List of Bad Reporters to Ignore

We started seeing some unprofessional LA reporters who ridiculed Lin fans without any provocation. Let’s compile a list of them so Lin fans can ‘boycott’ them in social media.

Don’t follow them, click them, retweet or respond to their tweets or read their articles so they know how professionally damaging it can be to alienate JLin large fanbase. Just ignore them and do not get provoked. Don’t even fall into the temptation to respond since it will give them clicks(money/fame) and chance to portray bad Lin fans. Just Ignore them (by blocking and muting in Twitter) like they don’t even exist. That’s the best way

Lin fans can stay classy and let other people judge who are the real haters.

This is an example how you can mute or block people in Twitter:


Bad Reporters to block in Twitter/Social Media

Name             Reasons

Bill Oram       Nov 30, 2014  He called a twitter user “Crazy Lin Fans” in answering a simple polite question from Lin fan of what Byron Scott said about Lin needed to learn more about PG responsibility



He proceeded to send 4 tweets of what Byron said and did not apologize for calling Lin Fans crazy despite the polite question. What kind of professional writer would lash out to fans like this?

Since Jeremy Lin fans are crazy, here’s chunk of Scott on his PG: “he has to recognize clock, situation,s core. The last couple things..if we just scored on them, keep running them. Those are the things you have to do as a point guard. And I thought the ast game he got away from it after a little while, brought him back, told him about it, went back to it, so he just has to understand the flow of the game a little bit better.”

JLin Fans Boycott on UnProfessional Reporters Survey

One vote but you may choose up to 4 options

As JLin fans, have you boycotted the listed unprofessional reporters by taking the following actions?


  1. hellO??

  2. Is anybody out there? — Pink Floyd

  3. Nice post, I liked this one a lot. I think we need to keep the list on top and evidence below it as references.

  4. Its very simple, BS tries to make lin a scapegoat and hide his cowardness of kobe by letting him do whatever he wanted. No pushing for fast breaks, slow down the pace and feed kobe every possession and most important, donot shine over kobe.

    Sorry off of the topic.

  5. We’ll have our own version of “JLin Law & Order” haha..
    Justice will be served in a cold dish of spiraling down career to those who dare to break it!

  6. I think it’s because bill was thinking that occupato might attack after asking that simple question.. Bill decide to go on the defensive/offensive by typing in ‘Jeremy Lin fans are crazy’ as a first strike so he will not get attack. But that is a bad way of defending.

  7. Oops- I voted twice. I don’t have twitter so ;p

  8. As a reporter…that was just not smart…

  9. Yes. And like Brent said, pre-emptive attack to fans is neither smart nor wise for professional reporters who seek wider audience.

  10. I believe the limit for this poll is up to 4 options before members run out of votes :>

  11. Perhaps list sponsors of their respective news organizations so we can avoid purchasing things from them. Or wold that be going too far?

  12. Calling JLin fans crazy?! He must be out of his mind!
    “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”

  13. When they can not make any sense. They make non-senses…..

  14. Have never followed this person but did RT some of his stuffs in the past. Not since I saw the “crazy JLin fans” bit.

  15. “Is it me you’re looking for?” — Stevie Wonder

  16. trying to justify himself by quoting the nonsense spilled out of BS’ mouth – no class!

  17. That’s why we have the list. Let hope we do not need to hear non senses like this anymore.

  18. Dont know him until now on this site!

  19. well, he’s getting famous now among Lin fans .. to be IGNORED!

  20. You would wish you still do not know him.LOL

  21. Together we will popularize the saying “Look at that guy’s career after he called Lin fans crazy ..”

  22. I think that sometimes the reporter is so unprofessional that a notification to their editor is in order.Possibly even adding stronger voices such as .

    Just ignoring is often the route that needs to be taken but not always. Clicks are $$ to these guys so some of them will post inflammatory posts to get $$ …gotta pay rent however you can I guess 🙁

    My approach last year was to post articles ( basically in full, site them but give my opinion on whether you should give the guy clicks or not) examples here:

  23. I actually reported this guy to his editor for the ‘crazy lin fan’ comment. Totally inappropriate and unprofessional and he does work for a real publication not just a an online blog/fan site. have not heard anything and probably won’t just was not willing to let that slide.

  24. Thanks for doing the great job in exposing this kind of reporter.

  25. Oops wrong thread.

  26. Dun dun (Law & Order sound effect) lol

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