The Hornets Snatched Game 5 from the Heat 90-88 With Team Effort

In a thrilling Game 5, the Hornets scratched, fought and rallied together to beat the Heat 90-88.

With Kemba struggled with 4-18 shooting, Batum sore ankle made him not effective, Jeremy Lin helped the team effort with his 11pts/7asts/6rebs despite an unusual 3-6 FT shooting by his high standard. Lee struggled with 2-9 shooting but his last 3pt off Lin’s assist won the game.

The last 2 key plays spoke for itself:

  1. Down 87-88, Kemba missed a shot but Lee corralled the offensive rebound, passed to Lin who passed it back to a wide-open Lee who drained the 3pt eventual game-winner
  2. Up 90-88, Kemba blocked Dragic’s 3pt shot and helped the Hornets retain possession.

The Hornets can close the series in Game 6 at home after this monumental win for the franchise.

JLin’s ability as a Point Guard who understands the Heat’s intention to trap him translated to a huge and complete game with 11pts/7asts/6rebs in a game high 35 min (tied with Kemba)

If there is any doubt of JLin’s ability as a Point Guard, this game should erase it. Kenny “The Jet” Smith broke down JLin’s ability to empower Hornets offense during half-time. Lin knew the Heat would trap and prevent him from driving inside so he looked for ways to find his teammates because it would take a great collective team effort to win the game on the road.
That is an excellent Point Guard!


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