Jeremy Lin Samurai Bun Hairstyle, Injury Concern and All-Star Voting

Jeremy Lin sportednew Samurai-Bun hairstyle (credit to @wukong) & contributed with 5pts/2asts in a Hornets blowout against an outmatched Heat team.

He started well with 2-2 shooting then missed 2 3-point shots (one which DWade’s foul was not called by the referee). But he curiously missed 2 FTs, upon which he rested on the bench. Is there an injury concern? Nathan Gottlieb made a good observation in that same video above that JLin grimaced when doing ball-handling drill, which is not normal. Along with an acupuncturist from Taiwan (Mr. Lo) who was flown from Taiwan, I’d say we have a valid concern that his back or something else has been  bothering JLin and affected his shooting performance.

  • NBA All-Star Voting has also started today

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