Jeremy Lin Interview with CCTV-5’s NBA Frontline Primetime

Reminisces his Linsanity days and time with Warriors, Rockets, Lakers, and Hornets


Everything below is what Lin said. I didn’t include what the interviewer said because it would be an even lengthier read.

0:25 – I didn’t even think I’d make it to the NBA. When I first got to Harvard, a lot of students didn’t even know we had a basketball team. They would often ask me, “What do you like to do?” I would respond, “I like to play basketball.” They would say “Oh, Harvard has a basketball team?” A lot of students didn’t know. When I graduated, it became a popular sport. A lot of students would come to watch us play.

1:55 – My parents always told me, if you want to play (basketball), then go after your dreams. They always supported me. “If you love basketball this much, then keep playing.” My senior year (in college), I didn’t apply for any job, no interviews, nothing… only enter the NBA draft.

2:26 – At first, when I was younger, I would get really mad (at critics). They always said “too slow, he’s not quick,” I thought to myself, how is that possible? The entire NBA combine, John Wall and I were the fastest / quickest. They had the measurements. They saw that I was an Asian, (they said) “Oh, he must be able to shoot, but he has no athleticism.” So I would get mad back then.

3:02 – Of course my family (helped me the most). My older brother and younger brother. My agent, Roger (Montgomery). He kept giving me advice. Because sometimes I wanted to quit, wanted to retire, didn’t want to play anymore. So if he (Roger) saw that I was really depressed, he would fly out to the city (I was in) to meet me and comfort me.

3:32 – I remembered my agent called me on the phone. He said OK, the Warriors want to sign you. My brothers were both taking a nap. I was so happy. I said OK OK, I’ll call you back. I threw my phone on the bed, went to find my brothers and yelled!

4:30 – Yeah, I had a lot of those thoughts (about not being able to make it in the NBA). Everytime I didn’t play well, or if they sent me down to the D-League, or if I wouldn’t even get to play for 5 or 6 games straight, I would feel really terrible. I would start to think “Do I really belong in the NBA? Did I walk down the wrong path?”

4:54 – I remember in the D-League one time, I performed really bad. I thought that the Warriors was going to cut me. When I went home… my parents, they went to watch me play, so they were at the arena. We started arguing. Whatever they said, I was going to get mad. I went to take a walk and was outside a restaurant, I started crying and couldn’t stop. I felt there were so many unfair things against me. Why didn’t Warriors give me a chance to play? Why does the coach not like me? Why does this road have to be this difficult? Why when I went to the D-League, they told me I would only play for 2 games, but I ended up staying down there for 20 games. All of these things… I always complained (about).

6:08 – NBA had a lockout. All players stopped (playing). They didn’t even train / practice. They didn’t want to practice. I kept thinking, I hope this lockout take a long time (to end), so I can have a lot of time to improve. Internally, I was so motivated, because my rookie year felt so bad. I would practice by myself 3 times everyday. I practiced shooting. I had a shooting coach. I would shoot 500 jumpers with him everyday. I would practice my own basketball skills, about 250-500 (reps). 7 months, everyday. When November came, I was so bored. Everyday, it’s the same routine. I just kept thinking to myself, I’m going to have a breakout year next year.

7:11 – I kept telling myself, if you aren’t happy playing basketball, then just retire. Don’t have to play anymore. So yeah, I thought about it.

7:40 – Of course, it was the hard work I put in, but there were a lot of other coincidences. Perfect storm, everything good that happens, it’s just everything, everything coming together. I came to New York, the entire NBA’s largest market. There’s D’Antoni, (his system) specializes in pick and roll. PnR is my best strength, my specialty. Baron Davis got injured, Toney Douglas didn’t perform well. Carmelo got injured, Amar’e Stoudemire got injured, Iman Shumpert got injured. The entire season, we only had one back to back to back (games). The last game (of the b2b2b), was against the New Jersey Nets. Everyone was so tired, so he (D’Antoni) kept using / playing me (that game).

8:27 – I heard that after this b2b2b, if I didn’t play, perform well, they were going to cut me. I was very afraid of being cut. Everytime I saw the general manager, when we were in the practice facility, shooting facility, when the GM came, I would walk to the side and avoid him. I didn’t want to meet him, I didn’t want to see him, I didn’t want him to see me, because I thought he was going to cut me. I remember telling myself, hey, this might be your last chance. This might be your last NBA game. I didn’t know why I wasn’t nervous. I just said, OK, if this was going to be my game, then I’m not going to be timid. It’s going to be fun, I’m going to be confident. So when I got on court (that game against the Nets), I was very peaceful.

9:35 – Actually, I was just really happy (when he called me up). I didn’t know if he (D’Antoni) was going to play me. The day before in Boston, I didn’t play too well. So when he called me, I was like “Oh yes! I have one more chance to play!” I remember the first half, I think I scored 6 points. I had 4 assist and thought “Oh, I performed well.” I was so satisfied, because at that time, my career high was 12 points. So I was like “I’m already halfway (to my career high).” Starting when I was a kid, I always liked playing pick and roll.

10:30 – So now, I’m already comfortable, see, I started smiling. Seriously, the first half, I was so satisfied with myself. “6 points, 4 assists! I played so well!” Tyson, he knows his role and he does it well. He knows he doesn’t like shooting from the perimeter, so he kept rolling and he jumps so high. Here, they didn’t know that I like using my right hand. They never saw me play, so they kept letting me go to my right. Not even my teammates knew I like going right. When they (Knicks) picked me up, we never practiced together. They didn’t even know if I could play ball. They never saw me play.

11:45 – They kept letting me go to my right. Here, it’s all emotion, all adrenaline. I didn’t play for so long. Last game, so let it all out. I remember, I was so happy because I kept thinking to myself, they can’t cut me now. After that game in the shower, I wasn’t sure, but possibly (I was crying) tears of joy. I called my agent and he kept yelling “Ohhhhhh!!! I knew you could do it! Now they can’t cut you! Congratulations!”

13:05 – Yeah, in college someone told me (Kobe and I had the same birthday). We’re both very competitive. Really don’t like to lose. Back in the day, if I lost, I would have a bad attitude. Most of the time, I’m smiling, I’m laid back, but once I get on the court, and when it’s time to compete, I become a different person. Now, I can control it a little better.

13:39 – I believe our roads were very different. His entire career, (Kobe) has always been a Laker. They drafted him, or Charlotte drafted him, traded him to the Lakers, and he stayed for 20 years. I switch teams (almost) every year. So our stories are very different.

14:09 – There’s no pressure (playing against the Lakers) because I grew up in San Francisco. When you’re in SF, in northern California, and southern California, there’s a huge rivalry. So growing up, I’ve always been Warriors, Warriors, Warriors (fan). I couldn’t cheer for the Lakers. There’s such a huge rivalry in California. Since I was a kid, I never liked the Lakers. I didn’t have a car (in NYC), so I rode in a taxi. There are TVs in NYC taxis, so I was listening to music and saw myself (on the TV) and was like “huh?” When I heard (Kobe say what he said), I was like “Oh really?” I got really mad. So I told myself, I’m going to be very, very aggressive today. I’m going to keep shooting.

15:25 – We (Landry Fields) are both Christians, so this represents the Bible. We’re playing for God.

16:05 – First, it’s the Lakers. Second, I heard what Kobe said. Third, D’Antoni told me to be very aggressive and not to be afraid. So here, I wanted to dunk, but I didn’t jump that high, so I just went for a layup. When I made that left corner 3, I was like, OK today I’m going to be on. I know that if I make 3s early in the game, most of the time, I will perform well (all game).

17:03 – They had Gasol and Bynum. They’re huge, but they don’t like to run constantly. So we kept playing at a fast pace. Here, they (Lakers) wanted me to use my left hand… they know. This one, I remember I thought it wasn’t going in, but it went in. I thought it was going to be long.

18:00 – I remember this… my entire career, this was my favorite shot. I remember when I made that shot, Madison Square Garden, it was the loudest I ever heard in an arena. Like, I never heard an arena that loud. It felt like I was hovering off the ground cuz it was so loud. It was like crazy. Here, they didn’t use their point guard to defend me, but started using someone taller to guard me, right now is Matt Barnes. So I knew I couldn’t shoot 3s because he was so tall. I just kept driving in.

19:40 – I just kept telling myself, alright, just be aggressive, stay aggressive. Don’t think too much. After every game, I would think to myself, am I going to perform well the next game? When I think too much, I would put too much pressure on myself. I kept telling myself, don’t worry, just play aggressive. Shoot, drive, if it happens, it happens.

20:42 – I passed it to Iman. Iman couldn’t make the shot, so Tyson Chandler tapped the ball to Iman. Iman then passed it to me. I remember looking at D’Antoni, because I didn’t want him to call a timeout. If we played pick and roll, they’ll double team me or switch, so I’d have a 7-footer on me. So I told him (D’Antoni) 1v1 / iso. He said OK, no problem, go with that play.

26:06 – I was really sad, because I was restricted (free agent), so I thought New York was going to match. When they didn’t match, I felt really bad. I felt that New York’s fans treated me so well, I always wanted to stay in New York. When I got to Houston, I thought, OK this is a clean start. Our team was really young, so I thought it was going to be my team. When we added James Harden, I knew it’d affect me a lot, because he’s also pick and roll. Most of the pick and rolls, he’s controlling the ball. I remembered, OK if James is going to be here, if we’re going to be on the same team, then I need to start getting better at different things. How can I make cuts, shoot accurately, defend, all of these things need to improve.

29:27 – 65-70% (satisfied with my time in Houston). So yeah, not too satisfied. At first, I was really happy. It was very difficult with the Rockets. I was so used to being the pick and roll point man, the one to pass the ball, controlling everything, I was always the point guard. When I didn’t get that opportunity, I asked how was I going to play, then? Everyone is criticizing me. On the web / Internet, every topic is like “look, he’s so bad, he’s so bad, blah blah blah.” So I remembered, I don’t want to be on the Rockets anymore.

30:25 – I remember (Kobe) being very detailed. Every small thing, he already knows what he’s going to do. His training, his footwork, his workout, how to protect his body, he already knows everything. He’s extremely detailed. After every game, he would use his laptop to watch film on the plane. Usually, players sleep, listen to music, play cards / gamble, etc. He’s always watching film. After seeing him do that, I also started watching film after every game.

31:06 – I feel like his career, I mean, you can’t really draw it up any better. 5 championships, he didn’t have to switch teams. Also Los Angeles, such a big market city, I feel it was a great career. I watched (his last game) on TV. I normally don’t watch other players’ / teams’ games, but when I watched that game, I was rooting for him, hoping he’d win that game. Of course, when he plays us, I’m not going to root for him.

31:55 – I really like Jordan Clarkson. Yeah, he’s really funny. We still text each other. When I was in the playoffs, he kept texting me, saying “You’re playing really well. Keep it up.” He really is a good person. He’s very humble, very hard working. So I really like him. I think he’ll be very strong in the future.

32:35 – I don’t know. 40%, 30%, 20%, I don’t know (rating his time with the Lakers). We only won 21 games. At first, everyone was really upset. After a while, we started counting down how many games we have left. 30 more games, 29, 28, and in the end, everyone just gave up. It was a tough year.

33:30 – I was excited to join different team (after the Lakers), but I wasn’t that excited because last year, when I was a free agent, I knew my market value was so low. Many teams didn’t want to even talk to my agent. Other teams didn’t even want to give me veteran’s minimum, the lowest salary, they didn’t even want to offer to me. So I remembered, “Seriously? Everyone forgot that I can play really well?” So many people disrespected me, so I got mad. When I got to Charlotte, I had a chip on my shoulder. This year, I’m going to remember which teams didn’t want to speak to my agent or didn’t want to offer me a veteran’s minimum. I remembered them.

36:20 – We (Hornets) didn’t understand why everybody underrated us. On paper, we were pretty good. So we didn’t know why everyone thought we were going to suck. But we kept telling ourselves, it doesn’t matter what others say about us. If everyone in here, the coaches and the 15 players believed we can be a strong team, then that’s fine.

36:57 – I don’t know (why Heat won the first 2 games). I felt like every shot they took, they made in. We were constantly in defensive mode, we weren’t attacking. So you see, this game (game 3), we all kept attacking.

41:41 – Usually the road (I take), is not what I think is going to happen. I wanted to go to Stanford, I went to Harvard. I wanted to be drafted, I didn’t get drafted. I originally didn’t want to go to New York, I didn’t want New York to pick me up, I wanted to go back to Golden State. I wanted to stay in New York, I went to Houston. Last year, I wanted to go to Dallas Mavericks, but I ended up in Charlotte. So whatever I hope for, it usually doesn’t happen. So now, I try not to think too much about what I want. Take it slow. Whatever happens, I’ll face that challenge when that time comes.

42:30 – I want to say to my (Chinese) fans, thank you. Seriously, it’s tough to watch our games in the morning. So I’m very grateful. I know that every year when I visit, you come to the airport to receive me. You buy and wear my jersey and give me so many different gifts. Thank you. I hope I can perform really well next year.



  1. The definitive LINTERVIEW

    I like the SNARL that Lin has when talking about the racism and prejudice and mistreatment and disrespect. This dude is out to PUNISH PEOPLE.

    What he says to Chinese audiences is completely different than what he says to the racist American media.

  2. wow that is some interview. about time he said what he said. !!!

  3. I enjoy all of Lin’s interviews, but this one is probably my favorite:

    He reveals so much about himself and his inner feelings and thoughts. Takes a lot of guts to bare your soul to the world and your fans over and over. I would never share this much personal struggles and triumphs with the Internet lol.

  4. but the last part abt the mavs – i thought he said that he was never approached to go to dallas – he did a fb chat and said that what was in the media was different to the reality

  5. What happened was that Dallas was seriously interested in signing Lin after the Lakers season ended.

    The Mavs were formally reported as openly planning to use their veteran exception to sign Lin to about a $3 million contract.

    However, when DeAndre Jordan turned his back on his accepted Mavs contract, Deron Williams of the Nets forced the Nets to release him at full salary so that Williams could play for his hometown Mavs.

    And since Mark Cuban has an obsession with “All Star point guards” whether they can play or not, that was the end of Dallas’s interest in Lin.

    The Mavs never formally offered Lin a written contract, as was the case for the rest of the NBA other than Charlotte. But that doesn’t mean the Mavs did not consider Lin as a Plan Z backup plan if all of their other more coveted point guards signed elsewhere.

  6. great interview and article. It was interesting to hear that almost every team lin was only offered vet minimum, or not even that after his year on the lakers. Good thing that charlotte offered him a life line. $2M/yr is a lowball for an nba salary but it was the best offer in the entire league and something that Im sure Lin is grateful for and will remember. If there were some room for Lin on the hornets, I am sure he would have been happy to stay, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

  7. I don’t know what “advanced stats” the Hornets fed Lin, but EVERYBODY BUT LIN openly understands that Lin’s numbers dropped precipitously with Walker in the backcourt hogging and freezing Lin out and playing zero defense.

    I completely disagree with Lin on his belief that he “played well with Walker”.

  8. thanks – it seems that deron williams and jeremy lin will always be linked somehow – from the nets of 2012 to nets of 2016 and even the mavs. that wd have been interesting in dallas but somehow i don’t think he wd have gelled there. but thanks for the reply though

  9. Lin inadvertently seems to have set a LOWBALL TREND in the NBA this season.

    While I feel Lin’s current Nets contract is 100% fair and priced at an appropriate market value for a nonAsian starter of the same statistical production, it seems to me that a lot of other players who expected far more money have had to settle for far less.

    I strongly feel that Lin set the standard of how teams expect their low wage veterans on one year trials to play. Teams now expect Lin production from people like Lance Stephenson, Brandon Jennings, Jarrett Jack, and other big name NBA guards who have been forced to take dramatic pay cuts and don’t understand why.

  10. You’re welcome.

    In fact, it was Deron Williams refusal to play for Brooklyn last season that set the stage for the Nets to clean out their trash and start anew with Lin.

  11. i saw the game between the mavs and the hornets – deron w has issues esp when he banged up cody zeller – the game that the hornets won

  12. The Hornets should have made room for Lin.

    They’ll REGRET not doing that.

  13. Have you ever thought what lin gave the Hornets for a big bargain of 2mil?

    Lin will never tell the true about the Hornets and why they lost the first 2 games to the Heat because he just signed his fair market contract with the Nets.

  14. Thank you for the translation.

  15. jlin7

    You know…moving stocks and killin it on the trading floor lol! Had fun raising funds to provide #NYC children with mentors through @BBBSNYC at the @CFRelieffund #CFCharityDay!! #kindausingmycollegedegree

  16. @mark 33:30, “This year, I’m going to remember which teams didn’t want to speak to my agent or didn’t want to offer me a veteran’s minimum.” This is one of the reasons why Lin gave Hornets the biggest discount last season. It takes three players (Sessions, Belinelli, Roberts) to replace Lin.
    @mark 41:41 and @mark 42:30– What a journey! May Lin shine in NY this coming season!

  17. Lin getting to do a lot more cool things and meeting more famous and important people in NYC than in Charlotte or Houston.

  18. Cantor Fitzgerald could be a possible destination for Lin after NBA if he wishes to use his degree in Economics for employment. 🙂

  19. She is a fortunate survivor.

    A high school principal here lost her husband in the 9/11 terrorist attack. He went to Manhattan on that fateful day for a morning meeting on one of the upper floors of the World Trade Center. He never came home to his family. His remains were never recovered.

  20. yeah. that is sad. so many lives were lost that day.

    On a a different note I find it strange that they cannot recover a grown man’s body but were able to find something so mall as the passports of the plane hijackers.

  21. Yep, Clifford was stubborn to not let Lin shine the first two playoff games. If Batum didn’t sit out w/ the foot injury, Clifford would have deprived Lin and his fans of his plays. And yet, Clifford couldn’t wait to shut Lin down after Lin turned the series around w/ three consecutive wins. After the season, we then heard that Walker had knee surgery. So the puzzle revealed to us that since Batum was plagued w/ foot injury and Walker was having knee issue, thus Cliff/Hornets Org didn’t want Lin to be the hero for winning the first series for the Hornets. I believe Lin would have helped win the series for the Hornets if politics weren’t involved. I’d never forget that!

  22. very good points. fans would be very upset if Hornets let Lin go if he was the reason that they won the series. Hornets knew they were not going to make Lin a part of the cored of the team. They already have Walker and they were planning to resign Batum even at max.

  23. Yep, Cliff & Hornets org. have learned well from the Rockets.

  24. No, Hornets fans LOVED seeing Lin dominate in the playoffs the way Lin did.

    While we do have a few Hornets fans posting here that are truly anti Lin, they are a miniscule representation of Charlotte fans.

    Charlotte Hornets fans generally are PRO LIN and want the team to WIN, even if it means that Batum and Walker are overshadowed.

  25. You hit it point by point. Clifford and the Hornets thinking they had the series in their hands with game at home, pushing their future signing Batum and franchise PG Kemba to takeover what Lin’s led and built in 3 straight wins. Game 6 and 7 Lin was very much benched and limited.

  26. In fear of the spotlight would be on Lin like it happened in NY.

  27. Great itv. Lin is not a stupid guy. He knows what he’s doing 🙂

  28. YES Network finally posted the high quality version of the commercial they’ve been airing the past week…

  29. -This year, I’m going to remember which teams didn’t want to speak to my agent or didn’t want to offer me a veteran’s minimum. I remembered them.

    We now know at least one is on Lin’s list.

    Jeremy Lin’s agent reached out to the Knicks to gauge their interest in a reunion. The answer, according to Lin, was a conclusive no. “There was no conversation other than them telling me they weren’t interested,” the Hornets point guard told the Daily News

  30. God has given a chance to Jeremy to punish James Dolan and his team.
    When they see Linsanity in MSG, they would see the final evidence of their absurdity.
    Now every teammate of Lin has gone away except their not so super star Melo who has never bought any success to his team.
    If Melo does that uppercut again, he would definitely get kicked out of the game.

  31. The Knicks went out of their way to disparage Lin this season, saying that he had “gaping holes in his defense”.

    What a CROCK OF LIES.

    The Knicks are a TERRIBLE defensive team, and they’re a terrible offensive team too.

    Lin’s too good to be on the Knicks – and a lot of other teams.

  32. Like I predicted since Charlotte’s preseason, the Hornets went out and replaced Lin with lesser producing higher paid players.

    Sessions and Belinelli are making more money annually than the $5 million veteran exception offered to Lin this offseason, and collectively the 3 new Hornets guards are making more money than Lin’s making as a starter for Brooklyn.

    My belief was that Charlotte’s hellbent desire to replace Lin had absolutely nothing to do with money (paid MORE money to replace Lin than Brooklyn’s paying Lin) and absolutely nothing to do with basketball skill (Roberts and Sessions are point guards that can’t truly point guard and Belinelli is a shooting guard that can’t shoot). No, the SOLE goal was to eliminate Lin so that Clifford could butter up more to Batum and Walker.

  33. Even now, there is a sizeable contingent of diehard Charlotte Hornets true fans who believe that the Hornets made a colossal mistake in not replacing Walker and Batum with Jeremy Lin.

  34. Oh, and Porzingis was oh-so-great for the badly losing Knicks.

    Lin needed no LINCENTIVE to continue playing like Michael Jordan against his old team, but Cuban’s anti-Lin diatribe certainly wasn’t reflected in the game outcomes.

  35. Nets Knicks games are going to be brutally fun.

    It’ll be the Knicks dirty swag tricks against the Nets’ cold relentless impersonal execution.

  36. We all should have bought and traded Knicks stock as soon as Linsanity broke out and right before Lin was ejected by the Knicks.

  37. Plus, Knicks has built such a horrible roster to play. Nets is going to have so much fun toying those superstars like Derrick Rose and Melo. By the way, who is the center for Knicks this season!
    The Knicks has built a disasterous roster for years to come.

  38. Only because of 1 thing they cared about, winning.

  39. Thank you for providing an excellent translation for all of us ? ? ?
    I created tabs for multiple sections so it’s easier to read & not scroll down too much

  40. Thanks for making the tabs. Makes it easier to read and less scrolling to do.

  41. “The Nets confirmed that Monday, announcing that Media Day will take place in two weeks…

    BROOKLYN (Sept. 12, 2016) – The Brooklyn Nets will hold their annual Media Day on September 26, followed by training camp for the upcoming 2016-17 NBA season. Both events will take place at HSS Training Center.

    The team will practice daily starting at 11 a.m. with the media availability at 12:45.”

    — from nets daily

    btw as i noted previously for additional suffering for lin fans there will be…wait for it….22 preseason games before lin and the nets play their first game.

  42. Isn’t Noah going to start at Center? He will break down and get injured like Rose.

  43. itv?

    in the vein
    im the venom
    its that veronese
    ill think vixen
    il tendre verite

  44. some wag online suggested something (actually more than one) along the lines that the knicks are trying to win the 2011 championship.

  45. NY is where JLin belongs.

  46. Great job translating Click, thanks, much appreciated.

  47. JLin only said he thought he was going to Mavs but it always happened otherwise. He planned but they have never come to pass. He gave all examples like he wanted to stay in Knicks, but it didn’t happen, he thought he was going to Mavs but….. Now he just let whatever happen happen….

  48. ‘Brooklyn Nets: Jeremy Lin Left Off SI’s Top 100’ via @fanside

  49. Good stuff. Really appreciate the translation.

  50. Want you to know that I Appreciate all your hard work to keep Lin fans up-to-speed on any info regarding to Lin. Your posts here and on other sites are very insightful and informative. Thank you!

  51. Thank you Psalm for this site and up-to-date on Lin’s news.

  52. that would have made not keeping Lin all the more painful. Fans would be very upset to lose him.

  53. I wonder if Jeremy will even see Rose the first preseason game at MSG (on Oct 8). I think Rose’s trial starts earlier that week.

  54. The dying magazine is dying for attention. Once a year people only care for swimming suit models.

  55. This was done by never heard of 2 guys:

    Ben Golliver

    Ben Golliver is a staff writer for and has covered the NBA for various outlets since 2007. The native Oregonian and Johns Hopkins University graduate currently resides in Los Angeles.

    Rob Mahoney

    Rob Mahoney is an NBA writer dedicated to the minutiae of the game of basketball, its overarching themes and everything in between. He joined the Sports Illustrated staff in 2012.

  56. thanks again for the translation

  57. not surprised though –

  58. Toxic, don’t click.

  59. ben golliver wrote an article abt lin – nothing very complimentary surprise surprise. very dismissive

  60. One of them offers explanation:

    Rob Mahoney of Sports Illustrated explained why the six-year player was left off the list:

    Lin has charted an admirable course as a role player since his Linsanity days and found ways to improve every season. What he gave the Hornets last season was vital to their success; Charlotte finally got its offense moving by having multiple playmakers on the court at all times and sustained that play by ushering in Lin as Kemba Walker’s natural backup. The arrangement made sense and Lin carried his role well—making him one of the league’s best reserve point guards and a reasonable free agent target for the Nets this summer. Omitting Lin from the Top 100 isn’t a slight or an oversight. It’s merely an acknowledgment that Lin’s offerings in the last year were both helpful and a cut below some of the league’s most impactful players.

    *Notice he acknowledged Lin was one of league best reserve point guards but……….not cut in the top 100. I would rather see Lin missing out than somewhere 80th or 99th, it would be still bigger insult.

  61. Such a ridiculous list. They have Ricky Rubio at #71 and Dragic at #61. Lin burns these PGs almost every game he plays against them. SI is just another trash mainstream media outlet. What a joke.

  62. they have chandler parsons at 51

  63. I was just looking at PGs. Most of their rankings are completely screwed up and nonsensical.

  64. i was not surprised tbh – so yeah no loss though it wd have been nice

  65. true dat thks – i wonder if god advised him abt his hair styles as well – lol

  66. Here are the players from 51-100 for those who don’t want to give SI a click:

    51. Chandler Parsons, SF, Grizzlies
    52. Tristan Thompson, PF, Cavaliers
    53. Jae Crowder, SF, Celtics
    54. Reggie Jackson, PG, Pistons
    55. Marcin Gortat, C, Wizards
    56. George Hill, PG, Jazz
    57. Jeff Teague, PG, Pacers
    58. Bradley Beal, SG, Wizards
    59. J.J. Redick, SG, Clippers
    60. Luol Deng, PF, Lakers
    61. Goran Dragic, PG, Heat
    62. Jonas Valanciunas, C, Raptors
    63. Greg Monroe, PF, Bucks
    64. Zach Randolph, PF, Grizzlies
    65. Marvin Williams, PF, Hornets
    66. Thaddeus Young, PF, Pacers
    67. Andrew Wiggins, SF, Timberwolves
    68. Kristaps Porzingis, PF, Knicks
    69. Danny Green, SG, Spurs
    70. Kyle Korver, SG, Hawks
    71. Ricky Rubio, PG, Timberwolves
    72. Avery Bradley, SG, Celtics
    73. DeMarre Carroll, SF, Raptors
    74. Victor Oladipo, SG, Thunder
    75. Nikola Vucevic, C, Magic
    76. Ian Mahinmi, C, Wizards
    77. Tobias Harris, PF, Pistons
    78. Nikola Jokic, C, Nuggets
    79. Clint Capela, C, Rockets
    80. Rudy Gay, SF, Kings
    81. Trevor Ariza, SF, Rockets
    82. Robin Lopez, C, Bulls
    83. Andrew Bogut, C, Mavericks
    84. Nerlens Noel, PF, 76ers
    85. Rodney Hood, SF, Jazz
    86. Amir Johnson, PF, Celtics
    87. Kenneth Faried, PF, Nuggets
    88. Enes Kanter, C, Thunder
    89. Ryan Anderson, PF, Rockets
    90. Kent Bazemore, SF, Hawks
    91. Bismack Biyombo, C, Magic
    92. Wesley Matthews, SG, Mavericks
    93. Mason Plumlee, C, Trail Blazers
    94. Cody Zeller, PF, Hornets
    95. Evan Fournier, SG, Magic
    96. J.R. Smith, SG, Cavliers
    97. Manu Ginobili, SG, Spurs
    98. Brandon Knight, PG, Suns
    99. Aaron Gordon, PF, Magic
    100. Devin Booker, SG, Suns

  67. Interesting thread on /r/nba:

    Who do you guys think is going to have their “Linsanity” moment this year?

  68. Thank you. Didn’t want to click on SI but did replied to Sandy Mui’s article. SI is so wrong beyond words…

  69. This sounds like more than the usual thank you note for Jeremy’s involvement in Charity Day ….

    By the way, the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund was formed on Sept. 14, 2001. Since its inception, the Relief Fund has distributed over $292 million. Since its inception, Charity Day has raised approximately $125 million globally. See :

  70. Amazing. Just like basketball, lin has great impact

  71. So the article was written not by just one but TWO dummies.

  72. Noah vs Lopez and Hamilton.

    Advantage NETS by A LOT

  73. ALL Lin haters think that Linsanity can be “replicated” by ANYBODY since Lin “sucks because he’s Asian”.

    The truth is that Linsanity will likely NEVER be equalled by anybody of any race.

    Nobody has come close to Linsanity in the modern zone defense NBA. Not Durant, not Lebron, not Irving, NOBODY.

    Only another equally race discriminated great player like Lin could even come close.

    To all the haters reading this who crow that Lin’s accomplishment can be easily duplicated by any nonAsian, GO AHEAD AND NAME NAMES. Y’all gonna FAIL.

  74. Not “almost” every game.

    EVERY game.

    get it right, Click Click!

    heh heh, I get to disagree with Click Click’s masterful postings for once and likely this time only.

  75. If there’s a player who could potentially have a Linsanity like impact, it’s the Nets Justin Hamilton who I feel should be the starting 7 foot power forward alongside Brook Lopez in a Twin Towers lineup that nobody in the NBA would be able to stop.

  76. lin is consistently year over year pre-season rated just around the bottom of the top 100 players in the league either just making the cut or just not making the cut by pretty much all such lists by well anyone whether si or espn or bleacher report or whoever. so nothing new. pretty standard.

  77. so cody seller is in the top 100 but Lin isn’t. Ricky rubio of all people really??

    “While Mahoney acknowledges that Lin was a huge influence on the Hornets‘ playoff run last season, he states that there were players that contributed far more to their teams than Lin. Indeed, Lin was vital to Charlotte’s success as a role player. He placed seventh in Sixth Man of the Year voting.”

    Lin has to destroy these professional gossip artist. The mission starts soon

  78. Even Biyombo got in there

  79. I’ve never even heard of any of these people. Sounds like bu..

  80. Good translation. Part I liked the most is when he said some Harvard students he went to school with are still looking for jobs. This is one of reasons why I told my kid to go to a decent public college for undergraduate degree for free on some merit scholarships instead of going to a brand name Ivy school where they give you no scholarships because you own and paid off your million dollar house which is the normal price in Southern CA.

  81. Great point. Not all Harvard products are good. Many are either political brainwashed or affirmative action. President Obama was a product of Washington power, otherwise he would have a hard time to get a normal job.

  82. Really no need to care too much about the list bc if you have big agent you probably will have better chance to make it. smh!

  83. Major is the key. School do matter but w right major.

  84. Many people think their sons or daughters going to Ivy schools would allow them to make good connections with some rich and powerful people; that’s just not true for most students. Unless your parents are super wealthy or powerful parents, there is no way (I can’t say 100% of course) the Kennedys and Rockefeller’s offspring will become close buddy of your kid. Lol

  85. The problem is for some kids, they are not exactly sure of the major which fits him or her, especially for non-engineering kids. You need to take many courses in college to find what you like and are good at. High school does not offer diverse courses. Can you believe in my area where there are so many Chinese, my kid’s HS doesn’t even offer Mandarin? I find it ludicrous. But his HS still offers a useless French? Lol Not cutting down French (because I took it when I was young) but trying to make a point.

  86. Agree. Lol

  87. I am praying my kid will choose a decent public university which offers enough merit scholarships to cover almost 100% expenses rather than go to an Ivy which will cost me close to $300K in 4 years. Then I got no money to subscribe to NBA League Pass or go see Lin play against Clippers. Lol

  88. But you can’t stop him or her go after the dream.

  89. I know; that’s why I am praying. Lol

    Another thing is I don’t want him to get too stressed about academics and go nuts in his college. I want him to enjoy his college. For me, it was the last place where I could live off my parents’ money and drink a lot of beer.

  90. Do what we do, apply for fed loan and scholarship as much as you can.

  91. I won’t get any financial aid. Besides, I don’t want my kid to be on hook to repay all that money.

  92. Haha! So your kid will go to college next year?

  93. If a college accepts him. Lol

  94. It’s fortunate if you can afford it. Loan is not aid.

  95. where was cody or marvin williams before lin turned up? not dissing on them but who helped them out – lin again

  96. I can afford it but don’t want to give it to attend an expensive college just for a brand name. If my kid can convince me by giving me a specific reason why he wants to go to a brand name school, I might consider it. Anyway, he hasn’t gotten into any schools yet, so this is all conjecture. But I think he has a good chance to get into UCLA or UC Berkeley because he’s a non-engineer major. In my HS days, we didn’t even think UCLA was all that of a good school frankly, but now it’s almost like an Ivy.

  97. In state, those 2 are much cheaper.

  98. Still $35K per year. Not cheap. Heck, at that cost, I rather send him to Stanford by paying $60K per year. I don’t want to pay more than $10K per year. That’s my dream. My kid is submitting an Early Decision to Stanford. Not even applying to Harvard because he says he doesn’t want to go there and freeze his butt. Lol 4% chance he will get into Stanford though.

  99. 60k is about the same with ivy league.

  100. Yes, but I consider Stanford substantially better than any Ivy. Just IMO. It’s the hardest school to get into in USA. 4% acceptance rate. Campus was too flat for my test though. And the school mascot was a TREE.

  101. It’s a matter of personal opinion where you want your kid go. Best is to wait where he gets accepted then decide.

  102. Yeah, just thinking aloud. Since UC Berkeley and UCLA are in top 25, I just don’t see a justification for going to top 15 schools which are way more expensive. UCLA campus better than most Ivy schools campus and also UC Berkeley campus which I wasn’t too impressed with.

  103. Good luck to your child. Bite your bullet and pay the bill if one of the ivy league accept him or her.

  104. My kid just applying to one Ivy level school — Stanford. That’s it. Then, it’s UCLA/UC Berkeley. And few others where he might get good merit scholarships. I told my kid only kids from poor families should go to Ivy schools because if you are poor, they will pay almost 100% for you. That’s one of few things about being poor: If your kid is smart, he can go to an Ivy and receive education for almost free.

  105. Sound like a win win for you. My advice is to apply a few more for plan c and d.

  106. His Plan C is he applies to a scholarship to study abroad for one year at some Asian country and learn the language and take a gap year. Plan D is to go a community college for 2 years and then transfer. That’s the worst scenario.

  107. That plan d is a big drop.

  108. NetsDaily just posted an article with Lin quotes from this interview:

  109. If he was good at cooking, I would send him to a cooking school. OK, his plan D is actually go to UC Irvine or UC San Diego, which he doesn’t want to do. He rather go study one year abroad and take a gap year. So, we have Plans A, B, C, D and F. Lol

  110. Irvine is a nice place to go but it’s his choice.

  111. I got my associate’s degree in a community college, then transferred my credits to a state university for a BA. In my opinion, colleges are a scam, unless your major is in the medical field, law, or engineering. I would say that my community college taught me more than my state university did, and only about 8 courses total were actually valuable / worth the money.

    Colleges and universities are the only sector that’s always increasing in revenue because they are allowed to keep increasing tuition. Students are in debt for a long time, especially if they can’t find a job after graduating. Scholarships and financial aid help, but many are given out to people that don’t even deserve it. Oh, and don’t get me started on affirmative action…

  112. Just like the posters here, the author of the article, Anthony Puccio, gave a “BIG Thanks to NetsDaily member C_L_I_C_K for the English translation.”

    I assume C_L_I_C_K there is the Click Click here. 🙂

  113. I concur. I took French for 5 years in middle school and high school. Forgot just about everything and never had to utilize it. I should’ve took Spanish instead, but would’ve selected Chinese or even Japanese if my high school had a course in any Asian languages, but it didn’t.

    To be fair, it’s very difficult to find qualified Chinese teachers. Also, Mandarin is extremely difficult to learn, especially for non-Asians. Heck, most ABCs (American Born Chinese) can’t even understand or speak Mandarin these days, let alone read and write it. It’s a language you have to be completely immersed in and use everyday to become fluent and proficient.

  114. Congratulation. Netsdaily is stand up organization. Credit to where it belongs.

    Their opinion article makes the interview even better.

  115. College tuition is part of a scam and coruption. When the government is involved, the cost goes up. They charge more in tuition then turn around for political contributions like college speeches.

  116. Are u kidding, 35k/year? I went to Mississippi State University (MSU. Go Dawgs) for 5k a year. Still found a job just fine and been working as an engineer since 2008.

  117. Glad to see that your work is being acknowledged. Thanks to A. Puccio and NetsDaily for recognizing and posting it.

  118. Thank you all for the thanks, everybody. Don’t think that just because I don’t reply to each thanks, I don’t appreciate it. I do.

    I just want to help non-Mandarin speaking Lin fans and Nets fans understand Lin better. Didn’t think it was fair for only Chinese speakers to learn more about Lin. 🙂

    Less than 2 more weeks until media day. Less than a month until first preseason game. Can’t wait!

  119. A suggestion– If you can post either your translation or direct them to this site to read the translation in the video comment section to allow English speaking fans get to know Lin more. This can only help demystify whatever misinformation is out there about Lin. Thanks again.

  120. When is media day and training camp ?

  121. Cool thanks. Although it looks like they are already practicing 🙂

  122. Yeah, a bunch of the Nets players have been training together for weeks already. Lin got there earlier last week. These guys aren’t waiting for training camp to start training. They are bonding and getting in great shape way before the season starts. It’s great to see.

  123. thanks again for all your help.

  124. I’m expecting a big season from Bogdonavich. He can really be that 3rd scorer.

  125. They will be embarrassed by this soon and will never get a chance again to make an interview with Lin.

  126. i wonder if there will be any reaction abt his interview – now that wd be interesting.

  127. It was a horrible day.

    One of the teacher had to turn the TV off, because one of the girl broke down crying. Never saw that girl again after that day.

  128. Jeremy Lin: Tough, Persistent and Humble

    Jeremy Lin recently sat down for an interview with CCTV-5, the main sports broadcaster in the People’s Republic of China, to discuss his journey in the NBA and how he got to where he is today.

    Like so many who’ve “made” it in American life, the struggle is the journey.

    Lin has dealt with a large dose of adversity throughout his career, first overlooked, then underestimated, often because of who he is, an Asian-American with an economics degree from Harvard. He’s unique and that makes for confused thinking.

    Much of what he discussed in the interview deals Asian-American stereotypes beginning with an example at the NBA combine…

    “At first, when I was younger, I would get really mad (at critics). They always said ‘too slow, he’s not quick, I thought to myself, how is that possible? The entire NBA combine, John Wall and I were the fastest /quickest. They had the measurements. They saw that I was an Asian, (they said) ‘Oh, he must be able to shoot, but he has no athleticism.’”

    That was then. Now, the stereotypes produce different head-shaking, almost comical consequences. People don’t recognize him as an NBA player when they see him in the streets. The parking attendant back in Charlotte asked what team he played for when he first arrived! He’s been stopped from entering NBA arenas by security guards.

    He’s dealt with this kind of stuff his entire life but as various examples in the interview show, It’s little things that make him who he is: a tough Asian-American basketball player with a chip on his shoulder as well as an economics degree from Harvard.

    Even beyond the Asian-American stereotypes, there have been times where Lin had to be persistent
    in chasing his dream, no matter what the critics said or what people expected. All that mattered to him was his family and his quality of life. He loved the game of basketball and his parents told him if he
    loved the game so much, then he should keep playing.

    It was the greatest advice he’d ever received.

    Still, despite his persistence there were days where he now admits he would get “depressed” and reconsider his career path, telling the CCTV-5 interviewer…

    “Sometimes I wanted to quit, wanted to retire, didn’t want to play anymore,” Lin continued later in the interview. “I kept telling myself, if you aren’t happy playing basketball, then just retire. Don’t have to
    play anymore.”

    But persistence, It pays off. So does hard work…

    “The NBA had a lockout. All players stopped (playing). They didn’t even train / practice. They didn’t want to practice. I kept thinking, I hope this lockout take a long time (to end), so I can have a lot of time
    to improve. Internally, I was so motivated, because my rookie year felt so bad. I would practice by myself 3 times everyday. I practiced shooting. I had a shooting coach. I would shoot 500 jumpers with him everyday. I would practice my own basketball skills, about 250-500 (reps). 7 months, everyday. When November came, I was so bored. Everyday, it’s the same routine. I just kept thinking to myself, I’m going to have a breakout year next year.”

    And then it happened… Linsanity, Game 1 … against the Nets. The “scrub” surprises with 25 points…

    “They kept letting me go to my right. Here, it’s all emotion, all adrenaline. I hadn’t played for so long. Last game. So let it all out. I remember, I was so happy because I kept thinking to myself, ‘they can’t
    cut me now.’ After that game in the shower, I wasn’t sure, but possibly (I was crying) tears of joy. I called my agent and he kept yelling “Ohhhhhh!!! I knew you could do it! Now they can’t cut you! Congratulations!”

    He spoke as well as Kobe Bryant, as both his tormentor before the Knicks-Lakers game when Bryant asked “Who is this kid?” at the height of Linsanity … and Lin scored 38…

    “I didn’t have a car (in NYC), so I rode in a taxi. There are TVs in NYC taxis, so I was listening to music and saw myself (on the TV) and was like ‘huh?’ When I heard (Kobe say what he said), I was like ‘Oh really?’ I got really mad. So I told myself, I’m going to be very, very aggressive today. I’m going to keep shooting.”

    Then later as his mentor in L.A. Despite all the losing —and bile— Lin learned a lot…

    “I remember (Kobe) being very detailed. Every small thing, he already knows what he’s going to do. His training, his footwork, his workout, how to protect his body, he already knows everything. He’s extremely detailed. After every game, he would use his laptop to watch film on the plane. Usually, players sleep, listen to music, play cards / gamble, etc. He’s always watching film. After seeing him do that, I also started watching film after every game.”

    It’s easy to say: sounds like a Kenny Atkinson-type player until you remember, he already has been. Atkinson was the Knicks assistant who encouraged Lin. It does sound like what the Brooklyn Nets are all about now. And of course, he possesses a humble character that’s evident on the court or on the screen…

    “I want to say to my (Chinese) fans, thank you. Seriously, it’s tough to watch our games in the morning. So I’m very grateful. I know that every year when I visit, you come to the airport to receive me. You buy
    and wear my jersey and give me so many different gifts. Thank you. I hope I can perform really well next year.”

    An attitude like that can be infectious for a locker room. It’ll be a breath of fresh air in Brooklyn, just like the words associated with Lin in this interview: tough, persistent, hard-working and humble. They sound like everything Brooklyn’s lacked at the point guard since moving to Brooklyn. Now it’s about translating this all onto the court. It’s his time.

    (BIG Thanks to NetsDaily member C_L_I_C_K for the English translation. To read more on the interview and watch it in the original Mandarin, check it out here).

  129. Bogdanovic is the modern day Chris Mullin.

  130. So true! That’s why I’m so high on Lin. I’ve always believed Lin to be as great if not better than any of the so call superstars. They could never make average players play like stars the way Lin did and continues to do.

  131. yep the quality of education at University level is absurd
    Some profs can’t care less about teaching
    You don’t really learn a whole lot in 4 years and there’s always bell curve to make sure enough people pass
    at least for engineering what school you go to is not that big of a deal, they all do the same stuff and honestly masters degree and more are just redundant unless you wanna stay in academia for the rest of your life

  132. He can go to community college and then transfer to UC after a year or two. It is much cheaper. CA community colleges has class credit transfer agreement with UCs. SMC is one of the top tier community college. A lot of students transferred from SMC to UCLA and UC Berkeley.

  133. UCLA is just next to Beverly Hills. That is it.

    The reason for the top brand name schools is not about the campus. It is the top minds in the campus. Unfortunately for the undergraduate students, unless they have some exposure to the academic research projects, they seldom have a chance to talk to these faculties or researchers.

    So, it is not justifiable to spend that much money in the undergraduate schools for just the brands. However, for graduate schools, it is a completely different story.

  134. cant pay for nba league pass this year especially now that I’m in college full time. I paid for it the last 3 years. Choose the wrong time not to have it

  135. Just a follow-up note about Jeremy’s appearance at Cantor Fitzgerald’s Charity Day …

    Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City (BBBS of NYC) was selected to participate in Cantor Fitzgerald’s 2016 Charity Day, and Jeremy served as their celebrity ambassador for the event.

    He said : “I’m honored to serve as an ambassador for Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City for Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day and to support their work providing young people across the five boroughs with positive adult role models,”

    He also said : “I’ve been fortunate to have incredible and inspiring mentors that have helped me succeed in my life, so I know firsthand the difference a mentor makes in a child’s life.”

    Charity Day helps raise funds for BBBS of NYC’s volunteer mentoring programs.

    See :

  136. Jeremy’s having a Q&A … . Tomorrow at 8 pm Eastern time (eastern north america)

  137. In Linsanity period, Lin didn’t need the help of superstars to bloom. He has Jared Jeffrey who played phenomenal as his PF. Landry Fields (23)who played like the best small forward in the league. Tyson Chandler who played like an All-star every night. Even Toney Douglas was playing with lots of confidence driving to the hoop.Lin was then praised of his court vision of passing to those guys. Even Walker shone well on the court. All Lin did was picking and rolling with his teammates. His long passes were scary and stretched the court with his teammates running and dunking.

    Now the media couldn’t wait to pull out names of unwanted talents like Rudy Gay and Kenneth Faried for the Nets. Could they really blend into a team of players with good character? One thing for sure is they are going to be expensive and they would definitely eat into valuable minutes from the very young players of the Nets. It just depends on how much confidence the Nets have in their young talents

    In fact, Things gets to be more interesting when you divide the Nets Roster by age.

    (5 players) at their prime (around 28), These proven players can immediately play in almost any NBA team.
    Brook Lopez, Jeremy Lin, Trevor Booker, (28), Greivis Vasquez (29), Bojan Bogdanovic (27).

    (2 old Veterans) ; role players like Randy Foye (32), Luis Scola (36)

    (3 less experienced players) in the cut around (26) who still have to prove that they could play at NBA level but they are more ready than rookies. In case of injuries, they would be needed more.
    Justin Hamilton, Sean Kilpatrick, Joe Harris (25)
    (Among this group, Justin Hamilton is at a class of his own because he will definitely be used as a backup center to Lopez)

    (3 players) Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (21), Chris McCullough (21), Anthony Bennett (23) with several NBA seasons under his belt already

    Rookies like Caris LeVert (22), Isaiah Whitehead (21), Beau Beech (22), partially guaranteed, Yogi Ferrell (23) would probably play in D-league to get their minutes this coming season.

    Simply from the cut above, the Nets have more players to compete at NBA level than people have given them credit to.
    Active rosters could include:
    (5) Brook Lopez, Jeremy Lin, Trevor Booker, (28), Greivis Vasquez (29), Bojan Bogdanovic (27).
    (2) Randy Foye (32), Luis Scola (36)
    (1) Justin Hamilton,
    (3) Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (21), Chris McCullough (21), Anthony Bennett (23)
    Totally 11 players will have given the depth that the team needed to compete in the East Conference.

    Inactive rosters could be the other 4 players from below:
    Joe Harris, Caris LeVert (22), Isaiah Whitehead (21), Sean Kilpatrick, Beau Beech (22), partially guaranteed, Yogi Ferrell (23)

  138. Hahahah, seems like he’s having fun though.

    2010 NBA redraft
    Lin is @9th of the first round.

  140. good write up. but disagree with your rotation. i think the starters will be
    PG: Lin
    SG: Bog
    SF: RHJ
    PF: Booker
    C: Brook

    on defense, RHJ would guard the best wing and we’d hide bogs a bit on that end.

    Bench imo would be
    PG: Vasquez
    SG: SKilpatrick
    SF: Levert
    PF: Bennett
    C: Hamilton

    here’s where i differ from a lot of people. both scola and foye are older and are just kinda getting checks at this point. they will not be getting consistent minutes imo. they are more a locker room presence. especially old man scola. people love to hate on bennett but he’s their ace up the sleeve imo. he’s a skilled big that can shoot the 3. his problems are all mental. with some development and a good team culture, we may see the guy that got drafted #1 and not the bust we all think he is. as for levert i have him listed as a 3, but he’d likely be a 2. he’s very versatile and i can see him being a development priority. if vasquez sucks like last year, he may get pushed out and foye or skil can play pg while levert plays sg. rhj or bogs can get more minutes as sf playing with the bench.

    to round it out: harris will be like troy daniels, instant sniper. situational use only. beech is also an instant sniper but at the 4. whitehead im convinced was drafted as a feel good story. he’s way raw and belongs in the d league. same goes for yogi, d leaguer. after summer league im off the McCullough bandwagon. he’s a 3rd stringer project, needs a lot of work. bennett is better than him in every aspect…

  141. I would have a field day on Amazon if I had Lin’ money lol. He can get 1 hour shipping in NYC too.

  142. I uploaded a new video of the interview with English subtitles and the interviewer’s translation to make it easier to watch.

  143. It is still too early to tell who’s going to make the team and who is going to the D-league.

    Levert and Whitehead may probably get to stick around with the team because they are the draft choices this year. Beau Beech has size, Skilpatrick is more experienced. McCullough is tall but would be pushed around.

    My guess is Joe Harris will make the team. The rest of the roster is up for grab.

  144. Fair but would be higher after this season.

  145. the question is who will get meaningful minutes. here’s how i see it and what i’ll be watching out for once preseason starts.

    -skil is a LOCK for minutes. he was a bright spot last year and was featured in summer league. no way he doesnt get minutes. i see him as 6th man. instant offense.
    -levert is also a LOCK. they traded thad for him. he was a lottery talent before the injury. the nets had him as a lotto pick on their personal draft board. the only question is if he’s recovered fully from surgery. he’s a combo guard that shoots, drives, and passes. he’s a 4 yr player that can contribute right away. he has major breakout potential.
    -bennett imo is the next guy besides levert that they will prioritize in developing. people peg him as 3rd string but i see him as the back up PF. scola is OLD. no way he plays much. bennett also has break out potential. he is highly skilled, can shoot the 3, and dunks explosively. his problems are mental. if they can instill confidence in him, watch out… i can also see him as a small ball 5…
    -hamilton is a LOCK. the only true backup C, can shoot the 3. he can also play stretch 4 with lopez i suppose.

    imo those listed above + starters will be the 9 man rotation. 10 man would include vasquez. people peg him as de facto backup pg, and he may very well be to start, BUT if levert breaks out, it’s his minutes that will suffer. i can see a bench backcourt of skil and levert sooner rather than later with vasquez as 3rd string.

  146. I will see winning as the primary concern; development as a by product.
    They go out to win as a team and consequently they will put their best players for the situation. There is no point to use a player knowing that he will lose the game for you. The player will suffer rather than being developed.

  147. Thanks for the subtitles for his latest interview. i was just thinking what a pity that he wasted that year with the lakers – but i think he learned a lot both off court especially and he became stronger and tougher. but it proves that he is tougher now than he has ever been.

  148. bennett will lead to wins. i truly believe this. he has all the tools already. he just needs confidence. he needs the team to believe in him. he’s not so dissimilar to lin in that regard. when lin is empowered, when he doesnt have to worry about playing well to get minutes, he plays instinctively and that’s when linsanity happens. with bennett, he perhaps didnt get that from his previous teams.

    look for bennett to be a real dark horse this year. i think playing with a guy like lin will do wonders for him. he has enough skill to play out in the perimeter, but he’s also explosive and plays above the rim. PNR with him and lin will be awesome. between bennett and booker, thunderous dunks aplenty….

    preseason cant come soon enough…

  149. I would guess so but he just has to earn his minutes on the court. Nobody is going to take him for granted.

  150. His year with the Lakers enable him to pick up his skills on one on one basis. He has improved on his dribbling ever since.

  151. Clifford indicated Lin would be the toughest to replace because of his versatility to defend both point guards and shooting guards.

    On Lin’s departure:

    “The one thing we’ll lose without Jeremy is a lot of penetration. That’s why he was a good fit for us.”

  152. Hats off for your effort.

  153. Just because guys are prioritized, that doesn’t mean that they can produce.

    Anthony Bennett is absolutely a high priority, but there’s little chance of him producing. He simply doesn’t have NBA quickness or hops.

    Levery is another high priority, but he’s no lock. Levert is still injured, has had a terrible record of injuries in which he missed the last two seasons, and his kamikaze style of play absolutely will not transfer to the NBA. Levert has to massively redo his game unless he wants to become another guy like RHJ that can’t shoot, can’t dribble, can’t pass, and can’t defend.

    Bennett really should be playing overseas in China (far less athletic league than NBA) and Levert will soon show why he belongs in the D League.

  154. Completely disagree.

    NBA big men have to NBA speed and leaping ability.

    Without those teo things, a NBA big man just cannot produce against athletically superior opponents.

    The reason Bennett has been kicked off so many teams is because though he’s a tremendously hard worker, he just doesn’t have NBA explosiveness and that prevents him from making any winning impact.

    Like I keep posting, the only hope for Bennett is for him to become a no skill banger who only rebounds and defends.

  155. No it isn’t.

  156. He’ll be the 1st or 2nd scorer, not the 3rd.

  157. If Bennett cannot produce, he won’t play unless Atkinson somehow crazily decides to bench far more talented players that are vastly more gifted than Bennett.

  158. Sean Kilpatrick is a terrific player.

    He’s not the most athletic player, but he’s a truly gifted scorer. To me, he’s a shorter and less talented version of George Gervin.

    Like most D Leaguesrs nowadays, Kilpatrick has learned how to play unselfish fundamentally sound basketball. That more than covers up for his lack of athletic explosiveness.

    This player is extremely potent in the NBA as a scorer and good team player. He’ll earn minutes, possibly even start.

  159. Of the three players listed, the only one that played even close to a full season with the Hornets was Lin and he was coming off the bench for all but 13 of his 78 games. This isn’t to take away what Lin did with the Hornets. He was their most consistent bench player on a nightly basis and his flashes of Linsanity were some of the most fun basketball a fan could watch. However, for every 20 point night was a 2-for-7 night with four turnovers. He’s a solid sixth man guard and someone you cheer to succeed. The Hornets are going to miss his production, but he’s still a bench player. That made him replaceable.

  160. maybe clifford sd have said that jeremy brought back fun and made his team mates better as well. too much to hope for i guess –

  161. Of course they have to say Lin is replaceable what else they can say….Really don’t care what atthehive talked about Lin.

  162. all i can say is that it will be interesting how this new season goes for the hornets. and if these new pple can step up and get better. batum and kemba that will be interesting

  163. Another ungrateful, cheap shot comment from atthehive. Flashes of linsanity, he’s still a bench player, that made him replaceable?

    We shall wait and see.

  164. This season we will see how many so called experts and top analysts eat their own words.

  165. That’s what the last 5 teams said about Lin before they gleefully hit the lottery after Lin left.

  166. Clifford’s statement will ring even more true next season.

  167. The Lakers was not a wasted year.

    Lin put up fantastic stats throughout the entire season despite low usage and low minutes.

    The Lakers bench led by Lin was THE BEST in the NBA. They crushed everybody, including opposing team’s starters. Too bad the Lakers starters were SO BAD that Lin’s bench players could not make up the difference especially after Byron Scott broke them up for mutinying against him by playing teamball with Lin.

  168. Appreciate all the hard work …

  169. Lin was on the new 2016-2017 Nets jersey announcement with LeVert, Lin, and McCullough. The sound kept cutting in and out…


    The newest Brooklyn Nets uniform bridges the gap between eras. Inspired by the franchise’s iconic stars & stripes look, remixed with the graphite color that blends the Nets’ signature black and white, it represents the grit and tenacity of Brooklyn and its passionate young team. With five stars to signify the team’s fifth season in Brooklyn and the franchise’s five decades of history, it is the first uniform that will feature both “NETS” and “BROOKLYN.” The uniform will debut at the home opener against the Indiana Pacers on Oct. 28.

    The Brooklyn Remix uniform is currently available for adults and kids at the Swag Shop at Barclays Center, and will also be available at starting Monday, Sept. 19.

  171. Another youngster emulating Lin …

  172. He could be another hidden gem surrounding Lin.

  173. I liked Beech since seeing him play in Summer League. I like him even more now that he’s drawing inspiration from Lin. I really hope Beech turns out to be a very good player.

  174. Jeremy on board as a supportive teammate (and mentor) to Sean Kilpatrick

    [Kilpatrick had tweeted : Nothing like learning the game from my brother @JLin7.]

  175. How come they play Lin so much in the 4th Q and specially in game ending moment?

  176. The Nets is a team of underdogs; mostly underrated players that have had a chip on their shoulders.
    They are determined to prove the press wrong.

  177. The clueless press are replete with ignorant staff who simply repeat nonsense. They are regularly wrong and too dense to persuade otherwise.
    Lin plays best when he’s simply having fun. He won’t need a chip on his shoulder to play well

  178. I want them to start Caris for a couple of pre season games if he is healthy and see how he handles the pressure.

  179. AB remains a mystery. How could he be so good in college and then lost confidence once in NBA.

  180. Lin always wearing those raggedy manpris… SMH

  181. Lin’s live chat on Facebook

  182. Here’s the livechat for those that missed it…

  183. How many Knicks fans will be converted in a few weeks ? 50% + ?

  184. Lots of little goodies in this interview. So interesting to hear how he felt about some of his in-game moments. And very interesting to discover how really bad the free agency picture was looking…no one offering, or even wanting to talk. We know from the Stanford thing that he has a long memory for disrespect, so no surprise that he mentions he’s got a check-list of who wouldn’t even take calls 🙂 I love that he always manages to reveal the bad times without ever being mean-spirited. He rates the Laker season as the lowest, yet he manages to find decent things to say about Kobe. His tenacity and mental strength always amaze and delight and inspire me!

  185. Click Click , you are always on point 🙂

  186. I’ll let you guys know what he sends me IF he sends me anything.

  187. i know abt the stats but kobe and the coach’s attitude towards him bugged me

  188. Interviewer: “Jeremy Lin, how important was that addition?”

    Brook Lopez:

    Ooph. It was HUGE! You know, I’m a big fan of point guards. Obviously, they get me the ball. So having a guy like him to run the pick and roll with, having him run the fast break, leading our team on the court, it’s a huge pick up for us. And selfishly, like I said, he gets me baskets. Throws me the ball.

  189. he’s my brother from another mother

  190. i’ll be waiting for your reviews of those items Mr. Lin

  191. 千万别惹林书豪 当心他的回马枪


















  192. which reminds me any news abt rose’s trial? i thought it is being settled?

  193. when the new season starts i wonder whether they will begin to realise how much lin helped all of them out – esp kemba/cody/batum etc – let’s see how their SI rankings will fare at the end of the season.

  194. bleacher report is out with its version of nba “top hundred” and as with si lin just misses the cut (along with d.rose and previous abl j. clarkson).

    lin comes in at 105; he does rank ahead of most other 75s in br scoring system including clarkson and fares better in their just guards breakdown where he is 36th of 71 but if you count only actual projected point guards this season he would come 18th which is almost in the top half of starting pgs which would be a big jump up from previous preseason assessments (outside lin fans) of recent years.

    on a personal note i was pleased to hear lin in his fb thing mention his favorite show in college was the o.c.; mine too at that time.

  195. What is o.c.?

  196. Love the smile Brook had when he was talking about Lin, you can feel that he really means what he is saying and he can’t help smiling just think about how Lin could deliver the ball to him.

  197. The O.C. was a television series that originally aired on the Fox television network in the United States from August, 2003, to February, 2007. “O.C.” is an abbreviation of “Orange County”. The show was a drama.

    See : Wikipedia

  198. The best center in the NBA now has the purest PG in the league.

  199. Looking at the list of guards under Jeremy Lin who is listed as 36th by the Bleacher report, I actually feel pretty good because Lin is listed ahead of them.

    37 Jordan Clarkson SG
    38 Derrick Rose, PG
    39. Cory Joseph, CG
    40. Rajon Rondo, PG
    41. Elfrid Payton, PG
    42. Deron Williams, PG
    43. Alec Burks, CG
    44. Jarrett Jack, PG
    45. Devin Booker, SG
    46. Dennis Schroder, PG
    47. Kyle Korver, SG
    48. Darren Collison, PG
    49. Arron Afflalo, SG
    50. Ish Smith, PG
    51. Josh Richardson, SG
    52. Shaun Livingston, CG,
    53. Danny Green, SG
    54. Mario Chalmers, PG
    55. Tyler Johnson, CG
    56. Lou Williams, CG
    57. Michael Carter-Williams, PG,
    58. Matthew Dellavedova, CG
    59. Dion Waiters, SG
    60. Courtney Lee, SG,
    61. J.J. Barea, PG
    62. Devin Harris, SG,
    63. Marcus Smart, CG
    64. Raymond Felton
    65. Norman Powell, SG
    66. D’Angelo Russell, PG
    67. Jerryd Bayless, CG,
    68. Jose Calderon, PG
    69. Shelvin Mack, PG, Utah Jazz
    70. Emmanuel Mudiay, PG, Denver Nuggets
    71. Patty Mills, PG

  200. Looking at the list of guards above Jeremy Lin, I feel even better because I’m confident Jeremy Lin will be the top 10 guards in the league as the season starts and will likely be in the All-star game.

    01. Stephen Curry, PG
    02. Russell Westbrook, PG
    03. Kyle Lowry, PG
    04. Chris Paul, PG
    05. James Harden, SG
    06. Damian Lillard, PG
    07. John Wall, PG
    08 Jimmy Butler, SG
    09. Kemba Walker, PG
    10. Dwyane Wade, SG
    11. Isaiah Thomas, PG
    12. Isaiah Thomas, PG
    13. Reggie Jackson, PG
    14. Mike Conley, PG
    15. C.J. McCollum, CG
    16. Eric Bledsoe, PG
    17. Rodney Hood, SG
    18. Ricky Rubio, PG
    19. Victor Oladipo, SG
    20. Goran Dragic, PG
    21. Brandon Knight, CG
    22. George Hill, PG
    23. Jrue Holiday, CG
    24. Jeff Teague, PG
    25. Monta Ellis, SG
    26. Zach LaVine, CG
    27. Bradley Beal, SG
    28. Tony Parker, PG
    29. J.J. Redick, SG
    30. Avery Bradley, SG
    31. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG
    32. Manu Ginobili, SG
    33. Patrick Beverley, PG
    34. Will Barton, SG
    35. J.R. Smith, SG

  201. Sound like a plan to me.

  202. The list is still horrible regardless.

  203. who needs wikipedia when youve got the “lincyclopedia” aka arsenium12

  204. Something to watch for: Tweeter @hawj44 suggested to Coach Nick of @bballbreakdown that he do a video breakdown of Lin’s game during Linsanity era versus now. He responded that it was the best idea he’d seen all week, and that he’s like to get to it before the season. I’ll be interested in what differences he identifies.

  205. Oddly enough, in a recent video, the problems Coach Nick identified in Westbrook are some of the same one’s that have dogged Jeremy’s reputation. But Jeremy has made significant improvement in those flaws. Yet somehow, they still are used to relegate Jeremy to “roll-player” status while the same problems don’t seem to affect Westbrook’s reputation as a star.

  206. I feel good because Lin is listed ahead of Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Deron Williams, Dennis Schroder, Danny Green, Tyler Johnson, Courtney Lee, D’Angelo Russell etc.

  207. That’s what we called double standards and it is definitely a case of racism.

  208. When I think of Lin’s improvements since Linsanity, this is what I think of:

    1) Lin simply knows the entire NBA many times over, unlike Linsanity when everything was new. To me, this is the BIGGEST improvement by far.

    2) Lin’s become far better physically conditioned. It’s not that he was out of shape during Linsanity, it’s just that Lin’s gotten more conditioning simply from being in more games.

    3) Lin’s skills have SLIGHTLY gotten better. He now has a better shot form, reads traps better, and knows how to come off the bench more effectively.

  209. So many people are hypnotized by Westbrook’s dunking.

    They don’t realize that for every dunk he makes, he’s missing like 3 shots usually at the rim.

    And when Lin flies in the air with his Michael Jordan Dr J hangtime and finishes on the opposite side of the rim over or under max contract athletic shotblockers, that’s somehow considered “unathletic” even though hardly anyone at any position can regularly pull that skywalking move like Lin does.

    If Lin weren’t Asian, fans would be like “That guy is a shorter Lebron” and analysts would say “Oh, it’s the 21st century Michael Ray Richardson”.

  210. Wait till Brook Lopez gets on defense.

    It’s going to be a massive shock to Lopez going from
    the NBA’s worst defenders in Deron Williams, Jarrett Jack, and Shane Larkin to the NBA’s very best perimeter defender in Jeremy Lin.

    In fact, I strongly feel that Brook Lopez will be more positively impacted by Lin defensively than offensively, though the numbers will show primarily an offensive improvement due to Lopez not having to exert himself as hard as he typically does on defense.

  211. if you aint black you aint atheltic lol
    Lin is one of the fastest guys in the NBA or at least in that very fast group
    proven by stats but thats ignored lol
    nobody hypes you up unless ur black or have a big nation on your back like Yao did
    Lin can jump high enough to dunk, whcih a lot of NBA players can but somehow hes still unatheltic lol
    theres no way to change peoples perspective
    as long as we know Lin is atheltic as hell

  212. Well, at least SOME pro scouts and media are BEGINNING to realize that white players can be athletic.

    For example, the Heat’s Tyler Johnson is widely regarded as an elite athlete. He doesn’t look anywhere as strong or quick or rugged or high jumping as Lin, but I “understand” that Asians are viewed by pro scouts as being incapable of playing in the NBA. At least people correctly view Tyler Johnson as “athletic”.

    Similarly, Cody Zeller utterly wiped out the competition in athletic testing. And had Jimmer Fredette come along right now instead of a few years ago, his combine testing results in which I think he outraced both Jeremy Lin and John Wall in the shuttle run would be taken far more seriously as a legitimate reason why people just can’t successfully defend against him in any league.

    We have a LONG way to go before we get back to the 70s and 80s where scouts didn’t automatically exclude white players as “unathletic”. Like so many things in the modern world, newer doesn’t necessarily mean better.

  213. #11 should be higher #9 should be way lower
    #13 is overrated cuz he’s of the right skin color
    #14 is just overpaid
    the only players I’d say who deserve to be above Lin are #1 to #12 #15, #16, #19, #21 and #27
    this ranking is a joke
    Patrick beverley like are you kidding me? the only thing right about him is his skin color no offense no defense
    nobody wants JR
    Barto and KCP are useless
    Ginobili is too old
    LaVine is all dunks
    Ellis so useless
    Teague who?
    Hill is the most underwhelmping starting PG i know
    Hood only has a nice name

  214. i can see the number of higher pg that he has regularly gone over – everytime they match up – ricky rubio/goran/monta ellis – somehow i always feel that kemba is not a true pg either

  215. So Lin will move up and displace those overrated.

  216. patrick bev – really? u mean jr smith is supposed to be a pg – who knew? must have missed that memo – so many of them are so forgettable –

  217. 63% Yes 37% no. 17 minutes left!

  218. Beech sure has size and touch in shooting the long ones.

  219. only some but still largely ignored
    When you tell me these names, i still imagine them to be unatheletic it will be hard to change peoples perspective lol

  220. Probably not by a lot becuz critics are often very stupid

  221. NetsDaily posted an article reminding people Lin plays good defense:

  222. If anyone is interested, here is the article from 2012 that compares basic speed data on Jeremy, John Wall,
    Kyrie Irving, and Derrick Rose. A more recent presentation of the data (with bar charts) is here :


    Is Jeremy Lin the new talent code for the NBA?

    by Kurt Brungardt
    Thursday, March 1st, 2012

    The basketball world is wondering… Is Jeremy Lin for real? Now, another piece of the Lin puzzle has emerged.

    Lin’s pre-Draft speed numbers have surfaced, giving fans new information and suggesting a new talent code for NBA success. The equation goes like this: Four years of college + a high BAM score for speed = JEREMY LIN.

    Basic Athletic Measurement (BAM) is the company that administers athletic tests for the NBA Draft Combine. The Combine is an annual event where the top NBA Draft prospects (only an elite group of about 60 get invited every year) are tested for speed, strength, agility and jumping ability. BAM prides itself on being the gold standard for athletic testing, using the latest computer technology and electronic timing equipment to achieve consistent results.

    Pro teams analyze these test numbers in every conceivable way to increase their odds of drafting an impact player. Lin did not get an NBA Draft Combine invite, but he did have a BAM score. Lin’s numbers for speed were released on the BAM blog today.

    Lin was tested in another, less known combine—the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (PIT). Although it’s under the radar, the Portsmouth Invitational, now in its 60th year, is actually the original Combine. Eligibility is simple: You have to be a college senior and have played college ball for four years. This automatically rules out many blue-chip recruits who leave after a year in college or go pro right out of high school.

    But the basketball players at Portsmouth, with four years of college under their belt, have developed a more complete skill set (passing, shooting, handling the ball, seeing the court, finishing with both hands, playing team defense, etc.) that many former McDonald’s All Americans and 18-year-old European phenoms don’t have going into the pros. It’s hard to develop these basics in the heat of NBA competition, and it’s hard to master them in high school.

    Jeremy Lin already has a Tony Parker teardrop. Parker didn’t come into the League with his trademark move. It took him several seasons to develop it. Lin developed his at Harvard. That’s one key factor in the Lin equation—four years of college ball. This is the known quantity in the equation.

    But how about speed—the pure athleticism that blue chip recruits possess? Speed is a key attribute for a point guard. He has to be able to penetrate and break down the defense. So, how do Lin’s speed numbers compare with the top NBA point guards? The good news is we can compare apples to apples. Portsmouth does the same tests as the NBA Combine, and BAM administers the tests.

    Brett Brungardt, BAM’s founder and former NBA strength and conditioning coach (Dallas Mavericks, 2000-2002), breaks down Lin’s speed numbers.

    “Lin’s numbers are very impressive,” Brungardt says. “In the three-quarter court sprint, which is 25 yards, Lin’s BAM numbers compare favorably to Derrick Rose, John Wall and Kyrie Irving.”

    So how fast is Jeremy Lin?

    BAM gives three numbers: average speed, start speed, and top-end speed. BAM translates this into miles per hour. Average speed is calculated by an algorithm that averages start speed and top speed. Start speed is the first burst of speed, the acceleration phase. Top speed is shifting gears out of the acceleration to one’s peak speed. Here’s how Lin’s BAM numbers compare in the 25 yard sprint.

    Jeremy Lin: 16.66 mph
    Derrick Rose: 16.60 mph
    John Wall: 16.48 mph
    Kyrie Irving: 15.67 mph

    Lin wins this battle.

    Lin: 13.93 mph
    Wall: 13.25 mph
    Irving: 12.64 mph

    For Rose, BAM has only average speed data.

    Lin wins this battle too.

    Lin: 18.85 mph
    Wall: 19.30 mph
    Irving: 18.74 mph

    Lin comes in second to Wall.

    Lin’s speed, combined with his court skills and his basketball intelligence, make his emergence as an effective NBA player a little less surprising. It also explains why he’s made NBA teams, even if he was eventually released with very little playing time. To get an NBA contract means scouts and coaches were sufficiently impressed.

    “Speed and acceleration are key components of athletic success,” Brungardt explains. “Standardized testing and BAM’s added data points for start speed and top speed give scouts the information they need to evaluate a player’s athleticism. The numbers show that speed-wise, Lin is in the elite ballpark.”

    Is speed, plus four years of college ball, the new formula for NBA success? Has Lin cracked the code? Are there more Jeremy Lins out there? Regardless, we have one more piece of the Lin puzzle. He’s fast.


  223. These tests were done by science experts and their latest technology…..not human eyes from the self called “experts”.

  224. He Tianju, of the Chinese Basketball Association’s Liaoning Flying Leopards, has been invited to the NO Pelicans’ training camp.

    In addition to camp, Tianju would play in New Orleans’ two preseason Global Games matchups in China against the Houston Rockets.

    From Justin Verrier (ESPN)

  225. This was fun. Like being in a conversation with him across the table. Boy next door…only better ! 🙂

  226. Thanks for this reminder of what psychologist call confirmation bias. All of us have wonder how it is possible for so call experts to keep repeating the same fiction as fact. The truth lies in the way our brains are wired.

    Do the invisible gorela test on utube and see for yourself how we are all suceptable to it. selective attention test
    Daniel Simons 15,148,269 views.

    Daniel Kahneman won a noble prize based upon his revolutionary theory of our two ways of deciphering information.

    Prof Daniel Kahneman, from Princeton University, started a revolution in our understanding of the human mind. It’s a revolution that led to him winning a Nobel Prize.
    His insight into the way our minds work springs from the mistakes that we make. Not random mistakes, but systematic errors that we all make, all the time, without realising.
    Prof Kahneman and his late colleague Amos Tversky, who worked at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Stanford University, realised that we actually have two systems of thinking. There’s the deliberate, logical part of your mind that is capable of analysing a problem and coming up with a rational answer.
    This is the part of your mind that you are aware of. It’s expert at solving problems, but it is slow, requires a great deal of energy, and is extremely lazy. Even the act of walking is enough to occupy most of your attentive mind.

    Prof Daniel Kahneman, from Princeton University, started a revolution in our understanding of the human mind. It’s a revolution that led to him winning a Nobel Prize.
    His insight into the way our minds work springs from the mistakes that we make. Not random mistakes, but systematic errors that we all make, all the time, without realising.
    Prof Kahneman and his late colleague Amos Tversky, who worked at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Stanford University, realised that we actually have two systems of thinking. There’s the deliberate, logical part of your mind that is capable of analysing a problem and coming up with a rational answer.
    This is the part of your mind that you are aware of. It’s expert at solving problems, but it is slow, requires a great deal of energy, and is extremely lazy. Even the act of walking is enough to occupy most of your attentive mind.
    Image copyrightOTHER
    Image caption
    Daniel Kahneman’s insights into the mind spring from the systematic errors we make all the time
    If you are asked to solve a tricky problem while walking, you will most likely stop because your attentive mind cannot attend to both tasks at the same time. If you want to test your own ability to pay attention, try the invisible gorilla test devised by Chris Chabris, from Union College, New York, and Daniel Simons from the University of Illinois.
    But then there is another system in your mind that is intuitive, fast and automatic. This fast way of thinking is incredibly powerful, but totally hidden. It is so powerful, it is actually responsible for most of the things that you say, do, think and believe.
    We are limited, we are not perfect, we are irrational in all kinds of ways
    Dan Ariely, Duke University
    And yet you have no idea this is happening. This system is your hidden auto-pilot, and it has a mind of its own. It is sometimes known as the stranger within.
    Most of the time, our fast, intuitive mind is in control, efficiently taking charge of all the thousands of decisions we make each day. The problem comes when we allow our fast, intuitive system to make decisions that we really should pass over to our slow, logical system. This is where the mistakes creep in.
    Our thinking is riddled with systematic mistakes known to psychologists as cognitive biases. And they affect everything we do. They make us spend impulsively, be overly influenced by what other people think. They affect our beliefs, our opinions, and our decisions, and we have no idea it is happening.
    It may seem hard to believe, but that’s because your logical, slow mind is a master at inventing a cover story. Most of the beliefs or opinions you have come from an automatic response. But then your logical mind invents a reason why you think or believe something.

  227. Brett Brungardt, BAM’s founder and former NBA strength and conditioning coach (Dallas Mavericks, 2000-2002), breaks down Lin’s speed numbers.

    “Lin’s numbers are very impressive,” Brungardt says. “In the three-quarter court sprint, which is 25 yards, Lin’s BAM numbers compare favorably to Derrick Rose, John Wall and Kyrie Irving.”

    This was why Mavs was the first team to take interest in Lin and invited him to their Summer League when no other team wanted Lin. Their coaching staff knows how good Lin is and can be. Too bad Mark Cuban is a dbag and only chases after stars, refusing to sign Lin back in 2010 and again last year.

  228. Minor correction, Mark Cuban did offer Lin 1 year but he chose GS because they offered 2 years.

  229. GS’s 2nd year was team option, which they didn’t exercise. Lin chose to play for the Warriors because that was his favorite team growing up and his hometown team, even though Mavs and Lakers had a higher offer. I often wonder what could’ve been if Lin had chosen Mavs or Lakers instead of Warriors.

  230. You’re right, playing closer to home always better and must be top reason but point was Cuban did offer to keep Lin.

  231. Wooo yeah that’s crazy lol… and beautiful. Shoot if I knew the event I would have went haha. Snowboard and Basketball, everything I like (and I do fencing this year too ;p)

  232. You would’ve been wearing a Lin jersey there too lol

  233. These kids can and will learn a lot from Lin. I expect big things from LeVert and McCullough in the future. LeVert just needs to stay healthy and CMC has to bulk up and be more confident in himself.

    I can’t believe Lin is now in a leadership and mentorship position. Been a long time coming…

  234. Must be by helicopter or there’s a road to the top?

  235. Haters will always hate Lin like I’ll always love Lin… My brain is biased and irrational anyway 😉

  236. There’s a ski station there, no road you take a cable car

  237. Ofc Brooklyn jersey Lin represents!!

  238. Wow, just the trip to go up and down by cable car would be incredible already.

  239. inside the video xD

  240. Yes the view… you don’t have to forget your camera lol

  241. Lol for Hood

  242. Keith Smart was the coach who refused to use Lin in GS. In Linsanity, Jeremy actually messed his team real bad, Sacramento Kings with 10 points and 13 assists; virtually blew his team off the court.

  243. Nets sign Jeremy 36M for 3 years.
    Knicks signed Courtney Lee 48M for 4 years.
    Is it a coincidence?

    James Dolan and Mark Cuban are owners who won’t have Lin in their teams.

  244. Come on Jeremy, how about some workout video treat while waiting?

  245. Kilpatrick joins the podcast at about the 15:00 minute mark, and talks about JLin shortly thereafter.

    Edit: Hmmm. Link won’t show. Try cutting and pasting this:

  246. Have a little fun with this exciting Nets fan.

  247. He talks a lot about Lin. Never knew they texted a lot and kept in touch after playing in summer league together. Kilpatrick really looks up to Lin and uses Lin as an inspiration. Great interview.

  248. Jeremy Lin to appear in Marvel’s ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’ series

  249. a fan with reservations : – (

  250. The Lincredible Hulk!

  251. He doesn’t need to keep apologizing for the music. Fun song. Chorus has a hook. Singing it in my head right now.

  252. Hahahaha. Love it.

  253. less than a month for preseason to start!

  254. Yes, gives me butterflies 🙂

  255. Hardcore scientific translation:

    if you hate Asians, you can’t see what Lin’s actually DOING.

  256. Try this, Jamie:

    When I watch players, I deliberately block out their appearance and their reputation.

    I see two colors of jerseys, and then I see nameless faceless guys that are making plays or not.

    By viewing players anonymously, I see startling things.

    For example, Jimmer Fredette doesn’t appear to me to be a slow weak player like everybody says he is. He appears to me to be a strong thick muscle power player who physically overpowers pretty much everybody he goes against and can’t be stopped by any single defender.

    I’ve been flamed for much for seeing players like Lin and Fredette the way I do. And the more I wave stats and video at haters, the angrier they get. But I also tend to be right, just like I was when I got flamed for saying “Lin is super athletic by NBA standards” long before Linsanity broke out.

  257. you know I tolerate a lot of things about JLin…. but this is going too far. No Pho for JLin?

  258. Where Bruce Banner starts out as a mild mannered small guy who becomes the Hulk when enraged, Jeremy Lin starts out as a big beastie muscle guy who shrinks down to a mild mannered small guy in NBA games.

  259. That’s too disillusioning for me.

    I go ALL DAY with a pho craving – including AFTER I’ve consumed an entire bowl down to nothing!

    At a typical restaurant, one bowl of pho and an appetizer of Vietnamese rolls is NEVER enough for me. I usually have to eat through someone else’s dish before I feel full!

    To me, a person like Lin that doesn’t like pho is some weird alien from a different planet.

    If Lin doesn’t like hot soup, how the heck does he survive a Taiwanese household??!!

  260. Lin is the patron saint of D Leaguers.

    All D Leaguers look up to Lin as their idol, their template for the riches they can reach if they work hard and play teamball. Lin is the ULTIMATE D LEAGUE LEGEND and is revered by D League players the way NBA players revered Michael Jordan.

    In fact, I’d go so far to say that Linsanity changed the way the D League is viewed and played.

    D League players used to play like NBA spoiled superstars with no defense and padding stats. And NBA teams paid so little attention to the D League, D League affiliates wouldn’t even run the same sets that the parent club would.

    But since Linsanity, the D League has been taken a lot more seriously. Now I call it the “D” league because everybody there plays really hard defense (harder than the NBA, in fact) and players are fundamentally sound after spending extended time there.

  261. yeah, really slow with no hops right? the dude was a no 1 pick for a reason. the skills are there. yes he came into the nba out of shape and simply wasnt ready, but he lost the weight and may be ready now.

    the cavs team that drafted him was garbage. playing with kyrie must’ve been fun right? and then the wolves? they had wiggins and lavine to develop. bennett was a throw in on that lebron trade. then with the raps they were fightng for 1st in the east. tell me where was the development? bennett seems like a sodt spoken kinda guy, maybe that’s his downfall. but if properly developed, and playing with high character, team first guys like lin, he perhaps can finally put it all together…

  262. what on earth you talking about? levert can shoot, drive, and pass. he’s a lottery talent but injury prone. that’s the only reason he fell so low. can he do it at the nba level? who knows, but he’s for sure talented. the nets took a gamble on his health, NOT his skills…

  263. he came into the nba out of shape. he also doesnt have a “mamba mentality”. this came off as a lack of commitment, whether it’s true or not who knows. also add in that he was on a bad team (cavs), another bad team (wolves), and then a really good one (raptors). he didnt exactly get developed like a 1st overall pick shouldve been. the cavs traded him and wiggins to get love. the wolves got wiggins and drafted lavine so they were a priority. and the raps were fighting for 1st in the east so he never got a shot. he never got developed properly. never got the benefit of the doubt.

    lets see what kenny can do with him…

  264. Is Lin being an ultimate troll right here ? What is up

  265. Lol
    Life without pho is like a day without sunshine

  266. he and the Nets players all know who the TOP DAWG is on the team and they’re showering him with love just the way Kemba and Batum got last season

  267. he is pho troll then? sd i continue to support him i wonder? lol

  268. this is such great news – he will be immortalised forever though my question is what kind of hairstyle will he be depicted in? that is vital info

  269. it explains why neither the knicks and the mavs have done well for the past few seasons – they may have teams but unless u end up in a playoff or a final then it is still not good enough.

  270. JLin just didn’t like anything with hot liquid. This is nothing new. I know this soon after I follow him which is more than 4 years:-)

  271. Jeremy will appear in two issues, Totally Awesome Hulk #13 and #14

  272. Tell this to Tiger Mom who made her soup for Lin every day.

  273. The all star center this season is speaking.

  274. I’m the same, always getting my tongue burned. I never eat my soup till it has really cooled off

  275. Is he complaining about his own ranking … or someone else’s?

  276. Players who take SI serious even a bigger JOKE!!

  277. He’s complaining about his own ranking (#45). Last year he complained when he was ranked #88. The guy needs to grow up.

  278. Small man syndrome

  279. I’m SO TIRED of Isaiah Thomas’s stupid talk.

    He bashed Lin for “preventing” Thomas from becoming an All Star, but Thomas made the All Star team anyway.

  280. Oh look, it’s old Washington Wizards uniforms recycled.

  281. This guy reminds me of CParson’s attitude and this verse reminds of them–“Pride goes before a fall!..” Prov 16:18.

  282. Cuban’s “offer” was that Lin spend an entire year in the D-league with no chance of a NBA callup.

    That would have ended Lin’s career right there and LIN KNEW IT.

  283. This is what the full cover will look like for the first Totally Awesome Hulk issue

  284. Funny. Because he doesn’t like pho? Bye then. Sensitive little guy.

  285. LOL! Bledsoe, Rubio, Knight, Holiday, should have an asterisk next to their name. *Often injured and barely played any games last year, but please trust us, your sports media authority, they are all better than Jeremy Lin when they are 100% healthy and playing for the right coach’s system …. which they almost never are.

  286. Lol. You need to sip it slowly.

  287. No, they will just make excuses and say so-and-so (Enter overrated guard here) had a bad season, and their true potential is not reflected by their stats. Meanwhile Lin’s good performances are “just a fluke”.

  288. George Hill and Patrick Beverley are basically the same player: Pass the ball to the superstar of the team, Paul George and James Harden respectively. Get out of their way and stand patiently behind the arc for a spot up 3-pointer.
    George or Harden scores in Isolation play after dribbling the ball for 4 seconds…. Congratulations, you get credit for an assist !

  289. Just wait until the opener when the out of 100 ranking player destroys the so called SI-ranked-45-but-still-whining-low-IQ ordinary.

  290. I remember I read some posts (maybe here or reddit) about Lin’s role as bench player for the past few years that Lin sometimes needed to produce and he had to score when he had the chance. He needed to get into the scorning mode right off the bench, not much as leading the team and adjusting strategy for offense/defense as a team leader.

    This is a great insight.

    After 4.5 years of Linsanity, Lin finally gets the chance to show how he can lead a team of his own. I believe his assist number will reach between 8 to 9. He will elevate the players and the whole team when he has the ball in his hands right from the beginning. Just watch.

  291. I.Thomas is a joke himself. smh!

  292. Besides Jeremy Lin, another Asian-American (although he has not been American for very long) who is making waves is Chess Grandmaster Wesley So, who recently anchored the American chess team to its first Chess Olympiad victory in decades.
    I love chess almost as much as basketball, and Wesley looks to be on his way to true chess greatness.
    For a great example of the kind of chess Wesley plays, take a look at his recent win against chess immortal Gary Kasparov in blitz chess, a true work of art demonstrating his intelligence, imagination, and willingness to take unbelievable risks to grab the win (the actual game starts about halfway through the video):

  293. Good to hear…

    Nick Repole joins the Silver and Black as director of basketball of basketball information systems while Landry Fields has been named a college scout.

  294. If Landry can no longer play in the NBA, Spurs organization would be a great place to start being a scout.
    It’s too bad that he can’t overcome the injury to be reunited with Lin someday.

  295. Spurs organization is notorious for jump starting careers into other teams’ front office. Hopefully Landry can have a successful career in the front office.

  296. I always let my soups cool unless I’m starving and can’t wait another 5 minutes.

    I think that most of Lin’s Asians fans are in shock that he doesn’t like soup-based food or any hot liquid, because that’s what most Asians grew up eating. It’s in our DNA, regardless of where we were born or grew up. Then again, Lin is no ordinary Asian.

  297. Unlike all other chosen stars on NBA teams, Lin has it in his system to be coach Lin. He genuinely wants his students to become the best they could be. Lin truly believes that “the rising tide raises all ships”. He believes everyone has value and by helping them reach their individual potential, they become the best cog in the machine that is the team. The Nets will have the best second and third unit because of Lin.

    It’s not kissing up as much as genuine respect for someone who actually cares about them.

  298. Lin’s instagram:

    jlin7 Hell yea i look jacked lol!! Thanks Greg Pak for including me in The Totally Awesome Hulk! #bicepveinonfleek

  299. Oh, Didn’t know that. Anyways Never had any pho that I liked.

  300. Jimmy Chin, Asian American. Nat. Geo.

    This is Lin indeed — the reason why fans admire him so much

  302. Yes, just have to learn how to drink soup:-) Guess JLin’s impatience of waiting got him trouble as a child. Hence, he doesn’t like it. I don’t drink the soup when it’s really hot. Just take a spoon full and blow it a little before drinking it or eat the content first:-)

  303. Not exactly sure what this means, but one of the guys associated with @ViCi_gaming (a Shanghai-based eSports organization) just put up a logo which is supposed to represent their group and @JLin7. I wonder if Jeremy has decided upon an eSports investment.

  304. Hey everybody, long time no post. I have been very busy at the job with a new promotion, so haven’t had time to post, but have been following jlin and the blog. I am very happy for him T his is going to be a breakout year for him and the Nets, and they are going to be the “it” New York team. I also see a lot of positive press on social media about jlin and also he at the NY stock exchange making cold calls, is awesome. I really like this team and they are going to surprise some people. Also, I saw Cliff already throwing up the white flag for the Hornets saying they probably won’t make the playoffs this season.LOL Anyway is just wanted to holler at you guys. I will post again soon.

  305. Sounds like the Nets players are working hard.

  306. Welcome back, my friend!

    Great observation about Clifford and the Hornets. I need to go find it myself.

  307. Thanks KHuang,. People in NY are excited to have Lin back. Lin has become that all around player, so I think Atkinson is going to be surprised at Lin’s skill set this year. I love that Sean Patrick already recognizes lin as a leader on this team. He did an interview with Slam Sports and he gave lin a lot of props.

  308. if they win more than 35 games i will be surprised for the hornets. all the guys they have got don’t seem to be able to get into the paint and score – they all needed someone to do that – and interesting that marvin and cody popped up in Si rankings after playing with lin for 1 season. wonder why?

  309. Like tired man..

  310. I have been waiting jeremy lin starting line up introduction for many years…!!!

  311. Lin needs to take good care of his facial skin…gosh has he developed pigmentation on his cheeks already?

  312. nope not at all
    Hill is way more skilled than this scrub named Patrick Beverley

  313. i liked kilpatrick a lot in summer league, also he put up excellent numbers end of last season when after he came to nets.

  314. yer missing the big story: kemba walker never cracked the top 90 till last year.

  315. yep i know that – neither did zeller or marvin – what was different – ? he had lin to help him with scoring and passing so he cd rack up more points

  316. hey you, so nice to see you post!

  317. Sean Kilpatrick is a PLAYER – like a shorter George Gervin with a smooth effortless scoring style that just slips by opponents.

  318. Yes, Atkinson will discover exactly how Lin has hammered Atkinson’s Hawks so badly over the years.

  319. Are you Kidding Me! Adam Harrington is the real deal. As the personal development director, he’ll not only have Jeremy Lin shooting his best ever, but the whole teams’ 3 point shooting will be crazy. Found a youtube video of him doing a shooting workout.


  320. long time, great to hear from you again. I have no idea where you got the idea that Cliff was giving up…if he did that he would be out of a job. The hornets have a better shot at making the playoffs than the nets, realistically speaking. Though I will say that signing batum to a max will come back to bite them in the rear….the dumbest mistake of their organization history.

  321. I was going to enjoy crapping on you but you deleted your account… oh well.

  322. you are super-fan that’s why, lol… I wonder if this is a medical condition?

  323. yeah, so he never had beef noodle soup? WTF?

  324. … or the guys are already “helping” him surviving no-calls…

  325. or two elbows in da face….

  326. well he’s so big on DOTA2 it’s something beneficial for both sides. I’m just wondering if JLin will actually play a pro-match, lol

  327. they guy might be a kck-ass GM one day.

  328. Yeah, just like the dancing gorilla in that utube test. Instead of a dancing gorilla, they should have a dribbling Jeremy Lin

  329. did cparsons say something?

  330. mini man more like it – and a very annoying one

  331. now i am hungry thks –

  332. and pple keep whining abt jeremy lin’s contract ? – parsons got 94 mill conley got 120 million batum abt 120 mill even marvin williams got 56 million

  333. Lin’s come a long way
    He always ran like a roadrunner

  334. I’m not sure why he doesn’t enjoy it but I can reason why he would rather eat something fast like in and out burgers. An athlete like him needs to eat so much in one day that every second counts.

    Michael Phlephs used to consume 11,000 calories a day to train. An NBA player needs less, around 5-6000 calories. James Harden needs only 2000 becuase he doesn’t run or defend. Lol.

    A kid like Lin probably developed a taste for fast food as a matter of convenience. Hot soup takes time, time he doesn’t have.

  335. We have measurements and facts telling us that Lin is one of the fastest in NBA and yet we have seen comments frequently complaining that Lin is slow and unathletic. Prejudices and stereotypes of Asian really have got into the head of those people more than we could imagine.

    Just tell me how many NBA players who have chased Dreymond Green half a court and blocked his shot from behind.

  336. After a tough week of practicing / training, this is how Lin spends his Saturday…

  337. ESPN predicted 20 wins for the Nets.
    Ever since then, I predicted that the concerted force against Lin will not let Jeremy Lin over achieve. They will move the goalpost. Then ESPN started changing their predictions to high 20s.
    Now the predicted wins for the Nets have been inflated to 32.
    After the preseason games, you would probably see the predictions go to high 30s or even low 40s.

    The Press would have a hard time answering the public next season on their predictions.

  338. the thing is that people seem to forget what original predictions were. i guess we have to keep reminding them (like with the Hornets).

  339. Hornets took a step forward last year and a couple of steps back this year for sure.

  340. Ye of little faith, lol. But true on Batum. Not worthy of max.

  341. How does someone like him not get drafted. Rhetorical of course.

  342. The Nets’ community service activities have been far-flung. Greivis Vasquez has been handing out school supplies in Venezuela.

  343. The view from Jeremy’s apartment.

  344. Bring it on!

  345. They were far off wrong predicting the Hornets last season. Moving the number up only to make sure they are closer to the actual win number.

  346. oh, you’re still around. it’s so funny you think I’m serious. I guess you were hurt by trolls badly. I think sensitive war-mongers like you probably belong to the other board more. I’ll be blocking you from now on.

  347. So the early predictions were intended to diss Jeremy Lin. Once they discovered it actually helps Jeremy reputation once the season begins with such a lowly estimated win, they wouldn’t have it. They are raising the expectations so as not to give Jeremy the credit of leading the team to achieve more than expected.

  348. Of course I am around to see what you can bring! It’s so funny you think i am talking about you there, I guess you were the one hurt by trolls badly to not able to see who the message for. Block away!

  349. and i think it will be good to remind the hornets fans about low expectations as well esp since their coach has said something similar

  350. my theory was that he was just so good looking that they couldn’t have that “gorgeousness’ in the nba – LOL

  351. Hehe :)) I agree with your theory 😀

  352. That is true. All that gorgeousness and high style cheek bones is way too sophisticated for the NBA, hence the fair hawk, the mohawk. The man buns, and now the corn rows! Lol

  353. They can pad the stats to promote a couple of chosen players, but they are not able to pad the stats for the team. BB is a team sport but they want their fans to forget this in order to get the fans’ money.

  354. Per Bleacher Report Article: “As a senior, Lin was one of 11 finalists for the Bob Cousy Award, an annual award given to the top collegiate point guard.

    Also on the list were Scottie Reynolds (Villanova), Jon Scheyer (Duke), Greivis Vasquez (Maryland) and John Wall (Kentucky).”

  355. Rumor was Lin invested in that team.

  356. Lin talks about being in the Hulk comic and the stigma on his defense…

  357. Another NY Post article…

    Everybody from Las Vegas to video-game designers expect Brooklyn to be arguably the worst team in the NBA. After going 21-61 last season and not adding any All-Star talent in the offseason, even the Nets know they have earned all the dire predictions.

    Now they are planning on earning — and working — their way back to respectability.

    “It’s to be expected. But I’m not much of a bulletin [-board person],” Jeremy Lin told The Post at Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play in Prospect Park. “There’s not anything you could say or do to make me more motivated, and I feel like that’s probably true for our team.

    “We have to play harder, and just want to win more. If every night — or the majority of nights — we can say we were the team that played the hardest, that’s what’ll give us the best chance to succeed. … At the end of the day, it’s how hard we play.”

    And how hard they work is a big emphasis for general manager Sean Marks and hands-on coach Kenny Atkinson, known for player development.

  358. How much price $ may a DOTA team earn each yr? And if a team does not win any tournaments, do the individual players earn a base salary?

  359. 10 worst defensive NBA stars 2016- 2 questions: 1st Derozen was listed twice once under Jackson’s STATS as #6 and the other of course as #1? 2nd Since when is Jordan Clarkson a star of NBA in 2defen016?

  360. The NY Post will be forced by Lin to hide their heads in shame, just like Lin did to them repeatedly for the last 5 seasons.

  361. Scottie Reynolds!!!!

    FANTASTIC player.

    He didn’t look quick or athletic, but he just beat opponents to death with his fundamentally sound and unselfish style of play.

    Reynolds is the only player of that bunch who never made the NBA. But it’s not for a lack of trying or talent – he totally scorched the Suns Summer League team and just could not be stopped.

    NBA scouts are so CLUELESS, it’s actually gotten to a point where if a guy is too fundamentally sound over 4 years in college then they automatically mistakenly assume that player cannot play.

  362. And after preseason games, the low 40s mark will likely be TOO LOW.

  363. Same old same old WRONG predictions about Lin failing.

    (Year after year) x 7 = UTTER RACIST MEDIA FAIL

  364. While the NY media is crowing about how great the Knicks and their rapist point guard is, here’s Lin and the Nets EXCELLING in the community.

    I don’t care what the racist media believes, I’d rather read about Lin having fun with a bunch of kids than read lurid details about Derrick Rose’s stupid criminal behavior.

  365. And Green is hardly the only high profile guy that Lin has chased down for a strip or block.

  366. I’m actually surprised that Lin’s not listed as #1 as THE WORST defender in the NBA.

    Obviously it’s not because of Lin’s game – he’s the very best defensive guard in the league and is absolutely the best defensive guard I have EVER seen (and that’s saying a lot since I’ve seen ALL the great defensive guards and Lin is head and shoulders over all of them).

    It’s just that any time an article about bad defense comes up, Lin’s Asian name comes up as the prime name and James Harden’s name comes up a distant second.

    And then we Lin fans blast those race based hate articles into smithereens using stats and video.

  367. The Knicks actually got WORSE defensively than they were last season.

    Calderon and Grant were bad, but Jennings and Rose are even worse. Then defensive stalwart Robin Lopez was lost and hobbled Joakim Noah was brought in. And Courtney Lee, we Lin fans know how WILDLY OVERRATED he is on defense. Lee is a massive downgrade from Aaron Afflalo who is probably the 2nd best shooting guard defender in the NBA behind Lin.

    Next season when those broken down slow uninterested Knicks get scorched defensively

  368. personally i think the mohawk was the best but i am biased

  369. i love lin but danny green and klay thompson are better defenders than him period.

  370. I disagree here, eventhough I’m a Lin fan….I don’t think Lin is the best defensive PG currently and the stats also doesn’t show that..far from it.

    Lin is clearly better defender than perceived by the media, but he’s not “head and shoulder” the best in the league…That’s really going overboard as a fan….What’s next..Lin better than Michael Jordan?

  371. Also. it’s hard to say who’s the best defender because none of the guards are defense specialists really maybe like tony allen and butler
    no one can stop top guards, not even Lin
    some guards are good defenders because they try, others arent because they dont
    most of the gurads are one or the other
    I think Lin is a good defender because he tries but not a great defender because really, who among the guards is now?

  372. Jeremy Lin Ramblings: Judgment Day

  373. Disagree.

    Thompson and Green play on stacked teams with dominant defensive big men that protect them.

    When Bogut and Duncan are not on the court with Green and Thompson, Green and Thompson get LIT UP.

  374. LIN is THE BEST.

    “Top” defenders like the overrated Tony Allen and Avery Bradly (both living off their Celtics reputations) don’t lock down Tony Parker to 6 points or Jimmy Butler to scoreless in a quarter or Dwayne Wade to hardly any made baskets in the playoffs (among other things).

  375. Then who’s “better” than Lin on defense?

    No player you name can get the stops and do the help defense and break up plays better than Lin can.

    Show me a player who is statistically better than Lin and I’ll show you a player who’s being PROTECTED by teammates who have a far greater role on defense than that player does.

    Of the players you name who you feel are “better” than Lin, I guarantee you that all of them come from teams with strong help defense. And even on top teams like Golden State and San Antonio, those top defenders get KILLED when their championship caliber shot blocking fleet footed big men are off the floor.

    Lin is the only defender I have ever seen who could legitimately stop All Stars even without the help of a great shotblocker or great helping perimeter teammates.

  376. CBS article, half of it was defending Lin’s defense, the other half, trashing Lin. The writer is bipolar…

  377. Basically, the writer of this article is an apologist for Knicks and Melo sticking to the defense excuse to knock on Lin and to add credence to Knicks’ decision for letting Lin walk w/o a contract offer. In one of his first radio interviews as the Rockets Head Coach, D’Antoni candidly revealed that Knicks’ defense was top-notched w/Lin-led during Linsanity era…

  378. I think sport writers realize Lin is the only player still can generate a lot of readers even in off season.

  379. Most people don’t understand team defence. Offence always has the advantage of knowing what they want to do so they always have the split second advantage that gives the the edge to create spacing. Good coaches utilizes the bigs to trap offensive players. PGs must set up the direction to these traps. Great coaches set these traps up and great defensive guards funnels players to them. Lins speed harasses and hurries players into making bad decisions.

    Look at it another way. Lin gets very little credit for setting up the flow of play or hockey assists. On defence, his bball intelligence makes opponents make bad decisions by fooling them into going the wrong way and into traps. The blocks and stops become their stats and not Lin’s.

    All people want to see is his man getting by him but they don’t understand that it’s basically a planned assist for his teammate’s stats.

  380. Follow the link embedded in the tweet to see the members of Jeremy’s e-sports team.

    If you follow the link you can also see the “All he does is Lin” video.

  381. Lol that article is total nonsense

  382. Very well explaining a basic lesson, coach.

  383. Nice emphasis on “LIT UP”

  384. Anyway, I post the vid to ask 2 questions, non Lin questions. The title is top 10 worst defensive NBA stars. So since when is Clarkson a star. Also have you notice that De rozen’s STATs was listed under 6, and he is also listed as the worst i.e. #1.

  385. Equal in this aspect of speed…
    but Lin > Wall overall

  386. Yet more click bait articles. Smh.

  387. At least Reddit is always supportive of Lin. Of course there are still a minority of haters, but they’re usually downvoted pretty fast…

  388. It’s necessary to realize that you must respect your opponents. They are in the NBA because they have talent. When on defence, it’s not about stopping them. It’s about wearing their resolve down and making it hard for them to do what they want to do. The real trick is make them score the way You want them to score. Make them do uncomfortable things.

    Last year when Hornets played the Heat, they got blown out in Miami and everyone was asking and saying that they have no chance. I wrote that if they let Lin in the game and change the dynamics of the game from a half court game that suits the aging and slow Heat offence into a running game, the kind that Lin can run so beautifully. I said make Wade run, And run him to the ground, then they would chnage the game into their favour.

    That’s why they won 3 games in a row until Cho and Clifford got cold feet.

  389. Agreed!

  390. Most hater articles about Lin tend to be total nonsense. 😉

  391. Much much more, Lin helps his team >>>> Wall does.

  392. well said!

  393. maybe looking for more sponsors for their Team profit? a jeremy Lin led team can generate lots of attention that advertisers smells and hound for a profit too! thats what i am reading, and maybe, that team is also that GOOD thats why Jeremy chose them.

  394. Dumb article.

  395. Appreciate Robin for sticking by Lin through thick and thin since Linsanity. Thanks Robin, for reaching out to Lin fans.

  396. Ya! Robin is really great to Lin & his fans… Hope he can have interview w Lin next season. Really can’t wait for season to start….

  397. wouldnt go that far
    Wall is one of the top PGs right now
    Lin still has to prove he’s on the same level first
    We all know at one point people compared them and Lin seemed to have more upside
    now he will prove it again hopefully

  398. The hits just keep coming. “The Knicks treated Linsanity [like] someone who strikes oil and plugs [the] hole.”

  399. Wall should be one of the top PGs, as a #1 draft pick, there are expectations and Wall has the whole organization supporting him. Lin has held his own against Wall.

  400. Is he? I didn’t know that. Seemed like Wall always got beat when he played against Lin. :/

  401. i know lin is a great defender im not arguing that, im arguing is he better than those two. we will see how well green and thompson are this year WITHOUT duncan and Bogut. also lin wil be guarding starting pg’s full time so his defense will truly be put to the test. only time will tell.. i know he can hold his own and more olaying with harden and kobe for those seasons.

  402. You’re right Yura. Lin always got the best of Wall. Couldn’t find the original SLAM aritcle, but read this article in this link and you’ll know why:

  403. “How despicable Knicks pretend Linsanity never happened”
    I’d forgotten about this NYPost article from last June. It really does look like the Knicks are trying erase Linsanity from Knicks history.

  404. if wall is considered the elite pg then why havent the wizards gone further in the play offs – all those so called elites even rubio or conley are supposed to be “good’ if their salaries say so then why havent any of their teams ended up in the actual nba finals? or semi finals? if 1 player is elite but doesnt play well with his team mates it shows – aka look at the rockets for example – harden. not dissing anyone but facts are facts – the reason why the hornets did so well was because they concentrated on team ball and supported each other – despite them losing in game 7 they did better than expected. the point is – john wall was supposed to be the breakout star – he has the whole organisation backing him. perhaps if lin had the same amount of respect and support from everyone in any of the teams he played for things wd have been different. who knows – let’s just hope that the nets and the FO respect and support lin as their PG

  405. look at summer league – look at 2012 – look at all the games against the wizards – look at lin vs rubio

  406. This is a great post!

  407. Very well said!

  408. well i think that is good news – if the knicks are rewriting history so be it. the mediocre knicks will always be that – just like the lakers and the rockets will continue to be for a long time. it is no loss – while the knicks regress, lin progresses on his terms.

  409. my question is why on earth wd the knicks continue to talk about jeremy lin at all? he has moved on right – is it because he is back in brooklyn – and they have rose and noah in their roster? personally i think the knicks sd have not commented about lin at all. that was just dumb

  410. Just because a player “gets by” Lin, it doesn’t result in an automatic 2 points against Lin.

    In fact, Lin is the best chasedown defender in the NBA.

    He blankets opponents and usually forces a miss.

    Even many Lin fans will give up on Lin when an opponent seemingly dribbles by him, but Lin doesn’t ever give up on Lin!

  411. The Nets will play a devastating brand of basketball that hasn’t been seen in the modern era.

    Their fundamental soundness and team play will negate whatever perceived athletic and individual talents other teams have.

  412. The Knicks HATE LIN, so much that hating on Lin is seemingly more important than building their own damn team!

  413. Not equal in weight or strength or durability or conditioning or fundamentals or shooting or defense or passing or big game experience or breaking records.

    Lin >>>> Wall!!!

  414. Lin is worse than Wall? OH REALLY??

    Did Wall put up historic stats in multiple seasons for different teams?

    Did Wall make his teammates better?

    Did Wall take bad teams and singlehandedly transform them in to victors?

    Does Wall have good fundamentals?

    These things, among others, are demonstrably worse for Wall than for Lin.

    Wall might be the “All Star”, but Lin outproduces him by quite a bit.

  415. It’s not just John Wall that Lin hammers.

    Lin’s primary matchup over the last 5 seasons has been max contract Bradley Beal.

    And Lin utterly wrecks Beal too, as Beal cannot physically battle Lin as effectively as Wall can.

  416. I expect Green and Thompson to struggle defensively without Bogut and Duncan, just like they always have.

  417. yeah i know such strange priorities tbh – they have enough issues in their team esp with rose but still have time to talk abt lin. LOL

  418. Good video by bballbreakdown on Yao…

  419. I’m not a fan of Yao.

    He had all the skills, but not the instincts.

    That’s why the Rockets could never win big with him.

  420. The Knicks are one of the most NEGATIVE franchises in the league.

    James Dolan is a mess, but Phil Jackson might be worse. Jackson cannot resist criticizing his own players and coaches even though Jackson is calling a the shots.

    The Knicks will never learn that it’s impossible to build a winning team by being so negative.

  421. Hi Khuang
    What do you think about Kawhi? I think he might be a slightly better 1on1 defender than Lin. Lin is of course the better team defender. The best defender I’ve ever seen is Jordan but he only played D sometimes. Eg. 92 Olympics.

  422. well hopefully james harden will never join him in the hall of fame – lol

  423. i think jackson has been put there with the knicks to make sure that they never win anything again. his choice of players is embarassing – i smell conspiracy

  424. As a center, Yao’s game is boring.
    Amare Stoudemire in PHX was more fun to watch.

    Rockets fans in China enjoyed T-Mac more than Yao.

  425. yeah i know – but the knicks are not doing themselves any favours with all their lin bashing

  426. Well, they gotta do SOMETHING given that Lin is the Knicks crowd favorite and always ends up turning the home court crowd against their own team.

    It is absolutely no different from when Dr J as a visiting player used to do a spectacular Lin like move and then the opposing crowd would start cheering for him.

  427. I’d agree, but Jackson really is trying to win!

    It’s just that he’s so bad at it, he makes the hated Isiah Thomas look like a saint!

  428. Agree agree

  429. As an (ex) Spurs fan (Duncan retiring ended it for me), I would never call Kawhi Leonard as good as Lin defensively.

    Kawhi Leonard has gotten his stops primarily by having Tim Duncan protecting him. Like Bruce Bowen who was wildly overrated defensively, Kawhi Leonard is really only effective when Duncan is on the court. Whenever Duncan isn’t, Leonard struggles to defend like in the playoffs against OKC. Leonard isn’t like Lin who doesn’t need an elite center like Duncan to protect him.

    The thing about Lin’s defense that very few people understand is that it’s just not about straight up man to man coverage. It’s also about breaking up plays, helping teammates out, athletically countering the superstars, quarterbacking the defense, and most importantly making sure his teammates are involved offensively so that they don’t fall asleep defensively with a rested opponent that has been quietly napping on defense!

  430. Yao Ming absolutely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame because he’s a GREAT PLAYER.

    However, just because a guy makes the Hall of Fame doesn’t mean that I like his game or even consider him a true winner. Yao, I definitely do not like his game or consider him a true winner.

    The same goes for Allen Iverson, though I’m like the only NBA fan in history who DOES NOT consider Iverson to be a “great player”. And absolutely I don’t consider Iverson a winner either. I thought Charles Barkley said it best: “me, myself, and Iverson!”

  431. Only one week to go!

  432. still the master of the one-liner.

  433. Nice one-liner response…:P

  434. yeah agreed –

  435. do you think that jackson is really trying to win with the knicks? i thought he was tanking every single year that wd explain his weird decision making – pple always said he was a skilled gm but he really doesnt seem to be

  436. as long as they keep beating the knicks and the lakers and the rockets that wd be fine with me. !! make it happen LIN

  437. his last game wizards vs hornets wall got walled by lin

  438. and wall and beal dont like each other apparently –

  439. if they dont like lin they sd just say so – all this is confusing – either you like him or dont

  440. Lol

  441. Yeah, most PGs think they’ve already beaten Lin when they’ve blown by him. The truth is that in their mind, they’ve won gold already but it’s fools gold. Lin lets them gain a step and allows them to be fooled by that success. He lets it get into their heads that they have a free run to the basket. With their heads already looking at 2 points, they have forgotten about Lin swooping down on their easy layup to bat away the ball.

    Suckered! Like fishing in a barrel.

  442. “Beat” the Hornets also! They’re in the same EC. Let’s hope and pray that Nets will surprise lots of people and take the playoff spot against these past teams that Lin was on!

  443. Don’t worry.

    Lin will be just fine with the refs.

    With the NBA made into a laughingstock by the bash video, the NBA won’t allow as much deliberately uncalled flagrant fouling of Lin.

    Also with the Nets franchise standing behind Lin instead of ignoring him the way all of his previous teams did, refs cannot cheat Lin without a fight.

    Even with the refs cheating Lin – and they WILL at times because ALL players in the NBA get cheated in the regular season regularl, it shouldn’t impact the Nets too much because they will play clean fundamentally sound teamball.

  444. If they can do that, they will make the playoff.

  445. Do you prefer kenny over mda?

  446. Sean Kilpatrick has high praise for Lin’s knowledge & confidence as a role model for the Nets You’ve been getting work in with Jeremy Lin and giving each other shoutouts on Twitter. What’s it been like working with Lin?

    Sean Kilpatrick: It’s amazing, man. Being able to have a guy like that with the teams he’s been with before and all the knowledge that he knows now and being able to text him every day and get some type of advice or pick his brain a little bit. I think that’s something that helps me and my game and him having the same type of confidence in me that I have in him I think that’s something that’s really helped me. It’s been great. He’s been a great role model when he came to this team and also a great vet with this team. Who knows where it will take off from there…

  447. Wade got his way with LIn in the playoffs

  448. It’s not about one-on-one match up
    Walls career stats are 18-9-4.5 and he has been consistent
    Lin might have played well against him but he still has more to prove
    sure wall was No.1 pick and had teams support but that doesnt make Lin better than him
    you gotta prove it with stats and your performance on court consistently

  449. career 18-9-4.5
    Lin is 11.7 – 4.4-2.8 so theres a big difference

  450. Look at the Nets’ Facebook header image!

  451. great! I hope you’re right…it kinda makes more sense since he will be more of a star on the team. I know technically it shouldn’t matter to refs, but refs aren’t perfect of course

  452. Lin in front 🙂

  453. Sean, get yourself preparing for double digit score every night.

  454. Exactly :p

  455. Agree. Lin is now inches away from being the league elite super-star and he will be once the Nets start winning.

  456. LOL they love to use this image of RHJ dunking on Hornets starters…

  457. Clever subliminal image–> 24/7… All day, Every Day, Nets! Yep, as long as Lin is there and leading…!

  458. they almost won in 2009, they were demolishing the lakers in conference finals before yao fractured his foot. The lakers were the champions that year, so I think a healthy rockets would have won a ring. The real reason yao was injured so much and retired early is because of the chinese government. They forced him to play all year without rest and this caused him to wear down faster.

  459. Rivalry is brewing between Knicks & Nets… Since he’s in the media & pro Knicks, watch this arrogant hater, Tommy Dee, in this upcoming season.

  460. That’s one part, the other part is the ball is in his hands.

  461. Ugh.

    Sean Kilpatrick was already a superb NBA scorer when he broke into the league last season.

    Now he’s becoming even more CEREBRAL.

    Sean Kilpatrick is a marvelous player who just might be the 2 guard that takes pressure off Lin.

  462. Completely…


  463. Yes, by A LOT.

  464. I don’t even want Lin to get “star” treatment”.

    I just hope that the NBA stops telling its refs that bashing the Asian guy is what American audiences want to see, because American audiences don’t want to see a rigged NBA.

  465. By the way, where can I watch forthcoming pregames? Does NBA League pass televise them?

  466. Phil Jackson really is trying to win with the Knicks.

    Unfortunately, he’s so clueless as a GM that he has become far worse than Isiah Thomas ever was. The only thing saving him is that the racist NY media dares not criticize him because he is white.

    Jackson’s view is simple: get the biggest name players and throw them together in the triangle.

    Phil Jackson has not yet learned what his Bulls GM Jerry Krause knew: that getting the right role players is as important as getting the right stars.

  467. Well … maybe it is not so difficult to become champion if you have Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippin, Horace Grant,Bill Cartwright and John Paxon waiting for you on arrival at the Bulls or Kobe Bryant, Dereck Fisher. Rick Fox, A.C. Green, Ron Harper,Robert Horry, Tyronn Lue, Shaq, Glen Rice and Brian Shaw waiting for you on arrival at the Lakers.

    Not that I am saying that Phill Jackson is a bad coach – I think he is a great coach for a team with a lot of talented players – good motivator and good getting his teams to play to their strengths. Indeed not many coaches can continue to motivate their players year after year like he can.

    I am not sure he is as good GM … but we will find out this year – either the Knicks will get to the playoffs or Jackson has failed as a GM.

  468. 18-9-4.5 he is legit and pretty consistent
    he does a really good job on his team
    distributing the balll well

  469. Exactly

  470. lol maybe because you dont know how to enjoy basketball

  471. AI was a great scorer, but I would not call him a great BB team player.

  472. I rather Nets lose to them but make the playoff. Playoff is where your reputation is made.

  473. Phil Jackson reminds me of Mourinho who is a great soccer coach for a team composed of great players. When all players are talented and ready, all you have to do is handle their egos and give them incentives and not do the dirty work. I love how Man City is playing under Pep these days.

  474. Does NBA League Pass show pre-season games? My understanding is no. If that’s the case, where can we watch (good quality) pre-season games?

  475. You had to know that if Lin ever got close to New York again, Tommy Dee would start showing up in Lin fans’ twitter streams. He doesn’t like Lin.

    It’s also worth keeping an eye on the following tweet, not so much for the content of the tweet, but for who is responding to it and what they’re saying. The contempt for the Lin fan base is alive and well.

  476. well they can’t talk about DRose , he is not PG13 LOL

  477. Did not know about Tommy Dee’s hatred for Lin before, but now I do. His tweets are nauseating and cocky. And you’re right, it’s also those who responded and what they said in their tweets. I pray and hope that Lin and Nets win over Knicks each time they meet!

  478. Tweedle Dee blocked me on Twitter because I handed him a new one.

    In case Tweedle Dee deletes his Twitter posts…

  479. Great job!!!.

  480. Thanks CLICK! Wow, TDEE is full of BS! And he is an Emmy winner???

  481. This guy is a liar got caught lying. Montgomery never was replaced.

  482. Knicks’ PR are trying so hard to smear Lin and throw water on his stardom before he catches fire again in NYC.

    This is what Lin has to say about that whole situation:

  483. Some of us wish Lin wasn’t so loyal to Roger, but he is extremely loyal because Roger was there for Lin when he needed him most.

    This guy Dee is desperate to find anything to smear Lin with. Too bad they’re all lies and half truths.

  484. That’s character assassinating to cover up lies for Dolan.

  485. I honestly think they’re over that debacle. They’re just trying to preemptively destroy Lin’s popularity before he takes off again in Brooklyn. They know they can’t simply ignore Lin anymore and have to actively lie about the past to make Knicks fans feel better for them getting rid of Lin.

  486. I have international lp that’s still active from last season and yes, pre-season games will be shown.

  487. I’m sensing that too… Watch Knicks/Dolan’s media; they will be out in force.. That’s why I said Nets media/mgm/coaches should be ready to refute Knicks at every turn, not only for Lin but for the whole team. Knicks want their narrative out there to cover their behind…

  488. I don’t think Nets media, which is only YES Network and NetsDaily, are ready or willing to defend Lin and pick a fight with the Knicks and their media lapdogs. Us Lin fans have to pick up the slack. Otherwise, Knicks PR team and their propaganda mouthpieces will keep attacking Lin with lies.

    You gotta remember, Nets are used to being stepped on by the Knicks, Knicks fans, and Knicks-controlled media. Dolan is stupid rich and has his hands in the pockets of many talking heads in NY media.

  489. They will be in a rude awakening… However, I feel a little bit encouraged to see Nets Income & Nets Daily have been posting some tweets and articles responding to doubters. They might not be as upfront as this guy Tommy Dee, but in time I think they will be when the rivalry is clearly reaching the fever pit…

  490. Yeah, once the Nets start winning, Linsanity 2.0 taking off, the Knicks might be in danger losing the key of the city.

  491. You’re right. This is their preemptive tactic to influence the fans, press, and mostly importantly the NBA refs… The David and Goliath’s analogy is once again in play… Lin/Nets vs Dolan/Knicks…

  492. GQ wrote another article on Lin. They sure love Lin and the clicks he generates lol…

  493. Worth a listen. Megdal seems very pro-Lin. If you listen to the podcast, it would be nice to let him know you on Twitter that you liked what he said.

  494. I think the Nets have decided they’re done with low self esteem. I think they could give a c#@p about Dolan and his lame media hi-jinks. The proof is going to be in the pudding and they couldn’t have made a more genius choice than Lin PG extraordinaire, than coach Lin who will get his guys doing more than they dreamed of, than Lin the leader who has abundant wisdom about how to rise above haters, and Lin with more and hipper fans than any organization could drool over.

  495. A reporter who was there for Linsanity “gets it” about Lin’s post-Linsanity career so far. One of the quotes (at approx 4:40 in the podcast):

    “Jeremy Lin’s entire career since the moment Linsanity ended has been almost engineered to keep him from being able to accomplish the things you’d want him to accomplish in the NBA.”

    Howard Megdal (@howardmegdal) of VICE, USA Today and PoliticoNY joined “Lock on Nets” host David Vertsberger to discuss Jeremy Lin’s upcoming season.

  496. just in case others didn’t catch it, that article is from 2012.

  497. oh snap!!!!!

  498. He was doing that before Lin even showed up, he’s that good!

  499. I love how you keep sounding on how fundamental this team will be. This is the smartest team in the NBA. I imagine a lot of fans will watch the Nets win and will not understand how it happens.

    I look forward to hear what pundits say to explain the Nets success because many of them will not understand what they are watching.

  500. That’s the highlight of the show.

  501. Not even Phil can save a sorry franchise like the Knicks if they don’t get rid of Melo. We all know Phil was hired as eye candy just to keep the fans happy.

  502. Agree.

    It’s one thing to not raise a hand against the Knicks when their own Nets players wearing Williams and Johnson and Pierce and Garmett jerseys (among others) are openly rebelling against the Nets.

    But when the Knick tabloids REALLY start coming after Lin, the Nets media department absolutely will strike back in their own coldly professional way.

  503. Both those sites are very pro Lin.

    They’re also astounded at how much HATE comes Lin’s way.

  504. Excuse me, I am from Phx and agree with fungch1218’s post!

    Amare Stoudemire was a terrific player for the Suns, though I was deeply critical of D’Antoni’s refusal to play post up basketball with Stoudemire.

  505. Not that part
    the part where they said Yao was boring
    He was very respected in the league
    a big with such soft tough and great skills also a great free throw shooter
    virtually unstoppable

  506. This Nets team is essentially the modern day clone of the 1950s Bill Russell Boston Celtics that didn’t have great talent but mowed down bigger and faster and more star laden teams with total teamwork and relentless court intelligence.

  507. Listen to the whole thing. It’s good stuffs from Howard Megdel. I like some disagreement – why not. Lin a 15-16 pt ?? What’s the guy been watching ?? He can get those numbers coming off the bench on a regular basis. And Linsanity was a “perfect alignment” ? Howard shtick it to him… Haha…
    Anyway, it’s good to Megdel defending Lin.

  508. I agree…. 1000% !!!

  509. Spurs are dying, but a new empire is about to emerge in Brooklyn.

  510. I like both. I will not favor one over the other even if Coach K is a much better coach. MDA to me is like Lin’s career savior. Yes, players play … and earn what they’re worth. MDA went beyond that. He’s a pg’s dream coach. He coached Nash. And JL7’s style is like Nash. Most importantly, MDA genuinely like Lin – as a person and bb player. Remember: MDA and Lin only had each other for few months. Who knows what could have been if they had each other for 2-3 seasons. Lin could have been “Nash” under MDA.

  511. I think it does, sometimes some promotion thing may start and we get few free games to watch

  512. To other posts:
    JL7 > J.Wall. 18pt & 9
    If only Lin had that kind of “freedom” to do his BB thing on a nightly basis for last 3-4 seasons. JL7 can be 22-25 pt & 8 on nightly basis. Question is do he himself choose to be. Sometimes, he rather pass for assist to motivate teammates. Maybe he’s not that 22pt guy 3-4 seasons ago but he can be once he’s ready… which will be soon.

  513. From the Top: The Cavs, Raptors, Celtics, The Nets, Pacers, Pistons, Heat, Hawks, –>> #9. Hornets, Bulls, Knicks, Bucks, Sixers, Magic.

  514. Looking for strong performances from Dragic, D-Howard of Hawks, and a fun Sixers team.

  515. Lin >>>>> Wall.

    Basketball isn’t about personal stats.

    It’s about DOING JUST ENOUGH to beat the opponent.

    So many people don’t understand how Lin can consistently win despite not always putting up great individual numbers. That’s because if Lin messes up the opponent, even Lin not having a great statistical game is more than enough to WIN.

  516. Yes, you’re 110% right!
    But JL7 can put up high numbers and get the W when called upon. We know it. Honestly, it’ll be hard for JL7 not to put up high numbers because he’ll be more aggressive. He’ll be in control. He’ll be playing his game. I’m fine if the Nets team get the W and JL7 only score 15. But it’s not going to be like that for the majority. He will score… a lot … because he will be carrying a good load of the offense. Scoring a lot is not a bad thing for him because he’ll command double team and he will break down the offense.

  517. Like someone asked, how much can you help your team win, not how much can your team help you pad your stats.

  518. Well said.

  519. Kilpatrick has a similar story as Lin: 4 years in college, doubted, undrafted, D-League stints, worked hard to make it in the NBA.

    No wonder he looks up to Lin and gets inspiration from Lin.

  520. I’m not a fan of his but he’s smart by giving himself the greatest chance to succeed. Why go into a difficult challenging situation/environment if it’s unnecessary.

    I think his ego got too big and when he wasn’t considered for the Lakers GM position he felt obliged to sign with NYK to show that he’s still in demand.

  521. I remember Howard Megdal wrote this nice comprehensive piece about Lin’s NBA career, “The Redemption of Jeremy Lin”, 20 November 2015:

  522. Wake me up then.

  523. It all comes to matcups. Lin did his matchup well with Dragic, Erving, Lowry, Wall etc How much those guards get paid.

  524. The Knick machine is jumping on Lin because their PG Derrick Rose is about to go trial for rape. His deposition didn’t go to well when he couldn’t give a definition of non consent in the rape allegations against him. That’s why they turned the focus on lin. This is just a smoke screen to keep Knick fans from focusing on Derrick Rose..LOL

  525. Sean Kilpatrick is a fine example of a terrific player who NBA scouts dismissed but has turned out to be a terrific NBA player.

  526. I’ll bet that if Lin’s scoring and assists aren’t that great on paper, the Nets will have run away with tons of wins!!!

  527. Sounds exactly right.

    Lin is STILL the Knicks scapegoat, just like the last 6 seasons.

  528. Not gonna happen, you have to stay in coma

  529. IYO, which team will win the opener, Nets or Celtics?

  530. All of them should HANG THEIR HEADS IN SHAME for getting their butts kicked by a $2 million player!!!

    Lin gets slammed in the media for outplaying people. Like Mark Jackson said, Lin is “the most criticized undrafted player ever”.

  531. That’s what I’ve been saying also forever. IMO, Lins going to be doing a lot of passing and TOs early this year, like force feeding Asik. Lin knows that if the Nets has any chance at making the post season, he needs everyone to be playing much better than ever.

    Lin will do his u selfish thing until the 4th then push the scoring mode to win the game. I would like to see Lin to be like Nash having games with over 20 assists.

  532. didnt know that lin is so powerful – must be all the dota he plays – lol

  533. Nets

  534. This is golden info about game plan against opponent. Let’s remember during the season. Most Lin fans know that Lin will do his best, but that the coaching staff also need to have good game plan & preparations against Nets opponents, and players have to buy in and follow instructions. Credit to NetsDaily website & the author: “Nets close out November vs the Pistons”, byBrian Fleurantin, Nov 29, 2015, 8:42a, ttp:// Chauncey Billups explained:

  535. The Sixers’ best player now is my man JERRYD BAYLESS.

    Even though the Sixers plan on forcefeeding rookie Ben Simmons, it’ll still be Jerryd Bayless who is the true best player.

    Bayless has never ever received a chance to truly succeed in the NBA, which I have always thought was INSANE because Bayless is more talented than other Arizona guards like Mike Bibby, Jason Terry, Michael Dickerson, Steve Kerr, and Gilbert Arenas. Even more than Lin, Bayless has never gotten a real NBA chance as a starter.

    I still don’t know if Bayless will start for Philly. He should, especially over incoming guard Sergio Rodriguez who I feel cannot beat out Bayless. Frankly, I don’t think Rodriguez could even beat out current Sixer PG Tj McConnell.

    Bayless alone will make the Sixers more competitive. He’ll need to, given how raw Simmons and the rest of the inexperienced and overrated Sixers roster is.

  536. You hit the nail right in the centre of the head. The key words are when “called upon” Lin will deliver the scoring when his teammates were having off nights. Otherwise he will perform as usual with the right game plan and teamwork play after play to secure the wins with even double digits scoring for his team players across the board as usual. Haha cheers.

  537. FYI. Credit to NetsDaily. Here’s the interesting quote about game plan strategy against Shaq & Bryant from Chauncey Billups:

  538. Promotional night schedules are out.

    Key dates for Lin / Nets goodies:

    November 4 vs. Hornets – Nets t-shirt

    January 15 vs. Rockets – Lin bobblehead

  539. Nets alternate Swingman jerseys are for sale. So tempting…

  540. Do you guys know average playing time for starters during preseason games?

  541. NBPA (NBA’s union) is trying to do damage control and good PR for D.Rose…

    Knicks PR are trying to smear Lin because he’s getting too much positive attention right now. They’re afraid they’ll lose fans who were fond of Linsanity to the Nets this year.

  542. I am confused. Two separate nights, one is Taiwanese and one is Chinese culture night, what’s the difference?

  543. My guess in the low 20.

  544. Smart game planning around Bryant’s lack of emotional discipline, a weakness that drove other talent away from him and ultimately made him kryptonite for the Lakers. Calling him a “selfish” player is only the tip of the iceberg, since inability to master your emotions means bad behavior off the court too (reference wife’s honking mea culpa diamond ring). Some folks have complained about what they see as Jeremy’s “over-helping”. Like Shaq, who complained of Kobe’s immaturity, he just wants to WIN, and knows it takes a team to do that. It’s not over-helping, it’s emotional discipline, and it’s uncommon and it’s priceless.

  545. The switch is inevitable when Linsanity II explodes. No one can stop Nets becoming the New York team if Nets getting into the playoff while Knicks being Knicks with so called superteam.

  546. Thanks ..

  547. This post could start a fire storm. China claims Taiwan is part of China, but Taiwan claims their own nationality and culture. That’s why Lin often isn’t called Chinese but Taiwanese American of Chinese descent.

    The Chinese and Taiwanese relationship could get political. Sigh. My feeling is We are all Gods children in His eyes.

  548. One is chinese from taiwan and one is chinese from mainland.
    Arena doesn’t want no fights when they see each other!.

  549. it’s like 2 betta fish in one bowl.

  550. Nice catch

  551. You might wanna correct that to Taiwanese from Taiwan lol

  552. Perhaps it’s a matter of “diplomacy”. For example, there are distinct cultural centers in NYC :

    Taipei Cultural Center in New York

    New York Chinese Cultural Center

  553. Yeah that little nation Taiwan always feels the threat of China superpower.

  554. Got it now. Good for Taiwan, otherwise their culture will become like the dying culture of Manchurian.

  555. There’s no threat.
    China is not gonna do anything to Taiwan.
    2 separate countries.
    China has no super power LOL they are letting everyone take advantage of them.

  556. Allright guys anything to a Lin bobblehead!!? (Within reasonable limits lol)

  557. Yep it’s good they make the cultural distinction as it shoulds

  558. I’m concerned… These two players are still limited and not yet ready: LeVert- foot injury and Greivez- bone spurs. Whitehead might get integrated into the team earlier than expected, and Nets are trying out Jorge Guittierez (former d-league Hornets) and Kendal Marshall

  559. Both are OK to be 3rd PG in the team. Don’t worry.

  560. You shouldn’t be, heart. The training camp will soon tell us a lot more.

  561. Wow, coach and captain/co-captain are already in laying down their team new agendas.

  562. Impossible for me to hear the lyric but hey that Brooklyn rapper has #7 jersey on.

  563. Kendall, oh boy. A third stringer with attitude

  564. This list should be obsolete in a few months …

  565. Yep. The list will be obsolete soon. Russell is not #1, IMO. He does not make his teammates better. From #3 down, Lin had gone head-to-head battle w/ these guys and won. These guys got the team and org behind them giving consistent role and minutes. They have talents and role layers built around them to help pad-stats also… So I’m not impressed!


    Nets coach Kenny Atkinson on what he expects from PG Jeremy Lin in an
    increased role: “Leadership. He came off the bench in Charlotte last
    year and did a heckuva job. But this is a little different deal. Now,
    you are kind of the quarterback, the Eli Manning. … I love the Steve
    Clifford quote from the other day (about missing his defense). I think
    he can be a darn good defender with his athleticism, his
    competitiveness. I think he feels a little slighted that he is not
    considered a better defender, so we need to hold him accountable there.
    … It is a heckuva challenge for him. I think he is prepared for it and
    I think it is the right time in his career for it.”

  567. how is the Knicks PR is trying to smear Lin?…Have they stated something negative about Lin recently?

  568. Well hurry up.

  569. Celtics guy tweeting. Notice the “#netspick” hashtag. The Celtics still think they’re going to get a top three pick next draft because they have the rights to swap picks with the Nets. We’ll see …

  570. They’re still trying to convince the league and other GMs that their pick swap with Nets are going to yield a lotto pick. No GM has fallen for their schemes yet.

  571. It’s a joke… It’s expected as everything else that’s negative towards JL7. Eric Bledsoe ?? I’ll pick Dragic over Bledsoe and I.Thomas. JL7 did more than these guys… THAT’S WHY I believe JL7 will carry Exciting The Nets with 22pt & 8ast. What else can the negative media do then ??

  572. That’s absolutely right. We’ve seen it season after season, team to team. If he’s not putting up high scoring numbers that only means that his team is in control of the game.

  573. Woah, Lin will be like the lyrics. FAST! They won’t know what hit them!

  574. Including Ainge.

  575. how do i make some money off this ????
    im havent gambled since college/NFL football 2003

  576. Best to stay away.

  577. this can pay for league pass HAHHA

  578. id like to see some big men as well

  579. ugh…rape allegations against a multi millionaire. I guess the girl couldn’t help herself, these rich and famous guys usually just go from girl to girl without a second thought because they all flock to them.

  580. Not sure why Nets are so worried about their PG and SG depth, but they’re working out 2 Hornets rejects in Gutierrez and Hairston, as well as Kendall Marshall…

  581. Vazquez might not be healthy as thought. He was supposed to be fine for the Olympics but skipped it. Don’t think he’s even cleared for full-contact as we’re about to hit training camp.

  582. I don’t gamble as a matter of principle. But I am very, very, very, very tempted. This is EASY money.

  583. If the Celtics were smart, they’d trade those picks ASAP for a true star talent (Cousins?). Lin is going to ruin the BKN picks and Ainge will be sitting on a pile of rags next summer.

  584. agree

  585. “the easier it looks/the harder it hooks/there’s no such thing as:/easy money” –ricki lee jones

  586. lin finally made a top 100 list for as far as i know the first time this preseason; coming in #94 on’s “20616-2017 fantasy big board” just ahead of evan fournier and just behind rodney hood.!/2016-17-nba-fantasy-big-board/

  587. 5 Takeaways from Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson

    Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson are cornerstones of the Brooklyn Nets’ new foundation. They’ve spent the summer assembling the team they want on and off the court, implementing a new culture and are now almost ready to turn their vision into action on the court.

    With training camp opening on Sept. 26, Marks and Atkinson held a press conference to discuss the upcoming season. With the topics ranging from group expectations to individual roles they covered a lot of ground. Here are five takeaways from today’s press conference:

    1. Success Will Be Measured In Progress

    Marks and Atkinson are playing the long game, saying they are more concerned with progress and development than straight wins and losses.

    “The season won’t be measured entirely by wins and losses,” Marks said. “It’ll be measured by the progress that’s made throughout the season and the buy-in from our players.”

    That’s not to say wins and losses will have no bearing at all, nor will the Nets wait until the end of the season to determine progress.

    “Our goals aren’t necessarily six months down the road goals,” Marks said “It’s this next block of five games and asking did we improve from the last block of five games.”

    “Hopefully with all the interaction the coaches will have throughout the year and the performance staff, you’ll see guys’ bodies improve, physical abilities improve and also the way they play the game,” he added.

    “The fans, media and everyone around the team will see a team that’s building, improving, competing at a high level every night,” Atkinson said. “Individual improvement and our young players are getting better. We are interested in advanced stats, so we’ll see improvements in statistics in areas we think are important and the style we want to play.”

    2. How They’ll Play

    Marks and Atkinson have brought in players that they think would be good system fits for their ideal vision of Nets basketball, but that the system will reflect the players. Some points of emphasis:

    Team defense
    Sharing the ball/be a high-assist team
    Don’t take contested shots

    “Down the line there’s certainly a feel for how we’d like to play, simply from our backgrounds – San Antonio and Atlanta,” Marks said. “An unselfish style of play, don’t take contested shots, move the ball, make the extra pass.”

    “A lot of it will be predicated on what the roster looks like, you can’t say we’re only going to be a 3-point shooting team if you also have to involve Brook down there. Kenny will argue that Brook will shoot the corner 3 as well. We’ll be flexible, but he’s the guy with the system.”

    Cue the man with the system.

    “Emphasize team defense,” Atkinson said. “It’s not easy to overachieve in the NBA, but if there is a way to do it, we can do it with good team defense. On the offensive side it’s the same thing, we’re
    going to have to share the ball, we’re going to have to hopefully be a high-assist team that plays together.”

    3. The Nets will monitor LeVert and bring him along slowly

    Marks said the Nets will take a slow approach to Caris LeVert in his rookie season, as the 22-year-old first-rounder is still recovering from offseason foot surgery. LeVert has been working out with the Nets
    performance team – and is progressing well according to Marks – but his status for the start of the season is unclear. He is currently “limited” on the court and is mainly working on strengthening exercises.

    “Caris is progressing well,” Marks said. “We’ll be progressing him slowly and building him in and hopefully has a long career ahead of him. He’s a guy that we’re certainly going to monitor.”

    4. The Nets think Brook Lopez can get even better

    Atkinson said development is not exclusively for younger players and riffed on how he thinks Brook Lopez can take another step and add another dimension to his game.

    “The first thing we’re going to do is to challenge him defensively to improve,” Atkinson said. “Rebounding – I know that’s been a thing in the past – pick and roll defense and we have to find the right scheme that fits him. Offensively – I think it’s with all of these guys – become even more efficient than you are. Taking better shots, getting to the rim more, mixing in some 3-point shots to balance your game… We’re going to challenge to improve in those areas and again that fit our style of play and we do believe that he can take another step.”

    5. The Nets think Jeremy Lin is ready to lead

    Atkinson is placing a lot of responsibility in Jeremy Lin’s hands this season, but thinks the time is right for Lin.

    “He came off the bench in Charlotte last year and did a heck of a job, but this is a different deal here,” Atkinson said. “You’re kind of the quarterback, the Eli Manning, those guys have a different level of
    responsibility and that’s new to him.

    “He can be a darn good defender with his athleticism and his competitiveness and I think he feels a little slighted that he’s not considered a better defender, so we need to hold him accountable there.
    There’s a lot of things, but the last thing is make this team work, make it work on the offensive end and make sure everyone’s touching it and get that right feel of where we have balanced scoring and a balanced team. It’s a heck of a challenge, but he’s prepared for it, I think it’s the right time of his career and I think he’s smart enough and will grow into being a better leader as this thing goes on.”

  588. I tossed the numbers into a spreadsheet and considered only those players who have “PG” or a “PG/SG” description. I guess it’s better to be included instead of excluded, but Jeremy still is being undervalued. The first numbers in the chart are the rank of just the backcourt players. The second numbers are the rank given by the NBA for players of all positions. (The asterisk by a name just means they’ve changed teams.)

  589. Gritty picture!

  590. This is not gamble. It’s like a GIC with a 200% interest rate. hahaha ?

  591. I was with you back then on Aaron Brooks. I think Vasquez is better, but his recovery is starting to worry me. It shouldn’t take 9+ months to recover from the surgery he had.

  592. Lin has done it before with teammates he never practiced with. This time with the training camp and finally a true center since Chandler Tyson Lin will make his team better much better than anyone expected.

  593. the nbpa spend time trying to promote rose instead of defending lin from the bs from the knicks – double standard. do they think that rose is going to help them on and off the court? eww

  594. Atkinson empowers Lin and will be fully rewarded. He has known Lin too well.

  595. Jeremy on location today for Comedy Central …

  596. IMO China is the first civilization known to have a government administration and structured society on the national level with distinct roles and civil n social order. The Chinese are too cultured to subjugate another nation through force or other deceit Haha cheers

  597. Atkinson’s and Marks have my respect but they have made a miscalculation with their plans.

    They are judging on progress as the season goes on. That is coming from a position that the Nets are starting off as a bad team.

    What’s the plan once you realized by the end of preseason that this team is already good. It’s like linsanity. A big smack in the face when the Knicks realized with Lin that they were good. The Knicks didn’t know how to handle that kind of success.

  598. As a starter, I think we’ll see Lin putting down some dunks off of fast breaks and “Bankai” signature, first step. Haven’t played 2k17 yet, but hopefully they give him a quick first step and feint.

  599. The Knicks can almost know that they have lost the Asian population seasoned ticket holders and they know that. most BBall fans are not feeling the Knicks, and now that Lin has arrived back in NY, you can best believe that those fans that loved the Linsanity era in 2012, will definitely be dropping Knicks to give their money to the Nets.

  600. It’s surreal seeing Lin have the full support of his head coach. I love how Kenny is even putting pressure on him to come up big, instead handicapping him like every other coach (“He doesn’t have to do much…”).

    Kenny wants, expects and demands that Lin take control of this team and Lin is ready to deliver. I mean, he’s been ready since 2012, but now his game is even more complete.

  601. How I wish Lin’s still playing for the Warriors but the head coach didn’t like him at all and I also wondered the main/only reason they signed him was for Asian market. But it’s all history now. I see it as part of the process of making Lin better.

  602. i don’ t think it is simply the asian community – i think all knick and new york fans are just fed up because like the lakers they are not going anywhere – they are regressing while other teams are moving on and improving. dolan and jackson just don’t care abt the knicks – getting rose and noah especially – what is so special abt them now? esp since rose has been injured for so long and then this trial over his head – the knicks are just boring somehow – esp since carmelo is not a leader either

  603. yeah but maybe both also can?

  604. Brooklyn Nets Hype video 2016 2017

  605. If the insanely stupid Steve Clifford were running this workout, PJ Hairston would be the new Nets starting PG over Jeremy Lin and Jorge Gutierrez would be the backup PG while Lin came off the bench for about 20 mpg!!!

  606. Jimmer >>> Brooks

  607. Many “Lin fans” kept telling me the past few months to stop putting extra pressure on Lin with my posts on various message boards, including here. I kept ignoring them because I knew Lin was ready and able to handle it because Lin himself has said it many times he’s ready to lead this year. Now we have coach Kenny adding more pressure on Lin because Kenny knows Lin can handle it and even welcomes the challenge.

  608. Pressure is GOOD for Lin!!!

  609. Yeah, it’ll be the choirboy vs the rapist – though when it comes to Lin, he always seems to rape the Knicks!!!

  610. Neither Atkinson or Marks is prepared for what Lin’s going to do in a week or two.

    They’ll find out soon enough .

  611. LOL so this was what Lin was doing for Comedy Central:

  612. Although I somewhat agree with you, let’s not put those labels on Lin and D.Rose. Lin’s not exactly a choirboy. He’s a great role model, sure, but no choirboy. D.Rose also didn’t get convicted yet. There’s a possibility the rape accusation is a moneygrab attempt.

  613. I’m really thinking of going to that game just for the bobblehead. ?

  614. The mayor calls for calm? She should be calling the governor to send national guards.

  615. It’s completely out of control. Dumb mayor thinks “protesters” will listen while they’re busy smashing and looting.

  616. IMO. So called liberated sentient beings are quite naive n gullible when it come to social behaviour of the deprived and downtrodden. Philosophically when human being can be lead to have a belief system without appropriate educated self comtemplation, freedom have not been earned and social life of these masses necessitate a certain authoritative control irrespective of the form of government. Haha cheers.

  617. LOL……Jlin in the box?

  618. hey lin is a ” choirboy” as compared to rose i think. but yeah i get your point – but tbh if lin doesnt drink soup at all i may have to rethink my support for him – it all depends on his new hairstyle – if it is nice i will ignore the no soup – LOL

  619. Oh, I’ll DEFINITELY call Lin a “rapist” when it comes to his Michael Jordan level repeated beatdowns of his Knicks WITH FEELING!!!

  620. “Fantasy” is just about numbers.

    As has always been the case, Lin as a numbers player is far superior to Lin the Asian whipping scapegoat in the media.

  621. I literally was talking about Rose as the choirboy and Lin as the rapist – from strictly a BASKETBALL EXECUTION standpoint!!!

  622. Lin is demonstrating his out-of-the-box thinking (and jumping) lol

  623. Howard Megdal has been supportive of Lin. He had the foresight that Lin could be the “future Knicks hero” BEFORE Linsanity was born:

  624. Great talk on Lin’s NBA career, past and present. Thank you for sharing.

  625. Jack in the Box is supposedly one of Lin’s favorite fast food. ?

  626. im just excited to see what happens during preseason. I think preseason will give us a pretty good indication of where this team stands in the regular season. I knew after watching Lin play with the lakers during PS that their season was going to be a disaster.

  627. I think they’re just being cautiously optimistic and not trying to hype this team up or make crazy predictions like previous Nets regimes have before.

  628. false, not convicted yet
    probably another attempt to get money out of this poor man or rich i should say

  629. The Nets will have record rating for their preseason game in franchise history.

  630. Don’t we love the heads of the Nets? Marks commented how he and coach Atkinson work together closely to pick players. I have no doubt they had deep conversation about getting Lin as their QB center piece the second the clock hit 12:01AM on July 1st, 2016.

  631. FYI. From Adrian Wojarnowski tweets– Former Nets Thomas Robinson signed one-year deal w/ Lakers. Former Hornets agreed training camp deal w/ Nets. And— Chase Budinger, Small Forward has reached an agreement w/ Nets… Is he good? Anyone?

  632. Life is a gamble. Every decision is a gamble. Some has long term effect. Some has short term effect.

    It occurs all the time in our life.

  633. I like Jorge’s defense and floater at the rim, but not much else.

  634. This will be a competition for #2 and #3 backup PG since Vazquez does not seem to be ready for season opener.

  635. He’s not guaranteed yet. From espn:

    To further clarify, Chase Budinger’s one-year agreement with the Nets is essentially a training camp deal with an opportunity to make the team if he has a strong showing at camp.

  636. Played well in college. Chase suffered a serious knee injury in his rookie season in Minnesota. Hasn’t played at 100% ever since. He’s like Chandler Parsons without all the flashiness.

  637. Nice analysis on Levert.


    Marks and Atkinson are going to discover that Levert isn’t going to able to drive to the rim the way he did in college.

  638. No, this is SERIOUS.

    Rose might be headed to a criminal trial, which would mean JAIL.

  639. Jorge Gutierrez is good. All he needs is a chance to break out. He was signed by the Hornets for the rest of the season after a 10 days contract. He could be the 3rd PG for the Nets.

  640. If he could revive, the Nets could fill their weakness at 3.

    As beat writers stragged out of the Sean Marks – Kenny Atksinson press
    conference at HSS Training Center and headed for the elevators Tuesday,
    they spotted a trio of NBA free agents, all dressed as if they had just
    worked out … and in fact they had.

    P.J. Hairston, Jorge Gutierrez and Kendall Marshall

    were leaving HSS after a workout with the Nets staff.

  642. Yes, preseason does indicate how a team does.

    The Hornets led by Lin were absolutely devastating in preseason, so much so that Steve Clifford had to put a stop to it.

  643. Nice writeup by Brain Lewis of NY Post…

    Lin has been mentoring all of the guards. A few days ago, Kilpatrick was praising Lin. Now, it’s Whitehead’s turn.

    Whitehead seems to be his backup if Vasquez isn’t ready early in the season.

    Lin already has taken on responsibility mentoring rookie Isaiah Whitehead, who is learning how to play the point.

    “Jeremy shows me things in practice, and just about using screen-and-rolls. When I’m guarding him, there’s certain things he does, I just try to pick up on that,’’ Whitehead told The Post. “It’s just his overall game. He’s a great player in the league, and I’m going to try to pick his brain.”

  644. Anybody knows how many 18+ point games JL7 has in his career so far ??

  645. He has had 78 games scoring 18 or more points in his career. This is regular season. (via basketball-reference[dot]com)

  646. A full season’s worth. Great! Another stat for the doubters.

  647. Last year was the worst only 11 games due to much less minutes and offensive role.

  648. How much do you get for betting $100 on the Nets to win more than 20?…I may bid before it gets higher.

  649. 82 plus games starting next to Harden were sure effective.

  650. Women do this all the time to celebrities
    Doubt Rose will end up going to jail

  651. so useless

  652. dont break out with the nets please we dont need this

  653. LOL blaming the democrats again?
    How typical of racist narrow minded trump supporters

  654. Cost only 2k.

  655. That’s crazy.

  656. man..I can’t believe’s hilarious…..

  657. What! Can’t believe it!. Imo when the naive n gullible particularly the deprived n down trodden masses can just be lead to belief without the appropriate educated self contemplation thats is what will happen if given the undeserved freedom to protest no matter the system of government. Haha cheers

  658. maybe they looted all the lin jerseys from the hornets stores?

  659. they want trump to be elected so badly it is obvious – so that they can do what they like with miniorities esp – shameful

  660. wow. there must be a huge sale on Lin’s Hornet jerseys

  661. This was the result of liberalism spreading lies and hates about equal of everything.

  662. I guess Lin has sufficient brain to survive Seankilpatrick’s and now Whitehead’s pick of his brain.

  663. Really! or could it be the spreading of lies and false hopes rather than properly and appropriately educating the deprive and downtrodden on the reality of living a civil and socially sustainable life under controlled freedom until sentient beings are capable of educated self contemplation. Haha cheerd

  664. most likely

  665. You’re not even worth replying to, but I’m sure these scumbags are “narrow minded Trump supporters”:

  666. 3y/38M? Did they up his salary a bit after they struck out on RFAs?

    Woj gets his facts right, so I suspect the number might have changed after the initial report.

  667. I believe the extra 2 million is the bonus Lin could receive

  668. Their facial expression didn’t tell me they’re really excited. Be watchful Lin fans.

  669. Euphemism for the gangster and thieves!

  670. I don’t feel that is right either, but Westbrook will have a huge opportunity to stat-pad next season, and you know it’s all about the gory numbers.

  671. Players like Sean Kilpatrick, Isaiah Whitehead could learn about Lin’s game as much as they like but the athleticism of Lin, his explosiveness and speed could not be learned. The careers of John Wall and Jeremy Lin took different paths but at the end you could see the merging of their style of playing the game of basketball.

    In short, Lin’s plays can be imitated but the success couldn’t.

  672. Steve Novak, Landry Fields all break out in Linsanity.

  673. Sean Marks just tried hard to create cap space that he sorely needed to recruit free agents. Getting LeVert, an injury-proned rookie is just an addition to his gamble.

  674. Here is a good one about Knicks’ PG Derrick Rose.
    The only defense Derrick plays is in the court room and I should add that he isn’t going to be good at that.
    Lin’s defense is at the next level comparing to Rose.

  675. Don’t worry about it.

    As long as they let Lin EXECUTE, that’s what’s important.

    Besides, those two are under tremendous pressure to win. So if they look tightlipped and unenthusiastic, it’s not because they dislike Lin. It’s because they are CONCENTRATING and HYPER INTENSE.

  676. The only people spreading lies and hate is Trump and the republicans. Even republican can’t stand Trump.

    The masses have been so brainwashed into believing anything forward thinking is bad, that ordinary people are to blame for their own failures when the truth is that the game is stacked against them.

    Did the big banks and the 1% complain when they were bailed out? No they got the lions share of money but they redirected the mindless mob to vent their anger on the poor and disenfranchised who got next to nothing in comparison.

    The people that lost homes and jobs because of the greed of the 1% needed big government to right the ship and put people and industry back to work. The GM and Chrysler was bailed out by the government and put people back to work. Meanwhile the republicans complained that it was a waste of tax dollars as if doing nothing was better.

    The ideas of Reaganism, of trickle down economics is the real lie! There is no trickle down, there is grab more profit for the rich while shipping jobs over sea for cheaper labor. The rich is supposed to create jobs but they don’t. Think about it! Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, electric cars, these are all startups that didn’t come from money. Trump on the other hand has been bankrupt 5 times!

    When you spread these ideas about “liberalism”, you are spreading ideas that have been pounded into your heads by year’s of brainwashing. The real truth is the middle class keep shrinking, the poor keep getting poorer AND THE 1% KEEP GETTING RICHER.

  677. You just confirmed about everything I wrote, 1%, not fair, rich get richer…..the only difference is you wouldn’t go riot or at least not yet.

    Btw, Trump just run for office in recent months. He before that gave most money to Demcrats. He’s the phony running the R ticket. The poor brainwashed inner Democrats run cities have been around since the war of poverty in Jimmy Johnson.

    Nobody supported the bailout but both parties did bailed out big banks. However, only one party is responsible for the housing bubble which led to the bailout started with Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton wide spreading it, The Community Reinvestment Act.

    Reagan was the best president happened in modern history. Big lies and twisted history by liberal media and public education so I wouldnt blame you.

  678. i think once the season starts the lin factor will affect all the players there. I was looking at the nets games from last season – they just need someone in charge and i think all the players are hungry enough to want to do well cos this is their last chance sort of thing

  679. i am always very nervous anyway but when i think abt what promises the hornets made to lin abt him starting i can cut them some slack

  680. Yes many of them have also blended in or both.

  681. What are the Nets gonna do?

    uhh, play Lin?

  682. On a Jeremy Lin team, those guys won’t need to “learn” Lin’s explosiveness and speed.

    With Lin’s ability to distort defenses by siphoning defenders toward himself whether he has the ball or not, no Lin teammate has ever had to struggle to get the ball against committed defenses when Lin is on the court.

  683. Atkinson will be picking Lin’s brain next.

  684. LOL the amount of hypocrisy and falsehoods in this post is astounding. YOU are the one who is brainwashed.

    You want to see lies and hate? You want to see corruption? You want to see real racism, bigotry, and intolerance? You want to talk about the rich, the 1% and the 1% of the 1% and who they actually fund? Here it is…

    Do you ever wonder why these riots are in cities? It’s because the Democrats control these cities and have turned them into the modern-day plantation, keeping blacks and poor people as slaves to their entitlement programs, prison system, and screwed up indoctrination (education) system.

    These are the “narrow minded Trump suppoters” that destroy their own cities, loot, riot, act out in violence, and call anyone who disagrees with them racists, when they themselves are the racists:

  685. Sickening images.

  686. LOL

  687. A list that I couldn’t agree.

  688. Houston: Where point guards go to die …
    The following tweet by @PeteStopTire about Lowry made me wonder whether Lin would have thrived in Houston, regardless of whether Harden was signed or not. Not only Lowry, but also Dragic, failed to thrive under McHale’s “system”. Lowery (pre-Harden) was quoted in a July, 2012, Yahoo Sports article as saying:

    “The dogged point man [Lowery] made waves during the playoffs by suggesting that he couldn’t work under coach Kevin McHale, and that the team should look to trade him should Houston decide to hang on to the Hall of Fame (um, as a player …) coach.”—nba.html

  689. Lin’s been MURDERING Kyle Lowry ever since 2012.

    It’s been a steady stream of big game after big game against Lowry who is too small and too slow for Lin. And I actually like Lowry’s game!

    None of the other Raptors have had any success at stopping Lin either.

  690. I would like to thank you for all your contribution to this forum and Nets fans Websites, Click.

    This is a Jeremy Lin fans forum, a basketball fans Website, not a political forum. I found your posting of anti-Clinton videos objectionable.

    Could we keep this beloved site free from pollution of political propaganda? We are constantly bombarded with Presidential campaign reports from the media at all times. Could we keep this forum clean and pleasant without them?

    Besides, for every anti-Clinton YouTube video, there is bound to be one anti-Trump. I cringe to think this forum could be flooded with these noisy and biased propaganda.

  691. you are actually so dumb and its not funny with all these posts pushing your agenda
    I’ve heard of all those self hating asians in the states that support trump like those racist rednecks
    I guess you are one of them
    you are actually so pathetic you are not even worth anyones time lol
    its a shame that people like you are on this forum giving honest and kind Lin fans bad names with all these discriminating posts

  692. those people are pathetic
    Ive heard of those self hating asians worshiping racist americans even though they are minorities themselves
    its truly sad and I’m sure Lin doesnt stand for Trump’s racism based campaign its sad that person is allowed post all those discriminating things on this forum

  693. He is a PG so conflict of interests smh

  694. Lin just needs coaches confidence to succeed. Cliffor always knew that lin was super clutch, which is why he always went to Lin specifically when they were behind etc. HOWEVER, he preferred to win with the hands of batum and walker. Same thing happened in houston, mchale knew lins ability but just had it out for him so much that he would prefer to lose with harden controlling the ball than winning with lin. The one BIG difference between mchale and clifford is that although clifford didnt want lin to out perform kemba and nic, he didnt HATE lin and would publicly praise lin consistently to avoid any negative backlash from the asian fan base. had lin has the season he did with the rockets under mchale, he surely would not hve been signed with the nets. WHY? because mchale destryoed lins reputation and clifford although limited lin built his reputation up a little bit

  695. I never quite understood what McHale’s problems with point guards were. He couldn’t find a way to effectively use Lowry and Dragic. But after their exits, Jeremy landed in a perfect storm situation where a ball-dominant Harden was added to the scene on top of whatever problems McHale had.

  696. Marks and Atkinson did not seem very animated during the whole press conference (at least the parts that were aired). Lin fans have reasons to be wary after some examples in past years, but I really haven’t seen anything so far that concerns me about how the Nets organization feels about him.

  697. I think you are correct about Mourinho. Claudio Ranieri build the Chelsea FC team and Mourinho just have to keep them going – which he did in a great way. Seems though since his time with Inter Milan it has gone down hill. Very very sad as I have been a United fan for over 40 years and knowing that the team will not become the force it once was. Pep is of cause one of the all time greats and has never ever had a bad team – soo think City might very well win the PL thiseason – playing well and efficiently!

  698. First time I have heard Phil refereed to as eye candy! Still your point is true …

  699. well … sometimes it is difficult to just say stop and ride out to the sunset. One option is of cause that he just estimated that you can not lose at the Knicks. The team was over payed, over hyped and under performing..

    If the Knicks manages to get into the play-offs – and the Lakers stay as predicted – you know who will be selected by his girlfriend as the next Lakers GM

  700. Nathan Gottlieb: Project some possible numbers that Lin will put up this season:

    Doc Scheppler: I can see him averaging 18 points per game, with 7.6 assists, shooting 48 percent from the field, 40 percent from three-point range, and 84 percent from the free throw line.

  701. I was responding to Acbc’s reply where he brought up politics. I refrained from posting a reply to him for 3 hours, but no mods deleted his post, so I replied with evidence.

    How come you didn’t direct this message at him instead of me? It’s because you agree with him on politics and he didn’t provide any evidence or proof like I did to back up my claims.

    What I posted is not propaganda. It’s the truth. You’re just refusing to read and watch because so many people have been programmed by the entertainment industry, the mainstream media, friends and family, and education system. If you actually take the time to do proper research instead of believing everything you hear from biased sources around you, you’d become more enlightened to the truth.

    By the way, I provided both liberal and conservative sources.

  702. Great deal on Nets tickets right now. $50 for certain section + free t-shirt to first 5 games of the season. Works on season opener game against the Pacers and also against Hornets on 11/4:

  703. The first 3 weeks I was just getting him to be consistent with his shot so when he’s off with his team this year he knows his shot and is comfortable with it. Just like a musician knows he’s working with a fine-tuned instrument. As the summer wore on, we worked on getting him to use the same motion on every shot he took, whether it was off the dribble, coming around a screen or whatever. Every single shot has to have the same jump, same release.

    One of the things we did was I had my current players (Pinewood girls) be the passer for him on his three point shot, and he was hitting 85 pct of them. Afterwards Jeremy said to me, “That’s the best I ever shot.”


  704. Here is an interesting chart from the above interview with Doc Scheppler. It was done by the user monkeyes2, who I think used to post here as ‘wu kong’.

  705. Uploaded the Kilpatrick interview with SLAM where he talks about Lin:

  706. It’s pretty simple.

    McHale believes point guards are supposed to feed the post and hit 3s and not dribble too much.

    Basically, Patrick Beverley is the ideal McHale point guard, not a heavy ballhandler like Lowry or Dragic.

  707. Sean Kilpatrick retweeted your post. Nice.

  708. Yeah, Skilpatrick is a cool dude. I think he’s going to have a good year this year.

  709. Recognized! Your translation was recognized by Net Income/NetsDaily and now your tweet is re-tweeted by Sean Kilpatrick!

  710. How is his perimeter shooting? Nets need some good shooters to spread the floor. Is Bogdanovic a good shooter? Seemed to shoot well in the Olympics but that’s against lesser talent.

  711. Kilpatrick isn’t as good at 3-pointers compared to Bog, but he’s still a good shooter. They’re both catch and shoot players. Kilpatrick is better at driving to the rim, while Bog is better at perimeter shots.

    Kilpatrick is just a pure scorer. Lin and the Nets will need him and Bog to provide spacing and I think these 2 guys will do just that. Both Bog and Skil are going to have breakout years.

  712. The decision making of Lin on the floor is the biggest winning factor neglected by most experts’ poor eyes, and is hard to learn by other players.

  713. Thank you for you post. I keep thinking how a businessman with 5 bankruptcy records claims to be a successful man and qualified to run a country. He will drag us down while enriching himself. As he did numerous times before.

  714. I would say you should heed your own argument:
    “If you actually take the time to do proper research instead of believing everything you hear from biased sources around you, you’d become more enlightened to the truth.”

    In any event, you clearly dislike Hillary Clinton. I, on the other hand, believe Mrs. Clinton has the intelligence, experience and mental capacity to be a great U.S. President.

    I fully agree with the eloquent posting of Acbc above, but do not wish to further discuss our difference in political views in this forum. Let us agree to disagree. It is the democratic way, isn’t it?

  715. I’m loving the attention that Lin has been getting recently about his defense and the media support.

    Lin really was a key piece in making Cliff’s defensive scheme work. Cliff may be a genius but you still need players to execute his plan, especially pick and roll defense. When Jeremy was out, the starters consistently had poor execution due to lack of talent and leader. But when he came back in, he made Cliff look like a defensive genius! Now he’ll make Atkinson look like an offensive and defensive genius!

    I haven’t seen a lot of great pick and roll defenses except for the top 5 teams, let alone individual pick and roll defense which Lin is one of the best all around defenders. He can defend against smaller guys (because he’s still quicker and faster than most of them), putting a body on them, anticipating their drives, and funneling them so he can block their shot.

    For bigger, stronger guys, he’s just faster and quicker, but also strong as hell, boxing out Centers, defending shooting guards, the best point guard to duck and weave around the defender’s screen because of his strength, intelligence, and speed.

    Tell me what other point guard besides possibly Irving (not a better defender than Lin, but giving props because he was a beast in the playoffs to win a Championship), that can do that?

    It’s Lin’s time to start being highlighted as a future Hall of Famer, NBA Champion, MVP, elite player that he is! 2 more weeks!

  716. Seems like a very humble guy. You rarely see basketball players praising other players. Looking forward to seeing him play.

  717. Do you know if any bigs can make play or skill at pick and roll? Have you seen them catch any ally-oops? I am a little concern since I don’t know any Nets teammates skills except Lin…

  718. Bigs don’t usually make or set plays. However, both Scola and Brook are good passers and they’re knowledgeable, smart vets, so they are able to kick it out to a guard if they see an opening. They can also run pick and rolls with Lin.

    Booker, Brook, RHJ, and I believe the new acquisition Budinger (if he makes the roster) are good at finishing around the rim. These guys will all be able to handle alley-oops from Lin. Expect to see many monster dunks from them, set up by Lin.

    The only problem I see now is if Vasquez really isn’t ready to start the season. I’ve said it many times here and elsewhere, Greivis is going to be very important in the Nets’ success this year. We have no real backup PG to Lin except Vasquez and he can also play alongside Lin as SG or vice versa.

    If he’s not ready, the Nets are going to rely on a raw rookie in Whitehead to backup Lin, which could be a problem because Whitehead has 0 NBA experience. He’s talented, but most likely won’t be able to run the bench’s offense right off the bat, judging from what I’ve seen of him during Summer League.

  719. Can the mods please delete all politically related posts? I already have to read tons of that at work, and it’s exhausting and depressing to see more of that here, where we’re supposed to be focusing on Jeremy. Thanks!

  720. Batum did it for Hornets last year, that’s why I ask. Hope Vaszquez recovers quickly and not a serious set back. That was my fear when I heard he pulled out early from the Olympic. Who else then can make play besides Lin and Vazquez? Will they sign Yogi or Marshall and let go of Beech if Vazquez is not yet by time the season starts? Two or three more weeks to go… God help Lin to have good talents around him…

  721. Marks signed Gutierrez to training camp. I’m thinking him, Yogi, and Whitehead will battle it out to see who makes the roster and will be backing Lin up, along with being a 3rd stringer. Yogi is most likely going to L.I. Nets, but if he impresses and Vasquez isn’t ready, then he could be the 3rd string PG.

    There really aren’t any playmakers on the Nets other than Lin and Vasquez. This is the biggest problem I see right now.

  722. Me too. And I’m sure Sean and Atkinson know that too. Atkinson’s concern showed on his face in the recent video when he wiped his face w/both hands. But who else is available to sign. One of the unproven players will have the opportunity to break out. Hopefully, Vazquez can miraculously healed and get back on court soon…

  723. Wazzup guys?

  724. just think of it this way.. it’s more comedy than political

  725. Lopez is actually a very good pnr big man. he will be a very good pnr partner for Lin and that is why Atkinson/Marks got Lin

  726. my hands, don’t shoot!

  727. Click click was right about you.

  728. At work you were forced or get paid to read it, here you didn’t have to. You took great effort to scroll down very old posts.

  729. Yes, can use more good shooters. But part of Linsanity was “L’inspired!” Teammates get inspired and step up their game and over achieve! Plus, I’m counting on many long range per game from Lin. I’m looking forward to Coach K and Lin running like MDA & Nash’s Suns team – Steamrolling on all cyclinders.

  730. Hand down man down :p

  731. thank god its friday. Lin tired from practice this week.

  732. Most sports writers don’t understand statistics. They just quote what they want to believe. You don’t compare statistics of two players who play different minutes and different roles in a team. There were just too much or too little water in those statistics. The best you can learn from those statistics is the bottom line of the players’ potential.

    Jeremy’s statistics ought to suffer when he was used in the teams like Rockets, Lakers and even Hornets. The only inconsistency about Jeremy is the way he has been used. Now Lin is being used by coach Atkinson who absolutely has no reason to tank, and to abuse him for the sake of any other players. Lin will show his real strength in the coming season.

  733. Randy Foye could play PG too.

  734. Before Draymond Green stupidly got himself suspended for throwing that illegal punch at Lebron James, Kyrie Irving was playing TERRIBLY because the crushing Warriors defense led by ANDREW BOGUT was utterly murdering the Cavs.

  735. Kilpatrick is an outstanding perimeter shooter who also can create his own shot.

    He is what’s called in basketball a “natural scorer”.

    He’s actually very similar to James Harden in scoring ability, only he scores easier and with less isolation and less teammate freezing out than Harden does.

  736. ALL of them except Bennett and MacCulloch can make those plays.

  737. General Greivis being out will not hurt the Nets at all.

    Linstructor will get rookies Isiah Whitehead and Yogi Ferrell ready for the season to contribute.

  738. That’s just unfortunate
    If you are used as role players, then your stats are gonna suffer people arent gonna talk about you like you are a star.
    It is what it is. You just need to get a chance to play a big role and prove yourself when given the chance. No need to make excuses.
    Lin’s got the chance now and he just needs to do what he’s always done and critics will recognize it.

  739. It’s all about Lin being ASIAN.

    When Phoenix Suns superbusts Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe were coming off the bench for previous teams, the national media crowed that they’d become superstars as starters. Same thing for Detroit’s Reggie Jackson and Phoenix’s Goran Dragic and even Jerryd Bayless now of the Sixers. None of those guys are as good as Lin, yet they go completely uncriticized and are actually celebrated.

    Lin is the ONLY player in the entire NBA who’s drawing national criticism for starting. The racist American media badly wants to see Lin FAIL.

  740. lol those are just pathetic self hating people supporting Trump and pushing their agenda
    Ignore them lol they are not worth your time

  741. I’m TIRED of the “no more excuses” BUNK.

    There are TONS of nonAsian players who were elevated from bench players to starters, a good number of them being FAIL SCRUBS who replaced a highly producing Lin. How come those guys were never criticized and told “no more excuses” while Asian Lin gets heavily criticized whether he’s dominating like Michael Jordan as a starter or dominating like Jason Kidd as a bench player?

    If anybody is to criticize Lin for starting, other less producing bench players have to be held to the same hater standard whether they’re Asian or not!!!

  742. and now it’s Lin’s turn to shine and I believe he will not be like those “FAIL SCRUBS”
    a lot of people dont get a fair shake in the NBA
    As a Jimmy fan, I’m sure you can relate to that.
    When you are used like a bench player, your stats are gonna suffer and critics wont talk highly of you
    it is what it is
    I’m just happy Lin gets another chance

  743. “Jeremy Lin’s entire career since the moment Linsanity ended has been almost engineered to keep him from being able to accomplish the things you’d want him to accomplish in the NBA.”

    I have been saying this forever. Mchale was the instrument to Morey’s scheme. I always believed that Morey wanted to tear Lin down because Les gave him an earful for releasing Lin to allow the knicks to create Linsanity. Normally a team and coach builds up players by setting them up to aim for the next rung up. In Jeremy’s case, that “devolution” began immediately when Harden was traded. First you hear Mchale say that Linsanity was a “special” time or euphemistically, it was a hot streak and a fluke that couldn’t be repeated. Then came the next rung down when he called for Lin to accept his role on the team as a support player for Harden. Then came the role of bench sixth man. Then came the stand in the corner bench player and ball delivery boy for Harden.

    It was so obvious that they deliberately devolved Lin’s role from starter to scrub in the Rox. I hated Mchale as a coach because he deliberately torn Lin down and publicly change the perception and reputation of Lin from a promising rookie to a scrub. As a coach, it is especially painful to witness such antithesis of everything a coach should do for his players. It should be part of the job description of any coach to believe in your player. If you can’t do that, you shouldn’t be a coach, ever!

  744. But what you’re saying is NOT TRUE!!!

    Do you see ANY hate articles trashing a team’s bench players for losing games the way Lin has been getting trashed? NO YOU DON’T because THEY DON’T EXIST for anybody other than Lin.

    And you’re also 100% WRONG that critics automatically criticize any bench player. While a guy like Eric Bledsoe was putting up far worse numbers off the bench than Lin, the media was crowing about how great he was while simultaneously trashing Lin during Lin’s Houston days. I am a Suns fan and I had the misfortune of knowing that Eric Bledsoe was going to be a superbust starter despite the media claiming he was a “superstar” off the Clippers bench!!

    You are GUILTY of holding Lin to an UNREALISTIC media standard. You do not understand that Lin is going to get hated on because of his RACE, whether he starts or not.

  745. This is the first season in Lin’s ENTIRE LIFE where racism is NOT impeding Lin on the court.

  746. —-

  747. Terrence Ross is trashed on a daily basis and hes coming off the bench
    Besides Lin did not have so many hate articles last years
    some in Houston when he was starting
    guess what? some players do get trashed by fans and writers
    not just Lin
    Luis Scola got trashed really hard too
    stop making this all about Lin being Asian
    a lot of people praised Lin last season
    why are ignoring all that? stop being so negative on a Lin site with your racism bs
    Lin finally got a chance to shine be happy for him like any normal fan would
    stop spreading this racism bs
    yes racism exists but that is not that relevant anymore LIn’s got a chance to prove himself as a starter
    and Lin being Asian benefited him a lot too
    idk about you but a lot of ppl like Lin actually dont hate being Asian like yourself

  748. I’m no Trump supporter but I don’t think click click is “self hating people”, he just hates corruption.

  749. McHale did everything for Morey and Harden and McHale also got fired because of Harden and Morey.

  750. You LIE that I “hate being Asian”.


    So THIS is what this is all about. You have a VENDETTA against me.

    First of all, you weren’t following Lin when he was being trashed DAILY in Houston. And the hate articles continued through Charlotte and LA, not so much in the Charlotte media but absolutely in the national media.

    Second of all, Ross has NOT PERFORMED. He isn’t like Lin who IS performing and is being trashed anyway. And Scola, he’s being trashed because he’s OLD and isn’t producing like he once was. Neither of those players are being trashed like Lin anyway.

    STOP LYING that the racist media doesn’t Lin and has suddenly stopped trashing him. It’s STILL GOING ON.

    Don’t you DARE accuse me of being “racist”. Only RACISTS accuse me of being racist. I’ll let this DIRTY INSULT you just fired at me slide because you have been respectful to me in the past.

  751. yeah agreed but it is so ironic that mchale has been fired – and the only ‘big” stars that are coming to houston are nobodies – mchale in his bid to downgrade lin ended up losing his job and losing all the players that cd have made houston viable. does anyone think houston will be in any contention anytime soon? d’antoni may be a good coach but harden is that player who will want his way no matter what – if the coach lasts more than 6 months i will be surprised. same thing like the lakers – jeremy has the last laugh cos no matter how much they tried to bully him they couldnt – he has moved on and learned all the lessons and skills that he needed to while harden is stuck in the same position as he has been with all his defense failures being exposed and laughed at.

  752. let’s just hope so

  753. Now you know why I call Lin “COACH KILLAH!”

  754. yeah funny and karma isnt it. mchale and morey are responsible for ruining the rockets – all the players who played so well together all gone now – who they really have left? scrubs

  755. but mchale and scott were barely coaches anyway! how anyone thinks that d antoni will force harden to play defense sd be interesting. the interesting stat i read somewhere was that harden is the top Isolation scorer in the nba even more than the whole of the warriors team can you imagine. harden has never created – he only takes so who will be responsible for making things happen?

  756. At least D’Antoni will get PAID for his likely SHORT stint with the Houston Rockets.

  757. Jamie, are you Canadian living in Canada?

    If you are, I fully understand why an Asian AMERICAN like me seems like an insane raving race maniac.

    Here’s how it is for Asian Americans like myself and Lin: We are the MOST HATED ethnic Americans in the US. We are treated as wimpy scum of questionable morals and no manliness. The media constantly trashes us, we are excluded from most things (called the “bamboo ceiling”), and the schools teach children than people like Lin and me are THE ENEMY.

    It is in this backdrop of US hatred against Asians that the Linsanity phenomenon was born.

    If you indeed are Canadian, then I’d imagine that this whole Lin hullabaloo seems like a gigantically overdone false drama.

    But to us Asian Americans, Lin is the ONLY Asian American male who has EVER made it onto the US national consciousness in the 21st century. He is the sole Asian American big media entertainer – there is NO ONE ELSE ALLOWED.

    For Lin to break out against overwhelming negative racist forces in America, he cannot and has not done it alone. We Lin fans are the only people with enough courage to stand up against the crushing US hate and say “NO, STOP LYING!” That’s why so many Asian American fans of Lin sound as crazy as I do.

    So in a way, I actually ask your FORGIVENESS. Please understand that my endless raging against US racism against Asian Americans like Lin and myself is what FORCES me to be this crazy caricature of a person. If I weren’t, I’d have been kicked to the race trash heap like Mchale and Scott and Smart and Woodson and Clifford have been trying to do to Lin.

  758. “The wicked witch is dead….haha “…per frank ibola… violet palmer won’t be reffing anymore games…she has been ” promoted” to the NBA front office.

  759. Jamie, are you from Canada?

    I respectfully ask you this question because I think I might be able to explain to why I seemingly act so crazy at times!

  760. “Brooklyn Nets announce Open Practice for October 1st
    #Nets Open Practice is at Steinberg Wellness Center on LIU Brooklyn campus, 11 am, Saturday Oct. 1.
    8:00 AM – 23 Sep 2016

    In the past, fans have been able to watch the team practice, witness a few “informal” contests, be it a 3-point competition or a slam dunk competition, and have an informal Q&A with players.

    You can purchase tickets through Ticket Master.”

    –netsdaily (tom lorenzo)

  761. ” Adrian Wojnarowski: Sources: Miami Heat increasingly believe Chris Bosh’s career with franchise is over. For months, Bosh hasn’t wanted to speak with Pat Riley. – via Twitter WojVerticalNBA”

    “The Miami HEAT and Chris Bosh, in consultation with team doctors and other physicians, have been working together for many months with the mutual goal of having Chris return to the court as soon as possible. Chris has now taken his pre-season physical. The Miami HEAT regret that it remains unable to clear Chris to return to basketball activities, and there is no timetable for his return. – via”

  762. 9/23 Mods Update:

    I deleted the political posts because the heated US Election news can quickly heat up and take over basketball discussions here. Mods understand the importance of these issues (i.e. even Lin tweeted prayers about the Charlotte riot) but let’s continue to refrain to post heated political discussion in this forum. There are already other forums to discuss them so let this place be a sanctuary.

    On the other hand, I applaud the posters for having respectful discussion and exchange about it so I leave the post-discussion to show that good posters here can respectfully agree to disagree. If it causes more issues, I will delete them.

    Mods have been swamped with work, family and responsibilities recently so we really appreciate how posters maintain positive environment in the forum. Let’s hope, wish and pray that the riots/violence/terrorism issues get better soon because they do affect how we live in everyday lives. We can counter evil with good deeds (however minuscule we think it might be) and focus on the positive things.

  763. Thank you. Mods have been swamped recently but I posted the update above.

  764. Lol, you know what could happen if the owners are not home.

  765. haha.. you remind me of this “Denver the Guilty Dog” video 🙂
    (not saying our posters are puppies like Denver)

  766. Perhaps you should do something about this troll / Lin hater / racist:

  767. thank you. I’m deleting posts reported in the Pending folder
    Putting down others definitely broke the forum rules

  768. I will extend warning to posters who insult others and breaking the forum rules.

    Posts will be deleted. If it keeps happening, temporary and permanent bans will follow

  769. Thank you psalm, but this guy has been here trolling, race baiting, and agitating users for month. Simply deleting his posts do very little. I post on your site primarily because it’s moderated and more free from trolls than other Lin fansites. If you’re going to allow people like him to stick around and call people names and personally attack posters, I might have to reconsider why I’m here. And yes, I know it’s impossible to get rid of him completely because he can just make another alt account, but at least try to do something about it.

  770. Thanks for sharing. Never seen it. Very cute n funny.

  771. Please refrain from personal attacks and insults (i.e. pathetic/dumb, etc.) because they break forum rules.
    Simple agree to disagree respectfully.
    4. Do not antagonize or bait other users. Whether you are sincere in your beliefs or not, if your posts consist solely of trolling others, you will be banned. (Example: “Are you a 5-year old child?”)
    5. Do not label other posters (Example: Lin-only fans, CF trolls, etc).
    8. No personal insults. (Example: “You are a clueless fan who obviously has never watched basketball.”)

    This is the last warning. Short-term ban and permanent bans would need to follow.

  772. I gave the last warning before short/permanent ban will follow

    As much as possible, we’d like posters to comply and learn to follow the forum rules.
    But in case it doesn’t work, we’ll have to go through the ban process although users use different accounts. Let’s hope users learn to agree to disagree respectfully.
    I’d say so far we have 50% success rate with several users.

  773. Thanks again. People like him will keep popping up and it’ll be chaos here like other Lin fansites during the season if they’re not weeded out swiftly. Trolls will be trolls, haters will be haters, but with good moderation, they can be limited in the damage they do.

  774. Cool look by Lin on Instagram.
    Perhaps he’ll have same look for Media Day in 2 days

    @JLin7 (IG): ⬜️⬜️⬜️ #allwhiteeverything #excepttheball #andmyskin #threestripes

  775. I just hope he stops wearing manpris sweat pants.

  776. Psalm234, just do what you can because it will never be perfect. This is an open to public forum and it can’t be 24/7 monitoring. Even the most responsible poster can’t be self controlled sometimes.

  777. 2 days already?

  778. must be Adidas brand..

    As long as it’s not his famous yoga pants, it’s all good lol

  779. Phil Jackson, Jeff Hornacek, and Steve Mills just did their preseason presser…

  780. 2+ days according to the countdown clock 🙂

    26 Sep 12:45
    Brooklyn Nets Media Day @ HSS Training Center
    Time to Tip-Off:
    2 days, 22 hours, 13 minutes

  781. Lol, how do you round 22 hrs down to zero day? but I like it.

  782. lol how do you know

  783. He left out the word division.

  784. lol what he posts is more corrupted than the actual corruption
    blaming every thing on the democrats while trump supporters are beating up on minorities
    calling BLM evil
    sure he hates corruption smh

  785. You are right, KHuang.
    I was out of the line not knowing what it’s like over there.
    Never experienced any racism in Canada. You are right.
    I will stay out of this matter from now on but we can both agree that we all want Lin to succeed and his success brings us nothing but joy.
    I still respect your posts because your analysis always helps us understand the game.

  786. you are the one who’s been race bating
    and of course psalm will not give this guy any warning when he is insulting me
    double standards much?

  787. yet you allow him to call me “troll / Lin hater / racist”.
    thats cool, right? smh

  788. when click click calls others “troll / Lin hater / racist”
    he gets a thank you

  789. please send me the link to the posts that break forum rules so I can address it
    I can only go by what posters flagged in the Pending folder

  790. Keep spamming. Won’t help your case any.

  791. yah yah blah blah
    you know what you are doing
    spamming with all those political posts
    I see that mods have you back on this
    good for you and enjoy supporting Trump and getting cut by him eventually because you are not white and you will never be
    keep worshipping them though if that really makes you happy despite looking pathetic asf

  792. you literally just said “thank you” to the post where that happened lol
    it’s fine. I’m done.
    Keep loving Trump and worshipping white people you pathetic spineless self hating people

  793. Time to finally put an end to this, psalm:

  794. Maybe time for new thread new fresh.

  795. Well, MY FRIEND, you’ve posted very knowledgeably about Anthony Bennett and Luis Scola and Terrence Ross.

    So I figured that you are a Canadian Raptors fan.

    Here’s the deal between you and me: In the US, Asians like me and Lin are HATED – and I suspect that’s not so in Canada.

    Here in the US, Asians like Lin and myself are ostracized, criticized, and hated. It causes Asian Americans like me to be extremely bitter and cynical and crazy sounding when dealing with the harsh reality of the American society and media.

    So my friend, can you sort of FORGIVE ME for being an extremely race conscious wannabe racial activist or at least whistleblower? If I’m not this way on the US, the racists will overwhelm me with physical violence and job discimination and institutional rejection.

    The hatred of US society against Lin is exactly why Lin is such a BIG DEAL.

  796. lol makes sense now
    always just thought you were crazy haha
    there’s still race thing in canada.. but not to the extreme like in the states.
    guess we’re more mellow ppl haha

  797. The basket is still spinning. Love the crisp white outfit. Very nice pic!

  798. looks like a Jedi

  799. He’s on a vacation at the moment.

    It’s unfortunate that some can’t see the rule not launch personal attacks are necessary for a healthy forum.
    It’s not about the different opinions, political beliefs, etc. but it’s about mutual respect.
    I hope most people can see that.

  800. People like him don’t care. They’re here to cause trouble, to detrack and derail threads, and to instigate / antagonize real Lin fans. He never contributed anything useful to this site.

    FYI he’s already posting on his alt account “tee.” He responded to KHuang below. This guy will keep making alt accounts and keep trolling. That’s what he does and he’ll keep doing it.

  801. Brook saying Lin leading the team TWICE. This is the 2nd time he’s talking about Lin leading the team…

  802. …and Lin always mentions “Brook and I” will lead.

  803. This maybe off topic, but Chris Bosh may be force to retire after failing his physical. This is so sad. To think we could have Duncan, Kobe, KG and Bosh retire in the same year.

  804. What a way to retire, with all the money but can’t buy health.

  805. This team has transcended over individual.
    What is the lowest predictions for this team 14-68 by somebody called nobody inBR。Break out Lin will. Many of those sport writers would swallow their tongues and jump on the wagon late soon enough we shall see. There aren’t any stars except Tyson Chandler when Linsanity started.

  806. NBA Predictions 2016-17: Win-Loss Projections for Every Team, Pre-Training Camp
    By Adam Fromal
    , National NBA Featured Columnist
    Sep 23, 2016

    On the record this one predicts 14-68 for the Nets.

  807. I have not seen any sport writers coming out admitted wrong about their predictions on the Hornets a year ago.

  808. Pls take off the Link and give us the copy and paste? They don’t deserve it.

  809. The media never admits they’re wrong unless they’re forced to from a major backlash of the public. They were dead wrong about Hornets, Blazers, and Celtics last year. This year, they’re dead wrong about the Nets.

    It’s good that expectations are so low. I used to get frustrated at all of the negative predictions from the media, pundits, critics, haters, and even Nets fans themselves. But in the end, it’s good for Lin and the Nets that they’re all being underrated. Lights a fire under their butts even more, giving them bonus motivation. Plus, there’s no pressure and if they blow expectations out of the water, it’ll only look good for Lin because he will be the main reason the Nets play well… even if haters won’t give him credit like usual.

  810. The good news is Lin has dealt with worse criticism throughout his career so there’s no pressure and anger there. This time it will be much better and different because he has full support from the coach, teammates.

  811. OT: You have to see to believe it. 3 gun man tried to rob a small Asian woman’s business. Thanks God for the 2nd Amendment.

  812. One of the piercing statements I ever heard was at a 70th birthday party. The party was for a successful businessman I had a lot of respect for at his beautiful house on the water. There were a ton of people there.

    He gave a little speech thanking everyone of course. He also said you could accumulate all the money you want in life but without your health it didn’t mean much. He suddenly looked like an old and frail to me. I had never seen this accomplished man in that light before.

    Now as I grow older I understand more what he was saying

  813. Interesting, just found out Jorge Gutierrez’s NBA career was first started with the Nets.

  814. Front office? Good grief! Well…failing upward, as they say.

  815. I saw this yesterday. Pretty crazy how those security cameras caught the action so clearly. That lady had balls and good aim lol.

    Personally, I prefer a Mossberg or AR for home defense, but hand guns work fine too. Gun laws here in NY are super restrictive for hand guns though, so it’s easier to acquire and own a shotty.

  816. Agree, NY city will do anything to deny you license to own one. BTW LOL for that lady had balls.

  817. At least she won’t be doing any “damage” on the court..hehe

  818. Lol
    Her housemate came out all sleepy head

  819. Never underestimate the will and determination of woman.

  820. Is he scheduled for some kind of press appearance . Or just trying out another style

  821. ?? How is this relevant to basketball?

  822. Media day is Monday. Might be for that.

  823. Not related to JLin but i only have you guys to talk to right now. Anyone a fan of the show Homeland with Clare Danes? They’re filming season six right in front of my house!!!

  824. NBA 2K can’t keep up with Lin’s hairstyles. They also keep making Lin look much scrawnier than he is. At least he looks cool in the new alternate jersey…

  825. I’ve watched all seasons and episodes. Pretty bored of the show after 2nd season to be honest. It’s cool that they’re filming in front of your house. Let us know which episode you appear in.

  826. Ok. They’re using the outside of my house. I’ve heard from an extra that it might be episode three.

  827. Nice. You should ask to be an extra lol.

  828. Haha

  829. They’re filming in NYC ? If they are having a negative impact on your neighborhood, you can ask the local film commission for reimbursement.

  830. OMG. What the heck? He looks so weird in that screenshot? Never played NBA2K but WOWWW, I’m shocked at his appearance?

  831. That’s awesome. Good to see WE in Brooklyn than I’s.

  832. I got “sick” of it after a while too, after season 3 or so.

  833. Crazy! She is really really brave. I would’ve probably hid in the closet :<

  834. looks like a racists lol just kidding

  835. My nephews have 2k17 and I’ve been playing it with Lin, and I must say I’m very disappointed at Lin’s skillset.

    Can’t shoot with him well…but he’s good at driving to the rim and making successful.

    Also, as you may know by now, I’m not a fan of Booker as a starter for the Nets….Ironically, 2K17 have Scola starting.

    Scola is actually very good at shooting…For my games, he does fit the Nets much better than Booker because of his shooting alongisde RHJ who can’t knock down open shots.

    I hope Atkinson is paying attention.

  836. Undeniably hip…but I can’t think of anything except “ouch”!

  837. saw it and then stopped – boring

  838. noooooo – i wanted the mohawk back –

  839. i think i wd really miss duncan more than anyone else – he was a class act and knew when to quit instead of hanging on like kobe – pity abt bosh though

  840. it is always a double edged sword – you can’t always get health and money or success – it all depends

  841. If I’m Miami, I don’t think I’d let Bosh play neither and risk him dying..If that happens, a lot of people would point their fingers at the Heat for allowing him to play at all.

    Now, it could be that the Heat simply wants to remove his large salary cap off their books, but I do feel that not wanting another’s blood on your hands and good reason enough to not want him to play and than having people blaming you for his death.

    My guess is Bosh is allowed to leave and play for whoever he can convince to let him play..

  842. they never do – they look at the stats but never estimate the human factor in playing as a team. if you cooperate and put egos aside the sky is the limit – something that the rockets have not learned or the knicks or even the lakers –

  843. Better than the gator head

  844. Looking back at pre-season projections for the 2015-2016 Charlotte Hornets.

    Predictions ranged from 20th to 30th in the league and almost all of them (except the people on this board) predicted that Charlotte would miss the playoffs.

    Their final standing was tied for 7th in NBA during the regular season.

    Let’s see if history repeats itself in the form of Brooklyn.

    “2015-2016 Season Projection:

    -32-50 Record

    -12th Place in East

    -No Playoffs”

    “What makes things worse is that this team isn’t even remotely close to being good. I’ve mentioned a couple times already that the absolute worst place to be in the NBA is mediocre – as for this Charlotte team: they don’t need to worry about this because first they need to be relevant. After trading away Vonleh and Henderson, the Hornets’ bench is an absolute atrocity. We’re looking at Jeremy Lin, Tyler Hansbrough, Frank Kaminsky, and Cody Zeller being the first four guys to be subbed into the game.”

    “20. Charlotte Hornets

    Record: 33-49

    The injury to Michael Kidd-Glichrist hurts a team that already struggled defensively, but the offseason imports should still make the Hornets a better unit. Nic Batum brings a jack-of-all-trades mentality and playoff experience and Frank Kaminsky is highly revered by owner Michael Jordan — though, that’s not always a good thing.

    Ranked 22nd

    “22. Charlotte Hornets (28-54) -”

    “This spot on my power ranking usually becomes one of the most mediocre spots on the board, and Charlotte fit the bill. After nearly blind-siding Portland for F Nicolas Batum, drafting NCAA College Player of the Year F Frank Kaminsky (singles post for C Al Jefferson, gives F Michael Kidd-Gilchrist flexibility for defense), and add backup G Jeremy Lin. The Hornets haven’t made any legitimate statements in the offseason to ensure a playoff-contending team. Compared to Indiana or Detroit, they aren’t strong enough to outlast the lower-East seeds. ”–i–power-rankings-.html

    Rank 24th

    24. Charlotte Hornets

    “If it weren’t for the Kings they might be the worst run organization in the league. They not only turned down 4 picks from Boston in the draft but they then drafted Frank Kaminsky over Winslow. Kidd Gilchrist being out really hurts them, I thought he was going to have a really good year. They will be mediocre at best.”

    Rank 21th

    21. Charlotte Hornets

    “The Hornets chances took a huge hit when they lost Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – their most important player – for the season. He brings energy every night and is the main reason they have a consistently above-average difference. The Hornets made some interesting moves this offseason, bringing in Nic Batum, Jeremy Lin, Jeremy Lamb, Spencer Hawes, Tyler Hansbrough and drafting former Badger Frank Kaminsky. Lamb, Batum, Hawes and Kaminsky should all help their spacing, but with Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson being the only scoring threats, the ceiling just isn’t very high for this roster. Still, many Badgers will be tuning in to watch Frank the Tank nightly, which will be a treat. It’s a shame they traded lottery pick Noah Vonleh after only one season on the bench.”

    Rank 20th

    “20. Charlotte Hornets

    Record: 33-49

    The injury to Michael Kidd-Glichrist hurts a team that already struggled defensively, but the offseason imports should still make the Hornets a better unit. Nic Batum brings a jack-of-all-trades mentality and playoff experience and Frank Kaminsky is highly revered by owner Michael Jordan — though, that’s not always a good thing.”

  845. I started watching from Season 3 or 4. Waiting for the new one … if I catch it

  846. Thank you very much Psalm. I know you’re all very busy 🙂

  847. what is gator head?

  848. nope, but im a big fan of one piece. If you want to discuss that then I will be happy to do so.

  849. Yes, be mad… Be real mad, JL7. Remember those teams that don’t even offer you a veteran’s minimum. Stay aggressive! Shoot for the moon. Sky is the limit. The Brooklyn Nets will need your every ounce.

  850. Laughed face off!!!
    I will be disappointed if the Nets doesn’t finish with Top 5. It’s NO easy task but that’s why I love JL7 and this game. It will be on his entire shoulders to turn this ship around.

  851. LOL. No surprise there considering the ineptitude and ineptness of the bb fraternity on talent evaluation and refusal to admit it. Case in point is the undrafted and non Div1, savvy bb fans superstar and fan favourites, JL7. These socalled bb experts are not only in denial but clueless on the game of 5on5 bb. Haha cheers.

  852. Being a JL7 fan is not easy. You hear doubters all the time, coming from all directions. I will still follow him to the end even if he’s just an average player. But in my heart, I know he’s more, Much More. It’s who he IS. So, being a fan of his – I am Not backing down.

    I have total faith in JL7 & The NETS. They can grab Top 4 EC. LET’S GO!!!

  853. yeah i know what you mean – it’s just watching him play makes it fun

  854. thanks but definitely ouch then.

  855. who is this person/ ??? lol –

  856. if this is jeremy lin then they really missed the mark

  857. thanks btw

  858. i hope that d antoni has headache pills available to deal with harden and morey – maybe a monthly subsciption / ? somehow i dont think dantoni is the type to put up with harden’s bs esp with defense.

  859. Very good, Jamie.

    Thanks for understanding me better!

    We’re good!

  860. It’s EASY for me.

    I have absolutely no fear of racist haters when Lin is as painfully clean living and fundamentally sound and crazy elite athletic like he is.

    Lin is the NEW FACE of the NBA!!!

  861. Great post.

    Fantastic find.

    These predictions are not as amusingly funny as Nets predictions though.

  862. I’m not sad.

    Tim Duncan got the most out of his body and game. He is the greatest team oriented NBA superstar ever.

    The others, they haven’t been effective for years.

  863. Great find.

    Another media garbage article that erroneously predicts DOOM for a Lin

    The final Nets record will actually likely look more like a flipflop of that projected record.

  864. Chris Bosh is acting as if he has a DEATH WISH.

    He’s almost died twice from pulmonary embolisms.

    He should just take the money, give a bunch of retirement speeches, and let the valves in his legs heal to the point where he can actually fly again one day.

  865. Well, I completely cleared up a CULTURAL MISUNDERSTANDING that Jamie/tee had about our board.

    Basically he as a Canadian did not understand the full breadth of the crushing racism against Asians in the US. Thus he thought we US Lin fans were overdramatizing the Lin racism situation.

    I did manage to politely and respectfully change the way he views us US Lin fans. He had a nice respectful response to me.

    Psalm234, I’ll vouch for Jamie/Tee if you let him back. He won’t be a problem here.

  866. Great job, psalm234.

    By the way, I’m all for publicly announced TEMPORARY BANS.

    I believe that there are two types of trolls:

    1) incorrigible trolls that cannot be redeemed and should be banned

    2) TEMPORARY trolls that start with a fantasy of Lin fans being terrible racists but gradually learn over time that Lin fans are not the monsters that the media makes Lin fans out to be. Those “temporary trolls” can be CURED of their trollness once they’re “educated” of their trollish misperceptions of Lin and Lin fans. Temporary bans WILL get to these guys, especially if a reason is given.

  867. I’ll be honest – I’ll blast ANYONE who comes at me disrespectfully.

    I might even get banned temporarily for continuing to do that.

  868. Wow, I haven’t miss one single episode. Carrie is really quite a thing.

  869. Yes!!!! So true!! I don’t even talk about Lin anymore unless it’s the internet. No one wants to hear about it. He’s ‘overrated,’ he is not ‘starter material,’ or even ‘YOU’RE OBSESSED!!!’

    They have not seen his games like we do. Did not follow him throughout his career. We know what he is capable of. This is going to be a great season. When they make it to the playoffs and win the championship one day, we will prove everyone wrong.

  870. i wonder what kind of person wd pick up noah and rose when they have been ineffective for a long time through injuries etc and cases – their selections are really bad – do they think that the knicks will get anywhere? dont know what phil jackson is doing but he is just a lousy gm

  871. The prediction is absolutely hilarious. It takes a bird brain to predict 14 wins for the Hornets. Man, this team has no reason for tanking. They are going all out every night. They have a real center, a shooter and most of all the PG that has proved to match well with anyone in the league.

  872. I would be delighted if Bosh went to Houston. Now Morley would probably get himself fired.

  873. Perhaps after X’mas, Nets would already reached their predictions of wins for the Nets. The rest of time, the team could go vacation celebrating meeting the target for the whole season.

  874. Agree though I don’t think I’d be a fan if he’s just “average”

  875. Pure hatred

  876. Not if you had a gun. I would have come out firing and killed all 3 men.

  877. I took a Basic Pistol class. I was very excited to get a gun and start practice shooting with my own gun, but my wife stopped me. Lol

  878. My new hero instead of Lin. Lol

  879. I’d have killed all 3 – and I probablt would not have even needed any sort of weapon to do it!!

  880. Survival and defending your right.

  881. Thank you for sharing this. I rarely go to Bleacher Reports, I’m not a big fan of theirs

    I don’t mind that everyone is underestimating the Nets. I think this team will surprise everyone, as long as everyone remains healthy =)

  882. Yes he does look good in all white =)

  883. This person does not come across as a troll nor a Lin hater nor a racist.

    Sounds like they have a problem with you

  884. oh my so cute and so well trained (to a certain degree lol)

    Thank you for sharing!

  885. Thank you for doing so, Khuang.
    When he comes back from vacation, hopefully the forum rules to not launch personal attacks when having different opinions will work well with him. We always give multiple chances to see if the forum fits fellow Lin fans.

  886. Wow where in the US do you live that you were treated in such a way that you feel like that?

    I get that depending on the region you live in, you will have different experience with what you have experienced.

    I”m Asian-American too and have not come close to feeling osctracized or hated because of the color of my skin

  887. Now I remember why I stopped coming here

  888. I also have no doubts about Lin. Like you, I also believe he is no just a star, he is a superstar level player.

  889. Great interview with Sean Marks:

    Analytics is huge. It’s definitely a tool in your toolbox. The way it’s going – in not just basketball, but all sports – analytics and sports science are sort of merging and becoming one. It’s a really growing field. You probably can’t get enough of it.

    However, I don’t think you want to lose sight of what’s important, which is the hands-on. That’s where Pop was brilliant. He’s the best at that, where “Numbers can say this, but I want to sit next to the guy. I want to have a cup of coffee with him and I need to get to know him, because that’s the most important thing. Analytics won’t show you his character. They won’t show you is he competitive. They’ll show you stuff he does on the court, but I need to know him as a person. I need to know whether I can trust him and what his makeup is.”

  890. I hope you’re not saying Atkinson should use NBA 2K as a tool in determining who should be playing.

  891. They don’t do motion capture on most players and the only Asian in the NBA is Lin. They did the best they could with Lin’s face, but completely screwed up his build, which is much easier to model correctly than the face. Hopefully Lin shocks the world again, forcing them to pay more attention to his player model and player ratings.

  892. an alien version of Lin

  893. Thanks for the laugh Barry.

  894. Survival and defending rights would be 2nd amendment, with little kids logging on to Lin site/ board, not sure they should be viewing a shoot out. Yeah I know, parents should see to it that kids do not watch material that is not suitable for them. Basketball is sports, Jlin is a role model, Nets is sports entertainment. Anyways I thoughts the moderators said no political stuff. You go ahead and have the last word, I will not return to this topic. Peace.

  895. If any superstar
    was as race hated amd minutes reduced as Lin, that superstar absolutely would not produce as much as Lin has.

    Just look at “poor” Ty Lawson.

  896. Aldridge fits into pops system well he just didnt have the best playoffs, but i agree lin will be the new face of the nba

  897. The spurs had the second best record in the nba last year. Aldridge was a HUGE part of that

  898. Aldridge played TERRIBLY all season long, especially when Tim Duncan wasn’t on the court protecting him.

    It was a severely subpar year for the highest paid and most coveted max contract free agent last summer.