Jeremy Lin Prayer Request: Contentment and Joy; Tennis-Ball Ankle

The latest prayer request by Jeremy Lin was emailed on Feb 9, 2016 to a group of people who will commit to pray for him. The 7 items offered an insight of the current struggle, thoughts and needs that his fans can pray to support him.

  • The 1st request was a praise for the continuing lesson of contentment and joy in God amidst the struggle in his 5 NBA seasons. Some might interpret this to mean that he will be content to stay in the current role, however imperfect it might be. Some others might argue that it simply validates Jeremy Lin is not fully enjoying this season. But it merely tells us that JLin tries to slow down and enjoy each day and game by relying on God despite the similar struggle (missing health/playing time/stats, etc.) in the past 5 seasons. Noone knows if he will stay or move on next season as it depends on external factors of available opportunities. As usual, he also request to pray for others (teammates, fans struggling with serious life issues, family fun during Chinese New Year) but also the alarming size of his swollen ankle as if it had a tennis ball in it.
  • Let’s hope and pray that the 9-day All-Star Break will allow healing for his injured ankle

Prayer requests 15 in English:

1. Praise that God has continued to teach me contentment and joy in His presence. My first 5 years in the NBA, I can sadly, but honestly, say that I didn’t really enjoy them. There was always something I felt was missing (playing time, starting, health, stats, making the playoffs, winning, etc). This year, I have been able to slow down and enjoy each day/game more than ever before. Some of my circumstances haven’t changed, but my perspective has and that’s what God has been working out in my heart!

2. Please pray for health for me and my team. My ankle looked like there was a tennis ball in it for awhile, as well as some other nagging injuries that me and my teammates have been dealing with.

3. Please pray for the salvation and sanctification of my teammates. Lots of guys are open to learning more about or growing their relationship with Christ. It’s been very encouraging to be a part of and I hope that the Holy Spirit further fills our team.

4. Please pray for my prayer life. I have been telling myself to start a prayer journal for a long time, and I will start it finally, but prayer that I would be consistent in maintaining the journal and that I would learn to effectively listen to God in prayer rather than only talking all the time.

5. Prayer for families getting together for Chinese New Year to have fun family time. Hoping that everyone has a peaceful time and that family members love/serve each other.

6. Prayer for the middle school, high school and college students dealing with the pressures of worldly success (i.e. college acceptance letters) and that they would find love and acceptance in God.

7. Please pray for the many requests that you guys have sent in. You guys have sent in some incredibly honest and vulnerable prayer requests about job crises, unsaved loved ones, mental illnesses, traumatic experiences and more. Please pray that through everything life throws your way, you would first and foremost seek God wholeheartedly and feel His unconditional love and peace that surpasses understanding!


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