How Steve Clifford Praised But Underutilized Jeremy Lin in the 2015-16 Season


One year has passed since Jeremy Lin came on board the Hornets team because Coach Clifford liked him and the Hornets will play faster with lots of PnR

After the season ended, it is fair to say there have been mixed results. Clifford provided consistent praises of Jeremy Lin’s defensive effort and flashes of off-the-bench Linsanity in several big wins garnering national media attention:

  • Spurs unlikely 23-pt comeback win,
  • Win vs LeBron’s Cavs as a starting PG
  • Raptors 35-pts performance
  • Celtics domination on both ends of the floor

But we also saw patterns of limited usage none bigger than the Game 7 under-utilization of Lin with 19 minutes despite shooting well (50% on 4-8 shooting) while Kemba/Frank/Batum struggled mightily with 22.5% shooting (a combined 9-40, Yikes!). After playing an unlikely hero to provide 3 key wins in Game 3-5, all of the sudden his service was no longer in high demand in the biggest game of the series. Game 7 ended in a similar blowout fashion with Game 1 and 2 without much involvement from Jeremy Lin. Michael Jordan was correct to say preseason that Jeremy Lin was the most important acquisition in the off-season. Too bad the Hornets and Front Office underutilized their most prized acquisition in Game 7 to blow the chance to go to Round 2 of playoff.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 12.15.03 AM

When utilized properly with minimum of 26 min, Lin helped Hornets outscore the Heat by +40 (+17, +17, +6) in Game 3-5

The following is a Top 3 appreciation of Coach Clifford in 2015-16 season even if he’s not a perfect coach for Jeremy.

1. Cliff allowed Lin to be the hero (along with Kemba) to earn praises from national media in Game 3-5 win to increase his FA values

Kenny Smith: “Linsanity! He was the key to the win in Game 5” plus a great TNT half-time presentation of Lin’s PG ability
Isiah Thomas, Shaq, Ernie referred to a flash of Linsanity and discussed his importance for Hornets to win games.

2. Cliff helped to rebuild Lin’s reputation as strong defender with repeated praises in the media

Clifford on Lin play (starts at 2:05) on Jim Rome March 26 2016 Interview after Lin’s 29pts vs Spurs and 21pts vs Nets in back-to-back games .

SC: He is invaluable. I think he’s supposed to do that every night. He is a product of all the work that he does .. DAILY. He is a very committed, serious-minded player. He constantly studies his game and what he has to work on. And he has been in this stretch where he played well but hasn’t shot the ball well. He’s been doing a lot extra and it’s paying off now

Rome: That’s interesting! What does it take for a guy to play well although he didn’t shoot well?

SC: There are 2 things that stand out every night. 1. He gets the ball going to the paint; And he has the quickness, ball-handling skill and the instinct. And he’s so strong for a guy his size. He can get the ball in the paint and he can drop it off to score. He draws a lot of fouls; he can pick it up and makes the 3s. And that is something that any team needs.

And the other part is … I didn’t realize (and a lot of people didn’t realize) he is a very good defender . His Pick-and-Roll defense is very good; his team defense is good and he is a very good competitor. I think whenever you can count on a guy’s effort; his defense and his ability of going to the basket, he brings a lot to your team 

Clifford shows that he understands Jeremy Lin’s game and the values the brings to any NBA teams but his limited usage of Lin shows there is a ceiling to Lin’s role in the Hornets (i.e. 16 min in Miami with Kemba back after a huge win vs the Cavs, he only played a lackluster 16 minutes in which he had 6pts/3asts and shot just 1-6 from the field)

3. Cliff Underutilization of Jeremy Lin Clarified His Ceiling as a Hornets

Finally, Cliff (or Front Office decision) giving Lin only 19 min in the biggest Game 7 despite shooting well would likely bring a dose of reality on Hornets ceiling that Lin’s role will not be allowed to shine above Kemba/Batum/Frank. Any thoughts of Lin wanting to stay with his great teammates and finding home in Charlotte because coaches trust him when it matters most were most likely dashed. Doc Scheppler’s Feb 15 interview comment about a certain pecking order of shots in Charlotte (“It’s like the Hornets have a pecking order with shots,” Scheppler says. “First it’s Kemba, then Batum, then Kaminsky, then Hawes.”) is proven true.

If Cliff trusted Lin in Game 6 to help Kemba to win with defense on Wade and drawing FTs to go to the 2nd round vs Raptors, I can see Lin will be tempted to stay in Charlotte with a restructured 2-3 yr salary because of the great camaraderie and coaches’ trust to call upon him when it counts.

The lack of trust by Cliff (and FO) in Game 6 and 7 probably is a blessing in disguise for Lin.

He is freed to find his next home when he is at his peak age of 27 years old.
And someday we can look back and really express our gratitude to Cliff for his belief, or lack thereof.

Thank you, Cliff! For letting Jeremy Lin to shine in a few big games but also for letting him go…



  1. FIRST! COme on MDA come on LIN make your move

  2. Second! Come on Nets starting pg, Atkins and NYC!

  3. I am so torn…

    On one hand I do want Jeremy to reunite with D’Antoni, and take advantage of the young talents (and potential upcoming draft talent) that Hinkie spent three years piling up…

    On the other hand I also like to see Jeremy reunite with Atkinson, who took great care of him from behind the scenes, and probably knows just as much about Jeremy’s full potential (if not more so) as D’Antoni. Plus the NY press and media that heavily favor him, and will likely provide a relatively fair and unbiased platform.

    Thirdly, I kind of enjoy the euphoria of seeing Lin being pursued and wanted, as opposed to being trashed and devalued by asinine propaganda.

    What to do…what to do?!

  4. I’m sitting back and letting the FA to unfold! 🙂

  5. Definitely Brooklyn, with mass media of New York, and the fringe benefit that I can attend more games here.

  6. Nets. But if mda is going to be head coach, I don’t mind if Lin and MDA reunion will happen.

  7. ‘Tis a looooong time until June 22… *sigh*

  8. Yes, the added benefit of kicking Knicks’ rear on a regular basis DOES sound extremely appealing.

  9. Lin!!!! If you stay hornets,
    You gonna be a rotation player.
    You can NOT become a starting PG.
    You can NOT win an NBA ?.

  10. When I examine Jeremy Lin’s career closely, I can’t help to compare him with Steve Nash and Goran Dragic. They both have earned their pay days. Now it’s Jeremy Lin’s turn to find his home.

  11. There is no room for Lin to grow in the Hornets; he has to find space for him to grow as a basketball player. This season we all have seen that Lin is not only a PG, he becomes a much better one on one player. Perhaps, it has something to do with his last season playing with Kobe. He understands the importance of his ISO game too in order to survive in this league.

  12. Why is Lin always going to San Francisco?…does he live it close to Palo Alto?

  13. Ya! Palo Alto is in bay area.

  14. “That thought doesn’t scare me as much as it used to, even though my belief in myself to be a great starting point guard hasn’t wavered.” I know Lin still wants to be a starting point guard, but the reality is which team would like to give him this opportunity? Which coach would have no agenda against the Asian guy? I dont have much confidence in the NBA culture…BTW, I am so shocked D’Antoni will interview with the horrible Rox?? Havent he had enough of those ballhoggers?? Melo, Kobe and then Harden?? wow

  15. It’s a good problem to have. Lol.

    Let us savor the fruit of a season of “sweat, blood and hard work” by Lin. As you said so well, let us “enjoy the euphoria of seeing Lin pursued and wanted.”

    Let the suitors of Lin, the top-notched PG, start a bidding war! I know I will enjoy reading all rumors, reports and speculations on his PG destination.

  16. I agree 100%!

  17. Anyway Pacers have no room for Lin…so I dont care! Just surprised, how come NBA teams will consider people like MH and BS as a HC…?

  18. There are more capable coaches than McHale.

  19. Distance between SF and Palo Alto is just 30 minutes. Been there, done that several times. Even stared at J. Lin’s high school across from a shopping center called “Town & Country” or something like that at the Stanford University entrance.

  20. I already unfollowed every Hornets related tweeter and they’re already on my rear view mirror.

  21. Why follow AtTheHive tweets even if Lin stays? Lol Lin, please don’t disappoint your number 1 militant fan by staying with Hornets as a backup. Lol

  22. Maybe Lin’s turn making money was Linsanity.

  23. Lin has to play for a coach who is biased in his favor because of all the biases against him floating around because he’s an Asian-American, Harvard graduate and Christian etc.

  24. Sh . . . don’t tell anyone.

  25. Larry Bird & Mc has Celtics connection….

  26. I don’t know what George Hill does as their PG: No penetration or 3s. Just there. Definitely below Teague in terms of effectiveness.

  27. I know but People in the league seem to high on Mc as coach??

  28. Could he be on his way to Asia? SFO Intl airport would be the closest with plenty of international connections. Excited to see where he will be sighted next.

  29. More like because he is a HOF so people respect him, rather than his coaching competency. I know many Timberwolves fans still dislike him.

  30. With PG and Ellis, you could blame him! I think he’s a player old school coaches like to use:solid, safe,good defense. Btw George Hill is a native so fans love him.

  31. These are laughable organizations stat-padding their ballhogs to make them look like “stars”. That is why I say stats are mostly used to fool fans (for their money) and owners (to pay the ballhogs).

  32. Larry Bird announces Pacers head coach Frank Vogel will not be retained

  33. Good or bad decission, Respect Mr. Bird.

  34. Vogel is a good coach….not sure why Bird wants to find a new coach

  35. People often interview for jobs they have no intention of accepting. Certainly in the NBA you avoid burning any bridges.

  36. He hates McHale I guess

  37. Good to know this…….

  38. Same coach with Lin at PG will basically solve this problem…LOL

  39. Small ball ? MDA?

  40. That’s what I thought maybe MDA can have good chance to get this job.

  41. Woj reported Ned Cohen, NBA’s Assoc. VP of Basketball Operations, joining 76ers front office in high-ranking basketball job. Significant coup by Bryan Colangelo

  42. That goes to show you defense don’t always win championship. You need offense too. Clifford always talked about bad defense whenever the Hornets lost. But he never criticized the stagnated Kemba-Batum offense.

  43. Rumers say P George to Lakers in return of D Russel & 2017 draft (top 3 protected to 76ers) to Pacers.

  44. They get along with brother players.

  45. I hope so but don’t think so bc just listen to Larry Bird’s press conference a little bit… he sure will keep Paul. Sounds like he maybe will like what Lin bring to him… he wants to play small w 3P & fast break…. Lin will have one more chance this summer I think.

  46. Mislead tweet beware. Larry Bird said he respects McHale to much so he would not ask McHale to work for him.

  47. Nope, he respect Mchale.

  48. Smart man. He knows discontinue item is future collectible.

  49. Cody is wise to get Lin’s jersey 🙂
    It is the most sold-out with only 6 left.

    Ironically, they even put JLin’s jersey on the corner LOL

  50. …farfarfarfarfar corner. lol

  51. LOL like friend-zoned.

  52. Because he knows Lin is not coming back to Hornets and so better buy it before it all gone!

  53. Trade P George? Must be from desperate Lakers fans.

  54. Yep, Zeller must have accidentally showed his friend’s secret plan.

  55. Guess the league is forcing the owners to sell or shut up.

  56. Should have bought it before he flew out to get it autographed.

  57. I think Lin & Batum both will not return.

    From this other side. based on how the jersey’s are stocked and placed, it looks like Al is their #1 priority (4 different colors!), not Batum.

  58. Only 20miles apart.

  59. Al’s “Overstock”.

  60. codyzellerI know I’m a few years behind but I finally have Instagram!!! Also I just did some shopping at the Hornets team store!!! @jlin7 #LinShuHow

    jlin7Hahahhahaah welcome to ig you social media dinosaur

  61. Haha! Good one!!!

  62. After sitting on it for a few days, I understand why Jlin said what he said at the exit interview. Jlin knows full well chances of him coming back to the Hornets is slim to none due to their infatuation with Nick Batum. Why? I still don’t have any idea since Nick is at best 3rd or 4th option on a good team. Jlin said he would love to return is just his way of not burning any bridge. No one knows what will happen in the future, but Hornets could be an option down the road. This way, if Hornets don’t sign Jlin, then it is on the Hornets not Jlin. Jlin is simply being political and saying the right things. I believe Jlin will land a starting gig and he will be paid $12M to $17M per year in this free agency. Let’s hope it will be with a good coach. I am hoping he will end up with the Nets. It is a good situation and they got good big men in Lopez and Young. Jlin can take that team to another level immediately.

  63. They can’t keep a PG better than KW to disapprove MJ’s judge of talents.

  64. I want Lin’s next jersey already :p

  65. Exactly. Just like what Tim Bontemps said. Free agents almost always talk like they’re staying right after season.

    Last season Lin in Lakers exit interview also said the similar statement. Everyone will have to say nice about the team no matter they really will return or not.

  66. That’s Spot On, Briick!
    It’ll be a Big Disappointment IF JL7 returns to Hornets (whether it’s his own decision or not). But to seriously THINK that JL7 likes to return to Hornets to play “backup” for KW and NB – Now that’s “Ridiculous” for you.

    People quickly forgot how JL7 struggles to fit in for most of the season. Most of his poor performances were due to limitations. He could have avg like 18pt & 5ast on THIS Hornets team with KW & NB but… shall we say “marginalized” again. Surely, it’s NOT like Hou & LA but his full potential was not realized on this team.
    People quickly forgot how HARD of a journey for JL7 to get here, to this point, and ALL the struggles and battles he’s gone through and now … just expects him to accept a “backup” role or limited role when he has the potential to be an All-Stars player to really carry a team to many victories. Let’s NOT hold back JL7, please.

  67. Lol “next” jersey, and photo-shoots of course.

  68. Batum said he had unfinished business…….in…Portland?

  69. That’s a strategy so you have to walk thru all the other stuff first, so you may see something else you like and purchase it along with Lin’s jersey………I guess.

  70. Doesn’t the Pacers offense run through paul george?

  71. Unless you are in Houston this year.

  72. Pat Bev might not be popular with many JLin fans.
    But in this funny video of Bev dominating a little girl at a park, he yelled ‘JLin’ for a step-back 3 .. before bricking it? LOL

  73. Honestly did not see domination here…

    Beverly resorts to playing against children to feel good about himself

  74. Jeremy Lin, Central Division: Cavaliers, Bulls, Bucks, Pacers & Pistons as Potential Landing Spots
    Posted on 5 May, 2016, by Greg in NBA
    IF Jeremy Lin leaves the Charlotte Hornets, where will he end up? Today we’ll take a look at the teams of the Central division: Cleveland Cavaliers, Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls & Milwaukee Bucks, to see his fit there, and the likelihood of him signing.

    Lin, on paper, is still locked up for one more year, making $2.3 million, with the Hornets. But it just wouldn’t make sense for him to not opt out. Even if he’s planning on staying with the Hornets, there has to be more money coming his way.
    So how do the Cavs look from a Lin perspective? Not good. There’s one thing to keep in mind about Cleveland: If LeBron James opts out of his deal, than it’s complete chaos and no one knows what it’s going to look like. But assuming James stays, it means there’s James and Kyrie Irving. That leaves very little opportunity for someone else to handle the ball, which means Lin, assuming he’s looking for more time of playing as the ball handler, isn’t going to end up there. Matthew Dellavedova, for example, averaged 24.6 minutes per game last season as the backup point guard, getting to start 14 times due to Irving’s injury.
    On to the Pacers, which make a very interesting option. Rumors suggest Frank Vogel is going to get fired because Larry Bird wants a head coach who knows a little bit more about squeezing something out of the offense. Whether that’s true or not, I’m not sure Vogel could have done more than 40’ish wins and a playoff spot with the roster he has. And one position they need an upgrade in is point guard. George Hill is a good player, but too often hides from being the assertive ball handler the Pacers need. Paul George isn’t the star who grabs every possession for himself and Lin, who might bring in something a little bit different to the team, could make a very interesting fit there. It is worth remembering that Monta Ellis and Rodney Stuckey are on this team too, which means the backcourt is crowded. Lin would be an upgrade for them, but if he does go there, he’ll need to see some players departing to make room.
    The Pistons? Not for him. I don’t see Lin pairing up with Reggie Jackson and it being different than what happened in Charlotte this season. Jackson loves the ball in his hands, Stan Van Gundy isn’t looking for a player like Lin, at least not for his lineup, and while Lin could bring the Pistons something special to their bench, he’s not going to be a meaningful player there.
    The Chicago Bulls was a team I thought would go after Lin last season, and rumors suggested there were talks but nothing actually materialized. They kept Aaron Brooks as their backup point guard, playing him 16.1 minutes a night. Derrick Rose played something close to a full season for the first time since 2010-2011, but his coexistence with Jimmy Butler was part of what held the Bulls back. We’re going to see changes in Chicago, who need someone like Lin in their backcourt, but whether it’s good for the team or not, I don’t see anyone benching Rose for Lin, even if it makes more sense in Fred Hoiberg’s offensive system. There’s also Butler to take into account, who loves having the ball in his hands a little bit too much, and tends to slow down the game, which is exactly the opposite of what the Bulls wanted to happen last season.
    And we finish with the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks played for most of this season trying to use players who aren’t point guards as ball handlers. But then they realized Giannis Antetokounmpo, a 6’11 forward with arms longer than the Mississippi river, can be their ball handler. He had a 24-game stretch late in the season (late February until April 10) averaging 19.1 points, 7.8 rebounds and 8.3 assists per game. Now, this offense could use another player who can do something with the ball, which the Bucks have decided Michael Carter-Williams can’t do. Is Lin on their radar? I think he could do very well in Milwaukee, but perhaps the Bucks don’t want anyone else getting in the way of Giannis’ dominance with the ball.

  75. @2:45 he made a 3 then shouted out Jeremy lin too.

  76. maybe he yelled ‘Jalen’? LOL

  77. Yeah more like that.

  78. ICYMI Fung Bros did a great job with VLOG to share their Game 3 experience to visit Charlotte and cheered for Jeremy in person

  79. First LBJ, now Wade.

  80. This one is really bad and yet Wade and Whiteside complained so much about JLin. Wade is really a very dirty player.

  81. No wonder why Lin couldn’t get up high. Clear EVIDENT of dirty play. Wonder what his wife has to say, SMH!

  82. May Karma get Wade for playing Dirty. God is watching you Wade!

  83. Here’s what his wife has to say!

  84. JLin in Vancouver?

    Entrepreneur. Sneaker Collector. Closet Nerd. EDM.

    Joined April 2012

  85. Are you sure about that? Maybe KW can lead JLin to the promise land?

  86. This wasn’t the only time Wade did. I have seen a few plays. Wade is really a very dirty player. 惡人先告狀 is so true with Wade and Heats players, org…..

  87. Saw JLin replied: LOL

  88. WHAT!!!!??? Now, I have to go hang around Downtown, Robson Street, Stanley Park,… all those tourist favourites!!!

  89. Haha of course 😉

  90. mmmh John Wall just had a knee surgery.

  91. Enjoy your hunt of JLin:-)

  92. Full stalker mode. LOL

  93. Good on you:-)

  94. Dude wants the Jlin jersey

  95. When will JLin visit Australia? He said he would like to????!!!! My guess if he comes to Australia, I still won’t be able to hunt him down as there are too many cities, beaches, islands…… for him to hide from public:-)

  96. Cho: “…I don’t know what the market is going to be for [JLIN], but we’re hoping we can bring him back as well. I think there’ll be a number of suitors for him, so we’ll see what happens. Unfortunately you can’t bring back all 15 guys.”

    …I think there’ll be a number of suitors for [JLIN]…“, Cho knows this already. Question is how do you know this already Cho?

  97. posted this before, but can’t help but repost it again, “grabbing jersey” seems to become these multi-million NBA players’ new skill set:

    林家潁 (@jain0517)4/24/16, 7:34 AM

    Jeremy Lin 林書豪上場26分鐘 ,得18分,4助攻,4籃板。

    2016.4.24.黃蜂96 VS熱火80

  98. Sounds like he is just being diplomatic. He must have an idea of how much Lin is worth but he dares not say it to show his card to the other GMs. This indicates that he is wishing for a miracle where other teams might come in as low as possible when offering Lin a contract. But it’s exactly what NYK had wished for after Linsanity and it didn’t end well. It will certainly not end well for the Hornets too this time round. Unless Hornets can offer Lin the key to their team, they have to prepare for the situation to blow up in their face….

  99. When did he say this? Today? Didn’t get this from yesterday press conference…?

  100. @ Chipotle

  101. Just check, it’s today’s interview….. PR of course. LOL!

  102. @$2.2m who wouldn’t?

  103. A filthy player.

  104. Is something going on in Vancouver? Dota 2 event or something?

  105. Pacers, if sincere in making changes, should hire MDA as their new coach.

  106. They have 3 years left on Ellis.

  107. To make real changes, Pacers need MDA.

  108. Nice! Anyone who gives Lin credits and raises his value is great. But business is business Cho. No discount!:-)

  109. man. where. So i can go stalks

  110. Please don’t fall for this trap twice Lin, I beg you! Cho wants you to make him look good again w/ another big discount and he will use you to make KW and everyone else look better than you on court. He’s setting you up for a continuation of misuse and abuse by Cliff. The entire 2015-1016 season, you hardly hear him or Cliff give you any praises/credits w/o prompting. They continue to downplay your talents and take the media spotlight and attention from you to shine on KW and NB. On Cho’s final season press conference, he stated the obvious and did not even elaborate that you were the key contributor for them to make the playoffs! PLEASE NO MORE ASIAN DISCOUNT!

  111. Awesome idea, Epie!!!

  112. Nothing special… I think… ?

  113. Come to think of it, there is an In n Out opening up in Downtown too… 🙂

  114. Sixers better hurry and make MDA the head coach.

  115. if MDA does not get the nod to become head coach of the 76ers then we might as well erase that off the list of possible destinations for Lin next year

  116. China Town or Richmond, or Chipotle in Guildford.

  117. exactly. please please no more discount. They are willing to spent this for Nic and peanuts on you… NO! “To keep him in town, Cho may have to offer Batum a max deal starting around $25 million.”

  118. That won’t happen because whether in 1 week or 5 months, MDA will be Philly’s Head Coach.
    You can erase him from your list but until Sixers erase him from their list – he remains on the list.

  119. I’ll bring my Lin jersey just

  120. Cho: “Lin did a terrific job on both ends of the floor…” What a BLAND Comment on Lin’s talents! If Cho recognizes that then START Lin and Give him FAIR market value. Cho, you should Stop patronizing Lin! Lin gave you a BIG discount, made you look like a genius, now you want MORE? God, I pray that Lin will NOT fall for this guy’s snake-oil sale pitch again!

  121. Bad news..: (

  122. Which cities/teams organized Asian Heritage celebration to coincide with Hornet’s game? Of course we know it’s for Lin 😉

  123. Chipotle in Robson and Howe more likely since it’s a tourist spot.

  124. According to Bleacher Report with an article on Piston (with a Lin mention tho for backup…) for this summer backup PG at $12-13mil.

    ” allocate a maximum in the $12-13 million range. That might seem steep for a backup point guard, but remember there’s going to be massive inflation this summer. Last year’s $10 million contract will absorb as cap space as this year’s $12.7 million contract. And with almost every team having money to spend, it will escalate inflation.”

  125. you obviously didn’t read my post

  126. I don’t think MDA will be 76 HC anytime soon. Hope he can get Pacers HC job.

  127. i know 🙁 I really want to see Lin MDA 2.0 tho

  128. Perhaps this event timeline could help you reformulate your post better.

    1. Colangelo Sr. FIRST hire as Sixers President – Asst Coach MDA forced onto Coach Brown’s staff
    2. Colangelo Sr. says GM Hinkie fine – then Hinkie fired
    3. Colangelo Sr. hires Colangelo Jr. as GM withstanding nepotism accusation
    4. Colangelo Jr. & MDA dominated West Conf.2000s(x-SAS)
    5. Coach Brown hired by Hinkie had 47-200 record – worst 3 seasons in HISTORY
    6. MDA front runner/interviews Suns,Wolves,Nets… but ironically doesn’t accept/get offered Head Coach
    7. Colangelo said we want to keep MDA but MDA sought after by other teams

  129. If 76 wants to make MDA be their HC I don’t think MDA will need to go to interview w teams including Rox.

  130. Are you from Vancouver too, Bolero? 🙂

  131. You misunderstand the politics of the American NBA political apparatus.

  132. Lin doesn’t need MDA to succeed. Just need time and money. Oh yea also to start. If MDa goes to indiana going there is an issue because of month ellis and gorge hill

  133. Shortage of PGs in the summer.

  134. I don’t think Lin will go to Pacers but I just want MDA to get HC job in NBA team again.

  135. I agree.

  136. JLin facebook:

    After taking a couple of days to process everything from our playoff series, I just wanted to leave you with a very open and honest note to thank all my beloved fans. It’s the least I can do for all your support this past season.

    Athletes often say “I have the best fans in the world.” When I say it, I mean it. You all support me with so much enthusiasm that every year my teammates talk about how they’ve never seen such die-hard fans. Sure, sometimes you guys can be a little aggressive or overwhelming for other fans and reporters haha, but I understand that comes from your love for me.

    You guys showed up nightly to TWC Arena giving us a huge home court advantage. You made all of us feel like rock stars on our preseason trip to China. You flew in from different U.S. cities and countries (some which required ~18 hours of flying) just to watch regular season games. You guys cared enough about me to make and share a video of fouls committed on me. I received more gifts, support letters and fan art than I know what to do with.

    Over 10,000 of you signed up for my prayer letter and diligently prayed for me throughout the season. Hundreds of you opened up about some of the most vulnerable parts of your life and asked me and my business team to pray for you guys (which we did).

    THANKS for being a big reason why this was the most enjoyable season I’ve ever had in the NBA! Sorry we couldn’t keep this playoff run going. I’m extremely sad about this season ending and miss basketball like crazy already. I seriously can’t wait for my body to heal up and start training again. I try not to think about the playoffs, and turn away when I see any other playoff games. It stings because I know we could be in the 2nd round, but God is perfect through the highs and the lows, and He has never led me astray!

    This past year was a step in the right direction, but I know there’s another level I can get to. So as I approach the off-season, I will keep working on my game. Next year my jumper will be way better. I will come back a much better player. I want to keep having fun on the court (like I did this past year). For free agency, I will seek out every opportunity that gives me the greatest chance to be the best player I can be. I believe I’m just getting started. I have more to give and more to accomplish.

    I’m excited to see what God has for me in the future! But for now, time to rest, recover and recharge myself physically and mentally. So on that note, I’m off to vacation!!

  137. If they though they could keep him in reserve in case Brown chokes they would. If they thought they could lose him they’d be pushed to make him HC if they were so inclined.

  138. Seem like he will opt out: “For free agency, I will seek out every opportunity that gives me the greatest chance to be the best player I can be.”

  139. “This past year was a step in the right direction, but I know there’s another level I can get to”

    What did JLin mean by another level? 🙂

  140. Key phrase right there. Second key phrase is:

    “I will seek out every opportunity that gives me the greatest chance to be the best player I can be”

    No way he going back to be Kemba’s backup.

  141. We all know what he meant. He said that already in his video, NBA championship. With Hornets, it is not possible.

  142. yes, Opt out he will certainly will.

    “Greatest chance to be the best player he can be” might rule out any backup PG role in 20-25mpg in any NBA teams

  143. Starting PG—>All Star—–>Deep in Playoffs—>

  144. This shatters a lot of hope for Lin to come back to Charlotte.

  145. That’s not the hope of a Lin fan.

  146. i like this part..
    “For free agency, I will seek out every opportunity that gives me the greatest chance to be the best player I can be. I believe I’m just getting started. I have more to give and more to accomplish.”

  147. Believe me, some do.

  148. I’m sorry, that braid just reminds me of a Klingon:

  149. Good for Lin, turn away from playoff games.

  150. Starting PG.

  151. Fantastic – JLIN says all the right things – Next Season Will Be the Best Ever – leading new team as starting point guard to many successful seasons.

  152. ohh this is a good day. Bye charlotte

  153. The man has spoken!
    See you later Charlotte! I can now start purging all Hornets local media & social media…

    hmmm should I follow Nets, or 76ers?

  154. Don’t burn the bridge for Lin please, LOL.

  155. Or chicago

  156. 76er off with dan toni leaving. Maybe timberwolves

  157. okay okay… I will wait then. 🙂

  158. Haha! Lin will not back to Hornets.

  159. Just for the note, here is the # of Twitter followers for Hornets media today (5/5/16):
    @hornets 512K
    @rick_bonnel 20.5K
    @At_The_Hive 6,405

  160. Oh is this the latest news? I thought Psalm was saying it’s just a power play to get rid of Brown…

  161. Bulls would be nice too!

  162. So Whiteside was providing a “perfect” screen….screening from the the Ref

  163. Hallelujah! You articulate your thoughts very well. Have a good vacation and rest. Onto the next chapter!

  164. Lin sounds different now than right after the series. He’s begun to process what went on and wants to do as much as possible on the court in the coming seasons. It sounds like it means exploring all of his options and then going with what seems to be best by whatever criteria and process he goes about doing it. There are no specifics on how he’s going to choose or what the priorities/criteria will be. Right now, let him rest, chill out and try to enjoy his time off until he prepares for FA negotiations, considerations and then working on his game off-season.

    I think I’m taking a semi-vacation too in terms of at least posting here perhaps. Not sure yet.

  165. I wouldn’t try to over-analyze it. It will be explained in time 🙂

  166. Wade was well known for being sneaky and he thinks he is smart…

  167. Keep swimming, keep treading and keep your hope for Hornets alive lol.

  168. don will be don. Maybe you can evolve like Lin has one day.

  169. I expect the numbers will go down by 10% for Hornets, and 50% by ATH. I never followed Bonnel though…

  170. haha 🙂

  171. JLIN is evolving to a new uniform, that will be my pleasure to be like his evolution.

  172. against a girl ….

  173. Man, I think Jeremy must be the only NBA player who writes something THIS personal to his fans. I’m a jaded NBA watcher at this point (not a “fan”, due to league’s corrupt business practices), yet I still enjoy watching Jeremy, and the touching sincerely in this letter even makes ME feel emotional.

    This is why we love him so much. He’s sincere and genuine, strong yet humble, a peaceful fighter, and most importantly, he values everything and everyone in his life. What a great role model! As a father of two girls, i used to think no one in this world is good enough for my girls, but I know what qualities I should tell them to look for in a man. I use Jeremy’s story to teach my girls to keep trying and never give up, and to face adversity bravely.

    Jeremy is beyond basketball, he’s a outstanding cultural and moral-ethical role model for young Asians (American or otherwise) everywhere.

  174. people are saying Lin doesn’t need MDA to succeed. This is true, but this is also like saying the warriors don’t need curry to win. They clearly don’t but with Curry they are 100x better. Lin is wayyy better now as a player than he was during Linsanity imagine if he reunites with a coach that trusts him and plays him exactly the way Lin needs to be played. Lin said it before MDA’s offense is tailor made for his game

  175. Im not sure we will have to wait and see

  176. Please let all “Lin wants to return to Charlotte” posts die now. It’s over.

    Maybe he read some posts now that the season is over and felt the need to clarify his comments, ha.

    It was always just PR, but now Lin confirms it. He’ll go anywhere he can start.

  177. Way of Spades
    Way of Spades – ‏@RealJamesBeck

    Hope Jeremy Lin @JLin7 doesn’t re-sign w/ the Hornets. Any player should’nt sign a multi-year to be a backup esp. when entering his prime.
    8:29 AM – 4 May 2016

  178. It reminded me more of Gon the comic book character (a super tiny T-Rex) who also appeared in Tekken 3 as secret character.

  179. About Cho, I wouldn’t wax poetic on Lin if I were him either. His function is to try to get guys back at a certain price so unless you identify someone who is a must have, and for them that’s Batum, everyone else did a good job and they’d love to have them back. Especially if it is someone like Lin who may receive some pretty big offers. But, in reality, he may have a feeling that he just can’t give Lin what others can and may be resigned to him going elsewhere.

    At this point, I look for Lin for further direction. Right now, he’s resting. When he’s ready, when the time is right, he’ll explore. What transpires along the way he’ll communicate when he sees fit. And really, for me, it’s what he says, and DOESN’T say, that will inform me and only that.

  180. Maybe Rockets can rehire McHale, LOL

  181. Vogel is a good coach, he’ll get another HC job.

  182. It’s not even MDA’s offensive plays. It’s the trust, the freedom.

    Lin can make some TOs or miss 4-5 shots and keep playing — like most starting PGs get to do. In Game 7, Lin overhelped on a pair of 3s and Clifford insta-benched him and ruined the game, the series and the season. Disgusting and pathetic. Then again, it was a blast to see the Hornets completely destroyed without Lin. Kemba, Nic and Lee were exposed as trash.

    MDA is a proven Lin supporter who wants to reunite. And Atkinson is arguably Lin’s biggest/only mentor — he helped him even before MDA did. So either are good with me. Brooklyn is extra attractive because they have so few options. They need someone like Lin (attainable player w/ star potential) to save them.

  183. and Lin surely will lost lots of fans.

  184. I must say that I’m very happy by Lin’s message. I didn’t like the idea of Lin playing for cheap again and getting less minutes on top of that…That would have been humiliating to see Lin being forced to accept another steep discount while players like Batum, Marvin and Lee all gets their money.

    At least now, we are sure he will strongly consider other teams offers based on starting role and money. No more discount for Charlotte. Lin already gave them a discount and they couldn’t even play him more than 19 minutes in game 7.

  185. This video was from 2014, so it makes sense that Beverley shouted “J Lin!”.

    original video:

  186. Give it up on JLIN, he has spoken – at this point his joy will bring you pain as his desire is to leave CHA so relinquish the bitterness and embrace that what you want for JLIN will not come to pass.

    We wish the best for Batum and the Hornets because they are going to need all the fortune they can muster.
    – Every game Batum played in was a Playoff Loss;
    – Batum was -84 in the playoffs
    – Batum is only worth max to CHA but worth $15-18 mill to everyone else.

  187. smh

  188. I mean, most of us were already sure but a vocal minority kept panicking.

    Lin said he checks out his fansites and Twitter…but not during the season. I have a feeling he may have read some fans overreacting to typical PR statements (“I’d love to come back!”) and decided to do some “clarification.”

  189. I believe Hornets will not make it to playoff next season w or w/o Batum.

  190. Almost every player all said the nice thing about team & how much they would love or want to come back for the team….

  191. I don’t. Or do. Who the Hornets will be next season remains to be seen. They have talent on that team and they may add the right ingredients. I wish Cho well, he seems a decent guy. He’s a GM and he’ll try to do the best for his team. Just because he signs or doesn’t sign Lin doesn’t make me wish his team not succeed. Lin’s words were genuine, he said he had the best time of his career there and Cho signed him. So Cho is fine with me. It’s a step, and it was a positive one I think for Lin. I think that is what he’s expressed.

  192. I am not wish Hornets bad luck just tell how I feel about this team. They are not just good.

  193. How can you tell before their roster is solidified how good they will be? They will lose some players and gain others. Everything is in flux now. A lot of teams will change before next season.

  194. Opting-out

  195. Qualitative difference between JLIN & KemBatum that Hornets Fandom does not appreciate:

    – Kemba stat pads against lesser teams like Harden did.
    – Both Kemba and Harden choke when leading wins against elite/playoff teams but had no problem running up points to stat pad against “easy” teams.
    – Every game Kemba led offensively was a Playoff Loss;
    – Every game Batum played in was a Playoff Loss;
    – When JLIN led offensively – Playoff Win.

    JLIN is Quality – KemBatum/Harden is Quantity

  196. Reading between the lines:

    “You all support me with so much enthusiasm that every year my teammates talk about how they’ve never seen such die-hard fans. Sure, sometimes you guys can be a little aggressive or overwhelming for other fans and reporters”

    Could some of you (you know who you are) tone it down a little bit? I’m getting flak from reporters and teammates about it, not making my life easier.

    “This past year was a step in the right direction, but I know there’s another level I can get to”.

    I know I’m a starter in this league.

    “For free agency, I will seek out every opportunity that gives me the greatest chance to be the best player I can be. I believe I’m just getting started. I have more to give and more to accomplish.”

    I’m not coming back to the Hornets if I have no chance to start. I will do my best to find a team that believes in me and will use my skills to their maximum potential.

  197. Exactly. Yet fans here and elsewhere don’t understand that.

  198. Things will unfold as God meant them to be is Lin’s message. Then he makes a peace sign.

  199. Just check the video. It’s like standard answer…” I like or love this team … I want to come back….” LOL!

  200. “I’m just getting started.

    I see what he did there…

  201. What annoys me is local media’s misleading headlines: Lin says he will “absolutely” return! Uh, no he didn’t say that at all. He said he will absolutely CONSIDER returning. Which means nothing.

  202. The PG is like the palm of the hand. It won’t matter how long and dexterous all the fingers are if there’s no good palm to connect them all. As long as the Hornets are run around Kemba they won’t be going far. Not hating but it’s a proven fact, all the Kemba years without Lin have been unsuccessful and he can’t overcome his physical and playing style limitations. So unless the offseason changes involve shipping Kemba away, which is highly unlikely, the Hornets will be the old version of themselves.

  203. He already did. Peace out!

  204. Nicely done 🙂

  205. Kemba is good enough to get them into the playoffs. He’s done so already. The question was if they can go into the playoffs. How the East will unfold is unknown. We can’t make unknowns knowns however much we argue. And unknowns indicate possibility and wonder and maybe failure. That’s their nature.

  206. There’s a “clue” above his head, haha.

  207. Lin brooklyn nets next year?

  208. It’s so annoying that you keep defending the people that annoys a lot of us. Cho is machevelian like, Clifford, like Kemba, yet you ascribe them positive merit for taking advantage of Lin? Smh, yeah double smh.

    These people will step all over you if the end justifies the means. How you can defend them on this site is beyond my comprehension.

  209. Even I don’t like Hornets but their fans & media are nice to Lin. Some of them really want Lin back… not necessary bc they want to sign him w cheap price….they just want him back. But I re-watch the exit interview from Lin…. I got the odd feeling he’s sort of like.. promote Hornets to FA players or what… ?? Just kept talking on & on by how good Hornets is… coach staff & teammates…. Specially clear the name for Cliff like what he told him it’s true… Haha! Well, Cliff clear the name for Lin’s bad D… Case closed. Move on.

  210. Safest bet now that Lin has leverage, rising stock again.

    But all these MDA rumors sound like he’s pressuring Philly to promote him or else (which was rumored by Philly media). If MDA is promoted, then that becomes a 50/50 situation with Brooklyn.

  211. really, no one ever thought that except perhaps sws

  212. or he saw Cho’s press conference yesterday and lit up like a bulb 🙂 It was telling very telling that they only wanted Nic and no one else.

  213. JLIN responsible for repairing 11-13 regular season deficits of 10+ points created by the starting lineup/and or leading wins against elite teams.

    Without JLIN – Hornets do NOT make playoffs.
    Without Kemba – JLIN takes Hornets to a 2nd seed.

  214. Thought that was a halo LOL

  215. Agree wholeheartedly with your post – exasperatingly annoying.

    Hope some of these closet Hornets fans move on back to their own sites soon, now that JLIN has spoken his desires.

  216. His cousin do check fansites….

  217. haha.. subliminal message?

  218. It’s both! A net and a halo. Starting for Atkinson in Brooklyn would be heaven.

  219. I would be happy with a starting point guard job with either Nets or Sixers.

  220. Yes, once in 13/14 in an extremely weakened EC, responsible for zero wins (still true of this playoff series). The EC landscape has change, Kemba hasn’t. Just saying if I were betting, Hornets will NEVER make it past first round playoffs with Kemba at the helm, and likely miss the playoffs more often than not.

  221. Could have taken that photo anywhere…

    Nah, I’ll just take it as a good omen.

  222. Well said.

  223. Great post, Psalm, agree with all the points.

    Taking a step back and looking at the season as a whole: I’d say this season was a successful and positive season for Lin. Not overly successful/positive, but mildly successful/positive.

    * The previous 3 seasons got progressively worse for Lin’s reputation. Not Lin’s fault, but the horrible situations he was in made him look bad and got scapegoated. This year, despite low %s, Lin’s reputation in sports media increased dramatically. Lin was named #3 free PG by a couple publications, ahead of many big name PGs. Whenever Lin mentioned this year, it was always about how well he was playing (despite career low %s). So next year, when he bounces back to career averages or higher, they’ll be even more impressed.

    * Lin’s agents better be promoting his Starter stats this year, they were phenomenal and should help him find a starting spot.

    * I also think Clifford’s impact on Lin’s season was overall mildly positive as well. Even though Clifford clearly believes Lin is not a starter in this league, at least he thought highly of skills as a 6th man and Lin closed many games and had a 3 game showcase in the playoffs. Clifford was the only coach in the past 4 seasons that increased Lin’s value.

    * That said, it’s crystal clear that Clifford believes Lin is fit to be a 6th man and not a starter. So the only way Lin comes back to Hornets is if no other team in the league wants Lin to be a starter.

  224. what kemba’s done already is prove he’s a perennial loser. his jump shot is improved but still isn’t leading a team anywhere.

  225. I’ve said it before I wouldn’t mind him going to the nets, but we don’t know how he will be played there. We know how MDA will play Lin.

  226. Or Cho confirmed with Lin that he’s leaving (if there were any doubts).

    Monday: “I have to talk to my agent” Tuesday: Lin talks to agent. Wednesday: Cho says it’ll be tough to resign Lin. Thursday: Lin posts message saying he’ll go wherever he can shine.

  227. Yes. That’s what I heard and hear for the past year. Hence, I’m not worrying that JLin will return to Hornets to be a discount backup anymore unless there is no other option. I’m all cool with this and enjoy JLin offseason. Can’t wait to see more fun pics from him in the next couple months esp his annual Asia trip.

  228. Lin will definitely hear about things from his friends, like the girl who got the tattoo.

  229. The Hornets and Lin both came out benefiting from the 1+1 contract. Hornets gained both US and China visibility, snapped many an embarrassing records (winless vs. LeBron, winless in playoffs in 12 games, etc.), and made more money this year off Lin’s popularity. On the flip side, Lin got to redeem himself and dispel evil propaganda by Morey.

    So in summary both Hornets and Lin came out ahead, and neither owes the other anything. Not to say Lin (or the fans) should be ungrateful, but it’s not like Lin owes Charlotte the world either.

  230. Depends who Hornets sign as FA. They could make playoffs, not that hard in the East.

  231. No way for anny any real genuine JLin fan for wanting JLin back to Charlotte as a backup nor to any team if he has a choice. I believe he does have lots of choices this summer. Backup is very low in his priority.

  232. Only concern in Philly is that MDA and Lin can be usurped — they have lots of great picks and trade assets to get another PG. Brooklyn has nothing to offer right now; that’s good “protection” for Lin.

    Houston had good trade assets when Lin arrived in 2013. And they used them to get Harden before Lin even played a single game.

  233. Like a broken record, Kemba’s an SG trapped in PG body. He did work hard, but it was on the wrong part of his play. He should work on his court vision and learn how to organize the offense, not “improve his OWN shot”. He needs to learn that FIVE is ALWAYS greater than ONE.

    Victim of the “team lead star must CARRY team” myth. Leaders LEAD, not carry. Donkeys carry, not the team captain.

  234. You haven’t. I did it even right before G7 was over:-)

  235. if you looked at bev or ronnie price behforehand, you would have thought that was good ‘protection’ for lin if you didnt see how it played out. there is always an anybody-but-lin on a team.

  236. If people want to believe that Lin is 100% staying in CHA, let them. Doesn’t make any difference in reality.

  237. LOLOL Many of us pulled out as soon as G7 was over if not earlier:-)

  238. Totally different — Lakers were tanking (they had a Top 3 pick) and the Kobe Factor.

    Nets have no first round picks until 2019.

  239. a jumper can be improved. but things like court vision and running an offense, you cant learn those things at this point in your career in any significant degree. kemba has already done everything he can do. its simply not good enough

  240. I know that, but will give credit even just for the effort. Don’t appreciate his lack of effort in that department, it really shows what’s his true motivator: himself.

  241. please fill me in…where/when did JLin say all these?

  242. Only a large contract can provide some protection.

  243. not to mention not being to stop anyone on the defensive end. it’s just amazing to me many folks think kemba is actually an impactful player.

  244. Colangelos have full control over the 76ers organization and they ahve a 30 yr relationship with MDA.

    Sean Marks has just started the job and Kenny Atkinson hasn’t even transitioned over to Nets yet – the Russian Oligarch could be much more intrusive and temperamental in personnel than we know.

  245. No, Eastern Conference changed to better now… Wizard & Bulls will come back.

  246. Tons of folks don’t truly understand basketball. The pyramid is always thicker at the bottom, pun intended.

  247. lee is the anybody-but-lin this year.

    there is always one each year. its not an exceptional case, but the norm by now.

  248. While it is illegal, but is it possible that someone speaking on behalf of an NBA team have already contacted Lin and has let him know that they will be extremely interested in acquiring his services and this may be the reason why Lin came out with today’s statement.

    This statement sounds like Lin is pretty much finish with the Hornets and he’s ready to move on.

    When you think about it, Charlotte main priority will be Batum and Marvin, so at best, they will force Lin to wait before they can even start talking to him about a new contract and that’s a bit disrespecful…Lin was already burned when he waited for Mavs to sign DeAndre…so this time around, Lin should not wait for anybody.

  249. A friend of a friend of a fried of some GM/Coachs, saying ABC team is interested in your service. I guess that is not illegal.

  250. I doubt that Lin has a next team lined up, he’s just saying that he’s going to explore all his options in free agency. Which every FA should. (Even if a player wanted to return to a team, they would say publicly that they are going to explore all options. At least drive up the price for himself).

    Of course Lin should not wait for CHA. If he has an offer from another team for starting position, he will not wait for CHA.

    (Although the thing to remember is that everyone has to wait during moratorium period. No official signing until after that.)

  251. how do you think Lin and the mavs would have played out this season if De andre was on that team.

  252. See the “featured post” at the top. It is from JLin’s FB post

  253. I think the Mavs would have done pretty well with Lin and DeAndre.

  254. but do you think the offense would have run thhru lin?

  255. Well said ! What are hornets BTW ?

  256. To Lin, or Not to Lin, THAT is the question.

  257. on FB
    I read some of the comments and was surprised that many came from Charlotte fans, lovely encouraging comments. They are the ‘nicer’ ones compared to those on twitter. Maybe that is why Lin post more stuff on FB

  258. I think Lin would have been the PG to run the offense. Not necessarily be the focal point of the offense, but set it up and find the open guys. Dirk, Matthew, and Parsons would take plenty of shots.

  259. Doesn’t hurt to have some leverage to make 76ers offer him the HC job.

  260. Thanks, you also brought up the most important point that Cliff was still the only coach in the past 4 seasons who increased Lin’s value.

    And even if no teams want to offer Lin as a starter, Lin has to make a hard decision about going back knowing he can only play 15-18 min with a healthy MKG. The Bulls might be a better alternative to get lots of PT as a backup to oft-injured DRose

  261. Oh, so local Hornets fans starting to realize JLin fans know him better than they do. LOL

  262. well taken…LOL!

  263. just the same. it will be hard for the hornets to keep jlin except they make him their priority UNO!

  264. They can talk to players’ agents any time. No one can stop them. All you have to wait for is formally offering a contract to the player.

  265. No, Lin wasn’t brought to Charlotte to start. Kemba always was the starting PG.

    If Kemba were injured, Lee would not be starting at PG in place of Lin.

  266. Welp, looks like NBA is a shame. Lin’s sport he dedicated to his career is nothing more than a gambling arena.

  267. i think very few only…

  268. Lin+mda still has unfinished biz.

  269. Leicester City: NBA edition

  270. For those of us that think Kemba has made a quantum leap and was the key factor to the Hornets making it to the playoffs. If you look at his stats and shot charts from the past 3 seasons, the only thing that has really changed is he takes an average of 1.5 more 3 points per game and is shooting them at a good percentage, everything else is basically the same. He still shoots a bunch of long 2’s and except 0.2 more steals per game, his defensive stats are almost exactly the same. Has he become a more efficient scorer, yes. But is he an efficient scorer, not really. And it should be obvious when his shots don’t fall he hasn’t upped his game in any other way.

  271. In 200+ minutes without Batum and Lin on the floor, Kemba had a terrible 48 TS%. That says it all.

  272. Thank you Jeremy for your updates and for calming our worries and concerns about you. We’ll pray along w/ you for God to lead you where He knows best. “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun.” Psalm 37: 5-6.

  273. a 4-7%+ increase in 3 pt % is huge

  274. Wonder how many followers they had before Lin joined the team?

  275. Just try getting the book ‘Personal Foul’ by Tim Donaghy, his personal account of the gambling. You’ll find that the NBA has far reaching enough powers to actually prevent the book from being on shelves in North America. But if you try hard enough, you can get a copy from elsewhere…as I did.

  276. Can you do similar charting for Lin in same year for comparison? Thank you.

  277. i liked this one very much!!!!

    “Nico Armo
    The love you’re having from us is the love you’re spreading all around the world.
    Keep working and improving, Jeremy. The bigger the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.”

  278. Is this huge too?
    Extending a 0-25 loss streak to Lebrons team
    Extending to 0-8 loss to playoff Heat when Kemba & Al lead the offense
    Extending 0-5 streak against Raptors when Kemba leads offense
    Extending 0-6 streak against Isaiah Thomas Celtics when Kemba leads offense
    Extending 0-Never streak against Spurs

  279. Well, now that I look back at the end of the playoffs for Lin, we were really picking at scraps trying to figure out what he was going to do. I think it’s probably true that for most of us, after being in a whirlwind of a playoffs, we’d probably just say the most politically correct and safe things, get the heck out of the place and think about things quietly after.

    As he said on his post, now that he’s had a couple of days to think about things, the more open Lin is emerging.
    Clap clap clap.

  280. It is mainly due to other offensive threats on the floor with him, allowing him to be more open. Without Batum or Lin, he will struggle to even get into his offensive rhythm.

  281. So jlin already got offered for starter position now. Wonder from which team?

  282. jlin said, they are in constant communication fate remain so elusive on their being on one teamthe previous year, but this year, it seems their path is aligning well!!!

  283. talking with MDA for the possible reunion!

  284. and yet some hold onto the hope that he will still stay with cliff! (my view, that will happen if nba makes a move for jlin not to get the right offer and the right position from other team) #conspiracytheory

  285. No difference between these JLIN quotes taken 1 year apart.
    Both were politically correct quotes and should not have ever been taken literally.

  286. Did Lin really say he would take a discount? Or is it just someone else’s imagination?

  287. Fortunate for JLIN that he is refusing to watch the playoffs because Miami has just taken the lead and is on the verge possibly of taking the opening 2 games from TOR Raptors on the Rapts home court.

    So utterly disturbing that had Clifford/Hornets played JLIN in 4Q Game 6 or Game 7 that JLIN’s Hornets should be walking all over Toronto just like the Heat are right now.

  288. Really?

  289. I am more and more leaning to Nets.

    Nets needs Lin and Lin needs Nets, and the behind media and NY fans.

    Would Nets push for Lin? Absolutely. No famed PGs will come to Nets, a bottom eastern team struggling without much assets and drafts for the next few years. Would Lin consider Nets? Absolutely with starting PG position and the connection with Atkinson and moderate range of $ to show respect (12M to 15M). It is a bond of necessity.

    How about 76ers? Suppose MDA gets promoted to HC, would 76ers GM consider Lin? I am not sure. They have too many assets and drafts to get what they want. Even if MDA wants Lin, Colangelo would not necessary be high on Lin as he may have his own idea. Maybe, maybe not. But it has to be MDA being the HC.

    I think NY is the place for Lin. The spotlight (not that he wants it, but the fans, not just Lin fans, NEED it.), the fairness and power of media, the wide range of NY fans with huge Asian base. This would be big even if Nets only gets into playoff (which I believe Nets will if led by Lin). 41 home games, with Linsanity night in and night out, how crazy it could be. And off the court, think about what Lin can do for and to NYC? That is unimaginable?

  290. Imagination – no such words ever came from JLIN’s mouth.

  291. There’s only one thing holding me off about the Nets…. They seriously need a splash of colours in their logos and on their uniform. 😉

  292. For me its chicago Not sold on nets players. Still since i am from brooklyn. That would be a good day. Also Kill the knicks as much as possible

  293. That can be changed easily. With new signing and new season, I think they will come up with some new design.

  294. Lol. I mean Jay-Z might be talented in music but he certainly need more training when it comes to graphic design…

  295. If you want the instant ECF, Bulls might be a good choice, But Rose is there and the coach? The priority is the coach, then team FO, then players. I think Lin has the ability to elevate players around him, as long as players buy in the team ball.

  296. You allowed yourself to get annoyed because may you’ve just shut yourself off from other possibilities and don’t see how I see Lin having power or allowing Lin to express himself with no interpretation or others defining it. You have your own beliefs, and I’m glad you support your own beliefs so strongly. But I think you can benefit by seeing the strength in other’s perspectives that may ostensibly seem different than yours, but has much of the same essence. What don responds with is smh worthy because much of it is like a tape-recorder in a loop.

  297. Well, that’s going I know better than others. Do you really?

  298. “I believe I’m just getting started.” Just for fun.

  299. The coach is a good young coach. There is an idea of playing rose at SG. He is also gone the following year. He gets injured a ton. Ofcorse my Chicago deal is all contingent on Rose being moved to SG. Lin starting at PG. If they cant do it. Then yea he should go to brooklyn.

  300. Lin never said the word Discount.

  301. Doesn’t matter. I thought he will clear his head past being fresh off of the playoffs and something else will emerge. What has emerged is now being interpreted as he’s leaving Charlotte. It isn’t that or is it. He’s taking a break away from the situation and then will go back to it and open himself up to possibilities. It’s up to Charlotte to keep him or not, and I doubt they can. But I’m not saying definitively they will or won’t or try to define what someone I don’t know personally, Jeremy Lin, will do. We aren’t privy to his inner circle or Charlotte’s FO or that of any other team to know anything.

    It’s a big difference what I’m doing vs. many on the board. Many are going what I want for Lin is what I want so whatever Lin does I’ll spin it to what I want. I’m just going with Lin, let him tell us where he’ll go. And in that, there will be a lot of things that are undefined. Then he’ll make his decision and tell his fans what was behind it. But that won’t be for weeks to come.

  302. Off-Topic: LOL Watch Charles Barkley mangled his Spanish words .. ‪#‎CincoDeMayo‬

  303. For destination, NY is certainly the best.

    But it’ll be interesting how JLin makes his final decision if both MDA and Kenny Atkinson make a pitch to be a starting PG.
    I think he’d want to hear how much the organization also wants him. And the playoff chance.

  304. Yes, I agree. But I don’t want to go that far yet. Just wait until the offers on the table. I am certain Lin will make the best of it.

  305. DeRozan misses 2 clutch FTs. Not showing mental clutch toughness at all.

  306. Wade clutch again. Big 3. The Heat are a tough team.

  307. Jonas knows how to blockout Whiteside really well.

  308. His improved shots don’t necessarily translate into impact on the team. His efforts in G6 were valiant, but he was still doing more carrying than leading.

  309. He was spectacular in that game and did all he could to try to win it. If Courtney Lee had his game 7 output in game 6, Hornets would still be playing.

  310. I absolutely agree. Brooklyn already has a history of interest in Lin. Even before this season, Brooklyn twice inquired about trading for Lin and offered him a contract last summer. Supposedly, Billy King was a big fan of D-Will, but now that both are gone, Lin has no barriers there.

    Also, Prokhorov has lost a lot of money on the Nets, and the Knicks, despite being awful, still get all the attention from the NY media and fans. That would change overnight with Lin in Brooklyn. Attendance, ratings, headlines…

  311. Big 3 by Dragic, great play by JJ.

  312. Guys, Brooklyn and Sixers aren’t the only two teams that may be interested in Lin. So much hans’t formed yet. I think people are putting too much stock in Brooklyn or the Sixers. They are possibilities, but there are plenty others we don’t even know of yet.

  313. What do you think of the real reasons Cliff fold in game 6 & 7 and didn’t let Lin play? I have my reasons, but I’d like to hear from you.

  314. OT in Toronto.

  315. One of my main concern with Brooklyn is the fact that they have a old-school power-forward in Thaddeus Young who doesn’t stretch the floor since he doesn’t take 3’s and this could clog the lane for Lin’s drive. You will have Lopez + Young clogging the lane…

    Ideally, you only want the center in the paint but with the Nets, you will have 2 big men in the paint and that’s not good for Lin.

    If Nets signs Lin, I think they will have to trade Young for a stretch-4 or maybe even consider signing Marvin William and bring Young off the bench. Lin would be best with a stretch 4 instead of a guy like Young.

    I think Philly have similar problem with 2 center who can’t shoot 3’s.

  316. Were Miami Heat to sweep 0-4 or 1-5 over Toronto Raptors the stock of JLIN would increase as more of the NBA recognizes that JLIN was the definitive REASON that Hornets won all 3 games in the first round.

    Here’s to a sweep by the Heat to help JLIN attract even more suitors and better offers in free agency.

  317. I know who exactly!

  318. Lol, jonas beats Whiteside on tipoff

  319. Lopez can shoot well from midrange and Young used to shoot 3s in Philly (3.7 attempts per game in 2014). He only shot 31% that season, but with Lin collapsing the defense that number will go way up.

    Just look at Marvin this season, with multiple guys collapsing the paint, he shot 40% from 3 for the first time in his career. Lin can play with any group if he’s given the ball. And when he starts, his jumper is GREAT, so I’m not worried at all.

  320. Yes. But unfortunately G6 was the only game in which he was spectacular. Same argument could be made that if Kemba had his G6 performance in G1 the Hornets would’ve taken the series. (Though in practice the league would’ve taken it away anyways to promote Heat deeper into playoffs)

  321. IMO…it will send wrong impression next season when jlin opt out and once more hornets failed miserably even going first round..right now cliff need to protect himself and a 2nd round playoff this season bring a big burden to him because the bar might be set that high and jlin is nowhere in the line up and fingers will definitely point in cliff’s direction as the culprit!

  322. overrated

  323. The thing is, at that point, with Lin having an off game, someone else needed to help Kemba. In game 7, Kemba had a very off game. I’m watching DeRozan and Lowry stink it up, I watched Dragic struggle in most games and only have one big game, Kemba is a solid scorer and player and what I said about him is now going into history. The question is, will the Hornets make the post-season next season and the answer for me accurately is, nobody knows. Kemba isn’t the only factor in it, there are unknown factors in it. And I know you say he’s the main factor, but even as the main factor, he’s made the playoffs before. I didn’t say get past round 1, just get there.

  324. Young is not really a 3 point shooter and he didn’t attempt it much this year…I’d rather have a guy that take enough 3’s and have the experience of making a good% of them.

  325. Valanciunes (sp?) is saving the Raptors. Lowry and DeRozan are underwhelming.

    Toronto looks like they’ll win, Miami just didn’t execute anything offensively in OT.

  326. Game 7 coaching decisions just has me baffled — and angry. If the intent was to showcase Kemba and Batum in the fourth quarter, that attempt failed miserably. Both players were so depleted, they not only didn’t look good, they risked serious injury being pushed that hard. The one guy who was having a good game, and who proved in the past that he could turn things around, was chained to the bench. It defies belief.

  327. He said his shooting will be much better…which would put him at another level in my books.

  328. JV is the truth
    Lowry and Derosan are too selfish to win a game for the raps

  329. DeRozan keeps bricking clutch FTs.

  330. ~400K when I followed in mid Nov

  331. DeRosan and Lowry 16/46 must be the most overrated + selfish players
    Rest 23/47
    Tor is so bad
    gotta move the ball

  332. Or he could be hired somewhere else. It’s the nature of off-season, you never know. 76ers were never appealing to me (their record and personnel and character of some of their players), so that’s fine with me.

  333. Diplomatic…

  334. lol hornets must be worse since they lost to the heat. Hornets minus lin that is

  335. McHale: Are you going to give me the job?
    Sacramento: Not really….
    McHale: Well I withdraw my application then!

  336. I agree both were shooting bad in playoff but too bad Heat had too many TO in 1st Q….. smh!

  337. Hornets could easily beat either team with ease had they moved the ball better

  338. This is why I don’t want Lin with the Raptors and I’m a raptors fan. I’ve never been a fan of Dwayne Casey and the offence he runs. Not only that, he has disrespected Jonas for a long time taking him out in the 4th for defence. They just think that he’s white so he’s not tough. Jonas is young and needs to play in tough situations to groom him for bigger stages. Any coach that puts their prejudgement on a player’s ceiling has already condemned them to that level.

    Toronto is an ideal place for Lin to play because there’s a lot of diversity and over 1/2 million strong Asian community with money to boot.

  339. Exactly…. but Kemba likes ISO & pts…. smh!

  340. prevent Linsanity 2.0

  341. another toxic environment there
    dont like clifford
    he doesnt hold kemba accountable for anything
    Lin needs a coach like Pops then again i really cant see Lin fare well with pops for some reason

  342. 17?

  343. Right now their focus it’s front court. Read what TP said about how many shots he can take now? 4.. have to make them or don’t see the ball for 10 min… None…

  344. no

  345. Jonas kept them in the game the whole time. Whiteside finally has another controlling him.

    And yes I’ve learned there’s very big Chinatown there.

  346. Nice. Where do you get the shot charts?

  347. Have not watched them much but I could see Lowry was much worse.

  348. Whiteside isn’t that dominant against big, strong Centers like Dwight Howard and Jonas Valanciunas. He only LOOKS like an unstoppable beast compared to Cody Zeller, Al Jefferson, and Frank Kaminsky who are super soft.

  349. I think the Nets can move Mirza Teletovic to PF, he’s an excellent 3 point shooter and big body too.

  350. When you watch Lowrey and DeRozen choke year after year in playoffs you soon realize how truly special Lin is. As a coach, the ability to rise to the occasion is the biggest skill of all. “IT IS THE ONE RING THAT CONTROLS THEM ALL”.

    Lin has that gift. Better than Lebron, Harden Melo or Kemba. They pale in comparison to him. Lin just brings it when it’s needed.

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  353. Right after I get something to eat Lol

  354. “his is why I don’t want Lin with the Raptors and I’m a raptors fan”……………

    And “Toronto is an ideal place for Lin to play ”

    You points?

  355. So if Lin goes to the Nets would Jarrett Jack then become backup PG or would he get traded or would he be cut? I think his upcoming year is a not guaranteed. I think Wayne Ellington would enjoy playing with JLin again.

  356. Omg I love his hair. Braids. So Sexy.

  357. Might be a silly question as I don’t know basketball at all. Just a die hard Jlin fan. Everyone’s talking about how he will finally be a starting point guard this upcoming season.. how are you so sure? I believe race is one of the main reasons he hasn’t been a super star yet or even acknowledged by the NBA for his skills and abilities. Why would any team want an Asian guy to be the super star of his team? Why now…

  358. 2 coaches on 2 teams would make him a starting PG (it is extremely likely). Other teams are to be seen.

  359. JLin will be in Space Jam 2? Could be, director is Taiwanese.

  360. I would not worry about JJ at all. He poses no threat to Lin whatsoever. Lin does need a quality backup though.

  361. What do the aliens steal from Lin? Hairstyle?

  362. Braid+K+Lin+Net = BrKLin Net

  363. You’re right, it’s just unfounded speculation at this point.

  364. No hoverhand:



    essyslife: W @jlin7?.I’m always very impressed w how u honour God in whatever u do & just being such a humble person

  365. I can see DeRozan signing with LA Lakers in the offseason to become another Kobe. That is his style, ISO heavy with a lot of jumpshots and 1 man drives to the hoop.

  366. Sorry, Clifford, MJ, Cho and rest of the organization already burned the bridge.

  367. Bull is probably the better team with the better chance of making it to the playoff.

    But I agree, unless they want to team Rose with Lin, it probably won’t make much sense.

    They may also be thinking about trade rose at some point and Lin could be a safety net in case they trade Rose.

  368. FANS…lol!!!

  369. Boone is the guy who started the lie…..wishful thinking or whatever on his part. I’m glad Lin came out and rebutted the absurd notion that he’ll give a discount to come back to Charlotte.

  370. Hornets are worse. When your ‘superstar’ goes 3/16 in Game 7, your team is probably going to lose.

  371. Same could have been said about PatBev or “The Head-of-the-Snake” Ronnie Price.

  372. and your coach doesn’t put in the one constant in the 3 wins against your opponent.

  373. Here you go. Offensively KW has a slight edge, Lin’s offense has been a bit out of rhythm this season but his shot selection improved a lot ( BS loves his deep 2’s and hate’s 3’s ) and so have his defensive stats (despite BS being called a defensive minded coach) . Looking at the TS% which is purely about generating points KW and Lin are really close. 55.4% vs 53.4% despite a drop in 3PT%, probably because the majority of his shots are taken in the paint, (39.4% of his shots) where he scores at a very decent rate and draws fouls, plus he has limited his long 2’s (16.6% of his shots) . So if two PG’s generate points at approximately the same rate the next thing to compare is his impact on his teammates. (which Lin will probably win).

  374. His playing time?

  375. Oh, interesting. So because Byron Scott didn’t meet performance requirements the 3rd and 4th years on his contract were Lakers options and they opted out. Lakers don’t have to pay him for years 3 & 4. So Scott is unemployed and not getting paid. Karma.

  376. No wonder it took them so long to sign him, I gotta say pretty clever contingency plan.

  377. It would be the funniest thing if there were a bunch of Aliens shouting LINSANITY!!!

  378. And that is why lin must join MDA as it was already proven.

  379. There’s no guarantee. But it’s all about having the right coach and GM who believe in JLin and gives him a chance.

    1. The Nets are the top runner due to a coach (Kenny Atkinson) whose biggest success was helping to create Linsanity in NY and the current two PGs are below JLin’s quality. Most Nets fans admit Lin is an upgrade over them in their forum.
    Nets.Daily have been promoting heavily to recruit JLin so it’s good to see. But until they start talking to JLin’s agent, we can’t be sure.

    2. 76ers still need to name Mike D’Antoni as a Head Coach. From past comments in LA and recent ones this year in Phoenix, MDA expressed interest to coach JLin again. So it’s very promising if MDA can be a head coach first.

    NBA is a business and coaches can get easily fired. These 2 have the closest ties to JLin so they also need JLin desperately to ensure their jobs would be safe. JLin’s stock is rising being named #3 PG in the Free Agency in HoopsHype and similar high ranking in other articles.

    But we still have to wait and see what happens with these coaches.
    It’s definitely more promising this year than 2015 because there are 2 coaches whose success are tied to JLin.

  380. not quite sure either

  381. @supjackjack
    How many teams do you think will offer @JLin7 a starting PG job this summer ?

  382. one condition was that he will secure FO That kobe’s will be playing for more years to come..since kobe retired, such condition was not met, so team option to fire him…lol

  383. Maybe it’s just me, but is Jeremy hinting something?

    Combine the statement “I’m just getting started…” with the top of this photo…

  384. Not high on Bulls, he will be pushed aside just so he won’t outshine Rose, it will be Hornets all over again. He needs a coach who would start him at PG for sure and not lie through his teeth and say you will get to be along side so and so.

  385. impressive detective work

  386. Meh Lebron for Space Jam 2? Would’ve been better if it was Steph Curry now those are some super powers worth stealing!

  387. Lol. You’re a genius ?

  388. Article said Steph is too big a superstar to play co-star / cameo role to LeBron.

  389. LOL That’s cause Steph should’ve been the star of the movie in the first place! MJ was known for his amazing shooting efficiency and last time I checked Steph was the one who broke MJ’s team winning record for a season.

  390. …and ball-handling role.

  391. Lin was lead to believe if he played “well enough” he would start which obviously isn’t the case. Not just Lee, before that was PJ Hairston a nobody rookie who got traded and posted many single digit games with no impact.

  392. The city is a perfect fit for Lin. The team not so much. Dwayne Casey will always look at Lin as a backup. I really don’t like the way Casey coaches.

  393. That’s what’s coming next year for Sixers if it’s Lin and MDA. I feel it!

  394. More like “to Lin or not to win, that’s the question”.

  395. Lin and win are synonyms (i.e. Linning), you should’ve known that by now! LOL

  396. This would be a great poll question.

  397. It’s clear to me that Lin wants to start, be a leader of the team and the face of the franchise. Hope his prayer and our prayers will be answered.

  398. Jarrett Jack is old and he was hurt. He might not be the same after her surgery.

  399. True, like Baron Davis or Mike Bibby in 2012.

  400. Our society is so rotten to the core now that we accept the machevelian standards of the end justifies the means. Thus when Cho, Clifford, Kemba, Kobe, BS, Morey, Mchale, Harden, Melo and Dolan steps on Lin because they can, we accept it as normal. We see it on tv with crime shows, lawyers, doctors, reality tv and pretty much anywhere you look. The premise is pretty much what philosophers call ethical egotism or moral relativism. “The only Truth is how it affects me”. If you are a Christian, then you should know better than allow the end to justify the means become an acceptable value. The fact that certain fans defend theses people it is just wrong from a Christian point of view; just because everybody does it doesn’t make it right.

    Lin plays for the greater good. Cho, Clifford, Kemba, play for their own personal gain while using Lin to do it. THAT IS WRONG! Yes Lin chooses to do it because his faith is so strong that he’d turn his cheek each time someone insults him or kicks him while he’s down.

    The problem is that some fans want for Lin to be happy so much that they forget that pain and suffering is part of the make up of his inner soul and why he’s in the NBA. Great artists suffer for their art, great thinkers died for challenging the church. A man and his passion is why great deeds are done. It’s also the same reason that he suffers the insults and slanders and bias that has been put in his way. Lin chooses the tough roads by choice.


    We all speculate at what Lin the basketball player wants. That’s all fun and games to us. Maybe you feel too much pain for him and want for him to stop struggling and accept his secondary role. As a basketball player, Lin’s struggle can be viewed as such. Why keep pushing against an institution that will not open doors for you?

    The truth is that Lin as a basketball player serves Lin the pastoral leader. The role of the basketball player is a physical embodiment of his perseverance and determination to bring about positive change to all of God’s people. If you choose to look at Lin’s suffering as just trying to be a star NBA player, then you’ve missed the point altogether.

    Linsanity gave us a taste of how powerful his pedestal was on the world stage. Even 4 years later, it still shines. “You are the light of the world”, Lin the NBA player wants to use that leadership role to become that light. Lin doesn’t suffer for the fame or glory or pride. He suffers for the greater good to bring about change that you don’t have to step on people to get ahead. Lin wants people to share in his faith. Lin will not rest or be satisfied and most certainly NOT HAPPY if he fails to get there.

  401. So it’s “Nets” eventually! Nice!!!!!!!!!!!

  402. Where is the K?

  403. Not even a 6th man. A 6th man would have been utilized properly in game 6 and 7. A true 6th man like Ginobli would have been allowed on the court when it matters. Cliff did not treat him in that manner. So, I don’t believe Cliff thought highly enough of Lin even as a 6th man.

  404. I see the basketball net. So its Nets. LOL

  405. JLIN wants to be happy as do all humans.
    But for JLIN, the path to happiness is a journey to his lifelong dream.
    JLIN’s dream is to lead his own NBA team to success and ultimately a Championship.
    And if on that journey to his dream, hardship is required, then JLIN is more than willing to bear that burden.

  406. The buzz first appeared on a Kpop news site.

    Since that news, every bloggers seem to project a different set of 12 players. Everyone is just
    trying to buzz up their favorite player in the movie. Assuming LBJ is the star, he probably will pick his own favs instead.

    Wouldn’t place stock in this unless it’s updated here

  407. “Next year my jumper will be way better”. That’s pretty confident to say that.

  408. Well, the peace sign looks kinda like the sign language for letter K.

  409. spaceballer
    Lead Assistant

    FYI: David Nurse seems to be a friend of JLin.


    Short-haired JLin in this picture, which means pre-Hornets Lin. But Nurse also posted some stuff from the JLin Hornets season. So David Nurse was hanging out with Jeremy Lin earlier this past season before the Nets hired Nurse.

    So you have David Nurse, who has dinners with Lin and hangs out with him. And you have Kenny Atkinson who flew out to California to workout with Lin and train him in the off-season (before they both left the Knicks).

    But the Hornets have Silas, who worked with rookie Lin in Golden State and established a relationship with the impressionable rookie. And you have the people Lin’s gotten to know in Charlotte this season. Though Silas has his name come up in discussions of head coaching slots, who knows if Silas gets one of those spots and leaves Charlotte this season or next?

    And you’ve got D’Antoni, who is in communication with Lin. They had dinner earlier this year, right before D’Antoni was hired by the Sixers. D’Antoni was one of the first ones Lin called immediately after getting traded to the Lakers (though D’Antoni was released from the Lakers by then). And D’Antoni took time out of his schedule while still coaching the Lakers to show up on the red carpet for the premier of the Linsanity movie. And D’Antoni is currently interviewing and mentioned for spots as HC of other teams than the Sixers.

    So several teams have ties to Lin’s affections and loyalties, in addition to whoever else may approach him in free agency.

    It’s gonna be a complicated free agency dance for Jeremy Lin.

  410. Statistically speaking shooters revert to their mean and additionally JLIN acknowledged his injuries will heal…the result is an undoubtable likelihood that his jumper will be way better..

  411. Yes, it is complicated in a good way, compared to last year.

  412. Yup

  413. The connections are deep, the stars are starting (see what i did there) to align . All is good 🙂

  414. Nurse and lin

  415. From FB …. Identical pose to the above. 🙂

  416. When you played 27 mpg but were underutilized because a franchise that wants to win didn’t want you to suceed.

  417. I’d pick Lebron, Curry doesn’t make his team better

  418. Very interesting

  419. a) Franchise wanted it’s superstars to succeed in Wins – not the bench player (who through injury led Gm3-5 wins)
    b) Season 26 mpg but ACTUAL mins in a playmaking role without other point guards/point forwards was 4 mpg

    Sooner you accept that JLIN will NOT be the Hornets Insurance player, the better off you’ll be.

  420. Can this brother get an A-men!

  421. When you played only 27 mpg and were also underutilized because the franchise that wanted to protect their franchise player above winning.

  422. NYK probably can’t take it all the talk about Lin & Nets from NY media…

  423. and then he got on a plane and came back to home sweet home yeah baby!

  424. Hmmmm… I can’t wait.

  425. Correction

    When Cliff played Lin 32 mpg in 3 playoff wins (Game 3-5) but inexplicably only played him 19 min in the pivotal Game 7;

    All because the Front Office wanted the 3 designated stars to succeed so badly despite the poor 23% shooting (9-40) when Cliff clearly can use Lin who shot well (50% 4-8)

    If you ask me, the Hornets fans should be mad at the Front Office people for not putting their best effort to utilize their resources to advance to Round 2.

    Even non Lin fan can observe the oddity of Game 7 strategy

  426. If he looks at his starter/reserve stats this season, he can confidently say his jumper will be better next season if he starts next season 🙂

    Starter 46.1% FG 46%3FG
    Reserve 39.8% FG 30.1%3FG

  427. I’d like to see this student’s report

    A student was doing a report on @JLin7 and his impact beyond his ethnicity. It shows you how amazing courage and determination are!

  428. Amazing. GT Lim sings in Chinese, English, Hokkien (dialect) and Malay. My favourite Hokkien song is Hold My Hands. A song composed by Lim which was inspired by God.

  429. Good summary. He finishes much better and does significantly better at 3s. The numbers in the paint are improved overall.

  430. Here’s what I commented 5 days ago to this article:
    ** NOTE: We have to keep repeating the truth to cut through the thick of media bias and hypocrisy to get the message through to objective observers.
    heart 5 days ago
    Game 6 showcased Kemba Walker (KW), Game 7 showcased Nick Batum (NB), Game 1 & 2 showcased both. These four games’ result was in the loss column. Ladies and gentlemen, these are your Hornets core franchise
    players for the next season. There’s a high % that NB will re-sign for all the catering and praising that Cliff gave him throughout the season. Enjoy more losses without Lin to bail them out.

    NB returned in Game 6 & 7, so Clifford also returned to his rigid, ineffective and predictable strategy in Game 1 & 2. Hornets were embarrassed at home and on the road. All these games resulted in losses and w/an emphasis of 33pts blowout in Game 7. Lin was the most productive player, yet he was benched and given only 19min of play time, while Cliff allowed NB to play 29min whom just days ago was hobbling in an ankle boot, and KW’s struggling at the point and shooting, played 36min. It was an embarrassing season ending!

    Clifford did Lin wrong throughout the season, and today he did it with an exclamation mark to end the season
    in Game 7. As you stated in your article, Lin was given inconsistent role (and minutes), yet Lin still found ways to win and helped led the Hornets to the playoffs since 2002. Game 3, 4, 5 Cliff had no choice but
    to play Lin since NB was out with ankle injury. All three games resulted in wins.

    Lin had given his all to the Hornets, not only monetarily but also talents and effort. He outperformed his 2M contract and gave them several historical franchise wins. Lin may have given the Hornets one of the biggest discounts that they will ever have had in their franchise history. Yet, he was still disrespected and not valued
    to the very end. Why should he re-sign w/ the Hornets? There is something wrong w/ the NBA overall if Lin won’t get starting role offers in this upcoming FA. We’ll see…

  431. I think batum wants to play with lin.
    How about lin and batum join nets together?

  432. I think Batum do like to play w Lin but he will be like all the FA players … to look for what’s the best for him from contract first. He’s hot this summer so not really sure where he will land for next season.

  433. Excellent summary and retrospective reflection – Five star post *****

  434. I agree. I think nets needs to add more good players especially SG if they sign lin next season.

  435. very true, Batum will look for the best opportunity for his career like all FAs

    Toronto was always the rumored destination. But pay+desirable place should be high on the priority list

  436. I’d love for Lin/Lee to sign with the Nets.

    They love playing with each other. Lin is an excellent 3 & D SG, non ball-dominant
    And he can start at the Nets.
    He’s 30 years old so not too old yet

  437. I think Lee will stay w Hornets.

  438. I cannot help but applaud for the truthful writing.

  439. Excellent post on Batum came back and changed the dynamics of Lin-Kemba

    Kemba/Batum duo turned the Hornets to be a jump-shooting team in Game 7 that’s the wrong way to play the Heat

    Many Hornets fans also don’t think Batum deserves max due to his performance but it might be the only way to persuade him to stay. Winning should be the #1 reason players want to come and stay.

  440. Interesting bc Batum may go to Toronto

  441. What Cho said about he won’t be able to bring back all 15 guys shows me he knew the chance to resign Lin is from little to nothing.

  442. HiveTalkLive guys said he might not stay because he wants to start.

    He was brought in because MKG was hurt the 2nd time. So Lee and Lin won’t get much min with Kemba/Batum/MKG starting

  443. Somebody needs to send the author of usatoday Lin’s latest facebook letter so he can be up to date.

  444. Good for Lee.

  445. Exactly. I think Hornets knew they can’t get Lin for a long time.

  446. I know. I had been sent out tweets to clear the air for Lin…. LOL!

  447. He was not confident when he was talking about lin

  448. You mean lee right?

  449. I think the Hornets would be more than happy for a Linsanity 2.0 at the expense of Kemba

  450. Hes not our insurance player thats Kemba Walker the “unclutch” player who averaged 22 ppg on 42% shooting and scored 12 points in the final minutes of a crucial playoff game. Lin is a Great backup

  451. It’s funny everyone says the Hornets wanted Kemba to suceed and not Lin, When the clearly benched face of the franchise Al Jefferson

  452. Al is not their top favor player now.

  453. yes Lee is 30, Lin is still 27

  454. Nice confirmation from Woj that Hornets won’t be able to offer role+$ that JLin will receive

    He got connections so he must have heard good things about teams interested in JLin

  455. He also said getting a Pg is the nets focus

  456. And up is actually down.

  457. Nicely done. Aj is a stand up guy but media like this is the reason “Lin willingly takes pay-cut to stay in Charlotte” are spreading.

  458. Too many eggs in his basket now.

  459. “Unclutch” KEMBA dominated Games 1, 2, 6 (12 pts in final minutes),7 were LOSSES, can you understand that?

    LOSS is where you score few points than the opponent and they win and you GO HOME and do NOT advance.

    KEMBA presides OVER LOSSES against tough teams and has his ENTIRE Career.
    JLIN makes a habit of WINNING when leading the offense against tough teams.

  460. did he say how much lin may get?

  461. Kemba might need to consider seeking help from a sports psychologist.
    a) Everytime he prevents a blowout – the other team wins and Kemba loses the game.
    b) Watching a backup point guard lead WINs against teams he himself has no success with is mentally draining.
    c) Why doesn’t Kemba’s teammates ever play up to Kemba’s level when Kemba wants to win a game against elites? Kemba wants an answer.

  462. Oh! So when MGK back no more place for Lee…. But Lee will have hard time to get starting SG now.

  463. Check how high Lin’s winning rate and stats without other ball-dominant players

    @JeremyLintel Retweeted Tonnny
    In games w/o Melo, Harden, Kemba, or Batum, @JLin7 averages 20.4 pts, 6.4 ast and has a 73% win rate!

    @JeremyLintel @JLin7 @CNM_JLin_Vids Sorry about the Win loss data, it should be 23W-10L.

  464. Those are close to MVP level statistics from JLIN.

    In Steve Nash’s two years 2005, 2006 as MVP his stats were 23.9pts, 11.3ast and 20.4pts, 10.2ast.

  465. Per 36 min? What is his playing time?

  466. I have no doubt that Lin has that potential.

    If not for politics, he would have been in that range already.

  467. It’s not true.

    Kemba is the face of the Hornets franchise with $48M/4 year contract as the main investment.
    They’re afraid if Kemba and Lin share the ball then Kemba can’t be an All-Star.
    Plus Lin is a 1-yr rental so for them it’s not a good business decision to lower Kemba’s value while Lin walks away after the season. They never explored the possibility of Lin starting next to Kemba

    You can see it on how the Hornets used Lin 1 game after he came up huge to lead the Hornets to beat Lebron & the Cavs in Kemba’s one absence

    Clifford shows that he understands Jeremy Lin’s game and the values the brings to any NBA teams but his limited usage of Lin shows there is a ceiling to Lin’s role in the Hornets (i.e. Limited min in Miami game with Kemba back after a huge win vs the Cavs, he only played a lackluster 16 minutes in which he had 6pts/3asts and shot just 1-6 from the field)

  468. Good good good.

  469. hmm i wonder why? is it because they took a huge dump on Lin all season long? even Woj knows this

  470. Really?

  471. Although we know lin would try his best to get a starting role the best he can and there are great chances that either MDA (if he becomes the hc of a team) or Atkinson would sign him as one, but there are also chances that they can’t because they are only coaches and not gms or owners of the teams.

    In case that unfortunately happens, what team we prefer lin would join as a 6th man and has a better chance to start during the season/starts along side the pg or eventually start?

    There are two teams I hope they would try to sign him:

    1. Spurs – if they got bounced by OKC (very possible), chances are TD and Manu may retire. With Parker regressing quite a bit, they may look for a starting pg with similar skillsets to replace Parker and move him to play off the bench. I would not worry about Patty Mills as he is only a scoring spark plug. If he can’t make 3 pointers, he basically useless in terms of pg skills.

    2. Bulls – Lin may need to back up Rose early in the season but may start along side him by moving Rose to sg. In fact they are interchangeable. Rose also has injuries problem through out the last few years. Lin absolutely has chances to start more games. One worry is they may trade Butler. If so, they are going to rebuilt and may not be a playoff contending team.

    There are others teams that Lin may have a chance to start such as Kings, Utah, Mavs etc but I prefer lin playing in the EC.

    Ideally, lin signs to play for MDA/Atkinson. If not, what else?

  472. He needs to start somewhere without an all ISO player like Harden or Melo… Next year might be good.

  473. Spurs focus now it’s front court… didn’t you read what TP said…

    You always have that discussion, because then the other guys are not in rhythm. But hey, LaMarcus has been playing unbelievable. If he keeps playing like that, it’s our job, even if we get three shots, four shots, we have to make them. That’s a tough life. For me, I used to get 15 or 20 shots, so I got time to get a rhythm. When you get four shots, you have to make them. That’s my job now. That’s my life now. I have to make those shots. I know I’m going to get three or four and then I’m not going to see it again for 10 minutes. It’s like that. I’m just going to have to make them.

  474. no. batum cheats his own teammates on defense; no help, slow, loses his man, does the matador. in game 1 of the playoffs, he actually pretended to get screened by the defender before the defender even got there!

  475. Feeding the shooters

  476. With Pop as the HC, I don’t think that will happen in the regular season. LA was crazy hot in the first 2 games and may cool off. Thats the time the pg needs to step in to facilitate. You do need a go to guy in the playoffs and LA is the one the last two games. THats why they continued to feed him.

  477. check out the vid its in the first minute

  478. ‘Charlotte Hornets Rumors: Jeremy Lin to Opt Out, Would “Love” to Return’ via @fansided

  479. So what is Lin doing now? Is he in Canada? I’m glad he’s now able to chill for awhile.

  480. Rich Cho’s statement that it would hard to resign Lin b/c of cap space really helps me understand how this whole season went down. Hornets management knew from day 1 that Jeremy was a 1 year rental and regardless of how Jeremy played, as an organization, you just don’t invest your time and energy into a rental.

    This season was a success for Jeremy since he was put into a situation where the deck was totally stacked against him. From the beginning of the season, Jeremy Lamb was signed to a multi year deal. The coach even started giving Lamb more minutes than Lin. But our JLin never gave up and continued to outplay Lamb forcing to coach to play Lin more.

    Coach initially said he couldn’t start Lin, Al, Batum and Kemba in the beginning of the season b/c they were all ball dominant. Yet our JLin never gave up and even when he came off the bench JLin showed how he could play off ball and how well he could facilitate and get teammates involved which again forced the coach to play Lin, Al, Batum and Kemba together.
    Jlin got to shine Kemba and Batum were out with injuries. JLin got to shine and show what he could do in 2 games of the playoffs. This is all we as fans could ask for this season.

    I’m also not surprised Coach didn’t play JLin in game 7. As an organization, they want to win with their stars or lose with their stars. Just like Cho knew Lin was only a 1 year rental, if they were going to lose, they wanted to lose with players they could invest in to gain experience for next season.

    I’m proud of Jlin for fighting hard, not giving up and being as successful as he could this season which puts him in a better position for finding a more ideal team next season.

  481. Rumor has it Lin is kicking around in Vancouver. Probably going on a cruise to Alaska?
    REALLY hope I can bump into him……………… 🙂

  482. Good job. Looks like he updated his article to include that statement from FB?

  483. I see Kawhi doing more and more facilitating and LMA is the offensive post-up focus. TD will be starting PG for a few more years, he does more mid-range shots now. The only interest I can see SAS having in Lin is to replace Ginobili. But their offense and play is transitioning in their focal points even if they keep the same emphasis on ball-movement.

  484. Cruise? Well, good for him he’s in Vancouver. I like Vancouver. Hope the weather is nice there now.

  485. I think Cho and Clifford put more emphasis on big guys.

    Lin was great in so many games and has established that he is a 2-way player. Their media said before he got there that they’d sacrifice defense and they aren’t saying that anymore. They praise his toughness and ability to play on both ends of the court. Cliff and Cho said that. Haven’t heard MJ on anything, don’t know if he’ll say anything regarding Lin. But I was glad to see Lin play fantastic a few times in front of MJ.

  486. To someone in NY, the states, that looks cold. But I have an idea of Celsius temps. Great weather. Enjoy it!

  487. Three games of the playoffs. Without JLIN making the adjustment to focus on assists and facilitation, then Game 5 would have been lost.

    Cho and Clifford focus on their stars. Next season the person under the microscope will be Batum for he will have a new max contract and will be expected to help keep Kemba in control without (Marv & JLIN). If they rely again on Cody and Al then the pressure on Batum to perform will be enormous. Even were Hornets to land a big name (which I don’t believe they can) I envision the Hornets regressing terribly next season as Batum and Kemba’s leadership along with the minimal coaching talent of the team brings Hornets back to irrelevancy.

  488. I agree. If you really think about it, without Jlin this season, this team really was no different than the team they had last year. Batum just isn’t as versatile as Lin. If Batum is having a bad shooting night, he can’t take it to the rim to draw fouls or collapse the defense like Lin can. They will have floor spacing problems next season and will again have to rely on Iso Kemba which has been proven to fail.

  489. Undeniably this season both Kemba and Batum were exposed as NOT “pressure players” and JLIN was “exposed” as the consummate Pressure Player under difficult circumstances (Hornets fans will object but this is empirically true)

    JLIN against the toughest competition in the league, never failed to rise to the occasion to deliver a WIN, he might not have played fantastic against lesser teams but KemBatum could handle the “bad” teams so JLIN didn’t have to perform well against lower-tier foes.

    While whenever Kemba and Batum were pressured with tough heavy body defense they invariably cracked thus could not deliver performances when the team really needed results against tough foes.

  490. Alaska Cruise only works on summer.

  491. hahaha I don’t know. I have never been on one. 🙂 You are right. It is probably too cold in Alaska now.
    It means he will spend more time in Vancouver, and may be Whistler… nice!

  492. I was listening espn 730 radio two different shows today.
    3 out of 4 said that hornet top 3 priority free agent is 1. Batum 2. Marvin(slightly over lin) 3. Lin.
    1 out of 4 said 1.Batum 2.Lin 3 Marvin

    Lee might not come back to hornet because he wants to start and make 10-12mils.

  493. It wasn’t listed in the table but roughly it will be 35.5 mpg in this 23W-10L

  494. I thought they started in May though….. and May is the best season for that cruise as more ice, potential to see whales etc.,

  495. Canada use Celsius degree not Fahrenheit

  496. Don’t know who they are but I know 1 of them was the smartest.

  497. Good insight.

    Yes, I agree that the plan from the beginning was that Lin was a 1 year rental to improve their bench and give them a push in the playoffs. No way Clifford was going to risk alienating their long term players by starting Lin over them.

  498. the plan all along was to make Kemba an all-star because MJ has a bet

  499. The 20 pts, 6 asts are not Per36, they are Per Game.

  500. Lin should have a JLIN fan cruise, like how Gronk had a cruise. LOL.

    No, seriously!

  501. why the “Baby” graphic??

  502. well, we already knew that back in July. LOL

  503. Yeah, I remember there were weeks of Lin last in first out rotation average 18 mpg.

  504. they could, but that actually is not the best way to use their money, they got a huge discount to have Lin this season, did not take up their space, provide extra ball handling, fill up their holes when injury hit, and win them some playoff wins.

    You don’t get that kind of luxury all the time, I think they enjoyed 1 yr, and they simply could not afford to have another year. Since if Lin start to take up that much space, then they will have to live with some other holes in the team, and most importantly, they simply can not hold a player in Lin’s caliber and stock him on bench, and not have a defined role and anticipate him will be happy to stay there anymore.

  505. slightly OT, but I will tie it back to Lin =)

    1. The video was produced by Jubilee Project, which has featured Lin in several videos.
    2. Lin has a mother… who had probably packed him some weird Asian food for lunch at some point.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

  506. I wonder if David Nurse’s shooting technique is way different than Doc Scheppler, that might be why Jeremy does well in offseason practice, but it does not translate to the regular season.

  507. Lee can make 10-12M? I doubt…

  508. vamos spurs

  509. I doubt $12M, but $8-10M is conceivable with the increase salary cap. Lee signed a $5M/yr contract back in 2012-13 when the cap was $58M. In 2016-17, the cap is project to be ~$90M. So proportionally, Lee would get $8M/yr.

  510. CTV, a local TV channel, is hosting a big fund raising event for BC Children Hospital.
    It’s an annual event… quite big locally.

  511. Ya! I agree w 8M. I think they should keep him bc he was very good fit w Kemba.

  512. Woj video
    3:15 min in the video: “The likelihood of #JeremyLin remaining in @hornets is very small right now”

  513. Woj also said he’ll elaborate more in the Vertical article next week on the Hornets off-season plan

    From the way he started with “We have our 1st Jeremy Lin question”, he’s aware there’s a lot of Linterest out there about Jeremy

  514. I remember Bill Simmons on NYK let Lin walked in 2012 summer. NYK are dumb. Period.

  515. Did the Alaskan cruise long, long time ago when there were something like 10 Asians out of 2,000 customers on board. I remember several staff died after falling from their mountain climbing.

  516. Yes Alaska cruise begins in May, about this time for the first cruise. I have checked in numerous times as I would like to do one sometimes in May:-)

  517. I have come across several articles on the net in the past mo about Pacers. I have never gave that much thought, then today I read MDA may interview as HC of the Pacers, that caught my attention. I also read about wizards, and of course yesterday some one wrote about the timberwolves. Back to the Spurs, even though they are putting an emphasis @ the front court but they still need good people at the back court. If Lin stays with them, over time I am sure he will reach championship with the Spurs

  518. TOTALLY! Psalm, being the leader of all JLin fans he is, should arrange this! 🙂

  519. Are they getting this from the FO or is it their opinion? Lin has options. That’s all we can want. We’ll have more ideas just how many and of what nature end of June/July.

  520. Thank you for sharing. Seeing the young woman at the end saying “I love you from the bottom of my heart” to her mother and holding back tears… made my eyes welled up.

    I can only wear white Carnation this Mother’s Day. Hope you who have mothers around give her a big hug this Sunday. Tell her you love her while you still can.

  521. Would love a Woj feature and scoops on Lin in the coming weeks — great for raising his profile and lots of clicks for Woj.

  522. I bet that the Hornets offer Lee $15 million.

  523. It’s a nice collection of Lin’s play by NBA, though there are many many more great plays by Lin this season.

    Thank you for sharing.

  524. I wasn’t aware the meaning of a white carnation before. I think it means that your mother has passed away? I’m sorry to hear that, condolences to you.

  525. Just speculation, but Vogel may opt to take year off (rather than coach the Rockets). LOL

  526. From NY Post-

    According to a source, Knicks GM Steve Mills did preliminary due diligence in contacting Vogel’s reps. The key to the exploratory phone call was finding out whether Vogel would have interest in the job, and it seems he does.

  527. Just read Lin might come to my bulls? oh…my….gawwwwwd….while i do want him to go to brookyln because i Think he’ll get his shine there…Him coming to bulls alongside homie butla! naaaaaah too much imma go to Chicago and See a game or 2. maaaan i can just see it with the bulls commentator. LIN TOO BIG TOO STRONG.

  528. Please, Batum was also a 1 year rental yet they started him as SG and allowed him to do whatever he wanted and even then he might still leave for a Championship team! Hornets never bothered to treat Lin well nor start as a regular to make him stay! Both Batum and JLin were in the same situation but point is Hornets don’t think highly of Lin nor wanted him to outshine Kemba!

  529. Al Jeff is retiring and on his way out of course they would bench him! Not to mention he didn’t fit the offense even though he played great after coming back.

  530. They never intended to make a seriously run at Lin, even starting nobodies like PJ Hairston over Lin! When that happened I knew right away Hornets was going to treat Lin save way as Rockets and I was right.

  531. lol right unless Melo pisses Dolan off to no end it won’t happen. But I will enjoy Lin & Nets giving Knicks a beating every time they meet.

  532. Lowry still better than DeRosan

  533. Was it Woj or Bobby Marks?

  534. Lin creates a legacy in Chicago after player for Michael Jordan. How perfect would that be

  535. Thank you. I miss her. “God could not be everywhere, so therefore He made mothers.” The older I am, the more I appreciate the unconditional love from her.

  536. wut….

  537. source plz

  538. Not going to happen with D Rose and Butler it’d be Hornets all over again.

  539. The coach has good form…..chopstick-wise.

  540. Yea i would go there if he isn’t starting and rose goes to sg. Butler goes back to his natural position sf

  541. If they know hebis a one year rental, then why take him at all?

  542. Batum and JLIn were not in the same situation coz Batum is not a PG (although he acted like one at times) and thus not a threat to Kemba

  543. Rumours are rose will leave and i Believe he will. Lin would be a perfect fit with butler and gasol should gasol stay.

  544. Excellent post!

  545. He did say Lin is a bench player at best before
    so I dont respect his opinions
    only the trade rumours and contracts

  546. Woj on Sean Marks:–pelican-problems-132654855.html

    “The Nets new General Manager Sean Marks understands that big game hunting is a fruitless pursuit for the Nets until they’ve established a culture with a new coach and a real identity… Marks is determined to find value on the market this summer. Find some singles and doubles before he tries to go out and hit home runs.”

    Lin would be consistent with that approach, though we all know he’d be a “home run” signing if given a legit chance.

  547. nvm

  548. Lee won’t start once Batum and MKG are back.
    I doubt they have the cap space to pay Lee 12m

  549. i guess they’ve learned their lesson with the big named players

  550. i really like the idea of Lin playing in the backcourt with Butler. the guy is like a bigger Lin. both are 2-way players and extremely competitive. i don’t like Rose though, he’s sorta like Kemba but worst on defense.. i’ve seen him pull a Harden several times

  551. that’s a possibility but i really don’t like Rose’s game. it’s better if Butler is Lin’s backcourt partner

  552. Still remember how the owner went all out to get old Celtic stars and eating up bad contracts. That was a total waste of money and bad move.

  553. that smile went away lol

  554. He got burned and hopefully learned the lesson.

  555. Here are the players who have Jim Tanner as an agent, who will be free agents this summer. In Jeremy’s case, his other agent, Roger Montgomery, might take the lead in negotiations.

    For a full list of the top free agents and their agents see :

  556. Joy, no matter where they are, they’ll still be your Mom.

  557. he’s got his hands full this summer, thanks for the link. Dirk done … more to go.

  558. Great sport Mr. Fox.

  559. Woj has never cared this much about the Hornets until now because of what Lin has put this franchise to be.

  560. Lin stats without harden, melo, kemba and batum

  561. Is it from a legit source instead or one of these articles that makes up stuff?

  562. In March Hornet PR and Charlotte media started reported him as 6th man. That was around the voting period .

  563. IMO, they never did intent to offer or re-negotiate a contract extension from the beginning. Also seems to have drilled into him that he is worth only that lowball off the bench contract and assumed he would just accept and return 2nd year. Dead giveaway was signing Lamb to 3 years 21 mil extension, the Jeremy they wanted to invest.

  564. Don’t know if that’s the best fit for Lin when I read in Chicago media tagging diva to Butler’s name. They seem to think Lin is perfect for Hoiberg’s plan …

  565. Daily Show gotta do one on Lin … maybe more than 70k views in 3 days:


    Harden – Defensive Player of the Year!

  567. Am I on the right site?

  568. sorry, there have been an influx of spam and more dangerously porn posts lately.
    I’m researching for ways to prevent them from even being posted.

    For now, I reduce the # of flags to 10 so posts will automatically disappear when users flag them.
    Many times mods can be away for a while

  569. You forgeting the stat without kobe

  570. You’re right. It was Bobby Marks

  571. The answer is most likely no but more NY publicity is always good for a bidding war

    Should the New York Knicks go after Jeremy Lin? … via @DailyKnicksFS

  572. JLin + Dwight Howard to Dallas Mav = PNR

  573. Only if CP leaves, then it’s possible. Or he will be da point forward again.

  574. I think Montgomery is the chief rep in his FA who gets those inquiry calls and leaks inside news to the media. lol

  575. It didn’t happen in HOU.
    Yup, Parsons wants to a point forward.

  576. CP is option out so I guess he will not stay… but don’t think Mav wants Lin bc read they will have new extend contract w DW.

  577. Ya! I think NY media try to make NYK to get Lin but I doubt they will bc PJ wants to have triangle system only. That doesn’t fit Lin well.

  578. 3:15 min in the video: “The likelihood of #JeremyLin remaining in @hornets is very small right now”

    Ido Amir
    Ido Amir – ‏@IdoAmir

    Min 34 – #JeremyLin going to BKN at starting PG? Possibly, but it’s going to cost them $8-$10 Million. Very good.
    3:07 PM – 6 May 2016

  579. He actually said at least 8-10 mils

  580. Hey that’s Cuban!

  581. Considering the coming boost in players salary, The Nets would underpay Jeremy if they offer $10M for his prime.

  582. Another open spot for MDA

  583. That’s where the art of agent comes to play.

  584. I’ve done some thinking and for me the issue that would benefit Lin close to the spirit of what he mentioned in his FB page isn’t getting X amount of money nor really is it starting.

    I go back and look at Houston, first season, he started, but who knew Harden would come in and play PG? Lin then spent a lot of time not really running the offense, Harden did. He was under-utilized. In LA, after Nash got injured, Lin started and again Kobe spent time handling the ball and after a few games took over most of the ball-handling. But the biggest frustration is Lin had a great PnR partner in Ed Davis and his coach separated them through much of the season. In Charlotte Lin had minutes and came off of the bench but Batum handled the ball most and a lot of the time Lin didn’t seem to have enough touches.

    So, what I conclude from this is Lin, starting or not, didn’t get enough involvement/touches in the offense on most of his teams. And here’s the rub, starting doesn’t guarantee he will. It really seems to me to come down to personnel match to coaches and having Lin be an integral part of the offense for most of the minutes he’s on. The reason why I don’t join the Lin must start chorus is not because I don’t think he’s a highly skilled player that can be an effective starter. Not at all. It’s for stuff that may have to do with what’s not under his control. Team mates.

    Lin has to have the right team mates and coach, both, to be able to be involved in the offense. It never happened. I mean, never. It didn’t happen with MDA either. In that offense he had it but it was due to a brief injury to Anthony. Once Antony was back and healthy, we know what happened. MDA was gone, Woodson took over, and Lin’s role lessened.

    So, it’s a challenge for Lin to try to find an opportunity for him to really get the involvement that will enable him to play his game, starter or 6th man. Hopefully Lin will get paid his worth, but he may not. The last thing he needs is to be paid a good amount of money and not be involved enough in the offense. That can happen.

  585. 8-10M too low to ensure he will start

  586. Lin and al horford will be really good addition.

    The former player development coach in Houston and New York would have a chance to help the Nets in bolstering their lineup in the offseason, and his ties with players like Jeremy Lin and Al Horford could be a factor for Brooklyn to snag some of the top free agents in the market.

    According to Brian Lewis of the New York Post, Atkinson could help the Nets in recruiting Horford, whom he coached in the Dominican Republic National Team, considering their good coach-player relationship in Atlanta. But Lewis suggested that other players like Lin could also be in the Nets’ radar this summer, with Atkinson’s well-known reputation for player development could be appealing to free agents.
    “Atkinson also mentored Horford as the head coach of the Dominican Republic National Team and could well try to recruit him to Brooklyn this summer as a free agent. But Atkinson’s reputation for player development is well known and could appeal to others as well,” Lewis noted.

    Horford is set to hit the market this summer as an unrestricted free agent, while Lin, who still has one year remaining in his two-year $4.3 million contract with the Charlotte Hornets, could opt out of his player option, thanks to the NBA’s new TV deal.
    It would become an instant boost for the Nets if they could sign Horford or/and Lin this summer and could put them in reloading rather than rebuilding their roster.
    Horford could give the Nets a frontcourt weapon, alongside Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young. The 29-year-old big man could maneuver at the four position, where he is comfortable playing and would certainly provide inside scoring for Brooklyn.
    Lin, on the other hand, could be the Nets top option at the point guard position if Brooklyn fail with their bid to lure Memphis Grizzlies PG Mike Conley this summer.
    Lin has proven at times this season that he could run his own team after averaging 11.7 points and 3.0 assists per game, while shooting 41.2 percent from the field. Playing for the Nets would see Lin back in the Big Apple, where he orchestrated Linsanity with the New York Knicks.
    There is a great chance Horford and Lin would get more lucrative offers this summer, and there is also an encouraging sign that the Nets have the capacity to offer both players lucrative deal. According to SB Nation, citing the analysis of Basketball Insiders’ Eric Pincus, the Nets are projected to get $41 million in salary cap-space if their Andrea Bargnani, Wayne Ellington, Shane Larkin and Thomas Robinson would opt out.
    “The Nets would have enough for one max deal, as well as another $10 million to $20 million for other contracts. As Pincus notes, max contracts project to start at $21.1 million for players with up to six years of experience, $25.3 million for those with seven to nine years, and $29.5 million for those with 10 or more years,” the report disclosed.
    It remains to be seen whether Horford and Lin actually have the interest to play under Atkinson in Brooklyn. But it would be intriguing to see Horford and/or Lin playing for the Nets next season.

    Read more:

  587. I think Nets will be a lot better than NYK next season for sure. PJ is not good as manager for NYK.

  588. I think being a stater will at least give him a chance to be his own offense…LOL and with guaranteed more minutes…

  589. stop. sws loves seeing lin come off the bench

  590. That’s for sure every player needs time to get into rhythm on court.

  591. Ya!

  592. Lin started all 82 games first year in Houston and beat Harden in assists per game because he had greater shares of ball control.

    Stay in Charlotte guarantee him bench player for life.

    If the Hornets want to keep Lin, they should spend half of their energy to ask batum take less so the could sign lin. But they didn’t. Their 1sr priority is to sign batum max. Lol

  593. The plan has been since day 1, they used PJ and most recent they used Lee as they both were key player to keep Lin on the bench. Starting lin next to kemba would be a threat to his stats.

  594. Lol, didn’t these idiots see their past match ups?

  595. For some reasons or agenda, he consistantly always and forever make his arguement for Lin the 6th man or come off the bench, what did he gain, that is strange for the entire season!

  596. For some reasons or agenda, he consistantly always and forever make his arguement for Lin the 6th man or come off the bench, what did he gain, that is strange!

  597. I hope the Hornets Org/PR machine are not behind this…they may be pulling the same tactics as Dolan’s/Melo’s PR (where they say JLin signed with the Rockets for the money) when in reality it was campaign to turn fans against him!

  598. Still not realize the problem? Shake my head.

    It IS NOT about scoring 40 points on Lin. It is whether he can lead his team to a WIN!!!!

    If Lin can win a game by letting KW scores 60 pts, Lin will do it.

  599. I think just from this blog owner himself. He’s not even popular at all.

  600. Really not worth posting.
    Responding like rejected
    Exes. They can return to no playoff wins… for another 14+ years

  601. Steady minutes, yes, but he needs steady usage. So, that’s what he has to think long and hard about I guess.

  602. Disagree.
    MDA started lin because he did not want lin to feel the pressure of always coming in to save the team.
    And this seems true for so many times when he was not starting.
    Furthermore when not a starter, I find that lin had to play an unu
    sually long stretch (especially when he wants in on 4th qtr)
    So no, this is not a good path for him.

  603. How was his usage in Charlotte when Kemba is on the floor?


  604. LOL, I hope so….I guess I watch too much House of Cards and The Good Wife episodes. I do see that the Hornets have quite a PR situation. The fans love the team and likes the current cast.

  605. What the heck are you talking about? Are you sure you’re replying to my post?

  606. Check his tweet… always not many RT…

  607. Oh I was replying to sws.
    how do I shift this

  608. Disregard any discussion that JLIN requires some sort of specific personnel in teammates to succeed.

    If success is measured as producing wins and getting the most from the roster on the floor then any student of JLIN’s career knows that JLIN can work with ANY lineup of enthusiastic, motivated non-stars and generate WINS as well as make that lineup the highest producing on the team. JLIN has done that his entire career, empirical FACT.

    The only exception if when there are BALL-Hog Superstars or Superstar wannabees (and even then they sometimes play better when JLIN is on floor too).

    So don’t believe any of that “he needs the right team around him” reality is, he makes ANY group of scrubs, non-scrubs better.

  609. That’s what I thought

  610. Obvious trying to get attention. It’s one of the tactic.

  611. minutes have to come 1st lol

  612. Wholeheartedly agree!

  613. The two teams he “chose” to play for, both were non playoff teams prior became playoff.

  614. Yes!!

    the support from the team owner if he can gets is the main thing. Given up on whatever coaches already.

  615. Disagree.
    MDA started lin because he did not want lin to feel the pressure of always coming in to save the team.
    And this seems true for so many times when he was not starting.
    Furthermore when not a starter, I find that lin had to play an unu
    sually long stretch (especially when he wants in on 4th qtr)
    So no, this is not a good path for him.

  616. The other thing I want to say, Brent, is Lin likely will not have “his own offense”. That model is going away.

    Case in point, the 2 best teams in the league. GSW is now running its offense through KLeonard, not so much Parker, and there is a lot of post-up from LMA. GSW is running its offense a lot through Draymond Green, not Curry. Curry initiates the offense, but Green touches the ball almost every possession and distributes and Curry works *with* Green in that regard. Iggy does the same when DGreen isn’t in. Both of them have a lot of passing and team involvement, but the focal point in distributing is no longer the PG.

    Since these teams are the winning teams the past few seasons, IMO, the league is looking to go toward that model and away from the CP3, Rondo-type of PG controlling the offense type of model. In that way, Charlotte is part of the “new wave”, they just have an IMO crude version of it and Batum isn’t on the level of D-Green to do it. So, Lin may very much find himself in that type of offense, a multi-facilitator offense with the 3 or 4 being the focal point of it.

    Now, the good thing is I think Lin is prepared to thrive in this system. He just needs to be that guy that gets a “Curry” amount of touches. It boils down to touches and not being “frozen out” and situated in the corner hoping to get the ball. And that could happen even if he is a starter because he’d pass the ball to someone and never get it back. So, that’s what the thing to look at, the whole NBA trend dynamics and where he might fit in most successfully at a respectable salary.

  617. I think you had this miss that if he play from bench, he might be able to get his touch he like by avoiding the ball dominant player on the team. Which is not true. If you are not put on the start to be given the ball, that’s pretty telling your place on the team. And if you are placed on the bench, you are not only not going to get the ball from that said ball dominant player, you are not going to get the ball from other players either.

    So Lin was put on bench to be separated from Harden, Kobe and Kemba, and in all those cases, Lin were not only lot touch to these players, he also lost touches to Beverley, Price, and even Brain Robert.

    So, I’m not not buy in to scenarios of maybe of bench is a better route, NO, THAT WILL NEVER BE. I’m not saying Lin can not be good off bench, but he should never give up after a starter position and consider a bench situation first.

  618. you have better security to give steady min and usage when you start, that’s what Brent was saying. When you are not even given steady min, how can you anticipate you will get steady usage?

  619. Sadly true, he love to see Lin come off the bench from Honest to be more accurate ,

  620. I agree. That seems to be the central theme in all his/her long posts.

  621. My thought exactly! It’s never about stat padding for Lin. The only important stat for him is # of W!

  622. Yah, being in the right situation is the most important thing
    he needs to be featured in offense

  623. Wow. Sour grapes!

    I too wish Lin stays in the EC, so we could watch the team led by him defeats a Walker-led Hornets 4 times next season. 🙂

  624. Everyone needs the right personnel to succeed because Lin wants to win
    Lin needs to have good teammates and coach to make the play offs and hopefully go deep
    That’s the real success that Lin truly desires

  625. Didn’t need to post this
    there are haters yes we get it
    but why not focus on the positive?

  626. Isn’t it funny if you think about it? While Lin and the Hornets are trying to put Wade and Whiteside in foul trouble so they have to sit, Clifford on the other hand helped the Heat in game 7 by benching Lin without any foul trouble.

  627. I know our mothers live on forever in our hearts. And, I strive to lead a good purposeful life to honor her memories.

  628. Here’s something a little random that I don’t think we talked about and that’s Wade vs. Lin. I think now Wade has a lot of respect for Lin’s game. I think back in 2012 and other season, he really thought Lin was easy to intimidate and took cheap shots at him trying to intimidate him. But now, it’s turned. Wade has said Lin is a tough guy to contain, actually can not be contained but so much, and he’s “dynamic”.

    The real showing to me was him giving Lin a cheap shot in game 6 or 7, not sure which one, and Lin and Wade chirping at each other. That’s big for Lin. It’s no longer I respect the legendary player too much to stand up for myself. It’s like, come on Wade, I’m not taking that without telling you about it. That’s great. C Lee chirped, Lin chirped, and Wade in his own way probably got a kick out of it and gained more respect for both of them.

  629. Overall, I think most Hornets fans want Lin to stay and really loved watching him play for their team the season. And I think they loved what he did in most games in the playoffs.

  630. I don’t disagree with that. I’m just saying you can still be underutilized as a starter and we can still end up frustrated that Lin is not getting proper usage. We saw plenty of that in all of the last 3 teams he’s been on *when he started*. Also, the offensive focus has shift to bigger men facilitating so Lin’s usage will drop due to that trend.

  631. Agree.

  632. I agree.

  633. Yah that was good to see.
    Never seen Lin trash talk.
    It’s part of the game
    Everyone is talented so you gotta play the mind game(trash talk, taking cheap shots and playing dirty) to throw them off their game
    I would like to see Lin do more of that
    Mr. Nice guy is not gonna get respected much

  634. Misrepresentation, and one I personally find tiring. That’s not what I said.

  635. Great post sws94, and at the same time Wade mocked KW for the easy block because of his height. What troubled me is despite knowing all that, you still believe it’s best for Lin to come back to Charlotte to be Kemba’s backup.

  636. That’s the vibe i got and of course they will be haters
    Lin had a good year everyone is praising him
    I don’t know why some people choose to spread the negativity instead of enjoying Lin’s success

  637. Understand. It’s good to know who or what particular Hornets blogger said for future reference. You don’t have to read it. SMH!

  638. He fits better coming off of the bench in certain situations. It’s not a bad thing, but you guys make it out to be something different than I describe. I wish you could all get past that and give my representation that Lin can do great under any circumstance because he has the talent the representation I think it deserves. That’s being a real strong advocate of Lin’s talent and not limiting it to position or starting or not. That’s truly supporting Lin, the player and his abilities and not giving it any conditions or “crutch”.

    That makes me reluctant to post this different opinion here, it gets too personal and casts it that I want to limit or put down Lin. That’s not what I feel good engaging in. That’s not in any way accurate.

    Maybe I simply don’t belong here because I’m really tired of being cast as something that wants to put Lin down.

    I totally don’t want that. Why can’t I be open Lin’s greatness utilized in different ways without being seen as some sort of “anti-Lin starting to optimize him” for once?

    There’s nothing sad about my position, and it’s weird you can’t see that in it’s own way, it’s LIBERATING.

  639. And here’s the gang to support anti sws.

    Don’t want me here, maybe you guys win.

    I’m tired of this.


  640. Well you didn’t just share the link you posted the tweets so yah saying I don’t have to read it doesn’t really help.
    That’s the first thing I saw when I came

  641. It’s any posters choice to post what they feel. I think that is what heart does. I know she loves Lin and wants the best for him and feels when he’s wronged, she points it out. That’s my read. I support her anyway, even if I don’t see things her way. I think she genuinely wants Lin to be respected, and I get that.

  642. Exactly. The guy s a hornets’ homer. He has never written anything
    approaching pro-Lin, and everything in the position of Jeremy on the
    bench taking the minimum.

  643. Lin is NOBODY’s “backup” IMO. Let’s make that clear. Thanks. He’s a huge contributor to any team in the way the team sees fit. But “backup” player is not acceptable to his abilities.

  644. I’m not sure he was talking trash. But he was saying something to Wade. And I loved it.

  645. And taking the minimum amount of cash for the bench scrub that he truly is (/sarcasm)

  646. Just common sense, who wants to spend day and night and hours defending someone else in this Jeremy Lin site, unless get paid to do it. Well may be good for this site’s traffic, LOL!

  647. Game 7. Also the pulley move to get at the block. He knows Lin is formidable.

  648. I really respect your posts. TTNN. If you can respect mine, though disagree all you want, without misrepresenting them, that will be great. We are both big Lin fans and I love the work you do with stats and comments you make on the team boards.

    I think we should never say what someone else loves. Saying someone will be used in a context is one thing, saying you approve of it and only that, is quite another.

  649. He’s a hornets’ homer masquerading as a jeremy fan. But he is not even trying hard to be pro-Jeremy. Too obvious.

  650. Guy? Hornet’s homer. Stop it already. This is what makes a forum go south.

  651. Don’t forget the hornets are Jeremy’s only option because his scrub as will never get another contract!!!

  652. You can collapse it or don’t reply to me if you don’t like it. I don’t need to get flack from you when I am trying to keep Lin fans abreast on what is going.

  653. Yeah, always digging something negative things about Lin. Maybe a MJ paid employee to defend KW and CC!

  654. Contributor is no leader, only a backup/follower does contribute. Playing behind someone, watching someone to lead the offense….those are backup.

  655. I think he just doesn’t mind Lin coming off the bench as long as he’s playing a big part.
    It’s hard for him to get a start on a contending team now.
    6th man off the becnh on a good team is not all that bad

  656. This is against the spirit of this site. For that reason, I will flag this sort of “gang up” stuff and stop responding to it. I’ll leave it up to the mods to sort out but I’m tired of having the mods waste their time with this. It never ends and I’ve done nothing but make post supporting Lin and post in the spirit of the forum. Nowhere in the rules does it say we should all have the same opinions.

  657. Are you seriously calling Lin “scrub” in a Lin fansite?

    You ought to have your head examined by a doctor.

  658. It was sarcasm, dude, you need to chill the f out. Learn to read the context, and if you can’t, then go get your head examined by a doctor (yourself).

  659. Lin needs time to test the d for the day. Starting gets him into the flow. Off the bench, it’s hit and miss. Gsw bench interviews … fez said of a bad game, he only had so much time to make a disk happen and some days, it’s not possible.

  660. Just one insignificant hater doesn’t mean Lin is getting disrespected by all
    The fact is, he is getting a lot of credit for his good work and Hornets success this season.
    Almost every relevant reporter is giving him props even Adrian Woj

  661. Thank you, Jamie. Doesn’t mind is a lot different than wants to. All I’ve been trying to express is that starting may not yield the involvement we want it to yield and we want quality as well as quantity. I’m not saying Lin shouldn’t start at all and I said clearly, he is a quality player that is starter worthy on teams.

    I’m just really seriously sick of everything turning into sws doesn’t want to stop misrepresentation. It’s like really good posters won’t accept that I can have a different POV regarding Lin as 6th man and still be a strong supporter of Lin. They need to get over that and stop ridiculing me. That’s disrespectful. And I do that to NO poster here. It’s not reciprocated.

  662. I don’t know what you meant by “gang”?

    One agrees/dusagrees with another poster’s view is something done all the time. Yes?

  663. There is no need for the “f” word.

    Your “scarcasm” is too subtle for my taste. Learn to do it better next time.

  664. There will always be haters. Great players get them saying they aren’t as great as players of previous eras or are overrated and on and on. Can’t get 100 percent support anytime.

  665. Exactly There are no guarantees in life, especially if you are an asian man in the nba, but a starter will always have a higher probabillity of beingtreated fairly than a bench player.

  666. Whatever, since I see you may be a new poster here, I give you a pass. Please don’t reply to me I can tell that we don’t see eye to eye. You don’t care about my post and from what I read so far I don’t care about yours!

  667. You either are on the floor when the game starts or not. That’s how I see it. We have different opinions and will not come to an agreement on it. So, I can’t really contribute anything more on that matter. I see Iggy as a main contributor and he is on a championship team that broke the season’s records for wins. Non-starter for me is just someone not playing in the beginning of the games. That’s all. From that point on, their impact can happen at crucial parts in the game.

  668. I’d rather Lin play his game for 24 mins than stand at the corner for 31 as a starter doing nothing(Hou, LAL)

    Some people like to antagonize someone whom they can attack I guess or just unable to accept people with different views.

  669. I, for one, likes to know what others outside of this site say about Lin.

    Thank you for the post.

  670. Has that happened to Lin on Houston and LA? I think he was more fairly treated in Charlotte than those teams. I’m going by that.

    We would love for starting to be what we all want it to be. I’m prepared to see a lot of the same stuff. Because, when Lin started on the Hornets, sometimes he still didn’t have proper involvement in the offense. And he finished a lot of games he came off the bench. Before Lee, Lin finished most games Charlotte played. With Houston in the first season, he’d be benched full 4th quarters. That’s what shapes some of my comments.

  671. This season we finally saw a key JLIN meme DIE and that was Miami Heat & Spoelstra are the JLIN’s kryptonite.

    We had posters like sws94 tell us throughout the season that JLIN would fail against the Heat because Spoelstra stopped Linsanity and the Heat have always had JLIN’s number and criticized anyone who dared counter that their faux-concern was fallacious to overblown in light of JLIN’s basketball growth in the NBA.

    Even despite a fantastic game by JLIN against Heat early in the season these “concerned” posters carried on the Heat meme.

    Now we have seen JLIN win 3 games singlehandedly against Heat while Kemba -64 & Batum -84 – let us now let the JLIN Heat meme die and allow the KemBatum can’t play Heat meme be born.

  672. If LIn stays in the EC, that’s far more likely than KW dropping 40 on him. 40 is possible only if KW takes 60 shots.

  673. Yeah, he made Novak, Jared Jeffries, Landry Fields increased their value to multimillions , before Linsanity they were all under a million dollars salary.

  674. It gets tiring. I go back and forth as to be on this site or not. I’m not here to fight or read a bunch of people saying sws this and that. That’s childish to me. Let’s be respectful, open to different ideas with the understanding that we are all here to support Lin. If we all agreed with how, that would be boring. It’s fun to mix it up, but stay respectful and not post posts about what others may like or not.

    psalm has said this numerous times. Maybe I’m gone because I’m tired of putting psalm through this. But I don’t think I’m starting any of this. My posts are fair and in the spirit of this forum.

  675. Didn’t need to reply to this. If you don’t want to see it, just pass.

  676. Not only team owner, the FO and coach too. Look Houston’s owner wanted
    Lin back, see how M&M did to Lin?

  677. Didn’t need to reply to me.
    If you wanna keep the negative vibe going, that’s fine but don’t reply to me.

  678. Well, lee helped. Heat cold yes.

  679. We are all used to haters and doesn’t hurt us at all reading these random negative comments. You started negative vibe going here by replying to heart’s post in negative way.

  680. Exactly!

  681. JLIN facilitating play motivates CLee to play better as he does with all teammates.

    Perhaps the reason Heat were cold is because when JLIN involves his teammates in the OFFENSE they also play harder on defense – which pressured Heat into predisposition to BE cold.

  682. lol if you are so used to them, why feel the need to post their tweets when everyone else is saying good things about Lin?

  683. OK, I won’t reply. Have a good day.

  684. Crucial part like game 7?

  685. just to be clear I blocked this foolishness long ago… It is however good to pass on the knowledge of who to block and who to watch out…. so thank you for posting… however this particular ‘blogger’ only has 3…. count ’em… 3!! likes for this post after nearly 24 hours… so this hateful sentiment is not popular in the hornets fans circles….

  686. True. But the problem is that most NBA teams have ball hog superstars who think that the more they shoot the ball, the better the team has a chance to win.

    So your exception is the rule. That’s why it’s hard for Lin to find the right team.

  687. Hornet’s fans on twitters votes.

  688. When your boss have your back, everybody gonna listen to you and work with you, unless they dare to loss their jobs. Houston owner hired him back but obvious he changed his mind again and didn’t stick with Lin again.

  689. Because most Lin fans didn’t vote.

  690. saw this from the other side. Look like Lin was having dinner with some reps?

  691. I could feel the excitement of Ms. Jonah. 🙂

  692. Actually, that isn’t the case. If you go through the 30 teams of course you will find the “famous” ball hogs but there are guys like Paul George, Marcus Morris, Nikola Vucevic, etc…etc… etc.. who will actual share the ball.

    So the notion that every team has a ball hog as a rule is an outright fallacy.

  693. Yes!!!

  694. I meant that in general, most teams have a ballhog superstar, and that teams without a ballhog superstar are the exceptions to the rule.

  695. In the league, I’d say there are perhaps 10 bona-fide ballhogs versus 20 teams which have top scorers who can’t be considered true ball-hogs – that’s not most.

  696. Everyone please review the rules of this website:

    Note in particular:
    5. Do not label other posters.
    8. No personal insults.

    Debate the points, don’t make into personal arguments.

  697. Why not? KW drops 40 meaning his team will loss. Ask the Heat’s coach.

  698. Just heard 6 of 8 of the coaches who made semifinals last year are now gone. I now see why Clifford didn’t want to make the second round. LOL.

  699. Yes. What I meant was that JLin beat the Heat, so they are now stone cold in the past lol. Yeah, I agree, when JLin starts to work his indiv and team magic, the other team is on their heels and trying to adjust before time runs out. That’s why Wade grabbed Lin’s shirt because it’s a desperate move to end the onslaught.

    And yes, without JLin, there is not endgame to win. HIs real contrib those 3 games were to get a running start. I can’t stop posting (maybe 3 times now) about what Barkley said. Basically, he didn’t want to see JLin go into final minutes without a big lead (I think about 8 pts?). He said JLin can’t do it. And then he added KW iso won’t work, and my read of that was … if you go into final minutes close, JLin will not get the ball, so there has to be a lead. Else, KW iso will lose it for you. So it was in Games 3, 4 where JLin gut a big lead. In G6, I think KW helped get it up in early 4th, and then lost the lead with ISO. His last sec chuck was the loser Charles B talked about, but for Lee’s reb andJLin’s immediate feed assist to get Lee on the 3 to close.

    Anyway, just nice to remember how games 6 and 7 could have been …

  700. Eating with reps in Vancouver?

  701. Aldrige dropped close to 40 points in game 2, and the Spurs still lost. LOl KW is no Aldridge, and Hornets is no Spurs

  702. kw can’t drop 40 on Lin. He can try and that would be good to see his team loose against Lin if that’s the case. Melo, Kobe, Harden have tried.

  703. well, dang, he should not be in that part of Canada this week …

  704. lol … Smart, Woody, McHale, Scott and in about a year, Clifford.

  705. Kind of a scary record. Anyone who has coached Lin is out of a job two years later.

  706. Does not seem like a very private place… Easy to overhear convo

  707. Heat without Bosh, Lebron, and Ray Allen are not that tough. Heat were definitely stronger few years ago.

  708. Like khuang said, “COACHKILLA”!!!

  709. And yet the flip side is that when Mike D’Antoni and Kenny Atkinson are reported in the media, they are called “architects of Linsanity!”

    Those who treat Lin well are likely to treat other players well too.

  710. The Hornets defended Lin much better than the Heat did.

  711. No way, get outta charlotte, jeremy!

  712. I didn’t care about Lin screaming at Wade for Wade’s cheap shot.

    What impressed me was that THE REFS actually called a foul against Wade on Lin’s behalf.

    Unlike anybody else here, I don’t think that the foul video changed the way NBA refs call games. But I have said for the last 4 seasons that the playoffs are always easier for Lin than the regular season due to the increased quality of the refs.

  713. It shows they like him and appreciate him. It’s a good thing.

  714. i just skip what he writes… lol

  715. Starter!

  716. nobody mind Lin coming off the bench if he can’t get a starting job. you take what you got. Right?

    But that’s different from not pursue starting position and wish for coming from bench.

  717. This vote is useless no need to worry.

  718. Haha! Good one. LOL!

  719. Why can’t you and others follow the spirit of the site? And don’t assume gender please.

  720. the reverse is true too. You can still be underutilized as a bench player and we can still end up frustrated that Lin is not getting proper usage.

    And just from pure common sense, it is way easier to get underutilized as a bench player vs a starting player.

    It is pretty simple.

  721. That’s not something I’m disputing. I’m saying because he starts it may not be the cure-all that he will be utilized more. So many other factors need to be considered.

  722. For both team, the best defense is to send the player to bench. Lin did that to Wade and Dragic, and Clifford did that to Lin.

  723. The coaches who have marginalized Lin to protect some “star” losers’ spotlight are deemed to be out of job soon, LOL.

  724. Here is some background on one of Jeremy’s agents, Jim Tanner. Hoopshype lists 11 NBA players who have Jim Tanner as their agent, not including Jeremy. Jeremy is listed as the one and only client of Roger Montgomery.

    Judging from the client lists and the press release when Jeremy signed on with Tanner, Montgomery now plays a secondary role in managing Jeremy’s career.


    1993 — Received his law degree from the University of Chicago Law School. .

    1997 — Joined Washington, DC, law firm of Williams & Connolly LLP.

    1997 until 2010 — Led the Williams & Connolly sports law practice with Lon Babby.

    2010 until 2013 — Was solely in charge of the basketball and entertainment practice, notably signing Jeremy Lin (June, 2012). Lon Babby left the firm in 2010 to become President of Basketball Operations for the Phoenix Suns.

    2012 — When Jeremy Lin signed with Williams & Connolly, the press release said :

    “Tanner will represent Lin in all areas of contractual agreements, marketing endorsements, licensing, personal appearances, media relations, community investments and other business opportunities. In addition, Montgomery will collaborate with Tanner on free agency and other basketball-related matters.”

    Jeremy Lin said in a statement :

    “I believe Jim and the team at Williams & Connolly are the best fit for me in all aspects of my career. With the quality and character of their firm and clients, their extensive basketball experience and tremendous success in athlete representation, I am confident that Williams & Connolly will provide me with the guidance I need to continue to develop personally and professionally. I am excited to have them work with Roger Montgomery and my current team.”

    2013 — Left Williams & Connolly with his client base to establish Tandem Sports + Entertainment.

    See :
    See :

  725. I think either you are refuse to see the truth or you are just living in your own dream, does not matter how you spin it, back up is back up. Like coach Clifford said about Lin.

  726. What? Jeremy is listed as the one and only client of Roger Montgomery.

  727. yep, KHuang says coach killa … me, I just think it’s righting of the world.

  728. 63% of those who voted appreciate him, but hornets do not, as they repeatedly stifled him at every turn in favor of inferior playerz.

  729. I agree. They just got what they asked for it. LOL!

  730. That’s your opinion. I don’t think I write spin and I can say you don’t want to accept Lin in any other role than starter and to me, you almost make it personal for some reason. I’m trying not to do that and seeing how Lin can really work in a variety of ways based in the context of how teams use him. It’s a form of exploring different options he’ll receive.

    Ginobili was a member of the Big 3 on the Spurs from the bench for many years, Iggy is now a huge contributor from the bench on the championship GSW Warriors. Aren’t both of those teams big winners? Maybe it pays to have an extremely talented team including the bench.

    I’ll also ask you to look at the Mike Prada tweet. It says Lowry and DeRozan aren’t attacking Miami where Kemba and Lin did. That’s 2 starters right? 2 All star starters right? And he’s comparing them to Kemba, the so-calle face of the franchise and Lin, this so-called “backup” you are calling him. So, is he all that concerned with Lin being off the bench or is he talking about a high-impact player playing a major role on the team in the playoffs? In other words, does he even CARE that Lin came off the bench?

    You and others continue to close yourself off to Lin as a great player from the bench or starter if you say it all must be as a starter AND you limit his choices on the best possible team for him if it is just as a starter. The choice is his and I would prefer starter. But that does not mean that if he goes 6th man for a season or 2 that couldn’t work out as well. And NO, absolutely NOT. I TOTALLY disagree that starter is always better than 6th man, look at Cody who got less minutes than Lin or Beverley who plays Harden’s lacky vs Iggy who is a huge defensive player or Manu who was a major cog in the Spur’s big 3 for years. It’s more nuanced and detailed than just starter vs. bench and I’ll not change my opinion on that because I think it has merit. Nor am I saying Lin is any less playing off the bench if he’s a high-impact player that has media attention in the playoffs playing in the bench. He did the same thing playing off the bench when he scored 29 against the Spurs or had that monster quarter against Boston. That shows the power of Lin.

    I want Lin to start, I accept Lin being great off the bench as well. But I don’t think starting in and off itself may lead to Lin being fully utilized either if some important conditions aren’t met AND it pans out over time.

  731. It’s just to show fan appreciation. It’s not about the Hornets at all. It’s a good thing to show at least the fans appreciated Lin and would want him back for their team.

  732. With Duncan retiring soon (this year or next), Tanner needs to get Lin PAID this summer. That’s his highest profile client now, and for what it’s worth, he already has one client on the Nets (Thad Young).

  733. His other clients are all overseas/10-day contract type guys. Lin’s loyal to RM and kept him “on the team,” but it’s clear that Tanner handles all the serious business.

  734. I forgot who’s paid by case only? Montgomery or Tanner? Maybe both?

  735. This poster uses the same straw man argument example ad nauseum. Using the only Two 6th men in the NBA from championship teams who are content in the 6th man role.

    Ginobili may be the only 6th man in his generation who is actually happy as a 6th man but Ginobili has 4 RINGs. And I can guarantee that Iguodala if the GSW were NOT the top team in the league would demand to be a starter on a different team.

    There is NO PLAYERs apart from these 2 in the ENTIRE NBA who wishes to be a 6th man if they had the opportunity to be a STARTER no matter how many times you use your infantile argument.

  736. You should never talk of anyone else being “infantille” don. You constantly expose yourself as such. And I have every right to say that to you because I won’t stand for someone being consistently nasty to me for so long without responding., I hope the mods remove both of our posts, by the way.

  737. It’s just Karma they think sucking up to the stars will save their jobs except what really saves their jobs are winning Championships or final appearances!

  738. For the THOUSANDTH time, why do you always resort to personal issues and your own hurt feelings when someone critiques from a BASKETBALL related topic.

    What is your mental state that you can never carry on a topical discussion without you IMMEDIATELY having it devolve into your own narcissistic insecurity?

    This is a JLIN, NBA, Basketball fansite – get that through your head.

  739. Where are the mods?

  740. Is that your last word yet?
    If not have your last word as is your infantile wont.

  741. IIRC Tanner handles more endorsement deals but he might do more with his connection than Montgomery

  742. Is there a vid?

  743. Haven’t seen one of them talking to each other.

  744. psalm, you may want to delete don and my exchange around the word infantile. It really doesn’t do anything for the forum.

    And maybe my views on Lin as great regardless of position and starter or 6th man are just not accepted enough and will cause you too much headaches and I should leave the forum. I’m just tired of giving you this same headache. I’ve found my views much more accepted in general team forums with other Lin fans there. Those here that get my perspective, will, but it causes too much derision and that’s not my intention nor do I enjoy it. I think you know I’m a huge supporter of him as a player regardless.

    If you’d like, I’ll take a vacation from here for awhile. You’ll still have headaches, lol, but I won’t be one of them. 🙂

  745. Im not sure what your agenda is on this site, as well as the other site… however, i do feel it suspicious… i will repeat that hornets organization disrespected jlin, underpaid him, and used him for PR. This is obvious to most JLin fans, however, the casual fan that peruses this site needs to know this.

  746. It’s alright, I responded to psalm for advice. I have no agenda other than to talk about Lin but there’s a dynamic here where I don’t seem to fit well. There are other outlets for me to discuss JLin and I’m grateful to psalm for providing this forum and all of the hard work he’s done here.

  747. First, come back any time from your vacation and while you are away perhaps you can reflect on the notion that this is a forum where views on JLIN/Basketball are discussed/exchanged/debated and if you post your contention for public perusal, then prepare that the contention shall potentially be debated and try your best to defend your contention.

    Secondly, there is NO cause whatsover to delete my post. I did not CALL you infantile I called your argument an “infantile argument” there is a distinction.

    Have a nice vacation. Look forward to your return.

  748. My remarks were addressed to psalm. “Infiantile” argument doesn’t cut it. It’s condescending and insulting. I hope one day you’ll realize that sort of tone with another poster is disrespectful.

  749. Lowry played well today. Heat lose. I never saw any playoff game like what Hornets did in game 7. Like Lee said it’s embarrassed.

  750. I would have thought some of these sensitivities that you suffer from would have been ironed out in childhood, but I feel for you and hope that you get the help that you need.

  751. Heat lost. It’s embarrassing.

  752. Ya! I think more like he needed to share the table w some strangers bc this place seems to be popular.

  753. Interviewing with the Grizzlies…ooops, wrong decade.

  754. I tip my hat to you for trying.

  755. Have a good endless vacation!

  756. Kind of scary coincidence, most of them are bald too. Woodson, Bryon, Clifford. And so is MJ, Cho. Stay away from the bald, Jeremy!

  757. I love you uh-oh!

  758. 3/16 from Kemba in Game 7 was so embarrassing.

  759. It’s Mother’s Day coming by not valentine’s day. But I will take it. Thank you! Lol.

  760. I don’t think anyone wishes for him to come off the bench

  761. Trust me I want him to be a starter playing 36mpg taking 20 shots every game

  762. so whats the verdict on Lin any more news?

  763. white side got injured in the first haif.

  764. We got time before the verdict

  765. More Dallas Mavs interest from their forum in twitter but no news from the org

  766. Wow, you should work for the NSA. Lol

  767. U ok. Just don’t argue 10x, you’re good if you think second team is ok. I hope he starts, but if he’s second team, he’ll live. Not worth it but sure disagree. People need emotion when they read, or they’ll create it.

  768. Which one? Does not look to be a business meeting…

  769. Thanks. Wish people wouldn’t say I think this or that regarding the usual topic. It’s usually a misrepresentation that I don’t want to stand unanswered as it looks like I think it may be right when it isn’t.

  770. Grizzlies‘ HC fired.

  771. Hey @sws94. You are respectful so keep posting. I was once confronted on my views here before and I felt a bit uncomfortable. The funny thing was that I changed my views later on, and not just because of the confrontation but it’s part of the growth of ideas.

    For now you may want to qualify your statements by saying that Lin could come off the bench for great teams, like Iggy or Manu. These guys “fit” the rotation perfectly. For me, it is very different from coming off the bench just because of politics, like in Charlotte. Just my 2 cents.

  772. hopefully not a pie in her face. LOL

  773. verdict? Vancouver is a nice place for vacation. 😉

  774. > I don’t know what you meant by “gang”?

    sws94 is referring to people ganging up on him with personal attacks, which this sub-thread is filled with (not just against sws94). People can debate about the viewpoints, but not personal accusations against each other. See Rules #4, 5, 8.

  775. In my opinion, I think Montgomery is still the chief agent for Lin in free agent talks. Last year, I remember most tweets about Lin’s free agency quoted Montgomery’s words, if not saying ‘source.’ lol When the Rox jersey gate happened, it was Montogomery that denied Rox had informed Lin in advance. Tanner is a lawyer, whom I believe his role is more to provide professional legal advice while signing contracts; we know nba contracts are complicated. I think someone here said Tanner charged case by case before? Therefore, I dont agree some people say Montogomery has no effect on Lin’s free agency.

  776. JLin can’t do it this year as he is having fun in Vancouver. Waiting for surprise:-)

  777. Tanner, in my poor memory. lol

  778. So did Yonas Valentunis so it evened out.

  779. not really. Miami paint is wide open without white side.Raptors don’t need valentines to defense. He is mostly an offensive player

  780. Winning is safer.

  781. Ever seen momento? Boards can be like that … no long term memory of the arguments. Just people talking …

  782. Why does sws94 keep insisting that Lin should not start?

    sws94 has made it very clear that Lin cannot be a starting PG because:
    1) His handle is not good enough
    2) His jump shot is not good enough
    3) He’s not a leader
    4) He defers too much

    Just 1 day ago she posted that if JLin were to start, all these weaknesses would be exposed:

    sws94 a day ago

    I’ve read a lot of good analysis on Lin. He needs to find his jump shot and mid-range game. He also has an upside that makes him look like an all-star. To have a complete look at him you have to look at areas that need improvement and I hope he works like crazy on those areas and gets good advice. Ultimately, I look for the best Lin and am not so much concerned about how he compares to other point guards. The best Lin is a fantastic, fun player to watch that wins. So I want him to go where he can win, and one of those choices is Charlotte. But it isn’t the best choice for him in terms of utilizing his own skills IMO. I think if he’s a starting PG, a lot will be exposed. But at the end of the season, he’d take a big step up and his facilitation game will be honed and very strong. If he’s a 6th man, then he’ll show even more how he can turn a negative game into a winning game and fans of that team will be anticipating when he comes in and turns into one of the biggest game changers in the NBA.

    Please don’t respond with he wants to be a starter ad nauseum stuff. That’s been expressed a million times here. Please write that in your own summaries. Mine is not meant to be like others here. I have benefitted from looking at other forums and seeing what some really good basketball analyst who favor Lin’s game have to say about what he does well and what he can improve on. Almost all players can improve on something, and Lin’s own words say I will work at my game and improve on it.

  783. Its fine to debate the viewpoint, but do refrain from labeling other posters, personal attacks, or antagonizing other posters (see the website rules).

  784. Thanks mod!

  785. I really can’t agree w this statement by him/her. – I think if he’s a starting PG, a lot will be exposed. smh!

  786. Every word is either a quote from a recent post or a summary of many previous posts.There is no labeling, attacks, or antagonizing. Just hard facts.

  787. Exactly.

  788. People were talking & I got tagged
    That’s all ?

  789. Jeremy Lin suffers so much from hostile press and media. Why on earth should his “positive” fan-site allow sws94 to continuously insist that he is not starter material?

  790. I really respect you CJSHYY. I discussed it with you and “Guest” just reposted this. The effect of it is antagonizing. That’s against the rules and the mod responded. Please don’t encourage this. Thank you.

  791. These words used “Please don’t respond with he wants to be a starter ad nauseum stuff.” are quite condescending in tone and exhibit a lack of tolerance to hear other competing viewpoints, frankly show a disregard for freedom of speech.

    This type of posting behavior shows a penchant to relentlessly badger, bully anyone or any groups of posters who challenge him — I will call him out on his lack of objectivity & rationale and will not play his game.

    We fans of JLIN know that JLIN stands against bullying and if we cannot do that on JLIN’s own fansites then what good are we?

  792. I agreed wholeheartedly with your post regarding to sws94’s comments. S/he even wrote worse comments in Chinese in the Taiwanese “I Say” site. S/he never took hints from the posts of acbc and other people but continued bashing in her/his subtle way.

  793. Didn’t see it.

  794. JLIN as a cornerstone of his foundation stands up against bullying – JLIN visits schools to speak against bullying and it is tolerated on this board at times, that is a shame.

  795. I DON’T speak Chinese. Yikes!

  796. I am not encourage this just tell what I saw. To be honest, I don’t agree w you on some opinion but I also think this is fan forum so there will be different opinion show up no matter you like it or not.

  797. Actually I’m staying. I won’t be pushed out by people who are way off the wall. If you can’t see I’m a huge Lin supporter, that’s your issue. Not mine.

  798. I may be wrong, but I do not believe sws94 speaks Mandarin. She is a middle-aged, black woman from NYC who has a strange obsession with JLin.

  799. Very good then.

  800. Musical head coach chair. Grizzlies made the playoffs with a lot of injuries. They fired their HC and is considering Vogel, who was fired a day or 2 ago

  801. You defend Lin against the worst type of haters, but you obsessively insist that Lin is not good enough to be a starter. Your strange fixation on Lin is not welcome here. You annoy many loyal fans that would like to enjoy this place in peace.

  802. Today you have run around JLIN fansites screaming threatening, “”I’m thinking of leaving Lin forums…blah blah blah” – sws94 – 3 hours ago.
    – Again that shows a predisposition to narcissism. It is always about YOU because that’s the way you operate.
    – Why should anyone believe your word, when obviously you have no integrity or believability since you have no intention of keeping your word.
    – You never stay on topic but react with personal remarks when you don’t have a JLIN/Basketball retort.
    – Now you know why people have an issue with you.

  803. Games will speak for itself. The coming FA signing will rebuke any notation of who Lin is not.

    Lets be patient and ignore the nonsense. Really, there are so many Lin haters and doubters out there with agenda not to known. No need to waste precious time on an insignificant one, The more fuel you pour, the more fire you get.

  804. Ok please answer, truthfully and honestly, the following questions:

    1) Is Lin’s handle good enough to be a starter?
    2) Is his jump-shot good enough to be a starter?
    3) Is he decisive enough?
    4) Does he defer too much?
    5) Is he enough of a leader?

  805. Mavs forum said Mavs might offer starting PG to Lin but not with Mike Conley money

  806. Well, Lin’s already been a starter in the league (for about half his games), and he’s done well. His stats prove it.

    Now, he may have been perceived as a unsuccessful starter by the public, but that was the result of being on dysfunctional teams.

    I do think that Lin’s energy and frenetic pace does fit a ginobili type role, but it’s rare to get 30 mpg that way.

    So practically speaking, Lin’s skills would be best utilized as a starter who looks to get teammates involved early, but can kick it into frenetic pace in 2nd and 4th quarters if needed.

  807. be careful on words…even if its a common street words, it can be misunderstood as racy.

  808. But just last week or so… I read some news said Mav will give DW extend contract….?

  809. Of course the NBA is a business, but with everything that happened last season with the DeAndre Jordan/Deron Williams fiasco — who knows how JLIN feels but I hope he doesn’t expose himself to the Mavs again.

  810. Sorry, I didn’t mean your post, I was giving heads up to anyone who was planning on replying to it.

  811. Understood. Mandarin, Cantonese, I don’t speak or understand the language.

  812. Doesn’t it bother you to have to read her anti-Lin propaganda? For example, a really great Lin fan named @Dorothy doesn’t post here anymore because she cannot stand tor read sws94’s annoying posts. Dorothy has contributed quite generously to JLin’s charitable foundation. Seems like a shame to me.

  813. This is a free forum. Anyone can express his/her own opinions. If everyone here ignores the nonsense, the nonsense will leave by itself.

    Like most of wise posters here, whenever I see posts from the suspects, I just skip because there is no point wasting time to take their false narrative too seriously to affect your thinking and believe.

  814. I don’t think this poster, whoever it is, should repost anything I wrote. That to me is antagonistic and really, it is an “sws” type of target the poster thing that I don’t care for. If others started reposting poster’s comments this forum would be out of control with discussions that already ran their course during the time they were posted.

  815. If Cuban really wants Lin, just call and offer a contract of $10m-12m*4yr at 12:00 on July 1st. Or words are meaningless. I think Conley’s price is above $17m per year?

  816. If Mavs can guarantee Lin starting PG, he should take it even if less than hornets offer

  817. What makes you so ashamed about what you wrote????

    If you are ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated by what you wrote being reposted — perhaps you should NOT have posted it in the first place.

    Feel free to repost any of my words, I stand by them.

  818. Unless they have intention of signing lin as backup and trying to convince him there is chance to start or more playing time because it’s DW.
    All they want is the cheap discount. Hope lin doesnt fall for this bulls..t.

  819. Bidders are always welcome, no matter who they were. Getting Lin-prime’s service next season will be a cornerstone move and there will be competition between teams no matter how much they want to downplay it now.

  820. This is exactly what I meant when I said that Lin isn’t afraid of crossing that bridge to the other side of his next progression step.

    When I accuse Clifford and Kemba of being scared to cross over to winning the first round, it’s based upon this idea and the human condition of living up to expectations. Very few athletes ever live up to that huge pressure. How many first rounders ever live up to hype? Very few become Jordan. Even Lebron couldn’t do it without 2 franchise players in Wade and Bosh. That’s why it’s called the “weight of expectation”, becuase it literally is often like you are carrying the baggage of all the fans hopes on your back.

    When Kemba, Cliffrod and Cho looked over on the other side of that bridge to the second round, they only saw added expectations and fear grabbed their throats and they literally just gagged and choked. When I see athletes and FOs try to managed their playoff standings to meet the weakest teams, I know already that they are afraid of the big moments. Its only winners that think, “I want to meet the best first”. “My chance to measure who i am is now.” ” give me the biggest stage and the biggest challenge now”. These types of players WILL CROSS THE BRIDGE AT EVERY TURN. They don’t care about losing, they care about meeting challenges.


  821. But I really dislike cp so much…= =

  822. Yes taht is the silver lining, bidding war never hurt anyone. The more the merrier.

  823. Who do they have left? Nowitski is great but old, Tyson is gone. And can Cuban be trusted?

  824. LOL!!! cool!

  825. Things are getting very very weird in here…..

  826. Then he will end up being bench if the team isn’t doing well. Ehhh. No thanks.

  827. I don’t have issue against parsons. He only took the 4th most FGAs per game on the team.

  828. Cuban always talked high on Lin but never really gave him any contract besides that summer league… don’t think they will.

  829. variety is the spice of life! if one can’t take the heat, one cannot cook….

  830. Agree to all, but why is sws94 allowed to argue that Lin is not good enough to start and will be exposed if he does?

  831. CP is option out now don’t think he will be back. Honeymoon is over between him & Cuban.

  832. About what?

  833. Good point. Last I heard, parsons was considering going to a team with dwight

  834. I know… I also read CP said he will consider Rox…$$$ Well, which team can have max contract for him that’s his future team.

  835. All the heated arguments between posters……

  836. This is fan forum… always like that….

  837. That’s because cp is injury prone for the past 2 years, and his character is really dislikeful.

  838. Haha. Something new to me though. I don’t go to forum a lot.

  839. well when one’s waiting, boredom creates idle conversation that sometimes can be seen as not productive

  840. Back to NYK period, if you go to NYK fan forum… Well, everyone has their own opinion so…

  841. I dont know if the honeymoon is over because Nelson said he wants cp back.

  842. I guess I will take a break until some actual legit source about which team is interested in signing Lin.

  843. Haha! OK.

  844. 😉

  845. Really? Wow! CP is really good…..

  846. Yes you’re okay
    There is bound to be some differences among Lin fans but it’s good to focus on the common ground and the positives

    Lin is really in a good spot as far as FA

    We should be happy for him ?

  847. Mav is going to pay him max?

    If one person have a problem with one you dont have to believe that person, if 10 or 20 persons have problem with one?
    This is like terminal cancer that can never cure no matter how you treat it.

  849. a lot of talks floating around but Lin should focus on only a handful of teams that will give him the most success. and these are..

    1. PHI – if MDA becomes the head coach, Linsanity 2.0 is gauranteed
    2. BKN – to be the starter and reunite with Atkinson
    3. CHI – to be the best backcourt duo in the league with Butler but only if Rose get traded – and play in Fred’s fast pace offense
    4. SA – to be the super 6th man and guaranteed fair treatment – good chance to earn a starting job when TP slows down
    5. GSW – to be the super 6th man in a perfect small-ball system

  850. sws, don’t let it bother you. We *should* be entitled to our own opinions here as long as it isn’t baiting. I hardly see your posts as that. I would be sad if you left.

  851. Why won’t sws94 answer the questions regarding JLin’s capacity to be a starting PG? She is a black woman who is obsessed with convincing JLin’s predominantly Asian fans that:

    1) JLin is NOT good enough to be a starter in the NBA
    2) JLin is NOT discriminated against
    3) JLin is NOT treated unfairly by coaches, teammates, the media, etc.

    When the flagrant fouls video came out, sws94 completely ignored the topic and tried to convince psalm to start a new thread to change the topic of conversation. Obviouosly she didn’t think those should have been called as flagrant fouls.

    Again, see if she can answer these questions:

    1) Is Lin’s handle good enough to be a starter?

    2) Is his jump-shot good enough to be a starter?

    3) Is he decisive enough?

    4) Does he defer too much?

    5) Is he enough of a leader

  852. Why can’t he? I know this is a pro-Lin fansite, but we should be able to say what we think (or fear) about Lin honestly and not have to force ourselves into one tune.

  853. sounds like Stephanie Ready

  854. And the more people get annoyed by her, the more she insists on staying!

  855. bingo!

  856. LOL

  857. .. while dunking on her. Then posting the video on social media.

  858. I would do it for psalm so he doesn’t have to deal with the headache. But right now, things are insane to an absurd level. Thanks.

  859. The only positive thing is this poster helps traffics to this site!
    I am leaving soon too!

  860. Why won’t you answer the questions?

  861. he can overpay for Conley

  862. Let it go Guest. This doesn’t help this forum in any way.

  863. If that’s why she’s not banned, it’s pretty sad.

  864. Just my pov, whether if Lin can be a starter next season, it is all depends on if there any GM, FO, Coaches and owners willing to bank on Lin. Like KHuang said, he is an Asian after all and it just make it that much harder to earn the trust from any of these 30 teams.

  865. Mavs have been in a tanking mode made stealthy by Carlisle. But a bidder is always welcome.

  866. Why do you even care? It is someone’s opinion.

  867. yeah, i would not recommend Lin to sign with just any team simply because of a starting position promise. that’s not how the league works. the worst thing that can happen is if Lin signs on to be a starter and “loses” his job to another scrub all over again

  868. Your post is self-contradictory. There was no reason to create this site and weaken the old one if trolls can freely post negative propaganda here as well.

  869. Yeah, the more interest by teams the better.

  870. I think he will get starting PG job next season bc his good playoff performance. This year will be a lot better compare to last summer.

  871. I have said many times 1. $ 2. $$ 3. Starting PG role.

  872. I agree. It is the waiting I can’t stand.

  873. The treatment of sws94 on these JLIN fansites show the extreme tolerance of JLIN fansites versus team fansites such as Hornets, Lakers, Rockets.

    Because the behavior and posts from sws94 had he made the same comments against Kemba, Batum, Big Al or just about any Hornet would have incurred an IMMEDIATE BAN on SWS at any Hornets fan site.

    sws94 is lucky he is amongst such a fair-minded group of moderaters on JLIN’s sites.

  874. I guess the only way to get some insurance is by having a good $ contract as this way team can’t throw you out like garbage since they have already invested certain amount on Lin.

  875. Yup, that would be tough to see again.

  876. sometimes i wonder if clutchfans is all that bad cus they do the exact same thing

  877. I know… plus rumors….

  878. I am not so sure but I hope you are right.

  879. The fair-mindedness of the site is why it is the only site I visit.

  880. then he’d better get $17 per year cus they still demoted him at $15

  881. Cool. I would just love for your vision of the site to be realized. I guess, like many things, it is a work in progress.

    Yes, Lin’s options look like they may be numerous and very interesting. At least he’s having good weather in Vancouver. Where I am, NY/NJ, the weather for the weak has been gray, rainy and awful. But the sun will come out, tomorrow. Literally!

  882. Yeah. Asking price is 18-17 mil. After negotiation, 15 mils per year, take it or leave it.


  883. That’s just like what Lin said about money show how much this team value you….

  884. Just a FYI, I said it before Lin did.

  885. So long as Cuban is calling the shots, Lin should never sign with Mavs. Cuban ruined the Mavs chances when he made a dumb trade for Rondo…then D Wil. He’s just too full of himself to be trusted to not rid of Lin like he did to Nash for some hot shot prospect that turned into a career journeyman.

  886. Someone saying that they honestly have their doubts about Lin succeeding as a starting PG is hardly trolling. They are just being honest. I think we as Lin fans should have enough confidence in Jeremy that it wouldn’t bother us to have someone share their doubts.

  887. I think Lin most likely to get from 12M to 15M.

  888. So you condone pollution of JLIN’s fansites but you simultaneously reject team fansites who try to stop pollution on their sites.

    I hope you also would encourage team fansites to be as tolerant as you want it on JLIN sites.

  889. Cuban is a spoiled rich dude. Nothing more, nothing less.

  890. get the $$ on bad teams, but on good teams like the SAS and GSW, he can give them a bit of a discount because he’d be playing for the ring and they have a good system in place with fair coaches

  891. No Cuban talks from both sides of his mouth.

  892. I don’t think Cuban really fully believe in Lin… not sure after this playoff games vs Heat..? But I still don’t think Mav will want Lin.

  893. And by the way, Happy Mother’s Day y’all!

  894. At a certain point since this is a JLIN fansite, that discussion of “succeeding” is non-productive and in fact borders on trolling counter to what you just said.
    At the very least, sws94 should never be annoyed or surprised when he receives vigorous push-back on that opinion.

  895. That is so sick!

  896. I remember Curry’s dad said last year when Lin was w Lakers… he said I can see Lin plays w Curry & Klay… he can get around 10M.

  897. Pollution is a pretty strong word for what I see here. Team fansites should be as tolerant as here in that this site is tough on nonsense trolling/name-calling/general childishness but allow for civil debates. If they were, I might go visit those sites.

  898. Quite the consummate sycophantic words, commendable.

  899. Same with you.

  900. Klay’s dad?

  901. Curry’s dad. After Lakers vs Hornets game….

  902. oh, cus i think i remember Klay’s dad said something like that on Max & Marcelis show too

  903. Sorry, Klay’s dad….

  904. Immediately after Linsanity and following knee surgery, Lin became the starting PG of Houston. He started ALL 82 games and led his team to the playoffs in the Western conf. His stats were 13/6. That was three seasons ago.

    This year Lin started whenever Batum, Kemba or PJ was out. During those game and others when he played starter minutes, his 3pt FG% was over 45%. In many of those game, Lin led the Hornets to decisive victories over some of the most elite teams in the NBA including, LeBron’s Cavs, Spurs, Raptors, Miami in the playoffs, etc.

    Lin is obviously, perfectly qualified to be the starting PG of an NBA team. To allow a poster to continuously argue against this fact on this “positive” fan-site is appalling.

  905. Vigorous push-back is fine. Any argument some one posts should be up for defense. But when it gets to the point of constant badgering for an answer to a question or calling for someone to be banned and has clearly become personal and not even about the merits of the argument, then it gets really tiresome.

  906. Thats not true. That’s too much credit given there. Even without the poster before the traffic is not bad on this site, (or even better) The site owner doesn’t need this poster to attract more traffic.

  907. How can we have confidence after the way he’s been treated and flagrantly fouled with impunity for the past 4 years?

  908. Because Lin hasn’t broken. He has only continued to get better and not complain. I have a great amount of confidence in Lin.

  909. What’s tiresome is constant posts about questioning the “success” of the sole purpose of the website- that is what is tiresome.

    Let me ask you, when Kemba shoots 25, 30 shots and makes 20% a game or two and then you went to a Hornets site and question whether Kemba could “succeed” or be a “bench player” a few times – how long do you think you could last before you were BANNED?

  910. You shouldn’t let her intimidate you like that.

  911. Good point.

  912. An interesting point. When Pat B in Houston is making 6M/yr, Lin should take a reasonable money?

    Ho Ho.

  913. This on point though->”There was no …as well”

  914. It is true, it was so much more hormonies and fun last time on this site compare to now. It not enjoyable anymore!

  915. I agree with guest. In my opinion, Sws has some agenda and keeps repeating the above themes. We jlin fans know the truth. However, curious unimforned fans come and read the entroes on the site. So we need to keep countering these untruths bc casual fans who come here will read them and need to be told the truth. Peace.

  916. So do I, but there are a lot of true Lin fans that do not want to read sws94’s constant criticisms of JLin and an apologist attitude towards coaches, teammates and media who also treat JLin unfairly.

  917. This SWS is a paid troll aka #ghostblogger as described in her twitter account:

    Since she’s a public figure in the media as a professional, there’s no ethics involved from outing her identity. Since Houston, team media has been spinning the jeremy lin is only as good as 6th man mantra over and over again. And, media is hired to condition lin fans to accept the role NBA and whatever team Lin is on will give him.

  918. I think you should check the rule on this board, this way of call out other fans on this site is really no good.

  919. dd, you’re a good poster and Lin fan, but you’re wrong on this one. sws94 is NOT that woman on twitter!

  920. She followed me on tweet & I don’t think her statement sounds like SWS….Are you sure she is SWS?

    BTW, how do you know SWS is paid troll?

  921. ..

  922. Agreed. Don’t know why obviously wrong info is being repeated. Who cares who sws is in real life.

  923. I personally do not like to use the term “true Lin fans”. It is a little like in politics were groups will call out other groups as not being “patriotic” because they don’t agree with their views. I mean who made any of us the authority on who is or isn’t a “true” fan?

    I sometimes agree with sws94 when they defend Clifford against some of the more outlandish attacks on his decisions that affect Lin. Does that make me not a true Lin fan? I don’t think so.

  924. Beatles song: “Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be . . . “

  925. Well, about harmonies and fun is personal feeling that I can not argue, but the traffic is still good before and now, with or with out the poster. So, there is not true. And please stay if you want this to be more enjoyable like before. If you leave, you are taking away the fun from us.

  926. Scary how much this poster has escalated their delusions and even followed me from another board. But to bring an innocent person into this, is next level obsession. Hopefully the mods will deal with this swiftly.

  927. The other site is way worse. There r posters everywhere who continue to repeat untrue themes as if they were paid to do so. Thats why i come here now. Psalm and the other mods have a tough job controlling traffic here but we need to correct untruths.

  928. Wesley Etheridge and sws94 are both black women from the NY area who have some interest in Lin. But the similarities end there. Wesley Etheridge is a true Lin fan. Her tweets are great. sws94 is some weird creature with a strange JLIn obsession. So please, correct this instance of mistaken identity! LOL.

  929. The way I view things, the accuser should reveal his or her identity first before trying to ferret out who the poster is. I give kudos to anyone who goes to that length to ferret out someone’s identity. Lol

  930. of course she will use a different persona when coming here. i don’t know about here, but when at, her persona is that of those who disagree with her are deifying jeremy lin and are uneducated basketball fans. of course she wouldn’t use that same persona on twitter which is geared for general consumption.

  931. No mavs! Parsons is going to be the pg.

  932. She’s innocent but you are not. You are a persistent and annoying anti-Lin troll. If you would answer the questions, that would be clear to all. In fact your refusal to answer make it obvious.

  933. 3:05 on the Game 7 Jeremy Lin Highlights. Two pushes from Wade within one minute. Wade was very upset that Lin stopped their offensive flows.

  934. Many posters are obsessed with sws’ posts, it seems. It’s just someone’s opinion. SWS is not saying Lin s*cks or anything like that.

  935. Seriously. And the name-calling has got to stop.

  936. Sws posts on the other site too… with a strange and suspicious presence as if being paid to muddy the commentary on jlin.

  937. Thanks for the support. The mods will just have to delete a lot of posts and post the rules again. Really, not much else they can do. This madness will pass.

  938. Or let’s all reveal our true identities. I wouldn’t mind that either.

  939. I think it’s quite clear how much sws94 does annoy some of JLin’s biggest fans. And there are a lot more who have been afraid to speak up. Unfortunately, I believe sws enjoys all the attention and is even more determined to stay. As most trolls would.

  940. I flagged you since I really really don’t want to see this kind of post again. True or not, you simply had no right of doing this. If this is tolerated on this board, I don’t see the value of this board anymore.

  941. That didn’t prevent them from doing that to Lamb. They have agenda besides winning. They will exploit whoever to help them get to that goal of propping up their stalling bet. This is where I see the issue lies. I don’t want to see Lin in that situation again. Even he said that his situation did not change but his perspective has. I don’t want him to fall into any Stockholm syndrome. I rather he take a true PG bench role elsewhere than stick around. Him simply being in the team had already help them increase their stock to national and international level. Before who else look at them beside their own local market.

  942. I don’t see why a “guest” is so interested of pointing out sws is a troll here. you really don’t behave like a guest.

  943. People who want to muddy the waters wont come out and unabashedly disparage him but they will try to do so in more subtle ways. Disingenious posts can be discerned.

  944. i feel a new thread is coming soon. getting ready to be the 1st

  945. sws94, from now on, I am going to focus on re-reading your posts to see if your posts show “deviousness” in trying to muddy the commentary on Lin. I urge you to stop being devious in your posts. Lol

  946. that happened on the first time i outted etheridge. a new thread created for no rhyme or reason immediately.

  947. Yo, whats up with this?

  948. Gotcha!

  949. On the other hand, it could be sws has some doubts. Is it so bad?

  950. Read my posts and maybe you’ll understand.

  951. i dun care if i am flagged or banned since i am not going to be back at this christy portal. but, as a lin fan who is fighting against the corporate messaging demeaning lin to ball boy status, i want the conversation to be had that this type of media spin is going on right in front of your eyes.

  952. Well, it would be money wasted then. This fanbase isn’t bothered by some differing opinions. We are a lot stronger than that.

  953. As a penalty, your first assignment should be to list 10 things you like about Lin’s BB game and explain why. I expect you to do this by Monday or I will hire vicious detectives to ferret out your true identity and post here. Specifically, I will request my detectives to examine any potential association between you and a Lin hater named Tinman of the CF site.

  954. Not at all. However, i can sense disingenious posting when i see them. The other site is full of them. Sws posts there as well with the same themes. My opinion. U r entitled to urs. However, i dont appreciate the mocking tone below.

  955. they are one of the same, they converse among themselves and like each others post.

  956. Webattorney and i dont agree on things but we r generally civil to one another. But i dont appreciate his mocking tone, as I am being sincere.

  957. I will take a very serious tone from now on. Wow, you are good at sensing disingenuous tone. I apologize.

  958. its not my fault that I get your attention, it’s your fault for given me too much attention than I deserved. I trust the mods and believe they will take care. All of us should leave it along.

  959. What’s “christy portal”? Is that a girl?

  960. Monday morning or evening?

  961. you blasphemer making fun of the lord’s name. you shall burn in hell you jezzebel.

  962. Being strong is not the issue. Posters who continue to repeat the same untrue narratives may influence more uninformed visitors. We need to correct these posters to keep the narrative true to the facts at least.

  963. I don’t care what you want to do, this behavior is WRONG. No matter what triggered you to do this, no matter what reason caused you to do this, this behavior is WRONG.

  964. would be much simpler to read his comment history, no?

  965. It’s getting kinda of crazy in here.

    Disque seriously needs to add an ignore/blacklist feature. Don’t like what this person has to say? Bam! Done. Now you don’t have to see it.

  966. Ok, kauaiblue, I apologize. I was being flippant. I sincerely feel that you should not be so bothered by sws’ posts. It’s his darn opinion. Besides, as I said, sws doesn’t think Lin s*cks. I also disagreed with him strongly and told him that the way Cliff treated Lin towards the end of Game 6 was very telling. And I feel that the way Cliff played Lin during Game 7 made it super clear to me. Sws disagreed with me, but I don’t hate the guy or anything.

    Besides, how could I hate a fellow resident of Hawaii? Ohana spirit is needed here.

  967. keep scratching Cliff, keep on scratching.

    Sorry I gotta post this as for some reason I just love this line. 🙂

  968. You’re so stubborn. If you read Wesley Etheridge’s tweets, you can tell she is a strong supporter of Lin. She spoke out about the flagrant fouls video–something sws would never do. They are not the same people. Think about it. There is no evidence that they are. In fact sws lives in NYC while Wesley Etheridge lives upstate.

  969. it’s wrong? no wonder it feels so right.

  970. Portland beat GSW tonight? Wow! Curry really needs to come back soon…. Portland played well.

  971. repeat ad nauseum fallacy

  972. web only realized TODAY that cliff is stupid coach for not playing lin in game 7. he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer


  974. Last year I ate curry for every playoff game that Curry played in. Seriously I did.
    But this year, I was like…that’s superstitious nonsense…and look what happened.
    I need to go back to eating my ‘curry beef brisket noodle soup’ for dinner…to restore the guy again so that he can play.

  975. I haven’t seen that many LIN CAN DO NO WRONG FANS in this board since I joined.

  976. we have no idea where about in ny sws actually lives in. she’s only said “ny” in the past. and she is taking content from these forums and merely retweeting them for general audience. her persona as #ghostwriter of course will be difference since she is GHOST writing she doesn’t want people to know who she really is.

  977. 4 PM PST Monday.

  978. more like “Lin is starter material fans” vs “Lin is best used as a backup behind my favorite player, Kemba fan”

  979. that sounds like the jesus debate during 400 ad

  980. Come on, folks. We are better than this

    Let’s not go on a witch hunt here. We may have different opinions but let’s focus on the positives more.
    I disagree respectfully with sws on what would be the best choice for JLin next season but we can agree that we will wait for JLin to make the best decision for his career.

    I can say I have 99% confidence about Lin’s desire to be a starter from:
    1. His stated goals becoming a starter, All-Star, championship
    2. what Lin has been consistently saying in the past 2-3 years that “All NBA players want to start”

    But I understand some fans may think it’s safer for him to become backup PG or stay comfortable with great teammates.
    It’s okay with me. They have the right to have different opinions; however wrong it might seem in our mind.
    In less than 2 months, we would know which opportunities are available and which one is the best one that JLin will choose.

    I have no problem allowing others to have different opinions as long as they observe the forum rules. It’s their prerogative.

    Our #1 Vision is “Positively Bringing Together JLin Fans”
    Build a community to enjoy interaction and positive discussion among Jeremy Lin fans

    This is the time we celebrate having different teams and NBA fans showing interest in JLin.
    Let’s not spend time to slander people or go on a witch hunt.

    If JLin himself visits this forum, I don’t think he would stop by and say hi if it’s filled with all bickering and anger.
    Let’s agree to disagree respectfully and spend more time talking about our common ground as Lin fans, which is to see him the next step to be succeed in his NBA career or offseason activities.

    Let’s be positive JLin fans. We are better than this.

  981. I didn’t watch the full game… but my friend said Portland had good D. Ed Davis played well…

  982. Just an example to be honest. To me, you can be a Lin fans even if you believe he is the sixth man type player. And for sure you can be the Lin fans that believe he can start in this league.

    It is only a point of view.

  983. Yes, on the other site she speaks more bluntly and openly says that Lin is not good enough to start. Here she twists it and bullsh!ts and tries to have nicer reasons why he can’t start.

  984. SWS’ posts may reveal certain level of doubt about Lin’s BB game. I say “so what?” That’s not a bar to posting here.

  985. 🙂

  986. more like “I am a big lin fan and will follow him to whatever team he goes to but he will be exposed if he leaves charlotte cuz he’s just mediocre and anyone who disagrees can just don’t read this”

  987. did you just replied to the wrong person?

  988. not too many 6rh man nba player fan sites out there.

  989. One poster’s posts is not much of a threat to uninformed visitors given the overwhelming (and sometimes overreaching) number of “positive” posts. I actually think a few less positive posts is a good counter-point so that fans will think for themselves. Frankly, it gets tiresome when everyone (except Lin himself) blames every bad shooting night or turnover or questionable decision on everyone BUT Lin.

  990. What is starter material? Cody Zeller? Beverley? Courtney Lee? Keep in mind, Beverley has started for years.

    Lin is “impact” material IMO. He plays, he makes an impact quite often. There are different types of players that start, and I worded that deliberately, and starter players. And there are players that come off the bench that make a difference. That’s how I see things. But Lin performs when he plays and has adequate minutes, sometimes when he doesn’t (trip doub off of the bench in Houston).

  991. that’s only after she was threatened to be banned.. so i was told

  992. Just so you know I am ok if Lin play as a sixth man like Manu Ginobili.

  993. Ha Ha. So it was YOU!!!

  994. If I burn, you will also because you used “christy” above. Who’s “christy”?

  995. this post is so reeks of “what would jesus do”

  996. i wouldn’t mind Lin playing as a 6th man when he’s used properly and plays in a great system under a great and fair coach. but charlotte is bleh

  997. I’m pretty sure SWS once mentioned she lives in Brooklyn and her profession involves music. Me and you are on the same side. There is no doubt in my mind that they are not the same person.

  998. That’s awesome!

  999. Not sure.

  1000. well your memory might fail you. and perhaps music is one of wesley’s many interests who knows

  1001. I am ok if he play for Hornets if he is use properly. However, NO CLIFFORD!!!!! I hate him so much.

    keep scratching Cliff, keep on scratching.

  1002. Lin is Lin, start or coming of bench, he is still Lin. So we are talking about the same person either start or come from bench. He will not suddenly become Beverley if he start. And become Lin coming off bench. So your argument does not make sense.

  1003. no i won’t since only christians burn (or do the burning) since they mostly burn each other

  1004. clifford yelled at Lin whenever other guys missed defensive assignments, he’s really a bad coach. so i have no doubt Lin will leave just for that reason

  1005. Well. I am one of them. I actually like Manu Ginobili a lot. Even more than A LOT OF STARTERS…….

  1006. Should check it out, a great movie.

  1007. Yelling is ok. But he is not a smart coach and that’s the main problem. But yeah, no Clifford!!!!!!!!!!!!

    keep scratching Cliff, keep on scratching.

  1008. Now admit that you think his handle, shot, decision making, and leadership skills are not adequate for him to start and you’re on a mission to convince his fans.

  1009. oh, didn’t realize you are still a mod….. LOL

  1010. Still, to use the word “Christy” seems sort of disrespectful. Lol

  1011. Feel the same way.

  1012. Observations…
    1. Lin is a starter caliber player, which does not mean he will start or not. And NO he is not perfect.
    2. Agree to disagree is important. Let’s be positive.
    3. takes 2+ ppl to have a argument. So if you think someone is not making sense at all, then just move on [to the next post, or post yourself]
    4. JLin will have an awesome off-season