Jeremy Lin at the Jubilee Conference 2015

Link to Jubilee Conference 2015 –

My only reason for attending the conference was to hear Jeremy speak but the rest of the conference turned out to be very intriguing and engaging. They had several keynote speakers besides Jeremy and their stories/advices were equally inspiring. Jubilee Project did a wonderful job organizing the conference despite couple of minor hiccups. They made everyone feel like family… it helps to have only about 150 people. 

I met couple of awesome Jeremy Lin fans. One of them was our friend Lilly Chen! I went alone and hoped I would meet a fellow JLin fan but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I took a seat in the second row. I didn’t know at the time but Lily sat in the front row. Before Jeremy’s interview, we had to split into teams or “tribes”. Lilly turned around and saw that I had the same number as her (tribe #1). She had this look and asked if I was blubell. There was a TV that displayed all of the tweets about the conference. I had tweeted earlier and Lilly saw my tweet on the TV. There was one empty seat left in the front row, couple seats down from Lily (she was right in front of Jeremy!), so I took it. Best decision of the day 🙂 After the interview we fangirled for the rest of the day. I will spare you the details. LOL.

You will see in the video that he shared couple of stories he never shared before (at least to my knowledge). This part was cut off… his grandma paid for his college but was not a big supporter of him playing basketball. When Jeremy became successful, she changed her tunes, which Jeremy joked about. He thanked and gave a shout out to his grandma afterward. It was very cute 🙂 Another new info – he almost gave it all up during his rookie year, even cleaned out his locker and told his agent to tell the team to cut him. Thank God, his agent convinced him to stay.

He was very relaxed throughout the “interview” which was more of a conversation between Jason (interviewer) and Jeremy. Hearing him speak in person was very different and an incredible experience. His voice was deeper and sexier (hehe) in person.

I signed up for the conference on a whim (the day after they opened registration), thinking it is just another event but it turned out to be more than that. It was a very inspiring day. I was very fortunate to get a spot this year. I hope they can invite Jeremy again next year.

Well, this is all for now. If I have anything else to add, I’ll post it below. Lilly will be posting too!


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  3. Thanks so much for such a fabulous write-up! Really appreciate it. It’s making readers like myself feel as if we had been there in person as well. Even though I can’t really relate to the “fangirl” part between you and Lily, LOL, I’m glad that both of you really enjoyed yourselves there. 🙂

  4. Nice writeup! 150 is a relatively small crowd, that’s a pretty rare opportunity to hear Lin speak. And to hear some of the stories that he hasn’t revealed publicly before. Very cool that you got to meet another Lin fan. Does Lilly currently post here?

  5. she used to post on “that other” site. dont know if she ever posted here or not.

  6. at least now that nasty task-master brent will stop pressuring you!

  7. Haha. Mean old Brent!

  8. Thanks! Lilly posted here and there… hopefully she posts more.

  9. That was a pretty incredible story about him cleaning out his locker in his rookie year and about to quit the NBA. I knew he had some pretty frustrating times his rookie year, but that really put it in perspective. Did he say when that occurred? I’m guessing that it might have been after he got sent to D-League yet again.

  10. @blubell Thanks again! Glad that we are able to hear the whole lot now:-) Yes we heard great new info from JLin. Feel so good returning from more than full day and saw this. Can’t thank you enough to share this to us. Glad that you went and enjoyed every minute of it.

  11. I was just joking about the fangirl part. We simply discussed our obsession with Jeremy. Lol.

  12. I know. I was just teasing you… ha ha

  13. What? I am the nicest mod here…

  14. Nice write up @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus !!, many thanks! I hope @lilly_chen:disqus can come and post her experience too…

  15. I’ve been a huge fan of Roger Montgomery from the start.

    That Montgomery stood up and set Lin’s mind straight just raises my esteem of Montgomery even more.

    A less capable agent would have gone out and did something dumb like make trade requests.

  16. word

  17. I heard that was his first trip in Rockets.

  18. He was a minimum guy, nobody will trade for him. I still don’t really like Montgomery, kind of messed up two free agency for Lin already, don’t understand why he do not change agent. His signing with Rockets was the start of all these.

  19. She will. I messaged her on twitter yesterday and pressured her to post 😛

  20. Nice, mean old blubell…

  21. I learned from the master. lol.

  22. Actually, Warriors owner Joe Lacob said that he had received trade requests for Lin.

    Had Montgomery complained, Lacob might have considered some of those trade requests.

    How could Montgomery mess up Lin with the Rockets with that $25 million contract? Nobody else wanted Lin, certainly not the Knicks that told Lin to go out and find his own deal. Montgomery KEPT LIN IN THE NBA with that $25 million contract that wasn’t even his idea, it was Les Alexander’s! And are we really angry with Montgomery for making Lin a multi multi millionaire?

    And then this free agency. Let’s not forget that LIN HIMSELF signed off on the deal. Montgomery can present the contract, but it’s Lin’s say alone that determines whether the contract is signed. If Lin signed the contract, that’s on Lin and not Montgomery because ultimately the only person that can force a contract to be signed is Lin himself!

  23. Nice bluebell!

  24. Btw, how u guys doing over here? Were having a meltdown in the other site… lol… we want the season begin already!!

  25. It happens every summer…..oh well….we are good here……peaceful …

  26. “nobody wants Lin” is exactly my problem with his agent, that’s his job to search for more opportunities for Lin. Of course Lin would made the final decision, but if there are not much opportunities, then I think that’s his agent’s problem.

    Especially this off season, I kind of feel that Montgomery kind of only focus on one or two and don’t really keep other options open. I don’t believe Hornets is the only team that would fit Lin, as a back up and with 2M/yr salary. When Marv did not work out, and the fall back plan is the Hornets who shows up only 2 days before, that’s a problem. That’s definitely his agent’s problem.

    And i don’t think Hornets really fits Lin there even. Cliff do not have a track record to a better offense, so we don’t know what he could do and what he couldn’t. He was historically don’t like TOs, no transition and fast breaks, and trust their “stars” and don’t use better role players. He would defensively hide Kemba and yet praise him one of the best P&R defender, I’m really not sure how much I should trust his word.

  27. hmm.but isn’t nba like the hollywood rule.. don’t call us, we will cal you rule.
    So how can he go out and search for opportunities?

  28. basically you just need one guy who is totally capable to ruin everything. I’m glad we have this place, smaller traffic but at least you are not wasting your energy with somebody who don’t have better things to do.

  29. good agent have good relationship with GMs and coaches and other players. They talk to them and know who is leaving and who is coming. Things are dynamic, if you only wait for things to happen, it will be too late.

  30. Lol… i know… hows everyone summer going?

  31. Yeah true… both sites r good… it gets a little spicy over rhere… lol

  32. I didnt log in to disc for a long time but i have to log in to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to blubell!!!
    You are beyond awesome! SUPER AWESOME for bringing us all the Lin videos!!!
    Cheers and high five!!!

  33. Here is to a slow summer and a slow afternoon with very little Lin news. Hope you all can enjoy this video of a guy impersonating Kobe, Lebron, Westbrook and James Harden.

  34. Just click on the link.

  35. Hahahahahahahhahahahahhaha
    James Harden one is the best hilarious one, then come along the Westbrook one.

  36. If Lin felt Montgomery was not doing a good enough job, why didn’t Lin fire Montgomery?

    Besides, Lin has Jim Tanner too who represents people like Tim Duncan. How come Montgomery gets all the blame and Tanner gets none?

    Also, haven’t you noticed how Lin’s negotiating with the same teams that had egg on their faces for not drafting him? Doesn’t it occur to you that those teams STILL think Lin’s not good enough to play in the NBA?

  37. Then why are you not blaming Lin’s other agent Jim Tanner?

    Tanner has many high priced clients other than Lin.

    Shouldn’t he get blamed too?

  38. That’s exactly what the NBA is like.

    Teams will talk to Lin, sure. But anyone can chicken out when it comes to presenting a formal offer to the NBA’s Asian Pariah.

  39. Coaches coach according to personnel.

    Just because Clifford did one thing for the unathletic Walker does not mean he will do the same thing fpr the athletic Lin.

    Besides, Lin’s evolved to a point where it doesn’t matter whether Clifford uses him right or not. As long as Lin gets into the games, Lin will GET HIS no matter how badly he is frozen out.

  40. The other site is overrun by Lin hate trolls.

    It has become impossible to have a real discussion over there without constant anti Asian flaming.

    There’s less and less actual basketball discussion on the other site.

  41. Other site is now a Lin hate forum.

  42. Is it me or does the summer NOT seem slow to me?

    We had a very tumutuous free agent summer with Lin and pieces around Lin.

    Moreover, Lin’s future coach just visited him and came away impressed. That’s big news to me.

    There’s been so much positivity coming out of the Hornets for Lin, it eclipses all of the prior praise from Lin’s last four franchises put together.

    Training camp is only a few weeks away. And given that Lin strolled through Byron Scott’s excessively rigorous and injurious training camp, I expect Lin to take a welcome break from hard summer training DURING training camp!

  43. There are several race based hate trolls trying to flame Lin fans off that site.

  44. Awwe. Thank you. High fives all around! You should post more 🙂

  45. LOL My summer was so many months ago:-) We are at the end of winter here:-) Always like my winter so much:-)

  46. Got confused a bit regarding the D-League stuff. Thought someone is calling him a d-league player again.

  47. another preseason hornets game showing up: oct 19 vs. bulls. at charlotte. (couple more teams released their pre-season skeds 2day.)

    in weather news: “light” earthquake in s.f. area dis morn early (no damage reported)–and two typhoons spinning out in the pacific.

    on a more personal note: i wonder what i have clicked on in the past that would led me to be getting side ads here for “amazing 3-d t-shirts” with the faces of dogs.

  48. Hello! Good to hear from u! I would love to visit australia!

  49. Yeah whats up with some of those guys?? Theyre on a jl8n site 24 hrs per day and say hes a mediocre olayer!

  50. Lin’s training partner is playing more defense on Lin than a lot of NBA guys do in actual games.

  51. Hi everyone!!

    It’s been forever since I’ve posted here–I know! I haven’t forgotten about you all. I still check out this website from time to time. Because of new lifestyle changes, I won’t be able to post much, but I have Twitter if any of you want to keep in touch 🙂

    But yes, @blubell and I had the fortunate opportunity to see Jeremy and hear his story in person this past weekend at the Jubilee Conference. Blubell basically said everything that happened (and I’m glad blubell doesn’t think I’m creepy for figuring out that we’re members of jlinportal hehe), so here is how I was able to get a good seat at the conference. I just had met a person at the conference who found empty front row seats and was brave enough to sit there. There wasn’t a sign and no one told us we couldn’t sit there. I didn’t realize that Jeremy was the first speaker, so you can imagine my reaction when I found out that I would be able to get a close, upfront view of him. I was also sitting next to a girl who is a Jeremy Lin fan and she also sat there thinking it would be okay. We were both very excited when we got good seats. When Jeremy was preparing to take the group pic, he and Jason from Jubilee Project started walking towards us and we both looked at each other with sheer excitement. In the picture I ended up right behind Jeremy and Jason. I basically could have tapped Jeremy’s shoulder and said hi to him or hugged him if I wanted to, but everyone was talking to him and I wanted to give him his space. It was very difficult to contain myself from not talking to him lol

    I actually first met Jeremy two years ago at the Houston Grand Prix during the weekend his documentary, Linsanity, was released in October. I met him at a Volvo PR event. From my experiences of meeting Jeremy twice now, here are some things I took away from the Jubilee Conference:

    -Jeremy is getting better at public speaking and looks more comfortable talking to an audience. At the Volvo event, Jeremy was more serious and quiet. Granted there were TV crews around him and cameramen, but I felt awkward being around him. I was glad I went to this conference because I saw more of his natural state of mind. At this conference he was more relaxed, inviting, and chatty. Again, he was at a more private venue and he was surrounded by his good friends, but it is pretty obvious that he is getting used to the spotlight and communicating more easily with others.

    -Jeremy didn’t regurgitate stories or experiences from his past interviews or testimonies. I drove about 5+ hours to this conference and I was debating on even going because I was afraid he would repeat everything that has already been shown on YouTube. I was extremely happy when he talked about things that he hasn’t revealed before and discussing more personal experiences (things that @blubell mentioned above). He also shared his own opinions on race and religion that I thought was refreshing to hear and learn.

    -In case some of you don’t like Jeremy’s hair, it isn’t as bad as you think! After seeing him for a bit, the hair grew on me and it didn’t look as “crazy” as in the pictures. Oh, and I agree with @blubell about Jeremy’s voice–very deep and resounding 😉

    Below is a pic I took of Jason and Jeremy and one with my legs/feet to show how close I was to the stage lol Hope everyone is doing well. I’m super pumped Jeremy joined a new team and is representing #7 and purple hehe Cheers to Jeremy having his breakout season and to play with joy again!!

  52. Hi Mr. Brent!! I miss talking with you. Sorry for being MIA. Hope everything is going well!!

  53. Haha thanks for encouraging me to post! 😀

  54. I wish Jeremy will pull up more often to shoot his jumpers. That will avoid turnovers.

  55. Wow! You were so close to them! Thank you and @blubell for sharing your wonderful experience, pics, and vids!!!

  56. I think your nice sandal might’ve made Jeremy feel comfortable being surrounded by friends & fellow sandal wearers :]

    Thanks for sharing your great experience & @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus’ too. Glad it was such personal experience in a small venue. I thought it’d be a large conference. And wow, driving 5 hrs? I have to tip my hat off to you for your commitment

  57. I am very proud of @lilly_chen:disqus and @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus for sitting that close and not rushing the stage. amazing restraint! Seriously thank you for sharing your thoughts and for driving 5 hours.

  58. Check out Paul’s tweet. I wonder what would be a good 27th birthday?
    Perhaps a GF but a picture of Naruto eating sushi & Chipotle might be easier :]

  59. Welcome home.

  60. Noted you are on slippers:) Rather unusual for LA right?

  61. I don’t know about what a 27 year old guy like jlin wants, but I know I want to win a jackpot. Maybe no gf but his fds can throw a nice party with bunch of sexy girls for his 27 year old birthday for him as surprise. I think no guys would not want that.

  62. Very nice and soothing color, making the design look even more standout. One of the Jeremy’s Jeremy’s mechandise. Also almost made me change me handler to Teal..but no, I still stick with Yellow for Jeremy’s… *.*

  63. Jeremy wouldn’t want a bday party with bunch of sexy girls. He isn’t an ordinary guy like, err, you. He wants braining, modestly dressed girls like blubell and Lily Chen. *.*

  64. BRAINY

  65. Lin should avoid all the clotheslines and slaps to the head.

  66. Thank you for sharing, Lilly. I saw you get excited when you found out Jeremy was speaking first and thought “OMG, Jeremy Lin fan! Must say hi” but then the conference started and didn’t have the chance. I’m so glad you asked me if I was blubell!

  67. I think some guys in Hornets fan site refereed Jeremy and Troy Daniels as D-Leagues. Troy put up a 200 point record in the D-League in 3s and you know about Jeremy.

  68. Enjoy the slow Summer, what’s left of it, life goes by too quickly.

  69. Good to see you here:-)

    Come anyday:-) I’m in Sunshine state–Queensland. Our beaches are much much much nicer than the ones that I’ve visited in Oahu Island:-) Didn’t visit other islands; so can’t compare and contrast:-)

  70. Good to see you here. So happy that @lilly_chen:disqus and @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus were able to attend this event. What is most awesome for both of you shared your experiences with us. Can’t thank you enough for recording down all those Q & A plus more!!!!

  71. it’s against his religion to have a bunch of sexy girls in lingerie around him.

  72. really? I would say they should at least get a guy that is 1 foot taller than lin.
    Or have 2 person guarding him.. like that.

    Now that will it make it easier for him on the real games.

  73. Lol, what wrong with brainy girls who are also sexy!

  74. Do like UCLA did with Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabbar): guard him with a BROOM!

  75. OK, I yield!

  76. That’s completely dependent not on Lin, but on his coach’s offensive scheme.

    If the court is properly spread, Lin should have more maneuvering room.

  77. All those known trolls over there are messed up in the head.

    They don’t dare post here because they cannot post without flaming.

    For all you trolls reading this, GIT OVER HERE and engage in healthy nonflaming discussion if you can. IF YOU CAN.

  78. It’s an HONOR to be an ex D-Leaguer.

    The D-League does a great job of teaching its players to play team basketball.

    The D-League doesn’t have the most talented players, but it sure puts out good solid players.

    NBA teams have not yet realized that there are likelier to pick up solid contributing players from the D-League than they are from the NBA Draft Lottery.

    Besides, Lin was in the D-League 4 seasons ago. That’s ancient history. Lin bashers should have figured out that 4 seasons ago is not the present day.

  79. When you complain about Lin’s ” inept agent”, you are also implying that Lin is inept and a fool to let someone more inept control his own fate. That in itself is quite annoying to me. Il said himself he was going to do something different this FA. He chose management style and fit over money.


  80. No worries, he’s mastered the hover hand.

  81. Jeremy is better off w/o a group of sexy girls for his life and career sake.

    After watching Tiger Woods:”The Rise and Fall” on YT, I saw how scary it is to see how his career stopped to a halt due to his weakness in leading a double life. The National Enquirer guy even said there’ll be breakout news of offspring of his secret GF(s) in the future.

    So yeah, Jeremy is definitely smart enough not to get side-tracked w/ temptations IMO
    He just needs 1 GF in the future to help steady his life & career

  82. Thanks for spelling it out so well. Agree 100%. JLin knows what he wants and acts accordingly. Trust him and his team’s decision.

  83. Thought I know JLin quite well. Apparently not at all. Only probably know 2 out of these 7 questions. What a bad JLin fan!!!!

  84. Ha…welcome back! things are pretty good on my end. thanks! You seems getting more and more busy

  85. Traffic seems to be good during newsy days. At least by post count.

  86. I agree. It’s important that he learn how to keep his dribble against aggressive double teams, and how to beat the traps.

  87. Hello Lilly, Thanks for the nice write-up advice. Great to read you again, it almost feels like a live community.

  88. I’m being Lin runs his show as a team … family and prayer. Monty is prob just one team player.

  89. Aw great writeup and shares on the conf, blubell. Really nice. I really enjoyed the different vids you posted on you yt stream. Thank you!

    150 attendees? what a great chance to soak it all in. Happy week!

  90. Im also one of a bad Lin fan.. 🙂 5 out of 7..

  91. WOW you are much much better than me:-)

  92. All his agents should take the blame.

  93. No need to shout. You are being ridiculous with your logic, not only Lin could do no wrong, even the people Lin hired could do no wrong now. That is also quite annoying to me too.

    You said he chose management style and fit over money, the problem is, do you really trust their management, and does it really fit?

  94. Coz we have the KING of ALL Trolls here! 😉

    btw where is michael?

  95. How can logic be ridiculous? What would be ridiculous is an argument like a Monty Python skit. Logic and deductive reasoning is the principal on which civilization is built upon.

    Life isn’t just about “do no wrong”… What should be obvious to all Lin fans is that Lin chooses to “do what is righteous”; wherever that path may take him, however painful the outcome.

    The question you direct to me should be at Lin “do you trust their management, and does it fit.” For me like many on this site, we try our best to just trust Lin to do what’s right for himself.

    If you don’t like this logic, I’ll try the darkside response by saying “I find you’re lack of faith disturbing.”

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  97. S/O to @lilly_chen:disqus and @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus for the detailed recount of their up close and personal view of Jeremy at the Jubilee Conference!!! Your writeups and vids made my day as I’m under the weather and got tonnes of med to finish… *.*

  98. Since you dislike that site so much, why don’t you come here and post more often instead of torturing yourself with unnecessary stress of reading troll posts?

  99. For my love of Lily, I will address you as Mr. Brent from now on. ;))

  100. Charlotte Hornets on ESPN to end season against the Orlando Magic

    The Charlotte Hornets don’t get very many games on national TV, and they get even less of the primetime ESPN and TNT games, but it looks like they’re going to get at least one game this year. In their home season finale, the Hornets will take on the Orlando Magic in a game with possible playoff implications.

    The Hornets are a team that are expected to at least battle for a playoff spot late, and the Magic are a team that have been labeled as ready to make the jump for a couple years now. With Charlotte looking to get back into the playoffs after a disappointing year, and Orlando trying to just prove that their rebuild is getting results, this could be a play in game for one of the bottom playoff seeds. However, it could also end up being a meaningless game between two teams that are just waiting for the year to end.

  101. The Hornets will play on MLK day.

    Martin Luther King, Jr Day has been a day the NBA has embraced, and they usually have quite a few games on throughout the day in cities such as Atlanta and Charlotte. The Hornets have played during the last three MLK days, and there’s no reason to think they won’t play again this year.
    The Hornets will have the most back to backs

    It’s the tradition of every Charlotte NBA fan when the schedule is announced. As soon as its released the immediate question fans have is “How many back to backs do they play this year?”. Why would fans want to know such a strange question? Well, that’s because the Hornets have had the most back to backs in the NBA for the last three years or so. However, this is not a case of bias against Charlotte, but a request by the team itself. The Hornets usually ask the NBA for more games on the weekends, because attendance obviously does better on non work days, but to meet this request the NBA has to give Charlotte quite a few back to backs.

    Considering that the Hornets have led the NBA in back to backs the last two seasons, and since there’s no reason to think they didn’t request to have more weekend games lets just assume that once again Charlotte will be one of the leading teams in back to backs yet again.

  102. @disqus_Qw9GaYTag0:disqus , you’re one of my favorite posters and I regard you highly for your astute analysis, bball knowledge and calmness. Yet, maybe, just like many of us here who are suffering from witnessing the oppression/discrimination/ill treatment on Jeremy throughout the past 3 seasons, you’re worrying too much and have lost faith in Jeremy.

    I don’t think I need to repeat the same thing that we have ferociously( yeah, so there isn’t any need to be fierce and loud again) debated on this site what’s the best scenario for Jeremy to sign a new contract that commensurate his values, a hefty discount is inevitable.

    I think we can’t put the “blame”(if there is any) solely on Jeremy’s agents. The ultimate decision’s made by Jeremy. Just hang in there and I assure you that Jeremy won’t disappoint this season and the discount is all worth while. *.*

  103. get well soon!

  104. Jeremy’s Prayer Requests 10‏
    A lot has happened since I last sent out an update in the middle of the Asia trip, and Im thankful for everyone’s continual prayer and support.

    – Praise God for me landing in Charlotte!! I truly believe God specifically placed me in Charlotte, as he left one obvious door open and closed the rest. Initially, Charlotte wasn’t even on my list of top destinations, but my journey has always had unexpected but divine turns and surprises.
    – Prayer that I would build great chemistry with Coach Clifford and my teammates in Charlotte.
    – Prayer that I wouldn’t fall into a complacent or comfortable state spiritually during an offseason with less stress/pressure, but that I would greatly thirst and desire God’s presence daily.
    – Prayer for my little brother as he begins his journey as a professional basketball player in Taiwan. Please pray that no amount of success or failure will ever deter or distract him from wholeheartedly seeking God’s heart.
    – Prayer for my older brother as he begins his dental pediatrics residency, that he would transition smoothly and find great purpose in glorifying Christ through dentistry.
    – I just feel very strongly about this, so I just want my last bullet point to be a praise to God for giving me an army of prayer warriors (you guys)!!

  105. It’ll be a meaningless game for Orlando but probably not the Hornets.

    Orlando lacks a star player that can draw a double team and consistently score no matter what the defense is. That will prevent them from being a true playoff team.

    The Hornets have not one but possibly FOUR players that good: Lin (the one star guarantee), Hansbrough (already proven), Lamb (has had great NBA moments), and Kaminsky (borderline star potential).

    The only real question is will those four guys, not so much Lin (who’s guaranteed to play real minutes) but the other three, get to actually play enough to push the Hornets into the playoffs.


    heh heh

  107. Jeremy and Linsta Nation are always in my prayers.
    Godspeed Jeremy & Linsta Nation!!!

  108. Thank you, psalm.

  109. I’m not worried about Lin in back to backs.

    As the NBA’s best conditioned guard, Lin does just fine in back to backs.

    But Lin’s teammates? They could be affected, particularly the bench players who won’t play enough minutes to really get into game shape.

    Coach Clifford has openly talked about having a 9 man rotation. With this Charlotte team, it might actually balloon to like a 11 man rotation if Brian Roberts and Tyler Hansbrough play as well as I predict they will.

    I’ll bet that if Clifford manages his players’ minutes right, the back to back thing won’t affect the Hornets negatively.

  110. JLin does himself no favours by not putting up numbers when he is the best option out there. He will pass to the open man when he should take a contested shot that has a higher percentage of going in.

  111. I always feel this type of headphone pressing the ears very hard and not comfortable. They are heavy on the head and ears. But yes they sound much better.

  112. Yup! I’m so thankful that the mods and creators got together to make this site.

  113. I was wondering, if Lin was moved to be a SG, would he really be undersized?

    Since most NBA players are measured with their shoes on, while Lin was measured barefoot, he’s “technically” around 6’4″-6’5″ in shoes right?

    So wouldn’t that make him an average SG height?

  114. This is so interesting to me. Jeremy doesn’t have time to be a web-hound, and has said he doesn’t really follow trending buzz. But looks like somebody else must be checking in on the IG/Twitter/FB universes and shooting the occasional item to him. Friends? Agent staff? Of all the stuff that flies by, how do they pick, you wonder. And who else in the celebrity world would show up so nicely “regular-guy-next-door” to the kid on campus rockin’ a favorite shirt. Just when I think I’m accustomed to his great character (and his kid sense of humor), he gets my attention again.

  115. bla bla bla….:P

  116. Yes. and YES again. To “side-tracking temptation” and to “..definitely smart enough”. Strong enough to leave it in God’s hands (likely with some vigilant help from Mama Lin, haha). All in good time, save the best for last, etc 🙂

  117. Brent, your son is using your phone on Jlinportal!!

  118. and this would be in reference to….?

    or is this like the old “here’s the answer without knowing the question” bit.

    ok ill provide a question: is there somewhere to go to get away from the next wave of people coming here to get away from “that other site”?

    answer: bla bla bla

  119. There aren’t many women in his professional life, so we don’t get to see him interacting with them much. Hover hand with strangers, mostly. The female reporter who interviewed and then walked him around the gamer convention grounds was a rare opportunity for us. To my eye, he enjoyed her. She was smart, and funny. Kind of fearless. She surprised him many times. He liked that. Not being all Freudian or anything, but Mama Lin has set a high standard. Not stuck in her own culture’s expectations, rock-solid family and spiritual values, pie-in-the-face sense of humor. Smart of J to leave it to the Lord to deliver that kind of package at the right moment.

  120. so yer saying bluebell and lily chen aren’t sexy?

  121. no one but thee mentioned lingerie.

  122. true and correct.

  123. …so yer saying: like bluebell and lily chen?

  124. yes. amazing restraint judging from the strange “foot photos”.

  125. very nice.

  126. yes. on both counts.

  127. From our observations, the typical NBA point guard’s ideal height is 6’3” +/- 1” (give or take an inch) and is around 190 lbs. +/- 15 lbs. The typical NBA shooting guard stands about 6’5” +/- 1” and 205 lb. +/- 15 lbs.Oct 20, 2011
    –bleacher report

  128. hahaha. Of course, like bluebell, lily, and most.importantly, my wife! Lol.

  129. Or…it’s his version of “Are we there yet?” Running out of bla blah filler while waiting for the thing we crave…J on the court!!!

  130. AL Jefferson?

  131. I’m the opposite with regards to thirsting and desiring God’s presence – the more stress and pressure, the more distracted I get.

    Seeking God first and being joyful about our relationship with God through whatever the circumstances, good or bad, is a choice we make and a choice that God will honour 🙂

  132. Many great responses already, as expected from all great fans here, but…
    Yeah, understand your worries about org and fit and salary. I know This Hornets team will work out for JL #7. There’s not better place (being sarcastic)… #1) team is bottom feeder: great for Lin to bring it to a better place. #2) team is serious for contending: Lin will get his PT. #3) it’s in every players best interests to make it work. Grass is not always greener elsewhere. #4) coach Cliff is a good coach: he chose Lin. And he respects D’Antoni.

  133. hmm, are those legit or knockoffs? I think we would have known if Lin was am endorser of Beats headphones

  134. maybe he occasionally checks and replies on social media on his phone when he’s just waiting around and nothing else to do

  135. Brent is just trying to inflate his posting stats! =p

  136. First of all, I did not lose faith in Jeremy. Second, your assurance don’t mean much. Third, I did not blame “solely” on his agents, but his agents does deserve a share.

    It is what it is, I can take it, but I don’t need to take it happily, pretendit is an super exciting situation. I just don’t understand why people have to describe this situation as the best, or his agents are super good.

    No need to be down with it either, but, we should face the reality as it is, no need to paint it in a super nice way, then face it.

  137. 6’4.5″ (with shoes) is ever-so-slightly undersized for SG. The prototypical SG is 6’5-6’7. But Lin could play SG no problem. Especially since the league is trending small ball.

  138. you are really high on Lamb though.

    I hope Hansbrough get more min than Hawes.

  139. Here’s a sample of some SGs in the NBA:
    6’7″ Klay
    6’7″ DeRozan
    6’7″ Butler
    6’7″ Korver
    6’6″ Tyreke
    6’6″ Kobe
    6’6″ Jordan
    6’5″ Harden
    6’5″ Matthews
    6’5″ Crawford
    6’4″ Redick
    6’4″ D Wade
    6’1″ Lou Williams

    So you can see 6’4.5″ is on the low end of it. That’s why Jeremy is considered a combo guard.

  140. A shorter player would need to have longer arms to bother shooters, and have a very accurate quick release jumps hot to get his shot up over taller players.

  141. Random info: I just realized that Charlotte is wayyyyy inland, unlike most of the other big East Coast cities such as Boston, NY, Philly, DC, Charleston, Miami, etc. I assumed that it was somewhat near the ocean or river. Charlotte is closer to Tennessee than the Atlantic Ocean.

    Anyways, what that means is that Lin forsook metropolitan lifestyle, Asian population, salary, all for the chance to play basketball the way he is meant to play it. I’ll believe it when I see it, but I really hope that Clifford will be the coach that knows how to utilize Lin’s game.

  142. Yes, but also a shorter player should be quicker than a taller player, so they should be able to get around and drive to hoop past a taller player. That’s why I think Lin can play SG if needed.

  143. Anyone have an English translation so we can take the quiz?

  144. summer was not slow. Free agency was extremely exciting. But the time between FA and preseason is a bit slow. =)

  145. Actually, if you remove troll posts, we are about the same traffic.

  146. Actually, to be honest, Lin has performed pretty poorly in back to backs.

    0 Days rest: 37.6% FG, 28.3% 3P, 48.8% TS
    Career: 43.7% FG, 34.9% 3P, 54.7% TS

  147. I’m sure Charlotte is near a lot of lakes and streams with good bass fishing.

  148. It’s interesting the differences in climate between Charlotte and LA. The annual temperature variation is greater for Charlotte, but the monthly variation in precipitation is less.

  149. Its spicy too over there… which is kind of different… i like the calmness here and the gentle and welcome atmoshpere… so yes ill hqve to come here more often
    . But when i feel fierce ill battle over there… lol

  150. That’s a good list. I don’t see how JJ Reddick was able to make it for so long as a shooting guard, given his short height. And JJ did struggle to adapt to the NBA during his rookie year out of Duke. But his shooting stroke was the great equalizer. No defender can leave him open, even for a second. And on defense he has great footwork and strength to get around screens.

  151. anybody could answer all these questions?

  152. yup, I see plenty of rivers and lakes near Charlotte for Lin to fish at. And I think Charlotte has DOTA too. =p

  153. Well, the only reason Redick is at SG is primarily because he can’t play PG! But he can shoot lights out.

  154. The temp makes sense. In general, cities near the ocean will have more moderate temps than inland cities.

    The precipitation is surprising. That is a really flat line for precipitation in Charlotte. Apparently, it is from the Gulf of Mexico feeding warm moisture to the southeast U.S. all year round.

  155. TTNN posted a English one above.

  156. yes, let’s say no to junk food and yes to In-N-Out chicken salad :]

  157. Here’s my guesses: BACADCA
    All were random guesses, except for #3 Linsta Nation. (I hope I got that one right)

  158. What are the correct answers?

  159. In today’s NBA, height of guards is not as important as it used to be.

    Since guards now can be zoned, the game is no longer as simple as a bigger guy scoring over a smaller one.

    I think that Lin’s ability to play the 2 in halfcourt sets and hold his own defensively against any 2 guard are of far more importance than his sheer height.

  160. I’m STILL not worried about Lin in back to backs.

    In the back to backs that I saw Lin in, his TEAMMATES were gassed and could not run plays with him.

    I think it was in his second Houston season when the trolls were crowing that Lin would have yet another terrible back to back. I told them that Lin would do just fine because he was playing on a deep team. The trolls flamed me for that, but Lin did great and the trolls were utterly silenced.

    On this Charlotte team, the starters who are injury prone are susceptible to back to back fatigue. But that’s not so for Lin’s young veteran bench players.

  161. That’s only if he has a defender in front of him.

    Besides, there are tons of tall shooting guards that don’t have the right fundamentals to either cut to open spots or create their own shots. It would be better to have a small intelligent player like Monta Ellis than a tall guy who can’t necessarily shoot over people anyway!

  162. Lin’s BEEN PLAYING shooting guard for the last 3 seasons.

    Some of Lin’s biggest games came with him at SG.

    Generally Lin has more than held his own defensively against any SG, including the All Stars.

  163. Redick’s problem is that he doesn’t have the creative athleticism to generate shots for himself or others.

    That’s not a problem that Lin has.

  164. Redick’s height waa never the problem.

    His lack of a dribble game is the problem.

  165. You could be right. Although, unless he’s stuck on a plane it doesn’t seem he’s got much waiting around time. Practice, family, his foundation, vids, events, DOTA…I’m kind of amazed at all that he squeezes in.

  166. sitting on the toilet. LOL =)

  167. My guesses…with you on the blue. Sourdough (bay area), but could be ciabatta (gourmet home-cooking guy). With you on “quality time”. I’m gonna say “flying” because it gets to be a drag when you’ve gotta do a lot of it; he was walking and biking around Santa Monica, and doesn’t he have a sporty car to drive? Could be bees or blood, but I’m going with losing teeth because that would hinder eating, and he does love to eat. It can’t be elevator, after seeing him in that Hello Kitty head in the elevator in the Taiwan night game video (one of my fave images of him, haha). No clue about Dota characters.

  168. Answer to #1 better NOT be Purple or Red…

  169. It’s TEAL :]

  170. You have much better reasoning for your guesses. =)

  171. No Yellow? ;P

  172. They’re sexy in their own way but nitrite explicitly sexy like the guest insinuating, maybe, I guess. And if I may add , ththey’re beautiful too.

  173. You’re right, my “assurance” means nothing.
    So long story short; being soft and gentle, point taken ;most importantly, faith is still intact in Jeremy.

  174. BTW…do we know enough about the upcoming schedule to get rid of the old Lakers schedule in the Calendar section? Gotta delete that bad old energy from our Lin Pureland here 🙂

  175. yes, Hornets full schedule is already out. Psalm?

  176. Hornets signed Sam Thompson, an undrafted forward from Ohio State.

  177. the entire regular season sked for all teams was released all the same time by league. individual teams have been slowly releasing their pre season skeds. from what available so far as far as a know hornets have:

    oct 4 at mia

    11th and 14th in asia vs. clippers

    19th in charlotte vs bulls

    somewhere i saw on a resale ticket site advertised a 21st at det. but i dont see it on the offical pistons sked now.

  178. a lot of teams with a lot of empty roster spots or even not just signing up non guaranteed contracts for camp fodder.

    (course that’s what i thought ronnie price was last year!)–

    there is a wide discrepancy in # of players tentatively or otherwise under contract for this season some teams have a lot of empty spots some teams will have to cut a lot.

    i beleive (tho dont have to hand confirmation) that they have upped the # of players a team can stash so to speak in d league. so that mite allow at least 1 more player to have to hand.

  179. Lin’s instagram caption: “Its OFFICIAL!! Welcome to the pros…growing up we never would have imagined 2 pro bball players from our family. God is good! #fubonbraves #SBL #kekkeigenkai #freshrookie”

    I guess Josh is the disappointment of the family… couldn’t make it as a pro basketball player, had to settle to be a dentist. LOL just kidding!

  180. Actually I see him as a sacrifice for being the eldest . In Asian culture, the older ones usually pave a better road for the younger ones.

    Well, being a dentist is not in anyway a sacrifice. I will like to be scarified for being a dentist. lol

  181. Bah, bah, baaah……lol

  182. And black!

  183. Mama Lin did explain this in the early days of interview (believe it was 2011-2012 interviews). When Papa and Mama Lin knew how much Josh and Jeremy bros loved the game, it was too late for Josh to develop. JLin was able to meet with good coaches along the way…… Josh didn’t have the opportunity. Joe was the easiest one because of JLin experiences.

  184. LOL I did try this but I believe I will probably get 4 (max) out of 7:-)

  185. My guess:

    1 B for sure blue

    2 A not b or c I remember something about him hating crunchy bread could be D I guess

    3 C Linsta Nation for sure

    4 A Quality time

    5 D just a guess He hates slow stuff though so picking walking

    6 B hates needles???

    7 B ??? Sniper?? this was in the interview with the lady at the DOTA championships cant remember for sure the answer…

  186. ok, I know I need to get the new schedule out soon 🙂
    It might take some time to complete all since it’s somewhat a manual process

  187. let me see if I can start uploading the schedule.
    Last time it was a bit tedious doing it manually but here we go :]

  188. I think he said he can’t hike in one interview, he said he can run, but somehow can not stand hiking, so I think walking should be the answer. I’m not sure about the bread part, I picked sourdough. Not sure about the dota2 hero either.

  189. Wonder where this is? Chandler in Northern California or JLin in So California practicing? Perhaps Nash around too.

  190. He will be in SoCal all this week.

  191. Yes. JLin didn’t like walking. That one is pretty confirm. As for the bread, I have absolutely no idea nor Dota 2.

  192. Haha, brings new meaning to playing the #2.

  193. Wow that was fast. Take your time. The most important bit is already done…Lakers GONE 😀

  194. Hi JoeTeam!! Hope all is well with you. Nice to hear from you, too. You gotta love our community 🙂

  195. I go back to watch the Portland Rocker series with Lin playing for the Rockets. It’s so obvious that Beverley who made the last turnover and costed the game. Start to watch @7:30′

    But Lin in the series was always the one to blame and nobody said a damn thing about Beverley who turned over the ball and costed Rockets the game. The media was controlled by the Rockets and they intended to make Lin the scapegoat while none of Beverley, Harden and Parsons played well in the series.

  196. Hard not to feel a bit bad for Josh…though he may have made his peace with it. Pediatric dentistry has got to have an extra sense of meaningful service. It’s great that the boys are all so close, and Josh makes the Linsta Nation possible…just two guys doesn’t meet the minimum for nationhood, I don’t think. The trio look pretty cool together.

  197. We still don’t know when Media Day and Training Camp will hold. However, we do know the first game will be on 4 October. Accordingly it is 46 days to go. However we thank JLin to keep us from boring is having this Fans Appreciate Week. Next major news is his moving to Charlotte, etc:-) LOLOL You can see how I work myself from getting too crazy about a more than 5 months of not being able to watch JLin games:-)

  198. Agreed.

  199. I cant believe jlin didnt start and that beverly did… unbelievable… blatant wrong… hope jlin writes a book one day…

  200. Great jump shooter with extra quick release…

  201. What?

  202. If anyone’s interested, Tyson Chandler has a home in Hidden Hills, California. It’s to the west of LA, about 25 miles from Santa Monica, where Lin is.

    For a brief description of the home see :

  203. Btw… off topic but i visited the mlk museum in atlanta… i highly recommend it… itll blow u away… respect…

  204. Caption: whoa… where am i?

  205. OMG. Dweeby cute to the max!

  206. You have a lot of company with that, sista!

  207. He is also grew up in SoCal and went to high school in Compton.

  208. for the other two playoff games went to over time, Lin got half of the whole team points during OT, this is the only game Lin played only 1 sec of the overtime.

    Lin’s mistake results in a tie game, and Houston lost it without Lin, still Rocket fans would turn on Lin, and totally forgot about Harden in general was a none factor for most of the games.

    I did not realize how much hate those Rockets fans had till now, they would still hate on Lin even two years away from it, such a sick franchise.

  209. we all salute you for handing the gold & purple bouquet :]
    too bad the Tank of Jealousy ruined last season but persevere JLin must continue to do ..
    the last chapter is not written yet!

  210. alles gutes, Lilly. I can’t wait until the season starts, it’s always so hopeful and this year looks to be something chosen instead of ‘make the best’. Keep up the adventures ! Hug JLin for me next time, ha ha. Tell him it’s from an oldies learning from him 🙂

  211. Lin is in LA now.

  212. yep….ridiculous…

  213. Last year the Media Day schedule was :
    September 26 – 2014 NBA Team Media Days for teams competing in preseason games outside North America
    September 29 – the rest of 2014 NBA Team Media Days

    The Pelicans have announced that their 2015 Media Day is Monday, September 28 in New Orleans. They’re not playing preseason games outside of North America so that should be the Media Day date for most NBA teams.

    Since the Hornets are playing in China, my guess would be their Media Day would be September 25, 2015.

    See :
    See :

  214. Beverley was never a factor of the series and made crucial turnovers.
    Parson Chandler shot air ball.
    Harden made crucial turnovers and his ISO play at the end of game missed a lot.
    Why didn’t they mention it?
    Jeremy got a wide open layup that could seal the game and I never consider this a mistake. He should take a chance.
    Anyway Jeremy is not the losing cause that Rockets suggested.
    HOw many times Jeremy saved Harden in the games from making crucial turnovers?

  215. Lin often played great defense against players much taller than him.

  216. JLin knows Tyson is a good practice partner for finishes around the rim.

  217. Charlotte Hornets is ranked 11th in Eastern Conference with 25% chance of making it to playoff by bleacherreport

  218. speaking of good riddance, here’s a song for JLin and his fans:

  219. Good, I’m glad the general sports media is having low expectation for the Hornets. All the better when they surprise everyone this year!

  220. JLin Chinese FB Q&A
    问:Shinyi Jeng: 很好奇想知道你决定要改变你发型的动力和原因是什麼? 还是你就是突然想要变发型, 没有特别的理由…? Having any reason you want to change your hairstyle or just do it randomly by your mood…?
    答:Jeremy Lin 林书豪 我喜欢很丑!哈哈。给我 8 个月。

    问: Eileen Huang Jeremy: 有看过《SlamDunk》吗? 喜欢里面哪个角色? 有人说过你的外型和球技像仙道吗? 你 Charlotte Hornets 的球衣和凌南队仙道(Sendoh Akira)的球衣很像~~好好玩~~lol
    A: Jeremy Lin 林书豪 没有看过。可是他看起来很 cool!

    Q:高菱讌 你的弟弟之后要来台湾打球 你会很想念他吗 你跟你的家人会来看他的比赛吗?
    A: Jeremy Lin 林书豪 如果我可以我会 但是球季中很难

    Q:Vianna Liu 你跟Josh Fan谁的台湾粉丝比较多?
    A:Jeremy Lin 林书豪 当然是他

    Q:张家甄 请问一下你妈对你新发型的看法
    A:Jeremy Lin 林书豪 他会慢慢喜欢的

    Q:Cherrie YU :你最喜欢的sushi 口味是什麼? salmon or tuna or shrimp ?
    A:Jeremy Lin :林书豪 Salmon

    Q:翁靖涵 :书豪如果有三个超能力 只能使用一天 你最想拥有哪个??飞行 隐形 读心
    A:Jeremy Lin 林书豪 :当然是飞行 因为会帮助我的篮球表现

    Q-Vianna Liu :你跟王力宏还有林俊杰,三个人谁唱歌比较好听?
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪: 我第一名 他们两个平分最后一名

    Q-Cherrie YU: 你最多可以一次吃完多少盎司(oz)的牛排?
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪: 如果我很饿可以吃50oz

    Q-陈婕安: 如果一定要选的话,你比较喜欢妈妈煮的哪一种汤?
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪 :没有汤的那一种

    Q-薛名娟: 在比赛时怎样才不会紧张 ( 我是体育选手)
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪: 帮助我的是相信上帝也相信我自己的努力

    Q-哈妮彤彤: 可以跟著跳流行的妖怪手表舞吗?喜欢看你活泼的样子
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪:喔!我最喜欢那只恐龙

    Q-洪韵雯: 可以在唱一次rap吗?
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪 :礼拜四就该你了!

    Q-许佾玄: 豪哥什麼时后上场
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪:10/11 & 10/14 在中国上场

    Q-Vivian Hsu :要升国二的儿子整天就是打篮球打篮球打篮球打篮球整个暑假也不愿跟他老母出去玩了该如何处理才好
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪: 那你可以跟他一起打篮球

    Q-夏绮拉 :林妈妈不喜欢你戴耳环…为何最近又可以戴了??说服林妈妈了吗??
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪: 没关系,他不喜欢很多我做的事情! 哈哈

    Q-翁靖涵: 哈罗!书豪!如果你隔天有一场重要比赛 但是睡一觉起来 发现自己跟爸爸灵魂交换了 你要怎麼办?????
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪 :至少我知道我的勾射很厉害

    Q-Wang Yuan Wei :你有跟林俊杰 JJ Lin玩过DOTA嘛?
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪 :有玩过, 他打的很好可是因为时差很难一起打

    Q-Summer Jong: 老实说,真实生活中林妈妈跟你新影片DOTA2的NAGA相似度有多少?那时候是你练中文的好机会吗?
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪:我觉得她更像Pudge 因为看到她就要跑

    Q-Yahoo运动: 书豪你好,林书纬加盟SBL富邦勇士,请问你会想到SBL现场看弟弟比赛吗?
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪: 我会在网路上看

    Q-杨政澔: 我阿嬷很喜欢你,但他因为昨天下大雨而不慎滑倒而骨折,他现在行动都很麻烦,我希望你能给他加油打气让他看到能早点好起来,拜托了!
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪: 阿嬷加油!!!

    Q-徐常达 :how tall were you when you first dunked
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪 6’0″

    Q-刘淑贞: Candy crush你打到几关了,呜…,卡865卡好久还没过
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪: Wow…我打到~350

    Q-林邱小青: 除了蓝色 你还会考虑戴什麼颜色的耳环?
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪: 看起来很像我!我也喜欢黑色跟红色

    Q-蔡宗翰 :可口可乐还是百事?!
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪 :水

    Q-高铃渊 你都只回我姐姐我觉得好难过
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪: 对不起你好

    Q-林三源 :如果你一直投面包球,你的对策如何?
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪: 继续投而且相信下一球就会进

    Q-陈姵瑄: 书豪哥哥为什麼长得这麼帅?
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪: 问我妈妈

    Q-夏绮拉 :如果在比赛打球打到一半想上WC怎麼办??例如肚子痛…可以喊暂停吗??
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪: 赶快叫timeout!

    Q-Eileen Huang: In-N-Out or sushi?
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪 :今天晚上跟 我爸爸吃sushi!可是in n out太好吃。只是不健康。

    Q- 林庭妤 你会跟Ryan Higa一起唱rap吗? btw Bromance 蛮好听也蛮好笑的哈哈
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪 好主意!

    Q-邱芷婷 :你为什麼热的时候喜欢穿外套,冷的时候喜欢穿短袖????
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪 :头脑有问题!

    Q-黄 琦胜 :你会说台语吗?
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪 :不会。现在只是学中文。已经很难了哈哈

    Q-邱维昭: 林书豪为什麼这麼帅
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪: 还觉得很帅吗?哈哈

    Q-Lucy Chuang: 喜欢吃pizza 吗???
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪 :非常喜欢吃。有时候会吃两个 pizza。

    Q-EKha Chunnie :你为什麼从来没有回答过我的问题呢
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪: 回答了!

    Q-Bonnie Chen :对主有失去信心的软弱吗?怎麼等待上帝回应?看那几章节来忍耐等待呢?
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪 :Romans 8:28, Joshua 1:9

  221. JLin Weibo Q & A
    回复@-天线高高b:我在10月份会去深圳和上海参加中国赛。 //@-天线高高b:你什么时候来中国~

    回复@四夕金同:一定相信,我觉得我们的队一定可以。 //@四夕金同:书豪,黄蜂新赛季能挺进季后赛吗?

    回复@三井洁: 我最喜欢钢铁侠! //@三井洁:你最喜欢哪个超级英雄?最想拥有哪个超级英雄的超能力?

    回复@比奇_西克曼:你找下里面得分最高的就可以找到我了,哈哈。 //@比奇_西克曼:dota2ID能否私信给我@JeremyLin林书豪

    回复@Cowboy_wu_: 我和Kemba一定会发挥好 //@Cowboy_wu_:你认为在黄蜂队里面你与哪名后卫最有竞争力

    回复@I_use_nine_years__exchange_you: 有的时候我会,感觉很安静 //@I_use_nine_years__exchange_you:会自己去电影院看电影么?

    回复@Mr___Bull:还有机会,加油。 //@Mr___Bull:20岁的孩子怎么再长高点

    回复@LoVe_CrSe7eN: 我已经玩11年了 //@LoVe_CrSe7eN:现在玩dota2的时间多吗?

    回复@2lovoy: 我会选择热代的地方,最好是在海滩上 //@2lovoy:梦中的婚礼会在哪里?

    回复@sigridrrr:周四的时候就该你们发rap了。 //@sigridrrr:什么时候再出rap视频?

    回复@Someone_fuck_You: 没有,我还是拍自己的视频 //@Someone_fuck_You:豪哥,有进军好莱坞的想法吗?

    回复@我的心先认识了你: 我一直很想去 //@我的心先认识了你:你想过有一天会去圣经中神走过的地方去看看吗?

    回复@boice佳俪:我还不知道,但一定会很棒。祝你生日快乐。 //@boice佳俪:今年的生日准备怎么过呢?我的生日是8月22号哦 可不可以送个生日祝福给我

    回复@我小时候一定很乖:是我自己,哈哈。 //@我小时候一定很乖:哥我就想问一句:‘咱能换个发型么?最近这个一点都不好看,理发师是谁,我收拾他去’

    回复@上官玉玉玉玉玉: 不能告诉你因为告诉你了就不会成真哈哈 //@上官玉玉玉玉玉:书豪,书豪,你生日会许什么愿望呢不用告诉我也没事

    回复@坞哩:美食总动员的Remy. //@坞哩:如果可以变成一个卡通人物你会选择变成哪一个?为什么???

    回复@bella-钢牙妹:今天没吃早餐,后来吃了寿司。 //@bella-钢牙妹:你一天三餐都吃什么

    回复@-Elean0r-:太容易了,我是去哈弗的! 哈哈 //@-Elean0r-:你的中文水平可以达到念吃葡萄不吐葡萄皮 不吃葡萄到吐葡萄皮吗

    回复@周明艳Y:不,我不喜欢恐怖片。 //@周明艳Y:喜欢看恐怖片吗?听说恐怖片可以减肥@JeremyLin林书豪

    回复@李志新同学:相信神对你的爱你会知道你自己的价值 //@李志新同学:豪哥,看了你的开讲啦觉得你是一个了不起的人,我想知道豪哥怎么样保持自信呢,我是一个不自信的人,希望豪哥可以帮我找回自信。

    回复@嘿是你的益达07791:最近喜欢see you again。 //@嘿是你的益达07791:你最喜欢什么歌?

    回复@林是南方姑娘:等他明年的发型,我再评论。 //@林是南方姑娘:你觉得josh帅吗?

    回复@蜡烛忍者: 好久没弹,明年要再上课 //@蜡烛忍者:还在弹钢琴吗!?your know 《Apologize》?

  222. Is that a recent picture with Lin and Chandler?….If it’s recent, I find it interesting that they still are very good friend and works out together

  223. ??

  224. Check his hair, must be within a month or two

  225. It is turning into an unbearably long wait.

    Lin has often been strong to start the season. Year 1 in Houston he was good but recovering from injury and affected by the Harden trade. Year 2 he was brilliant (and it lasted till he realised that the team lied about being given a fair chance to earn his starting spot).

    In LA he did well despite getting no reps with the starters during camp and then being thrust into the starting lineup.

    This year? With a real coach I look forward to some magic.

  226. There was a news piece on 60 minutes or one of those type shows that talked about the trend towards fewer and fewer white basketball players. At this point, less than 20%. Jersey West was questioned about this trend and he himself as a GM would draft for “athleticism” over skill. Now you know why Lin doesn’t get a chance in the league. Even though Lin tested very close, in the top 3 next to John Wall in speed and quickness, he is constantly judged by a racial bias.

  227. Got it… thanks!

  228. Hahaha both Chinese & Taiwanese fans (me included) complained about his hair style…..

    Lin said he needs 8 more months for the final touch…….many of us have to tolerate until the all star break at least ….

  229. I hope it will be something like Beckham after

  230. I hope his hair will be something like Beckham’s after the long 8 months.


    “Typhoons #Goni & #Atsani are like two creepy eyes, staring us down from the western Pacific.”

  232. yes. the original (and most famous) “undercut”. hair style.

    i had a link once on here to 25 “sexy” undercuts styles. but dont know if i can find it again. (and i never know how to actually get images to show up here–but i do sometimes now achieve links).

  233. ive seen 4 complete projections: mine based on actually going thru the sked of each team and asking: can they win this game?

    s.i. based on “win shares”

    bleacher report (one guy i think alec nathan opinion)

    and the latest: espn (allegedly the composite voice of “200 experts” with the most successful record of correct predictions in the past.)

    not actually a lot of variance in the ultimate playoff choices among these widely varied methodologies, which i’ve attempted to briefly summarize previously prior to apperance of espn;

    will attempt at some point to incoporate and list all data from all individually and a composite. but mite be awhile.

    pre season predictions tho must be seen as just for entertainment purposes only as the wide variety of swings in actual personnell from now till end of season via injury, trade, promotion, failure, firings, unexpectd achievement, make any valid “predictions” impossible.

  234. Yeah I did check on your link, more than a week ago. I think you can check your posting history in disqus, don’t know if you are using other logins

  235. you have any info on a pre season game at dt on the 21st? i can’t find it anywhere else but ticketmaster is advertising it on their pre season tickets list.

  236. i do remember that…lemme see if I could find it

  237. 8 months?!!! thats gonna be longer than Beckham!

  238. The low expectations for Charlotte is because most “expurts” feel that adding Lin is going to hurt the Hornets.

    They write that because he had “terrible” seasons in Houston and LA, Lin is somehow going to drag the Hornets down with his double figure scoring average off the bench and RAPM leader of last year’s Lakers.

  239. lolz…he is in a point where…no one can catch up! 11050!!!crazy troll

  240. I guess he tried to say he will keep this hair style for the next season.

  241. Other than Lin’s MVP level performances in the two Rockets wins where Lin essentially beat the Blazers all by himself, the best part about Lin in that series was being openly photographed hanging out at the Adidas HQ with Damien Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge.

    I loved the public show of MUTINY that Lin did to spite the Rockets for mistreating him!

  242. But when we onitored last season, there were more than average games, where he did well back to back…dismissing the myth

  243. thats the perception that Lin need to come out off…trust he is all prepared…hence choosing Hornets

  244. Those were the same fools that predicted that Lin’s Rockets would win less than 30 games because “Lin was so bad”.

    Whenever it comes to Lin in the media, DOOM AND GLOOM are predicted for his team no matter how much Lin’s team wins when he’s on the court.

  245. Last year’s excessively hard training camp was designed
    to specifically knock out Lin physically so that Kobe Bryant could “defeat” Lin in practices and games.

    Not only did that not work for the Lakers, it also will have the unintended positive consequence of gearing Lin up for a MONSTER training camp this year.

    After Scott’s injurious practices that knocked everybody out except for Lin, Steve Clifford’s training camp will be a relaxing stroll for Lin who’s been feverishly grinding himself all offseason.

  246. The perception will never change – but nor will Lin’s proven ability to WIN no matter what team he’s play for or against!

    The “expurts” really don’t give a hoot about how great Li. plays. Through his entire career, he’ll be branded a loser by the American media that HATES ASIANS.

  247. that hard practice for all players and not Lin specific

  248. I KNOW it was Lin specific.

    Byron Scott felt that he could knock out the “soft” Lin while other “tougher” players would play Lin’s role and minutes.

    What Scott did not realize is that his entire backcourt would be completely knocked out with only the best conditioned guard in the NBA in Lin left standing. That enraged Scott because the one guy Scott wanted to knock out is the one that survived everything with EASE!

    Why do I believe this? Because I firmly believe that Byron Scott will go MUCH EASIER on his training camp this year now that the Asian guy is not there. WATCH!

  249. Some of the ID names are really creative。^_^

  250. Its very subjective…… 🙂 maybe , maybe not

  251. Q-邱芷婷 :你为什麼热的时候喜欢穿外套,冷的时候喜欢穿短袖????
    A-Jeremy Lin 林书豪 :头脑有问题!

    “Why do you like to wear a jacket when it’s hot? And short sleeves when it’s cold??? Any reasons?

    “Brain got problems”

    Lollllllll. Very honest.

  252. Yeah, BS training camp injured Ryan Kelly, Xavier Henry, and ended Nash’s career. Way to tank Byron.

  253. Expurts only see the addition of Baum and Kaminsky. Everyone else is supposed to be a “nonfactor”.

  254. Also, the reality is the biggest factor is Josh’s height. What is he, 5’10”? You have to have world class athleticism to make it in pro basketball at that height.

  255. I remember Kobe was allowed to sit out practices after a while. That was when it became clear that something very wrong and very unfair was happening.

  256. What are the 4 projections? (Just the final numbers, not the detailed data).

  257. ok, I will watch.

  258. bs plays favorites

  259. totally true

    It’s just that I’ve been in so many of those types of situations before, and I always found out afterwards that my hunches abouy people wanting to knock me out were right.

  260. hahahaha look at frankysteins head/face.
    good thing wasn’t lina. else he will call him out at post game..”saying something like I should’ve gotten someone else in besides lin.” blah. cr-phole.

  261. Byron Scott had better tone down his training camp regardless of Lin.

    He knocked out so many players last year.

  262. I think Nash sat out a lot too.

  263. He also killed Kobe with the extended minutes during games.

  264. So True.
    But I’d like to give them (the so-called experts) one more season to prove us wrong. Same thing goes to LA commentators – “Lin is not bad backing up Kemba..” – yeah, he’s being marginalized alright. Let’s Bring It, Hornets – Prove everybody wrong about you. I want Lin to have couple of 40+ pts games and help grab the Top 4 seed.

  265. Good song!

  266. BS training camp also ended Julius Randle’s season and caused Nick Young to miss most of the season with the knee problem.

    Ronnie Price and Wayne Ellington got injured too.

  267. I don’t know if this has already been posted, but Charlotte ranked at 10. I think Playoffs is realistic!

  268. Charlotte needs to be top 8 in order to make the playoffs, but I think this is possible because many teams in the East only look good on paper, like Indiana, Detroit, Miami, Boston, etc.

  269. Ahhhh…No!

  270. bleacher report is here (post im responding to). above. espn is posted at the top of the page.

    ill link s.i. “win shares” at top in response to espn post when i get a chance.

    (mine is nfpd)


    s.i. predictions based on “win shares”.

    bleacher report predictions by alec nathan already posted below. the 3 predictions online ive seen.

  272. Lin seems to have haircut?!

  273. Don’t think so. Guess this is an old pic when JLin first moved into this new LA apartment.

  274. ooo, 7 is a lot better and more what I expect.

  275. I have no idea where Charlotte will end up.

    If the starters play tons of minutes and Lin’s bench guys hardly play, then they’ll miss the playoffs for sure.

    If the bench is allowed to play and does what the bench has done for other NBA teams, then the only question is how high a playoff seed will they get.

  276. I sure hope Lin gets lots of playing time.

  277. What? But if so then why he needs to show this old picture now?

  278. I want one too… does it come with a Jeremy Lin?

  279. JLin just wants to share the furniture that he loves so much:-) Wish I have one as well:-)

  280. Jeremy Lin 林書豪 THANKS EVERYBODY!! This was fun, and I got to interact with way more of you guys than during normal Q&A’s! Thanks for being the best fans in the world! And just in case you were wondering, my personal answers to a few of my questions: Super Smash/NBA Hangtime/Mario Party (N64), shrimp pesto (pizza), Antman/Guardians of the Galaxy/Big Hero 6 (movie) and you guys will either love or hate my new hairstyle…theres no in between lol. Good night!

  281. Not easy to follow the reverse Q&A:-( JLin’s answers to fan’s answer. However, glad that many fans joined in.

  282. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…. Excuse me, fangirling.. 🙂

  283. BTW, whos this guy? 🙂

  284. Whatever the intent, consciously or unconsciously, the effect was pretty much what happened. My only question is, does BS have enough smarts to craft such a devious plan? Imo, BS’s brain is more cow pie than real grey matter, so no, it was by accident.

  285. It was taken recently during his interview with qq sports.

  286. you sure you could feed him? He eat a lot though……..

  287. We were talking about the first pic (from JLin IG), not the later QQ one.

  288. What?!……u must Be confused me with @michael…

  289. Probably still ok in Taiwan.

  290. u can add charlotte @ orlando oct. 3 to the sked board. confirmed. (orlando released its pre season sked 18th)

    still dont know about alleged @ det. listed on ticketmaster (but not yet selling tickets) and not listed anywhere else (for the 21st).

  291. this transitional “bushroot” hairstyle is pretty hard to take. maybe stick with the naruto headband for awhile in publicly accessible photos.

    im personally hoping for the t.o.p. look i posted below.

  292. Thanks for the info!

  293. Pompadour

  294. Who’s the chickie? She’s cute.

  295. Charlotte Hornets – Jeremy Lin Hopefully Playing For a Head Coach That Wants Him – by Greg

    It’s almost common knowledge that this season, his first with the Charlotte Hornets, is the biggest and most important one to date for Jeremy Lin since his NBA career began. But wait, weren’t the last three seasons also started on the same note?

    Lin is beginning the next chapter of his career on a slightly weird note. It’s been more than three years since he erupted onto the scene with the New York Knicks and the “Linsanity” phase, which Lin has a weird relationship with. Like a band trying to avoid being defined by their biggest hit, like Radiohead with Creep for a lot of years .

    When he signed with the Houston Rockets, it was supposed to be his opportunity. A team that builds around him, something that wasn’t going to happen next to Carmelo Anthony and in the domain of James Dolan. But then James Harden was signed, and Kevin McHale never really wanted Lin to be his point guard.

    The Los Angeles Lakers trade seemed like an opportunity, but it really wasn’t. Not under Byron Scott, not under Kobe Bryant. Lin had his moments, but overall, he was suffocated and demoted while the team allowed itself to be carried by an incompetent coach and an ego-filled former NBA great, until the tanking began. The thing is Scott actually thinks he helped Lin become a better player.

    It’s not that Lin didn’t have great games in the three years since leaving the Knicks; he has. But Linsanity still stands out because things have been inconsistent for him, especially in the way he’s been treated by his head coaches and used by the team. Lin hasn’t been perfect through the years, but the inability to upgrade his status in this league to an undisputed starting point guard has mostly to do with the circumstances, not his ability and performances.

    Steve Clifford is the next coach to tackle the Lin phenomenon. He actually seems excited about having him. A player who can bring a lot of things the Hornets offense was missing last season (and also when they actually made the playoffs in 2014). More passing, more shooting, and creativity that has been sorely lacking. But things said in July don’t always turn out to be true in October.

    Lin is confident about this season. Besides being the smart business decision, it’s a two-year deal he signed for a bargain $4.7 million overall, but he does have a player option, allowing him to opt out and cash in on the salary camp getting that much talked about 30% rise. This time he might finally be playing for a head coach that won’t try to get in his way. As every phase of his career has shown, Lin playing well and relatively free is quite often the best thing for the team he is on.

  296. Nice post but Who is “Greg”?

  297. lotsa good food in Taiwan…mama Lin’s tummy is visibly rounder… 🙂

  298. “Greg” from Sportige is a diehard Lin fan who has followed Lin for many years.

  299. It’s BERT from Ernie and Bert!

  300. I think that’s the grandma.

  301. Hahahahahahaha

  302. Challenge accepted. Lol.

  303. good one!

  304. Just teach him to fish for himself.

  305. shhhhhh…..

  306. Unflattering angle…

  307. Yeah, that girl next to mama Lin is cute but if the “other” JLin wants to improve his bball skills, he’ll need some “chocolate” love like John Cho here:

  308. Somebody in a past post thought his current car is an Audi R8. Anyone know if this is so? I’d be a bit surprised…seems like a high-end sporty friends-n-family-accommodating sedan would be more likely, but…his current fave song is from Fast and Furious…so…

  309. LOL…he has never shied away from unflattering though. I think he cracks himself up 🙂 The awkward angle, goofy expression, questionable clothing…it’s all adorable in fresh and pretty youth. Wait till he’s my age. Not the same effect 😀

  310. since half the stuff on here now seems 2 b coming from librafree; what does anyone know of librafree?

    like we basically know a lot of other sources past: penny lee, nathan g, etc. but who is librafree? (and what are they doing with jlin)?

  311. sportige is a on line sports site like (your term) “that rag” bleacher report but not has wide a circulation or # writers.

    more like, closer to si’s “fansided”.

    “greg” is the primary (but there are other) writer for that site on nba and has been (along with chris bladwin) one of the actual (as opposed to wanna be or has been) national writers who has generally broken from a widely held negative narrative regarding lin.

    writers on the side are identified only by first name. hence “greg”.

    sportige bills itself as “the sports know it all” and covers all sports: current headlines include: “draymond green spills on who he can’t stand in the nba”,
    “brock lesnar says ronda rousey is a man amongst women” and “worst chelsea losses under jose mourinho”.

  312. My understanding is JLin’s cousin.

  313. Lovin’ mom in the Buzz City T

  314. LOL Like the reply from Landry Fields:-)

  315. Finally saw Lin & LF… Haha! Smart triangle. Hope these two can also get a team asap.

  316. JLin, Landry and Jerome used the same pic but different heading. This is JLin’s.
    @JLin7(IG): Homies reunited ‍‍Landry Fields, Jerome Jordan #biggerthanbasketball #smarttriangle

  317. LOL Look at the exchange between JLin, Landry and Jerome:-)

  318. Jason Lee, who apparently took this photo, is the founder of the Jubilee Project and a filmmaker. He interviewed Jeremy at the Conference last weekend. Hope they collaborate on something again.

  319. Thanks, Sportage is one of the sites I would actually give it some reads.

  320. thanks! I added Sept 25 tentatively as Hornets Media Day

  321. Thanks, good to know. Rare to find writers like that.

  322. I like a lot of Jubilee inspiring video with good message
    some can be quite sad though

  323. thanks, added already. Plus Sept 25 tentative Media Day that @arsenium12:disqus provided

  324. What the fff…

  325. Maybe he has 10 cars and he switches daily….jk

  326. Mushroom hair is back!!! LOL. Hair gel is your friend, Jeremy 😛

  327. I have to say with jealousy, and i rarely say, they look perfect together. She seems like the kind of girl he’s looking for. He should definetly try to asking her out.

  328. where is this? UCLA?

  329. Are u trying to start a cat fight amongst fans here, lol?

  330. Meow? 😛

  331. You gonna have to do better than that!

  332. somehow the word on the floor looks like CLIPPRS to me. And this place does looks like CLIPPRs practice facility. if it is true, that’s pretty interesting, how he get in there, LOL.

  333. shave that hair already

  334. I forgot about Jerome Jordan, Lin’s partner in the famous Erie Bayhawks game. Of course, we all know Lin scored 28 pts, 12 ast, 11 reb for his triple double. But Jerome also had 26 pts, 8 rebs.

  335. Lin sure likes the European cars. I think he’s had Volvo, BMW, Audi now.

  336. my guess is Librafree is a Lin superfan who retweets things that are related to Lin (twitter or instagram that are tagged)

  337. She looks pretty tall, unless she has heels on?

  338. But there is no LAC logo on the ground tho

  339. For non-chinese speakers! 🙂

  340. LOL Let’s see whether I can do this right:-) Hopefully I’ve got the time right for Charlotte local time:-)
    3 Oct vs Magic @7pm Orlando
    4 Oct vs Heats @6pm Miami
    10 Oct vs Clippers @1:30am China ShenZhen
    13 Oct vs Clippers @7:30am China Shanghai
    18 Oct vs Bulls @7pm Charlotte

  341. can’t say that new clipper logo is an improvement

  342. good someone got the oct 3 game up.

  343. mushroom, bushroot, various models have been suggested. just in the growing stage. maybe a compromise with hair paste.

  344. it already is shaved; as has been pointed out here multiple times the sides are shaved the top grows to oh i dont know something like this:
    its the “undercut” look initially made famous by david beckham and now de jour for any hip (i wont add the stir) fellow in sports and or the general world of high fashion.

    couldn’t get image to transfer direct this time. i did somewhere down the page.

  345. not entirely sure what each of you are trying to do here but in this post of yers if yer trying for local times/dates the bulls game is the 19th (charlotte time) not the 18th. his schedule is correct.

    still weird that some ticket outlets are posting a hornets game with det. in det on the 21st but haven’t seen it offcially anywhere else.

  346. a. it possible couldn’t see it from where he’s standing
    b. could have already been removed to be replaced by the exciting new clips logo. not much loved but visible above in posted updated hornets (so far revealed by other teams not by hornets) pre-season sked.

  347. Back to back in preseason game??

  348. Charlotte fans love weekend games

  349. on the other hand: (for the regular season schedule)

    “We have the fewest number of back to backs where the second game is on the road on our schedule of any other team. There are teams with twice as many back to back road games.”

    (this courtesy of poster on charlotte realgm site).

  350. Just realized Lin did a FB Q&A yesterday.

    After checking his answer on hair style, I fainted…….

  351. medic!

  352. that would be home games tho, these are road games. the story is that jordan/fo pushed historically for weekend games because charlotte fans only come out for weekend games hence the historic large number of back to backs.

  353. Okok I’ll take it

  354. Here is a very recent picture of the Clippers’ practice facility. From the lighting, ceiling trusses, the diagonal bracing on the walls and the two pennants hanging from the ceiling, it looks like Lin is practicing there.

  355. Is LibraFree Jeremy Lin tweeter account or simply a supporter tweeter account?

  356. cornrows mohawk would be quite a statement lol

  357. epic

  358. meow meow *.*

  359. to be fair, Orlando is pretty close to Miami, so might not be that hard.

  360. lol… shave the top
    the palm tree look just doesn’t work

  361. That’s the new LAC logo, which looks nothing like the Lakers logo. They will be wearing it on their jerseys next season.

  362. I think it’s supposed to be *hisss* LOL

  363. Arsenium sure knows a lot!

  364. Yeah, how did Lin get access to Clippers facility? Does he have connections to any Clippers players/org?

  365. supporter/fan

  366. Yes, but sculpting gel is very integral to this look.

  367. JR Smith opted out of a $6.4M contract with the Cavs… only to re-sign with the Cavs for $5M. LOL

  368. who’s the little short guy on the left? LOL

  369. How about undercut + cornrows + man bun?

  370. That’s the only reason why I posted this JLin unrelated pic:-) If I stand besides Yao Ming, it’s literally like a child:-) How tall is Yao???

  371. 7’6″

  372. Now that’s a team player. Thought his salary was ridiculous so he opt out and take less money. What a great guy. /s

  373. 7′ 6″.

    Taller than I remembered. Thought was 7′ 4″. Must be the shoes.

  374. actually numerous cap specialist types suggest it was actually a good deal for smith, or at least not as bad a deal as it looks, i dont understand the complex machinizations of nba cba contract zig zags but the bottom line was: it was thought had he opted in he would have been traded.

    this way he gets another shot at a ring and can go for the other gold (the $ gold) when the fabulous cap great leap forward comes next year.

  375. both the article that this photo is taken from and wikipedia list him at 7 6.

  376. photo please?

  377. “According to the Houston Rockets strength and conditioning
    coach, Anthony Falsone, he is still growing. Falsone says Yao was 7′ 5″
    tall without shoes on (7′ 6 1/2″ with shoes) in October of 2002, but
    that by September of 2004, he had grown to 7′ 5 3/4″ in height barefoot,
    and to 7′ 7 1/4″ in height with shoes on.”

  378. I thought I just made that up, but turns out it exists. 0.0 The internet is a frightening place.

  379. It looks like a good match to me…..could help him win a championship….

  380. Wow we should Photoshop JLin’s face to this hair ?? & send it to him

  381. WOW! That means it’s more than 2 feet taller than me. I’m barely 5′ 3″ in my prime and is even getting shorter now because of aging process:-)

  382. well,there is no Lakers version of US dollar and Hornets version of US $

  383. he opt out so team have room to move and could save the team some luxury tax, and he got two years deal so he had total bigger contract now, and since he renewed with one year player option, that would consider a one year contract so he could not be traded during this year by CBA, so overall, that’s not a bad move.

  384. LOL. I’ve never been in a cat fight… I’ll take note.

  385. Actually, Smith has a player option next year too.

    Good deal for Smith, albeit nervewracking for him.

    He still made out much better than Lin did despite having less game than Lin.

  386. It’s all about the point differential.

    If the Hornets can play even better defense while scoring more, they’ll close the negative differential they had last season between offense and defense.

    On a player to player level, Lin always makes sure that if he has a bad scoring night usually due to injury, then he’ll drag his opponent down with him.

  387. Smith opted out simply because he thought he’d be hot stuff in free agency.

    To no one’s surprise but his own, nobody wanted him.

    JR Smith talked big about teams “being interested” in him, but no one but the Cavs would offer him a formal contract.

    It’s unlikely that anybody truly wanted to trade for JR Smith. The rumor mill was quiet.

    Hoopshype reported JR Smith a month ago as being a “cautionary tale of what happens when a player declines his player option without a deal already in place”.

  388. Not as crazy as Lance Stephenson who signed a two year $19 million contract with the Hornets while turning down 4 years $44 million from the Pacers!

  389. All team store websites connect to the main NBA online store. It would be like buying merchandise from the NBA website. Maybe the NBA marketing knew there would be Lin fans in LA.

  390. Does anybody else here think the Hornets ranked so high in defense last season because they played a slower paced offense than other teams. Thus there are less points scored, and most importantly, fewer points scored in transition.

  391. Baby Lin got 10p 3a 4s coming off the bench….in a practice game vs another SBL team. Not bad I guess

  392. 4s, not bad

  393. Not sure about the tov and mins tho…

  394. 4s? Wow! Can’t wait to see his game.

  395. Opponent Home(B2B) Away(B2B)
    Atlanta Hawks 2 2
    Boston Celtics 2(1) 1(1)
    Brooklyn Nets 2(1) 2(1)
    Chicago Bulls 2 2
    Cleveland Cavaliers 2 2
    Dallas Mavericks 1 1
    Denver Nuggets 1 1(1)
    Detroit Pistons 2 1
    Golden State Warriors 1 1
    Houston Rockets 1(1) 1
    Indiana Pacers 1 2
    Los Angeles Clippers 1 1
    Los Angeles Lakers 1 1
    Memphis Grizzlies 1 1
    Miami Heat 2 2(1)
    Milwaukee Bucks 2 2(1)
    Minnesota Timberwolves 1 1
    New Orleans Pelicans 1 1
    New York Knicks 2(1) 2(1)
    Oklahoma City Thunders 1(1) 1
    Orlando Magic 2 2
    Philadelphia Sixers 2 2(1)
    Phoenix Suns 1 1
    Portland Trail Blazers 1 1
    Sacramento Kings 1 1
    San Antonio Spurs 1 1
    Toronto Raptors 1(1) 2
    Utah Jazz 1 1
    Washington Wizards 2(1) 2

  396. sup Lin? Friday’s past and you still haven’t announced the winners yet.

  397. HC of the FuBon Braves said he thinks Baby Lin has low tov rate and a steady jump shot…….

  398. I don’t get it, why LOL?

  399. Will anyone of you able to drink JLin??? LOLOL

  400. Taken from a watch shop in Singapore. I like this bluish watch colour more than the yellow one. Not sure

  401. I guess the comment is opposite to his elder brother’s reputation in NBA? LOL

  402. even fellow mods can’t comprehend/the enigma that is brent yen

  403. Funny, isn’t it? lol

  404. dont know if it is of that much interest to this forum but interesting to me to note all the nba players playing all summer long in pre “eurobasket” “road to rio” tournaments.

    about 30 or more nba players playing already for some time in “friendly’s” prior to 2015 eurobasket including gallinari, dirk, tony parker, a lot of big names. schroeder (atl) and gallinari have been pretty dominant in their games.

    and not just europeans further western teams also will be playing soon if not already in similar pre-rio tournmanest.

    the actual eurobasket 2015 starts the 5th sept i beleive.

    the canadian team for “fiba americas” tournemmnt (sooner that eurobasket i think but w/o the prelims)–includes 9 nba players almost all of which i bet absolutely no one here (including myslef) knew were canadian.

    wiggins, bennet, olynk, sauce castillo, even robert sacre! (and more).

    so: to repeat i guess, interesting to note (to me at least) so many nba players playing almost year round with national teams. in world tournaments.

    i would think some of the older players (dirk, parker, gortat) would opt out to preserve their strength for rigourous nba season.

  405. I am not sure how they train with the natl teams. But you are right, I am surprised that some of those players did not sit out.

  406. Thanks!

  407. what?! lol

  408. The real “smart triangle,” as they put on their glasses (March, 2012). Looks like Jared Jeffries and Iman Shumpert off to the left.

  409. If there’s such a cup of coffee I can get hold of, I won’t be drinking it instead I’d just stare at it, do nothing in a lazy Sunday afternoon… *.*

  410. What will happen after the afternoon?

  411. It’s laughable for me to not know what x and o are in bball terms. Anybody cares to explain them please? Thanks in advance.

  412. sleep tight and sweet dreams at night… *.*

  413. Some kind of Sauces……:P

  414. I mean the coffee…not you…lol

  415. Mr. Brent, you’re your usual mischievous self again… =P

  416. hahaha

  417. X and o are the markers commonly used on a white board for a coach to represent offensive and defensive players. So it means a play…..either offensive or defensive.

  418. I have been hearing McHale isn’t an x&o coach which means he has no clue about drawing up plays on the whiteboard, do I get it right?

  419. Awwe, we’re only 35 days away from the 1st preseason game? That doesn’t sound very long to wait for..

  420. Yep….

  421. Thank you Mr. Brent. 🙂

  422. Of note for the Canadian team is their starting PG for their PanAm team was notified by Duke that he isn’t allowed to play in that FIBA tournament which is a qualifying tourney for the Olympics next year. He is freshman scholarship player that Duke may want to start.

    He has opted out of playing for the FIBA and maybe the Olympics for his own country to start for Duke. I wonder if an American player would ever be asked to NOT PLAY for their own country to go to a college team?

  423. Now can I have that coffee? since you are not gonna drink it anyway…:P

  424. Better an enigma than an enema I suppose. Lol

  425. Not sure…..:P

  426. I will buy you another cup as I wouldn’t let you drink my Jeremy… *.*

  427. oohh, what happened to my mathematics…50 more days to go…that sounds looong…

  428. Nice rack.

  429. Cougar Lin – hahahaha

  430. is that real or a photoshop?

  431. Nope…..This site has really up and down reviews on Lin….

  432. Unlikely to be real

  433. dont know about that but does have some really in depth raw data quite useful if one could have the time to wade thru it.

    for example: clear from just a small sampling of detailed shot charts for EVERY PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE ALPHABETICALLY!!! (stop shouting).

    that the allegedly morey inspired lay up or 3 is a deep fact in nba. only the occasional old school shooter like dirk shoots from everywhere on the court.

    for lin as for most players the 2 point shot outside of 5 feet is becoming extinct.

  434. He only use per season data…which is really really RAW…lol

  435. still one season if its the most recent season quite clearly can show a trend.

  436. probably castillo sauces.

    btw hornets beat reporter whats his name (rick bonnell) anyway got a lot of guffaws from veteran hornets fans who consider him a grade a tool when he posted recently a alleged scoop on a big deal coming between wolves and blazers then 20 minutes later reversed himself and said talks ended.

    some wag posted this great comment:

    Was his first story: “Bonnell family to acquire new free agent Rick Bonnell in single-child deal”?

    sorry to interrupt yer extended –second on this page i believe–tete a tete (or should i say rendezvous) avec “yellow”.

  437. he is a mischievous fellow isn’t he?

  438. Off topic a little but illustrates the way in which media can create and bring down people no matter how “great” they are.
    Please note that in no way am I comparing Lin to Tiger in character. What is measurable is in the stats sheets and not the off field activities or morality.
    Tiger Woods is in Charlette to play the PGA event there and the frenzy it has stirred up in fan attendance and buzz doesn’t correrelate to his current world rankings or the portrait the media keeps painting of him as a washed up has been. SASmith just last week said that Tiger should retire and that he is an embarrassment to the game or his legend.
    So why is Tiger Woods so hated as the media continues to pound at the masses? Why then does a small tournament like Wyndham championship draws national media and tickets sales goes through the roof once Woods commits to play it? Can it be that “GOLF” is a white sport that wants Tiger out of the game? It makes no sense financially that the media continues to take anything Tiger does and report it as an athletic failure and a personal failure. Tiger Woods misses the cut with a +4 at the last major, meanwhile Adam Scott also shoots +7 and current British Open champion Zack Johnson also misses the cut and they get no put downs by the media.
    Tiger is a larger than life example of media bias building up and tearing down a human being for their own benefit. Lin fans better be warned now that no matter what Lin accomplishes this year or in the future, the media will forever be reporting a negative slant on his achievements in one way or the other.

  439. not sure how good would that be, but it does not matter now I guess. Looking forward to his numbers in 2015-16

  440. sometimes it seems half the stuff on here comes from penny lee and librafree. looks like librafree (and i gues who joy jeng, something like that) are the primary new lin on line watchers these days. challenging the legendary veteran lin watcher penny lee.

    of course it takes “our own” bluebell and jlinfanfromaustrilia (i forgot her name starts with t) to bring it all back home here.

  441. I guess you do have a way of clearing the poop deck on this site of unwanted BS. So maybe……lol

  442. Probably real. They have expresso foam printers now. Customize any image.

  443. throwback

  444. Jeremy Lin: Don’t Sleep (2010-2011 Highlights)


  445. Thanks, that is cool! I was half expecting the printer to be real, after all, they can instant print custom images on toast, stamps, 3D glass sculptures, 3D printers, etc.

  446. Why not. All the lady fans can now have morning coffee with Lin and drink it all up!

  447. Think what they can do with a 3D coffee foam printer, lol!

  448. Up, down … it’s the juice. Thank God fir the french, brit, and 3 US heroes on a train.

  449. Melody.

  450. Eric Pincus summarizes a whole host of salary, acquisition, and CBA-related info for the Hornets.

  451. How do Sport writers present the contributions of Jeremy Lin to the Hornet? They bury it deep inside their passages.

    But offense was this group’s Achilles’ heel last season (28th in offensive efficiency). More specifically, the Hornets couldn’t hold defenses honest from the outside (31.8 three-point percentage, 30th). That could continue to be an issue, as this roster doesn’t have reliable scorers along the perimeter.

    Kemba Walker is a volume contributor, but his career 39.5 field-goal percentage shows the dangers of placing him in a primary role. Batum has always been a complementary piece (career 11.2 points per game), and that same role seems to fit best with Lin’s skill set. Lamb brings more potential than production, and sophomore P.J. Hairston had a rough rookie year (32.3 percent shooting).

    Did you see that “that same role seems to fit best with Lin’s skill set?” from above? Hardly noticeable!

  452. Could you believe that Kevin Ding ranks Hornets at 23rd behind Knicks at 22nd and Lakers at 20th.
    Kevin Ding is out of his mind and he avoids mentioning of Jeremy Lin at his best.

  453. Now wait.

    There’s no guarantee Lin will play proper minutes.

    If he doesn’t, then a last place ranking is very possible for Charlotte.

  454. When offensive and defensive halfcourt plays are diagrammed on a board for players to read, the players of one team are designated as X’s and the players of the opposing team are designated as O’s.

    The main reference I use for my basketball knowledge on X’s and O’s is the NBA Coach’s Playbook.

  455. Have to say it’s so in harmony with his pant and his earrings in this pic. Lollll.

  456. Ding is working for Lakers so … Just let Lin’s game to tell it all. Can’t wait to see how bad Lakers will play next season. I think they will be either 29 or 30. LOL!

  457. amazing. I didn’t follow Lin at Golden State but heard the first year was rough. He looks like he had it all along from year one.

  458. Steve Clifford must be better than Kevin McHale and Byron Scott.

  459. YEAH! Seems like he’s making the same plays in Linsanity.

  460. Seems that Jeremy can shoot better in game time.

  461. Even 76ers or Knicks will be better than the Lakers. They simply don’t have scoring punch to win a game.

  462. You must have omitted something.

  463. pincus is the cap guru.

  464. i think knicks and 6ers will be worse than lakers. but not much of anyone else. i think the lakers can still get their lottery pick next year if they hit the balls upgrade like they did last year.

  465. That would be an understatement. If team stays healthy, I
    think thay would surprise a few people. Big Al has unfinished business, Kemba step up and play to his 12 mil, Lin with a huge chip on his shoulder, the other Jeremy with the Chinese name (Lamb) should be pretty good if he has more minutes, Batum is a big deal and then they have Zeller and Kaminsky. Seems like Hornets has strong scoring bench, just need chemistry and click together as a

  466. Can not stop laughing…lol

  467. i want them to be 25 so that philly gets their draft pick!

  468. Kevin has sold his soul to the lakers. It’s ding dong to think that Lakers will win more games than Charlette or Knicks.

  469. It’s sad that Lin completely ignore his fans in the South East Asia region…

  470. I don’t get it, why does Jeremy call her his sister? Is she an extended family member?

  471. Patricia is JLin’s Sister in law, Josh Lin’s wife.

  472. ah, thank you!

  473. It’s true, media nowadays is all about building up a story, then tearing that story down, then moving on to building up the next story, etc. That’s how they maximize their viewership and profit.

  474. Yup, that’s why Lin had such a devoted following his first year with fans (like me) who clamored for Lin to get more playing time because he was showing such incredible potential. The GSW announcers absolutely loved Lin, he was the favorite bench player that everyone got excited when he came in the game.

    The problem was that Keith Smart was trying to save his job (in vain) by playing the vets like Monta Ellis and Acie Law instead of developing younger players.

  475. what’s the context of this?

  476. Happy 27th birthday, Jeremy!

  477. There goes the surprise.

  478. Birthday greetings to JLin from Baidu fans.

  479. Let’s all RT this one. It’s less than 100…?!

  480. Sure hope so. LOL!

  481. LOL….no one trusts medias/PR any more?

  482. I think in reference to typhoon in Philippines. Just learned of it this morning. Prayers out to those families affected by the typhoon.

  483. Why is this sad?

    Why are you angry with Lin for not reaching out to people he never met?

  484. Here are some capsule bios for the Hornets coaching staff. Steve Clifford and Patrick Ewing have worked together for quite a few years in Houston and Orlando. Stephen Silas seems to be third-in-line in authority.

    Head Coach
    Steve Clifford – first-time head coach, third season with Hornets. Has coached for 15 years at the NBA level. Worked as an assistant coach with Patrick Ewing (3 years in Houston, 5 years in Orlando).

    Patrick Ewing – in third season as Hornets associate head coach. Has coached 11 years at the NBA level. Member of NBA Hall of Fame (15 years with Knicks). On NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-Time Team.

    Stephen Silas – in sixth season as a Hornets assistant coach. Has coached for 14 years at the NBA level. Has been an NBA Summer League head coach on various occasions. Ivy League graduate (Brown University).

    Bob Weiss – in third season as a Hornets assistant coach. Has coached for 30 years at the NBA level; mostly as an assistant coach. Has been a head coach in China for 2 seasons (Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons and Shandong Lions).

    Steve Hetzel – in second season as a Hornets assistant coach. Has coached for 5 years at the NBA level. In addition, was a video coordinator for 4 years with Cleveland and San Antonio.

    Pat Delany – in second season as a Hornets assistant coach. No other NBA coaching experience. Spent 11 years with Miami; 6 years as advance scout and 5 years as video coordinator.

    Bruce Kreutzer – in first season as a Hornets assistant coach. No other NBA coaching experience. Has 38 years coaching experience at other levels (e.g high school). Will focus on shooting skills. Spent several years as a shooting consultant for
    the 76ers.

    See :
    See :
    See :

  485. A 50-40-90 season is coming!

  486. I think he is just unaware. Seeing the type of person he is, I highly doubt he would ignore them.

  487. Hoops for Jesus


  489. thank we buy League Pass!

  490. good strategy..grow his hair vertical so if someone touches his hair during his drive to shoot ..he will get a foul called. lol

  491. Happy birthday Jeremy!

  492. JLin’s back palo alto? looks like pinewood facility.

  493. zamm straight mof.
    same here.. didn’t see it..but from this video.. he did have it all that time he seems to go for seems like he passes more (not sure if it’s due to mchalo).
    Maybe coaches (was Smart the coach?) think he is a bench player and all nba player can do something like this for a short span (ahhemm..think like mchale also said there). But his reverse layup and stuff is a telling sign. Anyways..he being chinese also have to do with it then. But again.. he is going up against curry and curry is def a much better shooter.

  494. Good for “drawing” those fouls. Just needs to jerk his head back like Harden. The hair accentuates the flop,… er, I mean foul.

  495. Whoah, Curry and Lin have same bday?

  496. again.he always had it.. his pnr and driving and outlet passes are all there from being ball dominant are all there.
    just that now he has a better 3 point shooter and also know how to play off the ball better.
    But his drill shooting is off lol

  497. Just realized it’s Seth Curry.

  498. Just googled, not true.

  499. Yep, Steph is in March.

  500. Bleacher report can’t tell the difference between a Small Forward and a Point Guard.

  501. I just realized something. Why does a high school gym have an NBA 3pt line? Did they paint that just for Lin???

  502. Additional context with Lin:

    Patrick Ewing – Son Ewing Jr was Lin’s teammate on the Reno Bighorns. The first day in D-League, Lin was attempting to discuss strategy, and Ewing Jr famously cut him off saying, “You the new point guard? Just pass me the ball,” leaving Lin dumbfounded. They later became good friends.

    Stephen Silas – was previously an assistant with Warriors during Lin’s rookie year. Lin spent a lot of time sitting next to him on the bench. Apparently, Lin respects him as a coach.

  503. it’s up to 281 retweets now

  504. Good point. Hope he signs that line. May be historic some day.

  505. It’s gotta be just for Lin. The 3 pt line even crosses the logo. That means it was added afterwards, otherwise they would have painted the logo farther away.

  506. minuts?

  507. Hey everyone. I have a new article on JLin, Why should the Charlotte Hornets be excited about Jeremy Lin?
    Hope you enjoy the read.

  508. nothing to do with lin really (other than hornets to be teammate batum) but the french team in eurobasket prep games is pretty much all nba players: c. rudy gobert pf boris diaw sf baum sg fournier (can’t remember first name) pg tony parker with anjica (n.o. asik backup) and another guy (nba player also) off the bench.

    probably could beat a lot of nba teams.

  509. I think that is just a tape, removable.

  510. Thanks for the hard work!

  511. Thanks for your support Brent.

  512. Team lead of FuBon Braves posted a practice video. Baby Lin is doing good!

  513. Thanks for the nice writeup. Looking forward to reading more please.

  514. NBA News & Rumors: Charlotte Hornets Envision Jeremy Lin Taking Over as Starting PG, Kemba Walker Coming Off The Bench

  515. In other non Jlin news. J clarkson is eligible to play for the Philippines. Wonder when Jlin will represent Taiwan.

  516. It is still unknown if he (or his parent) has claimed the citizenship or not, when he was young of course.

  517. Kinda hard to see where this guy is getting his info from. Would rather just wait and see what happens once they get on the court or if the FO/coach officially comes out and say something.

    Pushing for Lin to be starter at this time is just creating animosity between Lin and Walker fans.

  518. I think this site is not very credible…

  519. I like this cake better. Sushi cake is just odd for me.

  520. If China and Taiwan asks him to represent, which should he pick? Where his parents came from, or where he can still represent the Chinese and have a better team? I vote China, theoretical of course.

  521. I am confused. US does not allow dual citizenship. How can Clarkson holds both Philippines and US passports???

  522. China is harder in a sense that he will have to give up his US citizenship

  523. There are a few exceptions to the law…but you are right.

  524. Although the U.S. government does not endorse dual citizenship as a matter of policy, it recognizes the existence of dual citizenship and completely tolerates the maintenance of multiple citizenship by U.S.citizens.–wikipedia

  525. Under FIBA rules, a player could only play as a “local” if he was able to secure a passport from that country before turning 16 years old. Otherwise, he could only suit up as a “naturalized” player — like Oklahoma City Thunder star Serge Ibaka, who was able to play for Spain after undergoing process of naturalization.

    SBP director Sonny Barrios told Rappler that Clarkson has a Philippine passport since 2004, when the former Missouri standout was just 12 years old. He added that they were aware of it since May, but they decided not to make it public until Clarkson and his camp submit the needed documents.

    “He’s submitted his documents,” Barrios said. “It has been submitted to FIBA, who’s asking for supporting documents. As we speak, those are being submitted to them.”

    According to the report, FIBA asked for Clarkson’s certificate of birth and legal documents to prove that his mother was born in Pampanga, a province in the Philippines.

    –from the link within the post above to which u are replying

  526. it mostly just regurgitates bits and pieces of stuff from posts elsewhere which is what this seems to be.

  527. It still looks like Clarkson has dual citizenship to me which is not allowed by US government. I am not sure why Wikipedia says US “completely tolerates” dual citizenship which is not I and my friends have experienced. Unless things have changed over the years. I have a friend flying in the US with 2 countries passports. I don’t remember why, but she was body searched by the immigration officer and 2 passports were found. She weeks later received a letter from the immigration office asking her to decid which citizenship she would keep and if she decided to keep her US citizenship, she needed to show proof from another country that she has given up the citizenship there.

  528. if Jeremy leads the China team to gold, he’ll be forever banned to play in the NBA!

  529. I’m thinking the best scenario is for JLin to get in the USA Basketball

    But if it doesn’t happen in 2-3 years, maybe Linsta Nation can represent Taiwan (no jeopardizing US citizenship like China) to bring them deep in the FIBA championship or Olympics :]
    That’d be fun to watch!

  530. I thought this was a hairstyle’s advice LOL
    I like Jeremy’s a lot better TBH

  531. It’s interesting the NBA teams that Steve Clifford has coached. Starting with the 2000-01 season and working forward, he’s been with the Knicks (3 yrs), Rockets (4 yrs), Magic (5 yrs), Lakers (1 yr), and then the Hornets (beginning 3rd yr). I think those coaching stops will make it easier for him to relate to Jeremy.

    Almost all Clifford’s time with the Knicks and Rockets was under Jeff Van Gundy (6 of 7 years). All 5 years with the Magic were under Stan Van Gundy. In LA he was with Mike D’Antoni.

    Speaking of the Van Gundys, Clifford has said “They taught me so much about coaching in the NBA. Both are very, very bright, great coaches who are driven and just great people.” By the way, both Van Gundys think Patrick Ewing deserves a shot at being a head coach.

    See :
    See :

  532. If my memory is correct, there are now FIBA rules that say a player can not play for different countries in his lifetime. So if Clarkson decides to play for PH he will not be able to play for the US in the future.

  533. My recollection says otherwise. Last Winter Olympics, a Korean skated for Russia when he couldn’t make the Korean team.

  534. Unreliable speculation that borders on trouble making to get hits. If it’s a Chinese site, then even they have haters wanting to stir up the hornettes’s nest.

  535. The rules are for FIBA and the players are made to choose which country they play for if they have dual nationality. There’s a pdf document with the rules but I don’t know how to post it (and it’s pretty boring to be honest). I may be interpreting it wrong but there seems to be an attempt to hold a player to his choice.

  536. “Before becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen, immigrants must take an oath that says, in part, “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen.”

    That language seems to firmly establish a principle of “one person, one country.” But even though it sounds unequivocal, it is not. In fact, it is entirely possible for naturalized U.S. citizens to retain citizenship in another country, or for a native-born American to claim citizenship in a second country. On the face of it, this is an odd arrangement that challenges the notion that citizenship is an expression of national loyalty. How can a person be equally loyal to two countries?

    Yet dual citizenship has been specifically sanctioned by the United States Supreme Court. In 1967, the court ruled that the State Department had violated the Constitution when it refused to issue a new U.S. passport to a U.S. citizen who had voted in an election in Israel. The decision overturned a law saying that “a person, who is a national of the United States, whether by birth or naturalization, shall lose his nationality by voting in a political election in a foreign state.”

    Compared to other issues — such as a path to citizenship for immigrants who are in the country illegally — dual citizenship hasn’t been the subject of significant debate in recent years. That may be partly because there is no authoritative tally of how many U.S. citizens possess another nationality. Michael A. Olivas, an immigration professor at the University of Houston Law Center, believes that the number is well over 1 million and could be several times that number.”–la times

  537. another pretty much all nba team canada (as the french team) pulling away from brazil in tune-ups for fiba tournament play. canadian team: joseph, nicholson, wiggins, bennet, & sauce c.

    robert sacre playing his usal “scrub” role. literally as canada’s second unit led by p. scrubb. also; sacre’s line so far consists of fouls, turnovers, missed shots and being substituted for.

  538. catfight 101: All Hiss, No Meow 😀

  539. Baby Lin needs to develop a right hand! Can’t be finishing left handed on the right side of the basket…

  540. Baby Lin played well, 3P shot is good. Hope more video can show up after their season starts…

  541. Yahoo Sources: Lakers considering possibility of signing free agent Metta World Peace.— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) August 25, 2015

  542. The Sochi Olympics was pretty important to the Russians. They wanted to win as many medals as possible. They recruited the Korean speed skater to compete for their team. Chinese table tennis players are routinely exported once they’ve been replaced by younger and better players.

  543. First bad move of the summer for Charlotte. And I say that as a fan of MKG.

    I think he can be a good role player, but there’s no need to “lock him down” early. He’s not the kind of player who’s going to put up big stats and command a big salary, so why bother with an extension? My guess is that Batum let them know that he’s leaving after this season — his agent already put out rumors about Toronto.

    The only benefit I can see is that Kemba may be unhappy with MKG making more money than him and eventually ask for a trade. Big money almost always sows discontent and jealousy.

  544. looks like charlotte like to spend. good for lin next year

  545. Not disagreeing with you. I’m just saying these rules are for FIBA not any other sport. Here’s the link to what I was reading before.

  546. what?! Are they just doing this so Kobe doesn’t look like the slowest guy on the team. If anyone should add vets just for the their experience are the 76ers. Although veteran leadership of Ron Artest on the 76ers would be a hilarious story.

  547. Same as Kobe Bryant and Harden’s this Wednesday (Aug 26).

  548. Basically if the foreign citizenship was gained after you get your US citizenship (e.g. from your parents, spouse.) It is fine, and US do not really track you down and ask you to decide. The problem came when you are a neutralized citizen…and you failed to give up your original nationality. Because the oath you took clearly stated that you should give it up.

    So, there are a few circumstances that it is ok to have dual citizenship…..and in some other circumstances, US Gov simply just ignore it, for now.

  549. You simply needs to do both for either side of the basket….probably does not matter for open lay ups tho.

  550. I’m not sure Lin would be paid that well even if he has a big year. But with Lin’s global appeal, his endorsements would more than make up for his salary.

    All that matters is finding a team/coach who lets him play his game for 34mpg. I’m very eager to see how things work out with Clifford and Kemba this season. Even without Lin, I wouldn’t want Kemba as my long-term PG solution.

  551. by next year a 4 year 52 mil deal will be “chump change”.

    Jonas Valanciunas just got extended for at least 10 mill more than that.

    prior to this move charlotte had only two contracts of any $ consequcne locked for next year walker and steve hawes at only 6 mil.

    some sort of illusion of stability at least is necessary and at only 21 years of age , 21! locking gilchrist gives them a little bit more in that direction.

    with cap boom next year its surprising how few teams have anyone locked up. most charlottle fans consider it a good deal.

    h e double hockey sticks there was a long thread on the primary hornets fan site earlier this year debating whether jeremy lamb (not lin) who’s basically never done anything yet in the league should get an extentison now while he can be “lowballed”.

    numbers not that far removed from these for mkg were being talked about for him!

    its a brave new tv money world out there.

    basically any rotation player now will command a minimum 10 mill. (as it has been in baseball for a long time). i dont know about football. dont care for it. (american football).

  552. Another tank year. Might as well keep Kobe happy.

  553. same as last year first half of year keep kobe happy. second half of year kobe already broken down and tank.

  554. well wait and see

  555. “this extension looks picture perfect for the team on paper. $13 million a season, with the massive salary cap increase set to next season, for the cornerstone of the franchise and a lockdown defender with a quickly-improving jumper? The Charlotte Hornets just got a huge steal.

    We wrote about how important it was for the team to reach an extension with MKG before the season started, so surely you can imagine how excited we are for this deal.”

    –russell varner sbnation (at the hive).

  556. “A History of Athlete Sons Who Could Never Get Out of Their
    Father’s Shadows

    Father: Patrick Ewing
    Father’s career stats and accomplishments: 11x NBA All-Star,
    1984 NCAA Champion, 1985 College Player of the Year
    Son’s career stats and accomplishments: Division I
    basketball player at Indiana and Georgetown

    Aside from one brief stint with the then-New Orleans Hornets
    in 2011, Patrick Ewing Jr. has never been able to make it in the NBA like his father did with the New York Knicks. After playing at Indiana for two seasons, and then transferring to Georgetown for two more, the younger Ewing was picked up in the second round of the 2008 NBA Draft by the Sacramento Kings. Passed
    around the league for years, Ewing Jr. now plays for Aries Trikala in the Greek League. Already 29 years old, and still without a solid NBA season to his name, it doesn’t appear likely that Junior is ever going to be able to make up ground on his dad.

    Father: Michael Jordan
    Father’s career stats and accomplishments: 5x NBA MVP, 6x
    NBA Champion, 14x NBA All-Star
    Son’s career stats and accomplishments: Both played Division
    I basketball

    Even if Jeffrey or Marcus Jordan was good enough to have
    gotten out of their father’s shadow, do you really think that someone as freakishly competitive as Michael Jordan would’ve let them? Both Jeffrey and Marcus made it to the Division I ranks before ultimately realizing that they’d never be able to cut it in the pros like their dad did. After spending a couple seasons at Illinois, Jeffrey transferred to the University of Central Florida to play with his younger brother, Marcus. Unfortunately, both of them made the decision that year to leave the game for good. Don’t worry guys, just about every single basketball player post-Jordan can sympathize with your struggle.”

  557. thanks for the good info, as always, Arsenium

  558. you can’t make this stuff up, too funny!

  559. Hmm, that is really strange. I know plenty of people who have dual citizenship in the U.S.

    “A U.S. national may acquire foreign nationality by marriage, or a person
    naturalized as a U.S. national may not lose the nationality of the
    country of birth. U.S. law does not mention dual nationality or require a
    person to choose one nationality or another. Also, a person who is
    automatically granted another nationality does not risk losing U.S.
    nationality. However, a person who acquires a foreign nationality by
    applying for it may lose U.S. nationality. In order to lose U.S.
    nationality, the law requires that the person must apply for the foreign
    nationality voluntarily, by free choice, and with the intention to give
    up U.S. nationality.”

  560. Nice writeup. btw, are you British? Saw you mention Lin’s contract in pounds.

  561. Makes you wonder if they’ll trade Kemba.

  562. No way Jeremy will. Maybe his brother since he’s playing there now.

    But I would believe Jeremy’s business dealings in China are too important to be involved in these sensitive issues.

  563. Even though his parents are from Taiwan, his ancestors are from the Mainland.

    So rather than deal with this sensitive (political) issue, he should just decline both.

    Besides, he should be taking his time off to rest, relax, and do good works for his charity.

  564. only 45m? Batum and AI gonna eat out a huge chunk of it.

  565. well that is one possibility; a more likely idea to charlotte fans and general observers alike would be not resign big al and that batum does not intend to resign regardless, that (as lin) this is for him just a showcase to prove that his overall declining numbers last season were not a forward trajectory.

    at this time walker (and now mkg) seem to be from existing salary structure, player age and public expectations the only actual “cornerstones”.

    everyone and everything (including all coaching/management/fo below mj) could be gone after this coming season. (depending on how things go this year).

    they seem to be sort of playing it half-way; shooting to not be really bad this year with the option of going tanking the year after if this year does turn out really bad anyway.

  566. I doubt Batum, Lin & Lamb will stay? So just wait & see what happen next summer.

  567. China won’t let Lin play for them unless Lin renounces US citizenship and becomes a Chinese citizen.

  568. Yes I’m British. Ha,ha oops thanks for pointing that out.

  569. Thanks very much for your kind words.

  570. Lin was considered “overpaid” at $25 million / 3 years. But MKG and other players are worth $45 million / 4 years based on potential alone. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

  571. I’d pay Metta just to do that at every game vs. Rockets.

  572. The problem is, Charlotte is a very small NBA market and their team is not a title contender most years. It’s very hard to attract big name free agents, most of their players are acquired through draft or trades. So if Big Al and Baum leave, it’s very hard to sign a star player to replace their position. That’s why Hornets overpay for guys like Kemba Walker.

  573. I don’t think Hornets is a team believe in tanking, they were the dead last team and missed out Anthony Davis in the draft, and they end up with MKG, and was debating whether they should extend him with not even a 5yr extension.

    I think both Kemba and MKG’s contract are good, I like MKG’s better than Kemba’s. Not sure any team would trade for him, but at least that one is not that hard to dump. Not sure whether Lin will stay in Hornets long term, as with this kind of contract, it is like double sided sword, it is good for the team for now, but also there is opportunity lost, not sure what kind of impact MKG extension will be on Batum’s next contract. But, Hornets do need to have some solid player on contract otherwise, next summer it will be a zoo, and Hornets will not be able to grab anyone without over pay.

  574. Theoretically: US, China, Taiwan

  575. The political correct answer. Of course, I’d like US, but too much competition. Not that he’s not capable, just not given real chance yet. If given a chance of a lifetime, I say he should take it.

  576. Haha. If he does, then I’d be happy and more power to him. Shows NBA is a bunch of idiots.

  577. That aside?

  578. Winner posted on other forum, lol. New Linstyle, Whatcha think Bluebell?

  579. It’s already been posted by jlinfanfromaustralia few days ago. Too wild. Lol.

  580. Missed it. Not sure how, lol. Will keep defenders another foot away.

  581. “Dear little short legs,”
    Lol. Lin will be like “short legs???i got short legs??!”

  582. One good thing with this hair style, is you don’t need to wash your hair often. Maybe once two weeks.

  583. Hahahahahaha. Ouch!!

  584. The stinkier the better. Can whip that into your opponents face, eyes, and nose.

  585. But that will also pull many of his female fans away. 😀 lol

  586. I think JLin himself reposted this in his IG too.

  587. Now that we see it again, is this why Harden doesn’t hustle on D?

  588. Just realized that team holds bird right for all 3 except Lin, that helps.

  589. Lin’s on-off net rating is 1.3, not bad with a tanking team.

  590. LOL Yes I’ve already posted it when it was first reposted by JLin himself:-)

  591. Let’s be thankful JLin doesn’t wear an Afro anymore :]
    It’s good but not his style

  592. Lol

  593. Deserves a post, repost, and that extra post!

  594. Yup… Sadly…
    In a perfect BB world: JL #7 lead the Hornets to Top 5 EC, and semi. JL #7 saves Cliff’s job. JL #7 gets his big contract to stay and play for a good coach (blast from the past – if… JL had saved D’Antoni’s job, and the pair went onward …. ). This IS Jeremy’s calling…

  595. There’s too many coincidences: JL’s talk about MJ’s happiness in his lecture, Cliff works under MD and was before in NY, Hou, LA too, reunited with Silas, etc… There’s no reason for Cliff not to favor and rely on Lin. Coach Cliff is a good coach – and he will do what’s right – No more biases. It will be truly a refreshing season for us, Lin fans.

  596. Kobe is -6.8

  597. Phillip Jung is currently working for a venture capital firm in Washington, D.C. and completing an MBA at Georgetown University. He is also the co-founder and current treasurer of the Jeremy Lin Foundation.

    He has an economics degree from UC Berkeley (2010). Following graduation and before starting his MBA, he spent four years working for KPMG, the big accounting firm, where he won a number of awards for his performance. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lin knew numbers of people like this in high school. Lin’s a fortunate guy.

    See :

  598. No prob:-)

  599. The fellow with Lin is Grayson Boucher, who works for “HandleLife,” a bball training company. The biggest name they’ve worked with is Kevin Durant. Their web site says :

    “Whether you’re a guard, forward or center, improving your handles will advance your game. Our trainers will take you through unique drills and exercises to maximize your ball handling skills. Our training sessions are intense and you will constantly be pushed to assure that your game will be taken to the next level.”

    See :

  600. Yuck!!! It will smell to no end:-)

  601. Thanks for the info! JLin is really working hard in improving his “weaknesses!” Can’t wait for the new season!!!!

  602. i have been pointing out on here for weeks that a online ticket agency was advertising this game for a long time but never could see a confirmation anywhere else. det. just released its official sked 2day and confirmed it.

  603. Thanks, @arsenium12:disqus
    Your in-depth research is always appreciated!

    Great to know JLin is working hard to take his ball-handling skills to the next level

  604. JLin looks 6’6″ with his new Shump hair!

  605. it’s only less than 1 month away but it sure seems long.
    But it will give JLin more time to further improve himself.

    Looking forward to this upcoming season with a good coach & system!

  606. just as long as its not “trump hair” (as in “the donald”).

  607. he’s still got those ugly ugly “bathroom” sandals. working on fashioning up the the head needs to fashion up the feet. those are the same ones he always wears even in snow! must be some sentimental value.

  608. depending on where u r just 39 days now til first pre season game. seems like last 16 days from when people first started counting at i think 55 went by pretty fast.

    there is a pre season game somewhere in the league the 2nd oct. listed now i think thats the earliest ive seen.

    and the oct 21 det game is now confirmed so that prolly would be the 6 complete psg’s. (for hornets).

    speaking of hornets ive got a bunch trying to get into my house been fighting them off 2 little success for awhile. actually from about the time lin went to hornets.

    hmmm.. what does it mean?

  609. Haven’t seen this posted …

  610. Must be for comfort

  611. Sizing up to deter opponents. Harden has his beard, now Jlin counters.

  612. Sure they are not amused, lol.

  613. @asianmancanball. Did he make it?

  614. .

  615. This “professor” has quite a handle on things. Crazy.

  616. Yes it was posted when it first released:-)

  617. Just curious, has Kemba ever commented on Lin’s signing? in any place?

  618. Big family photo-op for MKG today …

  619. I remember Kemba said the Lin signing came as a surprise to him.

    Not sure if he did some PC answer afterwards

  620. CHIA HAIR!

  621. Hopefully Lin did not learn too much from this guy.

    Refs whistle Lin for palming violations that all other NBA players get away with.

    I’d hate to see Lin go back to Fall 2012 when refs kept hitting him with turnovers due to ordinary dribbling.

  622. That’s mainly because the backups on Charlotte were so bad, not because MKG is so great.

    This year, it won’t be like that because Marvin Williams at backup SF with Lin feeding him will probably outplay MKG.

  623. Now that MKG has signed his $13 million per year contract, I’m not expecting much out of him.

    With the starting lineup that is WEAKER from last year (Batum <<< Stephenson at SG), MKG won't even have his few driving lanes or standstill jumpers open anymore.

    MKG cannot shoot from outside, and he doesn't have the hoops smarts to do anything other than occasionally drive or hit the unguarded midrange jumper. His defense is wildly overrated too.

    With the vastly more talented and skilled Marvin Williams on the bench receiving passes and coaching from Lin, Marvin Williams will likely outplay MKG who's primed for a major league contract letdown.

  624. broccoli

  625. Lin working out with NBA players today …

  626. Looks too easy for Lil Bro Lin. I wish he could have tried out for NBA D-league or a Euroleague team. Even the CBA looks better.

  627. Lamarcus Aldridge scored over 40 points in the 1st 2 games on Terrence Jones’ lack of defense, nobody cares. Patrick Beverley is a no show on offense or defense in the series, and he gave up an offensive rebound to Damian Lillard in game 1 to send it to overtime, nobody cares. McHale and Harden’s defensive idiocy on display when Lillard gets a wide open 3-pointer in Game 6, nobody cares. Lin has 1 turnover that sends the game to overtime = LIN LOST THE ENTIRE SERIES !

  628. On the other forum, I got flamed for writing that NBA players often train at the gyms of franchises that the players are not signed to.

    When Lin was training with Nash at the Lakers compound, angry trolls and angry Lin fans flamed me for writing that just because Lin was training in the Lakers gym in the offseason did not mean that the Lakers intended to offer Lin a formal written contract.

    Obviously, the Clippers aren’t interested in Seraphin or Lin or Randle or Miller. But those players train there anyway because it’s standard practice for NBA teams to open their facilities to all players.

    It irritates me whenever trolls make up garbage like “NBA teams don’t let players train in their gyms unless they want to offer contracts to that player”.

  629. This is the NBA where all backups try to become starters and all starters are afraid of becoming backups.

    Kemba Walker is likely viewing Lin as serious competition.

    It’ll be Walker’s job to show that a $12 million pg like himself is better than a $2 million pg like Lin.

    If Walker cannot show he’s better than Lin, that’ll blow the Hornets apart.

  630. but Lin trained in LAL a year before he signed with LA, do you think that’s random? Maybe it means more if their coaches are involved, but this kind of pick up game does not mean much.

    However, who organized this kind of game, and who contacted CLIPPR to use their facility is pretty interesting. Maybe it is a good time for players to check out other team’s facility.

  631. I think Lin just joined ZeBeardedCoach group, and he’s the one who paid for the facility. Don’t think had anything to do w Clippers.

  632. The hair will improve his defense. It will block his opponent’s view of the basket. Eventually it will be a Marge Simpson beehive.

  633. Librafree‏@Librafree

    @JLin7 shopping in Santa Monica today.(nick54crafter) #WhyArentYouPracticing?

  634. Somewhat off topic, and pointed out before (by people like Phil Jackson), but it’s hilarious how Lebron James travels

  635. Like I keep saying, ANY player in the NBA can train pretty much at any facility.

    It’s a gentleman’s agreement between NBA teams and NBA players.

    Seraphin, Lin, Miller, Randle, and other NBA players in the Clippers facility will not be joining the Clippers this year or next year. I guarantee it.

    With so many NBA players living in LA in the offseason, don’t be surprised if the next picture we see is Lin and Carmelo Anthony at the Lakers facility with Lin wearing a “Anthony #7 jersey” and Melo wearing a “Linsanity” jersey!

  636. hornetssuperfan
    RT for @JLin7 dope ?????? follow @hornetsonly on Instagram @JLin7 fans

  637. shakrist ‏@shakrist100 3h3 hours ago
    The gods of basketball @JLin7 @KDTrey5 @drose @kobebryant @KingJames @StephenCurry30 @JHarden13

  638. Al Jefferson working out at P3 Sports Sciences in Santa Barbara. Kyle Korver, Tony Allen, and Thomas Robinson are shown using the same facility … . Joakim Noah and Andre Drummond have also been there this summer.

  639. LOL…..I wish both play well….

  640. He did say playing time was an important factor, I guess that was the reason.

  641. Nice drawing!

  642. Top one is definetly the best one.

  643. Broccolin

  644. I can’t wait anymore

  645. When is training camp?

  646. Still waiting to hear the news. Definitely about a month from now:-)

  647. any news on jlin? i think he is snoring right now lol

  648. Belated Birthday Greetings to Jeremy Lin!
    Wishing him a prosperous season!

    Go Lin!!! We trust and love you!

  649. lol…yeah cant wait! ditto

  650. hey! I love broccoli!

  651. all of them are good, except for one who is past him prime but having a mental block!

  652. yup….pretty often NBA players do play at their nearest or preferred court

  653. lol…you and your broccoli

  654. I trust Lin knows the rule

  655. he likes wearing cali all stars

  656. GM Rich Cho said yesterday that training camp starts the 26th (at 7:10 in interview; link below). He also mentioned that Steve Clifford had been out in Santa Barbara visiting Al Jefferson so he probably dropped in to see Jeremy at that point.


  657. Sendoh from the Slam Dunk manga, who coincidentally also wears number 7.


    Hornets telecasting crew is finalized, they will have the first female analyst pair up with Curry, so it would be interesting to see how that turns out.

  659. Cho already has a rim protector in high flying Cody Zeller who tested out as the highest jumper in the 2013 draft class.

    Zeller gets after people defensively.

    Now if Charlotte’s starting perimeter players in Walker, Batum, and MKG can slow down perimeter dribble penetration at all, that’ll reduce the need for Charlotte to add rim protection which is nowhere as important in today’s NBA as people think.

  660. Personally, I think it’s good that Rich Cho not mention Lin too much.

    Lin’s already been THE SUBJECT of Charlotte chatter this offseason. There’s been enough debate about how this allegedly “failed” $2 million guy who “got outplayed” by crappy point guards for Houston and LA is going to be a “bust” if he doesn’t singlehandedly save the Charlotte Hornets season.

    Let Lin get into training camp and onto the NBA court. There’ll be enough negative attention focused on the NBA’s most scrutinized player once Lin starts putting up his All Star per 36 like he has for the last 4 seasons.

  661. I agree. It’s better for Lin to fly under the radar then surpass all expectations when the season starts.
    What’s important is for coaches to see what Lin can do during TC & preseason games so they can utilize his strength by the time the 1st game starts

  662. Never heard of her….I hope she can provide good insights..

  663. When did MKG uncle died? Is that something recent? Hasn’t he had the name Kidd-Gilchrist since his College years?

  664. hmm, I never realized there wasn’t a female full-time NBA analyst. Good for her!

  665. He announced his name was changed in July, 2011 so his uncle passed away some time before then.

  666. Clarification, Zeller had the best vertical among centers in the 2013 draft class with 37.5″ max vertical. (Shane Larkin had 44″ max vertical).

  667. Wearing those Adidas sandals are a “thing”

  668. Very well said, KHuang. At this point in time, before the season, and early and as well as middle of the season, we just need more actions and less talks. Let the Hornets org’s actions do the speaking. For once, we will see actual actions speak louder than words – for JL #7.

  669. I agree. I found it cute when boys or men wearing this with their sport wear. Some sort of down to earth, free, relaxing sexiness in it. Just don’t wear white socks with black leather shoes. That’s really a no no.

  670. Speaking in artistic way. Not related to the skill. The whole layout of the color, the Chinese script, the expression, the jump pose, everything in the pic just looks much nicer than all others.

  671. Definitely agree! The pressure won’t be on his shoulders, Lin will be able to just get on with his job. Where as during his Houston days he said he could barely sleep and eat before games. I’m not sure if this happened whilst he was with the Lakers or not. The Hornet fans should easily warm to Lin. Once they get the Jeremy! chants going it will be crazy.

  672. Oct. 17…… @ Charlotte Hornets…………….. Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte, NC…………… 7:00 p.m.

    knicks announce pre season sked including the above.

    add to the list does that make 7 games? (4 hornets)

  673. i guess you could say she was: (wait for it…) born ready…

  674. Yes it’s. Wonder why no one post the whole preseason schedule out??? Is that normal?? The sloppy job of NBA or Charlotte?

  675. I think it is bizarre that the NBA doesn’t just release preseason schedule all at once, instead teams release them ad hoc?

  676. Have you heard of Eric Collins before? Dell Curry’s the only one I’ve heard of.

  677. If Training Camp is 26 September, presumably Media Day should be 25 September, then 29 days to wait:-)

  678. OK, I believe the Hornets preseason schedule is set now, since they have scheduled 8 preseason games, and I believe 8 is the max.

  679. 8 preseason games have been scheduled.

  680. I think I’ll create a new thread with the final preseason schedule. Any other dates to include besides Media day Sep 25?

  681. teams release pre season sked indidivudally. leagues annoucnes regular season sked collecteively.

    charlotte entire pre seaosn sked has been gleaned from otehr teams postings (this is the most typos ever. not worth time to redo.

  682. please do and also note the detroit game long rumored to be on the 21st i beleive is still listed on the link you have here as 21st. as it was previously listed on ticket sales sites and on the pistons 2 days ago official post: but is showing it in an “updated” sked as being on the 20th. ???

  683. collins is also “new”. (there are lengthy threads on realgm charlottle about both).

  684. let me check it out


    I believe 21st is the correct date. Posted 2 days ago.

  686. yeah i think the link that i was seeing was from previous season!

  687. new thread with the finalized preseason schedule!

  688. but that’s ridiculous

  689. Oops, I stand corrected.

    Oh yeah, the same Shane Larkin of the Knicks that Lin jumped over for that nasty in flight rejection of Larkin’s layup attempt.

  690. LOL .. not Marge’s. The humanity!

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