Jeremy Lin Prayer Request: Contentment and Joy; Tennis-Ball Ankle

The latest prayer request by Jeremy Lin was emailed on Feb 9, 2016 to a group of people who will commit to pray for him. The 7 items offered an insight of the current struggle, thoughts and needs that his fans can pray to support him.

  • The 1st request was a praise for the continuing lesson of contentment and joy in God amidst the struggle in his 5 NBA seasons. Some might interpret this to mean that he will be content to stay in the current role, however imperfect it might be. Some others might argue that it simply validates Jeremy Lin is not fully enjoying this season. But it merely tells us that JLin tries to slow down and enjoy each day and game by relying on God despite the similar struggle (missing health/playing time/stats, etc.) in the past 5 seasons. Noone knows if he will stay or move on next season as it depends on external factors of available opportunities. As usual, he also request to pray for others (teammates, fans struggling with serious life issues, family fun during Chinese New Year) but also the alarming size of his swollen ankle as if it had a tennis ball in it.
  • Let’s hope and pray that the 9-day All-Star Break will allow healing for his injured ankle

Prayer requests 15 in English:

1. Praise that God has continued to teach me contentment and joy in His presence. My first 5 years in the NBA, I can sadly, but honestly, say that I didn’t really enjoy them. There was always something I felt was missing (playing time, starting, health, stats, making the playoffs, winning, etc). This year, I have been able to slow down and enjoy each day/game more than ever before. Some of my circumstances haven’t changed, but my perspective has and that’s what God has been working out in my heart!

2. Please pray for health for me and my team. My ankle looked like there was a tennis ball in it for awhile, as well as some other nagging injuries that me and my teammates have been dealing with.

3. Please pray for the salvation and sanctification of my teammates. Lots of guys are open to learning more about or growing their relationship with Christ. It’s been very encouraging to be a part of and I hope that the Holy Spirit further fills our team.

4. Please pray for my prayer life. I have been telling myself to start a prayer journal for a long time, and I will start it finally, but prayer that I would be consistent in maintaining the journal and that I would learn to effectively listen to God in prayer rather than only talking all the time.

5. Prayer for families getting together for Chinese New Year to have fun family time. Hoping that everyone has a peaceful time and that family members love/serve each other.

6. Prayer for the middle school, high school and college students dealing with the pressures of worldly success (i.e. college acceptance letters) and that they would find love and acceptance in God.

7. Please pray for the many requests that you guys have sent in. You guys have sent in some incredibly honest and vulnerable prayer requests about job crises, unsaved loved ones, mental illnesses, traumatic experiences and more. Please pray that through everything life throws your way, you would first and foremost seek God wholeheartedly and feel His unconditional love and peace that surpasses understanding!


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  1. 1st 🙂
    God bless and get well soon, Jeremy!

  2. 2nd full recovery soon or rest

  3. lin you must heal up fast! nba is boring without you my boy!!!

  4. Lin’s swollen ankle looks painful to me. May God grant you Speedy Recovery, Lin!
    Reminiscing and for the record:
    Lin had revealed to us that he was wearing an ankle brace during the Cavs game on 3 Feb 2016. His hashtags #dontmindmyanklebraces #ankles were posted on IG after the game.
    For his first start as PG with an injured ankle, it was amazing that Lin led the Hornets without KW to win emphatically over the CAVS #1 EC team without having to go overtime. A memorable win over Lebron James which has eluded the Hornets for six years.

  5. Hope the much needed break during ASG will provide some healing time.

  6. I really thought the Knicks would turn the corner with Porzingis this year but this vine summarized their season well

    @World_Wide_Wob The 2016 New York Knicks summarized in one vine:

  7. I was re-watching the game against Bulls, they were saying Lin was wearing a pair red shoes to celebrate Chinese new year. And they said he was wearing a “3/4 low cut” shoe, so now look at it, it must be his ankle swollen too much.

  8. yup…most likely

  9. makes sense

    JLin should really shut it down so it won’t hurt his stats not being 100%
    I hope his trainer or someone can convince him to rest tomorrow because his ankle doesn’t feel right.

  10. That’s acupuncture. Does that really work ?

  11. The way he said it. sounds like that was when he was only out for 1 game. People were so down on him … man, if I had an orange ankle, and I have had it many times, it’d be a week off with crutches at least 2-3 days.

  12. JLin is afraid of needles so he must really believe in it to get regular acupuncture sessions

    I never had it for severe pain issues but I have a friend who couldn’t walk due to back pain and had immediate relief and walked after 1 acupuncture session.

  13. Let’s go Jlin!!! Spank the Charlotte hornets bench in your suit! Hehe and if you play. ..then spank the Indiana Model T’s!!!

  14. I wouldn’t even put pressure on it; nevertheless run around in NBA games with full speed.

    I don’t know if we’re just normal people or these NBA athletes have super-ankles & ligaments.
    It’s really mind-boggling

  15. Not all players would play injured like Lin. Hopefully Lin didn’t make his ankle injury worse by continuing to play on it.

  16. they’re stronger than us because of good trainers and some cortisone shots, but orange ball ankles are the body just swelling it up and you’re right – so may people on forums knocking him those games, and this is the pic. I’m thankful for posters like you who kept reminding people of the ankle, even though there was the vibe that that was excuse making. It’s good that he shares this after he’s better because his true journey is good to know.

  17. too many problems with the knicks. calderon is too old to play in the nba, carmelo is a soft charmin crying immature shot chucking always injured cripple, porzingis got ways some development to do, affalo is unproductive and is cold more than hot. knicks fan base was crying for lin to come back when hornets played them, but dolan will never ever let it go.

  18. Curry with an amazing behind-the-back pass on Harden to lead fastbreak

  19. But…looks like Rox is all out trying their best to win…..with a 3pt lead now!

  20. I do have some concern for future chronic injury.
    Sometimes athletes can be too stubborn. They need good people around them to give good advice.
    I won’t pretend I know much on ankle injuries but I know once you had it, it lingers for a long time

  21. 99-93 GSW after 9-0 run!
    It’s like watching video game =)

  22. lol…true (stubborn) and more over at the age of 20s the recovery and the enduring the pain is faster and higher…many professional athletes play thru pain and swelling, obviously its not good for long run, but I guess thats the risk of playing at professional level…hence the remuneration is higher as well

  23. yeah…watching GSW this season is pretty much a video game…all of them are lethal!

  24. they’re so deep that they made a run with Barnes going Curry 20-5 & Bogut anchoring defense
    They’ll beat the Bulls season record for sure with their depth

  25. Warriors are a scoring machine, but rockets defense is still bad. Seems like they don’t know where to rotate.

  26. Rockets space the floor okay but what they are really missing is a good pnr point guard to disrupt the defense.

  27. Rockets want to use Harden every time on their offense. Having a pnr point guard would just take the ball out of his hands, and we all know that he won’t allow that. This is why Ty Lawson barely plays anymore, even though he was a starter to begin the season.

  28. the warriors develop their players really well.Rockets and most of nba teams only develop their starters and one or two of their bench players.

  29. Yes, but it only relieves the pain and swelling temporarily. Does not make it heal any faster.

  30. They have ty lawson but harden dont want to share..

  31. To me it is better to use alternative medicines rather than taking injections

  32. Rockets develop their young players to use as trade chips for a star player. Warriors develop young players to play for their team.

  33. McHale as an analyst tonight on tnt. Asked if it was hard to watch the rockets. McHale sounded very sad in his answer and confessed it was hard watching them. That somewhere “deep inside” they are better then a .500 team.

    Chuck said it’s deep,deep, really deep inside.deep deep.LOL.

  34. Bickerstaff do a good job better than mchale.

  35. Iguodala, Barnes and Green was huge tonite!

  36. There’s no rotation on Rockets defense. Not before not now. Everyone is so selfish on that team. Lin used to open up one side to allow whoever he’s guarding to pass so the help could come over and trap. But they never did. It made Lin look bad as he got blown by and scoared!

  37. ATL, OKC, then ORL … !!! Wish JLin was in on the fun.

  38. It’s in the gene! They have fast twitch muscle and they seem to heal faster. Of course a good trainer and training facility help.

  39. no point guard will ever fit in the rockets with james harden around, this is the truth. he will not play second fiddle to anyone when it comes to touches.

  40. Jeremy please sit out and rest your tennis ball ankle. Come back strong after the ASG.

  41. I agree with yellowshadow below. I mean you got Bev starting over Ty. That is telling me Harden needs Bev for defense, and the one man glory.

  42. Warriors are deeeeeep

  43. Video game with the cheat code activated… Seriously when I see Curry shoot from anywhere and then make it like its nothing. Unbelievable!

  44. lol Rockets were good because of the Lin effect. It lasted for 1 more season after Lin left just like the Knicks and then the collapse as usual! They got what they deserved!

  45. No PG can save them so long as their designated star is Harden! They can sign Chris Paul and the results will still be the same! Harden is a lopsided player who just wants to play offense and not defense. Starting a backup PG to make up for that is wrong, instead of forcing Harden to play defense and designating the PG as the ball handler. Harden is a 6th man who is a fake star made up by Morey to justify giving him a big contract. There’s a reason why OKC let him go.

  46. maybe mchale now knows what it felt like for lin when he was in the houston rockets when he was promised to be the franchise point guard, but later tossed away for all the wrong reasons! what comes around goes around, kevin! you didnt deserve to get fired, but you treated lin like a second class citizen and you reap what you sow!

  47. yeah bro! patrick beverly is NOT a good defender! PGs blow past him ALL the time. all he does is wave his hand and get all up on their grill and then get burnt. this season lin is the better defender for sure!

  48. For those who complain about Lin’s poor shooting in the last 2 games, put a tennis ball in your sock and try to shoot the ball while driving to the basket. If you can still play, it’s because the tennis ball didn’t hurt you. Imagine your ankle is swollen like the tennis ball and you wouldn’t be able to move at all. You won’t be able to score even when your life depends on it.

  49. McHale, you don’t deserve what you get from the rockets just like Lin didn’t deserve what he got from you.

  50. If you put Chris Paul and James Harden on the same team, Harden would have to give up the ball. He will have to play defense and he will only be allowed to catch and shoot. For all of the above, Harden would have to quit the team.

  51. A couple of interesting facts about the Hornets’ Marvin Williams …

    In the 2005 NBA draft the top 5 picks were : 1st – Andrew Bogut … 2nd – Marvin … 3rd – Deron Williams … 4th – Chris Paul, and … 5th – Ray Felton. Marvin was selected by Atlanta.

    When Marvin’s father was growing up, he (the father) would sometimes play basketball against Michael Jordan. Marvin’s father was living in Wallace, NC and Jordan would visit the town to see relatives.

  52. Please Jlin don’t play until after Asg. This team is not worth further injury and just abusing your goodness. You already proved to everybody and it’s time to just chill and wait for the coming season to decide and move on.?

  53. I still believe in the coming of Linsanity2

  54. That’s NOT a tennis ball ankle, more like a softball ankle. It must be incredibly painful just to walk, while Jeremy’s on the court playing tough NBA-level D. This makes the extended absences due to toe “injuries” look more ridiculous.

    People criticizing his shooting should really shut it.

  55. Kembatum still padding stats until deep into garbage time, stealing PT from third stringers (even after ASG hopes died) should be indication of something.

  56. lol….toe injury could be severe as well, you wont be able to put your foot down….ask those who has toe gout…they would tell you the horror stories

  57. The best is yet to come.

  58. Hornets allowed NB and Lamb rest longer to get better, why can’t Lin do the same? Wonder why the medical staff cleared him to play? He needs to Rest, Ice, Compress, & Elevate the ankle. He can’t drive or shoot well w/ that kind of pain on his foot. Yet, Cliff didn’t even mention the injury and blamed ‘lack of energy’! SMH!

  59. Hope Lin sit out today.

    1st, don’t make the injury worse.
    2rd, don’t make the Stat worse.
    3rd, see how team works w/o him.

  60. With Kemba and Batum back, CC could have rested Lin…generally coaches wont mention to press that a player is injured…it gives out the weakness on the team

  61. 3 excellent points!

    But at this point, we might Mama Lin’s advice to make JLin sit out.
    Better to win the war in the long term, not just a battle.

  62. good info!

    So there’s MJ connection with Marvin Williams from childhood.
    It does seem MJ is comfortable surrounding himself with close friends and a lot of North Carolina ties

  63. Understand. Cliff should have listed Lin on injury list and rest him when he already knew that he will not play him that much. He had in mind to give starters big minutes for pad stating before going on the road facing tough teams. He then had the gall to blame the bench for ‘lack of energy’ knowing that they’re injured, specifically Lin. Sorry, but that was not necessary to have done that to Lin!

  64. I find it curious that Lin and Curry play for each other’s home town.

    I’ve talked a bit about Lin’s shooting form and how it’s been looking very good. The results aren’t there yet but technically it’s almost perfect. My analysis of his arm, elbow, shoulder and leg set was confirmed by a video I just saw on Stef Curry’s shooting on utube in a channel called NBA / Stephen Curry. It’s a 2 part video that’s quite short but he points out all the things I’ve been saying about how Lin’s form is starting to mirror those biomechanics.

    As a tennis coach, I’ve learned to adopt the USTA high performance teaching methods. The technical skills of serve, volley, forehand, backhand, topspin, slice, drop shot, etc all fits into only 1 of 6 important facets of an aspiring pros complete game. Second technical skills are of speed, quickness and footwork. Third is endurance, stamina, toughness and power. Then comes a mental skill of strategy and tactics. The last two is emotional skills of mental toughness, balance and calm. The very last one is heart. I call this the one ring that controls it all. Having heart gives you the ability to endure emotional and physical attacks by never giving up and always believing in yourself and to build up a foundation of confidence.

    Basketball players are lucky that they don’t need to ever think about anything but go out to play. It’s the coaches duty to take care of all 3 what most people call the intangibles for the players. Unfortunately, Lin has not had any support in any of the 3 mental and emotional supports from any of his coaches except for MDA.

    The final step for a pro tennis player is to find what is called “ownership of your game”. That’s the acquired mental skill of timing of what strokes to use and when. It’s an acquired skill that comes from many battles and it becomes second nature without any thinking. Lin’s now trying to acquiring this “ownership of his shot”. Having the skill is one thing, how to use it in the flow, without thinking, that’s what separates a practice skill from a game skill. Considering how few touches Lin gets, it may take him longer to own his new shot form.

  65. I found it very interesting in one of Curry’s videos, he said that whenever he shoots anywhere on court, he always aims to have the hand holding the ball place above his eyebrow, and he eyes the basket long before he shoots it to gauge the distance (if I remember it correctly). I can also see Lin has mimicked Curry’s form w/ less vertical jump & w/quicker release, but I wonder if he has similar ritual/adaptation where he places his hands before shooting like Curry.

  66. Acbc, how long do you think it would take JLin to “own” the new shooting form? 1 or 2 seasons?

    He looked great in the preseason but it’s understandable that it takes time to be consistent.
    But playing with injured ankle will make it hard to get the new shooting form down as the body mechanics will be certainly impacted to compensate for the injury.

  67. when steve nash signed with lakers, do you think kobe gave up the ball? NOPE. james harden is the same.

  68. I read an article that McHale said that Harden came into training camp “overweight” and the season started rough from there. Link:

  69. Sorry Mak, I have gout and it’s totally different than an injury. It’s just excruciating throbbing pain like someone is stabbing your foot with every beat of your heart. Sometimes its so bad that you can’t even put a sheet on it. A sprain or soft tissue tear can be supported by tape that allows someone to retain some movement.

    I had a severe ankle injury in my 20s from a torn ligament. What Lin has isn’t that serious becuase he can still walk and put pressure on it. My concern is that a weaken ankle must rely on the other ligaments and muscles to support the movements. That extra stress on those surrounding moving parts is a recipe for actual ligament damage. Immobilizing it by tapping just limits movement but creating movement still requires actual contraction and propulsion.

    I’ve never experience actual toe sprain so I can’t speak from experience on how much it affects movement.

  70. They wanted Batum to sign with them next season. Kemba? What else is new? But actually, in Chicago, they thought it will be Kemba who will replace Butler so they try to pad. ? nice try!

  71. Lawson is proof like a blind control test for a psychology research on the effect of negative reenforcemnent on the performance of an elite athlete.

    We were accused of being conspiracy theorists, and that Mchale didn’t have any negative intentions. We now know that anyone else subjected to that kind of treatment can be broken down.

  72. Every player has their own time. From my experience in tennis, some players never acquire that ownership.

    In Lin’s case, I had expected him to have acquired it now. What makes this idea of “ownership of your game” so variable is that it takes a lot of self belief and determination to accept the lows as a process to something better. Lin has that mental make up to work through it. Many other athletes don’t have that mental toughness.

    That dagger 3 he made to win the Wizards game is a specific situation of singularly focus with no other thought than making that shot. Lin has always been able to do that, to summon up the ability to WILL in a shot. In the situation with the Hornets, Lin has so many conflicting thoughts that takes him away from that ultimate goal. In a way, it’s what all PGs must learn to do. They must OWN the timing to know when to shoot, when to drive and when to pass. That process is made ever more difficult by Clifford by not putting the ball in his hand.

    When I said that a coach has to take on all the mental and emotional support for all his players, what I mean is that they must make clear and concise roles each player must play. The way the bench plays now is no one knows who leads or calls plays. When Lin looks confused or hesitant, it’s because he’s trying to figure out which of those things he should do, shoot, drive or pass!

  73. Patrick Berverly looks like he’s doing something on defense but he’s not. All he’s doing is trying to break someone’s knee. On-ball defense to some extent is overrated in the NBA. How do you guard someone like JJ Redick when he runs around so much and gets screen after screen and hardly ever dribble? It takes a collective effort to stop someone like that. Lin did a good job in slowing JJ down but he was banged around so much from fighting through the screens. Having said that this is where the problem is with Clifford’s offense. He doesn’t set screens for the guards. If he wants Lin to play SG that’s fine but he has to set up screens for Lin to get open and he has to set up screens for Lin to get quality shots. But Lin only gets the ball when everyone else runs out of options! On top of that he’s playing with Hawes, Kaminsky and Batum. None of them runs the floor. Lin is exciting when he’s able to play the MDA’s “Gone in 7 seconds” Run & Gun offense. Half court offense is just hard to watch!

  74. One of the videos show the whole 20 min of Curry’s warm up. A lot of 2 hand dribble drills, floaters one hand shots. Then 3s from everywhere. I’ve seen videos of Lin doing 2ball dribble skills with a feeder. I wonder if anyone has seen the Curry warm up and how it compares with Lin’s warm ups. I suspect a that they are the same.

  75. I think so too. I pray one day soon, Lin will have a chance to play freely like Curry. God’s willing Lin’s shooting will rival Curry if and when he has the support Curry has.

  76. Clifford USEs Lin as an insurance to save the games in case Kemba and Batum cannot lead the team to win.

  77. So touching reading some fans here begging for lin to sit out until after asg. Unfortunately that won’t happen because lin is a warrior and warrior never thought for himself first.

    Remember his injuried ankle got landed hard again? The one that caused him motionless in pain and many of you were praying for nothing serious? He was listed day to day and missed the next game but the following day amazingly he was taken off the injury list. And of course he has not missed a game since.

    Lin will never get praised by Clifford and Clifford will never admit he needed lin to be the team savior especially getting the team back in order whenever kemba goes off scripts. And the worst Clifford will never admit that lin has kept them in close playoff race with one healthy ankle during the injuries left and right. Clifford has experienced games with lin unavailable and he knew it’s ugly.

    Let hope for the best especially lin health and stats, other than that I guarantee lin has crossed this team off his next season shopping list.

  78. Some Hormets fans and media thought the happiness Lin found in Charlotte was the backup point guard role. Have they actually heard Lin said “I am happy to be the backup…” for even once? Did you?

  79. I believe lin will shoot well if he had the mentally support from the coach. That means he does not have to worry for each time he misses.

  80. Exactly why he needs to go with MDA!

  81. That consistent role and having the ball in his hands are one of the most important factor in Lin’s confidence.

    That’s probably the part that JLin referred about missing things even in this season.
    I wonder what it takes for Lin to be the PG for the 2nd unit.
    I don’t know if it’s part of the system to have Lamb, Hawes to be playmakers or they have freedom to decide because Lin’s ankle is not 100%.

    It’s a messy situation. I wish Lin would’ve taken 4-5 games rest then come back 100%.
    That way both casual fans, his fans would know that his health doesn’t affect his stats significantly

  82. I’ve never underestimated lin ambition especially when I see how hard he works.

  83. Find it perplexing & peculiar so few posters connect the ankle to the 3 pt shot but instead point so much to new FORM.

    Just 1+ week before Lakers Dec 28 Ankle Injury JLIN’s 3 pt shot is fine.
    * Exhibit A: *
    Dec. 19 – Wiz 2-2 (100%) from 3pt
    Dec. 17 – Tor 2-5 (40%) from 3pt
    Many 1-3 (33%) other games

    Three point shot requires greater PROPULSION much of which is generated from the feet/ankles/legs and the ankle injury affects the propulsion. So why the miss from 3ptr long sometimes?
    Because JLIN is making unnatural mid-air-adjustments with his arms/wrists and torso which affect ACCURACY.

    Notice that JLIN midrange jumper is NOT as impacted because the legs/ankles are less needed to generate propulsion.

    Feel confident that once JLIN fully healthy the 3ptr will fall again.

  84. Yes, must plan for further. If Hornets make the playoff, great for Lin to show more ability.

  85. JLIN playing time directly proportional to whether Hornets winning or losing game.

    If Hornets winning – JLIN gets small minutes – to prove JLIN is inconsequential to Hornets WInning because superstars can win.

    If Hornets losing – JLIN gets big minutes because Clifford wants WIN and superstars inadequate; only JLIN counted on to secure WIN.

  86. No he has never said he seeks to be backup on any interview. He has said many times that he wishes to START and that all players want to start.

  87. Hornets posted Lin’s picture for tonight’s game. Which means Cliff wants him to be available to play facing Pacers.

  88. Hornets fans appreciate Lin’s contribution so they cling to the hope that Lin would stay as a backup PG behind Kemba.
    Naturally they put Hornets’ goal above Lin’s personal goal.

    But NBA analysts know (even Rick Bonnel tweeted it) that JLin most likely won’t stay with $2.3M salary.
    What we don’t know is if MJ and Cho would offer a new contract to hope Lin would stay as a backup PG

    It all depends how many starting PG offer will be available next season

  89. Sigh…
    Ok no problem, please just stand at the corner to stretch the floor. No driving to the basket or anything like that!

  90. Let’s pray that he won’t get injured or get hurt anywhere else. God please have mercy on Lin!

  91. man, we have reached a point where Lin fans wish he would stand on the corner so he won’t aggravate his injured ankle.

    That’s pretty bad =) But health is #1

  92. He has said the goal is not replacing kemba but to play along side with him.

  93. Lin is needed or playoff goal will be further reaching.

  94. Is he playing tonight?

  95. Nooo! Please don’t play tonight.?

  96. He did say that he came to Charlotte to backup Kemba at point guard.

    But, JLIN rarely ever is backup to Kemba (maybe 15% tops) because Batum and BRoberts are the true backup to Kemba. JLIN plays SG mostly.

  97. Lol, when we start telling Lin to stand in the corner on defence, then we really need to worry.

  98. True. But it’s not working because Kemba is just like Carmelo junior.

  99. and let’s not reach the point we beg Lin to do a matador defense ala Harden to save his ankle lol

  100. dayum, and i was bout to say that may not be such a bad idea 🙁

  101. Yep. Hornets want to make playoffs even if they have to play an injured Lin. Cho/Cliff don’t want to lose face that they had gathered all the tools and assets to not make the playoffs. But they have been playing their cards wrong by supporting the wrong guys, instead of Lin.

  102. i hope coach gives Lin just 5 minutes to close out the game

  103. And make two winning shots like in the Wiz game!

  104. I want Lin to be healthy and play against the Nets because I will be there behind the hornets bench. I will be very disappointed if he is not there. Praying?

  105. then i’d change my whole tune with this coach lol. aint gonna happen though

  106. If two or three are gathered and pray, God hears. Believe and pray and expect good results…

  107. Using and milking jlin for everything they can get again I see.

  108. If his ankles are still bothering him, I rather him sit out the game. Health should be his main priority, especially on a short and cheap contract.

  109. Brilliant pr move, jeremy… no one can say he is soft…

  110. Hi Heart. Thanks for being there. I hope I can take a lot of pictures on the 21st. I’m really looking forward to that game.

  111. Hope I can take pictures with Jlin.

  112. Yes. I hope and I have to believe you will be able to. It’s destiny for you to see Lin live. I pray so.

  113. Lol

  114. Yep. I believe you.

  115. a picture says a thousand words

    If I were his publisher, I’d create a new twitter handle @JLinAnkle to chronicle the journey of the poor body part lol
    We already have @jeremylinhair so why not a new one =)

  116. That would great. Can’t wait for that to happen.

  117. The question remains for me is WHY did JLIN choose now to release his ankle information?

    Most likely some relationship to his recent discontentment and request for prayer.

  118. oh, enjoy the game!
    That would potentially be a huge game if JLin can perform well to impress the Nets since the Nets might offer him a starting PG.

  119. it’s a little late but important for scouts to get confirmation of injury affecting his stats.
    But possibly to inform Hornets media that he’s playing hurt so they publish articles accordingly with this knowledge

  120. Or bc after hearing Cliff ‘blamed’ the bench twice now for not playing up to par w/o citing players’ injuries, i.e., bench losed MIA game and ‘lack of energy’ for Wiz game. Or Hornets media should at least acknowledge the injuries, but did not, which gave the public the wrong impression of the bench.

  121. Yes. That’s why I’m super excited. I hope he will just sit before asg and come energized after.

  122. Put up a sign – Lin PG Matters

  123. Rockets turned Lawson from a starting PG who averaged a double double every night to a benchwarmer who is lucky to take more than 4 shot attempts a night with Harden on the floor. Glad Lin made it out of there before they could do it to him.

  124. to show the acupuncture more than anything

  125. I was on ur train…

  126. When??

  127. Charlotte Hornets: Jeremy Lin’s Constantly Changing Role

  128. “Some of my circumstances haven’t changed, but my perspective has…”

    Sounds pretty clear cut if you ask me. He’s still getting misused and jerked around, playing behind inferior starters, but he’s grateful to have a successful NBA career.

  129. Do not click on.

  130. Feb 21 God willing

  131. why? all negative and lin-bashing?

  132. I’m gonna bring a sign “JLINPORTAL.COM” what do you think?

  133. The game against Indiana is crucial one and I’m sure Clifford will try everything to win this game. With every starter coming back in full strength against a team like Indiana in adverse situation, Hornets starters will be enough to win this game. Lin may get to play less than 20 minutes but he would probably play gingerly not to get worse in his injury. He would play with intelligence. Let’s see how much he has progressed in his game to help his teammates more than exert himself.

  134. Quite a few of bench players started for the team in the interim and kept the team respectable with a cost, i.e. injury. Clifford did not blame Batum for his shooting slump because of his injury. Blaming the bench teeming with injured players isn’t fair. Without those players, Hornets would be below the Wizards and Knicks now.

  135. I Believe Hornets Starters will have a difficult time as they always do with:
    – Road game where Hornets are only 7-17
    – Hornets full-strength Starters still struggle against above .500 teams look at Heat (Cavs was JLIN win)
    – Pacers have beaten Hornets 12 in a row at home (tied for longest active losing streak versus any opponent)
    – When starters begin to lose Clifford might try to call Lin just like Wiz game
    – Hope the Hornets understand the whole world knows the Coach has played JLIN on bad ankle for 1+ month

    Hornets in all likelihood deliver a loss based on probability.

  136. May I ask how much the ticket you paid for?

  137. The author acknowledged Lin’s constantly changing role is not ideal but is leaning toward Lin to play better in the assigned role by Clifford. It sounds like he’s changing his mind that Clifford shouldn’t play to Lin’s strength.

    The only problem is he compared Kemba’s starting performance with Lin’s starter/reserve performance to conclude Kemba is better. That’s not an apple-to-apple comparison. He should have used Lin’s 11 games starter stats plus NylonCalculus Lin PG stats as fair comparison. Then see which way helps the Hornets to win. That should be the #1 barometer of how Lin/Kemba should be used to help the Hornets to win.

    This is also showing the downside when Lin plays injured because his overall stats suffered. And not all writers know which stats to use. They just use the season stats.

    Lin has struggled to adjust to his unclear role with the Hornets, as his minutes are constantly shifting. When Kemba Walker is healthy and starting, Lin is relegated to backup duty or playing shooting guard while Walker or Nicolas Batum run the show. When Walker is hurt or playing poorly Lin occasionally is allowed to settle into his favored role of creator and floor general.

    I’ve been as guilty as anyone in thinking that the issue was the Hornets not allowing him to be himself on the court, confining him to shooting guard rather than letting him flourish as a starting point guard.

    I’ve been on record saying that I think Charlotte’s offense operates better when Lin is allowed to play point guard and be the primary facilitator. Uptempo, pick and roll heavy sets with constant ball movement is just the kind of basketball I prefer to watch, and what I believe leads to more long-term offensive success.

    But, I think it’s time to admit that I’m wrong. There’s more than one way to win in the NBA and perhaps a heavy dose of Lin isn’t the best way for Charlotte. It’s one way, but not the only way. Steve Clifford clearly has other plans, opting for an offense built around Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum, and he certainly knows more about the NBA than I do. Based on the last three games it’s clear that Walker is his point guard and Batum is his primary playmaker moving forward.

    Poor Fit, Bad Luck, or Just Poor Performance?

    It’s the NBA, it’s hard to play well over the course of an 82 game campaign. Sometimes good players have mediocre seasons. It’s fair to criticize Steve Clifford for not using Lin properly, but it’s also fair to say that Lin still has a responsibility to perform well in the role he’s been given. Clifford’s job isn’t to make Jeremy Lin the best he can be, his job is to win basketball games. If he doesn’t think playing Lin more than 18-20 minutes per night is the best way to accomplish that goal then so be it.

    To Lin’s credit, he’s never let individual struggles negatively impact his relationship with his teammates or his demeanor on the court. He’s a great teammate and even when struggling he always has the potential to explode like he did against Cleveland or come up big when the Hornets need it most, like he did against Washington.

  138. When you look at Lin, Lowrey, Dragic, Lawson, you soon realize that that position was a throw away position for anyone playing in Houston. Lowrey is now an allstar, Dragic was one a few years ago and is now a max player.

    Development and PG position is an oximoron in Houston.

  139. Charlotte Hornets


  140. Nets need good players without dealing their draft choices away. I guess the best chance for them to succeed is to build a team based on free agents with international background. The owners has paid dearly for the team but the team was absolutely a dismal organization. Now the owner owns almost the team completely and I think he should start taking over the organization instead of letting those scrubs running them.

    Hire MDA and Lin in the off-season and let MDA pick his players. This would instantly make this team a much stronger one than now. It doesn’t take much for Nets to improve because his old and expensive pieces are almost all gone.

    They need young and mature talents to keep Knicks in misery for years. Since they can’t build for draft, they must build from the free agent market. It’s real important to acquire them wisely. Lin is definitely their affordable player. All they need to do is to offer him a starting job and a decent coach. So hire MDA first and then build a team surrounding Lin.

    The team there will then be as good as new. The fan base there will be unexpectedly supportive if the owner could do that. By the way, they need a new GM too. Hire one that’s compatible with MDA or just do what the Pistons choose to do; make MDA the GM too so that he could have a free hand running his organization and hiring capable assistants.

  141. Not gonna happen. They will let Kemba and Batum play 40 minutes and padd their stats.

  142. Chris Paul isn’t going to go easy on Harden. The coach will have to bench Harden then because of Chris Paul.

  143. Fatso Harden and funky Howard aren’t going to change. The only way for this team to get better is to trade Harden.
    Morey can control the media but not his opposition team. So Harden might get the MVP award from the media but not wins for his team.

  144. Thanks for the heads up!

  145. new IND game thread

    With only 1 game left before the All-Star Break and Jeremy blogged entry showed the severity of his swollen ankle, JLin fans only wish for him not to play or not to do too much while playing to aggravate the ankle injury. Our hope is the 9-day break during All-Star Break will help his ankle to fully heal to have a strong 2nd half starting from Feb 19 for the final 30 games.

    1. Would JLin be able to bounce back strong after shooting 1-7 despite his swollen ankle?
    2. Does Clifford really need him to play against the Pacers when the starters are mostly healthy?

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s pray and hope that his ankle is healed 100% soon and he finds a way to find his shooting rhythm if he plays.

  146. charlotte would have already gotten their allstar player had they promoted Lin heavily and played him correctly. but they got greedy and now they got nothing

  147. I agree 100%

    Let’s hope Bryan Colangelo will be the GM first so he can recruit MDA.
    The rest will follow like a domino effect, I think.

    Let’s hope & pray the ownership will be aligned to do so

  148. lol

    and we knew it would be hopeless as we know what type of player Lin is on the court, always giving 100% despite having injuries

  149. I agree with you that that it does affect the shot, Lin’s form now is a one piece form that gets a lot of the power from the legs and core. Part of the reason is that the hop step uses the ankles for quickness of release. Both these aspects are sources of power and intergral to his new form.

    It doesn’t help but it’s not like Lin hasn’t made shots and he’s been clutch when needed. We are just working on the less obvious aspects of why Lin’s been struggling. Mostly, I’m more interested in creating an alternate meme against those posters that say Lin sucks or is just a backup PG.

  150. Exactly, when Lin was given the role as a scoring Guard in the Raptors game, he knew what his role was. Lin played great because he didn’t have confusing thoughts about what he needed to do.

    Clifford IMO is deliberately playing Lin in such a ways as to keep his mind confused and unfocused.

  151. With hindsight, we now know that it was all or to lure Chinese investors and more game exposure for the season.

  152. “…most of Lin’s three-point attempts have come on shots deemed “open” or “wide open” (shots where the defender is four to six feet away and shots where the defender is six feet or more away). He’s primarily missing open looks.” Really? How many open shots did Lin take in a game? Many of the open shots are when the clock is running down and he’s 3-4 feet beyond the arc!

  153. Almost $200 5th row from the hornets bench

  154. Are you from New York?

  155. Nice! 2nd game after ASG. Prepare to have a ton of fun! 🙂

  156. I really hope he will be in full force after asg. It would be fun.

  157. yeah, maybe 2 seasons ago lol chris paul’s been on the decline, especially now.

  158. You mean section 5 according to this website? How come the price is so cheap on this site? Hm…wonder if it’s reliable.

    I m thinking going too…but it seems to conflict with one of my arrangement…but it can alter. Therefore I m interest to know what price you paid. Thanks! I hope you have a great time!

  159. Thank you

  160. That’s at the top. Very far. That’s why it’s cheap. We are on the court side directly behind the hornets bench hoping I can get a picture with Jlin.?

  161. Hello from Germany,
    my 10- year-old son started to play Basketball a year ago. I didn’t know much about the game except Dirk Nowitzki Plays it. Trying to understand the game and knowing some players I searched the Internet. I was extremely happy to be able to tell him, there is a player who believes in Jesus Christ. We are happy to pray for you, your game, your team and your health. Sorry, my English isn’t perfect. God bless you in every possible way.

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