Jeremy Lin: 1st in PPG and FG% among 2016 NBA FA PG Starter Stats

Hoops Hype recently released 2016 NBA Free Agent Point Guard rankings with Jeremy Lin as the 3rd ranked PG  behind Mike Conley and Rajon Rondo. His rank was climbing up after his strong performance to close the season and in the playoff.

But how does Jeremy Lin compare statistically in the Top 10 FA PGs when they start? Who should be the most desirable Free Agent based on their starter stats?

Here is the 2015-16 starter stats for these Top 10 FA PGs comparing their Points/game, Assists/game and shooting efficiency (FG%, 3FG%, TS%, FT%) plus the number of games and minutes/game
201516 Lin FA PGsNot surprisingly, Jeremy Lin is ranked:

  • 1st in Points/Game, FG% and
  • 2nd in 3FG% and TS% (True Shooting %)

His 4.8 ast/gm is ranked 7th which is understandable since he often played Shooting Guard (63% according to Nylon Calculus stats) next to Kemba Walker as the primary PG in the Hornets

This confirms that Jeremy Lin is arguably the Top 1 or 2 as the Free Agent PG in 2016 and he has higher ceiling since he only played Point Guard position 37% of the time.


  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Yes, 3rd

  4. No question he’s elite when used properly. Lesser backups like Reggie Jackson, Dragic and Lowry were given endless chances to succeed with the ball in their hands, but Lin has never had that chance since MDA in New York.

    But after Lin’s big game performances this year, especially against the Cavs, Spurs and in the playoffs, it looks like that’s going to change. I’m hoping to hear some words from Kenny Atkinson in the coming days, weeks now that Hawks are out.

  5. Did Lin really started 13 games this season? Wow it felt way less than that for me. And you know it’s a sad situation when you see Felton starting way more than Lin…

  6. The one reason that Lin’s assist rate goes down is because of coach Clifford. He would rather his PG to brick his shots than turning the ball over with a pass. There is no one in the Hornets team that can catch and make the basket like Ed Davis or Tyson Chandler. Frank Kaminsky is not that reliable after he received Lin’s pass. When you add these together, Lin doesn’t get the assists that he deserves.

  7. Does anyone have the list of games that Lin started. Lin started to play against Raptors, Cavaliers and more.

  8. I think Kemba and Batum were out in those 13 games.

  9. what happened to Loretta Tang’s post? was i the only person to see it.. spooky

  10. Linsanity 2.0 coming soon!!!!!!!

  11. Only one game was as a PG tho

  12. Almost forgot about Lawson is also FA….

  13. I posted this a while ago in another thread:

    Jeremy started 13 games this season. He replaced Nic 11 times, Kemba & Cody once each.

    November 20, 2015 Philadelphia 76ers: replaced Cody in the starting lineup, blowout win.
    29 minutes, 9 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists

    December 17, 2015 Toronto Raptors: replaced Nic, won by 10 points in overtime. Linsanity! Player of the Game.
    47 minutes, 35 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists

    January 2, 2016 OKC: replaced Nic, lost by 19.
    34 minutes, 15 points, 1 rebounds, 4 assists

    January 4, 2016 GSW: replaced Nic, lost by 10.
    31 minutes, 11 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assists

    January 6, 2016 Phoenix Suns: replaced Nic, lost by 9.
    29 minutes, 15 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists

    January 9, 2016 LAC: replaced Nic, lost by 14.
    41 minutes, 26 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists

    January 22, 2016 Orlando Magic: replaced Nic, won by 4.
    30 minutes, 7 points, 1 rebounds, 4 assists

    January 23, 2016 Knicks: replaced Nic, won by 13. Player of the Game? Kemba also had a good game.
    40 minutes, 26 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists

    January 25, 2016 Sacramento Kings: replaced Nic, won by 1 double overtime. Double-double. Player of the Game? Kemba also had a good game.
    50 minutes, 20 points, 7 rebounds, 11 assists

    January 31, 2016 Lakers: replaced Nic, won by 19
    22 minutes, 6 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists

    February 3, 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers: replaced Kemba, won by 9. Linsanity! Player of the Game.
    32 minutes, 24 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists

    April 5, 2016 Toronto Raptors: replaced Nic, won by 6. Linsanity? Player of the Game. This is the second time this season Jeremy had success against Toronto.
    40 minutes, 21 points, 4 rebounds, 7 assists

    April 13, 2016 Orlando Magic: Final game of the regular season, replaced Nic, blowout win.
    21 minutes, 10 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists

  14. Who?

  15. Ty Lawson.

  16. This is from … Click to enlarge.

  17. Ty Lawson’s stock went down dramatically after playing next to Harden. People don’t appreciate Lin nearly enough for playing as well as he did (and surviving both Harden AND Beverley) during his tenure with HOU.

  18. Really upset OKC will win this game 4. smh!

  19. Brent Yen’s humor LOL

  20. Ya! I bet no PG wants to go to Rox plays next to Harden…. smh!

  21. Spurs play a ton of iso ball. They’ve change a ton.

  22. Ya! Maybe bc big three are too old so…. plus KD got more calls…

  23. I miss the fast pace everyone touch the ball spurs.

  24. Spurs played so well in game 1 after that Aldridge became the focus for the team…. I started to worry maybe OKC will beat Spurs? NO…. hope not….

  25. Refs stole G2 from Spurs, much like they did G2 from Clippers last year.

  26. Daryl Morey’s PG Sematary…Part 3.

  27. NBA TV comment that signing Ty Lawson was a big mistake by Rox. Lawson and Rondo had the most chaos and drama among the top PGs listed.

  28. I think so. Spurs should be 3-1 not 2-2 now. Maybe NBA likes to have at least game 6 not game 4 to end of this series.

  29. Cav also played well in this year’s playoff… maybe they really have chance to get the ring.

  30. i think they have to because TP is getting too slow and they have LMA to fall back to for iso

  31. TP played well in game 3 & 4. But Duncan & Ginobili were pretty much no show….

  32. Great Let me summarize:

    After the first start when Nic and Kemba running the show with a blowout win against the weakest team in NBA, Lin started without Nic and became the star of the game against the mighty Raptors.
    After that from Jan 2 – 9, the team lost 4 straight games with Lin replacing Nic against 3 strong teams, OKC, GSW, LAC in full strength, then Phoenix.

    Then from Jan 22 – 31, the team won the next 4 games with Lin replacing Nic against teams Magic, Knicks, Kings and Lakers. Lin was the star of the games against Knicks and Kings.

    Then Lin replaced Kemba and won against the Cavaliers convincingly on Feb 3.
    April 5, Lin helped the Hornets win convincingly against Raptors with 7 assists and 21 points.
    Then the last game against Magic was a blowout win.

    Conclusion: At the end of the season, once Lin got used to starting, it’s all wins against teams like
    Magic (2), Knicks, Kings, Lakers, Cavaliers, & Raptors.

    The win-loss record is 9-4. Pretty interesting with only 4 losses between Jan 2 – 9.

  33. Against the Cavaliers.

  34. This is funny. I really think PJ did a very lousy job for NYK.

  35. Check this for fun….What Mark Zuckerberg talked about his SMALL com…LOL!

  36. I’m 100% certain that Ty Lawson thought as much of his choice to go with the Rox, now that his career is in semi-ruins.

  37. revisiting linsanity first game and what asst coach Atkinson did say regarding the first game lin play ..

  38. He should have his press conference w Nets soon.

  39. Poor Joerger from now on has to deal w Cousins….

  40. Well, he IS going back to New York. Gotta go back to that NYC style.


  41. ‘The win-loss record is 9-4. Pretty interesting with only 4 losses between Jan 2 – 9’

    Lin did not play 12/30 & 1/1 due to ankle injury so he was playing thru injury in those 4 games between 1/2-1/9…. who knows what the outcome could be if he was injury free.

  42. Really? Like Linsanity period? I like this clean cut style.

  43. As some have stated correctly, the Curry effect on the shooting of other PGs this year has made it better than ever. Is it just our eye test or is it something else?

    When I said
    “I know my shots will be better next year”. How does Lin know this? He believes it, trusts in its process, feel it take in muscle memory. It must always come from that belief or under stress of play, coaches and fans, he’d have given up on that new shooting form long ago.”
    It is just like the Curry effect.

    Once upon a time the 4 minute mike was considered unbreakable even dangerous to a human body. No one could do it until someone did and then the following year many others did it too. Why? They be,I even it was possible. Once the impossible is shown to be possible, the mental cage we lock our potentials in is broken and we become that new measure.

    This is why great athletes have not just good physical attributes, they have mental strength as well to believe beyond what others tell them their limits are. It’s Lin’s ability to believe that makes him so tough mentally in high pressure situations. It’s that incredible mental strength to withstand what everyone tells you you are and to keep faith in the dreams of who you want to be.

    It must begin with a belief, an absolute self belief.

  44. No, that’s from last year! I don’t think Lin will be back to this hair style. It looks out of date – to me. LOL

  45. Last year…. Really?

  46. He posted it on his fb on Mother’s day last year. Haha

  47. I thought he really had hair cut…. LOL!

  48. I’m still hoping that the Warriors win the championship, but this is an interesting read on the Cavs’ recent success:

    “[I] just said, ‘Kevin, Kyrie [Irving] and Bron (LeBron James), each night you guys got to know what to expect out of each other,'” Lue recalled. “‘Until you all do that, we aren’t going to be able to win.’

    “And I said, ‘Kevin, you got to be more aggressive. Tell LeBron, I’m a bad m—–f—– too, so throw me the ball.’ Be aggressive. Run the floor. If you’re open, we got to throw you the ball. You got to demand the basketball and I said, ‘Score the ball and be aggressive.'”

    However, the KEY here is, as Love said: “Ty has played with, and had to go against, a lot of bad m—-f——. So to get that, especially from your head coach, it’s a lot of confidence.”

    Hope Jeremy gets full coach support and confidence in his next team!

  49. I don’t remember which year, but it’s definitely an old one. I remember the cotton candy 🙂

  50. I really think Cav played well in playoff this year… I hope it’s either GSW or Spurs win the ring this year. But I am worry about Spurs now…. hope they can beat OKC for next 2 games.

  51. The most recent hairstyle! Who knows maybe he’ll have a new style in the coming Asia trip. 🙂

  52. Doubt he will cut it until he (they) get to whatever hairstyle the group is aiming for. It would be anti-climactic if he were to just lop it off lol

  53. Skip is so hang up on “star calls.” I just want fair calls …

  54. sorry. can’t help laughing. you should view and review everything brent writes with suspicion lol

  55. man, this makes me wanna rewatch Linanity games

  56. biggest mistake for Lawson is to forgo his 13 million player option for next season to allow the trade to H-town. dude could have stayed in Denver and opted in for next season and get paid…

  57. infinity88 ‏@linfinity88 4h4 hours ago

    @JLin7 is back to California. He loves wearing socks & #adidas sandals to walk around… lol ?: Walter R

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  59. Daryl Morey’s saga is soon be a thing in the past after his buddy buddy Sam Hinkie got fired. His stock is falling falling. Last I heard about him is Rockets is interviewing MDA as the coach of Rockets.

  60. i’m watching the jazz game now and jlin first game as a starter pg and loving nyk fans loved him..though with many TO, coach MDA kept jeremy inside to control the game..this game was without melo and stoudemire playing.

  61. The one thing that makes Lin special is he completely dominates a game with all his teammates involved. He fires up the team. Of course the coach didn’t allow him to do it often enough last season and it’s not his fault.

  62. Yes, the mods have been generous to a fault, and while civilized fans behave themselves for the most part, many have abused your generosity and walked all over you. If anything this hammer came along a bit late, but better late than never.
    Power to the MODS!!!

  63. Many hints (or poking fun) in this photo:
    1) “Net” behind him at a unnatural angle for shooting hoops, placement obviously intentional.
    2) Crazy hair an homage to Iverson’s? (Sixers)
    3) “Two” choices come FA, or “Twenty million” a year for the next contract?

    I’m sure he knows what kind of rumors are floating around, and is having a good laugh at our expense. 🙂

  64. MDA applying for Rox is PR stunt/fluff. Morey must be desperate.

  65. As a starter this year, Lin shot 46% from 3 on nearly 4 attempts per game. That’s outstanding. During preseason, Lin was flat-out dazzling with his jumper — stepback, behind-the-back, midrange, long-range. His form is fine.

    Lin won’t make excuses, but it’s clear what the only real “problem” is: he’s a rhythm shooter and needs the ball in his hands. There’s always room for improvement, but I’m not worried about his shot (nor is Jeremy!). I’m only worried about him getting the fair chance that he’s earned at least twice now.

  66. Is there a way to make this post sticky as a reminder?

  67. I have already featured it….but that’s about it. Disqus is not really a fully featured forum format.

  68. Not exactly “proof,” but it goes against MDA taking over in Philly:

    Vast majority of draft lottery reps aren’t coaches, so Bryan Colangelo didn’t have to pick him. Quick Google search shows that Brian Shaw, who got fired in 2015, attended the draft lottery in 2014. But he still got 50+ games into the next season.

    Brooklyn was and is my favorite landing spot for Lin and this is pushing me further in that direction. Bryan is pumping the brakes on his dad’s plan. Guess he doesn’t want to be “the bad guy.”

  69. come on…. best case scenario then MDA becomes associate head coach for the nets lol

  70. Too many chefs in the kitchen.

  71. ‘Jeremy Lin knows what his fans think. How could he not? They bark complaints about his coaches and teammates at him daily on Twitter and Facebook ………Any choice he makes carries with it the burden of a massive fan base — beyond the rabid hundreds, he has a following across the globe’

  72. I hope MDA can get the Pacers HC job.

  73. LMAO… poorly written

  74. besides the exit interviews they have no fresh Lin news so what do they do? snoop out social media for news 🙂

  75. Well deserved

  76. Yep, shuffling Lin’s words around to fulfill his own premises.

  77. Coming from you that would make me cry if I was that

  78. ——————————————————————minus—

  79. Mods are great here, keep most of the trolls out.

  80. I don’t agree. The Hornets are a fringe playoff team at best, mainly because of the way they play Lin, and overused Kemba’s low FG% and lack of defense.

    Put Lin with 4 decent players and he will get them to the Playoffs easily playing team ball.

  81. Both nets and sixers have good players. They can make playoff with lin

  82. —-plus——————————————————–

  83. Not much you can do with Melo in the middle there.

    He did make a good decision with Porzingis tho.

  84. @Dinoneseus:disqus must have been the culprit …making all this ruckus and chaos while I was away!

  85. Jeremy Lin Works Out With Kenny Atkinson Pre-Game (Miami)

  86. Another video of his off season workout with Phil Wagner, Kenny Atkinson, and Doc Scheppler

    Jeremy Lin – Episode 2 The Offseason

  87. Hornets was a lousy team last season. They just has delusion about themselves now. LOL!

  88. I think they had a good team (that includes Lin)…but agree they are delusional if they dont maintain the core team for next season

  89. The whole article sounds like he assume this team will be as good without Lin.

  90. lmao

  91. I don’t think this team will be good next season bc just look at how they vs Heat in game 7 can tell….Plus Batum is not even sure will come back. I think he maybe will not be back either.

  92. This guy just use Lin to get the click. Don’t do it for him. Trash.

  93. Since Lin will be gone and at least CLT was good to Lin somewhat……I probably will just forget about them

  94. He was actually one of the better. More positive toward Lin. I guess we will just criticize his points, not himself.

  95. Can’t agree more.

  96. Nice, this year he deserved it.

  97. I’m not sure about Sixers making the playoff even with Lin.

    I think Nets would have the much better chance to make it with Lin because they have a top center that can score and can also block shots.

    They also have a good shooter in Bogdanovic at Sg who can shoot like Steve Novak….

    Hollis-Jefferson is already a decent defender at 21, but needs to improve his outside shot.

    So the Nets have better players so if Lin has a choice, I’d rather he pick Nets…..Sixers are way too young and guys like Okafor and Noel will clog the middle and hinder Lin’s drive to the basket.

  98. yup…no dispute there! 🙂

  99. yah yah keep making excused and enjoy your long summer next year

  100. Google Fun Fact.
    Jeremy Lin ranked #44 in top searched athletes April 2016.
    Jeremy Lin peaked at #1 spot (month)
    Jeremy Lin ranked top 10 past 3 months

  101. Seems Lin will have more options. Lin should go to the team that is willing to pay him most. His position will be secured with the amount of salary received.. This is the rule of NBA. Your salary determines your role in the team. Then next is your performance to make good with the salary.

  102. Unless its a tanking team…lol

  103. With a torn meniscus and still playing?
    That is not a smart move for a professional athlete.

  104. It’s that what Lin had back to NYK…?

  105. I would say that only applies to the big 3 of the team. Exhibition A: Lin’s HOU stint. Exhibition B: Lamb this yr

  106. You can get into playoff if you can run very fast. However, once entered the playoff…it is another story.

  107. He probably torn it in game 6, and Clifford played him in game 7?

  108. Maybe that’s why they played so bad in game 7 bc they wanted to end of this season ASAP? Sure can’t let Lin take them to ECF….

  109. meniscus are not too bad for short term game unlike torn ligament…but it still disrupts when one stop and go or had cooled down

  110. yup…the severity is different

  111. Lin won’t be happy if he is not given the minutes and the role of making plays. The only insurance of that is a much higher salary for multi-years. For teams which want his service bad enough will give him the resources and opportunities to succeed. He won’t be treated like the dispensable with huge salary.

    The only option for him is to go for the highest bidder with the best coaching staff that will allow to run plays centered on him.

  112. Exactly..Lin was able to average 13ppg on his first year with Harden and than averaged 12.ppg on his second year and that’s while coming off the bench for half that year.

    So when you compare Lin’s 2 years to Lawson, it makes Lin a super-star…But hey, Rockets fan deserve it since they felt Lin was their biggest problem and couldn’t wait to get rid of him.

  113. So Kemba’s condition is mind?

  114. not sure,…..since it was not mentioned…but its the same knee that he had previous surgery on

  115. Both KW and Batum should have sat out game 6 or limited minutes.

  116. I see. I really think he should take a rest & let Lin to in charge but this is NBA. He sure wanted to secure his position…. but if that happened for 2nd time…. not good sign then, just IMO.

  117. it wouldnt be his call…the med team and coaching staff decides collectively

    Lin had the same thing as well….only when the swelling was severe, did they announce it….even that was not immediate, its only after letting him to rest couple of days and during the re-trial, he felt sharp pain although the swellings reduced.

  118. the interesting predicament now would be …having a good backup PG would get higher priority….

  119. The prerequisite for consistent performance is a consistent role and minutes that Lin hasn’t received.

  120. Maybe bc they end of playoff now.

  121. Team always ask you to play & have the surgery after season end. But I think Lin is right to not play bc he’s health for 4 years.

  122. so was last year.

  123. Kemba really tried hard to hold on to his starting spot.

  124. Not too sure about that
    the whole team put on.
    There were other players who were more deserving

  125. Honestly, I am fine with this article. The only issue is that he made an assumption that the Hornet is a playoff contender as a enticing factor for Lin. I have a different opinion on that.

    Through Lin’s career, he had never been given the key. Houston was the closest one until JH’s signing. Then, the rest is history. I am not sure whether Net will be a playoff team if Lin sign with them. But I do believe Lin can improve Net’s chance to be in playoff. Belief is a strong biased opinion, ^_^. So, do not quote me on that.

  126. Brett Brown only has one year to prove himself and is extremely unlikely that he could hold on his job more than that. Will MDA leave the sixers?

  127. Like Harden?


    It’s when Jeremy was in hospital for his knee surgery.

  129. 76 is really full of young players….

  130. rear view mirror.

  131. wow, didn’t know that. I guess Lawson was thinking, with free agency coming up, I’m going to go on a championship contending team, help them get to the Conf Finals, raise my stock, and get paid with the new salary cap!

    Little did he know… lol

  132. That’s the first that comes to mind when I hear Atkinson, the image of him bashing Lin with the pads during practice!

    Out of context quote: “Atkinson loves to bash Jeremy Lin!” LOL

  133. good, no MDA in Sac

  134. yeah, what is the deal with the hoop? That looks like a real metal hoop, an old one. Maybe it’s a sentimental hoop, like from his high school or something when they upgraded the gym.

  135. Yeah, I actually thought his form looked better this year. No wasted movement in lower legs.

  136. What is Chinatown Boyz anyways? Is it some clothing brand? They sure are getting a lot of free publicity from Lin’s fan posts.

  137. One reason Colangelo has not fired Brett Brown yet is their European draft pick Dario Saric only speaks with Coach Brown. Now Colangelo goes to meet Saric and build personal connection.

    Every coach fired this season had a better record than Coach Brett Brown of Sixers 10-72 record —- Scott Brooks, Vogel, Blatt, Bickerstaff, Karl, Joerger, Wittman, BScott, Hollins,Hornacek, Fisher, McHale fired for a 4-7 start

    Sixers have every reason to fire Brown but just waiting for the proper time – and install MDA.

    If MDA does not accept any coaching job with other teams but stays on the Sixers team, guarantee he will be next head coach.

  138. RC Buford totaled 77 points and received nine of 29 first-place votes from a panel of fellow team basketball executives throughout the NBA. Executives were awarded five points for each first-place vote, three points for each second-place vote and one point for each third-place vote.

  139. This explains why Clifford wanted to lose Game 7! Walker might have played through injury in game 7. Clifford did not want to let Lin to play to win for game 7 and proceed to round 2. If Walker cannot handle round 2 for his injury, Hornets may as well just exit early. Hornets knew perfectly that Hornets will have good chance to have more wins down the road, if Lin was allowed to play like Games 3, 4 and 5. But, that would only help Lin to pump up his market value, no benefit to Hornets. That’s why Clifford was not upset in Game 7 postgame interview. MJ did not look unhappy either. Knew something sneaky was going on!

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  141. That’s why the Curry and the Warriors are so special. Obviously Curry takes the most shots and handles the ball the most, but at the same time, the whole team is involved and engaged.

    Completely opposite of iso ball where one player does their thing and the other 4 stand around and watch.

  142. …plus fire him would cost the team estimated $10 plus mil. His contract just got extended by former GM.

  143. Not sure how much Brown makes per year, but it’s hard to believe they’d lose that much if they canned him for the balance of his deal.

  144. That’s what I thought why Colangelo said he’s OK w Brown as coach moving forward… his boss didn’t want to fired Brown$$$

  145. The only question is how many voters did not vote Curry as 1st.

    Last year, the tally was Curry 100, Harden 25, James 5.

  146. Is brooks a good P&R player?

    The Brook-Lin pick and roll will look nice in Brooklyn.

    by NH Nets Fan on 05.09.16 12:01pm

  147. Thats the question. I saw a question about his PNR defense

  148. Jlin will not be happy to learned that the bugs didn’t play to win and wasted an opportunity to go to the ecf….I am really hate the bugs now.

  149. There is a hater call NY king or something….spewing false info about Jlin overthere

  150. It wasn’t about Lin is was about broke lopez and his PNR defense

  151. I know…I wasnot referring to Lopez pnr….just saying there is a hater spewing false info overthere

  152. Well it doesn’t matter. Trolls are trolls.

  153. Yeah..

  154. Yes the interest should dip now that playoff is over for him
    Overall it’s still very impressive to be top 50 search athletes.
    Cam Newton ranked #50 Ernie Els#43 Dwyane Wade #42

  155. There is an ongoing rumor that Daryl Morey will be fired soon. It is likely the result of the Rockets trying to lure premium coaches who would only take the job if given complete control of the team roster. If the firing truly materializes, it will be further justice served because Morey tried hard to destroy Lin’s NBA career and he almost succeeded as evidenced by Lin’s lack of options during last year’s free agency. Fortunately, now Lin is at a much better position with many intriguing options to choose from after taking a huge pay cut to rebuild his image in Charlotte while Morey is likely on the way out!

  156. There’s always a bad apple in every tree.

  157. GSW continued pounding even with Curry out. That’s the way the team is supposed to operate. Oh wait, I forgot this was Kw’s team LOL

  158. I want Morey to be fired but I also want him to stay w Harden forever…LOL!

  159. Morey is a dead ringer for the governor character in the walking dead. …the governor got killed in the show….I hope Morey career get the same in real life..

  160. Cliff rode Kemba like a Secretariat and the same thing happened. I could never tell he was injured. Must have been a very small torn meniscus since he’s activities to resume BB activities in early July. That’s quick.

  161. Harsh.

  162. Great, Morey can take his puppet mouthpiece David “Clutch” Hardisty with him. THE NUMBERS ARE CLEAR …. YOUR TEAM IS BUILT AROUND A LAZY FAKE SUPERSTAR HARDEN …. YOU’RE FIRED, GTFO OF HERE !

  163. Dave Joerger has an agreement in principle with the Sacramento Kings to become the team’s new head coach, sources told ESPN’s Marc Spears. Joerger agreed to a four-year deal worth $16 million, and the fourth year of the contract is a team option, according to sources.

  164. Wow! Fast…. Pacers…. MDA now.

  165. Lin and Wade having words (Wade playing dirty)

  166. Kemba supposedly injured his knee a month ago, and apparently it was not serious enough to risk doing more damage, just a pain tolerance issue.

    Wow, can you imagine how the season may have turned out if Kemba had decided to get surgery earlier? I can’t blame Kemba for playing through it though, with Lin playing as well he did as a starter.

  167. Chinatown boyz is a group of boyz who live at this great place with many great food call Chinatown. One day they have an idea of creating something that, without speaking people automatically know they live at Chinatown, hence the shirt. It’s a way to show the pride of being a Chinatown boyz.

    I wont surprised if they also have Chinatown girlz too. That will be awesome.

  168. This pic looks very young and fresh. The hair now is more of mature and cool. Less gel would be better. But maybe that’s his intention. To keep away people from touching.

  169. There must be degrees of this because when Lin tore his, back in NY Linsanity days, it affected his on-court minutes and then he was shut down by the team. I get the feeling that Charlotte will have players play through serious injury and Lin has as well because they knew Batum is injury prone (and played poorly through injury). Lin used a lot of message therapy I think.

  170. NO. It’s not from high school. It’s from when he started to play basketball with his dad when he’s five.

  171. Yes, there are different degrees of torn meniscus. Being as tough as Lin is, I’m sure he would have put off surgery when he was with the Knicks if it was only a pain tolerance issue and there was no risk of further damage to the knee.

  172. Hey there fellas,

    I want to commend the folks that run this forum; it’s a great place. I just want to share some thoughts I had.

    There are some good folk(s) here who want JLin to remain a backup on the hornets. The reasoning given is that he is a slasher, not a real point guard and thus has to come off the bench; a bad decision maker. That he will be exposed without Kemba on the court with Kemba making decisions. That Lin plays best as an instinctive player, and is prone to overthinking. That the hornets have a unique nucleus of teammates and Lin needs good teammates in order to thrive.

    It is okay to believe this. It is perfectly fine to post about this.

    What is NOT okay is for these posters to CHASTISE AND CHIDE everyone else for not believing this. And they tell us openly to stop thinking that Lin should leave; that by doing so we are thinking narrowly. That we are hanging on to a pipe dream and false hope.Or, that this is not what Lin wants. Lin is “happiest” in Charlotte.

    With all due respect, you don’t know what Lin wants anymore than we know what Lin wants. You cannot claim a monopoly on Jlin’s thoughts, which is what you are doing, time and time again, by claiming your version of what Lin thinks is correct and ours is false.

    Furthermore, is is NOT YOUR PLACE TO TELL US NOT TO HOPE. I will quote the “Shawshank Redemption” about hope: “Remember, Red, hope is good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies”. You can’t be so risk averse that you never leave your house for fear of tripping outside. Similarly, you can’t be so risk averse that you chide us for wanting Jlin to leave.

    Furthermore, this argument, to me at least, is wrong on the merits. Recall this: After the Spurs beat the Warriors in a Saturday night game at the end of the regular season, many pundits were saying that this was THE BEST REGULAR SEASON GAME OF ALL TIME, BETWEEN TWO OF THE BEST TEAMS EVER.

    Well, a Lin-led team beat the Spurs the next game, because Kemba and Batum’s decision-making was a flaming hot mess. Lin is only turned to as a decision maker out of desperation (a seven point first quarter) or injury (the playoffs).

    This notion that Lin overthinks was started by Byron Scott last year. It shouldn’t be repeated as dogma. Lin is often relegated to the role of a”space player”, and he constantly has to fight his freeze-outs to become a decision maker. This to me, is part of Lin’s perceived “overthinking”. Lin fighting his freezeouts to take charge. We shouldn’t be repeating this false mantra.

    Recall also, that a bench lineup of JLin, Swaggy P, Boozer, Jordan Hill, and Wayne Ellington, was one of the best units and the best bench in the NBA last year. There is nothing unique about Lin’s Hornets lineup. I actually liked this lineup from the Lakers much more, even without Ed Davis. And these teammates loved JLin. Jlin is a likable guy. Watching the bench guys coalesce around JLin was a beautiful sight last year. The bond they had was incredible and just as good, if not better than the bond JLin has this year. You saw Nick Young tweet about how inspired he was to watch JLin carve up the Heat. Is that not a good friend?

    There is something beautiful about watching the greats play sports. It is a privilege for me to watch Drew Brees, quarterback of the Saints carve up a defense and throw for 400 yards. Well, this didn’t have to happen. Drew Brees, after a successful stint on the Chargers, was about to be replaced by Phillip Rivers, a young hotshot qb. Brees was short, only 6′. Brees had a ton of doubters who said he wasn’t good enough to start. Brees didn’t decide to stick around, start for another year or two, and mentor Rivers, which would’ve been the ‘safer’ option.

    No, he left, went to the Saints, and became one of the best QBs in history.

    Jlin, in my book, is a Steve Nash-Jason Kidd hybrid, just as good as both those two. How depressing would it be, if instead, we is fans, want him to only be a sparkplug sixth man.

  173. Jeremy Lin 2015-2016 Season Mix

  174. I have to use a Calculator to find out what year is that, going backward 12 years. Wow! 2004! Both Mark and I were so young in 2004! Now we both aged.what a sad rewind to me.

  175. I was thinking the exact same and posted this on a different fansite:
    Anyone else feel robbed besides JLIN?

    Had Kemba done the right thing and had meniscus repair surgery on his knee in the month before, then this would have happened:

    1) JLIN would have not allowed stupid losses to Denver, Detroit, Dallas etc…

    2) JLIN would have ensured that the Hornets be solid 3 seed with home-court advantage.

    3) JLIN would have led a ROUT of the Miami Heat

    4) JLIN would be in the 2nd round playing the Raptors and leading a second consecutive series win.

  176. You want a coffee and a brownie for your well written?
    I only have a huge problem with them when the folk(s) keep repeating this “back up bench” talk over and over and over and over.

  177. yes, there are 2 positives:
    1. Kemba definitely fought hard by only missing 1 regular season game after missing 20 games the previous season to secure his starter status.
    2. Lin gets freedom to find his coach and his own team in a bigger market

    I’m content for good but not the best results in the Hornets season

  178. Let the Lin rumors begin … as if they hadn’t already started

    Adi Joseph of The Sporting News writes Monday morning that if Lin wants a big contract, a starting job, his most likely destinations are Philadelphia and Brooklyn. …

  179. Here’s some more info on it. It doesn’t seem to be of the same nature as Lin’s back in 2012.

  180. Exactly! You speak everything from my mouth! Also when one keeps saying the false thing over and over and repeating it over and over people will start believing it even though was totally false! Hitler did that too to start a propaganda!
    Thank you and this is the best post since a long long time!

  181. Seriously doubt that is true. Torn menisus is serious. Steph Curry had a grade 1 and that sideline him for more than 2 wks

  182. mmmh which teams still need HC? I’m lost in knowing which and what anymore.

  183. nice choice of music. sniff sniff…. almost want to cry.

  184. Nets priority is still Conley. But every team wants Conley, so there is a good chance Nets will offer Lin I hope. So when will the HC give his first news conference, now that Hawks is out of playoff, he shouldn’t have much business to wrap up

  185. hey very nice post, in tone and what you are saying that I agree with. Where have you been as your disqus is fairly new and you have a good sense of the longterm discussion on JLin. Welcome!

  186. My take is Kemba was so fear to lose for his profile in the team that he played thru his injury. To me it isn’t a heroic act. Yes, I celebrate that JLin is out of Charlotte. I don’t think I can bear to watch more games if he stays in Charlotte. Everything is all good now.

  187. Here’s a source that seems to be updated.

    Currently open: HOU, IND, MEM, NYK

  188. Couch of slow offense for the Big.

  189. I agree with you. A torn meniscus can lead to a bigger tear. They go in and make a round hole at the end of the tear to stop it from tearing further. Yep, it’s a short procedure and you can be up and walking in 1-2 days, but playing bball? No way for awhile lots of rehab.

  190. I think if Sixers want Jeremy for real, they will get him.

    Jeremy already told he’s tired of big market and plus looks like Jerry Colangelo is a devout Christian as well.

    It only depends on what they want to do. Obviously Jeremy will choose his best option.

  191. I would think that Conley would prefer a team with better playoff chances at this point in his career.

  192. Thanks!

  193. So Kemba was that scared that Jeremy took spotlights in his abscence, again?

  194. Where? Of course, hiding somewhere lurking.

  195. see above. To me a meniscus tear is either serious or not, based on if it can tear more. 0 or 1. So it probably wasn’t a big deal. Minor cleanup for KW right now. I doubt if he could have cut on it without tearing it further if it were serious. I’m no doc, so I could be all wrong – anybody here know ?

  196. Not every lurker has bad intent. Call them read-only members.

  197. What’s the difference? Lurker and read-only members? I loke being call lurker instead.

  198. Hey! I enjoyed reading your whole essay : ) Sure, Lin has been oppressed and exploited (you know what I mean); We’ve seen this man perform amazelin stuff, typical of a high calibre point guard, to win the games…and then get benched. A tragic saga, as I see it.

    HeL! yeah!! Get out of Charlotte, LIn! He is worthy of leading any team that’s ready to follow. I’ve been convinced since the LINSANITY days and then I see LinsaNITY again and again.

    Continue on your journey Lin [he’s got plenty of money]; turn the Nets or the 76’ers or even the Spurs, Warriors or whomever into winners. That’s what he is, A WINNER. An adept winner. You want to start, Mr. Lin. Then GO FOR IT. Your fans will NOT be disappointed.

  199. Yeah, he left too much money on the table at Denver

  200. Just read bonnell’s piece in CharlotteObs on KW surgery… he ended the article with “Batum and Lin both want to be back and no doubt Walker is lobbying for their return in free agency ”


    Read more here:

  201. He may. He’s a year older than Lin.

  202. Here is why there is a difference:

  203. Ohhhh
    “In Internet culture, a lurker is typically a member of an online community or PLN who observes, but does not actively participate.”

    I m correct.

  204. The key is how he deals with Cousins or he will be fired next summer…as well.

  205. I remember he underwent the same surgery last year. Maybe the same knee? If would be very bad if Hornets let/ask players to play with this injury…smh

  206. No indication of that. Conley makes no sense for them, especially since Marks is in charge. And Nets make no sense for Conley as a rebuilding team. I can see them interested in Teague or Schroder because of Atkinson, but they don’t have the trade assets to get them.

  207. Partial tear can mean anything depending on its severity. During Linsanity, Lin played on a meniscus tear for weeks before having surgery. It just kept getting a tiny bit worse every game.

    Even then, he probably could have played longer before surgery if his financial future wasn’t at stake.

  208. in one dimension, yes. There is a lot more and lurker can be derogatory.

  209. Just read the article then scroll down and read another article “Now that Joeger is out do we i.e. the Nets have a better chance of landing Conley.

  210. No, I’ve read that already. Just fan speculation ignoring actual statements and common sense. You should check this out from Woj himself:–pelican-problems-132654855.html

    “The Nets new General Manager Sean Marks understands that big game hunting is a fruitless pursuit for the Nets until they’ve established a culture with a new coach and a real identity… Marks is determined to find value on the market this summer. Find some singles and doubles before he tries to go out and hit home runs.”

    Signing 15/6 Conley for $20M+ per year after an Achilles injury is not consistent with that approach.

    i like this quote. it says it all

  212. FINE. Read-Only-Member.

  213. Conley will take many days, even weeks to decide where he wants to go. Because that’s what top free agents do, they wait it out for the best contract offer. They care nothing about how it affects their team building process, like when Deandre Jordan screwed over the Dallas Mavericks at the last second.

  214. Lets hope so. I like the idea of Jlin starting as PG at Nets

  215. My thought exactly. They are probably still playing and leading Raptors 3-1.

  216. “When I’m done playing, one of the things I want to do is to make the world a better place. And there’s no better way than to really look into tech, because society’s becoming extremely digital,” says Jeremy Lin.

    New interview? dated 5/10 12am

  217. I’m guessing it was conducted before the playoffs started.

    “The Hornets are in the play-offs! How do you see the team in the postseason?”

  218. Good catch…that make sense now. He was in the zone with his “unselfishness, team chemistry” response. No doubt tho he truly enjoy playing with his teammates.

  219. Wondering why May 10, it’s Philippine time.

  220. Yes. I was thinking that he was injured in those Jan games. It was when both he and Batum were injured and he ended up playing most of the games injured for Batum. The Philly game he started with both Kemba and Batum and didn’t have that much usage. It was mostly an Alfense game where he scored 26 points and took 19 shots. Lamb played 30 minutes in that game. It was a blowout as stated.

  221. I think what Lin said he likes his teammates & this team bc they bought into his team ball theory (some of the games….) that he preached since Rox…. too bad, game 6 changed…. smh!

    “It’s night and day to a lot of other organizations. I compare this team to my high school team, in terms of guys totally buying in. We didn’t have a superstar in high school, but we were able to have success just playing team basketball and doing it the right way,” Lin said.

  222. Looks like only Pacers will have chance for MDA….

  223. So I should ignore this post, right? smh.

  224. Shaqtin a Fool highlights of Harden’s matador defense should be fresh in his mind.

  225. Dave Joerger literally was unemployed for one week!

  226. He probably would like a court side seat for the live entertainment rather than looking through a tv screen…. ?

  227. If I recall, Jeremy Lin held Mike Conley SCORELESS over an entire game.

  228. I suspect Dave Joerger will get along well with DeMarcus Cousins –

    but the Kings will not win more games because Cousins is out of shape and also because the Kings have no backcourt especially when Rondo is on the court stinking up games with what I call “selfish assists” (pass only to Cousins, freeze everyone else out).

  229. More like a weekend. Fired on Saturday and hired on Monday.

  230. When he’s in Lakers?

  231. I think it was when Lin was with the Rockets.

    I don’t remember, I could be wrong.

  232. I think that the main appeal for Sacramento hiring him is AFFORDABILITY –

    they are still paying George Karl a ton of money, and that’s not even accounting for Karl’s assistants who were also fired.

  233. ?? clear, concise and straight on the point. I wish all the posts here are as objective as yours.

  234. And Teague and Schroeder don’t want to play for a LOSER unless they get the full maxxed out max.

  235. lucky or unlucky – Cousins….LOL!

  236. Why made you think Dave will get along well w Cousins? He’s really hard to deal w….

  237. If I were a national network commentator, I wouldn’t leave my gig to be a head coach. You get paid millions to watch and talk about basketball without any pressure of getting wins, dealing with entitled superstars, and in most cases getting fired before fulfilling your contract.

  238. You get a standing ovation for this post.

  239. TNT will welcome him back if he’s out of Rox as HC….LOL!

  240. I agree. But I guess some miss the challenge and thrill of it even with those headaches 🙂

    But some don’t. I don’t know about basketball but in football Cowher for example, who won the superball with the Steelers, never left the booth. He’s with JB and those guys.

  241. Vid produces an error message for me.

  242. I feel J Lin destination depends on where Mike Conley will sign. Once that domino falls, teams will open up their checkbooks for Lin. I can see Lin getting a contract in the range of what Monte Ellis got from the Pacers which is $48-$50 million for 4 yrs. If Lin wants to continue this super bench player (aka 6th man aka starter in a bench role), he may opt to stay in Charlotte. Charlotte was so much better from an outside pov than Houston and LA.

    That being said, I hope to see Lin in Brooklyn next season. They have no 1st rd draft picks until 2019 so building team chemistry with the talent they have will be somewhat easy, I hope. Also I want Lin to stick it to the Knicks and Melo for forcing him out. Philly would be cool but if they get the number 1 pick in the draft, they will draft a PG.

  243. Really hope for a high salary wherever he chooses

  244. Ya! That shows how this team value & respect you.

  245. Should Philly draft a player they wish to turn into an NBA PG, there is simply no chance Colangelos/MDA (if you know the history of these men) would ever allow a rookie PG to start – Philly guarantee will get a free agent PG and they will make a play for JLIN.

  246. Not really, I feel there are teams not necessary want to spend a Max on Conley, that could go to Lin without really care Conley’s location.

    Those are the teams that are not targeting to go to finals, or they might be limited by their cap space, or they have more holes to fill than PG position.

    The team do not wait for Conley’s decision might get an edge to go to the second choice first, that way they show their willingness with the said player. Just like Raptors signed Lowry while all the other guys were waiting for DH12’s decision.

    So, you never know.

    BTW, I don’t think Nets will after Conley, that’s a team not ready to after a max player yet. (They are not attractive enough either.)

  247. I heard this class was pretty thin in guards.

  248. Frankly with the way Grizzlies GM spoke about doing whatever it takes to keep Conley, I will shocked if Conley leaves Memphis.

  249. True, there is speculation some teams want to turn Simmons into a PG; this rarely works well in the NBA.

  250. Yes, Jeremy should not sacrifice pay for a “starter” promise. In other words, “starter” discount is just as bad as an Asian discount.

  251. I have seen this before though, before playoff started.

  252. Exactly. Never trust the words of serpents. Money talks.

  253. I thought MEM will take IND’s coach

  254. what’s smh supposed to mean why so emotional? You might read this post and agree with the things you are ok with and disagree with what you don’t agree with. These days, there’s no guarantee anyone is talking for real because of the anxiety before FA happens. Happy day, is what I say.

  255. wouldn’t that be nice? So many dinner convos would be easier … you know what I mean, friends who don’t watch bball spewing stuff from SAS from years ago. ah …

  256. well, not for Rox. For CHA maybe, depending on keys given. etc.

  257. Nets have just ended the relationship of mistaken superstar max players Dwill and Johnson. They would be crazy to start a new max especially he’s still in rehab.

    My guess, Lin will get offer $34 mil ($10, $11, $12 all with change) for 3 years with Atkinson on the phone.

  258. Done!

  259. I would love to see more given the salary cap increase. He certainly has stats to prove his value.

  260. yeah, the article just says “Updated May 10”. Maybe corrected something in the article. Or just self-bumped it for views =)

  261. I believe it should be more, but he has just come out as a backup player. If that the case hope he will get 3rd year option.

  262. Show me the $$$. haha.

  263. with condition that he doesn’t “lose” the starting job, ever

  264. This will all be over in 60 days or less. I’m good just to chit chat a bit and keep watching the playoffs. Who knows … I just hope for a bigger package for JLin for waiting it out this year. So good he’s going into summer healthy. Look at others: KW, Whiteside, Griff, CP23, … could have been anything and all the investment would be at risk. So good where Jlin and fans are at now.

  265. Yes, but at the same time, money doesn’t guarantee being treated fairly.

    Lakers were paying Lin $15M ($8M cap) to be their starter, yet Lin only started 30 games and only had 25.8 mpg.

    CHA paid Lin $2M and told Lin he’d be coming off the bench. Yet Lin started 13 games and had 26.3 mpg.

    So yes, I hope for Lin to get a fat contract, but I won’t assume that he’s the entrenched starter for the entire season (depending the team he goes to).

  266. We can trust Atkinson because Lin does.

  267. That’s too low for Lin. Lin should get anything in the range of what Kemba, Monte, or even Rubio gets. With the spike in the salary cap, $50 million would not be a burden to the cap

  268. I’m with you.

  269. That’s low but not too low.

  270. And walks too

  271. Yes, please. Everyone should just ignore posts that they don’t like. Use that Collapse button.

  272. I agree and it is how I feel. After all of the he starts he doesn’t stuff, I’m jaded on the NBA in how he’ll be treated on any team regardless of how things initially look. I agree with you, the money doesn’t guarantee how he’ll be used. Hoping for Atkinson or MDA seems like a better bet, but there is so, so much more I think he has to consider.

  273. MDA once was one of the league high profile head coach. Look at him now after the bad PR from Los Angeles especially by Magic and Kobe. He couldn’t even get a HC job from any under .500 team.

    Considering Lin is lucky, thanks for many loses and injuries especially in the 1st half of the season when they were under .500 out of playoff picture and of course the 0-2 in playoff. Lin shined when Clifford was in desperate moments.

  274. Its really low for a starting pg. If Lin was coming off the bench then I would be cool with your numbers.

  275. Yes, I’m good.

  276. MDA was sitting it out collecting his contract, so I don’t feel sorry for him. He’ll get a good gig soon enough.

  277. Unless the Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace leaves Memphis! Rumors that he was looking to leave MEM.

  278. Oh no, I would never talk about other people wealth, just basketball.

  279. I’m fine, nothing directed toward you, JoeTeam. My happy thought for the day is looking at all of the injuries that occurred this regular season and playoffs, I’m happy that Lin stayed relatively healthy and performed great in the playoffs.


  280. There are starters making less than $10 mil.

  281. I don’t think Conley and Lin have much effect on each other. Conley is looking for a max contract and a contender. The teams that will sign Lin and let him start are very limited — Nets and Sixers. Neither of those teams are remotely sensible landing spots for Conley. And if they want Lin, then they will offer and Lin would immediately accept.

    Also, from a $$$ point of view, Conley would be wise to let a guy like Lin sign first and say, “I’m better than Lin! Pay me max!” While Lin would be smart to sign early before Conley, so he can’t be low-balled (“Conley got 18M per, so Lin should only get 10M per”).

    Now, if the Nets and Sixers DON’T offer, then Lin will have to wait for Conley and others to see what the best situation is (Memphis if Conley leaves? Spurs as their 6th man?). Hopefully, it won’t come to that though.

  282. Go Raptors, I can’t stand Wade.

  283. There are only 7 days in July to shuffle all this.

  284. I think some other teams may emerge that want Lin to start. Really, FA hasn’t started yet. We’re in the fire/hire coaches stage. Then some trades may happen with the FA signing. Lots of other opportunities may come up for Lin and Conley both.

  285. 6 days technically (July 1st-6th). All the more reason things will move quickly.

  286. So how does this FA thing work. Lets say Nets is offering Lin 30 mil 3 yr as starting PG 7/1/16 at 9 am, Lin will just accept?

  287. None of the post-Jackson Lakers coaches currently have a head coaching job.

  288. Although 4yr/60M would be fair under the new cap…life ain’t fair. Lin has always been hosed and until he gets a chance to prove himself for 82 games, he will continue to be hosed.

    4yr/48M seems logical. Maybe Lin will go for 3 years with an opt-out if they only offer 10M per.

  289. And overpaid Dragic.

  290. How the FA realistically works is that there are lots of “informal” (under the table) discussions between the teams and agents before July 1. They agree to terms in principle, then Woj tweets about it before July 1. On July 1, they sign the official contract.

    Well, that’s for the big names. Then the dominoes start to fall from there.

  291. Yeah, he can accept right away and it’ll be “agreed upon” and reported.

    However, you can’t formally sign the actual contract until *after* that 6-day period. As we saw with the Deandre Jordan situation last year, you can technically back out since nothing’s signed. NBA decided to shorten the moratorium this year to speed up the process.

  292. Agreed. While Conley is a level above Harden, KW etc in in terms of winning BB, Lin is a very creative PG and I don’t think Conley is better than Lin given a fair system to each. I think some managers also like to see other managers value Conley so much higher, LOL.

  293. I used to be a fan of Wade early in his career, but later I didn’t like his style anymore.

  294. Apparently, neither can the Canadians.

    Wade’s shots during Canadian anthem spark some outrage

  295. He’s still a great player. Too much dirty stuff. But he’s an all-time great and he’s having a solid game tonight.

  296. Disgrace.

  297. btw, go back to Reagan?

  298. “Lin shined when Clifford was in desperate moments.” Hmmm… this sentence sounds a bit pathetic to me. I wish Lin will never again have to wait for this kind of opportunity to shine.

  299. hahaha, always.

  300. Wade’s response to the incident was akin to fueling the fire, REALLY disrespectful.

  301. Yah he used to be amazing but LeBron ruined it

  302. yeah, cruz is gone now, come back reagan did more.

  303. To be fair, the Tor players were doing the same too. They are not Canadian after all

  304. Money he’s over class, decency he’s underclass.

  305. go heat

  306. It seems SCurry might be available today to play?!

  307. Wade is ai
    Whiteside pisses me off and Dragic overrated and overpaid

  308. He’s their guest. He represents the country.

  309. He’s out but not gone.

  310. Yep Harden made a strong case too

  311. Ya! Off the bench.

  312. The TOR players were too? I saw the video, they stopped shooting when the anthem began.

  313. He had to change his game due to injuries. Plus, he’s 34 now.

    Wade changed his status to make LeBron the top player on Miami after he joined.

  314. Yep, very disrespectful and he tried to justify it after didnt even apologize
    but same should go for the raptors players too
    these NBA players are disrespectful in general

  315. I think it was vs Jazz’s Tinsley (0-2), not Conley.

    Lin also held Calderon scoreless (0-8) in the previous game vs. Mavs.

    This is why the Lin has bad D propaganda is so stupid and asinine.

  316. Yeah, for the likes of Ish Smith, Canaan and Bev, non of whom hold quarter of a stick compared to Lin.

  317. That’s what my friends who were at the game said but wade tried to justiy his action

  318. Makes sense, coming back from injury. He may even be on a minute restriction but I’m not sure.

  319. Yah wasnt fun to watch

  320. That’s horrible. He should apologize.

  321. That’s what the danger of the internet, lies and excuses are spreading. Must be from Wade’s people.

  322. They had a lot of problems at first playing with each other. Now, it’s back to Wade’s team after they got 2 rings together.

  323. Even if true, two (or more) wrongs don’t make a right. Pointing at other speeders never saved anyone from a speeding ticket.

  324. I think so.

  325. Did he not hold Kemba to 0 as well? Either 0 or very, very low scoring.

  326. Why are there so many articles suggesting Lin wants to come back?
    I really don’t want him back with Charlotte
    Not under Clifford, whom I consider quite…. no adjustment not much better than McHale really
    about the same as Dwayne Casey who I think is very incompetent

  327. I haven’t seen one.

  328. It’s strategic, many probes and weather balloons.

  329. so annoying

  330. google jeremy lin

  331. Here’s the video clip. The last TOR player to shoot a shot happened at “Oh, Ca…”.

  332. and they were still moving around

  333. not a lie at all

  334. Can’t shine if you’re not on the floor. Can’t shine if you don’t have the ball.

  335. You’re not lying, you just accidently repeat their lie.

  336. They all base on what he said from exit interview…. lots of reporters didn’t even know what Lin said in his FB about FA…. Don’t worry about it. I don’t think he will go back.

  337. Kemba lost many games against Jeremy’s teams, but he always took care of himself before the team, so he always got his even if he had to do it via volume.

  338. Because Lin answered the Hornets reporters: “I definitely want to play with these guys and for this coach. No question in my mind that I’m interested in coming back.” So the writers took it literally.

    Of course, he’s just being polite and PC. It’s not like Lin going to be rude and say, “No way I’m coming back here.” Technically, he’s still under contract with the Hornets.

  339. Raptors became better or Heat became worst…? How come Heat has hard time to beat Raptors??

  340. I’d rather he said that
    the way Clifford benched him in game 7 was nothing but disrespect

  341. This statement sounds like PR for this team … you know helped them to get more players to come to Hornets….

  342. cuz derosan the super selfish villian is off the court
    and nah both are bad charlotee couldve easily beat both if clifford wasnt such a bad coach

  343. Yes, but I seem to remember PFV talking about how Lin held him to either 0 or very few points one game.

  344. Heat mIssing Whiteside. DeRozan is on the bench late 4Q.

  345. Raptors don’t have their C either….

  346. on that point, you are right in that I heard on NPR those parties have now gotten a decades worth of mailing lists that they can sell for profit over and over to maintain their political clout. That was regarding Ben Carson when he dropped out.

  347. Yep. But they still look like they are rebounding better.

  348. I know that. I meant I hope he’ll soon meet a coach who won’t wait till desperate moments to let him shine.

  349. derosan so selfish Raptors fans really hate him

  350. True. Deng as C? Heat is going to loss.

  351. Aye aye, Captain!

  352. I checked all of Jeremy’s post-Linsanity games vs Walker, and couldn’t find such game. Closest I found was 13 pts vs. Knicks towards end of 2011/12 season.

  353. Kenny Smith likes Lin. Rockets are going to China this summer. Hopefully, Lin does not sign with the Rockets no matter what they offer him. He should be wise enough not to join any team that’s going to China in the preseason. It’s all politics if the Rockets go after him. Don’t do it, JLin!

  354. OT. Wade really plays well even at his age.

  355. I don’t like Rox & don’t want Lin go back to Rox either.

  356. Agree. Never go back. I find that place toxic.

  357. He’s not impressive in the playoffs. To much ISO and makes mistakes late in games.

  358. OK, guess I was mistaken.

  359. Wade incredible, Miami wins. GSW has only 2 points and are down 16-2.

  360. Here comes Curry.

  361. 25 minutes for Curry.

  362. yup

  363. The biggest issue with the rox is harden who likes attention and gets jealous and the fan club who hates lin. Lol at the same time loves lin since they still follow Lin

  364. This Curry reminded me of Batum, did the lying Clifford say Batum will only play 7 or 9 min max on each half on game 6 and 7?

  365. Somehow I don’t think of Batum when I’m seeing Curry.

  366. According to Clifford, Batum is their quarterback. Injury situation, that’s all. Nothing else similar between them.

  367. I’m just kidding with you 🙂 We gotta bring the fun back to this site.

  368. W/O Curry, GSW don’t play well…. they need him.

  369. The Blazers so far saw something most people didn’t. Lost Aldridge, traded Batum and they compete better this season.

  370. lol takeme2 … Steph on the bike reminds me of Lin.

  371. I don’t mind the Heat take this series in six. WE almost won against them – Shows ppl that JL7 & Hornets, esp. Lin, were no joke. Let Hornets team be the only team that won three straight games against Heat.
    This Is It! Will stop talking about the past from now on and only look forward to the future.

  372. Now that’s very similar.

  373. And Morey too. They lied to Lin and said he’ll be the face of the franchise then next thing was they signed Harden.

  374. Better Not! If $$ = Respects from org. and coach then we should hope JL7 get his contract like Reggie Jackson’s. Hope JL7 will get his Big Contract and Starting Role.

  375. Stuff like that happens. Putting Anthony in Lin’s uniform without telling him just shows how classless they are.

  376. Nah, reminds me more of Rodman. :p

  377. Why so little $$$ for Lin ??
    Reggie Jackson didn’t proved much before his Big break. If teams are truly invested in him (making him a starter) then I do see the big contract, $72M /4 yr.

  378. Yeah, based on Jackson example, it’s reasonable… If NBA free agency was fair.

  379. Livingston didn’t deserve to be ejected from the game. That’s wrong on the ref’s part. You have to let a player let out some steam in the playoffs.

  380. They are trying to decide the series.

  381. No Bosh and Whiteside with an old Wade, not going to go far.

  382. Just not right. Refs shouldn’t be able to do that.

  383. He was hit on the face by the opponent. No foul call. (reminding me of Lin!) He had a word with the ref and was ejected in 2 sec.

    The refs wants the Raptors to win.

  384. Thanks for a great, great post. Couldn’t have said it any better, Kirk!

  385. GSW needs Steph badly, his absence shows how much better he makes the team.

  386. in general, yes. But, don’t forget the team did ok in playoff bball for 4 games at least. So they just aren’t as consistent emotionally without Steph. Liv going after ref was dumb. But the ref was unfair – too much ego by the ref. It’s tough out there.

  387. was it reggie j who suggested they have penalties for refs being bad? I think they should have say 30% more refs. Then change the pay structure – if you ref, you get paid more, if you sit the bench, you get paid less. Then the refs are picked by some kind of performance measure. Right now there is no real cost to being unfair or incompetent.

    I mean, look at how much time they gave to the DGreen flagrant foul review. They NEVER did that for JLin.

  388. Seriously hope Steph will be healed enough to beat upcoming teams, he’s the only reason why I even look forward to the playoffs. It’d be horrible to beat Bulls record and NOT win a Championship just cause their best player went down.

  389. The refs really want the Raptors to win.

    Livingston was hit on the face by the opponent. No foul call. (reminding me of Lin!) He had a word with the ref and was ejected in 2 seconds!

  390. Yes, I didn’t even think his first thing was that bad. Is there a rule you cannot talk to a ref during live action play? Ok, if so, the 1T. 2Ts crazy. Doesn’t SL have to sit next game then? He’s been really good on D and midrange to control game tempo. Refs really trying to make an impact.

  391. I can almost agree, only because when he’s on the court, GSW play with such joy.

    He’s having trouble with his 3s. Interesting how his midranges are doing fine. That says how hard it would be for JLin to play 18 mins straight and hit 3s like the old days on Rox where he didn’t have to do that much and his rotations were better planned with rest.

  392. Cav really plays well now so afraid they will beat GSW in final….

  393. GSW have 2 more to get there. Long journey and KT might get his shot back. KT is really off these 2 games.

  394. KT didn’t shoot as well as past… but Love & Irving shoot well now…. Cav really plays well compare to last season in playoff….

  395. yes, if we get there (GSW), then it will be more fun than last year’s boxing match. Last year CLE had 2 guys out too. These next few weeks will be v exciting bball.

  396. I hope it’s GSW or Spurs win the ring… but now I am worry about Spurs too. Hope they can beat OKC…..

  397. Those are good suggestions. They need to come up with something because the ref performance is truly suspect and uneven with players and teams.

  398. Yes, I really want it to be Spurs v GSW … I hate the way every year we have to see the finals as anticlimactic. I they would seed the entire NBA rather then by conference.

  399. Livingston has a good reputation for his on the court behavior. He was fouled, the ref missed it. It’s playoff competition where emotion is strong and Livingston was just stating his case. It’s OK to give him a T but to throw him out so quickly was wrong. That’s not acceptable. GSW has a right to be mad about that.

  400. Spurs and Warriors in Western final. Lock that.

  401. The Blazers are soooooo lucky they are not this good and Lillard is a superstar a top 5 PG but hes not gonna beat the warriors

  402. If Steph aint 100% they will beat the warriors.
    They are a really good team especially when JR is shooting well

  403. the Blazers
    refs want the raptors to lose lol

  404. Reggie was very young
    Lin will get 10-12m/year

  405. If Harden is willing to share the ball, I’d be all for it and Beverley needs to go.
    If Lin goes, must be a starter 35+mpg 15+shots per game

  406. Love is doing well too…

  407. ugh I hate love so overrated

  408. You are right. Thank you. I stand corrected. 🙂

  409. I know his D is not good but he shoot 8 3P yesterday….??? No wonder LBJ likes him more now. LOL!

  410. Steph is playing amazingly well for being injured, what 4 or 5 games out.

  411. Yah i dont like how the refs call completely according to their propaganda its all politics and gambling
    there’s no fairness in the NBA anymore

  412. Same here, GSW has way better players even with Curry not 100%.

  413. Yes glad he went to the paint, 0-7 at the 3, hope he gets going towards the end.

  414. Keeping fingers crossed that he doesn’t re-injure himself.

  415. Yah but the bigs need to play good D and grab the rebounds
    3p is a plus but…love aways to me is a player who plays for his stats

  416. Absolutely MVP!!

  417. GSW should be sweeping them
    clippers shouldve swept them too
    this is so irritating

  418. his freebies are going in. 2 of them where flares off the screen, and normally he twists his body to get stable. It’s possible his MCL isn’t strong enough to take that twist going up to stabilize the body.

  419. first lead!

  420. Yup! GSW making the right plays and finding the open Thompson for 3s!

  421. GSW, please dont let Lillard be any cockier

  422. rushing it too, not valuing every possession that they earn on D. Green amazing in the paint on D and O.

  423. This!

    I could be mad at Lilliard, but then I remember his total dis of Bev and I can live with him playing well but losing to GSW lol.

  424. True, Green is contributing on both ends!

  425. Hope GSW takes this momentum and creates a big lead!

  426. Haha! Feel the same way…

  427. I wonder how many Curry’s fans there tonight. 🙂

  428. That block on Plumlee was huge. So fun to watch!

  429. every bball fan loves curry because he carried us through the terrible elections season.

  430. Seeing Ed Davis shooting free throws made me miss the other half of LED: J Lin!

  431. god i love how gsw with so much talent dont rely on so many isos, everyone moves everyone has a chance
    at least when they lose, its a really bad day cant really blame them for playing the right way
    this is so much better than kema ball, lowry ball and derosan ball those were so ugly
    incompetent coaches like clifford and casey just cant see it

  432. Pretty sure most of the audience are there to see GSW.

  433. This is how you give confidence to your best player have them come in last second just to take the last shot, not come in for “defense” (Lin).

  434. hahaha

  435. Haha~

  436. and when Steph is in, nobody worries about stats – just how to win this game. Just keep shooting until you get a 3, Steph! This team is great to watch because you don’t ever feel like anyone is going for a stat.

  437. in cliffords mind Lin is their 5th best player

  438. makes one realize how unintelligent of a player kemba is
    such low BBIQ

  439. ok, Aminu and Plumlee with 4 fouls.

  440. batum, too. anyone on CHA who doesn’t work for a better shot. Or, work to get someone going. Looking away from Lin is one way that team shows they don’t care as much about winning as getting their box scores.

  441. That contract must be inked in blood. LOL even that I don’t trust above scenario will ever change.

  442. yep all of them were selfish even marvin williams
    they dont try to get anyone going
    i dont know how Lin enjoyed playing with those ppl

  443. relatively, it was better than before (kobe, harden, melo JR)

  444. La was a joke
    Houston was okay imo NY wasnt too bad either
    Kemba was way too predictable

  445. Curry about to get hot after that long 2, book it!!

  446. I got it Danno.

  447. Lin on the warroirs could prolly avg like 11p 4a 3r in 19-22mins
    they are too good

  448. off court they are probably good people on court it’s everyone for themselves.

  449. Lin gotta get nasty too lol sometimes

  450. 19 mins? on GSW he’d only get 11 mins probably. When MKG was healthy Lin barely got 15 mins with Hornets!

  451. I would love to see Lin on GSW because then they could have real firepower on 2nd team. Right now 2nd team is v good, but Lin has proven his 2nd units are the best in the league. For Lin to get good $ and good mins and deep playoff run, I can live with it. Lucky for Lin, GSW won’t have $ for him so he’ll be a starter somewhere :0

  452. well assuming no shawn livingston and lins the back up pg/sg

  453. really hope so and teamball
    no iso ball Lin isnt a very good iso guy either

  454. he’s ok. His ISO is first step. He does ok on post-up backdowns.

  455. Clifford says you don’t really know a player until you’ve personally coached him. Here’s what Clifford learned in one season of coaching Lin – “He’s a much better defender than I realized. He’s physical, he’s very confident and a very good competitor.”

    The only nice thing Clifford said about Lin when season ended was, “He’s a much better defender than I realized.” I thought he knows Lin well. It turned out Lin trusts him more than he trusts Lin. smh

  456. Darn, Blazers knocking down 3s late in the game. GSW better wake up!

  457. Except Steve Kerr doesn’t like Lin and with such a loaded team Lin would see much minutes for sure. Not to mention they treated him badly when they first got him, never go back to a team who treated you bad.

  458. the only good iso guys are Durant, Paul George and maybe Harden and Kyrie
    Kemba is horrible
    I have very high standards for iso guys

  459. Portland are draining 3s to remain in the game…

  460. Not really man, Lin was undrafted i understand what they did

  461. JLin’s ISO is fine. When he has the ball facing his man, he can score at will.

  462. Yeah Steph for 3.

  463. Curry’s 1st 3 finally!

  464. Curry made his first 3 now

  465. Curry checked back in and started cookin’ 3

    Good game here 🙂

  466. Kept his streak alive

  467. he must feel good with that 3…go SCurry

  468. He has a lot of moves revealed on his 15-16 highlight video. He just needs to remember to dip into his bag of tricks and is usually more effective when his shot is falling. Thing with Lin is, a lot of times a much bigger defender and multiple defenders are put on him.

  469. refs want Blazers to win, that was a flop not offensive foul! Curry’s 2nd 3 should’ve counted!

  470. I do think refs are calling this team POR.

  471. Lillard is a big-time scorer but doesn’t make his teammates better. He’s another scoring PG type, Curry is better at involving his teammates. With Davis, Lillard could do more with him. But Lillard makes clutch 4Q shots.

  472. the problem is, on CHA, if he start to volume score, the team gets antsy. Look on GSW … they celebrate when KT is hot. They feed the hot hand. Same with Curry, even Mo Buckets. Everybody gets to be a hotshot on GSW, no hard feelings. On CHA, it’s a weird culture. Only KW or Batum get to jack shots.

  473. Well it sure looks like home-cooking at the very least.

  474. Al, another designated scorer.

  475. Al passed to Lin when he couldn’t back his man down.

  476. foul game coming up

  477. Good thing Curry was reactivated this game. If GSW wins, it’s because they did.

  478. Al wasn’t bad. He’d find Lin on cuts as well. It’s his D that was terrible.

  479. So what should Kerr do now? I wouldn’t chance playing Curry too many more minutes. You have to think long-term.

  480. OT!!!! gonna be interesting

  481. They have Livingston.

  482. The thing is we really dont know his condition…

  483. didn’t like the iso by Curry

  484. But Green has 5 fouls.

  485. 25 minutes was the original plan off of the bench. He’s exceeded that with the Livingston ejection. Now it is going into OT. 5 more minutes, roll the dice.

  486. aww OT? GSW and Curry please make it quick!

  487. he had a v good look, his normal high glass works.

  488. Looked like a broken play.

  489. What a game!

  490. Curry 5 points already in OT.

  491. This is such a close game. Curry may want to stay on the court…

  492. Blazers are playing well. Another 2 for Curry.

  493. The Curry Show in OT !!! WOOT!

  494. 9 in OT for Curry.

  495. Curry is unreal. 12 points in OT.

  496. here comes the 3s

  497. OMG! He’s the only one that is scoring!

  498. CURRY!!!!!!! That 3 pointer totally did it! He’s BACK!!!!

  499. I think Curry missed the final shot in regulation on purpose LOL

  500. effin’ unreal.

  501. could have been for the Quarter?!

  502. Curry scored 12 straight points in the OT.
    Simply Amazing!


  503. the Warriors bench response was hilarious!

  504. he’s my JLin surrogate all season. I watch CHA play ugly bball, then I watch GSW and Curry is Lin to me. That’s how this season went.

  505. A little different response to that Harden made shot, lol.

  506. He looked at Lillard and McCollum 42-43 min and said, “I got THIS!”

  507. Curry 35 points.

  508. and an off reb!

  509. Amazing to see how Curry can score with array of moves, offensive rebound, 3s, etc.

  510. that was incredible defense by KT on Lillard

  511. At will, psalm. A champion!

  512. He sure did and he’s scored 12 points so far. 15 points, hit another 3.

  513. that was sickkkkkk

  514. The differentiator!

  515. Curry is MVP. One of the most incredible players I’ve ever watched.

  516. fever sick!

  517. Curry the man!!! He your face cocky Lillard! 3-1 GSW, Blazers can pack their bags for next game tonight!

  518. I don’t think Curry should be doing jumping hip checks lol

  519. He worked so hard at it .. Gotta tip our hat off to him 🙂
    Total Domination

  520. so glad you are not missing this game … a great game.

  521. I doubt that and frankly, I wouldn’t want to find out…I want to see Lin play for more than 25 minutes.

    Also, Kerr was one of many who were annoyed at all the attention Lin was getting during Linsanity days as a Knicks.

  522. this should be 17 for Curry in OT

  523. a poor man’s Jeremy Lin =p

  524. Phew…What A Game!!!

  525. Lillard is a very clutch volume shooter, but Curry is at another level.

  526. 40 points in 37 mins and coming back for the first time from injury! All Curry in OT right out the game just sick!

  527. !

  528. 9 reb, 8 ast, almost a triple double

  529. No doubt, Curry is the STAR tonight. Nearly triple double!

  530. Loser hero ball and cocky too, don’t like him!

  531. “The game that’s worth staying up for!”

    What an impressive show Curry put up!

  532. phew is right!

  533. 17 pts in OT is all time NBA record for OT

  534. Amazing OT show, offensive rebound put back, layup, 3s, everything!

  535. Never like these “volume shooters”, almost equal to stat padders.

  536. Curry is incredible.

  537. Curry makes it seem “so effortless” – TNT commentator.

  538. And he made it seem so effortless, entire game I was worried more for his health. Still hope Steve rest Curry more for next game, he looks great better safe than sorry.

  539. Feel bad for Lillard. He was the star before Curry got fire!

  540. He’s Cusanity in OT!! 🙂

  541. 9-30

  542. selfish iso player 9-30 says it all just like Kemba!

  543. Indeed.

  544. Too bad JLin’s 3 point shooting isn’t as good as Curry’s. He’s better at the rim and on d but really need to get his 3 point going with this quicker release form.

  545. usually needs to be underhand, and higher up the glass! 🙂

  546. Steff takes a lot of shots, but he makes huge ones and passes to his team mates a lot. Lillard doesn’t see his team mates well or pass to them well. He’s a scorer, not much of a facilitator or floor general.

  547. Nobody shoots 3s as well as Curry. JLin did ok in HOU. He’ll have another year of good 3s.

  548. I love it when he does it with the left and then marches back looking at this left hand.

  549. That’s right. He was. I don’t think he’ll trust Lin if there’s prejudge there.

  550. Your secret is out – GSW + Curry therapy for CHA ugly bball trauma. Lol.

  551. It’s not only that he just hits 3 pointers. He has all of the incredible moves and creates shots off of those moves off the dribble. That’s the thing that truly sets him apart. And he can drive to the hole and pass with either hand very well at any time in motion.

  552. When Lin was at the driver’s seat, Rox blew out GSW almost breaking a record.

  553. The only reason GSW signed Lin was to attract Asian market. They didn’t value him at all.

  554. he will he will…rest assured 😉

  555. it’s true … that’s now I survived getting knocked down some days by CHA, looking to relax from work stress. Curry therapy, and I don’t feel guilty at all because it’s the way JLin wanted to play his whole career. Those 2 being friends helps a lot.

  556. Lin shoots off dribble well compared to his catch and shoot

  557. That has nothing to do with kerr….just saying 😉

  558. 人啊,顺风顺水的时候,意气风发,就是这样无法阻挡。I hope Jeremy lin’s time will come like this soon.

  559. I am happy for Curry but also feel upset by why Lin was so bad luck…. when he’s in Rox, GSW & Curry was not that good. But Curry got his coach & whole team behind him…. he is really improved a lot…. I hope Lin can have his playing time & freedom on court next season.

  560. Haha. You and I just have the same thought.

  561. I agree. Curry didn’t shoot well in 1st half but like TP said took w 20 shots he will get his rhythm… Of course, Curry is really great shooter.

  562. Ya! I saw they played live back then but now….

  563. Smart way to overcome post CHA game blues! Also it’s great to see “good guy” win. I wish there were a GSW and Curry in NY. LOL.

  564. Lin will shine. I always say that. And he has some. But brighter to come. It’ll look different from Curry’s but if he stays healthy, he will.

  565. His time will come.

  566. each person has his/her own’s all good.

  567. barkley said this was amazing, 2.5 quarters back from injury in playoffs to get that OT performance.

  568. I was there!

  569. Hopefully next season will finally be the team and coach Lin can settle down in!

  570. I think after took so many shots, he got his rhythm back. He’s really great shooter. Amazing!

  571. “The only reason GSW signed Lin was to attract Asian market. They didn’t value him at all.”

    I’m sure marketing was part of the reason, but it was not the main reason GSW signed Lin. Joe Lacob personally believed in Lin’s basketball skills and potential. But he was being a “good” owner and not micromanaging his coach (Keith Smart) and GM (Larry Riley). He let Smart do his thing and then evaluate his performance at the end of the year. Smart and Riley were the ones who didn’t believe in Lin.

    Then after the season he hired Jerry West as another team executive, and West did not believe in Lin either. In their attempt to lure DeAndre Jordan, he cut Lin to gain some cap space. (So that makes 2 times that DeAndre indirectly screwed over Lin).

  572. If you are a Knicks fan, you still have to suffer until Melo leaves lol. sry.

  573. Really hope so. It’s about time… so unfair…. smh!

  574. Joe Lacob’s son pushed Joe for it because he played against JLin in Palo Alto leagues.

  575. Postgame: Curry said he got frustrated with the missed layup to win the game in regulation, so he went for it in OT. Also said he felt his knee, but it didn’t hurt. Was off his feet for first week, then worked really hard his last 4 days.

    He ended it by saying he was amazed he had the confidence to go out and play that way.

    On Barnes’ 3 to tie, reporters asked how he could trust him because Barnes hadn’t shot well. “Confidence is contagious” That’s what JLin and Curry instill in their team – they keep giving them the chance to Win. Remember CLee’s winning shot? In motion pass back from Lin, when Lee was shooting poorly.

    Amazing Curry, Amazing guys.

  576. Or do like I do. Don’t follow the Knicks until Melo leaves.

    Oh yeah, there were a few weeks when some guy name Jeremy Lin was playing, I was a fan then.

  577. You said it. Sigh.

  578. If you can’t “feel” your knees that’s actually very serious.

  579. Think you mean he was touching his knee and it didn’t hurt? Not feeling his knee does not sound good.

  580. Happy for GSW to get the win but also very surprised to see Portland could play that well w/o three good players on the team-Aldridge, Matthews, & Batum.

  581. basketball hugs then, bro code.

  582. Which is weird cause Batum left to play with Kemba??

  583. or maybe watch Porz grow into ADavis Jr.

  584. Curry went 16-32 in only 37min way better than Lillard’s 9-30.

  585. lol…lost of word….for sure…the way he was shooting…crazy

  586. Thanks for the info. That shows you how the coach and GM play big part of this. The Rockets is another example. Lin’s NBA career is much challenging than other players I’d say.

  587. Ya! Even Lillard got more than 30 pts but 1/3 from FT.

  588. He’s & it’s hard to guard him too.

  589. LOL too funny!

  590. I was amazed at their shooting and their backcourt. Aminu too.

    GSW made a lot of rushed plays. If there’s a weakness, it’s the ‘circus play’ mentality that Kerr always says they have to keep under control. Time after time, a good stop or steal and then a rushed handle for TOV.

  591. Aminu is good. I really think Cuban has no brain to let him walked…..

  592. The question was if he felt his knee bothering him during the game. The way he said it was he felt his knee, but it didn’t hurt. So what he meant was he could feel the injury, but it didn’t hurt and then he went on to say he would be working on it tomorrow with trainers and would do that throughout the playoffs.

  593. Awake and we can feel our knees lol. !

  594. he cooked his defenders in the last 2 minutes to turn it up about 100 degrees. JLin does not have those handles, he does it differently. I can’t wait to see Lin handle last 2 minutes again. Both are winners, one does it by cooking (Chef Curry) and the other does it by Linning!

  595. Yes. Different, but I love to watch Win Lin.

  596. Batum is 1 year rental, doubt he’d sign with Hornets.

  597. Porz is the future.

  598. JLin tweeted props to Curry and Lillard

  599. kobe and harden shouldn’t have been an all-star

  600. JLin is a nice guy lol

  601. He is friend of both……

  602. lol…curry is cooking?!

  603. i’m not so nice though haha

  604. Both are his friends

  605. first half Lebron, second half Steph

  606. SC30 & GS Warriors – Please Two-Peat… I’ve been rooting for the entire season. Finals MVP = SC30 or Klay.
    Props to Cavs tho – they’re shooting really well and Two Sweeps – that’s really good. Same like the Heat (made more 3’s than Hornets). Cavs Vs GS is going to be a real battle.

  607. Stephen Curry Full Highlights 2016 WCSF Game 4 at Blazers – AMAZING 40 Pts, 17 in OT, He’s BACK!

  608. Lin is pretty close to KOPA….he had evaluated well couple of Lin’s game and how its best to use him

  609. Mark Cuban is not known for making sound decision. Here Parsons Chandler is going to opt out. How much he had invested on that dude?

  610. What a jerk!

  611. wow…..true gentleman and sportsmanship

  612. Bc Curry is that good now… you have to admit that….

  613. Maybe he is best shooter of all time?

  614. He says what Lebron knows but could not say. The whole season lebron has been chasing curry. Lebrons mood effects his team’s mood. Now that curry is back on the scene I expect the cavs to go into another funk.

    Each big moment curry has, I think lebron and the cavs will feel more rushed.

  615. Can’t wait to see GSW vs Cav in final bc this year Cav really plays well in playoff maybe bc Love & Irving are back.

  616. not at will
    when they pack the pain he cant do much
    Lin doesnt take contested shots and his jumper is still a bit inconsistent
    he’s more of a 5 on 5 player than an iso player

  617. there is no denying how good SCurry is!

  618. Curry is great. He also is given the luxury of shooting through a dry spell to get in rhythm. JLin often isn’t given the chance to find his rhythm if he doesn’t come off the bench hot and produce immediately. This article says Curry missed his first NINE 3’s.

  619. I was just reading couple of report…hmmmm….he went for a plasma treatment…thats kinda worrying….really hope nothing serious and doesn’t require surgery

  620. There is no point in comparing…both are in different system and situation…Jeremy is doing what he could given his situation

  621. I agree. Curry has playing time & unlimited shoot # on court but if you are a bench player no… Just like what TParker said… ” it’s our job, even if we get three shots, four shots, we have to make them. That’s a tough life. For me, I used to get 15 or 20 shots, so I got time to get a rhythm. When you get four shots, you have to make them. “

  622. I think Tony Parker correctly sums up JLin’s situation, and I also agree that Curry’s situation and JLin’s situation are not comparable. That said, JLin’s stats are being compared and ranked among all PGs in various message boards across the internet. When he falls short in the numbers, the posters never seem to take into account that he’s playing SG a large part of the time, and that he isn’t given the luxury of getting into rhythm that the starters are given.

  623. Agree. TParker got his 15 to 20 shots back after the complain…. Hope Lin can have his time soon.

  624. He played off-guard almost 70 percent last season, ran point about 30 percent. Overall I think Lin shoots less than some other players. There are few times Lin gets in the 15-20 FGA range even as a starter. Other players tend to keep putting them up.

    There are those in the league that see him as a 2-position guard and others as primarily a PG. How he’s used I think in the future depends on how the organization sees him and what he agrees to with them.

  625. LeBron is a better overall player
    He’s better than curry in almost all aspects but shooting Curry’s shooting is just too good

  626. He and Lillard are friends?

  627. Harden deserved it but Kobe yah…he has way too many fans in asia
    Lillard over Klay it should be
    but it was also his last season
    Lillard wil makeit next year

  628. I agree.

  629. Knicks Rumors: Jeremy Lin would bring ‘immediate value’ to New York

    Read more:

  630. what;s plasma treatment do? I can look it up, just if you know something unique.

  631. But look who’s on Lillard’s team. Not much except for Mccullum.

  632. His ISO is fine in context of a team game. Yes, he does not want to take the team on his back. If you watched Steph last night, he got his scoring spurt with others. Draymond said he took over OT, as did everyone. Yet, Draymond gave him one great screen from a baby feed 3, and also a feed on the fast break layup.

  633. everyone is not so nice taken off context, sometimes … it’s a % think like FG% lol.

  634. this is true and you need a team that wants output from each other. .

    Last night with Curry, every single fan and team mate and coaching wanted Steph to score and be ‘back’ and he came back in last 2 mins and OT as the desire would. We just gotta look for the team that JLin picks, and hope they want what he wants.

  635. when did TP say that?

  636. wow, when did he say that? In his post game? Good guy, called out Bev on national TV, then this. I wouldn’t blame him for playing indiv game. He and CJ were good, as was Aminu. Their team game just doesn’t have enough to outplay a clicking GSW. It gets close because GSW beats themselves with terrible TOVs and early shots. That’s what Kerr is saying when he says “circus plays”

  637. good observation, I’ve never thought of that!

  638. brent, time to send the kids?

  639. What did he say about PB?

  640. Probably through the Adidas connection.

  641. Wow! Finally someone dare to speak out about PB… that’s not D more like harassment. Calvin Murphy wants his job so bad in Rox or what… smh!

  642. Who the heck is yibada (popup Ads all over the place, stay away)? Does he write his opinions from mom’s basement? Even worse, called his opinions Knicks Rumors?

  643. I missed the rivalry time like Lakers vs Celtics or Bulls vs Knicks or Knicks vs Miami etc….This day you don hear players and coaches expressed their true feeling toward their opponent anymore.

  644. Steph was 5/16 from the 3s. That’s only 31%. If Lin’s allowed to take 16 shots from beyond the arc I’m sure he gets 30pts a game. Lin needs to be a starter to get the minutes to begin with, and the offense has to run through him regardless he’s point or off guard.

  645. Curry winning MVP was a foregone conclusion. But being unanimous was surprising, given that there’s always one voter who will dissent just for the sake of making it non-unanimous. Not even Lebron, Kobe, Jordan, Bird, Magic, Kareem, etc got unanimous votes.

    And it’s not because there wasn’t another worthy MVP candidate. Leonard had an MVP worthy season if it weren’t for Curry.

    A future 2-time MVP’s opinion of Jeremy back in 2011:

  646. I know Davis is there and is doing pretty well. Overall, I think his team could benefit from more ball-movement and Lillard setting up team mates up more.

  647. Parker was talking about his own situation. Buy CJSHYY applied it to JLin’s situation, and I agree it’s applicable. You can read Parker’s quote near the end of the following article …

  648. I totally agree Lin needs to be a starter bc as a bench… your playing time is too short for you to get into rhythm…and if you don’t make the 3 or 4 shots you will not see the ball again.

  649. NYK will not bring Lin back. PJ only wants his triangle system ….they don’t need Lin. Not good fit either.

  650. @DavidWorlock
    8 of the top 10 vote getters in the @NBA MVP voting played multiple seasons of college basketball.

  651. Total MVP Voting Points
    Harden and Lowry look a bit out of place

  652. I’m just surprised one rogue voter didn’t cast a vote for Kobe LOL

  653. I’d put Draymond above Westbrook and all under him.

  654. Recall that JLIN said in his post that he couldn’t bear to watch playoff games after Clifford un-surreptitiously denied JLIN the chance to close Miami Heat in Gm 6 & 7…

    … this says that JLIN is beginning to resolve the pain, moving forward and can return to watching playoff games.

  655. I’m surprised that Chris Paul has fallen behind so much.

  656. It’s interesting to note that the only game that Kemba Walker missed last season was the game against the Cavaliers, the only team that Walker has never won. In comparison, Nic Batum the other play maker has missed lots more games than Kemba. Walker played in 81 out of 82 games and averaged 35.6 minutes. Now we’re told that he had torn his meniscus. I’m amazed at the minutes that he had played last season. What could amaze me more is Lin actually help the Hornets took the game from Cavaliers.

    That I can say is Lin as the backup of Walker would definitely start more games if Walker rested more often.

  657. thanks!

  658. That was what many were saying. Kemba should have played 32 min and not 36. Lin would then get the 16 min that Kemba is not on the floor plus some time playing alongside him to get to around 24 min.

  659. That was 2 yrs ago … just before the playoffs, maybe.

  660. LOL Harden … might as well put JLin on that list everybody with zeros. Next year! 5th on list … jk

  661. that is a great point! I believe too many kids are skipping out on what college can give them … for just cash. I know there could be big injuries, but nothing like gaining team experience.

  662. I love the Steph / Lin relationship. I wish everyone here would love it too, as I have gotten some blowback from people who think just because Steph is doing great and a good guy, that it somehow takes something away from JLin. Actually, I think i really is good they are good friends off the court and social media, where they would ne ne with his daughter and have a drink before a game (in bay area, in yr 1 of Rox).

  663. Curry came in as a bench player last night. This is why I say starting or not doesn’t matter, it all boils down to minutes and involvement. And I’m all for Lin getting the proper minutes and involvement. But not minutes without involvement.

    The whole issue is starting being tied to minutes/involvement. Take that away, it doesn’t matter.

  664. Award winning writer Gene Luen Yang is writing a nonfiction graphic novel about a California basketball team with an Asian American player who upsets perennial powerhouse Mater Dei to win the state championship!

    Sound familiar? Alas, it’s about Bishop O’Dowd 2014-15 team. =) Maybe next book Yang can write a prequel about Palo Alto 2005-06 team. =)

  665. Calvin Murphy is obviously not too bright

  666. the step cooking show at 4:15

  667. Lebron has to win to remain on top. If he loses, he’s relevant but lost his chance to the next generation. Such is life …

  668. I didn’t even bother listening to CM because Lilliard was just to real …

  669. Honestly though, Harden deserved some non-1st place votes for MVP this year (based on how MVP voters usually vote). His numbers were even higher this year than last year when he was 2nd place MVP (more pts, ast, reb). MVP votes tend to go to ball dominant players who score a lot of points.

    What hurt Harden in the MVP voting was how far below expectations the Rockets performed. So it was good that the voters recognized that.

  670. I disagree lol.

  671. who’s the other besides LeBron that didn’t play multiple years of college?

  672. The more Lin is tied to great team players the better. Curry always seems to have a great attitude toward Lin, which should be the norm. Not sure why any fan should feel threatened by that

  673. Curry coming in as bench player does not prove your point. He was the needed star coming back into a tough game to test out his knee. He did say after that it was really hard to get started off the bench (we don’t give Lin enough credit here).

    Later when SL was ejected, there was no choice. The team needed Steph to get going, and they had to get him going or lose. He was I think 0-9 on 3s, rusty. Then he hit his first 3 with 4 min to go, then started cooking chef style with 2 mins go to. He missed what he normally easily makes for a game winning layup. He said in interviews later what got him going in the OT was him being really mad at missing that layup.


    1. He was a starter getting planned minutes to come back from a risky injury
    2. SL ejected, so he had to get up to 37 mins from planned 25
    3. Whole team worked hard to get him going, and they kept at it holding close until 2 mins in reg. Then Steph got hot and took over.

    JLin NEVER gets that treatment, because he’s not a starter. Nobody else would challenge Steph once he made a couple. If JLin gets hot, coming off the bench, KW or Batum would not really support that, and you know that by no teamwork with JLin. And then Cliff benches him too.

  674. I know, right? But it happens on the boards.

  675. No soup for Harden!, bro. He doesn’t play D, isn’t a good team leader, etc. The MVP is supposed to include a guy who makes his team better. It’s not just about the scoring. He made his team really bad, so the press just voted against that kind of team leader.

  676. kinda expected, everyone has to work on what is trending. Great share, though.

  677. evaluating people’s choices rather than what one is born with are more interesting ways to discriminate good vs bad.

  678. If you don’t tie in minutes/involvement with starting, starting doesn’t matter. That’s the point. Of course, the team/coach all have to buy-in to whoever gets the minutes whenever they enter the game.

    Lin need not be anything but counted on with the right minutes/involvement to make his mark. That’s why he’s had strong games both starting and off the bench.

  679. Team Lillard. I often liked Murphy because he seemed to be pro-Lin but I think he’s being ridiculous here. It’s not that era and Beverley was being excessive.

  680. Cavaliers weren’t a winning team and LeBron came in and brought them to the finals. I don’t know if any other player in the NBA could do that. LeBron has the defense/rebounding to go along with the playmaking and go-to scoring combo that I think is overall tops in the game.

  681. Morey couldn’t do anything about it this year.

  682. Durant needs to leave WB lol
    hes a much better player but WB way too selfish

  683. Harden did play well this year

  684. stats do matter to a lot of people
    he moved the ball better this year and he didnt receive and 1st place votes
    he still deserves some recognition the rockets were a mess this season and many injuries Harden is the only one who played they wouldnt have made the playoffs w/o him

  685. at 1:14 Jeremy brings up Kenny atkinson. Im now on board for Lin to Brooklin over 76ers lol

  686. Lets hope for a Lin/ Atkinson reunion soon

  687. Keremy AtLINson

  688. Has anyone seen this vid on Lin’s all 79 three pointers 2015-2016? Over the course of ~ 80 games (I believe he sat out at least one game due to injury), that is about one three pointer per game. How is this STAT comparing to other backup combo guards in the league?

  689. wow joseph lin plays similiar to jeremy pick and roll all day baby

  690. Lin sounded very raw and shy and cute. It was probably his first post game with media.

  691. cool, anyone know where to find his or the league’s stats?

  692. One thing I’m paying attention to is the draft, because teams that draft a PG in the top 10 will not need Lin’s services. (Or even if they did want a veteran PG to start the season, it’s only to hand the reins over to the rookie when he’s ready, probably mid season.)

  693. NO

  694. Steph Curry selling his house. That back yard tree house (image 4) is in JLin’s “How to Fit in the NBA” video so looks like it was filmed at Steph’s house:

  695. nice find!

  696. Allen Lu (JLin’s cousin)’s comments this in his FB: Naturally there are two top plays where Jeremy gets hammered w/o calls. smile emoticon For top plays/games I’d also add in there the San Antonio game where Jeremy carried Charlotte on his back to victory as well as some from the playoff series against Miami.

  697. Lovely!

  698. Psalm, can we get rid of charlotte colors? Jk…

  699. LOLOL You really can’t wait to get rid of Hornets for good:-) Guess we have to wait until JLin signs with a new team in July. Too much of hassles. Bear with this until then; about 2 months to go.

  700. I don’t mind having a interim summer color.

  701. One of the few downsides of Jeremy leaving the Hornets is the broken hearts of his many extremely adorable junior fans in Charlotte.

  702. Speaking of which, Sixers would make a better choice. If Jeremy went to Brooklyn, this site will literally become black and white! LOL

  703. Very impressed with baby Lin’s ability to go right. he didn’t have that ability when he first started playing in the SBL

  704. In the mean time, let’s go with some neutral colors like, say, black and white…

  705. Looks related to Jeremy, has his own style. More wiry than Jeremy. More 3s, his big man looks like he has a good shot from range.

  706. LOL NETS

  707. Technically that average is misleading for many games Kemba play more than 40+ minutes just to stat pad! So did Kemba actually get injured? Why didn’t the Hornets say anything?

  708. Why? I appreciate both players for their skills.

  709. Disagree, Curry has amazing dribbling and ball handling skills and his shooting is just a video-game. No doubt Curry’s the best player of this era! Lebron couldn’t even 3 peat with his Heat team and ditched them the moment things went bad. His overrated Cavs won’t bring him another ring unless they get lucky. So glad that hype and premature talk about Lebron “Legacy” is over!

  710. No doubt Lebron now sees Curry as a rival! Too bad there’s no way he can chase Curry’s 3 point shooting skills who can also get to the rim with his amazing dribbles and ball handling, he has fast agility due to his physique!

  711. Don’t like Lillard cause he’s too cocky but he speaks the truth.

  712. So glad Steph’s back, only reason why Playoffs are exciting and worth watching without having to stomach volume shooters who bricks iso after iso!

  713. CANNOT WAIT for him to get outta there… how about orange and brown for the time being… jk… lol

  714. lol!

  715. He’s the only other player other than JLin that i would pay to see! or watch on tv for that matter…

  716. You may have stumbled on the best way to beat the warriors. Force curry to be iso and let him take all the shots. Don’t let his teammates score. See if his legs have the stamina to score 70. Let his teammates go cold and become disinterested in defense.
    Warrior slogan is ” strength in numbers “. Shrink that number to just one.

  717. exceelent colors… wink wink…

  718. won’t work. The ball goes through D Green as well as Curry and their whole system has counters for loading up on Curry.

  719. I saw curry bring the ball up. Don’t load up on him. Let him score and be the only one that touches the ball. You won’t stop him from scoring anyways. See if he had the stamina to keep shooting jump shots.

    On offense make him run through screens or have someone post up on him. The goal is by end of game his legs are tired from shooting and running. And his teammates have gone cold.

    It’s like an ambush. The conventional game didn’t work 73 times in the regular season. Time to do something completely different.

  720. Wow, imagine the Lin bros in the NBA together! Keep grindin’ JoLin

  721. Man, look at how Pop is shewing Tony Parker…I truly don’t want Lin to be playing for Pop and the Spurs…Pop would go crazy on Lin and I doubt he’d let Lin play through mistakes and turnovers.

  722. You realize that once Curry makes 1 shot or 2 he’s not going to miss AT ALL like those volume shooters. Those 3 pointers will create a crazy lead before the other team even has a chance. Also Curry isn’t the selfish type player so he will move the ball no matter what.

  723. Calvin Murphy was always complimentary of JLin…

  724. Spurs are in trouble. Down 4 with only a few seconds left. LMA bad game. Spurs got too old, needed to change some players this year.

  725. This is the worst officiating ever. This new young group makes me miss the older one. Horrible NBA refs.

  726. RWB travelled. But Spurs haven’t executed down the stretch.

  727. Thunder up 3-2 in the series. Spurs better figure out something. And they are going back to OKC.

  728. That was a foul by Kawhi.

  729. duncan and parker should retire. Parker less so but he got maybe 2 years…maybe. I think at this point he is a back up

  730. Kawhi made a huge mistake. Instead of committing the obvious, hard foul, he tried to go for the Harden-swipe steal. So he didn’t get the call on the light contact. Then LMA got confused and watched Russ get all the way to the rim before fouling weakly for the and-one.

    Sad to say but the Big 3 might have run their course. I hope they come back and give GSW a series, but OKC has too many young, athletic bodies to throw at them. That’s how Lin engineered that epic comeback — just bludgeoned them with speed and strength. Can’t outsmart the Spurs, but they can be punished physically now.

  731. Wow that half court shot. Who is his shooting coach

  732. Duncan and Ginobili. Parker has good years left in him. But he needs another PG to play big minutes and have his minutes reduced. Mills isn’t the answer. And what Ginobili used to do to run the show when Parker sat he can’t do anymore.

  733. It sucks their core is old. in the playoffs people play big minutes. So the stellar bench cant help

  734. looks like TD is gonna retire after the season. Sign Lin to start and move Parker to play off the bench. Trade Mills if they could but not easy. Sign Biyambo to protect the rim and got rebounds. Not sure if they have cap space to do it though.

  735. Maybe. GSW is a very good team but curry without them, if curry had what Lebron had, that team would not be as good as GSW or the bulls
    Curry is a great player in his very own way but Lebron is a more complete player and physically talented. He will go down as one of the greatest players to ever play the game Curry might too but on an indivisual level, LeBron is way superior
    LeBron’s Legacy will not be over
    LeBron never had a team thats as good as the Bulls or GSW

  736. Yes, they should figure out what kind of credit card the refs take. G2 was as crooked as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, especially those final moments.

  737. Not going to happen. I think if he goes to the Spurs, he doesn’t start, he replaces Ginobili. He does both relieve Parker for much of the game and bring the penetration and facilitation GInobili used to bring. I agree about bring another big man. They have no answer to Kanter.

  738. If chandler parson and dwight goes to dallas should Lin follow??

  739. if Lin had signed with the Spurs instead of the Hornets, he’d be sitting real pretty right now. would probably overtaken TP as the starting point guard by this time. the Spurs need Lin

  740. Here’s a look at some of the more memorable MVP voting results in NBA history:


    2015-16: Stephen Curry gets all 131 first-place votes to become the NBA’s first unanimous MVP.

    2012-13: LeBron James got 120 of 121 first-place votes. The other went to Carmelo Anthony, who finished third. Kevin Durant took second, with no first-place nod.

    2004-05: Steve Nash’s first of two straight MVPs comes in a close race over Shaquille O’Neal. Nash got 65 first-place votes, O’Neal 58.

    2003-04: Kevin Garnett was within three votes of being the first unanimous MVP. He got 120, while Jermaine O’Neal got two (finishing third) and Peja Stojakovic got one (finishing fourth). Runner-up Tim Duncan got no first-place votes.

    2001-02: Tim Duncan won without a majority of the first-place votes. He got 57 of the 126 cast, while Jason Kidd gets 45, Shaquille O’Neal gets 15, Tracy McGrady gets seven, and Kobe Bryant and Gary Payton get one apiece.

    1999-2000: Shaquille O’Neal got 120 of 121 first-place votes. The other went to Allen Iverson, and he only finished seventh.

    1998-99: A trio of big men emerged as the favorites, and Karl Malone got the award after pulling in 44 first-place votes — enough to narrowly edge Alonzo Mourning (36) and Tim Duncan (30).

    1996-97: Michael Jordan beat Karl Malone in the NBA Finals that year, but not the MVP race. Malone got 63 first-place votes to help him edge runner-up Jordan, who got 52.

    1995-96: Michael Jordan got 109 of 113 first-place votes to win in a runaway, but not a unanimous decision. Anfernee Hardaway was the first-place pick of two voters (he finished third), while Hakeem Olajuwon (fourth) and Karl Malone (seventh) got single first-place votes.

    1989-90: Charles Barkley got more first-place votes than anyone else but didn’t get enough points to win. He finished second to Magic Johnson, who got 27 first-place votes. Barkley got 38, Michael Jordan (21 first-place votes) finished third — and four other players got at least one first-place nod.

    1985-86: For the second straight year, Larry Bird came five votes short of sweeping the voting. He was a runaway winner with 73 first-place votes, and Dominique Wilkins got the other five.

    1984-85: Larry Bird took 73 of the 78 first-place votes, the other five split between runner-up Magic Johnson (one), No. 5 Terry Cummings (two) and No. 6 Michael Jordan (two).

    1982-83: Moses Malone got 69 of 75 first-place selections, the other six going to No. 2 Larry Bird (one), No. 3 Magic Johnson (two) and No. 5 Julius Erving (three).

    1980-81: Julius Erving edged Larry Bird, with nine players around the league getting a vote from someone as MVP. Erving got 28 and Bird got 20.

    1977-78: In a year where 14 players got an MVP vote, Bill Walton (96) nipped George Gervin (80.5) for top honors.

    1975-76: One of the league’s all-time great MVP races, with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (52 first-place votes) edging runner-up Bob McAdoo (47) and third-place Dave Cowens (48) for the award. In all, 15 players got a first-place vote and 30 appeared somewhere on voters’ ballots.

    1969-70: Willis Reed scored 10 fewer points per game than Jerry West, but averaged nearly 10 more rebounds and was rewarded. Reed got 61 first-place votes, West got 51 and Reed took the trophy.

    1961-62: Wilt Chamberlain averaged 50.4 points, scored 100 in a single game — and didn’t win. He was second to Bill Russell, who got 51 first-place votes. Chamberlain finished second overall, but still had fewer first-place picks (nine) than Russell and even third-place finisher Oscar Robertson (13).

    1957-58: Bill Russell narrowly got the MVP pick over Dolph Schayes. Russell got 33 first-place votes, Schayes — who averaged 8.3 more points than Russell, but 8.5 fewer rebounds that season — 25.

    1956-57: Bob Cousy got just 36.5 percent of the vote and won anyway with 31 MVP votes. In all, 12 players got MVP votes.

  741. I don’t like either of them next to Lin. It’s just like Houston with no Harden and Parsons and Dwight older with health issues.

  742. OKC is all iso but they somwhow beat the spurs.
    That’s how great Kevin Durant is. He’s the only player who can win the game for his team playing iso all day
    No other player in the league can.
    Watching low BBIQ CLifford, Kemba and Batum play ugly basketball was painful

  743. The issue is spurs have no money

  744. Westbrook, 35/9/11. Westbrook was huge in this game. And I don’t even care for him that much.

  745. forget replacing Manu on the bench. the starters aren’t playing Spurs ball with TP getting too slow/old and not getting to the rim. they need Lin to replace TP at the starting point guard position

  746. CP25 considers himself Melo Jr., wants to play “point forward”.

  747. Ugh.

  748. If that’s the case, I would rather him joining the Nets assuming as starting pg. Unless the Spurs offer him like 10m per to replace Parker after may be 2 years.

    Parker really can’t guard anyone.

  749. No way. They’re both divas who only look out for themselves. I’m sure they’re nice and friendly off the court, but they don’t gel with Lin on the court. Parsons wants to be a ball-dominant SF and Dwight refuses to run PnR.

  750. They could do that, but I don’t think they would. I’m not against it.

  751. Take away harden and jones who also handle the ball Parson handlingg the ball sometime would be ok

  752. How is Miller doing ?

  753. He’s too self centred and he’s holding durant back
    He has no business taking 30 shots

  754. OKC are simply a better at ISO than the Spurs. the Spurs can’t play their offense with TP getting to slow/old and can’t drive to the hole so the whole team has to play iso and they’re just not as good as OKC playing iso

  755. Dallas has a great coach. He only has 2.8 assist. HE doesn’t hold the ball a ton anymore. Watching Dallas games he doesn’t play like he did in Rox

  756. If you want to see playoff basketball with Lin’s best chance to go deepest in the playoffs, it’s the Spurs. If you want to see Lin have more opportunities to put up bigger stats, if Atkinson is something like MDA, and we don’t know exactly what type of system he runs, then it’s Nets. But there will be more teams that will offer Lin a starting PG position IMO.

  757. we don’t know Spurs actually were interested in the first place last summer though.

  758. Mills doing what Mills do best.. just a backup caliber player

  759. Yes he does

  760. Spurs is the “worst case scenario” that I wouldn’t hate. If he can’t get a starting job anywhere, then being the 6th man for a soon-retiring Parker is okay. He could help them win a title and take over in another year.

  761. He is a freak. Saying that he isn’t a PG

  762. I am so upset now why Spurs lose the game…. smh! I hate RW & OKC. Why they won this one… really worry about Spurs will loss this series.

  763. yeah, they had already spent all of their money on LMA and got lucky with David West on the cheap. they didn’t think Lin would sign for $2 Mil or that would have been much better than West at $2 Mil

  764. Dwight Howard is doing a good job on Inside the NBA.

  765. NO, CP wants to in charge the ball… he thinks himself it’s the face of Mav’s future… None.

  766. IIRC, Pops openly dissed D’Antoni’s offensive system in the past. Lin’s likely off the list just by association.

  767. maybe, but they still gotta recognize talent, fit, and character. Lin fits them like a glove

  768. No playing time for him as usual.

  769. Mavs coach doesn’t allow that style of play..

  770. Carlisle is great, but Cuban’s actions last year raise major red flags. Choosing broken down D-Will over Lin and signing post-injury Wes Matthews for 17M per year??? Brooklyn and even Philly would rank waaaay ahead of Dallas in my mind.

    Now, if the only options are starting in Dallas with Parsons/Dwight and being 6th man for the Spurs…then that’s a decision worth debating.

  771. Cuban likes CP. Mavs coach has to do it no matter he likes it or not…. None. Mav is bad place to land. Plus DW maybe will stay too.

  772. Agreed on 2.5 out of 3. Talent and character for sure, fit remains to be seen…

  773. Dwight addressing playing in Houston. Says he likes being involved. Always interested in the game. When he takes himself out of the game, it’s own him. Didn’t answer the question about playing with Harden.

  774. philly hell no but yea brooklyn is good idea. Still dallas got in the playoffs with that team is crazy. Drill average 14 points in dallas. What could Lin do in the system. Id say a lot. The issue is money

  775. i watch dallas play. HE doesn’t play Point forward. He has 2.8 assist a game. Batum has 5 assist a game. In dallas he is straight shooting forward

  776. Now that people realize how important Parker-prime is to Pop’s system, as much as TD.

  777. Why are posters so big on Brooklyn? Atkinson’s coaching style and system are a complete unknown and there’s nothing really spectacular about the team’s personnel.

    Looking at Lin in the playoffs, I would hope he goes deep as possible next year. I don’t see that happening in Brooklyn. In fact, if they made the playoffs and win a few games that would be a big lift to them.

  778. Not really just put up bigger stats for lin but wants him to play freely with trust from the coach. Nets went to the playoff 2 seasons ago with two deinterested player in Deron Williams and Joe Johnson.

    The Nets have 2 young players in RHJ (rookie last season) and Gilpatrick (undrafted) I really like. With Lin at the helm, they have a chance to sneak in to the 8th spot.

    For Spurs, it all depends on how much they offer if not for a starting spot. If something like a MLE, he could be just a back up like Mills which I do not like. But who knows.

  779. third worst in the nba. so yea. I think Lin will look for a team in the playoffs or just out. Brooklyn would have to sign a few people first.

  780. Dwight broke his nose?

  781. But are we assuming that Atkinson is something like MDA? IMO, that’s an unknown. How he is as a head coach remains to be seen.

    I’m more thinking of the playoffs and how Lin made a big splash with his excellent play this post-season. I’d love to see him go deep into the playoffs, not maybe get into the 8th spot. If Lin can somehow find a way to play to his strengths, get the involvement and minutes he deserves, on a team that is likely to go deep into the playoffs, I more lean to that team. And that’s even though I’d be able to go to the Brooklyn games to watch him a few games in the season.

  782. They are way too talented to lose to the spurs

  783. they have traded their big man (forgot his name) to make room for LMA. they needed a back up big than a back up pg. they believed Mills may be enough. They won a ring with Mills as a back up.

  784. And still the coach’s style and effectiveness is a big question mark? He may be fantastic, he may struggle. Who knows?

  785. OKC too athletic for them
    they need a new younger faster PG

  786. If they are offering Jeremy the most, why not? There is no certainty in the nba, because at any time the front office might demote Jeremy, no matter what the coach says. So Jeremy might as well take the most cash.

  787. I don’t see anything wrong with his nose.

  788. Lin with Carlisle would be greta. He would teach Lin alot

  789. Lin Matthews Parsons Dirk DH12
    not bad but will Lin be able to take even 10shots a game?
    and this team is pretty similar to the portland trailblazers last season

  790. spurs could have won if aldridge showed up. so incredibly frustrating to watch

  791. I agree with that. I more lean toward the established coach. And I also lean toward the systems that run more like Spurs/GSW. One assistant coach I have faith in is Bill Walton taking over for the Lakers. I’m curious to see how he’ll do with them and the system they’ll run. I expect a huge improvement over the tank commander.

  792. He shouldnt be their 1st option

  793. exactly! agreed. they need to play Spurs offense and that requires a younger faster PG who can get to the hole and open up the whole floor for the crisp passing

  794. true that no body knows about Ackinson can be a good hc (complete difference from an assistant coach. No one even know whether he wants Lin as his starting pg. But if he does, its the chance for Lin.

    If he is just looking for playing deep in the playoffs or even win a ring, Warriors a much better chance to win one. Shaun Livingston is a free agent and he may leave for more money.

  795. Melo didnt play point forward he just likes to iso

  796. Bulls would be interesting if he is a starter. Still beggars cant be chooser. Lin needs a starting job first. He cant talk his way into a starting spot on a chip team. Unless they don’t have a lot of money. So a team like Brooklyn or phyla maybe the choice. Maybe milwakee.

  797. btw, re to the system that Atkinson is running most likely the P&R. I read it somewhere but can’t remember. May be in NetsDaily.

  798. Sure, 100M/4yr then we’ll talk. But I don’t see it happening.

  799. I’m actually higher on Sixer than Nets, if it makes you feel any better… 🙂

  800. I agree that Brooklyn would be a better destination for Lin because he’d be higher in the pecking order as for how many shots he takes and how much will he handle the ball.

    In Dallas, they still have PG’s like Barea, Felton and Harris that Carlistle love to play but my guess is if they get Lin, one of these guys will have to leave and Carlistle also love to play 2 PG line-up, so my guess is Lin still gets to play much more than in Charlotte.

    I would still worry about the amount of shots Lin would get with too many people in front of him..You’d have Norwitzki, Parson, Howard and $17M man Wesley Matthews.

  801. Im really really low on them

  802. Spurs looked old and slow. Need some Lin in their rotation!!

  803. Ain’t diversity great? LOL

  804. May be its just me. I like it if it comes true. Simply because Carlisle, a great coach, better than Doc Rivers. IMHO.

    But having said that, assume Lin is the starting pg with a big contract. haha

  805. I have no idea what point you are trying to make.

  806. Duncan, Parker, ginobli >> Aldridge, Leonard

  807. I see what you are doing. Vote up.

  808. “Playing point” almost synonymous with ISO these days (because of the ball-hogging nature), when not many can actually do the job. Just look at Kemba!

  809. You must’ve missed last July…

  810. He may hog the ball but love watching Westbrook play because it’s like watching a superhero.

  811. You must have missed your English lessons, because you can not write more than one snide nondescript sentence.

  812. When they are two years younger.

  813. PG’s function/role is changing. Basketball is changing. A lot of scoring is coming form that position now and some PG type of functions are now going to PF types like Draymond Green. Look at many of the big PGs, Irving, Lillard, Westbrook, Curry, all are big scorers and only Curry really does a lot of facilitating. Westbrook dishes off of aggressiveness, sometimes he gets a lot of assists.

  814. I get that!

  815. You mean Luke right?

  816. The more i think about it. The top option is Brooklyn. Thats his best shot of being the guy or a top 3 option. Sixers is there as well. I do believe dallas is up there still He won’t get a ton of shots. Its best that Lin goes to a bad to ok team with promise. Milwaukee is also interesting. I’m very wary of a Harden situation. so too much stars is an issue. I don’t know if Lin cares about that. Looking at the way he thinks. He will look for a team like the hornets who was just out of the playoffs or just in. Good players. just missing a pg. Dallas and brooklyn is there. Still i wanna know why brooklyn lost so much. 11 games worse then the knick is bad. Lin may think so as well. Lin may take less money for a team like dallas or bulls if he starts. Even Milwaukee over brooklyn.

  817. People, including myself want to see Lin finally get a chance to start and get a full 30mpg…Brooklynn does have Brook Lopez who’s a top 5 center but I agree that they need a bit more…Brook and Lopez is not enough.

    If I were them, I’d trade Thad Young and try to replace him with s stretch-4…They already have Bogdanovic who’s a very good shooter and can play either the 2 or 3…

    I’d consider signing Marvin Williams and slide him at the 4 and try to duplicate what Charlotte did which was simple..shoot more 3 and play defense.

    Brooklynn already have a center that is already better than what Charlotte has + they could have Marvin at 4 and Lin running PnR with Lopez…I think they’d have a chance to make the playoff and possibly go deep.

    PF: Marvin
    SG: Bogdanovic
    PG: Lin

    Not bad…Hollis-Jefferson is supposed to be a defensive wing…kind of like the Brooklynn MKG,..that’s at least what they sees him as, but he’s not really not a good shooter, but hope that he’s at least better than MKG there.

    Larkin is decent back-up PG and that’s about it as for their bench….Maybe they should consider signing Hawes too..

    At the very least, Lin could have a few of his teammates there and Brooklynn could try to replicate the way Charlotte played last year.

  818. Too bad they don’t BELIEVE!!!

  819. They better come up with a good offer. I do not want Jeremy to take a big discount just for the promise of a starting position. No to “starter discount” and “Asian discount”.

  820. He probably would have to take a little less then on other teams

  821. Im think a discount would be 8-10 million. On a bad team like brooklyn its 11-13

  822. I guess Lin won’t mind to take little less (depends on how much less though) it they commit to him to start. I just like Carlisle the way he coached and the way he treated his players.

  823. Point forward is like greek freak
    SF that handles the ball and dish out assits

  824. Interesting…Why are you higher on the Sixers?….Nets is the better team and gives Lin the better chance to win right away.

    Sixers have too many big men and they’d clog the middle for Lin drive…and they are way too young right now to expect them to win anything….

    My fear is that even Lin puts up decent stats like 15ppg and 6 assist, people would say he’s simply putting okay stats on a bad team.

  825. That’s horrible perimeter defence
    Bogdanovic is so unathletic Hollis_jeff is a scrub
    They will have a hard time scoring

  826. I have a feeling all the teams will try to lowball Jeremy. It’s like Khuang said, nobody believes in the Asian guy.

    Hopefully the nets will believe.

  827. Hollis is suppose to be a good defender..His defensive statistic looks pretty good for a rookie and he has decent size at 6’7…But I agree that you shouldn’t count this guy to score too many points…Maybe Lin could make him better.

  828. We will have to wait and see. A lot of interest so far.1 month and a haif a way

  829. It would be a good idea to have a page of all the rumors. Was looking for the mavs rumor on Lin couldn’t find it.

  830. They should’ve traded or benched Parker after his no show at last year’s playoffs but they are too loyal and stuck with their “old stars” These old stars are now dragging them down. With Lin they would’ve cruised through teams even as 1 year rental.

  831. Charlotte had the right idea and not a bad system. IMO, where Cliff went very wrong is over-playing Batum and Walker, being too high on Batum, and not integrating Lin enough or playing him enough minutes with proper involvement. But Charlotte was very deep, doesn’t seem Nets are as deep.

  832. Ideally, i would replace Williams with Ryan Anderson, a better 3p shooter and bigger. After that, sign Courtney Lee to start as 2 back up by Bog.

  833. No because KD’s the best shooter on the team! Westbrook is a another volume shooter taking away shots from his teammates that’s why OKC will never make it far to playoffs again.

  834. That’s exactly what they’ll say. He’s a backup or a starter on a bad team. But, after awhile, what they say has to become so much noise.

  835. you won’t hear many rumors until the Draft.

  836. the spurs of 2 years ago were the most fun to watch. They moved the ball MUCH more, much less iso plays and patty mills and Danny green actually knocked down some shots consistently

  837. Lin can’t take Nets deep into the playoffs, if he takes them into the playoffs at all. Curry has Green and Klay. Lebron has Love and Kyrie. You need one or two great players even if you are one of the best in basketball along with you to take a team deep into the playoffs.

  838. Ryan Anderson at 4 and Lee at 2 definitely sound better, with Bog coming off the bench..They’d probably want to start Hollis for wing defense.


    bench: Larkin, Bognadovic

    That do sound better since Anderson could easily give you 15ppg and he can shoot 3s and stretch the floor…He’s an upgrade to Marvin William.

    I’m not sure whether Anderson would want to sign with the Nets..He will get offer to start at big money $10M+…I’m not sure why New Orleans didn’t trade him to at least get something back.

  839. Would you rather Lin take a higher offer from a team that wants Lin to come off the bench than a lower offer from a team that promises Lin to start?

  840. You think any team that has a star guard already will allow Lin to lead as PG?! Lin needs to lead his own team to playoffs and prove himself as a star 1st! With respect other stars will be willing to team up with him!

  841. What does that have to do with my post? If Lin is leading PG on the Nets, you still need two great players with him. That’s what Steff and LeBron have.

  842. Nets are in eastern conf, it’s possible.

  843. What you’re suggesting is for Lin to go to a team with at at least another great player but no team will allow the Asian guy to shine if they already have a “star”. That’s why Lin needs to bring his team to playoffs by himself 1st then with the respect and investment from FO he will be safe to recruit an unselfish star to join him!

  844. As are the Cavs. Eastern conference was the most competitive. Nets I think could at best squeak out 8th but then they play the Cavs and you need answers to the firepower they have in LeBron, Kyrie, Love and then shooters like JR Smith. They also have a good bench now at least with Frye and Delly.

  845. I said nothing like that in the post. I’m talking about if he were to go to the Nets, he’d need other strong players to get deep in the playoffs.

  846. Yet Lin let a Kemba-less Hornets with only Batum, and MKG to win against a fully loaded Cavs! Far as I’m concern neither Batum or MKG are “stars” good players but no way close to stars.

  847. You need a tough defender. That’s where Marvin is better. And he can set decent screens for Lin as well. And rebound. And block some shots. At least have Marv as a high-minute 2nd team player then.

  848. Lol at first I thought TD was Toney Douglas!

  849. Hornets aren’t that much better, they were a bottom team before Lin and Batum and even then Batum was absent against most of the toughest teams and certainly didn’t post great stats. Lin’s best talent is getting all 5 players to be scoring threats on the court, just let him lead his own team in the Eastern conference to see how far they can go first.

  850. Please disregard any posters claiming that Nets cannot make a playoff run.

    Any student of JLIN’s history should know, JLIN specializes in taking a group of no name/scrubs and make them play as a TEAM. JLIN can make any team better to the point that if they have motivation, perseverance and desire – they will WIN. JLIN would take Nets or Sixers to playoff (perhaps a low seed 7th-8th)

    All of these NO-NAMES had career stats with JLIN:
    Steve Novak
    Ed Davis
    Iman Shumpert
    Omer Asik
    Landry Fields
    Spencer Hawes
    Jeremy Lamb
    Tyson Chandler

    (its easier to make a list of players who DID NOT play better under JLIN)

  851. wow, don’t know how you could make that claim. Nets has almost 40M in cap space, and you don’t even know what’s going to happen in the off season, and you already killed their playoff run…..

    Hey, you think Hornets will be a playoff team again next season?

  852. baby steps. besides, but Lin doesn’t really need star players. he just needs competent teammates and coaching staff. Lin is different from Curry and Lebron. those guys can completely take over games by themselves. Lin is more of a puppet master or a maestro if you will. or better yet, he’s like a quarterback of the team

  853. Hornets lost first round with a very deep team. I don’t know where you are going but LeBron and Curry are the MVP and runner up in the game of basketball and I wrote they needed other great players to get deep into the playoffs. This isn’t saying Lin isn’t capable of anything you’ve said, I agree. But the playoffs are difficult to advance in and they have help with 2 all-star players besides them. I’m thinking Lin would need the same thing as those great players.

  854. If the Nets could get 2 great players with him. Currently they do not. My point is, that’s what they’d need. And I gave 2 examples of the best basketball players in the game having that.

  855. Yes the PG’s function/role is changing, but why has it been changing, and does it HAVE TO change? IMHO it has to do with many of today’s PG’s not having the court vision and ability to direct a structured offense, so they can only resort to ISO plays.

    Now, Nash scored bundles (especially in his prime), as does Curry, and they LEAD their team towards wins instead of CARRYING them. I have little issue with WD as he DOES look to empower teammates and has crazy assist numbers IN ADDITION to his own crazy scoring.

    My beef is with ISO-heavy streetball-style PGs that can neither carry nor lead, such as Irving and Kemba Walker. All they do is artificially pump up their stats at the detriment of the teams.

  856. What did Charlotte say about their own team before Lin came? They said something along the line that other than kemba + al, the rest of the team cannot do any good or make any shots. Their starters were bad but bench was even worst before Lin came.

    In NYK, Lin helped turn novak into the best shooter of that season…. we are talking about novak… someone who could never ever create his own shot consistently. How about the random pairing of Ed davis? When Lin have the rare chance to pair up with Ed, they were very hard to stop. Lin also elevated hornets bench. For example, when al or cody plays with starters, they both tends to do worst than coming off the bench with Lin playing.

    Lin just needs his team mate to work with him and he will make a gem out of them. I agree that Lin needs hard working player and decent players to go far. Sometimes talent is not the problem, rather the chemistry + unselfishness is the key to unlock player’s ceiling. Lin helps elevate, explore and bring out the best in them, as long as they are not selfish iso players aka play with heart, take what the defense gives and not force any issues.

  857. Except a few real winners such as Curry, LBJ and Lin, the difference between NBA players is much smaller than what the difference of their contract sizes suggests.

  858. It’s hard to say what brought about the type of PGs we see today. Just feel like the systems some teams are going to are now changing to reflect that style of PG and now PF play.

  859. my favorite fit with Lin are Ed Davis, Tyson Chandler, and Iman Shumpert

  860. One step at a time. Lin as starting PG, takes Nets TO the playoffs. Maybe even win a round and establishes himself as The Man. Then add some good players around him the following year and do even more damage.

  861. I totally could not get your points from your original post.

    I can easily give you an example: Trailblazer, when they let 4 starters go, and get in players like Ed Davis, did yo ever think they will make playoff? Now look where they are?

    There are 16 teams goes to playoff, and 8 of them will go to second round, you pick the top two teams as example and say Lin will never get to that stage, that’s just MISLEADING.

  862. Sounds possible. But yes, get to the playoffs for the first round and win some games the first go-round. That’s pretty much what Charlotte did this year.

  863. Yup. Important though to establish himself as the PG. Otherwise you add some chucker like Harden the same time Lin arrives and … well … we’ve seen that before.

  864. Deep into the playoffs. That means round 3 IMO. Didn’t say they can’t make the playoffs at all. I’m not sure what the Nets are at this point. And it is one of my “hometown” teams.

    Blazers have done a good job. I did think they would make the playoffs and go a round or two.

  865. Tyson has played with CP3 and J-Kidd, but the highest FG% he ever had was in 2012 with Jeremy Lin .

  866. We can’t say that it’s impossible for a Jlin-led Nets team not to do well in the playoffs. None of us knows.

    But what being a fan of JLin has taught me is you never bet against him. And I don’t buy this notion that teams need stars. Look at the Hawks or even the Spurs (before Kawhi was a star). That’s how Daryl Morey thinks, and stars are great, but teamball to me is most important. I watched the Spurs beat GSW. i thought it would be impossible for the Hornets to win the next game. Everyone did.

    The Lakers bench was putting up some great numbers a couple seasons back, no stars there.

    Anyway, it’s all conjecture, but I definitely wouldn’t say impossible.

  867. uh, still don’t get your point. So you think Lin from Hornets bench can carry the team to go deep into playoff? I thought you are okay for Lin to stay in Hornets. If you are satisfied with Hornets with what they are, why you have to ask Nets to go deep into playoff?

    I don’t see your point and I don’t see your logic. Who said Nets will go deep, and what’s wrong if Nets can not go deep? Do you demand Lin have to carry the team by himself to go deep, otherwise he should not go to that team?

  868. lakers bench with Lin/Ed Davis/Ellington/SwaggyP was more like a super bench in my eyes. they could easily be a playoffs team as a starting unit. forgot to mention, that lineup without Lin is a scrub lineup though

  869. Yeah, they were putting up some insane numbers, if I recall. Not to glorify Jlin’s time on that team, lol, but they were a great unit.

  870. glorify away!

  871. I don’t demand anything. Just going along with the Nets notions like others here and how far they could possibly go in the playoffs. I had discussions with others about wanting to see Lin go deep into the playoffs and why I would favor seeing Lin go to another team that would possibly give him the best opportunity to do so.

    The main thing is, I support Lin’s choice whatever it is and wish him happiness and great success with that choice. Even if it is staying with the Hornets however unlikely that looks now.

  872. A little history lesson here.

    2003/04 Phoenix Suns 29-53 (13th in WC)
    2004/05 Phoenix Suns 62-20 (1st in WC)

    The right players under the right systems with appropriate chemistry can do wonders.

    Not saying that Nets will be great next year, but making bold predictions before FA ends is simply unwise.

  873. The differences between lin and the likes of iso of harden, kemba, melo, and such is that lin helps elevate his teammates. What are stars and superstars? a player that is given unlimited opportunities to prove they are the best.

    Lin gives this chance to his team mate, Lin study and understand what’s best for each teammate and help play to their strength. If 3 point shooting is your strength, Lin will ensure you get enough of 3 point touches throughout the game. If your strength is P&R, then Lin will drive to lane and setup for an easy shot. Lin provide his teammate unlimited amount of opportunities to work on their strength.

    Note the Lin effect, everyone plays better around him because they know Lin understands what their strength are. Which is why iso like kemba, will never understand why. Kemba scores 40 points and ask his team mate, why are you guys sucking so bad? (the truth is, because you never play to our aka his teammate’s strength) Whereas when lin scores 40, he gets the WIN most of the time with most of his team mates stepping up BIG.

    ISO ball force issues, does not take what defense gives you, this will back fire very often as you have to take tougher shots that does not necessary count or worth more points. 2 point shot wont count for more when you have to shoot them over a wall of players vs when you have an easy layup. 3 point shot wont worth more just because you throw it from full court or when you have someone on top of you guarding.

  874. I just want to point out that you constantly apply double standard. When you are talking about situations you are less favor of (Nets in this case), you would raise your standard a notch, and when you are talking about situations you are favor of (Hornets you talked before), you would drop your standard a notch. And when people confront you, you would blur what you were talking about, and add “my point is” which was never mentioned in your original post until you were questioned.

    There is a reason you get a lot of people against you, since you were never consistent.

    Just my 2 cents,

  875. As the rules of this site gives us guidelines to follow and respect opinions. I will offer mine as well.

    In life, you can either walk bravely into the future of unmarked trails only following the dreams written in the start kite nights, or you can choose to walk backwards into a safe tomorrow following the lead of others guiding you. If you choose to be great, you cannot be a follower.

    Equally, there are those who would want to tell you at every turn their opinions that you’re not good enough to lead, that you are talented enough to make it on you’re own, that you should seek the safety of others. Then there are those who choose to build you up and add to your self esteem and be a supporter of whatever you want to reach for.

    When someone dares to dream, don’t snuff out that little fire of self belief with your cold shower of doubt. That’s my opinion.

  876. Ha! thanks.

  877. It’s a simple post that compares what Lin would need to take a team deep into the playoffs and I gave two examples of the best in basketball having the all-star team mates to help them get there. I feel it remains a simple post and I’m puzzled by your reaction to be honest.

  878. I just found an old LA Times Article with the headline “Jeremy Lin, Nick Young hope to return to Lakers next season”.(Sorry for not posting it; I’m really bad with disqus, but it’s easy to find. Now, it is possible, that JLin wants to come back to Charlotte, but sports figures are always diplomatic, their media training teaches them this. Just saying these desires to return didn’t mean anything last time, and don’t give me at least any more certainty this time.


    just copy and paste the link. not like twitter where you copy the time

  880. Thanks. Really like this forum, and thanks for the welcome the other day. Not sure if I have time to become a regular; I just had a lot of thoughts I wanted to share the other day, and I do come here often to read up on the latest on JLin. Well, at least I am a regular tonight.

  881. I think we’re all finally beyond that. Some panicky fans wouldn’t let it go, but Jeremy’s Facebook post removed any remaining doubts. He’s going to choose the best chance to shine. End of story.

  882. that was an excellent first post. hope you post regularly or when ever possible. could always use another voice of reason!

  883. As a fan of Lin, I would like to remind myself that what are the Lin’s goals as a NBA player which he had said repeatedly himself:

    1. to be an consistent role player, checked.
    2. to start in the NBA, will be achieved this off season, at least for me.
    3. to be an all star, tbd
    4. to win a championship (being a core player of the team), tbd.

    What we want him to do are moot but fun to argue.

    Agree to disagree, haha.

  884. Thank you for always defending JLin’s capabilities. It just seems that no matter the evidence that JLin demonstrates about his ability to WIN with a team of non-stars, there continues to be the those that keep saying that JLin needs other “stars” to be able to win. Here are the facts:
    1. Hornets were not able to win BIG games without him (Spurs, Cavs, Raptors). So, the “stars” need JLin, not the other way around.
    2. Broke records that have been around for YEARS (beat Cavs/ Lebron, won Playoff game, etc)
    3. Non-stars have greatly improved stats (including Kemba)

    We could go on with his impact to other teams, but that would take too long.

    Please keep on posting as you have been to continue the fight against the derogatory views about what JLin can actually do.

    Also, I support why JLin should start since he’s EXPLICITLY have said that he wants to start. I don’t know why certain posters here keep saying we don’t know what he wants… He’s said it!!

    I appreciate all that you do!!

  885. “Lin can’t take Nets deep into the playoffs, if he takes them into the playoffs at all.”

    I have problem with your this kind of simple post. Since you could say that to CP3, you could say that AI Horford, you could say that James Harden, and you could say that to pretty much everyone in the league. So, what’s your point of Lin can’t take Nets deep into playoffs?

    It is pretty simple here too.

  886. Well, I appreciate that, thank you.

  887. Let us hope that Bron wins the championship this year…if he does that, he probably bolts to Los Angeles for all the marketing opportunities, haha

  888. Hi Martan…understand your pain point..when we see views that differs from majority fan’s view….but we need to respect Every Lin Fan’s view as well.

    We are all part of the same family but with different views, but the end goal is to see Lin being happy where ever he goes and succeeds as he dreamt.

    Let us ALL respect all views while disagreeing politely

  889. Hornets lost first round while marginalizing Lin and stat padding Kemba! Lin was not starting PG and for every game he came in from the bench with his touches and minutes limited 27-32 for only 2 games the rest he was not allowed to shine. The last game he only had 19 minutes while Kemba went for 36!

  890. And you’ve said so. OK. Moving on then.

  891. He’s already started 183 games (equivalent of 2.2 seasons), so he’s already accomplished #2.

    #3 is definitely do-able. If he had his starter stats from this year, he would have been an all-star.

  892. 4 is the tough one. You just have to be on the right team at the right time to win a championship.

    I hope so. I know if he gets the chance, he’ll be a huge part of helping his team get that championship.

  893. That one or even two players are now in the Nets roster. They just wait for Lin to complete the whole package.

  894. ok !

  895. here you go. playoffs.

  896. to each’s own. I’ve never been a fan of Harden except when he was on OKC because that was his job – to come in and score points and make sure 2nd unit beats opponent’s 2nd unit. Since he tried to be number 1, he hurt the team game in Rox so that’s why I’m not a fan.

  897. I don’t think so.

  898. I hope Morey is out of the league soon because he doesn’t have enough humility to lead strong people.

  899. Yes that was what everyone was looking forward to but never happened because of BS! In fact I was looking forward to Lin x Young back court! Young might like taking iso shots but he only took at most 15-17 shot attempts which is the average FGA starters take! Compared to Harden, Kemba, and Lamb, Young didn’t ball hog or tried to be “PG”. Also compared to Kemba who’s obviously fake, Young was never “jealous” of Lin. His recent tweets about Lin also show he’s a genuine guy. When was the last time you saw Kemba post a praise about Lin? In fact if Young can get out of Lakers I seriously hope he will team up with Lin if he’s going to Nets (Young disliked MDA).

  900. Welcome Kirk…no worries…just post when you are free….and to share your thoughts and news

  901. yep, you guys forced me to listen to it and he sounded illogical.

  902. Nick Young: KHuang’s favorite shooting guard that JLin has ever played with.

  903. Good one…never say never! 🙂

  904. Thanks Acbc… Always bring thoughtful comments and very insightful. Your description is how I have seen JLin live his life. He has never settled for the safe route.

    An example, he could have chosen Stanford ( a perennial top collegiate basketball team) as a walk on and maybe he would have played a little bit as a backup of a backup. Instead, he chose Harvard, a non- contender to play for since he was told he’d get to play more and be a starter/significant member of the team. In the years that he played, Harvard improved greatly in Wins and JLin was considered a top player in his division.

    JLin will always choose “the road less traveled” and follow his dream of his own team vs. the safety of an established team where he is just a minor cog in the wheel…

    Taken from his FB letter, you witness this desire to push his limits and “walk bravely into the future of unmarked trails”.
    “This past year was a step in the right direction, but I know there’s another level I can get to. So as I approach the off-season, I will keep working on my game. Next year my jumper will be way better. I will come back a much better player….For free agency, I will seek out every opportunity that gives me the greatest chance to be the best player I can be. I believe I’m just getting started. I have more to give and more to accomplish. “

  905. I get that you are looking at it differently. A lot of people just don’t think JLin as a bench player gives him the rights to lead, that he deserves.

    I happen to agree, that JLin needs to start to get to his next level. You cannot have the authority as COO or CFO if you are supporting a weak CEO and the board and company wants to hide that fact. The COO or CFO end up with all the work, no authority to keep it easy, and the ball never comes to you easy. It’s a way to die young …

  906. Me too! Loved his energy on the court and his fun loving personality! Although he likes joking I remember right after coming back from injury Young was already shooting very well without missing a beat! It showed he’s serious about training and the game without being a egotistic douche like most players!

  907. one step at a time.

  908. I do feel making the playoff with Charlotte made it more enjoyable this year and I also believe Lin enjoyed his teammates much more than his Laker teammates, specially Kobe Bryant… although this is a bit easier when you’re winning. When you’re losing, everybody is a bit moodier.

    Of course, my preference is for Lin to leave Charlotte because the return of MKG means less minutes for Lin as shooting-guard, but I wouldn’t shocked if he re-sign with Charlotte. My hope is Lin only consider re-signing if he he’s not offered a starting-job.

    If he’s offered a starting spot, he has to go…No excuse to remain in Charlotte to only play between 15-18 minute per game..even if it’s the sixers….My preference is the Nets or Dallas if Deron William and Fat Felton leaves for free agency…Lin would have to be promised the chance to start too.

  909. yup…baby step counts 😉

  910. He and JLin have something in common: Both were ciriticized for their defense by Byron Scott. It is amazing to me how the words of one coach carry so much weight, and Young’s reputation really took a hit. One think I thank Clifford for is praising JLin’s defense.

    imo, if Bryron Scott criticizes a player’s defense, he is probably a good defender!

  911. I disagree. Lebron is not better than Curry.

  912. Yeah, this was a good year, relative to the previous ones. But we’re hoping there is more and better to come!

  913. Yeah! Bonell said that it was impossible for the Hornets to push the series deep after the first two losses. Honestly, i thought so too. And look what happened.

  914. now that’s why I come here — Disneyland. So many rides, and your posts are the Pirates of the Caribbean!

  915. Martan …

    The Road Less Traveled is by M Scott Peck and is about love in a Christian context. He followed it up with a book called People of the Lie, about human evil (wantonly taking the spirit of others).

    The Road Not Taken is where that title comes from, by Robert Frost. Check it out it is very good.

  916. I’m redefining the bench thing. As the way that it is thought of here, I want nothing to do with Lin playing like that. As the way that it can be for some players, Lin would distinguish himself very well. The advantage to starting (literally, without anything attached) is setting the tone right away. The advantage to entering the game later is making your presence known and changing a sagging direction of a team, charging it up. I’ve seen Lin do both extraordinarily well and am intrigued with both possibilities, not just one.

    Starting Lin and having him stand in the corner while the “star” players touch the ball most has happened in his career. That’s the “caveat” I have putting too much into starting to have Lin to have the best opportunity to play his game. Involvement and minutes is what he needs.

  917. Brook Lopez is somewhat of a star…I think Lin could help him make the all-star next year, if he signs with them and is allow to run a lot of PnR.

    But beside Lopez, they have nobody so I’m not sure Brook-Lin is enough…They need other pieces to help Brook-Lin….Someone suggested signing Ryan Anderson who would be perfect as a stretch-4.

    I don’t like Thad Young at 4 because he’s more of a conventional power-forward that do not stretch the floor + he’s a tweener PF at 6’8.

    Ryan Anderson, Marvin Williams and Courtney Lee would be good signings for the Nets.

  918. Thanks for the tip! I had gotten that line from Frost’s poem but didn’t know about Scott Peck’s book with the phrase as the title.

    Appreciate it!

  919. Yes, of course, lol.

  920. Thanks!

  921. No doubt in my mind Lin can take any team to playoff if they allow him to do what he can do on court. Just look at how lousy Hornets became this season…. Haha! As for Championship, it will not be next season unless he’s back to GSW. But he’s only 27, Kidd got his ring after 35, right… still pretty of time. No worry.

  922. yeah, how did you find that? lol.

  923. Should’ve said something when Lin was there instead of trying to be “buddies” with Harden.

  924. That book helped a lot of people over the decades. It was a great nod to Robert Frost. I try to share the value of each line of thinking every chance I get because it’s so hard to find good things to read theses days. This forum is my McDonalds ha ha.

  925. During that time he’s under contract ….. not anymore now…..

  926. Too bad Lin never said anything after leaving Houston even after what he went through.

  927. I think D12 & Lin are good friend so it’s good idea if they become teammates again… just not sure it will be in Nets or not. I know how high almost all the Lin’s fans are on Nets now (read so many tweets talked about this….) but I still want to see what Kenny Atkinson says about this team…. since most of the hype about Lin to Nets all from NY media….

  928. I’m for Nets only because Kenny Atkinson supported Lin before Lin-sanity and trained with him even before MDA. Whether not Nets FO and GM have the mind-set is another thing. We never thought Lin would go to Hornets out of no where so who knows.

  929. I know you are one of the passionate Nets supporters, haha!

  930. Pretty sure Nick Young wants out of Lakers, wonder if they will waive him so he can choose the team he wants. He’s a nice teammate and feel his talents and potential are wasted with Lakers. Maybe that tweet was his way of saying he won’t mind teaming up with Lin next season? I hope they still keep in contact.

  931. Nick Young? Really?

  932. D-Howard + JLin to Dallas Mav ….anyone?

  933. He’s a good SG but definitely needs a good PG and coach to really bring out his potential. For the 1-2 games he got to play with Lin they both scored in 20+ points. And he certainly doesn’t try to be PG nor take 30 shots a game, at most only 15-17 which is actually the average starters take! He was willing move and allow Lin get him open shots when they played together while also creating his own shots. Not to mention his defense is far better than Lamb, Harden, and Kemba without the ego.

  934. If no CP.

  935. I agree. Young is also very funny guy. Image Lin+D12+Young…. that will be fun. Haha!

  936. LOL Exactly what I’ve been trying to say in my last posts Lin-D12-Young (PG, C, SG)

  937. Yea, for sure CP will be gone…

  938. Dallas still has Dirk and DWill who are too old. Mavs aren’t going anywhere.

  939. Hope he back to Rox w Harden & his beloved Morey ….

  940. Ya! I read they will give DW extend contract?? Cuban always made wrong choice. smh!

  941. What tweet did Nick Young send?

  942. The Road Less Traveled was more along the line of Buddhism. At that time Scott Peck was a Buddhist but he later became a Christian. That book has a lot of influence from Buddhism in particular on pain and suffering, even though it’s a psychology book.

  943. To be fair, Lin stated these goals when he was a lot younger. I’m sure he’s already realized by now that life isn’t a linear track, and that’s why he can handle the ups and downs so well and leave these types of goals up to God.

    That being said, as long as he can keep up his worth ethic, I believe him and Steph will be in a league of their own within a couple of years. Had he been given the keys to run the offense of his teams consistently throughout his NBA career he would probably be there already. Nevertheless, lack of team support was never going to stop him in the long term.

    I hope he goes to Brooklyn, because that’s where I’m going in a couple months…

  944. May I remind you that’s EXACTLY what the doofus(es) at ESPN said about the Hornets before season started.

    Jeremy would’ve taken the Hornets all the way to ECF if not for team (league) politics NOT ALLOWING him to play sufficient role when it mattered most. In fact he had to be LITERALLY taken out of the game for the Hornets to lose.

    I am really wearing thin of hearing “Lin fans” harp about “Lin can’t do this” and “Lin can’t do that”. I hear enough of that from the Lin haters, and if I really crave it all I have to do is to go to Clutchfans instead of here. What is being a Lin fan all about if not to have faith in his ability to elevate ANYONE and EVERYONE on his team (as long as allowed by coach/GM/team)?

    I’m sure people said Nash couldn’t take a 29-53 Suns deep into the playoffs, right before he took them to the WCF in 2004.

  945. #1: I think he said “rotation player” not “role player”

  946. Welcome! Fully enjoyed your first post, while you may be new here you’ve already shown enough to be a great new addition to the community.

    Oh, and I’m so glad your handle is Kirk (and not Shatner). 🙂

  947. What would be the meaning of success if not to aim high? If Jeremy was one to settle for the easier path, compromise, and mediocrity, he would’ve never entered the NBA to begin with. How some have managed to lose sight of this fundamental is befuddling.

  948. It’s disrespectful to forget that Lin makes it a career to prove doubters wrong. Yet the doubters never learn.

  949. You are correct, my bad.

  950. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst,.

  951. hope for Lin to go to Nets with Dwight or Tyson chandler

  952. He will have a big leap after he gets to start as a pg. Haha.

    Lets go.

  953. Howard is fools gold. He’s talented, but does not know how to effectively use it or lead a team.

  954. Lol, now I’m a Big Mac? Haha. Thanks for that exchange, I’ll look those books up. Robert frost is one of my favorite poets.

  955. Jlin is an inspiration to all of us and ” he bravely goes where no Asian has ever gone before”, lol

  956. The fact that Tim Duncan is facing elimination, the happiest person has to be…Kobe

  957. He contradicts himself a lot, and doesn’t seem to know exactly who he is and what he has to do, it’s unfortunate.

  958. Or maybe he said he likes “role playing…”

  959. Love Timmy.

  960. Minority views espoused by the same consistent posters are well tolerated here, and that is their right as owners of the site.

    Contrast to a Hornet’s team fansite, where those similar posts for example, which might run contrary to the words of the team or stated desires of the players would receive short patience by their moderators.

    JLIN has a unique story rooted in overcoming the doubters and the small minority of posters who constantly DOUBT JLIN’s capabilities remind all of us what JLIN had/has to deal with in his life. That reminder allows us to each in a small way rededicate ourselves to assist in the fight that JLIN has had to fight since middle school enduring taunts on the floor from his doubters.

    And we gladly step up for JLIN in the face of doubt.

  961. oh my Newbie to GOT?!?! hope he has managed to not see any spoilers. And that first season… Whoa! not exactly family friendly viewing!!!… Hope his mom is not in the room for most of the season… can you say Awkward!

  962. I agree.

  963. Not popular now or wait for CP to come back???

  964. This isn’t a slight to Jeremy Lin at all.

    To now make this comment on a level of Clutchfans or say it is doubting is over the top. It’s not Lin that I’m not crazy about, it’s the Nets. And I’m dealing with what they are as of now.

    What I said is realistic and I’m trying to be realistic vs. saying that Lin could do more than LeBron or Curry did. In fact, can’t you even see I used two of the greatest in basketball not only of this era but perhaps in basketball history to make my point?

    If people are going to predict Lin becomes a Net or push that much for it, and none of us knew Lin would go to the Hornets, then maybe a more grounded view of what Lin can do and to dare say that all players, including Lin, may have some limitations due to factors due to him being just one of a team, isn’t that outrageous.

    You need a combination of factors to get deep into the playoffs, this isn’t all about one player no matter how great he may be. As you know it is a long, hard grind and coaches and teams have to come together in the right way to make this happen. You also have to look at the overall competition for that time. I’ve watched basketball over 4 decades and the best players play the game in a variety of eras and such. There is some context to my comments.

  965. Well said. I agree fully that Double Standard was applied consistently by the poster.

    “There is a reason you get a lot of people against you, since you were never consistent.” ?

  966. Thank you for this brief, yet to-the-point post.

  967. 29-7.5-6 if thats not playing well, nobody in the league played well this year

  968. That’s not true. The rox hasnt missed the playoffs since Harden took over and he did take them to conf finals last year. Harden was too selfish when Lin was there. He’s getting better but needs a coach to tame him talent is there

  969. He gonna get hooked.

  970. In the midst of a thorough ode to reasons why JLIN should remain on Hornets by AttheHive, the writer interestingly inserts JUST two vine videos both “demonstrating bad plays” by JLIN (PJ fault on handoff) … writer spent hundreds of words trying to convince himself and his readers that JLIN should resign, yet makes a point that JLIN has deficiencies – laughable.

    “If the money is right, Lin almost certainly will be back in Charlotte for 2016-17 and beyond.” – this final quote demonstrates how badly the writer and the Hornets misjudge and misunderstand JLIN’s priorities

  971. Don’t Click for them… No news & this is blog for Hornets so what else can they say… same old staff…. smh! Like some Lin’s fans said don’t even bother to leave comments now….

  972. The article is pro-Lin back to the Hornets in the same capacity as last season. It’s a mostly positive piece on him as a Hornet, the two examples given of Lin’s mistake said they can happen to any player and weren’t egregious.

    I thought on SB Nation anyone could write articles.

  973. Sulu from Star Trek already has gone where no asian has gone before : )

    Thats right jlin, u chase ur dreams. If you would’ve listened to everybody tell u no, u would have stopped playing at elementary school.

  974. LOL, Hornets’ mouthpieces will run out of things to write after Lin leaves.

  975. Thanks, I appreciate it!

  976. Knicks has the MSG, Nets has the YES TV network to broadcast games.

    It’s convenient to be NBA fans in NY. The million-dollar question: is Lin coming back to NY?

  977. Hope can get some infor from this press conference.

  978. YES is blocked out to Comcast users still in the NYC and NY/NJ areas. No Yankees or Nets games can be watched.

  979. Yes. Btw, I enjoy all news, information and photos of Lin and NBA you brought here continuously.

    Thank you.

  980. We all his fans. 🙂

  981. My issue with this piece is that they’ve ignore the fact that Lin’s role as a Hornets is likely to be diminished with MKG returning from injury.

    This piece seems to hint that Lin would be smart to re-sign with Charlotte and ignore any other offers …Of course, they are Hornets fan so they’d love Lin to not even entertain other more lucrative offers with bigger role, but I wished they would have brough the fact that he may not receive the same amount of minutes since MKG is one of the key building block of the franchise.

    My hope is that Jeremy and his agent are able to see the negative side of returning as a Hornets.

  982. Thank you BrookLin activist.

  983. Really want to know what he’s going to say…. haha!

  984. The Hornets are not going to have a budget for any quality backup point guard, much less one like JLin who can step in for the starter and lead the team to a victory over a team like the Cavs. Instead, they’re going to cripple their budget for years to come with a max player who’ll stunt the team’s financial flexibility like Melo, Harden, Kobe who will give them points, but not wins. Most of the Hornets fans seem to think JLin is best suited to “give another discount” — and merely wait for Kemba’s knee to give out again (a likelihood far greater when he won’t have someone like JLin to count on for help). Oh, well. Yet another team who’ll only realize what they’ve lost too late. Back to mediocracy for them next year.

  985. I think its worth a read 🙂

  986. I don’t think Rambis would want Lin to be his PG….but if Knicks will acquire Blatt as their HC then Knicks is a possibility for Lin where he can play his game.

  987. I know Lin doesn’t want to play in the triangle. Still would rather carmelo elsewhere. Knicks deserve better (not dolan)

  988. Melo is going to keep Knicks at the bottom as long as Dolan likes to pay him.

  989. Hope so but I believe more likely it’s PJ will be fired.

  990. Just human nature to write something like this. Defensive mechanisms. Pretty sure deep down he knows Lin will leave and it will be a big loss.

  991. I guess we disagree completely. I was clear that JLin saved both playoff runs when he was on Rox. This year, they made it on the last day. That was well written about.

  992. that’s box score. You’re welcome to it. Nobody on Rox was happy this year, and that’s ball-dominance for you that lasted years.

  993. People of the Lie has some very nice ideas it it, to separate human evil as a choice vs evil outside of us. Humans want to blame things on evil outside of our control, but that 2nd book, far less read, is where we are accountable for our actions and to each other. The first one is quite an eye opener, to explore the upside of humanity. The 2nd one is even more an eye opener, to help sort through how to cope with all the bad we observe and have to work through daily.

  994. Smart move by the NBA.

  995. Nice post, I had forgotten a lot and I need to re-read it through the eyes of a guy who forgot things and also learned more. Thank you bro …

  996. good, now he can pundit and tell stories and his income is safe!

  997. ok, now I have to start watching GOT.

  998. D12 is always set up for awkward convos by the press.

  999. i see what you’re doing lol

  1000. what is ESPN’s “new NBA initiative with China”?

  1001. well, that’s Hornets fan wishful thinking. Hard to blame them want to have Lin on their team though.

  1002. that is quite some arrogant humblebrag there 😉

  1003. Yeah, that was weird that the only vine videos were for 2 bad plays when actually 95% of the article was all positive about Lin.

    “this final quote demonstrates how badly the writer and the Hornets misjudge and misunderstand JLIN’s priorities”

    Why crush the hopes and dreams of Hornets fans? 😉

  1004. Stodemire/Nash all stars, Joe Johnson and Marion were on that 04-05 Suns team. Also Q Richardson. Take Lin out of this and my point is that a bunch of great players are needed, at least 2, in most cases to get deep into the playoffs. Jordan had Pippin, Garnett did not get out of the first round I believe until he joined Allen/Pierce and also had Rondo at point. Most of the time it is you need a tandem of more than one excellent player and often all-star players together.

    There are plenty bold predictions made here. Some of them are repeated and rather strong. If predictions are made, they are hypotheticals, and hypotheticals are debatable.

  1005. New dept? I don’t know… you can ask him on tweet. He’s nice.

  1006. LOL, without your explanation, I thought Kingsroad was some Korean drama when takeme2 wrote, “He gonna get hooked”

  1007. It’s a season review and a kind of plea to bring Lin back there. All of the players are getting them from various writers.

  1008. Not a fan of Dwight + Lin.

  1009. “I thought on SB Nation anyone could write articles.”

    They have a few official writers, and then they also have Fanposts, which can be written by anyone.

  1010. OK, thanks.

  1011. Let Gogo answer to atthehive,

  1012. just thought I would share. Pat Beverley former teammate of JLin having a rather rude convo on Twitter with an ESPN analyst… Man I really do not like this guy. His playing style and his public persona just radiates ‘Ignorant Thug’

  1013. it is must see tv. Also if you read at all… these books are some of the best.

  1014. I have Doctor and patient in mind

  1015. Seems like a Jeremy click bait. Pretend to write positively about him but backstab him a little. I wouldn’t give them one single click.

    As for the idea that Jeremy must discount “for the team, man!!!” No, just no. Don’t discount for a team that would rather throw away game 7 instead of letting you shine.

  1016. Not gonna happen. Melo knows the knicks are the only team dumb enough to think he is gold, and not fool’s gold.

  1017. Next stop, offer Jeremy at least $13 million.

  1018. Such a classless act, he’s no gentleman.

  1019. Lol, he must have a lot of spare time now the rockets are no longer in contention. By the way, why is he still in the nba?

  1020. To be fair, Jemele Hill can be annoying

  1021. Lol, he must have a lot of spare time now the rockets are no longer in contention. By the way, why is he still in the nba? The Rockets must truly believe their propaganda that “Jeremy was outplayed”.

  1022. I do feel that Phil deserve to be fire for trying to shove this triangle offense down people’s throat…the problem with this offense is that it limits the knicks from hiring coaches who aren’t used to it.

    Not only that, but it also limits the type of players you can sign to play for the Knicks…

    I think they should get rid of Phil and trade Melo anthony.

  1023. Stoudamire, Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion and Barbossa were all part of the 29-53 team, same coach too.

    It was Nash the genius PG who chained them all together, optimized their potential and made them shine like their hidden inner stars. Like I said previously, long and dexterous fingers are NOTHING with a good, solid palm to hold them together.

    Btw, don’t think Scottie appreciates you misspelling his last name. 🙂

  1024. But my central point is there, John. It’s more than just one of them to turn things around. The ingredients were all there. It is very rare, just one great player or one great leader on a team leads a team to a dramatically different record that gets deep into the playoffs.

  1025. Patrick just try to attack attention.

  1026. I’ll have to think about this concept. What’s your opinion?

  1027. I hear what you’re saying. But remember that most NBA players are extremely talented and may very likely have unrealized potential UNTIL they find the right coach/system that takes advantage of those talents. The Nash example is an extreme one in which ALL the stars (pun) are correctly lined up. But it is the precise same magic that makes Lin special: the ability to identify and optimize each and every teammate’s strong suit. Omer Asik would not have been anywhere near as successful if it wasn’t for Lin. Yes, Lin could not change those stone hands, but he did maximize Asik’s potential. Case in point, Landry Fields and Steve Novak looked like quite the stars during Linsanity, but what happened to them now?

    It’s not that I’m advocating for Lin going to the Nets, I’m not. I prefer the Sixers for reasons that are too lengthy and would detract from our current discussion. And truth be told I am skeptic about Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young’s playing style being compatible with Lin’s preferred offense. The point that I’m trying to make is NOT to convince anyone that the Nets is an optimal destination, but to say that it would not be prudent to discount any possibility when it comes to Lin. Other than Tyson Chandler and the aged and injured Stoudamire, the Linsanity core crew was anything BUT stellar. Jeffries was an underrated blue-collar D guy, Landry Fields had problems with his jumpers, Shumper was hurt, Bibby couldn’t really play anymore, does anyone even remember who Billy (now Henry) Walker?

    If a green Lin was able to run THAT squad into the playoffs, who knows what a seasoned and improved Lin could do with the Nets? Additionally, the FA hasn’t even started yet, so who knows which players the Nets will bring to Brooklyn, maybe the next undiscovered Ed Davis? Bottom line is, never prematurely discount a team that Lin is part of (he even led the sorry Lakers to beat fully-staffed GSW when given the rare full control), especially one that does not yet have the roster finalized.

  1028. Yes that’s right! I want to believe…

  1029. Actually, he was just responding to a question, I believe, about how he has changed the game. I watched the entire presentation ceremony. No arrogance to be found in Curry.

  1030. what about time warner?

  1031. Draft combine underway. Currently the top ranked PGs are

    Kris Dunn
    Tyler Ulis
    Demetrius Jackson
    Dejounte Murray
    Melo Trimble

    Dunn, Ulis, Jackson are likely to go in the first round. Ulis was measured 5’8.75″ at the combine, so prob 5’10” with shoes!

  1032. Why don’t they suggest Batum discount for the team?

  1033. These are interesting prospects but in the NBA it is rare for a rookie PG to start.

    In the current era, we have All-Star point guards like Derrick Rose and Damian Lillard who started and in the past Hall of Famers like Magic Johnson, Isaiah Thomas but it’s still quite rare. For example even Russell Westbrook did not start for most of his rookie year. Kemba only started in his rookie year due to late injury of D.J. Augustine. (Injury is probably the single largest reason rookie PGs get a start)

    Certain teams/coaches simply will not start a rookie/young player at the critical point guard spot, the FOs of both Sixers and Nets I believe are solidly included in that camp.
    If either team drafts a 1st round PG from that list (which many in that list will be lucky if they make the 15 man cut, they will be 2nd or 3rd string until they prove they can learn to be an NBA PG).

  1034. Batum’s highest value is to the Hornets owing to Kemba’s lack of facilitation skills. Thus almost any other team would not offer what CHA would, so if Batum were to really shop himself around; he’d probably realize his market value isn’t max to any other team. If that is the case, if he wanted to “help the team” he ought to take a discount.

  1035. Why would anyone give Beverley any attention is beyond me.

  1036. Hmm…Chen speaks fluent Mandarin. Very interesting and good for him. Hopefully, he’s now free to say what on his mind about the NBA and its treatment of JLin.

  1037. D’angelo started the season as a starter for the Lakers..I may be wrong on that but I believe he did start in the Lakers first game..

    Byron Scott did benched him at some point but I believe he did start the season as a starter.

    Emmanuel Mudiay of the Denver Nuggets also started the season as a starter.

    D’Angelo was picked #2 and Mudiay #7…After these 2, I don’t think there were any other high rated PG.

    Whenever a guard is picked so high, I’d say top 3, it is must likely he will start.

  1038. haha…Howard wants to collect his easy $20M+, then go into FA in 2017 with an even bigger cap.

  1039. every situation is different of course, but I’d say if PG is drafted in top 10, he’s probably going to be the starter by the end of the season.

  1040. Great post. Some really good points there.

    My feeling is Lin needs more than what the Nets currently have. Just isn’t enough there yet. What will happen in FA with any team is of course, to be determined. And it is very much in the realm of possibilities that some really good players can join the Nets that would play well with JLin.

    Linsanity era was a perfect storm, the type of players he had there just really worked with him very well (until Anthony came back). I don’t know what the next one is but, IMO, it won’t look like the NYC experience but I do believe there can be another at least a near-perfect storm for him.

    Lin has a lot of different systems under his belt and I’m more leaning toward Lin get with really great players and pick up things from them in practice and seasoned coaches that will place demands on him that will ultimately lead him to his highest level yet. Someone like Kobe/Nash was the idea that didn’t pan out (not the coach of course) and Kobe mentors no one really. Nash wasn’t there. Oh well.

    I like the idea of Lin deep into the playoffs based on how comfortable, determined, and effective he was this playoffs against a team he had struggled with in the past. I like that it is the big platform where players leave their mark. Therefore, I’m more inclined to go with teams that have the ingredients that can go deep into the playoffs (as of now). That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see him in a place where his game can grow. The bottom line is I see Lin as a winner and agree he can make others winners. And winning in the playoffs is where the biggest winning takes place.

    So, I pass on the Nets for that reason. What I saw from them last year, I picture Lin with them, and I guess I don’t see what other portal members are seeing. I like Lin on the Pelicans as starting PG or maybe Spurs as a high-level usage replacement for Manu who can start for Parker when he needs it and maybe replace Parker down the road. But really, there is still a lot more to come in terms of mutual interest between Lin and some teams that haven’t surfaced yet as possibilities for him.

  1041. The Raptors fan jerseys for the game tonight with the Heat, at the Air Canada Centre.

    YYZ is the IATA code for the Toronto (Pearson International) airport.

  1042. like Dirk or Duncan did.

  1043. very cool design!

  1044. They did that at a similar age? I was under the impression they were older and later in their careers when they did.

  1045. PGs drafted in the Top 10 Overall and the # of starts in their rookie year:

    48 D’Angelo Russell (2015 #2)
    66 Mudiay (2015 #7)
    41 Exum (2014 #5)
    38 Smart (2014 #6)
    63 Elfrid Payton (2014 #10)
    44 Oladipo (2013 #2)
    68 Trey Burke (2013 #9)
    0 McCollum (2013 #10)

    The only Top 10 overall PG in the past 3 drafts not to start in their rookie year was McCollum.

  1046. oh right, not a fair comparison since Batum is 27 and Dirk and Duncan were way older.

  1047. If a PG is drafted in top 10 overall, he’s almost certain to start significant number of games in his rookie year. Bottom half of 1st round, probably not.

    Kris Dunn is ranked by CBS as #4 overall prospect (of all positions), so he’s almost certain to go in Top 10. If Sixers don’t get one of the top 2-3 picks, it’s possible they may draft Dunn as their PG of the future.

    I don’t think the Nets have any picks this year until 2nd round (55th overall), so they’re out of the picture.

  1048. Ya! Just like what Rose said (Lin’s big fan from NY) Batum has 14 pt average as a starter. Lin has 18 pt average when he starts. What is the big deal about Batum ??? That’s my question

  1049. The vines were unnecessary

  1050. That way duncan doesn’t have a chance to surpass the number of rings he has.