Jeremy Lin breaks barrier by shoving cake in his Mom’s Face

[inlinetweet prefix=”Broke Another Barrier…4 all Asian sons be comfortable 2 shove cake in his moms face ” tweeter=”@JLinPortal” suffix=””]Jeremy Lin Broke Another Barrier ..for all Asian sons to be comfortable enough to shove cake in his mom’s face.[/inlinetweet]

This mischievous prank is somewhat funny 😆 and jaw-dropping 😯 at the same time . I was kinda laughing and flabbergasted at the same time watching JLin shoving the cake to his mom’s face.


Would you shove cake in your ASIAN Mom's face?
Would you shove cake in your NON-ASIAN Mom's face?

Oh man, I would be in the doghouse for 5 months if I ever did that to my mom . And the dog will take my place as a son!

But at the same time, it’s important to note how close Jeremy’s relationship with his mom to be able to joke around like that. Still, the idea of shoving cake to your cake is definitely …(drum-roll)…Lintimidating! There I got one pun out of the way.

Positive Side: JLin is breaking barrier between Asian parents and children

Usually there is a gap in the degree of close relationship across Chinese generations. Chinese culture believe young people should treat the elders with respect.

So this is definitely funny but I’m concerned with Jeremy’s well-being. His mom probably won’t cook for him for 6 months!  :mrgreen: So here’s hoping that all Asian sons can get closer to their moms (and dads).

Just don’t shove cake to their face if you want to live longer. Haha!


  1. ..

  2. Lin knew he probably overdid it with the cake-face when her mom wouldn’t stop slapping him after 8 times 🙂
    Then the camera stopped.

  3. i felt embarrassed for him…lol.. cringe worthy

  4. true LOL 🙂 …

    By the 5th slap, you can see the look of horror in his face, “Mom wouldn’t stop .. Oh NOOO .. she’s really mad!!” And the camera man quickly turned it off .. haha

    There must be at least another 5 slaps after the camera stopped rolling :]

  5. And the slapping moved towards the face lol

  6. I think it has reached the face and the camera stopped .. Haha 🙂

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