Jeremy Lin and Frank Kaminsky Helped the Hornets Get the 1st Playoff Win in 12 years

Jeremy Lin scored 18 points (7-16 FG, 2-3 3Pt, 2-3 FT) while adding 4 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 steal in 26 minutes off the bench during a Game 3 96-80 win over the Heat on Saturday.

  • The victory was the franchise’s first in the postseason in 14 years, and snapped a 12-game losing streak. Lin, who’s now averaging 12.7 points, 2.7 boards and 2.3 assists through three games, may need to continue providing a big offensive spark off the bench for the Hornets if they’re going to even the series at 2-2 back home on Monday.
  • The Hornets finally played teamball winning the assist battle 18-13 and played great team defense to hold the Heat to 32%. Kemba struggled with 4-19 shooting but helped with 7 assists to play a great teamball
  • Lin triple off Kemba’s assist epitomized the Q3 18-0 run flurry that turned a competitive game to a blow out
  • Jeremy Lin is 1st Hornets along with 17th NBA players off-the-bench had at least a minimum of 18pts/4reb/4ast/0TO in Playoff!

If the Hornets want to tie the series 2-2, they would need the recipe of JLin being super aggressive, Kemba continuing to have high assists,  the resurgence of Frank (15pts/6rebs) and Marvin Williams (12pts/14rebs) and Lee’s strong defense on Wade


Guess JLin's stats in Playoff Round 1 Game 4 vs MIA


  1. 1st, Linsanity 2!!!

  2. Close no cigar

  3. Here’s another minimalist thought – if Hornets want to get to 2-2 they sure better score more points than the Heat, the next game.

  4. yup 🙂 Holding the Heat to another 32% FG would be a great help to minimize their points.

  5. I think you’re on to something ! 🙂

  6. I must admit I was wrong. I wanted Cliff to start Lin and go small ball. I thought starting Frank would be a disaster. But the coach surprised me and also started Al as well. Return of BF1 sure benefitted Lin with having Cody on with him again. It looked bad at the start when Deng was hot, but in the end Frank came through for himself, his teammates and his coach.

  7. Yeah, I thought the same and I thought it was looking scary when Deng got it going. But what I missed was the Frank height advantage over their guys. We have 4 big men to their 1. And that’s a big advantage. Frank got over his jitters and played solid basketball. Lin still came in and had his huge impact, and seemed like to have a lot of open lanes to drive through.

  8. Yep. Miami had similar shots, but just missed them this game. How many open corner threes did Winslow get and failed? Maybe they weren’t used to the pace. Maybe Lin’s aura was just too much. Maybe it was simply a higher power at work. I wished I knew the answer. Lin had the look of Linsanity that’s for sure – especially after that second three to close the run.

  9. I would encourage fellow JLin fans to be patient with the Hornets fans.

    I’m also slightly disappointed to see not many Hornets fans acknowledged JLin’s invaluable contribution to notch this historic win. But I realized this is probably an overreaction to how they often got upset by overzealous Lin fans (or Lin hater in disquise) who want to mainly talk about JLin in a Hornets forum.

    Let’s be cordial to praise other Hornets players when we’re in Hornets team forum so we’ll be good guests.
    I would expect Hornets fans to be good guests if they come here by praising JLin’s contribution.
    That way we can extend the goodwill.

    This is very likely a short-term partnership so we should focus more on JLin and Hornets win-win scenario if they can keep winning and possibly advance to Round 2. Lin would receive more lucrative offers in the FA, Hornets will win big and if the Hornets miss JLin next season, they too would realize how much JLin meant for them this season.

    Let’s keep being positive on how Lin and the Hornets can win Game 4 and take the series from the Heat.
    Hornets is Kemba’s team for better or worse. For now, it’s a short-term mutual partnership

  10. well, home-court advantage felt a big part for sure. The unfamiliar building, chanting home fans, etc.
    Plus more contested shots would do so. The inability to stop penetration by Lin and Kemba would also lower their morale

    The question is if the Hornets can keep it for Game 4 and then Game 5 on the road.
    They have to continue playing unselfishly and win the assist battle (18-13 this game but lost 20-46 in Miami)

  11. Thanks psalm for the new thread. Home court = Hornets played with way more energy, and Lin fed off of that. I think having his family there made a huge difference to his play. Lin gets strength from his faith and his family.

  12. I was worried about Frank’s mentality in Game 1-2 and am glad that he had a breakthrough in the 3rd quarter after a horrible 1st quarter.

    Using Frank and Al big lineup might slow-down the Heat frontcout. I wonder what adjustment Spoelstra will make.
    I still want to see what happens if Lin starts and guard Deng. I think he can challenge him and contain him on post-moves even if he gives up height.

  13. I know some fans thought Lin should have gotten more minutes when Lee played over 40. But Lin was gangbusters on both ends of the court in all quarters that he played. Combined that and when he comes into games and leaves games, he did not need to close. Lee’s role calls for him to defend and play lots of minutes. Lin is used as the human torch – come in with guns blazing and supernovas the other team. Kemba also tried much more on the D side this game than any other that I have seen from him.

  14. So … if the Hornets to beat the Heat, they might advance vs Pacers (tied with Raptors 2-2) who they won 3-0 in the regular season? 😀

    Jumping too far ahead for sure, but I have no doubt Lin and the Hornets can outlast the older Heat team with faster pace in 7-game series … as long as they play unselfish team-ball.

    Don’t quote me but IMO Lin can get $9-12M offer if he can help bring the Hornets to Round 2.

  15. That’s for sure. JLin had numerous boost from friends and families.
    He also had fun times with cousin and friends before that monumental Spurs game.

    The Lin clan should never leave his side for the rest of the playoff 🙂

  16. I saw Marvin slam dunking the while towel after Lin’s made three, and was thinking the same thing. You can’t fake joy and no matter how the Rockets spin it, there was no joy from the vets on the bench with the win. Rockets will get blown out the next two games would be my prediction. Look at how much joy Ty Lawson was playing with against the Raps. Made a sweet dribble and broke Joseph’s ankles and then shovel pass to Mahini.

  17. Frank didn’t do well at all in the first half, so credit Cliff for sticking with the game plan and Frank for grinding it out. That 3rd Q for Frank was similar to Jeremy’s 2nd Q in the late season win against the Celtics.

    We can’t understate the boost in confidence this game will provide for players who were struggling: Marv, Cody & Frank. Note that Cody didn’t sulk after the demotion from the starting lineup.

  18. Good point about Cody. 100% team player.

  19. Definitely looking too far ahead, but… 😉 Remember Jeremy had two huge games against the Raptors, so they’d have a good chance against either team.

  20. Did you see MJ expression after JLin made the HUGE 3 in the 3rd quarter that epitomized the great 18-0 team run and brought down the building? He had this smile and admiration look, checking the replay on the huge scoreboard.
    That’s a recognition look to acknowledge that JLin has that “Killer Instinct” coming from the GOAT himself

    It might not be enough to convince MJ to do whatever it takes to keep JLin but that’s definitely respect from His Airness of JLin’s ability to deliver the dagger and unleash a warrior’s scream by pounding his chest 🙂

  21. For Lin, beating the Heat would mean a lot. All that crap about the Heat stopping Linsanity. About Wade fighting Lebron to guard Lin. It’s too bad Mario Chalmers is no longer a member of this team. Cmon Lin, play with a giant chip on your shoulders. Hornets need you to do for Kam, Marv, Cody and the other guys who were never good enough, what only you can do – lift the whole TEAM.

  22. oh yesss… we all know that 🙂
    We just need Lin and the Hornets to outrun the Heat so they have jelly legs then we’ll have a treat in Round 2
    Teamball for Game 4!!

  23. Spurs win, playoff win.
    Nothing is enough to convince MJ because that would mean spurning Kemba as favored son.

  24. Zero question on Lin being able to beat either team.

    The real issue is whether his own team would allow him to do so.

  25. MJ wants to strap on the Jordans and play with Lin, just one time, I know it.

  26. It’s not about JLIN’s aggressiveness but nothing will convince Hornets & Clifford fans otherwise.

    JLIN is a team player above all else, when the team is not involved, JLIN follows coaches directives, and tries to get the team involved before he looks for his own glory – that is missed by the Hornets community.

  27. Remember during Linsanity when someone did the gif when someone lifts LIn’s face off and they see Jordan’s underneath – that was hilarious.

  28. Judging from the reaction from the fans at the game, I say there’s little concern or need to convince the REAL Hornets fans: the ones who pay real money to support the team.

    And yes, I agree that Lin has more than enough haters and naysayers as it is, no need to go out of the way to create even more.

  29. true, the Hornets is too heavily invested in Kemba, which is okay.
    As Lin fans, we truly believe in Lin’s higher potential as a playmaker to raise the team beyond their individual contribution.

    I will let time to show how far JLin can take a team and shock the NBA next season (God willing)
    We’ve seen glimpses of Prime Linsanity this season so I’d rather JLin showcase that close to the Mecca of Basketball in NY (MSG) at Brooklyn or even 76ers as bigger market. I’ve never seen this version of Linsanity that can dominate on defense in the Celtics game and fully take over a game individually in the Spurs and Raptors game.

    He’s ready to be a star 🙂

  30. When I think of Wade guarding Lin, I think of that end to end dash to layup that Lin did, that left the jogging Wade in the dust at the Charlotte end.

  31. Excellent juxtaposition. I realize it’s easier to be happy with your teammates when things are going well, but you can’t underestimate the value of team synergy and the clubhouse vibe.

    It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for this group of guys. They lost MKG twice and struggled through a bad month in the middle of the season. But you’ve got grizzled vets like Marvin & Al and Spence & Nic have been around a while also. Jeremy is right in the middle between old-timers and younger players. That’s a good place to be.

  32. ARE HATERs hating Jeremy LIN or they just hate the jlin fans?

  33. I guess Clifford will unleash Lin and KW plays teamball to help win the 4th game. For more money making and more excitement and make the franchise looks good.

  34. Haters hate everything and everyone, it’s what defines them, the root of it really being that they hate themselves subliminally.

  35. Except pie, nobody hates pies.

  36. You reminded me of Donkey, who’ll probably say: “Everybody love parfaits!”

  37. Well written! I don’t post on other forums (not since I learnt my lesson on clutch fans), but I lurk sometimes. I appreciate that you see both sides of the story. I think keeping this kind of an open mind is necessary for us to enjoy this adventure with Lin, a little better 😉

    Hey have I thanked you recently for the spectacular job you have been doing?! Thanks Psalm (and others)!

    (wrote same things 2 mins back in last thread, but I really want to write it here!)

  38. This is backward thinking from all the propaganda we are told to believe. Lin should never be the human torch that lights up the bench. Lin should be the steady hand that guides the ship from the start. No player can ever be always hot off bench. They can only try their best to BE THAT WAY. Lin has games when he can’t summon that up and he is called inconsistent.

    Lin’s real ability is his facilitator mind that build his teammates up through out the game. Not having Lin out from the start forces Lin into a substantially inhibited role that focuses too much on his scoring and not on his ability to affect his teammates.

    Lin is a true PG that is the quarterback of the team. He doesn’t just pass or hand off balls, Lin reads defences like a great quarterback does. He uses his mind and expereince to pull opponent’s tendencies and preferences out of the game situation then matches his own arsenal to maximize their strength against weaknesses.

    Lin should be a starter because he usual will find the right solution to an opponent’s defence to close out games. It’s only in this bizarro NBA world that he is being deliberately discounted by bias.

  39. U ou got it, psalm.

  40. I think he just didnt know what happened and probably too tired from all the cheering
    Still dont think MJ doesnt make the best decisions as an owner or GM

  41. Haters gonna hate!

  42. Raptors will beat the pacers
    Lin will get 9-12m regardless imo
    with the new TV deal Lin should get at least 8m

  43. Wow!

  44. I don’t think it’s an “either-or” situation. MJ doesn’t need to “spurn” Kemba in order to respect and value Jeremy; he can do both. Don’t forget that Kemba has improved each and every one of the 5 years he’s played for Charlotte. He works hard; definitely not a prima donna.

    I also think MJ has matured as an owner. He started out micro-managing and hiring buddies. That didn’t go too well for the organization. Now he’s relinquished more decisions to people like Cho and Clifford with much better results.

    Cho, the first Asian American GM in the NBA, probably has more than a little interest in keeping Jeremy. Clifford recently commented that he thinks Jeremy has another level to attain as a player. He knows Jeremy is smart & talented, works very hard and is willing to learn.

    I think the table is already set for the Hornets to offer JLin a contract extension. But the clincher would be more games like yesterday’s, with Jeremy making big contributions to a Hornets victory.

  45. Like Phoenix, I want to thank you for this featured post.

    As Lin fans, when he excells and fosters a team victory, especially a record breaking playoffs victory, we could overlook the contributions of his teammates unintendedly.

    Thank you for reminding us it is a team sport. Give credit where it is due.

  46. Frank will take more shots since MJ said so….

  47. Depends…

  48. I think you hit on something and one of the things that I think is a positive of Lin’s time on the Hornets. He’s doing this for MJ’s team. The great MJ. He had one of the biggest “killer instinct” I’ve seen in sports, maybe biggest. And I think he recognizes this in Lin.

    And that warrior’s scream and Let’s go was straight up Linsanity. Seeing this come back in the playoffs and in front of MJ no less was so exhilarating.

  49. Raptors back court has been unimpressive in the playoffs. Lin is just elevating his game in the playoffs. Raptors may squeak by Indiana, but it’ll take a lot out of them. If Hornets come back and win the series, they’ve dug themselves out of a hole and have a good feeling about themselves.

  50. This was basically my wish for JLin the whole season, LOL! JL proving himself to MJ, getting praises and hugs even. Turning Jeremy into the prodigal son. (I gave it a 10-20% chance :D)

    Well I have to settle for these fleeting moments instead. Good enough for the time being.

  51. So he’s assuming Batum won’t play? It was effective but Spo will make adjustments so the game on Monday will be different. Just hoping win and great game for Lin however it pans out.

  52. If Frank has a mismatch yea he should shoot it.

  53. Might as well mail your playbook to Spo.

  54. Lol, hee-haw.

  55. Even if Batum wants to play, he won’t be 100% so he shouldn’t play yet.
    Cliff would need to prepare for Spo’s adjustments in Game 4 against this big line-up.

    I think pushing the pace is definitely something Cliff should prioritize.
    Lin and Kemba can help push the pace until the Heat can’t keep up anymore
    Making an older Heat team to feel gassed after only 2-day rest would be the #1 key to win Game 4

  56. Yeah his eyes were lit, and he couldn’t contain his smile. He had “We got this” written all over his face.

  57. yes, JLin can easily have 15pts/2asts to win 6MOY but the Hornets might not reach the playoff.
    Casual fans miss this important fact by misinterpreting JLin to over-dribble in probing while he’s looking for open teammates.

  58. You’re welcome 🙂
    Thank you for understanding.

    Seeing the game through JLin’s perspective is not hard.
    He’s all about team-ball, playing the right way with camaraderie.
    He relentlessly praise his teammates to build them up and not to tear them down.

    Let’s go, TEAM!

  59. Yesterday’s starter played together for 14 min.

    But I don’t mind they moved AI out of Lin’s line up, aaaaand, try their luck.

  60. Not surprised Cliff will stay w this lineup bc it got them a won & sure will not change on Monday. Heat did well prepare for Lin not Frank. Monday will be different story for Frank.

  61. When I say “spurn” I mean – the only way to satisfy JLIN next season is a starting position.

  62. If Batum is really back then maybe Mav will move to bench since MJ is very high on Frank now.

  63. Maybe. But also keep in mind that Marvin is supposed to be their organizer on defense… not sure his value can be downgraded so drastically. I’m happy with either of them playing with Jlin off the bench to be honest.

  64. The way Lin talks about his new attitude, I don’t get the impression Lin holds grudges. He has forgiven and moved on. I can’t imagine the burden he would have to carry if he kept a record of wrongs in his career.

  65. Actually, think about it, Heat don’t have super individual defender, they have Whiteside good at blocks, Winslow maybe, but they have been winning in the offensive side, and taking the advantage of Hornets ISO plan.

    So now, if Hornets get back to their offensive strength, it will become Heat will expose their defense, since their wing has size but not at PF position, and then when they go small, they are not fast enough.

    So start Kaminsky and force them to play small, then our small ball could be more explosive and get them into foul trouble. As long as they still give Lin that 30% USG and play Kemba more off ball, I don’t really mind whom they start.

    Not sure what will happen when Batum comes back, but before that happen, let’s give Lin another good chance, and hopefully they can completely bring this series back.

  66. No i don’t think so.

  67. Teamball is simply beautiful to watch and it’s evident in JLin-Marvin Williams true friendship.
    We should celebrate their friendship with this special moment in Game 2 and Game 3.

    When Marvin struggled with 0pts with 0-10 shooting in Game 2, JLin embraced him and gave him words of encouragement.
    In Game 3, Marvin turned it around with 12pts/14rebs!

    In this GIF, it’s even amusing to see Lamb’s bewildered and curious look of “What was Lin doing hugging Marvin & whispering sweet words?” not once, not twice but 3 times LOL

    These are precious moments in the playoff battle that we shouldn’t miss to celebrate.
    Coming back from defeat, teammates banding together to lift each other’s up to get sweet victory!
    Let’s go, PLAYOFF Team-ball!

    Announcer: “You got Jeremy Lin, his teammates, probably told him, ‘Look you hang in there! You’re better than that ..’ “

  68. But MV didn’t do well D Deng.

  69. ? ?

  70. A running tempo is not good for wade. Thats likely the best defense on him

  71. The proof is certainly in the pudding that Hornets ISO offense lost the battle in Game 1&2 with an astounding 26 assists deficit (20-46). But Hornets won 18-13 handily in assist battle in this game

    That’s huge to stagnate Heats offense by pushing the Heat back on their defense

    I hope Batum will take all series long to heal because I like Kemba and Lin penetration that have been effective in all 3 games.

    My guess is the Heat will try to slow down the game, contain Lin/Kemba drives and force Frank/Al to take tough shots inside. Hornets should continue to push the pace to breakneck pace to tire the old Heat players

  72. Yup. I think next game, everyone in the paint is getting doubled / tripled. They’ll push our players to shoot more 3 pointers (though their perimeter defense has been TIGHT so far) and mid range.
    Passing by our bigs, is going to be crucial.

  73. this is clifford playing checkers again. spo already has a counter

  74. Tank played great but it’s not something you plan for in your next game. you gotta open up the court with the high pick and roll for guys like Tank, Marv, and Cody to be effective

  75. Spo lost the last game by a good margin. The guys on the team talk of “protecting home court” and that’s what each team has done so far. It’s a new series. Now, Clifford’s move panned out and Spo’s counter will either work or not. If it doesn’t, then Cliff will show himself to be a worthy adversary as a coach in at least finding what works on his home court.

  76. This team will surprised the Heat if all of a sudden they will put Kemba coming off the bench to play for 30mins,Miami will be in shambles.

  77. lol. how did i know you’d give all the credit to clifford’s “move”? the so called “move” was starting Tank and Al but what won them the game was the side effect of that move which was freeing up Lin on the second unit from all of the isolation players and allowing Lin to control the flow of the game and also the high pick and roll opened up the court which allowed guys like Tank, Zeller, and Marv to get going. the lead was already in double digits before Tank made some buckets

  78. is that why he always torched those guys, Chalmers, Cole, Wall, etc…

  79. Ya. I would be surprised too… and so would be MJ, Cho… 😀

  80. clifford doesn’t want to win that badly haha

  81. its’ funny how the announcer said it’s a 3 when the ball is halfway

  82. Please don’t give them clicks if you can avoid it lol. Whole article NOT one WORD about JLIN – too funny.

    In Clifford we trust: How the Charlotte Hornets won Game 3

  83. Lins intensity seems to be the same from game to game to me. His production varies with his usage. He is always in kill mode.

  84. I don’t get it. Lin’s team wins. Frank comes through. Cliff finds mismatches. It was a strategy suggested by 2 hall of famers in Ewing and Jordan and it worked. Cliff should get credit for doing something unconventional that worked. Lin’s usage was great but it was some of the usual fire and stepping up that Lin does in games. But the going big strategy worked in terms of matchups.

  85. Really no need them to give Lin any credit. National media are more important than this small town blog. This side just trash Lin most of the time. smh!

  86. LOL. knew hornet fans would try to spin it that way. lol. they’re such simpletons. clifford not starting Lin should have been an automatic loss but as Lin fans predicted, the side effects of his starting unit was actually freeing up Lin on the second unit from all of the isolation players and allowing Lin to control the flow of the game and also the high pick and roll opened up the court which allowed guys like Tank, Zeller, and Marv to get going

  87. Last time I had one of those I was 8 months old

  88. what strategy did they suggest? starting Tank and Al? that’s not a winning strategy. watch the game and think basketball instead of listening to what other people say..especially what the hornets fans say. and don’t worry about the labels. MJ was the best player to play the game but he’s no coach and neither is Ewing. just as Phil Jackson was a great coach but an awful GM

  89. They are trying so hard. Sick.

  90. Even since they had problem w some of Lin’s fans… they started to anti-Lin most of the time… they did it on purpose to make Lin’s fans mad. Just forget about them.

  91. nah i doubt it. they were already anti-Lin from the very start. that site is a uconn fan site disguised as a hornets fan site

  92. I know, I started from there. I remember whenever we want to talk about Lin, in order to not get deleted or banned, we had to start something like “I’m not LOF, but…” or “I know you don’t wanna hear about Lin..”

  93. Too bad, they had problem very early on w Lin’s fans… I never visit them ever since…. They are nobody who cares about them.

  94. Haha, do you remember whenever they lose, they put Lin’s photo up? they kinda stopped it, but it was so bad.

  95. Wow, that’s big. Changes a lot for them if he can’t play.

  96. i saw the hate ever since preseason. anyone that takes the glory away from kemba gets hated on

  97. Ya! I know about that…. I saw how fans had fight w them on tweets… Just forget about it. smh!

  98. Why do i smell a setup? Too good to be true… will keep my fingers crossed though!

  99. To be fair, no mention of kemba either

  100. they didn’t want to mention how badly kemba was?

  101. Wish I can write profanity here in response to that.

  102. Yes, it was them that suggested to use Frank more. They probably saw the mismatch and they were right. Once Frank got his confidence going, he was very effective. It was a winning strategy for that game at least. What happens in the next game, how Spo will counter and what wrinkle Cliff and his staff will come up with remains to be seen.

  103. Don’t give them the click.

  104. Tank was 2-7 when the lead already ballooned to around 15 points. he started to get comfortable when the floor had already opened up. which was due to the high pick and roll, ball movement, and passing by the second unit

  105. Right, Frank won the game for them.
    Just like MKG won the Cavs game and
    Just like CLEE won the Spurs game

  106. Saw him holding his thigh yesterday

  107. If no Whiteside then who will be their C? Amare?

  108. Whatever happened to Haslem? Is he still on the team? He plays center sometimes.

  109. I remember @awarde:disqus mentioning that Cliff has already achieved his goal this season, getting into the Playoffs. The further you go in the playoffs, the higher the bar will be for next year. If Lin is gone, letting your core players get maximum playoff experience would be more important to Cliff, than making a strong push this year. (It will only jeopardize his job security).
    PS: This is complete speculation on my behalf.

  110. I do not wish that on Amare…good dude.

  111. If they play Haslem just insert Tyler, immediate double technical.

  112. Clifford said he’d play to the strength of the players on the court with Batum out. So, with Lin, there are more high pick and rolls and it seemed he paired Cody with Lin. But that move by Clifford was something he wanted to see if it would work rather than going with the small lineup with Lin starting at 2. I’ve already extolled the virtues of Lin in this game. psalm included Frank in his summary. He stepped up and that’s big for a rookie. The overall strategy of going big helped this game. I thought it was a bad move and it worked. So, I give Cliff credit for going outside of the box, showing some flexibility and the whole game plan resulted in a solid win.

  113. If the idea didn’t come from both Jordan and Ewing do you think Cliff would have made the adjustments?

  114. If Whiteside does not play tomorrow, Lin and Walker are going to have a field day driving to the basket.

  115. are you serious? now you’re gonna give clifford credit for being “flexible” LOL. are we forgetting about Batum’s injury? it was either start Tank or Lin and of course clifford chose to start Tank. and he was pressured into starting Al, too. clifford is a very simple man. he didn’t exactly plan any of what you just wrote

  116. Let’s cut to the chase. Will you give credit for Cliff for anything or will you steadfastly give him credit for nothing and give credit elsewhere?

  117. Whew, Michael, I really don’t know., Maybe not. I’m glad to see him go to his resources however to get that idea. I do think he put a lot of thought into what may work before choosing to go with it.

  118. LOL, yeah.

  119. If Whiteside is out then hance that the Frank Kaminsky’s (you know the guy that the Hornet’s community collectively agree won the game) excuse for starting holds much less water if not outright collapses.

    Clifford is unpredictably ignorant at times, no idea what he might do.

  120. if he did something to warrant getting credit for then sure. but don’t tell me to lie between my teeth. remember, Lin fans have predicted this BEFORE the game. most of us predicted clifford would start Tank. and a number of us said that by starting Tank and Al may yield a positive result because Lin is freed from the isolation players. go back and read the posts

  121. He will play. No doubt because if he doesn’t…….

  122. ..he will have gone to the darkside…

  123. I am your father Hassan Join me

  124. That’s not true from the Hornets community I saw. They have these hammers on the RealGM forum and Lin got most of the first place votes for best player of the game. Some gave it to Frank. That’s one part of the Hornets community that put him first. But there’s no reason not to give Frank his kudos. psalm has in his writeup and I think that’s great.

    For the season, Lin has I think the 3rd amount of hammer points following Kemba and Batum on that site as well. Yes, there are some Lin fans there to help, but they are way outnumbered by the regular Hornets fans there AFAIK.

  125. gosh, I’m not telling you anything. Geez. Moving on.

  126. Though they haven’t updated those standings in a long time – showing JL as 4th. Its really been bugging me… could you let fatlever know?!

  127. lol. is this how you always end your arguments? can’t argue the points so you make it personal?

  128. OK, 4th? Thanks. I thought he made it to 3rd. Sure, I’ll let fatlever know.

  129. You’re the combative one, not me. But I don’t expect you to recognize that. It’s just this thing with some Lin fans who can’t accept others feel differently about Clifford or a teammate like Kemba than you do. I wish we could rally around Lin and be happy but that just doesn’t happen.

  130. So far, Houston hanging in there. Curry looks alright but his shot isn’t falling as usual.

  131. Lance Stephenson seemed to do well with Memphis. I obviously didn’t follow Hornets last year but wonder what happened to Lance on the Hornets. After seeing how Cliff is so Kemba-centric wonder if he was forced to play out of position or needs the ball in his hands.

  132. Lance & Kemba can’t get along well. Cliff said he didn’t treat him like a star… From the way how MJ & Cliff to Kemba you can tell Lance sure had to out of Hornets.

  133. Oh my, Rockets are super lucky, Bev just missed the easiest fast break layup ever and another play came in to dunk the miss

  134. Curry looks rusty

  135. I asked about it but going back, it looks like Marv and Lin are tied for gold hammers.with Lin having far more golds. I think this says through 4/10.

    CUMULATIVE RESULTS for 2015-2016
    Kemba Walker -27g,12s,6b = 111
    Nic Batum – 14g,14,11b = 81
    Marvin Williams – 6g,16s,12b = 62
    Jeremy Lin – 11g,12s,5b = 62

  136. They didn’t update it for the boston game, where Jlin killed it + playoffs

  137. You are so right. Clifford did not come up himself with that strategy.

  138. I asked about it in the current hammer thread.

  139. Thanks

  140. Hammer, Nail or Sickle, I could care less what a Hornets fan forum says – most are at a crossroads these days.

    These forums started the season condemning anything JLIn related to now rethinking whether JLIN fans could have been right about JLIN all along – but ultimately circling the wagons.

    Two more losses – thats all we need to put up with – I don’t want to see those 2 losses for JLIN’s sake but at the end of the day – 2 more losses.

  141. Bad jobs ref, Bogut was outside of the restricted area. Harden benefits again.

  142. Well if Kemba was injured for the rest of the series instead of Batum, Hornets not Miami would probably be up 2-1. Doubt they get 2 road wins in Miami even with Lin as a go to guy. The hornets could of been down 0-3 with all the chucking Kemba did last nite. Luckily Lin and Kaminsky cover Kemba’s chucking.

  143. I just think He missed uo by leaving Indiana

  144. I’m reading a book call “Buy…ology” . It’s about the science behind how marketers get us to buy their stuff.

    Right in the beginning of the book, they sighted a study of the effectiveness of negative advertising on consumer use of cigarettes. The huge skull and bones labels on the cigarettes did nothing to deter smoking. Scientists use brain scan to measure brain activity to note reaction of participants.

    The bottom line, even though the smokers knew it was bad for them, they couldn’t stop. They all repeated to say the right things. They said they knew the health risks, they knew the financial costs, the stigma, etc. They saw the ugly pictures on the label but still smoked.


    It turned out that these people’s brain activity spiked even more desire to smoke with every admission of self inflicted danger. INSTEAD IF DETERRING THE ACTVITY, IT STIMULATED AND ELAVATED THE DRIVE TO SMOKE!


  145. That’s not going to happen in a million years. Lin will get to start on his new team next year.

  146. JVG such a Rockets homer. He trying to get the Houston coaching job?

  147. what s this?

  148. It has to do with 3 best players of the game voted by RealGM forum members in the Hornets forum. Gold is 3 points, Silver 2, Bronze 1. This is up to games until April 10.

  149. you alway resort to this when you can’t win an argument…

  150. Curry hurt. Grabbed his knee after falling. Tried to run it off a little after getting up and went to the locker room.

    Struggled with his shot. Probably not ready to get back yet.

  151. Honestly, I think he sprained his knee. But we shall see. Hopefully not.

  152. idk, Spurs sweep but GSW just doesn’t look invincible anymore. Hope the efforts to break the record didn’t burn them out.

  153. It looked like the knee. But couldn’t that be due to the weakened ankle?

  154. Lol!

  155. Yeah, that was just bad luck to step on a sweaty spot on the floor. Hope it’s nothing serious. We mere mortals probably don’t understand just how easy it is to get out of rhythm playing at this level.

  156. Beverley also hurt. Usual thing in the playoffs.

  157. That’s why I don’t understand some so called Lin fans here. They know that Lin is bashed in other sites but then at least we have to read some nice things for Lin here like a breath of fresh air.

  158. Grizzlies coach cries in emotional post-game interview.

  159. I think he’s out of the game. He will try to play but it will hurt too much. I’m guessing cos it looks like how I got injured before. Still, hoping I’m wrong.

  160. Curry warmed up but not starting 2nd half. Went back to the locker room.

  161. Yes, I saw. Didn’t work out and he’s back to the locker room. Well, let’s hope he’s ok. Makes no sense for him to return this game.

    Beverley is done for the game.

  162. Lin had 2 hurdles in the playoffs. First year couldn’t play due to knee. 2nd time had the chest injury. Since then, he’s been healthy. Grateful. He looks really good now and wishing him continued health and to stay injury free however long his playoff lasts.

  163. Bev is useless

  164. Looks like Draymond sucked up all of Curry’s 3 pt powers 😀

  165. Whew…I know it’s just the Rox, but Curry-less Warriors still pretty tough. Just like the Hornets players yesterday, other players stepping up for GSW.

  166. They’re having a solid 3Q, looking like GSW again. Guess they went back to their basics. Green stepped up big.

  167. the hammer thing is really dumb. before the season started, they’ve dissuaded and made Lin fans feel guilty if they voted for Lin to get a gold hammer. so the people who normally voted are the board’s old timers. Lin would have to have a monster game in order to win gold. and the voting system is just as stupid. at the end of each game, the participants would give out a gold, silver and bronze. so if Lin loses the battle for gold, often times he’d lose out on silver and bronze also since all of his votes got wasted on the gold for that game. so it’s not uncommon for Lin to be the player of the game but not get any hammers



    D. Howard C 28 6-6 0-0 2-7 2 9 11 0 0 1 1 1 -21 14

    J. Smith C Has not entered game

    T. Ariza SF 29 2-8 0-3 2-3 1 1 2 0 1 0 2 2 -17 6

    K.J. McDaniels SG Has not entered game

    M. Harrell PF Has not entered game


  169. 21pt lead for warriors. Haha

  170. I noticed yesterday before the half, he had that back heat pad/brace on before they called him in for the last minute or so to handle and offense.

  171. except to foul and hurt other players. I don’t like playoffs against bev or delly. I like delly though.

  172. He had that pretty much for the whole season now.

  173. GSW back to their dominating selves. 25 point lead.

  174. Tom Sawyer: You gotta pay me to paint this fence.
    Kids: Uh, ok …

  175. defending against arthritis – it’s lucky to be a pro … we amateurs had no idea we just took ibuprofen.

  176. what happened to Steph, I missed until late 3rd.

  177. Houston Suckrets fold once again

  178. Slipped on floor. Tweaked his knee, ug.

  179. Sir Charles called it – Fake hustle. The Rockets collapsed in Q3, against Curry-less GSW.

    Why am I so pleased?

  180. at least he didn’t reinjure his ankle. Might as well sit out rest of round 1, he’s not needed

  181. Nah, JVG has always been rockets homer since it’s his former team.

  182. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jlin and Dwight Howard back on a team where he is the starting PG, with a coach that knows how to keep players accountable. I wonder if Dwight Howard would go to L.A. next year.

  183. Complete Annihilation Captain Obvious – Mark Jackson

  184. Saw a report said that the mildest recovery days was 7-10 days. If worse, maybe out for weeks/months. So, this is worse than ankle injury in a sense.

  185. I think Curry out for series. And maybe next series too. Man, I’m pretty upset. Two players I always want to watch is Lin and Curry.

  186. That was for the 3rd game and they actually won it so Charles was wrong

  187. From how it looked, it’s probably out for this series and next. If lucky, he’ll be back in the finals if they get that far. I really hope I’m wrong.

  188. Dwight may not need some years of therapy after playing with the spirit sapping Harden to get his game back.

  189. In the context of the series and the culture of the team, he is right.

  190. but thats not what he meant
    he meant it for the 3rd game and everyone including the rockets players knows they are getting destroyed

  191. Hope the Spurs win it all
    Cavs and GSW are pretty annoying

  192. He will be hungry for a ring. He is getting up there in years and has about 2-3 more good years before his body goes completely down hill.

  193. It’s an organization that is reaping what they’ve sowed. It doesn’t always work that way, but it feels good when it does.

  194. Yeah, just to be safe. Didn’t look that bad.

  195. haha .. I believe the words that come to mind are “redemption” or “vindication” (as @donsmacau:disqus elaborated)

    Morey’s selfish philosophy of treating players like math without any consideration of chemistry is in self-destruct mode for the world to see.

  196. Agreed, Steph knows his body so well after having had so many sprains over the years that he always errs on the side of caution.

  197. Will be a very interesting off-season in Houston – looking forward to the spectacle.

  198. I’ve always liked some of the top guys with the Spurs, but I’m a recent fan of some the Warrior’s players. Although I grew up in the Bay Area, I couldn’t stand Rick Barry, so never cheered for the Warriors. Steph is the polar opposite of Rick and I’m happy to see him succeed.

  199. Sounds like Morey himself may be up for some “comeuppance”.

  200. Bc 0-4 or he will be fired?

  201. Spurs and GSW embody a selfless team basketball with humble superstars such as Tim Duncan and Steph Curry.
    I would love the idea of beautiful team-ball to win another championship.

    NBA is a copy-cat league. More Spurs-like or GSW-like team like Hawks would follow.
    It will raise Sean Marks profile in the Nets as an ex-Spurs insider plus MDA’s offensive philosophy that was revamped in the GSW system. It will be good for JLin brand of team-basketball and bad for diva-ball

  202. The unfolding drama would be thrilling to watch indeed

  203. GSW/Spurs matchup for west likely. May the better team win.

  204. Ask NBA changes the record, you will be free.

  205. Yep he knows how bad it’s. Saw a report that he “cried” in the huddle. That isn’t a good news for him/Warriors.

  206. NO, please

  207. Gsw and spurs r the only other nba entity that i watch other than jlins team…

  208. LOL The Law Office of James Harden

  209. I’m actually thinking that’s a warm pad to keep his muscle warm and relaxed, so when he go up with sudden start of movement, there is less chance to get hurt.

  210. This must be the feeling after you leave the Law Office of James Harden

  211. Sounds like he was just emotional because the guys worked so hard and they didn’t get a win. But it was against the Spurs.

  212. Heroes of Gm 3: Coach Spo, “Kaminsky and Lin gave them a real boost,”

  213. Haha! This is funny. LOL!

  214. SILENCE.

  215. They are supposed to be end today. Upset? GSW should be upset even more…. smh!

  216. Draymond is way over his head

  217. Spurs if GSW loses Curry

  218. Not about winning though, but your points are solid and convincing, not his.

  219. GSW not so humble actually not at all especially draymond green

  220. Even spo gave Lin credit before the hornets and clifford
    come on Lin get the hint dont sign back

  221. Was he really sleeping on the floor there?

  222. Jeremy Lin trained with him in Taiwan

  223. Wow, that’s mean.

  224. I think he probably gave up the game…. smh!

  225. The parody manages to convey 1 truth that James Harden can defend someone but sadly he won’t.
    I think that’s the saddest truth

  226. Now you know why Harden’s teammates were so depressed when he made the game #3 winner, they’ve got to spend more time with this guy.

  227. It is mean. I felt a little bad for laughing…just a little. 😉

  228. Because you agree with him? Because others made the same exact points I made without the big protest from this poster.

  229. A very-well detailed post by 1 fan in the Brooklyn Nets forum about the need to offer JLin a starting PG position (and even then it’s not a guarantee he will sign). It’s a good sign how JLin’s FA profile will be raised the longer he and the Hornets stay in the playoff. All GMs and fans will be watching how Lin, Schroder, Teague, etc. perform in the playoff.

    Let’s keep hoping and praying JLin will continue to play well and help the Hornets win Game 4 and the series.

    Lin already has a backup spot on a playoff team with Charlotte. I think he would only leave for a starter position, or to be sixth man on a better team than Charlotte that has a chance at a ring.

    If Charlotte can move Hawes and Lamb, that clears $13M from the books and lets them potentially pay Lin if they want to (not sure that they do, since they need to spend money on a free agency big man to replace Al, and they may not want to move Lamb).

    But I don’t think Lin would come to Brooklyn to be a backup. He can get a backup spot with any team out there (many more competitive than Brooklyn in the short term). And there may be other teams out there that may offer Lin a starting spot to pry him from Charlotte (Sixers, Jazz if they’re not keen on Exum, Grizz if Conley leaves, etc.). And I’m sure there are playoff teams that would take him as backup in a heartbeat.

    This summer is a very thin FA PG class, so Lin will draw interest (whether as starter or as sixth man for a playoff team). So I don’t think he would come to the Nets unless it was for starter.

    The NYC market doesn’t mean as much to him, since the media spotlight and endorsements follow him wherever he goes. He even went to a tiny city like Charlotte.

    The only thing Nets can offer to compete with those playoff teams for Lin’s services is starting spot and possibly salary.

    This contract will cover Lin’s prime production years. He’s 27 right now, so even if you lock him in for 3 or 4 yrs, he’ll still be only 30 or 31 at the end of the contract. You get his prime production years.

    The salary cap is expected to go up to $111M in the summer of 2017. So whatever salary you lock him down for in 2016 with the $92M salary cap will look slightly better in a year. It also only costs money and a starting spot to acquire Lin.

    Getting Teague or Schroder would require trade assets (and competing with other teams willing to offer packages to the Hawks). In addition to losing assets, the Nets will also have to offer a giant contract to them in a year when they both hit free agency under the even larger $111M salary cap, which means more inflation of contracts and money floating around the league from other teams. Schroder would be RFA, but Teague will be UFA. If Kenny Atkinson is really able to improve on the current games of Schroder or Teague, it means it will drive up the price of their contracts even more in a year under the $111M salary cap, since they wouldn’t be locked in like Lin.

    And that’s assuming the Nets can even get Lin in the summer, no sure thing. The Mavs fans thought for sure they were getting Lin last summer with the Parsons bromance bond and dangling a starting spot to pick and roll with DeAndre Jordan, but it didn’t happen. We’ve only heard media speculation so far, and nothing from Marks or Atkinson on Lin.

    But Lin is certainly not coming to the Nets to be a backup. He already has a backup spot on a playoff team (one that may even be able to pay him if they can move Lamb and Hawes). I think he may leave for a better role or minutes, which means starting for the Nets or a sixth man on a contender, or for whoever pays him most to make up for the discount year he just took.

    I think Marks said he would investigate all three avenues of draft, trade, free agency to add talent. So he’ll have to weigh the costs and benefits. Including the opportunity costs. Trade assets or cap space or draft picks spent on one position of need means they won’t be available for another position.

    Whether that means Teague or Schroder or Lin or someone else, who knows? The Nets may have a leg up on the pursuit for Lin since they can offer a starting spot (but would still need to compete with Sixers or other teams needing a starting PG), but not if they offer a backup spot. The Nets probably don’t have a leg up on Teague or Schroder since other teams can potentially put up better trade packages.

    And Teague and Schroder will both cost giant contracts in a year with the $111M salary cap, especially if playing under Kenny Atkinson raises their free agency profiles. Lin would be locked in, so any improvement resulting from change of role/usage or personal development and maturation as he goes into his prime production years would just be gravy.

    Maybe Marks can use the vaunted international scouting ability of his Spurs pedigree to find some diamond out there that we’ve never even heard of.

    It’ll be interesting to see if the Nets can compete with other teams to land Lin or Teague or Schroder. But there’s no way Lin is coming to be a backup in Brooklyn. Nets can’t compete with playoff teams for Lin’s services if Lin is willing to be a backup. Only way is to offer him a starting spot and money, and even then it’s no sure thing that Lin would pick the Nets.

  230. I agree with Philly and don’t agree about it being influenced by anything but the way Philly is seeing the game from his perspective. Lin came in and his energy was way above anyone else’s and he just lit up the arena. If you start with Lin and Kemba, and combine their energy, the impact of Lin is not the same. The whole spirit, pace, fire, excitement Lin brought created a wow factor and also a sense of, ok these guys hung with us now in comes Lin and we have to try to figure out how to stop him.

    That’s one way. He could start off and do it that way. But why should it be one way or another? I’m for expanding and just having Lin being great however the team fits because… Lin is a team player.

    IMO, Lin is more than PG or quarterback or anything like that. Lin is energy. Someone at the arena described him as a bolt of energy. He turbocharged the team. He can be PG, he can be attacking off-guard, he can be disruptive defensive force as we saw in Boston with 4 steals in one quarter, he can be off-ball facilitator, he then turns to PG and then makes all the right reads and plays without a single TO, he can ignite his own fast break by himself, he can run down the court and find the ball from his fellow PG and hit a big 3 pointer and more. His versatility and way of being used as a weapon has expanded to the point of Lin is a guard, effective starting or not, that may not even have a classification IMO. I don’t care about anything other than when Lin is on for his 25, 27, 30 whatever amount of minutes, he makes things happen.

    Shaq said he looked like a starter, I thought he looked like a star. When the game is big, Lin is gigantic HOWEVER he’s being used.

  231. No offense but just don’t accuse other poster as a certain player’s die hard fan when they try to defend or point out the problem of the loss and you will be fine. Basketball is a team sport and even as talented as JLin, he still need good teammate around him.

  232. Agreed. Team ball is beauty to watch. NBA has been a super star league for box score fans for a very very long time already. It is time to go back to the real basketball which 5 players on the floor that work as a team!

  233. yes, Draymond is bit of an odd-ball in the GSW bunch

  234. Any competition for JLIN’s services or even discussion of a bidding war is wonderful – there is no bad publicity.

  235. I know lots of Lin’s fans & NY media want Lin to Nets. I think NY media were the one started this hype about Lin to Nets movement…. like this fan said… ” We’ve only heard media speculation so far, and nothing from Marks or Atkinson on Lin.”

  236. They cant speak on Lin they would get fined.

  237. Not mean at all. This guy has no class. First he made Mchale throw Lin under the bus, then he get Mchale fired.

    He deserve it.

    That was why I kept saying Lin have a lot of good teammate this year. And yea, including KW.

  238. wondering if Refs caught this? most likely not. <– is that Heats strategy – if you can't stop JLin, just grab him (like LBJ did before, and this).

  239. Lol. Yup. GSW probably think why the heck we have to play this garbage team again?

  240. 4 out of 19 and still insisting on putting up the shots. He should pass more and when Wade wasn’t tired, Walker was pathetic. The only good thing about him is he keeps on cheering on Lin to be aggressive, aggressive…I don’t care.

  241. They don’t need to have name call out but like Jerry Colangelo talked about the player they want…. that just sounded like Lin…. I just don’t feel the same warm or desire tone about Lin from Nets so far. Like MDA said he would like to coach Lin again…. that will not get fined.

  242. We will see still 1 months away

  243. sorry 2 months

  244. lol. I use my seat heater in summer, just in case I hurt myself getting out of the car … ha ha.

  245. dang, Local news says it’s a sprained MCL going for MRI tomorrow. That means … 2 weeks off and they are talking about him missing first couple games of next round.

  246. I have been thinking. The only way Hornets can get Lin to resign is.

    1) 10 mils + and multiple years contract.

    2) MJ/FO and Coach have to find a way for Lin and KW co-exist. For example, Lin and KW botg start and KW play more SG on offense end. They can swtich on the defensive end, Lin can guard the SG and KW guard the PG.

  247. Don’t think Lin will stay bc he wants starting PG job not combo guard job from Hornets. Kemba will always be their starting PG. Plus 10M it’s too less.

  248. Lots of Lin haters there trying to bad mouth Lin to be a back up PG. They don’t even watch basketball games.

  249. test

  250. Lin would have to start at PG while moving Kemba to SG, rest early, then lead bench as main PG. No Batum or Kemba during 2nd quarter for the first 6 minutes. Then sit out and Kemba be PG. But to be honest, I don’t see it happening.

  251. I know & Curry got injury again. smh!

  252. With Curry going down so often these playoffs and his injury history, I would not be surprised if the Warriors offer JLin a 10mil a year contract and promises of being the sole 3rd guard and at minimum 23-25minutes a game

  253. Agreed

  254. Nobody pays 10 mil for 3rd guard.

  255. That why is the FO/Clifford problem. The last thing I wanna see is Lin play 20 mins behind KW next season.

  256. Fans can’t write the check for Lin but Boss can. FO’s attitude is more important than these clueless fans opinions.

  257. Trade KW and Hornets will become a very solid team in the East.Offer Lin 12mil and a starting position.

  258. They missed the goal-tending, they would miss anything.

  259. 3 guard can’t play 25 min per game.

  260. they do with the new salary cap increasing…in 2018, that would be equivalent to like 6million bucks in today’s money

  261. First step is the contract. If they are willing to offer this kind of contract to Lin, then they will not play Lin 20 mins behind KW for that much $. Then is the FO/ Coach to figure it out. As LinMad point out. Lin can rest early and lead the 2nd unit while KW is resting.

  262. most of them that bad mouth Lin are the ones who didn’t like it when Lin was a Knicks during Linsanity era killing D. Williams when he was a Nets. But hey, why are they so sour about that when D. Will already left them?

  263. Lin and Batum will be a very good backcourt duo,they don’t need Kemba.Trade Kemba for Middleton from Bucks and everyone will be happy.

  264. Like I said no need to care about what these clueless fans said… I bet lots of them probably didn’t watch any full Lin’s game in Hornets at all.

  265. It maybe a interest topic on how the Hornets can resign Lin next season.

    To me first is big / long contract and Lin MUST BE A STARTER!

  266. They want Lin back in New York because it’s going to bring the love back in the sport and the money from China/Taiwan.

  267. Yep a lot of anti Lin fans who say he’s not a good defender hasn’t watched Lin this season. He’s improved a lot.

  268. True. But you have to understand Hornets have already invested in KW and they have no way out.

    So the coach and the FO have to figure how to have Lin and KW both as starter and co-exist.

  269. MJ can changed his mind this off season,nothing is certain in NBA

  270. After watching the Spurs game that Lin demolished the Spurs, I think Lin is better than Mike Conley whose team got whipped up so badly by the Spurs. Jeremy with his versatility in offense and toughness in defense will rank him the number one choice in PG in off season. Should Hornets go deeper in the playoff, Lin’s contribution will make him the one and only PG that can play at both ends of the court.

  271. He would have to be starting PG and I don’t see that happening with Kemba Walker. Lin could take Courtney Lee’s starting role but he wont’ be a starter next season when MKG is back. Also this coach isn’t very supportive to Lin. He isn’t coaching to Lin’s best abilities. He’s coaching against it. It’s been like this all season long. Why else would Batum play point over Lin? There would have to be a lot of changes made and I don’t think Hornets FO is ready for a shake up.

    If I was Hornets FO, I would get rid of Al Jefferson, Kemba Walker and Batum and rebuild around Jeremy Lin. Al plays too slow and clogs up the lane, KW is too short and ISO too much, Batum is injury proned and playing out of his role. That is the future of Hornets right there. If Hornets rebulid around Lin, they would need a good PnR big and grab some more 3 point shooters like Troy. Also a backup PG for Lin.

  272. Don’t see it on Hornets. Clifford likes his 2 guards 6’5″ or taller. Lin isn’t that tall. Kemba is going nowhere. They are trying to have Batum 2, MKG 3 and Marv or someone like him, a stretch 4. They may want to keep Lin, but I don’t see them offering him a starter’s spot.

  273. Not even MJ can do it. No TEAM will take KW contract. And the franchise will look REALLY REALLY bad if they give up KW like that.

  274. conley wants to go to the knicks. I say good luck

  275. Yup. That why I have been blaming the FO and Clifford.

    To me, Clifford is so so overrated.

  276. Lin and KW can’t co exist.One needs to go

  277. Based on? PJ and that triangle offense. He insists on it. So he’d have to be part of that.

    I thnk Lin and Conley are different. Conley impressed me last season in the playoffs. He’s not as dynamic, but he’s solid.

  278. They can. But not under Clifford.

  279. I think Lin better than Conley but yea. Conley is solid.

  280. Its a rumor the knick want him. If I’m him i stay in memphis. He is likely using them to up his price

  281. Goodluck with that

  282. It can be $200 mil salary cap that does not mean they will waste 10 mil for 3rd string.

  283. Few days ago, I read the tweet from Mem reporter said they lock their FA.

  284. I really hope that Conley goes to the Knicks, would open up a starting spot on the Griz which I’m assuming Griz would want to fill with JLin…with the bigs on Memphis, JLin would have a field day

  285. From Mem reporter, they do want Lin. But I guess it’s for backup.

  286. Yea. That why I have been blaming on FO and Clifford.

    Clifford is so overrated. A smart coach will utilize the best of his player. Clifford failed to do that.

    Just looking at the disaster of the Point Forward that Clifford want Batum to be and you can tell.

  287. I love that,I really love that idea.

  288. They play too slow and lanes are clogged up

  289. That’s good. Maybe price is not right. LOL!

  290. He may be asking for a max contract. I hope knicks not that stupid

  291. Um, they’re the Knicks, need I say more 😀

  292. With Cliff as coach? No thanks. Lied once. Never trust him as he might pull a Pev.

  293. Conley in the datum realm. not a max player but some may get eager and over pay

  294. No way Lin gonna be a back up. Unless there is absolutely no team want him but I really doubt it.

    I strongly believe Lin is going to be a starter next season.

  295. Agreed on Lied once. I have post a long long comment last night about how Hornets look at Lin as a promotional tool for 2 preseason game in China.

  296. You said he wants to go to the Knicks. Now rumor Knicks want him?

  297. That’s when Conley is back….

  298. Its the middle of the season players and Team cant say anything. Knicks fans want it. He didn’t say he didn’t. Knicks in their position obviously would take him.

  299. Go to Knicks and play with Melo? Good luck with that.

  300. Hope NYK gives him Max… LOL!

  301. Melo on the down ward part of his career. He is worst then he used to be

  302. I honestly don’t think Conley and his agent is that dumb.

  303. But Melo is Dolan’s son.

  304. So the “Conley wants to go to the Knicks” was just your guessing.

  305. I think Lin should model his asking price to Mike Conley’s max contract since he’s expecting to be paid 27 million a year. I checked Conley’s per 36 and it is 17.5 pts and 7 assists at PG position.

    Even though Lin did not get the chance to be starting PG this season and basketball reference has him as a SG (backup SG), Lin’s per 36 is 16.1 pts and 4.1 assists. We all know if Lin was given more chances to be a PG, he would have averaged more points and more assists. Either way, if we divide the points and assists, Lin should get at least 75% of Mike Conley’s salary next season. Which mean $20.25 mln a year. But I doubt that will happen cause the NBA isn’t fair. Lin will probably get half of that or a little more than half of that. I would not accept anything less than $10 mln.

  306. “I think everything will be on the table when the time comes,” Conley said. “I haven’t committed to anything.”

    “At the end of the day, it is a business and anything can happen,” Conley said. “But obviously they know how I feel about Marc and my teammates.”

  307. It’s looking very likely with both the Nets and Philly, who both have very JLin supportive coaches, in desperate need, and no really strong PG prospects in the draft

  308. It all depends how deep Hornets is moving towards the playoff. Next game is crucial. If Hornets wins the next game, Lin’s stake will go up faster than you can imagine.

  309. Asian discount. Sigh….

  310. Should post it on front page along with the picture of LBG grabbing Lin’s arm.

  311. Jlin minutes – so we’ve been talking all year about just doing well enough to get a great K this summer. Looking at what happened to Steph today, I’m happy if JLin just comes in and makes his impact and sits with no 4th quarter glory.

    What happened was, DMo fell over his own guy, and his butt wet the floor. Steph was covering the ball coming out of backcourt, and did a back cut to change direction to stay in front of the ball. He hit the wet spot and splayed. Freakishly unlucky, … so many things could have happened and he would not have stepped in that.

    So, yep, I don’t want to see JLin spend more miles on that CHA court than necessary. I know I know, he could win the MIA series. But in the context of how CHA wants to play, if they can win with JLin sitting in 4th, I’m good. If they need Lin, just go in to win it and then sit. I don’t want Lin to go into FA this summer with any problems in his health.

    As for Steph, the local news says it’s a sprained MCL and will take 2 weeks, unless tomorrow’s MRI is worse. Fingers crossed for Steph. And, yeah, let’s all please stop with the JLin stats thing. He doesn’t need it – and I’d rather he make it to FA without any freak accidents.


    Surprise, surprise…Jlin is leading the team in defensive field goal
    percentage allowed, as well as the leader in difference between
    defensive FG% allowed and the usual FG% of the guarded player…

  313. I love to see Conley going to the Knicks because Nets will have fewer choices and with their severely lacking in draft choices, Jeremy Lin will be their top choice in team rebuilding and they have to offer more money plus the starting role for Jeremy’s service and still there is no guarantee that they will even get Lin because 76ers is also in need of a PG. Ish Smith is at best a backup PG in the league.

  314. i have a concern about lin’s back. i know that he is already putting ice on it, and he’s had back issues before. and then i saw some pretty hard screens set on Lin, some which seemed to be aimed at his back. this was in the 4th quarter while he was guarding Dragic. i don’t know if anybody else saw this.

  315. yeah, another big game in a win will almost guarantee a starting spot next year i would think

  316. not surprised at all. More surprised at Hornets fans who think Lin sucks at D and needs to be replaced by Lee, Lamb or Troy lol

  317. those screens probably hurt Lin’s back the most. I hope his muscles there are getting stronger.

  318. Lin haters keeps on writing garbage to put down Jeremy.

  319. Hi Psalm234. Please help.

    I can’t find the video/Link on how Lin talk about Maverick back out in the last minute to sigh him due to the DeAndre Jordan signing fell apart. Is it possible if you can re-post it?

  320. reason why there is an asian discount

  321. LOL. Thank you for a good laugh.

  322. After seeing the unfortunate injury to Curry, I agree that it is essential for Lin to stay healthy for the oncoming free agency.

    It is, therefore, alright with me if Lin’s PT is less than 30 min. for the rest of playoffs as long as he is the PG on court to facilitate another win over Heat.

  323. With Cliff and MJ’s golden boy Kemba? no thanks. Lin will not start nor get a chance to show his true potential on this team so long as Kemba is there, forget it.

  324. Why don’t you ask Lamb the DNP player how’s that 3 year 21Mil big contract is doing for him? Bottomlne this coach does not trust Lin nor knows anything about PnR. He’s a worst version of Mchale in stat padding Kemba’s points with 41 minutes every game. We all can see when MKG was back Lin only had 15 minutes at most. Lin’s not dumb he’s not going to take Hornets offer after this coach and team lied to him like all the rest.

  325. your welcome

  326. When JLIn played 2013-2014 Rockets, playoffs vs Portland (If it wasn’t for McHale – could have gone further in the playoffs. Series went: LLWLWL. We need this second win at Home!

  327. chain reaction/ domino effect? lol. We Lin fans will certainly have a fun time speculating/monitoring all FA PG signings this summer.

  328. Spurs got the West

  329. That’s what I’ve been posting even before the playoffs. But most fans here likes the playoffs though. I’m the opposite. To me, Lin doesn’t have to prove that he is a difference maker.

  330. Here you go: JLin’s Candid Interview Why He Chose Hornets!

  331. ???? Still see nothing saying he wants to be with the Knicks?

  332. Still nothing about he wants to go to the Knicks. Pls be clear with your statement fact or opinion. Nothing is wrong with you making an opinion, just do not make it fact.

  333. Ouch. Will have to see from MRI how bad.

  334. Oh, Sorry to hear. God’s speedy recovery Steph!

  335. I agree with you. We Lin fans know how impactful he is on court.

    But the G3 victory has garnered him much attention from national media, fans and hopefully coaches and GMs. It should have increased his market value for FA. 🙂

  336. Literally Kemba can’t guard anybody in this series and that’s the reason why Hornets are always on the catching up mode.

  337. Same here, Spurs win if Curry goes down. Too bad for NBA that would make a less exciting finals and playoffs.

  338. Rockets was already his last prime years to get his ring, he’s already going downhill now. If he wants to get a ring then he needs to stop insisting on post moves and just play PnR.

  339. This is not SportsCenter twitter handle. If Curry is out for the rest of the playoffs, it would send shockwaves throughout social media.

  340. Thanks. But I saw one in a english version. I believe Lin was interviewed by an during post game or something. Forgot. But thank you so much.


  341. IMO, the garbage time play is useless for starters. So fact that Kemba played is sheer stupidity.

    Lin plays the game like the Toa….” Do without doing. When work is done, only loyal ministers all say, we did it!” Lin claims no personal fame for doing what he does for the love of the game. That’s doing without doing. Kemba is the loyal minister trying desperately to claim every feather for his headdress as chief of the Hornets.

    Lin’s Pride comes for himself for having done the job to the best of his ability. Kemba’s pride forces him to guard his status becuase he gets that pride from others. Lin needs no one else to tell him he’s done a good job.

    I do however feel playoff is a high stake proving ground for separation of greats and pretenders. Most ” stars” choke. Lebron did until Wade and Bosh pushed him over the edge. Lowrey and DeRozen have choked so badly for the last 3 seasons in playoffs. Harden, Kemba… All these regular season stars play the game backwards. Lin gets tougher in tougher situations. He is the rarest of rare in sports that can summon immense power of concentration just when the demands are the most demanding. He’s proven it time after time.

    This is why Lin to me is the greatest PG in the game right now.

  342. Why are you so disrespectful. Ive done nothing to disrespect you. I won’t respond to you again. Next time do your own research

  343. I believe it was on a recent Nypost or NY times article, I retweeted it, i can search later

  344. thats why his rest on the 4th Q when lead was big was a good resting time for his body..he could still play much, but his own restriction should be consider for his longevity

  345. What has Jeremy done this season?
    With Walker out, Jeremy scored 24 points + 8 assists to defeat LeBron James’ Cavaliers. With Batum out, Lin scored 35 points to defeat the Raptors. The classic game is to defeat the Spurs and turned a 23 points deficit into victory. How many more proof you need?

  346. that would be a more charitable interpretation of cliff’s benching lin too. (btw, i’m not a cliff fan, but i’m a believer in charitable interpretations.)

  347. I didn’t proclaim anything. someone said something about Conley. I typed his name and saw Rumors of him to the knicks. I also saw His previous coach saying he would take the highest bid. Some one ask me for Link so i did research and SaidKnicks want him. You said What true does Knicks want him i gave you the Links. I did all this research while you where being rude. Next time do your own research. Your welcome.

  348. Apparently he needs to be the regular season mvp, finals mvp, and be declared the king of the world all in the same year for him to “deserve” a starting spot on a crappy team

  349. Cheers on!

  350. Don’t bet on it. The Warriors has enough talent to beat any team. They have great depth.
    It’s time for plan B.

  351. maybe with the link you provided, you can say that…..

    “Conley can include knicks as his option if the offer is right”, instead of just saying conley wants to go to the nyk?

  352. lets work on the positive to avoid being distressed by factors hindering jlin growth..anyway few more games at hand and its FREEDOM!

  353. As I thought. Good.

  354. The destiny of being the worst coach in NBA history.

  355. Detroit played well. Too bad, they didn’t get this win. But they will be a good team next season. MM really played very well.

  356. Honestly i did surface read. Once i was taken to task i changed it to Knicks want him. I was again taken to task and i showed the Links. What more do can i do. Have you never said something before knowing for sure then change you mind while learning more. Am i suppose to know everything. Also am i suppose to be disrespected while being taken to task. With the amount of stuff said here. Me saying Conley want to go to the knicks is the least controversial. Honestly some here don’t like me. Its always a group of them. Who are as nice as the rule of this board permits. Anyways I should write these people down so i stop responding t then. Sws94 challenge me but was respectful the whole way. I respect sws94 for that

  357. Byron to Lin: “Got any Chinese teams I can coach for?”

  358. “injury reserve”?? lol…the correct term is Injured Reserve List and is used by the NFL & NHL. The NBA uses ‘inactive list’, but I’m not sure that would ever be applied in the playoffs.

  359. A well deserved firing

  360. Lin: I think the Rockets system is suitable for me but they have Harden.
    Although he plays at 2, he handles the ball for most time and I just go
    find the corner, hoping he would pass me the ball to shoot 3s. I had
    improvement here but that’s not the way I want to play. The Lakers
    system isn’t fast. But I feel it’s more important that coaches have to like me and know how to use me. Then by talking on the phone, I think Coach Clifford really understands me, and he will play faster and many PNRs.

  361. Where did you get this?

  362. i have no hate on the lakers except for the coach (arrogant and full of himself) and the FO(L*AR)!!!!

  363. I really wanted to see Lin take over a small market team like Charlotte. I was really hyped during preseason when Lin really got a chance to play his game and the team was doing really well. Was 7-1 or something in preseason. Then reality hit. He was labeled a bench player.

  364. thx. I forgot all about this lol

  365. Hope he does this next year

  366. lol this year



  368. i hate the fan base who protected Byron Scott last season and thought getting rid of Lin was a good idea. Now they’re missing out and there are no big names in Lakers at the moment. I wonder who will join Lakers next season.

  369. Cliff straight lied to Jeremy Lin to get him. Fast pace? PNR? lmao

  370. I bookmarked it so when some people forget why he signed with the hornets, i can access it immediately for proof of what was on jlin’s mind during that time.

  371. Lots of players will bc no Kobe & BS. Lakers is still the team players & coaches want to join….

  372. I hope this year isn’t as long of a wait as last year

  373. limited fast games…applied only when they need to win.

  374. true now that Kobe/Byron is gone, there is room for a new superstar.

  375. Ha ha. Now that Bryan is no more, the tank commander is no more. Good for the Lakers!

    (However, it will not be easy for this fan to erase all the bad memory of BS treatment of Lin in LA.)

  376. i just hope they don’t offer kobe the coaching job or an FO position..if yes, lakers still a HELL HOLE!

  377. No need to worry. Kobe said he didn’t want to be coach or commentator in TV.

  378. He was paid handsomely to stink up his own name. He has NO SHAME.

  379. because of the City of LA? or the team history?

  380. Both.

  381. Would Lakers be a good FA destination for Lin now that there is no BS? Wasn’t Lin born near LA?

  382. Let’s all act very surprised! Ready…set…

  383. 🙂

  384. let’s hope and patiently wait for it…jlin will shorten his obligatory visit in asia this year and personally handle his FA as he mentioned on the previous interview…july is the beginning of FA and hope immediately signed with MDA as the new coach of a team or for what team he opt and decided he will join come next season!

  385. Haha! I said this long long time ago. Lin will back to Lakers this summer. We will see in July.

  386. Get the official title straight, show the proper respect for Tank Commander Supreme!!!

  387. i don’t believe it until it not happening..kobe is a pathological hungry for attention!

  388. I think Lin will be happy back in LA, but for selfish reason, I hope he comes to NY or even PA. 🙂

  389. Didn’t he say he would go earlier or after the free agency period

  390. Not so fast, at least wait ’till little Jimmy gets the boot from his sister.

  391. I think this would be his last NBA coaching job.

  392. Sources: Lakers fire coach Byron Scott, Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical By Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical,11 minutes ago, Yahoo Sports–lakers-fire-coach-byron-scott-033247772.html?soc_src=mail&soc_trk=ma
    “Possible candidates to replace Scott could include Golden State assistant Luke Walton, former Rockets and Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy, UConn coach Kevin Ollie and San Antonio Spurs assistant Ettore Messina.”

  393. Finally……

  394. I used to like him back to NYK but not anymore bc it’s not going to happen. I really think if Lin can back to NYK he will be hot star again soon.

  395. he said it will be earlier than last year, and shortened so he can comeback immediately for FA.. i think may or june is his target visit!

  396. What?????Now,I can go back to my favorite team.

  397. Thx. Ill go to you anytime i need some JLin facts. lol

  398. My guess- Nash.

    Possible candidates to replace Scott could include Golden State assistant Luke Walton, former Rockets and Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy, UConn coach Kevin Ollie and San Antonio Spurs assistant Ettore Messina.

  399. The Lakers forums are singing O Happy Day. I don’t blame them. Byron stunk up the place with his coaching. Lin had to redeem himself because of the lost year there.

  400. Nash didn’t want PHX. Doubt he would want LAL

  401. When Kobe announced the day he retires, BS should’ve packed his bag..

  402. Bc he turned down Sun so I believe even more it’s bc he wants to be Lakers coach. He said he likes LA.

  403. Oh yea his family lives there.. good catch. You win

  404. Everyone wants to get HC job why he would turned down Sun’s offer bc he has somewhere better….

  405. well, i know where those sighs is coming from..but since its no big deal with you and you had shown your respect with others, at least on your part you had shown who you are..we can only control ourselves , and for as long as we are not the one erring, let them be responsible on their own acts!

  406. I remember he was getting offers for Toronto but said he wanted to stay in LA because of his family.

  407. thanks for the link.

  408. Or at least until another team decides to tank…

  409. It’s HC job…. None… he has something in mind so he didn’t need Raptors or Sun’s job.

  410. You right, thx.

  411. True. Bc that offer it’s for backup or even 3rd PG. Don’t think Nets really think high on Lin that much.

  412. Hahahahha.Charles Barkley just called Morey…moronic,moron,moroynic…LOL.I’m catching my breath here…

  413. I honestly don’t know.Ill take your word

  414. welcome.

  415. We will know in July. Haha!

  416. maybe phil is now approaching lakers as we speak…lol!

  417. Let’s see how soon Morey will be gone from NBA. Waiting…………….

  418. Don’t think so. If Lakers will take PJ he will not be in NYK.

  419. he had one of the most talented young teams. And threw it away

  420. Anyone has the record of which HC is fired and which teams still need HC?????

  421. mmmmh seem like another person is going to get fine from NBA. Sad that refs are so protected by NBA for their deeds…..

  422. almost 30% ot teams now i guess needs a new coach after they fired their hc!

  423. Too bad or maybe it’s good. I want him to stay w Harden forever. LOL! Alex said Morey will stay.

  424. HE over dribble a lot. Should of passed the ball. Another SG in a PG body.

  425. Gotta love Chuck! The big mouth is an Equal Opportunity Offender!

  426. players seems seeing the need to voice out their flight personally except jlin who has fans ready to do it for him..LOL

  427. Reggie needs to stop crying. Where is the Jordan crying meme. Kyrie played good defense on him.

  428. I agree he’s over dribble but if he’s Harden he would get the call & FT to tie the game for OT maybe.

  429. Part of me wants Morey gone for good from NBA; another part is for him to stay permanently with JH…… Whatever is worse is fine with me…….

  430. Because ego is more important than substance and glory…

  431. Mel you just spoke my mind!

    Similar dilemma with BS and Lakers…

  432. Hey, thank you Alain.

  433. hehehehe. That’s how much I’m so disgusted with Morey and JH…..

  434. ; P no problem

  435. Credit to donmascau. I updated #9 and added #10. Here’s his list:
    1) Nets – Atkinson – filled
    2) Suns – Watson – filled
    3) Wolves – Thibs – filled
    4) Washington – Brooks – filled
    5) Sacramento ?
    6) New Orleans (yes, Gentry will be fired)?
    7) Houston – nope
    8) Knicks – nope
    9) LAL – nope—————————————————————————————-> As of tonight, it’s vacant!
    10) Sixers- Waiting….

  436. I knew this is coming.

  437. yep

  438. Jeremy Lin, Troy Daniels return to the NBA Playoffs two years after Daniels’ game-winning 3-point shot in Houston

    In 2014, Lin found Daniels for a game-winner to lead the Houston Rockets over the Portland in a series Nic Batum and the Blazers won in six games. That year, five of the eight NBA Playoffs first-round series went seven games. This year, the first round is shaping up to be much less competitive.

    CHARLOTTE — During pregame introductions, Jeremy Lin goes down the Charlotte Hornets bench and shares different, choreographed handshakes with his teammates. He does a “judo chop” with Courtney Lee, boxes with Jeremy Lamb and taps ankles with Cody Zeller.

    In one handshake, Lin pretends to throw a behind-the-back pass to Troy Daniels. Daniels pantomimes a 3-point shot, and both tap three fingers to their temples in a celebration. The celebration comes from the guards’ season together in 2014 with Houston, when Lin found Daniels for a game-winning shot to lead the Rockets over the Portland Trail Blazers.

    Daniels was a surprise playoff hero fresh out of the D-League that season. He had played just 75 total regular season minutes. But after that Game 3 winner, he went 4-5 from 3-point range in Game 4 for 17 points in a Rockets loss.

    Two years later, Daniels said this return trip to the playoffs feels very different from the first one.

    “No question, it was definitely a lot to take in (as a rookie), just being in the NBA — a lot of on- and off-the-court things. Just being in the playoffs is a different beast, you know, one or two possessions can turn a game, a game can turn a series. I know that now, but I didn’t know that back then,” he said.

    Lin and Daniels were both gone from Houston by the end of 2014. The Rockets traded Lin to the Los Angeles Lakers in the offseason to clear cap space, and Lin went through a tough 21-61 season there before signing with Charlotte as a free agent in 2015.

    “I’ve got to give a lot of glory to God because I didn’t think I was ever going to come to Charlotte,” Lin said. “I don’t think it’s a secret that I wasn’t expecting or even thinking of coming here when free agency started last year. God always closes every door but one and makes it obvious for me to go through that one. It was here. I didn’t understand it, maybe, in the beginning, but now I do.”

    Daniels, meanwhile, was traded twice in the course of two months. The Rockets sent him to Minnesota in December 2014, and then the Timberwolves traded him to Charlotte in February for Gary Neal and a second-round pick. That brought the two former Rockets together with Nic Batum, whose Blazers team beat the Rockets thanks to Damian Lillard’s game-winning 3-pointer in Game 6.

    “We talk about it all the time. It’s kind of funny how much we talk about it. It was a fun series, and Nic always gets the last laugh because he actually won the series,” Daniels said.

    After the Hornets’ final regular season game at home against Orlando, Batum, whose locker is right next to Lin’s, reminded the point guard about his last playoff trip.

    “Welcome back to the playoffs. I know your last experience wasn’t great,” Batum joked to Lin before smiling and walking out of the locker room.

    Those 2014 playoffs were just two seasons ago, but the parity that led to five first-round series going seven games seems to have disappeared in the NBA.

    The San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers both earned first round sweeps Sunday. Many first-round games saw the home teams blow out their competitors on the higher seeds’ home floor — including two lopsided Miami wins before Charlotte turned the tables at home in Game 3.

    In the West, the disappearance of that parity is tied to the recent dominance of the Golden State Warriors, who have soared to the top of a conference that had eight teams with title aspirations just two years ago.

    “I think they’re playing with unbelievable confidence,” Daniels said of the Warriors. “They’re playing with a lot of free reign. Some shots they take are wild, you know, but that’s just how they play.”

    Daniels, Lin and the Hornets will hope they can bring some of that drama from two seasons ago back in their first-round series against Miami. After the Heat looked to be on their way to an easy first-round victory with lopsided wins in Game 1 and Game 2, the Hornets got back into the series with a 96-80 win Saturday night. Charlotte will hope to even the series in Game 4 at 7 p.m. Monday at Time Warner Cable Arena.

  439. Thanks!!! This is the one.

    Therefore NO Mavericks as they dropped Lin in the last minute and went the Ninja Turtle (D Will)

  440. Haha! One more player spoke out the unfair of Ref….LOL!!

  441. What is up with his hat???

  442. I have a feeling Lin doesn’t like Deron Williams

  443. Lin’s previous coaches has been given the ax. Is this what happens when you try to cage Linsanity.

  444. And I agree. Lin has always shown he can win in the playoffs.

  445. Keith Smart, Mike D’Antoni, Mike Woodson, Kevin McHale, BS…perfect batting record.

    What would one do regarding Clifford if one was a betting man? *snicker*

  446. Yep, I just want him to do like G3, where it’s clear he won the game, and then rest. Let KW and others finish it out. That 3 and then the coast-to-coast were astounding plays.

  447. Finally, a player with backbones to call out the crooked refs!

  448. Kyrie reached and clearly bumped him on the shot. Refs were just too scared to call the foul.

  449. I’d be curious what percentage of NBA coaches get fired at some point. It’s a high number, I think.

  450. Thanks HV … it would be great if Lin can just go in and make some winning plays, and then let them run the game out.

  451. The feeling is mutual, guaranteed.

  452. This is the result of incompetent GMs making frivolous, uneducated decision on HC candidates.

  453. B SCOTT is fired. How about bring back mda & jlin?

  454. “ding dong the …” Wizard of Oz

  455. Truth be told I’m more upset with Morey than with Harden. No one says no when offered full set of privileges with zero accountability. In terms of career reputation Harden can be considered a victim of Morey too (although definitely not monetarily).

  456. I just love Daniels’ howl when JLin hit that 3 to make it 67-53 in G3. That was cool to see, along with AJ throwing the towel down.

  457. I like the use of pathological.

  458. These are REAL friends, MW and Al and Troy, unlike CP25 and Bev.

  459. yeah, I agree. Fake friends but JLin still open and he’ll keep making real friends who are the real deal. I like how AJ, Daniels, MW play. Funny how that works …

  460. And pretty boy Parson. He is a FAKE friend like Bev.

    In the meantime I also think N Young is one of the real friend.

  461. Buss kids & Kupchak were more instrumental in what happened with the Lakers these past few years. I have little respect for an organization that wasted away precious years to cater to someone like Kobe.

  462. Swaggy he cool … I just laugh every time he’s interviewed because he’s sot funny while being straight. So what if Kobe didn’t autograph his shoe, so what …

  463. Yea. Luv that video bomb by Swaggy and Jordan Hill.


  464. You forget that the coach who unleashed Linsanity also got the ax. Coaches are rarely the primary decision-makers. Melo, Harden & Kobe never got the ax.

  465. No thanks for mda, he deserves better than that. This is what people like magic johnson said about him when he was there:

    “Happy days are here again! Mike D’Antoni resigns as the Lakers coach. I couldn’t be happier!”

    Charles Barkley even scolded him for that:

  466. I am sure. But D Will is a real jerk. Remember how he got ‎Jerry Sloan fired or retire or something.

  467. fact: mda resigned.
    Charles Barkley scolds Magic Johnson for celebrating Mike D’Antoni resignation
    : No one should be surprised that he was happy the coach was ousted, particularly given that D’Antoni resigned and was not fired. This was D’Antoni’s choice, to a degree, so perhaps that gives Johnson more leeway in his glee.”

  468. BS was hired solely to make sure KB is protected from media and get what he wants in his finally 2 years. A baby sitter, nothing more, nothing less.

  469. babyLinsanity about to start, that’s what couches do …

  470. Mda is exempt cuz he didn’t mistreat lin. Melo was the reason mda left.

  471. I am ok with that. But please trade D’angelo Russell if Lin do sign with the Lakers next season.

  472. I wonder if jlin ever comes here to read our stuff…

  473. Don’t know but I hope Clifford do so that he can learn how to coach from us.


  474. Sure, he “resigned”. Do you really believe Woodson, McHale & Scott were fired because they benched Jeremy?

  475. i think he do, but like a silent member :P. if he read reddit, theres a big chane he’s a member of this forum also, or might be one of his family or friend!

  476. Not sure about Woodson

    But McHale got betrayed by Harden (Good for him)

    And Scott in only a 2 years baby sitter for KB.

  477. that i don’t know and if they were axed maybe for one reason, team FO doesn’t need for their services anymore!

  478. Yes, re-watched game and near 7:00min into 2nd quarter JLIN’s lay up clearly hit the backboard first before the Heat player touched the ball. Missed call by refs!

  479. CP25 == Chandler Parsons. 🙂

  480. He’s funny but also slides in some ugly truth under the cover of humor, especially when it came to Kobe.

  481. Oic. Then I am 100% agreed with you on this.


  482. Can’t remember where I read or heard him say it, but he stopped reading fan forums the first year in Houston. It wasn’t constructive for him to read what the fans wanted of him or the coach or his teammates.

  483. Haven’t posted in awhile cuz all my fellow lin fans have been doing a great job defending our boy. But after the win yesterday and byron scott firing today, just wanna say kudos to lin and lin nation and karma came for u byron scott.

  484. Woodson stayed for 2 full seasons after Linsanity. The Knicks made it to the 2nd round the year after Jeremy left. Houston/McHale also did well the year after they traded Jeremy. It’s the year after when things start falling apart. Lakers were already messed up, so no real change there…unless you count Kobe’s retirement as an improvement.

  485. It’s an art, he’s an artist that way.

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  488. I’m normally against insulting people publicly, but it’s a different story when some people beg for it for years…then they had it coming.

  489. 100% of coaches eventually stop coaching.

  490. BS gets fired right after KB have played his last game, just as many Lin fans predicted a season ago.

  491. IMO… i think that mistreatment of jeremy was the sign of teams/coaches inability and INCOMPETENTCE and somehow the beginning of its downfall , some with immediate effect and for some team takes awhile. it was not the cause but the sign because such incompetence were there already and just triggered by the jlin effect!

  492. If Lakers are considering Kevin Ollie for HC they are going to make a hard run at KD

  493. Why? Even I don’t think Lakers will hire him.

  494. Ollie was an assistant for OKC – now HC at UConn – and KD loves the guy. Would play for him in a heartbeat. Kind of like Atkinson/MDA and Lin.

  495. Tough to make such a cause-effect connection when there are so many other factors involved. For example, the Warriors new ownership group signed Jeremy to his first contract in 2010. They didn’t do well that year, but improved each of the following 3 years with HC Mark Jackson. But it wasn’t until they hired Steve Kerr last season before they got to the current level.

    I also dislike Morey, but he did have enough insight to sign Jeremy to that $25M/3-year deal. Of course he subsequently messed it up. The Knicks & Lakers are just messed up. But what these teams share in common is that they cater to a single Superstar: Kobe, Melo & Harden.

  496. I’m shocked………that it took so long.,

  497. Rambis has a shot.

  498. It was not Morey’s insight, but Les Alexander’s fury during the height of Linsanity that forced Morey to sign Jeremy. There were numerous articles regarding Les hanging up on Morey, here’s one:

    Morey had no insight, just vindictive schemes and calculations to get back at Jeremy for making him “lose face”.

  499. I stand corrected. I’d never read that story. So what’s the followup story about Harden? Was that also Les? And what turned him off Jeremy? His first season there was good. Les doesn’t sound like the kind of character that would let even a star player like Harden dictate to him.

  500. BS baller imprints:” i like jeremy lin a lot, i really do”!


  501. harden was the redemption of morey back then, and LES saw that took morey 3 years to trade jlin again with LES approval, but afterwards, thing started to crumble and fall because of the cornerstones

  502. Les is usually hands off and lets Morey do his thang, the Linsanity craze being a rare exception to the rule. Harden was Morey’s way of taking the ball out of Jeremy’s hands in a passive retaliation. He then followed up on the marginalization using Toney Douglas, who was either unwilling or unable (or both) to serve Morey’s purpose. It was only then that Morey found Bev from Russia to be the follow-up stab to Jeremy.

    It’s likely that Les slowly bought into Morey’s artificially created “proof” (via controlled media spin and diminished ball-handling role) that Linsanity was a fluke, and eventually lost his passion over the phenomenon.

  503. Buss kids?

  504. As Khuang always says : Lin is coach Killer

  505. Jeanie and Jimmy Buss, inherited the franchise from Jerry.

  506. If Lin signs with Atkinson in Brooklyn, Cliff will be next.

    Lin would break out in a huge way if given Kemba’s MPG and FGA. And with the fan vote, Lin would 100% be starting for the East in the All-Star Game…in Charlotte. MJ would be furious with Cliff and Cho.

  507. Makes sense. Marginalizing Lin is a clear sign that you don’t know winning basketball.

  508. Wasting their time. Durant can get a max contract anywhere and there are much better teams than LAL.

    He’ll probably stay in OKC, but he wants to put pressure on them to make some serious moves, spend some serious cash. OKC owners are apparently pretty cheap (or more cash-strapped than most NBA owners).

  509. LA had their chance and ruined it. Lin and MDA can reunite in Philly and build something special from the ground up. But I prefer Brooklyn right now. They don’t have the picks and assets to screw over Lin/Atkinson. They have to give him at least a season to prove himself.

  510. would be hilarious to see JLin start in the all-star game in front of Jordan while Kimba gets relegated to the Skills challenge with Pat Beverly

  511. when the garbage time comes, I do notice that Kemba turns down some of his usual shots, to pass out for padding his assist stat… He is very conscious about his shot-first, pass-second mentality as a PG. (prob aware of the potential neg. impact on team, and from critics). Well, he can decide his court time, so I guess he prioritize his own stat first, and leaves the team success second.

    One thing though, Cardio-kemba is a competitor, he plays as hard as any NBA guard. He prob takes pride in his work ethics, and his own skill set, and intents to lead and win game featuring all-Kemba. The sad truth is his iso type of basketball can take care of mid- to crappy opponents, but almost entirely useless when against elite defenders in the playoffs. He is still quiet young, and has not experienced much playoff bball yet. Also, he has not been playing with a roster as gifted/trustworthy as this year’s. Hopefully he will quickly pick it up, and learn to trust/play-off of his teammates more.

    If Kemba can realize Lin is the most important piece on the current roster, then he may demand FO for a respectful contract to re-sign Lin in the summer, of course as a starter, teaming as dynamic 1-2 P&R thread as Cliff promised Lin previously. With Batum (whose value goes down now due to injury) staying as SF, Hornets will have a better run at ECF final in the years to come.

    Hornet team is a healthy environment for Lin to grow and shine; he also badly deserves stability and geling with his team. We all know Kemba is not the worst star player to share court with. So I am rooting for Lin to stay and confident Jlin’s game will argue for his starting job and the contract he deserves in his prime.

  512. I think I’ll run the risk of dislocated jaw from laughing too hard if this were to happen…

  513. “Lin and Philly can reunite in Philly” <- pretty sure you meant D'Antoni… 🙂

  514. YES.

    Had they not benched Lin behind nonperforming nonAsian players, all of those coaches would have won more and would have enjoyed far greater playoff success with Lin.


  516. Well, we shal see …

  517. but now, without kobe, lakers will be his team. with KD, lakers can easily rebuild. 1-2 years they will be a contender again…

  518. 再訪夏洛特:2016重返季後賽 黃蜂的救贖之旅 (Taiwanese reporter visited Hornets after practice but JLin left early for TNT interview.

  519. INJURY NEWS: Hassan Whiteside (right thigh contusion) did not participate in today’s team practice. His status for Game 4 will be updated tomorrow.

  520. Whiteside may “decide” to play at the 11this hour. Charlotte Hornets shouldn’t take it lightly and must have all different gameplans to counter Spo’s strategy.

  521. Given Jeremy’s propensity to up his game when the pressure is on and the lights are brightest, imagine what would happen if he reached the NBA finals… If it was game 7 of the NBA finals, maybe Jeremy will have 40 points, 12 assists, 5 steals, 2 blocks and the W.

  522. MDA resigned. His successor was fired long after Lin left Knicks. It couldn’t be on Jeremy’s account.
    McHale was fired because of Harden. BS was fired because of his dismal record this season. What are you talking about?

  523. Byron Scott was much worse than MDA. MDA at least took the team to playoff. BS took the team to almost the hell last without 76ers’ Sam Hinkie tanking.

  524. Woodson was fired because of Melo. McHale of Harden, Scott of the record this season w/o Jeremy.

  525. Sir Charles meant to say Dat-old Moron, lol

  526. Just learn that JLin’s cousin, Allen Lu, is going to be with JLin is Game 4. So glad JLin’s family and friends are going to support him. Pray that he will have another great game.

  527. Not at all, Lin has always been the glue guy that pulled the separate entities together to p,any as one. That glue comes unravel over time when no one is there to keep that glue intact. What you see is that unravelling of the players as a single unit to disseminate pieces of individual players with their own agendas.

  528. Once Hinkie got booted out of the league almost forever, Morey’s dismissal could be anticipated.

  529. Hope the leash is longer than G1 and G2.

  530. Lol Mel, I know you’re better than that. People like Morey should never in a position of power so I’m hoping he gets kicked out of pro sports altogether. Harden was a spoiled brat that was enabled instead of guided. He could have been a real star with a tougher coach and Lin would have had an awesome teammate. They could have been great together. Morey ruined one of the most exciting backcourt pair by his own selfish evil. Let’s hope he never gets a chance to ruin another player again.

  531. Kemba is too small to be a SG but plays like one. He’s heading down the road to James Harden style of ball handler. Like Kobe took the ball out of Steve Nashes hands so that he can control his own offence. Kobe and Harden don’t quarterback, they want control of the offence to run through them. This is why the team fails against better teams. Kemba’s style of quarterbacking is similar to Kobe and Harden. Their mind set is to score for themselves first, like a SG should. The SG is a primary reciever on the team that needs a quality quarterback to set him up for the catches and touchdowns.

    Under the current FO directions, a Kemba lead team will always fall short because his mindset is such that he cares more about himself than the rest of the team. A quarterback that calls his own number first will never be a great passer. The Hornets will never gel as a team while Kemba takes all the shots.

  532. What skills…sorry that was too harsh…but I was only referring to PB.

  533. Miami coach playing games again. Whiteside will not sit game 4. Book it Danno.

  534. Scott did not get fired, rather the Lakers did not pick up the team option for next year.

  535. Lin – faith and family – like spinach to Popeye.

  536. Deron was ground zero.

  537. That’s getting fired.

  538. They’re kids?

  539. Omitted Mr. Woodson

  540. I hope he likes our posts!

  541. Lol

  542. I’m posting this because I want people to know that folks outside this forum appreciate Lin. This is from RealGM from a Miami Heat fan:


    There’s no question. Lin is a fierce competitor.

    With respect to free agency, I think the only reason he would be tempted to leave the Hornets is the same issue that faced the Heat with Whiteside when Bosh was starting. Quite clearly, Jeremy Lin should be starting somewhere at point guard, or at least getting a respectable number of minutes. His impact on the court cannot be overstated, but he needs to be given enough minutes to put his mark on the game. Charlotte already has an exceptional point guard, an all-star in Kemba Walker.

    It’s a real problem.

  543. Kemba has never been an all star.

  544. They’re Jerry’s adult children. Jimmy’s 56 and Jeanie’s 54.

  545. That probably be 3 OT ? .. in 2018

  546. The Lin stuff is why I posted it, not Kemba. That’s an aside IMO.

  547. Charlotte already has an exceptionally short scoring guard, a wannabe all-star in Kemba Walker.

  548. Very possible. Lin is a BIG game player.

  549. This game will be interesting. Hornets were desperate the last game and came out finally with a higher energy/intensity level. Also guys like Marvin came back to his game and Frank found his. Lin was stellar, his energy and determination were off of the charts. Miami missed shots they were making in the previous game.

    Will Whiteside play? Batum? Big difference if either of them play. Will Spo try to minimize Lin’s drives to the basket and make him shoot perimeter shots. Cliff is going with a similar gameplan but Spo will undoubtably have counters.

    I don’t predict. You play the game and what happens happens. These are just my observations of the conditions around tonight’s game. I’m excited to see Lin in the playoffs and reasonably healthy in the playoffs. Stay healthy, Lin and Hornets and best of luck tonight. Get the win for Lin fans, Hornets fans and the team.

  550. My response was to the original poster not the reposter.

  551. Thank you. Good recognition by other team fans that JLin is more than capable to start as a PG

    It’s ok if the Hornets remain as Kemba’s team and JLin thrives somewhere else. The small lineup when both start would be hard to work due to size matchup in some cases. FO and coach have been adamant about it all season long.

    For now, advancing to 2nd round would be huge. I like the clip of Kemba to keep telling JLin to be aggressive in Game 3. They both need to play well to beat the Heat in the series

  552. It’s the same thing. Lakers don’t want him to babysit Kobe now that he’s gone.

  553. Good one!
    Who is Olive and who is Brutus? ?

  554. When Lin is relegated to the corner on offense he gets a low percentage of touches which is a waste of his talent and hurts the team. This is why when Kemba was out against Cleveland and Batum was out Saturday Lin was more involved in the offense with good team results. Clifford is making a big mistake favoring Batum as a playmaker over Lin. The proof of this is that when Batum is out Lin has big games and the team wins.

  555. The response of jlin to kemba telling lin to be aggressive was kind of odd. Look like lin couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

  556. Kinda like dead being not alive or undead? The stench from all the BS will be the ruin of the Lakers for years to come.

  557. I think Lin was in the zone, so focused, and low-fived Kemba

    It’d be good to see more interaction to spur each other like this. Lin-Marvin embrace was also a great playoff moment

    My hope is just get to 2nd round first so there will be 4+ teams fighting for Lin’s services in July ????

  558. Either another game to showcase with mini-Linsanity or one game closer to free agency. Good times 😀

  559. Agree JLIN’s a professional and ignores condescending showboating and that is exactly what I heard from Kemba, the comment comes from showing a superior attitude and ultimately Kemba’s insecurity.

    JLIN knew what Kemba’s display was about, and he downplayed it accordingly.

  560. In a recent interview (within the month or so) Lin responded to interviewer saying who wouldn’t want to start if giving the opportunity or something along that line. I can’t seems to find that video now. Does anyone have the link ?

  561. Interesting there is no such video that exists on this planet. There are in fact 2 recent videos of JLIN saying exactly the opposite.

    Why are you interested in such a video?

  562. seriously he said he doesn’t want to start? I need to watch that interview then. The one I saw was a locker room interview.

  563. By the way I wasn’t saying that the team is better without Kemba or Batum because they aren’t. What I am saying is that they don’t realize their full potential when Lin doesn’t have many touches on offense. The is to play all three but make sure Lin has a bigger role in the offense.

  564. “Desperation” is an excuse that Hornets fans and opposing players like Miami’s DWade attribute to the other team when they win/lose and you are looking for an EASY explanation. In reality there are still fundamentals that a team needs to employ to Win more than just because they were desperate they played hard.

    Were the Hornets desperate? Yes of course, but they were also desperate with the Spurs, Cavs & Raptors.

    A team just like a small platoon of soldiers if facing desperation, if they don’t have a leader to motivate, command and make correct decisions then all they are is a DEAD desperate platoon.

    Leadership won game 3 not desperation.

  565. you may have misread the OP

  566. Hornets are a better team with JLIN starting at point guard and Kemba coming off the bench as a 6th man, that I am certain of.

    If Batum can consistently play with JLIN and allow JLIN to be the primary playmaker there is no problem with Batum and JLIN on the same squad.

    That is all pie-in-the-sky because this is Kemba’s team and JLIN is moving on to a different uniform/starting job.

  567. There are few JLIN fans who track this as meticulously as some on this forum. If such an interview existed we would know about it.

    Hornets drop back to 33-49 and miss playoffs for the forseeable future after JLIN and Marv leave.

  568. #1 0:42 on Vid Reporter: “Do you prefer your role being like a starter or bench for this team?”
    JLIN: “Every player wants to start”
    #2 “Does that mean I don’t want to start or whatever? Everybody wants to start and be the man, me included.”

  569. Correct, he misunderstood the OP. The gist of what I’ve heard Jeremy say repeatedly is everyone in the NBA wants to start. It’s a nice way of telling whoever asked the question that it was a stupid question. It’s like asking someone in D-League if they’d rather be in the NBA.

  570. Gently disagree.

    I feel that the Hornets are MUCH better without Batum and Walker.


  572. Thank you. I wanted to relisten to him saying this “Every player wants to start” and this “Does that mean I don’t want to start or whatever? Everybody wants to start and be the man, me included.” yep keeping my hopefulness for him to explore and spread his wings and soar in FA. LOL

  573. Thank you. Since these questions keep coming up, perhaps I can create a Sticky Post of important articles/Youtube so we can all refer to it

  574. Prospects brighten for a Win with this announcement.

    Chess match between Spoelstra and JLIN. Spoelstra would seek to deny, trap and increase the pressure on JLIN.
    JLIN tonight will answer Spo by making sure Cody & Hawes in particular are active without the ball for open passes.

    JLIN is going to take Spoelstra to school tonight if Clifford doesn’t get in his way.

  575. Its spot vs Cliff. HAs always been. MJ was right to say post Frank. He had a mismatch

  576. If ESPN is correct, both Nic & Whiteside are out today. That will force the Heat to make significant changes defensively. It will ultimately come down to which group of players execute best. If the Hornets as a whole perform as they did in game 3, I like their chances.

  577. Agreed. Clifford is the one who doesn’t how to utilize his players. SMH.

    It is simple, just gotta have Lin run the offense, it flow must better. Most Hornets fans and Lin fans ( I am a Lin fans) should able to see it.

    It was a huge mistake on the idea of Point Forward on Batum.

  578. new game thread

    The Hornets dealt a big win to make the playoff series competitive 1-2 behind JLin’s and Frank the Tank ‘s resurgence. Hornets finally played their brand of team basketball (18 vs 13 assists in Game 3 vs 20-46 assists in Game 1-2). But this is another must-win game for JLin and the Hornets because as JLin said in the post-game interview, they can’t afford to go back to Miami being down 1-3. It will be an insurmountable hole to climb up

    1 What will Miami do to adjust?
    2 Will they prevent Lin and Kemba penetration? Or slow down Frank and Big Al inside?
    3 Will Coach Clifford be ready to make an in-game adjustment? Will he give more minutes to Lin to break down the Heat’s defense if other Hornets struggle?
    4 Will both Lin and Kemba put a great game together to weaken the Heat’s interior defense?

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray that JLin continues to be super-aggressive to attack the Heat inside and drain his outside shots and helps the Hornets to play teamball to even the series 2-2

  579. Not too harsh. Thats a fact jack. Just like that wide open layup he missed in yesterday’s game.

  580. When the praise goes to Frank’s head and he takes 15shots & every opportunity to shoot in the face of a defense less inclined to allow him to post that equates to loss.

    But JLIN looks for the hot hand, Frank was hot so JLIN got the ball to him. If Frank is ineffective you can depend that JLIN will not feed him as much.

    Spo feasts on “coaches” like Clifford.

  581. Only a few of them. Most of them in realgm are extremely bias. They even called JLin Portal posters are all pretty girls who believe JLin can do no wrong. SMH.

  582. Agreed. But I believe it is going to be a lot more than 4 teams.


  583. I focus on the more positive ones and I feel there are a higher percentage in the Charlotte forums than there were in Houston and LA. The internet skews towards negativity in general I think.

  584. It’s a standard answer. He hasn’t answered the question of what his highest priority is going forward, playing for a contender as a possible non-starter or starting on a team that may not be a contender. He’ll answer that in due time. It is a bad question and Lin won’t come out with his true answer if it is asked.

  585. Agreed on Houston and LA were the worst.

    Just hope the hates on other Hornets in JLin Portal will be less and less.

  586. Game face, game mode. Kemba to Lin, that’s it JLin, let’s stay aggressive. Lin, I’m there.

  587. I definitely agree with the first 2 sentences – they are quite biased.
    But the last sentence – only 1 poster uses those words and he is a Houston Rockets fan and he calls himself TinmanZboy…. Remember Tinman from Clutch fans… ya exactly! This poster calls himself a lin fan, but he doesn’t act like a fan at all – I would not want to paint all posters on that site with this guys example! Cheers

  588. Wow. I am surprise you even know his screen name. Yea. He was one of them. Actually, he is not the worst to be honest. There are even worst in realgm Hornets. A big % of the posters in realgm are very bias.

  589. That’s the spirit!
    I was thinking of starting PG offers but yeah, the more teams the merrier it will be 🙂

  590. I remember his name, because his posts really get under my skin. No, I lurk on that site a bit, and I can assure you he is the worst critic of Lin on that site. He may make a few positive posts from time to time, but the damage his posts do to Lin’s reputation has no equal!

  591. Haha. I see. Well I am enjoy my time in JLin Portal. Most of out fellow Lin fans and Hornets give fair comments even if it is a basketball pov comments.

    I just wish the hates on the other Hornets players can be a lot less.

  592. Good to see he’s an equal opportunity no-eye contact interviewee lol.

  593. GSW is boring

  594. Jerry Buss owned the Lakers from 1979 until his death in 2012. Ownership passed on to his 6 kids.

  595. Brutus = Whiteside. Olive = Tattoo Girl.

  596. No, difference is Scott does not get severance. He stole from the Lakers. They should have just let Kobe be player-coach and saved $5mm. Kobe would have been a better tank commander.

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