Hornets Stung by More Injuries; Lin needs to play PG

Batum and Zeller had to come out with injuries as the Thunder blew out Hornets 109-95

  • JLin finished with 16pts/2asts with 6-11 shooting. He didn’t have long-distance touch so he smartly drove inside to get layups & FTs (4-4). He mostly played SG so he didn’t have a chance to orchestrate offense even with the 2nd unit as Brian Roberts played the PG.
  • As usual, the big men couldn’t finish inside so the guards had to provide scoring
  • Hornets big men also got outrebounded. OKC won 51-34
  • Once again, Hornets allowed so many open 3s (9-24). Frank let Kyle Singler have a perfect 3-3

Injuries aside, the Hornets still lost in rebounding and finishing by big men providing unbalanced offense. The 3PT defense was also too loose. Clifford needs:

  • to trust JLin to be the PG to leverage his biggest strength
  • play Hansbrough more to provide rebounding and toughness that Hawes lack
  • Insist on tight 3p defense

Without defense and reliable big men to provide inside scoring, Hornets will continue their losing ways



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