List of Bad Reporters to Ignore

We started seeing some unprofessional LA reporters who ridiculed Lin fans without any provocation. Let’s compile a list of them so Lin fans can ‘boycott’ them in social media.

Don’t follow them, click them, retweet or respond to their tweets or read their articles so they know how professionally damaging it can be to alienate JLin large fanbase. Just ignore them and do not get provoked. Don’t even fall into the temptation to respond since it will give them clicks(money/fame) and chance to portray bad Lin fans. Just Ignore them (by blocking and muting in Twitter) like they don’t even exist. That’s the best way

Lin fans can stay classy and let other people judge who are the real haters.

This is an example how you can mute or block people in Twitter:


Bad Reporters to block in Twitter/Social Media

Name             Reasons

Bill Oram       Nov 30, 2014  He called a twitter user “Crazy Lin Fans” in answering a simple polite question from Lin fan of what Byron Scott said about Lin needed to learn more about PG responsibility



He proceeded to send 4 tweets of what Byron said and did not apologize for calling Lin Fans crazy despite the polite question. What kind of professional writer would lash out to fans like this?

Since Jeremy Lin fans are crazy, here’s chunk of Scott on his PG: “he has to recognize clock, situation,s core. The last couple things..if we just scored on them, keep running them. Those are the things you have to do as a point guard. And I thought the ast game he got away from it after a little while, brought him back, told him about it, went back to it, so he just has to understand the flow of the game a little bit better.”

JLin Fans Boycott on UnProfessional Reporters Survey

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