Jeremy Lin 18-Game Summary in 2015-16 Season

As we still have 2 day break before the next game vs the Bulls, let’s take a look at JLin stats in the past 18 games.

In the past 4 games (Game 15-18) after the Sac OT Win (Game 14) where Jeremy Lin became the hero, Jeremy was underutilized due to quick foul trouble, TOs, not scoring enough despite playing great defense, playmaking and efficient shooting. The last game was hard to judge due to Jeremy Lin’s sore right ankle.

The following shows the trend of JLin shooting (True Shooting%), AST% (playmaking), and USG% (Usage Rate = % of team plays used on a player while on court ; it tracks FG, FT, AST, TOV and MP for minutes played) JLin18GameLog It’s clear that in the last 4 games, JLin stats show a trend of :

  • lowest Minutes Played
  • but his TS% and AST& were quite high, indicating that he played efficiently to distribute balls and scored efficiently although.
  • His low Usage Rate was very concerning as he was not as involved in shooting, assisting in his limited minutes.

It’s clear there were some changes in the past 4 games. JLin scored efficiently and assisted well but he was not involved much in the team plays. Was it a product of:

  1.  JLin not forcing himself to score inefficiently that Coach Clifford cut his minutes short?
  2. Coach Clifford limited his role to defense and playmaking?

Whatever it might be, JLin and his fans should hope that this trend will reverse because the Hornets will need Jeremy Lin to score and be a playmaker to help them win.

Coach Clifford will need to trust Jeremy Lin to pick up more playmaking role even when Kemba or Batum are on the floor. And he should not have a short leash when JLin made mistakes because JLin has proven he can help teams to win in crunch time with his clutch scoring, defense and playmaking.


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