Jeremy Lin going to the Charlotte Hornets

“Going into my first true free agency as an NBA player this off-season, the one thing that mattered to me the most was finding a team that would be a good fit for me. I wanted to be on a team where I would be able to play freely and truly play the game I love with joy again. That has always been the most important thing to me. After a LOT of prayer and long discussions with family and friends, I wanted to personally let you guys know I’ll be joining the Charlotte Hornets. My journey has never looked the way I (or anyone else) thought it would, but God has always worked things out for my good and I am confident that he will continue to do so. I want to thank Coach Clifford and the Hornets organization for this opportunity – for taking the time to talk to me, understanding my game, and most importantly, making it clear they believe in me. For those of you who have been patiently waiting for news, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for joining me on this journey. To the Lakers organization and the city of Los Angeles, thank you for your support this past season. I have no idea what is coming next, but I promise I will do everything in my power to contribute to this team and to improve as a player and as a person. Here’s to the next chapter! ‪#‎audienceofOne‬ ‪#‎BuzzCity‬ Greg Lau Will you be backing up Kemba or doing more shooting guard? Hornets could use both I think.
Jeremy Lin 林書豪 They want me at both the 1 and the 2, as well as running lots of pick and rolls. Great fit and opportunity!!

Charlotte Hornets Reaction

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  1. wow

  2. First

  3. Woohoo

  4. YES!

  5. So yea, I don’t think anyone saw this coming

  6. just wanted to get a placeholder new thread. Please edit psalm or brent or other mods

  7. Wondering how much is that contract

  8. Nobody imagined this happening…

  9. lol going to college in north carolina so what does that mean

  10. What is the roster like?

  11. lin and kiminsky and jordan

  12. Starting or back up?

  13. glad to be here when the news hit, it’s been a bit of a drag to read all the conjecture. This proves it – we fans know nothing lol.

  14. kenba walker unless he is sg

  15. Lin is so DECEPTIVE!

  16. Robin Lundberg retweeted the FB announcement. Congrats to my homie. No one on this board saw this coming. I can see him and Kemba working in the backcourt.

  17. Wonder what the terms are? Hope it’s either good or he has a player option next year and can opt out to enter FA again.

  18. “Meanwhile, Jeremy Lin announced he is signing with the Hornets. Really like that move for them.” tim bontemps

  19. That Hornet color guy was so bad to Lin….

  20. Deceptively quick. Learning about deception from Nash

  21. Go hornets! I’m going to like their Facebook page. Show them the power of lin fans and show them they made the right decision!

  22. according to this, Hornet have no cap space, so I’m guessing 1 yr minimum

  23. they must of promise him something. maybe its him and kemba back court

  24. You are not kidding.

  25. Funny, I just got off work and just in time to get this news! I really wasn’t fond of the rumored choices, glad he chose the Hornets with a coach who learned under Mike D’Antoni!

  26. That’s fine. Show his stuff and come out a FA in 2016.

  27. Jlin will win hearts and minds

  28. I’m predicting Lin’s new BF on the Hornets: Frank Kaminsky. They’re both kind of laid back, but really funny guys, great locker room presences.

  29. “Clifford’s philosophy is players can’t perform playing only spot minutes.”

    Read more here:

    Wonder what that means for JLin?

  30. No Shame in being swerved by a Harvard Grad.

  31. well, at least Eastern Conf, I’m happy with that

  32. You’ll be spending $$?

  33. This is the part I really, really like:

    “I want to thank Coach Clifford and the Hornets organization for this opportunity – for taking the time to talk to me, understanding my game, and most importantly, making it clear they believe in me.

  34. ugh, i’m scared because he’s probably playing backup on a eastern conference lottery team. I’m afraid he won’t have the chance to show his skills.

  35. Yes Lin will be able to make playoffs alot easier in Eastern Conference! Smart choice! West Conference too stacked for any team to give him a legit starting position and chance to lead his own team!

  36. what does that mean? because no one will notice because of the DeAndre drama?

    that’s prob why Lin announced now. He doesn’t need the attention.

  37. no the mass wanted him and deandre. lol

  38. on the contrary, he will have better stats in EC

  39. So from Beck’s post he can get $3.376 mil?

  40. mass=mavs

  41. Ya, not too happy about the bakup…if that is the case. Hope otherwise!

  42. Wow… I am watching the Hornets playing Orlando summer league right now….go Jlin!!!!

  43. you mad he didn’t end up on sixers? 😉

  44. That means 2-3M, should be a short or 1+1 contract

  45. Hornets was way better choice than Sixers. No way would JLin sign under a GM who learned under Morey!

  46. This hornet signing is creating quite a buzz 😉

  47. it was o left field and mavs wanted him

  48. double jeopardy for the mavs right now

  49. mavs will tank next year

  50. Oh, okay. LOL

  51. Not really liking the Hornets signing. On the surface their roster doesn’t seem to have players who fit well with Lin’s game, but there’s probably unknown stuff brewing under the surface that Lin liked.

  52. I see what u did there. 🙂

  53. and peanut money.

  54. Yup no JLin and no D Jordan LOL with an aging Dirk. Good Luck!

  55. I really want to support this decision, but….
    1. Kemba would be starting pg
    2. Salary can’t be that high
    3. Hornets are not a contender
    So, what could be the logic?

  56. we don’t care anymore, and I’m glad Parsons is not in JLin’s life still.

  57. Only three coaches praised Lin this past year:

    – Steve Clifford (Hornets)
    – Brad Stevens (Celtics)
    – Brett Brown (Sixers)

    Lin signed with Clifford and the Hornets. Wise move. Join the coach who will AT LEAST judge you fairly and let you earn the starter role eventually.

  58. cute

  59. yes lets move on

  60. oh wait, Lin backup? hmm

  61. I will wait and see, but Lin made the decision…we just support!!

  62. Disqus allows edits…

  63. tired of them

  64. when did clifford learned under mda?

  65. Kemba comes back from an injury and his stats is unknown.

  66. And maybe MDA had a few phone calls to heighten the ties.

  67. wow. Mike D’Antoni was hanging around CHA for a while right? is my memory right?

  68. i think so

  69. very much why I made zero comments pre-now. There’s no point in speculating on JLin’s thought processes – we are just fans so we support.

  70. lmao hahahhahahahahha

  71. Lets goooooo!! #BuzzCity

    A photo posted by Jeremy Lin (@jlin7) on Jul 8, 2015 at 6:19pm PDT

  72. Lin signed with MLE?

  73. i think

  74. I am very happy because Lin will not share the same court with CP!

  75. lin posted a pick on instragram idk how to post it

  76. so 5.46 mil max for Lin

  77. Are they Hornets or Bobcats?

  78. Lin’s audition for the Hornets…I guess he passed Clifford’s test!

  79. hornets

  80. Lin chose the team farthest away from the Lakers. That hilarious.

  81. for how much?

  82. wuts mle?

  83. An interview with Steve Clifford back in 2014. Sounds like strong Center and PG play is vital.

    Q: Offensively, you said it’s in the right direction the past 25 games. What are you looking for?

    A: Within the offense, you need balance. For us, our post-up game is the best part of our offense. Not just Al scoring, but us being able to score on cuts and things off him, which is good because he’ll make the right play.

    The second-best part of our offense is Kemba’s pick-and-roll game, which he’s done a really good job at. He’s still scoring but his assist-to-turnover numbers are way up over the last month or so.

    Then, you have to have as many ways to score as possible — screening, five-man basketball — because when you play the best defensive teams, if you’re just doing the same thing over and over again, they will take it away.

  84. is that calculated from new max?

  85. has to be, i don’t see why he would play backup on a eastern team that is not good, probably offered the most money

  86. don’t be so sure.. we don’t know.. he might be backup..his salary is only 5 mil.. too low.

  87. quite possible: basically the hornets didn’t have a shooting guard last year (they thought it was going to be lance stephenson but that didn’t work out) ; walker is actually more of a shooting guard….shoots a lot! scores a lot but doesn’t really get many assists for time on court.

    also: he games played have declined each year in the league (as has his shooting %)–and there (at least at this time as far as i know) are no other guards of any consequence there on the team current or promised to sign–troy daniels is playing in the summer league.

  88. I forgot Jeremy Lamb is now on the Hornets! Good to see them reunited…they had good chemistry. Nic Batum is another ideal Lin-Ball team player.

  89. There is no way they will let Lin start over Kemba unless Kemba literally can’t play due to injury.

  90. i think lin will start next to kemba walker the other guards they have is obviously kenba walker then its jeremy lamb and pj hairston

  91. It is MLE, so…a fix value….

  92. he will be either the first off of the bench or the starting guard with kemba…minutes = good play and better deal next year…nothing left to see here. an interesting day indeed

  93. no guards of any consequence.

  94. Lin back up in a team like Spurs is one thing, but on Hornets?

  95. Mid-Level Exception

  96. who plays SG for charlotte?

  97. he will likely start i look at their guard depth its pretty bad

  98. Eric PincusVerified account
    The Charlotte Hornets have up to the $5.46 mil MLE for Jeremy Lin @BBallInsiders

  99. jeremy lamb and pj hairston. i think lin will start at sg

  100. hehe….true

  101. lots of SF on that team….could see lamb and kemba being the UCONN backcourt lol

  102. Yes! No guarantees, but I’m glad he chose a coach who is on record as appreciating his game outside of Linsanity.

  103. ok I will look up mid-level exception. Hope he didn’t sign up for too many years.

  104. has played declining number of games each year and declining shooting % and more a shooter than a assist man. and no other guards of any consequnce on the roster im aware of. (tho f.a. moves could have changed that ).

  105. really? then it is possible that he starts

  106. no.. NY is

  107. kemba is more of a sg anyways

  108. correction.. Toronto

  109. I guess JLin can be SG or dual PG with Kemba.
    Or Kemba might get traded? But that’s unlikely

  110. yes (just not a very good one)

  111. Wait, didn’t JLin play against Walker back in college?

  112. so he is earning 5.46 per year???
    too low!

  113. yea i think he will because it don’t add up to his goals if he don’t

  114. haha, true that.

  115. A little disappointed because Sixers were the only guaranteed starter spot. But I trust Lin’s judgment and he chose one of the three best coaches for him, IMO.

  116. LMAO

  117. walker shoots first; his assist totals are not much different than lins with short minutes and poor usage in l.a.

    also; walker’s games played and shooting % have declined each of his seasons in the league.

    and (as far as i know) there are no other guards sg or pg period of any consequence on roster.

  118. MJ must have liked Jeremy Lin enough to approve the signing.
    I wonder if MJ will comment anytime soon

  119. I think he showed Walker up in the UCONN game.

  120. Lin’s FB comment: “Jeremy Lin 林書豪 Gotta go where they want you! Charlotte really believes in me and made it very clear.”

  121. As an UCONN fan, this is dream come true. Get to watch JLIN, Kemba, and Jeremy Lamb all on the same team.

  122. yeah, but unfortunately MJ has a pretty bad track record as GM

  123. They want me at both the 1 and the 2, as well as running lots of pick and rolls. Great fit and opportunity!! —-JLIN

  124. He is giving the ans that we want on his latest facebook post. He will be no. 7 again

  125. LOL I’m right that JLin has surprised us again. He chose a team that none of us has expected:-) Go JLin! Support you no matter what!!!! Please please anyone gives us info about Hornets. Know nothing about the org nor his team members. Have to relearn about everything again:-)

  126. we’ve learned these last 3 years go to where you are wanted or else

  127. Amen to that.

  128. It stops here now.

  129. MJ also was a terrible basketball player in the beginning. He can turn it around.

  130. walker has put up declining numbers both in terms of games played and shooting % each year in the league; and there aren’t any other guards of consequence shooting or point im aware on the current roster.

    its a good opportunity. no hot dog players here.

  131. Very unexpected. I wish our boy the best.

  132. Greg Lau Will you be backing up Kemba or doing more shooting guard? Hornets could use both I think.
    Like · Reply · 6 · 9 mins
    Jeremy Lin 林書豪 They want me at both the 1 and the 2, as well as running lots of pick and rolls. Great fit and opportunity!!
    Unlike · 74 · 4 mins

  133. I don’t think a single person (Lin fan or media) mentioned Hornets as a possibility, right?

  134. 1) Fair, good coach whom Lin has talked to and been praised by this season.
    2) Weak Eastern conference.
    3) Hornets not tanking.
    4) Two stretch bigs (Kaminsky and Hawes).
    5) 6th man role for now…maybe more if Kemba’s knee slows him down again.

  135. nba pulse lin is number 3

  136. This

  137. That

  138. That

  139. I like 17

  140. xD

  141. “Jeremy Lin 林書豪 My
    free agency goals were to find the right fit and a place where I could
    be most empowered to be the player I believe I can be. After having
    multiple discussions, Charlotte was the obvious choice!”

  142. They seem having a lot half-court offense, not much fast-break, prob htey’re going to have more run&gun

  143. low pressure – high impact opportunity for jeremy.

  144. indeed.really a surprise

  145. someone ask if he will start

  146. Nop! I did say that JLin would surprise us and he did:-)

  147. Not going to be many nationally covered games for Charlotte. Going to have to get League Pass

  148. Yes! No more late games to watch. Thank god he’s back East.

  149. actually after lance stephensons fail gerald henderson was there primary shooting guard last year but he gone (as is fp noah vonleh)–as far as i know and hard to keep up with this stuff this time of year the players mentioned below awa troy daniels are all playing on the summer league team.

    i see (baring unforseen developments) lots of opporutnity for guard court time here

  150. I guess Michael Jordan is the owner!

  151. Jeremy, will you start?

  152. “They want me at both the 1 and the 2”

    YES. This is great news.

  153. on Facebook come on now

  154. Chinese fans on Baidu have mixed reaction to this signing. Some of them think it’s career suicide for Lin because Charlotte is a small market. smh they need to chill.

  155. Not Dallas huh? They would have started him. Or did he know Jordan was pulling out and then they’d suck? Maybe Parsons warned him?

  156. got to renew mine, lol

  157. as opposed to a big market like Houston or LA

  158. its a bit risky. but less then the mavs

  159. I would had rather see LIN in Philly or even back in New York Knicks since he’d be starting there for sure with no competition.

    Maybe they plan on playing a 2 guard system but that create its own problem..Will Lin be playing off the ball as a shooting guard?

  160. I was wrong about Rich Cho after bashing him earlier today haha

  161. Probably wasn’t sure if Dallas could have done a S&T to begin with

  162. I hear ya, my fellow east coast bro.

    East coast is beast coast!

  163. Apparently they have not being following this FA where players prefer Milwaukee over NY and LA.

  164. He made his genius signing now 🙂

  165. nah Jordan’s going to the Clippers

  166. lol

  167. JLin is on TV, that’s all that matters. Minutes and respect of coach.

  168. As a West Coast guy, I’m happy too. Finish work…turn the TV/computer right on!

  169. don’t care anymore

  170. the mavs season died in a couple of hours

  171. Mavs is messed up now…

  172. hahahahahahahhaha

  173. Oh for sure. I just don’t trust Cuban and CP25. Not after Morey and BS. This business is cutthroat.

  174. Please change the ugly purple/gold on this site asap thanks 😀

  175. so much unanswered questions on the hornets

  176. Maybe lin starting pg walker sg?


    Let’s change the color motif of the site to teal!!!

  178. he should start with those guards they have

  179. Ya ya yaaaaaaaa

  180. Lin: “They want me at both the 1 and the 2, as well as running lots of pick and rolls. Great fit and opportunity!!”

    Sounds like a starting PG/SG.

  181. kemba is too short to guard sg

  182. Just turned on the computer and went to espn to check: Lin with the Hornets, Wow! Free from Byron, Kobe, and the Lakers finally……… What a relief.

  183. From JLin facebook. “Respect his game and plan on doing damage playing alongside [Walker]”

    Sounds like some PG/SG time

  184. I’m hoping and sounds likely

  185. it can still be purple, just change the yellow to teal!

  186. ok he said it

  187. Michael Zhu care to share your thought process on joining the hornets? i personally felt like you would have a bigger role on the mavs and possibly become the starting PG since your competition would only be JJ barea (who i think you’re better than and would beat out for the starting PG spot). whereas on the hornets, you’ll be playing behind kemba and be in a seemingly lesser role.
    Like · Reply · 6 · 11 mins
    Jeremy Lin 林書豪 My number 1 priority was finding the best opportunity to get the most minutes playing my style of play. Wont get too much into it, but Charlotte was by far the best choice. Spoke to Coach Clifford for a couple hours and really understands my game. I feel like he will bring out the best in me.
    Like · 61 · 6 mins

  188. lins aaaa starttteeerrrr hahahahahahahahha

  189. see my posts scattered thru here but the bottom line is: hornets dont really have any strong guards.

    walker last years starting point guard has played declining minutes each year with injuries and is more a shooting guard and they dont have any shooting guards as the two they used last year are gone from the team.

    so it is a good opporutnity. there should be plenty of guard court time. whether starting or not playing point or 2 guard.

    also low key environment. and no big name big ego players here. its a modest group. key players are center all jefferson and…i guess walker (if you can call him that) and oh they got nicholas batum from wherever, he should be a starter.

    draft pick frank (tank) kaminsky is looking good in summer league.

  190. what a day this has been. a day i will remember for a long time wow

  191. The colour commentator for the Hornets’ TV broadcasts is Stephen Curry’s father, Del …

    The Charlotte Hornets announced in a press release (May 28, 2015) that Dell Curry, currently color commentator during Hornets TV broadcasts, is having his role with the team expanded. Curry will not only remain the team’s color commentator, but will also become a team ambassador, and their Special Projects Advisor.

    See :

  192. Lin’s NBA journey is never short of drama.

  193. wait $4M for 2 yrs? that’s terrible. The 2nd yr better be player option.

  194. @kc1nyk ‏@kc1nyk 3m3 minutes ago
    Report: #Hornets PG Jeremy Lin’s deal is 2 years, $4 million +.

  195. I did nahhhhhhhhh

  196. I’m sure one Chinese Hornets fan said it 🙂

  197. ok.. I’ll put it #1 in my To-Do-List after I get over the shock LOL

  198. or did he mean 2 yrs, $4M each? That’s still horrible unless 2nd yr is player option. You don’t want to get locked in second year. I’d rather have 1 yr at $1.4M

  199. I like lin in the east. Great opportunity for him to make all-star roster. Also I have no doubt that lin is going to show up and show out for this team#THIS IS LIN’S YEAR

  200. terrible article says he is a back up

  201. Perfect, JLin gets a new deal after the cap goes waaay up.

  202. Sheesh 4 million. God the undervalue is real

  203. Yu Seven God will lead you to the right place you have to be. Good luck! No matter which team is your next stay we will support you as usual.
    Like · Reply · 55 · 33 mins · Edited
    Jeremy Lin 林書豪 Always! Its not always what I expect, but God always has my back. He sent me to
    Harvard when I thought it would be Stanford. He sent me to New York when I thought I’d stay on Golden State.

  204. Man, this is so crazy to think that Lin is going to interact with another GOAT(regardless of what Kobe did last season he is still GOAT). I just hope this time around Lin would get the good ending that he deserve.

  205. wow thats bad, i guess he really likes charlotte and his value has dropped like a rock

  206. truth of the matter is…jeremy didnt have a market to make bank folks…so he shows out next year and banks in a better deal either next year via a player option or two years

  207. From the bench again, Lin must see something good in this.

  208. yes, his market value was completely devalued after Rox and Lakers

  209. Who is Lin going throw alley-oops to?

  210. Gotta reverse the fore- and background.

  211. Shin Fu COME BACK TO MAVS!!!!!!
    Like · Reply · 15 · 41 mins
    Jeremy Lin 林書豪 Gotta go where they want me! Charlotte and Coach Clifford made it clear they really wanted and believed in me.
    Like · 202 · 33 mins

    Roddy Beasant Strahan Leaming he better not replace Kemba
    Like · Reply · 1 · 37 mins

    Jeremy Lin 林書豪 No intention of doing that at all. Respect his game and plan on doing damage playing alongside him
    Like · 18 · 14 mins

  212. Al Jefferson?

  213. probably had a bunch of MLE on the table and really thought about his career. “which team will actually let me play.” Hornets it is

  214. Wow to the Hornets, I am almost as shocked as Brent is.

  215. OMG he signed with hornet for 2 mil per year? I hope 2nd year is a player option or I will seriously lose all respect for him.

  216. hehe, Dell is a great guy he’s going to give JLin tips like he did for his son. And then whenever Steph is in town, they will hang more. I like it!

    Special Project #1: Make JLin MVP!

  217. Agent is a fool if 2nd year isn’t player option.

  218. He doesn’t really dunk…

  219. i havesome drawbacks on the bobcats but lets see what happens

  220. ANd he is slow

  221. hornets

  222. Or jump.

  223. Yes, but wow. I am completely shocked that he signed for 2 mil per year.

  224. himself

  225. lol

  226. Nic Batum and Kidd Gilchrist. Most of their other tall guys aren’t known for being post players.

  227. ^this

  228. Hornets got the deal of a life time. I’ll tell you that.

  229. hornets a better choice than 76ers who tank on purpose

  230. I trust Jeremy Lin’s decision. I am not over excited about his prospects anymore after 3 years though. He might just be an over qualified backup but the Hornets decision should not be second guessed. As to how Lin will do? I’m keeping my fingers crossed it will turn out well for him, but I am not holding out hope for anything too magical.

    Hopefully Lin can shock me out of my shoes this season. I wish him luck and I like the fact that the Hornets have no big divas on it.

  231. I am telling you guys that God will use the dumb things of the world to confuse the wise, hence lin signing with Charlotte .

  232. walker last years starting point guard has played declining minutes each year with injuries and is more a shooting guard and they dont have any shooting guards as the two they used last year are gone from the team.

    so it is a good opporutnity. there should be plenty of guard court time. whether starting or not playing point or 2 guard.

    also low key environment. and no big name big ego players here. its a modest group. key players are center all jefferson and…i guess walker (if you can call him that) and oh they got nicholas batum from wherever, he should be a starter.

    draft pick frank (tank) kaminsky is looking good in summer league

  233. yay…..what a total surprise…..hornets was never in everyone’s discussion or radar…haha… even d’ reporters are clueless

  234. Who’s the starting 5 for Hornets?

  235. Every turn of Lin’s journey has been unexpected for sure. This can work out great, or well… anything is better than Lakers last year. xD

  236. I know the contract is small, but this situation presents Lin the opportunity to explode the next 2 yrs and take advantage of the higher salary cap for a new contract.

  237. Carlisle has in a pre game interview when Lin was with the Lakers I think or his last year as a Rocket.

  238. tbd

  239. let’s temper explosion talk. Let’s just hope he can get on the court and be used properly game to game first.

  240. Dont care about that silly drama anymore.

  241. ok, that one wins the emoji battle for the day

  242. So the concept of FU or Drop Dead money: JLin by taking less to do what he wants is telling the world he has his Drop Dead money reckoned in intangibles: his own faith, his long term journey, his value to fans if he can play his brand, his value to the game, etc.

    I have no problems if he took a short term pay cut. It might give him a huge endorsement for hims to have stood his ground. Going to Mavs for the lowball would have been weak.

  243. hahahahahah

  244. maybe a little more playing time for Lin? CHA SG PJ Hairston in legal trouble again, 3 summers in a row.

  245. He is still in the NBA. I am having my cake and eating it.

  246. but very crafty

  247. why so negative – do you think this is what JLin is thinking, let’s see if I get on the court and get used properly? OP is probably more what Lin is thinking, with a forward plan.

  248. Hmm, will it be too much SG playing time though?

  249. i know Batum is SF, but what about MKG? he couldn’t possibly be going to the bench?

  250. anyone knows how much did the hornets offer JLin ?…..I know $ is not his priority…

  251. this is very jeremy lin team….not one superstar bunch of team first guys….clifford doesnt run the most dynamic offense but I expect 15-16 6-7 assists a game

  252. Yep, just don’t count on alley-oops.

  253. LOL, now i can delete all the mavs bookmarks in my chrome browser. Oh boy.

  254. Either MLE or BAE…My guess is BAE

  255. The best part of being a Lin fan, you travel light and unburdened esp in the emo department.

  256. 2 million !!! PER YEAR!! WHAT!!!

  257. yes a non superstar team fits lin because Lin is the natural star whether he chooses to be or not when he plays his game.

  258. wow—u r quick… 🙂

  259. they better make good use of him.. because his salary is low.. coach can dnp him if he wants to esp if lin doesn’t play a good game for like 2 games straight.

  260. $4M 2 yrs

  261. let’s just hope it’s a great opportunity to even play before we talk all star!

  262. New cap is $70 mil. It’s Lin’s money anyway so I don’t care in some sense, but maybe he can more now?

  263. fake…. wrong number =)

  264. isn’t that too low

  265. When is the first game tip off haha

  266. he took it.. there must be a reason he took it. he must be starting

  267. yeah really, let’s get it going …

  268. still think he looked the best in a Knicks uniform.. nohomo

  269. Wow you get way ahead…

  270. no, Hornet are still over the new $70M cap already

  271. ..kemba is there …on his Facebook page…according to Jlin and his discussion with the coach — he will play 1 and 2

  272. He didn’t just take it. He took a long time to take it. I certainly hope there is more to it than what we can see.

  273. Wow out of nowhere! I like that the coach showed his support and belief in Jeremy.
    Not too sure about Al Jefferson. Ive seen their forums and the fans hate how Al centered their offense is, they call it “Al-fense” lol he also plays zero PnR defense. But okok, no time for negativity, the Lakers and Rockets traumatized me and I immediately think of all the negatives first lol

    Hopefully their offense changes with the addition of Jeremy! I do like that its an Eastern Conf team, more chance to get to the playoffs!
    Here’s hoping for the best!

  274. JLin is going back to #7 for his number

  275. Wait! He looks GREAT in that jersey, Im sold XD

  276. a lot of risk but have to trust lin

  277. “MJ also was a terrible basketball player in the beginning.”


  278. The contender to tank in the course of a day has to be a record

  279. um, we already knew that

    (to Cuban, not you)

  280. watch, they get amare next. LOL.

  281. No more DJ updates please. Irrelevant to Lin now.

    There are other things to discuss! New team, new coach, new teammates, new system…

  282. I think he really had a long talk with the coach and explained his goals…..I read this with his chat in fb

  283. yea still risky

  284. This is where he can truly focus on basketball. No more questioning his salary, media spotlight, etc. I believe he prayed for this and God showed him the way. Keep following the path.

  285. they have no money left

  286. Hope they trade Kemba to the Mavs…they need a PG! Ha.

  287. Oh they have plenty of money now

  288. Right now. Lin challenged MJ to a game of pickup!

    “You reach…I teach.”

  289. I don’t care about Mav anymore.

  290. Amen

  291. idk

  292. kinda but hoping it’s better than what he went through in LA…

  293. I sincerely hope coach believing in him is not just empty talk.

  294. YES. Time to focus on hoops!

  295. and parson didn’t even recruit his ‘best friend’

  296. Is that 4m per yr or 2m per yr?

  297. Quick! Everyone predict Lin’s next season averages! =P

  298. 15-17 ppg

  299. 17/7

  300. something to add east is bad hornets made playoffs last year

  301. LET’S GOOO

  302. nope they didn’t lol

  303. They were 11th

  304. you’re right, remember how excited we all were with Byron Scott at the beginning of the season?

    Im gonna stay cautiously optimistic for now!

  305. i think it was the year before i was thinking

  306. 15/8

    Throw in a couple 30+/10 games

  307. 5 games behind 8th

  308. 20/10 :)…double/double….too optimistic me—i hope he duplicates NY linsanity

  309. Thanks for the quick move! The bruise purple and fool’s gold has been an eyesore!!!

  310. 17/5

  311. Don’t care for either teams but this is entertaining cause it has nothing do with JLin’s new team LOL!

  312. 19/6

  313. as long as lin takes charge it will be ok. if he takes a back seat we can have issues on that roster he should score a lot

  314. this is just strange…if the hornets really wanted Lin they could’ve offered him the MLE. Even then it would’ve been a discount…

  315. 18/7

  316. Lin will be the new Ricky Pierce.

  317. also whats with mavs needing to get more money for him yet he sign ed to hornet for less

  318. 15/7

  319. If this does work out for JLin, kudos to his agent.

  320. 4M/2yrs.. out of the blue.. starter in the hornets?

  321. lin was 9-16 and was the leading scorer when lakers played hornets. Made an impression

  322. its weird but gotta trust lin

  323. Kemba Walker is not a good 3 point shooter. Let’s look at his stats (I believe Jeremy will take the starting PG position from him soon)
    FG% best in 2012-13 42.3%
    3P% best 2013-14 33.33%
    Assist best 2013-14 6.1 played 35.8 minutes
    Turnover best 2014-15 1.6 AST/TO 3.18

    The only stats he’s better than Jeremy is the Assist/TO ratio.
    2014-15 season
    Lin FG% 42.4% lowest in last 4 years/
    3P% 36.9%
    4.6 Assists in 25.8 minutes

  324. Thank the Lord.

  325. If this doesn’t work out for Lin, fire his agent.

  326. Hornet does not run much PnR…what have changed Coaches mind? Lin?

  327. most likely deal was $4M over 2 yrs ($2M/yr) using Bi Annual exception, with second year being player option.

  328. Lin at such a huge discount means expectatoins in charlotte are the lowest ever. even playing average everyone will be happy.

  329. the deal is weird so i would hope so. lin kept saying playing alongside kemba so i would guess

  330. clueless about the hornets…is Michael Jordan a hands on owner?… he good/fair to his players?

  331. Then why did Mavs try to s&T for Lin

  332. Nice that Lin is in Charlotte …

  333. 1 year second year option

  334. 17/6

  335. I doubt that

  336. Another 1 year audition eh

  337. what do you mean “then why”?

  338. Lin also playing in the east coast now which means much higher stats!

  339. Even if that’s true, $2mil/year starter is pretty crazy.

  340. Yes..and AL hurt his feet…

  341. theres likely a second year option so back here in a year

  342. I do not think he will start

  343. I don’t think he is hands on like Cuban or Lacob.

  344. Any basketball expert, could Hornets be the next Atalanta Hawks?

  345. i think he will

  346. hah…n they lost JLin too…..toooo bad

  347. Cuban publicly admitted that they were going to tank if they didn’t get good FA this off season so…..

  348. if he don’t this makes zero sense

  349. An All-Star goal is easier to achieve!

  350. i thought Lin wanted to go to mavs thats why Mavs was trying to find S&T partner for Lin.

  351. I don’t think so. No affiliation with Popovich tree.

    “Clifford became an NBA assistant coach with the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets under Jeff Van Gundy and quickly developed a reputation as a defensive expert. He then was an assistant for Stan Van Gundy with the Orlando Magic.[2] He considers both the Van Gundy brothers as mentors.”

  352. Based on the current roster and Lin’s comments, he’s either the 6th man for now or will vie for starting “2-guard” (a la Phoenix and Sacramento’s 2-PG lineups next season).

    Hornets had no 3pt shooting last year, which killed them, so Batum will likely to start at SF. MKG improved his midrange J but still doesn’t shoot 3s. Lamb is a traditional SG, but only shot 34% from 3 last year.

    Anxious for training camp! Maybe there’s yet a trade to be made…

  353. I hope he will not be. He is horrible at it based on track record.

  354. Lins playing for the player option in the second year. Hes taking the risk to ball out and get a huge contract at the higher cap! good on him

  355. He’s been known to come once/twice to practice with players but maybe not lately

  356. I see them potentially like the Wizards. A lot of young talent

  357. kaminksy is going to be awesome for lin to play with. high bb iq since he played 4 years college

  358. They probably knew what Lin can do with DJ had he joined the team I assume.

  359. I think he is filling in for Mo

  360. why?

  361. 20/6

  362. mkg is an sf. who is the sg on the hornets?

  363. no one lamb or harriston. lin wiil start at sg

  364. WHAT!??! Jeremy’s on the way to The One & Only, MJ’s team ? Crazy…. just like last season – out of the blue, going to the Lakers.

  365. And can space outside, Frank the Tank (not to be confused with Byron Scott Tank Commander) should be converting plenty of 3 off Lin assists

  366. Lamb? Mean Jeremy Lamb?

  367. MJ is not good at picking/developing talent. Also, I know in the past he liked to “practice” with players, but I think that just creates distraction. It’s best if he just stays away and let the team develop and grow.

  368. I hesitate to say “will” or even “probably”…but it’s very possible.

  369. Maybe we will see some pnr with Frank Kaminski. Dude was pretty good in the NCAA tournament,

  370. thats not what lin said. he said 1 & 2 and kept saying cant wait to play alongside kemba……

  371. Jeremy Lin’s deal with the Charlotte Hornets will be two-years, $4M-plus, league source tells Yahoo Sports.

  372. NBA app alerted me DJ is about to sign back with Clippers for sure. Feel bad for the Mavs. Got boned in the butt on that one..

  373. again shooting himself in the foot

  374. how do you embed tweets?

  375. yea we will see

  376. Oh, Lin answered in FB comment that media doesn’t always tell the full story. Which I’m guessing means that maybe Mavs were not really trying that hard to get Lin, as some media were speculating.

  377. It it this yr?

  378. Copy/paste the twitter link. Or right click time stamp to copy link.

  379. Clifford looking for “ability to create shots”


  380. Yes! He got traded there a few days ago.

  381. Kaminsky and Hawes are both stretch-bigs who can hit 3s. Ideal for Lin…pick and pop with a clear lane.

  382. 3 days ago

  383. I knew they would do this because they can’t let go …

    At Clutchfans there’s already a “Jeremy Lin to Charlotte” discussion thread with over 1,000 page views.

  384. I don’t think Lin is starting guys =(. I hope he know what he’s doing, at best he’s probably gonna be 6th man getting 2 million a year.

    Rich Cho said the plan is to start Batum at shooting guard, complementing MKG at small forward.— Rick Bonnell (@rick_bonnell) June 25, 2015

  385. I believe it’s 2m per year

  386. Whatever. They’ll know what they’ve missed come this season

  387. thanx…i thought being a legend in the game-he would be able to show the players some of his moves

  388. thanks, you’re quick!

  389. hah, that one has the right number =)

  390. That’s from June 24. Maybe things will change.

  391. By the way where is Charlotte?

  392. Tha’ts June 24. Anything could happen in training camp, if the coach is open minded.

  393. players are still the same i don’t see why it will change?

  394. North Carolina

  395. Lin as 6th man is most likely for now…but that tweet is from June 24th.

    We’ll see! Nothing is guaranteed. Lin was supposed be 4th string scrub in NY. Look how that turned out. Lin was supposed to be lead guard in Houston…how did that turn out?

  396. then he would have already known about Lin’s agreement

  397. lol google it

  398. i down think so would have no offense both are not really offensive players

  399. 20+ PPG.

  400. Clifford: He says goal is to improve offense
    Greg: You need guys who can pass the ball

  401. Well he was suppose to be an undiscovered talent that everyone overlooked but now he just confirmed it by agreeing to be backup and with low salary… smh

  402. Don’t care about Clutch fans.

  403. This is before Lin signed like others have mention.

  404. Ah yes, because his 15M salary last year earned him so much respect, minutes and shots.

  405. also looking good in summer league.

  406. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still shocked. Unbelievable.

  407. Training camp.

  408. Sorry meant to be a joke..Charlotte is just so unknow aronud the world LOL

  409. why is there even doubt that JLin won’t be starting for the Hornets that’s dumb! He wouldn’t sign with a team that wasn’t going to start him!

  410. hahahahahahaha well said…

  411. I’m very deeply disappointed that this is the best contract Lin’s agent could find for his #1 client. Meanwhile Goran Dragic and Lillard, Knight etc are laughing their way to the bank, while Lin gets paid $2 million to backup an overrated Kemba Walker.

    I’m in China right now, and is BLOCKED here. So I get most info from I thought they were trolling when they announced Jeremy signed a small contract with the Charlotte Hornets. Well they weren’t kidding.

  412. last year it was gerald henderson or lance stephenson; both gone. other shooting guards currently on roster include pretty much only players currently playing summer league.

    actually lamb barely played and hariston (also playing summer league) is a sf.

    someone posted above an intent to play recently aquired batum at sg but that was post a post severeal weeks agao and actually m akes no sense at any time.

  413. But this is from what Lin answer to fan on FB about going to replace Kemba Plan on doing damage playing alongside him ?

  414. Frank set good picks

  415. Good joke, hahahah…not. Don’t quit your day job.

  416. Good for me! I no longer need to wait until 10:30pm to watch the games, unless they play on the West Coast.

  417. Jordan like to make player his bitch. Its like Kobe but as an owner.

  418. kaminsky is a very sound player; watching summer league games he does all kinds of proper things, sets a lot screens, does a lot of things within the context of offensive scheme outside scoring or passing.

  419. #Hornets were always a rumored team to possibly bring in Jeremy Lin. Now its happening. #BuzzCity— Brad Solomon (@kingofbuzzcity) July 9, 2015

  420. Teams could change the style of playing anytime. I really think this decision is related to D’Antoni.

  421. Dragic is 29 going on 30. Lin is 26 going on 27. There’s time yet to (re)prove himself.

    Even without Lin’s racial obstacles, Dragic has had a similar career trajectory to Lin. Yoyo-ing up and down from nobody to future star to backup to starter to bust and back to star again.

  422. > this is the best contract Lin’s agent could find for his #1 client.

    It was not the best contract Lin’s agent could find.

    Jeremy said that “My
    free agency goals were to find the right fit and a place where I could
    be most empowered to be the player I believe I can be. After having
    multiple discussions, Charlotte was the obvious choice!”

  423. why is blocked?

  424. I thought it was strange that he went with the Mavs in the first place and forgo $30m in guaranteed money from the clips. Clips have better chance getting the title than the Mavs. No wonder he was having 2nd thought about the Mavs.

  425. “always a rumored team”

    where were the rumors?

  426. lol

  427. dont know….

  428. going quietly/unnoticed over there? lol

  429. Lakers first win was against the Charlotte and lin had a great game which may have impressed Clifford.

    A little disappointed not because how much he gets pay but not sure the system there is for him. Looks to me they are not a fast pace team and relies to much on Al Jefferson offensively in the post.

    Most likely in will play off the bench but will close games with Walker. Hope they promise him more playing time at least 25minutes.

    Gotta to trust decision anyway.


  430. Revisionist history. lol

  431. really dont have any concerns with the hornets…jeremy plays well it all works out…low risk high reward….no expectations

  432. Batum is a small forward.

  433. China must have blocked recently because I was there in June and had no issues.

  434. This is the D League where everyone will try to make a name for themselves.

  435. This is surprising and the money is disappointing. The Asian discount is real. Nevertheless, in my mind this shows he has confidence in himself. If the second year is a player option, he is banking on himself, and he has stayed true to what he values. The experience with the Rockets, and especially the Lakers, just goes to show money doesn’t buy happiness.

  436. wow

  437. Me? Haha. The only time I saw them mentioned was when I listed the 3 coaches favorable to Lin (Clifford, Stevens, Brown).

  438. It’ll expand to 5,000 page views when Hornets kick Rox rear.

  439. if lin is not starting this i=will be one of the most perplexing move in history. also for the price why wasn’t spurs an option. like i said he must be starting

  440. 1. Team not tanking
    2. Team believes in pick and roll
    3. Team has no super star ball hogger

    Lin can ball out in charlotte

  441. we’ll see that was In June.., things changed.

  442. Spurs are too stacked in guard position, no room nor minutes for Lin! Mavs also have too many players who wants to shoot. Charlotte doesn’t have ball hog star and a coach who learned form Mike D’Antoni so it’s the best choice!

  443. which makes us wonder what went wrong with DAL other than they don’t have the money

  444. Plus a coach who really trusts him.

  445. Probably Lin wasn’t their priority! Their focus was on DJ, and if they didn’t get him they were going to tank!

  446. Lin really was not their priority. It was all empty talk. They went after all the other FAs first.

  447. Use a VPN. There’s no need to go to Clutchfans.

  448. I am going to puke if they run a lot in training camp. JK…puking is GoodDayLa’s job….jk again…

  449. Thats only Byron scott stupid training camp, any coach is better than him.

  450. Money is not everything I guess. I wish he got paid more. But as long as he is ok with it then we should support him

  451. ed davis got 7 mil/year.. this is insulting.

  452. maybe Lin didn’t want to go to Mavs without DJ.

  453. Because it’s a product of Google. Google is block in China .

  454. I think the money talk can stop at here…..jmo…..He picks a team….we follow…lol

  455. Actually this really could be about the money. Lin calculates that If he goes crazy which he probably will in charlotte, hell reup next year for a huge contract

  456. Yes. It is what it is. Just follow the buzz.

  457. Last season he was only getting paid $1 million. His value unlike Lin was not damage by B Scott. If Lin succeed in Charlotte, he will get a bigger contract in 2 yrs.

  458. Use your ban piwer, lol

  459. I guess we’re going to hear that word a lot this year. xD

  460. follow the buzzard

  461. starting pg w/this value in the market, just doesnt make any sense 2 me.. Perhapys he puts the starting position ahead of the maketing price..

  462. Lin makes lots of buzz. something like that?

  463. Here is the introductory post on Lin at the SB Nation Hornets’ site :

    Point guard Jeremy Lin announced he will sign with the Charlotte Hornets on his Instagram page. His deal is two years for just over $4 million dollars, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

    Lin did not receive much interest in free agency, and quietly remained one of the better point guards available on the market. With teams focused on bigger names like Monta Ellis, Cory Joseph, and Patrick Beverley. The Hornets were at no point rumored to be pursuing Lin, either.

    Lin instantly adds some size to the Hornets’ backcourt. He’s a legit 6’3″, and fairly strong despite a reputation as a poor athlete. Lin’s most often remembered for Linsanity, a stint of games he played for the New York Knicks in which he led the team to unlikely wins while dominating on offense. At one point during that stretch, he won Eastern Conference Player of
    the Month honors, averaging 27.3 points, 8.3 assists and two steals per game while leading the Knicks to a 4-0 record.

    Once Lin left New York, however, perception quickly changed. His defense is not great due to poor lateral quickness and an average wingspan. His shot is inconsistent. He can be very turnover prone.

    But that doesn’t mean Lin’s a bad player. In fact, he’s probably underrated at this point. Lin averaged 11.2 points, 4.6 assists, 2.6 rebounds, and 1.1 steals in 25.8 minutes per game with the Los Angeles Lakers last season. His turnover percentage was a career-low 17.7 percent despite the fact that his usage percentage was the highest it had been since his season with the Knicks. He also shot a career-high 36.9 percent from the 3-point line.

    With the Hornets, Lin will likely back up Kemba Walker, leaving Brian Roberts as a reserve in many situations. Lin’s size and vision are a nice contrast to Walker’s speed and scoring, and it’s likely we’ll see Lin and Walker share the floor this season. Head coach Steve Clifford is well known for being able to hide players’ defensive deficiencies, and that should offset Lin’s weaknesses on that end a bit. With no real interior defensive presence this season, however, it might not be as easy as it’s been in seasons past.

    All in all, Lin is an excellent signing for the Hornets. He’s a savvy, quietly underrated player at this point in his career, and will fit in nicely right away. You know what you’re getting with Lin, and that’s a welcome change from the Hornets’ backup point guards of the last few years.

    See :

  464. the money part is pretty obvious. next year salary cap will jump so why sign long deal

  465. I’m starting to think JLin was not offered any lucrative deal at all. Maybe everyone was low balling him. Maybe the rest of the NBA did not believe in JLIN. I hate to say it but 2 Mil a year is not much belief in JLin.

  466. That’s Byron’s idea of “running” plays.

  467. Patrick Beverly… of course. Seriously…

  468. its a bit monday quarterback by you we will never know

  469. I feel relieved, happy and excited. Obviously Lin knows what he’s doing. But I think it’s also clear that Lin was on his way to becoming a Mav. I think he finally bailed out when today’s debacle hit the fan. And Hornets were his safe fallback plan. I think this shows that in the end Lin did not truly trust Parsons.

  470. mavs had 2 mill for lin he wouldn’t take it at the rate but he did with hornets. its a bit weird. yes.

  471. if someone paid him15 mill this year on a fresh contract tho… that means somerhing qiite different

    salary is no guarantee, unless max or close to max, but one indicator of respect

    Happy jlin was convinced with other factors/indicators that the coach respecrs/believes in his game

  472. Well, if it’s between Mavs (without DJ) and Hornets, I guess Hornets is not a bad choice.

  473. Man I need to hide….:P again….see you guys gals

  474. yea probably. but mavs rumors was it was too low for him

  475. backup PG? smh

  476. Lin said in his FB, his #1 priority was finding the best opportunity to get the most min to play my style of play, Charlotte was by far the best choice.

  477. Lin will definitely be getting the mins even he doesnt start as hell be taking Jeremy Lambs mins when Batum sits.

  478. I can understand if Lin took 2 mil because Mavs were contenders (when they had DeAndre) but Hornets aren’t going anywhere. JLin says they (Hornets) believes in him, if so why only 2 Mil a year?

  479. Yeah, why not MLE….

  480. no detail yet, better be 1+1

  481. Who are you hiding from? I am right here.

  482. If they follow their words, then I dont mind the low salary. D’Antoni, come to join Hornets!

  483. Mavs have been in playoffs almost consecutively every year for last 10 years. Hornets rarely make playoffs and they don’t have anyone thats good. Kemba? no. Kaminsky? too new. Batum? hes ok.

  484. We were stung by this Hornet news!! Nevertheless JLIN keep fighting and all the very best in your NBA journey.

  485. Mavs are not making playoffs this year. Trust me.

  486. JLIN said his priority is the team that believes in him and playing freely-this is in his fb “I wanted to be on a team where I would be able to play freely and truly play the game I love with joy again. That has always been the most important thing to me.”

  487. Pat Beverly got paid and we all know Lin is much better. Maybe I am delusional but Pats not worth more than Lin

  488. Not about Parsons, about whether the team put their priority on Lin obviously their priority was on D Jordan. Too many drama with the Mavs and players who wants to score, no room for Lin.

  489. Nicolas Batum will start at SG for the Hornets. This is from the “Fansided” (Sports Illustrated) writer ….

  490. Whatever the idea that he is backing up Kemba — infuriates me. Why couldn’t he just back up Rose. He will even be more invisible now. Jeesh

  491. Pat got paid his worth. It is Lin who got severely discounted for an unknown reason. Only time will tell how this all works out.

  492. It’s gonna be surreal seeing MJ and JLin in a photo together

  493. Mavs have better chance than Hornets thats for sure. I have to give it to Cuban, he will (spend) make the right moves to land a good center and better players. Sorry to say but MJ is a terrible (cheap) owner.

  494. He is very turnover prone…..(followed by a )…despite a career-low 17.7 percent. And when did Patrick become a big name?

  495. Troy Daniels is a Hornet too.

  496. Jeremy back up to Kemba when he could have backed up Rose – what the deal dude?

  497. yep– DJordan is back to d clips…

  498. I see why.

  499. and Jeremy Lamb. There will confusions

  500. Mavs are not contenders, aging star in Dirk, Parsons as their main development. Hornets don’t have any Ego players taking shots away from Lin so he can prove himself as star!

  501. who is he

  502. Yes, but Eastern Conference teams will have trouble stopping Lin. I do think he will have great stats… if the coach gives him minutes and allows him to play his game. Of course, that is a big if after all that Lin has gone through in NBA.

  503. i feel confused if he isn’t starting

  504. Yes time will tell. I really hope I am wrong and in the dark. I hope there’s more to Lin’s plans than what we are seeing now.

  505. Isn’t Batum SF?

  506. Except they won’t let Lin lead the team not with Dirk and Parsons around! Hornets don’t have any star players! Perfect place for Linsaniy 2.0! Lin’s best chance of having his own team was on a weak Eastern Conference team!

  507. Just hope the coach really honor his words.

  508. JLin will earn more with his endorsements…he got 5 mil. this year

  509. if lin isn’t starting why say play along side him

  510. Don’t forget Wes Matthews. I think Dirk still playing well. Mark Cuban will pull something out of his hat and make his team a contender. Have more faith in Cuban’s management.

  511. Lin will shine but rest of team is not good, that’s the issue. Lin has to carry this sorry team.

  512. Only way Lin is starting is if MKG will be 6th man.

  513. Lin’s highest priority was best fit. Obviously would like to see a higher salary, but smart move toward the bigger picture.

    “… the one thing that mattered to me the most was finding a team that would be a good fit for me. I wanted to be on a team where I would be able to play freely and truly play the game I love with joy again. That has always been the most important thing to me.”

  514. I just want to know 2nd year it’s player’s option, right?

  515. Hard to say if they would let Lin lead the Mavs. I think Lin would have lead the team as starting PG. Hornets has a starting PG in Kemba. Lin will be his backup. At least with Mavs Lin would have been a starter.

  516. Yes especially with commenters.

  517. Article on Lin from the Charlotte Observer :

    The Hornets had limited options going into free agency, particularly after making pre-draft trades to acquire Nicolas Batum from Portland and Jeremy Lamb from Oklahoma City. Those deals added more than $5 million to the Hornets’ player payroll.

    Initially the Hornets explored signing shooting guard Marco Belinelli, who came to terms with the Sacramento Kings, but Lin was high on the team’s wish list.

    See :

  518. Hornets rarely on ESPN, NBA TV or TNT. Nobody watches Hornets games.

  519. or would still remain d coach

  520. lin talked to coach for hours, and im confident in lin’s now refined judgement. im quite excited ane optimistic about his future!

  521. Have faith in a coach who learned under Mike D’Antoni!

  522. Mo Williams averaged 17/6 playing with the Hornets. JLin could put up similar numbers

  523. Not sure, but highly possible!

  524. I’m skeptical only because I don’t trust NBA. But, if they do give him free reign, it will be awesome to watch.

  525. Only one year. He is under JVG a long time.

  526. Lin regularly outplayed highly touted – Kemba Walker

  527. hate that ‘back up Walker’ part, but this ‘it’s a fair assumption he got the full mid-level exception: A contract with a starting salary of about $5.5 million next season. That’s the most the Hornets could pay any free agent,’ sounds interesting.

  528. This really been a twist of wrist! Jeremy knows whats best for him…so happy for him to find a place that fits his expectation.

    Al Jefferson and Frank Kaminsky would welcome him.

    Looking at recent acquisition, seems they have couple of Lin’s former teammates. Need to wait for actual signing in a day or two to determine the actual lineups

  529. JLin quickly updated his twitter profile & background to Hornets.
    Let’s just say he’s super-excited to change jersey and play a new role as a Hornet

  530. I’m very surprised Lin readily answered these comments. I think he anticipated that a lot of people would question his decision and was prepared to respond to criticism and doubt.

  531. super excited as well

  532. 20/10

  533. Hope the drama ends here 😉

  534. 30/15!

  535. Damn I am late this take by suprise how much is the deal!!!!!!!!

  536. Where is Mo now? A backup on Cav with MLE. smh….

  537. 40/20?…lol we need to see how the lineups are formed, his minutes and his role 1 or 2 or shared minutes with starting and second unit

  538. MJ is known to be cheaper owner, most likely won’t spend money on overrated stars.

  539. It seems odd in the beginning with Kemba as PG but I think Jeremy had a good talk about playing 1-2 interchangeably & most likely starting. Just like what the Suns are doing with dual PGs

    I can’t wait to hear more from the coach, GM, MJ, teammates, etc.

  540. Ia SB Nation always negatively biased towards Lin? I can sense the Asian discount in the articel.

  541. i’m still in daze…cant believe the change of event…truly happy for Jeremy! Go Lin!!!!

  542. The fact that you are here is exactly the reason why he is hiding.

  543. 4mil+ for 2 years, should be 2nd year player option. So if Lin breaks out next season he’s can opt out for a big contract.

  544. I love to see Jeremy building a legacy with MJ’s team!!!

  545. man that money is low

  546. Per The Charlotte Observer: Lin’s contract terms were not immediately available. But based on his coming to terms with the Hornets before the NBA’s moratorium on contract-signings ended Thursday, it’s a fair assumption he got the full mid-level exception: A contract with a starting salary of about $5.5 million next season.

    Read more here:

  547. Now I have to get NBA league pass to watch Hornets because they rarely show Hornets games on ESPN, NBA TV, or TNT.

  548. projected line ups for the hornets and update to DJ,,,,,

  549. Fishy response. Seems like Mavs not really wanted Lin.

  550. is he making that a year or for the whole 2 years

  551. According to espn – biannual exception – 2 years $4.3 mil.

  552. this salary would be more understanding

  553. The way I read it, “next year” means per year. I think Lin/agent would want player option 2nd yr.

  554. 5.5 thats fine I thoug 4m

  555. aren’t thing official today

  556. There’s no way Jeremy would had agreed to back-up Kemba. I highly expect Jeremy to start with Walker at backcourt. Batum, MKC at 3, 4, Al Jeff at 5.

  557. yeah, bummed about that.

  558. MKC is garbage

  559. 5.5 Mil for next season sounds way more resonable!

  560. The thread is moving faster that I can keep up with 🙁

    Brent/Psalm could you recap, the duration they are signing, how much are they signing Lin for?

  561. from how he spoke. he said play “alongside” kemba so i think he will

  562. It will not benifit Lin. The cap goes to the top dogs…. Lin is an after thought next season unless he puts up prime MJ numbers.

  563. yes

  564. can anyone list the complete roster of hornets and aquire free agent

  565. He’ll likely begin as 6th man (25-30mpg) with a chance to earn a starter role eventually. Training camp and preseason could actually be very important this year.

  566. Lin is the first one they signs so far.

  567. for guards its just lin, jeremy lamb, and a guy named harriston.

  568. If you keep a player waiting and waiting, then that’s it.

  569. trade for batum who isn’t a scorer

  570. yea.. I’m starting to get dizzy. readin gthis andt hat adn can’t even type or spell right.

  571. yeah…how crazy is that!!!

  572. oh gosh no.

  573. there is no way batum is a starting shooting guard. this is from one old post weeks ago being repeated. before rosters even finalized. if batum starts anywhere he starts at sf.

    mkg could start at sg.

    but its nothing that will be determined at this point. long time till beginning of season. but mkg and batum are not 2’s.

  574. what happened to DJ………….LOL

  575. thats an important question but haven’t seen an answer

  576. I thought he’s a SF?! If they draft SF then why got Batum?

  577. they drafted a pf

  578. we gotta learn to expect the unexpected…for sure!

  579. DJ who? lol

  580. JL^2.

  581. Oh! I see.

  582. Here are the current Hornets players with their salaries. Add Lin of course …

  583. that is correct

  584. did he return to clips I was out buying something

  585. Ya! Who cares about that joke… smh!

  586. Will they make him the backup to Kemba Walker, a 38.8% 5.1 assists pg?

    Hopefully they will use him more wisely.

  587. yea lin will start

  588. *MKG. He actually improved a lot this year.

  589. 16 shots a game for 17 ppg

  590. Jeremy’s been called Garbage by ignorant fans all over the place. let’s not put ourselves down to the same level.

  591. If Hornet really wants more scoring options, Lin needs to start. A Mo Williams like 6th man role won’t cut it.

  592. a few minutes more can be, can be. in exactly 13 minutes. doesn’t mean they will be. but moratorium ends in 13 minutes (20 minutes from yer post)

  593. Stop the backup talk! Lin’s starting!

  594. go jlin! happy you found a work situation you are comfortable with and a supervisor/coach you trust.

    watched the coach’s short guest appearance video during dleague posted below. sounds like a reasoned man. this type of boss should fit jlins style, analytical, communicates with detail.

    excited about how it will pan out:

    dynamic duo with kemba? both as penetrating guards, should be fun to watch both attack the basket

    replacing mo will who had 30 min 15 shots with hornets. sounds like the shots and minutes are there.

    batum and jlin defending the perimetre, good defensive pair

  595. Pretty sure Clippers got him hostage, no way they’re letting him sign with Mavs with all that peer pressure.

  596. Kemba’s stats are pretty poor for a starter:FGM-A 6.1-15.8Shooting 2pt% .385
    3pt% .304

  597. ok mkc is a 3 year starter who is averaging 9 points a game from a position that requires scoring. and never even gets starter minutes.

  598. Yes, we are better than that.

  599. They have another center Zeller, heard he fits Lin’s style?

  600. if lin plays well for hornets they would likely give him a big contract

  601. people keep saying batum or mkc will be the 2; they have never been a 2 they are 3’s. batum dropped off dramatically last year in performance and mkc despite 3 years as a starter has never even played starter minutes much less scored in double digits (for career).

  602. put things in perspective, after Linsanity, everyone thought NYK was going to offer Lin MLE salary until the Rockets put in the poison pill contract. Now Lin is making MLE with the hornets and it’s not enough. I agree Lin should make more in today’s environment, but if he signed 2nd year player option and he does well this season, he’ll make a tons more on his next contract.

  603. yep got a seat on the banana boat.

  604. They better. Super irritated with contract amount. Lin said he felt like hornets believed in him and wanted him – they sure paid him pennies on the dollar for it.

  605. he will its a low risk/ high reward now that i see it isn’t 4 million 2 years

  606. Lin said the same about Morey in Houston. It’s just empty words.

  607. if he plays well he will

  608. ya think? also declining shooting % each year in the league and (this the important part) has played fewer games each year.

  609. Or the Hornets coach will bury Lin on the bench and they draft a rookie point guard next year to replace him.

  610. Teams are going to go after Westbrook next year.

  611. Interesting… Patrick Ewing is the assistant coach.

  612. Win/Win for both Lin and the Hornets. I thought it was low risk high reward deal for MJ when I first heard the announcement

  613. so the contract is 5,5m per year or 5.5m for 2 yrs

  614. Troy Daniels reunion. Another former Rocket on top of Jeremy Lamb. They are everywhere with the turnover rate for that team! He must remember the Jeremy Lin hustle play to help save the Rockets.

  615. 5.5 per makes more sense now

  616. per yr but for 2 yrs thats damn low

  617. 2nd year option so 1 year. cap goes up by 20 million next year so smart by lin

  618. I am asking if he get 5.5 m per yr or he get 5.5 m for 2 yrs

  619. “per”

  620. mid level exception

  621. I thought I had a good pump fake.— Chandler Parsons (@ChandlerParsons) July 9, 2015

  622. ok thanks thats reasonable enough

  623. hahahahahahahahahahahahaah lin has one too

  624. oppppssss

  625. yea actually low risk/ high reward for lin. mo william average 17 ppg last year in charlotte

  626. Mavericks resigned Barea with the same money. I guess Lin was not on top of their list.

    But after losing DJ, they don’t look like having a chance in West. Glad Lin not landing there.

  627. ha ha ….just give me the ball

  628. Neither. I got this from espn:

    Lin lands in Charlotte


    Jeremy Lin has announced on his Instagram account that he’ll be joining the Hornets on the team’s biannual exception of 2 years for $4.3M. The Mavs had been optimistic that they would be able to sign Lin.

    So $2,150,000 each year.

  629. rememmber the bracelet he wore it was the same color of the hornets

  630. first guy to show him some love. new bromance?

  631. Ya! At that time I thought it’s for his foundation now I know….LOL!

  632. Jeremy is not stupid. The staffs are not stupid. Coach Clifford talks about using stretch 4s in modern day basketball, so I expect Batum and MKG to take turn playing the stretch 4. My take is Kamisky will be brought alone from the bench and maybe starting him once he’s ready. Batum will start at 3 while playing occassional stretch 4 when neccessary. MKG will be penciled in for 4 but it’s open for grabs. Al Jeff is a lock at 5 and Kamisky could play the 5 while Al rests. All the pieces are fitting the pic well.

  633. i though it was denver but I notice now the color of hornets uniform check jlin twitter avatar

  634. MKG’s Twitter page: Down to earth always keep God 1st, I’m a regular guy just have a Bigger Dream than most

  635. After party, DJ suddenly wake up… Oh! NO, I can’t be w this team. LOL!

  636. sucks as a player

  637. Lin’s new Christian brother!

  638. Guess who is the GM for the Hornets?

  639. MJ must be tired of MKG and KEMBA cannot shoot to save their lives

  640. Lin will improve the game of everyone around him.

  641. rich cho no need a wiki

  642. Now, who will be his handshake buddy(ies) 🙂


  644. he is christian too.. that’s why.

  645. Was the #1 hot topic on Reddit’s NBA community.

  646. I see. Really surprised it’s not Mav. But not too bad either bc w CP is going to control the ball…. smh!

  647. LOL on Melvyn Koh.. where is the GSW one wjhen he first broke in nba.

  648. No way. He improved a lot this season, fixing his jumper from midrange. Good defender. Super athletic. Not a ball-hog at all. Good guy to pair with Lin.

  649. give him a break. like Jeremy, he’s been having a hard time finding the right fit. Maybe Jeremy can fix that.

  650. Kamenetzky Brothers‏@KamBrothers

    Kamenetzky Brothers retweeted Mark Medina

    DJ fallout, possibly. Talk of S/T with Dallas had Jordan stayed in Dallas. BK

  651. Greg Lau Will you be backing up Kemba or doing more shooting guard? Hornets could use both I think.
    Like · Reply · 38 · 2 hrs
    Hide 13 Replies
    Jeremy Lin 林書豪 They want me at both the 1 and the 2, as well as running lots of pick and rolls. Great fit and opportunity!!
    Unlike · 420 · 2 hrs

  652. Where’s Kaminsky and Al Jefferson ??

  653. but defense?

  654. haha–power of JLin fans– u got a taste of linsanity

  655. ok I’m done for the day with all these lin craze news.. eyes getting tired and head spinning reading the comments here and at the toringial site…and debated with some loser on lakernation. so piece out yall.

  656. Guess this may play a major role in JLin for signing with Hornets.

  657. garbage lakers still writing about him

  658. He had light blue shoes, ha. We joked Dallas or Denver. Guess it was Charlotte!

  659. night night have a good sleep

  660. this the line up

    pg kemba
    sg jlin
    sf batum
    pf kaminsky
    c zeller

    buyout jefferson

  661. Batum and MKG are great defenders.

  662. So Jeremy will be guarding Harden and Kobe…hmmm.

  663. He’s pretty fair to Lin I believe.

  664. I am kind of relieved that it’s finally over. No more stressing out and checking this site 7~8 times a day. Sweet dreams guys.

  665. batum????? he will guard ariza that camp out in 3pt line

  666. Enjoy your normal life until preseason 🙂

  667. I remember Portland put Batum on Jeremy.

  668. stop he is not fair!!! you know they are tanking thats why they bench jlin but never came out his writing he is a dog of the lakers org

  669. wut are chances of MDA going to Charlotte?

  670. No wonder he was so chilled throughout the whole trip. I understand he couldn’t say anything before the FA start but dammit couldn’t he have announce it a few days sooner? Think of us poor fans! I could swear some of people on this site aged a few years because of this ordeal haha.

  671. what are the chances

  672. lololol Chandler don’t quit your day job. You are not as smooth as you thought you are.

  673. DJ… LOL

  674. I will tune into the first Mavs Clips game as well haha

  675. ditto

  676. What exactly is his day job? lol

  677. @brentyen:disqus/ @psalm234:disqus??

  678. When was it scheduled, just today or before?

  679. It is still unclear…

  680. 2 months ago

  681. Oh thank god…I would hate to see Lin’s best years being heavily discounted like that(not the money but the perceived value as a player). It’s all up to him to show his worth on the court now.

  682. I remember they talked post-game & embraced.
    They must’ve met in chapel service. Good to know he got a friend!

  683. Je is underrated in the paint post up

  684. Last year D’Antoni went to visit Clifford for a couple of days. I think they are close and that may be why Lin is willing to trust him and sign with Hornets at a low price.

  685. Ewing and Clifford under Jvg in Houston

  686. so 3 out of the 5 cant score i doubt it

  687. atleast their honest

    Oct 14BeijingTime, 2015 in Shanghai.

  689. Thanks

  690. I wont deny I’m so relieved now because Lin is away from him. lol

  691. 3 cannot shoot to save their lives

    At least he can opt out next year.

  693. Yeah. Surprise me every year.

  694. Charlotte ?
    Jeremy always played for teams with high Asian population
    Any one visit Charlotte and tell me if there’s many Asians there?

  695. I live in Atlanta- I know couple of Asians from NC. Nothing like LA though.

  696. Will you attend a game or two next season?

  697. HECK YEAH! Def driving up there for a few games. Can’t wait 😀

  698. All sources have been wrong about lin’s trade and free agency, so be careful about his new contract.

  699. Great! Remember to report back here! 🙂

  700. The TV, NBA league pass, FB and Twitter have spread the games globally. Now a NBA team needs less support from the community.

  701. I’m sure the cost for ticket would be much more reasonable, unlike la.

  702. MJ was LIn’s favorite player.

  703. cuban should do Dirk a favor and trade him to a contender in his final years.

  704. Hopefully Another Duck streams will cover Hornets games.

  705. I felt the article was mostly positive. Sounds like the writer thinks Lin is good and will be a productive member of the team.

  706. Why is this guy lying? I only see17k followers… Way to sell yourself as a hack…won’t b looking at you( bonnell ) as a legit source. Already a chump trying to jump on Lin’s fan wagon…smh.

  707. Is that Dikembe Mutombo? Didn’t know he was a Hornet.

  708. Gee, seems to be an quite a coincidence that they happen to be one of the teams going to China.

  709. i’m scairt.

  710. what???? scairt? whats that

  711. this guy will be the one doing pick and lob with jeremy just like davis
    Bismack Biyombo..

    Center-Forward • FA ..

  712. he is in toronto now zeller is the one who will get the pick and lob

  713. i’m scairt that this is jeremy’s last NBA contract.

  714. scared?

  715. not good at counting 0 s, ^_^

  716. you got no faith….lok at this hornets are in the east……hornets have players that underachieving and hornets have players who cannot shoot to save their lives………..base in the circumtances this is not his last contract

  717. #7 it is!!!!

  718. Hmm Hornets… interesting… very interesting…

    I think he’ll be 1 or 2 depending on the match up.

  719. extremely deceptive

  720. yes, Lin said so himself (after talk with coach Clifford)

  721. Lin will be backup of Kemba and Batum.
    Hmm Hornets… interesting… very interesting…

  722. 5% of total population…

  723. Batum’s a 3…

  724. We will count on you on the game report 🏀👍😄

  725. Not.

    Batum wants to play with the ball in his hands and not open.

    He wants to play as Parson in 2

  726. Hornets is going to do better than both Dallas and Lakers next season.

  727. the only thing i don’t like is the division that he is in. CAVS and you know who is there

  728. WestBrook is very turnover proned.

  729. Yeah, I know. Dellavedova is always diving at other players legs.

  730. Any East division is better and easier competition than the West.

  731. will he still in CAVS next season?

  732. as you know if you can’t pass your division then it would be harder to reach the finals

  733. maybe Cuban is holding Lebron hostage right now

  734. hahah don’t care about that guy I’m talking Lebronnnnn

  735. I’m impressed that Steve Clifford was willing to bench Lance Stephenson last year. Didn’t matter that Lance was the flashy, athletic “rising star” on a big contract. He wasn’t helping them team and so he sat. But the Hornets were classy enough to send him to a good situation with the Clips.

  736. nice

  737. actually Cavs not in Hornets division. Southeast Division is ATL, WAS, MIA, CHA, ORL

  738. That was pre-free agency, though. Without signing a PG like Lin, I would have started Batum as well. We’ll see what happens when the preseason and real season begins…

  739. That’s good to know. I respect coaches that aren’t afraid to bench players with attitude or effort problems.

  740. Always a good litmus test, IMO. I’m fine with “tough” coaches as long as they are fair and tough on everyone. McHale and B.S. were phonies who coddled their stars.

  741. yes you are right good choice then

  742. just ATL they need to worry about

  743. Not too bad. I believe Lin can make it happen.

  744. currently in the NBA, almost every team has two ball handlers or initiators on offense

    Only the Clippers that not

  745. Stingsanity works too.

  746. and HOU

  747. better start preparing your 10 page draft now! :0)

  748. Sounds like 2 PG/SG system from how JLin described it in FB comment. If he is excited w coach & system, I’m AllLin 🙂

  749. Told you they might change the rules next year.

  750. One thing that I didn’t realized about Kemba Walker….While he averaged 17 point per game which is very good, he only shot 38% for the field…and only .30% from 3point range…

    Those are horrible numbers in compare to Lin who shot 42%FG and 37% from 3point.

    Walker averaged 15 shots per game

    Jeremy averaged 8 shots per game…The notion is if Lin can average 15 shots per game under 42%FG and 36% 3point, he’d average close to 20 point per game.

  751. Yup, if DAL doesn’t believe in Lin, he made the right decision of not going there even with the chance to start.
    CHA role seems better & better esp. In the East

  752. Oh yeah, we just want no nonsense winning teamball 🙂

  753. Yes, dodged a bullet there 🙂

  754. Yw I feel much better already, very therapeutic LOL

  755. You guys are buzzing way faster than the Hornets!!!! just couldnt catchup…sigh… especially on today’s buzy schedule.. couple of site travels…but for some reason I’m just happy…a big relief from all the drama

  756. jeremy got benched as well?!!…kiddin kiddin…i know…i havent read much about SClifford…need to pick up my reading later in the night…keep it coming

  757. I think so. Check what Lin said in his FB both Chinese & English can tell… he really wants to play his game again. In here, they will give him the chance the most…

  758. For 2yrs with no option, according to Hornets guy.

  759. Lin will do fine on this team. I envision Lin helping to take them to the playoffs. Also, I love the fact that Gilchrist welcomed him. Prayers up that will be the best season will be lin’s best season.

  760. werent they a 50-50 team last season….they had been progressing well over the years since SC took over

  761. Ya! To Mav w/o Jordan sure will be bad again bc Matthews & CP just back from injury who knows when they will be back or how good they can play next season? If not good then they will blame Lin again.

  762. Nop. They won 33 games in 11th place in East Conference last season.

  763. I think thats one of key reason Jordon was thinking twice about it…without a player like JL he wont be able to perform…just wasted

  764. i see, probably the year before that or something…remember something like that prior to their name change

  765. Clifford is assistant coach of MDA.

  766. I think it’s good for him too. I was so surprised to know it’s Hornets first but after read what he said in his FB… that’s just match what he said in his Lakers exit interview that he wants to find a team that fit him… I think he knew what he wants & pick this team. Even I don’t know too much about it bc I never watched their game unless vs Lakers. LOL!

  767. It seems to me that coaches used to be players always have something against Lin. They want to damage Lin’s career so badly that it even causes their teams’ successes.

    Steve Clifford sounds a smart person without bias toward Lin.

  768. Well, it’s in east conference & no big star that it’s good. I believe Lin will help them to win more games & make it to playoff.

  769. And LA

  770. Steve Clifford:

    After graduating from college, Clifford became a teacher at Woodland High School in Maine. He also gained his first coaching experience at the school, serving as their head coach for two seasons while leading them to two tournaments.
    He then served as an assistant coach at St. Anselm’s College, Fairfield University, Boston University and Siena College. In 1995, he assumed the head coaching duties at Adelphi University and coached for four seasons under Keith Dickson, leading their team to four appearances in the NCAA Division II Tournament, an 86–36 (.705) record and four consecutive 20-win seasons; he was the first coach in the school’s history with back-to-back 20-plus win seasons.

    Clifford became an NBA assistant coach with the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets under Jeff Van Gundy and quickly developed a reputation as a defensive expert. He then was an assistant for Stan Van Gundy with the Orlando Magic.[2] He considers both the Van Gundy brothers as mentors.[6] He reached the NBA Playoffs in each of his five seasons with Orlando, appearing in the NBA Finals in 2009.

    Clifford then joined the Los Angeles Lakers in 2012–13 as an assistant.

  771. Cuban is playing fire by letting Fegan and CP handle this. He should let his manager to do his work. Again, I’m so relieved Lin didnt go there.

  772. From his Chinese FB




    對那些耐心等候我的消息的你們,我打從心底感謝你們陪我一起參與這個旅程。謝謝湖人隊和洛杉磯在過去的一年對我的支持。我不知道以後會發生什麼事情,但我保證我會盡我的一切的能力來幫助這個球隊,繼續努力成為更好的球員和更好的人。這是我的下一章! ‪#‎神是唯一聽眾‬ ‪#‎BuzzCity‬」(中時電子報)

  773. You can use VPN if you are in china and unable to access jeremylin. I am also here in china and using VPN because nothing is accessible for me here like google, Facebook, etc. But now through using VPN tool it is easy for me to access it again so you can also choose VPN for china in this list.

  774. playing more basketball than politics …

  775. Jeremy Lin against the Hornets:

  776. Is this the real deal or just rumor? He said there is no player’s option for 2nd year?!

  777. He finally became smart for once.

  778. Not sure. Was the answer I got. Guess we will know more later.

  779. I know so far no detail yet… just rumor news that everyone copy from each other just like Mav tried SnT will work…?!

  780. Say Jeremy Lin Jeremy Lamb 5 times fast

  781. yup thats way too low…but at this point I dont think its been disclose yet, mostly its gonna be around 5.5m/yr, even that is low…but if Lin is going to a better fit and he could progress in his career, then I’m for it

  782. yeah, that’s what Clifford said in his interview

  783. who said there was no players option?

  784. truly hope so….enough of those dramas

  785. Its good to see “smart” people do recognize how bad he was utilized

  786. There better be a player option otherwise this agent needs to be fired.

  787. am I tired from all the dtama

  788. from a naked eye, it may be true……he did force some PnR thats because, he didnt get any practice time with the lineups that he been forced to play. As for 3pt, he did went to a slump for a period, but overall he still mange to pull it thru by end the of the session, the session numbers proves this

    As for D, its all media’s plays…hope that would be erased by coming season!

  789. He dont have the size or height of Jlin, we dont need to go on the rest offensive force that Lin brings

  790. Good to know they had some playing time together

  791. hahaha…I think its not known yet…from what I had read so far…so we need to wait for actuals

  792. I am really not familiar with Hornets but when someone on reddit made a joke about them finally having a guard who can shoot over 40% I thought they were joking. I mean look at Walker’s average for last year 17/5 are pretty solid numbers…but last year his FG% was 38.5%, 3PT% 30.4. He is basically an inefficient volume shooter.

  793. That was super quick…BuzzCity it is!

  794. Charlotte Observer writers are ignorant about Lin’s defense. Both writers (Rick Bonnell and Scott Fowler) use the same phrase “shaky defense” to describe Lin’s defense, which tells me that they just copied that phrase from somewhere and haven’t actually watched Lin’s film. They’re just writing that based on Lin’s reputation.

    Even for an unbiased observer, Lin at worst is an “average defender”. When they actually watch his games, they will be pleasantly surprised and their opinions will be changed.

  795. lol

  796. wow, that is horrible. He had 1.09 PPS last year. That is a total volume shooter.

    Lin was 1.27 PPS last year. Better than Lillard, Conley, Lawson, Knight, Wall, Parker, D Will, Reggie Jackson, Mo Will, Kemba, Rose, Barea, Calderon.

  797. Its been a while since we heard from Lin’s biggest fan! 🙂

  798. i was just kiddin…and good to know he had worked with MDA, maybe MDA a say in it as well…who knows…

  799. Buzzanity it is…Go Lin…now we hand to long for the season or at least the preseason to start…another long wait!…greedy!

  800. That works as well

  801. If thats the case…then its a good fit…but its way to early to say anything on the lineups…even SC would need some time to reevaluate with all the new sign-ins

  802. and MAV

  803. not known yet…he is a FA as well

  804. you’re too quick :]
    JLin posted it 1m ago

  805. Nah… Should be posted within seconds to be considered quick 😛

  806. I wanna see this line up
    pg kemba
    sg jlin
    sf batum
    pf kaminsky / williams
    C zeller

    trade jefferson to a Center….jeferson good post up but poor defense slow he put points but he also give away points he puts

  807. A fan asked why he choose the Hornets when he could be a starting PG for the Mavs. Here is Lin’s comment on FACEBOOK why he picked the Hornets:

    “My number 1 priority was finding the best opportunity to get the most minutes playing my style of play. Wont get too much into it, but Charlotte was by far the best choice. Spoke to Coach Clifford for a couple hours and really understands my game. I feel like he will bring out the best in me.”

    Makes sense for me. It is obvious coach Clifford sold him on how he is planning to use him. Good for Jeremy. I guess we all will be watching a ton of Hornets games.

  808. We’ll be watching ALL of Hornets games 🙂

  809. Positives:

    -Weaker Eastern Conference
    -AsianAmerican GM
    -All Star Game in Charlotte
    -Dell Curry (Curry’s father) as commentator
    -short contract
    -good coach with the right system


    -not big money
    -Kemba Walker is a ballhog

  810. They gave him a 4y/48M extension after last year…oof. Got carried away after making the playoffs, ha.

  811. Don’t know if Kaminsky is ready to be a starter just yet. Spencer Hawes is a great stretch 4/5. He shot 42% on 4 treys per game in 2013-14. Good rebounder and passer as well. I also think they should trade Jefferson. Swap him for Joakim Noah, maybe? Both are expiring 13M deals. Offense for defense.

    My ideal lineup: Lin / MKG / Batum / Hawes / [mobile defensive big]

  812. we need more such twitts…letting the coach and FO know what Jeremy could bring to the team.

    At times…when they kept on running with mediocre players, they find it
    difficult to think out of the box and use the fresh blood

  813. kemba cannot shoot to save his life

  814. cannot run slow…. kaminsky is ready

  815. Good/Funny CHA fans reaction from RealGM forum thread

    Welcome to Charlotte Jeremy Lin
    Confirms on his official Facebook account he will be joining the team. Very good PnR guard, a significant upgrade in the backcourt over Roberts. Also brings some delusional fans. Straight from Linsanity himself before reported by a news source – I’m excited!
    Very happy about this. Well done Cho.
    OMG I am psyched!! Yes!
    Won’t know what to do with a PG that shoots over 40%.
    Without DeAndre Jordan we’re a much better team than the Mavericks, don’t see why this is so surprising.
    I thought he might have been offered the starting role at the Mav’s, so we had no hope. Good job front office.
    Congrats on getting Lin. Lin can finally play for his childhood idol: Michael Jordan
    yes!!!! Got my guy I have been promoting all along. Imagine a second unit with Lin and Frank working the PnR game surrounded by the shooting of Jeremy Lamb, Troy Daniels and Spencer Hawes. And he has the size to play with Kemba for stretches. LETS GO!!!!!
    Now we just need to go in his house cut the phone lines throw him in a closet and make sure no one contacts him for another 2 hours till he signs

  816. “Wont get too much into it, but Charlotte was by far the best choice”

    Very encouraged by that statement. Sounds like Clifford was the only coach who really understood and appreciated him. Dallas was just looking for a cheap PG to defer to Parsons and stand in the corner.

  817. Well said…..we could easily sense…just by JLin signing…we are so much emotionally connected

  818. LOL 11 Oct to be precised, almost 3 months to go. Oh no. When will the training camp begin?? 4 weeks before preseason?

  819. yeah what a coincidence!!! its a win-win

  820. At least when JLin is on the team and isn’t DNP-CD:-)

  821. The nightmare is over!

  822. wow…against Clippers! thats gonna be interesting

  823. LOL so funny esp this: “Now we just need to go in his house cut the phone lines throw him in a
    closet and make sure no one contacts him for another 2 hours till he

  824. Hawes can keep up. 2013-14 Sixers played the fastest pace in the league! 13p/8r/3a in 31mpg.

  825. YAY!!!! Good surprise and so glad JLin has chosen Hornets rather than goes to Mavs and any other teams that were named. I have my reservation on those. The more I hear about Hornets, the more I like it there. Pray that finally JLin is having fun in bb games again. Can’t wait to see him play in Shengzhen and Shanghai:-)

  826. Definitely not Clutchfans. Whew!

  827. BuzzCity Jersey

  828. Looking Good!

  829. Yea Nic! I’ve always been a big fan of Batum. He’s like Parsons…except he actually IS a great passer, defender and unselfish teammate. Had an off year in Portland due to nagging injuries (and a bad divorce I hear), but he’s the real deal — a great “glue guy.”

  830. could be…high chances

  831. Nope they were a .402 team 33-49

  832. from mav to chi and than to cha..hehe

  833. yes, less ego but a lot more player than Parsons!
    Batum can be a killer to close out games

    Excited to see his partnership w/ JLin. He knew how good Lin can be from that POR-HOU playoff series

  834. I like the black and teal colors.

  835. 🐝🐝🐝

  836. lol….but lets not resort to calling garbage and dog…cheers mate

  837. sorry, but teal and purple are my least favorite colors.

  838. I thought we were done with emojis? lol. Buzzzzz.

  839. its too early for the lineup…lets see

  840. Batum remembers Lin from playoffs series vs Rox.

  841. he remembers well that Game 5 when Linsanity took over!

  842. It was him guarding Jeremy not Lillard.

  843. #7 it is then…Lin’s pick

  844. black are dope

  845. Exactly.

  846. He knows Lin’s legit.

  847. IF Lin is used properly and sufficiently, entirely possible for Hornets to reach 5th seed in EC.

  848. the jeremy lin and jeremy lamb connection

  849. lol…simple and short!

  850. and entirely possible he can be an All-Star since no other guards shoot >40% 🙂
    we still have to wait & see but Coach Clifford sounds like he knows JLin’s strength & will develop him
    I will trust JLin’s judgment in finding best fit & coach who believes in him

  851. He is in Good hands!!! Best reply to LAL

  852. 2nd yr option is good…he can re-evaluate the market and ear better with the new NBA ruling

  853. Yes it was over .524 the year before and went into playoff and lost 4 games vs Heats.

  854. is he?!…thats good to know

  855. Oops. I’m slow. Anna beat me below:-)

  856. yes, anything could happen, we never know, similar to Harden who came in later….but Lin has the player option, which is good

  857. I don’t like to trash Lin’s new teammates, but Kemba’s efficiency stats are pretty bad. I don’t think his defense is great either. I think Lin has a decent chance to supplant Kemba’s incumbent starting job at PG in the middle of the season.

  858. thats they thing…we are hoping for

  859. Ballhogs are everywhere in the NBA. Hard to find a place without ’em. Bright lights, big money…lot of gollums grabbing all the fool’s gold they can. Jeremy knows how to deal with those guys. If Charlotte isn’t blowing smoke and actually values Jeremy, then Kemba is going to have some adjustments to make when everybody starts to appreciate all that Jeremy can do!

    We all know Jeremy is not concerned with money at this stage…he wants a team that will unleash him. God willing, Charlotte will live up to their sales pitch. He’s as aware as we are that public perception of your skill is tangled up with how much money you make. Maybe there’s a second year player option to offset the up-front offer. More important now is the chance to turn around the deliberate damage done by McHale and Scott.

  860. Another player is so glad he doesn’t have to play against JLin this coming season:-)

  861. The rest I think are good fits.

  862. If everything works out and coach is fair, he will play JLin more:-)

  863. Also, Kemba is junior to Lin (Lin came into league a year before Kemba). So it’s not like a Nash situation that the coach has to start the senior incumbent out of respect.

  864. You’re gonna have to learn to like it… you’ll be seeing them a lot next season 🙂

  865. Lin will probably start the year as 6th man and Kemba will be the starting PG…but I think it should be the other way around with their skill sets. *shrug* Maybe they can play together and everyone wins.

  866. True!

  867. Thanks for the info. I don’t know what has promised to JLin. Guess we just have to wait until we hear more. Obviously JLin wants to start but no idea in this case what’s going on. Time to learn more. When will the training begin?? Any idea?

  868. well said!

  869. Yessirrr!

    So , Hornets is it!

    All the best , JLin!

    Go , wreak havoc in the East!

  870. Maybe in the camp they will know how good Lin is if they really let him play freely.

  871. you are not easy to please! 🙂

  872. keeping fingers crossed…definitely

  873. thanks…my memory a failing…but i know it was something akin to that…need some homework now

  874. Steve Clifford must have told owner MJ:

    “I like Jeremy. I really do.”

  875. its too early to say anything at this point in time

  876. they were good friends earlier

  877. LOL I’ve done a little bit of homework now. Tried to put name and face together. Not going to be easy as a few of them look alike:-) Guess it will take me a few months to get to know each one:-)

  878. Amazing, Lin’s news still trumped DeAndre drama in Reddit’s NBA channel as the #1 hot/trending topic for today. Pretty much all the comments were very positive towards Lin.

  879. I am very happy that Jeremy is happy. He knew exactly what he wanted and stayed the course by trusting God. Next season will be strictly about basketball. No more ballhogs, doubting coaches, agendas, dramas, etc… hopefully. Everyone will know where Charlotte is now that Jeremy is a Hornet and I believe he will be big part of the organization on and off the court.

    Thank you to all those who provided information regarding free agency, cap space, contracts, and etc and thank everyone who contributed in any way. There were tense moments here and there but we got through it together and came out of this in one piece. We have a great community here and lets keep it that way!

    Now resume your normal lives and rediscover sleep. If you don’t know what sleep is… google it 🙂

  880. thank you for blubell’s realtime “retweeting” here too!

  881. Price is pretty much the only PG that Lin will be earning more than. It’s okay, Lin will make more than most PGs if you include endorsements. It’s all about fit and playing time.

  882. really hate those ‘back up’, ‘2nd unit’ nonsense.

  883. totally! cant wait fr the preseason/training camp to start!

  884. no choice…we just need to bite the bullet till Lin proves his nay sayers wrong and rewrite the media perception

  885. Of course, I was trying to be facetious. Very ecstatic about JLin playing for the right coach. Just hope Kemba can leave his ego at the door before entering the arena…

  886. hahaha…i remember you saying that years ago when Lin moved to Houston!

  887. oh no!…not that again! lolz

  888. That black with teal uniform looks slick!

  889. Lin vs Kemba. I could never get tired of watching this game highlights.

  890. Lin 30 pts, 11-18 fg, 9 reb, 3 ast
    Kemba 20 pts, 6-9 fg, 4 reb, 4 ast

  891. Not Houston as I wasn’t able to watch games then:-) Only was able to watch from 2nd preseason Asia games. During that time I was able to recognize few faces via highlights. I wasn’t following close then. Didn’t have the time nor the energy then. Yes I had a hard time with Lakers last year. Carlos and Sacre, Xavier, Johnson and few others looked alike to me:-) Took me a few months after JLin was traded to Lakers to know everyone:-)

  892. Clifford is a Dantoni disciple

  893. Lin’s new teammate Kaminsky. I’m just salivating at the assists Kaminsky will convert from Lin.

  894. I hope Clifford is one of those coaches that practices what he preaches, because if he isn’t Jlin is screwed.

  895. thats why he need to start with zeller trade jefferson for a center or power forward

  896. One thing to watch is Aaron Harrison, who is an undrafted PG playing in Hornets’ summer league. He is from Kentucky, twin brother with Andrew Harrison (who muttered “F— that N—-” about Kaminsky after Wisconsin beat undefeated Kentucky). I would assume that Aaron’s chances have been eliminated with Lin’s signing, but you never know.

  897. It’s also possible to trade Kemba and move Batum to SG.
    Al Jefferson can be 4 and MKG can play SF.

  898. That’s cause those haters don’t want Lin to start! There’s no doubt Lin will be starting for Hornets!

  899. Jeremy’s odd situation is given by Byron Scott and Lakers who have tanked the entire season and misused Lin as their lost excuses. May the wrath of God be upon

    Byron Scott and Lakers.

  900. You really don’t need much reasons to sign a guard with Jeremy’s credential with $2.2M/ year.
    That’s absolutely an excuse.

  901. The last 2 years, Kembe Walker shot below 40%. Only in his second year, he shot at 42.4% FG5 and his best 3P% is 33.3% in 2013-14 season.

  902. Does Kemba Walker strike you guys as a team player?

  903. Kembe Walker’s stats is unimpressive; basically a 2 pt mid-range shooter shooting below 40% FG% and around 33.3% 3P%. He has improve his AST/TO from 2.64 to 3.18 last season. He played around 35 minutes per game made 5 to 6 assists per game. He took only 16 shots per game scored about 17 to 18 points..

    Lin and Kembe Walker would be good complements.

  904. Nicolas Batum, Kembe Walker, and Jeremy Lin played more or less the same style of basketball. Shooting around the same % and they are willing passers.

  905. Spencer Hawes, Cody Zeller and Kaminsky would be players of similar level and I don’t think they could beat out one another. Spencer Hawes took a dip in his career playing behind DeAndre Jordon. He can shoot 3s. A good big man to spread the court. Big Al Jefferson is at the last year of his contract. He’s a post center.

    Most players of the Hornets are young and around 26 years old.

  906. How about lin gets a private lessons from Jordan and playing 1 on 1 with Jordan?

  907. Real GM Lakers forum mod posted on Hornets board saying:

    “Welcome to the Jeremy Lin experience.

    Seriously, he’s a steal for $2mil per year, for his sake I hope the 2nd year is a player option. He’s a borderline starting PG so that money is almost insultingly bad for him.”

    Either this will turn out to be a great opportunity for Lin and he is going to explode this season so he can get a new fat contract, or we are going to look back and wonder “What were you thinking back then Lin?!?!?” It will be feast or famine. Nothing in between.

  908. He can shoot 3s but Clippers last season simply wasted him.

  909. But he drafts a PnR guard as his lottery pick. However there is no big man in Lakers that can complement him.
    Laker is going to be among the worst losers in the league in free agent and draft.

  910. That would be sweet…but I doubt MJ has the time nor fit to do a 1 to 1…he is 52

  911. hard to say…….he may have been the go to guys, because the rest dont seem to be a good shooter, hence his high FGA.

    KW 2015 highlights

  912. MJ doesn’t touch that side anymore.. he is a biz owner

  913. if kaminsky plays and they play well even if it’s lin’s credit then they will not g