Hornets Trade News and Rumors

With 2 days left before the Feb 18 trading deadline, Charlotte Hornets have been active to trade players in order to reach playoff in the competitive Eastern Conference this year.

Feb 16
  • MKG 2nd injury on torn labrum pushed the Hornets to make moves because the Hornets will miss his defensive presence and rebounding ability. The Hornets upgraded in SG/SF position by trading for Courtney Lee from Memphis Grizzlies in a 3-team trade that sent PJ Hairston and two 2nd-round picks to Memphis and Brian Roberts to Miami Heat. Rich Cho commented this as fulfilling the need in “3 and defense”. The 3rd string PG vacancy would be filled from the D-League.
  • The Hornets are also in trade talks with Houston Rockets to assess what it takes to bring Dwight Howard in to provide defensive presence at the center position. Charlotte clearly does not think Cody Zeller and Spencer Hawes are able to provide consistent rebounding and defensive presence necessary to reach the playoff. It remains unknown if the Hornets are willing to give up valuable assets including 1st round pick

Summary: The Hornets are willing to make moves to reach the playoff. The desired need is for wing presence (Courtney Lee) who can play defense and shoot 3s and center (potentially Dwight Howard) to provide rebounding and defense. But the Hornets are not willing to give up many assets or 1st round picks. These players have expiring contract in 2016 so they are potentially only 3-month rentals. Jeremy Lin seems to be assigned role as backup PG/SG/SF for the time being with the loss of 3rd-string PG in Brian Roberts Link: GM Rich Cho Transcript on Courtney Lee Trade

https://twitter.com/TheVertical/status/699704040637095936 https://twitter.com/JLinPortal/status/699813092012613632

Feb 18, 2016 Update

The Hornets was not willing to give up more assets to trade for Dwight Howard more than Al Jefferson’s expiring contract and Spencer Hawes so the Rockets did not follow through. The Bucks was reportedly interested but declined when Dwight Howard refused to opt in for 2016-17 so it did not make sense to have 2-month rental of Dwight’s service.


Guess JLin's stats in Game 54 vs MIL


  1. First! 🙂 I hope more news comes in the next 48 hours!

  2. Cheers! Here’s for more Lin-credible news! 😀

  3. Sean Marks should be the Nets’ GM. Our only hope are the Sixers now.

    Don’t make up your mind on Hornets’ trade rumours. They’re Kemba’s team, we should wait next season and pray for the best.

  4. It’s definitely wise to think of Hornets as Kemba’s team despite his limitations not having a PG instinct.
    Let’s hope JLin seizes every chance he has in the last 30 games + playoff.

    Then stay in touch with MDA, whichever team he will end up next season.
    For now, we’ll be patient.

  5. Just dropping by to say hi, it’s been a long time. Wish Jeremy a happy and successful 2nd half!

  6. Cheers!

  7. To me, MDA is a lock to the Sixers.

    Brown and Hinkie are on the hot seat. Draft will show who’s got the power.

    In my mind Jerry wants his son back and recreate Phoenix in Philadelphia.

  8. WOW! Not sure I want to see this happens!

  9. I don’t think they would have sent Brian Roberts to Miami if they were going to trade Lin, unless they are getting Lawson back. But then salaries will not work. I think (hope!) the part about Lin is just speculation.

  10. Howdy…

  11. thanks for the link but boo!!

    Leslie to Morey: Get him back or your fired!

  12. they will not trade lin unless they have secured another backup PG and 6th man

  13. Whats wrong with sean marks?

  14. yes i guess you are right

  15. i think the trade talks are stalling because hornets don’t want to let Lin go and are offering the ‘other’ Jeremy

  16. I think Houston would be more interested in MKG seeing that they need more defensive players to compensate Harden… they might want MKG + Zeller + Al Jefferson (as a filler) for Dwight+Lawson… or Picks…

  17. they got beverine who is suppose to be their defensive superhero and they also got Ariza. i think Leslie has had enough and want that fast run and gun offense when Lin was on the team

  18. Beverley is injured half the time.. Ariza is not enough to compensate harden.. if you look at the stats MKG is the 2nd best wing defender. he can defend positions 1-5.

  19. If Leslie had enough, they would have blown up the team and look to trade harden… not just Howard… They know that no matter what the roster is, Harden will have the ball almost all the time…

    Just this season alone, harden has 413 ISO plays, Carmelo 260, Lebron 240…

    His ISO plays are 2 times more than the best player in the NBA lol

  20. Ariza is so good when not playing with iso Harden

  21. i will never respect hornets organization ever again and i will lose all respect in michael jordan as an owner if they let lin go to houston rockets after lin sacrificed himself and gave hornets the best contract in the league.

    best acquisition my foot, more like expendable potato chip if this is true.

  22. they have troy daniels and they just brought harrison up from the d-league, not to mention bringing in courtney lee. i dont like how this one smells.

  23. houston needs someone now to propel them back to playoff contention. MKG is great, but hornets would never let their home grown product go and houston would not want someone who’s out for the season.

  24. if sean marks has any of the spurs genes and intends to bring whatever made spurs successful, it could still very well be a good shaping ground for lin.

  25. haha, to back up Beverly or be a starter? If be a starter, it is actually better than staying at Hornets. If to back up Beverly, Lin, learn your lesson, never give discount to any team and do NOT trust any empty promises GMs, coaches throw at you.

  26. lin fan base wanted colangelo because it would have increased the likelihood that he would’ve brought MDA with him to be the brooklyn head coach, which would’ve meant lin can be under MDA again for linsanity v2.0

  27. i feel bad for ariza, who is a victim of a bad situation. he’s a great defender, but now he’s starting to look like a scrub after being in a team who’s so terrible at defense and with its chemistry nonexistent.

  28. if i was houston, i would be begging spurs to trade harden for kawhi, get lin back, acquire horford, keep ariza, keep DMO, keep pbev for second unit, and then clean out the house for when blake griffin becomes available.

  29. Lin and Jefferson are expiring contracts, Morey will not trade for them. He will likely asks Kaminsky and several first rounders. Or he’ll let Dwight test free agency. My gut feeling says Dwight will go to Dallas with Parsons. Dallas like to make such things to Houston.

  30. i have somewhat of the same feeling, but no press coverage on trade between two franchises who hate each other makes me question it. i can kind of see dallas shipping out zaza/wesley matthews or something to make something work.

    doesnt chandler parson and dwight still have the same agent?

    it would be cool if dwight did sign with dallas… and then… lin could go to dallas… play under carlisle… win championship *starts breathing heavy and fast*

  31. yikes. i didnt know peanut butter and jelly was considered a headache by the organization

  32. Uhmm… Deron Williams, JJ Barea, Felton? Dallas had a chance at Lin this past summer and didn’t sign him. Nice dream but reality sucks.

  33. i would be surprised if deron william’s body hasn’t crumbled like LEGOs. who cares about barea and fat-one? surely you are not suggesting lin is inferior to those scrubs?

  34. In that case, he should never return to Houston. They were the ones that made him a back up to begin with and completely destroyed his reputation. His entire time there was full of lies, deception and the occasional “let’s put someone else in your jersey so that we can lure him in free agency.”

    I will literally puke if he goes back to Houston. I hope it doesn’t happen.

  35. He will go to Dallas in offseason, not now.

  36. Wow. And he was a starter too…

  37. Evidently, Dallas does. In no way am I implying Lin is inferior to them – he’s on a different planet as far as I’m concerned. But I was following free agency last summer and really thought he’d go to Dallas. They instead decided to re-sign Barea then went after Deron. They were one of the few teams with a starting spot left, so I’m sure Lin was interested but they obviously didn’t want to pay him much and prioritized Barea over him. I don’t think they value Lin much even though I agree Carlisle is a good coach.

  38. dayum. Lin should take a page out of PJ’s book

  39. I suspect Jeremy’s minutes will go down a lot from now on.

  40. what i remember was dallas wanting lin, but lin didnt take whatever offer from what i remember (i think lin would’ve gone to dallas if DJ did sign). mark cuban didnt want to squander dirk’s two seasons, so he had no choice to opt for the next best option left, deron williams.

    the dude is averaging 14pts/5ast for the season (nothing lin cant replicate), but he’s 31. he can easily be traded over to another team for vet presence and expiring contract in 2017.

    barea is a fan favorite because he was part of the mav championship team but he is also 31, a defensive liability, and limited on offense.

    no one in dallas would miss felton if it meant lin is coming to town.

  41. Dallas were making out that they needed to do a trade to give Lin the money he wanted – which we now know is untrue because he settled for a ridiculously low 2M. Meantime, they signed Barea – at signifcantly more I might add. That was indeed at the point they thought they had DJ. As soon as DJ changed his mind, they made a play for Deron. So while it’s true it was the DJ thing that ultimately made Dallas a non starter for Lin, all signs were that he wasn’t a priority in the first place. Lin implies it himself when he responded to questions from fans following his signing with the Hornets.

  42. but do you think that would be the case after the season? if dallas does manage to snag howard and howard likes dallas enough to stay and no other team provides him max in 2017 (and no one should unless he proves something in the next 30 games), i can very much see dallas grinding their gears with their elder point guard trio. felton is a nonfactor, they were trying to unload him to make room for jeremy.

  43. To be honest, I don’t know. I think if they do well in the playoffs, they might just run with their geriatric PGs next season and draft one later on. Or perhaps Jeremy has done enough this year to really give them food for thought. But I just feel like they’ve never shown sufficient interest in Lin for me to think they’re a much better option, unless they cast it in stone that he starts. Charlotte actually did show interest and invested time (granted not money) in luring him and yet here we are, his own fan site divided over whether they have been good to him or not.

  44. Big mistake clicking on it. The guy used trade machine as rumor.

  45. I was dreaming Lin could get out Hornets before getting more bench time for the rest of season. But I take Lin’s words – God will choose what is the best (maybe not the easiest) for him. the best for him – Next season.

  46. Agree

  47. I didn’t click the article as I had no desire to read anything on JLin trading rumor. Just looked at the title and I just didn’t want this happened.

  48. Medical staff would’ve had to clear first, can’t quite pin it on the coach. Even healthy players can get hurt.

  49. Coach has tremendous responsibility.
    At the end of the day Medical staff (after rehab tests passed) asks player “how does it feel?”
    A player will respond “ok” because he wants to play even if there is still a tolerable aching pain.

    Up to Coach to use cautious moderation to ease a player with serious injury back then re-evaluate – Clifford threw MKG in with the wolves 35+ min from first day back – IRRESPONSIBLE

  50. Medical staff have access to X-Ray, MRI, CAT scans and a repertoire of other equipment and methods. I doubt it’s as simple as “how are you feeling today”. If anything they’d have to protect themselves against negligence/malpractice lawsuits.

  51. Once those test are passed the FINAL question is always, “how does it feel?”
    Those tests detect damage/repair, they do not detect how one feels.

    Look at how long JLIN played on a tennis ball ankle. Did the Med Staff even place him on the injured list most of that time?

  52. I dont think its fair to pin in on coach. As you said, “how do you feel?” Players should have a better evaluation notion before giving it a ago. Coaches understands if players request for lesser minutes or if the player says he is not up to it. They wont force it on a player.

    The reason NBA players and most professional sport are paid millions is because of the sport risk. Try applying for a personal insurance if you are a professional sportsman…they fall on a different category

  53. Tired of dealing with him? wow Maybe PJ wasn’t happy about getting benched after MKG got back? Surely no one would want to be benched after starting for so long. Maybe Lin should’ve done the same.

  54. Jeremy DID miss games, did he not?

    Bottom line is, one simply cannot pin anything medical-related on coach. The judgment is made by the medical staff and ultimately the player himself.

  55. LOL Like Pop’s going to throw away Kawhi their future big 3 away for a defenseless shot chucker. It’d be a nightmare for the Spurs team ball.

  56. First, NO player will ever request “lesser minutes”

    Clifford’s duty is to protect the players, but repeatedly after injuries to Batum (2wks, 1wk) gets 40 min. same with MKG and Kemba.

    Clifford loses sense of responsibility during the heat of a game when he gets tunnel vision on playing his favored players.

    Example, Popovich rests his stars OUT of games, for no reason other than wanting them to have fewer minutes wear and tear. Clifford is opposite.

  57. On lesser minutes: Paul George. I rest my case.

    Oh, and Pops is the exception, not the norm. If you’re looking to demonize a coach, you’d have much better luck with BS, who literally ran Randle into the ground last year.

  58. Lin only missed 1 game and then the next he was back. That’s not alot of time off to heal his ankle.

  59. He missed two games around New Year’s. Tennis ball ankle was before Utah game in late January.

  60. I always wonder if it is Popovich’s decision to rest players or if he asks them….

  61. No Pops is closer to the norm than Clifford.

    It’s just that for other coaches, a player who does NOT re-injure himself after 7 games back from serious injury does NOT MAKE the News.

  62. Cool.

    That means that they’re REALLY tired of dealing with Lin, as Hairston started over Lin.

  63. Unlike anybody on this forum, I’ve been following MKG’s injury for years.

    For the last 4 years, I’ve been calling MKG an injury prone player.

    I know better than anyone here that MKG is a guy that blows apart physically no matter how healthy he feels. That’s what happened in preseason this year.

    If a player is medically cleared like MKG is, then the coach is allowed to play MKG as long as the coach wishes. Only when a minutes restriction is handed down from the medical staff does a coach have to limit a player’s minutes.

    Fans here that bash Clifford for playing MKG too many minutes, those fans don’t understand how the NBA deals with players returning from injury.

  64. NO HE DOESN’T.

    Disagree as usual.

  65. Go punch not just Morey.

    Punch Keith Smart, Mike Woodson, Kevin McHale, Byron Scott, Steve Clifford, and others.

  66. Cliff probably relied on the medical staff to clear MKG to play, but the medical staff should also have put in minutes-restriction requirement for Cliff to follow. If they did, and if Cliff didn’t comply, then it’s on him. But we don’t know that. However, it’s also on the player’s responsibility to speak up to inform Cliff/Hornets medical staff/Coaching management of his conditioning status and have regular checkups. Ultimately, the player suffers if he does not speak up bc the Hornets & Cliff regard him or any players as assets and use them to achieve wins. But a smart coach would monitor and easy up on his valued players after coming back from injury for long term success. In this case, we can see that Cliff places values on players by playing/giving them more minutes….

  67. there are many who them, recently CParsons did as well, coming back from injury. He even requested to start from bench

  68. Agree. Hornets medical staff gives me pause…When Lin posted his ‘tennis ball’ injured ankle, yet he was not put on the injured list… So w/o medical restrictions/instruction, Cliff was cleared to play him however long he wants…

  69. Again, go demonize Byron Scott. Kobe re-injured himself multiple times.

  70. Agreed. Additionally, MKG got re-injured in a fall and another player landed on top of him. It was more an accident than result of lengthy playing time. A healthy player could’ve gotten hurt out of that one.

  71. That is my impression too. Dallas deliberately squeezed the cap room leaving Lin with a tiny contract.

  72. His play style makes accident common. Cliff could not protect him from injury. He plays too intense all the time so limiting minutes won’t do much

  73. Agreed, which is why I don’t get why should anyone pin it on Clifford.

  74. They just angry Lin didn’t play much . which is understandable

  75. Coach controls the minutes of all players.

  76. If you know mkg is injury prone then cliff must know too. Play him too many minutes after surgery was irresponsible coach.

  77. Coach also cannot overrule medical staff decision.

  78. @NylonCalculus
    From @HickoryHigh, Courtney Lee was one of the best 3-and-D wings Memphis ever had


  79. Interesting notes on JLin values in the Hornets:

    Keep an eye out on the Hornets using cap space on Jeremy Lin if he were to opt out of his contract. Lin will only have non-Bird rights, and Charlotte can only sign him to a maximum salary of $2.5 million, unless it uses cap space.
    Jeremy Lin is one of the league’s best backup point guards. (Getty Images)
    The team shouldn’t dismiss an offer, but it will be hard to get equal value in return for Jeremy Lin, Cody Zeller and Frank Kaminsky.
    Lin has proven to be one of the best backup point guards in the NBA. A $2.8 million salary makes the 27-year-old valuable.


  80. But I wonder if shoulder had had time to heal completely and at 100% strength. If it was at 100% strength I wonder if it would have torn again? I would think minute restriction to limit wear and tear to give it more time to heal would have been prudent.

  81. What injuries has he had in the past? I haven’t followed him prior to this year. Does he have major injuries every year?

  82. Definitely a good find for the Hornets. If Clifford can somehow slide him into the second unit instead of Kemba it’d be awesome. Lee and Lin the 1-2 punch could kill it.

  83. I doubt Hornets medical staff as sophisticated as GSW. It’s not an accident that the are able to keep players healthy on the court. They way Cliff plays Kemba to boost his stats is going to lead to injury

    Biggest winner of the Finals? Rest!

    Myers credits the training staff led by Johan Wong and director of athletic performance Keke Lyles, and the coaching staff led by Steve Kerr, who rested Curry for 20 fourth quarters when he could have played more to boost his numbers. In turn, the coaches and trainers credit Myers and ownership for building the roster with the right bodies.

    The latest project: Led by the training staff, Gelfand and the team’s data programmers, the Warriors have engineered a readiness rating for each player built on a 0-to-100 scale (100 is prime shape and 0 is burnt out).

    The idea is to give Kerr a handy all-in-one metric that aggregates various health indicators, including a daily five-question survey given to the players to help assess their soreness. Simple questions like, “How do you feel?” and “What’s your mood?” and “How’d you sleep?” Each question has multiple phrases that the players choose from. Each answer corresponds to a number on a five-point scale. The lower the number, the lower the stress levels.

    They look at SportVU player-tracking data (for game workloads), Catapult data (for practice workloads) and Omegawave heart variability data (to test neurological stress). With these four inputs (including the subjective side), the Warriors have a dashboard that indicates whether a player should give it a go, and for how long.

  84. He is somewhat irresponsible.

  85. I’m with you on MKG’s expedited and likely premature return, which is really more reflective of the medical staff’s competence and prudence than Clifford’s.

  86. This is Not cool that Hornets exec dissed PJ after he left the team… It’s understandable if Hornets did not prepared PJ for the drastic change after MKG returned. Once Cliff/Hornets puffed PJ up w/o merit, by starting him over Lin, a more deserving player; then deflate his value by cutting his minutes to zero , who wouldn’t be upset over that? He’s human after all… Cliff/Hornets played w/ PJ’s ego!!!

  87. Mitch Lawrence ‏@Mitch_Lawrence 31m31 minutes ago

    Spurs assistant GM Sean Marks is leaning toward not taking the Brooklyn Nets GM job, per NBA sources.


  88. The Nets are opening their new $50 million training facility today. I’ve included several architectural renderings below (click to enlarge). The new facility is part of a larger NBA trend :

    “They are homes away from home intended to draw players for breakfast and keep them at work through dinner with such amenities as multiple basketball courts, player lounges and team offices, interactive television screens with access to NBA stats and game video, hot tubs and cold tubs, plunge pools and hydrotherapy rooms, spacious fitness and weight rooms, underwater treadmills, yoga space and a full-service kitchen as well as concierge service, massage therapists, resident chefs and barbers.”

    See : http://www.startribune.com/state-of-the-art-practice-facilities-all-the-rage-in-the-nba/368743791/
    See : http://www.netsdaily.com/2016/2/14/10988384/in-the-nba-the-new-war-is-over-practice-facilities

  89. Oh well, let the Bryan Colangelo rumors continue…

  90. Cho in the hot seat to make things happen?

    “Michael Jordan said preseason the team’s goal was playoffs or bust, and let everyone in the front office know that if this goal wasn’t met, changes in the organization would be made.”


    Why @hornets fans should be excited and terrified about the possibility of Dwight Howard. http://www.atthehive.com/2016/2/17/11032098/why-the-charlotte-hornets-should-should-not-acquire-dwight-howard?utm_campaign=atthehive&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter


  91. You would think the owner would confirm with the candidate that they will take the job before announcing to the world that the new GM has been hired… I guess the NETS can’t even do that right…. SMH.

  92. Just because he is on the Spurs coaching staff, doesn’t mean he will be a great coach. Look at who the players are on the Spurs. Always a danger to hire someone just because they come from a “winning” organization. He probably looked at the Nets roster and draft situation and said “Oh, sh!t!”.

  93. Maybe he has a change of heart for various reasons… And maybe there is a grace period where he could accept or decline the job offer… But you’re right, Nets should have waited for confirmation before informing the press…


  95. “Michael Jordan said preseason the team’s goal was playoffs or bust, and let everyone in the front office know that if this goal wasn’t met, changes in the organization would be made.”

    The number one and most important person of making the playoff is the coach but he’s rewarded and free-card of being fired, what message is MJ sending?

  96. Nice office

  97. He is applying for GM not coach.

  98. Memphis lost their ability to win and dominate after ditching Jerryd Bayless to acquire the much less athletic Lee.

  99. Yes

  100. What Prokhorov has learned owning the Brooklyn Nets. An open letter to the Net fans. After reading it, I cant help but think Lin would fit every lesson Prohorov had learned.


  101. I do feel Lee had the benefit to play on a strong defensive team, and with good defending bigs behind him. Also he pairs with Tony Allen at the wing, that make a lot of things much easier. Just imagine Lin don’t need to worry about help Lamb, Harden etc., how much better he will be in defense.

  102. Do you guys remember when was the last time Lin had the mohawk? 5 weeks? I guess it was last time he was happy with Clifford’s coaching decisions. Lin’s hair styles is probably one of the most popular NBA topics (another topic is about coach firings) besides basketball itself. Lin said his hair change showed that he finally had some fun in NBA this season.

  103. Last time he had the mohawk was when against Milwaukee when he gored Jerryd Bayless with it driving to the basket.

  104. Ya, gave Cliff the extension too soon. But I wonder if favoring Kemba iso-ball, stat padding is coming from Cliff or from MJ? Puts Cho in a bind as he assembled the right pieces but aren’t being utilized correctly.

  105. Good point. When Lin had Tyson Chandler in NY, it sure made his Defensive Box Plus-Minus better

  106. Clifford was in the desperate winning mode before his contract was extended. He even benched AL and Kemba in 4th quarters in two close games. Hornets won both games.

  107. Less minutes means less time for chance of injury. Also each time you play it wears your body down some and body needs time to repair itself.

  108. Lin immediate last in first out bench rotation after that.

  109. Jeremy talking about his hairstyles, with GQ magazine …

    GQ. So you didn’t have any of these haircuts growing up?
    Lin : I had a mushroom cut when I was a little kid growing up. And I pretty much had the standard Asian cut for all of high school and a faux hawk for, like, five years.

    GQ : When you go in the locker room before a game, do you have your mind made up already on how you’re going to wear your hair? Or do you wing it?
    Lin : The only time where I’ll have it planned out before is if someone requests it. So, like, when I go to D.C., my friend in D.C. will want me to do this style, but when I go home, one of my homies from home will want me to do this style. So I just change it up based on whatever city I’m playing in. If there’s a friend there that’ll specifically want something, I’ll do it. If not, then I’ll just figure it out and do whatever I feel like.

    GQ : Do you just take a tub [of gel] with you on the road wherever you go at this point?
    Lin : They’re in small bottles, so I might take one. One bottle will last me probably, like…seven to ten games.

    GQ : Last week you had a big game against the Cavs when you wore the side-swept look. When you have a really good game like that, do you feel more inclined to wear your hair like that more? Does superstition factor in at all?
    Lin : Actually, no, probably the opposite. Regardless of how I play, I just like changing it up all the time. It’s funny because earlier in the year, people would be like, “Oh, you gotta do this style if you played well,” or “you gotta do that style if you played well.” But I’m actually even more inclined to [re-wear] a style that let’s say I didn’t play well on so I can, uh, rectify the situation. [laughs] But no real superstition. I just do whatever.

    GQ : What kind of gel are you using?
    Lin : I use Spiker from the brand J-O-I-C-O. I don’t know how to pronounce it.

    See : https://www.gq.com/story/jeremy-lin-nba-hair-interview

  110. His fun of being himself is over. Cliff screaming at Lin from the sideline reminded me so much of McHale.

  111. My specs: MJ gave Cho/Cliff his goal. Cho designed the plan and assembled the pieces. Cho is behind-the-scene pulling Cliff’s strings w/ MJ’s approval. Cliff is the executor of the grand plan. Basically, everything Cho and Cliff do is to meet MJ’s expectation/goal w/his inputs of course….

  112. Exactly, Cliff has said MJ often talks to him almost after each game.

  113. Haha I asked the same question. He probably looks at the $ offered, and then looks at the mess Nets is in, and runs ?

  114. He will spend 2/3 energy on defense (1/3 to cover Kemba). His fg% would likely drop to low 30%.

  115. haha, who would want to leave THE SPURS?

  116. Ah, you are correct. I had Sean Marks mixed up with a former NBA player, Sean Rooks. I just assumed he was an assistant coach. Would help if I could read better 🙂

  117. You are all good 🙂

  118. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that that was the last time. NBA directive possibly?

  119. Rick Bonnel stated logical reasons why the Hornets might not trade for Howard
    Note: It doesn’t mention the Rich Cho’s concern of getting fired if the Hornets fails to make the playoff.

    Howard, who is 6-foot-11 and 265 pounds, dumped the Orlando Magic for the Los Angeles Lakers. He dumped the Lakers for the Rockets. And now, at 30, he’ll likely be playing for yet another NBA team either at the trade deadline or starting next season.

    Simply by the nature of the NBA’s salary cap, the Hornets would have to do a lot to make any trade for Howard happen. He makes more than $22 million this season, so a prerequisite to any deal would be sending comparable salary to Houston. They would undoubtedly want Al Jefferson’s expiring contract and young assets (Cody Zeller, maybe?)

    And then the Rockets would want something like an unprotected first-round pick. Cho has said continuously how much he values first-round picks. Do you sacrifice an asset such as that for a high-mileage former star who might play all of 29 games before departing?

    I’d say no. I’d also say such a move could have corrosive effects on the good work the Hornets have done since June. They made several smart trades that acquired Nic Batum, Jeremy Lamb and Spencer Hawes. Then, Tuesday, they acquired Courtney Lee from Memphis for spare parts and a couple of second-round picks.

    Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nba/charlotte-hornets/article60861742.html#storylink=cpy

  120. It is not technically abuse when a coach overplays a player coming back from injury. The medical staff always has the last say when a player can return to active duty. Clifford uses this blurred line to cover himself.

    IMO, Clifford is just a bad head coach. Just look at how he actually coaches a game. He micro manages everything. It may fool some people into believing he’s someone that cares about winning, but to me it shows someone unable to trust his team to execute his gam plan. Players that can’t play without someone looking over their shoulder is players that are playing tight and scare to make a mistake. The ideal is that each player is given parameters of execution that fits their abilities. Then a coach taylor makes a role that utilizes that skill set in a system that maximizes that players role on the team. If they fail in that role, it is not the fault of the player, it is the coach that must own up to placing the player in a role that doesn’t maximize his abilities. Very few coaches come close to this ideal, especially in the pro game. Coaches like Clifford and Mchale never owns up to their own failures.

    Micro management is a sign of lack of faith. They don’t believe in the players to perform to their expectations. This type of mindset by a coach means that every little mistake becomes an annoyance IF IT COMES FROM SOMEONE OUTSIDE OF THE ANOINTED ONES. Anyone outside of the top 2-3 guys will get the third degree for any mistakes, meanwhile guys like Kemba and Batum can make all the mistakes they want and Clifford will let it slide because he only want them to shine. The rest of the players can either help them shine or get in their way. When a role player makes a TO or don’t pass the ball to the stars, they get in the way.

    Coaches like Clifford and Mchale must control every second of every game. They don’t trust anyone to win unless they are winning now. They over play their best because they don’t trust anyone else but the guys they trust. That’s why a Kemba and Batum have way too many minutes and by extention, MKG is over played as well.

    “What is wrong with over playing the stars?” I find this type of comment all over the place. The problem is that it’s been proven by Spurs and GSW that the 3 star system is nolonger a system that can work against a team that can overwhelm your stars by strong bench play. A team with top heavy cap dominated by the stars contracts will have very little resources for acquiring the a strong bench. Lebron has no one else to help him because they don’t have the money to buy talent for the bench. Cliffrod still thinks like the old Miami 3 star system is how to build a team. So he wants Kemba, Batum and MKG to be those stars.

    Pop and the Spurs run on a different system. Everyone understands that time management and resource conservation is the key to a long run in the playoffs. They don’t care about losing regular season games to anyone. Ot doesn’t mean anything that they loss 4 times to Rox when Lin played for them. They don’t attach significance to those games the way a Mchale or Clifford would to beating arch rivals. Coaches that don’t trust their own players must win those games as proof of something, but it’s all fake confidence. What matters is not how many games you win, it’s when you win them.

    Kemba, Batum, MKG and Lin are collateral damage of a coach who cannot know how to manage finite resources and play times. Because they don’t trust, they can only micro manage.

  121. If I were the owner of Joico, I would be sending him free Spiker for life for the free endorsement they just got. =)

  122. Steve Kyler
    Steve Kyler – Verified account ‏@stevekylerNBA

    So now Prokhorov says he’s never heard of the guy thats was supposedly the front runner for two weeks?
    11:40 AM – 17 Feb 2016

  123. I don’t know about what happened in Orlando, but Dwight has had the same problem with the same players as JLin meaning Kobe and Harden. He might be good with the right team and right players.

  124. Stefan BondyVerified account


    The Nets interviewed Sean Marks twice but Prokhorov wants to insult the man cause he didn’t want the job.


  125. I don’t see he is any different than Dolan.

  126. Kind of sounds that way

    Tim BontempsVerified account


    Multiple people around the league have said Sean Marks has passed on Nets GM job. When asked about it directly, the Nets declined comment.


  127. Houston has tried to trade Lin for Rondo, DWill, then traded away a 1st round draft pick to dump his salary. Shows how little they value his contributions.

  128. Pau is an average big man without pg similar to JLin.

  129. I don’t get it, if I didn’t want a job I wouldn’t go for an interview specially the 2nd one.

  130. Tyson Chandler seemed to regress without a good PG too.

  131. Seems strange. We may not be getting the whole story though. Just what people leak and tweet. Not the most reliable source sometimes. Breaks the boredom though until the games start up again.

  132. yes.

  133. They should have a holo-deck like practice court to simulate game-like conditions for poor free throw shooters. Would help poor FT shooters like Jordan, Dwight:

    Immersive Michael Jordan Simulator Is the World’s Coolest Basketball Court

  134. Bledsoe is very similar to Kemba as shoot first pg.

  135. There is something wrong with how the Nets ownership conducts the GM search.
    It might be best if JLin avoids this dysfunctional organization

  136. Slap in the face.

  137. Exactly, sometimes people with so much money they forget to have the respect for fellow human being. Those GMs are not dying for a job to be disrespected.

  138. $$$ talks!

  139. Negotiation is not job interview.

  140. You won’t reach the stage of negotiations until you go through the whole interview process. Who knows, maybe Marks had a change of heart after the 2nd interview.

    We don’t have jobs like these guys. Maybe they do talk $ right away. I don’t know. Regular people like us don’t negotiate salary until an offer is made.

  141. Well from the twitter, it mentions he didn’t want the job not a change of heart so I just based on that.

  142. Micro management with the exception of Kemba. Kemba can do whatever he wants!

  143. Maybe Marks got that offer to negotiate a raise back home.

  144. Jeremy will play Roberts’ minutes from now on

  145. not that bad, but back up min for sure.

  146. There is 30 games left. Lin was never going to start at sg. He will be a free agent. I bet Lin finishes games. i bet lee plays PJ minutes. If not Lin is a free agent

  147. Not sure what to think now. If Lee is just a PJ replacement, than Lin can still get around 25 mins and finish games. If not, yeah Roberts’ minutes… sigh

  148. Great! Back in time for trade deadline, big fellow. Now let’s see who will take you.

  149. Exactly how expected. Cliff shows loyalty to Cho.

  150. What a slap in Lin’s face! Hornets/Cliff already declared Lee the starter w/o having to compete for PT in any practices w/ the team or play his first games w/ Hornets teammates?! Like most of us had suspected “Anybody But Lin” to start. Hornets/Rox/Lakers– no difference!

  151. I feel the same way for Lin’s min… they need Lin & he will have his min.

  152. McHale had more respect for Lin than Cliff does for Lin. Even he knew that he will start P Beverley, he still announced to let them compete for the starting spot.

  153. no it isn’t. weather its pj or lee it stays the same

  154. Lin was at his natural position. While he is a combo guard he is simply too short to start at sg. If hornets had a good center then maybe but they don’t

  155. Lin has been playing sg most of his time on the floor.

  156. Lin will be a free agent for sure. He will not close games though. That’s the hard truth.

  157. We’ll see if you’re right for Lin’s sake. Cliff is carrying out Cho’s wishes and Lin has done everything possible to deserve minutes and starting. But look how he’s been treated… The ‘no difference’ I’m referring to is the overt by-passing to start Lin when he truly deserves it and the ‘not-kept’ promises that had been made to Lin for Hornets signing…

  158. No one

  159. In spurts yes. Against Backup sg yes or shorter ones He cant do it for 30 minutes nor would i want him to. He is at his best at Pg. His defense has to get better on small PG’s. as well as bigger sg to make a case for starting full time. My guess is smaller pg would be easier for him to control

  160. The sad thing is Lin has outplayed Lee in their both meeting this season.

  161. Its a business. This has always been his role on this team. No emotion included.

  162. They want a spot up shooter. It’s Kemba’s team

  163. we will wait and see. Lee cant score like MKG and MKG is nowhere near lin as a scorer. Lee also needs a pg to score which kemba isn’t

  164. Lin closed game and played through 2nd and 4th quarters guarding starters not backups.

  165. Wait and see. Lins story tends to be more complicated then that lol

  166. not complicated, he just got crewed everywhere he goes.

  167. true

  168. Wrong. Lin can guard big or small pgs as long as there’s good help defense. KW is not any better than Lin guarding smaller pg… Cliff just gives him more leeway and Hornets broadcasters do NOT point out his weaknesses.

  169. haha okay. Then let’s see whom we can scam to take you. lol

  170. Thats not true. He defense is improved but lacks in some areas. He can and will get better

  171. Hornets were, are and always will be a below average team. As long as they have Kemba it’ll be Walkers’ show every night. No one cares about the rest.

    The first to be fired will be Cho. Then Clifford will follow next season.

  172. wel if Lin leaves idc

  173. Did you take a sigh of relief when Hornets didn’t trade for Howard? =)

  174. Not surprising at all because the Hornets paid a hefty price in acquiring Lee (two second round picks!). On the other hand, Lin signed as a super low wage free-agent so you already know how the Hornets value each player.

    The Hornets need to make Lee look good to show that they made a smart trade. It’s always more about the politics rather than actually trying to win!

  175. My hope for Lin are:

    1) Attack the basket and/or to draw fouls.
    2) Shoot the d.a.m.n ball.
    3) Get your 15 and 4 in your 20 max minutes per game now.

  176. My hope for Lin is being shopped before trade deadline. Things aren’t good at all in Charlotte for him.

  177. Lin has much better career stats than Lee in all categories except field goal percentage by .015%. Still Lee already got his starting spot even before arriving in Charlotte.

  178. There you go. Lin won’t be a normal starter under Clifford. He is not very high on Lin based on his actions. Lee was able to do well because they have Mark Gasol and zach Randolph. They don’t really consider Lin as a starting SG. Sigh!

  179. Good quote about the trade deadline from Hoiberg
    Hoiberg on why trade deadline gets busy: “People lie until the last 48 hours.”

  180. Business is dependent on HOW they practice their business that will determine their success. It’s quid pro quo, give and take! IMO, Lin GAVE them the big discount to regain his reputation by getting significant role/minutes, but ALL they do is TAKE from him!

  181. Even as starter, Lee does not do better than Lin.

  182. Spot on! =). But sad…
    Lee is the one with the major PT now. He will probably stay put after this season unlike JL7 – Hornets FO knows this. It’s all LaLa dreamy that they’ll value JL7. Saying from the start of the season – Take. The. Bigger. Contract. But it’s not all black or white when comes to his situation. Just pray for the best. Just make the most out of any situations.

  183. The “Larry Bird exception” allows teams to exceed the salary cap to re-sign their own free agents, at an amount up to the maximum salary. To qualify as a Bird free agent, a player must have played three seasons without being waived or changing teams as a free agent.

  184. Totally agree. Especially the Shoot the damn ball part! Please make at least 10FGA in whatever minutes given.

  185. Anyone feel sorry for Lin?

    Courtney Lee is Set to Start For the Charlotte Hornets


  186. I wish he will be traded too. But at 2M, playing so well, and being so valuable to the team, I doubt they will include him in any trade package.

  187. I highly doubted that JL7 will finish games from now on. Cliff favors D and length – and that’s CL. Plus to compliment Walker, CL seems to be a better choice (not mine ). They paid a big price for CL – that’s the tell-tale sign. At this point, I rather see Lin in Sixers jersey playing 25+ min.

  188. I had high hope at the beginning of the season… thought JLin can earn Cliff’s trust and therefore meaningful minutes and starting position… it’s all gone now…

    If he can get his 25mins a game and LEAD the BF1, I will be happy. (OMG such a low expectation!!!)

  189. I actually feel sorry for the Hornets.
    Most likely, they will miss the chance to resign JLin and win more games with him as the PG.

    Who led the Hornets as a PG to beat LeBron and the Cavs after 6 years of losing 23 games?
    Not Kemba or Batum but the failing politics dictate otherwise.

  190. He did his homework as he talked to Clifford 5 hrs before making decision. He made the best choice at that time. People are going back to their own words was NOT Lin’s fault.

    Lin delivered everything he was asked and lots more than he’s paid.This team was saved to be above .500 and in playoff seed because of the playing through by one healthy ankle Lin.

  191. This is where you’re better person than I am. I hate this organization no less than LA and Houston.

  192. Lin did his due diligence! But Hornets didn’t keep their promises to him! He asked questions and had references from Silas and others. He did everything they asked, but they refused to keep good faith. It’s not Lin’s fault! Lin gave them a BIG discount out of good faith, but all they do is took from him!

  193. I feel sorry for Lin for having such fickle fans.

  194. Reagan, w/o reading yours first, you and I wrote same thought. Amazing!

  195. I am so mad, so I went to Hornets FB and left them a message lol

  196. Very good response!

  197. Because there’s only one true story.

  198. Just wait till next year when Lin is gone. Cho and Clifford will get the axe soon enough.

  199. Thank you Dorothy!

  200. Lin actually did do his homework to find a system/coach that he liked to give him the best chance to increase his value in 1 yr.

    The highest ceiling as a Hornet would be to start next to Kemba as dual PG.
    But the Hornets want Kemba/Batum as the main playmakers despite JLin being the best playmaker to make the team better and giving them best chance to win.

    It would be the Hornets loss for not finishing their homework to keep JLin.

  201. I wonder what PFV have to say about this CL starting… It’s Clearly a slap to JL7’s face. What can he do ?? I’d ask for a trade NOW!

  202. History of karma repeats to every organization whom mistreated a good honest man.

  203. Play like he did last game, with swag, with attitude and with abandoned. Lin knows now nothing he does will make a difference to his status on this team. So he needs to treat them in kind and use them as they use him.

  204. I would like you to read Lin’s own words:


  205. Thank you!

  206. It’s a fiction to hype up Lee to this level.

  207. Not an NBA player. No actual playing or deal-making experience.
    Apparently not an experienced businessman either, with that naive thinking that deals are so easy they fall from frees if you just stamp your foot and demand.
    And clearly haven’t followed Lin closely enough to know simple things like why he went to the Hornets, because it’s all in public domain for anyone actually interested in anything but their own hot air to discover.

  208. My guess is JLin likes the Hornets and Lakers as an organization/FO than the Rockets.

    The Hornets actually stick to their assigned role as Lin as the backup PG because they heavily invested in Kemba with $48M/4 year.

    Their mistake is not recognizing JLin has the ability to make the team better as a playmaker than Kemba and Batum can do. So they’re not willing to invest in Lin as a starter and choose to stick with Kemba.

    I guess it’s their choice. We just need 76ers or other teams to believe in Lin as the starting PG to show that they can win more than the Hornets can do with Kemba/Batum as the playmaker next season

  209. Thank you =)
    It’s great to read JLin’s own words on why he chose the Hornets

  210. It was yours, thank you. I bookmarked it. haha.

  211. Thanks to @@takemeback2reaganyears:disqus reminder, we do have transcript from JLin’s interview in July 2015 why he chose the Hornets

    QQ Sports: Now the question the fans in China want to know is why you chose the Hornets among those teams?

    Lin: I think the most important reason is Coach Clifford likes me a lot. He has been thinking for a long time how he will use me, and their system in the new season is one reason included. They will play faster and more PNRs. The most important reason is the coach wants me and likes me. Second, I really don’t have too many options. I know many fans, including myself, thought I would go to the Mavs, but they did not have much interest in me at the end. Actually I had been very familiar with Coach Silas since the 1st year of the Warriors stint, and now he is the assistant coach on the Hornets. Before I made the decision, I asked him a lot of different questions.

  212. Name a team without a selfish ballhog. Lin isn’t the only player who has to deal with politics. It’s not an excuse, it’s fact, and players and agents have to deal with it. It’s hardly an “old” story, since as we speak players are getting dealt and traded and pulled forward and pushed back, whether they like it or not.

  213. Well, we like to think of businesses as self-interested enough to make best use of their assets…but the entire history of the human race is littered with individuals, businesses, and empires that tripped over their own inner conflicting agendas and failed. We aren’t any smarter at this now than we were thousands of years ago. Still…it’s hard to watch, isn’t it?

  214. Is there an interview in which Jeremy said Cliff told him he would start?

  215. Cliff said Lin would come off the bench for the most part and start occasionally.

  216. I don’t see how some Hornets fans still think Batum is worth $24 mln next season. They even think they can get Lin back for $5 mln, less than what Lamb makes. Just consider yourselves lucky that Lin chose your team this season for $2 mln. He isn’t going to do it again when there are numerous teams who are in need of a good PG.

  217. It’s Kemba’s team. It’s Kemba’s team. It’s Kemba’s team.
    Jeremy knew this…that’s why the low-salary trade-off for a short contract with an easy exit. He wanted to work for an organization who would not bad-mouth him, who would give him the chance to undo the cancerous ideas that McHale and Scott kept spewing. And that HAS happened – you don’t hear those old memes anymore. He has to be a bit disappointed that he hasn’t had quite as much PG role in 2nd unit as he was hoping, but considering that it seems apparent he was never going to stay I don’t think he sees this as exactly a “slap in the face”. It’s the business of building around Kemba, who he may like well enough but who he knew he was not going to stay and be handmaiden to. Just start lighting your candles for the next opportunities, because it looks like that’s what Lin intended to be laying the groundwork for.

  218. I have to say I’m not surprised that Courtney Lee will start.

    This is what I understand to be the Hornets reasons:
    1. Once MKG is out for the season after the surgery, the Hornets want to find ‘3 & D’ player as a replacement.
    Hairston would’ve started but he’s so limited offensively and only provide decent defense.
    And there was news that he wasn’t happy not getting PT when MKG was back
    2. Hornets still want to project Kemba/Batum as the main playmakers so they want Batum to be happy to resign.
    3. Hornets only seeJLin as an insurance to back up PG/SG/SF because they fear JLin will walk after this $2.3M season. But most importantly, he’s not in the long-term plan although he’s arguably the most talented playmaker to help the team win even when he’s not a flashy (inefficient) scorer like Kemba. Lin or Lee will close depending on who provides hot scoring night to help Kemba/Batum to win.

    Pending any shocking trade, the Hornets simply has no long-term plans for JLin to be a starter.

    JLin just needs to be ready to shine to improve his stats in the next 30 games and prove he can dominate when he has a chance to start. This Hornets year is only an audition year to be a starting PG.

  219. Sorry repeat question. I thought the first one didn’t post.

  220. Thanks LA Jane. I thought I’d missed something along the way but I think you’re right here.

  221. Hornets Spend Last 30 Gms Simultaneously Trying Make Playoffs & Minimizing JLIN as Perennial Backup

    Hornets FO/Clifford Begin Nefarious Plan :
    1) Post ASB, Cho/Clifford top GOAL to keep JLIN as permanent insurance backup to Kemba on Hornets
    2) Cho/Clifford theory is give JLIN limited opportunities to further shine/excel in front of potential NBA suitors
    3) Method to achieve goal by minimizing JLIN’s skills through severely limited & arrhythmic playing time
    4) Simultaneously use JLIN, ONLY when necessary to close/win otherwise unwinnable games to preserve Playoff run

    Thus Hornet’s plan is MAKE JLin unattractive as possible to NBA teams needing starting point guards while using ONLY the ounces of JLIN’s blood/sweat to preserve their chances to beat the unbeatable teams which only JLIN can deliver.

  222. Unless Lin has the largest contract among back court players, he will likely be marginalized because NBA is degenerating into a stud fabricating show business and Lin’s talent will outshine just about every guard.

  223. Hornets has been very consistent on this. I would be really surprised if Lin starts. There is no single solid evidence that Hornets will start Lin or have a long term plan for Lin through the whole season.

  224. I agree 100%

    The Hornets is fully invested in Kemba even if he is an undersized SG.
    They love his scoring skills even if it means the team has to suffer losses when he breaks the team offense and goes cold in crunch time.

  225. for a $2 mln guard, he has out shined a lot of higher paying guards this season.

  226. Not necessarily, Beverly’s contract is much smaller than Lawson’s. It all depends on whether you have coach and GM at your back. In Lin’s case, Clifford and Cho LIED to Lin.

  227. yes, they only need him to be a backup.
    That’s also why Lin said he can’t call the Hornets home yet during 1 interview.
    It’s just a business transaction for 1 year.

    Lin’s job is to prove them wrong not to capitalize on him when/if he gets a chance to start next season

  228. They tried to treat him like Hans until 76ers being taken over and it became apparent that there would be other bidders for Lin.

  229. What I wrote I absolutely believe is the Hornets plan but I don’t believe it will work because JLIN has ALREADY shown what he can do for any team as a starting PG this season.

  230. Here is his answer.
    Clifford kept his words on starting Lin when the team needs him (Kemba/Batum out). But the part about giving a lot of room to play with mistakes can be up for debate.

    QQ Sports: You also mentioned you had a long talk with Clifford. Did he talk with you about whether you will start or come off the bench because Kemba plays at the starting 1, and things like you will be at 1 or 2? Are there definitive answers to those questions already?

    Lin: He said if I was asking him now, then I would come off the bench, But he emphasized if I play well and the team needs me to start, then he wouldn’t limit me to a bench player. The coach also said he will let me play with Kemba for a long time and even if I don’t play well in Charlotte, he will give me a lot of room to play with mistakes.

  231. I am afraid you maybe right. I hate Clifford and Cho.

  232. They are doing wht they believe is the best interst of their team.

    Unfortunately what is the best interest of the Hornets is the absolute WORST INTEREST of JLIN.

  233. its also politics. They see Lin as a rental. If Lin had a long term contract with Hornets, i bet you they would play him 35 minutes a night.

  234. Agree, if they had JLIN already locked up.

    They would play him like Secretariat to get wins.

  235. The GM is at the back of the largest contract holder most of the times or he made a mistake.

  236. Problem is Lin already signed for a very small salary and they don’t even have the decency to give Lin a starting position. It’s not even about whether Lin starts or not. It’s the fact that Lin carries this team on a $2 mln salary. Stats show that Lin is beneficial to the team winning. Lin impacts the game a lot with the time he’s given. He can take over a game when he gets to start like in the Cavs game. They need to at least give him some more recognition.

  237. Great post. This sums it up.

  238. Hornets certainly would LOVE to resign JLin as a backup to Kemba (perhaps with $4-5M/year)

    JLin just needs to improve his stats (like he always did in the past 3 seasons in PPG/game) so he has a chance to start in other NBA teams

  239. Actually, when it comes to Lin, PT minutes are not guaranteed for him no matter how well he plays against opposing teams or how well he outperforms their own starters. Even w/ big contract in Rox, he was still demoted to the bench to promote Bev, a < $1M player at the time. I pray next season will be Lin's year. A miracle is needed for the next 30 games remaining…

  240. And as you noted, JLIN will have few and irregular opportunities to improve his stats rest of the way if my theory on what Cho/Clifford is trying to do to JLIN develops.

  241. I blame that on divas. Harden, Kobe, Carmelo, Kemba. It’s going to happen every season as long as he joins a team that is starting from scratch.

  242. wow, really? similar to Kobe & Shaq then
    But they shipped Lin and Parsons instead

  243. yes, I remember that interview. It’s quite obvious that Lin start to realize whatever Clifford told him won’t come true at all.
    I also learned this from the Lakers. When Lin was traded to Lakers, before the season started, A Lakers beat writer claimed he got the inside information that Clarkson is the future PG not Lin. But every Lin fans were so happy and ignored that article.
    Then through the whole season, it’s proved that writer was definitely right.
    This season, on that sense, nothing changes, Lin came in as Backup or one year rental. Hornets sets the tone way before the season starts and they don’t plan to change that at all.

  244. Problem with this team/coach is that Lin puts more effort into defense now so it’s not going to show up on the stat sheet.

  245. Not sure why people are complaining about Lee starting. He’s a SG. I’m just glad this means Batum will play his normal position at SF and Lin can play more PG with Roberts gone. If anyone should be “offended,” it’s Lamb.

    Glad to hear Marks turned down the Nets job. Colangelo still in the running…keeping that MDA dream alive!

  246. Well, it’s almost impossible to know why people and organizations commit with such persistence when it doesn’t seem to be entirely rational. We can speculate it’s about Kemba’s “scoring skills”, which seems to me to be sort of reaching hard to explain the mystery of their devotion to him.

    Money decisions and emotions are often held very close to the vest. Jeremy has had a lifetime of being sensitive to finding the open path in unsavory environments (sound like his PG skills?). Remember that point when fans and friends were hounding him with a firestorm of frustration at how he was being treated and he commented that he had to tune out the noise from everyone because they just don’t know the actual intimate workings of team business. Never forget that he said “I’m just trying to stay in the NBA.” That’s not weak, that is totally focused. I think just a few days ago someone was posting here all the players he’s worked with and where they’ve ended up. It’s not always a pretty picture, and usually not in player control. He stays focused on what he wants in the end, and he has patience, and mental strength to see the limits and look to where they can be pushed (sound like his PG skills?)

  247. What if Cliff plays Batum at PG for 2nd unit?

  248. But look how Nets handle the news about Marks. Not sure I want Lin to go to that organization any more.

  249. Certainly power struggle between the corner stones. And, I guess Harden is getting the upper hand now.

  250. The raptors with Derosan and Lowrey get along remarkably well. They take turns almost leading the team and it is Rae that both have a bad night.

  251. That is what Clifford is going to do.

  252. Of course, Batum will still get minutes at PG for 2nd string.

  253. Let’s not wish injury to players since we don’t want others to wish the same to Lin.

    Just believe that the same Divine Lintervention in 2012 can happen any time.
    If it’s not in the Hornets, it would be somewhere else.
    It would be the Hornets’ loss =)

    Just think of the Hornets that only believe JLin as a backup PG, not a starter.

  254. right on the mark!

    Jeremy Lin has no choice who will be his FANs, but to those who follow JLIN and consider himself/herself a FAN, we have all the reason “to FOLLOW / NOT to follow” him (anymore)…

    so if one is disgusted on JLIN basketball Life, he has all the time to get away and choose among the player who hog the ball and shoot until he dropped. JLIN is a consummated Team Player and that’s how we saw him before we followed him. we have no RIGHT to change him to whatever we like for him to do because it is his life and his own only. So to those who wants to change him to whatever player they want him to be, you have the chance now to look for the other players who is what you like a player should be doing on the court!

  255. Oh, I am a lot worse… I’d been wishing that for the last 3 years…
    And Psalm is much better than both of us. 🙂

  256. just like Kobe won against Shaq being the younger player

  257. Yes, he is the level headed for sure and we need a Mod like that.

  258. That’s actually why I want Lin to go there. They’re such a mess, they’re desperate. No ordinary team will let Lin shine. Only a team with no picks, no stars, no brand, no options. That’s how Linsanity began — Knicks and MDA had no other choice with Melo and Amare injured, no decent PGs, fans and media getting restless.

  259. Open to interpretation but not just one interpretation. Arguably, the fact that Jeremy closes a lot of games means being “not limited to a bench player. ” There aren’t a lot of real bench players that close games in any team regularly.

    The second bolded part I would agree to a certain extent that Cliff has not necessarily delivered – although I would say Jeremy has a longer leash with Cliff than any of his previous coaches. Not much longer, but better overall. Also, Jeremy’s “no defense” tag is all but gone in about half a season. After years of carrying that around, it’s at least something that has been rehabbed in Charlotte.

    For all that, I don’t think that this is a lost season for Jeremy. It’s been better for him so far than his 2 previous seasons combined. He has options going forward, and that’s what we need to hold on to.

    For now, there’s this team and the fight for the playoffs.

  260. He will for stretches (when healthy), but even when it’s just Lin and Roberts, Roberts played PG.

    That’s over now.

  261. Yes this is actually a good opportunity for Linsanity 2.0

  262. You have a point

  263. The perfect storm is brewing in Brooklyn. All it needs is Linsanity

  264. haha… just relax and take a breather.
    If Linsanity miracle can happen in 2012, it can happen again in 2016 or 2017 =)

    Lin is a survivor; he’s just waiting to be ready for the moment and seize the chance.
    Lin should’ve been out of the NBA in 2012 but I truly believe the higher power said otherwise.

  265. I agree, but I think Lin values loyalty. When he finds out Clifford and Cho did not keep their promises, he will not come back no matter what.

  266. It’s still a long shot obviously, but it really would be the “perfect storm” if it happened. And you just know Prokhorov would LOVE to annoy Dolan and the Knicks by signing Lin. The PR boost alone would be worth it.

  267. but still, money is not only the factor whether the team would cater to him or not. its a whole weird world of politics inside NBA!

  268. Like the short video I posted yesterday, if they hire MDA and give the ball to Lin, they will certainly sell out all home games in minutes.
    Really excited just to think about it. :)))

  269. If people here think MJ is the devil incarnate for how he treated Lin, please read about Prokhorov first. The guy has very loose morals, hard nosed and is filthy rich. Deadly combination.

    I don’t think even someone like Colangelo can keep him happy. But we’ll see.

  270. I feel it’s important for Lin to be in a playoff team and to prove that he’s playoff worthy. I’m sure Lin would close more games having Lee on the team as oppose to MKG. I know his options/market value has increased already.

  271. but too much expectation can also backfire? we know what JLIN can do when he’s given a free reign, but there’s some factors too that help not to make that happen…like officiating, nba politics etc..

    so we must not be surprised of the attack when that reunion did materialize…

  272. and he always included on his interviews and comments that money is NOT important to him , so he will be choosing his new team based on what they can offer to him and their commitment

  273. i think he already knew how clifford thinks about him..his usage and inconsistent role defines it.

    JLIN might be getting a good relationship with the team and his coach but i think he values promises to the letter of it!

  274. not necessarily.

  275. Same old marginalization is why Lin hasn’t been able to get a starting role. If you can’t see that then you need to walk a mile in the life of a minority. You’re lack of empathy is why you make disparaging remarks about Lin’s situation. The only one without a clue is you.

    Lin and his team know exactly how and why he is in the situation he’s in. He does with what he’s given and makes the best of his situation. It’s the rest of us that are impatient and feel for his lack of opportunity and lack of respect. We complain and cry for him becuase he can’t.

    You obviously have no understanding of how being marginalized is injustice that can’t be resolved by confrontation. The NBA is a closed system of rich owners that treat players like collector cards. They don’t necessarily want to win at all costs. They have their own favorites and it doesn’t matter how great a player you are.

    Fans like you are why athletes like Rousey was suicidal after she lost her belt. You love them when they win and hate them when they lose.

  276. People are complaining because Courtney Lee’s minutes will come from Lin’s minutes.

  277. He also said he didn’t have much options when he chose Hornets. I would never question Lin’s decision making and his choice of words. Other than a great basketball player he’s an honorable man who believe in himself and know what he’s saying.

  278. Suggestion to Jeremy: Your agent is a lawyer agent and not a promotional agent, his weakness is he approached contract negotiation from law perspectives. Since you will not change agent, this is what you should do for your next contract:
    1. Don’t make plan to go overseas on next NBA free agent day, but instead make yourself available to meet teams.
    2. Sort teams based on your preferences.
    3. Don’t announce your preferences and don’t filter teams based on your preference, instead insists all teams (or at least few teams if you don’t have time) to meet you based on your sorting.
    4. Announce your schedule to make other teams know that you have other suitors.
    5. In interview, if the team meet all your preferences, it is ok to sign rightaway. If they are not, just keep it open, if they are kind of pushy guy (like take it now, or we will find another guy), just give an acceptable excuse to postpone the answer (any kind of excuses are ok as long as you are ok with it, even like ‘i will discuss with my mother first’ or ‘i will pray to God first’, or ‘i am ok to sign with you, but i will still meet with other team first, so that i will not ruin my reputation for not showing up in a meeting, you know press this day like to kill nba players for reason like this’) or maybe stall it with an angry demeanor as if you are insulted for they are not really wanting you by giving a ‘now or never’ threat.
    6. In interview, instead of giving them the list what you want from your preferences, ask them first what they can give you. And since it seems you are not really skillful in negotiation, please bring along someone who are really skillful in negotiation, and bring along notes that list down all your preferences, and make sure you write down also ‘team promotes me to All Star Game’, and make sure they write it down in contract every little things they promised you, or record all the conversations.
    7. Anticipate that maybe your agent in the past had miscommunication with team, and thus ruined your possibilities, so that is why for next free agent day, if your agents says some teams are not interested, please have your own teams to call them and inquire why they are not interested to meet you to discuss first.

  279. How often does Roberts even played? Lin will play 9 min first half and 9 2nd half without closing unless Hornets are losing big.

  280. Lin is not max contact superstar to get invited to visit their facilities.

  281. Good points, but if Lin has to worry so much himself, he should change agents really. His agents especially Montgomery are lack of experiences to maneuver to get the best result.

  282. Some small teams still meet players, only not in the news, for example Cho met Lin

  283. Yes, he should, but likely not, he is a faithful person, will not dump someone.

  284. Why are people talking about lee like he is a scorer lol. He is marvin willian at best. He will hit open shots. Drive sometimes but lets hope he doesn’t. Lamb is a far better offensive player then him and lets not compare him to Lin. He is a complementary player. He cant control the ball nor get his own shots. If he is in late it curly because of defense. MKG was really good in hustle points and he could pass. So he got some of his points from effort and the gave him the ball in the wing for him to iso. I guarantee this will not be done for lee.

  285. Cho only met lin when he had agreement over the phone. Cho flew to ca next day to close deal

  286. Think Morey is “ultra aggressively” talking to Cho?

  287. Not the reality, just the action by Cliff

  288. Agree completely.

    Courtney Lee isn’t half the player Lamb is.

    Lamb defends better than Lee too.

  289. Lin will out play him on most day then he will be a free agent. How much Lin plays will determine if they make the playoffs either way Lin is gone for Sure

  290. You’re complaining that Lin’s worldwide image and constant media attention due to his hair are not enough?

    You clearly do not understand that NBA front offices are refusing to sign Lin because of his RACE, not his game.

    There are so many nonAsian players with less marketing and recognizeability and stats who earn way more than the Asian guy.

    Don’t kid yourself into BLAMING Lin for the RACISM of NBA fromt offices.

  291. If Batum could play PG, there is nothing would not happen with Clifford and Cho. Anyone in his right mind would ever thought Batum would play heavily as PG before season started? Not a soul in the whole NBA except C&C.

  292. Both Lin and Lamb are vastly superior players to the very limited Courtney Lee.

    Charlotte will find this out the hard way.

  293. Ty Lawson would be a great fit in Charlotte.

    He’s a UNC player, and we know how Michael Jordan loves UNC players.

    Lawson is also a much better player than Kemba Walker. But Lawson is no match for Lin.

  294. I think they already know this .He will likely just play pjs role. Thats my guess “if they are smart”

  295. CL has held his opponents to 40% FG in last 4 years. he’s a good defender.

    i hope cliff doesnt keep pulling the “let kemba/batum play for 40 minutes, including playing with bench,” but instead solidify the bench force so lin can play with one unit instead of mess of rotation/lineup cliff has on the team.

  296. He won’t be that much better than PJ Hairston either.

  297. I cant just take that stat without context. he did it in slow tempo memphis. He did it with the trees behind him. Also he wasn’t a full time starter. So he wasn’t that good. They also traded him for nothing

  298. MISLEADING stat.

    Courtney Lee played on the powerful Memphis team that was known as a defensive powerhouse UNTIL he showed up.

    Prior to that, Lee was on Boston which stunk and then on the preLin Rockets which also stunk. He didn’t get stops then either.

    Lee is a limited athlete who has only one real NBA skill: shooting standstill jumpers. And even those are suspect now that he’s joining Charlotte.

  299. If you were Cho, how would you play to get Lawson considering you have KW and Lin?

  300. Agree completely. The Hornets need to get into the playoffs. My dream for this season is not too lofty – I just want Jeremy to play a critical part of the Hornets’ playoff run. That might just get him 6MOY.

  301. I would trade or waive Lin if I were Cho.

  302. grading the trade for the hornets…

  303. has to be a trade for lower the cap

  304. Agree with you but people have differing opinions. I just think Hornets haven’t actually been that bad – not perfect, but then I don’t see a team like the Nets being much better in terms of organizational politics. Prokhorov the owner sounds like some sort of megamaniac.

  305. ty lawson has worst stats then lin. Much worse. Lin was much better the ty lawson when he was in houston

  306. I think you are a ‘black and white’ person. In business, nothing cannot be changed. Even in a company, recruiting a janitor must also invites them to be interviewed, and you say for nba player only max player can meet the team? A lot of nba players don’t want to meet, because their chances are greater if their agents do it for them. For Lin’s case is different, his chance is greater, if he handles his own case.

  307. add Isiaih Thomas too and you’d have the Three Stooges backcourt

  308. Khuang, of course, you stick to your own narrative. No matter Lin and Lin’s inner circles said he had offers from 11 teams.

  309. more like morey is desperately begging every GM in the league to take howard so he doesnt walk away for free, and every other GMs are like nah.

  310. I could see hornets want Lawson. But who would rockets want. Not Lin. So Lin minutes go down even more.

  311. no you wouldn’t cus you can’t find a good enough player that fits the measly 2Mil contract. Lin cannot be traded

  312. Not in skin pigmentation

  313. That’s the way they work not me. It’s a joke to invite any $2m bench players to visit team during off season for interview. They contact agent and make offers.

  314. After he just won you the Cavs game?
    Why would you waive him? You know he will be claimed immediately. That’s like giving him away for free.

  315. I know some people have said that the reason Lee is starting is becuase of money. Lee gets paid more so FO wants to protect their investments. The funny thing was that Lin last year was making 8-15 mil depending on your point of view and he was benched anyways.

    We can make all sorts of excuses for bad behavior but the white elephant in the room is always there but no one wants to touch it except us Lin fans. The excuses are all getting old and worn out. Lin doesn’t ” fit” becuase no one wants him to fit.

  316. i think Morey is desperate to get Lin back cus Leslie is furious, again lol

  317. From what some have reported, they want to run the team by committee with eth GM as almost an advisor with little or no power. GMs and coaches know that they are hired to be fired. They’ll always will be the first t go and made the scapegoat for team failures. You’d have to be thick skin and be paid a lot of money to want to work in a job with very little control of your own destiny. Brian Colangeleo has the credentials and pedigree to do a great job with the nets but with his hands tied, he’s basically a lame duck GM and fall guy. I would run away from the nets if I was Colangelo.

  318. 19 hours or so before the trade deadline. This is gonna be crazy.

  319. Chris Broussard said Dwight trade to Hornets won’t happen during ESPN Mike & Mike Interview this morning

  320. ABL

  321. http://houston.cbslocal.com/2016/02/17/blinebury-harden-and-howard-wanted-each-other-gone-after-first-season-together/

    according to fran blinebury, after that bad loss against portland in the playoffs (2013-14) harden texted friends that he wanted howard gone and howard also texted folks saying he wanted harden gone.

    funny that harden would do that to howard when harden shot 37% fg while howard was beast in that series.
    funny that howard would do that since he came to play with harden.

    two divas. they were meant for each other in that terrible organization.

  322. I have mentioned what the white elephant is and I get warned to cool it with my post.

    Lin is Asian. No one wants the Asian guy as the lead. What’s wrong about saying that after four years of other excuses. Race is a real thing. It exist. It is part of the conversation. And thank God it changes as well because of people like Lin.

    We now have black quarterbacks and a black president. This didn’t happen because people were afraid to talk about race.

  323. Lin’s problem is his Harvard and Palo Alto background of rational approach is ideal. I asked him to take risk this FA and he did take a risk of 2 million x 2 year contract with 1 year opt out . He took the risk of coming to a struggling team like Cha
    at the time Kemba was with UnderArmour shoes not yet a Jordan Brand and the NBA just made a rule that Jordan can’t sign his players to shoe deals bc of conflict of interest . which we’ve seen played out this season with Lin and Kemba at starting PG

  324. who’s really surprised? remember when morey played this game with asik? morey was once again asking for more than howard’s worth, and the rest of the league gave him the middle finger.

  325. LOL

  326. each player wanted to be the “man”. not about losing in the playoffs

  327. EXACTLY.

    Since the Hornets clearly don’t want Lin, at least cut Lin loose so that he can join a team that actually wants him.

  328. there were a lot of trolls on the site parading as righteous Lin fans

  329. A big IF, but IF Lin is traded back to Rox, that news alone will explode in the media…Both Lin fans and Clutch fans will be buzzing non-stop… Cho’s name will be tagged to Morey on the bad side I’d assume…

  330. Now you are being inconsistent. Who would want Lin. You’ve said no one wants him in the past.

  331. NO NO NO.

    I stick to the hardcore NBA narrative and formal rumor mill as put forth by hoopshype and NBA.com.

    I’ve been following the NBA for too many decades to place any stock in what any player says, Lin included.

    I only go by formal contract offers, not FAKE offers like Dallas (which WAS formally reported before Dallas dropped interest in Lin).

  332. And we Lin fans were texting that we wanted BOTH Howard and Harden gone!

  333. im sure Dantoni had asked about Lin back in Christmas when he started working for Philly
    suddenly Lin got a bigger role and more minutes

  334. well, both are me-first players. same with a lot of players in the league which is why i kept emphasizing Lin choose a team that has an established system and no-nonsense coach.. spurs, warriors, hawks

  335. I wish they would do that or at least give him a bonus or raise for outplaying his contract like a star, extension or not. but there may be CBA rules against this deal only an expert agent/lawyer would know

  336. infinity88


    Michele Johnson B: Had Jeremy Lin , From the Charlotte Hornets, on my flight… I had to represent ! WARRIORS!!! ???


  337. After the leaked Howard/Harden attempt to trade each other after 13-14 playoff loss, I’m sure Dwight wants to stay so it doesn’t look like Harden finally won by trading Dwight away. At the end of season, Dwight wants to decide where he will go

    Dwight Howard said his intention is to finish the season with the Rockets.


  338. yes! jeremy lin hover hand! i want one 🙁

  339. It is in Morey’s hand, not his.

  340. Ok so since Colangelo didn’t get the Nets GM job does that mean he will stay on 76ers with MDA? Will MDA get hired somewhere else or will he being stay with 76ers for a while? Pretty sure Lin keeps in contact with MDA so hopefully they’re making plans for a reunion this off season!

  341. last i heard sean marks refused the job and will remain as assistant GM so the dream continues.

  342. Morey will lose him and with nothing to show for it. Unless trade tall all has just been a ploy to demonstrate to Dwight that no other team is going to pay him max so he might as well just opt in on his contract for $23 mil.

  343. What?! Why would the guy go for the interview yet refuse the job offer? That’s so weird, unless there’s something wrong with the Nets’ boss or team?

  344. old dad is with 76ers
    Brian is son who interviewed , Philly GM is still Sam Hinkie Morey’s protege , Brett Brown is still Head Coach in Philly

  345. Maybe during the interview he saw or met people he didn’t like.

  346. Probably the term does not match or one side asked for extra in the last minutes after both committed.

  347. Russian Power Brokers

  348. It is his dad at 76ers with MDA now.

  349. You have confused Bryan (son) with Jerry (father)

    Nets have not selected GM yet (Proky dispelled the Sean Marks rumor

  350. Reminds me of Lin’s summer video: “How to Fit in the NBA”. He knows it exists…

  351. Lin reminds us to love one another– A reminder to begin a new chapter after All-star Break.

  352. More hidden message from LIN?

  353. Still, no one publicly announce something this big until everything is set. Either they like their egg on face or the org is really screwed up.

  354. Howard $22 mil is very hard to be traded in the middle of the season unless team can unload the same level of salary cap to Houston. My guess is Hornets want to trade Jefferson and one more but Morey wanted at least one 1st pick included.

  355. Jefferson is a FA in the summer so he isn’t worth anything to Morey. Just to make the salary’s match. Would need Williams to fill in the rest of the salary. Morey wants a pick to get something out of the deal.

  356. Possible 3 team trade between Hornets sixers and rockets? you know that rockets and sixers connections. they can easily facilitate a trade. and we know that sixers has a problem with okafor… it could work…

    okafor canaan carl landry plus picks
    Charlotte gives up Jeremy lin, Jefferson, and picks
    Houston gives up dwight and lawson

    now who gets who I dont know hehe

  357. Jefferson has been injured and even he’s coming back he’s not in good service close to Howard for the remain of the season. Pick might be what’s holding them.

  358. his intention BUT….

  359. There are other teams willing to go for DH at 23 mil. Morey will end up with nothing if he does not get a deal done by end of trade date.

  360. Usually expect the opposite of what Chris broussard says… he is a lot of BS

  361. why is that a good thing? wish they just traded harden… they would be in a better position now with Lin, Chandler and Howard…

  362. Can’t say he won because Kobe’s team suck for a while after shaq left lol then shaq won a championship in miami after that…

    Kobe in the end won more championships because he had more time to wait for the lakers to get another cornerstone (gasol) lol

  363. lol the infamous hover hand. it’s becoming a trend. everyone is dying to get in on the action paying big $$ to get selfies with the Lin Hover Hand. people in China are saying it gives you good luck. selfies with the LHH are selling on ebay for thousands of $$. it is now even bigger than Jeremy Lin himself. and Lin have since trademarked the LHH. i kid lol

  364. after doing some google news on colangelos , I think Jerry might Hire Bryan his son in Philly , like they had done in Phoenix I believe

  365. remember what MDA did with the significantly worst lakers when he had the reign? he would blow out the current lakers while sleeping while making nick young look like an all star:

  366. i wonder why Colangelo was even in the talks for the Nets GM position. could the Sixers be planning to give MDA the reigns on the team as the president/GM?? hmmm

  367. morey probably wanted MKG + frank the tank + marvin/zeller + 1st round pick or something outlandish. go figures.

  368. his “sources” include random rambling of a homeless man under a bridge

  369. Those who don’t like the Hornets or Clifford probably shouldn’t listen to this but for me, he is at least more insightful and interesting than McHale or Scott ever were. Nothing specifically about Lin but quite a bit about how he coaches and solves problems in the team.


  370. or creates problems in the team lol

  371. That part is the GM’s job. Just ask the Phoenix Suns, or better yet, the Houston Rockets.

  372. great video. MDA Lakers lost but were entertaining. BS Lakers just lose.

  373. Hire his son as GM? Sounds great! The older, Jerry Colangelo is the one who’s friends with MDA and worked with him during Sixers with Steve Nash?

  374. Don’t care and don’t trust Cliff anymore.

  375. whatever Cliff is just another puppet coach like Mchale following the owner’s and GM’s orders of who to promote. They will not go anywhere without Lin. Dwight is of no use when playing with ball hogs. He’s dumb to have ever left Orlando when he was the franchise of the team.

  376. I agree Cliff just like Mc only followed whatever MJ told him to do. D12 should pick Lakers or Mav 2 years ago. Too bad, he was fooled by CP & Rox . Not super star anymore after Rox.

  377. They are NOT doing what’s best for the team because what’s best for the team is to let JLin run it and make the playoffs easily instead of struggling for the 8th seed. They are, however, doing what they THINK is best for Kemba and Batum. But then again, both Kemba and Batum would have great stats if they let JLin run things as well… The FO is extremely short sighted and not able to manage the talent they have that would make the Hornets win and be a fan fave team… Nothing like Linsanity to make the whole world take notice…they could have had that which is what would have been the best interest for the team.

  378. Brown is a lame duck coach. MDA is now running the team.

  379. Not every coach is afforded the delegation of power from the F/O like Pops, Spoelstra, Stevens, BS (this one in a negative, tanking sense), etc. This portion, at least, is NOT Clifford’s fault. At the end of the day he’s an employee who has to answer to his boss.

  380. pls. read the focus of the verse..its about love and how well one has it..and how’s the scripture states what is true love, it is when you can Love your enemy and forgive those who sins against you that you would surely believe that you have it and its influence…

  381. its the son and not the father colangelo, if you are being confused?

  382. You keep thinking it means a lot for Lin to get into playoffs as if it would make him able to prove his worth. What you fail to remember is how Houston mistreated Lin during the playoffs by making him the scapegoat instead. So what exactly did Lin gain from that playoff experience? Do you really expect Clifford to all of a sudden use Lin differently from how he’s used Lin now? Lin will only play when the starters suck so bad that Lin is needed to right the ship. If Lin does, Kemba would go back in to ISO and make the key shots or lose the game. Lin will stand in the corner and heaven forbid if Lin should make a TO. Clifford will scream at Lin like the last game.

  383. I am sorry I can never “love” clutch the racist hater…my mortal enemy..hehe

  384. Loving everyone equally and indiscriminately is an injustice to those who actually deserve it.

  385. Kinda like the old joke, “I love mankind….its people I can’t stand.”

  386. this is one of those examples where, if it’s true, we really didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes.

  387. pretty much. he turns to God to seek inner peace when faced with turmoil. we all know what the turmoil is

  388. New girlfriend?

  389. It is SCARY how LITTLE Clifford knows about his own damn team.

    What really shocked me was his utter inability to see why the Charlotte defense has been so bad.

    Anybody watching these games can see Kemba Walker freezing his own teammates out (specifically Lin) offensively and then refusing to play hard defense.

    Opponents are resting defensively against the Hornets, saving their energy for offense. And then Kemba being constantly attacked off the dribble is pulling the whole Hornets defense out of whack.

    Clifford is so dense, he doesn’t even recognize that his own team goes on big runs with Walker out of the game and Lin playing PG. Because when Lin is PG, he is running Clifford’s plays and getting all teammates involved. Opponents have to scramble to keep up with the Hornets defensively, and that takes energy away from offense. This is why when Lin leads, the Hornets ALWAYS go on a massive defensive run even if the Hornets’ shots aren’t completely falling.

    The sooner Lin can leave this clueless loser coach, the better.

  390. Who’s ready for Samurai Lin to dominate post-All Star Break?
    Let’s go, JLin!
    friia_strength IG:Back from All Star [email protected] getting ready 2 dominate! #samurai #wheresthemohawk #playoffpush

  391. My hope for Jeremy in the morning is he’s traded to Chicago. If not anywhere with playoff/playoff-hope team.

  392. This is $12 not $2 mil player.

  393. Better yet, trade Kemba to Bulls (who need a PG) for Gasol (who Woj just quoted as not wanting to be traded, meaning…).

  394. I was thinking the same thing! Poor dude’s got no time for dating…

  395. This is Lin in the early months of 2011, when he was in the D-League with the Reno Bighorns. He’s bulked up a lot since then.

  396. Even better, let Lin be WAIVED.

    Then Lin will not only collect the remainder of his salary, Lin can PICK whatever team he wants once he clears waivers.

  397. Many posters attribute traits to Clifford such as
    – Competency
    – Good Judgement
    – Management ability
    – PROPERLY used recently INJURED players

    Everything this so-called coach does in running this team is flawed. This team has won on JLIN heroics at least 5 games and up to 10 that it should not have won. And lost a few games through Kemba hero-ball that it should have won had Clifford reigned in.

    Watching Clifford this season – Nobody should have any doubts about Cliffords true competency he is an Asst. Coach at best.

  398. quit the nonsense. ain’t no way Lin gets waived

  399. Can’t quite read what the jersey says…can you read it?

  400. Stop it, don’t you recognize a reverse-jinx when you see one? LOL

    Lin SUCKS!!!

  401. Oh, you mean like Lin was never waived in his career?

    Shut YOUR nonsense.

  402. Being waived is not a bad thing.

  403. What does the past have to do with the future?

    Your comment if it is a hope for waiving it is a fantasy hope.

    If you predict waive then it is NONSENSE

  404. His salary won’t be waived. This Hornets knew they lied in order to steal Lin for cheap.

  405. Given what Lin has gone through for the past 5 years, most would just give up or lay back during ASB. Lin sets his bar high that he continues to work hard and improve even though he continues to encounter political obstacles and the downside of human nature.

    I for one believe that he will achieve his goals, no matter what they are, with his resilient drive and fight.

    The best is yet to come.

  406. As fans we are facing bigger enemy, KHuang and your son’s voltaire need to be united

  407. i didn’t know he had the long hair back in 2011…

  408. It’s a great thing but Cho, Cliff and MJ are not stupid.

  409. Ty Lawson is one example who cracked after just a few games and he didn’t even get the full Lin treatment. lol

  410. I remember Shaq helped DWade to win right away so he proved something.
    Too bad Shaq didn’t have the discipline to keep his diet.
    He could’ve been the one staying in LA

  411. I don’t remember when was the last time I wore exercise shoes so for those who know, what do you think of his right ankle?

  412. I hope Lin also learns that money also means faith in the NBA.
    Too much discount will not work in the NBA.
    Maybe if it were the Spurs, it will be different.

  413. Interesting that since D’Antoni joined the 76ers it’s their defense that has improved not the offense:


    Lakers look like the worse team in the league.

  414. Or that he wore Charlotte color-themed shoes and Hornets(?) jersey.

    Maybe he predicted the future! LOL

  415. the whole “defensive coach” thing is really a gimmick to give someone like Woodson, Scott, and Clifford some credit when in actuality, they aren’t real coaches like MDA, Pop, and Karl

  416. Hornets the Houston of the East is not making any move yet?

  417. Id like for jlin to show some ire and fire… ease the goody goody thing for a while…

  418. At least houston paid him… screw this team…

  419. Lol!!!We almost think exactly the same kauai!

  420. houston cause his stock to plummet and created the blueprints to marginalize him. thanks to houston, Lin may never be a starter in the league again, and may never play as a real PG should

  421. reverse jinx rhymes with winks and i don’t see any winks!

  422. Ur right too, voltaire… i don’t know who to despise more!

  423. Jlin needs to get openly pizzed…

  424. I love jlin and will follow his career but this guy needs to freakin speak up and get pizzed… its not like hes going to be thrown out into the streets…

  425. I think he needs to over react on every good plays he make…so we can vine that everytime.

  426. i despise rockets/lakers/hornets equally. they’re all on my blacklist

  427. Lol… touchdown dance for each free throw!

  428. Right on!

  429. Lol…that could be over the top!

  430. Or throw a tantrum and cuzzing out refs for crep calls…

  431. Morey would want to keep DH at 23 mil. But Dwight wants to opt out in the summer when the salary caps explode and get a new contract at 30 mil / yr. Not sure how many teams would go for Dwight at 30 mil when he’s 30 yrs old. He will probably want a 4 yr contract too so 30 mil when he’s 34 yo might be a bit more than many teams would swallow. If Dwight were smart he’d play PnR with Lin to build up his market value before this summers free agency. But Dwight hasn’t been known for being smart.

  432. Cousins will immediately ask for him to be on his team!lol…

  433. You mean, like doing a Sprewell?

  434. Hilarious Gilbert Arenas instagram detailed 10-day contract plan to watch Kobe last game due to sold-out ticket
    His BScott seat requirement is #AsFarAwayAsPossible LOL
    (WARNING: Some might find Arenas’ language offensive.)

    Just tried to get courtside seats to #Kobes Last home game #smdh #SOLDOUT…..
    But yall know I keeps a backup plan…..as I look at the end of the lakers bench AND realize what #hibbert #metta @swaggyp1 been doing all season #WatchingKobesLastSeason in those NICE #CourtsideSeats….

    Buss you gotta let me be down..give ya boy a #10day from (april 3rd-13th) ill pay for the seat…
    I dont want the seat #metta sits in…that **** so far in the corner,I thought that ni**** was security last time he wore all blk #NOTHX…..dont sit me next to #nick or #hibbert they ***** looks like its catchable,NOT paying top dolla to catch what them two #ni**** look like they got #NOTHX hahahaha Just as long as im on the left side of that bighead ni**** #sacre
    NO offence bra I wanna see the #Mamba not a life size #bottlehead version of #Mrclean
    AND far away from #byronscott as possible
    the way he coaches,he liable put anyone in whos sitting next to him
    (jack nickelson #batman go get #russell and u guard #cousin’s #playhard)

    hahahaha ..can somebody let me know who I can contact for My request demands hahahahaha

  435. It’s all too easy to pass off responsibility by pretending you are not culpable to beings an acessory to the crime by saying I was only following orders. I’m sure that the people working at the water supply agency in Michigan was “just doing their jobs and following orders”. Kids died because people didn’t speak up. Sometimes “just doing your job is no excuse for being a lowlife.

  436. Woah there, human lives are on a whole different level in terms of stakes!

    The NBA is just an entertainment business, and one that has sunk to the pro-wrestling level at that.

  437. clifford loves his former player. pushed for the signing all the way. Lin will see very limited minutes unfortunately

  438. Don’t know if anyone has posted.

    NBA Trade Rumors: Rockets could ask Hornets to add Jeremy Lin in trade package for Dwight Howard


  439. JLin should sport this fierce look for the rest of the season

  440. Love Lin’s hair style and outfits in these promotional pics. He looks very handsome there!

  441. I almost doesn’t look like Lin. Perhaps a little Photoshop?

  442. Clifford doesn’t like PGs who run his plays and get teammates involved.

  443. wonder when they did the photo shoot?…looking good!

  444. BS consider himself defensive coach too

  445. That’s a really bad idea. With his price and his capability, no way he could clear waiver, and the team with worst record will get him.

    Come on, what you guys are doing now? Is that some kind of game you guys are playing? or Just try to troll each other?

  446. Their treatment of Lin does bring that into question

  447. Playoff experience is highly valued by any and all teams. That is not an opinion. That is fact. People want him to be 6moy? Well the main difference between him and his main rivals right now is that Jeremy plays a key role in a playoff team. If they fail to make it, that may just completely negate his chances.

    Playoffs are more intense, more competitive and everybody is expected to play at a high level under an enormous amount of pressure. Consequently, any player than can prove they can handle that pressure is valued more highly.

    Even now, several years removed, both Lin fans and even other fans point out that for all his faults, Jeremy was a starting PG in a playoff team, the 2012-13 Rockets.

    Believe me, I did not forget the 2013-14 playoffs. But even his mistreatment at the playoffs by Houston still generally increased his value now. He made a critical TO in one game (and then was benched in OT) and then in the next he scored 21 points in a game that only Clutchfans fail to acknowledge he absolutely owned (and in which he was booed when he came in). You have to admire him for getting up and facing those adversities. But he’s gotta be in there to make an impact and face those challenges.

    I’m absolutely terrified for Jeremy and how he will perform for the rest of the season and the playoffs. I don’t know whether he’ll get playing time, get to play PG etc etc. But Jeremy can’t make anything out of nothing. His team has to be fighting as far as they can. The more games, the better his chances – marginalized or not.

  448. Yeah, look at Kemba, he breaks my plays ALL the TIME! Especially during clutch time!

  449. It looks normal size to me.
    Lin’s ankle should have enough time to recover by now

  450. I thought they said they never heard of him before?

  451. No surprise there. Don’t think he’s a max player though. Will tie them down for a while like Carmelo tied down the Knicks.


  452. He’s definitely not a max player. But there aren’t a lot of max players that want to go to Charlotte.

  453. this is false – it stemmed from an article from sportrageous.com which a lot of people including myself thought was saying that hornets were considering sending jeremy lin as trade package for dwight howard; however, the website was really just saying, “look, i crunched the number on NBA trade machine app and this works.”

    yibada is usually not a very credible source :b

  454. im not sure why XD cavaliers were bottom 5 in defense when he was the coach.

  455. its a low vis market… they gotta grab any tier 2 stars they can get because they’ll never get a tier 1 superstar to sign with them.

  456. lin look like naruto characters running in second pic 😀

  457. haha rockets… GOODBYE FELICIA!!!

  458. lin is a christian before he is an athlete.

  459. I see, even sina posted same article.

  460. Stupid org just like Rox, paying max salary to a 3rd or 4th tier player, if he is that good will Portland trade him? LOL

  461. charlotte is still in the phase where they’re trying to grab/manufacture “star players” while other teams are gravitating towards the Golden State Warriors model of team play. even the rockets are getting sick and tired of their “stars”

  462. another reason why Lin isn’t coming back after this season. hopeless organization

  463. you’re right, bro. on the spurs and gsw, everyone is a star.

    i actually like batum tho. if kemba was out of the equation, i think he would be a very good tandem with lin.

  464. i think when wesley matthews went down and lamarcus aldridge decided to explore free agency, they decided to blow it up and start from scratch as damian lillard as the building block. at that point, batum decided to go to a team that can showcase his abilities and ramp up his stocks before he becomes UFA.

    funny enough, portland is firmly in the playoff hunt without those top stars :b so you’re right, maybe they werent that great after all.

  465. hmmm…. leave the comfy, established home of san antonio as an assistant GM with decades of winning culture or go to dysfunctional organization that doesnt own a draft pick until 2019 and will take until 2020 before it can be steered the right way while receiving scrutiny as a GM? not many people would be willing to go to brooklyn.

    if sean marks can bring what made spurs successful to brooklyn, it would be great… but it would not be an instant transformation.

  466. Rick Bonnell ‏@rick_bonnell 5m5 minutes ago Charlotte, NC

    Was told tonight there is little chance Hornets do a Dwight Howard deal, short of a dramatic plumet in what Rockets want.


  467. Good! Now that they have failed to trade Howard and Lawson, the atmosphere will get even more poisonous, The Rockets will go down in flames after the ASG.

  468. good. common sense prevails! the current team is good enough to make the playoffs. they were on top of the east when everyone was healthy.

  469. This guy is desperate for attention twitter.

  470. “Plumet”? And he’s a professional writer?

  471. Wonder what Morey was asking for? The speculated trade was Jefferson, Williams & 1st round draft pick. Was Morey asking for more than that or was that already too much for Cho?

  472. I didn’t see Jordan Hill move like that last year. He didn’t roll to the basket and make Alley Op dunks. He mostly stood in the post and did those pick and pop 2’s.

  473. Iam anxious to see Lin new hairstyle and hoping for the best. Lets go Lin.

  474. you should’ve seen what houston fanbase was saying… like MKG + frank + lin + 1st rounder…lol

  475. Houston fans think they’re trading peak Olajuwon away.

    In classic J.R. fashion: “That’s delusional!”

  476. Max is so frivolously handed out nowadays. First Dragic and then now Batum, yet the true champions (such as Spurs and GSW) hardly ever get it. Even Bledsoe who has yet to win anything is expecting one.

    No wonder young players chase after contract harder than they do championships.

  477. Maybe if the Rox can trade lawson and get a new pg, it is consider a success.

  478. He is apparently being traded to Utah, which is quite funny, because he’s on record a few times in the past years saying he thinks Utah is boring and he’d never want to go there.

  479. ty lawson and his big fat mouth…

  480. Sometimes you can hear Lin scream “what the hell?!” when he is fouled with no call. That is about as foul mouthed as I have heard from him.

  481. is it offical?

  482. 3 months rental of D12 + Bird right doesn’t worth a whole lot.
    Hornets won’t have cap space for such a 30 year old center.

  483. we’ll find out today~ utah’s been asking for ty for few weeks allegedly.

  484. You must’ve missed the tweet about Batum getting offered MAX by CHA come FA.

  485. I’m afraid Courtney Lee is going to be a big disappointment for the Hornets. He normally does better against weaker teams. When he played stronger teams this season, his stats went down. People are talking about starting him. So be it. The sooner you know, the better. Just watch and see if he’s any better than Hairston or Jeremy Lamb.

  486. That’s the only way to get the Rockets out of slump but I’m afraid Hornets won’t bite.

  487. Every player is a huge disappointment with Kemba Walker.

    Put Dwight Howard together with Kemba Walker and he’ll be a huge disappointment too.

  488. I think the offer is good and fair. LOL


  489. ahahaha! i bet morey choked on his morning coffee at that offer! nice troll by charlotte.

  490. lin was always meant to move out of hornets, so what hornets plan to do with batum really doesnt matter to me.

    hornets can rot away in the mediocre east after lin leaves for all i care. i look forward to laughing at them when they host 2017 ASG and kemba once again fails to make the roster.

  491. Spot ON!

  492. He needs to do more!

  493. Doesnt mean he cant exhibit some badazzness

  494. No way, not psych moron behavior.

  495. Lol

  496. he knows God gave him that talent so he can put it to use as a role model for young kids. i respect lin’s choice to be who he is right now.

  497. Hahahaha!!!!

  498. lol. i dont think ive seen bledsoe play a full season yet.

    dragic does not look anywhere like a max player this season ~_~

  499. Wade is not pleased that the young dude who has yet to win anything for the team gets the max. And who in their right mind could blame him? Totally GM’s fault.

  500. not bad…he has a quick release

  501. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem

  502. What he meant to say was “I will finish off the rockets this season”

  503. After this Howard drama no more players want to go to Houston

  504. I think the only problem here is Kemba. MJ, Cho and Clifford are trying to come up with a solution. Problem is, someone’s gotta bite. I’m guessing (or at least hoping) either NY, Brooklyn or a cornered Morey, or a 3-way trade.

  505. Actually, Rockets expected Batum in return. Charlotte should add Kemba to the package and said Kemba is equal to Batum.

  506. @ESPNSteinLine: ESPN sources say Rockets, if Ty Lawson trade talks with Utah were to collapse, would strongly consider waiving Lawson if they can’t move him

    Ty only lasted half a season whereas Lin lasted two, speaks volumes of Lin’s prior predicament. So glad karma’s finally about to bite Morey in the rear. Hopefully he gets desperate enough to get the mini-Harden in Kemba.

  507. Hope Lawson does not compete with Lin this off season if he gets waived by Rox.

  508. His rep got stunk-up as bad, if not worse, than Lin. The only thing he got over Lin if and when he gets waived is skin color.

  509. one of the insiders on clutchfans posted. he spoke in riddles so its hard to decipher, but i think he was alluding to:
    -ty lawson deal is in motion and houston expects to get trey burke and someone else
    -NY also interested in lawson
    -says to keep an eye out for new orleans (ryan anderson?), brooklyn, portland (mccullum?), and philly (canaan? marshal?) for trades
    -houston not interested in whiteside due to maturity issues
    -phoenix is blowing it up. even considering taking dwight for the expiring contract so they can build around bledsoe (why are people so fixated on this guy?)
    -thinks dwight will stay to finish the season strong and make the playoffs now that he knows the market is not so interested in him so he can raise his stock.
    -houston asking for bellinelli (i think? could be rudy gay. hard to solve his riddle)

    he said couple more things but i can’t solve his riddles. he’s been very reliable in the past though.

  510. Defensive coach means not able to coach the offensive part 🙂

  511. should’ve told them “kemba? yeah, he’s as good as steph curry.”

  512. Integrity goes about to affect everything we do.

  513. he just added that knicks also interested in ty lawson (makes sense).. for affalo?

    “Not for Dwight, but the Lakers also have some pieces that want a role. Namely, the FISH that rots on the bench. Everyone is making noise to get out so that their next contract is stable.” – fish = brandon BASS

  514. Very low indeed. Keep hoping?

  515. Yes but the organization is high on Lee and not on Lin. That’s why Lee starts instead of Lin. Talk about chemistry. It won’t happen pretty easy with Lee just coming in.☹️

  516. Lol?

  517. Hornets-D12 deal is not dead yet.
    If the Rox rejected Al/Hawes, they might accept Al/MWilliams at the last second when Morey gets desperate


  518. Kemba will be an all star next season. The coaches will vote for him.

  519. Nice!?

  520. Come on Cho gives Morey counter offer Lin, Hansbrough and Kaminsky for Harden.

  521. It all depends on what Hornets wants to give up: Lin? Kem? First round pick? Kemba??????

  522. Please don’t make him a bada-zz. We love him as he is. He is not soft at all. He is tough in his faith and that’s all that matters. Everything else is pure leisure and entertainment.

  523. dream is over u_u

  524. No!

  525. All of them?

  526. Hm, JLin7 at @LeBatard ESPN Radio show today at 12:15 ET?

  527. As I thought, Batum will stay bc no other team will let him be the #1 guy in the team

  528. nice, will be tuning in.

    just reminds me mchale was on mike n mike (segment on espn) this morning talking about why teams shouldnt trade for dwight. lol. that karma’s hitting rocket city pretty hard right now.

  529. So No Love for Howard … literally LOL

  530. After Rox, D12’s value down to bottom just like Lin. Smh! No one will want to sign w Rox this summer unless there’re no team wants ….

  531. Morey is in full panic mode now =)
    4 hours left and no one wants Howard

  532. Hope Morey takes Al & Hawes

  533. He will still try for that 1st round pick and/or MWilliams/Lin.
    Maybe he tries to sell Lawson to the Hornets too =)

  534. who?? ha ha http://www.cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-basketball/25486302/report-spurs-sean-marks-leaning-toward-not-taking-nets-gm-job

    “Report: Marks passing on Nets GM job; Prokhorov says he never heard of him

    By Eye on Basketball staff

    February 17, 2016 12:36 pm ET

    When asked specifically about Sean Marks, Prokhorov said: “I have never heard this name before.

    So while there have only been reports about Marks turning down the job, if we can read into what Prokhorov is saying, it seems like he actually did tell the Nets no, which is probably why Prokhorov responded in such a way.

    Or Prokhorov could just be joking around:

    For context, when asked if he had a message for the crosstown rival Knicks, Prokhorov shrugged and said, “I never heard about this team.”

  535. Prokhorov just hired a total stranger as a GM LOL

  536. Lawson is too expensive for Hornets back up PG job. They need money for Batum.

  537. I believe Prokhorov is a jokester…. probably a bit like a Popovich when it come to reporters…

  538. lol, he was just kidding. in the same interview someone asked him about the knicks and he also told them he didnt know who they were.

  539. that’s true. Ty’s $12M/yr is too much
    I bet the Hornets hopes Lin to sign the backup PG job for $5M/year
    Lin should hint that he aims to start and money is 2nd priority

  540. notes from mchale on espn talking about dwight on whether he thinks teams should pursue dwight:
    – Hard time on switching at pick and roll defense
    – Dwight can be a piece, but not a building block
    – Last year in playoffs, biggest fear was Dwight chasing Draymond to 3 pt line in WCF
    – Would have to be a very unique situation for a team to trade for Dwight

  541. LOL, good timing McHale

  542. Wow, the Hornets would spend 2 additional 2nd round picks for an average sg but refused to add any pick for Howard trade?

  543. pretty sure houston wants first round pick and another player in al+spencer trade. i wouldnt do that for a 30 game rental piece who may not even play all 30 games because of nagging injuries.

  544. They need a shot blocker and finish above the rim big man.

  545. what if even after they get dwight they dont make the playoffs and then dwight walks for a new contract? they just lost spencer hawes, first round pick, and someone else for nothing.

  546. They knew Ln will not stay next season. I think Lin will have his starting job next season. Not worry about it.

  547. It’s a good gamble if Hornets want to put Charlotte on the big map.

  548. dwight’s not a superstar anymore… it would take kevin durant/steph curry/westbrook/paul george-tier players to do that.

    dwight will not put charlotte on the map just by playing 30 games… he already said once his contract expires in 2016 he is going to go to a team who offers max/whoever offers him the highest paying contract. he is not going to stick around.

  549. Everyone becomes a scrub for playing next to Harden. DH still can give what he does best in the paint. 30 games tryout worth the risk.

  550. What about CLee whom Hornets also gave up something to get him for 3-month rental and will start in place of Lin? And don’t tell me that it’s just 2nd round picks. They did give up something for almost every trade except Lin. They got Lin for free and more practically…. Sick of Hornets hypocrisy…

  551. McHale on ESPN Radio on Dwight Howard today:

    Q: Dwight, when he signed in Houston, my thought was this was the best decision anyone ever made. He needs to lock himself in a gym with McHale. There’s a perception he hasn’t worked on his offensive game.

    A: I’ll tell you what, Dwight came to Houston and after we signed him, he could barely move. He had the back surgery. That limited him to what he could do a lot. He’s no longer a spring chicken. He has some miles on him. Dwight didn’t have a lot of time….we worked on things. Hakeem came over and we worked on things. Dwight’s mobility has been hampered by the back surgery he had in LA. All the different rehabs. He’s missed a ton of games. The biggest thing about getting effective in the post is a low center of gravity. He can’t get low. He’s very upright. That’s hurt him more. Dwight is not a bad guy or chemistry killer. He competes really hard. He wants to win. The only reality is, after he loses, 5 minutes later, he’s over that loss. I know when I lost, I was miserable. I wanted to be miserable. That misery made me a better coach/player. I was always amazed when guys turn the page quickly. Dwight is not the problem in Houston but also isn’t the solution. He worked at it. His inability to get low, losing athleticism has hurt Dwight a great deal. He won’t be the only athletic guy to get hurt and lose some effectiveness.

    Q: All those things you just said, can he go somewhere, get a max deal and be the main cog or a main cog on a championship team?

    A: You’d have to be uniquely designed around Dwight’s ability to roll to the basket, draw people to the paint, he can still rebound very well. He has a hard time on PnR. He use to be able to switch PnR. Dwight can be a piece of a team that can really help you. How many teams now are playing small? How many teams are going away from big time centers and playing differently? Us playing against GS, my biggest fear was Draymond Green on Dwight and then Dwight had to chase Draymond, that really hurt us. We had no answers for that. It’s so hard to say never but it would have to be a very unique situation.

  552. Dwight was coached by Clifford at Lakers and Magic. Clifford’s system is the same Van Gundy’s system that Dwight became the best Center.

  553. Bc they want to keep Lee for long team & they can’t & will not be able to keep D12.

  554. dwight’s body was also not in a wreck back then. mchale on dwight: “Dwight’s mobility has been hampered by the back surgery he had in LA. All the different rehabs….The biggest thing about getting effective in the post is a low center of gravity. He can’t get low. He’s very upright.”

    do you think coaching will fix his health?

  555. Now, McHale is on a mission to derail/impede Morey’s trading bids/offers… He just lowers Howard’s value even more….IMO.

  556. hornets’ operandus mundi is already working with the basis that lin is never going to be their permanent solution. lin should not expect anything out of that organization, coming to hornets was a mistake.

  557. Gotta love it!

  558. As despicable as McHale is, he brings up some good points about Howard

  559. Morey and McHale deserve each other for sure.

  560. See how the timing of the broadcast shows that the media loves to take advantage of those inside quarrels to stir things up. But I like it because it is McHale and the Rockets. Just enjoy the show.

  561. Who could have thought them two were together badly treated lin, now going at each other indirectly.

  562. Lol. Morey now stuck with Dwight and Ty Lawson for the rest of the season. Houston, where “Cornerstones” are wasted.

  563. That remains to be seen.

  564. i think they’re going to waive ty lawson if new york doesnt jump in D:

  565. They can’t, they’ll still owe him 12 million on the cap.

  566. Hornets you better watch out if you treat lin badly, just look at NY, Houston and LA.

  567. indeed. God fights lin’s battles so he doesnt have to :3

  568. The Houston Rockets Decline Dwight Howard Trade Offer From the Charlotte Hornets

    A recent report from Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, has made it clear that the Houston Rockets have turned down a trade offer from the Charlotte Hornets for Dwight Howard. The trade involved Al Jefferson and Spencer Hawes……


  569. haha, morey should’ve waited until trade deadline to fire mchale xb

  570. Now McHale knows why I used to call Dwight Howard a “scarecrow” defender.

    Howard would stand aimlessly between the rim and 3 point line, barely knowing where the ball was going and getting beaten at the rim and on the perimeter.

    I called Howard a “scarecrow” because all he did was PRETEND to play defense while opponents feasted on him.

  571. That’s why he just need to continue his journey and we also continue to follow him.

  572. Chris Baldwin dropped the latest truth-bomb on Morey’s misuse of JLin
    (plus special shoutout to Kemba as mini-Harden)
    No Jeremy Lin, No Heart: Ego-Lite Difference Maker Haunts Rockets at NBA Trade Deadline

  573. If hornets will continue to treat Lin like a helper and a bystander, they will have the same fate as Knicks, rockets and lakers

  574. I still hate his bullying attitude towards Lin

  575. He is getting his own revenge.

  576. DMo & Thornton were traded from Houston to Detroit

  577. wow they blowing up the team

  578. big mistake trading dmo. should’ve sent TJ. goodbye houston rockets.

  579. Bickerstaff said it correctly that the team was “broken”.
    Morey tried to create some distractions to buy some time for himself

  580. That’s why I’ve said that this team is not high on Lin because Lee still needs to have chemistry and rhythm with the other player. They can’t expect him to gel immediately with this team whereas Lin already gel with them and still he is a back up. Double sigh!

  581. i hope this will teach morey a lesson that you cant slap together a roster of people with good statistics. chemistry matters. teamwork matters. intangibles matter. HEART matters!

    imo the best houston team was with lin, parson, and asik. all they needed was a stable team to gel with and they would’ve went far, but morey’s plug and play lego pieces put that all away.

    we all know their wcf run last year was a complete fluke. they cant even beat portland who blew it up last year.

  582. Wow they really blowing it up

  583. Oh for gosh sakes. “Teach Morey a lesson”?? That guy has had several years now to learn lessons, but it hasn’t happened, and it isn’t gonna. Some people…many people…marry their limitations so hard that they really do get stuck in evolutionary dead ends. They can’t re-envision themselves. They can’t. So Houston will go nowhere until Alexander cuts off that dead wood. And “birds of a feather flock together”, so that’s another big “if”.

    Jeremy’ll just keep getting better and better and keep looking for an organization that values worth over flash. It’s not about it being about only him, it’s about a team more focused on worth – and winning – than glitz. Those places are in shockingly short supply

  584. Meanwhile, NBA teams still say “No means no!” to Morey’s demand on Howard

  585. might be that DMO’s back injury is something houston have decided is too risky to invest in…

    only reason i can think of, unless morey has gone insane.

  586. he’ll learn his lesson when houston doesnt make the playoffs and les alexander fires him n_n

  587. What NBA Teams said to Morey’s demand on Howard

  588. I don’t know why you guys keep going on like this. It’s clear not only from team actions but from Jeremy’s own comments that the Hornets were a short term experiment he wanted to make. The Hornets always made clear it was Kemba’s team. They didn’t mislead anybody — WE are the one’s who wanted to push our hero higher up their ladder than he was ever meant to go in this organization. Lin got out of this what he wanted – he’s killed those ugly McHale/Scott vindictive lies. He’s increased his value…and he’s not tied into a long contract. It was a smart chess move in a long view game. Put your energy where his is…the next team.

  589. Morey got a protected 1st round for that and Howard couldn’t draw one?

  590. yes, that’s amazing.
    A protected Top 8-10 pick for an injured DMo but none (yet) for a healthy Howard

  591. Like, what does that mean? What actually does that mean? What exact kind of behavior do you want to see?

    Stamping feet? Screaming? Nasty barbs on twitter? Dissing Kemba publicly? Calling Clifford names? Snide remarks about MJ? For what audience. Do you really think anything like this would make him more attractive to GM’s and owners? Or is this just to make couch-potato internet dweebs have a nano-second of thrill before they look for their next “agro” fix.

  592. If Cho wants to take a big risk for a chance to go far this post season, up your offer to get Howard. This team will not miss Hawes and Jefferson.

    Starter: Kemba, Lee, Batum, Williams, Howard

    Better unit from bench: Lin, Lamb, Bat/Williams, Kaminsky/Zeller/Hansbrough.

  593. Lol. Saw my name “heart” appears so many times in Baldwin’s article. So heart-warming! Seriously, Jeremy is the Heart of any team if he’s allowed the opportunity to be…

  594. What did Memphis know that Charlotte didn’t?

  595. I thought it’s a standard physical so if a player doesn’t pass the test, he’ll be refunded?

  596. It’s not a coincidence that your name and Lin have a connection.

  597. And yet, Cliff had already declared him a starter w/o seeing him in action on court!

  598. It should be but….Charlotte did not admit that. They want to keep Lee.


  599. That’s a slap back to his face.

  600. Hornets media is so quick to cover any potential bad press to alleviate any doubt of Cho’s new trade… Very interesting…

  601. They make it sound like he just comes out of retirement.

  602. When Josh Smith was traded back to Houston, he played the same evening for Houston.

  603. Exactly, they are all active players not coming out of retirement. They ruled him out tomorrow game sounded very fishy.

  604. So did Ish Smith to 76rs. He played his first game w/76rs new teammates the same day that he arrived.

  605. Will Morey take Al and Hawes at the end? We shall see.

  606. Charlotte should have traded for Steve Novak.

    The Thunder send D.J. Augustin, Steve Novak and two second-round picks to Denver for Randy Foye, league source says.— Ken Berger (@KBergCBS) February 18, 2016

  607. Doesn’t matter, Lin will be gone after this season.

  608. Ahh…Novak’s big contract courtesy of Lin is a deal breaker it seems.

    Denver will keep searching for a home for Novak's contract, but he's with Nuggets for now, league sources said.— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojVerticalNBA) February 18, 2016

  609. Not a fan of Morey but he’s no stupid.

  610. Yes, apparently DEN is willing to move Novak’s $3.75M contract
    Hornets might not like his defense though.

    His 3P% is very high at 56% but only played 7 games with 3.4mpg

  611. No wonder Grizzlies were eager to unload him.

  612. Spencer Hawes is Expected to Miss Two or More Games For the Charlotte Hornets


  613. Sound like OKC trying to save some bucks from luxury tax.

  614. Ok, fair enough.

  615. Not saying hes soft… he is strong like the sea… gentle but fierce when needed… just would like to see it a little more, in his classy way…

  616. Why don’t they just offer DH12 & Bev for Al, Hawes & Lin? Who knows the Hornets may bite.

  617. Haha – Houston in complete disarray 🙂

  618. the possibility of being traded to a ‘broken’ Rockets team is adding more strain to his back :]

  619. LOL .. Fire-sale at Houston Rockets?

  620. So Morey is going rebuild mood now?! Sent any asset for pick?

  621. It seems like Morey no longer has the upper hand anymore. He’s trading away assets instead of accumulating. His team is in disarray. The only thing he got to show for after all these years is his prize pupil, Harden.

  622. Darnit, Big Al is gonna come
    off the bench and stink it up for Lin.

  623. For current players, here is the list of those who’ve played one or more games for at least 7 franchises. Steve Novak has played for 8 so far (HOU, LAC, DAL, SAS, NYK, TOR, UTA, OKC). Also, Ish Smith (PHI) has played for 9 franchises and he just came into the league in 2011.

    In general, I’d hope Lin stays off this list.

  624. Here is the link if you want to listen to JLin interview with LeBatard ESPN Radio Show earlier today (12:15ET)
    Start from 11:43

  625. I’m really gonna miss him!

  626. Reddit has a thread listing of all confirmed trades and rumors: https://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/4639b9/2016_nba_trade_deadline_tracker/

  627. Donatus Motiejunas off to Detroit. Good luck and good health, DMo!

    Detroit Free Press : “The Pistons are getting the 7-foot power forward and shooting guard Marcus Thornton from the Houston Rockets in exchange for center Joel Anthony and a protected 2016 first-round draft pick, according to a person with knowledge of the situation.”

    See : http://www.freep.com/story/sports/nba/pistons/2016/02/18/detroit-pistons-houston-rockets-trade/80556498/

  628. Lex should just fired Morey and the entire rox coaching staff, hire Bryan Coangelo, MDA, trade for Jlin as the Center piece..that would be my Christmas present for this year. ..lol… oh and shut down cf plus revokes clutch press pass….git it done lex…hehe

  629. Kevin Martin was on that team, and he hated Lin.

    But Martin would have been a better player alongside Lin than James Harden.

    Had Martin not complained his way off the Rockets, Lin would have made him an All
    Star and Martin’s career would have taken a drastically different course.

    Of all the players that have hated Lin, Kevin Martin had the most to gain but lost the most.

  630. He’s no 7 footer.

  631. The thing is that there is no player in the NBA “glitzier” than Jeremy Lin.

    He’s a huge marketing phenomenon that helps every team he joins and hurts every team he leaves.

    With Lin, there’s substance and style. But no team wants him because he is Asian.

  632. lol musical chairs…

  633. Not at all… show some anger in his classy way… nothing wrong with getting in someones grill 🙂

  634. i don’t see why he don’t start. Btw lee won’t play friday so idk who will start in his place. My guess is Lin

  635. Poor Brian Roberts had flown to Miami, practiced, met with media.
    Now he’s got to do it all-over-again in Portland? NBA life is rough

  636. Tough business.

  637. This trade dateline is nothing like it was last year. Trades were everywhere. I guess nobody is buying expiring players this year.

  638. It’s official. No Dwight Howard trade.
    We’re about to need Crying Morey meme soon

  639. Coldest trade season evah!

  640. At least DMo escaped the ‘broken’ team =]
    Good for him!

  641. Wondering Morey will still have a job with the Rockets after this season.

  642. Good money though=)

  643. clutchfans deserve worse

  644. yes, assuming the players know how to save 🙂

  645. Amazing how some grow broke after a few years.

    Like lottery winners

  646. I think he will stay until Les sells the team.

  647. Morey will be fired after the season. That’s the way Les does his business.

  648. LOL
    @bballbreakdown This is what happens when u schedule teeth cleaning at the trade deadline…

  649. Chris Baldwin has a way with words & facts

  650. A Great writer.

  651. Would that be nice if now Lin will have 20 games of what Mo. Williams had last season without Kemba?

  652. Click, click, click…..

  653. Jeff Green is better than Lance…

  654. Of course. But I think LAC is throwing a 1st to sweeten the deal.

  655. They did, now it makes sense.

  656. Morey’s attempt to trade Howard, Bev might have long-term damaging impact in the locker-room


  657. I want to see Morey fired like… right now

  658. PJ finally made a right choice. PB sure is not worth that much. LOL!

  659. Morey is in a desperate situation. He wants to steal from people not to work with people.

  660. Hate to jump it on you. But it already has the impact into the next game for this already lifeless team.

  661. Morey thought he could pull that one on Phil Jackson??? Must’ve been smoking pencil shavings.

  662. So glad NYK did not take the deal….

  663. Unlike many Rox fans, PJ wasn’t born yesterday.

  664. It’d be super funny if Les fires Morey at the end of the season, and has the new GM offer a 5-yr/80M to bring Jeremy back.

  665. not gonna happen at that price

  666. Rox can’t offer Lin 5 years contract… but I believe Rox do want Lin back. I want Morey & Harden stay together for their rest of career.

  667. I guess Morey thought Bickerstaff already called it broken so he tried to strike fear to all players except Harden that he will trade them.

    I think it will backfire big time for sure. They’re gonna want to get Morey fired starting with Dwight

  668. That wasn’t to stick fear. The offered every player to a team. The teams had to either accept or decline. Rox are finished in my book. Full rebuild to follow.

  669. Would have been highway robbery. Knicks give up 2 players AND a pick for basically Jose Calderon with better defense and more injury prone.

  670. Amazing downfall from WCF to this broken team in less than 1 year.
    I guess the chemistry wasn’t strong with a cracked foundation to begin with.

  671. To be fair they got there because Clippers fell apart

  672. Rockets got lucky getting to the WCF. Mavs had injuries and Rondo-Drama, Clippers beat the Spurs but had injuries to Chris Paul.

  673. Explosive chemistry.

  674. And I think Lance and Josh Smith would have been better than Jeff Green. But Clippers dumped both.

  675. Baxter Holmes

    ESPN Staff Writer

    Lakers head coach Byron Scott said he had a “good conversation” with Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak yesterday afternoon, but Scott declined to go into further detail. When asked if he believes he is being evaluated, Scott replied, “Everybody’s being evaluated.” It was pretty clear Scott had no interest in discussing his future with the team. He has two more seasons left on his deal with the Lakers, who hold a team option in 2017-18.

  676. And McHale had to bench Harden in the 4th quarter to win Game 6 vs Clippers.
    Something is really wrong when the cornerstone had to be benched in order for the team to win.

    The luck undoubtedly has run out

  677. This could be one of the worse 2nd half of the season for Jeremy. We must support him more than ever.

    We should hope Sixers will get him in offseason.

    My prediction:

    Morey fired
    Hinkie back to Houston
    Colangelo Brian to Philadelphia

  678. PJ to Morey, “Are you high?” lol

  679. Don’t worry.

    Lin will GET HIS.

    Every year, coaches try to phase him out. But Lin always does great after the All Star break every season.

    One of the reasons for this is that it takes about half a season for Lin’s teammates to learn how to save their own careers by playing off him. In the case of the Hornets, it happened much sooner than half a season.

    Lin has a super high quality bench (almost as good as last year’s Laker bench) with a willing teammate in Nicholas Batum who has learned to augment his own stats by deferring to Lin.

    As we have seen all year, it does not take a lot of minutes for Lin to put up massive numbers in winning minutes.

  680. Disagree.

    Lee will take no less than 10 mpg away from Lin.

  681. Morey thinks he can make ¥1 into £1…..

  682. Wow, why wish him go to Sixers this off season is considered support him more than ever?

  683. Rats…didn’t ask him anything about basketball. It’s always nice to hear Jeremy talk, but sheesh I wish press guys would stop asking about New York Linsanity already. It’s like they’re so fascinated with the glitzy bits that it sucks all their intelligence out.

  684. I just hope after all his experience, Lin will learn not to hesitate when he is trying to GET HIS. LOL.

    And hope start next season, he will do that from the beginning of the season, instead of wait till after ASG.

  685. Thats highly unlikely

  686. I also don’t see Lee taking too much playing time away from JLin at this stage. With MKG out, PJ and BRob traded away, there’re quite a few minutes to throw around….

    Batum will most likely see his minutes increased slightly (his original minutes plus perhaps 2-3 from MKG cos he’s already in the mid 30 minutes), but he’ll be at SF pretty much full time, with Lamb and Lee sharing the back up minutes.

    Lee at SG taking what used to be Batum’s. Lamb is probably going to be the major benefactor here receiving major increase in playing time as back up SG/SF.

    JLin will still be in his usual combo guard role. The difference is there will be no other backup PG to fight over playing time with. I see this as a positive…

  687. Lee is Pj with no attitude.

  688. Lin hasn’t been hesitating all season long.

    Why would you think that he’d suddenly start hesitating now?

    The guy has been BEASTING off the bench since preseason. That’s not good enough for you?

  689. Because maybe Coach D’Antoni on the Sixers will actually LIKE Lin, unlike this Clifford fool who doesn’t want Lin to keep beating Kemba Walker.

  690. Nothing can be worse than Lin’s experience with the Lakers. The Coach benched him and sabotaged his career so they can LOSE MORE GAMES and get a higher draft pick. Nothing is worse than a team that desperately WANTS TO LOSE.

  691. the Rockets downfall so far can be contributed to arrogance. They foolishly believed the hype that the media bestowed on them. Just like PBev believed in the hype that his was better than JLin.

  692. The Rockets downfall was that Morey developed a Titanic ego and believed that EVERY NBA Superstar wanted to come to Houston. “Come on down to Houston, we have lower taxes, and you can play next to our very own ‘Superstar’ James Harden.”

  693. Who is this Hornets Sports Spot guy? He is having a twitter war with Chris Baldwin.

    Sorry @HornetSportSpot. Try again. I covered Kemba in college, a level he could be a lead guard at. One of many… https://t.co/8KBIMK8GG7— Chris Baldwin (@ChrisYBaldwin) February 18, 2016

  694. His big part of this team based on your standard are 18 mpg, stand in the corner, give the ball to Kemba, sit on the bench and wait for Cliff when starters are losing etc…

  695. Exactly.

  696. Lin won’t get too many minutes with Lee starting and finishing most games unlike when PJ was starting. plus, Lin will go back to backup PG and you know what that means, he backs up a 40 min/game Kemba. Lamb backs up Lee

  697. Ouch! Great job to Mr Baldwin.

  698. My feeling is Jeremy will never play more than 20 minutes. I predict 15-18 minutes at best without closing games.

  699. Whoever he is, the getting exposed as the JLin hater left and right. Chris Baldwin is schooling him.Someone should tell him to quit while he’s behind.

  700. MDA also knows the winning formula with Lin on his team

  701. the Lin haters are always getting exposed. they’re just so persistent though. no shame

  702. They know Lin will not come back. They want the ball in Kemba’s hands.
    They got Lee cause they think he’s a much better spot up shooter.

    Hopefully MDA will help our boy once again.

  703. His shooting range?

  704. Agree.

  705. He should start learning how to shoot first.

  706. According to his tweet, Hornets Sports Spot is a Hornets twitter reporter who has had some very choice words for Lin fans.

  707. It’s amazing how unprofessional his replies are.

  708. If you don’t have a crystal ball, stop disagreeing or discredit what other wanted to say.

  709. Lin does not start with Lee. He comes off the bench when starters sit (except Kemba)

    Click? For the 2 minutes Lin and Lee have together?

  710. Go down his timeline if you have a chance. It’ll give you an idea of what he thinks of Jeremy and his fanbase….like they’re lepers of the NBA.

  711. He is a self proclaimed Hornets twitter reporter. He is not even located at Charlotte, he is at Seattle. He is just a Kemba fanboy.

  712. I am with you. Lin doesn’t get to be young forever.

  713. Oh man, its keeps getting better.

  714. Thank you Jlim7! Good find.
    For a second that I thought he’s with local newspaper like Rick Bonnell… whom I don’t really like.

  715. wow. exposed city dot come here.

  716. HoopsHype did 2010 NBA re-draft: The way it should have been
    JLin is listed at #12

    Here is the list from 1-30 (plus Actual #)
    1. DaMarcus Cousins (5)
    2. Paul George (10)
    3. John Wall (1)
    4. Gordon Hayward (9)
    5.EarlGreg Monroe (7)
    6. Derrick Favors (3)
    7. Eric Bledsoe (18)
    8. Avery Bradley (19)
    9. Lance Stephenson (40)
    10. Evan Turner (2)
    11. Hassan Whiteside (33)
    12. Jeremy Lin (undrafted)
    13. Larry Sander (15)
    14. Al-Farouq Aminu (8)
    15. Patrick Patterson (14)
    16. Ed Davis (13)
    17. Greivis Vasquez (28)
    18. Quincy Pondexter (26)
    19. Trevor Booker (23)
    20. Ishmael Smith (undrafted)
    21. Kevin Seraphin (17)
    22. Landry Fields (39)
    23. Jeremy Evans (55)
    24. Lance Thomas (undrafted)
    25. Wesley Johnson (4)
    26. Jordan Crawford (27)
    27. Cole Aldrich (11)
    28. Donald Sloan (undrafted)
    29. Alexey Shved (undrafted)
    30. Xavier Henry (12)

  717. blocked Hornets sports spot long ago. b/c he hates on Lin fans and baits them

  718. Thanks Psalm. Was looking for this awhile ago.

  719. to some, i think its the hardest part to do against persons with others opinion, stop disagreeing if they don’t have any reason to disagree because they themselves has no answers for it, so what they do is just to dismiss other opinion and sometimes attack it and indirectly brand it as “ridiculous”!


  720. Glad that JLin is at 12. But, Lance Stephenson at 9? Come on

  721. He sounded very much like one.

  722. i love steve 🙁

  723. I’ve seen this before. I think Jeremy is better than a few people above him- Stephenson, Turner at least. He could have been a top 10 pick.

  724. perhaps or perhaps NOT…Lin get some of his minutes as SG because PG duties remain only for a short period of time..so unless Lamb/LEE sucks hard, Jlin minutes will be lessened and decreased so long as Lee is contributing..Factors determine that Both Lamb and Lee becomes ineffective will be the assurance that Lin will get his minutes and close..See how different Jlin is with all NBA players….he needs INJURies/Ineffectivity of other players to be able to play his game, unlike those other who after being traded starts immediately even when theres no evidence he will fit the team, either by practice or an actual game.

  725. And that should be 12th pick almost got rejected from the league.

  726. well , he said he HOPED!

  727. Stupid rankings.

    Lin should have been #1.

    By the way, in MY draft analysis the #1 overall pick in that draft would not have been Jeremy Lin.

    I’d have drafted the truly great center Omar Samhan of St Mary’s over Jeremy Lin.

    Samhan was as dominant a college center as I had ever seen. He had a better career than anyone in the NCAA, Lin included.

    In fact, it is because of Samhan that I first learned about Jeremy Lin. I was prepping to follow Samhan in the Dallas Summer League (Samhan played absolutely awesome and wrecked DeMarcus Cousins just like I knew Samhan would). Samhan had this roommate called “Jeremy Lin” that the press was saying was a “6’2″ unathletic slow Harvard PG”.

    So on a whim, I did a youtube search on Lin. I saw the UConn game starring Kemba Walker. I was expecting to see a slow unathletic guy struggling to make moves and hitting conservative shots. But then I watched Lin flying around the court for 30 seconds and shouted aloud to no one “Holy $hit, that’s a NBA PLAYER!!!”

  728. Number 5 should be GREG Monroe, not Earl. 🙂

  729. is this morey and rocket fan base for real? every team in the league just trolled them at the trade deadline and the media mocked them endlessly for it. every decent player who goes to houston comes out looking like a scrub (harden effect). players are treated like antique at a yard sale. the team doesnt have ounce of teamwork or chemistry. their fan base turns on everyone at the blink of an eye. who would want to come to this hot mess?

    i would rather go to lakers (after byron is fired), 69ers, or timberwolves before i go to houston rockets. at least those guys have young developing players and they’re all about to get off the tank machine after this season.


  730. LOL

  731. LOL. We are indeed hard-nose Lin fans.

  732. Sixers is actually an almost complete MDA type team, only lack Nash (or Lin) like PG, stretched PF and lack coaching by MDA. They have Centers that athletic and do PnR, 3 pointers, athletic wings that doing slashing and cutting like MKG, Fields or Shumpert. Next season is the most suitable time for Lin to go there, as long as MDA is still there.

  733. Me too!
    Too bad he can’t get more PT with his sharp shooting.
    Another prime example Jeremy makes teammates BETTER!

  734. Top 5 on what basis? They’re not in the playoffs right now, they will lose Howard, their GM disrespects his players left and right, they have a laughably biased fan base and their marquee player has bottom 5 defense.

  735. eric bledsoe over jeremy lin is a blasphemy. this guy cant even play 30 games into the season before he’s out for the season.

    avery bradley over lin? are you kidding me????? LANCE STEPHENSON? EARL MONROE????

    someone hold me, my blood pressure is going up from reading this list.

  736. Actually, I’m NOT as much of a “Lin fan” as most Lin fans are.

    I’m a GENERALIZED NBA FAN who only likes players that play the game the right way.

    Among point guards, Jeremy Lin is the ONLY starting caliber PG who I feel plays the game the right way. The closest competitors in my mind are Jerryd Bayless and Matthew Dellavedova.

    To be a quality NBA starting PG in my mind, a player has to have the athletic ability to take over a game while still being totally unselfish and playing hard defense.

    Today in the NBA, there are a lot of “forwards” listed at PG but are utterly incapable of running point guard maneuvers.

  737. If Lin were paid as much and were given the same usage as anybody else on this list, he’d constantly blow them all off the court the way he did to All Star Paul George a game ago.

    Lin’s certainly inflicted BEATINGS on every single player on this list!

  738. What about Rubio?

  739. Houston is not even a top-5 tourist destination, Morey!
    He doesn’t even learn! Sounds like he is still thinking/obsessing with big-3.

  740. He does not count in my book because he shoots too poorly to be a NBA player.

    Rubio shouldn’t be in the NBA at all. He’s NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

  741. The fall of an empire usually starts with not recognizing the harsh truth about his kingdom and ever changing external contexts.

  742. I don’t.

    Let Steve Novak be Exhibit A of how Lin can take a marginal player and earn him wealth beyond his wildest dreams.

  743. Dellavedova? take over a game?

    KHuang did some body hack into your account? 🙂

  744. an efficient LEE, that’s what i said isn’t it? so whats the disagreeing because if he’s not, Lin will Play…you disagree with that?

    How many minutes does LEE will play as SG and Lamb as SG? and how many minutes does JLIN plays as a PG? unless kemba has minutes restrictions. there’s no otherway here, Players affect each others time on court whether one like it or not.

    Cliff stretching Lin even at SF affects the pT of other players. LIN’s Value is at the discretion of CLIFF and if you think he value Jlin that much, why we don’t see him being used as a PG effectively (except in Cavs game (ooopss, KW was injured then)? because he can’t?

    what other says are just placebo of what we are hoping for..I hope also that that will happen, but logistics says otherwise. UNLESS coach will suddenly use JLIn to his max, i see no changes to the way i am seeing now..Cliff is stubborn to change and PJ being not here doesn’t mean JLIN will start for him, eventhough there are evidence supporting that Jlin presence early in the game has a greater chances of winning .

    and i may add this piece i read:
    “According to basketball-reference.com, Lin is playing two-thirds of his minutes at shooting guard, and much of that time seems spent standing in a corner, waiting for Walker and Batum to explore their own options, before occasionally yielding to Lin.”

  745. I don’t get it. I’ve been re-reading sws94’s post above and I’m not finding the negative. “Big part, needed, stay healthy, strong post-ASB”…where’s the bad? What lying? Where’s so much vitriol coming from…are we so frustrated that we’re now eating our own?

    Yes “our” own – not particularly YOUR own, and I too have my disagreements sometimes – but a long-time, respectful participant in our site.

  746. Dude, why are you complimenting him? 🙂

  747. Hrmph.

    You have a short memory.

    Remember how Dellavedova BEAT DOWN Stephen Curry in the first two games of the NBA Finals before Delly fell apart physically from having no backup?

    Dellavedova as an undrafted nobody BADLY OUTPLAYED the MVP Stephen Curry.

    Sure Curry came back after Delly ended up in the hospital after Game 2. But that doesn’t take away what Delly did in PUMMELLING the MVP.

    If Delly had a backup PG behind him (which is why the Cavs got Mo Williams this year), he’d have kept on punking the MVP Curry.

  748. Like I HOPE we are best friends………….BUT wait….we are not even friends so what HOPE?

    Lin and Lee will not play together in the same unit and they will not practice in the same unit either.

  749. Who wants to come…. ? LOL!

  750. Ever since Morey wrote that hate article in Forbes about Lin in February 2012, I’ve known all along that he’s a terrible GM whose alleged statistical genius is a SHAM.

    I studied statistics in graduate school for a while, so I’ve learned how to spot shysters in professional stats. Morey is a big a shyster as there ever has been.

    I’ve long written that Morey doesn’t do stats because if he did, he would not hate Jeremy Lin like he does.

  751. Thanks, Jane. I’m limiting my involvement on the site per psalm234’s suggestion. I’m also following the 80/20 positive/negative sandwich guideline he suggested but I have no negatives. I feel good about Lin. The team is the team but if he’s healthy, I think he’s ready to provide some good moments for us fans. Winning ones!

  752. Hahahaha…the capacity for self-deception is limitless!

  753. Lin beat the holy hell out of all of those guys in head to head matchups.

  754. He’s being exposed. Great to see.

  755. Tom Gardner continued with Part 2 on JLin Saga.
    It’s a long read but excellent stats compilation of JLin 28 games in 4 years having the ball in his hands (20pts/7ast/4.4TO with 44%3FG)
    Part 2: The Jeremy Lin Saga Continues…JLin Strikes Back as a Hornet

  756. We are not BEST Friends/even friend today, but tomorrow we MIGHT? (hope is things to come)

    and that’s the meaning of his hope, that even though they won’t be playing together, they WILL click , either playing together or not!!!!LOL

  757. DHoward should troll Morey and exercise his player’s option of $23M.

  758. “69ers” Freudian slip…we know where your mind is at! =P

  759. Do I own you an explanation? Do I need to?

    If you can’t see what I see of his comments then too bad. I usually don’t get into other people conversations. It’s not very polite.

  760. What is Omar up to now?

  761. that’s not taking over a game, taking over a game sounds like more of offensively taking over, right?

    Actually, I still think the way Dellavedova play is the only way they could beat Warriors, that is play super physical, to the point that team could not pass the ball easily, then that team would not function as smoothly, then they might loose.

    However, back to our topic, I just could not see Dellavedova offensively do anything. LOL. So, he is a PG only play one side of the floor, I would not put him together with Lin. LOL

  762. omg… imma just leave that up there unedited just for the laugh

  763. There are possibilities that Lin and Lee will play together since guys in the first unit play in the 2nd. Marv, Batum, Cody, all have played in the second unit. Lin plays in the first unit as well. I saw stats on Lee and most of his shots are assisted. Who is the best assist man on the Hornets? Lin, in my opinion. Batum may have more, but he gets more chances. So, there’s the basis of my hope.

  764. We might be but we don’t hope. Hope has to have a reason to hope and you and I have NO reason to hope to be friend someday.

  765. Very interesting recap. Useful stats.

  766. Fear the Beard, for reals.

  767. is them being a co-player on the SAME TEAM not Enough reason that they Will be able to play together at one time or another for hope not to abound? come on you’re better than that to accept you are not with in reason about this HOPE!

    “MIGHT (positive/negative)is about to or NOT to happen and Hope (Positive) is things that MIGHT happen”

  768. not a bad idea at all. he’s got loads of money and it’s not like no team will pick him up so he’ll recover most of it back and more. you should be a player agent

  769. Yes, these starting stats plus Nylon Calculus will be great to build a case on which NBA Team will take advantage of JLin’s ability next season.

    The numbers are too strong to ignore (if we throw away politics & biases)

  770. whoever came up with this sucks cus it’s should be like this instead..
    1. DaMarcus Cousins (5)
    2. Paul George (10)
    3. Greg Monroe (7)
    4. Gordon Hayward (9)
    5. John Wall (1)
    6. Hassan Whiteside (33)
    7. Jeremy Lin (Undrafted)
    8. Derrick Favors (3)

    and then next year if Lin lands in Phili, it would look more like this..
    1. DaMarcus Cousins (5)
    2. Paul George (10)
    3. Jeremy Lin (Undrafted)

  771. these stats certainly puts the “Lin should play SG” crowd in their place

  772. An efficient Lee is great, but an efficient and impactful Lin is also great who can also facilitate very well. Lamb hasn’t been played more than 15 minutes in quite a while. How many minutes he gets is a variable but he’s trending down.

    Good question about the positions. I think it comes down to there are sometimes 3 facilitators on the floor, so at that point, the PG/SG designation breaks down. Lin as the main facilitator probably gets few minutes unless he’s in a real groove. Lin as a secondary facilitator may get quite a few. Lin as a potential playmaker may get a lot, that’s where we get frustrated because he’s in the corner a lot. But then a play breaks down and out of the chaos, Lin makes a big basket or play. How it impacts others? It depends on the dynamic of the guys on the floor on both sides. If Lin is a key in a plus dynamic, he may not rest much. But we’ve seen Clifford go both ways and bring in the starters when the bench is good or leave bench players in.

    My contention is Lin has special qualities that help the team win needed. He strongly helps get the opposing team in the penalty. Free FTs for every foul and there are good foul shooters on the Hornets. Including Lin. Lin has a propensity to make big shots. So Cliff likes him out there, he said so. Lin is a proven clutch player for Cliff. Lin is a proven tough defender for Cliff. Lin’s biggest problem is height against some tough offensive players where he plays good defense and defenders shoot over him. That may get him off the court more than anything else.

  773. this “Hornets Sports Spot” sounds very familiar with all his “everyone who disagrees with you, blah blah blah” bull

  774. Heads up to Baldwin!
    He’s a really great Lin supporter.

  775. Here is Part 1 of the analysis, from last year (Feb, 2015) : http://www.borntorunthenumbers.com/2015/02/the-strange-and-badly-misunderstood.html

  776. numbers have been very strong for years. if given the minutes he will produce not only his numbers but wins for the team.

  777. we know that JLIN is always efficient given PT and confidence and i know that he’s better than Lee, But Cliff chose LEE right now even before he actually step on Hornets land, no qualms and doubt, a Starter thats so elusive to the Like of an EFFICIENT JLin. and most probably it will affect jlin time on court.

    Dynamics comes maybe when KW starts to play as a team player rather than an ISO player, but after not beings selected this year on ASG, His goal is to shoot more to gain respect chucking all the juices out of every possessions on court, and it affects chemistry/dynamics of the game.

    If you play JLIN right and not out of position, you can see his max, and if Cliff has a semblace ok knowing where Jlin will be most effective, PG/SG is his position, but right now, Batum and LEE will be getting it all, and we are not yet talking about Lamb.

    copying again frm a write up i read:
    “Charlotte has been the tops, a
    virtual Lombard Street of curves, as Lin’s role shifted time and again. There is Lin as the backup point guard, Lin
    as the backup combo guard, Lin as the starting SG (when Batum was out), Lin as
    the backup shooting guard (with Kemba, Batum and Brian Roberts taking the
    point) and finally, for one glorious game, Lin, in his natural role as starting
    point guard (when Kemba was hurt). All
    this in the first half of the season alone, and more twists await as the
    Hornets, at the All Star break just days ago, traded for Courtney Lee, further
    crowding the PG, SG and SF positions with five capable players (Walker, Batum,
    Lin, Lee and Lamb).”

  778. excellent piece. says ALL things I have been saying for years. I LOVE THIS!

  779. All those same players that told Byron Scott during games they wanted to come to the Lakers.

  780. I can only say Lee is replacing someone designated to start. The other stuff is more on Lin’s overall usage by Clifford on the Hornets and Cliff prefers to use him not at the start of the 1st and 3rd quarters. However, if a key player goes down Lin is used to start.

  781. the numbers have always been on our side thanks to the number crunchers like yourself, Tom Gardner, and others!

  782. Lin blew away Paul George even when he was healthy let alone after that horrible injury where his leg snapped in two!

  783. Dark Sith Lord Clifford on Jedi Master Mace Lindu: The numbers are strong with this one

  784. Lance Stephenson at #9. Guy is soon to become veteran’s minimum player.

  785. I enjoy reading your posts and a few others’ just because they’re basketball related. Your view of Lin is more in the present on what he should be doing now as oppose to where he should be in the future. You seem to have an optimistic view of Lin’s current situation with the Hornets. It’s always good to hear different points of views in the context of basketball. There’s really no right of wrong, just opinions!

  786. Trust the force Lin!

  787. Real stars don’t have to stat pad, Curry doesn’t. Called being smart and staying healthy.


  788. I doubt Howard wants to waste another year of his remaining youth on a crappy team.

  789. Lmao, this guy must have changed his handle this year from LA Sports Spot last year and Houston Sports Spot the year before that. Not clutch at all….more like a crutch.

  790. Clifford said Lin maybe not start tomorrow even Lee doesn’t play.

    Hornets Practice | Steve Clifford – 02/18/16


  791. What’s new? Unless Kemba not playing, there is no way they will let Lin outshine Kemba. Anybody but Lin can start.

  792. what are they afraid of that might happen if they start Jlin now?????LOL!

  793. With Roberts gone at lease he’ll play PG off the bench rather than SG which happened quite often when he was starting as SG.

  794. Don’t speak too soon… Cliff’s pattern is to insert KW or NB to play point and slide Lin to play SG even in 2nd unit.

  795. They’re afraid Linsanity might break out and outshine their designated stars, especially KW. They don’t want to have to explain to the fans… Prevention is key for them…

  796. haha. curry would be averaging 35-40 pts per game if he played carmelo minutes.

    i think butler is different though – i dont think he cares about stat padding, but he is literally the only thing that was holding chicago bulls up. bulls will be sliding down the seed rank.

  797. Same reason why Hornets will never go anywhere.

  798. Bc they don’t have PG for 2nd unit?

  799. And to think Hornets and Cliff purposely used t his bench guy as PG to keep Lin from playing his natural PG position?!

  800. Lin doesnt NEED to Start but Lin NEEDS to play at least 30 munites then FOR THEM TO HAVE SUCCESS along with Kemba Batum Lamb
    maybe sum Troy D

  801. I believe in karma, Hornets will meet theirs after Lin leaves just like Knicks, Rockets, and Lakers.

  802. That’s for sure…

  803. I think Lin will have long min w or w/o Lee.

  804. Is there for some reason a high number of Harvard grads in Atlanta?


  805. OBVIOUS!!!!

  806. after effect!

  807. now he has more reason to play kW more minutes as a pg because there is no more back up Pg to the Back PG…LOL!

  808. Clifford said normally Lin would start but Bucks are so big so he’s not sure about it yet.

    I understand it’s a matchup issue this time because Lin had trouble with 6’7″ Khris Middleton SG who shot over him the last time.

  809. Wow, those ticket prices are pretty good.

  810. This guy will never run out of excuses not to start JLin. I remember even Batum whom he sub-in for Lin didn’t stop hot night Middleton either. Doing this to your team best defender is NOT a good way to encourage him…(who am I kidding, Cliff never encouraged Lin anyway).

  811. That’s esp. true because the Rox and Knicks had better teams and they still imploded.

  812. They used Lins height against him last time. Bad match up for Lin

  813. I wonder who’s guarding Middleton this time? Lamb?

  814. Here goes: 2nd half of the season: Kemba & Batum’s Revenge Tour (for not getting into All Stars). Our JL7 will see limited playing time because he’s just there to backup KW. Cliff will think CL is better than Lin in many areas. And since I have now lowered my expectations I won’t be disappointed again and again this time around. The Bright Side: JL7 quietly improves his shooting stroke and craft. Linsanity Prime will happen next season: Lead his team to a long playoff run.

  815. Yes, Batum and others couldn’t stop hot-shooting Middleton last time. He was just hot in that game.
    They could’ve assigned Zeller to bother him a bit.

    I’d go with Lin first and see if Khris is hot again, then throw Zeller/Marvin at him to see if they slow him down. But Clifford is not very good with in-game adjustment

  816. Good thing Clifford didn’t coach Bill Russell. He would have benched him against Wilt Chmaberlain.

    Clifford is just a bad coach.

  817. It seems that the Harvard Club of Georgia has been aware of Lin for quite some time. They met with him in 2010. See : http://www.harvardclubga.org/article.html?aid=115

    NBA Basketball Game with Harvard Grad Jeremy Lin
    Golden State Warriors vs Atlanta Hawks

    When: Wednesday, December 29, 2010
    Time: 7:00pm
    Where: Phillips Arena

    Join us as we welcome and celebrate Jeremy Lin (’10), the first Harvard College graduate to play in the NBA in over 50 years, by attending his first professional game in Atlanta! Lin is a 6’3″ reserve point guard for the Warriors who concentrated in Economics at Harvard while making Ivy League basketball history.

  818. Of course Kemba is never too short for anyone. Lol

  819. Whenever they face lower ranking teams like Bucks, Nets, 76rs, etc. Cliff will allow his core starters to stats stuffing before facing tougher teams. We’ve been through this rodeo before, no more guessing…

  820. Very simple psalm234, (if Cliff is a real good d coach at all), it called double team/trap him to make him giving up the ball or turnover or making bad shot.

    Cliff was clueless allowing Middleton did what he does best when hot.

  821. Nothing’s guaranteed — good or bad. Especially for Lin!

    Isaiah Thomas was coming off the bench at the beginning of the year because Danny Ainge wanted to let his draft pick Marcus Smart shine and develop. But Smart got injured, IT became the starter, and he became an All-Star.

    All Jeremy can do is stay ready. Only injury or MDA will give him a fair chance, but opportunities can present themselves when you least expect. Just stay healthy and prepared.

  822. @gratefuldad32
    Lilly said “Daddy! Come look!! I drew @JLin7 looking at a flower!!” Go @hornets !! @thehoneybees #RaiseEmRight


  823. Hornets now in 7th seed, Chicago 8th. Pistons close behind.

  824. cute and sweet!

  825. With 29 games left, here is the preview of the next 10 games

    5 straight road games:
    Bucks, Nets, Cavs, Pacers, Hawks
    Then next 4 out of 5 are home games:
    Suns, 76ers (road), Pacers, Wolves, Pelicans

    If the Hornets big men step up in rebounding and defense in MKG’s absence plus minimize hero-ball, they can get at least 6 Wins out of 10

    But we know most likely big men will flounder and some hero-ball will take place.
    So my conservative guess is they will only get 4 wins (Nets, Suns, 76ers, Wolves)

  826. The Hornets need at least 2-3 wins to get to 5th-6th seed (currently Heat & Pacers)

  827. gotta love the expression in JLin’s eyes watching the humongous flower =}

  828. KW is already playing 40+ minutes of stat padding almost every game. Anymore minutes and it will backfire on Cliff very fast!

  829. Novak and Lin reunion next season please?

  830. With Kemba at the helm, even the Suns game becomes questionable, as they’ve lost at the last encounter.

  831. Hornets are very, very lucky to be in the 7th seed.

  832. I’ve seen how Rockets treated Lin during playoffs and with his minutes, Lin will be pushed aside so Walker and Batum can stat pad and shine! Of course if Lin gets his stats with many games of 20+ points during playoffs then it will boost his value more during off season!

  833. Hornets don’t deserve to win when they’re benching and marginalizing Lin just like Rockets! Won’t mind if Hornets miss playoffs!

  834. At least the average Charlotte fans are more savvy and classy than Houston’s.

  835. I keep wanting to buy Hornets team pass, but they keep rejecting my money. *sigh*

  836. Either backfire on Clifford, or backwater on Kemba’s knees.

  837. I like Lin and Batum to shine from this on forward.

  838. JLin got the best fans in the world! this adorable little girl is all the proof i need

  839. Middleton was on fire that night, scoring on virtually everybody. he scored 50% on Lin, i think

  840. Only 29 games left. All three of Washington, Detroit and Orlando got better. Chicago and Miami are so unlucky with injuries. With some right moves and good team ball, Hornets can get as high as #3 seed. Any wrong moves, they can also be out of playoff.

    My guess… out of playoff.

    And, we all know the main reason why.

  841. I think they have good chance to be even better from now on.

  842. he yells “Grab it! Grab it!” and “Stick to him!”.. that sounds more like some fan who has money riding on the game than an actual coach. nothing strategic about his “coaching”

  843. more than luck. even though they tried to marginalized Lin in the Wizards game, he came through with 2 clutch shots in the final minute to get them a win. and don’t forget the CLE game where they had no business winning at all. after Lin played out of his mind in the 3rd quarter of that game, clifford benched him all but the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter to bail them out

  844. really…interesting…hope get few the road wins…really need them to keep themselves in playoff run

  845. Rick Bonnell ‏@rick_bonnell 44m44 minutes ago Charlotte, NC

    Charles Barkley says the Charlotte Hornets and Indiana Pacers will both miss the playoffs.


  846. chuck knows whats up

  847. All this trade talk by hornets was silly, given that they don’t even recognize the elite player they have already (at 2million). They will go back to their losing ways soon enough. Hope they sign Kemba for another 10 years.

  848. i think they will make the playoffs cus Lin will do everything he can to get them there, even with his hands tied behind his back

  849. Detroit will go to the play-off. It’s between Chicago and Charlotte. And maybe Washington if they can get a decent run of wins.

    If I have to bet, Chicago and Detroit will go on.

  850. Barkley is wrong this time about Hornets bc they have Lin. They will make it if they play his team ball.

  851. I worry that Coach Clifford will try to force feed Al Jefferson to play heavy minutes after coming back from injury. Al will be going to his inefficient post up game a lot, and not playing any defense. This will seriously hurt the chemistry of the Hornets team.

  852. I have no more faith in Charlotte and in Kemba’s ballhogging.

    It depends how they will handle Jeremy.

  853. Touche

  854. Sir Charles… clueless again… Hornets if play more Lin-ball then – Charles, you’re off the map. Pacers, they’re a force to reckon with.

  855. Thanks in huge part to hero-ball. The Hornets bench is no big deal if there’s no Lin-ball.

  856. Huh? , how can they win if JL7’s not in – No Lin, No Win.
    Honestly, the second half will be like the first half of the season all over again. I don’t see Hornets FO are playing smart at all – gave away so many games already. I’m not even mad… It’s a sad case… for the Hornets and fans.

  857. He thinks N Y Knicks could make it to the playoff.

  858. lol, maybe sir charles = lin fan and sees how hornets are treating their diamond. imho it will be:
    1. cavaliers
    2. raptors (most talented roster after cavaliers)
    3. celtics (stevens’s superior coaching)
    4. hawks (teague/hortford for the final push for the season before they blow it up)
    5. hornets
    6. heat (chris bosh’s health)
    7. pacers (hornets a better team when healthy)
    8. wizards/pistons (replace chicago, who has butler out)… i hope its pistons so the pick that went to houston is meaningless 😀

  859. I see donkies….

  860. I’m not sure that will happen because they have to cater to Lee now. They gave up a lot on him.

  861. Charles may have watched a Kemba ball game. In that case, anyone would come to the same conclusion he did.

  862. And you have to add Lee also. Lins minutes and role will be greatly affected.

  863. Not if the coach will not let him play or just let him stand in the corner all the time.

  864. I don’t believe in Clifford, don’t believe in Kemba. And they dominate this team. You think these two have a winning attitude and mentality? Both are hard headed and iso centric, stat centric and political centric species.

  865. Very true. But so sad?

  866. Can’t believe this.?

  867. I know. Some people here just don’t understand how Clifford has been marginalizing him in a subtle way. In other words, very sneaky and deceiving ?

  868. I know. Don’t understand why people are making excuses for Clifford and even Kemba. Triple sigh!

  869. Clifford is very deceiving and sneaky against Lin. He is in the same league with mchale, and bscott in my hate book.

  870. You can say about what adjustments should be made but Clifford will somehow mess things up with Kembas help.

  871. Hey, forget about Middleton. Kemba should be the one to be stopped. He will go on iso and forget the other 4 players. He thinks he is the hero on this team and the other 4 players are there to guard and defend and he will just shoot his heart out. Of course with the coach blessings ?

  872. True. ?

  873. Trust me, or trust Clifford, he will let anybody to be the pg than Lin. He will let Batum or Kemba in the game with Lin so that he will defend in behalf of these two and stay in the corner afterwards. Very obvious coaching. Very Clifford.

  874. I guess you’re right.

  875. Hope so.

  876. Very true Heart.

  877. true, but remember in Wizards game, even with limited minutes and being shackled, Lin came in with under 1 minute left to play and saved the day with 2 clutch shots. also in the Cavs game where Lin started and played brilliantly in the 3rd quarter, clifford yanked him only to insert him back in the final 3 minutes of the 4th quarter and Lin was able to regain control of the game and won it for them

  878. hornets are rockets redux

  879. Ok Charles motivates Lin more to play harder and prove that you’re wrong with your baseless prediction.

  880. NBA radio Frank isola just said Novak will be bought out. Please bring him to the hornets.

  881. Interesting. It’s over. You don’t play well on the road and you have to adjust to a new player. Hornets will fall out if top 8 by next week.

  882. damn. lin will revive his career :]

    steve does need to work on his defense tho

  883. Agree. They will probably go 1-4 for the next 5 games

  884. When Clifford says Lin’s too small to start, what he means is that Lin can’t guard a 6’8″SG. The truth is when it comes to Lin, he can only see Lin as a defensive role player. Clifford wants so badly for his anointed stars to shine that he never prepares offensive schemes for Lin. He’s so used t this thinking that he doesn’t realize he’s revealing his own bias to the public.

    What Clifford can’t allow is Lin to have any offensive threat to Kemba or Batum. This myopic vision disallows for Lin to push that huge SG to defend Lin. Just like how Lin can put cp3 or Curry into foul trouble by forcing them to defend him. Just like how Lin can tire these top guys out on offence if he’s allowed to play offence.

    Steve Clifford can’t ever see Lin’s true value becuase he can’t allow Lin to have an impact on offence. THERE ARE TIMES WHEN THE BEST DEFENCE IS A GOOD OFFENCE.

  885. More likely becuase he sees Clifford’s bias against shorter players. Had sir Charles played for Clifford, he’d be riding the pines.

  886. I see only one donkey, the rest are “my little ponies”. Lol

  887. only time lin gets to be part of the offense is when:
    1. kemba refuses to run the play and batum has to go to the most reliable source of offense
    2. play breaks because of the defense/offensive rebound
    3. kemba dribbles, gets stuck, and accidentally throws it to lin

    only reason cliff plays lin:
    1. defense, guard SGs or PGs who kemba cant guard
    2. spread the floor by camping lin on the corner

    its a miracle lin can even pull the stats he has done for the season with this nonsense.

  888. kemba! a person who couldnt establish himself as a premiere player after 5 years as #1 option on the team and an undersized player with an ego of michael jordan!

    batum! a great role player whose talented portland team couldnt advance past second round of playoffs at best!

    MKG! a great one way player with an elite defense/rebounding skill but limited offense who averages 9.1pts per game!

    hornet’s big 3! holy crap! is this a joke?!

  889. Any coach that “saves” any of his players from playing defence like Clifford is not going to be very successful.

  890. That’s why Hornets are mirror doubles of Rockets. Kemba is just like Harden because neither of them defend and saves themselves for offence.

  891. Lin can’t just get a break,Lee is a role player that can’t even take over a game.As long as JLin will get 25-28mins per game barring any bulshyt circumstances he will take over games.

  892. Whenever I hear the term “hero ball” to describe Kemba’s ISO game, I can’t help but think of an old Anime called ” the Heroic Legends of Arslan.” There was mercifully only 7 episodes before it it passed, like a bad burrito, from legend to the toilet. The only way to describe “heroball” is that it’s asinine.

  893. I remember Portland tried to stop Lin with a 6’7″ guy named Batum. That failed pretty badly.

  894. Who would ever know Lin would be back to the same situation with Kemba one of the worst starting PG in NBA? Lin and his agents really need to do better homework this summer.

  895. So well done and straight to the point. Cliff is the latest example of BS and Mchale.

  896. I actually is fine he trolls here (although sick of his postings), but the worst part is he goes on different forums acting as Lin fan and trolls hard. That is something I can not tolerate.

  897. So glad to hear from someones other than myself that there are fake lin fans trolling here.

  898. Let’s not share the details of other sites here.

    It saddens me that a few Lin fans couldn’t quite get along well well with other Lin fans.
    Richard (@PeteStopTire) shared a good post in twitter yesterday that Lin fans and Hornets fans shouldn’t focus too much on 10-20% difference but rather the 80% common goals so it wouldn’t create tension and fights that breeds hate and animosity.

    Sometimes I wish Lin fans would also do the same in their posts: focus more on the good things that Lin is doing rather than what we think he should do or lacks.

    We can only try to uphold our vision to “positively bringing together Lin fans” here.
    I can assure you that our mods give multiple chances to users who are Lin fans to get them out of ban list after breaking site rules but sometimes old habits die hard (i.e. personal attacks during heated discussion).


  899. I rest my case.

  900. sws94, let’s get back on topic. let me ask you a basketball question. why do you think that Lin “should just starts shooting higher 3s and improve his FG”? just curious of your thoughts on this

  901. Unfortunately we can only consider what’s being posted here because otherwise we can be the wrong to moderate any other sites policy. We should respect all forum policy (i.e. Lin, Hornets, Lakers, etc.)

    That’s why we shouldn’t bring other dispute/disagreement here. It’s also not fair for other posters/innocent bystanders here =)

  902. yeah right!

  903. new MIL game thread

    After 11 days of All-Star Break and NBA Trade Deadline Frenzy, the Hornets have 29 games left to reach their goal to reach the playoff.
    – They managed to get Courtney Lee by trading PJ Hairston and Brian Roberts in hopes of getting a ‘3 and D’ player to replace MKG’s presence.
    – They are currently in #7 in the Eastern Conference standing moving up 1 spot from #8 after the Bulls lost to the Cavs last night.
    – Jeremy Lin’s injured ankle should have time to heal as he spent time in his Palo Alto home to refine his shooting mechanics with Doc Scheppler (his personal shooting coach)

    1. With Lee not being available yet, would JLin start when Coach Clifford has concern about the bad matchup with 6’7″ Khris Middleton who got hot and shot over him and Batum anyway in the previous game?

    2. Would JLin show different mentality after the ASB break after he honed his shooting mechanics? He has always improved his PPG after the ASB in the past 3 seasons.

    Let’s go, JLin!

  904. lol, psalm234 always making new threads immediately after i make a mess. sorry buddy!

  905. I guess most people would agree that it’s fun to watch the game when this guy has the ball in his hands.
    Is it too much to ask the NBA to let his guy play his game for 30 minutes a game? Is it? … It is…

  906. haha.. I was about to do it anyway but you helped quicken the process by 30 min.
    Other posters should thank you LOL

  907. I am laughing out loud reading below how others are exposing the lies and 2 faces of sws94. I alone yesterday did all I could but without success and even got threaten by LAJane to respect this site. I am glad that others have also seen it too. Sorry psalm234, but comments from sws94 are intentionally get in the nerves of other posters here and using his high almighty well written might have fooled someones.

  908. Admit and be yourself and you will be respected even differences.

  909. Dorothy, I see you have a real concern, please DM or email me.
    We can continue there.

  910. I can see you managed to evoke such strong reactions from some Lin fans.

    Hopefully with more positive posts on things that Lin fans agree, people will grow to like you more =]

  911. Are you sure your main goal is to talk about JLIN or is it to defend the teammates/coach that JLIN plays with?

  912. Don’t polluting here with your bending backward defending Clifford and trashing Lin with weak ball handler to be a PG in this league and need to shoot well like Kemba.

  913. Yes like trashing Lin for his ball handler not qualify him a PG like Kemba.

  914. sws hasn’t been posting here lately so I’m a bit blindsided of what went on here.

    If I follow what happened, sws has a pro-Kemba/Clifford stance that angered some Lin fans?
    If that’s the case, I hope people can discuss the common ground more than the difference on the issues.

    For me, it’s almost a moot point since JLin most likely will find a starting position in 2 months since there’s not much opportunity to start in the Hornets. Even the Hornets and the NBA understand that since all players want to start to carve a bigger role in the team.

  915. much respect for the help to guide for more positivity =)
    you’re almost forgiven for starting a fire in the morning lol

  916. they don’t call me Firestarter for nothing! 😀

  917. Yes he has been on the other side praising Cliff using double standard on Lin.

  918. You need to stop asking other to stop when you keep coming back with nonsense.

  919. I should thank him for the Friday morning fun.

  920. Your personal dialogue to him are not about JLIN.

    However “Don’t polluting here with your bending backward defending Clifford and trashing Lin with weak ball handler to be a PG in this league and need to shoot well like Kemba.” …
    … is entirely Basketball & JLIN related, maybe you simply don’t like the adjective that was used in the description regarding your opinion of the team.

  921. Once again you take a comment that made an observation on your words regarding a JLIN topic…

    … and made it completely a personal retort rather than keep it on the JLIN topic.

  922. honestly, i’m quite annoyed with you being annoyed about Lin fans being annoyed at how Lin is being mistreated

  923. The situation is even more egregious. At least Harden has all-star talent. Kemba has a fraction of the gifts Harden has. And I’m saying this as someone who hates watching Harden play. Both their iso styles are boring to watch.

  924. If we’re talking about our assessment on Cliff, I think it would help to evaluate it based on what JLin shared in the early season, especially about :
    1. getting a chance to start in a few games (11 out of 53 -> TRUE)
    2. being promised to play a lot of PnR and allowed to make many mistakes. (FALSE)

    While what you said might be true that Clifford planned to use Lin differently, the contention is Clifford only half-delivered on what he promised JLin.

    If we can agree on this assessment, that means we can agree that JLin probably is not very happy with his role in the Hornets because it’s different than what he envisioned before the season started.

    My guess is politics get in the way and Clifford can’t deliver on allowing JLin to play lots of PnR and allowed to make mistakes. For me, it just means that Hornets is not the home for JLin because of the broken promise (whatever the reason might be)

  925. I usually just ignore posts from certain posters with opinions I don’t agree with, but it does get a bit messy if that poster is very active. It’s annoying that there are JLin fans that are overly critical of him and seem to accept that JLin should be content being a backup. JLin was a starter, should never have been demoted to the bench, and should do everything in his control to get his starter job back. From the start it’s clear that Hornets is just a temporary gig.

  926. There’s an old Tennessee or Texas saying….fool me once….shame on you….fool me….you can’t get fooled again.

  927. fwiw, i find it bizarre how much dislike you (sws94) have gathered here. it’s clear to me that you’re a lin fan. i actually go to the other lin blog mainly to read your comments.

  928. Thanks. It’s cliques. It’s only a few people that respond like this here. Most posters here are absolutely fine and don’t react strongly to me whether they agree or disagree with me.

  929. I agree with “some” of the stuff SWs states…but I also gets a bit annoyed at his “thinly veiled” suggestion that Lin should just accept the fact that he’s a back-up thus staying in Charlotte wouldn’t be so bad afterall.

    How can you be a Lin fan and suggest he should stay there when he has absolutely no chance to get a permanent starting spot no matter how well he plays in the few games he gets to start.

    Having PJ start ahead of Lin is enough to not come back…Clifford only sees him as a back-up insurance to Kemba getting hurt and won’t even let Kemba rest enough so that Lin can get enough minutes to run the point-guard position.

    Not only that, but my main issue with Lin staying in Charlotte is the fact that once everyone is healthy, Lin minutes will surely go down….Kemba, MKG and Batum are the face of the franchise and Clifford will play them big minutes…That leaves little time for Lin.

    I would like Lin to join a team with a coach that is more open minded when it comes to rewarding players that are playing well…Team like the Nets, Knicks, Orlando, Milwaukee would surely start Lin if he were to do very well in pre-season and proceeded to play well in his starts.

  930. Has Lin been allowed to play a lot of PnR?….maybe on broken-plays when the shot clocked is winding down.

    My sense is they really do not have any good PnR guys that are athletic enough to finish…Cody, Frank and Hawes sucks at finishing around the rim.

  931. JLIN’s dream is to be a starting Point Guard in the NBA and I as well as many many of his FANS will support him as he strives to achieve his CHILDHOOD dream and will not stop supporting him until he gives up his dream.

    YOU may be easily detered by the fact that JLIN has had roadblocks with a few teams on his road to NOT BE GINOBILI. Luckily JLIN and his loyal fans are not as easily detered and we believe past situations are NOT always indicative of FUTURE situations.

    JLIN has learned much and you don’t need to worry about him being a perennial journeyman because he doesn’t and his fan’s know he will soon get his starting job leading his team to many years of success.

    You talk about being POSITIVE? Whose position is more positive, yours or JLIN’s and ours?

  932. Who makes the decision of Lin starting or not. Lin or coaches/organizations? That’s the flaw in your argument besides talking for Lin which I don’t pay much attention to. Most players want to start if you ask them. If Lin doesn’t start, then what? It’s start or nothing? Don’t agree. For me Lin being a huge factor in games and finishing them is most important. For Lin, that’s for him to answer at different times in his career, not you or any of us. And his decision for this season at least was not to start on his chosen team.

    Really, if we are just going to stay hung up on starter or nothing then we’ll never agree here. My opinion is what it is, and people don’t need to agree with me. And it isn’t like I don’t want him to be a starter. I just don’t trust that the NBA wants him to be one and will keep him one even if he gets to be one in the future.

  933. When JLIN states his desires repeatedly we can get an idea of what he thinks so when we speak you can stick your head in the sand but others will find it credible.

    Now you you on the other hand, if you can produce ANY evidence that JLIN is content to be a backup bench scrub, then somebody might pay attention to you.

    You can give up hope on JLIN ever starting as you seem to have done (if you ever had hope in the first place). Let’s leave it at that – We will never give up hope as long as the dream is still JLIN’s.

  934. An argument can be made that JLIN may not have started ANY games were it not for injuries and Lamb and others who have contracts getting into the doghouse with Clifford.

  935. Let’s end this because it isn’t going anywhere. Enjoy the game tonight.

  936. I rest my case again.

  937. I stopped because I’m not debating you anymore on your parameters. You don’t address my points and you are talking about dreams, you talking for someone else while I’m dealing with what pans out in life, keeping current with someone as they make adjustments in their lives and their perspectives are as well. These are two different things.

  938. You classically fall into the pot is calling kettle black fallacy.
    You impart your wishes on JLIN while claiming others do the same. Problem is you have ZERO evidence that what you want is what JLIN wants, contrarily there is evidence that supports the opposing view.

  939. Stop. Please. Just stop already.

  940. You would be better off in a communist/authoritarian system where everyone from the garbageman to the neurosurgeon is content with his plight of each earning $1 for the work he does and never strives for more because that is what pans out in life.

    In America we can dream for something better, JLIN does that – you want to put a sock in his mouth and tell him to be content in the communist system — we disagree.

  941. You’ve lost it now with this over-the-top stuff and you just can’t stop. I guess I just have to not respond to whatever you come up with next.

    I’m not talking about dreams or what you think Lin’s dream is now. And I don’t get why you think you can talk for Lin or that his dreams don’t change. I’ve heard Lin’s testimonials and I read what Lin wrote in his prayer tweet. I also saw that Lin says how he’s changed. People change. You are in some static world where whatever Lin said at some time that you seem to want is this one priority over others that may guide him to future decisions. I DON’T KNOW what will guide Lin going forward and I don’t think ANYONE here knows either.

    Lin has started. He played for the Rockets one full season as a starter. He played for the Lakers 1/4 season as a starter and then some toward the end. Lin, yes Lin, chose to come to Charlotte as someone to help out Kemba. Lin tweeted very clearly that he wasn’t looking to replace Kemba when a fan suggested that. You’re telling me what Lin wants means absolutely nothing to me as you are absolutely ZERO authority in my eyes on what Lin wants. You know who tells me what Lin wants? Lin. And he updates how he feels periodically so what he says may change. I don’t need you to repeatedly state anything so that can stop. You’ve done it how many times already?

    I’m getting off the internet now until about a half-hour before the game. I’m going somewhere else to watch it. So, I won’t see what you write if you respond.

  942. That’s enough

  943. I wish he didn’t bail them out on that game. If you just look at the stats, and not read and watch the game, Lin did not do well. After sometime, it’s the stats that prevails in this political NBA world.

  944. Psalm, you and the mods do a wonderful job here. But let’s not make a mistake between defining positivity and stating the truth. We don’t know what the entire truth is. Unless JLin himself tells us, we could all be talking false narratives.

  945. It’s true that we can only make intelligent guesses based on what we see and read as fans.

    Based on several comments that JLin made (“not finding home yet in Charlotte”, “uncertainty in role”, etc.), we know he’s not quite happy with the constantly changing role. While we don’t know if he’s going to stay or not in Charlotte (depending on role/other offers/PT, etc.), we know he’s going to give the best as long as he’s wearing a Hornets jersey.

    I think that much we know and we can applaud JLin for always giving his best.
    While the Hornets season is not perfect for JLin, I think it’s better than the Lakers tanking season and unfair benching, Kobe tirade on Lin, etc.

    I have no problem supporting the Hornets (even if JLin is not getting used properly) since I know JLin wants to make his season a success by going to the playoff. But at the same time, noone would blame JLin to leave for a starting PG offer to give him a bigger role if they come in the off-season.

  946. That’s correct.

    I think by now it’s clear that Clifford (or FO) has no plans to start JLin since he’s only assigned the role to help Kemba/Batum succeed with occasional opportunities to have big games.

    As Lin fans, 99% of us would support JLin to star as a starting PG in a system that supports his strength as a playmaker. The rest might be Lin fans who are Hornets fans or give up the idea that a team will start JLin. As long as MDA states he looks for the time to coach JLin again and he aspires to be a head coach again, we know at least there would be one coach who will use Lin’s strength properly. MDA saw a lot of NAsh in JLin and there’s nothing wrong to play in a system that suits a player’s strength.

  947. And no one is suggesting that he shouldn’t leave for a better offer. Not even sws. But “better offer” may mean a non starters position in a playoff team versus a starting position in a perennial loser. JLin has always said he wants to be a starter but he’s also consistently said he hates, really hates, losing. So he will definitely weight his options going forward. It’s also true he was never promised a starting position ever yet people are fine with calling Clifford a liar. Jeremy chose to have a players option and that in any NBA team means he is remaining uncommitted to Charlotte. Why then should we expect Charlotte to commit to him as their starting PG? How is that position helpful or objective in the scheme of things? Which is the “false narrative”?

    This is what I mean. The truth is out there but we’re not privy to it. What we state as fact may not be so and calling people wrong and false because of an opinion is not positive. Sorry but that’s what I think.

  948. oh, it’s okay.

    Yes, I think many Lin fans have too high expectations that Lin should be the starting SG when MKG goes down then Batum will shift to his natural SF position. But the Hornets want Kemba/Batum to succeed so Batum might stay next season as the 1st priority.

    As I discussed with sws, there was 50% of JLin’s expectations based on what Clifford told him in early seasons that were fulfilled.

    1. The part that he would have few chances to start. Clifford did allow that for him to have big games (TOR, CLE) which should help Lin in the off-season.

    2. But the part where he’s going to play a lot of PnR and be allowed to make many mistakes also didn’t happen. It could be personnel issues of not having reliable big men to run PnR (Lin/Hansbrough showed some good flashes) or prioritizing Kemba/Batum/Frank/Lamb offense over PnR

    So with Clifford it is 50-50, I think. We don’t know exactly how JLin felt with this promise but there was some uncertainly with the current role that he shared in the prayer request so we know he’s not 100% happy in his Hornets role.

    Expecting JLin to start over Kemba is unrealistic due to the $ investment at the Hornets have made. But IMO the Hornets is a nice stop-over but not home yet. I would have expected at least Lin would lead the 2nd unit the ball in his hands 90% time with Hansbrough PnR like Oladipo did in the Magic but that’s not the system that the Hornets ran. Lin can’t do much PnR when Hawes/Lamb/Frank can equally start the offense.

    Let’s hope for the best in the last 29 games of the season. I still want Lin to seize the opportunity to help the Hornets win. That’s a good common ground between Lin fans and the Hornets fans, I think.

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