A List of Jeremy Lin NBA Missed Stats & Non-Calls


@yascar suggested we create a Sticky Post where we can keep records of Jeremy Lin’s NBA missed stats & egregious non-calls. We may add videos and whether or not we request NBA to correct the stats. I’m not sure I have the right procedure yet so @yascar and others may update this post later

For now, simply add new posts for new non-calls (especially flagrant ones) & missed stats. Thank you.


Here is the list of coverage links on the “Too Flagrant Not To Call” Youtube videos:

Date             Title, Author, Publication
04/14/2016 Open Season on Jeremy Lin? In Video, Fan Highlights Hard Fouls, Andrew Keh, New York Times Frontpage

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 4.26.53 PM
04/13/2016 The New Linsanity: Why Jeremy Lin May Have A Point for the Lack of Flagrant Fouls, Tom Haberstroh, ESPN Video

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 8.53.01 PM
04/13/2016 Why Jeremy Lin Discussion Always Comes Back To Race, Ben Gibson, HoopsHabit
04/12/2016  Is Hornets guard Jeremy Lin slighted by NBA officials when it comes to foul calls?, Jonathan Jones, Charlotte Observer
04/12/2016 Fans Wonder Why Jeremy Lin Doesn’t Get More Flagrant Foul Calls; Lin Thinks They Have A PointTom Ley, DeadSpin
04/12/2016 NBA responds to viral video about hard fouls on Jeremy Lin, Larry Brown, Larry Brown Sports
04/12/2016 Is Jeremy Lin getting shafted on foul calls because he’s Asian?, Michael Rosen, Fusion
04/12/2016 These NBA Fans Are Trying To Get Jeremy Lin Some Damn Respect, Justin Block, HuffingtonPost
Why aren’t referees calling flagrant fouls when Lin gets hit in the head?
04/08/16      Frequency of Hard Fouls on Jeremy Lin Raise Suspicion of Racial Bias Among NBA OfficialsGabriel Reilich, Good Magazine
04/08/2016 Reddit: Too Flagrant Not To Call, PZinger6, Reddit

Other publications:
Date             Title, Author, Publication
04/14/2016 Video documents beating Jeremy Lin routinely takes on the court, Matt Young, Chron
04/13/2016 NBA: Frequent No-Calls on Jeremy Lin is An Example of Racial Discrimination?, Enrico Cuenca, Movie News Guide
04/12/2016 Fans Think NBA Refs Are Biased Against Jeremy Lin; They May Be Right, Tanya Ray Fox, SportsGrid

Professional Evaluation from Former NBA Referee, Ronnie Nunn

1. Ronnie Nunn evaluated the video and concluded at these + all FF’s need review by the NBA

@NunnBetterRefs Ronnie Nunn
ps-The video is clear; Lin fans made their case in a well-written note. I offered that these+all FF’s need review

2. This one shows that this non-call should have warranted a FF-1 (unnecessary) or possibly a FF-2 ejection (unnecessary & excessive) w/contact to face of Lin

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Date          Game                 Missed Stats

12/19/14  OKC @ Lakers     Nick Young’s 3 is off Lin’s assist but was not recorded. Any video made?

http://www.jlinportal.com/g26-okc-lal-game-thread/#comment-1751252544 @ttnn Lakers strip another Lin assist here! The Young 3 pts is Lin’s assist, but did not counted again. what happened?