Jeremy Lin Fans Game-Watching Experience & Reports

Let’s compile all Jeremy Lin Fans Game-Watching Experience and Reports in one place so we can easily find it. Many posts are very insightful about Jeremy’s interaction with his teammates and coaches, how he approached the game, etc.

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  1. 2014 Nov 14, Spurs @ Lakers by Joyce Ward
  2. 2014 Nov 14, Spurs @ Lakers by Cali7

2014 Nov 14, Spurs @ Lakers by Joyce Ward

OK JoeTeam and Brent Yen since you guys called me out, this is what i was doing on a Friday night:

Hi Guys☺☺, for your information, I just got back from the game. I have to say, Laker fans are the best fans in the world. They will show up at games even if they are loosing. Lin played well. His focus tonight was on defense. He kept Tony Parker out of the paint. It was interesting that Tony tried a couple of times to post on lin, but lin shut him down, so as soon as Parker got the ball he passed it. Also Lakers defense was much better through the the first half of the game. They had Spurs taking last minute shots. Also kobe passing the ball more. Kobe was terrible tonight and the fans that i was sitting with wanted him taken out of the game. Lin really looked serious tonight.

He really only talked to Sacre/Kelly/Clarkson. I think there is a clique of Boozer/Hill/Davis/Johnson/probably Nick. Xavier Henry was joking with lin in the hallway while they were waiting to be introduced, they showed it on the monitor. Kobe wasn’t talking to anyone. Lin/Kobe got the most applause when they were introduced and scored points. Lin missed two 3 point shots. The thing with Lin and his shot, his takes the most efficient shots. He just doesn’t shoot to be shooting. Also they were setting screens for Parker like crazy, but lin was fighting through them. I thought it was interesting that Pops put Leonard on Lin and that is when he had those two steals in a row on lin. I think Lin was mad at himself for that. I thought that was respect from Pops about lin.

Kobe not feeling well, I believe it a little, but it looked to me that kobe was tired. He had the ball stripped from him at least 4 times. There was a play in the game when lin was on the bench and Davis got the ball, but nobody was rotating and he was just holding the ball looking for somebody. Also a lot of fans were very hopeful going into halftime because Lakers were down by 8 points, and then Scott with bad coaching decide to put the ball in kobe’s hands and it went down hill. A lot of fans wanted Linsanity to show up tonight. I think Boozer/Hill/Johnson just don’t get it and the fans were ragging on them big time. Lin and 1st unit need to mesh, because when they do they will play well. It is a process and as Jabar said today, that Lakers are trying to grow their own and it is a process.Also the fans are already calling for Scott to be fired. I think the Lakers are getting better,but they are a young team and they need a good coach like Popvich to bring out the best in them. All I want lin to do is get his stats.


2014 Nov 14, Spurs @ Lakers by Cali7

Since I went to the game, I am now writing my 3 page report per Brent. 😉

This game was a very difference experience from the Clippers game. The Lakers seemed to have regressed, yet again, offensively. Honestly, at least with MDA there was offense. Sometimes the defense and offense were just ugly.

Things I remember from the game:
After the first play of the game, Lin went up to Hill to point something out. It seemed it had something to do with the defensive rotation. Again, no rim protection, especially the first half of the game. BScott’s insistence on this line up makes no sense defensively for someone who is preaching defense. Then to say that he can’t instill the defense he wants because of his personnel is a cop out, IMO. He could obviously use Davis or try it but I guess he is waiting until they are 1-14 or 2-13 before making any kind of change for defense.

Kobe’s and Johnson’s defense were suspect tonight, leaving their man with open threes at times. Poor defense on the three point line again overall tonight.

Lin’s defense on Parker was overall very good, I thought. Kobe again played the entire first quarter, practically each of the other quarters, it seemed, except for the fourth. I don’t understand why BScott plays Kobe the entire first quarter and has Lin sit when the group on the court is keeping within range of the game.

Once Clarkson checked in, I think it was in the second quarter, Parker scored back to back baskets for 4 quick points. It went from 7 pt difference to 11 pt difference in a blink of an eye.

I saw BScott call some plays with some visuals, and Lin confirmed with visuals back, as well as orally.

BScott talked to Kobe one-on-one at times when Kobe was sitting.

At one point when Lin was checking in for Clarkson, Lin pointed something out to Clarkson.

In the fourth quarter, Lin tapped/gave high-fives to Clarkson, Kelly, Sacre, Henry before they all checked in after a time out. It was a good, supportive gesture. Good leadership indication.

Comparison to Clippers game:
I was looking for it generally throughout the entire game and I barely saw any interaction between Kobe and Lin when they were sitting. At the same time, I didn’t see Kobe interact much with any of the other players either. Kobe didn’t seem like himself and as everyone probably witnessed, the offense was terrible at times.

I don’t think this is 3 pages, but this is all I can recall for now.