Important FA Facts from Jeremy Lin Taiwan Q&A

This articles is an English translation from a recent JLin Q&A session in Taiwan. Full Credit to Paul F Villareal,  Amanda and Melody who worked hard to provide the information & translation

LINK: This link is the original Chinese article posted by @melody

At the end of the Q&A, Paul provided 2 key facts pertinent to Jeremy Lin Free Agency when he gets back to LA on July 5.

Paul F Villareal: This article is key. Here is a translation of it from a friend of mine in China. Also, after that translation want to include something that Amanda shared with me on Twitter. All emphasis in mine (capital letters).

Q1: You trained w/ Steve Nash. Can you talk about that & about getting along with him?
A1: Nash is a very unassuming star. Not every player is capable of teaching other players, or will share, their skills with other players. But Nash will. I have an appointment to train with Nash again in LA after I finish my Asia tour. I think Nash can/will be a good coach (if he wants to be one).

Q2: You talked about adjusting your shooting form. Can you give more details?
A2: I talked about this with my trainer. He watched me shoot 500 shots. Shooting form change has to come slowly. We will use video footage and break it down to alter shot form. The goal of the shooting from change is to make my shot more natural (for him).
* (Note from friend in China who translated this and is a bball player himself): Lin wants to work on shooting posture, dribbling-into-shot & shot release. This key to form.

Q3: Over the years, Taiwan has had many bball players go to USA to study/learn bball. They aspire to play in the USA (NBA?). Any advice?
A3: The players from Taiwan have to believe in their ability and skills. Although they go US to learn American training, it’s important they bring what they learned back to Taiwan. That’s why I hold BB camp every year because it’s really important for this bball knowledge to be brought back to Taiwan so that players there can know it.

Q4: Which top NBA guards did you learn the most from?
A4: Chris Paul and Stephen Curry. I’m not an explosive player like Westbrook, DRose or John Wall (so can’t learn as much from them). I can’t jump high like them. But I can learn dribbling, skills & tempo control from Curry & Chris Paul.

Q5: Your strength is Pick And Roll offense (PNR). Who have been the best PNR teammates for you in your NBA career so far?
A5: Tyson Chandler and Ed Davis. Ed Davis if I had to choose just one. Ed understands my playing style best. He always stands in the perfect position and he reads (figures out) the (opponent’s) defense quickly. We can finish plays just by making eye contact (because they understand how the other plays so well. WE HAVE DISCUSSED PLAYING TOGETHER NEXT SEASON.
* (Note: Ed Davis, just a few hours ago, declined his player option to return to the Lakers next season. That means he is an unrestricted free agent now. So if he wants to go with JLin to another team, he can)

Q6: Any difference between your new Crazy Light Boost (CLB) 2015 Adidas shoes and the shoes you wore in the past?
A6: CLB is the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. And I’m not just saying that, it’s true (laughs). The entire shoe is excellent and so comfortable. I bought pairs of them for my family (because he likes them so much).

Q7: Besides good skills, what personality traits are good for a basketball player?
A7: The key is to love playing basketball, so you have the motivation for it. There are many NBA players who are very talented but they lack the love of the game. And if they don’t have the love of the game, they will be out of the NBA quickly. Superstars like Jordan, LeBron, Kobe and Durant all love to play basketball.

Q8: What interesting things do you do with your teammates in the offseason during the season, besides training?
A8: Different things. We often go out to eat and go shopping. NBA players love to shop. They buy a lot of clothes. Many players will tell other players when new clothes come out. We also sometimes play video games together and talk.


* WHY IS THIS INTERVIEW SO IMPORTANT (and thanks to Melody for finding this and telling me about it)?

It’s important for 2 reasons, I think.

#1, JLin seems like he will be headed back down to LA after his Asia tour. Why is this important? Because that is about the time (if JLin goes right after the Asia tour) when NBA teams will have some representatives down in LA to recruit free agents. I know that Dallas is sending several people (Mark Cuban and Chandler Parsons, among them) to LA so they can recruit DeAndre Jordan on like July 1st. So that same group of DAL people may be there when JLin arrives. Not sure.

#2, Jeremy Lin says he may play with Ed Davis next year. Davis just declined his player option with the Lakers, so Ed Davis is now a free agent. Sounds like a plan coming together. The Mavs need another big man, even if they get DeAndre Jordan. How does a package deal of Jeremy Lin & Ed Davis sound for the Mavs, a team that runs a bunch of pick and roll offense?

This news is big. Very big. I’m not saying Jeremy Lin is going to end up in Dallas with Ed Davis, but the evidence is staring to mount. Stay tuned! Thanks again to Melody and my friend in China, and to JLP for this great site to share the info with JLin Fam.

One other quick tidbit that Amanda on Twitter told me. From this news report video of the Jeremy Lin press conference (I think it was):

In that video, Jeremy Lin said that these were great teams:


…but he also kind of dissed the Sixers, by saying they lose every year. This is key (or could be), because I had thought that the Sixers may be in his mind as a possible option since he might be able to start there. But if JLin thinks the Sixers are just going to keep on losing, than Philly may be off the list of potential free agency landing spots.

Just something to keep in mind 🙂