Jeremy Lin Played Well in Diminishing Playing Time in a Win over 76ers

Jeremy Lin played scorching hot to produce 8pts/1ast/2reb in ONLY 4 min of the 1st quarter vs the sixers (3-4 shooting, 2-2 FT) but inexplicably only played 20 min in an easy win 119-99 over the 76ers.

  • JLin finished with 14Pts?4Rebs?2Asts (4-6 FG, 6-6 FT) in 20 min
  • The Hornets chose to continue to give more time to Kemba and Batum who curiously played 38 min and 37 min in a blowout. It’s very unusual for a coach to risk injury to stars by playing them with 19pt lead until 1:45 left in the 4th quarter. Clifford could’ve easily rested them with 4 min left to maintain the 15pt lead but chose to let them play to stat-pad
  • Courtney Lee continued to be given more Playing time with 29 min. He finished with 9pts/3pts/3rebs/1stl with 2-5 shooting. It’s clear that the Hornets chose to give extended PT to Lee after the trade with the Grizzlies and JLin’s role has been reduced.

At this point with 22 games left of the season, it is clear that Courtney Lee trade translated to a diminishing role for JLin. Although he is playing extremely well or arguably better than Lee, he is not given more time since his role is merely a role player for a short term. And possibly because JLin might leave in the off-season to exercise his player option. His service will only be needed when the Hornets need him to win tough games. Let’s hope the playoff series would require JLin’s services to help the Hornets win.

Unfulfilled Clifford promise

In July 2015 interview, Lin said that Coach Clifford will let him play with Kemba for a long time & with a lot of room with mistakes even if he didn’t play well in Charlotte. I started a 7-day Twitter poll to survey if that promise is fulfilled. With diminishing Playing Time, it’s understandable so far 88% people out of 34 people said NO. Whatever the reason might be, that promise is not fulfilled and increases the possibility of Jeremy Lin to find a new team in the off-season that he can call home. With a healthy MKG next season, JLin’s time would be further diminished to 10-15min as he’s not utilized well in Clifford’s promise. And he might find a better 10-15mpg role if he pursues the backup PG with Golden State Warriors to win a championship ring. Here is the link to the interview transcript and video


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