James Harden and 10 NBA Players Who Hate Defense [RantSports]

RantSports.com published an article on 10 NBA players who hate defense.

Article: James Harden and 10 NBA Players Who Hate Defense, Court Zierk, Rantsports.com

While it’s subjective with minimum stats being used in the article, the names are certainly familiar¬†as NBA players who can’t/won’t play defense. Timberwolves owner recently talked about giving free pass to KLove for not playing D. So why is the NBA not publishing stats on bad defense? I guess we all know the NBA wants all offense to sell tickets. I just don’t like how it destroys a beautiful team game with one player is allowed to not play D just because he can score well.

Is there an NBA.com stats that show PPG allowed per individual? The Net rating (Offense-Defense) is still influenced by factors of having 4 teammates on the floor who can cover up defensive deficiency. So it might be hard to measure the (lack of) defensive effort.

  1. James Harden
  2. Carmelo Anthony
  3. Andrea Bargnani
  4. Jose Calderon
  5. Kevin Love
  6. Damian Lillard
  7. Jamal Crawford
  8. Kevin Martin
  9. Jimmer Fredette
  10. David Lee


  1. NBA.com stats only has Tracking Defensive Impacts for Rim Protection (5t within basket&offensive player).

    Defensive Impact: Statistics measuring the impact a player has on defense, including blocks, steals and protecting the rim, which measures the opponent’s field goal percentage at the rim while it is being defended. Rim protection is defined as the defender being within five feet of the basket and within five feet of the offensive player attempting the shot.


  2. James Harden’s top spot is well deserved. People can’t mention Harden without his atrocious/lazy “defense” these days but they still praise him and call him a leader. He is lucky that NBA doesn’t have a lot of talented SG at the moment especially now that Paul George is injured. Whereas Jeremy has to compete at a time where NBA has plethora of talented PGs. This is actually good because it pushes Jeremy to work even harder.

  3. That’s a really good point.

    Even when it seems great for Harden to get away by not playing D, it will eventually catch up with him. Once habits are formed, it would be extremely hard to change just like Melo did. Melo can play D but he chose not to develop that part of his game so he’s stuck in mediocrity. They can’t just turn it on and off.

    Even if Lin might not ever be as athletic as Harden in his career, people will respect him for working in all area of his game. Perhaps his athleticism ceiling can be 80% of Westbrook’s or DRose’s but their BB IQ ceiling might just be 50% of Lin’s.
    I love Tim Tebow’s quote “Hard work will beat talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. Whoever works the hardest will succeed when the amount of talent is comparable.

    Let’s hope Lin’s hard work will shine once the season starts!

  4. Defense is about discipline/habit, if he did not get used to do it, he will lose focus really quickly even if he tries to do it…

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