Hot-Shooting Jeremy Lin Fought Off Rolled Ankle and Bad Refs

  • JLin with 26pts/4asts/4reb with 9-16 FGM (3-4 3FGM) in 40min with a rolled ankle!
    And he also had to fight off Bad Refs #Linsane
  • After multiple hits, JLin still made the tough layup but still no calls from the refs who gave favorable calls to the Clippers. The Hornets lost 83-97 as only Lin and Lamb played well to score a combined 44pts (more than 50% of Hornets total points). The big men were mostly ineffective and Kemba didn’t have his good shooting today (4-16 for 10pts)
Game Summary
  • JLin started very aggressive in the 1st quarter although a bit cold with shooting 0-3 but got 1FT and 1 miss led to Zeller tip-in. He got heated in the 2nd quarter telling Clifford not to pull him out after he got 2 fouls.
  • In the 3rd quarter he really hit his strides in shooting and scoring. Then he rolled his ankle chasing Redick on D to pass to DJ. He came back and kept attacking.
  • Lin & Lamb played very well but Kemba didn’t have good shooting day. The Hornets hapless big men just couldn’t get things going at all. Lin showed he can be the floor general feeding the bigs. But the 4th quarter consists of Kemba/Lamb trying to get their own points. Not much passing. Lin tried to get teamball but teammates just tried to score w/o much ball movement. It’s a mess
  • Refs really gave home calls. Lin got really upset being hacked w/o many calls



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