Jeremy Lin: The 50-40-90 Quest To Be An NBA Star

What is the significance of the 50-40-90 Elite Club in the NBA? Why is it important for Jeremy Lin?

Since the NBA introduced the three-point field goal for the 1979–80 season, the 50–40–90 shooting threshold has only been reached by six players: Steve Nash, Larry Bird, Mark Price, Reggie Miller, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant.

Steve Nash has achieved the most 50–40–90 seasons in NBA history with four.

It’s important to note that there is a minimum requirement for # of shots to qualify for this club

Some players reached the 50–40–90 mark but failed to make enough field goals or free throws in order to qualify as the league leaders (300 field goals, 55 three-point field goals and 125 free throws).
Currently Jeremy averages 48.1%FG, 43.8%3FG and 90.7%FT after 13 games. So Jeremy still needs 1.9% to meet the 50%FG requirement. He had a few bad games to start but has become more efficient since then.
What about Jeremy Lin’s rate this season to meet this requirement?
Currently, Jeremy played 13 games (50 FG Made, 14 3P Made, 39 FT Made)
If Jeremy plays all 82 games, he is projected to make 315 FG, 88 3pts, 555 FTs
So Jeremy’s make rate will meet the requirement to qualify. The closest one is the FG made (315 is only 15 more of the 300 requirement)
What is the benefit to belong to this 50-40-90 club?
When Jeremy qualifies to belong to a standard measure of efficiency that only 6 NBA great players can do, it will help him to get a step closer to achieve his dream to become an All-Star, find a team that suits his strength and surround him with the right players to help him be successful. Nash is a 4-time achievers so he’ll be in the discussion to be the next Steve Nash that an NBA team can build as a star.

What Mark Cuban said about Lin to answer Charlie Rose (CBS) question in Oct 2012 is still true today.

Rose: Can he be another Steve Nash?

“Yeah, he absolutely can. He’s that good. He’s got that type of talent. But, part of what made Steve Nash great, when Nash went from the Mavericks to the Suns and became MVP, it was a system that he just excelled at.So, Jeremy (like Nash) has got to play in the right environment with the right players and he can be a star.”

So let’s cheer, pray, and support Lin to continue to be healthy and efficient that he may achieve this important milestone this year so it will increase the chances of multiple NBA teams who want to build around his as a star!


  1. First1! Haha. Yes, i believe jeremy can do it. if not this year, it maybe next. If his team right now is not on the same page with him his year, I hope Lin can get the MIP award. He really deserved it from all the hard work that he had put in every summer Good luck and stay healthy, Jeremy.

  2. Jer will go against you every time he’s required to foist up a 1 sec shot by someone or at end of time. Get ‘er done, Jer!

  3. Yes JLin aims to be this type of player. Hope he will make it this season despite of Kobe and BS.

  4. Given how LAL design their offense. It is hard to achieve this mark. So if he actually does it, it will be very impressive.


  6. yup.. agree 110%.. I was thinking the same thing.. and someone should really point that out too if he does..
    remember it’s not dantoni system either.

  7. Yes, it’s an extremely hard feat to pull because the 82-season is very grueling.

    Even if it’s very close to the limit, Lin’s agent should publicize this feat to all the teams showing how Lin is able to improve significantly in a system that doesn’t necessarily play to his strength. It should be a major selling point to many teams.

    I really thought there would be more than 6 players who managed to get into this elite club.

  8. Interesting remarks on Lin vs Warriors game, i.e. not necessarily Lin having a bad scoring game.

    The league has begun to notice that Curry is no defensive liability. Kobe Bryant pointed to that when asked after Jeremy Lin was held scoreless in a loss to the Warriors last week if the Los Angeles Lakers’ point guard had taken a step back.

    “Well I mean, Curry is a handful, man,” Bryant said. “He’s tough.”

  9. 50/40/90 would be amazing, but I think the 50% fg is bit unrealistic to Lin to sustain for an entire season unless he’s only going to take wide open shots (which might mean he only averages less than 10 ppg).

    I think it would be even more impressive to have a 45/40/85 season if he averaged 15 ppg.

  10. I wonder if Byron Scott even knows that Lin is shooting these kinds of numbers.

    My suspicion is that Byron Scott would be shocked to find out that Lin was this accurate.

  11. Scott only cares about defense..LOL

  12. BTW RPrice is in the 26-17-76 club!
    But of course BScott’s going to talk up the 1.3 SPG :]

  13. List of current players who are at 45/40/85. Lin is 1 of 9 players this season (with 24+ mpg).

  14. I have a feeling we won’t be hearing Scott saying I am thinking about starting Price anymore, because I think Mitch/FO made their point with Scott by threatening to bring in another PG.

  15. It will be really stxxxd to keep saying that. Price has even lesser production than PB does

  16. I know, but I have come to the conclusion that Scott lives in his own little world of delusions of grandeur.LOL

  17. Besides, it would make BScott to look foolish to supplant Lin with Price when Price should have been waived. It makes everyone wonder if Lakers really want to win this season by retaining Price.

    Perhaps letting Kobe run wild breaking records, plus featuring JLin will help sell tickets while waiting for a high-draft pick. Retaining Price ensures Lakers bench will be so weak to win many games.

  18. Lol… Well I hope he is not. This is Lin’s contract yr after all. Just like u have said earlier.

  19. What I mean is nobody is listening to Scott anyway.LOL I live in lA and the fans are getting restless about him as a coach, just like they did with dantoni

  20. I am not even sure that is true….lol

  21. LOL

  22. To his defens, if kup used hills money on some other bigs. It would not be this bad and MDA would not have to bench hill that much last season

  23. Hahaha

  24. aptly named.

  25. what the… LOL!

  26. double lol

  27. Good job real-dsb. Posting the standing here, for the record

  28. The video had been taken down?

  29. Its always good to strive for something higher. I think we should be able to maintain that, if there is no major change in the current scheme

  30. Let’s hope so. Let Price play D, let Lin play O :]

  31. At 48/40/90, Lin is 1 of 5 players, and 1 of 3 amongst guards (Korver and Lee).

  32. Got a Jeremy Lin piece I hope to have up tomorrow. Taking a look at his season so far. Might make this a series and do every player.— LakersPulse.NET (@LakersPulse) November 23, 2014

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