Jeremy Lin Declines Player Option, Becomes Unrestricted Free Agent

On June 7 2016, league sources reported Jeremy Lin will decline $2.2M player option to explore unrestricted free-agency. It was announced via a tweet by Cavaliers beat reporter-NBA Insider for

He further confirmed that Lin has outperformed his contract and is in store for a sizable raise this summer with many suitors.

The timing was interesting because Eric Pincus previously reported that the first date Lin can opt out is on June 22, 2016. Is it possible that Lin’s agent gave early notice to the league of Lin’s intent to opt out more than 3 weeks before the Free Agency starts on July 1, 2016? This way teams who are interested in recruiting Jeremy Lin can make proper preparation with ample time.

This is not a surprise since it was an easy financial decision given his relatively cheap player option and the exploding salaries on the free-agent market, particularly in a shallow class of available point guards.

It remains unknown if Hornets offering backup PG role would be one of the places that will give Jeremy Lin the greatest chance to be the best player he can be as he stated on May 5. But the timing is perfect to signal many NBA teams that Lin’s camp is ready to evaluate which teams will give him a major role in the next few years to accomplish his goal.

On May 5 2016, he posted a Facebook message that stated his goals in the Free Agency:

This past year was a step in the right direction, but I know there’s another level I can get to. So as I approach the off-season, I will keep working on my game. Next year my jumper will be way better. I will come back a much better player. I want to keep having fun on the court (like I did this past year). For free agency, I will seek out every opportunity that gives me the greatest chance to be the best player I can be. I believe I’m just getting started. I have more to give and more to accomplish.

Considering the May 5 and June 7 that Jeremy Lin announced his FA goal and opt-out intent, would it be July 4 (US Independence Day) that Lin will announce his own independence to choose which team has won his heart to give him the best chance to be Greatest Player he can be in his NBA career?

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