Jeremy Lin shared True Success is Love at Beyond Dreams Charity Event

“Success does not lie in what you accomplish, True Success is LOVE”, Jeremy Lin
Understanding God’s love and sharing that love with others.

That was the main message that Jeremy Lin shared on 8/8/2015 at the “Beyond Dreams” charity event to inspire China youths.

On August 8, 2015, POP’s Foundation hosted the charity event “Beyond Dreams”, together with UBG Foundation (in HK) and the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (in China). Guest speakers and performers such as Jeremy Lin, and other famous artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Korea shared the stage to perform and share their successful life stories and challenges.

This was the first time ever where Overseas and Mainland Chinese join hands together to host a charity event to promote positive values through cultural exchange, arts and entertainment to inspire our youths.

In his 18 min speech, Jeremy shared his message that true success does not really lie in accomplishments but it is really about LOVE [mark 17:54], particularly understanding God’s love and sharing love with others. In practice, he encouraged others to help orphans/widows, marginalized people in society. Also befriend bullied students at school or lonely colleague at work.

Several notable keypoints in his speech that Humans is Wired to Love:
[9:27] Study by Stanford professor: psychologically abused child, only 1 nurse who cares for him.
Harvard Nurse Healthy study: not having close friends are as detrimental as smoking

[10:51] Mom sided with ex-GF in college during a phone conversation
“Girls are like flowers. They’re delicate & need to be watered everyday”
Jeremy concluded all human are like flowers. Men & women need to be watered with love everyday

18:02 “Success does not lie in what you accomplish, True Success is LOVE”
Understanding God’s love & loving others