Jeremy Lin Asia Trip 2017

Jeremy Lin plans to kick off his annual Asia trip starting on July 16  by spending a week in Taiwan. His Nets teammate, Caris LeVert, will also help as a guest coach in the July 20-21 basketball camp discover this info here. On July 24, Jeremy Lin will continue his tour to China.

Note: More update will be added later as more details are made available.

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Itinerary of Jeremy Lin Schedule in Taiwan

7/17-18 Adidas Jeremy Lin Here To Create Event (Taipei)
7/19 Charity Event (Taipei)
7 / 20-21 Cathay Pacific Dream Hao Kee Jeremy Lin Basketball Training Camp (Taichung)
7/21 JLIN7 2017 Jeremy Lin Sharing/Evangelistic Event (Taichung Donghai University)
7/22 Cathay Pacific Dream Hauser Jeremy Lin Symposium (Taichung)
7/23 Promotional Event (Taipei)
7/24 End the trip to Taiwan and fly to China


  1. 1st!!

  2. There’s no room for 2nd, lets go CAVS!!!

  3. And then, how long will he be in China? And how many cities in China? I wonder if these trips wear him out a little, and they are right smack in the middle of his off-season training. (Not saying he shouldn’t do them, however.)

  4. Why Jeremy Lin is Criminally UNDERRATED!

  5. So who’s take away today?! CAVS or GSW?

  6. is a close game! anything can happen!

  7. Anything can happen. Durant has really played big this finals. He really wants the ring.

  8. Agree. So impressed with LeBron, Kyrie, Curry and KD all playing at very high level. Kyrie’s finishing ability is just amazing.

  9. Refs…

  10. Durant is an unstoppable scorer.

  11. Amazing! Just amazing. The guy is truly showing his repertoire without selfish WB. I always thought KD could not display his full skills because of WB.

  12. I don’t particularly care about him but watching him nailing crucial contested shot after shot, it really psych me up a great deal. He’s really a FMVP candidate.

  13. Refs are cheating the hell outta Curry. Got fouled so many times but no calls…

  14. KD will be FMVP for sure if GSW wins. A dynasty here it comes.

  15. Hoping the Warriors can outlast the clock and ref bias…

  16. Have to say JR Smith is carrying the CAVS… who would’ve thought…

  17. Done and sealed by GSW!

  18. I think there’s not much doubt. MVP.

  19. As much as I don’t like Kerr’s attitude about Lin, he does seem like a great coach. Congrats GSW. Congrats Durant, that was a historically great finals series by him.

  20. What a great NBA Finals series!

    Kevin Durant should be the Finals MVP because this should be 7-game series without him.
    Durant, Curry, LBJ, Kyrie, JR really brought their A-game tonight.

    KLove might get traded with only 6 pts in the elimination game.

  21. i am happy for Durant win the championship.
    When will Lin’s time come for championship?

  22. Love was disappointing. Durant was spectacular. JR was big in the game. But the Cavs needed more from the bench and Love.

    I’m not going to say the finals was great because it didn’t go 7 with a lot of nail-biting games. But, the performance by Durant was one for the ages.

  23. It really deserves the highest NBA Finals rating.
    At times, it felt like watching video game =D

    Kerr is a good coach but I wonder how he fares without the superstar talent of the Big 4. But he really got a great timing to be a HC. And he correctly declined to be the Knicks Head Coach lol

  24. Right, that’s the test. How would he coach without such talent. I don’t know, but his defensive and offensive schemes sure balance big talent well which isn’t easy to do.

  25. It will be extremely tough indeed. Lin needs to join a team with superstar talents to win a ring because Cavs and GSW will dominate in the next few years.

    Who knows if LeBron might recruit Lin to replace DWill? =)

  26. Yes, so many great players haven’t won a championship. I agree, Lin will have to be around some of the greatest players in the game to win one. I want to see Lin get deep in the playoffs and play in a final, that gives him a fighting chance. What team, circumstances, who knows?

  27. initial notes on final game:

    1. notice when it really matters teams only play 5 guys; none of this everybody gets 20 minutes stuff
    2. irving and james (the two dominant players for cavs) took roughly 60% of their teams shots; durant and curry (the two dominant players for warriors) took only roughly 35% of their teams shots.
    3. the cavs went away from their game plan in games 3 and 4 which was to shoot 3’s; in both games they took a higher % of their shots as 3’s than the cavs. in game three they didn’t make those shots and they lost. in game four they made those shots and they won. in game 5 they simply didn’t take them; only j.r. smith took a significant number. the cavs made a higher % of their shots over all and their 3 point shots (not free throws); but they only took roughly 25% of their shots as three’s while the warriors took 40% of their shots as threes.

  28. NBA is about 3 point shooting now. GSW has some of the best 3 point shooting. But they also have a lot of strong defender and good ball handlers outside of Curry.

  29. What happen with Korver? I thought he’s a shooter too.

  30. yeah, we just have to take it one season at a time.
    Next season will be crucial since if he can post an All-Star numbers, FAs can come flocking or great teams can see him as a championship-type player. Let’s hope so. He just need a good break and lots of blessings like during Linsanity. Health is of the utmost importance after last season.

  31. Is this first championship for KD?

  32. yes

  33. Thanks. He deserves it and hope he gets another MVP this year.

  34. If LBJ insists on being the coach of his team, at least he should bring some floor generals. Surrounding himself with players not even able to carry their teams to playoffs previously proves to be hopeless now.

  35. Curry and Durant are a nearly unguardable backcourt duo. Lin would need a superb partner to reach his dream goal.

  36. Not really sure what is going on with Korver also… his 3pt shooting was horrible in these playoffs.

  37. Riley Curry always has the best celebration =)

  38. I can only say that Korver didn’t get many chance to shoot. Even less good looks for him. CAVS offence system doesn’t take advantage of his ability as well as the Hawks

  39. wow, Nash also just won a ring.
    Not the best scenario but happy for him

  40. @JLin7 will play a friendly ?match w Jay Chou, Vanness Wu, Blackie Chen, Godfrey Gao & Shawn Yue in Shenzhen on 7/26

  41. very true. the ball doesn’t move around in the Cavs as much as it did in ATL.

    Korver is a great spot-up shooter but s not like JR Smith who can create his own shots

  42. DWill was a hoot to watch – GSW had his number. Cavs should bring in JLin, but JLin can also give EC a run if Nets can get it together.

  43. tonight, Kerr’s mistake was to try Zaza again 2nd half. Zaza wasn’t good first half, and he tried again. The chance Kerr took on McCaw as pretty good, as he had some quick hands on D. What was even more impressive was McCaw missed 2 wide open 3s, and yet, in the closeout, he was aggressive and scored key points as well as had v active hands on D.

  44. Don’t think one could see a good coach if the team weren’t good. He’d have to have years to build it, and these days, people don’t last too long unless they have a track record and old relationships.

  45. He was so calm, to just stand there evaluating and 3 times, he just elevated without a dribble and scored the 3.

  46. my 3 favorite quotes after last nites gs win:

    3. “As a response to the Golden State mega-team, I hear the NBA is considering giving out banners to teams who don’t get swept,” –daryl morey (sorry about that)
    2. “I’m the only person ever with a rat tail and a NBA championship! Let that sink in!”–javale mcgee
    1. ” You know seats at Oracle are at a premium tonight when Jimmy Goldstein is in the fifth row.”–tim Kawakami (san jose mercury news)

  47. The Cavs lost because of LeBron’s iron hold on the team. He has players around him that can help but chooses not to. It’s. A selffullfilling prophesy if you don’t play to everyone’s strengths. Good players like Korvor being left to watch is to me a crime.
    TBH, I’m not a fan of total offence. Players that play 40-45 minutes can’t defend properly.

    I keep bringing up Bill Russell vs Wilt Chamberlain for this comparison of how different the game could be played if teams choose to win by defence. Today’s metric for getting famous is scoring. Once upon a time defence won championships. Chamberlain was a prolific scorer. Russell was a defensive specialist. Chamberlain won 2 and Russell won 11 titles….11 titles!!! Russell was 5 times MVP.

    Today’s nba is a star making machine. Guys like Green and Iguodala gets no mention even though they played their hearts out.

    Greatness of the scorers will begat fans and kids to develop into that selfish style of play. That’s what they believe is “true skill” so that’s what they will emulate.

  48. We had the same “no hopes ” comments for the Hornets last year when they tried to played straight up offence for offence with the Heat last year. “Wade and Dragic was too good for Walker and Batum…” and it looked hopeless. It was all gloom and doom on this site but I refused to believe it. When you run instead of walk, you can wear out opponents. Lin’s running game took the game away from scoring as the only metric to win. He tired out the Heat’s offencive legs by making them keep up with his running game.

    Lin’s always been tough on Curry. I keep saying they need a defensive stopper as their number one priority…not a shooter, not a SG. Try to get Iguodala who deserves a starting position. Convince Korvor to sign with the Nets and I’ll bet they’ll get to the eastern finals next year.

  49. Very pleased that JLIN is hosting Caris Levert in his Taiwan basketball camp, our high character, intelligent, unselfish and best potential young player.

    We are probably looking at Brooklyn’s 2018 back-court of JLIN at PG, Caris at SG so any additional bonding experiences that bring them closer as a dynamic backcourt duo is fantastic – kudos to JLIN for taking this initiative.

    Now we need to shore up our Forward positions desperately. Wish the NBA used a flexible schedule and could accelerate the Free Agency/Draft as soon as Finals over.

  50. Free tickets to Lin’s meet-and-greet event will be available at Eslite Bookstore’s branch in Taichung starting on July 7. People need to show their national identification card to get a ticket.

  51. Curry’s unselfishness is very similar to JLin’s.

    “Kevin Durant praised Steph Curry’s unselfishness, character and work ethic. Excellent quote from KD.”

  52. That’s the most stacked team ever. All the way from the starters to the bench. Take away Durant the Cavs might have a chance competing against the GSW. With Durant no one has a chance. They don’t even need bigs anymore. ZaZa played 9 minutes and Mcgee didn’t play at all. With small ball and speed they took away the 3s. Korver was irrelevant coz GSW was in his passing lane all night. Unlike JR, Korver parked himself in his shooting spot instead of moving into the spot. I thought Cavs ball movement wasn’t bad at all. Lebron was driving and kicking out. But the speed of the GSW made it easier for them to close out. They’ll be many more championships for GSW if they keep the team together. But someone has to scarify. I hope Klay Thompson goes to the Nets.

  53. Good observation. GSW defense certainly made Cavs work harder and covered shooters quickly.
    I wonder if Klay will look for a payday after next season. If the Nets makes the playoff, maybe it will interest Klay to join them in the East. He’s a good 2-way player.

    For next season, GSW has to make both Curry and KD happy. Curry will get a new deal. Will Durant renegotiate the contract for the $27M player option? It will be interesting to see.

  54. I feel Klay is less important and it’s become a kd and curry team. Will be interesting to see if GSW can retain him.

  55. I think Klay will go to Lakers after this contract end.

  56. Nets are way better than Lakers for Klay, hope he can realize that.

  57. His dad said he wants his son to play for Lakers one day…. plus I think he wants his own team.

  58. Yup, not many would put team above individual….thus far Spurs, GSW stands out….hope Nets would take similar route

  59. Agreed. If the game did not have 3 pointers, Cavs would have won.

  60. I loved this series because great players rose to the occasion.

  61. I agree. As long as LeBron is in the East and GSW keeps its core players, no other team is going to win the ring during this time period. Also, Cavs and GSW will take it easy until 10 games left in regular season and then get ready for the playoff BB while other teams tire themselves out.

  62. a big contrast with Westbrook.

  63. In the finals, the GS bench outscored the Cavs 35 to 7. Even when you exclude A. Iguodala’s contribution. The bench still outscored the Cavs 15 to 7; almost the winning margin.
    Well Kevin Love is no match for KD. Cavs needs to look for another PF to do the job next season if they want to compete at the same level as Warriors. Anyway, game 4 is a disgrace of NBA with the refs giving the game to the Cavs.

  64. Nba players have so much power that coaches become almost babysitters. No matter how good a coach you are…ie, MDA! You can’t coach unless they allow it. So no, ITS ONLY IN THE NBA THAT COACHES MUST HAVE GOOD COACHABLE PLAYERS TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

    in the NHL for example, Mike Babcoack has been phenomenal in bringing out the best with the personal he’s had. Detroit had very few stars and yet he got them into the playoffs for years until he jumped to coach for the Mapleleafs….whose now a playoff team. The leafs for the longest time were so bad that it always looked like they were short handed. Players were so disorganized chasing pucks that it was pathetic. Bad coaches like the one in Montreal has ruined the team. They will be bad for a long time to come.

  65. How could Cavs improve next year?
    Let’s look at the payroll of the following:
    Channing Frye$7,806,971
    Kevin Love $21,165,675
    Kyle Korver$5,239,437
    Totally $34,212,083
    That’s lots of money o hunt for free agents or make a trade by letting these 3 players go via a trade or others.

  66. Cavs needs a backup point guard to start. They also need a scorer to spark the bench. Someone that’s near 6th man caliber. Deron Williams and Richard Jefferson have to go.

  67. Lebron’s D in the closing minutes looked like Harden at times.

  68. Dennis Lin- #Nets season ticket member since 2005- met @JLin7 at #Nets vs Thunder on Mar 14.

  69. Its gonna be interesting to see how the player lineups would be going into next season.

    There are way too many gaps in the right player for the team to make improvement in WINS

  70. It means the Nets desperately need starter-level SF and PF, yes?
    NBA Finals really showed how important starter lineups and playmakers in modern NBA.

    I hope Nets are willing to sign good FAs and not just go the long rebuild route with draft picks because Brook and Lin would want to win now. They just need the right balance.

  71. Good to see a South-Korean born kicker tried to make it to the NFL with San Diego Chargers.
    His professor dad encouraged him to choose football over soccer before entering high school.

    Also, amazing acrobatic kick. He got skills.

  72. They wont be able to get a superstar…its better to have the money spent on bench. As for starter, I would like to see what 6’6″ SDinwiddie could do in the lineup.

    Having a strong bench should be base for better wins and for longer runs. We have seen, in the past, Lin’s team got the wins, because of bench performance (no doubt, due to Lin leading the bench).

    We have 2 unselfish, go-getter for the starter lineup. If SD can bring his height and cuts to team X and O, we should be good to go.

    But getting potential bench players and good shooters for the bench is the key. Lin could also be used to overlap with bench, since his minutes gonna not gonna be too high.

  73. With two first round picks, they may have a chance of drafting a decent SF or PF. I don’t know who are available in FA. But I recall signing RFA’s is tricky.

  74. So this kid will be fighting for a job in the NFL along with :
    Is This the NFL’s First Female Player? 18yo college female kicker
    Not certain what social-athletic commentary this says about the current state of Asian-American’s in the NFL (as far as I know there are none but a few gigantic Pacific Islanders), but hope after JLIN retires in 8 years that we are not in the same position with basketball as is now the case with football.

  75. Lonzo Ball is hilarious in this Foot Locker Father Day commercial!

  76. He was also undrafted in NFL.

  77. So he’s the difference maker huh….?

  78. lol stop being a lebron hater.. lebron averaged a triple double in the finals! that has never been done before.. and no he wasn’t stat padding… in fact most cavs fans and commentators were yelling at lebron to shoot the ball more.

  79. whole lot of nba draft talk going on. nets have 2 picks in the 20s. here’s what the nets have got in the twenty’s in the last 11 drafts:

    marcus williams
    josh boone
    daequan cook
    rudy fernandez
    morris almond
    alando tucker
    ryan anderson
    donte green
    d.j. white
    j.r. giddens
    eric maynor
    victor claver
    byron mullens
    rodrique beaubois
    toney douglas
    james anderson
    craig brackens
    elliot williams
    damian james
    dominque jones
    daniel orton
    marshon brooks
    mason plumlee
    ronade hollis-jefferson
    chris mccollough
    caris levert

    for the most part: not a lot.

    no reason to expect much more this year.

  80. ok this is the happiest ive ever been on this site. it took him 5 days to wake up to do so but michael said i “made his day” with my world of tank v world of warfare post.


    now go back to sleep.

  81. @JLin7
    sorry it took me 7 years to get to some of your fan mail ? … but hopefully more to come! #JLINMAILCALL

  82. good share!

  83. hey KP, yeah ..I hope Nets can find underrated RFAs so they don’t break the bank.

    NetsDaily got a good article suggesting these RFAs based on Woj’s podcast.
    I don’t like Roberson since Nets already have RHJ who’s great defensively but can’t shoot

    “hey look into RFA’s like Joe Ingles, the 6’8” swingman from Utah; Andre Roberson, the 6’7” defensive specialist from Oklahoma City; or Tony Snell, Milwaukee’s improving small forward.”

  84. Interesting NetDaily article discussing Woj and Bobby Marks podcast suggesting the Nets not to sign max offer to RFAs (Otto Porter, KCP) but smaller offer to RFAs in hopes their team don’t match:
    1 Joe Ingles, the 6’8” swingman from Utah; 44% 3FG
    2 Andre Roberson, the 6’7” defensive specialist from Oklahoma City; 24.5% 3FG or
    3 Tony Snell, Milwaukee’s improving small forward. 40.6% 3FG

    I don’t like Roberson since Nets already have RHJ who’s great defensively but can’t shoot.
    Ingles or Snell might be good.

    Will Nets “wreak havoc” with max offer sheets or go small?

  85. Didn’t even bother to read the article. What’s he saying? I guess he’s dissing his friends and comrades that they aren’t talented enough. Lol. Hmmm, sounds like Harden.

  86. UNlike LeBron, GSW added one player and lost a talented centre in FA. If GSW are stacked, it’s because they were already stacked to begin with. Jealousy is why everyone in the league makes it out they almost cheated. Truth is that they’ve built a great team by themselves through sheer good management. The Heat and Cavs grabbed franchise stars from other franchise. They didn’t build it up by year’s of good scouting and hard work.

    It’s all sour grapes and jealousy.

  87. As I said earlier, I would hv them go small

  88. cool of him to this video! thumbs up

  89. cool fans! as well!

  90. That’s an interesting idea to bring Dinwiddie as a starter.
    At this point, he did a great job being a backup PG that can close games with JLin if he’s hot. What might go against him as an SG is he’s more a natural PG than SG.

    Then again, it really depends on what Sean Marks wants from his starting SG. I got a feeling he’ll be looking at a reasonably-priced starting SG than overpaying for one. But then again, he was willing to pay for Crabbe and Tyler Johnson

  91. Perhaps you’re correct it’s wise to not go max on the RFAs, get small wins through non-max RFAs.

    Marks went 0-3 to sign Crabbe, TJ, and DMo last season so he was willing to pay for potential. Otto Porter might be worth trying. Not sure about KCP. All the teams were afraid to lose players for nothing so they’re willing to take less in trade value later.

    For example, Blazers might be willing to trade Crabbe salary + 1st round draft pick with Nets soon. That might still happen. I was high on Crabbe as a shooter but then read that he was not as good as a playmaker so he might be too expensive.

  92. rip basketball before 2015

  93. Thanks for the info, psalm. I am excited about the prospects of RFA or drafts in the offseason!

  94. BBallBreakdown has a video out that says pretty much what I keep saying about defence wins championships and basketball should be a running game.


    Right after the GSW won, there were comments about how no one has a chance against the Cavs and GSW. Well I disagree totally. The east is up for grabs very soon because age is going to become a major factor for LeBron. Secondly, the lack of good coaching on defence as illustrated by this video shows how LeBron is indeed the de facto head coach.

    When Lin lead the Hornets to a win against the Cavs last year, he did it with good transitional scoring, speed, youth and hustle that wore out the Cavs. Secondly, Lin helped to shut down their PG KI just as the GSW did to force LeBron to score.

    We had the same “no hopes ” comments for the Hornets last year when they tried to played straight up offence for offence with the Heat last year. “Wade and Dragic was too good for Walker and Batum…” and it looked hopeless. It was all gloom and doom on this site but I refused to believe it. When you run instead of walk, you can wear out opponents. Lin’s running game took the game away from scoring as the only metric to win. He tired out the Heat’s offencive legs by making them keep up with his running game.

    Lin’s always been tough on Curry. I keep saying they need a defensive stopper as their number one priority…not a shooter, not a SG. Try to get Iguodala who deserves a starting position. Convince Korvor to sign with the Nets and I’ll bet they’ll get to the eastern finals next year.

    The Cavs lost because of LeBron’s iron hold on the team. He has players around him that can help but chooses not to. He relies on straight up play to win, matching talent for talent. As the BBallBreakdown video suggests, the Cavs played terribly the last month of the regular season to let Boston overtake them to be the number one seed because they believed they could just call it up when the playoffs come around. This Cavs team is not a team, it’s a collection of stars that rely on individual talent to play straight up against another team.

    Today’s nba is a star making machine. Guys like Green and Iguodala gets no mention even though they played their hearts out.

    When people say Lin has no chance without “talent” around him, I SMH. Lin will make Korvor an allstar. Lin with Iguodala will be as tough as nails to beat. Defence is now an afterthought in the NBA. Brooklyn grit can be the catalyst to bring back the tough Piston team that gave MJ fits and Russell who totally shut down Chamberlain.

  95. Lin fans in Taiwan – wearing LIn jerseys at wedding

  96. LeBron still going to be playing at top level for next 2 years. Maybe in 4 years. LeBron played at highest level so far this year imo. Green got plenty of mentions from what I heard. In fact, he was one of the guys interviewed live at the trophy presentation. Having said this, Lin does have a chance to take Nets to playoff with the guys around him. However, imo Nets has no chance to go to Finals during next few years because of LeBron led team. Not only Nets but any team unless another super team is formed in the Eastern Conf.

    You cannot blame Cavs’ loss on LeBron or KI this year; they played well, amazingly well. It’s just that GSW had KD who played better than anyone expected on the brightest stage when it mattered the most. There is no question in my mind that Cavs would have beaten GSW this year without KD.

    KD and Curry is the new Batman and Robin combo, with Klay as another Robin.

  97. Ha, ha. It is funny. Who knows, Serena and Venus’ dad did it his own way.

  98. Leo Svete:Little clip of me & @JLin7 working together getting buckets out there! Lin throws me a nasty full court pass for a little two hand

  99. JLin needs to dance with these Kung Fu robots when he visits China 🙂

  100. As Lin fans, we want the Nets to leave more space to sign Lin a bigger and longer contract next year.
    (or he leaves and starts for a better team if necessary)

    Signing a “MAX” player will hurt Lin re-signing. And his FGA and usage rate too.

  101. Thats gonna be fun

  102. Curry kept to his word when recruiting KD he said, “I can let you be no.1”. I thought it was just words but from the way GSW played he really meant it.

  103. lol That would be what his dad’s want but I’m not too confident Lakers can create a Championship again. I Think Klay deserves a chance to lead his own team with his level of talent.

  104. Except who will become the no.1 guy? I doubt Klay would want to be the no.2/no.3 guy after Lin and Lopez. Klay definitely deserves to be out of Curry and KD’s shadows and be the man of his own team. You can tell Klay wasn’t too happy this season even with the win.

  105. where is this in cali or brooklyn?

  106. From the draft picks last year, they got
    Caris LeVert and Isaiah Whitehead.
    What’s wrong with that?

  107. a. yer picking out two names out of a list of largely never did anything’s.

    b. whitehead and levert are also never did anythings’ for some reason hyped up among nets fans as if they have “potential”.

    i wont bother dragging back up lots of numbers but whitehead for example was one of the worst players in the league playing any legitimate minutes. coming in 71’st out of 73 point guards in the league in the popular rough gauge espn per

    and levert enthusiasm is vastly over-rated (like rhj). (his numbers come in at a level of wayne ellington, nik stauskas, garret temple.)

    ill concede levert mite some day, in the future be a rotation player on a decent (as opposed to nets) team, but not now. certainly not a starting two now, people use the “eye test” instead of actual production #s when they speculate here.

    and there’s nothing to suggest whitehead will ever be an nba player beyond most of the other names on the list.

    (and the only reason they got levert was he was injured and there was no guarantee he would not remain injured as vasquez, and he was one number away from being higher than a 20’s pick and they didn’t actually draft him they had to give up their second best player from the previous season to get him).

    but the larger point was looking thru the list overall tho; not just concentrating arbitrarily on one or two names the historical record shows the nets pickins slim and nun from twenty something draftees.

    further: look at last years draft overall, as i have detailed here previously almost none of the even lottery players did anything of consequnce and thats because they are all barely out of high school these days.

    there are not very many kobe’s and lebron’s who can make the jump; it will be years before any of these chattered now names come up to even starter level production and by then as a “lin fan” it will be too late for them to matter.

    i further unlike some others see no long term compatibility here between nets goals and lin goals; never have. the nets (and this was stated over and over by both management and coaching last year) are focused long term, very long term, on “development”, then have basically no interest in winning. lin of necessity and disposition is focused otherwise.

    ideally he would have had two years to prove himself to a wider audience and move on to a big end of career contract with a decent team, now he only has one.

    further: since we’re going contentious here, a. had the nets had a top draft choice with the top heavy point guard celebs concentration at the top there would be no question lin would be back on the bench next year and b. nets fans (and management imo) seem more enthralled with back-up euro milos t. than lin.

    lin has always faced adversity and done what he could with it. and generally the more favorable the public face of his acceptance the worse the actual circumstances in reality.

    we’ll just have to wait and see what next year brings but the answer to “whats wrong with whitehead and levert” neither one of them have done anything of consequence yet in the nba and at least one of them never will and their “development” only takes away from lin’s opportunities to move forward in his career.

    come back here in five years and ask me “whats’ wrong with levert and whitehead” and i imagine i (if still vertical) would be able to tell you: “they’re the next byron mullens and victor claver”.

  108. “Brother reunion! What kind of game do you like to play??

    Just arrived in LA. Playing Dota now. My elder bro & younger bro are also playing”

  109. I think it’s in Cali

  110. Please take some time to read a great book on human potentials “The Gold Mine Effect”
    Book by Rasmus Ankersen

    The biggest mistake educators and coaches make is making assumptions instead of applying assistance. In the book, Ankersen reveals that what we believe is innate talent isn’t always so innate but by good old fashion of making a bunch of kids believe in themselves.

    Human limits are often defined by own own beliefs of what they are. When coaches make assumptions that they’ve made with rational facts and statistical analysis of pass events, they are convincing themselves and their charges of what can be done and what can’t be done.

    A perfect example is Lin who’ve never listen to anyone telling him that he’s not good enough. Lin simply believed in himself. The goldmine effect is when coaches and teachers enable that type of positive reenforcement and help them reach and pass their own limitations.

    Another even better example is Li Na 2 time women’s tennis grandslam winner. The Chinese sports and tennis federation kept Li from playing singles believing she wasn’t good enough to win. They kept her from reaching her potential by their own ignorance and statistics and facts. Each time she played singles, she failed to win anything. They used that stat to keep her from playing and working more on singles. She got so fed up with it that she retired until she was finally allowed more freedom to train and work at her singles game.

    What is potential? Some of it is skill, some of it is athleticism, but most of it is heart. The German tennis federation said that the only reason they chosed Boris Becker to be part of their junior development program was his incredible will and self belief. There were others with more skill, but Becker TrueType had the potential to break his own expectations, he simply believed it much more than anyone else. The Spanish system is much the same way.

    Each every Nets player that has made it to the NBA has become one of thousands of college players and millions of weekend warriors to ever reach the pinnacle of basketball. The separation isn’t that far apart for support players. Team leaders and alpha players are like the top 5 tennis players in the world. They have the unique qualities of skill, quickness, and intangibles. They are the difference makers and they are the team makers. Good support players are essential to a team. I believe most of the players you seem so low on has potential to be great support players. To be a championship team, you’d need at least two alpha team players that can create for themselves as well as others….OR TWO DEFENSIVE PLAYERS THAT CAN SHUT DOWN OPPONENTS AS WELL AS HAVING SOME OFFENSIVE SKILLS.

  111. League sources told ESPN on Friday that the Sixers and Celtics are working on a trade that, in its current iteration, would send a package of Sixers draft picks to Boston — including Philadelphia’s No. 3 overall selection in Thursday’s draft — in exchange for Boston’s turn at No. 1.

    See :

  112. I think he can play better than Iman Shumpert beside Lin during Linsanity. Klay is a better shooter and possibly better defender as well than Shumpert.

  113. He thought he didn’t join a super team, which I think is somewhat true for the Cavs, but not for the Heat.

  114. I agree. In fact, sometimes LeBron reminds me of Lin. There are times when I think he gets to the rim and kicks it out and he should just take the shot. Sometimes I think that’s the case with Lin.

  115. Didn’t get into his rhythm. Korver is a top shooter.

  116. I don’t know these players well, could you elaborate on what it implies ?

  117. So China and Taiwan is located in Asia so its an Asia Trip. Would be nice if he go to Korea, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. That would be a truly Asia Trip.

  118. lack of good defense? The league has made it impossible to play good defense by enacting the dumbest rules in history and turning a sport into ballet. I’ve never seen so many grown men flex this way and that just to avoid a whistle call from the refs. This isn’t the 90s…this is the “modern” version of basketball that the league has forced down our throats. Frankly I am sick and tired of this garbage, and won’t be watching any NBA aside from Lin/nets in the next season.

  119. yeah agreed, both are great playmakers, but can overpass at times.

  120. Here comes the Draft (not so much for the Nets) and FA!

  121. Lin served as a guest commentator and talked about his own “Dota 2” team known as Vici Gaming J during the team’s quarterfinal match against Natus Vincere.

  122. I think a defensive stopper would be a good addition, but also crucial is another playmaker who can pass/penetrate, basically Lin. Deron Williams hurt them, he wasn’t the answer. LeBron requested the second playmaker throughout the season, but the team needed someone on the level of Lin (and who is that?). When Lin was a 6th man he was so valuable (from a team perspective, NOT a Lin perspective. To those reading, please understand that crucial difference and we are talking about two out-of-town teams, not what position is best for Lin).

    Iggy is a big part of GSW. He makes guys like LeBron work for their buckets and disrupts some of what they do.

  123. Why did they let Delly go? He was a net positive for them.

  124. It may make sense to the Cavaliers but will (probably) not happen.

    “NBA Trades That Make Too Much Sense: Jeremy Lin to Cleveland”

    “Cleveland Cavaliers get: Jeremy Lin
    Brooklyn Nets get: Iman Shumpert, Kay Felder, and a top-10 protected first-round pick in 2021”;0xw,0xh&resize=650:*

  125. Actually a pretty good article. The author put a lot of thought into why it makes sense for Cleveland. He didn’t make a good case for Brooklyn though. They’ve already seen first hand that losing Jeremy leaves them with a serious hole that role players can’t fill.

  126. here’s a quote from an article on previous drafts that sums up my feelings: “Johnny Taylor did what most players taken in the second half of the first round do: hop around the NBA before flunking out entirely.”

  127. That trade would rock my world…

  128. Here we go again! It’s like Charlotte all over, Lin as an one-year rental backup! Nets to trade Lin in exchange for Shumpert and Felder, Really? On top of that the protected first-round pick is 4 years away! The Nets can’t be that stupid can they?

  129. “In interview about Draft, Hornet GM Cho says they’d like to find back-up PG, admits they missed @JLin7 last year.”

  130. “@JLin7 to launch his limited edition fragrances this July?! There’ll be a press conference held in Taiwan next month ”

  131. everybody missed jlin lol.

  132. this would help cle. sas need a next gen pg also

  133. he’s NOT a Back up that you missed, He’s a starter you don’t want to have!

  134. Happy Father’s Day to Papa Lin and to all awesome fathers here! ? ? ? ? ? ?

    @JLin7 (LINE):Lin’s boys are blessing our father Happy Father’s Day!

  135. LOLOLOLOL Hornets deserved everything they’ve got this past season and seasons to come for only treating JLin as a “backup.” Sad for these people….. Am am am so glad that JLin is in Nets now.

  136. They need a starting PG LOL.

  137. Back to sleep then….zzz

  138. Haha, so true

  139. @JLin7 Full Assist Highlights 2016-17 season
    Great court vision & PnR mastery?
    5.1asts/gm is #3 in least mpg in 6yrs

  140. @JLin7 2016-17 PER36 stats are 21.3pts/7.5asts
    If healthy & playing 32mpg, we can expect 18.9pts/6.7asts next season

  141. not to beat a dead horse but again: unless the nets do things radically different than they did last year lin will not be playing 32 minutes.
    nor will anyone else.

    last year a healthy brook lopez the primary team healthy scorer and “star” didn’t average even 30 minutes per game.

    no one else still on the team at the end of the season averaged even 26.

    and lin himself only played 32 minutes 3 times. 3 times in the 36 games he played!

    two of the first three games of the season and the last game of the season.

    ten players played at least 20 minutes; no one played 30 minutes (average).

    so: without a change in team time player management a lin fan will be disappointed if they “expect” numbers for lin contingent on 32 minutes cause (again unless they do things differently than last time, dramatically differently)–it ain’t happening.

  142. You choose to look at it as if it means they will not change in the future. I choose to look at it as a process of building a team. Over using Lin and Lopez is counter to the development of the rest of the team. With one year of development, some players have shown signs of improvement to a degree that they may be available to pad trades and sweeten pots. With no draft to build from, this is the only route they have. Build by gradual improvements in trades and FAs.

    I choose to look at the lack of minutes as a sign of respect instead of any negative connotations. I want to believe that they simply want to save the 2 stars for when they can make a serious meaningful run. It’s like how Pop would save his stars for playoffs.

    Impatience is why Lin fans wonder out loud what good the Nets will be for Lin. We can dream all we want about all the teams that could use his talents but I’m not getting fooled again. Even if Lin gets traded to be a 6th man or starter, we may run into the media bias as well as player jealousy yet again. Unless LeBron himself comes out and ask for Lin, nothing good can come of hoping for a quick fix for Lin’s future.

    If Lin is healthy and team can make a playoff run, you can bet Lin will play 32-36 minutes. My hopes are high for next season that they will get into the playoffs. It’s beneficial to the Nets to show FAs that they are serious and needs extra few pieces to take them up the rankings.

  143. Well said.

  144. Robin Lundberg also thinks Cavs+Paul George+JLin can contend with Warriors.
    While some of us (perhaps Lin himself) don’t prefer Lin be backup PG, it is good to see more people acknowledged JLin’s ability to help bring championships rings.

    But I don’t see LeBron shows any interest so it might be a moot point anyway.

    I saw someone write about this and I wish I remembered to give credit but Jeremy Lin would be a great target. George + Lin = Grand Slam.

  145. If we look at the trend in the last 10W-11L push at the end of the season, there is more hope that Brook-Lin will play 32mpg.

    There were 5 games that Lin played 31min then 1 game with 34 min in the last game vs the Celtics. Brook also had 12 games with 30+ min in that stretch.

    The Nets were in the mode of keeping Lin healthy until the end of season so I can see why they were super cautious. And I can appreciate that because the “injury-prone” label will stick to JLin if he were injured again. It’s possible that next season they will start Brook-Lin with 28-30min to ramp up slowly to 32mpg.

    It’s certainly harder to get All-Star numbers even with 32 mpg but hopefully the personnel upgrade, more Ws, and career longevity in the long-term would be worth it

  146. chill out.. I think it’s more of those ‘hater’ or media writers who was say ‘Sesson > Lin’ should be the one getting smack in the face right now. I recalled one of them was saying that.. and obviously he doesn’t know much about bball and evaluating players. someone else should get gthat job..but then again he is just a writer..going for clicks..

    he should be punished and write Lin >>> Session 100 x on twitter. LOL

  147. Excellent perspective that the Nets respect and value JLin (at least for the next 2 years). It might be easy to miss the signs based on what the Nets didn’t do but not trading for “starter-level” PG when Lin was injured, putting him as the face of the franchise in the billboard, and not pushing him to play lots of min to sell tickets/get Ws showed the Nets wanted to build long-term with Lin.

    Brook-Lin grade was incomplete due to injury but KA already said they want to review it again one more year (unless a team offers 1 first round draft picks for Brook). I think the Nets also wants to see if Lin can be healthy and lead the Nets as the franchise PG in Year 2.

    Everyone understands the Nets might change direction in Year 3 if Lin gets injured again so it is certainly important for Lin be healthy next season. For now, the Nets gives a fair chance for Lin to lead as the franchise PG.

  148. he has a chance.. as long as he is not QB or running back or something like that because those to certain USA media stereotypes are reserve for black and white since those position have to be strong and huge and atletlic.

    kickers are mostly white or ppl not as strong or huge. So the stereotype at least fits with whatever they imagine.

    Say whatever you know.. you know i’m speaking realistically.. else you are living in a cave.

  149. clearly im in the minority here. ill bow out til the season starts. but im pretty much sure of what im saying.

    imo lin has one season to prove himself to a wider audience and he will have to do it against not in concert with the general tendencies of the nets.

    again as i see it lin has always accomplished what he has despite not because of the circumstances he found himself in and the more nominally “welcoming” the circumstances the worse the actual results.

    last season with little or no time lin proved something he hadnt before that he could be just as good with little or no time as he could with sufficient time.

    i do not see any of the nets “prospects” as ever accomplishing anything of consequence in the nba.

    i do not see any change in the general philosophy of long term development restricting minutes among other things.

    i am optimistic lin can achieve what he needs to next season (if healthy) as he always has; but i do not see his short or long term interests connecting with the nets beyond next season.

    again: i didn’t say lin wouldn’t play 32 to 36 minutes next season i said: ” without a change in time team player management”.

    other posters here have explanations of why that can come to pass.

    we shall see.

    if lin does play that much ill personally concede my theoretic objections based on factual as opposed to speculative data were incorrect.

  150. As much as I like Robin, I don’t like James, so would not like to see Lin in a Cavs uniform. (Probably a moot point anyway as you say)

  151. I am with you here.

  152. You have a solid point that until the Nets prove otherwise, Lin’s minutes would still be barely at 30mpg in the last 10-20 games.

    “i am optimistic lin can achieve what he needs to next season (if healthy) as he always has; but i do not see his short or long term interests connecting with the nets beyond next season”

    What you said here is very important to realize for many Lin fans. With Lin and Brook being 30 years old in 2018, both of their best interest might not be with the Nets and vice versa. The Nets will go with the youth movement and Lin (+ Brook) might be better looking at a contender if he wants to pursue a championship ring.

    2017-18 season will become an important season for Lin to show off his ability as a franchise PG. If he’s healthy and successful, he might be contending to be an All-Star and the Nets (and other teams) would reward him with a new (more valuable) contract. If not, Lin might have to exercise his 3rd year player option and might get traded to a different team, hopefully a contender.

    NBA biz side can be very cruel

  153. @JLin7 to play at the Steve Nash Foundation Showdown in New York on June 21. Live stream starting at 6pm EST on FB ⚽️

  154. yeah, I also don’t like to guess every game if Lin will play 15mpg or 20mpg.
    It’s really not the best opportunity at this juncture for Lin’s career.

  155. Cavs just fired their GM ( for the lean times ahead?).

  156. Lin himself with the right playas around him can beat the warriors

  157. I hope Jlin will some day write a children’s book. Just found out that Patty Mills wrote a children’s book Game day, interesting.

  158. Hm, that was weird. Conflict with owner. LeBron must’ve been consulted beforehand?

  159. No way JR Smith will welcome Lin. LeBron and Wade were fighting for the right to shut down Linsanity for their buddy Melo. I’m sure all the talk was how Melo lost his team to a Minority. Lol. They all think that no Asian can really play like how Mayweather says ” black players do what Lin does all the time and Lin was famous because of his colour.”

    The one team that may be a destination for Lin is Raptors. Mask Ujuri has said after this seasons dismal playoff effort that they need a new way, and a new culture. They have a good team that needs a real PG and not 2 scorers as it is now with Lowrey and DeRozen. The fans in Toronto are very diverse with lots of Asian support. The fans and media is hungry for more success. If Lin moves his talents to Raptors, he can take them to the finals.

  160. Raptors should have realized that 3 year ago and LBJ could use Melo’s help this time.

  161. LeBron James‏Verified account @KingJames 13h13 hours ago
    If no one appreciated you Griff I did, and hopefully all the people of Cleveland! Thanks for what u did for the team for 3 yrs! We got us 1?

    ———-D3 is coming ………….

  162. It looks like LeBron was not consulted. Drama behind the screen maybe?

  163. When there is no uncertainty of future championship for the Cavs, the boss turns tight, fans cool down and James needs to make decision again.

  164. man if we could get porzingis and reddick omg.. the floor spacing will be incredible for jlin!!!

  165. The real power of sports is that it can drive our ability to reach for “what could be” instead of “what is expected”. You’ll find it in all human activities but nothing excites people more than when athletes break records and reach for what was considered up reachable.

    People used to think the 4 minute mile was impossible possibly dangerous to the human body. Once it was broken everybody else started doing it like it was nothing. The truth is our minds presets our actions and set our bodies with limiters.

    Nike recently tried to break the 2 hour marathon with help of markers and Pacers. They failed but I loved their mindset. Wanting something is why athletes create their own destiny.

    Adidas had an ad ” impossible is nothing”. Imo, they got it wrong, to be an athlete…”impossible IS EVERYTHING!” If you don’t believe it’s possible, it really is impossible.

  166. Who is Tim Mozgov? Please tell me more about D’Angelo Russell.

  167. (said i was out till season but can’t pass up this): well instead you got mozgov & da russell, and lost brook lopez and a draft pick.

  168. here’s a direct quote from lin fan legend “king” k huang on the “other” “dark side” lin site when the idea of this trade was first floated; positioning it as “wishful thinking” by a “lin hating” netsdaily huang said and i quote:

    “DeAngelo Russell was Lin’s race replacement in LA. Russell FAILED BADLY, just as I and many other Lin fans predicted he would before he even got drafted. His high personal numbers come at the expense of wins. The same goes for the other selfish unskilled Lin race replacement in LA, Jordan Clarkson who the Lakers are dying to get rid of.

    Getting DeAngelo Russell and a bad contract would set the Nets back for years and push Lin out the door. ”


  169. Russell? So they don’t want Lin ???

  170. I don’t know if I like having Russell in Brooklyn. He was the 2015 Round 1, 2nd pick who took over the starting PG position from Jordan Clarkson. Very hyped but not leading team to wins in LA. His signing may mean Lin is not in Nets’ future plan after the 2017-2018 season.

  171. I disagree with this move. Mozgov is not better then Lopez. And if Russell is to start over Lin, that would be a huge mistake. If Russell is to back up Lin that would be okay. But it doesn’t seem like you would trade for Russell to be a back up.

    To add injury to insult, Nets lost another pick.

  172. That’s my surprised to see that Russell is with Nets. I don’t want to make any assumptions before I check out. I dislike Russell because of who he is. Wonder why Sean Marks and Atkinson want him…. What does all this means…..

  173. I am so surprised to see the trade for Russel too…. why get him? Weird. Nets GM is not smart… why get Mozgov? He’s not better than Lopez….???

  174. Lin russell back court and mosgov is a good move

  175. Wait what…. russell??? so lin moving to SG… what….

  176. Why this is good move???

  177. I think more Russell to SG.

  178. russel is a three point shooter. Lin acan ditch the ball to him for three

  179. So you think Russel will be SG like me?

  180. Snitches get stiches

  181. average 4 assists last year in 29 minutes. Its an upgrade to lopez or rhj handling the ball. more up tempo less posst ups

  182. i dont think it matther. i probably wouldnt want Russel guarding sg. Lin is the superior defender

  183. russel is 6’5 so he may be listed at s’g. rhj at sf to gaurd his man

  184. Lin and Lebron to spurs next year.
    Lin + Kawhi + Lebron, 2018-2019 Champs.

  185. all nets need is a PF

  186. Brook-Lin is no more. 🙁

    This sad reality is killing my appetite for dinner.

  187. Lin has become the face of the nets

  188. Thank you for the positive thinking.

  189. Where is the high character that Nets keep advocating? Russel?

    Lin next? Or Russel as trading chip?

    Don’t get this move. This is a total disaster on Nets.

  190. going young and ball movement

  191. my biggest issue last year was lopez shooting threes and posting up was clunky. both of those got answered

  192. So all the high character talk is a joke? Russel is a bomb waiting to explode.

  193. he is 21.he made a bad choice a few years ago

  194. Lin is definitly the leader on the team

  195. Where are all of Lins 5 friends that wanted to play for the nets? Pretty sure Dlo was not one of them!

  196. And Timofey Mozgov is age 30. I really don’t get this trade. Really.

  197. Going young…? So Lin will be out soon? He’s the same age as Lopez

  198. I hope so but for how long? If Lin doesn’t want to stay w Nets, they will trade him just like Lopez.

  199. Nets will trade Lopez for Mozov+ D A Russell

    So much for announcing Jlin as their “full time PG” last July.

  200. he is decent. we nedded a center in return

  201. He’s going to the spurs.. how do you not see this. It is destiny.

  202. Lin has a trade kicker. also a free agent after next year

  203. Sigh

  204. Don’t see Spurs spending 12 mil on Jlin. Spurs is so used to players taking discount to be a Spur.

  205. TBH, I can see JLin taking a discount to be a Spur

  206. Lets hope so.

  207. Welcome to the “why-this-trade” party which has been going on for 40 minutes. 🙁

  208. After this trade, I really don’t think they will offer Lin big contract after next year…. They got Russel….

  209. Lol. He can’t be happy about this trade. Marks basically flipped him off with both hands for 10 seconds 5 inches in front of his face.

  210. Spurs need a PG fast. Patty Mills is not a playmaker and I don’t see them waiting for dejounte murray to fully develop. That’s gonna take 3-4years. I don’t think Pop is going to wait that long. He’s gonna be 72-73 yrs old.

  211. by replacing the 28-year-old Brook Lopez with the 30-year-old Tim Mozgov? I doubt it.

  212. whose to say Lin would come back. its alot of unknowns. the team is influx right now. :in is definitly the biggest draw on the team. we will see what they do

  213. mosgov is a full time center. no post ups and no threes for him

  214. Somehow I feel this Russell trade just like Hawks wanted Schroder over Teague. So Nets already got Lin’s replacement if he doesn’t want to stay…?

    Or maybe Nets will trade Lin soon???

  215. russsel and Lin a true point gaurds. they both can play both .

  216. If Jlin has 1 more yr with Nets basically a rental, why not go to the Cavs and be in a winning team? JUst a thought.

  217. Pack our baggage again. Let’s see what happens.

  218. The way i see it nets need to prove to Lin why he should stay. Idk if the can given gsw and the fact they have 4 hall of famers. This is why they may trade Lin and get something for him .

  219. I have no respect for Nets Front office. They pay lip service of being high character imitating Spurs blah blah. The Nets have no loyalty, trading away Lopez. Spurs PATFO are loyal to their players. At this point of his career, Tony Parker is still valued. Spurs will not waive or trade Tony Parker. Spurs will still sign Manu after this yr.

  220. That’s my hope but I also think Marks or Nets don’t think long team on Lin after this trade…. just not happy about it. Russell is not even match what they said high character guy… but they still got him… this trade it’s to get young PG.

  221. That’s unfortunately how I feel too. So Lin may not be in Nets’ long-term plan. Cold reality!

    After 2017-18 season, Lin has a player’s option in his contract. Nets FO may believe (or plan) that he will opt out of the 3rd year.

  222. i kinda wanna see Lin to the cavs or spurs. i think spurs make the most sense. idk if spurs would pay for him.

  223. I am not surprised they traded Lopez but just stun that they got Russell????

  224. exactly.

  225. Spurs has 6 mil to fill the slots of Patty Mills, Dedmon, and Simmons.

  226. hell no if i was Lin. but didnt manu retire?

  227. That’s for sure he will option out but if Nets really think long team on him ….they will not get Russell….

  228. No problem packing, he is single at least he does not have relocate his kids schools.

  229. But I don’t see Lin go to both teams.

  230. No Manu is still considering about retirement, and if he wants to play for the Spurs for at least one more yr, Spurs will sign him, IMO that is Spurs loyalty to their players.

  231. Here is the deal, if you go to Netsdaily and read their comments, the NEts fans want Jlin to play off ball SG, or even as backup combo guard ala what he did at Hornets. IF Jlin is going to be a backup combo guard at Nets, hell no for this Lin fan, I prefer that he goes to the Cavs. No chance for Spurs right now, Spurs is broke.

  232. we will see. offseason just started. GSW is a monster everyone wants to kill. teams needs more top players. Cavs could of used second ball handler

  233. Lol =)

  234. Hopefully Spurs. They really miss a PG

  235. I don’t know if I like the idea of Lin helping to “develop” the very-hyped Russell.

  236. Lin is the best player on the nets. why would he come of the bench ?
    russell shot 40 percentlast year. he is also a worst passer and defender then
    Lin. Lets not worry about him comming of the bench on the nets. the
    issue is how bright is Nets future and does Lin need to go else where.
    Im thinking he does. Nets may think he will go else where and trade him
    for something as oppose to him just leaving

  237. got no money though

  238. ive been saying this for a long long time now.

  239. russel is alot like a better crabbe from last years offseason but much less money

  240. now they do, gasol just opted out of his contract to take less money

  241. What made you think Cav wants Lin? Do you think Lin will get 15 min playing time in Cav or even have the ball in his hand?

  242. pau gasol opted out of his 16m deal so yeah they will have some more cap space

  243. hmmmm? maybe for chris paul. wait and see

  244. its pretty messed up seeing all that brook has done for them..

  245. So Russell is more like CnS SG not real PG? I didn’t watch any Lakers game…. If so then Nets will not get JJ Redick?

  246. I actually think this is a good trade for both teams.

  247. yeah that what i think they want to go after, but if they don tget him, maybe they could make some trades for lin.. keeping my fingers crossed

  248. i just can’t see how this is good for lin. His touches will diminish, his opportunities to play pick n roll will diminish, etc. It’s happened too many times for me to have hope, worst of all, the nets won’t even sniff the playoffs.

  249. no i dont think so. russsel is un athletic so he takes alot of three. he doesnt drive much

  250. please lin to the spurs i hate having to root for two different teams lol

  251. I hope so and wait and see. But Lin isn’t afraid of competition for win.

  252. I think I have come to the acceptance that the NBA will never respect Lin for what he is truly capable of. I am just hoping that Lin can stay healthy and be a major contributor on a championship caliber team.

  253. Well not really. Lopez toches will just go to D’angelo. but i bet Lin gets most of the touches. Ball will move alot though

  254. idk i think russell plays at the two.. regardless if lin does not get traded this season he def is gonna start for the season. the guys on the nets reddit page seem pretty high on having a lin-dlo back court

  255. I think these two could play well together. Rather have Lin / Russelll than Foye, Vasquez. God. ..

  256. Lin will likely leave after next year anyways

  257. Agree

  258. i want lin to leave, but i hate this trend of him leaving teams after a year or two..

  259. Brook Lopez traded to Lakers with Nets 27th pick, Nets recieve DeAngelo Russel and Timofey Mozgov…what does this mean for Lin?

  260. Bballbreakdown is awesome. The best YT bball channel for several years in my opinion.

  261. Paul will not go there. They’re just Leonard and a bunch of D-Leaguers

  262. yea. who know. Lin and russel may be the next wall and beal

  263. wow, this is a shocker

    I’m still waiting to see if Nets will flip Mozgov and DRussel somewhere else or they actually envision Lin/DRussel backcourt

    Mozgov was signed in LA with bloated contract after he had a good year with Cavs. Traditional big Center.

    DRussel doesn’t exactly qualify as “high character” so I wonder what the Nets plan is

  264. Just check Russell’s contract, Next season will be his contract year too…. So either Nets will sign him for long team or he will be out soon….

  265. I’m still waiting to see if the Nets will make any more moves.

    Even if the Nets plan to have Lin/DRussel backcourt for next season, a soon-to-be 29 year old JLin would need to think hard if it would be in his best interest to stay with the mostly young Nets for the next few years as a “player-coach”. His goal to win championships probably won’t be realized with the Nets in the next few years.

    But whatever scenario might play out, JLin just needs to be healthy, tries to shine and bring his team to the playoff so he has plenty of options from multiple NBA teams when he exercises his 3rd year player option in 2018.

    NBA Biz side can be ruthless and unpredictable indeed.

  266. agreed.

  267. JLin said good-bye to his buddy, Brook ?

    I’ll miss you Brook!! Nicest dude ever

  268. Wow, Lin is a rental and Atkinson never gave Brook-Lin a shot. Atkinson is doing the same as every other coach, “Too much Lin, makes me NOT want to WIN” attitude.

  269. Yes. I think the Nets want Russell no more than they desperately want a serviceable center and the two overpaid SGs a season ago to keep team from tanking.

  270. ;(

  271. CP to Spurs, Lin + Lebron to clippers. LOL, just throwing the Jerry West thing into the mix.

  272. Interesting Trade Grade from SI
    Trade Grades: Lakers Ship D’Angelo Russell To Nets In Salary Dump
    Lakers B-
    Nets A

  273. Best lucks to Brook back home in CA!

    NY fans like me will miss the great teammate who was always supportive of Lin! 🙁

  274. Lin here good to, but LeBron prob at CLE or headed to Clips based on the Jerry West move.

  275. Shump still there, likes Lin.

  276. Nets really want to use Lakers salary dump and get something back from Brook’s expiring contract.

    I wonder if there is a remote chance that Nets will dangle DRussell as a trade asset. From the SI article, he’s clearly not a 2-way player

    While he showed flashes of the scoring and playmaking skills that made him a top pick out of Ohio State, Russell (15.6 PPG, 4.8 APG) also proved to be a streaky shooter, a mediocre offense-initiator, and a consistently abysmal defender, posting an atrocious 113.4 defensive rating for a Lakers team that ranked dead last in defensive efficiency.

  277. I will back out my comment and wait until all dust settled.

    Maybe Russel will be traded. Maybe Lin will be traded. Business is business.

  278. From Nets and Sean Marks perspective, Nets had no viable option at PG other than Lin last year. They need another PG badly. When Lin was injured, their options were limited at PG. They play a motion offense, everyone touches the ball, so there’s no need for a ball dominate PG. IMHO, Lin at PG and Russell slides over at SG (he likes to shoot), they both are interchangeable, stager their minutes at PG. I think Lin will be fine.

  279. This paragraph showing DRussell is not a 2-way player makes me wonder what’s the chance that DRussell could be a trade asset for the Nets. Brook might be harder to trade than DRussell so Nets had to take a chance to swing Brook soon.

    While he showed flashes of the scoring and playmaking skills that made him a top pick out of Ohio State, Russell (15.6 PPG, 4.8 APG) also proved to be a streaky shooter, a mediocre offense-initiator, and a consistently abysmal defender, posting an atrocious 113.4 defensive rating for a Lakers team that ranked dead last in defensive efficiency. Down the stretch off his second season, Russell was benched and then shifted off the ball, raising questions about his role next season.

  280. yeah, so many possibilities

    I had the thought that for the Nets, it might be easier to trade 21-yr old DRussell (2nd pick from 2015) than 29-yr old Brook Lopez, especially before the NBA Draft.

  281. Expectation – Pau will likely get a 30 mil 3 yr contract with spurs. I guess tht will free up 6 mil.

  282. Considering the current situation of Nets, I don’t think the GM has any leisure to think further than reaching the playoff, now. He must grab any competitive talent available and worry about the poison later.

  283. Everybody has to remember that marks (and kenny by extension) INHERITED brook, but they SIGNED lin. unless we start to see russell/levert starting with lin as 6th man, i have FAITH that kenny and lin (and by extension marks) are all on the same page. lin said as much at the exit interview. lin is NOT scared to share the ball nor the limelight with other good players. the cream always rises to the top. give a healthy lin minutes and he’ll put you in a position to win. only more talent will get us over the hump and in that respect russell is a more modern player than brook. im not that happy about mozgov but he’s at least a solid vet. with 30mil in cap space, suppose we sign blake griffin or paul milsap?

    i know we all have PTSD after all these years, but we must not jump to conclusions… brook never was that great anyway. this only ELEVATES lin to #1 on the team. HE is THE MAN, UNDOUBTEDLY now. sure russell may be seen as the future, but lin is the NOW. HE is the vet, HE is the leader, HE is the “coach” on the floor. no 21 year old, immature player will come and take that from lin…

  284. My though too. It’s the current GM who gave Lin the contract and he is in such a bad situation that he has no leisure to be picky on the market now.

  285. look at my avatar! russell starts with a clean slate in brooklyn. the lakers were tanking. they tanked with BS and they tanked with walton. nobody knows how good or bad russell really is. he at least has RAW talent and is young. people say he’s slow, but maybe that’s good cuz lin is fast. a good 1-2 punch. im excited for whats to come…

  286. he has ONE YEAR to prove his worth

  287. exactly. Lin contract is 1 more year so why worry about tomorrow. who cares what the future is. the future is unpredictable. Worry about whats now and right now. Lin is the leader and the best player

  288. dwiddel?

  289. very true… Nets GM simply tries to make the franchise competitive after losing so many draft picks to the Celtics.

  290. this freaking suks. trading brookie that is.

  291. they have NO center now.. it’s only outside in.. offense. smh

  292. More Woj bomb

    Sources: Charlotte is sending Miles Plumlee, Marco Belenelli and 41st pick to Atlanta for Dwight Howard and 31st pick.

  293. If KA and Marks don’t show some progress in the coming season their boss could fire them. Forget about “corner stones”.

  294. @NetsDaily
    Next July weighed heavily on Nets. They’d have to decide whether to extend Lopez and wonder if Lin would opt out, leaving them without a PG.

  295. yes, if there are no more trades, let’s hope Lin/DRussell backcourt will work out for the best. Their skillset can be complementary

  296. Woj bomb indeed ! I will hit refresh on his page like a madman !

  297. lol don’t forget to sleep :}


    Haha, the Nets are like the NBA’s go-to salary dumping grounds.

  299. Is there a site that puts together every notable nba insider tweets ?

  300. wow.. I wonder if Dwight knew about it.
    He just asked fans about NBA Draft questions 10 min prior to Woj bomb

    Ok Twitter Fans ,, give me your thoughts , trades or otherwise & Remember 2B-Nice ?

  301. you can try hoopshype/rumors

  302. Sucks to see Brook go but I’m hoping Russell is the miracle ticket towards a lottery pick, hopefully top 10 to be exact. Any teams that hold a lottery pick needs Russell?

  303. Damn, his stock has plummeted

  304. i wouldnt trade him for those picks. thats a crab shot. Who know which kid will be a hit or a miss

  305. I just don’t think Russell is the “good character” guy that the Nets would want on their roster during the season… unless he has been ill-represented all these time.

  306. But the good character charade was broken by getting rid of the highest chatacter guy and getting the lowest character guy… jlin needs to get out… im so tired of this…

  307. Kenny atkinson blows… another liar along with marks…

  308. we need better bigs. im unconvinced that rhj is good enough to be a starter. i know lin fans are hating on russell right now cuz their PTSD makes them feel as if lin’s job is threatened, but lets be objective. russell is a talent that will help lin WIN. levert is gold. RHJ was ok next to brook, but now with mozgov i want someone better. jamychal green? millsap? someone who can shoot 3’s, grab boards, and defend competently… we have 30 mil in cap space…. if we can draft a good big, sign a good big, then getting rid of brook was all worth it. he was NEVER a good pnr partner with lin anyways.

  309. Low character bad player coming in replace jlin… weve aeen this too many times…

  310. Jlin is done in brooklyn… weve seen this movie bf… like a zillion times… lol

  311. The message is clear. Youth over age and experience.

  312. i think Lin(PG) and Russel(SG) can play together.

    From a article:
    D’Angelo Russell says he doesn’t care what position he plays
    Los Angeles’ young guard just wants to be on the floor.
    by Harrison [email protected] Mar 17, 2017, 12:29pm PDT

    The first time D’Angelo Russell played as a nominal point guard in high level basketball was in the NBA, so it would make sense if the Los Angeles Lakers guard didn’t feel particularly attached to the position.

    According to Jovan Buha, that’s exactly the case, writing that Russell told reporters “he has no preference for which guard position he plays, as long as he’s on the floor.”

    Russell has mostly played point guard this year, to varying results. He has assisted on 28.1 percent of his teammates baskets while on the floor (the highest rate on the team) but he’s also faced a creativity tax, turning the ball over 12.3 percent of the time.

    When working without dribbling the air out of the ball as he’s often had to do as one of the few playmakers, Russell has played better, as his shooting percentage improves on shots he holds the ball for less time on.

  313. I believe him. He’s too slow for PG, both on offense and defense. He shot slightly worse last year than his rookie year.

    Russell at SG next to Lin makes sense. There’s always reason to be concerned with Lin’s mistreatment, but from a basketball standpoint, playing them together would be pretty good.

  314. exactly. he replaces foye. russell can shoot and pass. he doesnt drive so well and his decision making needs time. guess who has experience making the right plays and drives to the rim at an elite level?

  315. Coach Atkinson is “innocent” until proven otherwise. Don’t convict him yet! 🙂

    Let us wait till “the dust settled” as BobbyH said below. There are still more dramas to unfold in the NBA trade show. Sit back and watch.

  316. your PTSD is showing… unless lin gets benched, he’s still the best player on the team…

  317. Great point! Let’s relax and watch the NBA trade show till the end.

  318. Sorry joy, the whole good character guy thing just went out the window… jlin is odd man out here… hope u r right

  319. Sadly, jlin gets shafted… racism is alive and well here im the good ol usa…

  320. they have the draft and 30 mil in cap space to fix that.

  321. Lol… its experience…

  322. Not to the nets…

  323. me too!

  324. Any comments by jlin? He must be pizzed

  325. No, its levert and russell in the backcourt…

  326. So they get rid of ins biggest supporter im brook and get a low character pg! Im getting sick of this!

  327. …to tank the jobs of KA and Marks away.

  328. Lin’s there to train all the rookies

  329. Just checked in. Don’t know what’s going on in the last 24 hrs. Please update.
    DRussell to Nets ??

  330. Sadly, used and abused

  331. Blopez traded to lakers for d russell and some center… bad for jlin

  332. They r the future

  333. That’s all ??
    Brook’s worth more than that…

  334. Not to nets… russell is terrible…

  335. Agreed. Jlin is a goner

  336. I’ll be damn!! Looking forward to a BrookLin duo!!!

  337. Me too! So much for being the leader

  338. Another article Russel Playing SG,

    The biggest revelation, though, was that Russell may actually be better suited to operate as a shooting guard rather than a conventional point guard since he’s a capable spot-up shooter who can use the threat of an improving jumper to take defenders off the dribble.

    “I feel like when you’re playing shooting guard, you’ve got to score the ball or make plays for your teammates,” Russell said after he erupted for a career-high 40 points as the Lakers’ starting 2 in a March showdown against the Cleveland Cavaliers, per’s Baxter Holmes. “Playing the point guard, it’s harder to do that, be aggressive, try to score the ball every time, because you’ve got to make at least one pass.”

  339. Submissive yes man asian guy!

  340. The key may be if Mozgov can be a competent defensive big that can set good screens. Brook was neither of those things for Lin. Lin made Asik look good, maybe Mozgov could be an upgraded Asik. Russell is a project, but my hopes is for Mozgov to be the defensive big that can set picks for Lin. At 7’1″, he could provide some desperately needed stopping power on defence to help Lin’s career. Lin won’t need to stop people as much as just shunt them to a blocker.

    Maybe that’s why they tried so hard to make Brook look good. Lin did make Brook look good providing him open looks by collapsing the defence. What I saw too often was his inability to rebound and make key points at clutch time to make a difference in the game.

    We will never know if Brook asked to be moved or not. Maybe he wants to get a shot at a ring somewhere. Marks and Atkinson were protecting against the inevitable ticking time bomb of an expiring contract with no where to go. If Brook re-injures, we’d be in deep doodoo. Best to sell high while you can and get something in return.

  341. Yeah, but I believe Lin was and still the leader. I’m not bashing the org until I know more and the first quarter of the season. DRussell does have upside – young, can run, can shoot the 3’s, and still improving…

  342. Bad attitude! Dont forget levert who was a diamond found in the rough… its goimg to be russell and levert set at back court… jlin will be leading choir practice in a church… he needs to get mean…

  343. We still don’t know the rest of the story – maybe a trade within a trade… Still, what matters is on the court. DRussell has something to prove. And Lin is always a good teammate and natural leader. One thing for sure: DR >> Foye, backup PG. DR is a great backup just in case of bad luck and vice versa.

  344. Jlin will be iced out by russell and levert… book it…

  345. I said it before, Jlin needs to work on his ISO moves oh and a good floater.

  346. And I hope that you’ll be wrong and I’m sure you hope so too. DR’s thing with his teammate was between them. DR did spoke out against BScott’s mistreatments.

  347. He needs to play hardball and leverage his power

  348. We r on the same page my friend… just have seen this too many times

  349. I’m not afraid someone overtaking Lin – Not even a James Harden player on the Nets… right now. Bottom line is to Win games, not tanking, not throwing them away.

  350. Im more selfish for our boy… id like to see him wield his power and force something…

  351. Salary dump from a tanker is not worth tanking a big market team, unless Marks wants to follow his prev. GM.

  352. I’m with you. But there’s not much without a winning record for the Nets. First is the winning record, then Lin can surely demand respects.

  353. His defense is so bad that he’s always one step behind all the other guards. He’s going make Lin look bad for having to cover him all the time. But it don’t matter coz he’s the future!

  354. Don’t care who joins the Nets as long that player is willing to run and win for the team, for his own respect and value and that’ll help Lin’s role as well.

  355. Still, really sucks to see Brook leave town. He’s my Lin’s favorite teammate. Any move, any upgrade is a good thing. I just don’t want to sit through no changes and hope everyone will improve on their own.

  356. Agree. I see them wanting a serviceable center desperately. I had smelled the future trading of Brook in the preseason games when Brook and Lin were not playing at the same time.

  357. i agree. mozgov is solid. overpaid but solid. with our draft pick i assume they go after someone more dynamic. defending the pick and roll requires a big who can move his feet. mozgov aint that guy, but who says he needs to play major minutes? i think a good draft choice can mitigate mozgov’s weaknesses.

    now i’d like to see our cap space used on getting a legit 4… and rhj/hamilton/booker/nicholson being traded to get better back up bigs…

  358. Sucks to see Brook go. But I do feel positive about this trade: All in and get something done – And if it works then Lin can stay OR Lin can go join a championship caliber team.

  359. No more playing around, Nets organization. It’s All in or JLin can leave and help a championship caliber team. That’s the way I see it. Some drastic changes need to happen.

  360. I loved brook! Russell is bad material man… i live in brooklyn… thank goodness i didnt buy season tix last year and definitely wont next

  361. He’s a kid, young man… We see players change from team to team due to teammate chemistry, culture, coaching styles… Give him a chance.

  362. lin has one year to prove his worth

  363. if he gets injured again. knock on wood..he will forever be a benchie playa..sorry to say.
    else he have to prove his worth

  364. even though it feels similar to when houston traded for harden, the big difference is kenny is not mcfail… maybe dlo does become the #1 on the team, but kenny isnt going to let lin stand in the corner like before. lin is an INTEGRAL part of what they are doing… ball movement, good shot selection, defense, making the right play, etc…

  365. I agree. JL7 have to break out this season as the Nets HAVE to try make the playoffs. It’s on the Nets first then Lin.

  366. I think giving people chances and benefits of the doubt have hurt jlin… its time to assert himself with some anger

  367. The Nets defense was bad without Lin on the floor. Lin will push DR to be better. Just like NYK days, Hou days. Hornets days.

  368. Honestly, I have No freaking idea why Lakers offered Mozgov that Ridiculous contract !!?? Blows my mind.




  371. Winning solves everything. That’s the main thing: winning culture, not tanking culture .


  373. There’s not much Lin can do. It’s one season to see the Nets’ true intentions with our boy. We can only hope for the best … for Lins sake. But it’s just One more season.

  374. The Nets got the better deal. Mozgov can still be good for the Nets but definitely not Howard.
    The Lakers were tanking last season as well – DR and Mozgov can be rejuvenated in Brooklyn!!

    Hornets will not improve with Howard… I don’t see much change.

  375. If I were the GM of Nets, I would have felt very unsecured seeing what KA and Nets have done when Lin sat. I am not worried about Lin’s starting position with Nets.

  376. I’ve been listening to podcasts lately. The Lakers hosts were high on Lonzo/Russell pairing for the future… I’m sure many Lakers fans will be upset.

  377. Theres plenty he can do… trust me… hes just not…

  378. I have no idea whatsoever. I still have trust in KA and Lin relationship. So, we’ll see very soon. At this point, any upgrades is better than none: DR + Mozgov >> Foye + Lopez . Last thing I want to see is Nets do Nothing.

  379. Russel has problems with authority and in his mind will always be the leader of the team.. according to Luke Walton. I really doubt Russell will listen to Lin. Lin is too passive. This is not good for lin

  380. I guess SM and KA doesnt give a damn about Lins “5 ex-teammates” lol

  381. LOL

  382. Wonder if any of you still believe Lin is the Nets franchise point guard?

    heart, you have been right since day one about Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson.

  383. Who are they ?
    And what do we have to give up to get them ?

  384. Yes, Lin is still the leader, point guard and SG too. Let’s compare: Lin/DR/Levert/another big/Mozgov >> Lin/Foye/Levert/RHJ/Brook.
    We need multiple bigs to defend and rebound Vs 1 big in Lopez.

  385. The Nets cannot tank. It’ll be a great embarrassment to be LAST in back to back on top of the last couple years before Lin.
    Lin will challenge DR to be good, to be a better player.

    According to the article, the former GM of Cavs wanted to keep Irving and trade Love, but the boss wanted to trade Irving.

  387. I still believe in KA & Marks direction. They want to improve and win as soon as possible. It’ll be good or bad on their resumes. Their job is on line – same like the players. We all can see that this team is LOST without Lin even with Brook on the floor. So, another good or elite PG/SG is much needed.

  388. Good to hear.

  389. wow…another FA/off season…another story…this was a shocker…especially seeing Lopez leaving…hmmm

    gotta wait till the dust settles down

  390. Right now, same as before, people all doubting that the Nets will improve with this trade.
    We got younger players that can run with Lin. Without Brook here, Lin CAN score more and not doubted as the best player on the floor.

  391. Haven’t posted here in a long time. Here are my thoughts on the blockbuster trade today…

    First of all, I’m very sad and disappointed to see Brook go. Before Lin signed with the Nets, I said on this site that Brook is the only reason why I wanted Lin to come to Brooklyn, as Spurs was my first choice for Lin, Nets being 2nd. Brook-Lin looked good, sometimes great at the end of the season, when they finally got time to gel and play together. It’s a shame that they won’t get a chance to play an entire season together after bonding last year. Brook is a great person, great player, and great teammate. He will be missed.

    Having said that, I completely understand why Sean Marks made this move. Brook is on an expiring contract next year and he’s still being paid $20m/year. That’s a lot of money and a lot to gamble on him not returning after next year. Marks had to make a move or risk losing Brook in free agency for nothing in return. Brook is also 29 years old right now and will turn 30 by the end of this upcoming season. While I personally don’t think age matters much, especially when a player of Brook’s caliber is still able to give 30 minutes per game, scoring 20 points per game, and also developed a deadly 3-point shot, many fans and obviously Marks thinks age matters.

    D’Angelo Russell on the other hand, is a young and talented player. He has the potential to become an all-star one day. I know you could say that about a lot of young players, but this guy has already proven it quite a few times already in the past 2 years. Of course, there are concerns with his maturity, lack of defense, and how well he’d fit on the Nets. I personally think he’s a great addition to the Nets and could thrive playing alongside Lin and LeVert. All 3 can make plays and all 3 can have hot games, carrying the team to a win. I think DLo and LeVert will both eventually become great players under the mentorship of Lin and coach Kenny. Keep in mind, DLo is still very young and can still be coached. Don’t believe all the rumors about him. Under the right leadership, coaching, and environment, I think he can flourish into a great player.

    The only problem I have with this trade is that Nets will have to take on one of the worst NBA contracts ever. Mozgov will have to be paid $16m/year for the next 3 years. This contract will hamstring the Nets in the future. They may not care about it now, but they will next year and beyond.

    In my opinion, Mozgov is a backup center at best. Nets just lost a top 5 scoring center who can shoot 3s. Brook will be impossible to replace, but I hope Marks has a some sort of plan to find good big men, because the Nets are sorely missing them now. The situation was bad before, but it got a whole lot worse now. They now need to find a legit starting center AND point forward. Both of whom has to be able to play defense and rebound. This is my biggest concern for the Nets. Nets are now lacking in veteran experience and big men.

    Giving up the 27th pick also sucks. But from what I’ve read, it was the sweetener that made this deal happen. The draft is deep this year, so that 27th pick could’ve been very important for the Nets. At least Nets still have the 22nd overall pick, so not all is lost in this year’s draft. Also, Marks might not be finished making moves. In fact, he might be just getting started…

  392. As a big market team, Nets can’t afford losing and waiting to train some questionable parts dumped from a tanker.

  393. Yeah, having DLo share ball handling and playmaking duties frees up Lin a lot. It takes the pressure off both players. They can thrive under Kenny’s motion offense. Lin will of course still be main ball handler, but he can depend on DLo not to screw things up after he passes the ball away, like so many Nets have last year.

  394. He’s the starting PG. Franchise? He needs to stay healthy next season for that. And then play at the same level or higher that he did this season, which shouldn’t be too hard with better screens.

  395. Giving up 27th pick, getting bad contract, giving up their best center, all just for one reason,

    The Franchise PG. What does this mean for Lin?

    Everyone draw his/her own opinion but mine is I am wondering who’s the next Patrick Beverley since the Nets is already getting a new James Harden.

  396. Same page! Brook cannot be replaced by Mozgov but look at GS’s centers. If Lin, DR, Levert can run and gun like SC30 & Klay… The Nets can still get couple more key pieces. My hope is higher now.

  397. Stop listening to haters and doubters, man. DLo is a good PG, but he was only PG because Lakers had nobody else who could handle the ball and make plays. His natural position is SG and he’s a much better player when he’s playing the 2, not the 1.

    Plus, Kenny’s motion offense doesn’t rely on a “franchise PG.” The Nets also saw time and time again how big the difference was with and without Lin on the floor, being the primary ball handler.

  398. What the Nets are giving up and getting into for this young man says otherwise.

  399. Since I’ve heard the news, it’s all my reaction which confirms more to what I’ve seen since last season.

  400. Well, Lin – DLo – LeVert are not close to Warriors’ talent, but yes, with 2 quality big men that can rebound and defend, they can definitely out-pace, out-run, and out-gun most teams. The problem is, they have to now acquire at least 2 quality big men. We just gotta be patient and see what Marks has planned.

  401. I don’t think that highly of Russell, but he’d definitely improve playing SG instead of PG (where he’s too slow).

    PG: Lin / SG: Russell / SF: LeVert would absolutely work in a motion offense (theoretically) since all of them can score and make passes. I agree that starting PF and C are major holes right now. Marks is definitely far from done dealing.

  402. Ok. I respect your reaction. But KA is not McHale, and DR is not Harden’s level. And we don’t have a Morey.
    Even if it’s run by DR then so be it. JL7 is up to the challenge. Results. Wins. That’s what we all want to see. The playoffs.

  403. Russell has struggled at PG. He’s too slow to defend opposing PGs and not good at getting to the rim. We all know Kenny and his motion offense needs 2-3 playmakers and Russell would be worth trying at SG. I like Kilpatrick, but he’s no playmaker, can’t take pressure off Lin.

    When Lin did play, the defense would load up on him whenever he drove the lane. He’d give the ball up but there wasn’t another playmaker to punish the defense for crowding him.

  404. Mozgov can hustle. He’s not soft. Still remembers many fans here called out Brook that he’s soft… I don’t believe he was.

  405. On paper, that backcourt works great. I’m just worried that Russell will try to “prove himself” by hogging it. Let’s see if Kenny can rein him in.

    On a similar note, I like that Lin is taking LeVert to Taiwan with him — build up that trust between them!

  406. I like SKilp and hope he’s improved and breakout this season. But the fact is fact: top pick Vs 2nd, 3rd rounder, undrafted. We complained so much last season. Lin’s the ONLY diamond in the rough (undrafted) on this Nets team.

  407. As much as I dislike mchale but he’s 10x smarter and better bb IQ and bb player than K.atkinson. time will tell who’s worse human being SM or Morey. Unlike Morey SM used poison pill in his rookie season as an gm.

    Lin has just lost his promised full-time pg floor general position to the Nets future franchise pg.

  408. Lin is on SC30’s level (just different player but same impact) and SC30 is my second fav player. We just have to find a Klay and Draymond. The Nets can make top 4th team in the East.

  409. Yes, exactly.
    I rather be optimistic but I respect different opinions so we all can compare notes. I can wrong with situations but I can also be right. Human nature is players want to tried harder and played harder on a brand new team. DR was a top pick so there’s pressures to be good player. And with the challenge from Lin and the coach … This team can only go one way – which is up.

  410. Apparently according to Woj, the Nets almost traded for Dwight Howard.

    The Hawks had been deep in negotiations Tuesday with the Brooklyn Nets on a deal, league sources said, but that bid to unload Howard was foiled when Brooklyn made a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers to trade Brook Lopez and a first-round pick for D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov.

  411. Why not D12? smh!

  412. I’m also a bit sad because Brook is such a good teammate for Lin on and off-the-court. I was hoping they’ll get at least half-a-season before Brook was shopped around before Feb trade deadline. I also understand his expiring contract is valuable and Brook has almost maxed out his potential

    I also believe Lin and DRussell’s style of play can be complementary since DRussell has more an SG mentality. Hopefully his character won’t be an issue.

    But the Nets might not be done with the trade so we’ll have to wait and see what Sean Marks plan will be.

  413. The Lakers deal probably is better for the Nets.
    Dwight Howard trade is seen only as a salary dump. Not sure if there’s young player like DRussell to be included.

    Dwight’s $28.5M for 2 years. Mozgov is $16M for next 3 years so Mozgov might be easier to move later

  414. I guess Nets is going away from getting high character guys?

  415. Agreed. it’s going to be a shoot for all.

  416. Agreed.

  417. I also think the Warriors showed how important it was to have 3 scoring players that can shoot 3s. Not counting Durant, they pretty much played small ball and won. Iggy and Green aren’t big but tough so the formula is there for the future. Speed, quickness, agility AND MOST OF ALL SHOOTING SKILLS of the 123 is how ball movements can set up open 3s.

    Lin, Levert and Russell could be very tough to beat if they can shoot their averages. Size however isn’t on their side, so they’ll need bigs to compensate on D.

  418. I guess I’m a Lin only fan afterall. Brooks was a great guy, great teammate and stand up guy. But he failed Lin in at least 3 areas. He couldn’t rebound, he made terrible picks and was rolling way too early. Finally, he wasn’t clutch enough when the bells tolled. We can’t have a 7 footer low post guy constantly shooting 3s when his size makes him indispensable under the basket.

    I’m looking at it from the perspective that it was a gamble that got them youth and value in Russell. Mozgov may work out fine until a better centre becomes available. D12 could have filled that gap, imo.

    Going small maybe a trade for youth and adaptation to how GSW won. Skill and speed allows ball movement to create space…something the Cavs don’t have.

  419. High character guys ?? How many people here saying there’s not enough touches for Lin in the beginning and when he came back from injuries.
    I do believe in team chemistry and all in for one main goal but not all sold on high characters.

  420. We all want changes to improve the team. It’s all a gamble since last season to this and to the next because we really dont know how things gonna pan out. I say, let’s take smart chances: #1. Lin will break out without Brook as best player on the floor. #2. DRuss has upsides. Can play pg/sg at good level. #3. Mozgov is good rebounder.
    We have Lin on this team and he will get his 35min. As long as Lin is leading the charge, I have no fear of this team falling apart.

  421. DRuss will need Lin to win games. Lin is still the leadership of the Nets.

  422. I think the nets are doing those combo guard thing so they can be interchangable.

    look, linna went downa last year, and they all failed. So they had sean to try to pick up da slackadecka. So this year, they using drussel as a hedge because he is also a combination guard.

    So I think he is starting alongside with linnawinna. In case anyone of those 2 goes down, the ship will not drown like last year.

    They trade away brook because brook himself can’t carry da teama and he didn’t fit. But I think brook is important ..very important as he can do more scoring in different areas outside and inside now. it’s weird for the nets to trade him in my opinion because it’s like you trained your employee well and better than before and they go elsewhere wasting your time…

  423. dh12 made more sense

  424. in terms of building around lin.
    I guess to sm the other made just as much sense too.. due to my reasoning above.

    remember, we are linnafannas.. so there is emotion and bia attach.. SM is purely business and what is a good deal. I’m sure if say CP3 is available and he can do that he will trade lin for cp3.

  425. I like this trade. Mozgov can be a good pnr player with Lin. Also I can see Lin and D Russell as a 2 guard attach unit like Lin and Kemba was in Charlotte.

  426. And I think Moz has upside with Lin. Not sure about D12 given we’ve seen that movie before.

  427. GSW are long too: Iggy, KT, Shauno, KD for sure. Only Curry isn’t much bigger than JLin, but he’s deceptively good on D 🙂

  428. I agree … when a team decides to build around Join over a 3 yr period, he can contend. GSW got lucky with Curry’s ankle. And Bob Myers did a great job getting talent from their drafts, their D-league, trades. Brook-Lin was just like Lin-D12, Lin-ED, Lin-TChandler to me. JLin needs a committed team to get pieces that will work over a few years and let’s see if he can beef of the EC. EC is too weak with only CLE, now Wiz and Celtics. Not sure TOR showed up this year. In the West, there’s GSW, SAS, Clips. Even Jazz showed up.

    Can’t wait to see what Nets do – they made a move, and now we get to see their intentions, just like Clips relative to Paul George.

  429. And they can run …

  430. GSW have proven a team can revive the careers of overlooked centers. We bid Bogut and Fez goodbye with some trepidation, but then look at Zaza+McGee this year. David West helped out too. It worked and Nets can find something that works with Moz + ?

  431. I didn’t watch 1 lakers game this year – was Russell balanced against Clark, or was it Clark playing junior Harden?

  432. JLin to me is about 2-3 yrs behind SC30 if he can get on a stable supportive team. SC30 had the belief of the team behind him. I can remember in the earlier years, it wasn’t just fear his ankles would give out. That 3rd Q explosion in scoring was not steady, and we always wondered, will Steph turn it on or not. Then he had that breakout year, his first MVP. So, maybe JLin can get to a higher level if he’s given good luck on injuries and a team to run with faith of the FO.

  433. if Drussell is not selfish and don’t have an attitude like he is all that.

  434. re: da russell

    the stats service ratings system i like (similar to but imo better than hollingers “per”) ranks russell 21st out of 22 point guards last year playing a minimum of 28 minutes per game. beating only darren collison.

    hollingers per (espn) lists some additional players as point guards so here tho collision actually beats him russell comes in 22nd out of 26 (minimum 28 minutes).

    in adj. field goal % he is 97th out of 113 qualified players all positions

    in (my favorite stat) points per shot he is 103rd out of 113 (tied with jordan clarkson his recent teammate the lakers are also trying to dump and a previous “abl”).

    various sources have reported the lakers trying to offer russell in exchange for a additional lottery draft pick but “there were no takers”.

    virtually all sources outside this site (including vast majority posters on the “other” lin fansite) see russell as the nets “point guard of the future”.

    lastly ill repost what the most legendary lin fan poster ever said prior to this trade when it was only rumored:

    ” Getting DeAngelo Russell and a bad contract would set the Nets back for years and push Lin out the door. ”

    this is the most accurate statement i have seen of my sense of the nature of this trade.

  435. @JLin7 Welcome @Dloading and Mosgov to the squad!! Lets goo #BrooklynGrit

  436. Sounds good.

  437. New HC and GM want to hire their players.

  438. Lakers Trade D’Angelo Russell, Mozgov for Brook Lopez! Clears Space for Paul George!

  439. Timofey Mozgov Full Highlights 2016.11.15 vs Nets – 20 Pts, 6 Rebs.

  440. Timofey Mozgov Season Highlights // 2016 – 2017 NBA Season

  441. I think if he is used rightly, he can be an assets for motion offense…he runs and picknroll well. He spread the floor as well. Wish he could work on 3s like Brook, that would give Nets a bigger upperhand on offense.

    Defense is something we need to see, if he is willing adapt, he could do well on D

  442. Did you go to any Finals game. Enjoyed Finals this year. Actually watched 3 Finals games on TV, which for me is a lot.

  443. Do you expect another trade before 6/22 NBA draft? I think the Nets might try

  444. D’Angelo Russell 2016-17 Season Highlights Compilation – ICE in his Veins!

  445. Seems to have good handles, can really shoot…including the 3s, thats good for MO, multiple threads

  446. I am afriad Mozgov contract is the worse one , the harder one to move

  447. Hmmm…hard to say now…not sure whats the front office modus operandi going into next season, didnt really expect Lopez to be traded…so sure if these 2 players are just trade bait of for keep.
    Lets see what else they have in mind…there is no right or wrong, its more of the direction they wanted to head

  448. Might as well trade Lin.

  449. I like dwight, but would rather get Mozgov for now

  450. That’s not going to happen for long. Lin will be traded too.

  451. No way. Russell is too short as SG. They made a deal to make him the PG. Lin will be out soon.

  452. The nets have effectively replaced Foye for Dlo. This is not bad move for Lin or the nets

  453. Wake up Lin fans. With D’Angelo Russell in, Lin will be out soon because Russell is going to be the PG and Lin will be switched to whatever.
    I just wonder why isn’t it another page for a discussion of this trade.

  454. I see the Nets main goal is to find ways to replenish their draft picks that they lost to the Celtics.

    Their biggest trade asset was Brook Lopez’s expiring contract so they want to turn it into some assets before he might walk away for nothing.

    If the Nets keep 21yr old DRussell for the future, they certainly prepare for a future if Lin exercises his 3rd year player option and return.

    Lin is a professional so he’ll do his best for the Nets the 2nd year (if he stays) but even he should realize that the Nets will be in a long rebuild with young players and he will be 30 next year so his future might lie somewhere to pursue championship rings.

    There’s so much uncertainty right now but let’s see what Nets next move will be

  455. KA isn’t a natural in the HC position like Kerr, I guess he has realized this himself as well and is still looking for his way of winning. It’s KA’s interest to keep Lin as long as possible to produce an acceptable record (which is also the reason that he wanted Lin soon after he had landed the job).

  456. Just courtesy.Will be different word if someone Lin know well like ED or TC.

  457. I’m waiting to see if the Nets might use DRussell in a trade for tomorrow’s NBA Draft (6/22) at the Barclay Center.

    But if he stays, Lin will be a professional and probably will still play as the main PG in Year 2 while DRussell plays mostly SG. Lin will mentor 21 year old DRussell as the future PG.

    As Lin fans, we should expect that Lin and the Nets know he will exercise his 3rd year player option in 2018. He will be 30 yrs old and most likely will try to sign with a contender to pursue championships while the Nets is taking the 76ers route to go with youth movement. Nets also needs a PG insurance if Lin leaves whether it’s DRussell or another young PG.

    For 2017-18 season, we can only hope Lin to be healthy and post near All-Star numbers that he’ll have a lot of offers from contenders for 2018-19.

    It’s just the nature of NBA biz. It can be very cold and cruel. Oh well .. let’s hope for the best for JLin in 2017-18

  458. I think this is closest to Nets’ thought behind the trade.

  459. “RHJ trying to make me cry or what”

  460. “#GameOfZones really predicted D’Angelo Russell being traded smh.”

  461. one thing that doesn’t fit is the Nets criteria of high-character.

    Bill Oram’s article summarizes potential chemistry issues. That’s why I wonder if DRussell could be part of a trade package. He comes with a risk despite the potential.

    Sure, Russell’s time with the Lakers was imperfect, but in two seasons he averaged 14.3 points and 4 assists and shot 35.2 percent from 3-point range. His staunchest advocates like to point out that his advanced metrics compare favorably to players like Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul and Steph Curry at similar stages in their careers.

    Fans liked his swagger.

    “Ice in my veins” became a popular refrain among Lakers faithful after Russell brought the expression to the NBA with a game-winning 3-pointer against Brooklyn in 2016.

    In April, Russell hit a buzzer-beater hours after learning his grandmother had died and sprinted into the stands so he could hug his brother and sob into his shoulder.

    That was one of the most human moments you’ll ever see in sports.

    However, the Nick Young video leak clung to Russell like a scarlet letter. He led the Lakers in eyerolls, started petty wars with members of the media and sulked when he felt like his job was being challenged.

    Russell might very well shine in Brooklyn. He might even become a star in Coach Kenny Atkinson’s up-tempo system. It became clear long ago, however, that the Lakers no longer believed that would happen here.

    The player who arrived with the burden of comparisons to a legend has been relieved of those expectations by Magic himself. Another team believed in Russell enough, however, to take on Mozgov’s terrible contract. The potential is still there, though it might not be as limitless as it once seemed.

    Two years after he arrived, D’Angelo Russell’s greatest contribution to the organization he was drafted to save was the manner in which he went away.

  462. Like a proper team captain, Lin reaches out to the new team members.

  463. I think the management is desperate to get available talents to improve the record from last season. I don’t believe a thing about KA’s giving up wins for players’ development. A big market team can’t afford delaying wins.

  464. I will always miss the last one to go — the first part of Brook-Lin,
    the most openly supportive all-star teammate Lin had.

  465. What RHS said about Brook Lopez 🙁

  466. Not happy.

  467. Who are the MVP and final’s MVP ?

  468. Weren’t they great games. Good job on doing 3. It was to me a great break from work stresses, so now what 🙂 I saw them all on TV. V cools games, and lots of team lessons to reflect on, just like JLin ball. I’m looking forward to each team trying to compete with this new ball movement, assists type of game. I hope this brings out more teamwork in how we see the world, as getting along, giving, and being on a team that does is not only exciting, but it gets stuff done in the world. LeBron and KI are great players. Love did great. But, they fell to exquisite ISO ball at times, and D was porous when people got gassed.

  469. finals MVP KD. Not sure if they announced MVP.

  470. D12 to CHA now, just read.

  471. D12 hopefully will have some unselfish PGs to feed him…

  472. Liked Brook but many ppl complained here about his slow footed and PnR and rebounding abilities… I’m not one stucked in the past when comes to Lin’s career. The NBA is all business: GMs, coaches, and players have to look out for themselves but at the same time they do have to come together at one point for a common goal which is to win games and chips.
    I’ll take DLo over Foye -That’s a no brainer.
    Looking forward to RUN 1-2-3 Lin-DLo-Levert

  473. DLo’s mindset as a player is he’s the main guy. I don’t care for that. He may try to compete with Lin for who orchestrates the offense late in games or takes the big shot. And I would have liked to have seen Lin and Lopez have a full season together. I like Lin with a great big man, and Mozgov is not on the level of Brook.

  474. Your concerns are valid. But DLo is Not Harden, maybe a Kemba but Lin is Kemba because he’s here already. This Nets team is Not going anywhere without JLin7. His IMPACT is undeniable. If DLo want to be the main then he have to play like one – win games. Lin is much better than Hou years, even if a Harden is on this team Lin will still find success.

  475. SKil’s tweet. Wonder if he could be part of a trade package before 6/22 NBA Draft tomorrow.
    Anything can happen

  476. All I’m concerned about is talent-wise on this team. We need the team to get better as a Whole.

  477. I refuse to take experts and medias viewpoints as fact. Dlo was dealt a bad hand going to a dysfunctional team with a baby sitting coach for a egocentric past due ballhog. At 19, how’s he supposed to react to the jealousy, power struggle, and doubt? This is especially difficult for a star college player and number 2 draft pick. Dlo is used to being coddled, loved and admired. Right or wrong, he couldn’t handle Kobe, bad coach, bad GM and terrible in fighting. HE’S NO JEREMY LIN WHO CAN BE TOUGH AS NAILS MENTALLY, IGNORE THE HATERS, THE DOUBTERS AND DELIBERATE BACKSTABBING BY BS.

    I know how he must have felt. When you can’t do anything that can get you in the good side of a bad coach. Lin faced it with Mchale and survived by sheer mental toughness. A kid like that can just get into a mental fog of desperation and frustration.

    We noted how Curry and John Wall was given all the chances in the world to improve. They weren’t ever beaten down like Dlo was by Kobe and BS. Maybe I’m just an eternal optimist of human potentials, but I believe that people will react to how you perceive them. Lin has rehabbed others into good productive players. I believe Lin can work his miracle again with DLo.

  478. At this point, I actually wonder what the Nets direction will be.

    I’m waiting to see any potential trades before 6/22 NBA Draft tomorrow before making assessment if the Nets will go the full rebuilding with youth movement or still feature Lin as the main PG.

    The wait can definitely induce some anxiety =)
    But I trust JLin will be just fine wherever he might be. He’s a survivor and he’s blessed.

  479. Skil is probably our best shot creator off-the-bench — I would like to see him replaced with someone equally+ aggressive if we do trade him.

  480. Howard was likely lured over by the promise his old coach Steve Clifford would make him the centerpiece just as they were in Orlando…

    … that’s a dangerous position for the Hornets in that that style of slow, post-up play is outdated and not what some key Hornets players could thrive in.

    Hornets are setting themselves up for disappointment, especially since Belinelli played well for them early last season and he will be missed unless they can fill that hole.

  481. Perhaps RHJ is not long for the Nets either – great if we could get something of value for RHJ this trade season too.

    Side benefit is that Odds JLIN creates a Brooklyn Nets bible study group are probably very high if RHJ is traded.

  482. DLo has faults both possibly in character & basketball IQ issues – so I don’t believe it was all because of selfish teammates/bad coaches.

    Luke Walton benched DLo when they were still trying to win. Then Walton acquiesed and allowed DLo anotehr chance by switching him to SG from his PG position – and then Russell played well at SG, perhaps revitalizing his career.

    DLo needs to take instruction from JLIN and learn to play the SG spot for the Nets within the culture of what Brooklyn has built or he might find himself on the bench again.

  483. Unfortunately, it’s true @JLin7 might not be part of the Nets youth movement.
    Hoping for the best for Lin ??

  484. Brooklyn Nets won 20 games last season but lost 62 games.

    In all 20 wins either the veteran JLIN and/or veteran Bropez played. The Nets won Zero games without one of those 2 veterans on the floor.

    No pundit knows what will happen – nobody forsaw the trade/pick for Caris Levert and nobody saw this Bropez trade – we don’t know what is in the minds of Markinson

  485. I don’t think Russell is their future PG. I doubt KA can really control him … Well, we will know soon what’s the real plan from Nets for Russell & Lin.

  486. JLIN – PG
    DLo – SG
    CL – SF
    open – PF
    MOZ – C

  487. Another wrong move for Dwight, CHA is not a championship team. He will retire without a ring.

  488. I also doubt so but there is one concerning line from Woj’s article that says the Nets see Russel and LeVert as the cornerstone for the franchise’s rebuild.

    If true, the Nets made a big gamble. And it’s better for JLin to play for a contender now than mentoring his replacement for another year.

    The Nets had been targeting Russell and see him as a cornerstone guard to anchor the franchise’s rebuild along with 2016 first-round pick Caris LeVert. Russell was drafted No. 2 overall in 2015 and averaged 14.3 points and four assists in two seasons with the Lakers.

  489. Well compared to Harden, Walker is still selfish but he’d pass more. Lol this move is totally mirroring Rockets again. Proves Hornets’ treatment and acquiring of Lin was to copy Rockets way of pushing Hardem as a fake star. Hornets will make the same mistake by signing Dwight.

  490. They don’t know what they got yet. But it is pure business to market it as the dream come true to sell some tickets for next season.

  491. Walton, D’Angelo Russell’s coach who has coached perhaps the best in Steph Curry determined through the course of the season that Russell is not a PG but that he is an SG. Caris is also at this point in his career an SG/SF.

    It will take many more years of tutelage under a real PG like JLIN for either DLo or CL to form a backcourt, despite Woj’s opinion.

    Lakers Finding Out D’Angelo Russell May Be A Shooting Guard After All

    ” It wasn’t until Walton controversially shifted Russell to the bench and Jordan Clarkson to the starting point guard position that he may have stumbled upon Russell’s true role in the NBA: shooting guard.”

    Markinson saw what Walton did and know that DLoR is a 2 guard

  492. Well not many casual fans have even heard of Caris Levert and most who have heard of D’Angelo Russell have – in a negative light.

    JLIN leading wins sells more tickets

  493. If Lin leaves KA’s MO with these future “corner stones” looks like a disaster to me, it was last season when Lin sat.

  494. Much better lineup, don’t mind Russel so long as he doesn’t take Lin’s no.1 and PG spot.

  495. That’s a great takeaway that Lin/DLo backcourt can be complementary as PG/SG in 2017-18 season.

  496. Frankly I look at Brooklyn’s new backcourt as a hybrid where we ostensibly have JLIN at PG and the dominant playmaker initiating the Point play but two athletic and speedy SG/SF wings who are interchangeable – making open 3s to space the floor and with the driving ability to create their own offense if need be.

    JLIN/DLo/CL as the backcourt – now we need to improve our Frontcourt assets at the Power Forward position primarily

  497. You mean if KA has the green light to bench him. If Nets see DLo as their future he will play just like RHJ last season regardless of how bad he is.

  498. Well it’s going to take a lot of bad attitude to bench DLo and I hope he performs great for us – this is his chance at a new start.
    Lakers Pay For Past Mistakes In D’Angelo Russell Trade, Open Up Future Possibilities

  499. Been rumored since forever in terms of Lopez being traded. I love Lopez and he’s the most humble and versatile star Lin has ever played with but it’s obvious he doesn’t fit what Marks and KA wants to do.

  500. I like your positive outlook.

    This can still be a win-win scenario even if Lin only stays for 2017-18 season. A reliable PF will help Lin and the Nets to try to reach the playoff. Then Lin can have more offers for 2018-19

  501. Whatever bad attitude and selfish iso he had, I hope he learns to respect Lin and doesn’t ball hog like most young Nets players last season.

  502. Nets want to win, to get in the playoff even though they have someone telling the fans they want to develop “young players”, LOL. The boss can not stand losing fans, in particular to Knicks.

  503. Great post

  504. That’s just what Woj’s opinion…. not Nets… I think if Marks & KA really think both are their future cornerstone. Then Marks & KA will be out of their job soon…. lol!

  505. That’s for sure.

  506. I don’t think Russell can sell tickets.

  507. They want to keep Lin but also want to build up the team for the “future”. They will make a half hearted attempt to build a decent team during free agency. If this team is going to go anywhere, they need a strong talented centre. Ed Davis maybe??

  508. Barring any surprising trade before 6/22 NBA Draft tomorrow, I can see a great positive for JLin/DLo backcourt in 2017-18 season.

    As @thucydidese:disqus , @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus, and many have pointed out, DLo might be a more natural SG and can be complementary to Lin. His own comment might support that:

    Russell doesn’t have a preference where he plays, but he has hinted that playing shooting guard allows him to be more aggressive.

    “I feel like when you’re playing shooting guard, you’ve got to score the ball or make plays for your teammates,” Russell said, via ESPN’s Baxter Holmes. “Playing the point guard, it’s harder to do that, be aggressive, try to score the ball every time, because you’ve got to make at least one pass. But figuring it out, whatever position I’m in, I’m going to try to make the best of it.

    As don pointed out, the Nets only need to find a starting-level PF to complement Lin/DLo/LeVert to try to reach the playoff in the 2017-18 season. With playoff appearance, JLin would have more options and offers from other teams for the 2018-19 season.

    JLin and the Nets can have a win-win scenario even if JLin stays only for 1 more season with the Nets. Great positive outlook, Lin fans ? ? Thanks, I feel better now ?

  509. Yes, unless KA and Marks are really set on having RHJ as PF. No clue why they love the guy so much. He can rebound and has the height but can’t really shoot consistently.

  510. I didn’t watch any Lakers game but my friend who did say… Russell was playing some SG & even 6th man last season…

  511. It was obvious that a 19 year old semi bust wasn’t going to be taking away Lins starting position. The problem is that getting rid of Bropez sets back hopes of making the playoffs

  512. I don’t want to denigrate Bropez because he is a good player and his personal statistics (scoring primarily) prove that is the case. However not once in his 9 Nets seasons has he successfully carried the team, including the stretch where he played almost all of the 1-27 losing streak last season.

    JLIN is the critical piece that makes this team WIN and assuming we have people who can step up and play team-ball and good P&R pieces, then JLIN will have this team fill the holes that Bropez leaves

  513. I am not surprised to see Lopez was traded bc from what Marks said during interview before season end… he already made it very clear that’s what they will do….

  514. Maybe Nets wants a PF that fits their Motion offense more? Love Lopez but it was obvious he’s too slow and can’t run with the team. They need a PF who can set great screens. That’s why they wanted Dmo.

  515. Seriously if Levert who was a much better playmaker and PG was forced to play SF behind Lin. No way was Russel going to be PG unless Marks was not as smart as we thought he was.

  516. Brook is a mixed bag. I love him as Lin’s teammate but the Nets knew he had weakness in rebounding and defense that prevented him to lead the Nets to win (9-36? when Lin was out)

    I don’t know if Mozgov can be much better defensively or he can be a starting C but DLo is an upgrade over Foye at SG. It’s really the starting PF and C positions that are concerning now

  517. Getting Ed Davis at PF at $6M/yr from POR would be a steal.
    He’s underutilized there anyway and we know he has a great PnR chemistry with JLin

  518. LED would be awesome just to set screens as a “Bogut”. If they can still get DMO that would be great too.

  519. If you read the comments below the article, you can tell most fans are laughing at the hype.

  520. JLin is about to play soccer at Steve Nash Soccer Charity event with JJ Redick, CP3, Joel Embiid, RHJ, and Josh Richardson (Heat) in 7 min 🙂

  521. Direct link

  522. I bet the new GM/HC had wanted to get rid of him even before Lin arrived. I felt odd that Lin was not allowed to connect with Brook from the beginning, despite marketing BrookLin everywhere. Therefore the management was using their marketing as smoke screens. Conclusion: don’t buy in their current hype.

  523. Sounds good.

  524. Wow!
    Coach Kenny Atkinson also playing against JLIN’s team
    Joel Embiid the often injured 76ers Center playing too – if he’s the goalie might be tough scoring on him.

  525. Is that KA? That’s what I thought.
    This might be recruiting/networking lol

  526. KA wearing #10 jersey for the black team

  527. brook is a center, not a guard…his role prevents him from leading a team to victories. His usefulness was unlocked with a capable PG playing beside him….its a shame he had to be traded. There really isn’t much better out there in terms of centers in the nba.

  528. It seems like Lin and KA have good communication about the situation. If Lin takes it easy, I am optimistic about the near future.

  529. Thank you for the direct link.

    Now watching the game, though I am not a soccer fan. Lol.

  530. things that Lin fandom made us do lol

  531. 🙂

  532. He can’t carry a team. His role is the centre. He doesn’t create passes or make plays. He is often the one to receive the ball during plays. Regardless, a centre is still vital to a team in order to be successful.

    He is a top 5 centre in the NBA and there isn’t much that is better out there

  533. No sure if he had a choice, but maybe. I think his move to BKN got quashed by the LA deal. Maybe D12 should come to GSW like KD 🙂 Do a David West, take the vet min.


    This is the Lakers guard who should be coming over. Swaggy P available.

  535. I think he sure wants to come but Marks maybe doesn’t want him… too old??

  536. Good article about Joe Lin and Lin brothers’ close relationship.
    And Papa Lin’s desire for Joe to develop hook shots with either hands 😀

  537. Joe remembers his dad emphasizing the importance of developing a hook shot when he played with his brothers as a kid. The three of them played Twenty-one and horse at street-ball courts and at open gyms. After youth group at church, they would play basketball until two in the morning. Josh, who is now a pediatric dentistry resident at U.C.L.A., told me that the brothers spent nearly all of their time together. If they weren’t playing basketball, they were playing the Defense of the Ancients, a multi-player online game, or one of various Super Mario games on the Nintendo. “We were each other’s best friends,” Josh said.

    “I just assumed every sibling relationship was like ours,” Jeremy told me. “As I got older, I started to see some of my friends and family, and I realized ours is definitely different.”

    In Joe’s first year overseas, his mother moved to Taiwan to stay with him, attending almost all of his games in person. This season, she has returned home to the states, and Gie-Ming has taken her place in Taiwan. Shirley listed leadership, physical strength, and three-point shooting as the things that she thought Joe could improve. Gie-Ming told me that he wants Joe to be quicker on catch-and-shoots, to use more off-ball screens to find open shots, and, most important, to develop “a mid-range hook shot with either hand.”

  538. also Nick Young had the old Snapchat issue with DRussell so it will present locker room issues

  539. Rumors:
    Who are for sale now?
    LaMarcus Aldridge
    Kyrie Irving
    Blake Griffin
    DeAndre Jordan

    The Jedi Warriors are reshaping the dark forces LOL.

  540. Once again, JLin showed a great leadership by reaching out to DLo

    “I’ve always loved two combo guards playing together. I’ve always been an advocate of that, whether it’s me playing alongside Patrick Beverley or playing alongside Kemba [Walker],’’ Lin told The Post on Wednesday. “Me and Kemba’s pairing was the most fun I’ve had. Playing alongside another person who is dynamic makes the game easier.

    “I’m excited to share the backcourt with him. I’ve already reached out to him. We’ve texted a bit, so it should be cool.”

    “We’re definitely not the same player, we’re very different. We’re definitely different, and I think that’s what’s going to make it work,’’ Lin said. “The other thing I like about him is he’s versatile. So he can spot up, he can drive, he can shoot. That’s what makes it hard for the defenses, when you have different looks.

    “I think he’s really good. He’s really talented. I think what he showed in L.A. is probably not the full picture of who he really is as a player. I think we’re going to get him in hopefully a really great situation.”

  541. Sounds like we have correctly figured out the situation.

  542. Well see

  543. Sounds good. As I wrote before, Jeremy came out of his exit interview saying that he spoke with Marks and Kenny and has full faith in what they’re going to do with offseason. Sounded pretty clear to me: “They’re getting another combo guard but my job is safe as starting PG.”

    Also, we all know what Lin does when he legit angry: tweet a Bible verse about persevering through tough times. He didn’t do that here. He only said goodbye to Brook.

  544. Well see

  545. Glad to hear that.

  546. Also, we all know what Lin does when he’s legit angry: tweet a Bible verse about persevering through tough times. He didn’t do that here. He only said goodbye to Brook.

    LOL so true. Whenever Lin is suffering from anything, he does this.

    Too many Lin fans are scared over nothing. They’re listening to all of the haters, trolls, and doubters. Which is admittedly, very overwhelming right now. All of Lin’s haters are coming out of the woodwork to lay it on Lin right now. This is their only chance to take a shot at Lin and cause doubt in Lin fans’ minds.

  547. No way Marks will sign Young. DLo is going to be given a clean slate in Brooklyn and start fresh.

  548. He didn’t do the Bible verse when the report of Harden to come to Houston either.

  549. With all the positions the Nets need to improve, SM chose PG. Even worse, they gave up their best center for it.

  550. Cavs giving up Irving? Not likely after his display during finals. Love is gone that’s for sure. Nets should try their best to obtain Griffin to fill their PF spot if not they can consider Love.

  551. Rumor: Owner wanted to put him in the trading block, GM disagreed and was let go.

  552. I like Nick Young but if Russel is starting SG there’s definitely no room for him.

  553. Owner wants to trade Irving? Really? Wow I thought Lebron was calling the shots.

  554. So LBJ wants CP3 now?

  555. As a Christian, I hope Lin gets to the point where he shares bible verses during times of joy as well. Joy, happiness, love are gifts of the spirit. There is nothing wrong with these things.

  556. everybody who wants to compete has to come up with their version of team ball now. A center doesn’t do much against GSW small ball. That’s not to say Nets need to solve the problem like CLE need to, but it just means for the next few yrs, teams will try to copy SAS and GSW. It’ll be interesting to see how SAS build around Kawhi because Parker and Manu are near the end of their careers, and Danny Green isn’t a Klay Thompson. He’s good on D, but he doesn’t heat up like KT.

  557. Owner lost money even during the year when they won it all.

  558. I love Brook, but his style was outdated. In fact, it hampered Lin’s game. He needs a center who can set screens and finish with authority at the rim.

    Russell can/should play SG. And he’s only 21. This is the smart move. Even if Lin goes supernova next season, he’ll turn 29 in August. The end of Lin’s prime will coincide with the start of Russell’s.

    Lin was pretty clear that they’re playing together, so let’s wait until Kenny betrays him to freak out!

  559. He was young and didn’t know Harden/Morey would undermine him. Ever since, he has let his displeasure be know via Bible verses.

    The fact that the NY Post already ran an article where Lin talks about playing together is no accident. I’m not saying his job is safe beyond this season, but there’s no reason to worry as of now. He just needs to stay healthy and play 30mpg at the level he did last year (or better).

  560. Wow not enough sales and fan base?

  561. My comment was based on the nets motives leading by SM, NOT from any lin’s fan. It would be nice if you’re running the nets because you wouldn’t bring another pg to threat lin’s position anyway.

    Lin has no choice but to make way for the nets future pg.

  562. There’s only one team called Spurs and one called Warriors just like I own Apples stocks but I am no Steve Jobs.

  563. He wasn’t a child.

  564. Well, let’s give D’Angelo a chance. Lin is.

  565. He was good at running out and getting Lin’s football passes and converting them.

  566. Thanks for sharing….

    We’re getting really young. D’Angelo is going to come fit right in, because he’s willing to work. He’s humble. I know him already.

    Knowing him, having that relationship, we’ll be able to keep things going aligned and make him feel like a brother,’’ said Hollis-Jefferson, who doesn’t seem worried about Russell’s immaturity or ability to share the ball or the backcourt with Lin.

    “Jeremy is one of the most unselfish people I ever met, so he’s willing to sacrifice some things,” Hollis-Jefferson said. “And once our coaches meet with D’Angelo and see his feeling for things, I’m sure he’s willing to sacrifice too. In the end people want to win.”

  567. Lin? he’s willing to sacrifice some things? What? I don’t like this statement…. smh!

  568. sharing the backcourt

  569. I really doubt KA can control Russell…. hope he’s one year older can get better now…..

  570. Nets need another playmaking guard — that’s the way of the league now. It’s hard for us as Lin fans because he’s been undermined before, but every good team has multiple ballhandlers.

    I don’t know that Russell is good enough to be the future PG. Neither does Marks. He may not even be a quality PG because of his lack of foot speed…SG is better for him. Either way, he’s only 21 so his prime doesn’t overlap with Lin’s.

    It’s up to Jeremy to stay healthy and ball out this upcoming season. Do that and everything will be fine.

  571. PJ is getting old I guess…Shaq missed his exit-interview with phil as well, so KP is not his first

  572. Contrary to some people, I think JLin is absolutely vital to the Nets even more now for the next two years. Here’s why:

    1) Lin is the ideal mentor for Russell/Levert for a number of reasons:
    – he plays the game the right way
    – he knows how to put them in positions that are their strengths
    – he simplifies the game for them
    This is really important for their development. Lin has shown that he can take on the burden of carrying a team while getting players involved around him. This is the kind of leadership you want, it will cause Russell and Levert to grow much faster and in a cleaner direction.

    2) PER says a lot about their current play.
    Looking at PER, you have Lin at 19.2, Levert at 12.2, and Russell at 15.2. Yes, Russell and Levert look like stars in the making, but at 12 and 15 PER, you’re getting production below league average from them right now.

    If all of them play at 19+ PER, you probably have a playoff bound team and a great future. But, I think it is an aggressive timeline to have all 3 playing at that level this year. I can see Russell at the 2 spot go up to 18 PER avg this year, and Levert at SF at 17 avg this year if they develop well.

    3) Shooter / getting to the line are complementary skills
    Russell is a shooter with a quick release, but he isn’t a player that gets to the line. Lin on the other hand gets to the line at a really good pace in his career (a little too much IMO) and isn’t afraid to use his quick first step to get into the teeth of the defenders. There will be times when each of their skillsets is needed.

    4) Team culture
    Goes without saying, Nets are building a great team culture and I think Lin is a vet you want to have – humble, smart, plays team ball, has a reasonable contract, is productive with his minutes, and teaches other players. IMO, difficult to find a replacement that offers the same as Lin.

    Lin, Levert, Russell IMO is a very strong lineup with playmaking and scoring threat at EACH guard position. I really, really, really like this lineup.

  573. Credit Russell for standing up to Bryant

    Like his team-first comments… but only actual play will tell

  574. I dont like it either… he has nothing left to sacrifice

  575. I dont like him being used to develop people who r there to replace him…

  576. But Kristaps Porzingis was like I don’t like Knicks attitude so Knicks top are very unhappy…. I believe he will be out of Knicks soon.

  577. What can he do? He will be 29 soon. : (

  578. u know the worlds gone topsy turvy when im more in allignment with the “dark side” lin site posters and the only ones that i agree with here for the most part are crossover reagan/cruzer’s.

    this is very bad for lin. he may talk like it isnt cause thats what lin does.

    the outsiders may see it as a great move by marks.

    but to me there is no question all the signs that were there before are just being proved correct, as always despite the more positive rhetoric in his direction:

    anything lin accomplishes will be despite not because of the circumstances he has been given.

    we’ll see if he can pull another rabbit out of his hat.

    lets see this is the 3rd time ive quoted this here but remembering it was written originally elsewhere by the most legendary lin poster of all time; friend and or foe equally to many here and elsewhere BEFORE the trade was made when it was only rumored:

    ….well i couldn’t find that so this one will do from the cruzer above:

    “You don’t give up your best center, 1st rd pick and takeover a contract dump for a backup.

    People so naive.”

    nuff said.

    oh wait a minute wait a minute you heard nothing yet; this is it:

    “trading away Lopez and getting a 21 yo high usage DR means they have decided to forfeit winning for long term development, meaning Lin has no role.”

    no thats not it but thats good too; used that one before also.

    hmm still havent worked my way back to the post im looking for but found another good one not seen before along the way:

    “All crazy – one had thought that Nets had two starter caliber players – a C/PG and role players/ bench. Now they have just one and he needs to give minuets to a guy that the lakers deemed not good enough to keep!

    Nets needed a SG and a PF

    Nets just continue to give away their best players – would be like believing in the Process without a process!

    The current lineup is weaker then last season. The Nets management have to go some serious dealings if they are not going to fulfill all the pessimistic projections of the pundits.

    Finally I have lost my belief in the Nets culture thing. Getting a guy that killed a locker room is not building a good culture.”

    good, good.

    oh here’s another good one this is like a treasure hunt where one keeps finding other treasure on the way to the actual sought out prize.

    “Let’s face the truth people

    It’s over for Lin with the Nets

    There is ZERO chance the Nets start Lin ahead of Russel. They acquired him to be their starter for many years

    Next season will be a total disaster imo”

    ahh finally after a hard trek we come to it: the prophesy written before the actual trade:

    ” Getting DeAngelo Russell and a bad contract would set the Nets back for years and push Lin out the door. ”

    this is the most accurate statement i have seen of my sense of the nature of this trade.

  579. As long as everyone except lin’s new role, your comment is a positive for the Nets and SM.

  580. Agree all. Brook Lopez wasn’t given a role to collect rebounds. He took the role of shooting 3s at perimeter. He’s a great fit with Lin.

  581. KD should be. He truly wears out LeBron and keeps his own scoring. This is an unanimous choice.

  582. Is there any chance that Nets will get Brook Lopez back after the coming season. This will be a wonderful thing that really throws the Lakers off.

  583. Chance for Nets to acquire the PF.

  584. 2017 NBA Draft will take place tonight at the Barclay Center, Brooklyn, NY. It will not be too exciting, but should be entertaining with all the trade rumors reported!

    “The excitement stems from the fact that the NBA has apparently turned into a Fantasy Basketball League. D’Angelo Russell who was drafted second overall just over 700 days ago has already been traded to Brooklyn Nets, the Sixers and Celtics swapped the 1 and 3 pick, and a future Hall of Fame center that is still only 31-years-old (Dwight Howard) was traded in a salary dump that didn’t dump much salary.

    But that may all simply be the appetizer for today’s main course. Kristaps Porzingis and Paul George trades are possible. In addition to those two stars, HoopsHype is a buzz with other potential trade talks; LaMarcus Aldridge (for a top-5 pick), DeAndre Jordan (for Tyson Chandler and #4), and Patrick Beverley has apparently been shopped to “half the league” in lieu of the rumors that the Houston Rockets are in full on pursuit of Chris Paul in free agency.”

  585. Media and organization can often work hand in hand to hammer a certain perspective. Lin has been a victim of this since forever. We can all get caught up on Asian bias but it happens to many others as well. Dlo may also be a victim as well.

    I’ve talked quite a bit about a black hockey defenceman that was treated by his former team just like Lin. PK Subban got “Linned” by the Montreal Canadiens. He was called a hot dog, disruptive and selfish, yet he donated $10 million to the Montreal children’s hospital. IMO, it was racial bias that singled him out as a disruptive influence. Like Lin, a black hockey player may not be welcomed as the face of a franchise. What really happened was jealousy and racial bias that sent him packing elsewhere. After he was traded, the Canadiens lost badly in the first round of this year’s playoffs while Subban’s new team went all the way to the finals. The Montreal organization wanted PK gone so badly that they’ve made every effort to demonize him. Now, all that is heard is how bad a teammate he is. Sounds familiar?

    If Subban is such a disruptive teammate, why does he play the most minutes on the team? Why does he play against the opponents best offensive lines? Why does he play all the important minutes of every game? Like Lin, there is a total disconnect with what is and what is spewed by the media.

    I have no idea what happened in LA, but judging by what happened to Lin, I can guess what Kobe and BS could’ve done to a hotshot rookie that dares to out shine Kobe. All I’m saying is that this guys has good pedigree, has talent to be a high draft and has potentials beyond anyone the Nets can get. Lest not prejudge someone from media press releases.

  586. It’s more like what the Nets didn’t do. Instead of building around Brook-Lin and adding a few pieces to make them a contender, now the Nets are prolonging the development phrase by going with the youth movement. What makes it worse is they’re adding a player who’s arguably one of the worst defenders among the guards. Instead of being the face of the Nets now Lin is there to help developing these youngsters. It’s a bad situation for Lin.

  587. Aldridge didn’t help Spurs much, nor did his departure change the record of Trail Blazers at all. So I don’t think he has any significant impact to the win rate of his teams. Nets desperately need some Bigs who can defend the basket.

  588. True. No one here want that for Lin but it’s not a one way street. This will be Lin’s only season left with the Nets if they do not value his prime on this team – which the objective is going all out for making the playoffs. D-Lo could leave Nets if they’re not relevant. They cannot sign marquee players if they’re not relevant. Bottom line is they the Nets have to improve with every season (not taking steps back) otherwise they will be doomed as a franchise and lose out to the NYK and other division teams.
    If Lin is on the floor for 35+ mpg then that’s all I need to see. No one is able to replace his Impact on this Nets team – this season or seasons to come. Because Lin’s talent will do the talking. No More false narratives like Hou and LA.
    But all we need to see is this season and its options again.

  589. My faith in Lin’s ability to lead his team to top seed in the playoffs never waived. He is that good. Like a CP3 and Lillard. The Nets will make it this season. Believe!

  590. I’ve never doubted lin’s ability to get therer, just zero evidence the coach and gm are allowing that to happen.

  591. Exactly what I thought yesterday as well.

    My feeling is if Brook is not utilized properly by the Lakers or he just doesn’t “fit” then free agency is a big decision and Brooklyn knows him better than anyone.

    Bropez with his ability to spread the floor with a newfound 3pt shot actually could be perfect for the Nets in the PF spot, he can rebound – it just was not demanded of him as the Center for Brooklyn.

  592. TREVOR BOOKER, KILPATRICK AND A 1ST round pick for Aldridge??

  593. Except the Coach and GM rode JLIN like a horse in almost all of the last 22 games of the season – paying off in almost .500 wins …

    … or are you another who believes beating playoff bound teams at season-end means absolutely nothing?

  594. The cost to get a new starting pg that lin admitted to share the back court with now, yes that season end performance means NOTHING.

  595. When DAR never starts at PG unless JLIN is injured – then I’ll assume your comment never happened

  596. Actually, you have your chance to delete your nonsense about he will never start a pg, lin’s comment to share the back court confirms what I said already.

  597. What confuses you about the facts? 1). DAR was benched in favor of J.Clarkson at PG, 2). Walton converted DAR to the SG position. 3) DAR said he enjoys the lowered responsibility of playing SG

  598. Different team different coach, don’t get yourself confused.

    Lin brought up how he played with PBeverley and Kemba as an example what gonna happen to his new role.

  599. There’s only one point of confusion here

  600. Yep the one thinks Walton is Atkinson.

  601. Good to know there was at least 1 NBA scout that was not racist toward @JLin7 in 2010 #NBADraft

  602. Unfortunately that scout was ignored or didn’t have the clout to make his voice heard

  603. Lin is the best PG of the league who is able to pass to a Big for a dump in a crowd of Bigs, so he is not that relying on stretch Bigs unlike Harden. He collaborates well with conventional hardworking Bigs who aren’t afraid of contacts.

  604. I’m just glad that it added more evidence to racism toward Lin to Morey’s earlier statement.
    Admission is the first step to better ways

  605. KD and Curry are also at a similar age there’s there plenty of mileage left under 30.

  606. Expecting another Woj bomb soon on Nets trade to get to 10-14 spot

  607. I thought they only have a 22 spot ?

  608. That means Nets is trying to trade someone to move up draft pick???
    Or by giving up 2nd round pick?

  609. Wow Vince Carter still playing??
    I thought he was retired already..LOL
    I hope lin play in the NBA for long time at least 37??

  610. there are some rumors that Trevor Booker or SKil might be included in the trade package

  611. That was then, this is now. We all thought Brook-Lin was going to be the core and the Nets would build around them. But trading Brook away changes the whole dynamic of the team. And adding Russell who’s one of the worse defenders among the guards won’t help. We all know how bad Nets defense already is.

  612. No more veterans! They’re all gone.

  613. Thanks

  614. Round 1, #22 pick
    Round 2, #57 pick

    Not sure if Nets tries to trade up using both or either one

  615. The past few seasons I’ve rooted for Vince Carter. He is a good teammate, fundamental sounds player, and had not given up. Hoping the old man gets his chip.

  616. How about defense? Can a conventional big come out and challenge a stretch big? Brook Lopez is a match up nightmare for a lot of the bigs.

  617. I think he is a good player under the right coach, but he has not been able to get Nets to the playoff for many seasons.

  618. @MarcJSpearsESPN
    The Jazz, Spurs and Nets are all tracking versatile big Isaiah Hartenstein (7’1″PF/C) as a possible pick in the 20s of the #NBADraft ,source told @TheUndefeated

  619. aldridge sucks

  620. I really thought they would be building around Lin and Brooks. But no, another rebuilding year with different core.

  621. We got no choice but to give him a chance. We are just observers and commentators from afar.

  622. if yer excited about the draft you can follow whats going on at this addie
    for woj/vertical live show.

    Google English translation:

    Witness the rise of the black shirt army 2017-1
    Text: Zhu Lijin

    The first shot of the new season in the Nets was launched by the Big Lo deal, with the 27-pick pick, the center of the Lakers, and the young defender Russell, who made the make me again Impressed transactions.

    The management of the Nets pursued the theory of magic ball, want to create a modern warrior as a warrior, last year, Atkinson was the first one is to “speed”, in such a whole thinking, like the big dragon such a traditional center sooner or later Go away, in addition to our good friend of this good friend’s feelings, rational to look at, that is the case.

    Even if you leave the big Luo, the Nets still have the strength into the playoffs, but this is not their long-term plan, the Nets are the current team is a group of 20 early young people, this is the management team in the eyes of the real team Composition, the Nets last year signed a lot of two-year contract players, coupled with the two days left the contract, indicating that these people are used for the transition.

    That Jeremy Lin is not also included, I think so, but it may not be. This depends on the performance of the forest in the field, if you believe that Jeremy Lin has the league’s first-class point guard’s strength, how can the Nets and his trading it, this is a good point guard does not turn on the Union, first-class point guard now The market is 20 million take off, a first-class point guard holding a thousand dollars to work for you, what is the reason for the deal? If Jeremy Lin did not have this strength, then he was trading, or substitute, it should be ah. Why did the forest choose to go to the Nets, because he knew he could play first, and he could fight with any of the league’s first-class guards, so he would not choose to go to any team to play off, even if he could not get the championship.

    The management of the Nets is not a fool, but also to see the strength of Hao Ge where, of course, they will continue to find a young point guard, and not only bet on the Hao Ge body. Hao Ge’s fate in the Nets depends on his strength and health, although compared to other cornerstone, Hao Ge’s age is big, but at least in the current contract and the next contract this time, the state will not Out, in the four or five years, propped up a team’s facade, it is enough, I want so much.

    The speed of the big Luo is my constant mention, which is not enough for the defense of the loopholes, if I was the Nets opponents, I only need to continue to do one thing, pick and roll in the cast, pick and roll , To ensure that as easy as practicing. Of course, we will lose the top of the big Luo back attack ability, but you look at the Warriors, knights, rockets, who also play the old set, their center is slag slag, eight eight board, Capella this stuff only Mouse is the cat, the combat power is a total estimate, I stand at the top of the Nets, do not say big Luo was trading, even if the transaction is Yao Ming I do not feel bad.

    Big Luo is a good teammate, but for the forest, the old hair may be better pick and roll partner, Mozgov’s pick and roll down the ability is no big Luo, and Mozgov is no big Luo back Footsteps, last year with a offseason to develop a three-pointers, I think Mozgov also do, his long-range hit rate as high as 46%, while the free throw percentage is 80% In the past he did not let the team to let him develop these potential, and the Nets is best at this.

    Get Russell is exciting, this is a enough to be the cornerstone of the young people, last year the Lakers beat the Nets game frightened me, the water with a three-pointers to the Nets died. Who have the quasi-time, but I do not see this, I see is that he has a particularly good shooting feeling, much like the kind of Curry, which is a natural striker talent, learn not to , Like I can not learn the forest, Hao brother is hard training, even if the handle is broken, can have 40% of the hit rate on the thankful.

    Water pull another talent is passing, he did not want to practice a lot of passing out of practice. Anyone who sees that pass will not doubt that he has the ability to play a point guard, but it does not suit him. In the point guard position, there are too many physical bombs small monster, water pull is the second bit of the physique, and no special ** athletic ability, to keep up with the first bit too difficult, so some people doubt the water Pull to replace the position of Jeremy Lin, I think the possibility is too small, Hao Ge in the first place of the defensive ability is the league’s top layer, who can not for.

    In the observation of high-level action of the Nets, we must first think of defense, the Nets want to play the style is to attack the basket, three-pointers, and fast attack and defense conversion, the most efficient attack is offensive and defensive conversion, so of course there is a good Based defense. In the Nets over the past year’s action, almost all to strengthen the defense-based starting point, in order to strengthen the defense, Bo Yang, big Luo these players can not keep up with the speed of the natural. At the beginning of last year the composition of the team, is in the physical quality and speed to eat a major loss, and later has been in this direction to improve.

    The Nets like the lineup is characterized by outside the line inside the high fast, there are many can play two positions above the swingman, the Nets attack is open long carriage, like a warrior, to the library, Durant, dream can As the starting point of the attack. While the knight of the organizers only one James, the Rockets only one Harden, are flawed. The Nets must be a warrior, and not learn knight rockets, and now the Nets outside the three giants actually has been formed, Hao Ge water Lalwell has a ball attack and organizational skills, and then want to pack hoge, it is necessary to pay The painful price.

    Outside the line inside the fast inside the defense on what benefits? Position attack, the pick and roll is no solution, no matter what strategy you use, what block, delay, around the front around, hit the real pick and roll master, are in vain, the last one barrier, only dislocation defense, but also Is the pick and roll into a singles, this time you post players enough fast enough, outside players can not look at the top of the basket, it becomes the most important. Like Hao Ge dislocation, never been big man to open the top, this giant ** confrontation, is the need to defensive defensive outside players. The Nets like to use RHJ for the four-bit, that is, he can dislocation to prevent the speed of a bit of the ability.

    Some teams are discussing where the stars such as George will go, but the Nets are not in the discussion list, which is wrong. A healthy basket will be shocked by the league next season, and also with more than 30 million salary space, and I heard that water pull and George is the same broker. Anyway, no matter how I do not need to hold someone else’s legs, as long as waiting for others to hold on the line.

  624. How is he that tall and chooses to only shoot midrange j’s.. what a waste….

  625. woj: Charlotte is selecting Kentucky’s Malik Monk with the No. 11 overall pick in the NBA Draft.
    6″3, 200lb, That’s Lin-typed body

  626. In how many minutes is Nets’ turn ?

  627. The Nets now has 2 white Centers.

    Harry Giles or Justin Patton would be great.

  628. The rise of the black shirt army, that will shock the league.

    Humm … Interesting. I like it. Good detail analysis.

  629. Thank You so much, just tuned in and they were interviewing the no.1 pick. He wasn’t too happy with Celtics passing on him and ending up on the ever developing 76ers.

  630. When are Nets going to have their pick?

  631. He should be happy. At Boston he’s at best a backup to IT.

  632. Very true since Boston can already go far in playoffs. Who knows maybe with the new GM and coach they can finally turn things around. 76ers would’ve been much better off with MDA as coach especially with all these young players.

  633. Only Harry Giles now…..

  634. Sixers has tons of potential. He’ll be leading the team in a few years.

  635. and DJ Wilson to the Bucks, The bigs are taken away

  636. still hope they get a versatile big with energy to play PnR and d, not PnP

  637. Harry Giles got picked by Kings as 11th pick.

  638. 20th pick in fact

  639. It’s mentioned in the article that the current trend is having taller guards so that they can deter the Bigs in a mismatch. Similarly, teams try to get quick Bigs to defend guards in a PnR mismatch.

  640. Announcers just said Nets are drafted Jarret Allen as their big!

  641. Jarrett Allen, not bad

  642. 6’11” Center from U of Texas.

    #Nets spent the day looking into moving up. Instead they stand pat and get Jarrett Allen, who has a 7-5 1/2 wingspan, mobility and upside.

  643. This shows that Nets knows what they are doing! Got Russel to fill the SG spot, traded Lopez, and now has a potential big Jarrett Allen.
    Lin – PG
    Russel – SG

    Levert – SF
    Jarrett Allen – C

  644. Pau Gasol

  645. Any idea why the crowd was booing when they announced Net’s pick?

  646. Too old already and wasn’t an impact in playoffs.

  647. Allen is super long and athletic and has the tools to be a great PnR finisher and PnR defender. Won’t have much versatility on offense, but that’s not what NBA teams are looking for anymore.

    Put up nice stats for a freshman as well; I wonder if he could crack the rotation earlier than expected.

  648. The Nets doesn’t draft another player with playmaking skill, that’s good.
    Mozgov doesn’t have a season playing more than 28mins. The Nets need another center to rebound.
    They are playing up-tempo and hit lots of 3. I am not optimistic RHJ can improve his 3 next season. He doesn’t look like a shooter. It means PF is their target in FA.

  649. I like it. It’s said Allen has potential in blocking and rebounding with loooong wings.

  650. Nets are adding what most fans here were saying, they needed a legit starting SG/SF and PF. If Spurs part ways with Aldridge, Nets could consider him. Aldridge needs a play making PG like Lin to bring out the best in him.

  651. After watching some more footage of him, he actually does have a decent shooting touch and post moves, especially on little baby hooks and push shots. Hmm.

  652. He has mid range game like Lopez.
    The Nets doesn’t need his mid range game.

  653. I like it. PNR center. Long. Soft hands. Plays off ball. It’s almost like they are building the team around Lin. ?

  654. I has been wrong many times. I hope the Nets can sign Lin’s former teammate 2PAT a short contract. Keep the flexibility. He is shooting 3s 37% these 3 seasons.. He may want to start again.
    B.Griffen can be an injury prone.
    Paul Millsap is a good rebounder but he is old, expensive and no 3s.
    Ryan Anderson’s contract is too long and too big. 1 Mozgov contract is enough.

  655. @NYPost_Lewis
    I had asked Kenny Atkinson yesterday what he wanted to get out of the draft. He mentioned defense & rim protection. That’s Allen. “I think rim protectors are huge. And again, big guys that can get out & defend small guys. You need speed at the five now.”

  656. These are exactly what I have in mind that the Nets currently lack. “You need speed at the five now.” , this is why Lopez is gone.

  657. I hope anytime during this coming season when lin has some bruised thigh or muscle, please don’t make him take his time no rush to come back when he’s ready and healthy to play.

  658. So happy for Lin. This is exactly what I’ve been asking for! Can’t wait for next season.

  659. He is a shorter Aldridge, could be useful when defense shuts down 3s and layups.

  660. To make a Big quick, the new design is to have smaller body sizes but longer wingspans.

  661. Nets pick Jarrett Allen met with Sean Marks and his staff yesterday. “They said they want high-character guys who won’t bring toxicity.”

  662. From what I can tell, the guy is a gamer and nerd, builds his own computers and plays games. Hopefully the two will get along.

  663. Nice .. now if only DLo and Mozgov are gamers too

  664. I like him so far. Can’t wait for this season to start… haha!

  665. Jarrett Allen Uses His Impressive Hops To Block Kicks | Sport Science | ESPN

  666. He sounds like a high character guy to me. haha!

  667. Jarrett Allen (Texas) Freshman Year Highlights // 13.4 PPG, 8.4 RPG

  668. Nets GM Sean Marks talks about the acquisition of @Dloading and his lack of concern about his maturity #nets

  669. I’m glad he talked to Jeremy along with LeVert and RHJ. Sounds like they’ll all play together.

  670. It does sound like SM informed Jeremy, Caris, Rondae (possibly as current core of the team) who are excited to welcome DLo who has a lot of upside.

    It’s a good thing coming from the GM. Who knows what happens next year but it should be good for this season.

  671. Didn’t keep up but what did Nets get with their 2nd round 57pick?

  672. Aleksandar Vezenkov, 6’9″ PF who played for FC Barcelona in Spain.

    Here’s the profile and strength/weakness

  673. To me, it seems pretty clear. Jeremy is the leader and lead guard NOW. Marks is setting up LeVert and Russell to take over when they’re “ready to compete.”

    Of course, we here know that Nets can make the playoffs and even advance if Lin stays healthy all year and get a quality center (like Ed Davis).

  674. found on Russell’s twitter. I like the idea that we are getting Russell and we’re bring along his teammate who gave him a birthday surprise.
    “Mozzy decided it was time to give @Dloading an early birthday celebration while out for a traditional Russian dinner with the fellas. ???? – at Mari Vanna DC”

    Something that stuck out to me about this is that… is it me or are there none of the other teammates there? I just remember how much Lin was trashed by LA media and team for being ‘soft’, and just… the fact that Russell is trashed by the same people for being ‘immature’ and ‘not a hard worker’. I just smh.

    Wait and see, wait and see.

  675. His dad is so humble, nothing like LaVar Ball!

  676. If he dropped that ball I’d be worried.

  677. new thread
    The Old and New Faces of Brooklyn #Nets After 2017 NBA Draft
    How it might impact @JLin7 career

  678. Love ur optimism!

  679. He could always use his vast power to shake the nba with sime shrewd maneuvering… he could wreak havoc on the nbas image and create a pr nightmare for it… strongarm it to bend to his will… Trust me, he could if he wanted to…

  680. Specifically, here’s what Marks said Thursday night, after the trade was made official: “We’ve talked to Jeremy, Caris, Rondae and the other players, they’re excited about getting a young player with a lot of upside. I’m not concerned about the maturity and so forth.

    “What I’m concerned about is what he brings and the culture and so forth – to develop him as a basketball player and as a young man.”

    There were some telling lines in Marks statement. He spoke with Jeremy Lin, Caris LeVert and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson about this. These are now, with the departure of Lopez, three of his leaders and he’s confiding in them. He wants their perspective and they will hear his. They know it can work. As a matter of fact, they believe the Lin-Russell duo will excel, but everyone has to buy in.

  681. Lol.

  682. I what to know what the “- so forth” part is in his mind.

    It’s like saying we made a trade and ” yada yada yada” Lin is coming off the bench. Lol.

  683. Magic Johnson . New president of basketball ops with the Lakers. Coming in there like a new sheriff with guns blazing , restoring order to the town

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