Jeremy Lin addresses suicide issues due to High School pressure

Jeremy Lin took the time to address a serious issue of suicides in High School.

In a recent post on his official Facebook page, Lin tackled the issue at length after reading the “The Silicon Valley Suicides,” an article from The Atlantic that talked about the “suicide clusters” at Palo Alto High School in California in the United States.

According to, there is one death by suicide in the United States every 13 minutes, and 38,000 Americans die by suicide every year. According to CDC report in 2012, 1 in 12 teens have attempted suicide; 1 in 6 teens have considered suicide.

Link: [IBTimes] Jeremy Lin addresses suicide issue in his high school

Here is a complete FB post by Jeremy Lin:

As someone who was raised in the Bay Area, I’ve always taken great pride in being from Palo Alto – the greatest city in the world, as far as I’m concerned. Like many others, I read “The Silicon Valley Suicides” in this month’s Atlantic and it led me to reflect on my own experience at Palo Alto High School.

The pressure to succeed in high school is all too familiar to me. I distinctly remember being a freshman in high school, overwhelmed by the belief that my GPA over the next four years would make or break my life. My daily thought process was that every homework assignment, every project, every test could be the difference. The difference between a great college and a mediocre college. The difference between success and failure. The difference between happiness and misery.

I remember not being able to sleep well on Sunday nights, waking up covered in sweat from nightmares that I had just failed a test. I dreaded Sundays because it meant I just finished my weekend basketball tournament – my precious outlet from academics – and now faced a whole week of immense pressure at school. I felt the pressure coming from all around me – my parents, my peers and worst of all, myself. I felt that I had one shot at high school and that my GPA, SAT score and college applications were the only barometers of my success.

One day, I remember attending a panel discussion where a college student was asked, “What is your biggest regret from high school?” Expecting to hear about opportunities missed or paths not taken, I was surprised when the student replied, “My biggest regret is not enjoying high school more and thinking that my grades and test scores mattered so much. In fact, I don’t even remember what I scored on the SATs.” I had filled out more Princeton Review practice test Scantrons than I could count and one day, I wouldn’t even remember my SAT score?!?

As each year of high school passed by, I realized that even though there was pressure to be great, I had to make a personal choice not to define myself by my success and accomplishments. I learned through my brother, my pastor and my friends that my identity and my worth were in more than my grades. Growing up my parents always said, “Do your best and trust God with the results.” When I learned to truly understand what that meant, it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Separating myself from my results is not an easy lesson and I’ve had to relearn this in every stage of my life. The world will always need you to accomplish more, do more, succeed more. After I got into Harvard there was the pressure to get good grades and stand out at Harvard. After Linsanity there was the pressure to have great performances every night, to become an All-Star, to win championships. I still dream big and give my all in everything I do, but I know that success and failure are both fleeting.

When I was a freshman at Palo Alto High, a classmate who sat next to me committed suicide. I remember having difficulty registering what had happened. A year later, a friend committed suicide. I saw up close the pain and devastation of their loved ones and in my community. I realized then that there are so many burdens we don’t see the people around us carrying. I told myself that I would try to be more sensitive and open to other people’s struggles.

We may not have the answers to how to completely solve these issues, but we can take more time to really listen to each other, to reach out and have compassion on one another. I don’t have any great insight and I don’t know exactly what it’s like to be a high school student today. I do know that I’m proud to be from Palo Alto, a resilient community that I see striving to learn how to better support and care for each other. I hope that my personal experience can remind someone else that they are worth so much more than their accomplishments.


  1. 1st, heh heh

  2. Seriously though, there’s too much pressure on kids now. To get good grades, fit in, etc…
    So very proud of Jeremy to put this in the public spotlight.

  3. Lake Show Life‏@TheLakeShowLife

    How much longer will we have to cope with Byron Scott coaching the Lakers?

    “Kobe Bryant is having fun, basking in the glow of his farewell tour, smiling and laughing during the games and afterwards with opposing players, their fans, and the media. Meanwhile, the collective mood of the rest of the team resembles that of doomed passengers on a plane that is about to crash.”

    “In a nutshell, the situation is spiraling out of control. Scott is not the man to get this done. Whatever he is trying to sell the players, they are not buying into it. It is not what they want, but if the team loses three more games on the current road trip, the front office may decide it has no choice but to make a change.”

  4. Always remember how bad it could have been for Lin if he was on the lakers this season. Recall that DNP game against the spurs. Now compare that to now with Lin laughing and enjoying his teammates in charlotte.

  5. Especially Asian parents. A lot of kids commit suicide in Korea even little kids because of pressure. So sad. Suicide rates are very high in Korea and Japan.

  6. “They were just expecting me to do what I did in New York, which —
    it’s just not possible if you don’t have the ball in your hands,” Lin
    said last month.

    So he is implying, he can do it again IF YOU GIVE HIM THE BALL AND LET HIM LEAD.

  7. That’s also my biggest conclusion.

    Who’s gonna be the team to profit from giving him the ball?

  8. Phillies 76ers!!!
    they have nothing to lose! You can only, but go up!

  9. shtt. I mean 76ers.hahaha

  10. I like TTNN’s highlights on the article just posted. I’d actually missed that, and how those were different from Lin’s comments on Coach Clifford over the summer.

  11. Looks like Lin also is looking for some more usage time.

  12. Lin comments to the media has always been about saying the right thing so don’t let that fool you that’s he’s totally happy. This was written by Lin himself and I believe he wrote well from the heart:

    “The world will always need you to accomplish more, do more, succeed more. After I got into Harvard there was the pressure to get good grades and stand out at Harvard. After Linsanity there was the pressure to have great performances every night, to become an All-Star, to win championships. I still dream big and give my all in everything I do, but I know that success and failure are both fleeting.”

  13. what drug he use?
    opium to stop pain
    cocaine to feel high.

  14. omg…is he in depression?

  15. he never said he was happy. He is trying to say that whatever position he is in right now, there are people in worse shape.

  16. Really? There are people in worse shape? That’s how you shouldn’t strive more?

  17. Must be pot.

  18. JLin’s message is about giving his best effort, although it might not the best results.

    When he said, “I still dream big” we know he’s not totally happy with where he is but it’s good to know he’ll give everything he gets no matter what the outcome will be.

    That’s a great message so people don’t lose hope when they fail at something.

  19. Giving examples of what he’s been doing for that message was my point:

    …..all-star, win championship…. I still dream big and give my all in everything I do……

    Backup point guard is nowhere near the home he’s working for.

  20. now they have to because the league will ask for a change in club membership if Philly doesn’t start to compete soon. It dilutes the brand and honestly, when they go to negotiate the TV deal, they can’t have any markets not represented (or in negotiations, TV will say … we’ll we will dilute your synergy effects because of teams XYZ who are taking, so instead of a 3x for your brand power and overseas expansions, we will give you 2x. This is why we are seeing such big moves to stop the tanking. The negotiations are starting soon or have started.

  21. I experienced some of the same struggles that these kids had to go through. Parents being extra hard on me to do well in college and to become a doctor. There’s something about Asian parents where they love to compare their children with their most successful relatives or friends’ kids and push you to succeed or do even better than them. I didn’t know which route to go. My parents wanted me to do medical but I wanted to do business. Initially, I started trying to make my parents proud of me so I did study to become a pharmacist. I made it to a Christian private medical school that was pretty hard to get into but then I dropped out after telling them I can’t handle the stress anymore. I told them I wanted to commit suicide and they were like “Ok, do what you want from now on”.

    The struggle didn’t end there. I went to Business school, got my degree, was very happy about it but couldn’t find a job. I was jobless for quite awhile freeloading off my parents. In fact, I’d say my college degree is pretty useless kind of like Jeremy Lin’s Economic degree right now. I became even more suicidal. I felt like I was worthless. I even had to get a 2nd college degree cause it was that bad. One day I decided to start my own online business and today, I make more money than a doctor or lawyer. I’m my own boss. I work from home or anywhere I want to. I only work like 8 hours a week. College wasn’t what helped me make the money I’m making today. I believe I could have done this a lot sooner if it wasn’t for all those wasted years in college.

    It’s sad cause I see some of my friends who got a better college degree than me like computer science but still don’t have a job or they have to work a $15/hr job that has nothing to do with their field of study. Only 1 out of 5 of my friends who wanted to be a pharmacist actually became one. And she owes $200,000 in student loans. Even the ones who do grab a good job like software engineering are making only $75,000 a year and they can only save up like $1,500-$2,000 a month after taxes, 401k, health, etc. After car and house payments, they don’t have any extra cash at all. I have software engineer friends who ask me for money cause they dont’ have enough. They promise to pay me back once they get a raise but I don’t even care. And here I am living with my parents still saving up $20,000 a month and in about a year or two, I’ll be paying off the rest of their mortgage. They were on a 30 year mortgage and they still had 300k that needs to be paid off, but in 1 year, i’ll have enough to pay it all off for them. And this is because they let me do whatever I wanted to after I told them that I wanted to commit suicide.

  22. what he’s saying is results don’t matter as long as you try. Kind of like the students who suicide cause of their GPA being too low.

  23. Great job. I never studied hard (or even pretty hard) during high school, college and law school. I told people that i was saving my energy to work hard, and I DID work hard for 20 years. Am retired and work only when I want to, which is not that often. Some people like me don’t like to work if they don’t have to. My parents didn’t care whether I studied or not. In fact, I skipped 35% of high school attendance. My high school had to change their policy on not allowing kids to graduate because I skipped so much school but got by because I got my parent’s signature on excuse forms.

  24. Don’t tell me it’s MLM!

  25. same, I was called lazy, stupid, no good by my own family members. One of my relatives bothered me a lot. He was the one who almost pushed me to suicide. Most of my family members supported me. But a few did not. I was even punched and kicked by one of them while they told me to find a job already. I understand their frustration but they didn’t know what I was going through that time. Like you, I did not want to work a 9 to 5 job that paid $15 an hour and I hated it. I would have loved to work at a job I liked that was 9 to 5 but it required me to move very far which I didn’t have money for. There were times I locked my door and thought about hanging myself. I went through the lowest of the lows but now I am doing really well and my business is growign each month. It’s like I’m getting a $2,000-3000 raise every month now.

  26. What’s MLM?

  27. guess not.. It’s multi=level marketing.. like usana, herballife, wfg, amway, etc

  28. No, I am only good at selling myself. I would s*ck at selling real estate. I am too honest. Even when I got married, I showed all my bad points to my wife-to-be and told her “These are my bad points. If you can take them, marry me.”

  29. What online business I would like to know.

    And I thought you were lin mad only. You actually have some sense. I know friends who doesn’t even have college degrees making more than some who has advance degree. I have an engineering degree which helps get you started in life but at the end it’s what you do with it. I do biz deal in RE. You don’t need college degrees. You need some guts and brains.. If you have brains, and no guts, you still can’t do much. If you have guts, but no brains, are probably in a roller coaster financially.

  30. LinMad is a good son because he helps his parents pay off their mortgage. I bought a house for my parents long time ago. I know a guy who dropped out of college and he’s a billionaire so . . . . He married 3 times.

  31. nice! I own an online marketing company. Average profit per sale is $22.5. And I get hundreds per month. Will reach a thousand soon.

    I just love waking up every morning, opening my excel spreadsheet and counting how much money I made today. Ever since I launched my online business, there has never been a month that made less than the previous months. It just keeps growing. I’m thinking of investing in other ventures soon.

  32. hahaha

    No, I know A LOT of friends who doesn’t have college degree but still earn more than ppl wil college degrees. I have one who open up a chinese place and earn some money and then buy RE and rinse and repeat and now couple of houses and the chinese restuarant. Yes, he is chinese. lol

    Most of the have some sorta of biz first as the nest egg and then expand. None of these have college degree.
    Surprisingly all of these friends are chinese. They open up a biz by taking a risk .. some succeeded and fail, whic they then continue, and now it’s ok after saving like crazy. Most of these also NEVER have much cash on hand.. it’s always assets. inflation hedge.

    Not that I’m saying a college degree is worthless..but at least major in something that can be use to find a job easily just to fall back on. And the old way of thinking like my mom hard and earn lot of money after school is now not guarantee.

  33. bill gates? mark zuckerberg?

  34. bill gates married only once. Lol

  35. i’m a college professor, and i still have the old, ignored view that the university is primarily for receiving an education, and secondarily for getting a job… i definitely go into studying philosophy full time (which I love) for money…

  36. what is RE?

  37. I know that if you are should know him…in the asian world – li kai shing and jack ma.

    steve job is another.

  38. Real Estate.

  39. that’s surprisingly impressive for a person that wealthy.. tesla.. married 4 times.

  40. I know them. Jack Ma is another role model of mine. I think I can make a lot of money with Alibaba. I’m thinking of starting another venture.

  41. I agree. I never interviewed for a job in college because I went there to learn. I learned by not studying but reading as many books at school libraries. So, in this sense, I guess I learned without studying for tests. Somehow, I had confidence that when and if I wanted to make money, I could. I read too many history books now.

  42. you think that’s impressive? I’m a 30 year old virgin.

  43. import export I guess.

  44. I can introduce you to a greedy woman who’s been married 3 times looking for a rich virgin guy.

  45. Unless linmad is a female.

  46. that would be very impressive.hahahah

  47. no thanks, I don’t go for gold diggers. Btw, I’m not just a rich virgin guy. I’m a rich handsome virgin guy. I’ve been hit on a lot in the past, I just turn girls down a lot cause I have commitment problems kind of like committing to a 9 to 5 job.

  48. That’s one thing I miss. Counting my monthly earnings. Lol

  49. I know a former engineer who makes a lot of money selling WIGS online. I told him I will buy from him when my hair disappears. I actually see a big money in WIGS.

  50. yes, I know a friend who makes like $9,000 a month off of one product. He’s launching his second one soon.

  51. oh so do you flip houses?

  52. that is great.. I tried this year but stopped as didn’t have much time. It’s more work that I thought when I started…need to find what is the hot product (market research) and the price competition against ebay who has also the similar wholesaler from china selling it lower than the price you purchased because you pay for shipping to get it into the US. I might have it another go sometime next year when other stuff are lessen.

  53. You must be marketing for another company’s product.

  54. guess you can say that’s one way.. but more like rehab…finding a deal now it’s hard due to rising prices. but mostly I go for long term if I can for rentals.

  55. since you are retired, does that mean you are over 60 years old?

  56. no my own product that I coded myself. I actually spent a year developing it at home when I was getting my 2nd college degree cause I thought that even if I did get my 2nd degree, I’ll probably land a job that I really hate and pays little. So I did that as backup plan and it worked out.

  57. Good job. Apparently, you can code also. Lol

  58. No, subtract 10 years.

  59. I can code, graphic design, SEO, PPC, online marketing, etc. I do everything, I dont even hire anyone. And it’s good cause If what I make right now from my online business was a 9-5 job, It’ll be equivalent to a $125/hr job. So basically I went from $18/hr to $125/hr in a few months.

  60. Fantastic. But our views on Lin’s BB are so different.

  61. nice, I hope to retire at like 40-45. I’m thinking of buying a home in SE Asia 3-4 years from now and living there the rest of my life. It’s cheaper.

  62. I just got that fire/drive in me for Lin. I feel like I’ve been in Lin’s shoes before. I even have an Economics degree too. That was my first college degree. My second was web development degree.

  63. Great job persevering through tough times, @linmad:disqus!

    It took some time for you but you found something you’re passionate about and make it work!
    I wish many parents would be able to communicate like you did with your parents.
    Most times the communication is one-way so the kids don’t see a way out.

    It’s very kind of you to help out with your parents’ mortgage. I’m sure they’re glad they supported what you wanted to do instead of forcing their ways. It reminds me very much of what JLin’s parents did to support their kids’ passion (with some backup plan with school)

    Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sure if will help many

  64. I went to UC too. Yes, Irvine is hard to get into. Lots of asians. Same with LA and Berkeley. Funny thing is that Jack Ma got rejected from harvard 10 times. Today he’s one of the richest men in the world.

  65. I think the pressure to get good grades doesn’t just come from Asian parents. it is also largely related to fast growing social inequality.
    To not fall on the lower end of inequality, the best way (if not the only way) based on the stats produced by media seems to get a STEM, finance or MD degree from top colleges or an Ivy college degree. It puts more pressure on kids than what many Asian parents used to pursue – good education.

  66. Ya, just tell them. Don’t be afraid of their reaction cause they will get passed it sooner or later. If not, at least they will know you are not happy with the route you’re going and maybe it will prepare them for your change in the future. Dont’ just go cold turkey on them.

    I have a funny story to tell you. I had a friend who hid the fact that he changed his major a few years ago from his parents. They all thought he was a biology major but they finally found out on graduation day when he graduated with a Business degree. LOL. His parents saw the commencement and were freaked out. They even told him he has to go back to school again and get a Biology degree and he was like NAH. I don’t think he’s close to his parents anymore because of that.

  67. I was talking about bb and current team.

  68. After talking to you guys about your life/finances, I’ve concluded that Lin fans are probably the richest fan base in the NBA.

  69. ok nvm

  70. FYI new game thread is open. But people may still comment on related issues on this high suicide rate, school/life/parents pressure here. This is a very important issue that affect life and death in the real world. I’m glad JLin brought it up.

    I wish many parents would take this to heart and make positive changes.

    1. Would the Hornets take the home game against the Heat after losing the 1st game on the road?
    This win can potentially place the Hornets as the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference standing so it is an important game.

    2. Will JLin play well against the always-tough-Miami-trapping defense?

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s continue to shoot at least 8FG & 4 FT attempts. Relax, be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

  71. Nice story, thanks for sharing

  72. I know it’s cheaper but my wife doesn’t want to live there. Unlucky me.

  73. You are not as “mad” as I thought. Lol

  74. wow 🙂 What a shocker!

    It’s too bad parents will dictate the major for kids. Business is also as good as Biology.
    I understand practicality but it shows serious breakdown in family communication.

  75. LinMad and I have to get together, if we both are in Southern CA. Lol

  76. yes, kindred spirit LOL

  77. You do have some skills for the online money generating modern world. That’s good skill set.

  78. I never been hit on but I hit on many when I was young. If I waited to get hit on, I would never have married. Lol

  79. May I ask what kind of business you started? And where can I apply?

    Edit: nvm, read it down below

  80. I think Lin thought about being cut from NBA and applying for entry level career jobs or going back to school for a masters and just say eff it I’m going take Dantoni’s system and just not care about anything anymore and then Linsanity happened
    his whole life had prepared him for Dantoni’s system and Linsanity and it just exploded that February

  81. Lin’s Queue:

    Somewhere in Asian American history I think there was a rebellion when all the railroad workers cut their queues. Anybody know the history? I’d be proud if JLin has a message with this current style.

  82. Hey congrats! Big cheer for you! and now you can see it’s worth it to let JLin do it his way because you did it your way. That’s what is special about life, you can make your own choices. And you did it and sounds like you are a good son or daughter. Awesome!

  83. Glad you are out of that period, bro.

  84. Yeah, and you can let him win it for himself, like you did it for you and your parents. It’ll come for him, he’s that good.

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