Interesting Jeremy Lin Stats after All-Star Break in 3 Seasons

After 52 games, the Hornets will have 9 day of rest before their next game. This will allow JLin to rest his injured ankle to be ready for the final 30 games.

  • Jeremy Lin fans generally know that he performed better after All-Star break but is it true? Will his stats support this assertion?

Pre-All-Star and Post-All-Star stats The following chart shows the breakdown of Pre-All-Star and Post-All-Star stats in several categories (Points, Assists, Minutes, Usage Rate USG% and +/-) per game in the past 3 seasons as a Houston Rockets and LA Lakers player Which Statistical Category Changed after the All-Star Break in the past 3 seasons?

  1. USG% and +/- consistently improved

It is very interesting to note that the Usage Rate and the +/- have consistent improvement no matter if Lin was in Houston or Rockets. Lin might have had enough rest and familiarity with the system and teammates to be more aggressive to contribute significantly in the FGA/FTA/TO/Possesions (used in the USG% or Usage Rate formula). And it’s great to know that the +/- improved which usually translates more wins.

2. Points/Game improved in 2 out of 3 seasons (except for 13-14 Rockets season)

With the exception of HOU 2nd season 13-14, JLin improved his Points/Game production by 2.3 and 3.4 in his first HOU and LAL season. HOU 2nd season might’ve been affected by his back injury causing his shooting slump.

Let’s hope JLin’s trend stays true in the last 30 games of the Hornets season to help them reach the playoff. If JLin performs well in the playoff, his market value will increase and he may have more starting PG offers in the off-season.