Jeremy Lin is Ranked 4th in Vertical Free Agency Guide for PG

In a new Yahoo The Vertical guide to free agency: Point Guards, Jeremy Lin is ranked 4th in the available Point Guards.

4. Jeremy Lin, Charlotte Hornets
FA age: 27 | Salary: $2.1 million
Insider info: One of the top point guards coming off the bench this season. Lin has found a nice role with coach Steve Clifford. Player option with non-Bird rights means Charlotte will have a hard time affording him.

It’s encouraging that the Insider Info emphasizes Jeremy Lin as one of the top PGs coming off the bench this season to validate the opinion that he is a capable starter that chose to come off the bench this season with the Hornets. And the Hornets would have a hard time to afford him, which might explain why the Hornets have given more playing time to Lee than JLin to reduce their dependency on him.

The article also provides 7 teams in need of a starter and many more teams in need of a backup

Teams in need of a starter: Brooklyn, Houston, Memphis, New York, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Utah.

Teams in need of a backup: Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indiana, LA Clippers, LA Lakers, Memphis, Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Washington.

It’s quite clear that Jeremy Lin is a much more effective PG with the ball in his hands but being the 3rd, 4th, 5th choice to set up offense in the Hornets have minimized his strength. Add the fact of no reliable big men who can roll strong to the rim to play PnR, the Hornets backup PG is not a good long-term role for Jeremy Lin.

The ideal role for Jeremy Lin is a ball-handling PG in a team utilizing a lot of Pick-and-Roll system with bigs who can finish his passes strong at the rim.  Out of 7 teams in need of a starter, HOU and NYK were not ideal due to the ball-dominant James Harden and triangle offense that minimize PG role/Melo’s personal dislike of JLin’s presence. The Kings has a dysfunction since they plan to fire George Karl as a coach. So that leaves us with 4 teams (Brooklyn Nets, Memphis Grizzlies, Philadelphia 76ers, Utah Jazz)

Which teams will offer the best starting PG role to suit JLin’s strength?

A 7-day Twitter poll is currently ongoing to assess JLin fans’s preference:


Guess JLin's stats in Game 67 vs ORL
  • BobbyH

    Thank You psalm234. Not all media are blind or biased.

  • You’re welcome 🙂

    This is definitely huge to shape public opinion that JLin is #4 in the FA PG list coming from a credible source like Yahoo The Vertical. He is seen as one of the top PGs who can definitely start in some teams in the article.

  • JJ Hui


  • BTW, this is the 9000th tweet of JLinPortal
    I thought I’ll share with everyone 🙂

    Hopefully, the 10,000th tweet will be on Linsanity game as a starter next season!

  • BobbyH

    The coming FA, only Conley is competitive enough against Lin in the market. Just wait for MDA’s move first (or promoted), I would say.

  • blubell

    Tweet tweet 🙂

  • gum

    I am very excited about Jeremy Lin’s 4th ranking. What a good news. I will keep my fingers crossed. See my e-mail.

  • takemeback2reaganyears

    Wasn’t that a genius move to take player option?

  • DX

    Want to vote, but don’t have a twitter account. 🙁

  • DX

    Yes & No.

  • DX

    After playoff, he will become top one.

  • takemeback2reaganyears

    Well it’s a way out when you found out a hard way in h***.

  • Rick Johnson

    This is the response from the NBA in regards to an email I sent them with video links to no-calls and missed flagrant fouls. Doesn’t look like a canned response as it addressed specifically my concerns about discrimination. At least the NBA is hearing. Hopefully something will be done if enough people complain:

    Thanks for contacting us.

    Player safety and well-being is a priority for the league. NBA games are extremely competitive and intense, which can result in physical play. While we understand that emotions sometimes run high, we take infractions of NBA rules very seriously. We closely review each game and, when necessary, follow up with appropriate disciplinary action as we strive to uphold league rules and promote good sportsmanship.

    The NBA is an inclusive entity, embracing players of any nationality, ethnicity, race, age, gender, or sexual orientation. As we grow and celebrate the game of basketball, you can be assured that our players will continue to approach the game with passion, commitment, teamwork and respect.

    Thanks again for writing us and for your interest in the NBA. We appreciate your sharing your views.


    Aaron Stewart

    NBA Fan Relations

  • xeroid

    As I posted pre=season, Lin will help Hornets to playoff, and will shine to give Cleveland a run for their money in Eastern finals.

  • DX

    Everything is a Double-edged sword.

  • takemeback2reaganyears

    an answer to non-answer. In other words, we know what we’re doing, … off.

  • DX

    Same template for all the emails. But thanks for doing this.

  • Excellent diplomatic answer.

    Great playoff performance will only increase his Free Agency values.
    JLin is a gamer. He knows his clutchness will be needed in the playoff.

    3 playoff appearance out of 6 NBA seasons will look good in his resume

  • cdblue10

    I’ll enjoy every Lin’s appearance in the playoff and after that….”I’ll be singing in the rain…..wooohooooo!!!”

  • Good to see that Ang Lee, George Takei, Lin’s protest on Asian jokes at Oscar is being acknowledged with some apology(ish)
    At least it’s a start to create awareness

    That was fast. Academy’s apology(ish) for Chris Rock Asian skit on the Oscars …

  • Rick Johnson

    Everyone got the same response? They must have made one specifically for the flood of angry Lin fans. Figures.


    Of course they will never say they made the mistakes… but w emails that sure do make NBA be more alert….bc they knew we are watching…..


    I think it’s pretty standard PR answer bc they will not say “That’s not right call or no call” …..

    But good job you did.

  • it’s ok.
    Currently it’s the Nets leading with 48%, then 76ers 26% with 31 votes
    (refresh for pic)


    I believe he’s not worry bc no other FA like him that not urgent w his own stats….

  • An important trend to note is how Lamb is losing minutes (8 min, 0 min in last 2 games) to Troy (13 min, 15 min with 4/7 from 3s).
    Lamb is being noted as “stopped playing D as he did earlier in season and selfish on offensive end”

    Noticing this 3 & D pattern, I hope JLin will continue shooting 3s and drawing FTs to gain more PT.

    Jeremy hasn’t been as active on defense as he was earlier in the season and his selfishness on the offensive end makes it difficult for him to play with the rest of the team. He is a team player but he is mainly a scorer not a passer.


    Both are bad in D but Kemba likes Daniels more than Lamb.

  • K. P. Chan

    Psalm: I am aware that sentiments are totally against it, but have we completely ruled out Lin’s returning to Charlotte? I ask only because of Lin’s self-professed happiness there.

    But if this is a question of where he should rightfully belong, then I suppose the Hornets are out of the running.

  • Kwok Wai Lai

    Jeremy Lin should actually be ranked number 2 as both Rajon Rondo and Deron Williams are seriously at fault with their work ethics and they are over 30. Mike Conley would more than likely stay with Memphis. Then Lin will be the top PG available in th market.

    Mind you that Lin has been nothing but amazing when he started for the Hornets this season. He is a much better PG with and without the ball. Philadelphia should probably seek the service of Lin but they have to get rid of two persons first.

  • K. P. Chan

    Who made that statement above about Lamb, Psalm?

  • Lefon Jang

    Lamb was traded by various teams. Nobody really wanted him because of his playing style. Hornets was stupid enough to make him a big offer based on a few preseason games. I personally feel Troy is a better fit especially with Lin. Now if Cliff could just take Al out of the second unit it would be great!

  • Lamb is a disaster in D & O.
    And he simply doesn’t pass on offense.

    It’s pretty hilarious that the Hornets is following Harden’s blueprint in HOU to surround him with shooters but not playing much D which has proven to be a disaster. With more similar games of opposing PG like Felton having career night (season high 12 asts in 31 min) since Kemba is too tired to play D, how long before his teammates give up on him? Harden is a much more talented (and taller) scorer than Kemba so this experiment might be shorter.

    And next season they might want to bring Howard to pair with Kemba.
    This is like watching a bad movie rerun with a different cast.

    Why don’t they rerun Spurs and GSW movies in Charlotte?

  • the Swarmandsting writer

  • Lefon Jang

    Lin and Kemba the Splash Brothers of Charlotte?

  • PPP

    Bucks for me.

  • DX

    Any team is fine if Lin can start.

  • DX

    Finally, Daniel came out from the doghouse after he shot the winning point. 😉

  • heart

    And Lin had a hand in that winning shot! Lin has helped many to get big payday after playing w/ him.


    I agree Hornets really do try hard to make Kemba to be like Harden. smh! I believe next season w/o Lin, they will be back to old Hornets again even w Batum as their #1 guy.

  • heart

    Hornets don’t want Lin to be a part of their starting unit. They have bypassed so many chances to start him. They start anybody but Lin. They peg him in a ‘backup’ role as an insurance for KW. Mavs started DWilliams (6’3″) and RFelton (6’1″) last night. Suns did it before w/ Bledsoe & Dragic. If these teams could do it, why can’t Hornets?

  • donsmacau

    In JLamb’s defense. When a coach hates you and your minutes are constantly in flux or decreasing, then you will make every attempt to score when the ball gets in your hands. All players lapse defensively occasionally, but Clifford has a special penchant for punishing JLamb.

    JLamb has been a key part of the overall bench offensive success. He has weapons that Troy doesn’t possess, drive-rim, create shots, outside shot.

    Mavs game was first in long stretch where Bench didn’t provide a first half momentum shift. Troy hasn’t played much with rotational players and historically can’t dribble & TO machine — only shoots 3s. Troy gets his 3ptr but then movement, rhythm and flow of the bench broken which may have affected JLin, BigAl etc..

    Troy might work out in the long run but he is one dimensional vs. the offense of JLamb.

  • Yascar

    Hi Rick, what’s the email address you used for this. I want to write too. Thanks.

  • Rick Johnson

    At the bottom of the NBA website scroll to the bottom, under About click contact us:

    More people complain the more likely they will get annoyed and send a memo to the refs.

  • DX

    Daniel kind like Novick.

  • Yascar

    Thank you. I’ll send them an email tonight. All well and good this PR garbage but I really want to know if they care about it as much as they say they do.

    I’m going to politely ask them if they have a statements and pledges as an association tha upholds what they say in this email.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen one.

  • That script was OK in the Double-OT Raptors win but somehow censored after the Cavs big win 🙂

  • Unfortunately, Cliff likes big and tall players

    Bledsoe & Dragic can work in their 1st season despite defensive worries before IT was brought from SAC to have 3-PG lineup that doesn’t make sense

    I think he saw Kemba and Lin backcourt didn’t work out because Kemba wasn’t totally happy
    So Cliff chose Kemba

  • adele

    Very good analysis. Thank you!

  • TBH, we don’t how how JLin would decide but the recent trend is not good for JLin’s return to the Hornets
    1. Reduced PT to Lee after ASB (despite good games in PHI/SAC)
    2. Not much ball-handling PG duties (other than start of Q2 & Q4)
    3. No PnR as Al is poor big to roll.
    4. Healthy MKG will reduce Lin’s role further from 20mpg to 10-15mpg
    5. Shooting % is affected by not being the PG

    I’d say JLin has to move or start in a team to show what he can do consistently given the chance to start (11 games of 17.8ppg/4.7a with 41.5% 3FGM).

    It’s a matter of survival in the NBA vs getting phased out in the NBA w/ 10-15mpg in a catch-and-shoot role that doesn’t utilize JLin’s PG strength.

  • cdblue10

    Hmnnnn,I would say 2nd also but debatable to be the 1st at this moment in time

  • JLin Fan from Australia

    I like Daniels much more than Lamb! Lamb is too ballhog “pg” despite of his “strengths.” He hasn’t played his role well.

  • JLamb experienced the best success in BF1 with Lin/Lamb backcourt but of course Cliff had to gut out BF1 by taking away Zeller because the starters looked so bad compared to BF1 so it was embarrassing.

    But Lamb simply was not playing team-ball but looking out for his own numbers. The last few games Lamb’s D was very bad compared to the early season so he was mad not for losing PT. But Lin is smarter than Lamb to find ways to contribute with defense and drawing fouls/FTs

    Yes, Troy is also not a long-term solution due to being too small although he played hard in D lately.

    Lamb has the tools , heights but his mindset is currently not playing a team basketball


    Got this from the other side….

    About time! And our boy JLIN had a hand in raising the profile of this issue.


    “Academy Apologizes for Asian Jokes on Oscars, Vows to Be More Sensitive”

    “UPDATED: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences apologized on Tuesday for the Asian jokes on the Feb. 28 Oscar telecast, after receiving a protest letter signed by 25 AMPAS members, including Ang Lee.

    An Academy spokesperson issued the statement, “The Academy appreciates the concerns stated, and regrets that any aspect of the Oscar telecast was offensive. We are committed to doing our best to ensure that material in future shows be more culturally sensitive.”…


  • TTNN

    We never know where he will end up with. And I guess we could only wait and see.

    This league run by luck a lot, if Cannan and Price would get some chance to start, Lin will get his. I don’t really worry about that, as long as Lin is healthy.

  • TTNN

    I’m not sure about the reason why Troy got extra burn over Lamb, i do feel there might be a reason behind it that we are not clear about.

    To me, Lamb might have attitude problem, that play like he deserve the min. Whereas Troy play like he appreciate the min. That’s the only difference.

    Other than that, Troy and Lamb defensively could be equally clueless, though Troy try harder. Lamb don’t pass and have some bad shot selection. Troy, basically don’t know how to pass, his dribbling is horrible, worse than some bigs, thus you might not want him to pass anyway.

    Can’t image this will be long term change, but could be coach just want to test Troy out and give him extra chance to show what he got, the past two games looks like evaluation to me.

    I’m more interested to see whether coach will keep Lamb’s time down in future games.

  • I noticed Lamb has been more ‘selfish’ and ‘sulky’ since losing more PT to Lee like Lin did.

    Troy is definitely not a solution since he’s only a 3pt specialist.
    He made one nice play on steal that led to Lin’s fastbreak to feed Kemba.

    I think Cliff is in the mode of “Who can step up to be shooters to give Kemba more room to operate?” as they prepare for the playoff.

    It’s all simple read-and-react system to see if Lee/Frank/Al/Lin/Troy/Lamb can help Kemba and Batum succeed as playmakers.


    Are you talking about the article from Yahoo? If so then I am surprised he’s #4 bc normally they are not that high on Lin….

    4. Jeremy Lin, Charlotte Hornets

    FA age: 27 | Salary: $2.1 million

    Insider info: One of the top point guards coming off the bench this season. Lin has found a nice role with coach Steve Clifford. Player option with non-Bird rights means Charlotte will have a hard time affording him.

  • Yascar

    I would agree actually, not in the ranking itself but on the fact that he’s usually ranked lower. At least he’s trending up.

  • kauaiblue

    Nice. Do they WANT to wake a sleeping giant?

  • leeda harun

    it is about time. Do the right things. Let us all love, respect each other and livein harmony.

  • leeda harun

    another motivation for lin to work harder. 🙂

  • KL

    I read Wu Kong’s post on the last thread about how the NBA is entertainment not sports so it is depressing. I agree to a certain extent even though I have hope.

    I think the problem is simply that there are no financial incentives for teams to win. (Someone correct me if I am wrong here) but it seems that the revenue sharing system means that most of the NBA’s income is shared regardless of success or failure. Ironically it seems that there are incentives for losing, hence the prevalent tanking agenda.

    In fact it seems that the best way to make money, is to pump up fake stars. “Stars” sell merchandise and fill up arenas.

    Yet Jeremy is a star and he wins.

    The next problem is the politics behind the team management. A whole array of people – scouts, managers, analysts work within the draft system. They have to support their draft choices otherwise their entire existence is in doubt. It is like an organisation giving a scholarship and the same organisation having power to ensure the scholar is successful because God forbid, the organisation spent tons of money on that scholar’s education for nothing.

    It is the same system in the NBA. If there was true merit and not propped up stars, lots of people should be out of work.

    So we have to face reality with such an unjust system. But if Lin is allowed to be a starter with the ball in his hands he will become a star. If he gains enough momentum maybe the system cannot hold him back again.

  • sport

    How do you expect a player to play teamball when he’s being DNP like Lamb?! Most players would be sulking and looking out for themselves and score when you know the coach hates you. Lin could do that too and the Hornets would’ve been out of the playoffs pictures long ago.

  • sport

    More like Lin and Lamb were like the Splash Brothers before they were separated, both were scoring 20+ points for several games.

  • kauaiblue

    Wow, great analysis. Kudos.

  • kauaiblue

    Sometimes u gotta FIGHT BACK… peacefully… use the courts, legal system and political system… lets do this…

  • JoeTeam

    um, that’s a mealy mouthed apology. It should have been clear that they admit a mistake and vow to never do it again.

  • Joe what do you know

    SBC should of have his little butt kicked and boycotted in Asia…

  • aras

    overall lin has been good this season.

  • BobbyH

    Confused. Then who is going to coach road games? AHC?



  • BobbyH

    LOL. Maybe Melo or head of CAA


    Melo sure wants to be in charge…LOL! I think PJ just wants to keep his job.

  • Brent Yen

    well done! nice work!

  • leeda harun

    Dsyfuntional organisation

  • BobbyH

    I think of a great idea. Since they are tanking, each staff and players can take turn to coach. There are 41 road games. Everyone has the chance.

  • TTNN

    Lamb had always been play like that. A lot people say he did great at the beginning of the season, but I don’t think he regressed, Lamb had always play like that. Just in the beginning of the season, Lamb was featured in the second team. There were a lot of play called for him, there were screen set for him, and he has been coming off screen, off pin down, and off curls. He looked great.

    However, then when he was giving bigger role, got to play with starters, when there is no play called for him, when he need to play within the flow of the game, he start to slip. He will miss defensive assignments, he don’t know what to do to help space the floor, and when he get the ball, he try to do too much.

    I think that’s the problem with most rookie, they don’t know how to run a support role, and they are so used to be featured, and they don’t know how to play in a team.

    Lamb have good shooting form, but his shooting was never great in any given season. I think that’s because he had bad shot selection. He only look for his and passing wasn’t an option to him once he started the offense. And once he don’t get his in offensive side, he slumps in the defensive side. He kind of work better when play with Lin, as Lin kind of give him some opportunities to keep him engaged. He was horrible when he was playing together with Walker. I don’t think either one likes to play with the other.

    To be honest, Troy had exactly the same problem as Lamb, just he don’t get to play much, thus his instance offense is impressive. I think most people won’t stand him if he got to play much longer min for longer period of time. Troy had the same shot selection as Lamb, just hit a bit better. But if he is playing longer min, he will miss more. I don’t really like either of them.

  • Brewkowski

    Anyone listened to this? Wondering what else was discussed.

  • your son’s voltaire

    translation, “i’ll make sure Dolan fires him”

  • Yascar
  • I agree with your description of Lamb. It reminds me of JLin’s explanation on how to be successful in the NBA by finding a niche because many used the be “the man” in HS, college but many have to transition to a specialist.

    In a way, Troy is more equipped to be a 3pt specialist if he can work on his defense so he won’t be a liability on-court. Lamb still tries to be the one-man show as a slasher, mini-LeBron to prove that he can be an All-Star.

    It’s sad to see how politics once again derailed JLin’s attempt to find a home.
    But it might lead to a blessing in disguise by “forcing” JLin to be a starter even in a bad team. NBA is definitely a dog-eats-dog world

  • Acbc

    There is only one major counterpoint to your theory and that is often, it’s filthy rich billionaires that buy these teams. To me these guys aren’t there to make money. To them it’s more about “owning” and cache. They collect toys that costs billions because they can and they parade their prize thoroughbreds like they are part of their stable. Certainly this was the case with Dolan, Cuban and the Russian owner of the Nets.

    Do these owners really care about winning? Often they just hand over operations to “experts” who may or may not be that great at what they do. Look at Houston with Les Alexander and Morey, or Hinkie and Philli owners. Again the problem is that ownership has a disconnect with “winning” as an athlete. The point you make about revenue sharing as a reason why owners don’t seem to care is kind of chicken and the egg question. Would it matter more to owners if they get the lion share of the NBA league revenue if they win? IMO, not necessarily.

  • KL

    Well my point is that the NBA franchise makes money for the owners regardless of winning or losing. You are right in that billionaire owners may not care about winning if it gives them a bit more money. However, imagine if losing results in a financial loss to the owners, then I can imagine these owners would think twice before signing loser studs like Carmelo to huge contracts.

  • Acbc

    I actually enjoyed your train of thought. It does account for some underlying truth. My point is that unlike most people, winning for them isn’t so much about money. No one goes into ownership thinking they want to make money. Most of them buy teams like its a fancy sorts car or toy to play around with. It’s pride of ownership like my car is faster, my painting is prettier, etc.

    In the case with Dolan, he lost a lot of money when Lin left the Knicks, not real money, but stock value of MSG went down after Lin left. Dolan is just too proud to ever admit he’s wrong.

  • KL

    Have to agree with you about Dolan. That guy was willing to lose money just to stick it to Lin.

  • takemeback2reaganyears

    Bleacher is desperate for clicks.

  • Maknusia

    Hi Folks…hope all are well with you all! 😉

    Was buzy with my travels….back now…looks like Lin had a good (very good) and a limited game.

    As Lin mentioned, looking at individual game is an unfair evaluation of a player or team…lets look at Macro level….as for season average…given the playing time and ever differing role and modus operandi, bottom line…Lin had performed well…not many in league would be able to be as consistent and difference maker as Lin

  • Acbc

    You can almost say that about the Buss kids as well. They’d rather lose money with Kobe than take a financial windfall with Lin.

    Before the season started I wrote a prediction on what Lin’s season would look like and how it was dependant on 3 things. The first was if MJ as owner would rather be right about giving Kemba a shoe deal and making him the franchise player or about winning.


    When did Lin say this statement? “As Lin mentioned, looking at individual game is an unfair evaluation of a player or team…” post game interview after vs Mav?

  • John Focker

    Translation: “oooh, was that bad? Didn’t even know.”

  • Maknusia

    In one of the interview…I think probably 2 weeks ago….the reporter was asking about his game and his shooting….that was the same as beginning of the year…he mentioned it will normalized to season average…everyone has ups and downs, and unfair to be evaluated based on; one or two games

  • An excellent breakdown by a Hornets/Lin fan at RealGM about the non-match possibility of Hornets & Lin for next season, Lin being adverse to go to tanking teams and not necessarily bad teams like Nets & 76ers (out of 7 with starting PG need) whom he can help to make the playoff.

    Long but worth-reading.

    In addition to those 7 starter positions, there are also 15 backup positions listed (one of which is the Hornets). Some of those may even be closer to contention than the Hornets, such as the perennially mooted Clippers.

    If he can’t get a starting position, it remains to be seen if he might be convinced by a greater role or more minutes as a backup on one of those other teams, possibly with a better chance to win a ring. And every team has money burning a hole in their pocket from the cap increase. The Hornets may choose to put their money towards other needs like a big man to replace Al, instead of outbidding for Lin, while other teams might have different priorities in hole-filling.

    And he’s shown that he’s not adverse to going to a lottery team if he thinks he can help push that team into the playoffs. What he’s against is deliberate tanking, like the Lakers last year and what the 76’ers had been doing prior to the change in direction from up top with Colangelo and D’Antoni brought in to help fix things.

    He joined a Rockets team that was in the lottery the previous year and had just blown themselves up letting talent go and moving vets for assets and was expected to be rebuilding. Everyone thought he was leaving the Knicks to be on a lottery team. But in his first year as starting PG (started all 82 games with no injury or illness) he helped drag that team into the playoffs. Having Harden helped (probably more of an impact that Lin), but that team even with Harden would not have made the playoffs without Lin, since the Rockets got in by a very narrow margin, and Lin played a decisive role in many games.

    The Hornets were in the lottery the previous year. Lots of people scratched their heads over why he would sign as a backup on a lottery team. But, lo and behold, the Hornets are now on track to be in the playoffs.

    So I wouldn’t absolutely discount the Nets or 76’ers, depending on whether he believes they’ll tank or not. Like all NBA players, he’s looking for a home. One that he said he hasn’t found yet on the Hornets.

    Let’s face it, with a healthy MKG, Lin could well be at 15 minutes a game, and the Hornets may not wish to pay a premium for a 15minute backup PG whose talents would be wasted when they can bring back a cheaper Brian Roberts for those 15minutes. Lin may get more than 15 minutes on another team, possibly with more money and a bigger role and a better chance to win, even as a backup.

    So it may not be a match from either side. The Hornets may not wish to pay a premium for the 15minutes they can offer Lin with a healthy MKG. And Lin would look better on a team that plays his style with fastbreaks and alley-oops and good pick-and-roll bigs.

    I think this season can work out great for both sides. The Hornets get the use of a discounted Lin for a season to help make the playoffs, so that they can attract (or re-sign their own like Batum) free agents in the summer. Lin gets to shed his unwarranted rep for poor defense and can go into free agency having proved himself to be a two-way player, which makes him more valuable to teams (especially playoff teams or contenders where defense matters in the playoffs, even if they only want him as a backup).

    As for where he goes in the off-season, or whether the Hornets wish to bring him back or not at a fair market price only for 15minutes a game in a system where some of his strengths (fastbreaks, alley-oops, etc.) aren’t going to even be often utilized…who knows. No one has ever been able to accurately predict his off-season.

    And it shouldn’t be the focus right now anyway. We still have the playoffs to get through. His performance for the rest of the season and post-season may adjust his value (both to other teams and to the Hornets) upwards or downwards.

    He’s got the right idea to focus on helping the team get into the playoffs and let the off-season sort itself out in the summer.

  • Maknusia

    Not sure if JLIN Prayer request had been posted….

    Sup everybody!!

    As always, thanks everybody for subscribing to my prayer requests…it’s cool to continue to grow our prayer community and even cooler when I get to meet some of you guys in person. Here are the upcoming prayer requests:

    1. Praise God for quite a few things: a restful All-Star break that allowed me to heal some nagging injuries, deepening of relationships in our team bible study, a recent surge in our team performance, fun times with family and friends visiting and a chance to be in Charlotte for some games.

    2. Please pray for MKG who had season-ending surgery. He is a huge part of our team and has had an extremely difficult season with the injuries so prayer for a speedy recovery, for him to stay positive mentally and to draw closer to God as he fights through this obstacle in his life.

    3. Please pray for our team to stay hungry and play consistently. There have been tremendous stretches of basketball and long losing streaks throughout our season, so it’s important for us to never get comfortable or complacent.

    4. Please pray for me as recently I have been frustrated with my jump shot and overall performance. The new shooting form has been one of the most frustrating things of my career. I know it will pay off in the long run but going through the adjustment process has been harder than I anticipated, so prayer for the right mindset, great muscle memory and a pure heart that shoots/plays solely for God’s approval would be greatly appreciated!

    5. Please pray for the world. Recent events, whether it’s natural disasters, terrorist attacks, racial tensions, the U.S. presidential campaign and many other world issues, have shown me more and more how this world is still so broken. Hopefully we can pray that even amidst our world’s brokenness, God’s name and glory will be revealed!

    6. Please pray for global Christian revival. Specific areas that I feel God has put on my heart are Asian-Americans in the US who are lukewarm in their faith, the billions in China who don’t know Christ and Taiwan/Hong Kong. I obviously care about many other places, but these are very near and dear to my heart!

    Thanks everybody!!

  • Acbc

    When one of the richest men in American was asked why he wanted more when clearly he couldn’t ever spend it all in a lifetime, his answer was that it was about pride. It wasn’t about the money, it was about who had the most. The greatest sins are pride, gluttony, jealousy, greed, etc. These guys have it all and some.

    The men that own the NBA franchises own these teams as a matter of pride and not greed. Money they have and making more is just a game played on another field. Owning an NBA team is more about reliving childhoods and hanging out with the cool jocks for these people with so much money that they feel they can buy friendships. Hanging out on the same sideline as the “superstars”, rubbing shoulders with them is like a middle age going through midlife crisis and buying a Harley. That’s why it’s less about money than about pride. It’s illogical to buy a Harley in midlife, but they can afford it and show it by actually having one. It’s just play money they’re spending.

    This was the question I had posed in the beginning of the season. I had predicted that there would be three major factors that would determine Lin’s season with the hornets. The first was if MJ would choose pride over winning. Would he choose to be right about giving Kemba the shoe deal or choosing to let Lin win for the team.

    The second was about Cho and his pride and if he’d rather be right about giving Kemba the big 4 year contract, or would he let Lin win.

    The last was about Clifford and if he’d rather swallow his pride and choose to follow party lines instead of winning with Lin.

    What we have seen is that these men would rather not look foolish and protect their pride instead of winning with Lin.

  • real-dsb

    Probably not completely rule out Charlotte, but I think Lin will have better opportunities next year elsewhere.

  • real-dsb

    That was ridiculously hypocritical of Chris Rock and the Academy. Chris Rock is basically the Stephen A Smith of comedy. I can’t take anyone seriously who yells 100% of the time.

  • spiderman

    Yet their efforts to protect their pride at the expense of losses does make them look foolish.

  • real-dsb

    I never really liked Lamb much as a player way before he was Hornet. I thought he was a volume chucker like many other NBA players.

    Troy, on the other hand, is more like a 3pt specialist role player like Novak.

  • real-dsb

    What “new shooting form” is he referring to? Before the season or mid-season change?

  • Acbc

    If there is such a thing as a Lin curse, it’s this curse of their own pride deluding them into ridding the glue guy that makes everyone better. What happens after a while is that that glue crumbles away and the team falls apart. It’s that simple.

  • LAJane

    Yes. Because I think he made a calculated risk that with Clifford’s seeming awareness of his game and the long interview process he could have the chance in Charlotte to really kill off the McHale/BS lies about his abilities. We focus on how much time the coach and GM gave to court him, but I give Jeremy FULL CREDIT for drawing out those conversations as his way of interviewing them as well. He knew Kemba was the man, that they wanted to be satisfied he’d be willing to support Kemba. He also has had plenty of experience with expectations that did not go as represented. Charlotte was an experiment and he left himself that player option as a graceful exit opportunity. Well done.

  • real-dsb

    Being ranked #4 by Yahoo Vertical’s Bobby Marks pretty respectable, considering that:

    1. Conley was 4th overall pick and considered a top PG in the league.
    2. Rondo is a 4 time all-star.
    3. Deron was 3rd overall pick and 3 time all-star.

    Going into the year, everyone knew that it was an audition year for Lin’s next team. Lin didn’t take $2M because it was the highest offer, he took it as an investment/bet on himself for the future. Although Lin didn’t have a huge breakout year, at least he increased his market value this year with the Hornets (as opposed to decrease his market value the last 3 years with the Rockets and Lakers). Per-36, Lin is having 16.0 pts, 4.3 reb, 2.5 tov, which are his best per-36 numbers in the past 4 years.

    “Player option with non-Bird rights means Charlotte will have a hard time affording him.”

    This is a very good sign. Bobby Marks is an NBA free agency expert. During the past free agency, Bobby Marks was dishing tons of brilliant analysis about free agency and cap stuff. He was a longtime NBA executive, he knows his stuff. So when Marks says that Charlotte will have a hard time affording him, that means other teams will be willing to pay him a lot more.

  • Acbc

    No one, including that poster from RealGM would ever acknowledge to undertsnad in the true value of Lin to any team. They recognize the effect (which is already much more than the Hornets FO) but they don’t fully understand why.

    The last game was an example of how simplistic linear thinking “experts” tend to look at box scores to build an accessment of value. Lin wasn’t allow to have a chance to score and yet he was the most effective anyways. How’s that possible when you look at the box score? Sure, every team NEEDS to score but how that’s done is even more important. We’ve already seen Melo, Kobe and Harden be that type of empty calories volume shooter, why do we expect anything different with Kemba?

    The empty calories of scoring is just like sweet candy, it’s tasty but does nothing but give you a sugar rush while adding nothing to the overall health of the body. That’s what these guys do on offence, while playing no defence. It’s fun to watch but it kills the team,

    Lin’s the glue guy that pulls the team together on both sides of the court. He creates a cohesive net of unified attacks and defines the parameters of the defence. Especially on defence, Lin is the linchpin that locks it together. The true value of Lin’s work is that no matter how few points the team puts up, his defence makes that stick.

    Kemba’s confidence comes from this glue that Lin produces. He knows he will get unlimited shots to score and that no matter how many he scores, high or low, Lin will make that number work by making sure opponents don’t score more.

    How do you evaluate this ability? No one bothers because no one cares about eating healthy dry cereal or broccoli, they want chocolate cake and Coke.

  • TTNN

    Finally got a chance to completely finish the game vs. Mavs. Couple of thoughts here:

    1) Daniel is still a disaster defensively. I’d be surprise if he get significant min next game. He finally got pulled after he just let Felton drove by without a screen.
    2) Kaminsky is such a ball stopper, I’m surprised he was not disciplined by the coach. When he was playing in the second team, there is no ball swing from side to side, he will stop it in the middle, and he will drive and put up contested shots. He did that less when he is playing with the first team.
    3) I do feel playing together with Daniel and Kaminsky throw Lin off as he pretty much lost control of the second team both offensively and defensively.
    4) 4th quarter after Kemba made that backcourt turnover, he pretty much gives up, and stop defending. It was only down one when he don’t even bother to contest his man shooting 3s, that opens up the difference to 4. That’s the time Lin went off the floor, Batum back in. It was down hill from that point.
    5) there are times that Lin was totally out of the offense, feel like going back to pre-season, Lin would be used one way in one game, and totally not used in another game. Hopefully it is coach went to experiment mode again before playoff, and testing out various line ups.
    6) Hawes is still not healthy, otherwise I’d anticipate coach play Cody/AI together in some games. I don’t feel coach would trust Kaminsky to play too long in the playoff, then Cody will need to play some PF time. So I think coach will test that out some day.

    ORL game will be a must win game, hopefully coach will put up a more reasonable rotation out there.

  • Maknusia

    long time no see!…welcome back…lol havent you been following him? He tweaked his shooting form coming into the season

  • TTNN

    Bobby Marks was the nets GM who pretty much give up all their future for over the hill stars. He pretty much is behind the current Nets situation. And I’m not sure how valuable his evaluation is.

    I don’t think 2M is the highest offer Lin could get last summer, if he is willing to take 2.8M, he could sign with Mavs a lot earlier, and I’m pretty sure Bulls will take him at that price too. I think Lin pick Hornets because that might be the only team willing to give him that one year flexibility.

    And, it does not take a previous NBA GM to figure out Hornets will have problem to re-sign Lin. Just look at Hornet’s team salary, it is pretty much clear that they will not be able to find enough space to re-sing Lin anyway. I have been say that a long while ago.

  • Yascar

    Thank you for sharing. Absolutely on point. Weak teams will have to convince him if they are capable of winning before he joins them.

    In any case, right now he can and should be focused on getting to the playoffs.

  • adele

    My my. You have a way with words. Very admirable. Jlinportal is lucky to have you as a blogger here and proud to know another smart Jlin fan. 🎩

  • adele

    I like the analogy regarding health because I’m a health buff myself. And what you’re saying is really true in real sense.

  • adele

    Good good good. Liking this story a lot.

  • adele

    Very true. Really appreciate your comments. You put our thoughts here and thank you for being there. Hats off!

  • adele

    Thank you. Keep it up!

  • Kwok Wai Lai

    Mike Conley might not be available which would make Lin number 1 in the market.

  • Joe what do you know

    It’s a bit like reasoning with people from gun lobbying groups that guns are bad for the society and they will keep reciting the 2nd amendment to you….

  • BobbyH
  • Acbc

    Interesting read. He definately is so one who’s not interested in fancy things. Would be interesting how he goes forward with philanthropy. It’d be nice if he uses his notoriety for good.

  • kauaiblue

    Yeah, he seems like a cool guy. Just hope he buys a fuel efficient vehicle though 🙂

  • Acbc

    There’s been a few crazies acting out violence against people in Canada. The good thing, they didn’t have guns. The bad news people got knife cuts. Guns do kill people. Limiting access helped in all these cases.

  • takemeback2reaganyears

    Just hope people should leave politic out. However, we would never hear report about gun saved people. Criminals will always get guns from black market but guns control laws would stop law abiding get access to buy guns for self protection.

  • takemeback2reaganyears

    Anyone noticed when KW shots not falling, he brought the whole team down?

  • BobbyH

    My observation: That’s his tendency that if shots are not failing in 1Q, he will force it in 2nd half to shoot more and ice the teammate further.

    You can tell from many games that when the game is closed in 4Q, he will be determined to shift most his energy on scoring and you will see his guys always score on him easily in 4Q.

  • heart

    Teams are beginning to know how to take him out of rhythm on defense. That’s why he needs Lin on the floor to draw defense to give him space and/or help defend his man too.

  • Joe what do you know

    I’m sorry that you only see politics in my post. Just to make it clear I’m Australian so I really don’t give too much hoot about US politics. My intention was giving an example as to some people only hear and think what they want to and can’t be reasoned with even given cold hard facts. I’ll rest my case.

  • Acbc

    Most other civilized nations in the world have limits on possession of firearms by its own citizens. US politics is bewildering in its own convoluted logic that no one else understands. The fact that the CDC has been banned from any studies on the health risk of guns is bizarre. This government agency makes recommendations on anything that threatens life and yet it’s not allow to study the effects of gun violence.

  • takemeback2reaganyears

    You don’t give too much hoot about the US politics but brought up the 2nd amendment in the US Constitution, then “sorry” that I see politic?

  • takemeback2reaganyears

    Yeah, he even tried to make it worse in the 2 half.

  • heart

    Yep. I have observed that too. KW plays team ball in 1Q to get assists. Then when Lin enters the game, KW starts shooting while Lin does mostly defense. Only after multiple attempts when he couldn’t score, then KW may make a few passes here and there, but only to Kam/MW/Zeller/AJ or whoever on the floor at the time except Lin. When he does pass to Lin, it would be mostly ‘give and go’ pass. Lin would try to get in on offense on his own by making cuts, steals or rebounds, etc. Lin gets his points from scraps and crumbs KW and others left behind. I got ticked off when I saw KW and NB obviously were trying to save their FG% by passing the rock to Lin in the last seconds of the clock.

  • DX

    Charlotte Hornets: Jeremy Lin Speaks on Impending Free Agency

    Jeremy Lin is set to be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season if he opts out of his player option. He originally signed a two-year $4.3 million dollar deal in the off-season that included a player option for the second year.

    In a tweet from SiriusXM NBA Radio, they quoted Jeremy as saying, “I haven’t really thought about it. The only thing I honestly have been thinking about is the playoffs”, in regards to his impeding free agency. This is a vaguely positive viewpoint from Lin.

    He hasn’t said that he is committing to the Charlotte Hornets long-term but he also hasn’t ruled out a return to the team next season. Lin is posting 11.5 points per game, 3.0 assists per game, and 3.1 rebounds per game this season as he comes off of the bench for the team.

    Jeremy leads the second unit as the Charlotte Hornets’ back-up point guard. He is playing 26.0 minutes per game this year but has recently seen his play on the ball diminish as well as his playing time.

    Lin has been on five teams in six NBA seasons as he has jumped around from team to team almost every year. Maybe he is willing to come back to the Hornets in able to remain with a consistent team and keep his current role.

    It is great that he cares more about winning this season than his free agency in the off-season because that is exactly what fans, teammates, and the organization wants to hear from Lin. Jeremy is a key player for the Charlotte Hornets this season and they may pay him more money in the off-season to return.

    It will all come in due time and while we may not know Lin’s true intentions at the moment, it will all play itself out once the season is over. Jeremy’s impending free agency won’t be a factor in the team’s play this year and he won’t make himself the center of media attention.

  • takemeback2reaganyears

    “He is playing 26.0 minutes per game this year but has recently seen his play on the ball diminish as well as his playing time”.

    *Yes we know what Lin gonna do this off season.

  • Lefon Jang

    Good observation. Mavs played great also defensively and they went small right from the get go. Daniels was perhaps a match up to Mavs small ball. Lamb would have same problem with the on-ball-defense against Felton. However, Daniels rushed out to the shooters better. I hope Cliff gives Daniels more games to gel with Lin. That game was lost largely because Hornets missed shots. You live by Kemba you die by Kemba.

  • takemeback2reaganyears

    The only way to effect Lin and Daniels, Lin has to be allowed to play PnR with a big and option wide open 3s Daniels.

  • Whitman Lam

    Teams have scouted Nick Batum’s shaky ball handling, they are aggressively double teaming and trapping him on the perimeter, knowing that he tends to throw bad passes when his dribble is stopped.

  • new ORL game thread

    After a bad Hornets loss against the Mavericks, will the Hornets get back on the winning track again?

    1. How will Jeremy Lin respond after a bad game when he only shot 3 times and made 1/4 FTs? He bounced back strongly in 2 games this season of scoring 2pts by scoring 19pts/1a (1/13 Hawks game in 27 min) and 14pts/4a (2/10 Pacers game in 28 min)

    2. But in 2 previous bad games, he shot 0-9 and 1-7 while he only attempted 3 shots in DAL game. As Lin got fewer touches and shot less, he would need to keep shooting despite having diminishing role in this team as the season is closing.

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray he keeps scoring and shooting well to have a chance to close out games in the playoff.

  • Michael

    I consider myself more of a troll-guy, not a giant.

  • kauaiblue

    Lol… Troll? Why?

  • John Focker

    KW has the uncanny ability to bring the team down even when his shots ARE falling. The ability’s technical term is ZERO DEFENSE.

  • real-dsb

    I knew about the shooting form change before the season, but I was confused why he was mentioning the change now since it was so long ago. I thought he meant he tweaked it again during the season, which is generally not a good idea.

  • real-dsb

    > Bobby Marks was the nets GM who pretty much give up all their future for
    over the hill stars. He pretty much is behind the current Nets
    situation. And I’m not sure how valuable his evaluation is.

    That’s good knowledge, I didn’t know that. But still, he was an NBA GM. Even if he was a bad GM, well, there’s plenty of bad GMs in the NBA, so would still represent their perspective. So I still believe that Lin will be sought after by multiple teams.

    > I don’t think 2M is the highest offer Lin could get last summer

    Yes, that’s what I said. Lin didn’t take the highest offer, he took a lower one that he felt could give him the best opportunity to prove himself.

    > It does not take a previous NBA GM to figure out Hornets will have
    problem to re-sign Lin… I have been say that a long while ago.

    Good point, but the general public (and even sports analysts) don’t believe intelligent Lin fans who call things way before they happen. They need to hear it from a “reputable” source, and even though Marks was a bad GM, he is considered a “reputable” source.

    I’m reminded of when Lin was with GSW, Matt Steinmetz, a CSN Warriors analyst, was not a non-believer in Lin. Pretty much felt that Lin was just a marketing gimmick by Lacob to attract Asian fanbase. But then he straight up asked Eric Musselman whether Lin was an NBA player, and Musselman confidently told him that Lin was without a doubt an NBA starting guard. After that, Steinmetz believed that Lin was not a gimmick because he trusted Musselman’s reputation.