Jeremy Lin Played Well in Diminishing Playing Time in a Win over 76ers

Jeremy Lin played scorching hot to produce 8pts/1ast/2reb in ONLY 4 min of the 1st quarter vs the sixers (3-4 shooting, 2-2 FT) but inexplicably only played 20 min in an easy win 119-99 over the 76ers.

  • JLin finished with 14Pts?4Rebs?2Asts (4-6 FG, 6-6 FT) in 20 min
  • The Hornets chose to continue to give more time to Kemba and Batum who curiously played 38 min and 37 min in a blowout. It’s very unusual for a coach to risk injury to stars by playing them with 19pt lead until 1:45 left in the 4th quarter. Clifford could’ve easily rested them with 4 min left to maintain the 15pt lead but chose to let them play to stat-pad
  • Courtney Lee continued to be given more Playing time with 29 min. He finished with 9pts/3pts/3rebs/1stl with 2-5 shooting. It’s clear that the Hornets chose to give extended PT to Lee after the trade with the Grizzlies and JLin’s role has been reduced.

At this point with 22 games left of the season, it is clear that Courtney Lee trade translated to a diminishing role for JLin. Although he is playing extremely well or arguably better than Lee, he is not given more time since his role is merely a role player for a short term. And possibly because JLin might leave in the off-season to exercise his player option. His service will only be needed when the Hornets need him to win tough games. Let’s hope the playoff series would require JLin’s services to help the Hornets win.

Unfulfilled Clifford promise

In July 2015 interview, Lin said that Coach Clifford will let him play with Kemba for a long time & with a lot of room with mistakes even if he didn’t play well in Charlotte. I started a 7-day Twitter poll to survey if that promise is fulfilled. With diminishing Playing Time, it’s understandable so far 88% people out of 34 people said NO. Whatever the reason might be, that promise is not fulfilled and increases the possibility of Jeremy Lin to find a new team in the off-season that he can call home. With a healthy MKG next season, JLin’s time would be further diminished to 10-15min as he’s not utilized well in Clifford’s promise. And he might find a better 10-15mpg role if he pursues the backup PG with Golden State Warriors to win a championship ring. Here is the link to the interview transcript and video


Guess JLin's stats in Game 61 vs IND


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  3. good for you ..
    It’s been a while, right? =)

  4. Feel free to retweet the Twitter poll to create an awareness.

    Unfulfilled Clifford promise
    In July 2015 interview, Lin said that Coach Clifford will let him play with Kemba for a long time & with a lot of room with mistakes even if he didn’t play well in Charlotte. I started a 7-day Twitter poll to survey if that promise is fulfilled. With diminishing Playing Time, it’s understandable so far 88% people out of 34 people said NO.

  5. A poster from the other thread attending the game had some nice observations.

    He’s Arthur Suckow

    Arthur suckow • 2 hours ago

    Was at game. Lin clearly was the most talented player in first half. Toward end of halftime dantonio and Lin chatting and hugging. Second half he didn’t look happy coming out. At end of game he came out to do radio and both ankles were wrapped in ice bags. First time I saw him in person and he is very good.coutney lee not as talented at least tonight.76ers need a real point guard badly. They will offer him quite a bit from what I saw tonight.

    They had halftime trampoline show. Teams got out a bit late and Lin shooting corner 3 and dantonio caught his attention. They talked and hugged and Lin waved to someone in crowd. Then talked to anther Philly assistant and then ran to start third. From appearance seemed Lin really liked by both of them. In person Lin was most impressive guard in first half. Came in up by 2 in third. Was up 15 in 4 minutes. He got fouled twice and really didn’t touch ball much.

    Did Lin get chance to talke to MDA?

    Arthur suckow CT • an hour ago

    Got center court upper tier for 16 bucks. Great view of game. Was dantonio who approached Lin with about 4 min to third. They spoke,hugged ,waved to someone Lin knew in crowd and then spoke with another large gentlemen who seemed to ba an assistant coach and they also hugged and Lin ran back to bench before start of third.

  6. more:

    CT Arthur suckow • an hour ago

    Thanks! Happy for you having a good time there.

    You haven’t answer why you said Lin didn’t look happy coming out from second half?

    Arthur suckow CT • 44 minutes ago

    He looked annoyed but is competitive. Think he was mad as he and Clifford talking and he got into play late and fouled ish. If u go from first half Lin was dominate. They have 5 good guards but Lin can handle rose or Westbrook if they ever got that far. His ankle definatey hurting. He was heavily wrapped when he came out to give I would guess radio interview. Wells Fargo very nice and clean.only maybe 7000 peoplE which made comfortable but a bit quiet.

    CT CT • 2 hours ago

    O.k. You did say Lin talked to MDA.

    But why he was not happy came out from second half?

    Arthur suckow CT • an hour ago

    Clifford was talking to him and hornet shooting foul shot. Ball game in and Lin had back turned. Had to run and bumped ish smith who scored.he was mad.then he came out and was mad. He had some great moves in first half and got some oohs and ahhs. Reast of first half dry.his plus/ minus had to be good. They were a way better team with him in. Never saw Lin in person. He is very very good. He got ball swiped a few times going to rim trying to get foul.he is fast.he is a point guard.he can play the 2 but should be playing point.charlotte has to treat him like ginobli or let him go. They be nuts to let him go. He dominated first half when he came in. It is very possible they are being very careful with ankle. Without him didn’t think sixes were that overmatched. Charlotte needs another big. Lamb was mad when he came out in second quarter but he struggled.

  7. Arthur suckow CT • an hour ago
    Lin was faster than Kamba tonight and Batum missed some easy shots.was surprised with lins speed. Philly isn’t bad. They need a real point guard.ish quick but tonight Lin knew exactly where to go. He got sloppy on a few fast breaks but seemed he really needs to play it more. My feeling was they are limiting lins minutes due to ankle.he was dominating game from when he came in to 6 min mark in half. No way Clifford would have taken him out if completely healthy. Seeing him in person understand why people think he should start. When he came in a lot of Lin stinks. After about 6 min there were a lot of he’s good and wows.

    Yes he was.being at game tonight Lin not only passed the eye test but the fastest and smartest player out there.he is much bigger than he appears on tv. He went back door twice and pass didn’t get thru,got kicked. He pointed to passer after both plays to throw high. Think ish Watson him. During first half was thinking Scott saying this guy an nba player. He is an nba player who could get u far in playoffs.76erscarent great but in first half he looked so much faster and stronger than anyone out there.

  8. Good insights.

  9. ha ha, yep … just luck of showing up on time.

  10. Thanks…hmmm ankle still hurting…..i do understand ankle takes a longer time to heal…just because your weight and movement is relied on it…hope its not too bad

  11. Looks like sws called it corrctly with regards to playing time for Lin. The truth hurts sometimes. Lin will play more minutes during stretch run. You can bet on that.

  12. whos that

  13. If you consider 19>17, yeah. Lol, the real truth is Lin will play behind Lee and like another poster said, Kemba play crap, Lin plays most. Kemba play okay, Lin will play until he gets them the lead. Kemba hot, Lin get 15.

    IMO, Lin will get his with 7 seven games left when Kemba starts choking and Clifford needs Lin to win games for them. They will lose first round showcasing Kemba and Lin will win one game for them.

  14. They only play Lin heavy when they are out of options

  15. Yah they will lose first round for sure
    Lin should play starter mins on this team now that MKG is gone
    Lee is trash no way should he play 10mins more than Lin thats straight bs

  16. Highlights from JUN LIU

  17. Good report.

  18. Thanks for this infor. My feeling was they are limiting lins minutes due to ankle.

  19. a 76ers fan is excited to meet his favorite, Linsanity

    showtime_hearon91: @jlin7 got to meet Linsanity what a nice guy one of my favorites #CHAatPHI

  20. Met Jlin and my son got an autograph from him at the game…
    What an amazing night

  21. Nice, he got a hug too 🙂

  22. BTW Lin had more fans trying to greet him more than any of his teammates and most were not asians

  23. Yeah

  24. sweet! lucky boy!

  25. Thats great to hear. Glad you and your son had a fun night. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Even though Lin only played 19 minutes but those were quality minutes. Something’s not the same tonight. He was in a different position. He wasn’t at the corner. A lot of times he was at the top of the arc. Plays were running through him more as he curled around. Something has changed. I really hope Cliff is playing him differently from now on.

  27. very cool

  28. D’Antoni: “I know MJ either banked on Kemba or simply couldn’t get rid of him. Either way you guys aren’t keeping Jeremy after this summer, so at least showcase him for Colangelo and the Sixers F/O.”

    Clifford: “You got it, boss!”

  29. Nice. a guy like Lin deserves to be popular, since he’s such a great role model.

  30. thanks for the update.

  31. Thanks for the vid. Really appreciate it! Glad that you and your son were having time with JLin.

  32. I think Jeremy will handle the next offseason better. Like how he has improved his game every year, I think he will be better at managing free agency this July.

    The fact that there is no extension from the Hornets at this late stage is very clear to me. Lin will opt out. He would have learnt from all these bad experiences and become wiser.

  33. That’s why they are jealous of him.

  34. Thanks for sharing. Was Lin the only one meeting fans? Where were the other players?

  35. I don’t think they can extend Lin’s contract even if they wanted to at the moment..I don’t think it works like that.

  36. Does anyone know much about Stauskas? He seemed to stay with Lin pretty good during the game.

  37. Do you guys think Lin would had been better off backing-up Mike Conley instead of Kemba Walker?

    I was checking out Conley’s stats and he’s averaging only 32 minute per game, so Lin probably gets more playing time at the point….The only issue is whether the coach there would had added more time for Lin by playing him alongside Conley as the shooting guard just like Clifford has done.

    Also, Conley may leave via free-agency to another team, so Lin could end up there, specially when you consider the fact that they tried to signed Lin during the past summer but Lin didn’t like the length of the contract and he would had missed the big money coming in this year and the year after.

    My guess is Conley leave and join the Knicks since they really need a PG, so that leave a spot open in Memphis for Lin to slot in.

    Mario Charmler would probably expect the starting PG job to be handed out to him if Conley leaves, but Lin could probably beat him out for the job…Mario is good defender so maybe coach would prefer him over Lin..and Mario would be there for a year, so he’ll be more familiar with the system while Lin would have to learn it.

    But Lin in Memphis may be a good option…IF Conley leave.

  38. C Chan posted the following at the previous thread after this new thread open. Maknusia asked him to repost here, but he still has not done it. So, I am doing it for him 🙂 It sheds some light about how Lin feels with the team now: (he also posted some pictures which are not copied here.)

    “This is my third year to drive from NYC to Philadelphia to support JLin. 2 yrs ago I witnessed JLin drained 9 3pts. Last year was very disappointed cos he was out sick & not even on the bench. This year I am very lucky, have him signed my Lakers & Hornets jersey & took a picture with him. I was sitting at the baseline next to the Hornets bench. I was spying at him all the time & have no interest in watching the game except for when he was playing. When he was on the bench, he has very little interaction with other players, he didn’t look happy most of the time until 4th quarter after subbed out. He started to smile sometimes & talked to Kaminsky. M William is really a good teammate & leader. He stands up & cheers for teammates whenever they score. I didn’t pay attention to Clifford so I don’t know if he ever yells at JLin. There’s one play which I was really mad at him, is in the 4th quarter, when I. Smith already started to run down the court, but Clifford kept talking to JLin, guess he was calling play, making him a little late to guard Smith, which lead to Smith a driving layup & a foul by Lin. Also I was disappointed not seeing any contact between JLin & MDA, not at shoot around or after the game, but I’m not sure about halftime. Sorry that I can’t provide a detail game report but here are some pics I would like to share.”

  39. Check the PG usage of all starting PG, Lin would be probably better off than backing up ANYONE else.

  40. When I went to watch game personally at msg , I felt same thing Clifford talk too much to Lin to do this and that.. I really hoped Clifford just let him play.. Too much orders..

  41. Oh I see. Didn’t know that.

  42. To me thats norm…thats what Coach suppose to do…..and PG is the commander of the floor, hence the frequency

  43. Seriously hope MDA can save Lin from all these mistreatment and allow him to finally play his game.

  44. Also, Lin makes effort to meet with fans.

  45. mmmmm, true if he did that to Kemba and PG Batum, too. Cliff’s problem is his double standard. I expect Hornets melt down next season just like Rox. No one likes it when coach plays favoritism. No one likes to do all the work but credit goes to others all the time. It is just human nature.

  46. Clifford orders more to Lin than Kemba. I think Kemba has more freedom than Lin. If we look at the MDA coaching during linsanity, he doesn’t say to Lin to do this and that every time. He let Lin run the offense with more freedom. Clifford orders many times to Lin pass to lamb or Batum and etc…

  47. ok…understood where you are coming from…you are right

  48. agreed

  49. Ditto, How long does it take to say, ” Go stand in the corner!”

  50. No. Would he have closed as many games? Would he get to start if not only Conley is out but SG’s? I don’t think of Memphis as going “small ball” where Lin at SG would be utilized. There’s also that Grindball there that Lin seemed to have rejected as I think Memphis made an order.

    I don’t see the style of play fitting Lin much, grind ball. Unless they are going away from it. There are better options, something more suited to Lin’s style of play with the type of players that work well with Lin, particularly a pick and roll big man.

  51. It was very late yesterday night, so I thought of reposting it today. Thanks Dorothy for doing that for me. I saw some posts here JLin did have interaction with MDA during halftime & I was so mad at myself missing that moment. Here’re the pics that I posted before,hope everyone enjoy it. BTW, I am a She.

  52. Great! thanks!!!

  53. Well if you think about it, you can’t be all happy and all when the game is close
    Thats probably why he didnt look happy during the game
    after he subbed out, the game was basically over then he was relaxed

  54. You’re welcome.

  55. CBS article confirmed how popular JLin in Philly as a fan favorite. It’s a very good sign

    .”still a fan favorite, Lin was cheered every time he touched the ball, & fans were clamoring for his autographs…”

  56. I think Lin is popular everywhere.

  57. I pretty much can hear cheers for Lin at any away game. Maybe Philly is a little louder? I do notice bigger city gets louder cheers. I guess that kinds makes sense.

  58. my guess is it’s a little bigger support in Philly because there’s still a lot of NY Linsanity fans who live there
    (135K New Yorkers moved to Philly in 2009-13)

  59. The Cinderella story continues, this time lin has to deal with his step brother and step father. Lin must do all the dirty works ordered by Cliff so KW can earn all the credit on the scoreboard. Despie doing it successfully, he’s still constantly got yelled from Cliff and eventually got benched.

    The treatment from Cliff is much worse than McScott.

  60. So good to see handshake and hugging between lin and MDA

  61. I think there’s someone/people in the FO who dictated Clifford to reduce Lin’s PT after trading for Lee.

    2 main reasons:
    1. FO wants to look good in trading for Lee to show they’re competent to MJ to trade away Hairston and BRoberts so they need him to stats-pad
    2. I remember Clifford tried to give direction from the sideline before ASB that Lin needs to be PG so there was an attempt to play Lin and Kemba on the floor. My guess is the pro-Kemba camp didn’t like it especially after TOR 35pts and CLE 24pts/8a and Clifford lost the battle.

    The moral of the story is even if a coach like Clifford can be sincere in utilizing JLin, he can still lose the battle because Front Office people can override it.

  62. Fo is not innocent either but I’m tired to see lin is the only one got micromanaged and screamed at.

  63. Some have moved and some may travel there as it is very close. About 2 hr drive and maybe shorter by fast trains. NY fans can go there and watch games cheaper than at NY venues.

  64. The 76ers have the worst attendance in the NBA right now, selling out only 71% of their arena. The Timberwolves, Pistons, and Nuggets are only marginally better. Some teams sell out more than 100%. See the graphic below (click to enlarge).

    The Hornets are in the lower-middle range (22nd out of 30), selling out 91%. They are about to start a 7-game home stand (Indiana, Minnesota, New Orleans, Detroit, Houston, Dallas, and Orlando).

    See :

  65. yes, I found that hilarious. Why would Clifford spend extra time coaching and micromanaging a player who only played 20 min? Either Clifford just ‘loves’ to coach Lin with 22 games left because Lin listens or he can’t do the same to the stars =)

  66. NBA Trade Rumors: Hornets PG Jeremy Lin expected to draw trade interest from Rockets, Mavs, Hawks

    Read more:

  67. this is from mid-February.

  68. nice video compilation! Thanks for sharing
    Glad your son got a handshake & a hug =)

    JLin is always extra nice to kids. He knows it will make their day for a long time

  69. Lin is attentive. Others probably just ignore the coach. I don’t think Lin ever talk back.

  70. Thanks for sharing!
    Glad you have an up-close seat to observe well

    It’s good to know that JLin decided to enjoy his time playing however little it might be as he shared for this season

  71. Trade has passed for this season

  72. More or less the same. Clifford is more subtle but deadly. ?

  73. I don’t get it either. It’s hard to focus playing and shooting when you worry about making mistake.

  74. I agree, maybe what’s happening makes it worse

  75. I’m not sure I agree because there’s no FO people during the games hovering around. And besides i don’t think the FO would tell Clifford to yell at Lin?

  76. reading Philly forums and blog, fans are asking why didnt they get JLin?!

  77. Sorry, old article, just read for fun.

  78. It looks like JLin got robbed from a block on TJ McConnel with 7:24 left in the 2nd quarter (refresh for pic)
    Can anyone verify at [4:57 mark] of the featured Jun Liu highlights?

    If yes, who knows how to report it to get corrected?

  79. But he didn’t do that to Kemba?

  80. FO won’t micro-manage Clifford during a game like he did to JLin =)

    FO would have given direction during a meeting not long after the Courtney Lee trade that he needs to be given a lot of time to acclimate to the system and get good stats.

    FO also has fear that if the team doesn’t reach playoff or they don’t make good moves, they can get fired so they are personally invested in Lee getting good stats.

  81. which ones? I tried the SB but no many mention there

  82. this site is not legit at all lol

  83. he knows he can only play his brand of basketball when Lin is the main PG cuz kemba and batum wont listen to him

  84. I got what you are saying, but I think Adele’s point is from her personal experience at MSG, Cliff’s attitude towards Lin explained his usage of Lin.

  85. HaHaHa, I thought I might need to put he/she, then for some reasons decided not to. Thanks for the report and pics. Really appreciate them

  86. Phil Jackson believed in letting players play. Often, he’d just let players work through problems themselves on court.

    That comes with great preparations.

  87. That was true only in first half when Hornet was in a dog fight, in the second half he was back to the corner.

  88. IMO, Cliff picks on Lin, an easy target, knowing Lin won’t bite back in public and simultaneously making himself look smart and good at coaching. It’s also an act out of insecurity and distrust that he’s subtly displayed implying to the public that Lin needs coaching and is not better than KW as pg. This public action is a mask that he put on to protect KW, Hornets’ asset.

  89. oh, about Cliff yelling at Lin?

    I’m not sure what to think of it yet. Coaches can yell and scream like Pop to Duncan, Parker, etc. but he yells at all players. If it’s selective like Cliff to only Lin; it can either mean it’s deliberate to be harsh or trying to really coach a player. And I didn’t see it in Phoenix games so maybe it’s not every game. I’m still undecided at the moment.

    The main difference with McHale is McHale yells/screams without any praises.
    Clifford had some praises on defense and Lin worked hard on both ends so there’s some balance. (although not enough for Lin fans’ taste)

    I think Cliff liked Lin to some extent but he’s a lame duck in the organization without much power.
    I’m leaning to stars power play from Kemba camp like Melo did in the Knicks.
    Either way, Lin might have 1-2 chances to shine in the playoff and should find another team.

  90. bigger cities more asians

  91. Damage control from Marketing seeing so many unhappy Lin fans?
    If yes, it’s good to have Pete Guelli

    @PeteGuelli Quietly efficient game by @CodyZeller and @JLin7 Cody w/ 15pts in 28 min 9-10 from the line. JLin w/ 14pts in just 20 min and team best +15.

    But +15 is the 3rd highest, not the best.
    Kemba had +18 and MWill with +16 after the stat-pad in the 4th quarter.

    It is what it is. JLin’s not in the Hornets long-term plan so it’s good to optimize the win-win business in the next 22 games + playoff. It’s good to focus on the bright side (i.e. MDA & Lin half-time embrace/hug)

  92. At least Scott played Lin 25 mpg.

    Clifford doesn’t even do that.

  93. Nice JLin Bobble-head.
    I hope they beat HOU in March 12

    @hornets No matter how many times it bobbles, that hair is staying put ?

  94. Clifford yells at Lin in order to soothe the BEATINGS Lin inflicts on Walker and Batum.

  95. After this ugly season, Lin is 100% guaranteed to EXCEL in any role he gets on another team.

    In fact, I’d go so far to say that it doesn’t even matter which team has him.

    Lin’s gonna GET HIS, no matter how little he plays.

  96. Pacers? They have George Hill… So Lawson is willing to be backup now?

  97. Thought he’s not eligible to play in playoffs?

  98. I don’t know how it is in the nba.. but dude. I personally will not worried about that. Why? Have you ever taken a martials class? Or play a competitive sport? I have..and in the martial arts class, one thing I noticed and it was confirmed by the sifu, is that IF HE CARES ABOUT YOU, HE WILL YELL AT YOU to correct your mistakes. He is doesn’t give a dmn.. or don’t like you, he won’t say a word or just pull you out. I did get yelled at while an older guy who is completely lost and feeling embarrassed by sifu yelling at him, sorta ignored the sifu and at the end the sifu didn’t care much and stop correcting him even when it was an obvious mistake. I have been on both sides because at one time I still didn’t get ti and he just ignored me until one day he saw I was continuously hard working and end up talking and ‘chastizing’ what I did wrong. Then I get it and he was happy.

    btw, the sifu is from hong kong and 100% chinese.You can say ok maybe he chinese, etc. But how about american white coach experience I had:

    I played intense intramural basketball and I know I’m not good. But I have seen how he treat differently to stars, regulars role players who are important and the nobodies. I was one of those 3rd stringer nobodies because I was short like 5’5″ when I was freshmen in HS (now I’m 6′). The coach doesn’t seem to talked or yell at me at all. He just doesn’t seem to care as oppose to the regular important role players who get yelled at during a game and practice. To the stars, the coach talks to them calmly because they are stars.. and if they made mistakes, he will tell them and then if it continues he pulls them out for a bit, but still have the line of communcation open. Yelling is also a form of communication.. At times during those times, I was hoping the coach will yelled at me because it shows at least I’m an important role player. I know I can’t be a star…so a role player is what I was hoping. But it seemed like he didn’t care. I know I made a mistake once, but he didn’t yell.. which I was surprise because he yelled at my friend.. so I was wondering was it ok..but my friend ended up staying in the game soon after his mistake, but coach pulled me out.. WITHOUT A WORD.. a few moments later.

    So let me ask you this.. you want cliff to careless and not yell at lin or you want him to yell at lin (not like pj yelling at the bench) but during the game. During the game yelling is fine and is completely different from bench yelling..which means he is not respecting the player.

  99. Lin was the highest +15 before sat, Didn’t play last 6 minutes.

  100. Did someone posted that a player that was agreed to a buyout agreement can’t join a possible playoff team contender after March 1?I’m confused.LOL

  101. but Khuang, I”m afraid he won’t even get a contract with any other team like you have alluded to. What do you realistically think lin should do/concentrate on with 20 games left in this season?

  102. Still many games left to play. They need moving up.

  103. I like your positive on Lin.

  104. Lin saved the day after 6ers erased the lead down to 2.

  105. It seems Hornets will be the playoff. Maybe that will be a surprise which changing the whole season.

  106. Clean block from the one healthy ankle.

  107. Yes, it’s obvious from the Hawks/76ers game that even when JLin played extremely well, he won’t get a lot of PT.
    That’s what led me to think that Lee is given more PT.
    Even Hornets articles confirmed this trend of reduced PT

  108. lol .. it will only make Kemba and Batum yearn more for Cliff’s yelling.
    “Yell at me to, pleaseee… “

  109. Here is the difference, in martial art student got screamed and humiliated by the teacher but the teacher continues to push the student to perform in pain with long practice and in real competition and continue making mistakes and to learn from it. Clifford treated Lin the opposite with getting benched, less minutes, small role.

    Now back to reality, Pop have screamed and yelled at Tony Parker because he has true tough love. Pop never benched him or reducing his roles, his minutes, his contribution.

  110. I thought you said he won’t get any offer next season

  111. It’s good to know from @t8kit2dmax:disqus at the game that most Lin fans greeting him were not asians
    It means JLin has a larger fanbase.

    Besides, Asians usually don’t cheers very loud since they tend to be reserved LOL
    (with the exception for a few .. as @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus can testify going to game with Jane)
    More power to them!

  112. With Detroit and Washington right behind them, it makes sense. But then can he play in the playoffs? Is he just not eligible for the ring if they win?

  113. What is Cho trying to prove? just because he is Asian therefore he won’t show any bias for Jlin. I thought he is the one signing Jlin to that ” ridiculous ” contract. .. smh

  114. Too late if the deadline is correct, March 1st.

  115. Any chance of Lin going back to Madison Garden next year since Melo and Dolan’s relationship is going south?Would Dolan give NYK fans what they want this time?

  116. I think he can jump and run straight. His leg movement looks awkward when he turns sharp angle or move side to side. When he came back from all star break, he looked better, but still not 100%, but now,he looked much worse.

    For me, playing less time now might be a good thing. Save it for the playoff if they can get to the playoffs, if not, save it for the next team 🙂

  117. I personally don’t like the yelling approach.
    And I rebel even more and don’t do well with that approach. I don’t get why the yelling when you can talk with me. I’ll be like control your temper. gosh~~~
    There are good ones in martial art, who truly a master don’t do yelling at all. And cliff yelling like your sifu does not equal to the same purpose with your sifu. There are teachers who have favorite students, and dont yelling at them at all, but others.

  118. There is a nice book called “Effective Coaching” by Marshall Cook. It’s a book more geared towards business management but it does apply to sports because it’s ideas are drawn from it. Right in the beginning of the book he states that 38% of workers feel that they have ideas that would help the company improve. Rarely is this brain resource ever utilized.

    Take this concept to extremes is the example of how Korean airline had to change its cockpit management style because the top manager/ captain could not accept advise from copilots because of social conventions. It was only after a series of fatal crashes and the threat of losing landing rights that the airline was forced to change the dynamics in the cockpit. Now, copilots are encouraged to speak up and recommend changes and to advise the captain of alternatives. The failure of captains and copilots to work together caused their own deaths and 100s of passengers. Teamwork took president over hierarchy and social conventions of respect.

    Too bad Clifford isn’t required to put teamwork first. It took me a long time to watch Clifford coach to come to the conclusion that Clifford was not smart enough to coach and especially a player like Lin who is clearly so much smarter. I was still defending cliff until January when it was becoming clear that the allstar game wasn’t going to change the way Clifford uses Lin.

    There are many clues to how simplistic a coach Clifford is. The most important clue is the way he micro manages the games. He just doesn’t trust anyone but the stars to “play”. Everyone other support player must “execute” his screaming from the sidelines so that he could force them to follow the game plan. The only flexibility he allows is Kemba or Batum to go off script. This team lacks imagination and creativity because the coach won’t allow it. Clifford simply doesn’t trust! Clifford wants to run the team his way with no regard to any input by his underlings.

    This distrust then forces him to rely on the guys he does trust to play way too much. It then becomes a slippery slope of atrophy for bench players that can’t be ready when situation calls for them to step up. Clifford couldn’t even trust his bench players to play when they were well ahead with 5 minutes left to play.

    The Hornets play the way the head coach thinks. It’s unimaginative, boring and hierarchical with only the captain being able to lead. They are doomed to crash and burn because its a ticking time dumb of failure. Under pressure, with no one to share the decision making, Clifford and Kemba Walker will crash the Hornets.

  119. The more I think about it the more I have come to believe that this is a marketing tool which has nothing to do with ‘damage control’ or saving the Hornets’ face. They’re just using Lin’s popularity to sell their products, to make $. On the basketball side, they can careless how they treat Lin. It’s an alternate universe, and the two shall never meet. Pete Guelli uses what he knows is good for advertising and marketing their products.

  120. That’s what I said about the NBA, yes.

  121. I agreed the former post said Hornets want to prove Lee’s value. Also they don’t want to Lin showcase too much since the contract and for next season.

  122. Lin should just concentrate on playing good clean high efficiency winning two way teamball.

    The more unselfishly Lin plays, the more he scores and pads his stats.

  123. Another impressive article. As for me, after the first game lost to the Heat in the regular season, I knew this will be another long season for Lin.

  124. I am sure Ty hates Morey with a passion now!

  125. I cannot remember a noninjured player falling as far out of favor in a single season as Ty Lawson has.

    Most, if not all, of the NBA’s top point guards would fall this hard if they had to play on James Harden’s ballhogging Rockets team.

    Lin didn’t fall because Lin is a GREAT PLAYER.

  126. Cho is trying to save his job to make the playoff this season.
    If he makes the stars (Kemba/Batum) unhappy, he’ll be run out of the job

    Someone wants Kemba to play hero-ball and be an All-Star in Charlotte next year.
    They’ll be in for a surprise when Kemba ‘regresses’ after Lin and Batum leave

  127. “It took me a long time to watch Clifford coach to come to the conclusion that Clifford was not smart enough to coach and especially a player like Lin who is clearly so much smarter. I was still defending cliff until January …”

    acbc … it’s very hard, societally, to conclude that a said person is smarter than another. That’s because in life, we are asked to accept people, with grace. So, to a person with conscience, that’s a very hard conclusion to draw. Yet, my readings on EQ is that is improvable, trainable. IQ is what you are born with. So, it’s the blend of EQ, IQ in stressful situations that make all the difference between great leadership or bad.

    Perhaps we can accept that the combination of EQ, IQ and the CHA situation makes Cliff overall a very poor coach. If he were in a different situation that is more open and supportive, he may be just as bad, and then it’s the IQ, BBIQ part.

    What we do know for sure is good leaders are hard to find, teach, foster, etc. MDA for a time was brilliant for JLin, and that was built on his track record with his own offense and Nash. Yet when MDA stood on principle and resigned, perhaps in a no-win situation, his good (EQ, IQ, BBIQ, etc) was erased from the JLin world.

    Lots to think about you did it again. I’m just playing a note back.

  128. Marked.?

  129. 100000% agree! It speaks volume to Lin’s versatility, talent, and most importantly his character!
    He is one tough SOB (please don’t ban me… hahaha)

  130. I hope so tonight. It’s clear now for a few games he gets 10 min H1, 10 min H2. Get his! Zero to 7 seconds, do it baby.

  131. The bottom line is that today’s 21st century NBA is totally unprepared for and thus is opposed to the idea of an Asian American player in its ranks.

    Lin is angering a lot of basketball “expurts” because he defies all their hater expectations.

    The NBA wishes Lin would just disappear.

  132. There is no All Star PG (not Chris Paul, not Russell Westbrook, not Stephen Curry, not Damien Lillard) who would do as well as Lin did alongside Harden in Lin’s race hated role.

    Houston fans were all celebrating when Lawson replaced Lin. But then it became painfully obvious that Lawson couldn’t produce half of what Lin did despite Lin playing far less minutes.

    I’ve never seen anybody in the NBA play an inconsistent role with the kind of shockingly good consistency that Lin does.

  133. Will we see a JLin bobble head sighting all over the world? Kinda like the Travelocity’s roaming gnome.

  134. Nothing new as you know from music and I know from business, coming up the ranks. It’s so subtle a discrimination.

    Chris Rock tried to make sense of it by calling this a ‘sorority’ type of discrimination. Yet, he himself joyfully used 3 Asian American children to make fun of Asians, in 2 ways: brainiac numbers people, and making iPhones. That was so bad. I mean, I’ve been to telephone factories in the 90s in Shenzhen. 7 stories of mostly Chinese girls, no older than 18. Putting together $19.95 phones for one of our telecom giants. I asked … shouldn’t these girls be in school? The host said … they come from farms. It’s off season, and they are having fun being away from home with people their age, learning about life outside of the farm. They bring home money to the family.

    That’s what Chris Rock and the Academy made fun of. Children. I get an upwelling of emotion if I stay on that thought much longer …

  135. Philly, really? Was it because of the nine cold-blooded 3s a couple years ago?

  136. you had great seats! Great dedication and thank you for sharing.

  137. Epic rematch tonight between OKC & GSW! Who’s excited?
    Me! 🙂

  138. Another excellent post. And furthermore… 🙂 … I don’t think it’s that Clifford particularly trusts his “stars” to play more than anyone else. Imho, the only reason he doesn’t micromanage Kemba and Batum is because politically he is required to give them more elbow room. But if he could do it, they wouldn’t be exempt either.

  139. Good points!
    But, do you think Harden would willingly take a back seat to the “alphas” like CP3, Westbrook and Curry? Or, it will be major locker room problem?

  140. I. am. too.
    Last night was epic fail for OKC vs Clippers – they were up big but fell apart in final minutes. I really want this GS team to beat MJ Bull’s record. Great records are meant to broken by great players.

  141. Yep, that’s the basis of accepted people for whatever reason in an organization – they get free passes that others do not get.

  142. They will have that happened over 30 years. Our children will see a better mix.

  143. I am worried about the rematch if Steph and Iggy are not ready to go.

  144. Oh I didn’t know OKC played yesterday… hahaha… didn’t really follow anyone not named Lin and Curry! 🙂
    This may change the epic-ness of this game. Will see…

  145. So funny. Well said (by Grover Chang, i mean. Not coach Clifford)

  146. yeah, I am excited! Hope Steph and Iggy are at 95% or better.

    I love the way bogut and mareese traded O and D against ATL. They were so happy to do so, this is a team that is working together.

  147. me too, Lin, Curry … TDuncan for me in years past, but he’s not playing as many minutes so it’s hard to watch a whole other team.

  148. Duncan! He’s one of my favourites for sure! But, for some reasons, I don’t really follow SAS basketball even though I know they play VERY GOOD team ball. ?

  149. Come on, Curry! Lin plays with a bad ankle all these games! looool

  150. No, you have to be released by his previous NBA team before March 1. Not join date.

  151. I somewhat agree with that for Batum….They want to retain Batum and needs to make him as happy as possible so he can re-sign.,,Batum fits Kemba because he can at least dish out assist to balance out Kemba no-assist game.

    I don’t agree with it when it comes to Walker…..He honestly trust Walker..Walker is his boy and he was there when they drafted him…that is his boy that he helped developed and he would like to be able to state he developed Kemba into an All-Star….This is why Kemba get so much minute to stat-pad, even when there’s no need to keep him in the game.

    I honestly don’t believe Lin would had signed with Charlotte if Clifford had told him before-hand that he planned on playing Kemba 37 minute per game…Lin would had correctly ask Clifford where his time at PG would come from if Kemba plays close to 40 a night.

  152. I’m puzzled by Kemba’s heavy usage by the Hornets

    Kemba averaged 36.3 mpg in Dec and 36.5 mpg in Jan to push for a failed bid of All-Star.
    That’s understandable but it came with a cost of having fluid drained for his knee and sat out the CLE game on Feb 3 that JLin surprisingly led the Hornets to beat CLE after 6 years of futility.

    But then Kemba averaged even higher minutes at 38mpg in February, even in blowouts which doesn’t make sense if the goal is to reach the playoff and not stat-pad.

    Why would the Hornets want to jeopardize Kemba’s long-term health, rather than keeping him fresh for the playoff run?
    1. Is JLin’s strong plays scary enough that he needed to dominate minutes whenever Lin is on the floor?
    2. Or is he chasing Eastern February Eastern Conference Player of the Month? If yes, they must be disappointed since LeBron just won it today.

    The irony is if Kemba was ran to the ground in the last 22 games to have more fluids drained from his knee, JLin has more chance to shine in the playoff where it matters most.

    If I were the Hornets FO, I would protect my long-term investment in Kemba and keeping him fresh for the playoff run.
    It’s truly bizzare.

  153. Or they want to trade him next year?

  154. I highly doubt it since Charlotte hosts the All-Star next year.
    Kemba is the only individual star that they have & not many wants to come to a small market like Charlotte.

    I think Charlotte is stuck with Kemba. They have a chance to play team-ball with Batum and JLin but they’re blowing the chances. Not many FAs would want to come to play to help support Kemba hero-ball.

  155. The illogic prevailing over Kemba’s extreme minutes is “mind bottling” at the very least and extremely disturbing, if meant to simply de-value Lin’s worth on the market.

  156. There are a lot of things that we don’t know and sometimes the unexpected results are not the exact things that we expect to happen.Basketball is about business,entertainment and owner’s pride to have a winning team and I think MJ and Cho are good enough to know what will be the best on this team.I might be wrong but I think they’re smart enough to figure it out.

  157. I’m beginning to think that Cliff and Kemba are of the same mindset that Kemba has to be the one to get things done. But what trust and faith does that put in all the other players brought in to take the load off of him if that’s the case? And it is a direct slap in the face to Lin who is by definition his backup but in practice is more Lee and Batum’s backup.

    He runs a very real danger of running Kemba down physically.

  158. They don’t have the same mindset as you do. The hornets wants to create an all star. They don’t have one. Please bear in mind that all star players are big specially when they will be hosting it next season.

  159. There’s nothing to be puzzled about.

    Clifford wants to highlight Walker at Lin’s expense because Walker is not happy when Lin badly outplays him.

  160. Truth

  161. Maybe they want to up Kemba’s value? He’s not attractive as a volume low efficiency shooter but this year has shown steady improvement in his stats to make him attractive on the market. If he puts up very respectable stats then Charlotte might be able to get good value for him.

    Arguably this is the best outcome that they can have from their current team. It’s not good enough to win the playoffs, but it is good enough to build a solid foundation future on, and Kemba can be that trade piece to get a lot of long term valuable assets.

  162. It would be a major locker room problem.

  163. The majority of the time he’s on court are offense, he basically chases no one on defense. Otherwise his knees would last with those heavy minutes.

  164. It happened to PJ,who knows what MJ and Cho wants behind closed door.We will find out how things played out during the playoff season

  165. It might be a good thing for Cliff to run Kemba down physically when playoff comes. That’s the only hope they’ll go pass 1st round or even more.

  166. it’s possible but if Kemba gets hurt frequently, it will also hurt his trade value. Besides it’s for next season which is a long time

    At this point, KHuang’s assessment that Kemba wants to solidify his PG position by stat-padding due to Lin’s Cavs unexpected explosion is probably more likely

  167. I’m also leaning to this possibility.

    It must be hard for Kemba watching Lin leading ‘his team’ to a historic win against the Cavs after 6 years while he couldn’t muster 1 win in 5 years.

  168. It’s been a while that Hornets are winning this way,trading Kemba would bolster the team tremendously in terms of talent if they go that route,Batum,Lin and Williams are great pieces to have a very very good team if they want to continue winning,they have served Kemba’s purpose as a player and they just need to weighed what course they want to go this time.

  169. Kemba has scored 50 and 40 in games. I don’t think the Cavs game has the same significance for non-Lin fans. When Patrick Ewing was asked about it, he said everyone stepped up and played well for instance. Maybe Lin is killing Kemba in practice or something like that because stats-wise, Kemba the scorer has scored big in games.

    He is stat-padding for whatever reason. And his minutes are crazy and unnecessary.

  170. I’m annoyed

  171. Well, I think it’s simply a case of the Hornets catering to whatever demand Kemba has. This sort of things happened in most NBA teams unless that star player is a selfless one (a good example would be the great Tim Duncan). I still can’t believe people are comparing Kobe to Duncan when Duncan is at least twice the player of Kobe.

    Anyways, I don’t think Kemba can even look at the big picture i.e. long-term health and the team actually winning more games. All he sees is NOW and he does not want to be outshined by Lin, especially after what happened against the Cavs and Lebron. There is really no rationale behind all these. Just some near-sighted small people who can’t be happy for other people’s success (that Carmelo drama really brings more insights to what happened inside an NBA locker room).

  172. Clifford is the biggest Lin fan. He wants Lin to shine as bright as possible in the playoffs. That’s why he is now running KW to the ground… Evil laugh… wahahahahaha

    Seriously, I gave up trying to figure out Clifford’s mind set, strategy and intention about a month ago…

  173. This is a very big possibility.

  174. I think the Cavs win was quite a big deal even for Hornets media.

    Check out Charlotte Observers’ wording to emphasize how rare the win & the significance of the win over #1 East-leading Cavs. Kemba’s 40pts & 52 were over Magic and Jazz; while impressive but are not the same level with Cavs.

    “@mikepersinger With Kemba Walker out, Jeremy Lin leads rare Hornets victory over LeBron, Cavs.
    Title: Charlotte Hornets top East-leading Cleveland Cavs; Jeremy Lin nets 24

    You can also see the impact of the minutes & USG% dropped after the Cavs game

  175. HBarnes sat out for like 5-6 weeks lol.

  176. To me it’s boring unless TD gets lots of minutes because it’s like watching a click tick 🙂

  177. Whatever circus act they want to bolster Kemba’s image, he can’t be voted to the all star because he has no charisma at all to become an All-Star.Damian Lillard is even better than him for a mile and he can’t even be voted as one.

  178. Also, Steph Curry is on pace to break the 3-point record by about 35 percent. Last year (the current record) he made 286. This year (after 59 games) he already has 288.

  179. The stat padding is for next season’s coach vote for a backup position in the all star game.

  180. Batum & Lin do have a much better chemistry than he does with KW.
    So, if Hornets are going to offer max to NB, they NEED to build the team with him in mind and choose the best suited pieces around him. KW doesn’t sync with NB!

  181. Wow! Our boy is TOUGH!

  182. He won’t be voted in by fans but coaches might.

  183. I think after Kemba failed to make to ASG. Right now he maybe tried hard to get most improved player. smh!

  184. orange peel ankle.

  185. If Batum was offered and accepted a max contract,Kemba won’t be calling the shots anymore and Batum knows he can put more numbers if he’s playing along side Lin and besides Lin will not take his shots compared to Kemba’s presence,coach and FO will need to make a decision.

  186. lol

  187. Yes, the difference in that game was Lin was playing in Kemba’s position and with him at the helm, he led the team to a victory over a LeBron led team which didn’t happen 23 times before over many seasons. That, not point totals, was very significant.

    I know of the minutes dropping afterwards, for whatever reason it may have happened, it happened. I think Clifford views and uses Lin as a situational player. An X factor.

  188. yep, next year after Lin gone, his stats will go back to the same as before

  189. and isn’t it nice to be the franchise player who can chase after whatever he wants at others’ expenses? I see Harden in him.

  190. I think that’s why even big lead vs 76, Kemba still on court to pad his stats. smh!

    Next year he will fight w Batum for ASG bc Hornets sure will have one player can get in since they host the game.

  191. Not when Batum accepted a max offer,he won’t calling the shots anymore

  192. It should be Batum but who knows… Kemba will not give up that easy….

  193. yall just overthinking the clifford-kemba relationship. its straightforward: clifford simply thinks kemba is really really good. in other words, hes blind. its not about protecting kemba or about managing jealousy or whatever. when lin does really well, its kind of a fluke to clifford. and that is actually the mainstream view, what clifford thinks of kemba and lin.

  194. I think it’s more Kemba feeling threatened than Clifford.

    When we saw Clifford giving heavy minutes on the West Coast road trip although Lin’s ankle was injured, it’s because he counted on JLin’s defense and offense. So the argument that Lin getting fewer min now due to a supposedly injured ankle doesn’t make sense to me. Lee is still worse than Lin but not a threat.

    As you said, Kemba saw Lin leading ‘his team’ to victory over LeBron spooked him.
    He fears Lin taking over his job rather than having a partner to go deep into playoff.

  195. Then MJ and the FO will make a decision on that matter.

  196. Ture. But a 2M guy can’t argue with a 12M guy. Same way, a 12M guy cannot argue with a 20M guy. 😉

  197. Yes that’s what I heard last night from the commentators. The all star talk for Kemba will be resumed.

  198. The coaches will.

  199. Double sigh!

  200. If they’re winning,next year will be a different story.Without,Lin PJ and prolly Hawes they’re a very different team

  201. Then the Hornets FO are plain idiots. Just look at the voting result, the best possible all star player is JLin. If anything, they should stat pad him to get the best possible result.

    And with Lin gone next year, KW will regress back to his old form. Call me bias I just don’t think KW can be all star. 🙂

  202. Exactly. His performance NEXT YEAR will be key. People will forget all about his performance this year in July. I highly doubt he’ll have such good stats next year.

  203. Harden beat D12 in Rox. So I will not surprised to see Kemba do the same in Hornets.

  204. Lin’s faced this so many times in the past that we really shouldn’t be surprise when it happens. It happened with Melo, Harden and Kobe. When Lin waved Kobe off to take a shot then lead the scoring that game, what followed was benching. When Lin lead Rockest passed Clippers near the end of the season to push them into playoffs, Harden made sure to put Lin on the bench next season.

    Recently we heard a veterin player say how players all are friendly until you start threatening their jobs. The business of the NBA is based upon protecting your turf and everyone follows the lead by aligning your own livelihood with whoever will ensure your survival.

  205. I doubt they are playing Kemba this much to trade him and promote Lin at PG…Can’t believe some people are still suggesting this when they suggested that before the trading deadline and nothing happened.

    I honestly believe this is a pride thing for the Hornets, Jordan and Clifford…They drafted Kemba and he’s one of their own…Kemba is like their son, their Kid…He’s their project and they will look after him and have his back.

    They have to demonstrate that they drafted the right guy and they developed him into a star…This is why they will never start Lin ahead of Kemba, even if Lin was shooting better, but to be fair to them, Kemba is having the better shooting stats, so it’s hard to make a strong argument that has Lin ahead of Kemba.

    Having Kemba as a clear star is also good business for them so they can market around…Kemba having a good year also put him in contention to make the All-Star next year if he’s having a good year..the Likelihood of not picking a Hornets player for ASG will be small since next year All-Star will be in Charlotte.

  206. I’m less forgiving with coaches because they are in control of the minds of young people. They should be made to live up to higher standards. Players like Harden become the problems they are becuase of bad leadership and coaching. Gone are the days when a John Wooden would mold lives and not just athletes. Phil Jackson used zen to teach Kobe to be a better teammate. No other coach has been able to guide him to be better than he could be.

    I’ve seen how the coaching “business” is nolonger about the players. It’s now all about using the fame and success of the players to promote themselves. Coaching is nolonger about developing players, it’s now all about using them to get ahead.

    Teachers, pastors, coaches and any people that come into contact with young men must answer to higher ethical values.

  207. Charlotte seems to have an insecurity problem as they keep trying to win these meaningless rewards. You don’t see the Spurs pining to get into the All Stars, player of the month, most I improved. Small town, bottom of the league mentality.

  208. it’s good to have a feeling good conversation sometimes

  209. True. That’s why Hornets never go anywhere… smh!

  210. yes, very well-sad.

    Jimmer’s YT video also mentioned that NBA is indeed a “dog-eats-dog” world

  211. On a lighter note, Lin has reached a milestone getting 1M instagram followers and will be giving away game-worn sneakers to 3 lucky people.

  212. i think Lin didn’t pursue a buyout bc he is loyal to Maxxis tire who have supported Lin’s teams loyally and Lin’s been loyal to Maxxis and whoever else sponsors his teams with ads or the networks in Asia TV deals in China , Taiwan etc…
    bc if he went to another team wouldnt the sponsors still be locked in to Charlotte through the end of the season?

  213. Hey, why can’t Lin do this? If Lin is going to play back up. Play in OKC

  214. I think team also has to agree. Do you think Hornets would agree to let go their cheap labor who plays DW for them? No way.

  215. I’ve actually watched a few Grizzlies game and I have noticed Conly and Mario Chalmer sharing minutes on the court…I don’t know how much they use them together but the coach seems open to using 2 PG on the court at the same time.

    I’m sure Lin would ask them if they wanted to sign him..and of course, if Memphis only sees Lin as a PG thus only playing back-up PG minutes, Lin should not sign with them.

    But also, I’m also suggesting Memphis IF Conley leaves….That would mean Lin would have to compete with Mario Chalmer for the starting spot.

  216. At the same time sponsors who want to best exposure for Lin could take a loss and double down on his new team If his play becomes more exiting and Marketable.

  217. New Jeremy Lin interview w/ Derek Spallone

    Jeremy Lin Interview: Season, His Journey, & More

  218. which veteran said that players are friendly until you start threatening their Job?…Very interesting..I’d like to hear more about the politics that goes on behind the curtain.

  219. I don’t know. I think by now Maxxis probably already learned how to draft the contract to stop sponsoring the team once Lin is gone.

  220. It’s also about coaches protecting their butts. If Cliff played the 12-million-dollar man and lost, management won’t blame him coz they’re the one that signed the contract. But if he played the 2-million-dollar man and lost, management would be furious. That’s why coaches don’t bench the ‘Stars’.

  221. I really hope they will implode like the Knicks and rockets

  222. This is a great video showing “Stephen Curry amazing training video” (2-ball-handling drill, hook floaters, etc.)
    I wonder if JLin and other NBA players would follow suit in the next off-season

  223. Nice, thanks for sharing

  224. I remember you said you could write a letter regarding those flagrant non-calls on Lin. I don’t know if you still have the time to do it. I have the information posted a month ago on the other thread,
    Please go there to search for the newest posts and you’ll find them. Thank you in advance!!!

  225. v good point – those of us in the places to influence young people need to be at a higher standard. yet another nugget to think about … all day ha ha.

    Well, how badly the coaching biz went is BSc. He is paid millions to do nothing good for that team. Wow. How does a society like ours, with all of our challenges, allow so many resources to flow that way? it’s the opposite of Coach Wooden. It’s the opposite of what those who sacrificed in WWII upheld. We got our great lives because of WWII … imagine a world with Hitler ruling until the 60s?

    So yes, you are saying important things, acbc.

  226. Meaningless fo sure.
    And the oddity is that if Kemba was used to compliment Lin rather than undermine the team, meaningful rewards would come

  227. Why didn’t Lin’s agent get him this deal when he was marginalized in Rockets during his 2nd year?! He could play with a better team!

  228. Great post psalm… i really hope that jlin just shuts it down, rests, hones his shooting, and waits for mdas call…

  229. Rockets, for all their talk, probably didn’t really want to let him go at that time. Lin was productive for them, Lawson was not.

  230. I kinda want JLin to rest for the last 22 regular season & seize the opportunity to hit big shots.
    Then shine in 1-2 playoff games!


  231. Ok, that works 🙂

  232. hey boy…take care and we will be seeing together a lot next year

  233. yes, and keep texting with MDA 3-4 times a week =)

  234. On this list Kemba #9 in number of minutes played this season. Notice no GSW nor Spurs in top 20? Smart teams keep their players healthy for the playoffs.

  235. Let’s play caption this =)

    MDA: “I know a great Philly Cheesesteak + Philly-Sushi that you’d love around here”

  236. any better quality?

  237. Are they really texting that much?

  238. LIN: I need to get a place first before you show me around

  239. wonder who is the 3rd wheel in the last pic

  240. maybe not that much in reality ..
    but we know Lin said they texted each other when Lin was in HOU and MDA in LA

    We know MDA hates to miss an opportunity to coach JLin as one of the special PGs

    Now he was calling Lin only eight weeks after resigning as coach of the Lakers amid discord with, yes, Kobe Bryant. “You hate to miss an opportunity to coach somebody that receptive, that good,” D’Antoni says. “He’s one of those special point guards.”

  241. In other words, no IT manager gets fired for shopping Intel.

  242. I’m pining my hopes on MKG, as Batum may not wanna stay in CHA if offered decent money from elsewhere.

  243. Lin: “Should I bring my car over from the West Coast?
    MDA: “No problem, or you can borrow my car whenever you want”


  244. Sub-1M guys Bev and Price took job from 5M and 15M Jeremy, ANYTHING can happen when there’s an agenda.

  245. That could be Isaiah Canaan .. eavesdropping =)

  246. Man, I love Philli cheesesteak sandwiches. My mouth is watering. Never heard of philly sushi though.

  247. Me neither but whatever will get JLin’s attention will do lol

  248. I don’t remember but it was mentioned by someone on the board. It might have been Psalm even. Someone will have to help me remember the exact source. Sorry.

  249. In addition to D’Antoni, someone mentioned Jeremy greeting one of the 76ers assistant coaches. My guess would be that that fellow was Lloyd Pierce, a 76er assistant coach, who was coaching the Warriors in 2010-11 when Jeremy was there.

    Pierce played college ball at Santa Clara University, as a teammate of Steve Nash. After that, he played four seasons internationally in Mexico, Australia, Germany and Turkey before returning to Santa Clara (2002-2007), as an assistant coach. He then went to the NBA where he has coached for the Grizzlies, Warriors, Cavaliers and the 76ers.

  250. Good list!

    It definitely shows a different priority.
    GSW/Spurs set their sight at championship.

    Hornets just wants to reach the playoff so they won’t get fired by MJ.
    Pretty sad

  251. Awesome research as usual!

  252. Unfortunately, we all know that the formula doesn’t work for our boy. Hack, even a rookie (Jordan Clarkson) out rank Lin. Sigh ?

  253. MDA is the only coach who genuine likes Lin as a person and his game! MDA is the first coach who fully utilized PnR and Lin plays at his best with PnR!

  254. LOL Lin: It’s fine I rather drive my Audi Spyder.

  255. KW didn’t even garner sufficient fan vote to make the list despite all the hornet promo. I think Batum receive way more than he did. The only way he would get up the list if they buy fake tweets.

  256. I’ve only heard of Philadelphia roll

  257. Thanks..good to know

  258. For lin doubters out there, Lawson was one of the elite top salary level players before he joined the Rockets but still got bought out by Morey. ComparIng to lin he was almost like a dleague who could not handle playing next to Harden. Lin survives playing with not just Harden, he played w kobe and now kw.

  259. me either…but their Roast pork is really famous…especially their burger/sandwich and obviously with their whiz (cheese)

  260. Starting at mark 11:34 video above, Lakers exit interview, 4/14/15, JLin: “…my real fans, my true fans stay with me ’till I die..and I know that, I love that, and I appreciate that…”
    Got misty eyes from hearing he said that. God knows your plight! God bless you JLin!

  261. I’m with you on that thought.

  262. Be prepared ladies and gentlemen, MDA regretted that he missed lin in Los Angeles. If he’s a head coach again. Lin is his best pg since Nash. In no way he would miss again.

  263. “(Kemba’s) definitely controlling the game and Coach (Steve Clifford) is definitely going through him,” guard Jeremy Lin said.

    Jeremy’s getting cheeky these days — he’s definitely one foot out the door. Right now, it’s about getting more playoff experience and auditioning for the Nets and/or Sixers.

  264. Just re-watched Lin’s exit interview from Lakers. Got very sad listening and watching him speak w/ a gentle and kind spirit even after a very rough season of bad treatment from BScott. At mark 11:34 on the video JLin said: “…my real fans, my true fans stay with me ’till I die..and I know that, I love that, and I appreciate that…” Got more sad when I imagine what he would say after this season exiting from Hornets/Cliff’s treatment and broken promises…

  265. Absolutely true. If a Ph.D. Psychologist did a paper on the effect of positive vs negative reenforcemnent, they can use Lawson as a great example.

  266. While starting in Brooklyn would be best, anywhere he can play for MDA must be an option. He’ll have an advocate in the front office even if he isn’t given the starting job right away.

  267. Exaggerate those injuries, Asik-style. Let Kemba hog, get stats…and lose the game. No more Lin doing the dirty work and saving their bacon in limited minutes.

  268. lol whatttttt he said that!?

  269. Thanks very much, Psalm. Kind of you to say that.

  270. lawson was never an elite guard

  271. Yeah, after the Philly game.

  272. lawson shows hes weak and his value already dropped so much
    Lin was smart

  273. Walker is shooting 37 percent from 3-point range after averaging just 31.7 percent in his previous four seasons with the Hornets making him a candidate as the league’s most improved player.

    Clifford said Walker’s pick-and-roll game has also improved dramatically, particularly how he’s learned to set up the defense.

    “He has the dribble-through like (Steve) Nash used to do, his pull-up game, he is drawing fouls on the bigs and scores on both sides of the basket,” Clifford said.

    Said Jeremy Lin: “He’s shooting the ball great. He’s playing with great poise and he’s definitely controlling the game. Coach is going through him and he’s doing a great job of producing.”

    Now the Hornets turn their attention to maintaining momentum down the stretch, where they have six more back-to-back games.

    “I know we control our own record and own situation and that’s what we have to focus on,” Lin said.


    “(Kemba’s) definitely controlling the game and Coach is definitely going through him,” Charlotte guard Jeremy Lin said.

    With good reason: Walker has nine 30-point games this season.

  275. LOL, yeah, I had a good laugh listen that, Lin is witty.

  276. Lin didn’t know how many back to back games they had and when the reporter told him 7, he exclaimed “that sucks”. I guess Lin doesn’t love back to backs. This isn’t a direct link but he sounds good in the interview.

  277. What excuse did Rox used to demote Lawson to the bench? Defense?

  278. one thing for sure lawson going to put big numbers if Pacers get him and then the media going to wonder why he cant do it when he is a Rocket

  279. But they will never accept for being wrong why Lin COULD NOT live up to Linsanity

  280. K Leonard is a superstar. Maybe the best all-around player in the game today.

  281. Yet every player needs a good coach,good environment and good organization to succeed.

  282. well i read the whole thing
    he didnt mean it in a negative way

  283. Absolutely. I just saw the Spurs game and he’s impressive. He scored 30 but it didn’t even seem like it. Next up Thunder vs. GSW and I think Curry is playing but not sure.

  284. How many were wins? I think I’ll check into that. 🙂

  285. 7 wins 2 losses.

  286. Smh.. You forgot something. God is watching.Even though your intention is good but I disagree with the idea and I believe Lin knows what is right thing to do

  287. at the start of the season clifford talked about playing an uptempo style of basketball like how the Warriors do it which involves a lot of movement/cutting, passing and team effort. kemba-centric basketball is the complete opposite

  288. Without Tim Duncan protecting him, Kawhi Leonard wouldn’t be that good.

  289. We have yet to see a Lin “star” teammate who wasn’t ABANDONED DEFENSIVELY by opponents while Lin is on the court as the prime focus of opposing defenses.

    Walker, Harden, Bryant, Anthony, Howard – none of those guys was seriously defended while Lin’s on the court with them.

    No Lin fan knows what it would look like if Lin played with a player who drew triple teams despite Lin being on the court.

  290. In the fourth, Reggie Miller was singing Leonard’s praises that when you need a stop you look to Leonard. But every stop in the fourth was Duncan protecting the paint. I was amazed how slow, and little Duncan moved around the court but was always stopping people.

    Reminded me of Old George Foreman. Barely moving like a turtle but knocking people out.

  291. it’s Duncan and the established Spurs system that makes the biggest difference. but i’m not gonna take anything away from Leonard who indeed is a very good all-around player. not better than LBJ though

  292. Lin is a guard version of Tim Duncan.

  293. harden and kobe drew double teams sometimes but it made no difference because they never pass the ball

  294. Rock apologizes. I’ll get the link.

  295. Lin is LBJ-lite

  296. to who Lin?

  297. Delete that, didn’t happen. Sorry.

  298. Lin’s too fundamentally sound to be a “lite” version of Lebron who lacks fundamentals.

  299. No, I saw it elsewhere but it wasn’t a real tweet. Should have gone to his twitter first.

  300. Put him next to Harden and see what happens… LOL

  301. Harden would stop Stephen Curry if Curry was the Rockets PG.

    NOBODY in the entire NBA can produce more as Harden’s PG than Lin.

  302. I bet Kemba learned the pick-and-roll from Lin.

  303. you and your fundamentals arguments. look, Lebron, Ed Davis, and other guys you’ve mentioned do have fundamentals. but the guys you praised as being fundamentally sound like Tank, Lamb, and PsychoT, they ain’t go none

  304. True he would get regularly get 3 screens on one possession. Lin has to beg for just one screen.

  305. Fear the Beard!!! The fear is REAL…

  306. haha, that’s actually a fact cus he learned the PnR from watching Lin’s videos from Harvard

  307. lol. all of the superstars get waived before the season is even over when forced to play next to harden

  308. Lol…then SC Will further develop his shooting range…to shoot as soon as he gets the rebound


    You iso worshipers don’t have a clue as to what team fundamentals are.

    The guys you hate: Psycho, Lamb, Kaminsky – those are your TEAM PLAYERS. They run the plays on both ends of the court and beat opponents especially when Charlotte’s starters are being killed for not running plays.

    Lebron James does not run plays. He’s jist another clueless iso player who cannot play off the ball because he never learned how to function in a five man team scheme.

    For you to say that Lin is a “lesser” version of Lebron who can’t play off the ball, that is an INSULT TO LIN.

  310. Curry wouldn’t even be allowed to touch the ball on the Rockets.

    At least Lin is scrappy enough to get the ball on his own even if nobody passes to him.

  311. So by that definition Lin is a hyper-ultra star, who endured TWO seasons with Harden with decent numbers.

  312. Batum also envisioned the same Spurs team-ball after talking to Tony Parker and Boris Diaw.

    But that vision got overridden when Kemba found out he can shoot better this season. So hero-ball won over team-ball.

  313. PsychoT is a team player because he’s a poor offensive player, period. all he does is rebound and give up the ball cus he don’t know what to do with it. Lamb and Tank look to shoot every chance they get. there were many times where they took difficult shots when they could have passed it up for a better look. Tank is just horrible

  314. and only MDA can see it

  315. Now you’re bashing Hansbrough even though he has amply proven that he plays at an All Star level when given about 30 mpg.

    You don’t know Hansbrough’s game any more than Clifford does.

    And Kaminsky? You conveniently pretend that he doesn’t produce big when he’s given the ball. Oh, and he defends too.

    Lamb is shooting like 47% and averaging double figures in less than 20 mpg. He SHOULD be shooting it every time.

    The problem is that you think that all shots must go through Lin and only Lin.

  316. pretty much. i think clifford is still stubbornly trying to push Batum as the primary ball distributor but as you said ‘hero-ball won over team-ball’. even with that said, Batum-centric team ball is no good either. coach trying to be too cute with his plan but we all know that a primary ball distributor has to be quick, smart, and be able to break down the defense with his dribble penetration.. that’s Lin


    i’m not even going to argue the ridiculousness of your love for PsychoT and Tank. Lamb shoots a high percentage THIS YEAR because.. you guessed it.. playing with Lin. that goes with Kemba also

  318. I think Jlin is THE BEST role model any parent could ever ask for and we’re so lucky you have him right now

  319. Most of the team was there but from what I’ve seen they all went to Lin first…he’s a magnet

  320. OKC bench is not very effective. I stated in an earlier post that if Lin was going to be a back up pg I would like him to play for OKC. He would instantly make their bench productive. Foye is not doing anything for them.

  321. Play behind Durant and Westbrook…well lin not going to get enough PT

  322. It’s funny but when I was waiting for the team to run into the locker room a lot of people were like where’s jeremy lin because I guess he was bz talking to mda idk

  323. lol…Lin will never do that!

  324. Durant may leave OKC next season.

  325. Well. thats true. But at least I would not be as upset Lin backing a true superstar in Westbrook.
    Watching OKC vs GSW I wish Harden was never traded. OKC would be better and Linsanity would’ve reawakened in Houston.

  326. Westbrook wont let lin shine. Forget it..

  327. I think the plan is he will do a two year deal like Lin and in his second year join back up with Westbrook somewhere else. I would not be surprised if they both ended up with the Lakers. Bigger Market and they have plenty of cap space.

  328. Hope Lin can back to LA or NY, he need bigger market too.

  329. NY, the fans are more passionate. That kind of pressure and passion feeds Linsanity.

  330. Yes – ESPN LA Mason and Ireland really pushing hard for Durant/Westbrook coming to LA. Even talking about how Lakers need to bring in a current OKC assistant GM as new Laker GM and the current coach at UConn as Laker head coach. Both have close ties to Durant – not likely to happen though.

  331. MDA needs JLin to achieve the highest level of success in this league after Nash retires. And vice versa.

    His system requires special/brilliant PG to take the creativity of the system to the next level.

    They just need a chance either in 76ers or the Nets

  332. Feel the same way. I think NY is the best for him but I doubt he will back to NYK again. Too bad.

  333. This is really the PR article for Kemba to get most improved player this year…. smh! Well, I only agree he do improve a lot in his shooting.

  334. I’m not sure if he wants to deal with the NYC media again. He can, but doesn’t necessarily prefer to. And he seems to be doing fine in any market. He gets international contracts to endorse.

  335. Yeah, I remember he once said he compared KW and Lin will play like Curry and Thompson model.

  336. Where’s KW?

  337. Westbrook is 5-21 so far. Same problem as in Charlotte, maybe worse.

  338. GSW beautiful to watch!!!

  339. Great team ball.

  340. This I agree and it’s why Lin was no.2 in per shots at the rim. for 1 season when he was with the Rockets.

  341. Curry made a 3 then drove 2 times using his quickness to find 2 open shooters. (1 miss & 1 make)
    That’s the way to play team-ball. Gorgeous basketball

  342. This Dubs team may go down as the greatest team in the post-handcheck era

  343. Yup…beautiful

  344. Lin’s not smart when it comes to NBA business and his agent doesn’t have power to force his way. Lin’s his valued dropped even more and has been benched as backup PG ever since Rockets tarnished his image with this smear campaign and benching! Even Asik faked an injury and didn’t play forcing Rockets to trade him.

  345. He ordered his agent to contact the Knicks but their answer was not interested. That means he does not mind NY media.

  346. You kidding right? Are you really a Lin fan? If so you’d know Lin loves NYC media and fans just not Melo and Dolan.

  347. 33 assists in the game for GSW. Draymond Green is really a great player. And Stef is phenomenal. His behind the back dribbles and accelerate and jutter steps and ridiculous range on the 3s just makes him unguardable. And he hits so many clutch long, long long 3s. He has some unpredictable passes too. Phenomenal offensive player.

  348. I’m in NYC. Lin is why I watched the Knicks after giving up on them because I had a strong dislike for Carmelo. Why do you think he loved the NYC media? It was a double edged sword the whole media circus and Linsanity, both the highs and the lows from what I know of him.

    And I’m a big Lin fan 🙂

  349. suppose to be spurs 7 years of team basketball.

  350. But even Spurs aren’t playing on the level GSW is now. They’ve out Spured the Spurs.

  351. I had predicted that Kemba would shoot better this year. I based it on how much Lin would draw attention from defences away from him. Batum also has helped him as well. Like everyone on this site, I believe that Kemba will fall back to reality next year.

    While people will site that Kemba played very few physical minutes with Lin, I submit that he has benefited from the psychological assurance of having Lin provide a reliable safety net for him should he fail any given nights. Lin and bf1 was responsible for putting the game back into reach earlier in the year. That safety net meant he could play with confidence without always looking over the shoulder on every shot. Unlike previous years when he alone had to carry the team, Kemba was much more relax and loose. Next year Kemba will go back to the same ways when he felt like he needed to make every shot. That pressure will revert him back to his old form again.

  352. True but it all started with spurs 🙂

  353. Most of NY media love Lin & fans too. But I don’t think he will back NYK this summer.

  354. it maybe the end of harden with the rockets if that happens!

  355. agreed…most likely

  356. a 21st century athletic pistol pete

  357. When Batum isn’t there, Lin is. Clifford rarely doesn’t have 2 of Batum, Kemba and Lin on the floor at the same time anymore. Why? Because Kemba needs one of them to help him get better shots.

    i’m not terribly interested in what happens to him if/when Lin leaves the team. I get into the team Lin is on, really into them and the possibilities of team ball. It usually doesn’t pan out but I hope for the times it does and enjoy that. But after that, I’m into the next Lin team. If Kemba wants to improve as a player, he has to learn that being a basketball player means trusting your team mates, not always taking it on yourself to make plays and score.

    So, I tend to agree with you that Kemba will revert. He doesn’t seem a guy open to growth and truly embracing team spirit and trust.

  358. He’s loved at the Garden and such when he visits for sure. The Knicks announcers love him, the Nets announcers seem to as well. I agree with you. But, I don’t know what will happen with him at all. I have no idea. I just hope it pans out wherever he ends up.

  359. @JLin7 #LIN03 @Quarterly?? due to ship in March. ?% of the proceeds go to @jlinfoundation

  360. ha ha…nice

  361. So THAT was the hairstyle he was aiming for??!! Lol!

  362. Nobody outside of Charlotte cares about Kemba Walker no matter how delusional Hornets bloggers are.

  363. Give Lin and MDA a couple of years and I predict Sixers and GSW in the finals.

  364. He’s buzzing around, but they told him to buzz off.

  365. I’ll give 3-4 years since young players need to grow up first =)

  366. Okay, compromise at 3.
    Next year make first round, then second round, then final, win it all on the 4th year.

  367. No. If Embiid is healthy, Jeremy and Joel could do better than Stockton and Malone.

    They are like brothers. They are the same.

  368. Somewhere in the background? I mean maybe inside the explosion? Or maybe he exploded because he saw Lin there instead of him LOL

  369. Did you meet him before or after the game? I’ve tried to stay after to see if Lin will come out but usually ushers tell everyone to leave.

  370. Lip service. It’s like politician during campaign period. All sweet talks but after the election, goodbye sweet talks!

  371. Better than that.

  372. Had Hansbrough been given the green light, Lin and Hansbrough could have been Stockton and Malone (not that Stockton was ever as good as Lin).

  373. Actually YES, that’s why diehard generalized NBA fans like me who don’t follow Lin because of his race are so into his game.

    People talk smack about how Lin allegedly cannot produce were he to be given minutes.

    But only we Lin fans talk smack about how big superstars allegedly cannot produce if they had their touches and plays and minutes completely stripped away from them.

  374. In today’s NBA where the defenses are both harder (zone) AND softer (players today, including most All Stars, have poor fundamentals due to early entrant draftees), the Warriors have taken full advantage of how the NBA game today needs to be played in order to win big.

  375. The Spurs are still a dynasty.

    If they had taken more steps to replace their aging backcourt by signing players like Lin, they’d be easily beating the Warriors right now.

  376. Id take curry over jordan… i have never seen anyone do what he does!

  377. I can’t believe clifford compared Walker to Nash. Walker does not pass or make plays for his teammates. Lin is the one that plays like Nash. Clifford is getting his two point guards mixed up. Must be all the mental gymnastics he has to do in his own head to justify starting Walker over Lin. Clifford has now become delusional.

    If Cliff wanted to compare Walker to an Icon, then compare him to Iverson. Today’s NBA players idolize Iverson more then Nash anyways.

  378. That is a great question for sports radio. I would take Bad Boy Detroit Pistons over Golden State Warriors. I know you can’t play bruising defense like that today, but I don’t think those Pistons would give a F. Just a couple of hard fouls here and there then shooters would be out of rhythm.

  379. unless they are really preparing to trade Walker this summer… and build the team around batum instead… and hopefully will get his starting PG role…

    (hopefully get a defensive center with descent offense)


    that will be a playoff team… if they get a good enough center like drummond or similar… that will be eastern finals team…

  380. If Lin is given the chance, he will surprise you.

  381. I’d take the Golden State Warriors over the Bad Boy Pistons under today’s rules and the Bad Boy Pistons over the Golden State Warriors in yestercentury’s completely different rules.

  382. I think I will take Bad Boys even today 😉

  383. A little surprised by your answer. Bad boys would be like having five of your precious delladova on the court, they snatch the rebound (so one and done), and I trust Isaiah could break GSW zone. If not pistons then who could beat them today?

  384. They need to win more championships to claim that throne.Spurs is still the leading contender on that category

  385. Sorry kauai I’ll disagree on this one,MJ played against w/ all the greatest basketball of all time and he embarrassed them all,it’s a bit stretch to crown Curry at this moment.Defense and Offense are miles away if you compare the 2,Curry can’t stand the defense of MJ if they will go against each other much more with offense.Celtics and Detroit have been triple teaming him and still manage to score w/ astonishing numbers and that’s w/ the handcheck era,no comparison.If they go against Bulls at that time,their backcourt would not stand against MJ and Pippen,that’s the best defensive and offensive back court of all time.

  386. Agree Spurs unwilling to replace their big 3 Duncan, Manu, and Parker are the reasons why they aren’t as good anymore. They need to accept these guys are old and needs to go.

  387. i concur 100%

  388. With Lin given the keys to the team I don’t think it would take that long, 2 years at most.

  389. You have provocative opinions for sure. Stockton had his tandem Malone all of the time and had the same system. Lin just doesn’t. If Lin could develop with someone, Nash/Stoudemire, Stockton/Malone, Jordan/Pippin, some great player next to him then he’d thrive (to put it mildly). Get a coach on the level of the coaches that coached those guys too and the time with another great player, he’d accomplish a lot. I believe so.

    I won’t compare players, but Lin would be doing quite well in similar circumstances.

  390. But they couldn’t play their bonecrushing hard foul defense without incurring Flagrant Fouls and handcheck fouls unless they were playing specifically against Jeremy Lin.

    Jeremy Lin is the only player in today’s NBA who has 80s hard fouls and handchecking AND modern day zone defenses closing in on him.

    Lin would have done better in the 80s than today.

  391. I can understand having trouble replacing Tim Duncan, as the Spurs have been trying to do that since Duncan was drafted.

    But Ginobili and Parker? The Spurs should have done better.

    Lin could easily step in onto the Spurs and replace either Ginobili and Parker, but the Spurs don’t think Lin is good enough to play in the NBA.

  392. But if MJ and Pippen went against Curry’s Warriors in today’s game, they’d be beaten down by Curry’s team just like the rest of the NBA is.

  393. They can’t. MJ/Pippen are a product of their time as is Curry’s Warriors. Teams play differently now so both would have been playing differently all along. MJ/Pippen’s team would have more Kerr/Paxon types shooting. Phil would coach differently. It’s hard to compare eras because rules are different so great coaches and organizations would have the type of systems and players to take advantage of those rules.

  394. I’m saying that if the exact same 72 win Chicago team faced Golden State today, Curry’s Warriors would blow out Jordan’s Bulls.

    Jordan played during the illegal defense era whent the rules were completely different. The Bulls back then were not designed to compete under today’s vastly different rules.

  395. That gives GSW the advantage because they are playing in their own era. What if they played in Jordan’s era with those rules? That’s why I say you can’t compare. You’d have to alter the rules to make it a level playing field otherwise of course the advantage goes to today’s Warriors.

  396. If Cody doesn’t play, Al starts. Hansbrough play with Lin, like it.

    Injury Report:


    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – OUT (right shoulder surgery), out indefinitely since 2/19
    Spencer Hawes – OUT (lower back strain), missed last seven games
    Cody Zeller – PROBABLE (low back contusion)

  397. That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it.MJ and Pippen can suffocate the other back courts just w/ their defense alone,whether this era or their era,with their length,speed and athleticism ,Curry and his court mate is too small and too soft against the too.They will have no problem switching on defense whether it’s a high or low.On offense I don’t think they can handle MJ and Pippen even on this modern day of basketball,in fact MJ will just eviscerate their defense.

  398. Cliff has been running lots of PnRs for KW & NB w/ Zeller. Zeller runs the floor and plays hard. He opens up space & gives KW lots of screens to shoot. With the way he’s been thrown around like MKG when he played, there’s a high probability of him getting hurt sooner or later which I hope not. BTW, Hawes has been out since after the trade deadline,18 Feb 2016=15 days including tonight’s absence.

  399. What’s with Hawes? Kind of reminds me when Rockets abandoned the twin towers and Asik was out with mysterious injury.

  400. They dynasty would end the day TD retires. What truly elevates Spirs is Tim’s intelligence, bball mind and team building ability. His size and length allows him play efficiently on both ends while directing traffic around him like an air traffic controller. He simply has a beautiful mind for bball.

    The next best beautiful mind is Lin. When MDA finally unleashes him in Sixers, he’ll do the same unselfish guidance of the team philosophy, team culture and same dynasty will follow.

  401. Speculation: Like most of us were surprised and I think he was too to find out that Hornets wanted to trade him. He might feel slighted. Now he wants to take care of his body first to play well in playoffs if they make it to showcase for FA.

  402. he need to protect his personal interest too,if that’s the reason,he is doing a smart decision

  403. Hornets has 22 games left, 11 home games, 11 road games. From the paper, it seems to be a relatively easy schedule. But as the season approaches the end, every team (except Lakers and some bottom teams) will play tight defense and fight for chance of playoff or for better records.

    We can break down the teams that Hornets will face in 4 different categories based on their current standing and strength: Lion, Wolf, Dog and Cat, assuming Hornets falls into Wolf category.

    Lion – top 4 conference final team
    Wolf – playoff-bound teams
    Dog – remote chance to getting into playoff but won’t tank
    Cat – hopeless season

    Lion: MIA, SAS, CLE, TOR, BOS
    Wolf: IND, MIN, DET (2), HOU, DAL, WAS
    Dog: NOP, ORL (2), DEN, MIL, NYK
    Cat: PHI (2), BKN (2)

    All the games against Lion are road games. 2 of them are B2B. My prediction: 0-5

    Games again Wolf will be tough, especially if offense depends heavily on KW. 5 home games (1 B2B), 2 road games. 3-4

    Games against Dog are not things in the bag. 4 home games, 2 road games (all B2B). 3-3

    Games against Cat: 1 home game, 3 road games (1 B2B). 3-1

    So I would put Hornets in 9-13, if they perform as usual, limiting Lin’s role. With this record, playoff is not necessary guaranteed. IND, DET, WAS, CHI and even ORL will fight for their playoff spot. It won’t be easy.

    Unless, the leash is off.

  404. I think Toronto is beatable. Especially if Lin is utilized. Hornets could lose some games against the dog teams.

  405. Very good categorizing. It also depends on other teams if they’re on B2B and if any unexpected injuries on both teams occur before or during match up.

  406. Lol, I told that to Psalm but he thinks 3-4. I started with 2 myself. Haha.

  407. I wonder what JLin ankle look like now. It was like a big golf ball the last time we saw it.

  408. Very good analysis. I think MJ should take a note here.

  409. i think it might still bother him. He seemed one step slower than usually in 76ers game.

  410. I thought so too. Maybe that why he is getting less play time. So, I am okay with less minutes for him.

  411. Just because Lin looks slow doesn’t mean he is slow.

    Lin, like other super fundamentally sound players (e.g. Larry Bird), appears to be moving slower than he actually is. That’s because he intelligently picks his spots and doesn’t waste excess motion.

    Dennis Schroeder of the Hawks is one of the fastest guards in the NBA. But as we’ve seen this season, Lin makes Schroeder look slow.

  412. At the game with the 76ers it seems Jeremy greeted one of the 76ers coaches along with D’Antoni. I guessed it might be Lloyd Pierce. I wanted to mention that a couple of later searches indicated that Jeremy worked closely with Pierce (in addition to Stephen Silas) while he was on the Warriors :

    “Still, Lin kept arriving early, leaving late, devouring film and working studiously with Silas and later Lloyd Pierce.”
    New York Times (Feb. 24, 2012). See :

    “While he was with the Warriors, Lin worked daily with assistant coaches Stephen Silas and Lloyd Pierce on his shooting and midrange game.”
    Yahoo (Feb 13, 2012). See :

  413. I think more acceleration and lift than overall speed that looked compromised.

  414. If Curry’s Warriors played under Jordan’s illegal defense rules, they would be beaten to death by the Bulls because they don’t have the individual athletes to counter the powerful rugged Bulls and their vast size advantage inside.

  415. Michael Jordan would be triple teamed on and off the ball like Lin is today, and Scottie Pippen would be rendered ineffective because Pippen couldn’t score when he was actually defended.

  416. There you go. That’s why it’s so hard to compare them.

  417. I strongly doubt if there will be another team that will take for more than a third reserve…. 🙁

  418. My stand is not to be in the play offs. Hornets doesn’t deserve to be in the playoffs with Kemba ball. How many times Lin bailed them out? And it’s all forgotten. It’s all about Kemba.

  419. Hornets basketball is not exciting to watch with Kemba ball. I don’t know but they’re lucky enough even if they limit Lins minutes, they managed to win. But of course Lin did a lot of running around and help his team mates plus the smart plays irregardless of Clifford yelling and foot stomping. Sigh! They don’t deserve Lin at all. Spencer H knows it. That’s why he is in Asik mode right now. Too bad Lin is not like that.

  420. Compare to Jlin…shroeder would be like a sloth vs a Cheetah or fat Albert vs the Flash

  421. May be Lin should renegotiate his contract with ADIDAS

    Adidas to open 3,000 stores in China by 2020— Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) March 4, 2016

  422. Wonder how long his contract is for?

  423. Speaking of…— NBA babe (@NBA_babe) March 4, 2016

  424. “Asik mode”, very descriptive.

  425. Can’t compare the duo of MJ and PIppen they were just in different level.Pippen tremendously improved his shots during their campaign,so I don’t know where you get the idea that he can’t shoot.

  426. IDK. But considering Nishikori is racking in about $20M/year in endorsements for the Japanese market alone.

    Lin’s bi-culture potential with not only China, Taiwan and the US, but also Philippines and other Asian countries. I would think that he stands to make lots more in endorsements than his NBA salary.

  427. IMO, if they use Lin in any game they could win it. Lin’s beaten Raptors, Cavs, GSW (lakers), Clipper, Spurs ( Rox). Lin’s done it. The thing is not that Lin can’t help them beat ALL THE TEAMS, the trouble is they don’t want to let Lin help them win.

  428. I still think MJ is the GOAT but this type of talk is useless. MJ or Stef would have developed differently for both period time. What is a constant is their talent.

  429. Because they think it’s is beneath them to get help from the Asian guy.

  430. They are perfectly happy to get help from the Asian guy. What they don’t want is to get OUTSHONE by that guy.

  431. Good point. Although, in my book it isn’t about “trust” then…it’s about Clifford’s ego. Sticking with what is clearly a boat being asked to carry more than it has the ability to do and hoping and praying you can keep it “looking like” a genius investment, and maybe even with enough coddling it’ll magically get more carrying capacity – not trust. Ego and delusion.

  432. Do we even know how much Adidas is paying Lin now?

  433. new IND game thread

    After 2 easy wins vs the Suns, the Hornets will face the Pacers in a battle of playoff positioning between #6 and #7 in the Eastern Conference standing. This is absolutely a must-win game if the Hornets want to secure a playoff spot.

    1. Would the offense continue to run through Kemba as it has been a trend recently?And if it doesn’t work, would they resort to team-ball before it’s too late?

    2. Will JLin get more minutes if the game becomes close? Or will the coaches risk testing Lee to close the games?

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray he may seize his chance in limited minutes to contribute with his shooting & scoring to secure a Hornets win.

  434. Lin is #58 on this list, at $4M/year in total endorsements. Even higher than Harden at #60 before he scored the incredible $200M deal with Adidas.

  435. Look where Asik is now
    Lin played it smart imo

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