Jeremy Lin Analysis – Hornets vs the Bulls 11/3/15

Late afternoon yesterday (11/2), a huge and generous JLin fan asked if there is any JLinportal member who lives in Charlotte that can attend the game and watch the interaction between JLin and his coaches plus teammates
This huge fan was so concerned that JLin might not be treated well that a ticket can be donated if there is someone who can help with onsite reporting.

Immediately, I thought of our friend JP at JLinForum who lives in Charlotte if he’s interested.
Within 2 hours we arranged to get the right ticket behind the Home Team bench purchased and delivered.
There was some technical difficulties but it was quite smooth.

It turned out Hornets had a great game to blow out the Bulls 130-105

Despite playing only 15 min in the blowout game, JLin played a crucial role to end the Bulls hope for a run

Here is the onsite reporting provided by JP with the helpful contribution of our anonymous JLin Fan!

There are 6 tabs/parts to save space. Please be sure to click each one of them

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank the unanimous fan who gave me free tickets to watch the game live. It was an awesome experience, and I’m extremely thankful. Now, let’s get down to business.

On my way home, I was a bit worried because I felt that I might not have anything interesting to write about. I was there when Houston visited the Hornets 2-3 years ago in Lin’s first year as a Rocket. I remember writing about how depressing and “down” Lin looked with his body language, and how he didn’t seem to have a great relationship with his coach, McHale. Obviously, we all saw what happened with the Lakers and Byron Scott, which I won’t talk about him, but needless to say it wasn’t anything like we expected it to be. And as you may know, I wrote an article when the Bulls came to Charlotte in pre-season and I mentioned how good the team looked, and how happy they were together. Specifically recalling the chemistry between Kemba and Lin, how they were hugging and laughing walking to the bench as the Hornets extended their 4th quarter lead by a bucket from Jefferson. It was definitively great to see that.

1. Uncertainly in 0-3 start
However, we all know how the regular season started. The Hornets were not looking that great, Jeremy Lin was not looking that great either. The team looked lost, but there was still a slim glimpse of hope that the Hornet could return to their pre-season style of play. And that hope kept steady as we witnessed the Hornets willingness to fight and never give up. Even though they lost the first 3 games, they were all relatively close, and the Hornets always kept fighting. So, there was that hope, but there was also that question of what exactly was going on. Was this just a pre-season fluke? Were the Hornets really just not that good? Can they be good? What’s going on with Lin? What about the Coach? Is there something going on behind the scenes that we just don’t know about? Did Lin made the right choice? And many other valid questions. But, I think it’s time that we put to rest all these questions.

I’m just another fan, a regular person, and I know some people might not agree with me. But after this game, there is not a doubt in my mind that this is the perfect place for Jeremy Lin. And the reason why I felt that I might not have anything interesting to write about, is because usually you want to find out if there’s something that we can’t see on camera. And the only thing I saw behind the cameras is that Lin is HAPPY, REALLY HAPPY. I mean, where do I begin.

2.Cheering Teammates & Coach Clifford’s play for JLin

Kemba cheering for Lin as he made big plays and vice-versa. Lin cheering for Lamb as he was making buckets. Coach congratulating Lamb with a “good shooting” before going to garbage time. Teammates encouraging each other, congratulating each other. Celebrations after almost literally every shot, no matter who made it. I mean, you want to talk about a team playing team basketball? This was the perfect example of it. There was nothing that I saw, not even a glimpse of egos or conflict in the team. Does Coach Clifford believes and supports Lin? 100%. There were more than a few times where Clifford would strike a conversation with Lin about the game. Remember that 2 for 1 at the end of the third quarter where Lin got the And-1 layup? All designed by Clifford. He told everyone to get out-of-the-way, open the floor and pretty much told Lin, the space is open, just drive to the rim and he did. I actually love Coach Clifford. Every single player seems to have great respect for him. Everyone was attentive and accepting of all his instructions and boy did he gave instructions. Clifford literally spent the whole game just standing up, I think someone needs to tell him that he can sit down once in a while, haha.

So, for those fans wondering if there is some type of contempt between Lin and the Hornets, there is none of it. It’s actually the opposite. Lots of respect, humbleness, and truly just players buying in as a team, looking out for each other and enjoying each others success. If there is one image that can describe what I’m trying to say in words, it’s below.

3. The Game

So what about the game? I know most will talk about the Hornets threes and how many they made and how efficient they were. However, what won this game was the Hornets defense. They were aggressive from the opening tip, and that aggressiveness on defense translated into offense. The ball was popping all the time from man to man, just as everyone was buying on team defense, everyone was buying on team offense. I was one of those skeptical about P.J Hairston starting, but he did play great defense tonight. And even though I disagreed with Clifford’s statements about starting him, I’m now ok with it and it makes more sense now. And either way, Lin is playing way more minutes than Hairston and closing out games. One unit that I really like is Lin/Lamb/Batum/Zeller/Hawes, they can open the floor and all of them can pass and shoot, specially Lamb who went off tonight. Lamb just needs to improve his defense a bit, but other than that he had an amazing shooting night. Truly, this was a great team win and one they can build upon. They played the right way, took care of the ball, played great defense and moved the ball well. If there is one thing I could nitpick about is all those pump-fakes. I understand the “finding the best shot,” but some were really open shots and instead of shooting some players pump faked and drove to the basket. Which is fine, but when you are shooting 50%+ from three as a team, take the shot if it’s open. Again, that’s just nitpicking. If the Hornets play like this every night, that playoff picture is looking very likely.

4. Bad News & Good News
Speaking about Lin specifically I got some bad news which really is good news. In my opinion, Lin won’t have the breakthrough season we were hoping, in terms of padding stats. He probably won’t average 18 and 6. However, what Lin will have is a consistent role for the first time in 3 years. A coach that believes in him and trusts him. Teammates that care for each other instead of just themselves. And a really efficient season, with a specific role.

The main reason why I believe that Lin won’t be “padding” his stats is that the Hornets are buying into a team concept. Like Lin said in an interview, “You need to want to see your teammates succeed.” There are no egos here, just team basketball. And if we are honest with ourselves, we know that this is what Lin always preaches about and wanted. He really finds joy in seeing his teammates score or make good plays. Truly a team guy. The best thing? Most of his teammates, if not all, are the same way.

5. Nothing to Worry About
After this game, and after seeing all the interactions between the team, I can honestly say, there is NOTHING to worry about. Maybe Lin won’t close every single game this season, or some nights he might play less minutes than usual for whatever reason. But, the one thing I’m sure about, is that Lin is happy in this situation, and we should all be too!

Some other small observations.

– Michael Jordan was sitting court side next to the bench and watched the whole game. He looked excited with the Hornets win and congratulated Lamb as he was interviewed after the game.
– At the start of the game, Lin immediately put a rolled towel on his lower back. We have seen this in the last few seasons, so I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.
– Kemba is truly the captain of this team. Always encouraging, and motivating his teammates. His chemistry with Lin off-court is great. They were communicating, congratulating each other and sharing smiles and laughs. Wish we could see them more on the court together.
– Frank can become a really great player in the future. He is definitively making a case for more playing time.
– Truly surprised at P.J’s defense. Did a great job in team AND individual defense tonight.
– Lastly, Lin’s efficiency. Like I said before, Lin will have a really efficient season this year. 15 pts, 4 asts and 5 rebs in only 19 minutes of play is as efficient as it gets!
– I’m extremely excited for this whole season, and hoping that we can make a run in the playoffs this year. After tonight’s game, I’m sure we will!

Thanks for reading, feel welcome to share your thoughts and questions in the comments below. And one last time, THANK YOU, to the generous fan who donated the ticket for me to experience this game! And also thanks to!


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  1. Yay, lets go Jeremy and the Hornets! go team!

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  4. Thx 4 the awesome write-up! Thx 4 that generous fan who gave away the tix as well. I thought he was joking when he mentioned abt it. Enjoyint the reading, it was really gr8!

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  6. This team is going to make lots of noise in the end. You can feel they start to figure out how to play together.

  7. Great insight! My heart and mind followed through the whole article. I knew Jeremy looked really happy and I have all the trust in the world for Clifford, but it’s definitely very assuring to have the confirmation from a witness. I wasn’t so sure about Kemba and his ego but I am going to trust JLinPortal. No more worries, just enjoyment!

  8. Thank you, LinForum, for the great report! Also thanks to the generous fan for the ticket!

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  10. JeremyLinForum’s post sounds exactly right. Confirmed everything we already knew. #4 is really accurate in my opinion. It will be hard for Lin fans who are like me and want Lin to shine stat wise & get the NBA to acknowledge him. But this team will do well and hopefully Lin can be the low stat magic glue guy off the bench doing the dirty work to surprise Lebron and others in the playoffs. In return, the HOrnets are actually treating him nicely in their media and local papers. I guess it’s a give and take.

  11. What a great community we have here. Great teamwork to make this happen 🙂 Thanks to all who were involved!

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  21. Thank you. I felt a lot of relief reading your report. My whole mind feels lighter when thinking about the hornets and Lin. Happy that Lin is happy. Thank God.

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  26. Good stuff! I really appreciate the commentary about the bench banter. Seems like Lin chose the best environment. I actually think Lin is capable of putting up 17/4 even in a 6th man role, just look at Isaiah Thomas putting up big stats in limited time. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see him starting at SG by midseason…once the playoff picture becomes clear.

    The first 3 games were ugly because MIA and ATL played physical defense (unlike preseason) and most of the Hornets got tired/discouraged as a result. Tonight, everyone kept up their level of energy and focus, relying on each other instead of pounding the dribble and throwing up bad shots.

  27. I understand 100%. It was hard for me at first too. Make yourself comfortable and stay 🙂

  28. No amount of money, on its own, could tempt Jeremy to leave a team that has been good to him. But no matter how successful the Hornets are and no matter how much he bonds with his Hornets teammates, if he is limited in minutes and confined to a backup role (for the foreseeable future) it is clear that Jeremy would consider opting out of his contract to join a team that will include him in the starting lineup. Jeremy is very proud and very ambitious. Otherwise he could never have gotten this far.

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    Awesome team basketball display in 1st Game Win. This will give them confidence to continue to play unselfishly

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  33. My “conspiracy” theory, based on past rumors, is that the Nets fire Hollins after this season and hire MDA. And Lin joins him IF he has a great season as 6th man (e.g. 16/4 on 45/40/80 shooting).

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    I think if Hornets can make him start, he’ll stay for sure

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  40. I see no issue with the core of Lopez, Young, Hollis-Jefferson, and Bogdanovic. Johnson’s contract ends at the end of this season and the current starting PG is Jarret Jack…a good but aging backup.

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  42. The media loves to needle the Lakers

  43. Haha, Lin has to beast as 6th man and the Nets have to be awful (not that hard!). They have no draft picks, desperately need a PR/$$$ boost, have expressed interest in Lin multiple times, and have no elite prospects at PG.

  44. My main point is to argue against the idea that Lin just wants to be happy and comfortable. I’ve seen many posts claiming that Lin would even stay with Kobe/BS and the Lakers because he would like to live close to home. That’s clearly not the case.

  45. Hi all, been reading the site for a while! A typical LOF ! Just want to let you know family of four will be at the mav game to watch our boy. Will post some photo if I get a chance ?

  46. Welcome! Thank you in advance for the game report and the photos you will share with us 🙂 Have fun!

  47. oh yeah.. Lin wants to play his brand of basketball plus his starter+All-Star goal & championship
    I mean he can go the Manu route to be an All-Star but I’m sure he’d like to start

    But first things first, to get 6thMOY plus deep playoff run to get noticed then he can decide later

  48. Let us know if you hear any bench banter or see any off-camera interaction. I love that stuff…gives you an inside look at how teams really get along.

  49. welcome 🙂 yes, please do share some observation & pics
    many of us will truly appreciate it

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  52. Definitely NY 17. Linsanity!

  53. I think Lin is not thinking like you anymore. I think he was 1-2 years ago. He was wants to feel accepted by the NBA. If Charlotte treats him half well, I think he stays as a backup. Charlotte will even offer him a decent contract in terms of money. He pays for himself.

    We are both just guessing and we are not Lin. Who knows. I dont think he is eager to leave for another team in the summer unless they pay him 80 mill for 4 years and that is highly unlikley to ever happen to him.

  54. Agree 100%.

  55. Besides the nets, the bucks and bulls are other options. Bulls are trying to get rid of rose, who’s not going to be his former self again after that acl injury

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  70. That would be a great way for the Nets to stick it to the Knicks. Hire MDA & JLin and take over New York with Linsanity 2.0.

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  72. NBA News: Efficient Jeremy Lin Guides Charlotte Hornets To First Win

    Jeremy Lin had 15 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists in less than 19 minutes off the bench as the Charlotte Hornets routed Chicago Bulls 130-105 Tuesday to register their first win of the season.

    Lin outshined starting guards Kemba Walker (13 points, 5 assists) and PJ Hairston (10 points) and provided the much-needed impetus for the second unit. Lin continued to improve his defensive acumen as the Hornets kept former MVP Derrick Rose to 2/8 shooting. Lin didn’t allow substitute point guard Aaron Brooks to find any rhythm, forcing him into constant foul trouble. Lin evoked a huge ovation from the home fans at Time Warner Cable Arena when he blocked a 6-foot shot from E’Twaun Moore. This is easily the best defense Lin has played since entering the league
    in 2010.

    Checking into the game in the fourth minute of the first quarter, after Walker sprained his ankle, Lin made an instant impact, finding Nicolas Batum and Spencer Hawes for open threes. He barely played third quarter but returned to help his team stay ahead in the fourth. The Hornets led by 27 in the second quarter after scoring 13 out of 18 shots. This early momentum would end any hopes of a Bulls fightback.

    Lin continued to shoot efficiently, draining 2/2 from deep and 4/8 overall. He finished with only the solitary turnover and a plus/minus rating of +21 – once again highlighting his efficiency and positive impact while on the floor. (Watch Lin’s highlights below)

    For Hornets, Batum had 18 points from 28 minutes and Jeremy Lamb had 20 points from 26 minutes. Big Al Jefferson scored 14 points while Hawes added 13.

    Lin’s underrated ball-handling skills, court vision and quickness were once again put on display. It’s probably only a matter of time before coach Steve Clifford entrusts Lin with the starting role.

    The Hornets are now 1-3 while Bulls are 3-2 as the season rolls on. Charlotte will now travel to Dallas to face the Mavericks on Thursday.

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  84. Lakers are so bad, I can’t wait until 12/28 to watch JLin trash them and stick Byron Scott’s nose in it. They have such poor defense he could run up record stats. But I just had a worrisome thought. They are so bad Byron Scott might be fired before 12/28. Would take some of the enjoyment out of it. So just hoping the Lakers FO is stubborn enough to keep him.

  85. he could be fired very soon. new coach won’t change a thing though. Kobe. Lakers should let him be a fall guy all season.

  86. My hutch is they will keep him unless KB retires or…… As long as KB is still with Lakers, they will keep BS.

  87. Awesome writeup, thanks JP!

  88. Well lookit who’s the voice of moderation this time 😀 Yes, Lin doesn’t think like that. We’re guessing and we’re not him…so true. I believe he has big ambitions, but the longer you’re in the league the more you have pounded into you the inescapable truth that the rip tides of ego, politics, big money, and media drama-mongering have a lot to do with where talent can squeeze through the cracks. I think he’ll stick with the most positive environment as long as he can keep growing there.

  89. So far, 4 for 4 for win-loss predictions. Unfortunately, I was right about the 0-3 start. But hopefully I will also be right about the 5-2 run to end up at 5-5 after first 10 games.

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  98. The two Hawks games really could’ve gone either way.

  99. Even after a blowout like this, I bet Jeremy and Clifford aren’t satisfied and will review the tape extensively, as they probably will for each game. It’s what a perfectionist would do. What excites me most is that Lin finally has a team outside his team – Doc and Peter are great, but now there’s genuine communication with the actual coach of the team. I’m hopeful that months from now, the trust from both sides, lin’s and the hornets, constructive feedback, and tough battles without worrying about watching your back, will forge Lin into something we’ve never seen before. I don’t think it’ll take him years, I’m predicting 4 months. Right now is just the early stages of a relationship. It’s a feeling it out process.

    P.S. I don’t care about perception, ESPN, media, or whatever. I’m an eternal optimist so I believe in the long term if you’re a good dude, work hard/smart, and surrounded by ppl who like you, then good things will happen. I think Lin has a good vision of where he wants to go, how to change the world. So, in the grand scheme of things the concerns about minutes, role, or next contract are pretty trivial compared to developing relationships (which I promise you is pretty significant in landing jobs regardless of whether he stays in Charlotte, or not), training hard, and taking care of the body.

  100. Wow! Many thanks JP for a great write-up! So glad to hear our boy Jeremy is on a team where he is truly happy! Finally!

  101. FINALLY, a glimpse into the reality of JLin! Thank you to the anonymous donor and to JP and to this forum. “Team-first” – what a -difficult-to-practice concept. But it sure does fit JLin and what he believes in. Kemba sounds like a great teammate for JLin. Can we let Kemba know that we appreciate his leadership style? In the same way, can we let those Bulls TV commentators know how factually-incorrect and ignorant and downright inaccurate their statement about it being a wake-up call when Lin drives to the basketball was? Positive reinforcement and calling for accountability.

  102. I was wrong to be optimistic toward the higher end of winning.

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  104. and then get the big K from salary cap rises.

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  115. Jlin played really well and hornets won cus I couldn’t watch the game. Had small group…

  116. Politicians, lawyers all flip flop when it’s a good day in LA. Lol

  117. Thumbs up! I wont worry so much…

  118. Ny17! No rox

  119. It’s a FOOD issue.

    Had Cody Zeller not been in the hospital for dehydration caused essentially by malnutrition, the Charlotte Hornets would have played just like today the last 3 games.

    Zeller’s downward slide actually started soon after preseason began. After his blistering initial output, Zeller suddenly stopped playing. And it messed up the entire team because when opponents don’t have to defend or be defended by Zeller, it puts extreme pressure on the other players because Charlotte runs a motion offense system that relies on 5 guys. And Lin felt the defense the most because that’s who opponents gang defend if Zeller hasn’t come to games ready to play.

    I’ll keep a close watch on this throughout the season.

  120. Anytime now, Lin could break the 20 point barrier.

    And once he does, IT’S OVER for Lin doubters.

  121. The difference was that they hit shots, but having less defensive pressure sure helps.

    Hornets aren’t nearly there in terms of chemistry. I saw guys still not moving to provide passing lanes off ball. Guys were ball watching instead of flowing with the play, especially when Lin draws 3 guys to him.

    This is a real team with a real coach and good guys willing to learn. They are watching films and adapting to each other and changing old habits. The good…when hitting 3s, defence can’t camp inside and wait for office to come to them. Improve spacing allows for better ball movement. This is why I keep saying Curry is changing the game by being such a 3pt threat. Curry creates spacing with quick and deadly hands instead of quick and fast athletic body. The 3 ball is the BIG EQUALIZER. Miami killed Hornets with 60% 3s. Hawks have the same playbook as Hornets so they knew what they were doing before the Hornets knew what they should be doing. It’s like a football team knowing what other teams plays are before the snap. It’s not even a fair contest ( yeah, I’m talking about New England Patriots ).

    Once Lin and second unit gels, look out! Lin will efficiently average 16/8 if used properly, especially if they put him on a PNR with Kaminsky.

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  123. Pray this is nothing serious.

  124. Apparently he loads up on junk food (shown in a clip)

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  130. “Lin evoked a huge ovation from the home fans at Time Warner Cable Arena when he blocked a 6-foot shot from E’Twaun Moore. This is easily the best defense Lin has played since entering the league
    in 2010.”

    Anyone has this video? I missed this block and would love to see it!
    Thank you in advance!!!!!

  131. Nice article, but author obviously missed Lin’s usual stellar defensive performances

  132. Stop referring to yourself in such loathsome terms created by CF’s finest. That terms disgusts me.

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  136. Mixed feelings:

    So happy for the great performance, disapponting seeing Jeremy come off the bench for limited time.

    Still optimistic bout the future.

  137. Better to loose early in the season and fixing the bugs in the system than finding out when the team is fighting for a playoff spot.

  138. Didn’t know Lin had ads in the arena.

  139. Ya! Saw it first time… Good.

  140. Had this been posted…

    Jeremy Lin & Kemba Walker Full Highlights 2015.11.03 vs Bulls – 28 Pts, 9 Assists Combined!

  141. Overall NBA PER Standings for PG Position

  142. Hornets Per36 Numbers

  143. How about Maxxis Tyres? Is the tyre company still sponsor the team Lin plays for after repeatedly “fooled” by his former employers?

  144. Ya! They followed Lin to Hornets of course. Haha!

  145. It better not be.

    If Cody Zeller is ANOREXIC, he could singlehandedly bring the entire season down to a crashing lottery halt.

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  147. Even MJ gets pissed off on a ref call! He was pumped Up!

  148. No lies, J only.. 🙂

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  155. team looks SO DIFFERENT when Zeller is well fed with food before games.

    instead of stopping painfully with Zeller loafing around semiconscious, the team MOVES and plays beautifully and unselfish.

  156. If you read Kemba’s blog, you will like him more!

  157. There’s no reason for you to be disappointed in Lin’s low minutes.

    He put up starter level production, blew the game out while he was on the court, got teammates involved, and knocked out Chicago completely.

    We WANT Lin to play his customary high efficiency game that knocks opponents out.

  158. Charlotte Hornets – Jeremy Lin Needs Steve Clifford to Let Him Bounce Back

    Believe it or not, getting the first win of the season isn’t the most important thing for the Charlotte Hornets going into game number 4, this time facing the Chicago Bulls, a team they dominated in the preseason meet. It’s about playing the kind of basketball they envisioned when they built this team, and that can only be achieved by making Jeremy Lin the main playmaker on the floor, and someone who gets 30 minutes or more each night.

    Lin had a bad game in the 94-92 loss to the Atlanta Hawks. It happened, and when the bottom line is all that matters, no one looks at why this happened: Was is Lin taking bad shots? Simply having a bad offensive performance? Or does it have to do with the lineups Clifford uses, the minutes he puts Lin in and the kind of basketball other players are dragging this team into playing?

    There’s never one answer, and although we’re not completely objective on this site, it can’t be all about Lin being perfect and everyone else at fault. Lin had some shots he needed to make which he didn’t this time, maybe looking a bit too much for long range jumpers instead of working his way into the paint, where he usually does a very good job of opening up things for everyone else. But there’s Kemba Walker he isn’t playing enough next to and not playing the right way next to (more on Walker than him), and there’s a softness that’s been creeping up on this team that wasn’t there in the preseason.

    The Hornets made an emphasis on spacing, ball movement and shooting as they tried figuring out what didn’t work last season. While Michael Kidd-Gilchrist gone due to injury doesn’t help, he doesn’t play a factor on the offensive end. His jump shot his horrendous. He’s a poor man’s Gerald Wallace at this point, with the risky basketball and the inability to get any defender to bite on his fakes, because they know he probably won’t make it.

    All that emphasis, so little production. The pick and roll should have been a big part of turning into a more efficient offensive team. However, with guys like Spencer Hawes looking completely lost on the floor and Al Jefferson, who is the team’s best finisher near the rim and one of the few players defenders have a hard time handling, not giving his all into things that aren’t shooting the ball. The Warriors, for example, are an offensive machine. But it’s not just talent. It’s doing things like strong screens, not holding on to the ball too much and basically making right decisions and following a certain game plan. The Hornets aren’t as talented, but they’re not making up for it with the more basic things either.

    If the Hornets brought Lin over to change the way this team plays offense, with the help of Nicolas Batum, then give him the opportunity to show what he can do. Starter or not, give him over 30 minutes on the floor, and start telling Walker that this isn’t his solo show he’s running. You’ll never know if you don’t try, and the Hornets look terrible as they’re trying to avoid to more logical option.

  159. One issue that I have is whether Lin will get at the minimum 25mpg…There’s an argument that there won’t be enough minutes at the SG spot if you have Hairston and Lamb taking a large bulk of that minutes.

    That basicaly leave Lin with the back-up minutes at point-guard and if Kemba keeps playing 35mpg, that only leave about 13 minutes for Lin.

    Where exactly will the rest of the minutes come from?…I’m pretty sure if Lin is having a great game, he will play more, more even on these night, I can only see 25 as a max, if he continues to come off the bench.

    One thing for sure, we can all forget about a huge break out year…That simply won’t happen and it was unrealistic to think he’ll put up 18ppg and 8 as a bench players…You need at least 30mpg to get these numbers.

    Lin should concentrate on efficiency and getting his FG% up…As a free agent, if he can demonstrate better efficiency and good P.E.R above 17, he should get a very good contract.

  160. Hi guys, thank you all for the great feedback. And can’t thank enough JLinPortal(psalm) and the anonymous fan who let me have this great experience. If you have any specific questions just reply to this post and I would love to answer. 🙂

  161. You are SO FOCUSED on Lin’s contract.

    At some point, you will realize that Lin WILL NOT be offered a good contract no matter how much he produces or starts or makes All Star teams or whatever.

    Lin is Asian, and so most NBA teams don’t view him as a true NBA player.

    As for Charlotte, they’re “stuck” with Lin for another season if nobody wants him and he has to opt in for $2 million. I cannot imagine any other NBA team offering Lin a contract at all, no matter how much Lin produces.

    My take is this: People need to stop fretting about Lin’s contract as it pertains to their own Asian American social status. Lin fans should just ENJOY HIS GAME.

  162. But he isn’t just a backup for Kemba. That’s what I hate about that term backup. Lin is on the court with Kemba sometimes, on the court with Batum sometimes. Clifford has said over and over he wants Lin on the court as another playmaker/creator and his ability to draw fouls makes him valuable.

    Lin fans have to let things progress and see how they play out before worrying. The last game was a blowout, less minutes. It also featured exceptional play by Lamb after his contract extension. So Lin had less minutes. PFV thought it also was due to containing Butler. Lin had 27 minutes in the first game and played well enough and was brought back in the 2nd and 3rd games to close the game even though he struggled. Just let things play out. We’ll know better after a lot more games what Lin’s minutes may be like.

    Will he have a breakout year? Maybe not. Will he reestablish himself and play closer to his style of basketball? It seems he has a good chance to. The writeup said Lin is happy with this team. That’s the most important thing for him.

  163. Yup.

    Journalists pretend that Lin was suddenly just BORN.

  164. Did you notice any interaction with Lin and MJ or how MJ reacted to Lin on the court?

  165. Good question, I want to know too…LOL!

  166. Thank you for your report and insights on Lin and his Coach & teammates. I’ll take your word that ‘ there is nothing to worry about’ and continue to pray for Lin and this team. God is in control anyway. We’ll enjoy the game more knowing Lin is in God’s hands.

  167. The Charlotte Hornets finally regained preseason form, primarily due to Zeller eating food before games.

    I’m absolutely sure that before Zeller got hospitalized for dehydration, Clifford and Lin were utterly confounded at why the bench was playing like a bunch of corpses.

    But with Zeller playing with a full stomach, suddenly everything snapped into place on both ends of the court.

    This game served as the PRIME example of how if Lin’s teammates lay down and play dead, it hurts Lin dramatically because opponents then send 3 guys after him.

  168. You said Lin won’t be “just a backup to Kemba…..Again, if Hairston and Lamb plays regularly as shooting-guard, there won’t be much time at SG for Lin…Maybe 2-3 minutes alongside Kemba at shooting guard…It’s really sample math….Open your eyes!

    If Hairston is in the rotation as a starter, he will get at best 15-20 minutes…Than you have Lamb who I believe will get increase minutes at SG now that he’s signed a contract..The Hornets regard Lamb above Lin…So Lamb and Hairston boxes out Lin’s minute at SG….Lin will not play SF.

  169. Yesterday, my Firefox browser got updated to version 42 and I can no longer “see” any tweets embedded in this thread.

    Videos and (as far as I know) images aren’t a problem. Anybody know what might be going wrong? I can see the tweets using other browsers. I’m just curious to know what’s going on with Firefox. Thanks.

    Here is a nice photo of Lin defending against Aaron Brooks.

  170. lol Lin dumped the new boost shoes and went back to his old shoes. adidas stink i guess

  171. i think thats what lin singed up for

  172. Great on site report! Thanks. But I wonder how Lin could keep up with his efficiency consistently with such inconsistent play time and inconsistent combinations of teammates. After all, he is a rental. Hornets use his is a backup and he would develop as great PG or build good stats with average 20 mins playtime. If he can keep happiness without starting games and getting big paychecks, then I am happy for him. But it could be bored after all for many people like me.

  173. Sorry, He would NOT develop as great PG or build good stats with average 20 mins playtime

  174. These positions lose their meaning in real-game situations. You can go small and have Kemba Lin Lamb Batum and say Zeller play for several minutes if the situation calls for it. I see at least 3 minutes where Lin is on the floor to close games, maybe more. I still say wait and see. Lamb had an exceptional game, he won’t always play like he did tonight. Lin had a normal game, not exceptional. PJ will probably play around 15 minutes or so, I don’t think he’ll even get 20 minutes.

  175. what shoesd was he wearing during his bad shooting night?

  176. Paul provided great PER increase info from JLin’s efficient game last night

  177. Really, this game was significant in not Lin playing better but more Zeller and Hawes playing better. Hawes shot the ball well and made way better decisions than the last game where he was awful. Zeller got some of his zip back and was in good position to receive passes. Batum, Lin, Kemba, Al and Williams all had good games, more or less what is expected of them but all of them seem to play inside the flow of the game and not force things. The offensive sets were organized, that’s what Clifford will be encouraged by as he looks to further tweak and improve things. In Sunday’s game, the 2nd unit’s offensive sets weren’t.

  178. Thanks for your observations. Curious, did you observe Patrick Ewing doing anything? Does he get involved in the huddles during timeouts? Talking to the players, to coach Clifford or Silas? Did he show any reaction when Jeremy scored or when other players scored?

  179. boost 2015 primeknit copies

  180. So Lin only signed up for 20 minutes?…Maybe you’re right….I’m hopeful that Lin can play so well that he will force Cliff to give him more minutes…But as of right now, Lin minutes will be based on how well he’s shooting….He will not get guaranteed 25 minute every night.

  181. Thank you again for the excellent writeup 🙂 It truly made us feel like we’re there in person.
    We need more game write-up & more anonymous donor lol

    For others, let’s just say that it’s not easy for JLF to go ‘incognito’ sitting so close to the bench 😀 Thanks for being a trooper!

  182. He signed up to Charlotte due to not liking the situation in Dallas and the the rapport he had with Clifford and Silas.

  183. He didn’t sign for 20 minutes. That’s where the anxiousness is getting the better of you. Why not wait and see?

  184. Zeller got caught up in a Halloween zombie role

  185. Read the Chicago board. They want Lin.

  186. All right KHuang. Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE MOST of your posts. You have a way with words so when you get it right, it’s a pleasure just to sit back and read someone else fighting the good fight for Lin.

    BUT, when you get it wrong… I have a list of the top 10 things you’ve posted that are incredibly wrong or just plain outrageous. This new one has bumped one of the previous doozies out of the top 10:

    Lin WILL NOT be offered a good contract no matter how much he produces or starts or makes All Star teams or whatever.

    The problem is that many readers think you must know what your talking about and take all your posts seriously. You have to stop stressing people out like that. Do you have shares in companies that manufacture anti-PTSD medication?

  187. The term worse than the backup is Rental. It might be the case.

  188. Disagree. Last summer was the bottom in Lin’s career, stuck in a tanking team with artificially depressed stats and no cap room in teams interested in him. Yet he still got this 1+1 contract aiming for the cap room increase which was optimum in that situation.

  189. Why the need to “wait and see”..This board is for discussion…I’m simply giving you my analysis based on what I see so far.

    What I see is Hairston starting and Lamb being given a new contract…Than you have Batum who they believe is a big star at SG, apparently…and he gets big minutes.

    Than Kemba still playing 35mpg.

    If you take all these things into account, one can see how Lin minutes could be suppressed on a regular basis..The only exception will be when he’s so hot that Cliff has no choice but to leave him in the game.

    Again, unless Lin starts off shooting well, Cliff will not stay with him for long…So Lin will be on “SHORT LEASH” on a nightly basis…unless he’s doing very well.

  190. I just watched the pfv medium video for the bulls game and just got irritated. I usually agree with paul on his opinions but i disagree vehemently this time about Lin’s defense. He basically said something to the effect that Lin doesn’t have lateral quickness and defense isn’t his strong suit.

    He mentioned that play where derrick rose got by lin a few years back and lin trailed him and blocked the shot. Theres plenty of times each game where guys can’t even get by lin and most people don’t mention that. Also the derrick rose of back then got by everybody no matter how fast u were laterally.

    Paul also mentions that with jimmy butler around, its not a good matchup for lin. We lin fans know it would be harder for him to guard butler because of the height difference but we’ll take our bets with him over hairston anyday. I know it was only preseason but paul neglected to point out that lin held butler scoreless in the 4th quarter in that preseason game.

    Looks like pretty good lateral movement to me if u can hold butler scoreless. His defense is a strong suit, not weak.

  191. Honestly, it’s hard to see reactions from behind. So honestly I have no idea. But, nothing unusual just the casual high-five and stuff. And he doesn’t really get involved on timeouts, just Clifford. Coaches stand up out of the bench for a while and discuss things, and then Clifford comes in and talks to the players.

  192. Like i said in the previous reply. It’s hard to see reactions from behind. In addition, I wasn’t in a good angle to see Michael.

  193. Because it is 4 games. That’s all. It really doesn’t make a lot of sense to draw big conclusions that Lin’s minutes will be anything based on 4 games, and especially coming off of a blowout. There has been support for Lin from Clifford due to his playing time that I find encouraging. And that is, he is finishing games even when making big mistakes in games. Cliff looks like he isn’t punishing Lin for mistakes and is trusting him to finish games. That is NOT a short leash, that’s a long one. I don’t think Lin is playing based just on his shooting. What about his ability to create, draw fouls, inbound the ball, take the big charge in the end of game, show a clutch ability that he did in game 2 even when he wasn’t shooting well? I think it is the treatment from other coaches that has some of us panicked prematurely.

  194. Nice to hear…Maybe when they trade D-Rose, they can sign LIn.

    Can you point out the Bulls website where they are talking about Lin?…I’d like to follow.
    I love to read about other team fan giving the respect he deserve…The Hornets fan don’t respect Lin and only see him as a 20mpg backup to Kemba.

  195. Lin can score 38 (as he’s done before) but doubters will doubt and haters will hate. Nothing better to do with their lives

  196. PFV once said that Kobe and BS will make Lin into a better PG. He also claimed that BS does not like Lin because he is not tough or able to be a team leader (implying that this is not just BS’s opinion but that’s just the way Lin is.) Finally, PFV was extremely slow (not sure if he ever came around) to recognizing that Lin was treated extremely unfairly by both McHale and BS/Kobe. So don’t be surprised that PFV can be dead wrong.

  197. I saw them on a post-game wrap-up last night. An SBNation site like Chicago’s version of AttheHive. I’ll look in my history and post the site if I can find it. I don’t want Lin to go to Chicago because I don’t think their coach is good and I think that there is dysfunction there.

  198. Ah, OK. Thanks.

  199. Did you see any hotties you like at the game? How’s the hair? Too much gel or not enough gel?

  200. I pointed out that Lamb did not play during the first 2 games..Lin got 27mpg in these 2 games…Don’t you believe that the return of Lamb into the rotation will not influence Lin’s minute at all??…specially when they just offered him a big contract?

    I can form conclusion based on 4 games because there are obvious things that can easily influence Lin’s minutes…Lamb is the future, so he will always get a longer leash than Lin…Hairston starts, so he’s guaranteed 15-20mpg until he’s removed….Do I need more game to come to these conclusions??

    Look, I’m hopeful Lin can get at least 25-30 mpg, but the way things are developing, I don’t know how can anyone still be supremely confident he will get 25-30…I simply don’t see it AT THE MOMENT.

  201. I didn’t totally agree either. But I think the difficulty is just plain height, not anything else. I would fear that Butler would get the calls against Lin and get him in foul trouble. That’s why I don’t like Lin on Wade or other star players.

    I also think I’d tell Lin to work on his PG skills more than anything else. Ball handling, recognizing and dealing with traps and not getting dribbling into them, directing traffic. Also, one-on-one moves even more and utilizing his mid-range shot. Paul said work on his jump shot. I think Lin’s jump shot is good, sometimes it’ll fall and sometimes not. Defensively, just be careful of letting the 3 point shooter be open when he helps and maybe working at screens. I think he’s improved a lot in that regard.

  202. But Lin is here now and Clifford has to manage the personnel he has on the court now. He doesn’t know if Batum is here or not next year either, yet Batum will get his playing time. I think, yes, you need more games to see how things will play out. Lamb may be seen as part of the group that plays with Lin and a bit of the transition from 1st unit to 2nd unit. Lin may be seen as relieving Kemba or playing with Kemba due to matchup and game situations. That’s what we have to look at. But so far, Lin is finishing games except for blowouts and I’m hoping that continues.

  203. I’d rather Lin in Chicago where he starts than backing up Kemba for 15minutes…I believe Lin playing alongside Butler and Noah and Gasol will make Lin an All-Star.

    I believe D-Rose is done, so they may need a new PG….Maybe they could trade for Lin this year..I’m sure the Hornets won’t let that happen, specially if Lin is playing well as a backup an averaging 11 and 4 ast..these numbers are very good for a 20mpg backup PG…Those are the numbers I expect from Lin…Too many Lin fan are unrealistic on Lin minutes and points per game…he’s not getting 30..he won’t be averaging 15-20ppg.

  204. @Librafree From fans’ seat near stands, look at @JLin7 cut in at 30″ left & 3-point FG at 5″

    Test IG

  205. Rumor: there were about 4 million Chinese fans watching the NBA game of Hornets vs Bulls last night, on Tencent online. Note that this was the 1st Hornets’ game Tencent online broadcasted sensing/requested by the growing number of Lin fans in China.

  206. This is good. Haha!

  207. Great new!

    Quick! Someone needs to tweet the link to MJ or Hornets Marketing VP

  208. ‘they’ want lin is different from GM, owner, coaches want lin.

  209. oh do you want him to say ‘yeh, I saw them kissing and hugging!’ lol

  210. Quick quick quick (cit.) 😀

  211. Lol, they were playing the eye tango. Sheesh!

  212. HUH? just shows the scores and stuff in chinese.

  213. One can also see from the above link that there were only about 0.6 million viewers watching LAL and 0.2 million viewers on Mav.

  214. I am sure they have their own source and people monitoring this.

  215. nevermind, I realized above it’s talking about viewers.

  216. Psalm – thanks for all the efforts on this site. Any chance you can spoiler part of the longer articles? I don’t know if you ever use an iPhone to access the site – that’s primarily what I use – and it’s really hard to scroll through these long pages to get down to the comments so I end up waiting for the next thread to start. Check out the site from a smart phone when you get a chance.

    Any yes, this is a small quibble. Great site, great work. Thanks!

  217. What’s the record so far/ 4mil viewers good enough to be No1 in most viewers ?

  218. There is a viewer counter at the lower right corner of each tweet.

  219. here we go again. Lol, not even one day and back to the same crap. Complain complain complain, 4 games into a world of difference from 3 years of hate and you want the moon.

    What do you think Lin thinks about? None of this BS. He’s working hard studying films, working on his shot, getting stronger, being a good teammate, preparing for the next game. Taking control of the things he can control. MONEY, FAME, RECOGNISTION IS THE FARTEST THING FROM HIS MIND.

  220. There seem to be more Chinese national fans in the Lin forums as well, more angry, Tiger-mom type fans interpreting situations entirely from the perspective of what’s best for Lin rather than other players or the team as well.

  221. It’s No. 1, and it’s 6 times more than No.2 and also more than football viewers.

  222. Lin really bring fans to Hornets from China bc before they got Lin, Hornets didn’t have that many fans in China.

  223. Would you please stop rehashing no other teams want JLin?
    Lin and Papa told the reporters there were about 9 teams reached out to Lin during the off-season. They did not lie.

  224. ah, good reminder.. I can do so but will need to investigate the right code

    But for shortcut, just click on the # of comments (not the thread title or pic) from homepage so it will bring you directly to the comments. This way, you skip reading the article content

  225. I think NBA China will know it…

  226. sure, we can still help creating the Buzz with CHA media.

    What helps would be the comparison to # of US viewers for this game; not sure where to get it though

  227. Great tip, thanks. Doesn’t get quite all the way to the bottom, maybe due to a timing issue with how it loads, but it’s only a page or two farther from there to the comments. Good workaround.

  228. ok, I tweeted to Pete Guelli (EVP, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Charlotte @Hornets)
    Hope he responds or at least noticed

    I’m curious how it compares to # of US viewers

  229. Thanks!

  230. JLin PER in CHI game = 38.0

    WOW, that is insane, Linsane.

  231. You’re an optimistic person and I respect that…I’m more of a realist…I look at things the way they currently present themselves and come to a conclusion….and as I’ve stated, things can change…But at the moment, you have to submit to the fact that Lin will have problem reaching 25mpg with Lamb/Hairston on the rotation…Unless Lamb can play some SF, than maybe that leaves a bit more minutes at SG for Lin.

    I just don’t understand why you won’t accept this very fact that there’s too many players taking SG minutes away from Lin at the moment..and the fact that if Kemba plays consistent 34-36mpg, there won’t be much time left at PG.

    Lamb had a great game last night, but that may just be a 1 night thing…so it could be that Lamb plays worse than Lin…that would mean Cliff will have to give Lin more minutes if he wants to win…so things can change, but right now, Lamb will play more at SG than Lin…Lamb will get 30mpg until he proves he’s not better than Lin.

  232. If Lin still played to close game when they were up by 30, that you should hate.

  233. Where and how do you set this table?..what website?

  234. I already lost interest listening to PFV’s videos quite some time ago!

  235. I’m not optimistic or pessimistic, I’m trying to take time to properly assess a situation and not think everything Cliff is doing has to impact Lin in a negative way. Lamb doing well helps Lin because Cliff can have more faith in the 2nd unit so Kemba doesn’t have to play 34-36 minutes and play more near 32 minutes. He doesn’t have to use Batum as much if Lamb becomes a secondary playmaker when defenses force the ball out of Lin’s hands. I also noticed Lin still struggled significantly against Atlanta’s traps and Kemba handled them better so Kemba deserved to come in and play PG while Lin sat on the bench to figure it out at the end of the 2nd quarter in Sunday’s Atlanta game.

    Other players aren’t a threat to Lin. Lin’s ability to raise the level of big men showed last night. And you want Lin to score so many points, if you are a realist haven’t you noticed that Lin doesn’t shoot that much? Lin actually gets a good amount of points at the foul line. Lin shoots, but he wants to be part of sequences that either gets him a direct or assist or a hockey assists so he may not get that much more than 14 ppg once the season is over.

    Lin is still finishing games. I put a ton on that. Much, much, much, much more than if he started. And he’s played through mistakes. I’m liking what I hear and see from Clifford regarding player usage and Lin seems like one of the top 7 players on the team and who, for now, Clifford is choosing to close games with. Charlotte is a good place for Lin because there isn’t a superstar. Clifford is a good coach for Lin so far. But it is a small sampling either way.

  236. The environment is so much more friendly than Rox.

  237. Very promising early results that Lin’s PER has been higher than his Linsanity’s starts in NY
    He’s a lot more efficient in 2015 than 2012

  238. Been watching Kemba since he was a freshman at UCONN along with Jeremy Lamb. Both are great team guys that will gel with Lin well. Kemba always been a great teammate and I don’t expect much different here. I really think Kemba and Lin can shine together and hope they find huge success this year. Kemba being a good teammate will be good for him as well since he will definitely get some Chinese sponsors.

  239. No, those tiger fans are probably not Asians from Asia.

    They are likely Asian Americans reared in the US.

  240. Agree.

    I’ve been saying that Lin is THE BEST perimeter defender I have ever seen.

    The closest I saw anyone come to Lin in perimeter defense is Jason Kidd. But though Kidd was physically equal to Lin, Kidd didn’t do fundamentals on defense like Lin does.

    We all have to remember that this is the NBA where even the best defenders get scored on.

    Most Lin fans have a TOTALLY UNREALISTIC critical view of Lin’s defense as being a lot worse than it is.

  241. Had Zeller run his cuts the first three games like he was supposed to, Hawes would not have been thrown out of position.

  242. His PER can only go higher since the first 3 games didn’t play him properly. Lin’s shooting form is better than when he was in New York.

  243. Nothing wrong with rental!

  244. Lin is better than Linsanity period right now.

  245. Nope.

    You can call me whatever you want.

    Lin received NO formal contract offers from other teams.

    Those would have been reported, just like Dallas’s interest in Lin was. But they WEREN’T.

    “Reaching out” and “offering a contract” are NOT THE SAME.

  246. Sorry, but I am THE ONE person with NO PTSD on this forum.

    I called it correctly on Lin not being paid fair market value compared to nonAsians of his caliber.

    You doubt me? WATCH.

  247. So what?

    The Knick fans wanted Lin too. NOPE.

  248. Thanks for the great report. I really enjoy reading it. A couple quick questions:
    1) Did Lin have to look to Clifford for every possession? Did Lin have no freedom to decide how to run a play?
    2) Is it the same for Kemba, Batum, Lam?
    3) Were you able to tell whether coach told Lin how many shots he could take?


  249. Well, sure, that’s a possibility. But if they are Americans then saying that Lin should start over the current starter, who’s doing about the same, has tenure with the team, and has a long term contract is just ridiculous. To focus on the ways Lin could have greater results if his teammates were different is just obsessing on one player instead of seeing the team a whole.

    Most American fans have learned basketball during Lin’s career (not guys like you, or webattorney et al who were well-versed in the game beforehand but the Linsanity new-to-basketball fans). We don’t see the same level of crazy comments that we did when Lin was in Houston, when nearly everyone complained of racism and bad coaching and prima donna players instead of how Lin’s play fits into the collective effort. And of course the situation in Charlotte helps with that treatment of PTSD.

    No question there are all those bad things people talk about, but all players are affected by things outside of their control. Other players, not just Lin, have to deal with prima donnas like Kobe. Other players have to play under the guidance of coaches like Kevin McHale.

    So if some of these tiger posters are Americans, then I would say “hey look around at other forums. Lots of fans complain that their guy doesn’t get enough minutes, or doesn’t have a chance to sign in the system. It ain’t just Lin. Get to know the NBA.’

    But for the overseas fans, it seems some only have an interest in the game through Lin. If he wasn’t here, they wouldn’t watch. So it’s impossible to persuade those folks to have a larger view – they don’t care about the other stories in the league, only Lin. They won’t ever be level-headed about their comments. There is no point calling them out on their torches-and-pitchforks posts so I just note that they have a different cultural perspective and “let it go”.

  250. ok, I added tabs if that would help to save space not to scroll too long.

    Or, everyone can just click on the “# of comments” to skip content

  251. I thought you were referring to Chinese language forums. Obviously not. Whenever you read a post that seems to be from an overzealous Lin fan, keep in mind that it’s probably just a Lin-hating troll pretending to be an (Asian) Lin fan. You’d be amazed at how many such posts there are. They use all kinds of tricks like Asian sounding screen names, names like Lin#1PG, Lin-themed avatars, artificially flawed English, etc. They seem to have boundless time and energy. Lin hating trolls love this tactic because they can get “neutral” fans to join them in their irrational hatred for Lin and then pretend to have intense arguments with them. The dead giveaway is that “impostor” trolls only post on Lin’s team’s forums (e.g. Lakers, Hornets) but these supposedly rabid Lin fans have no interest in posting here or the original site. So when you come here and complain about such “crazy Lin fans,” your’re being conned at yet another level and really making their day!

  252. Even with 1-6 3p shooting in Game 3, Lin’s 3P shooting is still 57%
    It will come down but it’s very encouraging.
    40% would be excellent

  253. Remember this? 40% is a sure thing!

  254. Nice!

    Yes, for JLin to be able to say 40%, we know he must’ve been hitting 70% in practice.
    Great to see his confidence.

    That 3pt bank shot last night was HUGE!!
    That broke the Bulls spirit LOL

  255. LOL!

  256. Thank you for the great report! I am sure it helps a lot of people, including myself, feel more comfortable with his Hornets team now.
    BTW, did you notice any creative pregame handshakes?

  257. yes! Someone please tweet MJ. As fans, I think bringing things like this to the attention of owners really makes a difference on how the owners view Jeremy. In the end, the NBA is a business.

  258. haha. This is great. Love hearing fan reactions!

  259. LOL. Yes Fartest. And also farthest!

  260. ‘it’s only 4 games.. ‘
    ‘it’s only 25 games..’
    ‘it’s only 50 games..’
    ‘it’s only 82 games..’
    guess who will be saying that.

  261. I wanted to know this too. =)

  262. zammmmmmm

  263. wait, 7/15 isn’t 57%… am i misreading?

  264. of course.. why else he say he doesn’t want to go out and be only remembered as linsanity..
    he knows he can improved
    And that’s why I always cringed when people say ‘linsanity’ again..
    linsanity is nothing if you want to root for him for what he will become.

  265. He meant 47%. Asians are just not good at math 😉

  266. I agree! Lin is happy and that means a lot. Fame and recognition are definitely “Fartest” from what he is concerned about right now. =)

  267. Good sportsmanship from Gibson to help Lin up (around 4:10)

  268. geez..that jlinfan88 better retweet that or he will get cremated by haters and trolls onto that tweet saying linfan inflate and cherry pick stats.

  269. ah, thanks!

  270. I have not seen much craziness from overseas fans about Lin.

    To most overseas folks, Lin is “not one of them”. They view him as an American “foreigner.” They do not think of Lin as “one of theirs”, though Lin shares their ethnicity.

    Asian American fans of Lin, many of them are new to the NBA. That includes webattorney who only started following NBA ball recently due to Lin after a long hiatus. So they don’t understand how the NBA works, especially when they assume that Lin will be treated the same as nonAsians in the NBA.

    I’ve been following the NBA nonstop at the same level I am now for DECADES before Lin showed up, so my take on Lin is different. And yet Lin has been the only player I’ve ever followed whose career I COULD NOT predict!

  271. No need to worry. “haters and trolls” really do suck at math!

  272. hahahahah good one..they won’t even notice!

  273. Question for all tech savvy members… if I watch these highlights here instead of on Youtube, does it still count as a view on Youtube?

  274. Pete Guelli from the Hornets will look into the Tencent TV 4M viewer numbers if it broke records
    Can’t help liking this guy. Very humble & professional like JLin!

  275. Lin is like money, of course you bend over to pick it up. Lol

  276. Yes. It’s really only a link to YouTube itself. You may have noticed that you are not able to actually make a copy of their videos (unless you’re a hacker or have special software); only provide a link.

  277. I really appreciate him putting a lot of effort into replying to the fans’ tweets. Good for him!

  278. Tyler needs to work on his soft touch layup otherwise he’s the team best PnR partner with Lin.

  279. yes, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a VP so responsive to Twitter fans.

    Remember the bad exchange from HOU executive 3 yrs ago?
    That was so unprofessional. Charlotte has some good people :]

  280. lol “JLin, how do you say endorsement in Chinese?” 🙂
    besides they might need a PG next year

    They’ll remember that 3pt bank shot for a looooong time 🙂

  281. Meth or math? Duh…it hurts the head when I do it.

  282. Thank you, Jeremiah!

  283. Let’s just “Wade” into it and see…in Chinese “Wade” is wading knee deep in Chinese “water”.

  284. Where is #LilLin? #LilKemba needs a buddy 🙂

  285. Good job psalm, now you give Pete more work. lol

  286. Yeah, I think the way most people post it’s a link that still plays ads so the answer is yes.

  287. Great Highlight. Couple things I noticed:
    1) 3:52 into the video: Lin passes the ball and he cuts through the paint. Watch as he gets 3! screens before he reaches the other side. Beautiful play.
    2) 7:10 in to the video: Look how spread out the floor is. Everyone is where they should be.
    3) 7:25 into the video and most important: Watch how Batum is coming towards the ball because he wants the last shot. Watch how Clifford waives Batum off because he wants the ball in Lin’s hands!

  288. well, most of the ppl there are relgious no? so that say something..
    houston are full of thugas.

  289. Lol… Hair doesnt look that bad live. It is kinda like a feet high though lol. I kinda know what it takes and that hair-do takes a lot of gel.

  290. I think it was the same for everyone. Everyone was attentive and tespectful to every Clifford said to everyone. He did direct Kemba, Batum and Lin. Lamb not much because he doesnt initiate plays but for example. In the 2 for 1 in the 3rd coach told lamb to go stand in the corner when he was at the top of the key.

    If your questiin is if Lin was treated different by coach? Not at all. In terms of shot there wasn’t any of that either. Based on my example above he designed plays for Lin too.

  291. LOL, Tyler was really out of touch and needs to practice his finishing.

  292. Any taller, and we can call it the “hive”.

  293. Hope MJ is able to see some of Dennis Rodman – his former championship teammate – in Tyler Hansbrough.
    As an alumni, MJ should know how well they teach at UNC.

  294. Hansbrough isnt gonna marry himself

  295. I’m not sure MJ was a fan of Rodman when he played with him. He probably found him very undisciplined. It’s good to be tough and all, but Tyler was just rusty. He deserves to play due to his ability to set screens and get rebounds but I think Cliff wants him to be a perimeter threat as well.

  296. Thanks. I am also wondering when people felt Lin did not take enough shots, from your observation do you think it is by coach’s design or Lin’s choice? Base on what you said, I think it is more of coach’s design, but I do remember someone reported that his friend who was at the 2nd game heard Clifford told Lin to take more shots after Lin came to the bench.

  297. Tyler didn’t take any mid range jumpers, but his free throw stroke looked good when he swished all 4 of his FT. That’s usually an indicator of a good mid range jump shooter.

  298. thanks to @disqus_N5k7G6PoCZ:disqus who brought the good Tencent news :]

  299. Dorothy, in that game Lin was hesitating to take them, unlike this game.

  300. well, he’s not entirely wrong. if JLin hits his next 4 treys, he’ll be at 57%!

  301. I see the Kobe saga coming to a dramatic climax within the next 10 days. Kobe just publicly admitted that he sucks and now the Lakers are setting off on a 5 game road trip that includes a back-to-back plus another b2b upon their return home. There are 5 possible scenarios:

    1) Kobe starts to miss games willy-nilly just like he did last season (starting at Xmas time).

    2) Kobe continues to play like crap and humiliates himself to death.

    3) Because he takes high doses of pain killers, Kobe can’t even feel when he’s getting hurt which results in injury.

    4) Kobe announces his retirement

    5) Some combination of all 4.

    Throughout his career, Kobe had a FG average of 45% overall; 33% from 3 pt. range. Last season those numbers dropped to 37% / 29% and now he’s barely shooting 30%/20%. He is clearly in a downward spiral. Kobe suffers from chronic pain in many critical parts of his legs (knees, ankles, Achilles, etc.) so I strongly suspect that he uses pain killers prior to practices and games which means he’s playing with fire. During a long road trip, it may be especially difficult for Kobe to maintain the correct dosing and scheduling of his meds. That’s why I expect something dramatic to happen some time during the Lakers’ next 5-7 games.

  302. #JLinStat of the Day
    He hits 94.7% FT (18-19) in 4 games

    His FT% has improved from 75% in preseason

  303. Last year he hid a rough patch with his FT shooting which dropped the avg, but it looks a lot smoother this year. Very few rattle in, mostly just net.

  304. No more WILT CHAMBERLIN!

  305. I wonder if they have Chinese announcers for the online streaming games in China. That would help attract more viewers.

  306. You’re probably right, but knowing Kobe he may try playing in a wheelchair for another 30 years to break a record

  307. Yes believe they have their own announcers.

  308. LOL, anything to sell tickets!

  309. I think less-arc in shooting this year definitely helped with FT & 3s consistency

  310. FTs might be the best indicator of what’s going on in Lin’s head. Even if he’s not making shots, high FTAs means he’s staying aggressive. And if his FT% is high, it means he’s locked in mentally.

    During preseason, where games don’t count, he rushed them and missed a few. In HOU and LAL, he was being frozen out and missed a bunch. During Linsanity, he was 85% or so, even when he was exhausted.

  311. MJ photobombing lol

    JLin7 & JLamb being interviewed post gm last night. MJ was behind them.

  312. Pull the right triggers, MJ!
    You can establish yourself as a championship owner

  313. more like lowered releasing point.

  314. My firefox has updated yesterday and I don’t have any issue of viewing anything. Run as smoothly as before. Suggestion: Delete the whole thing and redownload the program.

  315. When the game is on the line, Jeremy really should have the ball in his hands for the last shot. We’ve seen Kemba take the last shot a couple of times now and each time, he settled for a pull up jumper because that is pretty much his strength.

    Jeremy on the other hand gives you so many more options. He can shoot, he can drive and cause the defense to react and therefore either score himself or find open teammates but most importantly, he can take it to the rim and get fouled. The ability to get fouled in close games is so valuable and not many NBA players can do it.

    This is also something Jeremy Lin can do that I believe Jeremy Lamb can not. For example, if Lamb is having an off shooting night, his offense is pretty much ineffective. If Jeremy Lin has an off shooting night, he can still drive to the rim and draw fouls or create open looks for his teammates.

  316. I don’t think you can depend on a whistle for a last shot. It’s even risky in the star players. Lin can do whatever the other players do, try to get a good look for himself or create a bunny for a team mate.

  317. yes, that’s what he was working in the offseason

  318. I agree. But I’ve always felt taking it to the rim strong is higher percentage than a jump shot because there is a chance you can still get fouled. The goal should be to take it to the rim with the intent to finish, not to get fouled. I totally agree that Lin can do what the other players do.

  319. His most famous game-winning shot is a 3-pointer 🙂 I think it’ll be Kemba taking the shot because of his status on the team. However, if Kemba is out, maybe Lin will take some. Both should do better than Kobe did. I don’t remember him hitting any for LA last year.

  320. SClifford needs to use/practice/game plan for other options to take the last moment shot. Both times Kemba had good looks, but he still missed. SClifford should not designate KW as the only last shot maker. Again, there are other options on the floor. If he keeps going w/Kemba, it makes it easier for opponents to load up on him.

  321. Haha. you are totally right!! And his 3 is looking great this year!

  322. JLin has experience in making last winning shot(s) himself and had found open teammates with spectacular passing to make the winning shots, i.e. Chandler Parsons, Troy Daniels, & J. Harden.

  323. Hmmm…this picture was taken just before MJ’s congratulatory slap on Lamb’s behind for his 9/10 FGM-A performance.

  324. Look at how he rolls hard to the rim, and all of a sudden, the ball is in his hand for layup.
    Please take note, all Hornets bigs.

  325. great analysis by JP. I hope he’ll get another chance to observe a game that is more tightly contested. only then will I be more convinced that JLin is being treated more fairly by the coach and his teammates than in the past. blowouts are usually all smiles for the winning team. hope the anonymous JLin fan can come through again with the tickets…

  326. In David Glenn Show,


  327. Not to mention he can now slice thru the defense with his hair.

  328. Kerrigan

  329. I don’t agree with PFV on all things as well. In fact, Khuang may even be more of an expert, but even with Khuang, I also have had differences of opinion. But what really matters to me is that they both have absolute faith in Lin. Khuang probably is as high on Lin as I am. We may be bulls locking horns on opinions, but we have built up enoug respect of each other’s knowledge to agree to disagree.

    PFV devotes a lot of his energy to spreading the “gospel” of Lin and he does help a lot of non basketball fans understand the game, so I cut him a lot of slack on some of the things he says.

    Opinions are only varying degrees of truth. PFV may not be as high on Lin’s defence as opposed to some of the other players ( though I tend to be on the same page as Khuang as well on this one, maybe not as whole heartedly ). But even PFV thinks Lin is a better defender than Beverly.

  330. Just glad his first name isn’t Yang…陽偉的

  331. Is it considered an offensive foul if he pokes them in their eye with his hair? =)

  332. This was a great interview. He seemed genuinely happy to have Jeremy on the show!

  333. Looks more like he is trying to steal some beer from the carts.

  334. Adam Silver?

  335. Reared lol. That word always makes me think of the Movie She’s out of My League.

  336. Wow, didn’t know that. Where is the statistics coming from? This season 4 games so far?

  337. I wonder where he got that rank.

    Isn’t that ORtg? I don’t think he was ranked #3 in NBA if it’s ORtg

    He’s ranked 2nd in the Hornets for ORtg with 117.6

    For PGs, he’s ranked 11 in the NBA

    What is Offensive Rating – ORtg?

    A metric that estimates how many points an individual player produces per 100 team possessions. This concept is also used to rate a team’s offensive production per 100 possessions.

  338. well, I guess it’s good for JLamb then

  339. Nancy?

  340. Kobe will apply for a handicap spot reserved for him inside the paint then.

  341. Oops, too much talk of crap. Lol

    Is it furthest, or farthest, damn my English is getting bad.

  342. NBA News: Gerald Green was hospitalized after acting erratically.
    Hope it’s nothing serious.

    He looked healthy when playing vs Hornets last week

  343. Right. But I still want to see him lead a team one day. As starter.

  344. Erratically? Like he was on drugs ?

  345. Exactly. High releasing point is slower, needs more energy, needs to jump higher, is very difficult to master (Lin has not mastered it for his whole career), and extra high arc is just a result of rushed high releasing.

  346. Nice! Now the pressure is really on poor Jeremy.

  347. It’s mostly a team metric, like how many points are scored, and how fast when a 5 man lineup is on the floor.

  348. you dirty mind! It can be 扬威too! Haha

  349. Sounds like Gerald Green was on something to contribute this behavior (read the updates).

  350. I forgot something and was just reminded of it looking at a Hornets forum. Clifford wants a 9-man rotation. That’s it. I think he has it. Starting 5 of Al, Williams, Batum, PJ and Kemba and the bench is Zeller, Hawes, Lamb and Lin. I think Kaminsky and Hawes are the guys fighting for the most minutes and Hawes may be getting more now due to experience. Lin looks like the guy to play with some version of Kemba/Batum plus others at critical points in the game and closing the game. I guess if Kaminsky plays well then it is a 10 man rotation but it seems Kaminsky is behind Hawes for minutes.

  351. Not surprised. Miami is known for their club, party, and drug scene. That’s why Harden has struggled whenever he’s playing there.

  352. I hope it is just some weird reaction to medication. It doesn’t sound good and you never want TMZ writing about you.

  353. Good observation of what JLin can really bring to the team every game AtThe Hive:

    Lamb will not make difficult shots at that rate of efficiency and neither will Hawes. I did like Lamb’s decisiveness and also his willingness to move the ball and take advantage of his size/quickness. The take away from the game is that if they commit to the ball movement, spacing, and especially the timing of how long they hold the ball, they’ll get good shot opportunities on each possession and that’s really that makes the difference between being a good team and a bad team.

    What the Hornets got from Lin yesterday is a baseline standard to build on.
    – His active hands getting on to lose balls,
    – dribble penetration,
    – making passes to generate spacing/tempo,
    – assists and hockey assists,
    – drawing fouls,
    – making his share of layups,
    – FTs and outside shots,
    – good defense.

    He can do that every game.

    by khyber900 on Nov 4, 2015

  354. yes, I agree. I’m just wondering why his rank is not matching up with RealGM stats.

  355. That’s why Clifford said Lin could be (or near to be) a complete player, with so many weapons that you just can’t ignore and not to utilize. If not, you are like BS.

  356. LOL

  357. can the Hornets finish 11-5 this month or will it be more of the up and down we’re seeing? I can’t tell at all. I think though they will at least balance out .500 by end of November.

    8-8 not impressive but possible worst case.

  358. We can say Lin is literally the ‘glue guy’ between 1st & 2nd unit.

    In that sense, it’s good because he can play with all players & are needed. If his shooting is not there, he can rely on playmaking & defense.

    It’s not that good in the sense he needs to ensure others get their points first. But then again, that’s what a traditional PG truly does before we have scoring PGs like Westbrook/old DRose

    Lin is getting closer to Nash in his approach; still quite a way in playmaking+shooting+footwork but much better in defense & rebounding

  359. hopefully not but it didn’t look good

  360. yes, hard to be consistent with high releasing point although rainbow jumper looked pretty & carries dramatic flair with more air-time. Tired legs will definitely affect it more.

    I liked rainbow jumpers in my playing days but got tired all the time :] Never was consistent

  361. Need to focus on this road trip first, 2-1 would be good.

  362. I think if Charlotte can get its act together soon and get the top 2-3 record in the east, I think we can all bear the backup PG nature of Lin’s position on this team. At least they treat him respectfully and talk him up as a measly backup PG. LA and Houston couldn’t even do that for him.

    Clifford and Cho have carried out every promise, including the fact he’d be a backup to Kemba.

    My only gripe so far is that Clifford said Lin would have the biggest role here since Linsanity. However, so far his role has not been as big as Houston 1.0 or even LA during his hot streak.

    In the weak east, anything is possible if Lin can get his bench mob crew together and start doing some damage.

  363. if they can’t beat Dallas and Minnesota, they have problems. 8-8 isn’t bad for the first month. This team looks to have many growing pains.

  364. Wow! The announcer on the JLin highlights got me all pumped up. Was that the Hornet’s announcer or Bulls?

  365. Greg Pak Calls NBA Basketball Star Jeremy Lin “Our Jackie Robinson” (for Asian-Americans)

    @gregpak Comic book writer & filmmaker
    #BatmanSuperman#ActionComics #TotallyAwesomeHulk

  366. let’s see how the team gels in the next tough 5 out 7 games on the road

    I got a feeling JLin really wants to work to establish teamwork & trust in the 1st 15-20 games but still hits his shots. That’s not easy to do

  367. Agreed. Sounds like it’s the same type of behavior that people are on….

  368. My prediction, Lin will have 2 blocks on Barea tomorrow.

  369. Interesting facts to note:

    – The Hornets play 5 of the next 7 on the road before a 7-game homestand to end November.
    – The Hornets’ average of 11.5 3-pointers made ties the Golden State Warriors for most in the NBA. Last season the Hornets averaged 6.1 3-pointers made per game.

  370. WOW!!!

  371. Which highlights you are watching on?? Different ones from different announcers.

  372. Did I hear one guy say China has 7 to 8 billions people (Start 1:30)?

  373. I want to see Jeremy post up on Barea again. That’s always fun to watch 😛

  374. speed vs speed.

  375. MInnesota is tricky. It can go either way and may be a close, competitive game. Dallas isn’t very good anymore, hopefully they win that one.

  376. Care to guess how the Hornets will fare in this tough stretch of 5 road games out of next 7?

    Spurs (3-1) & Wolves (2-1) & Bulls (3-1) have winning record
    The rest is 2-2 team (Mavs, Knicks, Blazers)

  377. Thanks very much. I’ll try to re-install the software.

  378. Would not be bad 8-8.

  379. I believe it was the clip you posted up by GD Factory.

  380. The Highlights videos usually use the home team’s feed so I believe it is the Hornets announcer. CHI announcers will not be so positive for the opposing team, especially with Stacy King who is always criticizing Jeremy.

  381. Okay. It’s Hornets feed. I watched the games via Bulls feed. Because there was a female announcers, I’m 100% it’s Hornets feed.

  382. That’s what happened to me in the past with my previous laptop:-)

  383. That new two-child policy led to a fast population spike.

  384. They don’t have 7 or 8, only over 1.3 bil.

  385. Spurs will be tough, but Hornets have a fighting chance as long as they’re playing real teamball. Bulls might try to have revenge, but not sure how much bite they pack. Portland may give them trouble too, but not too worried about the rest.

  386. The world population is about 7 billion, China alone can’t possibly have that many…yet.

  387. Good to know. That makes sense, opposing team’s announcers tend to contradict themselves when Jeremy’s on the court. IMO

  388. taller guard vs. “shortys”

  389. Um, yeah. That’s the joke.

  390. Doubt there is much affect. Just heard from a visitor from China that many people have no desire to have 2 and some have no desire to even have one. For those who want two is relief for not paying the fine. The same old problem like Singapore the affect of 2 child restrictions.

  391. Game 4 POLL RESULTS
    JLin had 15pts/4asts so we have 6 winners closest to this number:

    15p/5a: @jad2456:disqus, sbbr, bush, one2one, papillon
    16p/4a: @disqus_T3EnYYJXnU:disqus

    Congrats! Game 5 Poll is also up above

    Note: I will create a page to tally up the winners soon

  392. Should I lower my expectation after last 4 games???!!!!! Need to get a win:-) LOLOLOLOLOL

  393. Batum may want to take it to Portland. Lin plays well against Portland. Clifford should play Lin and Batum both 35 minutes that game.

  394. They should look at Leaguepass single team subscriptions. i think Charlotte would rate high.

  395. Good analysis.

  396. I agree. Spurs is the toughest D.

    I checked the Scoring Defense ranking and not surprisingly Spurs is #2
    MIA & ATL are at #7 & #8

    MIN & DAL could be tough since they’re ranked #9 & #10
    (but they faced Lakersso it might not mean much LOL)

  397. haha .. we need to practice our FTs :]

    I got 12p/4a .. only 3pts short but I gladly took JLin’s 3pt bank shot to lose

  398. best of the worse and worse of the best…

  399. Jeremy’s got this in the bag!

  400. I was surprised by two things in the last four games:
    1) The first three games deviated CONSIDERABLY from their preseason play.
    2) How quickly things were fixed to rout the Bulls in a blowout win.

    In short, Clifford IS serious about winning, and he’s a REAL coach who knows how to make things, and players, click.

  401. Agreed. Leonard might guard Jeremy at one point since Pop knows who the difference maker is on the Hornets. Bulls will definitely want revenge after the blowout.

  402. Come on… What about Hairsanity? 😛

  403. If Hornets play Lin 35+ minutes and let him facilitate the offense, I predict hornets are going to win the game just as 3 seasons ago Lin led Rox to a record breaking blowout win over GSW.

  404. What happen?

  405. Jeremy Lin happened 🙂

  406. …but outrageous in ticket price or something else?

  407. I have no idea…

  408. Whatever that is, JLin happened…lol

  409. yep…what about Hairsanity!!?

  410. Psalm234, Can you check, because I know I vote for “Other” and input the 16pts/4asts. After vote, I saw the 16pts/4ast pop out with 1 vote (total vote number increase by 1); I know BobbyH won last one, you mean he also won this one?

  411. The winner shall be “16pts/4ast” (only off by 1pts); because by your previous definition, 1 Ast = 2 Pts, therefore the 15pts/5ast = 17pts/4ast, which is off by 2 pts.

  412. He’d have to give Lin a Max contract. I’m sure Lin will prove to MJ what he’s got if Hornets reaches far into the playoffs.

  413. I believe Psalm only uses that formula when there is no clear winner.

  414. Must be, by what they are used to.

  415. Nay, if you look at Dec 7 vs Detroit, the tickets are very cheap 🙂

  416. Must be Stephanie Ready. Yeah, I could not believe my ears the first time I listened to the Hornets feed. had to do a double take. They support the home team without being negative regarding the visiting team. Very refreshing indeed.

  417. Lin’s teammates tried to say his name in Chinese but they forgot the last word and just said “Lin Shu”.
    Jeremy Lin and teammates thank for your support after 1st win in Hornets

  418. it seems that Lin posts way more videos to his Chinese accounts than he does to the American ones.

  419. Bc GSW & Curry so the price is high.

  420. Scott is such a horrible manager. Can’t believe they haven’t fired him.

  421. Lin and MJ have something in common to reach out more fanbase in Asia

    Jeremy should bring this up when they have 1:1 conversation ala Jerry McGuire.
    “Help me help you …”
    “I DIG that about you!”

  422. BS is so delusional, he said he likes it because guys show they care. What?

  423. ah, sorry my bad ..
    16p/4a is you, not @bobbyhsu who had 16p/6a

    Thanks for your Lin-like assertiveness to correct my poor old eyes :]
    My apology!

  424. hehe.. we had half-a-Hairsanity

  425. Yes he signed up weibo for this specific purpose. He likes to reward his Chinese fans for supporting him unconditionally in a sense. This is my interpretation not JLin:-)

  426. Confirmed.

  427. sorry for the typo :[

  428. NP. I thought I typed 16/4 too. It is a long season, so it is an open race ;=)

  429. BScott trying to put the further blame on players by saying they’d better be angry when losing.
    I’d say he’s getting more insecure because he knows he’s in the hot seat with more losses.

    Very different with Coach Clifford who said ‘1 person was not organized.. but it’s on me”

    BScott is not a leader; he’s just hired to babysit Kobe’s last 2 yrs

  430. That’s the spirit! Love it!

  431. Win as in winning the lottery pick, intentional or not.

  432. I think he is from Mars.

  433. Be careful, You would be abducted by Martians since you insult them.

  434. Let’s not offend the Martians… lol

  435. Yeah, Hairsanity forever!

  436. what else can he say?
    oh we suck im going for the first pick

  437. Hope we see the same celebration tomorrow

  438. about to collect another 4 mil as kobrick’s babysitter this season. not a bad gig for the ex-crips brother…

  439. That should have never been out to public, BS is a %$^bag.

  440. Clifford working with Lin before the Bulls game:

  441. I feel they can beat team do not have good defense.

  442. Now we’re all thinking…did @CJSHYY:disqus “really” win last season…? 😉

  443. We spent hours yesterday trying to decipher this, arriving at a similar conclusion: the last ARG…growl was a stand-in for HAU/HOW.

  444. yes, my eyes were a lot better last season lol

  445. No one pic of Woody, McH, and BSc like this eva …

  446. pants on fire, he doesn’t do that latter for sure …

  447. everyone knows
    people already make fun of him even the lakers writers
    hes made a fool of himself

  448. LOL the one thing he doesnt do is win!!!! hahahaa

  449. Everyone want to see the JLin Curry bro code in action. Fight hard on the court, hug each other off.

  450. 5 W 2 L

  451. This was the funniest part of the interview lol

  452. I think so…:)

  453. Fishy fishy ;P

  454. LOL, sole loser BS

  455. The only reason that the stats is not Hairsanity is because of Lin playing below average minutes despite awesome efficiency.

  456. You think? LOL

  457. Sole loser (Ronnie Price throwing shoe), soul loser, and sore loser…

  458. Been off for a few years now…

  459. In all fairness, he did say “trying” to win, but nothing about “actually” winning.

  460. I firmly believe that THIS is what he was hired to do: to take the blame and humiliation from press and divert attention from Jimmy Buss’ ineptitude.

  461. I am glad that Lin enjoys being a Hornet.

  462. Not a lot of people are as fast as Lin, lol.

  463. Reminds me of this:

  464. I wouldn’t admit trying to win. It just makes him look even worse that with all that thinking, he still can’t win.

  465. But didn’t we already know this was going to happen. They fielded a bunch of their starters at the summer league and failed to win. What chance would these same starters have in regular season?

  466. maybe i am speaking not the truth here, but my one cents opinion on coach cliff regarding Jlin usage is..

    1.That Coach can’t disrupt the political hierarchy without rocking the boat. meaning that right now, Kemba and Al needs to be catered and so asBatum (for the next season) while they determined that Lamb is now partof the team of the future;

    2. That Cliff knows when to use Jlin and how to use him even in a short span of minutes, without being worry that Jlin might think that he is being neglected or mismanaged;

    3.that evident on the last few games that Jlin was given ample time on the court and his time management was a bit longer on each quarters he in so he can set his rythm and groove not unlike the way he’s being yanked in and out from the last few teams before, and that was primarilybecause of the reason number 2;

    4. That i see that Cliff knows how effective JLIN is and what he can present on the hornets team, even with the presence of the CATERED PLAYERS;

    5. That this is JLIN Moment year and even cliff can’t stop it as he knows JLIN will be picked up by many teams next year if they don’t see JLIN as part of their future;

    6. That they are signing players right now to avoid that GOLD rush next season as players will get higher paycheck, and right
    now, JLIN is not amenable for an extension because he wants to test the market and his future position on the team!

    You may agree or disagree with this , but again, its just a one cents worth of my opinion and may not rest well with others..

  467. It will be even much much longer season if Lakers signs KB for more seasons.

  468. I think he will retired after this season bc he’s just not the same…. smh!

  469. Well, I will only celebrate when it’s the fact. I’ve never wanted a player out of NBA so badly in my life. I always believe every player should get a chance but I make an exception in this case. Obviously KB and BS should be out NBA at least couple seasons ago. They are too much for me to give any mercy.

  470. It’s all a conspiracy by psalm to promote his agenda.


  471. I think you pretty much nailed down the underlying politics that Coach Clifford had to navigate to please the incumbents while wooing free-agent to be (Batum) in a new SG position to play next to MKG as the SF next year. And how to use Lin well to help Hornets win.

    The unanswered question later in the season is do they expect JLin to stay as the 6th Man to anchor the 2nd unit but play major role to close games (especially if MJ is serious with his business expansion in Asia)? I think they know it’s a small chance but hoping they get a lot of Wins that JLin might entertain the idea to stay with a good coach/system.

    Can’t say that it’s a bad idea from Hornets & Coach Clifford side to start the season, though not the best for JLin & his fans. But for now, racking up Wins is #1 priority with JLin playing major role.

    Winning has a way of taking care things. 6th Man of the Year, All-Star talk, big playoff wins, media pressure to give JLin a bigger role to persuade him to stay … It’s all possible with a lot of Wins

    Let’s go get a lot of Ws with Lin engine, Coach Clifford!

  472. Sup everybody!

    Glad we got the first win of the season and my first win as a Hornet against Chicago!! We played a consistent game through all four quarters and started with getting stops which transferred to unselfish offense. That has to be our recipe to win games this year!

    Needless to say our first three games of the season were disappointing, but everybody on our team still believes we have a chance to be a really good team. The good thing about a long season is that things can turn around quickly and we just have to keep working hard, focus on improving everyday, and stick with the process. Personally, I want to try not to get too high or too low this season. One verse that I put up in my apartment as a wall decal to remind me of this is Psalm 46:10 (Be still and know that I am God).

    As for the preseason, it was such a valuable experience for me and the team in general. Anytime I join a new team (which seems to be every year haha), some of the most important things that I try to facilitate is team chemistry. I’ve always been a firm believer that the team filled with players who legitimately like each other, root for each other, and trust each other will have a higher chance of winning. Not only do you have a better chance to succeed, but strong team chemistry also makes the season that much more enjoyable. Many of my lifelong friendships have come from the game of basketball and so this preseason I really wanted to get to know my teammates.

    When I heard we were going to China for the NBA Global Games, my initial reaction was one of uncertainty. I thought it would be amazing to play in front of the fans in China, but it was going to be my 3rd time in 5 months that I would be going to China. In hindsight, the China trip was the best thing for me as it allowed me and my teammates to really connect off the court! In fact, pretty much everything I hoped would happen actually happened.

    1. Our team was able to really bond and develop that friendship off the court just from spending an extended period of time together. One of the things that my teammates really enjoyed doing was shopping. We probably went shopping like 4-5 times. We bought everything from bobbleheads to suits to air gliders. They had a blast and loved Chinese culture.

    2. We were able to get a couple of wins and put on a show for the China fans who are very, very deserving of it since they are the ones who watch our games early in the morning during the regular season.

    3. I was able to see some family and friends while out there.

    Besides basketball, I’ve recently gotten back into cooking and I also started taking drawing lessons. Since I was young, I always appreciated art but never gave a great effort to try to hone my skills, so I figured I would be more serious about drawing this year.
    My teacher has me starting with faces first, which is one of the most difficult things to learn.

    Overall, it’s been a smooth transition into my time at Charlotte and I’ve enjoyed my time playing for this organization. Hopefully you guys keep following and supporting us through the season!!

  473. Nice!

    What’s in JLin’s mind to win:

    Sup everybody!

    Glad we got the first win of the season and my first win as a Hornet against Chicago!! We played a consistent game through all four quarters and started with getting stops which transferred to unselfish offense. That has to be our recipe to win games this year!

  474. ESPN highlights Hardens 28 pts in Rockets OT win. Guess it doesn’t matter that he shot 6 for 22 FG and 2 for 11 3PT with 7 TOs.

  475. Thanks for transferring the whole script here. I copied and pasted the post before reading:-) Just finished reading and wrote a post in the blog:-)

  476. Yes, embedded YouTube videos views do count towards the YouTube count.

  477. I found this to be hilarious LOL

    @Shifty1st Anyone can take “Steph Curry” shots, very few can actually make them!

  478. Feel the same way.

  479. So glad they are going to play his idea game now – unselfish offense. That has to be our recipe to win games this year!

  480. I think Rox is not as good as last season bc vs Magic they had to fight for it w OT?! So glad the best player in the league continues to look like a so so player again today.

  481. we need more of this SportsCenter commercial :]

  482. learning drawing… Useful for future career as coach!

  483. I remember this. Still funny 🙂

  484. Haha! Good thinking… LOL!

  485. LOLOLOL JLin is building up all his strengths now. He really learns Rom 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” well.

  486. He will draw the most beautiful X’s and O’s. Haha.

  487. Come on, Lin’s mistake is totally understandable. Chinese is hard for non-native. But it is indeed very funny LOL

  488. wow .. His 3P% is 16.3%
    9-55 shooting is unbelievably bad

    Kardashian effect?

  489. Wow, 1 little extra line and this fan feels depressed. Jeremy was probably in a hurry. Even a lot of native Chinese writers would get that wrong.

  490. XOXO ? lol

  491. Even if the Rockets lost, nobody would bring up Harden’s sloppy performance. No “Beard in the armor” crap.

    Btw, Orlando Magic fought hard and forced the game into overtime. They would have won if their backcourt can make shots.

  492. Curry is Curry special, secret ingredient, no one can steal it.

    By the way, Curry is playing crazy right now, he has PER 50+. Hopefully, he will be nice to JLin if Cliff decide to use JLin against Curry.

  493. Haha! I sure hope this can continue as long as possible. LOL!

  494. Yeah Dr. Buss only told you he wanted BS to coach his team the Lakers, right, magic?

  495. My quarterly box finally arrived! I wish there were more stickers lol.

  496. So happy for you!

  497. I think JLin can bother Curry before he got into rhythm but once he did, it’s almost unstoppable

    I guess Kemba would have that problem 1st 🙂
    Lin might get to try in the 4th quarter

  498. Thank you 🙂
    They should rename their company Biannually. The last box was in April! lol.

  499. Stephen Curry is now a lot better than Lin. 🙁

  500. my agenda is only to improve my eyesight :]

  501. Well, Stephen Curry had A LOT better treatment than Lin. He would NOT be the same player he is today, if subjected to the same stinking BS that Jeremy had to go through.

  502. yeah

  503. So true.

  504. Thanks for the re-check; I enjoy this site very much (I like the spirit of the positive thinking, especially to match with JLin’s personality), join as a reader since you create this site, only start to login & post this season; so happy to see Jlin to show the smiling face again. Pray he has a great season, Happy & Healthy! Same to his fan.

  505. Believe this time they are waiting for a late item. JLin’s unique box content must have given them a hard time to accomplish the task. Hopefully the next one will be much quicker to accomplish the task:-)

  506. Curry is now a lot better than any player in the NBA not named Lebron…don’t feel bad 😀

  507. Curry’s confidence level is way off the chart since he got his first ring. There is no such a thing of not getting into rhythm for him right now. But I guess he will be nice to JLin if Cliff let it happen.

  508. It is not funny even it is sarcasm.

  509. HAHAHAHAH..
    why not just take the lin shots.. finger roll layup and 1.

  510. it is not sarcasm
    stephen curry is better than lin in shooting wise and ball handling.

  511. Lebron is just physically stronger than Curry thus he can punch through heavy traffic, but Curry is better player than him right now, technically.

  512. yeah, exponentially better at both…much better footwork also…I still think that JLin has the edge in court vision…and it is arguable who the better defensive player is, not like that really matters for PGs though

  513. Now???

  514. Agree mostly, particularly 1.
    The coach has done that before, catering to a player and losing the playoff opportunity. This is his contract year and he’s more afraid of interrupting the political hierarchy than any other times, for fear of sinking the boat.

  515. I dont know what’s the meaning of saying this…want ppl to bash Lin or ? If you love Curry so much, then just go
    to his fans site and cheer for him. Maybe you will be happier…: )

  516. Well said.

  517. Who is Stephen curry?

  518. it does to mchale apparently .. yes..that is sarcasm HAHAHAAHHA

  519. kittykitty, calm down!!!

    he is not loving him so much.. he is just stating what he sees.. notice the frown face at the end.. that means that he is not bashing him. smh ppl need to calm down.

  520. u have no hope if you say that

  521. and I know you are joking too.

  522. any one knows if horniets are playing gsw this year… just off the top of you head..don’t search it..else I would’ve doen that…

  523. apparently I think lin and cliff knows to break that rhythm..and I personally think lin can beak curry’s rhythmm..not just because I”m a normal lin fan. problem is.. lin is not guarding him 1st and when that happens the rhtythm can be establish first and then even lin or the best defender will have problem then.

  524. december 2

  525. you don’t go to the 4th qtr to do that..else you are too late.. rhythm is established.

  526. thanks mate.

  527. I know you’re a fan, but I really wonder what what state of mind you get into to post such an odd thing ?? We like Steph Curry. He’s a great player. A friend of Lin’s. A nice guy. Why is his excellence a problem? Especially when on other occasions you’re perfectly comfortable to point out what you see as Jeremy’s shortcomings. Serotonin deficit today?

  528. Hawes is an unselfish passer.

  529. 萬事互相效力,總教愛神的人得益處。

  530. and Lin had worked with SC (vice versa), they know each other better…its gonna be interesting for sure

  531. he is on superman mode…its difficult to maintain…lets see how far can he push….great guy/player

  532. Communications between Hawes and Lin are wonderful. They must have worked on it since last game.

  533. hmmm now I suppose to use google?!! ;;)

  534. That was me!

  535. Well said!

  536. HAHAHAHA!!

  537. Had I not caught chicken pox during childhood, my Chinese would’ve been better :]
    Thank God for Google translate

    One of these days I need to go JLin route & take more lessons

  538. No Magic, it was just D’Antoni, the worst Lakers’ coach ever, isn’t it?

    Now he’s not shotting fire to his buddy Scott…

  539. hmmm…so you are asking me to get a chicken pox?

  540. He’s just baiting a reaction from people, and manufacturing artificial drama.

  541. Curry’s likable. Lin tends to do well against him

  542. Everyone loves to play along side Lin. I mean who would not want to play with Lin? Well, besides Carmelo, Harden and Kobe.

  543. lol

  544. dumb is as dumb does

  545. @Kwok Wai Lai just posted the Chinese version of Rom 8:28:-)

  546. Watched the GS vs LAC game earlier. Great, close game and GS pulled it out. I’m surprised that despite his great playmaking skills Chris Paul easily loses his composure when he is not getting the calls that he wants from the refs. As if he is entitled. Looked like he gave up on the inside even before his team was out of the game. Some how – just my opinion – is that culture from the leader of the team will always hold that team back. Does anyone else see that?

  547. Isn’t that the game Mark Jackson intentionally fouled to prevent the Rockets from getting the record for number of 3’s?

  548. I usually just ignore or fold his comments. I really hate myself for having been sucked in by such a comment. Somewhere, a good day in LA has been wasted and I’ve lost 15 minutes of my life.

    Lin is much more spiritually developed person. His inner strength, his faith, his determination have been tested much much more than Curry. So no, Curry may inspires eople with a transient skill but Lin impacts people at a much deeper and more meaningful level.

    The question itself is just dumb. It’s like saying an apple is better than an orange.

  549. that’s one of the main reason Clippers could never win big in playoff….

  550. Not sure if posted earlier. Kemba’s blog entry before last game:

    Kemba Walker | 2015-16 Blog

    Look Out for Lil’ Kemba

    Posted: Nov 02, 2015

    Monday, Nov. 2 – 3:37 p.m.

    Today Matt and Eryn from brought me the Lil’ Kemba doll to check out that you can get here in The Hornets Fan Shop. I guess they’re going to start encouraging fans on social media to take pictures of it in different places using #lilkemba when you post. That’s funny. I’ve seen it and it’s pretty cool. I love to have little toys or dolls of myself made. That’s pretty cool. If and when I see little kids around town or on any of the social media sites with these, it’ll be awesome and something I never thought would happen. I’ve been a bobblehead, a gnome and now a stuffed doll – it’s kind of surreal. But I appreciate it and thank God for the fact that he’s given me the opportunity to do something where I can have things be made of me. It’s cool man. I enjoy it. It’s all in good fun and I’m glad people like it. I cant wait to see where Lil’ Kemba shows up! I’ll be checking #lilkemba so make sure to use it.

    As for on the court right now, this is definitely not the way that we wanted to start the season, but I’m feeling pretty good actually. We’ve played Miami and Atlanta twice – two really good teams that are supposed to be near the top of the East at the end of the season. I think we made too many mistakes in those games, but the good news is they are all fixable. We had a really good practice today and made some adjustments, so I think we’ll be ready tomorrow (for Chicago). We have a lot of new guys, and I never want to use that as an excuse, but it’s the truth. We have a lot of guys who aren’t used to the things that we do, and it takes time, man. It takes time. Everybody saw us play in preseason and saw that we won a lot of games, but preseason is very different than the real thing. People don’t play their regular minutes, so at the start of the season it’s still a little different as you try to figure out your playing groups. Our record stinks right now, but I still think that we have a pretty good team and we’re all confident in each other.

    We’ve got off to some slow starts in every game so far, and we know that. It’s something that has to change. It’s me. It’s me, man, honestly. I need to do a better job of setting the tempo. I’m waiting too long. I can’t wait until that second time I check into the game to bring the energy. I have to be explosive and intense from the start. I’m not just talking about offense. It’s defensively, too. Just having that energy. I have to pressure the basketball and talk to my teammates. I have to be able to get them ready to play basketball games. I definitely blame myself for these first three games because in preseason I was doing it. I was starting off with great intensity and my teammates were following. I’m the leader, and for me there’s no excuse why we’re starting the way we are.

    We’ve been relentless though, and have been tough. When things go wrong, we don’t back down. We come together. That’s how it has to be. When things start getting tough, we bare down and get it going. We have made some pretty close games out of bad situations, but we don’t want to have to keep digging ourselves out of those holes. We want to play consistently the whole game, not have many lapses and go from there. We’re still confident though. It’s still early. We play 82 games – there’s so much basketball left. Of course we don’t want to dig ourselves in too big of a hole, but we have time. Teams lose three games in a row over the course of a season. We could have gone 3-0 and lost the next three. There are so many games left and we’re still confident, we still believe in each other and we all know how good we can potentially be. We’re just going to keep working hard and the wins will come.

  551. The Cauldron ✔ @TheCauldron
    Uh oh, Kobe’s early-season shooting woes land him in NBA JAM. “He’s cooling down!”

  552. There is going to be a great rivalry between these 2 teams. The Clippers blew out GSW last time. This is a payback.

  553. First NBA coach using a Chinese brush.

  554. Poor chickens.

  555. He’s always thinking about trying…

  556. Well I came in a close 10th so I’m going to celebrate.

  557. Love the Spike!

  558. Barea always keeps bouncing off Lin like a pinball trying to create contact and get a flop. Very entertaining.

  559. Chris Paul losing composure is NORMAL in crunchtime.

    He is so selfish, he’d rather lose games than let teammates take control when they absolutely need to.

  560. If Curry were put into Lin’s hated shoes as a low minute bench player with no plays run for him and refs hitting him with phantom calls, Lin would badly outplay Curry.

  561. Disagree.

    If you gave Lin the same plays and coaching privileges that Curry has, Lin would handle and shoot just as well as Curry does.

    Curry does not draw anywhere as miuch defense as Lin does.

    It is ABSOLUTELY INARGUABLE that Lin is WAY WAY WAY better than Curry on defense. There’s no guard in today’s game that can touch Lin in defense, and there’s no guard in prior history that can touch Lin either. That includes Lin’s boss Michael Jordan who’d play defense for a few minutes a game when he needed to but basically took that end of the court off whenever he could.

  562. If subjected to the same stinking BS that Lin had to go through, Curry would NOT EVEN HAVE MADE THE NBA.

  563. WHY?

    Lin’s historically BEATEN THE TAR out of Curry, including last season in that game where Lin had 5 turnovers and Curry had 7 in a Golden State loss.

    Why should Lin fear a player like Curry that Lin has REPEATEDLY OUTPLAYED in the past despite Lin not having the right conditions or coaching?

  564. This is what I’ve been saying for the LAST 3 SEASONS.

    Why doesn’t anybody listen to me when I say that Lin has HAD HIS WAY against Curry?

  565. I don’t think either GS or LAC can put together a 5 man unit that could beat the Charlotte Lin bench when Zeller is eating properly before games.

    Now when it comes to the Charlotte starters, both BS and LAC would easily crush Charlotte’s 1st team.

    The trick to beating Charlotte is to outplay the 1st team so badly that the deadlier 2nd team has no chance of catching up.

  566. Hawes sets proper screens and hustles, at least when he’s not being jammed up by a comatose underfed Zeller.

    Also, Lin completely siphons defenses away from Hawes. That leaves Hawes lightly guarded it at all, thus allowing Hawes to score easily.

  567. Thats the plan…working perfectly fine…

  568. Agree!

    “The way he can attack the hoop – the pressure he puts on the defense, collapsing everybody – I can set the screen and take my place (along the perimeter), and if he draws three (defenders) you’re playing downhill from there,” Hawes said.

    I love the “if he draws three defenders” part!

  569. Yeah, why is GoodDayLA FREAKING OUT about a player that Lin has REPEATEDLY OUTPLAYED?

  570. If you look at the stats of CP3 and Curry in last night game, CP3 has a better over FG% albeit Curry has higher 3pt FG%.

    So I view Curry as the top 3pt shooter in the NBA now, but he’s not any better than Lin in terms of PG skill, block, steal and defense. Also, let’s not forget Lin hasn’t found a team that treats him like the way Curry is being treated( Franchise player).

  571. wow, well said.

  572. Some fans here presented simple arithmetics about the allocation of minutes among Jeremy and his roles with other players securing contract extension, etc.
    So I have a question for all Jeremy fans here who are hopeful and urge everyone to adopt a “wait and see” attitude towards Jeremy’s minutes and role on the Hornets since the team has only played 4 games thus far : Are we waiting for the Hornets to trade a certain player in order for Jeremy to play at least 30 mins? What exactly are we waiting and anticipating to see?

  573. Let me be the devil’s advocate…if not wait n see..whats your expection?

  574. How refreshing. He is the captain of the team and he speaks as a true leader. Lin is blessed to finally have a leader with the right attitude.

  575. hmm…wait and see means just hoping but don’t know what to expect?

    I don’t think they meant it that way.
    I’m thinking along the line that they think Jeremy ultimately will play heavy minutes and get to start, etc

  576. Jeremy can auction his drawing. He has the talent!

  577. Yeah…kudos to KW

  578. Paul seems to stop trying to penetrate the offense in crunch time. His brain seems to freeze up. He may have the Harden disease of using the refs as a crutch. Paul seems to try and do a little flop coming off of screens and Harden tries to draw fouls driving to the basket. When both guys stop getting the calls, which is always the case at crunch time, they lose their security blanket and start playing tentative. That is probably why both guys look bad when the pressure is on and get frustrated, the refs have abandon them.

  579. When was Lin better?

  580. Even Curry has 1/6 2pt FG% last night. I’m now less worried about Jeremy’s 2ptFG%. 🙂

  581. Awesome post. don’t use logic with him, you will short-circuit his brain.

  582. He lets joyce right now…he is in good environment…the FO likes him….Coaches likes him…teammates likes him…most of all KWalker gets along really well with Lin…the mgmt…said they will give Lin the opportunity …that they had been truthful…so whats there to complain…Jeremy knows very well what he is getting into n the outcome…if he gets the starter position thats a bonus…if he gets more playing time that’s a bonus….
    Thus far we have seen…When Lin not making enough shots…Coach had instill confidence in him n go shoot….if Lin is happy…wr should be as well…check out the radio interview…its been really long time since I heard him answer in that tone and word choice

  583. yes, we know all that…i’m referring to the “wait and see” in particular. 🙂

  584. Lol

  585. I think he got injured also towards the end, that may contribute to his “attitude”

  586. So say..ur thoughts

  587. pardon me, imho, Jeremy is better than Curry in certain aspects of the basketball game. *.*

  588. I never say “wait and see” and hence I ask “what are we waiting and anticipate to see”…nvm then

  589. It all depends on environment….
    I always relate back who is better…lin dan or chong wei?

  590. Nothing ia written in stone…lin’s minutes could go up….or remain the same…so be it…logically speaking from current circumstances..he is not gonna get additional NBA things changes so fast

  591. Exactly.

  592. Yes yes and yes. Put any “star” in the situation lin has been in and they falter. Give lin the keys and well we saw what happens…

  593. Exactly.

  594. Wow is all i can say! That’s true leadership when you take it upon yourself to own the losses. Jeremy is really in a good place.

  595. Not wait and see to me….Lin is happy….now….LOL

  596. we have seen that circumstances put before him…Linsanity baby!

  597. Like I say, first unit is the checking line, and second unit is the scoring line. It can work just as it did in Chicago. If checking line starts out good, it turns into a blowout when the scoring line finishes.

  598. Shows how badly the brainwashing has affected the masses that even Lin fans can’t remember Linsanity.

  599. Yes sir!

  600. he will go out as a gassedout guy or low point..
    he cannot go out with a high note now.
    thats what you get for being greedy.

  601. but they were tasty :]

  602. That can also because they dont want no chinese guy to outplay them or their team, so they have many players to try to contain him.. or they think that he is containable so more to try. And no offense to the word ‘chinese’ guy.

    I disagree on lin having better handling or shooting than curry though. Curry is better at it and I’m not even a curry fan.

  603. of course lin dan ..=) get it.hahahah

  604. Highlights in repeat mode!

  605. I just don’t get it. If only he retired earlier he would be forever remembered as one of the greatest players in history. Instead he chose to become a laughing stock of NBA. What is it, vanity? It’s not like he needs money, he has more than he could possibly spend in a lifetime.

  606. Stephen Curry has always been a better shooter than Lin but Lin is better with other skills. Just be glad a guy like Stephen Curry is the MVP and is last year’s championship team over other so called “more athletic” or “hyped best player Lebron”.

  607. you proved my point…lol

  608. From the link: “One of the things Hawes greatly enjoys is playing with point guard Jeremy Lin. Lin’s ability to attack off the dribble is a good complement to Hawes’ pick-and-pop jump-shooting ability.

    “The way he can attack the hoop – the pressure he puts on the defense, collapsing everybody – I can set the screen and take my place (along the perimeter), and if he draws three (defenders) you’re playing downhill from there,” Hawes said.”

    Read more here:

  609. Keys to beat Mavericks and Spurs

    Key Matchup vs. Spurs: Jeremy Lin vs. Manu Ginobili

    One of the deciding factors in Charlotte’s Saturday night showdown in San Antonio could be the matchup between two high-volume shooters coming off the bench in the Hornets Jeremy Lin and the Spurs Manu Ginobili…

  610. One of the things I hated about Houston was Harden NEVER using the word me…. and then Kobe I am sure ALWAYS uses the word me. This balanced reasonable use of ‘me’ is a breathe of fresh air.

  611. Lin’s “bad” D again? LOL

  612. I’m in the “not worried about minutes” camp right now. If you look at the minutes distribution of CHA, it is distributed pretty evenly with multiple players, and not lopsided, like, for example Houston where Harden gets like 48mins, and Pbev gets 12minutes. Pbev is totally a bench warmer.

    Looking at Lin, he is treated totally different. He may not break 30 mins yet, but he is a major key and gets to finish the fourth unless not required to. If he continues to play at his current trend, good things will come to him next year.

    Don’t get me wrong, he may not start for this team. One step at a time.

  613. The play at 2:58 mark, JLin should just catch and shoot instead driving to the forest of defenders. JLin was luck that ref saved him by calling foul on him, it could be easily a turnover. It happens a lot to JLin in situations like this previously.

  614. Well….”nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

  615. Don’t think that was the exact words, unless you wanted to read that. Lin is already ” bringing his D to another level.”
    Brent Tiger Papa, LOL.

  616. LOL…….he pretty much said “the current level” is not gonna work….(guarding Manu)

  617. A fair article.

    Of course, we all know that Lin is SPURS KILLAH.

    They have never been ever able to match up with him, even when Kawhi Leonard stripped him twice.

  618. No, Lin’s going to have to make more plays like this.

    This is how STARS play!

  619. I’m just ENJOYING LIN’S GAME.

  620. Hawes isn’t a roll man, he’s a pop guy. Lin doesn’t really have a PnR guy. I saw Lin pat Hawes on the butt after he made a 3. I liked the pass he gave Lin on the cut, I want to see Lin doing that more with the type of defenses that don’t pack the paint.

  621. whats the name of the song

  622. I think he should have drove as the lane was wide open that time. There are other times I agree, he pump fakes and doesn’t shoot an open 3 but in that sequence, I like that he drove to the rim and picked up the foul.

  623. Not as a Laker. Curry is much improved the last season and so far this season he’s on another planet.

  624. the rumor is …they want Lin

  625. Oh?

    Send Lin, Hansbrough, Kaminsky, and two first round draft picks to Chicago for Rose and filler!

  626. sigh.. so sad..but it’s about time..way overdue..
    if it was lin or someone else, it would’ve parted ways like half the time ago.

  627. their coach knows who the threat is.

  628. Terrible trade for Charlotte.

  629. It is about score efficiency, I sense JLin hesitates a lot with catch and shoot open threes while he does not hesitate shoot open three coming off dribbles/screens. JLIN should learn some from Curry who is very good at catch and shoot for open threes.

  630. I dont like the Bulls now. Just hang up the phone, cho! :p

  631. Bc this coach likes fast break & PnR. That really do fit Lin’s style well.

  632. Wait and see doesn’t mean that everyone wants him to start. I DON’T want Lin to start and I’m saying wait and see. I don’t want Lin with the first unit, with Al. I think he needs to get more PG play and that is exactly what he’s getting as PG of the 2nd unit. But he also plays with Batum at times and with the first unit closing games.

    Wait and see means don’t come to conclusions on tiny samplings. Math or no math, Lin is an important part of the team. Don’t worry about positions and other players. If Lin produces he’ll play (and that’s MORE than scoring) and it doesn’t seem Cliff will punish him by benching him if he makes mistakes. He’s also finished 3 of 4 games and the one he didn’t was a blow out. When the sample size is bigger, say 10 to 15 games then we’ll know more.

  633. Don’t think Hornets will trade Lin.

  634. I am not sure any team will be interested in today’s Rose, unless picking up from waive like D Williams.

  635. How about Lin to bulls next year for starting pg?

  636. As usual, is OFF.

    Lin won’t even be matched up against Ginobili. LAMB will get Ginobili.

    Lin gets Patty Mills.

    Mills is the latest Spurs reserve who will outearn Lin next season despite Lin outplaying him.

  637. And it will not matter if Lin’s big men particularly Cody Zeller show up to play.

  638. Pete Guelli promptly responded to provide China TV viewing numbers from the Bulls game + Tencent online stream. Simply a #ClassAct VP & organization that deserves our support, unlike JLin’s previous 3 teams.

    @PeteGuelli: @JLinPortal 1st game on in China had 1.73m unique viewers & 4.7m live game streams. Not official #’s. Much higher than comps from last year

    @JLinPortal: @PeteGuelli Congrats! No doubt Global Games & @JLin7 presence will only help #Hornets popularity. Thank you 4 getting back 2 fans #ClassAct

  639. Possible.

  640. What is 1.73m unique viewers ?

  641. Or, PICK IT UP.

    I wouldn’t mind Lin going to Chicago to play with terrific guys like Mirotic, Noah, Gibson, Butler, and Gasol.

    I’m happy with Lin in Charlotte, but I wouldn’t mind Lin going to a true contender!

  642. I could see Hornets giving up on Lin and Hansbrough, but not Kaminsky.

  643. Sounds good to me.

    Jeremy Lin and Jimmy Butler would be just as good as Jeremy Lamb and Jeremy Lin this year.

  644. I think he meant TV viewers (not Tencent online viewers)

  645. Definitely something to keep in mind for JLin’s team

  646. I’m sure there are tons of teams that would love to have Derrick Rose, including this current Charlotte team.

    What Charlotte could do is waive Lin and pick up Rose.

    Then Lin could find another team!

  647. $20 mil this year and $21 next. Wow, not sure what to think.

  648. Actually, Hansbrough would be a bad fit in Chicago just because they have too many good big guys in front of him.

  649. Hornets have no cap room to take Rose. MJ and his associates don’t have the kind of money the Clippers or the Nets owners have.

  650. LOL,

    I assume you are Rose’s fan or Bull’s fan, but at some point you guys need to accept the reality even it means butthurts. When was the last time that Rose was contributing Bulls positively?

  651. Stop blaming the chicken pox!

  652. it could means views from unique IP addresses.

  653. As PG, D Williams’s PER ranking is on #29, Lin is #14. I think tonight Lin will do better than Williams if they got same usage rate.

  654. it’s ok; the poor chicken has learned some Chinese & taken classes since then but there’s no other Chinese-speaking chickens nearby :[

  655. Really? I think Lin is happy in Charlotte finally finding a coach that likes his game. What happens if he goes to another team and deals with another coach that doesn’t really want him? I’d like Lin to stay put for awhile now. Charlotte has a chance to be a playoff team.

  656. No, CHA will not pick up Rose with that type of salary. They KNOW Lin is good AND cheap AND huge fan base in China. They will definitely not let go of Lin. Stop dreaming everyone, even though I wish Lin could be starting PG at Bulls now.

  657. D Williams became a washups years ago, otherwise he would not be waived by Nets.

  658. I didn’t say you have PTSD, I said some of your posts aggravate the PTSD in others. It’s counterproductive to exaggerate the claim that racial discrimination against Asians is STILL so horrible and widespread in the US. Not kidding about the top 10 list.

  659. That sounds about right – very similar weakness in their makeup … both look bad under pressure when they lose their security blanket of receiving favorable ref calls.

  660. I would prefer Lin go NY/CA/TX and maybe Chicago if he had a choice. It is not about the “Asian” market. I think people (fans) in these areas less likely support their players based on their race, demographic background and play style except coaches or owners. It is just IMO.

  661. He had a choice. He chose Charlotte.

  662. could it be the reason Lin wanted to go back Knicks even he did not get along with the Carmelo Anthony and James Dolan.

  663. Curry is good at every shooting scenarios

  664. When is the next thread coming? I think it is possible the team has an off shooting night. I also think it is possible Lamb doesn’t have a great game. Lin is due for an excellent shooting night, but I’m not sure if it is tonight or an upcoming game.

  665. Not really.

    Only one team wanted Lin – Charlotte.

    Nobody else wanted Lin enough to offer him a contract.

  666. I read Parsons can only go for 15 minutes.

  667. We all know Charlotte treat him as a one year “rental”. He could have a chance to prove his value if the Clifford really trust him – not just a promise, but also provide him reasonable playtime. With avg 20 mins play time as a backup for the season, i wouldn’t be sure it would work.

  668. He looks like he chucks the ball. He just dribbles around and then shoots it with such a quick release. If he gets the ball, he doesn’t need much time to shoot. Lin and others don’t shoot the ball so quickly.

  669. Yep….and?

  670. It wouldn’t matter because Lin would force his way onto the court and produce anyway.

  671. Now now.

    Nobody thinks LESS of Derrick Rose than I do.

    I have never like Rose’s game, even when he was a high usage MVP whose Bulls did better without him than with him.

    I’m just saying that most NBA teams deal in STUPIDITY, so they’d definitely prefer Rose over Lin even though Lin was the better player when Rose still was MVP!

    If any team is dumb enough to want Rose over Lin, LET EM HAVE ROSE. We’ll watch that team’s record plummet if Lin is traded for Rose.

  672. I thought MEM did…..just without PO

  673. I bet at least 5 teams wanted Lin with bigger contract than Charlotte . But no one would “promise” him on playtime or play style like Clifford did. Bigger contract does not mean better for Lin in lone term.

  674. I don’t think most teams would want Lin even if Lin played 30 mpg and made the All Star team.

  675. You’ve already lost that bet.

    Grand total $ offers from other teams: $0.00

  676. Little poor chicken, remember that you live in the 21st century! You can get other Chinese speaking chickens nearby online!!ok??

  677. Any NBA team can TALK GARBAGE about “wanting Lin”.

    But when DOLLARS a put on the table, EVERYBODY FLED.

    Except Charlotte.

  678. Agree – but it’s not Lin’s call.

    Should Lin be ejected off the Hornets, he’ll excel with whatever team picks him up afterwards.

  679. I bet ever team would (maybe not all fans) want him if he can prove he could prove he can provide wins for the team – consistently with consistent playtime!

  680. But if Rose is bought out, then Rose could easily replace Lin on the Charlotte bench.

  681. It is ALWAYS every to be played game!

  682. Not necessarily.

    When I grew up in NY, it was INCREDIBLY RACIST.

    Cars would scream curses and racial epithets at me from the street.

    If I walked into the wrong neighborhood, I’d be physically attacked.

    Our Asian family was constantly harrassed in our neighborhood. Neighbors would bomb our house with excrement and litter, and we had to call the police on them. I didn’t live in a slum – I lived in an exclusive neighborhood where imprisoned Bernie Madoff’s right hand man David Kugel and his nice family lived directly across the street!

    On the subways, I routinely had trouble from commuters.

    In the schools, teachers constantly hurled racist epithets. And going to school was like going to a war zone, there was so much violence against Asians. And I was in a UPPER CLASS neighborhood!

    NYC was THE MOST racist place I’ve ever experienced in America – and I grew up there. So when I moved to Phoenix Arizona in my late 20s, I could not believe how I wasn’t getting cursed and attacked on a daily basis!

    So when James Dolan angrily ejected Lin, I wasn’t surprised in the least.

    Nor does it surprise me that the NY tabloids STILL trash Lin.

    And when Lin’s agent was told that the Knicks didn’t want Lin this summer, I wasn’t surprised then too.

  683. Me in NY too. I love it. Some people here more racist because they are more say it or do it OPENLY. But majority more accept outsiders as long as they either doing good for them or have nothing to do with them. But I feel people in south (except FL/TX) seem more polite. But MAJORITY keeps their distance from outsiders (not just Asians).

  684. Wow, thanks for sharing! What doesn’t kill you make you stronger?

  685. I want to know too.

  686. Kemba and Al for Rose and Noah! Bring it on!!

    Fastest duo in NBA !

    Someone can dream 🙂

  687. Yes, people in south are more “polite”, but they are still very racism, just not showing it because they feel they are more “civilized” and “high class” LOL

  688. I think it was the other way around. Evidently Lin liked the system they had in Charlotte.

  689. I am afraid It takes another Cuban to absorb a contract like this, even Dolan can’t do it.

  690. seriously? When and Where in NYC?

    I live in ny I don’t hear screams and stuff that you describe when there are other asians in the subway. In fact the freaking subway now is like 1/3 asian!!! LOL.

    In fact NYC has one of the biggest growing asian AND hispanic population (and I”m talking about 5 boroughs..not just manhattan).

    When was this because you say you grew up!? there. I’m younger…so it can be different now.

  691. I heard a taxi driver cursing to himself saying the N word inside the car, when the black guy just crosses the street without caring if the taxi driver he him.

  692. I didn’t know that and I don’t see it (myabe not much asians there?) But then I have a friend who is chinese told me he works for IBM in Austin and told me they are all ‘fake’ nice, but you can tell there is sutle racism there after I say texas people are nice.

  693. It’s very different now.

    With racism now becoming a big deal, there’s more accountability.

    But when I was in NY, it was VERY VIOLENT toward Asians.

  694. lol..geez can’t get/trap you to say your age huh!l hahahahaah
    But I think you might be growing up in the 80s maybe. or 70s.

  695. Sometimes i am note sure they would be more racist. It could be just more “少见多怪”.

  696. 8 years in Brooklyn was hell for me.

  697. No, it didn’t make me stronger.

    When I arrived in Phoenix, I experienced major culture shock because I didn’t have to fight anybody anymore.

    Occasionally I run into a New Yorker here with “New York attitude” toward Asians. I always tell them “Buddy, you ain’t in NOO YAWK anymore. That s— don’t fly out here in the West”.

  698. Another white friend told me that they are very racist..but you will never know..
    he told me that when he was down there, one person told him ‘that is so wrong’.. when he was slightly pointing a black and white couple behind their backs.

  699. so you are old too I guess? growing up in the 70s or 80s then..

  700. When I graduated high school, I ran into a Jewish girl from school in the supermarket.

    We talked and walked around a bit.

    People pointed and stared at us. Made both of us uncomfortable.

  701. Early 80

  702. Brooklyn used to be like a WAR ZONE, especially toward Asians.

  703. so khuang probably similar years growing up or even before that.
    hahaha I figure out khuangs ‘age’ group.

  704. I actually feel it is worse recently. My take on is Asians, Latinos were so few say 20 years ago. Caucasians did not feel threatened and Asians almost never took good positions in corporate world. Now everyone knows Asians are strong and minorities are outnumber Caucasians, I definitely fell more resistance from whites. Yes, mostly of them are “fake” nice, definitely.

  705. Gangs were the worst.

  706. 🙂

  707. No, they wouldn’t.

    Lin ALREADY PROVED himself many times over – and yet nonAsians who produce less than him are earning much more.

  708. speaking of taking over the neighborhood,
    my friend in cali saw on a news that there was anti asian graffiti written on it because it’s predominantly asian. Wow.. I guess the best thing is to be mixed.. lol but then mix people have their own problems.

  709. Like Lin said, he took the ONLY offer made to him.

  710. wow.. things ARE different now.. I see chinese girls and white guys and a few the other way around nowadays and it seems fine..nothing. normal. And this is 20s or 30s group.

  711. So Lin can’t just do what Curry does. He has to score in Lin ways. Lin is somewhat deadlier penetrating and scoring/dishing so he has to do that.

  712. Yes, I remember Lin saying that, but later his high school coach interviewed by the other site said Lin had more teams interested in him. Remember that? Not sure what actually happened.

  713. in fact, last time I went to cali early this year.. it was the norm.. in Irvine.

  714. It was more likely “少见多怪”. If you walked into a remote village in Africa or Asia or maybe other places, you might find hundreds of people pointed and even followed you if you are “different” with them.

  715. I don’t agree with you here at all. That’s a Chinese market draw if ever there was one. When it comes to dollars over any group of people, dollars win.

  716. what is that phrase???

  717. Off topic: If you have an old version window computer, DO NOT upgrade to window 10 even it’s free. Feel so good rolling back to window 7 after the bad experience of upgrade.

  718. Racism against Asians is everywhere.

    I was working a teaching job in a Phoenix school when a white girl made Bruce Lee sounds at me WHILE THE HEAD TEACHER AND PRINCIPAL were watching. I turned on her, screamed and threatened her, and the principal and teacher didn’t even flinch! And that student meekly left me alone after that!

    The funny thing is that racists will often come up to me and point to Asians while taunting them. Then I give them this sidelong smirk which causes them to CLAM UP. It’s friggin hilarious!

  719. I don’t see it Brooklyn is racist place. True, it is rough. So to any person who looks or acts “weak” or “polite” could feel somewhat threaten.

  720. Yeah the Bruce Lee sound was very normal incident.

  721. Yup, some of the older pcs don’t have current drivers to function correctly w/Win10 & it sounds like pc mfgs will not be developing new ones. Newer pcs work fine tho. It all depends on how old the pc is.

  722. Myth buster: 15min is actually enough for most girls….

  723. What part of Brooklyn are you talking about? Brooklyn is so gentrified now, around Williamsburg is like being in SoHo.

  724. I STILL get that today.

    If people knew what I could do to them physically no matter how big and tough they were, they would never make that noise at me.

  725. I was gonna say something like I think it must be the 80s or 70s.

  726. sws, I agree. I actually feel this year the tide will turn for Lin. I attribute this to CHA China tour this year. I think NBA knew Lin was popular in China, but did not know he is Beatles popular in China until Silver…etc actually witnessed it with their own eyes. Words will spread out how big Lin is at China and I feel this coming off season, Lin will be very popular among teams. Hope my instinct is correct.

  727. trust me if I was there you will hear a racist slur answer from me………I was brought up never be look down always fight back…..if goes down to ugly situation I am ready to draw my knife

  728. I walked into a “remote village” called Tucson Arizona where I got screamed at on the street with my white girlfriend a few years ago!

  729. That is not true in many place down south. I am not sure about Charlotte. But race is over the dollars in many places (not all) in Louisiana, Mississippi , Alabama.

  730. There was no criticism in the remark. The author said they were a key matchup and Manu is playing great so Lin is going to have to defend great. To say Lin’s normal D is enough would be a backhanded criticism of Manu. Since this is a puff-piece, trying to build excitement for the game, that are just using dramatic language to amp up the hype factor.

    Me, I think Manu is doing great but Lin will do excellently against him with his speed and good defense (improving under Clifford). With Lin’s lower number of minutes there’s no way he gets tired so he’ll be at full speed all game. Lin wins the matchup. But that’s a boring low-hype analysis so the author doesn’t go that way.

    No need to try and stir up problems “Lin’s ‘bad’ D” where there aren’t any.

  731. usually I see those incidents for uneducated or blue collar workers..
    but not much when it’s white collar like doctors and stuff.

  732. I’d be OK with your white friend.

    As long as people don’t go out of their way to attack me verbally and physically, I am OK with them disliking me because of my race.

  733. One thing I do agree with you. When I was there, Asian, Black and Puerto Rican were getting a long ok. I hardly see white except Jewish. Jewish and Black were at war over there in those years. Jewish in Brooklyn were very racist. They don’t look at you, they don’t talk to you and they don’t even want you to walk in their shop.They don’t think you have money.

  734. lol ..already know that.. as microsoft has a habit of making 1st time users as their test beds.

  735. The good thing is most of those southern states do not have NBA existence 🙂

  736. just confirmed with you now too!

  737. I think Lamb will do fine.

    He’s shed his bad OKC habits and is playing extremely high level fundamentally sound team basketball.

    Lamb is moving quickly and forcefully and in synchronization with Lin and the reserves. Even if his shot doesn’t fall, he’ll still be a tremendous positive because he’s playing both ends of the court effectively.

  738. Wow What year was this???

  739. I was born and raised in brooklyn. I love NY but it is undoubtedly the most segregated place in the US

  740. Well I’ve learned a hard way but with no cost, just time.

  741. Hrmph, you haven’t been around doctors much!

    I HAVE – and I assure you that racism is there too.

  742. I heard rumor but still gave it a try then soon regret.

  743. Someone would say “interest is not offer”. But if Lin is not interested in the team which was interested in him, then it would not have an offer to be made”. so I bet some teams (could be more than 4) were interested in signing him they could make an “agreeable contract” for both sides. At the end, Lin only agreed with one contract.

  744. Racist never come one on one with you. Like coward, they come in group.

  745. California and the West Coast in general are not representative of attitudes toward Asians in America.

    Generally speaking as a person who’s on the front line of racial harrassment, I’d say that most Americans dislike Asians and that it’s a minority of Americans that will deal with them.

    Notice how my description exactly matches the way Lin is treated in America?

  746. In Brooklyn, who do you think live there? The white collars are living in Mahattan.

  747. Yes, this is my experience.

  748. dont care if they are group…..I was brought up like this……if your going down take 1 of them or leave a lasting mark so they can remember…..let me take at least 1 of the eye of my attackers

  749. “remote” could mean “rare”. If there were thousands Asian/White mixed couples in Tucson, no one would scream on you.

  750. Asians weren’t getting along with anybody when I was in NY.

    While there were some pockets of people getting along with Asians, the majority of Asians I knew in NY were constantly battling racism.

  751. It is segregated because in NY, racial groups DO NOT MIX and DEFEND THEIR TURF.

  752. 80’s when new york was shiiiiit…..deathwish era

  753. Good for you Rzo, I was brought up if you can avoid violent, do it for the sake of being something more important in life.

  754. Tucson is the 2nd largest city in Arizona.

    It is as racially diverse a place as exists in America.

    And STILL people will scream racial crap at me.

  755. It could be the reason NBA could have hard time to survive in those states. New Orleans is an exception only because it is very open city.

  756. of course you avoid fight if you can… espicially outnumber but I never back down……if shiity situation materialize I am ready to go down

  757. Guess you look completely chinese or very chinese like to stand out?
    I don’t know about your looks, but looks have a lot to do with it. For me, they can’t tell much.

  758. Good luck to Lin tonight. All I wish for him tonight is he would have PROPER playtime and let the results do the talk.

  759. Those racist comments usually only happened to me as an drive by or walk by incident. They laugh as a group then move on. No physical attack or confrontation. Those were just stupid uneducated kids.

  760. Testing, hi, i am new to this forum! haha. I have bookmarked it for a long time, but just today i registered. haha. Testing~

  761. Goodday everyday here for you.

  762. so nice to see so many OLD FRIENDS here. wow. man.. i should’ve abandoned jeremylin . net long time ago. lol
    Brent, Psalm.. wow. even Khuang is here. man. Thanks for the Forum!!!!

  763. So far no much PnP plays except few in game 4. I thought Clifford mentioned many time PnR would be key play this season. Maybe that is why he brought Lin in. I hope it would change tonight.

  764. Golf cart?

  765. I’m one Lin fan who would had loved him to go back to New York…One thing for sure is he would had gotten plenty of minutes there, competing with below average point guards like Galloway and Calderon….Also, Fischer had some nice thing to say.

    If Lin has a nice way with the Hornets…Let’s say 12ppg and 4ast under 20-25mpg, he should leave and if it’s possible, go back to the Knicks.

    After this year, the Knicks will most likely dump Calderon…I believe it is his last year under big money, which is the only reason he’s starting…….Guys like Galloway and Grant haven’t been that impressive, so a return by Lin may not be far fetched.

    I also believe there’s a chance that this could be Camerlo’s last year…Don’t be surprised if he’s trading at the deadline this year, if the Knicks aren’t in playoff position.

  766. better late than never lol

  767. They did vs Bulls…I believe it will be the way to go for Hornets game now.

  768. if I heard a racist slur I do the same I hurl racist slur too

  769. Weird, He & Lin seem to be not as close as before now… no photo from them or interview to talk about each other anymore…? Good for Lin.

  770. Maybe that is why they shined like Worriers . I hope it would become a key consistent play. So many big guys in Hornets. The chances are good.

  771. After watching this video a few times I see different things. Funny at 4:30 to see the reaction of the crowd when they realize how injured Cody was.

  772. He has not played GREAT since departing from Lin. The same to Tyson Chandler.

  773. This is what Lin wants… like Lin said in his blog yesterday… unselfish offense. That has to be our recipe to win games this year!

  774. That forum was our life-line for a long time, but it spiraled so awfully out of control that we finally had to “let go of the rope” and jump ship. You will LOVE this diligently moderated, smart, funny home with its crazy family. Welcome!

  775. Patty Mills is a problem. He’s the kind of guy that can burn Lin raining down 3 pointers if LIn over helps. Lin has to stay with him. He’ll also get plenty of screens.

  776. Agreed. I occasionally visit there when this site is slow, but usually can not stand it and crawl back this site after a short visit.

  777. Seem like coach communicates with Lin a lot.

  778. …crawl back. LOL!

  779. Zeller will have to be the PnR big man or the big man positioned to get Lin drives. He was there for a few from Lamb. Charlotte doesn’t have an athletic wing so Lin can’t show off his outlet pass and his lob pass. Unless Lamb or Batum start cutting and jumping, Lin doesn’t have that person to lob to. He had that in the Lakers with Wesley Johnson at times and of course Ed Davis but also Black sometimes and even Clarkson sometimes.

  780. A young Jeremy Lin on the Mavs’ Summer League team (2010) … . [see : ]

  781. Bc like coach said… (I think it’s Lin.)

  782. welcome, @disqus_zIq5GHVrIe:disqus 🙂
    make yourself comfortable .. we’ll make many good days this season!

  783. I personally think he has BIG appreciation of J’s bball IQ. With the early long conversations and the watching vids together…this little gif puts me in mind of couples that don’t even always have to say anything…just a look and they know each others’ mind. Doesn’t mean this can override lineup politics, but for sure there will be opportunity, and NO under-bus-throwing!

  784. That often communication reminds me of Pop and Parker.

  785. it’s just not the same. Nothing like chicken-to-chicken live communication when learning a new language lol

  786. Coach Clifford is definitely nicer to his players.
    JLin fans might be shocked if Pop yells to Lin like he does to Parker and Duncan

  787. Yeah, Lin fans might get overreacted if they witness Lin got yelled at…. Including me. 🙂

  788. I arrived in NY in 1991 and lived in Queens since and then Long Island. I had friends in Brooklyn back then and they occasionally got racial verbal from a bunch of white kids here and there for no reasons. It is getting better now in a sense that kids are more focused on social media than outside world. But still you can feel the invisible racial hostile feeling to some degree. Again, it all depends on where you are and who you encounter with. I still can work in a popular Mall where 30% people there are Asian and still get some ridiculously racial look from those white idiots.

    In corporate world, racial issue is hidden behind law and profit. But overall, it is less obvious since people has his own agenda, complicated with jobs, titles, promotions, responsibility, etc. Discrimination is a word most people in corporate world try not to linger with.

  789. I’m sure Coach appreciates Jeremy understanding all the big vocabularies he throws at this Harvard graduate and sharing the meaning with his teammates. lol. Good to see that everyone is on the bus and no one is under it! 🙂

  790. Lin’s stats look very good for average 25mins playtime EXCEPT 2pt% = 30%? (46.7% on 3pt). He did it well in preseason. I hope he can fix it tonight, so he has chance to get 20 pts in very limited play time,

  791. This is an old article, but really interesting to read Mavs coach Nelson’s comments about Lin as all-around talent (PG/SG/combo guard), and of course more from Diepenbrock. Thanks for the link.

  792. Hey, who you calling crazy? 😛

  793. Stop stealing my line, Psalm!

  794. Did Clifford said to Lin, “take a break” (you work too hard)

  795. I hope Lin will light out the hardwood tonite,watch out for Carlisle, he always prepare and make adjustments w/ Lin’s presence.I’m looking forward for a competitive game.Go Hornets!

  796. Coach meant Batum and Lin, I guess.

  797. Seem like go shower, we need to go over the video before game.

  798. Interesting Lin vs Devin Harris matchup picture by @DallasMavs
    Harris shoots a poor 18.8% from 3pt line so far

  799. I believe all the game plan it’s from Lin’s idea… but coach had to say players… otherwise ….

  800. Lets hope lin impresses tonight like he did in chicago. These are his future bidders which charlotte will have to match to keep him next year.

  801. I think he did yell at Lin, and others all the time. You can hear it in games…..

  802. That is not an unfair comparison for Harris . Lin would do better than Deron Williams!

  803. He means if Pop were to yell at Jeremy.

  804. This is just one of greatly designed play by Coach Clifford to get DRose screened 3X to free up JLin.
    Coach Clifford does run plays for JLin a lot. He’s in good hands, folks!

    Gotta love the emoji!

    @HiveTalkLive: Great play design and execution here by the Hornets to get Lin a mismatch and screen DRose into no mans land:

  805. Carlisle secretly wishes he can coach Jeremy instead of game planning against him.

  806. would be perfect with MKG. I put hope on Zeller, he could jump.

  807. Good coaches always prepare for key players like Lin,look at Miami and Atlanta they’re trapping Lin left and right.Chicago game they let him take off and control the pace because Hoiberg is a new coach.Carlisle’s mentality on this game is to stop the 2nd unit because he knows he can sustain the 1st unit of Hornets or even better.Carlisle knows Lin is the key on this game.

  808. yes, great to see they took the time to animate the plays.

    I’d say the video guy could be a Lin fan :]

  809. Why no starters? LOL!

  810. Carlisle definitely knows how dangerous to get JLin going since he can energize the whole team.

    Barea/Harris/Felton played a lot (19-24min) in the TOR loss so it will be interesting if he assigns them to stop Lin’s penetration.

    Hope Coach Clifford run similar plays to free up JLin like in CHI game.

  811. asked about future breakdowns…. this is reply… so we can request in the future… probably should not JUST request Jlin plays…It is educational to see plays slowed down and explained even if not JLin,

    @monkeyes2 the goal is to do one of these a week for now, if you have something in particular you'd like to see, tweet us date/quarter/time— Hive Talk Live (@HiveTalkLive) November 5, 2015

  812. Unfortunately, their feeling towards JLin stayed as uncertain forever, it is real unfortunate for Mavs, otherwise this team found their dream PG long ago already.

  813. yes, that’s a great idea .. we definitely can learn more plays designed by Coach Clifford

    game speed is way too fast for fans

  814. I saw that play posted above,it’s a thing of beauty.Haven’t seen any plays run on him for quite a while.

  815. Cuban’s starters ? LOL

  816. So both teams main force it’s 2nd unit? LOL!

  817. Poor Rose, he has to run through 3 screens.?

  818. Compare Lin,Walker vs Mavericks D. Williams, D. Harris 2015-2016 season and check PTS, ORtg, DRtg on “Per 100 Poss” section. You know Lin could have been the best if he had the same play time as others.

  819. new game thread vs DAL is open

    After an impressive win against Chicago Bulls with the help of 37 suggestions from ex-coach Thibs, will the Hornets continue its hot shooting against the Mavs?

    Will Coach Carlisle trap JLin and force him to give up the ball to prevent him to run the 2nd unit offense?

    Will Lin/Lamb/Hawes/Zeller continue to be effective?

    Kemba also blogged about his desire to set the tone strongly for the 1st unit to get a good start so it’s great to see.

    Hornets need to play well together to get a lot of Wins so it’s an encouraging development to get a huge win vs the Bulls

    Let’s persevere to hope/pray/wish/support JLin to stay healthy and have fun to play his aggressive game whenever he steps on the court

    Let’s go, JLin!

  820. Yes, JLin is definitely the most effective among all 4.
    Less wasted possessions & better Point-Per-Shot production.

    The biggest difference is Lin’s ability to draw fouls like a machine

  821. Honestly, it must drive Batum crazy that Lin gets top billing wherever he goes instead of him. Think about it, he’s supposed to be their big star signing and a 2 million dollar scrub gets all the lights.

    Even for a big on fan like myself, I worry that it could cause friction on the team.

  822. After 3 years of every coach preparing specificly for Lin, I’m not so sure now that they want Lin at all. The political will just to much to fight against. Very few coaches wants to fight that because they know who pays the bills.

  823. Hornets is definitely following the GSW success pattern with lots of 3s + multiple screens in PnR.

    Hornets is still missing the defensive presence who are athletic like Draymond Green and Fezeli. Al is too slow. But it might be good for 1st year

  824. The first few games was telling how bad their chemistry was. A few times when Lin had the high post PNR, the wing stayed glued to the corner and didn’t help create a passing lane for Lin as 3 defenders converged on him. The corners need to move up towards the elbow as Lin moves into the paint. It’s basic bball off bball IQ.

  825. I think Batum is ok now since he’s in the mode of being like the Spurs after talking to Parker & Diaw.

    Besides he got a lot of playmaking in the 1st unit. And got the freedom to shoot or pass in the 4th quarter. So no trouble yet that I foresee.

  826. yes, nice coach who knows how to use JLin’s strength

  827. Donne Nelson is a good GM. He backed Nash when fans booed him fis first year in Dallas. Nelson saw talent in Nash and kept encouraging him to believe in himself. The real problem in Dalls is Cuban who treat the team like some plaything he owns.

    Lin never had a chance in Dallas because Cuban didn’t like Nash and Lin plays a similar game.

  828. YES!

  829. yup. And junk yard Beverly tried to rub it in

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