Jeremy Lin Hotties Tracker

I don’t know if this is how to start a thread on the forum, but maybe people can post pictures of JLin with his fans? Β There was a thread in HOU that was v successful that said if Lin was with a nice lady, he’s play great. Β I was thinking here, we could have pics of all nice fans because the guys and older folks were not included.

So, Lin happy with happy fans (including beautiful ones of all walks) = big game?

[huge_it_gallery id=”2″]


  1. 1st!
    In your face, Brent! LOL

  2. ok @JoeTeam, if it is for JLin pics with fans, we have the Sticky Post on “Jeremy Latest Sighting”.

    I think you really want to title this one, “Jeremy Lin Hotties” πŸ˜€
    What we can do is people can post “Hotties” picture before game time so we’ll add into a Photo Gallery in the post. Then we record the game result (Win/Lose) just for fun πŸ™‚

    JLin himself might get a kick out of it if he sees it, haha..

  3. Let me delete yours……LOL GJ….

  4. @JoeTeam, I added an Image Gallery and changed the title to “Jeremy Lin Hotties Tracker”.

    So it’s a fun thread to continue the tradition to see how it might (or might not) help JLin’s next game performance.
    Please let me know if this is to your liking :]

  5. ok, it says JLin with a friend but I guess it can qualify in this thread.

  6. Lin is gonna have a monster game~ again!

  7. Sorry to burst your bubble, but yeah she is a friend. She went with AJ Rafael and a bunch of guys.

  8. Book it! πŸ˜€

  9. yeah, I’m just desperate for a hottie picture to help win tomorrow’s game :] Keep the strike going.

    unless you can find some other pics .. haha

  10. some said this is a T-Mobile product placement with JLin but since we have a shortage of Hotties, here we go.
    Let’s hope JLin can build on his 14/4/4 performance by clamping down on Curry!

  11. Wow, sorry I wasn’t here. I am having a hard time nav-ing this site, but that’s not your fault. I’m going to hang out here for now, given all the trolling elsewhere right now.

  12. I mean, it’s pretty funny to me. Every boy in sports loves the idea of attractive ladies appreciating their hard work. It’s part of our culture ha ha. Goooo Team!

  13. ha ha … you might find this to be your most evergreen thread!

  14. yes, I believe over time this “Lin Hotties” post will get the most hits (pun intended πŸ™‚

  15. It’s the ladies hitting on Lin … go young guys who are lonely and striving! Be careful out there with your hearts πŸ™‚

  16. @JoeTeam, there are basically 2 ways to navigate the site:
    1. Read Latest Posts from homepage
    2. Click on “Recent Comments” button to read recent comments that you like to respond. I use this one all the time.

    Do you find it helpful? If not, just let me know what you find difficult in navigating the site. I’m still working on the How-To page so it will be a good input for me.

  17. As long as we’re respectful to the Hotties, I believe it’s okay to track them LOL #NoStalkingPlease

  18. it all works out in the end .. young guys will want to emulate Lin to get girls. Be “Nice Guys” like Ryan Higa sang πŸ™‚

  19. Thank you I will do it.

  20. I loved the 2 versions of this, more the KevJumba one. I also liked Chester See’s vocals. That was a good thing and later came Jubililee. WongFu has been around since UCSD days, but I’ve found they are reprising old topics and that’s ok. These are the new Wayne Wongs, Ahn Lees and I hope they make a big impact for our kids.

  21. need a place up top to go to members, pm, etc. That’s a great value in forums, to be able to pm off thread so people can go deeper in their convos if they want.

  22. I see. A more visible link to find Friends, PM, etc.
    I can add a Member menu/button.

    Looks like I need to finish the “How-To-Navigate-This-Site” page soon so people know what they can do here :]

  23. I believe they already do. Watch “Kids reaction to KevJumba” and you get to see positive comments about Nigahiga and KevJumba.

    Generations (all race) are influenced to be enjoy nice fun without getting rude and foolish (dangerous pranks)

  24. funny, I see my kids and friends using my phone to take vids of themselves jumping over sofa cushions. This youtubing starts very naturally.

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