Jeremy Lin: 1st in PPG and FG% among 2016 NBA FA PG Starter Stats

Hoops Hype recently released 2016 NBA Free Agent Point Guard rankings with Jeremy Lin as the 3rd ranked PG  behind Mike Conley and Rajon Rondo. His rank was climbing up after his strong performance to close the season and in the playoff.

But how does Jeremy Lin compare statistically in the Top 10 FA PGs when they start? Who should be the most desirable Free Agent based on their starter stats?

Here is the 2015-16 starter stats for these Top 10 FA PGs comparing their Points/game, Assists/game and shooting efficiency (FG%, 3FG%, TS%, FT%) plus the number of games and minutes/game
201516 Lin FA PGsNot surprisingly, Jeremy Lin is ranked:

  • 1st in Points/Game, FG% and
  • 2nd in 3FG% and TS% (True Shooting %)

His 4.8 ast/gm is ranked 7th which is understandable since he often played Shooting Guard (63% according to Nylon Calculus stats) next to Kemba Walker as the primary PG in the Hornets

This confirms that Jeremy Lin is arguably the Top 1 or 2 as the Free Agent PG in 2016 and he has higher ceiling since he only played Point Guard position 37% of the time.