Jeremy Lin at the Jubilee Conference 2015

Link to Jubilee Conference 2015 –

My only reason for attending the conference was to hear Jeremy speak but the rest of the conference turned out to be very intriguing and engaging. They had several keynote speakers besides Jeremy and their stories/advices were equally inspiring. Jubilee Project did a wonderful job organizing the conference despite couple of minor hiccups. They made everyone feel like family… it helps to have only about 150 people. 

I met couple of awesome Jeremy Lin fans. One of them was our friend Lilly Chen! I went alone and hoped I would meet a fellow JLin fan but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I took a seat in the second row. I didn’t know at the time but Lily sat in the front row. Before Jeremy’s interview, we had to split into teams or “tribes”. Lilly turned around and saw that I had the same number as her (tribe #1). She had this look and asked if I was blubell. There was a TV that displayed all of the tweets about the conference. I had tweeted earlier and Lilly saw my tweet on the TV. There was one empty seat left in the front row, couple seats down from Lily (she was right in front of Jeremy!), so I took it. Best decision of the day 🙂 After the interview we fangirled for the rest of the day. I will spare you the details. LOL.

You will see in the video that he shared couple of stories he never shared before (at least to my knowledge). This part was cut off… his grandma paid for his college but was not a big supporter of him playing basketball. When Jeremy became successful, she changed her tunes, which Jeremy joked about. He thanked and gave a shout out to his grandma afterward. It was very cute 🙂 Another new info – he almost gave it all up during his rookie year, even cleaned out his locker and told his agent to tell the team to cut him. Thank God, his agent convinced him to stay.

He was very relaxed throughout the “interview” which was more of a conversation between Jason (interviewer) and Jeremy. Hearing him speak in person was very different and an incredible experience. His voice was deeper and sexier (hehe) in person.

I signed up for the conference on a whim (the day after they opened registration), thinking it is just another event but it turned out to be more than that. It was a very inspiring day. I was very fortunate to get a spot this year. I hope they can invite Jeremy again next year.

Well, this is all for now. If I have anything else to add, I’ll post it below. Lilly will be posting too!