Important FA Facts from Jeremy Lin Taiwan Q&A

This articles is an English translation from a recent JLin Q&A session in Taiwan. Full Credit to Paul F Villareal, ย Amanda and Melody who worked hard to provide the information & translation

LINK: This linkย is the original Chinese article posted by @melody

At the end of the Q&A, Paul provided 2 key facts pertinent to Jeremy Lin Free Agency when he gets back to LA on July 5.

Paul F Villareal: This article is key. Here is a translation of it from a friend of mine in China. Also, after that translation want to include something that Amanda shared with me on Twitter. All emphasis in mine (capital letters).

Q1: You trained w/ Steve Nash. Can you talk about that & about getting along with him?
A1: Nash is a very unassuming star. Not every player is capable of teaching other players, or will share, their skills with other players. But Nash will. I have an appointment to train with Nash again in LA after I finish my Asia tour. I think Nash can/will be a good coach (if he wants to be one).

Q2: You talked about adjusting your shooting form. Can you give more details?
A2: I talked about this with my trainer. He watched me shoot 500 shots. Shooting form change has to come slowly. We will use video footage and break it down to alter shot form. The goal of the shooting from change is to make my shot more natural (for him).
* (Note from friend in China who translated this and is a bball player himself): Lin wants to work on shooting posture, dribbling-into-shot & shot release. This key to form.

Q3: Over the years, Taiwan has had many bball players go to USA to study/learn bball. They aspire to play in the USA (NBA?). Any advice?
A3: The players from Taiwan have to believe in their ability and skills. Although they go US to learn American training, it’s important they bring what they learned back to Taiwan. That’s why I hold BB camp every year because it’s really important for this bball knowledge to be brought back to Taiwan so that players there can know it.

Q4: Which top NBA guards did you learn the most from?
A4: Chris Paul and Stephen Curry. I’m not an explosive player like Westbrook, DRose or John Wall (so can’t learn as much from them). I can’t jump high like them. But I can learn dribbling, skills & tempo control from Curry & Chris Paul.

Q5: Your strength is Pick And Roll offense (PNR). Who have been the best PNR teammates for you in your NBA career so far?
A5: Tyson Chandler and Ed Davis. Ed Davis if I had to choose just one. Ed understands my playing style best. He always stands in the perfect position and he reads (figures out) the (opponent’s) defense quickly. We can finish plays just by making eye contact (because they understand how the other plays so well. WE HAVE DISCUSSED PLAYING TOGETHER NEXT SEASON.
* (Note: Ed Davis, just a few hours ago, declined his player option to return to the Lakers next season. That means he is an unrestricted free agent now. So if he wants to go with JLin to another team, he can)

Q6: Any difference between your new Crazy Light Boost (CLB) 2015 Adidas shoes and the shoes you wore in the past?
A6: CLB is the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. And I’m not just saying that, it’s true (laughs). The entire shoe is excellent and so comfortable. I bought pairs of them for my family (because he likes them so much).

Q7: Besides good skills, what personality traits are good for a basketball player?
A7: The key is to love playing basketball, so you have the motivation for it. There are many NBA players who are very talented but they lack the love of the game. And if they don’t have the love of the game, they will be out of the NBA quickly. Superstars like Jordan, LeBron, Kobe and Durant all love to play basketball.

Q8: What interesting things do you do with your teammates in the offseason during the season, besides training?
A8: Different things. We often go out to eat and go shopping. NBA players love to shop. They buy a lot of clothes. Many players will tell other players when new clothes come out. We also sometimes play video games together and talk.


* WHY IS THIS INTERVIEW SO IMPORTANT (and thanks to Melody for finding this and telling me about it)?

It’s important for 2 reasons, I think.

#1, JLin seems like he will be headed back down to LA after his Asia tour. Why is this important? Because that is about the time (if JLin goes right after the Asia tour) when NBA teams will have some representatives down in LA to recruit free agents. I know that Dallas is sending several people (Mark Cuban and Chandler Parsons, among them) to LA so they can recruit DeAndre Jordan on like July 1st. So that same group of DAL people may be there when JLin arrives. Not sure.

#2, Jeremy Lin says he may play with Ed Davis next year. Davis just declined his player option with the Lakers, so Ed Davis is now a free agent. Sounds like a plan coming together. The Mavs need another big man, even if they get DeAndre Jordan. How does a package deal of Jeremy Lin & Ed Davis sound for the Mavs, a team that runs a bunch of pick and roll offense?

This news is big. Very big. I’m not saying Jeremy Lin is going to end up in Dallas with Ed Davis, but the evidence is staring to mount. Stay tuned! Thanks again to Melody and my friend in China, and to JLP for this great site to share the info with JLin Fam.

One other quick tidbit that Amanda on Twitter told me. From this news report video of the Jeremy Lin press conference (I think it was):

In that video, Jeremy Lin said that these were great teams:


…but he also kind of dissed the Sixers, by saying they lose every year. This is key (or could be), because I had thought that the Sixers may be in his mind as a possible option since he might be able to start there. But if JLin thinks the Sixers are just going to keep on losing, than Philly may be off the list of potential free agency landing spots.

Just something to keep in mind ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Looks like Lin’s comment about the Sixers pretty much takes them off the list.

    I’m very surprised by that because I felt the Sixers were one of few teams who would had offer Lin the chance to start. I’d though he would at least keep all his option.

    Unless of course, Lin either doesn’t mind coming off the bench OR he has iron-clad promise from 1 team that they will sign him and offer him the chance to start.

    If Lin didn’t get such a promise from a much better NBA team, it would make no sense to burn his bridge to the Sixers.

  2. Good observation
    “If Lin didn’t get such a promise from a much better NBA team, it would make no sense to burn his bridge to the Sixers.”

    We know JLin likes winning but it’s true that he won’t be so casually be dismissive of 76ers losing ways if he hasn’t had solid interest/offers from contenders. So he must’ve had strong lobbying from those contender teams that he mentioned (Rox/Warriors/Mavs/Spurs/Suns)

    I think he prefers contenders but might not be totally disinterested in 76ers if they have plan of winning this year (which also means he doesn’t know much about 76ers plan yet)

    At the end of the day, it’s great to know many teams seemed to have lobbied JLin for his services :=)

  3. Missed translation in Q8: It should be between games during the season not offseason

  4. Could be after his experience with the Lakers he doesn’t want to be on a tanking team even if it means starting. Must get demoralizing and frustrating to get yanked out of games after fighting back so that they could lose and rack up losses to get a high pick.

  5. In the vid, JLin said yes to Sixers, but he also wanted to win. I don’t know
    what they are doing. It seemed like they trie to lose every year. (I have to go back to relisten to the whole interview that I’ve posted yesterday to hear the whole context again. Not just this bit of info.)

  6. Full Taipei press conference that PFV mentioned above:

  7. After hearing the full press conference multiple times, I didn’t hear the question was asked above in the news. Wondering what was going on.

  8. I put myself in the Jeremy’s shoes and look at the recent NBA Finals. Being GSW homie, Jeremy’s genuinely happy for his buddies Steph Curry, David Lee and GSW to have won the championship. OTOH, Jeremy would have swept GSW each time they meet whenever Jeremy played PG.

    So, that itself gives Jeremy lotsa confidence to be able to win championship when
    (1) Jeremy plays starting PG
    (2) the team has decent talents(case in point, LAL won their 1st game vs GSW when Jeremy was allowed to play PG with good minutes)
    (3) no doubt Steph Curry is a much better shooter and his playmaking has been improving but Jeremy isn’t standing still; Jeremy’s shooting has been progressively(not slowly, mind us) improving. And of course, Jeremy’s playmaking is also improving at an accelerated rate.

    Many teams are hungry to win the championship. Racism may blind most owners, FOs but those discerning ones will know if they have Jeremy starts for their teams, the chances of their teams winning the championship are automatically increased tremendously.

    In fact, if I were GSW executive, I would be very worried about Jeremy starts on another team and lead the team to face off with GSW. To avoid that happens, I would recruit Jeremy as the starting PG. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Apparently, the taping of the television show that Lin was supposed to do today was cancelled so he was to meet with a group of underprivileged children … . Paul Villarreal tweeted about this.

  10. It is good to know that LED lights up even in off season. Hope that they can land in the same team.

    As for Mavs, I believe the Mavs recruiting team will stay in LA for a period of time to talk to all the FAs they are interested in, not just Lin. I believe all other NBA teams might do the same.

  11. The Sixers comment is something every FA is saying. They don’t know if the team wants to win. It only takes one person to help turn a franchise around. Al Jefferson did it with the Hornets 2 years ago when he sign with them. Maybe Lin can be that catalyst for the Sixers. For some oddball reason they did not draft a PG so maybe just maybe they are looking for one in FA. If that is the case, the Sixers would have to spend alot of money for that to happen.

  12. off topic- thought this piece of news regarding Jlin rumored girlfriend is quiet funny

  13. wow…thats really a NEWS!!!

  14. I think the female reporter mentioned some teams first (maybe ask Lin if those mentioned teams match his conditons-play fast and pnr), so that’s why Lin replied he’s not sure about Nuggets because of their new coach-Malone and asked her if Spurs were mentioned by her. I think the question is not what teams he wants to play for.

  15. Don’t think she is Lin’s type. But if Lin marries her, they will probably divorce within weeks.
    This actress is using Lin. Bad gal.

  16. How did JLin have time to date from end of season until now. Thought they were in different parts of the world?

  17. Nathan Gottlieb tweeting about Lin and the free agent (FA) process …

    โ€ฆ I don’t expect Lin to sign quickly. Why? Here’s why: the Mavs, for example, [are] going after Aldridge, Jordan. [The] Mavs won’t sign lesser FAs like Lin until they know if they’ll sign big $$ [FAs]. It’s all about cap space. Once Mavs do or don’t sign their top targets, then, knowing how much money is left, they’ll go after a FA like Lin. Teams not chasing big $$ FAs will be the first to offer Lin a deal. Mavs, which a lot of you favor, will be in the 3 week window, maybe more. The Mavs are also going after a top tier SG to replace Ellis. So that could take a while, too. All I’m saying is it’s [a] long process.

  18. I do not think it burned any bridges tho…

  19. I still can’t believe D’Antoni doesn’t have a head coaching job. You would think that all the articles saying how the Warriors win vindicated his offense would lead to something.

    That being said here’s an interesting article.

    If D’Antoni joins the Warriors, would that be a more favorable destination for JLin?

  20. That’s a great question. MDA had bad reps of not caring much about D although it’s mostly personnels (Amare & Nash)

    Alvin Gentry provided a success blueprint to be the GSW offensive asst. coach & capitalized on the Pelicans HC job.

    MDA might need to consider the GSW offensive asst. coach job so he can get back to NBA after being out for 2-3 years.

    Will JLin be more likely to join GSW if MDA gets a job there? Maybe …
    Not sure if JLin is concerned about his PT though. It’ll still be a good alternative to have

  21. WIth or Without MDA….GSW seems just not a good place.

  22. If you mix mercurial Cousins w/ mercurial Rondo, would we get combustible Kings? LOL

  23. true .. I don’t want to spend 25min watching Lin on the bench every game

    Most game comments will be, “Is Lin back in yet? I need to finish my sandwich first” LOL

  24. Pretty much so….Lin needs chances….and GSW do not have much for Lin

  25. trade mark that slogan.

  26. and watch the dominoes fall.

  27. naw the real news is the tweet about lins true gf the one he is seen with all the time: food.

  28. like Linsanity? .. Maybe we’ll sell T-Shirts saying “Gimme some Linsanity sandwich!”

  29. yes Lin will help GSW more than GSW helps Lin
    Not so good

  30. Hypothetical scenario:

    Kings fire Karl for the whole Cousins fiasco
    Kings sign Lin as per their rumored interest.
    -Kings hire MDA as coach to run their fast-paced system.

  31. Not his type.

  32. Lin is not that dumb. Stated his requirements already in many interviews.

  33. Hiring MDA for the Kings will result in the same situation that is happening now. DeMarcus Cousin game is not fit for fast paced.

  34. I suppose you meet or exceed all of his requirements ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. Exactly, Best to stay away from the Kings no matter what.

  36. Yes. Lin isn’t getting any younger and he’s had enough waiting. If there’s an offer to start and play his game, then he should go there no matter what the money is.

    And if he’s forced to be a backup for now, then he should go to a place like Chicago, where the “backup” is the de facto starter.

  37. If I had to guess, I’d say that Lin has a standing offer from Dallas. How much he gets paid will depend on Jordan and Matthews, but he’d get to start there and run a modern NBA offense.

    But if another team offers him more freedom (e.g. Philly), things could change. Lin’s quote about the Sixers make me think he/his agent hasn’t talked to them yet. He said “yes” to considering them but wasn’t clear on their tanking plans.

  38. But that means he gets 23 min on the floor. Borderline starters minutes.

  39. That would be illegal and I think Lin has more integrity than that.

  40. sorry, with 15-20min PT like Livingston it should be 28-33 bench time then. bad math

  41. Parsons and Cuban were chilling with Deandre Jordan and Wes Matthews two days ago.

    The free agency moratorium isn’t a big deal once the season is over. Everyone talks and it’s fine.

  42. 90-60-92 is not one of them?

  43. How about Cousins and Rondo to LA? That would be awesome. Get your popcorn ready!

  44. KInda agree with NG…it could be way past 2nd week, before we hear on any real news

  45. lol…we are match making for Lin now? ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. the scrimmage video would be bleeped the whole time, plus WWF style pushing+shoving!
    Lakers could be selling tickets for open practice! What’s not to like? :>

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