Jeremy Lin: A Perennial Underdog NBA Star

It’s truly fascinating to see the parallel of events leading up to Linsanity phenomenon in NY back in 2012 with what is currently transpiring in the Lakers right in front of our eyes.

So here is one of my musings  😉

A Perennial Underdog NBA Star

Throughout multitude of injuries and dire circumstances
a proud franchise yearned for solid Point Guard playmaking,
Jeremy Lin kept chugging along, kept working hard, waiting for his chances, …
to be ready when his number is called.

Never mind when his coach didn’t always trust in his abilities
Someone else always seemed to “look” better than Jeremy Lin
Such is the story since he was a scrawny prodigy since Elementary School
But he simply didn’t look the part of an NBA Star

Look he’s too young!
Too young to break unprecedented NBA Record for Most Points in 5 Starts as an undrafted player?
Look he’s too unathletic!
Too unathletic that he gets to the paint with ease and was ranked 2nd only to LeBron James in Driving FG%?
Look he’s shaky on defense!
Too shaky to shut down good point guards such of Mike Conley, Jrue Holiday and the great Tony Parker in consecutive games?
(4-14fg 11pt, 1-9 3pt, 3-11 6pt)
Shut Up with All These Facts! Give me Anyone But Jeremy Lin!

“You don’t look like a BALLER! You simply don’t belong, Jeremy Lin!”

But Jeremy kept working days and nights.
Playing for an audience of One is his credo.
He’s not playing to prove anything to people.
He simply wants to do the right thing and just play ball!

That’s okay, Jeremy. You do it the hard way.
But that’s why we love watching you play the right way
Because we are all underdogs and you show us a good way.
Keep marching on, Jeremy Lin …
Stay Linsane!
We’re right behind you all the way





  1. I’m not even going to say it…

  2. np. We are all underdogs every day, so having a Lin help us through it is exactly what the world needs!

  3. That’s right… you’re not…

  4. ALLLIN!! 🙂

  5. TROLLIN!!

  6. Nathan Gottlieb on Jeremy Lin (1 of 2):

  7. Nathan Gottlieb on Jeremy Lin (2 of 2):

  8. Jeremy not forgetting his early years:

  9. Awesome video thanks!

  10. Great great great article

  11. Magic : What took you so long to reply.

  12. Given that Magic Johnson seems quite close to Byron Scott you’d think he wouldn’t tweet something like this if he thought Scott would be unhappy with it.

  13. Magic didn’t include Lin’s handle in his tweet.

  14. BALLIN!!

  15. Even though Lin’s handle is ranked 15…

  16. While flattering, this is merely Magic Johnson’s opinion. Could sway either way once regular season comes in.

  17. Here is Jeremy Lin being a role model.

    One of the streams of the Second Harvard Asian Alumni Summit being held this weekend is “Athletics.” Here is what the Summit website says:

    Please join us and four-time U.S. Olympic Ice Hockey medalist Julie Chu AB ’07 for a special set of events that will turn a spotlight on the significant contributions to Harvard sports history and to the larger sports industry played by Harvard’s Asian students and alumni and on the importance of athletics in the Harvard experience of Asian students.

    With the notable recent exceptions of Chu and NBA stand-out Jeremy Lin AB ’09, athletics have not been readily associated with Harvard’s Asian and Asian-American students and alumni. On Saturday afternoon, October 25th, the Summit will turn that idea on its head.


    Jeremy addressed the gathering.


    And both of them also have something else in common!

    I just have to add, I think Lin’s journey to Houston might have actually done *some* good at least because he seems so much more in control now. Also, I love seeing the things he picked up up,

    – The Euro step
    – Extending his arms out sometimes like Harden to draw the foul
    – Going left
    – Catch and shoot 3s

    Just really interesting to see Lin using these new skills on this team. I’m so excited for this season!

  19. refreshing to read something thats not related to start vs bench. I’m getting a little bit dizzy with that discussion, all over the net.

    Just dont want to jump the gun, since he do not know whats in BScott’s mind. As we all know, press could write any “story” and interpret to portrait a perception.

    Cant wait for the season to start!!!

  20. “Two guys on this team that have proven the haters wrong stand tall amidst the rubble. Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin.”

    The Franchise Cycle, Starring Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin.— (@SportsBlog) October 26, 2014

  21. “Lin goes from leaving one prolific shooter in James Harden to another in Kobe. What’s the difference you say? Practice. It was clear that Lin and Harden weren’t the closest of teammates. Kobe on the other hand is one of those guys that drives people to get better. Lin’s another hard-worker that grow immensely under the tutelage of one of the games’ best. With Kobe drawing attention all over the court, Lin’s slashing and dashing should help breakdown defenses inside-out. It also helps that Lin doesn’t have the liability of Harden on defense. Lin’s proven people wrong as an undrafted talent, and even before that, a not-so-highly-touted high school PG. Lin’s proven people wrong before as a player cut from rosters. He has that drive, that faith, that will to succeed. He’s getting to the rim early and often so far this preseason, and will wear out opposing teams and get them to rack up the fouls.”

  22. For the moment, it looks like Lin will start on Tuesday night:

  23. Due to injuries, looks like LAL will have only 10 bodies for the opener: Lin/Kobe/Johnson/Boozer/Hill; Price/Clarkson/Randle/Davis/Sacre.— Mike Trudell (@LakersReporter) October 26, 2014

  24. .@JLin7: “I’m pretty sure our training camp was the hardest of the 30 NBA teams.”— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) October 26, 2014

  25. Oh, Jeremy. LOL

    I asked Lin if he got fair shake in Houston. He paused for a while and said "I'll have to think about that one."— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) October 26, 2014

  26. Jeremy Lin downplayed playing against Rockets. Lin says headline should be "Kobe vs. Dwight."— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) October 26, 2014

  27. With Lin named LA starter Tue, Beverley knows Lin's game well, but said Lin knows his, too. "He taught me offense, where to get my shots."— Jonathan Feigen (@Jonathan_Feigen) October 26, 2014

    Pat Beverley on Jeremy Lin: "J-Lin is a person I was honored to have as a teammate, that I looked up to while he he was here."— Jonathan Feigen (@Jonathan_Feigen) October 26, 2014

  28. Haha, NOBODY IN HERE thinks so Jeremy.

  29. This is one REALLY NICE photo. He’s so fast, he’s not even touching the ground!

  30. quietly though…that’s why he missed it.

  31. Lin talked was asked about having to play 30-40 minutes on Tuesday night. He said, “I’m 26. I can play 48.” In other words, he feels fine.— Jenny Dial Creech (@jennydialcreech) October 26, 2014

  32. Typical Jeremy, smh…. LOL

    When prompted to do a little Rockets trash-talking, Lin grinned and said he really liked the Rockets and thinks they have a great team.— Jenny Dial Creech (@jennydialcreech) October 26, 2014

    Lin: "I have a great relationship with so many guys over there. In no way am I like…I hate my former teammates or coaches."— Jenny Dial Creech (@jennydialcreech) October 26, 2014

  33. Smart of Jeremy to let his game do the speaking on court :]
    Knowing how he relished playing against the Knicks with 5-0 record, we knew he’s preparing something special for Tuesday :p

  34. He’s smiling again 🙂

    VIDEO: @JLin7 previews the Lakers season-opening matchup with his former team –— LakersTV (@LakersTV) October 26, 2014

  35. Feel sad when he said that he starts because he is healthy.

    Don’t know what Scott is up to. in Scott’s interview, somehow I feel he is just trying to put Jeremy as any of his point guard, he has the same expectations, and gives him and Price the same freedom.

  36. Vote by tweeting #LakersLin to @TWCSportsNet before 6:30pm on who should start

  37. This uncertainty is bothersome but whether we like it or not, Scott is the coach right now and I just pray he makes the right decisions to win. With an injury-ridden roster on a storied franchise, he must be under a lot of pressure. Who knows. We can only wait and see.

  38. Scott will earn by trust when he starts Ed Davis and sit Hill. Of course he need to start Jeremy for sure.

  39. Travel? Must be one of those Jedi Mind tricks.

  40. Agreed. I heard Hill is still recovering from a neck injury. Lets not rush him back and let Davis have a go as a starter. Dwight will be a tough assignment for the Lakers big men.

  41. For sure…he’s sky walking.

  42. Can Kobe guard Harden? Will Kobe get back on defense when Harden leaks out? Can Ed Davis/ Carlos Boozer withstand D-12 in the post? Can Wes handle the ball? Can Randle be effective against DMO/TJ? Will Beverly go for players knees? Can McHale coach?…all these questions will be answered in 2 days. Yet all I care about is if Lin gets a double-double and wins. Sigh guess I’m not a basketball fan.

  43. Haha…let’s see…if we want to REALLY REALLY Stretch/reach and read between the lines…did he call Houston a D-League team?

  44. Maybe it should be…but it ain’t.

  45. It’s probably just me but the way NBA reporters refer to players as “bodies” reminds me of a crimes scene.

  46. Scott says he’d love to have Nash around to mentor young guys. I’d really like this for Lin, he is the probably the best PG Lin could ever have to be a mentor.

  47. CSI: LA Lakers

  48. Lakers' Jeremy Lin to start Tuesday against Houston— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) October 26, 2014

  49. “Those two seasons to me reminds me of my time in the D-League,” Lin said. “It’s a chance to grow, develop as a player and go through the necessary bumps and bruises. You hopefully go through things and it primes you for something bigger and better in store. That’s what I’m hoping for. It made me learn a lot and grow a lot as a player. I don’t have as much to show for. You couldn’t see everything. Hopefully I get a chance here.”

    Lakers coach Byron Scott sounds confident Lin will after averaging 12.4 points on 60 percent shooting and 6.2 assists through five exhibition games. After Lin missed three exhibitions because of a sprained left ankle, Scott believes he has since regained his explosiveness.

    “I expect him to play well,” Scott said. “Obviously the ball will be in his hands now. I expect him to run the offense, handle the ball and do the things Jeremy Lin is capable of doing with knocking down shots and getting into the paint and being the catalyst and leader of the team on the offensive end and getting them to where they need to be.”

  50. Playing time is the only real leverage that any coach has over players. I really hope that the way Scott is handling this is to send a message to other players Boozer/Hill/Randle/Clarkson etc…that being a vet doesn’t guarantee playing time, and being a rookie doesn’t mean you won’t have a chance if you bust your (lower-body-behind) off. I hope this is the reason, because if not. Scott is just another vacuum cleaner.

  51. You are reaching, so I agree with you.

  52. That would really suck…

  53. LakersGround taking a potshot at ClutchFans …

  54. Now we know why lin tweeted back to him yesterday, that is probably when he found out that he was starting.

  55. “Likely”, Scott oh Scott.

  56. I will the double-double and Lakers to win as well, else all the stats doesnt mean much if they dont win.

    In a long run, those stat do help, but to help him in his career, win is unavoidable.

    Similar to last preseason game with 19/7, viewers and writers dont talk about it much, since they didnt win, morale win alone is not going to bring him or the lakers far.

  57. Practice Recap: The Lakers continue to deal with injuries with the season opener looming.— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) October 27, 2014

  58. Yeah, its not his skills that gives LAL problem, but the way he uses his body. Tough one!

  59. Top 10 plays in preseason game, no Lin, not one. Only packed two plays from Lin/Davis pick and roll into one. I know it is subtle, but I could still feel it. Don’t know what’s going on, but something is going on for sure. They are really trying to talk up Price.

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