays if you want

  100. With soccer and Lin games, if I watch other things, I will no longer be married.

  101. I better visit Charlotte next time I go to East Coast. Got to see Palo Alto HS during my lengthy trip to Northern CA. Ate several times at a shopping center right across Palo Alto HS.

  102. Stop exaggerated Mr. Park.

  103. great wisdom :] but this can also be good marriage bonding activities


    “In terms of the event itself, it was pretty packed. A friend of mine, who went to the same event last year, said that this is the most people he had seen in this type of event. Last year’s Meet Up was with Cody Zeller, and no other than Kemba Walker and he said it wasn’t even close in attendance. Personally, I was a bit surprise by the amount of people that showed up. I was also surprise at the diversity of people. Around 50% were Asian, but you had White, Black and Hispanics in the mix which was nice to see.”

  105. this was a post by Jeremylinforum, and I tweeted his article, looks like that’s mine. lol.

    here it is

  106. Honestly…forget the media. No clue. They’re ambulance chasers, and often wannabes themselves…only into regurgitating the hot story of the moment and enjoying the sound of their own voices. Lin, like most players, is off the radar unless something flashy is happening. I often think of Beavis chastising Butthead when he happened to make a correct answer in class…uh…huh huh huh huh…you were paying attention! They don’t know Jeremy’s play…they’ve gotta know even LESS about his fanbase. Of course there are a lot of Asians…but a lot of the rest of the world loves him as well. He’s a great player and an even better human being. Lots for a lot of people to love, and they do.

  107. I hope someday JLin will be able to make a commercial like this. With all his negative comments the commercial will have to be a lot longer though.

    Watch Stephen Curry Read From Scouting Reports That Questioned His Talent

  108. I love it. Go underdogs … Adidas and Under Armour.

  109. oh, boy, almost started the season off on the wrong side of the bed lol.

  110. This is going to be a fun season. No Kobe, no Harden, no Melo.

  111. copied and saved 🙂

  112. In a recent TV interview, Jerry West was questioned on the noticeable lack of diversity in the NBA. He was asked why less and less white Americans are finding their way into the NBA. His answer was a matter of fact that they routinely pick for athleticism over anything else, meaning blacks had been presumed to be more athletic.

    Curry is now throwing this whole assumption aside. He has shown that fine twitch skill is an MVP skill that is equal if not more powerful than athleticism. John Wall is a superior athlete than Curry, but he is a long way from the impact player Curry is. Let’s hope the GMs and coaches finally learn this lesson and bring back true diversity back into the game.

  113. hope he doesn’t get carpal tunnel from all that signing! (est over 500 signatures)

  114. Perhaps in China. JLin is going to be the star attraction there. If Michael Jordan goes I’d think he’d be at some functions with JLin.

  115. Bingo! That will definitely shake up the drafting process. Draymond Green without those skills will definitely not be worth that much. He’s only a second rounder. All those scouts should jump into the Pacific Ocean to clean themselves from those biases.

  116. Jeremy is a star. A real star. Those who said he wasn’t ought to be ashamed of themselves. He will always be a role model for many. I wouldn’t say that for Carmelo Anthony, James Harden and Kobe Bryant.

  117. Their scouting and training systems are really bad. Even Yao was complaining about it.

  118. It looks like most of the store in Asian countries are still carrying Rocket’s Lin Jersey….same here in Hong Kong….only found his Rox jersey 🙁

    Its still Kobe every where

  119. ditto!

  120. PurpSanity?!!! 🙂

  121. hahahaha…good one!

  122. So, r we buying jersey now or waiting? I waited and did not buy rox or lakers… with that $130, had 2 excellent meals!

  123. Thanks for sharing…appreciated!

  124. hahaha…smart choice!

  125. If i had bought them, they would be rags used to clean my car… lol

  126. Im a grown man, and this young dude gives me hope that we r capable of not destroying ourselves… lol

  127. Jeremy seems really happy to be in Charlotte.

  128. Nothing wrong with somebody being a longtime Patrick Beverley fan.

  129. All I can say is, I don’t have the guts to wear my hair like that. My mom, sisters and wife would cow rope me first before letting me out the door. It almost looks like someone just pranked him and gave him a huge scare. Lol

  130. Nice

  131. Get that rag outta here!

  132. JLin was smiling in all the pics. Unless other players who mope and look like they don’t want to be there for these types of events. No wonder he is so popular. He was the same in HK.

  133. cool!!!!

  134. hahaha…good one!

  135. A recent peer reviewed study was done about two years ago on actual college athletes playing NCAA Division 1 basketball.

    To everybody’s shock but mine, white and black athletes tested remarkably similar in agility and leaping.

    I recall in that draft year, more than one white player tested out as being equal to Lebron James physically.

    It goes to show that NBA “expurts” like Jerry West DON’T KNOW SQUAT when it comes to rejecting players like Lin for “not being athletic enough” based on race.

    I remember when Jerry West made that Rudy Gay for Shane Battier trade. At the time, I thought it was the dumbest thing because I thought (and still think) that Rudy Gay lacked basketball instincts and Battier was possibly the single most intelligent player in the NBA. Well, Battier went on to WIN AND WIN while Gay is still trying to figure it out 10 years later.

    Remember that this is the same Jerry West that cut Lin from the Warriors but then said about Lin during Linsanity “My God, what a player!!!” So anything that West says or does, I find suspect.

  136. The mainstream American media HATES ASIANS.

    I take nothing they write seriously, especially about Jeremy Lin.

    Mainstream media cannot help but make wildly inaccurate and easily debunkable statements about Lin’s alleged weaknesses.

  137. Swarm and Sting : Hilarious New Video From @JLin7 ‘How to Fit in the NBA.’

    Bring Back the Buzz : Hilarious @JLin7 video with special guests like @KembaWalker & even @StephenCurry30 showing Charlotte love!


  138. Lin, in his aw shucks hokey way, is a HECK OF A LINTERTAINER.

    The guy is legitimately funny in a clean family way.

    There’s no player in the NBA who’s more entertaining than Lin.

  139. It’s like that because of his lateral speed! 🙂

  140. We’ll see how much assistant coach Patrick Ewing tries to “put Lin in his place” for acting all big as if Lin thinks he’s a NBA player or something like that.

  141. If Draymond Green was not on such a stacked Warriors team with 4 All Stars that can routinely offset his constant dud games of single digit scoring and weak defense, he’d be a low minutes role player struggling to make the NBA right now.

  142. And how ’bout Steph Curry’s little girl rockin’ out! Watch out, poppa!

  143. Given the amount of love you’ve had for Patrick Beverley over the years, I do not consider you joking at all.

  144. Lets not bring race into this, please. Yes, the main stream is not found of Lin, agreeable, but using hate as an argument to generalize Asian is totally unfair.

  145. Lin is the only guy in today’s NBA who’s good enough at being a HAM that he could easily have a career in acting if his NBA career suddenly ended.

  146. Lets not get personal here! Thx

  147. I’m NOT.

    Webattorney has every right to be a Patrick Beverley fan. He’s openly admitted to admiring aspects of Bev’s game. What’s wrong with that?

    Being a Patrick Beverley fan does not mean one cannot be a Lin fan too.

    He and I have discussed this repeatedly in the past. I see no problem here, and neither does he.

  148. I’ll obey your edict because this is your forum, but what I’m writing about is well documented in many studies and peer reviewed journals.

    It’s not opinion, It is HARD FACT.

  149. Ha! Riley just stole the thunder at the end. ??

  150. Thank you for being willing. About Asian racism, you’re pretty much preaching to the choir on this site at least. It’s not that we have no idea…it’s just that thanks to rigorous mods (God bless!) this place can be a small haven from the ceaseless godawful news…beheadings, child trafficking, drowning migrants, financial corruption…and racist poison. It’s part of what makes many Lin fans so “rabid”…he always strives to turn towards the light, to the highest and best possibilities and we cherish his example. I lose my temper now and then, as I did in my post above…here’s my early New Year’s resolution…keep whatever wit I’ve got, but lose the mean-spirited exaggerations. Less smog. Amen.

  151. She surely did! 🙂

  152. Riley got the Nae-Nae move down 🙂

  153. Why do you keep talking about Ewing being a problem with Lin? Maybe Ewing will love Lin. You’re creating a problem that doesn’t exist.

  154. when will the imitation jerseys come out from China?

  155. Unfortunately, being an expert at anything means that you’ve amassed a certain amount of knowledge only by what you’ve done and how you’ve done it. In the world of sports or in all human activities, that knowledge becomes dated and it proves only that you were able to do it once and MAYBE, OR HOPEFULLY, can do it repeatedly again.

    In the world we live in today, ego, power and money seems to trump all other altruistic tendencies to accept that fact that only the next generation can dream beyond what we though was possible.

    In my coaching in tennis, I’ve found that it’s the kids that invent new ways to play and thereby defeat the older generation. Being an expert means to become the best reverse engineer possible to understand how it’s done and then teach others the new methodology. I must accept that fact first or become just like the dinosaurs that hang onto power by clinging onto past knowledge and shouting down anyone that’s different.

  156. Because based on the harsh unfounded criticism Ewing had for Frank Kaminsky this summer, I fully anticipate Ewing being a TOTAL HATER COACH like McHale and Scott and Woodson and Smart.

    Ewing is yet another old outdated 80s coach whose comments indicate that he doesn’t realize how much the game has changed from when he played. All those old outdated 80s coaches think Lin isn’t good enough to play in the NBA, and there is NO WAY Ewing is any different. Haven’t we just gone through 5 seasons of that?

    Expect Ewing to be EXTREMELY CRITICAL of Lin.

    It’ll be on Clifford to be strong enough to look objectively at Lin’s production, not rely on Ewing’s “analysis” the way Clifford did with saying Kaminsky was “not strong enough” despite Kaminsky CARRYING his summer league team and playing very physical veteran style basketball.

  157. The Golden State Warriors with Joe Lacob in charge are THE TEAM that has grown beyond feeble pettiness.

    No other team is as innovative or hold its personnel as accountable.

    After all, it was Golden State that gave Lin his first start. And when Lin was ejected, Lacob rearranged his franchise to prevent that ever from happening again. Just look at Draymond Green’s success to see how a guy that would’ve been out of the NBA entirely without Linsanity is now there as a treasured contributor!

  158. LetsGoWarriors‏@LetsGoWarriors

    ICYMI, @JLin7 made a cool video then let #RileyCurry steal the show in the outtakes! :

  159. Landry FieldsVerified account‏@landryfields
    Landry Fields retweeted Jeremy Lin

    This is awesome!

  160. That’s an unique looking basketball, two tone but with white?

  161. The photo part with D Jordan was hilarious haha

  162. Say cheese… I’m in the NBA also. Lol. Funnier after the Charlotte security incident. Haha.

  163. 6 friends? Is that like a Dota 2 team or something?

  164. Did you need a voucher to get in or was it open to the public?

  165. That guy in the back is loving all the photos too lol

  166. That doesn’t make sense to me. Kaminsky is a rookie and Ewing may be trying to motivate him or something else or sees something he didn’t like that he’s trying to fix. What does that have to do with Lin? Lin plays a different position and has NBA experience. I don’t think it makes much sense to say all this about Patrick based on another player, especially a rookie. If and when he does it to Lin then, OK. But I haven’t heard Ewing comment on Lin at all.

  167. yeah, looks like coordinated event…. hmmm, would be fun to dig out who the other 4 are.

  168. Not sure whether you are too into it or not, but AI also mentioned that Kaminsky need to hit the weighing room. Maybe it is not really unfounded criticism there though.

  169. JLin trending #1 on NBA Pulse

  170. I just realized that’s Thomas Scott, Byron Scott’s son. Must be no hard feelings even though his father screwed over JLin. JLin never seems to hold a grudge even in us Lin fans do.

  171. not an expert on christian theology but i think forgiveness is a big part.

  172. #2 with 1326 “mentions per hour” @ 4:13 est. today (wed 23rd, yom kippur, bruce springsteen’s birthday and yogi berra’s death day).

  173. Father and son but still, they’re two different people.

  174. Chef Alyssa’sKitchen ‏@ChefAlyssaCLT 1h1 hour ago
    What a fun surprise! @JLin7 stopped in to see us in @SouthEndCLT about buying a gift card to Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen!

  175. riley always steals the thunder, the show, everything!

  176. you mean lintertaining surely for this lintertainer.

  177. The sins of the father shouldn’t be passed down to the son.
    I HATE Donald Trump with a passion, but I would gladly spend the night with his beautiful daughter Ivanka ….. it might even be an extra turn on.

  178. Take note, ladies
    The way to Lin’s heart is through his belly

  179. Good post.

    I’m openly distrustful of all ex 80s coaches that disrespect their young players in the media and crow about how much “tougher the game was back when we played”.

  180. Yeah, it is a hornets ball bought at the hornets store.

  181. Awesome!

  182. Completely disagree.

    Kaminsky wasn’t College Player of the Year and a Summer League stud by being a weakling.

    I’ll bet Kaminsky is in better shape than Al Jefferson is.

  183. Either that or he’s flicking his hair like a love struck teenager from all the adoring ladies hounding him! Lol

  184. Thanks this is hilarious! Always nice to see JLin mocking all the negative experiences and criticisms he faces.

  185. She beats them all in dancing。
    Not even close。

  186. You guys ought to be ashamed of yourself。 
    You call that dancing。
    You too can take a lesson from Riley。

  187. When you look at it, Lin faces more hate and mean spirited bias than most of us care to count or remember..and yet he somehow rises above it. Somehow he always does the right thing, he rises above the need for revenge, he finds the unending love to forgive. Is it any wonder we all learn just a little to be that much better ourselves?

  188. Jeremy,
    Get married soon! We are looking forward to seeing baby Lin dancing.

  189. Of course not. The son is much better looking.

  190. Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer is leaving for China on October 7 to cover the Hornets’ games in Shenzhen and Shanghai. I imagine he’ll be flying with the team.

  191. I will be doing the Bzz Buzz City hand gesture from now on.

  192. yes, in the Bible King Saul wanted to kill David but David is best friend with King Saul’s son, Jonathan.

    So there’s precedence LOL

  193. great ones will cost him a fortune

  194. didnt know he and DJ knew each other

  195. He is good friends with Yao
    Lin will be fine

  196. again Ewing knows the great Yao

  197. Just saw this comment on RealGM

    So in one of the recent Hive Talk Live segments from At The Hive, they sounded surprised and overjoyed that they got 7k views on their recent video breaking down Lin’s defense. After hearing that, I went to their youtube channel to look up what their typical numbers were.

    Currently, the Lin Defense clip has nearly 11K views. The video released immediately prior to that, about Batum’s pick and roll, only has 618 views. None of their other Hive Talk Live videos break 1K views either, other than the breakdown of Lin attacking the rim video that has 5K views.

    Just inserting Lin’s name into any of their podcasts or videos suddenly gives a long time small market Hornets fan outlet a significant boost in views, where none of their recent Hive Talk Live clips have broken the 1K barrier other than their two Lin videos.

    It does seem like Lin’s presence on the team is giving traditional existing Hornets media and fan outlets a bit of a boost if the experience of ATH is typical.

    That’s really impressive!

  198. It really depends on what he means by “great” and how much experience he has with foreign foods.

    If he was like Anthony Bourdain, then people should recommend those hole in the wall places or even street vendors.

    Whereas for some people, they care more about the presentation and ambiance of the restaurant.

  199. Right?!

  200. Warriors had to waive Lin to offer DJ a contract back then. the Clippers ultimately matched that contract

  201. I’ve posted below their podcast if anyone is interested in listening to their reaction.

  202. She has them chocolate shoulders.

  203. nice find by JackJAck at reddit

    ShuckItTchrebek 8 points 13 hours ago*

    One thing that I find no one talking about Lin defensively is his speed. His speed is discussed here:

    What you see happening with Lin, which is probably why he gets the knock on lateral quickness, is that he seems to get beat on the first step of a drive by an opposing point guard. But if you have watched his games, you would know that even if Lin loses the first step, he still defends his man from the side (made possible by his acceleration and speed), forcing the driver away from a straight line to the basket and into a very uncomfortable shot. This is why he has such good numbers defending at the rim. Where other guards would have been chasing or left at the 3 point line, he is actually at the rim to defend. This is why you see guys like Lillard, Parker, Wall, and D. Will often have bad games against him. He’s less effective against Chris Paul because Paul has a very good pull up jumper.

    Of course Lin’s speed also helps him with the chase down blocks.

  204. Most of Jeremy’s NBA friends are in the video, but no sign of Chandler Parsons. Am I thinking too much or does it have something to do with Parson’s free agency fiasco? I am talking about Jeremy’s Mavericks deal which never happened.

  205. re. lins hair as its come up again with this video and the autograph signing: the temp-plate/

    akira sendoh slam dunk

  206. An NBA promotional video for the Hornets’ games in China …

  207. what’s this about???

  208. so that means that they are all nba players capable of playing and excelling with the right coach and environment. so someone like cassapi can be the next parsons or something like that if the coach and owner and environment allows it.. (I mean take a look at pb.. or even rubio.. without the support they are bench player.. IMO).

  209. a list of just some of the first page of 70+ online outlets where the lin “fit in” video appeared: cbs sports, espn, bleacher report, sb nation, for the win, fox sports, twc news, nbc sports, at thehive, zap2it,, upi, hoops habit, swarmnsting, babble, sportsgrid, korea times, sports quotient, capital fm, charlotte observer, sportal nz, stashed, venture capital post, courier mail, atlanta journal constitution, latin post.

  210. hope no resentment from other playas.

  211. why randal sit like his gay. lol

  212. i think you are thinking too much.

    I believe he was playing some pick up games w/ these other NBA players while in LA. He probably just ask some of them if they wanna do a quick funny video after the practice.

    Curry he is close to so that’s probably in SF area when he visited home. (Didn’t realize Curry grew up in Charlotte, but that’s probably cuz his dad played there and works there.)

    The video didn’t have Novak as well.

  213. Yao is a FOREIGNER.

    That’s not the same as prejudice against Lin who is an Asian American who’s here to stay.

  214. Yao is completely different.

    Yao did not come to America to stay, also had the total support of the Chinese government which successfully censored the American media from writing stupid hate articles based on Yao’s race, and didn’t defy the American basketball system that prides itself on ejecting people like Lin.

    Yao is not an AMERICAN HOMEGROWN THREAT like Lin is, so Yao doesn’t get the hate that Lin does. Plus the Chinese government was very forceful in ensuring that Yao was not a 7’3″ laughingstock.

    To go against Yao back then was to go against the NBA. Not so for Lin. That’s why Ewing won’t mess with Yao but is bound to go against Lin HARSHLY.

  215. I don’t get why critics keep harping on Lin being allegedly crushed by Chris Paul.

    Didn’t we all see Lin totally outplay Chris Paul last season???

    Moreso, it’s not the first time Lin’s done that against Paul.

    Unlike most NBA observers, I do not consider Chris Paul the best point guard in the game. The Clippers actually play better without Paul hogging every possession than with him.

  216. Excellent STRATEGIC move by Lin to reverse his universally hated image in the media.

    By posing alongside celebrated NBA athletes and delivering a first class acting job on camera, Lin has begun to actively fight back against the ridiculously biased criticism that has convinced so many people that he does not belong in the NBA.

    Lin already tried letting his game do the talking for him. Like so many Asian American entertainers, he found out that it actually HURT his career prospects to do that.

    The best thing Lin can do to help his career is spend less time practicing basketball and more time MARKETING. Lin did so here BRILLIANTLY.

  217. He needs both marketing and practicing…there is no lesser here

  218. Does this character really wear 7? That would be so funny!

  219. yes. in fact some lin fan or fans i beleive who post on line (not here i dont think) use akira sendoh images in their “avatar”.

    attempt to copy some more images failed not a tech person. just google akira sendoh images for some of such.

  220. true.

    It’s just that Lin’s game is COMPLETE and there is a very human limit to high level practicing!

  221. Come on man. Lin has many areas to improve like most NBA players. Dribbling, shooting, moving without the ball etc. Even Curry can improve on making better passes and cutting down on hot dogging dribbling.

  222. That’s because Lin has more important things to do than hold grudges.

  223. As far as I know, in Christianity, the original sin passes down to all descendants, no matter what. Basically, we are all sinners ( which I have no problem believing) but Christ (God-Son) suffered and gave his life as an atonement for our sins, so that whoever believes in Christ/God/Holy Spirit will be saved from death.

    As far as I know, the Bible does not really talk about Hell per se.

    I have been watching a lot of animal documentaries these days, and I am convinced that the animals possess the ability to empathize and sympathize with fellow animals, and some animals such as whales empathize with each other even more than humans. This to me makes me think that humans are not only animals who possess souls. I did not think so, but as I have said, I have been watching a lot of animal documentaries, and it’s amazing to see even lions help sick lions eat, etc.

  224. Based on the list below from ESPN top 400th players, Lin seems like he ranked 7th of the Hornets but not yet know where in the league. He won’t be for sure in the top 100 as we all know who those ESPN experts are.

    X. Al Jefferson
    X. Nicolas Batum
    X. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
    X. Kemba Walker
    X. Cody Zeller
    X. Frank Kaminsky III
    X. Jeremy Lin
    X. Marvin Williams
    272. Spencer Hawes
    300. Jeremy Lamb
    302. Tyler Hansbrough
    310. Troy Daniels
    320. Brian Roberts
    332. P.J. Hairston

  225. Hey Khuang, how about your Hansbrough @302th? SMH.

  226. anyone make out what Wes Johnson said in Lin’s video? couldn’t catch all the words. maybe I need to turn on close caption?

  227. Totally agree. The video was a brilliant move by Lin. The association with all these NBA stars will help trmendously.

  228. Oh well.

    Hansbrough hasn’t been allowed on the court enough for him to get a higher ranking.

    Every team thinks Hansbrough is this slow footed guy that cannot rebound or defend. They’re totally wrong about him. Hansbrough is the 21st century Charles Barkley whenever given minutes.

    All Hansbrough needs is a chance.

  229. NO NO NO.

    Totally disagree.

    Unlike you, I measure players strictly by production. I pay absolutely zero attention to what anybody says and only to what players DO.

    Lin moves fantastically without the ball running two guard cuts that you are not aware of because you have not actually looked at a NBA playbook, shoots high percentages despite coaches freezing him out, rarely loses the ball off the dribble, and has been a tremendously winning player even on a losing tanking team like the Lakers.

    I totally disagree with your critical assessment that Lin has MULTIPLE HOLES in his game. The stats and video back my stance up, not yours.

  230. Lin’s NBA leading speed is why he’s had such an oversized impact defensively.

    Like most “expurts”, the observer is only looking at Lin’s defense on the ball. And like the expurt somehow manages to notice, Lin sticks his man tightly and forces the miss even if the offensive player gets Lin on his back.

    The defensive areas Lin does better than anybody in NBA history due to his matchless speed are:

    1) Relentlessly chasing an All Star offensive player through multiple screens without fouling or grabbing or tiring

    2) Bursting into passing lanes to get steals. NBA players have never gotten used to the way Lin looks like he’s out of reach of a pass but then Lin suddenly materializes for the interception seemingly out of thin air.

    3) Scrambling to keep up with opponent changes of directions off the dribble. The NBA’s best illegal ballhandlers like Kyrie Irving cannot shake Lin because Lin tapdances his way out of being crossed up. Without a screen, NOBODY can easily dribble by Lin in the halfcourt.

    4) Drawing charges. Only Lin can physically get to spots fast enough and then raise his hands from a stationary posture in the air to draw the charges. Frankly, many of Lin’s charge calls I would have called “blocking” even though Lin’s so fast that he’s already waiting in defensive standstill to be run over. Lin’s so quick, he doesn’t even give defenders a chance to avoid him.

  231. maybe you need to consult the urban dictionary.

  232. The whole video, including Lin’s mumbling, was like that scene in the movie “Airplane” where people were “talking jive” and subtitles were needed!

  233. i beleive you are correct sir in that the players by team listing (which was harder for me to find but eventually did but not yet updated as here) are listed in the order they will appear, so kind of taking the suspense out of where players are going to end up to some extent.

    also correct that lin wont be in top 100 but should be somewhere between 100 and 200 so probably not show up for a couple days yet as seems they only releasing 50 at a time after the first “bottom hundred”.’

    espn already has a (not that recently updated) “fantasy” list and lin comes in somewhere around 160 in that so i would expect him somewhere between 150 and 200, maybe scraping just below 150.

  234. Sounded like he was calling JLin “Pham or Fam”. At the end JLin called Kemba Walker “Pham” too and Kemba tried to correct him and said “Kemba”

  235. That’s fine with me, I would love to see Lin ranked low.

    First of all, these media rankings mean nothing, they just put them out there to stir controversy because people get all upset over them and increase their viewership.

    Secondly, it would just further motivate him and prove the doubters wrong (as he always has).

  236. I’ve been saying that the whole time. First of all, it’s nearly impossible to stay in front of a tiny, quick PG (Lin is actually rather tall and heavy for a PG these days). But even if Lin’s man gets a step on him, Lin usually stays with him side by side, and he doesn’t get a layup or shot off.

  237. I’m sure Chandler Parsons and even Carmelo Anthony and James Harden and JR Smith will appear in future Lin videos.

    Kobe Bryant? He wouldn’t, simply because Bryant doesn’t socialize with anybody at all!!!

  238. I’ve come to the realization that sports media are replete with very low-IQ and/or prejudiced personnel, notably in the NBA.
    I don’t take these self-appointed experts seriously. For the most part, they are ignorable.

  239. Anyone knows what time Media Day begins on 25 September??? If this is morning, it will be very very early morning for me:-(

  240. According to the NBA, players can report to their teams NO EARLIER than 11 a.m. local time on media day. See :

    I was able to find Media Day start / finish times for several teams and they were all in the range 11 am – 2 pm local time; Thunder (11:30 am until 2 pm), Bucks (10:30 am – 1:30 pm), and Timberwolves (11 am – 2:30 pm). I imagine it will be the same for the Hornets so that the media can file their stories for the evening newscasts, as necessary.

  241. Wes called JLin “fam” as in “family”, I think.
    JLin in turn called Kemba “fam” as well.

  242. I would be happy if JLin is ranked 151st!

  243. Game schedule: I think game with the Knicks on Nov. 11 is in Charlotte and the one on Nov. 17 will be in New York, not the other way around.

  244. Here Lin explains his new hairstyle (as seen in his video)…

    Hahaha besides Riley [Curry], my hair has been the videos second-most talked about topic. Basically, me and my little brother were talking one day and we were talking about how we both wanted new hairstyles. Turns out, it was the same one. So we made an agreement to get the same hair. We tried to get our older brother in on it, but he looked at us and scoffed so that was that. Then 5 other of my friends decided they wanted in, so we made a pact between the 7 of us to make sure by next summer, we would all have the same hairstyle. So right now its the awkward phase…which is why I’m trying to salvage it by going Super Saiyan.

  245. i know almost nothing about these things and even less about reddit but just following the link above it appears there are like a gazzllion questions for everyone lin answers.

  246. Hey Jeremy! Just wanted to know, how did you meet Ryan higa?

    I met Ryan and Kevjumba a longgg time ago when I first was interested in starting a Youtube channel in LA. I didnt know Ryans actually pretty shy with strangers in real life so I thought he hated me after our first interaction.

    (again i dont know how these things work but this seems to be the most recent question answered–and there seem to be like 100 questions for every one answered)

  247. Thanks! Let me see what time it will be here in Brissie:-)

  248. consult the world clock.

  249. Ya. Just read it not so long ago:-) Talking about hair, seem like for those don’t like his hair will have to endure for almost another year, until summer 2016. WOW! A whole season away!

  250. I know. Don’t worry! My mobile has Charlotte time on:-) Will check the exact time later. Still have many hours away:-)

  251. actually 185 for every 1 answered.

  252. What was it like to meet Riley Curry?

    So starstruck I couldn’t even function lol

  253. –Jeremy, who’s the funniest guy you’ve ever played with?

    Hmmm great questions. It’s really hard because the NBA is full of soooo many personalities. And some of my teammates are unintentionally funny because they are either crazy or not that bright (shh dont tell anyone i said that). But the funniest ones are probably Jared Jeffries and Nick Young.

    –So Nick Young is not so bright. Got it.

    hahaha hes actually really bright. He’s one of the wittiest, quickest thinkers

  254. –Why wasn’t Parsons in your latest vid?

    we were both trying to make it work but our schedules never matched up…what scene would you have wanted to see him in?

    –Probably the fashion icon one with Tyson.

  255. –You can play on any team, during any era, which team and era do you choose?

    To be honest, I would love to have played with Yao. Not only do I think our games would complement each other but I just think for two full Asians to share the NBA court on the same team would have been epic and ground-breaking

  256. –how do you envision yourself fitting on the hornets?

    I’m hoping to be a dynamic combo guard that creates a lot of open shots for other people/puts a ton of pressure on the defense. The Hornets struggled to create offense and open 3’s last year so I think I can really help in that area.

  257. –Do you keep in touch with all the players who were in your last video?

    On a similar note, who do you think the most well-connected (to other players) guys in the NBA are?

    I keep in touch with all of them thats probably why they were willing to film with me. I would say Chandler Parsons is one of the most popular players in the NBA.

  258. -Does not being recognized as an NBA player get under your skin or is it actually kinda nice being able to stay low key?

    It depends. It’s nice at times that I’m the same size and I look like a normal dude so I can walk around and not draw the attention that a 7-footer would. But sometimes it’s frustrating that when I try to walk through arenas (even before road games), they will let in all my teammates but stop me. It just reminds me how far we have to go as a society in terms of racial stereotypes. People made a big deal about the Hornets security not letting me in but that happens multiple times every year on whatever team I’m on.

  259. –Hardest part about switching teams?

    Moving. Spent my first 10 days in Charlotte with no internet and the first 3 weeks without a bed. The movers are killin me!!

  260. Right. We all know how hard he’s practiced to improve his skill set. And making vids with his co-workers (NBA friends) is nothing new to the scene. This vid was due for awhile now. Nice to see my two fav sitting & sharing some fun – JL 7 & Curry. Always nice to see Landry, Tyson, Howard. Good to see Kemba getting involve.

  261. –Has anyone ever asked you to take a picture of another NBA player?

    Yea it happened all the time as a rookie. Steph and David Lee got picture requests and they thought I was the trainer or the film guy and would ask me to take it.

  262. –How have you like Charlotte as a city so far? Can’t wait for the season to start!

    I actually really like the city. I know during my press conference I said it reminded me of Palo Alto, and I’m standing by that statement. Both are beautiful cities, very quiet, clean and lowkey. They are both small enough to have the suburb feel but also big enough where you aren’t always bored.

  263. –Thanks for the time to do an AMA!
    What is your favorite cheat meal?

    finally … my favorite question. Two years ago I was on a pretty strict diet during the offseason and my trainer said I could have one cheat meal when we got back from our annual asia trip. I ended up having 2 double doubles and animal style fries from In-n-out. I then went to McDonalds and got 6 piece chicken mcnuggets, large fries, and an oreo mcflurry with caramel. I ended the night at Taco Bell getting chicken quesadillas, a beef chalupa, and a mountain dew. There were no left overs.

  264. Jeremy, just don’t do those signs in San Pedro Sula:

  265. What kind of hair style take s year go grow? Dreadlocks? Cornrows?

  266. Lin answered on Reddit that headband will be in full force this season….

  267. ..

  268. aw man, what’s up with no warning?

  269. never expected Jeffries to be a funnyman

  270. you beat me to it; just scanned all the q/a and that was the only significant one i didn’t get at the time.

    yep i think that is probably the biggest news here.

    –Hey Jeremy!
    Not much to say but if you are going with that hairstyle, keep the headband.
    In fact you should have your own headband style:

    Oh dont worry, the headband will be in full effect this season

  271. from reddit:

    “What are some areas you are currently working on to step up your game to the next level?”

    “I changed my shot a little bit where I lowered my release point in hopes of conserving more energy and being a more efficient shooter. I also have been working on my defense, ball handling/dribble moves and floaters.”

    hmm, interesting nugget here!

  272. “How was it like playing with Kobe?”

    Despite that being roughly the 15th highest voted question in the Reddit AMA, it went unanswered.

  273. apparently Lin’s hair grows very, very slowly =)

  274. Can someone tell me what Landry Fields says in the video, after “dang bro”. I listened to it 10 times and still can’t figure it out.

  275. Something about him being slow and that he should’ve gone to Stanford.

  276. “You learn hella slow. Should have went to Stanford!”

  277. Thank you!

  278. I love how determined he looks here… very cute 🙂

  279. Surprise! 😛

  280. Thanks to @1mtoldman:disqus and others who posted the Reddit Q&A’s 🙂

  281. Ball-handling. Good. I think his defense is good, he had to work at handling picks. Floaters, excellent.

  282. None can stop me from wearing headband – JLin

  283. I don’t know of Ewing to have prejudice. I liked Ewing as a Knick, he struggled a lot with the crowd and eventually won them over with his dry personality and warrior like playing. He never won the biggest games, especially against Olajuwon but he took the Knicks as far as they could go.

    I don’t know what he’s like much as a coach. I think if he sees Lin has a good work ethic he’ll like that. I say wait and see. I also don’t know how much influence he has on the head coach. I don’t expect him to be like Sampson was.

  284. Hrmph.

    Lin would have HATED playing with Yao who had no basketball instincts and had no feel for the game.

  285. This is PATHETIC – but not surprising.

    Right now, the other forum is embroiled in a vicious race flame war.

    In a way, the halcyon state of affairs on this brilliantly moderated forum is not representative of mainstream America any more than Lin himself is.

  286. honored to get thanks from “our blubell”; hope you got yer logistics worked out for yer trip to lin game in l.a. with l.a. jane.

  287. Lemme invent a Lin response”

    “Playing with Kobe???

    …. giggles ….

    aw, that’s a tough question.

    I’m just thankful that God is great for giving me a chance to play with a living legend like Kobe. I learned a lot from being around him, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

  288. As long as Lin can continue to bring the ball UP as he hoists shots over defenders flying at him to block his shot, he’ll keep shooting those solid percentages.

  289. !!!

  290. Can someone translate? Is this JLin’s locker?

  291. Yes the pic pointed out JLin’s locker. Also another fan pointed out how “tidy” JLin’s locker was in another site:-)

  292. That doesn’t look very tidy. LOL

  293. You are correct. I fixed the schedule. Thanks for checking them!
    Are you planning to watch in NY?

  294. LOL It was done in a sarcastic tone:-) Another even said JLin without his mom was lost in the area of “tidiness.”

  295. LOL probably we need another thread for Media Day:-)

  296. yes, just like the famous DRose block!

  297. Lin definitely has learned to play better with every game against CP3.
    CP3 got his bag of tricks but he has lost a lot of explosiveness since his injury in NO.

    It’s weird watching Clippers playing well (through CP3) but all of sudden lost their rhythm to blow lead. Perhaps too dependent on CP3

  298. don’t visit the Walmart in Charlotte. ..fighting over Lin jersey?

  299. new thread

    Finally, the Charlotte Hornets 2015 Media has arrived on Sept 25. Training camp starts the next day on Sept 26 and the first preseason game is only 1 week away on Oct 2 against Orlando Magic. We can’t wait to see Jeremy Lin back on the floor trying to develop chemistry with his new Hornets teammates!

    There are 4 teams that kick off the Media Day on Sept 25, followed by the rest of NBA teams on the next day.

    It’s unknown if the Media Day will be broadcasted livestream through but we shall monitor tomorrow

    Media Day:
    Friday, September 25: Boston Celtics, Charlotte Hornets, Los Angeles Clippers, Orlando Magic

  300. your wish is granted 🙂

  301. Thanks @psalm234. You are so kind sir:-)

  302. I was hoping to, but .. sigh .. I won’t be in New York that day.

  303. well they still havent been teammates

  304. Both are still asian there isnt much difference Yao has more prejudice against him if anything because he is a foreigner
    people are more comfortable with Lin than Yao

    youre right it has nothinf to do with how he treats Lin but this isnt gonna be because hes asian because Yao is also asian
    the Rockets didnt treat Lin like they did Yao because Lin wasnt the super star Lin yao once was

  305. There were stupid articles about yao
    he had just as much critisism
    and a homegrown threat? that doesnt even make sense nobody is a threat
    and he was 7’6″ he wasnt a laughing stock because he was a superstar

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