Jeremy Lin 30 Games Stats Reflection

Recently, Jeremy Lin has played more minutes in the month of December 2015 with better performance than in November 2015.

How much better?

JLin has improved his playing time from 22 min to 30.1 min while increasing his point production from 9.9 to 13.8

His shooting has also improved from 42.5% to 45.1% FG, especially his 3point shooting accuracy from 27.3% to 36.1%. This is closer to his last 2 season’s 3FG% (35.8% in HOU and 36.9% in LAL)

His assist, rebound and block also increased along with the more minutes that Coach Clifford gave him.

What does this mean?

Obviously, Jeremy Lin shooting has improved to his normal percentage after experiencing a bit of a shooting slump in November 2015. Other factors such as:

  • Jeremy Lamb’s shooting coming back to earth (52% to 39% FG) while still not improving his defensive skills caused Coach Clifford not to trust him to close out games
  • Lin’s 35pt explosion in 2 OT thriller against the Raptors in Nic Batum’s absence can only help the coaches to trust him to provide offensive bursts while providing excellent Pick-and-Roll defense that Coach Clifford repeatedly praised.
  • JLin’s ability to play well with Kemba and Batum support the Hornets goal to make the case for Kemba Walker and Nic Batum to be sent to the All-Star game. Both have played heavy minutes, especially Kemba (41min in the past 7 games)

It’s good to observe JLin has found the niche as a Hornet in this 2015-16 season:

  • a supporting role as backup PG/SG in a winning team who plays in a relatively unselfish PnR team (compared to his previous 2 teams)
  • learned to improve his defensive skill to be a shutdown defender that will only enhance his skillset to play in any NBA teams

It’s important to note that JLin is fulfilling the role that Hornets established in Lin’s essentially 1 yr contract to test the market afterwards. It’s a win-win scenario for JLin and the Hornets for this season. He can help the Hornets win in a supporting role while improving his stats and his market value for a new salary cap in 2016-2017 season.

Noone knows the future beyond 2015-16 but we can hope JLin helping the Hornets winning and advance deep in the playoff. Winning will open up a lot of possibilities. Let’s go, JLin!


Guess JLin's stats in Game 31 vs LAC





  1. 1**

  2. well its almost always true historically; more minutes more production from lin. there is usually threshold over which (usually just over what his average has been) it kicks in

    good you put this up; i was going to put up something similar myself but good to have a whole thread for others to vamp on.

  3. thanks to @takemeback2reaganyears:disqus sharing steveprost’s observation, I got curious to see how JLin improved in the last 18 games in Dec

    Good to see Lin is hitting his stride now

  4. Fourth. Placed just outside the bronze, silver, and gold. Oh well, next olympics.

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  6. Despite getting 24 FTs vs 39, ATL still won against Rox.

  7. I know so happy to see Rox lose to ATL. Ya! Lawson seems to play well now… maybe after he knows he has to stay so he starts to work hard for his own stats now…?!

  8. Actually, that was all ball, then followthrough. Jlin should not have gotten shots bcuz he was trying to pass it to Batum for a wide open three. Kobe and Lin joked about it after the fts. Jlin picked Kobe up of the flour later on the game. No harm, no emo, but we got the fts!

  9. ya there was lot of good banter.

  10. Counting difference in FT, ATL had 99 shot attempts, vs Rox’s 79. How was that possible? Fast vs Slow? Harden hogging the ball until last seconds?

  11. I am just a very small part comparing to blubell and some others.

  12. MDA 7sec offence is spreading.

  13. Yeah when he bantered lins head good.

  14. This is so funny!!!! @JLin7 @kobebryant new hair styles.— linspiredinca (@linspiredinca) December 30, 2015

  15. And the Houston fans are blaming the refs still.

  16. Offensive refounds differential.

  17. Or it could be the other way – better production, more minutes.

  18. Haha good for you! Luckily no one hate you!

  19. With that counting as 10, it still that doesn’t explain the remain 10 shots unless Harden hogged for 24 sec for each possession.


    Jeremy Lin isn’t alone in suffering Asian discount bias. It appears that the the education system has changed its meritocracy by now following the lead of NBA teams as to how to ” handle ” upstart Asians. Lol.

  21. Love covers all wrongs… Thanks.

  22. That is a dangerous play. Koby might get the ball but he also hit the body. This is unnecessary roughness. The ref made the right call. Kobe can hit the ball but not the follow through.

  23. Lin should sit out until ankle healed completely.

  24. The featured stats above showed Lin performing much better with longer minutes in two different periods;

    Nov 1-Dec 2, and Dec5-28.

    I betcha in the period from Dec 5 -28, Kemba also upgraded his performance in the presence of Lin on the court.

  25. Beside Kobe and BS, I really like last year Laker’s players especially like Young, ED.

  26. Funny kid

  27. This is utterly disgusting… we need to do something about this… any attorneys out there?

  28. Lin is such an amazing man. He wins people over with love and grace. Swaggy and Lin sure look like they having a great time sharing a private joke. We all know what it was about. Lol.

    What’s amazing is how Lin totally disarms Kobe with non confrontation. It must drive someone like Kobe crazy. Kobe has made a career of hating his enemy and Lin just refused t put his back up for him. Lin just will never allow others hate him. Lol

  29. well there’s webattorney but he only defends ball hogs like kobe, melo, and harden. muahaha

  30. Probably a bunch of Rockets turnovers, Harden had 7 TO’s, lead to more shot attempts by the Hawks.

  31. this is unbelievable .. lowering the standard of education by removing midterms and finals?
    I guess we’ll be expecting bad doctors and engineers soon

  32. It was great to see Lin and swaggy score on the same court again. Worth the time.

  33. Many college entrant coaches will tell you factually that if you are Asian American, the odds are against you to get into a top school now.

  34. Pete Guelli has to be the friendliest VP Sales & Marketing to JLin fans
    It’s his job but it’s still good that he went above and beyond to welcome them

  35. I can live with that, I was just esplainin’ that it wasn’t an evil clothesline. Just Kobe trying to be exciting now that he cannot hit clutch shots.

  36. all ball, follow through, face, clothesline. it doesn’t get any more flagrant than that. lmao. refs rewarded Lin with 2 ft’s because they couldn’t get themselves to T up kobe. the whole league is a circus when it comes to kobe

  37. Atlanta had 10 more offensive rebounds. Houston had 14 more foul shots, so instead of a shot attempt they got free throws. And finally Houston had 7 more turnovers.

  38. (the hornets are) ….. leading the Eastern Conference in 3-point attempts this season.

    the Hornets continued shooting 3s even after Clifford griped about his players’ tendency to fire from long range. They were just 6 of 25 from behind the arc against the Lakers.

    Batum (hand), Jeremy Lin (ankle) and Spencer Hawes (back) are questionable to play for the Hornets.

    ap/espn/yahoo game preview.

  39. Hornets is currently at 9th in the Eastern Conference and teams are fighting hard for the 8 playoff berths. Hornets is only half a game behind the race. 4 teams are tied for the last 4 playoff berths. Hornets is only half a game behind them.
    There is no breathing room for Hornets right now; they must win as many game as possible in order to stay in the race.

  40. just a followup on my post below quoting from game preview report on hornets continuing to take a lot of 3’s despite clifford “gripe” about:

    over last 9 games (chose this # games because it has been the period when lin has for the first time in the season been given major minutes for an extended number of games) here is individual 3 pt shooting % for those on team actually shooting any significant # of 3’s:

    3 pt % hornets 3 pt shooters last 9 games:

    lin 40%
    hairston 40%
    walker 36%
    kaminski 29%
    lamb 29%
    batum 28%
    williams 25%

    league average: 35%

  41. this is (tonites game with clips) last game of the month and the year, right? for hornets?

    jan has 12 of 17 games on the road. almost no team not called the warriors or the spurs wins on the road. including two stretches of 4 road games in a row in 7 days.

    hornets will have an almost impossible task to win even half their games in jan. if they want to stay in the playoff race at all they will need to win this game against the short-handed (no griffin) clips 2nite.

  42. Not Lin?

  43. Enter Darwin. People who adopt survive and prosper. Asian parents and students will find ways.

  44. oh wow, that is brutal….Lin is not in great shape either, that ankle…

  45. Lol

  46. Thomas Jefferson Class of 2019: 70% Asian, 1.6% Black

  47. Game is on PRIME TV and I have to listen to clipper commentator . I guess they are not as bad as ms. Ready.

  48. Unfortunately, Darwinism is about the survival of the fittest. The fall of communism was directly related to nepotism and the stifling of personal gain. This is what Adam smith called the invisible hand that drove industry. GM is an example of mediocrity eventually catching up to it. Competition in the classroom leads to only the greatest minds directing the course of society. “Buy American” tried desperately to promote us to buy junk. Eventually you’ll run out of suckers. It’s a slippery slope of Americans falling further behind other countries for brain power.

    Michael Moore did and interview with Cobert and he was saying that some European countries are offering free university scholarships to create a future society of elites. The rain drain to other countries will weaken corporate American eventually. We live in the information society, if the government can’t protect the greatest human resource we have, then we are doomed.

  49. Is Reday bad?…I think she is ok…

  50. I like her

  51. up until you are 100% Jlin.

  52. I like the Knicks crew better.

  53. Rest up lindawg, we’ll get at em in the new year, all of em. Argh!

    Too bad for me, not seeing lin in a game is like starvation, me hungry.

  54. how bad can she be? she was born ready.

    (i been trying to use that joke for some time).

  55. well clyde is the transmission magician. can’t compare to the ordinare.

  56. is this lins first missed game of the season?

    if so be interesting to see how things go. w/o the lin in.

  57. So Lin is officially out of the game for tonight?

  58. Yeah..Clyde keep it perculating.

  59. The difference this year compared to last year is that with Jlin out I still want to see the hornets win …with the tankers…not so much..hehe

  60. Yes no point to get serious injury . Not good in FA

  61. Smart decision JLin. They are not promoting you for the all star anyway.

  62. To me, when she missed and/or overlooked the hard hit ‘flagrant’ foul of Kobe on Lin made me think that she’s probably a “Kobe Fan”. Think if it was on KW or NB, would she have said what she said afterwards? Made me think twice about her calls regarding Lin from now on…

  63. Kobe rising by stepping on Jeremy Lin’s foot

  64. Nic Batum illness for Raptors game rather than show the Hornets management how much value Batum brings to team. Instead show how easily replaceable Batum was as long as JLIN on team.

    Loss of JLIN from Clippers game will TRULY show Hornets mgt. how valuable JLIN is to Hornets team.

    Predicting a Clippers win; will not even be close by 4th quarter.

  65. This is unbelievable. What is Kobe trying to prove?
    Sending a message to kick the one who wants to help you up?

    I hope all Kobe fans in China get to see this dark side of Kobe to Lin.

  66. This one in the from of Vine.
    I hope this is not how JLin’s ankle got hurt

    “Kobe kicks Lins left foot as he gets up. ”

  67. yes

  68. Can’t be forgiven If it was on purpose.

  69. It’s his right foot not walking normal as he avoiding his back heel to touch the ground.

  70. Jeremy Lin won’t play tonight, Cliff confirmed. Thanks Kobe’s kick.

  71. Additionally I prefer JLIN to also rest the Raptors game too to regain full health but want Nic Batum to play Raptors game.

    For all doubters, Raptors on New Years Day will be the apples-to-apples comparison for Batum as starter vs. JLIN.

    With JLIN starting Hornets led the whole game and WON.
    With Batum playing and No JLIN this game will be lost long before the 4th quarter.

  72. he just dipping lin for a huggy

  73. Multiple examples on video of Kobe’s despicable, disrepectful and denigrating interaction with JLIN.
    If China based fans still embrace Kobe after knowing how he has treated JLIN, then there is no redemption for them.

  74. There’s definitely intent as Kobe looked directly as Lin’s heel before kicking him.
    It’s Kobe being himself

  75. this didn’t cause the injury

  76. this was by mistake.

  77. interesting to see hornets with out lin

  78. I think Kobe just couldn’t get up & he needed some support to make himself up not really that bad to me. Plus Lin almost fell down it’s Kobe held him…But what I can’t believe these #7 #17 players from Lakers just near by why they didn’t help Kobe up?! smh!

  79. I think so.

  80. thats the fourth quarter he was walking funny in the third. stop creating reason to be upset. kobe’s foul was bad ok. should be flagrant ok. move on

  81. Ya! Lin was not OK since 3Q….

  82. ugh… haha

  83. Kobe is a bygone superstar who now is a teammate who
    -routinely takes 20 shots a night missing so many that he often costs them the game
    -rarely offers advice/mentors younger player who could benefit from his experience
    -doesn’t socialize with teammates
    -trash talks teammates openly
    Not the consummate team player you want to run to help up.

  84. leave old man Kobe in the floor walk away that is what everyone else is doing ( and I myself would do) but JLin is the better man…he helps him up and gets a kick for it. Kobe is a jerk. and yes it is highly likely the kick was on purpose. That is Kobe- psychopath to the core.

  85. maybe for any other player I would assume slip and mistake/accident. Kobe he has used up any good favors/opinions/karma he ever had. true psychopath. I’m not kidding the man is clinically insane.

  86. perhaps it didn’t cause the ankle injury or precipitate it

    but no doubt it’s Kobe being Kobe. It’s just not right

  87. kobe is a jerk… a few plays of his that show what a jerk:


    Kobe Bryant tackles Pau Gasol 2008 olympics

  88. this is the tough And-1 play that caused Lin’s ankle injury (so not Kobe kick)
    Hope it gets better soon

  89. 2.

    Kobe Bryant flagrant foul on Kenneth Faried Lakers-Nuggets Game 6

  90. yes, I’m curious to see how they play without Lin’s defense and ball movement.
    CP3 might have total domination

  91. Lol thats legit he was guarding the man gasol set the screen for

  92. We beat kobe so we have bragging rights, but lin got hurt. Dang u kobe n the lakers, u suppressed linsanity again! At least for a couple of days until the new year that is : )

  93. I’m not sure. It didn’t cause the injury, maybe it is by mistake, but it’s not unlike Kobe to go for little petty stuff like that.

  94. First one wasn’t anything out of the ordinary but the second one was an ugly flagrant foul. Faried may have even got a concussion on that and could have been hurt badly. I know it is a playoff game, but that was horrible.

  95. Legit? That play is right out of football. Gasol was setting a pick and got there a hour before Kobe; if anything Kobe decides to accelerate into him.

    Then Kobe immediately walks right by him nearly stepping over his Lakers teammate without another thought.

  96. I’m not optimistic media will make the connection. When JLin plays well it’s a one off fluke. When others play well they are All Stars.

  97. Only if he needs to. If his ankle is good enough for him to play and not risk further injury on Friday, his team needs him, he’ll play. The mentality of a player is to go out and play if at all possible.

    We’ll see them without Lin tonight and possible Batum plays. It’s even possible someone else steps up, but doubtful as much as Lin did when Batum was out.

  98. Some media does, some doesn’t.

  99. Damn OG, he needs to retire now. Doesn’t even know where the floor is to step on so he jams lins foot.

    I used to hate playing with guys like that because they were uncoordinated or didn’t have natural bball movements when running, jumping, landing, etc. Kobe did, but no longer.

    People would get injured, so i was careful when i played them on offense and defense. U go up for a jumper and they slide right under u and u land n bust ur ankle or something. Or u drive to the basket and they lean their head in too far n bust u right in the dome.

  100. Kobe is the type of guy to trip Lin and say, what’s wrong you man, never help an opponent’s team member up. It’s an old-school -your my enemy on the court- mentality he has.

  101. nice compilation poor video quality but amazing number of really terrible jerk moves.

  102. oh yah hes a psychopath knew that since Shaq

  103. not legit. this is not football

  104. JLIN’s healthy recovery takes precedent over a Hornet’s win. If it’s a high ankle sprain, recovery can take some time.

    And if JLIN needs the recovery time and DNP, I don’t mind admitting that I would not shed a tear if the Hornets got pounded mercilessly by Clippers/Raptors because they can defend against heroball.

    Nic Batum with his mystery illness attempt to show his value-it’ backfired for him.
    If JLIN is out? Unless the Hornets decide to suddenly play GSW/Spurs type team basketball there is zero hope.

  105. Can clearly see Kobe lower his shoulder to increase the impact on his ostensible friend/teammate. Truth is Kobe has no friends, never did and never does.

  106. It is actually easier to extend one leg when getting up but kobe likes to take cheap shots too
    but its all part of the game

  107. Lin will be OK. Glad he will not play today. Just take a rest for 100% health back then.

  108. Thats ok, he’s our all star though. And starting guarrrrd for the east, jeremmmmy linnnnn!

  109. its a foul but under that circumstance its understandable he did that
    hes one of the dirtiest players Ive seen play

  110. its a foul and dirty but its understandable why he did it

  111. he didnt mention Lin did he?

  112. He did.

  113. I find this very disturbing. The way Kobe smirks and twitches his head around and the lighting. It doesn’t seem real. It’s like a scene from a horror film or a nightmare. And from the same game let’s not forget:

    Kobe Tried To Rip Jeremy Lin’s Head Off!

  114. Nooooo!
    I bought the tickets for Raptors game! : (

  115. when?
    he said at the begining no hawes nic and al not sure

  116. I will be the one of many Lin fans who “sit out” tonight game too.

  117. “Nic Batum with his mystery illness attempt to show his value” you dont know that
    Basketball is a team sport
    professional thing to do here is to play when you can

  118. Whatever it was that Batum had that caused his DNP in Raptors, he did learn a fine lesson.

    And, the person breathing a sigh of relief tonight that JLIN can’t play is probably Batum.

    Can you imagine to be in Batum’s shoes if JLIN were to start again against the Clippers and lead a team-oriented win for the second consecutive time that Batum is out?

  119. Actually, not. I don’t like Kobe in the least…can’t really stand to even look at pix of him…but…I’ve picked up many a fellow dancer off the floor in just the same way by wedging my foot against theirs to get leverage. In this case, however, both of them were down and when Kobe tried to stand while also stabilizing Lin, he couldn’t do it and his anchoring foot slipped out, making it look like a kick. That flagrant follow-through head smash, however, was a whole other thing. The “help up” and “smiles” were all pure self-serving Public Relations…all in good fun? Yeah…urk.

  120. Some Lin fans love this scene. But notice how Lin is straining his neck to the left. Otherwise he would be cheek-to-cheek with Kobe whose real intention was to emasculate Lin at that moment. Kobe is the anti-Lin.

  121. Batum cant force Lin to sit

  122. There was no “mystery” illness. Batum was sick and this assigning bad intentions to a player is ludicrous, in my opinion.

    And it can backfire. What if Lin is out and Lamb scores 30? Anything is possible. I doubt it will happen, but you never know when a guy will have a big night.

    Of course Lin’s health takes precedent but that’s what I said. I said if he can play without any further risk then he should. I want to see him play as many games as possible providing he doesn’t risk hurting himself EVER. Lin sitting doesn’t help him if he can play. You can’t do well in games you don’t play in and you never know when you’ll feel special what night and against what opponent. So, as long as you are healthy enough to play without risking further injury to something sore, play. NBA and all professional athletes play with something bothering them much of their games anyway.

  123. I don’t think Batum is thinking like this at all. In fact, I think Batum enjoys playing with Lin and knows he’s a solid player.

  124. Awww I voted on the poll thinking he would play haha ?

  125. Do you think Batum enjoys passing to JLIN?

  126. I have to agree. Guy is just not right in the head. With a history of mean spirited actions, including past criminal charges, he does not get a benefit of a doubt anymore. Ever. So, my words to Lin is to just stay away from this cretin. If he has to play against him, just be aware of the cheap and possibly dangerous shots and protect himself. Same goes for PBev.

  127. Watch the slow motion video of it posted below by DX starting at the 27 sec mark. If you want to “wedge you’re foot against theirs to get leverage” you place your foot flat on the ground not on their ankle/instep.

  128. There are so many times he has but it is more when Kemba is not on the court than when he is. I think Batum likes passing to guys that make plays. Right now, he’s got a chemistry going with Cody. His on the court chemistry with Lin is still a work in progress and not that great.

  129. First, conflating a possible Lamb explosion to a JLIN explosion while it isn’t outside of the realm of possibilities – Lamb has never done so; However JLIN has exploded throughout his career when given the chance.

    Of course there is no way of knowing for certain, my personal belief is Batum was at least mildly ill and may have thought resting on a tough Raptors night simultaneously exhibiting to the Hornets franchise how valuable Nic is in the lineup would be a side benefit.

    Remember, most of the improvement in the Hornets W-L from last season is ATTRIBUTED to the arrival of Batum while there is a minority view that the improvement is as much JLIN. It’s in Batum’s interest to refute the minority view and it backfired.

  130. Correct, I don’t think Batum enjoys passing to JLIN either.

  131. That’s a bit of an obtuse comment. Donsmacau doesn’t even allude to Batum making Lin sit.

  132. it’s okay 🙂 it won’t count if Lin doesn’t play
    0pts/0ast shouldn’t win the poll 😀

  133. I didn’t say that. I said he likes passing it to guys that make plays. Lin certainly makes plays.

  134. Oh, I thought you were purposefully not answering my question and then continuing to not answer my question — to be tacit acknowledgment that you agreed with my conjecture.

    My bad.

  135. Win if I vote others? LOL

  136. Same here 😛

  137. I thought of about the possibility of an accident .. but there are 2 things that changed my mind:

    1. On this particular incident, if someone is to help us to get up, most people would plant our feet down to stabilize ourself to get up. In this case, to push off against the floor (or Lin’s foot) backwards would push Kobe backward not upward. IMO this is more than his anchoring foot slipped out, he intentionally anchored it against Lin’s foot.

    Kobe’s so good to make it look like an accident because he has practiced these tricks throughout his career.

    2. And when Kobe has established patterns of dirty plays throughout his career, it presents more evidence of intention in all of these “accidents” (especially with premeditated shove at 1:12 and many “elbow accidents”). Check out this collection of Kobe’s dirtiest plays.

    He also shared the perspective of today’s players is too soft.(i.e. Kobe says some of the flagrant fouls called these days “makes him nauseous.”)

    I always say too many coincidences is not a coincidence.

  138. Me too.Just book a resetrant.

  139. Who passed the ball to Lin where he got injured in the LA game? I can’t tell you for sure whether Batum likes passing it to Lin or not, but he does in a lot of big plays over the season. Just look at Lin’s highlights, it is Batum passing the ball to Lin in a number of them before Lin made a big shot or play.

    Lin and Batum are teammates. And they find each other sometimes like they do in this game against the Nets.

  140. yes .. for me, it shows Kobe has established patterns of dirty plays to throw elbows to make it look like “accidents”

    There’s no way too have so many accidents in someone’s career. Ron Artest almost blew up against him in one of the intentional elbow plays here

  141. exactly .. he’s in this old-school ruthless mentality to send a message to Lin

  142. Others would still need “pts/asts” but maybe we should have a poll for CP3 :]

  143. On that play where Lin got injured it is a good example of Lin not staying in the corner and going to get the ball (looks like he started from under the rim and outran Williams). He can if he wants to. You can even hear a coach saying go Jeremy or something like that. I think if he moves off of the ball more, he’d get it more when playing with Kemba and Batum. But I also think you do space the floor in the corner and there are times when it makes sense to do that vs. other times.

  144. OK, yes, Lin started off in the corner by Batum. He then went under the basket and around to get the pass from Batum and had space to get to the rim to put up the whatever you want to call that shot over Hibbert and draw the foul. His off-ball movement created that shot. He would not have made that play without the off-ball movement.

    Credit Batum also, he saw the play developing and waited until Lin beat his man to the spot, made the pass, and Lin did the rest. Basketball is about this type of teamwork when it is played the right way in my opinion.

  145. Flops and blatant acting jobs by CP3. He’s a great player but an annoying, cheap-shot artist at the same time.

  146. Some take it too far. Wade does the same thing. It’s like when he broke Kobe’s nose in an all-star game. That made no sense. Some of the old-school players are too macho for their own good.

  147. yes, Lin on the corner is definitely to create spacing when Batum and Kemba on the floor to initiate offense.
    Lin is getting comfortable to move off-the-ball to attack with more playing time next to Batum and Kemba.

    It does take time to create chemistry. So far is so good

  148. Beautiful plays by Lin but here’s the problem, those were only offensive plays designed for Lin (maybe couple more) during his 35 min on the floor.

  149. Hornets is currently #9 in the Eastern Conference standing at 17-13.
    Their last 10 games is 5W-5L while 6 teams above them had 6W-4L

    The next string of 10 games (Clippers, @Raptors, Thunder, @Warriors, @Suns, @Clippers, @Nuggets, Hawks, Pelicans, @Bucks) will be very tough. The only easy games could be Suns, Pelicans and Bucks. They can go easily 3-7 if they don’t play as a team.

  150. They are in danger to drop to .500.

  151. yes, this is an extremely tough test for them.
    Only if they play as a team with a lot of assists that they can get easier shots.

    If they’re overly reliant on Kemba and Batum, they will drop below 0.500

  152. Unless they read and follow the article you posted above, plus Lin healthy foot.

  153. I don’t know if that play was designed for him or developed for him. But each game is different. In the Toronto game there were many plays designed around him. With the full squad, it changes and may depend on many factors like matchups and style the other team plays.

  154. It’s a tough stretch for sure. They will need Lin healthy (and Batum) so hopefully both are them aren’t injured too badly and can rejoin the team and play soon (provided Nic doesn’t play tonight).

  155. No, they can’t be. too predictable and Kemba can’t do it every night. They need Lin, Frank and MIA Lamb for big contributions in most of these games as well. They have to play like a TEAM, as you noted above.

  156. You need to watch the highlight again. Both of them very much the same play, Lin circled the baseline to cut inside to the basket. The only difference between the two were the 1st one he’s free but the second one he got help screened by Kemba and Williams.

    VS. Toronto, Lin was the starter and top 2 choices offense. Batum out

  157. But if you are the superstars of the team and you expect to see Max contracts, it is your job lead the team to victory in tough games. Harden/Howard are occasionally successful but the Spurs/GSW are consistently successful, they have superstars but their superstars are subservient to the TEAM.

    Not confident the Hornets superstars hold team above their own performance if that is the case and you want to remain the superstar with Max contract, you must put your team on your back and deliver the win. If you can’t you are just a pretender.

    Beating the worst team in the NBA (Lakers) tests nothing; Western swing is a test.

  158. I watch plenty highlights. What is it I need to watch? I think a lot of what Lin does is what is called on in the game. If it is drawing fouls, he does that. If it is playing D on a tough scorer that no one else has done well on, he does that. If it is getting rebounds, he does that. If it is hitting a few shots, he does that. If it is getting a key assist at a critical juncture of the game, he does that. He has a very versatile role on the team. Some of it will be seen on stats, some of it won’t be.

  159. No, a lot of what he does is to stand in the corner.

  160. We’ve addressed this. He stands in the corner to space the floor. But if you watch the games, he also gets out of the corner and here’s where there’s some uncertainty as to what he’ll do with the ball. Sometimes he just passes it back to Batum or Kemba, other times he makes plays. That is what is being sorted out now. As he gains more chemistry playing with both of them, he’ll have less uncertainty of when to leave the corner and what to do with the ball when he gets it.

  161. he is sneaky and fouls with elbow to injure player in neck and head areas. that is evil trying to actually hurt someone.

  162. He leave the corner when the offense called for him just like 2 hilight clips. Other than that he’s a stand by corner.


    Or he will mess up Cliff’s offensive plays.

  163. I am glad Lin will not play tonight but I hope Batum will. This is a good test for the Hornets.

  164. “Nic Batum with his mystery illness attempt to show his value” is pretty obnoxious so I dont know what to expect

  165. If Hornets lose too many games they could start thinking about next season

  166. Hope Kemba iso’s his way out
    Nic better play if anything
    they need 2 of Nic Kemba and Lin
    or they are a lottery team

  167. I don’t think so. I think it depends on what Lin sees as the play develops. I didn’t hear any call for Lin to leave the corner, just only when he was getting free of his defender to keep going. I don’t really have any more to say on the “corner” thing, I think I listed a lot of ways Lin helps the team on with Kemba and Batum in other valuable ways.

  168. At beginning, ” no jeremy for sure”. You may watched different video.

  169. The only way they can win without two of Kemba, Nic or Lin is if someone else has an exceptional game or if there is truly balanced team work on the court. The latter is best accomplished by Lin. Without Lin and Batum, Frank and Lamb both have to have very good games. I’m not so sure that’ll happen over Kemba trying to do it all himself and scoring a lot of points, but the team coming up short. Maybe way short.

  170. Not sure they can excute teamball well
    Frank will have a hard time
    Lamb can get it going if his shots start falling
    PJ on a hot streak he might be their 2nd option today and that worries me..

  171. What we have learned from well coached teams who play with teamwork is that they won’t allow isoballers to beat them. They gear their defense to stop your heroballer a prime recent example was the Rockets-Spurs game where Harden had only 20 pts mostly late in game. Spurs force anyone not named Harden to beat them, in this case the Rockets got some other production and Spurs played poorly too.

    Yes, Kemba or Batum can go off. But they most likely do so against non-elite teams and only occasionally against average teams.

  172. Hope everyone in China watch this.

    A mediocre player and a sad person.

  173. PJ as a second option should worry anyone rooting for the team.

  174. don’t know if there will be but suppose there will be a new game nite thread soon even tho no lin so since original concept of this thread was stats comparisons over time periods i’ll throw up another one here:

    note: this one (unlike the one above) actually is a “30 games stats reflection”

    take a break of first 20 games vs, last 10 games.


    first 20 games

    minutes points rebounds assists shooting% 3p%







    last 10 games

    minutes points rebounds assists shooting% 3p%







  175. new Clippers game thread

    The Hornets is currently #9th in the Eastern Conference standing with 17-13 record. With Jeremy Lin and Hawes out, it will be a tough test for the Hornets. Blake Griffin is out for the Clippers but Chris Paul, Deandre Jordan are still tough

    1. Will Kemba and Batum be able to stick to team-ball and great ball movement to win an important game? Or will they have to resort to their individual performance?
    2. How will the Hornets defense perform without JLin’s contribution in PnR defense that Coach Clifford has often praised lately?

    It will be an interesting game to watch how the Hornets play without Jeremy Lin.

    Let’s go, Hornets!

  176. Am I the only one who has big issues on what Kobe did to Jeremy while he was trying to help him get off the floor?

    I’ve seen players gets injured with very little contact so I simply don’t understand why Kobe would even put a player’s health at risk in such a way…

    Is it far-fetch to believe Kobe really tried to hurt Lin there, specially when you take into account the fact that he really didn’t like Lin when he played for the Lakers.

    Would Kobe have done what he did if it was Russell Westbrook or Chris Paul trying to help him off the floor?

    Lin is playing for a contract and can’t afford to spend much time on the injury list and this is what bothers me so much….Kobe knows that and it really shows Kobe is a despicable dude..You can tell he hates Lin’s guts and probably think Lin should not be in the league..Byron Scott even gave Lin a back-slap compliment by stating Lin belongs in the NBA, as if there was a debate about whether he belong.

    You could tell he was trying very hard to humiliate Lin..every time Lin was guarding him, he’d tried to score on him..and on offense, he would go overboard to keep Lin from scoring on hm…and that led to a flagrant foul that was not called.

  177. It’s definitely a tough road test against tough opponents to see if the Hornets is serious about their team-ball like the Spurs/GSW or will they resort to 2-stars like the Rockets.

    Lately it has been the All-Star push for Kemba and Batum so I wonder if it plays to their psyche to play hero-ball at the cost of teamball.

    Kemba playing 40+min will make him not want to expend energy on defense too much.

  178. yes, I’m concerned that the recent All-Star push will make Kemba and Batum want to be the heroes. I hope not

  179. you’re not alone.

    I have a very big problem with Kobe’s dark side. Tough plays is one thing but I can’t stand the pattern of dirty plays to hurt others. Kobe will always fall short of emulating MJ as his idol

  180. I’m so glad Jordan was not at the game to watch Kobe..I’m pretty sure Kobe expected MJ to be there to watch him..That probably meant a lot for Kobe to see Jordan showing him respect by being there since Kobe idolized Jordan and wants the public to look at him on par with Michael…..

    and while Jordan did record some video comment for Kobe, it’s still worth less than Michael at the game watching Kobe play live.

    Also, it also means Jordan doesn’t think Kobe is important enough to change his schedule so he can give Kobe proper respect….Jordan had a month to clear-out his schedule so he could attend Kobe’s last game in not doing so was like a slap in Kobe’s face.

  181. yea but if it was incidental then overreaction is unneccessary
    was it subconcious accident ?? cmon who can say
    i think it’s just as someone else said an awkward exchange, bc they both lost balance and Kobe hugged lin to stand together

  182. the foul was def reckless to criminal

  183. The Hard Foul to Lin’s head is not enough apparently. Now, the new video surfaced showing Kobe’s right foot stepping on Lin’s left foot which had caused Lin to fall forward while helping him up. It’s like this– while distracting bystanders/ viewers w/ his smile and pads on Lin’s head for the camera, his bad deed had already been done. It’s like a thief waving and smiling on one hand, while the other hand is picking your pocket! SMH!

  184. You called it right I think it was you. I watched the layup and Lin did twist his ankle on that play. Gee how these boards help all of us keep up, Thanks!

  185. Thanks.

  186. Folks (some). Just being positive here.

    Chill on Kobe. I not a Kobe fan by far !!, but doesn’t mean there is a need to amp something that is normal in a contact sport.

    1. The vid with him stepping on JLin’s foot. If you look at the physics of it, you got a heavy guy getting pulled up by a guy who is probably not heavier, who is standing directly over him with low leverage (length of lever arm). To make it easy to pull someone up, they both have to have rigid arms pulling too. But, if there is no anchor point on the floor to use as a fulcrum point, JLin just pulls and Kobe slides under Lin’s legs and gets a nutmeg :-). So, he put his foot on JLin’s to act like a stopper/fulcrum point, and up he pops. That’s no evil, it’s just physics.

    2. the foul on Lin’s head. It was not a clothesline or hair pull like JKidd did during Linsanity. Kobe was trying to outsmart Lin and wipe away his pass to Batum or shot. It turns out Lin was passing to Batum, so Kobe just increased the power to his swipe because he was like – whoa, I outsmarted this guy. His hand went through the ball onto Lin’s face. That’s all. Just a couple of games before, the CHA announcers (with S Ready) were analyzing a flagrant possibility, and they very much said if it’s initiated and all ball, and if the follow through causes a foul, it’s not a foul. They were saying that for someone who got called a foul on, when it was not a foul. So, I still say if you watch that play, Kobe got all ball and it wasn’t a foul because he blocked a pass attempt, not a shot attempt. Whatever, we got a foul and JLin and Kobe were laughing about it after the FT, so to me, it’s not worth amping about. And, JLin picked him up so he wasn’t mad over it.

    So, what remains is the good call by Heart on JLin’s ankle injury during that great layup where the announcer said wow he showed the ball to the world! Too bad, … Barnes at GSW had what looked like something minor and he’s been out what, 3 weeks? KT twisted his ankle and the next game, he was not good (took him 2nd game to recover). So that’s what I’m gonna focus on. Kobe is way in the rear view mirror. Yup, I’m not a Kobe fan, and sometimes when you aren’t a fan, you just let the car take you away from him or her. Join me?

    Happy New Year!

  187. btw, lin falling forward is not the foot step, but because Lin was too far forward and not leaning back when trying to lever Kobe’s weight up. The foot on foot thing prevents kobe from being dragged under Lin’s legs that would be embarrassing lol.

  188. Understand. My observation: Lin’s right ankle was hurting so he couldn’t hold out down his own weight which created imbalance while Kobe’s right foot stepping on Lin’s his left foot simultaneously w/Kobe’s arm pulling Lin towards him resulted in forced gravity. Either way, the result is imbalance weights on both sides.

  189. yep, you can’t pull up a muscle sold guy by standing over him, too hard nobody is that strong.

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