Jeremy Lin: A Perennial Underdog NBA Star

It’s truly fascinating to see the parallel of events leading up to Linsanity phenomenon in NY back in 2012 with what is currently transpiring in the Lakers right in front of our eyes.

So here is one of my musings  😉

A Perennial Underdog NBA Star

Throughout multitude of injuries and dire circumstances
a proud franchise yearned for solid Point Guard playmaking,
Jeremy Lin kept chugging along, kept working hard, waiting for his chances, …
to be ready when his number is called.

Never mind when his coach didn’t always trust in his abilities
Someone else always seemed to “look” better than Jeremy Lin
Such is the story since he was a scrawny prodigy since Elementary School
But he simply didn’t look the part of an NBA Star

Look he’s too young!
Too young to break unprecedented NBA Record for Most Points in 5 Starts as an undrafted player?
Look he’s too unathletic!
Too unathletic that he gets to the paint with ease and was ranked 2nd only to LeBron James in Driving FG%?
Look he’s shaky on defense!
Too shaky to shut down good point guards such of Mike Conley, Jrue Holiday and the great Tony Parker in consecutive games?
(4-14fg 11pt, 1-9 3pt, 3-11 6pt)
Shut Up with All These Facts! Give me Anyone But Jeremy Lin!

“You don’t look like a BALLER! You simply don’t belong, Jeremy Lin!”

But Jeremy kept working days and nights.
Playing for an audience of One is his credo.
He’s not playing to prove anything to people.
He simply wants to do the right thing and just play ball!

That’s okay, Jeremy. You do it the hard way.
But that’s why we love watching you play the right way
Because we are all underdogs and you show us a good way.
Keep marching on, Jeremy Lin …
Stay Linsane!
We’re right behind you all the way