Hornets Outlasted the Kings in 2OT; Lin Scored Double-Double

The Hornets outlasted the Kings and Damarcus Cousins in 2OT 129-128

  • Jeremy Lin finished with 20pts, 11asts, 7 rebs in 50 min, possibly the longest minutes he ever played in a game. He scored double-double with the highest number of assists as a Hornets this season.
  • With all legs tired, Lin inbounded to a Troy Daniels who launched a deep 3 giving Lin his 11th assist.
  • Troy finished with a career high 28pts/7rebs with 8-11 3pt shooting, coming up clutch in the last seconds.
  • Damarcus Cousins was unstoppable scoring 56 pts but fouled out in the 2OT period


Guess JLin's stats in Game 46 vs UTA


  1. 2rd, Lin played 50 minutes. Wow

  2. happy to be 2nd today

  3. I still count 2-3 phantom calls on Lin/

  4. Sorry, brzone award for you.

  5. “Troy Daniels, howdoyadooooo!”

  6. Oh the bench, JLamb must be thinking “oh [email protected]%, my minutes are gonna go down even more, ugh…

  7. Gotta love how cool Troy looked after draining a deep 3..
    “Leave me alone.. I can do this all day long” =D

  8. still happy – for Lin and Lin fans

  9. Lin tries hard to find the bright spots of his teammates if he is allowed to facilitate, too bad.

  10. Lin: Troy, I made you famous once. This time I’m going to make you some money on your next contract.

  11. He’s there to stay =)
    Lin can get lots of assists off him for sure

  12. Since Hornets have back-to-back game, we won’t get to hear from Cliff why Kemba didn’t run the right play after Daniels put it out there for the world to hear

  13. So many Lin highlights tonight it might be a while for video to show up. Lin had some BEAUTIFUL assists earlier in the game tonight

  14. What a stud…

  15. Kemba had a chance to be the hero tonight, but he choke on the FT.

  16. Q: y is kw pg of this team?

  17. Of all the highlighters, I’m collecting Jun Liu’s. Must be a while before s/he puts up.#HighlightsWaitingGame

  18. Clifford is just unbelievable stubborn.

  19. next game is 27th in UT, right?

  20. Almost 25/10. Let’s get that next game

  21. Walt Clyde: “The should take Lin out for dinner for that …”

  22. Rajon Rondo – 20 ast

  23. that’s how a pro does it.

  24. Sharing this here from the old thread:

    I just don’t like how Lin got yelled at by Cliff for that one TO while we were still ahead. Then Kemba makes a bunch of dumb plays like driving in early on the last possession in the 4th instead of running the clock down and losing the ball. And all those ISO plays that missed. Not running the play properly for Troy Daniels. He’s fine with all that but not fine with one TO by Lin? If it wasn’t for Lin…where would this team be in regards to team basketball? Would we have 5 players in double digits?

    I also don’t remember Batum getting yelled at for having 9 and 10 TO games. Looks like Lin is the scapegoat for this team.

    Also after Lin got yelled at, there was pretty much zero plays for Lin. He was iced out by Cliff.

  25. Just review the last few games. He might make you mad this game but he’ll be the main component if the Hornets wants to make the Playoffs.

  26. Cousins 56 points but doesn’t mean much when you lose.

  27. Lin made Novak and Landry some doughs. He’ll do the same for Troy if he gets some floor time.

  28. Cliff yelling at Lin is like a teacher to a student. The fact that Cliff don’t correct Kemba is a bad thing

  29. Now if they let Lin play PG more he will pile up the double doubles and the team will win more games.

  30. Nice

  31. If you’re referring to Cliffs last post game interview about not playing as good. He was referring to Hairston.

  32. 5:4 in 2nd OT?? when was Lin’s last shot? He was iced by Clifford for 15mins

  33. Game observation:don’t resign on this team Jeremy

  34. I vote for Lin+mda any day now. Lin has no hope on this team.

  35. 56 points is a big deal tho. Gotta give him credit where credit is due.

  36. oh maybe you’re right.

  37. Tonight was a face off of the western and eastern conference players of the week, Cousins and Walker. They both scored a lot of points and they both lost.

  38. Agree!

  39. Yeah, double standard. Everyone else but Kemba.

  40. You’re right on that Kemba’s incorrigible.

  41. Lol at first I thought he was talking about Lin too, but I replayed it and listened carefully. Either way Cliff is still a clown.

  42. Hornets will be showcasing Kemba again, expect 25+ FGA.

  43. Cousins was a different, much differ.

  44. no cousin played great. The kings are just bad at defense. DMC need anger management thats about it

  45. http://bkref.com/tiny/oQWAO

    In the 9 games as a starter, JLin has put up 18.44pts/4.33asts/3.44rbs
    on 58.1% TS…the only other 3 players in the league to put up these
    numbers are Curry, Durant, and Harden…

  46. Well it’s good cause Lin learns from his mistakes and improves himself. He’s a much better defender now. I just don’t like how heated he got. I don’t see him get as heated to anyone else but Lin.

    Ya he yells at PJ sometimes but not to the point he has smoke coming out his ears like he does with Lin. And this is after the fact Lin had a double double, carrying the team on his back.

  47. It’s even more impressive when a center does it… he dominated… shaq style

  48. All 3 games Lin started!

  49. So 3-0 so far with Lin starting 😛

  50. Lin always puts up stats when starting so this isn’t new.

  51. Cousins was elite. Walker was total garbage.

    Lucky for Charlotte, they have Jeremy Lin. Even on a sore ankle, he wins the game on both ends. Daniels, Hawes were beneficiaries tonight of Lin’s PG play (when allowed to touch the ball).

  52. With good ankle. Yes

  53. 1 chance? At least 3 timeshe can finish the game, but he missed.

  54. It is but the loss somewhat diminishes it. Better to win than lose when you’re having a career game.

  55. I will say if Lin ever cracks the starting Lineup in charlotte. He will Likely average 36 minutes. Cliff really plays Lin a lot. The only coach to do that was DNA.

  56. Are you high? Main chucker sure, main component? Hornets would’ve won easily with teamball and Lin as PG without Walker’s iso and chucking 28/30+ shots every game!

  57. *36

  58. Cousin played very well.

    Walker was 5-25 (20% FG%). That’s not well.

  59. i said earlier, “statistically, Kemba shot 25, Hornets lost, Lin shot 15+ Hornets won.” Today’s stats is just fun – Kemba shot 25 – Hornets was supposed to loss. But Lin shot 19, so Hornets just made it by 1 point.

  60. Literally putting money in people’s pockets. All they have to do is buy in, give him the key, and let him drive.

  61. lol against a better team this is a lost all the way

  62. The fact that some Hornets fans say Kemba is carrying this team on his back is ridiculous. The only one carrying this team on his back is Lin. He plays for the team. He wants you to shoot it. He wants you to get that easy bucket from him. He made Hawes look good. He made Tyler look good. He made Zeller look good. He made PJ look good. He made Troy look good. MW look good. And also Lamb (remember those alley oops?). There is a reason why so many players want to play with Lin. The ones that never got their chance/opportunity.

    He wants to take that elbow to the face for the team. He’ll take a charge from a big guy without even thinking twice.

    And he gets paid $2M only.

  63. Walker almost lose this game. I really don’t like his game even he got the big number. smh!

  64. Maybe if Kemba leave.

  65. Let them be happy for now, once Lin’s gone Hornets will revert back to loser ball.

  66. Kings is much better team compares to Hornets (4 starters injured)

  67. i was about to say…16 only?

  68. Don’t forget, King won 5,6 games straight and they beat the Clippers and Thunders.

  69. lol

  70. And ATH uses Kemba’s photo for the win thread. lol.

  71. Rondo 7pts-10rebs-20 asts. Lol.

  72. yeah, that’s pathetic…you wanna use Daniels, that’s fine…but Kemba? gimme a break

  73. Yea i meant a better defensive team

  74. it was very bad game since 6 mins mark on 4th quarter. There was only one good play since then – Lin assisted and Troy made it in final seconds!

  75. Cousin was elite, never seen him play like this before. I think having a great assisting PG in Rondo helps him a lot!

  76. Lins stats upside down lol

  77. Triple double wasted. haha.

  78. Lin 7 rebound 11 assist 20 points

  79. Saw that. Anyone but Kemba would have been nice… why not Daniels?

  80. He went crazy on PJ in the prior game. It wasn’t anything major. Just the usual coach getting on a player a little. Lin is a big boy and was probably yelling at himself more than Cliff was.

  81. We can just LOL

  82. true, it is very very lucky to win

  83. So now we all know that KW skirted Cliff’s play and took it upon himself to be the hero for the last winning shot, but it turned out unsuccessful. I want to know the success/failure ratio rate of KW last winning shot since the beginning of the season? KW missed jumpers, 3s, layups and made critical turnovers in OTs. KW caused 2 OTs and almost lost the game. NOT once we saw Cliff yelled at him. Yet we saw Cliff yelled at Lin after one TO driving to split defense to the basket.

  84. I know. Started from 3Q Lin helped the team to win then Walker came in & tried to take over the game by ISO himself ….hope to get the credit for the win. smh!

  85. what a horrible way to celebrate a win that was all blood and sweat from the bench, role players and Lin.

  86. good mention … though Rondo organized a distraction to cause Kemba to brick the winning FT, I was really glad that Sac had him in the key plays because you could see there’s not way he’s going to shoot even if he gets a nice midrange. That’s what bought CHA so much clock during those key stops. Rondo would get somewhat open and then pull back and reset the play. Whew!

  87. Rondo is just a hilarious player to me.. A few years ago, I remember watching him stealing the ball and was wide open for the free layup. But he’s such an assist w*ore that he gave it up and passed it behind him for the guy to shoot a 3. I was like really? Lol

  88. Hypothetically speaking…if JLin and the rest of the Hornets, minus Kemba, played against Kemba and the rest of the Hornets, minus Jeremy…what would be the outcome? I say that Jeremy would win 7 out of 10 times

  89. Rondo revealed a limitation. On the last play he didn’t want to take the shot himself and passed it off to Collison for a very contested shot. A more complete player, like Paul, takes that shot. Rondo is great a assists, but not a good scorer.

  90. It depends is Batum controlling the ball with kemba.

  91. These last 2 games shows Lin’s on a whole new level already. Even not as PG, he’s able to make shots and assists as long as he gets touches! If he was PG for his own team imagine what his stats would look like? Lin needs a GM who will designate him as the upcoming star!

  92. worried he’d brick, but I would think that’s what you gotta do esp with a good shooter.

  93. Wow…what a win..so tense

  94. Insecurity with his shooting.

  95. Don’t worry about the yelling. Lin played the most minutes. KW played very poorly even though his stats are good. Lin had a fantastic game. The last 2 games Lin has played great. And he looks better physically.

  96. Rondo can’t shoot that’s why Collison was on for shooting.

  97. You dont understand… he was already at the free throw line.. 3 or 4 more steps.. easy lay up lol

  98. Only the 14th time this year that a player has played over 50 minutes in a game 😀

  99. wow

  100. Might not be that much different. Touches matter more than PG or SG. There were more screens set for him and he didn’t hesitate.

  101. I’m not worried but that’s not the point. We don’t really see him yelling at Kemba.

  102. Yeah, I know but you see Lin and others on GSW doing the kick out to a great shooter in Curry. Lin does it because he’s organized.

  103. Good question. 28 pts and the clutch trey.

    Franchise player ha…smh

    Kemba seems like a nice dude off the court but he really need to evolve his game and adapt to his team more.

  104. That’s why no teams want Rondo and why he’s faded after Celtics Big 3 ended. PGs needs to look to score 1st like Curry to be elite! Assists don’t mean anything if you can’t score.

  105. Jeremy is 1 of 10 players this year to put up 20/11/7…most of the others are all-stars


  106. He went ballistic on PJ the previous game. I don’t care if he yells at Kemba. Sometimes coaches will yell at guys he knows can take it and it makes them play better. Because Cliff played Lin over 50 minutes, it shows how much he trusts him. Pop yells at all of his players, some coaches only hell at some of them. And really, it wasn’t that bad.

  107. We know for a fact that Kemba has a big ego just like Hardin and KB but just he doesn’t show in person–smile and soft talk. However, I’ve stopped buying Kemba soon after the season began. His games talk the loudest!

  108. Lin’s averaging 14.6pts / 3.5asts / for the month of January. Lets gOO

  109. if it wasn’t for a couple of bogus fouls on Lin on rebound plays, he would’ve almost had a triple double 20/11/9

  110. Nice..:-)

  111. He’s a terrible team mate also.

  112. If Jeremy plays with other Hornets players – 10 out of 10 times.
    If Jeremy plays with Daniels, Williams, and Hansbrough – 10 out of 10 times
    There might be a mutiny because other players will try to edge out Daniels,Williams and Hansbrough to play with Jeremy.

  113. Your root for Cliff won’t buy him a cent to me. This just shows how double standard he is.

  114. “Re: GT: Hornets @ Kings Mon Jan 25 10PM EST
    Unread post#728 » by KM6 » 7 minutes ago

    Sauce_Castillo wrote:

    Kemba probably in the locker room rn trying to convince everyone the eye poke was what won the game

    Sent from my iPhone using RealGM Forums

    Ironically, the eye poke was the best defense Kemba played all night.”

  115. Wow:

    SportsCenter ‏@SportsCenter 23m23 minutes ago

    The Warriors just destroyed the Cavs, Bulls, and Spurs by 30+ Pts each in last 8 days.


  116. Nope because Lin plays better with ball in his hands and gets to control the offense without being iced out! In both games, Lin was iced out, if not he’d get 30+ points easily with at triple double already!

  117. He puts Lin out there, closes with him, I hear him saying great Jeremy during the game. So what if he yells at him sometimes? That’s what coaches do. Most of the time, he’s not chewing Lin out near as much as other players. And what he does with Kemba, I don’t care about. It’s not important to me. His treatment of Lin is good.

  118. Don’t care if he yells at Kemba too and not trying to make this a big deal but I wonder if Clifford holds Kemba accountable for anything. I understand he is the “captain” and the coach wants to empower him but there is a limit.

  119. Here you go

  120. they’re in another league

  121. Dynasty …

  122. It seems like everyone can see through his game that he’s just filling stat sheet. Lin was the one that got the team involved tonight, so they got their shooting stride and playing w/ confidence. KW almost lost it for everyone, SMH!

  123. They will get the ring this season again.

  124. If Warriors stay together they might be able to achieve 6 rings with two 3 peats!

  125. Well, I don’t know. I’m feeling great about Lin. Kemba played poorly and he sat a long time too when the 2nd unit brought the team back. I think the fact that Lin played more in this game says something.

  126. I am surprised to see Spurs played so bad vs GSW.

  127. Wow already.. thanks!

  128. Spurs are old compared to GSW and need to find younger players to lead already. Parker, Manu, and Duncan are just too old and needs to retire.

  129. ya Kemba can be likable if he was a team basketball PG.

  130. Lin is averaging 15 .6 points in 12 shots 5 assist 4 rebounds 3 % .462 fg% 458 playing 37 minutes per game

  131. last 5 games

  132. I know. I’ve been screaming my tops off at Cliff and Kemba soon after Kemba checked in 4th qtr. It went extremely ugly–all Kemba heroball after JLin had that last TO. I literally want Hornets to lose the game as I was sick in watching his ugly heroball. So glad that JLin helped to win the game in the last possession to Troy Daniels.

  133. Parker is much younger than Manu and Duncan. He’s not a young player but he’s not really old either.

  134. Thanks a lot.

  135. You have to look at the big picture. Kemba was off tonight, but he’s proven that he could carry the team when they needed it. This is not a knock on Lin.

  136. Three things I like this game #1 Lin first double double this season (under very limited plays set by the coach ), #2 Hornets win (with Lin’s final assist), #3 – the most important one – Lin elbowed Cousins (what , on Cousins???). I know it was not intentional. But some players need to think twice if they tried to intentionally hurt him again.

  137. Curry actually is pretty calm, he can be hot or he can let others be hot. He just steps up whenever he needs to for the team to gain separation or come back, and he has no problem pushing the tempo even to TOVs.

  138. He wasn’t iced out in this game. Through most of regulation he was featured and played through. He got tired in the OT and Kemba played heroball, but most of the game Lin was the featured facilitator.

  139. They had too many turnovers that caused the game to get away form them. Early on it was calm and you could see if SAS stayed in their game, it would be close. But, mental breakdown and GSW did their thang.

  140. I want to see a replay of that. Lin needs to throw more of those lol

  141. Thanks. Will feature this until longer or Jun Liu’s highlights come out 🙂

  142. 🙁

  143. From last 2 years you can tell Parker’s old and isn’t as effective offensively anymore. I truly think Spurs needs a new young PG who can shoot 3s if they ever want to win a Championship again.

  144. Let me have my 3mins of fame.. Thanks :d

  145. They started off just as poorly as the regular starters with him. Lin turned the game around with the 2nd unit, as usual. However, in the 3rd, Lin was featured and they had a huge scoring game. Yes, Hawes got hot, but Lin just got into an assists groove.

  146. You don’t put your head inside the traffic and expect not to be hit. Cousins knew and used to get the benefit of the whistle blown so….

  147. Depends, a King’s fan would disagree. I think Cousins will sleep well with his first career 50 plus game. He just joined the 2016 50 points club with company like Curry, Butler and Kemba.

  148. If you look his expressions, you can tell Lin was really turned on and even a bit mean during the game (before iced in OTs).

  149. Kemba hogging: Lin started 1-5, 2a

    Lin playing PG: Lin goes 6-8, 7a

    Kemba hogging again: Lin finishes 1-6, 2a

  150. Of course. Credit for posting within one minute of upload… that was fast!

  151. Lets hope so but they all reverted to iso Kemba-ball and keep away from Lin during the end of 4th and the entire OTs after Lin made the 1st jumper in OT1. That kind of selfishness and following Kemba’s lead even though Lin helped them with the assists, teamball, and playmaking is the same as Rockets which is just sick!

  152. KembaISO is Jeremy’s Kryptonite! LOL

  153. yeah, I mean, if JLin was playing SG next to Chris Paul or Rondo, he would be getting WAY more good looks…Kemba is like the last PG you want feeding you the ball, his court vision is extremely limited

  154. Lin has been playing like a double digit million dollar player.

    Even if with $8 mil a year it would be still a steal.

  155. Fact, I rest my case.

  156. What about this? 🙁


  157. I’m awared this isn’t this game but I’m still feeling agitated by Kemba heroball.

  158. Lin seemed really tired. don’t know if he had the legs for anything late.. Still would rather more of PG Lin

  159. it is funny

  160. Nah these stars just choose to ignore teammates and go for their own stats and iso plays!

  161. This is not new… smh!

  162. Don’t think those guys would share with the Asian guy either, though they obviously have 1000 IQ points on Kemba.

  163. Wow is it cold in Cali? Papa Lin seems to be wearing a thicker-than-usual jacket.

  164. Lin’s 11 passes seem to help every teammates score.

  165. Norcal is probably cold. It was warm in SoCal.

  166. Kemba is such a horrible PG with no court vision at all…maybe he honestly didn’t see it.

  167. If he just held the ball Belinelli could hold it and get a jump ball. By thrashing about like that he got the foul.

  168. Ya! You do need down jacket. LOL!

  169. it’s been good, rain so overcast warms up the lands. Keeps the cold of space from coming down.

  170. It amazes me how after every good game, the other forum is ENGULFED IN FLAME WARS with hate trolls running amok firing personal insults at Lin fans.

  171. Did the refs rob Jeremy of an assist and a steal?

  172. Should have had more, statkeeper cheated him twice.

    He basically had a bucket or assist every possession he handled the ball.

  173. No Lin = no Troy.

    Lin with the near triple double is the MVP by far.

  174. OH wow.. looking at the last play, is it just me, it looks like traveling, glad no one caught it.

  175. He doesn’t. When he drives, his head is always down, looking at the ground

  176. Ironically, I’d spend LESS time there if the trolls didn’t continually try to flame me off the board.

  177. 45 degree’s F in Sacramento.

  178. That’s why most of us moved over to this website with mods doing their jobs 🙂

  179. He played so-called PG for Houston and was like a ball boy. Bring the ball up, pass it to Harden, or Parsons, never see it again. At least he’s having screens in place for him here. He played just like a PG. It doesn’t matter. He can get assists and points as long as he gets the ball or gets it back. And if Cliff has plays called for Lin, it doesn’t matter if he’s PG or SG.

  180. Lol , Lin fans sometimes molly coddle him too much. Clifford’s been fair to lin. He just need to get Kemba to play team ball more often else the team won’t make it to playoffs.

  181. yup.

  182. Yeah KHuang, I’m done with that site, so many Trojan Trolls over there pretending to be JLin fans, it’s too much

  183. Parker is still good. He just plays differently now. 33 is much younger than 39 in basketball and sports. Serena Williams is dominating her sport. How old is she?

  184. Pops keeping it OG with the suede loafers. #SWAG

  185. Lin was the clear MVP tonight, no contest. Troy did a great job as a pure shooter, but Lin was the reason there was a game to win. Scoring, passing, defense, intangible plays…he got guys like Troy and Hawes going with teamball.

    If anything, Hawes gets my silver medal. Anytime a 7ft center hits 3s like that, it causes havoc.

  186. yes. he always used first 16 seconds before attack, and first 20 secs before pass

  187. Believe it was 2 asts and a steal.

  188. gotta love Psycho T GIF fighting to keep the ball like a little kid LOL

  189. He needs more playing time with Jeremy to get his offensive groove moving.

  190. lol

  191. Can’t stop Cousins! He’s elite inside and on a tear. Hawes at least gave effort and fouled out.

  192. Classic Psycho T. Glad he is our psycho. lol.

  193. I’m beginning to think his isoing is pathological. He can’t help it! Needs to see a shrink.

  194. Kid’s got heart!

  195. oh yeah, he traveled, hehe

  196. Need more of that energy inside and less of Kemba outside.

  197. A proud dad. Keep up the good work Lin

  198. OK.

  199. in watching the first highlights, it’s clear I missed the real game JLin played. He really did a great job. I saw the 4th and 2 OTs, having to watch the SAS shellacking and couldn’t believe my eyes. Then I came here and the ISO by Kemba nearly hurt my eyes as much as he hurt Rudy’s. I hope Rudy is ok, … for me, Kemba ISO is worst than Harden because at least Harden sometimes shared a series. KW keeps it for himself every.single.time.

  200. smart move so he got the foul call for him, and not get into jump ball situation.

  201. Getting my upvote for understanding the rules finally 🙂

  202. You are breaking the site rules:

    4. Do not antagonize or bait other users. Whether you are sincere in
    your beliefs or not, if your posts consist solely of trolling others,
    you will be banned. (Example: “Are you a 5-year old child?”)
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  203. every sing time. I honestly don’t remember one time he passed it in the late second but to be honest. He doest create that type of space for others like Lin does. He is usually open but really no one else. He just doesn’t have that type of skills

  204. um, easy. he had about 5 seconds on that play to get the ball to Lin, who was open for about 4.8 of those seconds. If it’s that hard, he shouldn’t be a starting PG in one of 30 qualified ‘best teams’ in the world.

  205. Kemba doesn’t have the skills for that pass

  206. I cannot.

    With my Asian screenname, I get challenged to fights and stuff.

    The trolls would do better in eliminating me if they played nice with me and let me trickle my way over here!

  207. Missed this play. So Hansbrough did get a player to commit a foul on him.

  208. Yup. tape don’t lie.

  209. He doesn’t have the skills to make that pass. He just doesn’t. He is what he is. Passing cant be taught

  210. That site is SO POLLUTED.

    So many Trojans over there are TERRIFIED of coming here because they cannot post without flaming people.

  211. there’s brilliance in the psycho-shake move =D

  212. he had about 5 seconds to get it to Lin, and if that’s too hard, he should be coaching 5 year olds.

  213. 5/25 and missed the clutch FT to win the game in 4th. Kembrick is horrid. Lin and Troy saved hornets. Like cliffs fire defending Lin on bad ref night. NBA politics exposed! The end. This is just insanity, the bad kind for hornets. Glad Lin keeps proving front office and NBA you can’t hide legit Iron Will of JLin.
    Hornets keeps doing the same thing expecting different results. You put the game ball on Kemba, u lose!

  214. When I say that Kemba Walker REFUSES TO RUN CLIFFORD’S PLAYS, this kind of dumb selfish play is what I am talking about.

  215. He doesn’t have the PG skills. He doesn’t have the vision. Ive seen him enough to know. It has to be a easy pass or else he won’t see it or he simply doesn’t know how to make that pass. If he passed that i think it would’ve been a tov. Fast break the other way

  216. He played well today, boxing out,hustling, and PnR with Jeremy. He just need more PT

  217. also a rebound, the last one at the regulation was Lin’s rebound, but count as team rebound…..

  218. I would too, but the TROLLS anchor me there.

    I don’t want to back down to them, so I won’t give them the satisfaction of eliminating me off that forum.

  219. Did superb job boxing out

  220. yes

  221. and yet he don’t get to touch the ball in both OT.

  222. When Kemba drives, his head is usually down looking at the floor

  223. Oh my…I have been missing some good games here.

    Glad Hornets won….Lin been instrumental on these Wins.

    Hope CC and FO take notice and would entrust Lin to be the PG more.

    There was a good article on it yesterday…not sure if it was posted…will post later…once I find it

    GO LIN…mute the Haters

  224. Well, Daniels is no rookie.

    So many veterans RESENT Lin telling them how to play, even though Lin is merely trying to make his guys better!

  225. Yup.

  226. Kemba is not bad. He’s just selfish. Someone in Hornets’ FO should tell him to stop playing like that.

    It’s not only for Jeremy but other players (past, present and future) who plays with him.

  227. Well, I counted all the games that I watched. JLin was robbed at least 3-5 in different stats every game. The corrupted, biased NBA is at work at all times on JLin. Despite of all robbing, JLin’s stat is still good.

  228. Wish Lin got his triple double today….almost almost….mark it… he will get it by EOS…if his minutes remains

  229. Not likely.

    Lin’s trending upwards.

  230. It’s TOO LATE for sabotage to hurt Lin.

    Lin’s teammates outside of Walker and Batum now are placing their full faith in Lin.

  231. Give the mods time to handle it. As the rule says. Do not attempt to moderate the board or other posters yourself.

  232. KHuang The Boss!!! 😉

  233. Lin’s still just a one year rental –

    but WHAT A RENTAL!

  234. I’m really impress jlinportal does not have advertisements. There’s more traffic here that the Interstate 5 at 5pm.

  235. I still don’t know how Lin can make that nifty pass through Cousins’ hands to Hawes at 40-48 for the dunk

    You can’t really teach that instinct. Linstinctive pass!

  236. We, like Jeremy, only care about one stat: W.

    Nevermind and let other so called stars to pump their numbers and lose games.

  237. 20 10 is flat out GOOD

  238. 20 11

  239. Not bad but great talent. but he is a horrible team player. Great player can use his talent and leadership to create team ball and be the reason to win. This is not Kemba. Can’t stand diva ball players

  240. Like I said,if he could not make that pass, he should sit.

  241. I see 7 advertisement blocks.. which I don’t mind 😛

  242. so he should not start at an NBA team.

  243. no wonder he walked away after the big shot… perhaps hoping the ref won’t call it LOL

  244. I think FO is the CORE problem. Their directive is passed down to Cliff and their narrative is regurgitated by their media. They’re supporting the ‘wrong’ guy. See what I mean:

  245. Awesome in my book

  246. Only big in CHA to do so consistently. He does need to stay out of foul trouble.

  247. You are breaking another rule:
    3. Public posts debating these rules and/or moderators’ enforcement of
    such, will be removed without comment. We encourage feedback however and
    invite you to use our Suggestion Box Thread if you have any questions or concerns. (Example: “This forum is groupthink because the mods deleted my post”)

    This will be my last warning to you. I have given you enough of warning in the past few hours. If you break another rule, I’m going to put you in blacklist in no time.

  248. ex-Rockets doing their thing…..it would have been sweet is Casspi was here as well with Lin

  249. there are there though. More in the other site.

  250. well

  251. Team captain is to blame as well. If Kemba can just defer Just a little bit, a little bit, the hornets would easily squeeze into playoffs

  252. He played over 50 minutes. Next game is Utah. Thin air. We’ll see what happens but the combo of all those minutes and thin air may weigh in. Lin is looking like post-ASB Lin early this season.

  253. I know. That’s why I say he’s not bad but he’s too selfish to carry on a team.

    Hopefully one day he’ll understand

  254. Kobe’s fault lol, he creates false idols

  255. I thought so too.

  256. It isn’t that I care about other “stars.” I’m more talking about how JLin actual stat was robbed by NBA scorekeepers in every game. JLin did have those stats but scorekeepers gave it to others.

  257. You are right, I forgot I have an ad blocker on.

  258. Haha. “Calm down, look cool, walk away”

  259. Not to hurt Lin, but NBA rep for ignorant and gullible fans

  260. Likely, they’ll freeze Lin and get no touches

  261. Like a free SUV upgrade at Enterprise?

  262. Too bad Jeremy is the only one capable of making critical passes, including inbound passes.

  263. Jlinportal ads crashes my chrome…

  264. Jeff Wu from Sac State got a chance to watch the brilliance of his idol, JLin, in person


  265. Is Utah in highland?? Thought only Denver is. To me, it seems Utah is pretty flat when I traveled there yrs ago.

  266. That was an amazing pass, 52 sec in the first highlights posted here. Amazing. Sort of the opposite of a nutmeg, ball inches above DMC’s head he had not way to stop it.

  267. How about the one where JLin draws 3 bigs and the ball magically appears in Hansbroughs hands behind them for the open dunk.

  268. Naw, I think Kemba is simply a selfish player..Anyone could had made that pass here…He just enjoy being the hero and getting all the praise…he doesn’t want to share it with anyone.

    I now do not want Lin to remain in Charlotte beyond this year…Kemba is way too selfish….

    It is clear that Lin is the better facilitator and should be running the point while Kemba should be playing off the all.

  269. No way. MJ isn’t going to admit that he drafted a poor PG and put a big contract at the wrong place.

  270. Can’t wait to see the Jun Liu highlights. Wish youtube had a slo mo feature.

  271. And he passed it with such a great timing, on the way down
    Crazy good!

  272. Lin gave him the tickets… LOL!

  273. And they were right about Jeremy being the game changer https://twitter.com/linspiredinca/status/691892498512351232

  274. He is selfish as well but he also doesn’t have the vision. Which makes his passing even worse.

  275. Physical limitations, he’s too short. Same with Lin, he’s a not an NBA player…he’s Asian ;P

  276. Agree…emba always never passes unless he’s completely forced to give it up.

  277. I know but we can’t do nothing about that til Lin will get his team.

  278. lol

  279. Of course. Who else???!!!! 🙂 JLin met him few years ago in Taiwan.

  280. yep — I was watching the back and fort GSW and SAS and sorry I missed the game. But you can see JLin had some game flow going. That was great. By the time I switched back, it was pretty much Kemba get my stats time. Someone posted a tweet, and it’s true … great game heading to win in reg. until some dumb guy decided to pad his own stats. That attempted layup against 2 bigs and chase, when JLin was on that same side wide open … that was the epitome of selfish street pickup ball.

  281. Santa Ana!!!!

  282. Of course, he knows he has MJ/FO support, so he can keep on isoing to get stats for their justification. I’ve seen enough for 43 games now, is that KW does not have great PG court vision nor great passing skills like a starter pg should have. Yet Hornets keep puffing him up…

  283. Traffic starts 4 to 7 🙁

  284. yup!…no complains there…just being greedy!

  285. yes, well it’s a tough situation for everyone.

  286. Kemba Cant start on a playoff team. Thats why Charlotte got Lin and Batum. Players who can pass. Like green for Gsw who is better at passing then Curry. The problem is he isn’t an efficient scorer.

  287. Both are.

  288. LOL, Lin cut his dad out from the background.

  289. Curry passes pretty dgood … you aren’t going to win this one. Kemba just doesn’t pass because, like someone posted of a tweet, he’s just some dumb guy who decides to go for his own stats. It’s right there on tape.

  290. You’re breaking the site rule as well. Just move on and please let the mods handle it.

  291. because many coaches went to the BSc and McH school of coaching.

  292. yeah, Kemba shot 1-7 in both OT together, Lin 1-2, don’t even get the ball much.

  293. He is ok. green is still a better passer. iggy is ok as well. The bigs can also pass. Play is ok. The point is that type of system i think Kemba would do good in. Still too inefficient and selfish

  294. please handle it. 🙂 Hairston hug to Daniels.

  295. Oh gosh, they have school for bad coaching? lol

  296. Why did a guy shooting under 40% for his career get rewarded a contract bigger than Curry’s ?

  297. Because going 5-25 and getting blocked 3 times is soooo clutch.

  298. Pretty cute.

  299. In the last few games, noticed that Jeremy’s body is not square to the basket. His right side is leading. Is he adjusting his shooting form to account for the missed shots I the previous games?

  300. My only conclusion for Kemba: The excuses that fans give Kemba are getting too long to appreciate his games at all.

  301. Lin KILLS the Jazz in both away and home games.

    The Jazz cannot physically match up with Lin.

  302. Fans aren’t gullible, but NBA FRONT OFFICES are.

  303. Huh? Kemba would not be anywhere near GSW system. They got rid of Monte right quick. They had to choose between a shot at Jordan or releasing Lin. They’ve regretted it, even going as far as wanting to get Lin but ‘settled’ for Livingston because Lin was locked up by Rox. But what a find in Liv … he’s so good, did you see him dominate SAS tonight? Amazing. Nope, no place for Kemba on GSW.

    To your GSW bigs passing, did you see Bogut’s no look behind the back lead pass to KT tonight? Announcers highlighted it. Made KT chase it around the corner to a straight open run to the basket.

  304. More like ordering a McDonald’s Happy Meal and getting filet mignon inside.

  305. Not all fans are gullible, but there are gullible fans.

  306. It may be run by Morey and some college grad statisticians.

    LOL, Pop said of tonight’s loss … “I’m glad my GM was not in the locker room else I’d be fired.”

  307. Undefeated with Hawes as a starter too.

  308. Curry’s is coming this year, I think.

  309. Yes.

    Lin’s BACK to using Linsanity style shooting – with Linsanity level results.

    This is the NBA form that Lin’s dad taught him.

    Lin’s boss Michael Jordan used this form. If it’s good enough for Jordan, it’s good enough for Lin.

  310. But somehow it has a much higher arc.

  311. Because Walker is overpriced on a small market team and Curry didn’t become “Curry” until Joe Lacob brought in Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes, and ESPECIALLY Andrew Bogut.

  312. Good one! Sometimes people talkin’ and talkin’ the game is over. Won by Lin.

  313. He’s such a boss.

  314. Believe this pic is different that the other player pic.

  315. His insanity style was more flat

  316. Look how happy the team is for Daniels. Kinda reminds you of Linsanity.

  317. JLamb looking pretty stalky there lol.

  318. i agree I’m just saying Hornets want to replicate them. Because lets face it there is only one Curry. Kemba is still a pretty good player. They have to get the most out of him. that scheme would

  319. He always looks like that though… when he’s not looking sleepy… lol.

  320. No, Kemba looks straight at the rim when he drives, only looking to score.

  321. sometimes chrome crashes jlinportal .. so we’re about even :}

  322. Whew, what a bbal night. GSW SAS finally matched up. Then this bruiser of a finish.

    I really liked:

    1. DMC fouling out. It was David and Goliath, with PsychoT, Hawes, MW fouled out and no choice to go small ball. Karl was pulling DMC on D to avoid his 6th foul, and KW and Cliff were too dumb to attack him for the 6th when they could. JLin even had a chance, but he was trying to get a clean score by a teammate so he didn’t. I was saying Go Lin, attack DMC!

    Seemed whenever JLin forayed, it was from a different set so he didn’t have as clean a run at DMC. So I was really glad to see Kam try to hold his own, almost doing it, and then taking an elbow to the chin to get the job done. Not that I like elbows to people’s chin, but that was a relief to see DMC out.

    2. Without DMC, Rondo really had fewer choices, and he was too scared to shoot though he was good enough to get through initial D.

    3. KW poking Rudy Gay in the eye … that was so bad. KW is really low skill except he probably played ISO his whole life. I mean, most people don’t foul the 3. Most people who foul the 3 hit someone’s hands on the release. Or, they get up in the air and a Harden like move is pulled, jumping into them when they come down. JLin does that. But, fingers poking into a face? That is low skill bball.

    4. The Daniels 3s … wow. Did you notice how in the final few series, out of TO, the play started with KW and then released to JLin? I felt then … ok, Cliff said it’s on Lin. We just need a good shot and the game’s gonna end now. Before that, every ball KW had, we were probably all thinking … how many more stops before we score a winner, this isn’t going to work.

    David and Goliath, Kam, Daniels, Hawes, PJ, and Lin they did it! No cred to Kemba, he forced all the OTs.

  323. Wonder how much that costs, Sac is only 2 hrs away. GSW v CHA is impossible to afford for the common man.

  324. Because Kemba’s too short to play SG. Listed at 6’1″ (5’11.5″ without shoes).

  325. What an excellent picture capturing JLin’s intent to attack the rim!

  326. heh heh. Marchand Beast Mode.

  327. Chrome vs jlinportal. Epic…

  328. Ouch, Rudy Gay suffered corneal abrasion after Kemba’s poke


  329. Like someone said, different class. Jlin belongs in that class. It’s like JLin has to travel with the rest of us to get to his seat at the table that has been set, someday.

    Kemba … he might well not be coachable, or maybe he needs a stronger coach. I think Kerr and his system (Luke) have improved over what MJax did for Curry. But I still don’t think Kemba is near as good as even Liv. Liv makes a lot of great D and O plays, including getting his own when needed. Kemba may be at the barbosa level, but I think barbosa is more experienced.

    Curry, the thing about him is he’s so nice and I see him with his family and I know he’s for real. A lot of celebs you know they are not real with their families, you know what I mean. It’s something good for all of us, amazing people who treat others with integrity (Lin, Curry, Arthur Ash, etc. I put them on the same class). Good to hold on to, to respect.

  330. KW’s dirty play… That’s really bad for Rudy Gay. Anything to do w/ cornea is really scary…

  331. lucky eye surface regenerates fast, fastest skin regen in the body according to link below. I think your tongue regenerates fast too.

    That’s still was a nasty play by Kemba, very nasty and unskilled.


  332. most likely Christmas gift from Jeremy =)

  333. OK Lin is not a PG but so what. He had 20 pts and 11 assists. He took 19 shots so you can’t say he’s not getting the touches. In the third quarter just about every play run through Lin. On top of that he played 50 mins! What more do you want from a coach? I personally think Clifford is very fair to Lin. If your definition of a PG is bringing the ball down the floor then he’s not a PG. Other than that he sure plays like one to me. Here’s what the Kings commentators said at the end of the second quarter (about 50s left when Kemba missed the jumper): “Just a miserable first half for the Eastern conference player of the week. He’s 1 of 9 but they got Jeremy Lin who is making up for it. He’s more than making up for it, he has been as good as Kemba has been bad.” You don’t think other coaches are noticing Lin? Whether he re-signs with the Hornets or not is beside the point. The point is Clifford is giving Lin a chance to showcase himself. At the end of all this is a big contract waiting for him. Show me the money!

  334. Lin was huge to lead the team in the 3rd quarter for 13pt-swing for 3pt lead
    I hope Hornets fans and Clifford will be able to see teamball is the way to win.
    Kemba needs to get on-board even in the 4th quarter


  335. There may be a big contract waiting for Lin, yes.

    It may not be in the NBA or even America next season.

    I don’t think any NBA team other than Charlotte thinks that Lin is capable of playing in the NBA right now.

  336. Alley oop for Lin dunk. Still waiting for that seminal event of Lin’s NBA career. =)

  337. luckily it was not Lin’s hair…

  338. Lin always knows who to get the ball to. When I read that Troy Daniels made the game winning shot, I already knew who passed him the ball. =)

  339. Had they done that the whole game, Hornets would have won by at least 20.

  340. Good to see you post!

  341. As consensus, Hornets are now 4-0 on OT. I think 2 of them were caused by Kemba. What of the other 2?

  342. Lin had some Doc Scheppler girl form with the improper foot placement in him during Linsanity.

    But now, Lin’s ALL NBA in his new solid technique that he’s still getting used to.

    Now Lin’s able to bend his knees more when shooting, and that’s greatly improved his game.

  343. It’s true that Lin’s getting chances from Clifford to orchestrate offense & increase his market value although Clifford also allowed Kemba to override it in crunch time to help his cause to push for All-Star selection by coaches.

    It’s a mixed situation that Lin’s getting some chances w/o making Kemba look bad.
    It would be Hornets loss not to win with teamball with Lin as the PG in the long-term.
    They have sealed their fate with Kemba and appears to be unwilling to change.

    But it’s okay. I guess JLin is destined to play in a bigger market.

  344. I bet George Karl is thinking how nice JLin looked in 2 times beating his team =)
    And MDA is busy texting Lin to audition to rest his legs to be a Secretariat next season

  345. Well hello there stranger! 🙂

  346. Confirmed that this was Lin’s career high minutes played in a game. Can you guess his previous high game? (I couldn’t without looking it up)
    49 minutes HOU vs PHI. Yes, the nine 3-ptr , 34 pt, 11 ast game!


  347. I know you’ve said this in the past. I wouldn’t call Doc Sheppler’s coaching “girl form”, though there is a vid with his high school girls showing the form. It’s gender neutral, and I believe he thinks so.

    I know you’ve said in the past it’s about the hips. I don’t happen to agree with that kind of way to ascribe it.

  348. Oh, I thought it was one of the Toronto games. Forgot PHI game was an OT.

  349. good to see ya =)
    I remember Lin was so exhausted in that 76ers game that he regretted he can’t play tougher D

    That means Lin’s conditioning is even better this season since he can still run tough D at the 50th minutes!

  350. DMC would like to feast for more than 56 points someday, getting more than 20 dimes from JLin.

  351. Too bad DMC doesn’t like Jeremy, who always frustrates him.

  352. No doubt about it ?

  353. Well, his loss I guess. Very few players can do a nice ally pop.

  354. Wow, Hornets are above Knicks now! Nice!

  355. Yup both are and some others…this would give some light


  356. Look at Lin attacking the two Gay Cousins.

  357. No questions asked your honor

  358. Highlights from Jun Liu 🙂

  359. Not with Clifford coaching. This game is very important for both of them. Kemba is very jealous of Lin.

  360. Selfish is bad.

  361. If they are team mates he’d be fine getting dimes from Lin. I’m all for Lin in Sacramento 🙂

  362. I dont mind KW doing hero ball, there is are no options….but then you have good to great players surrounding him, he should trust his teammates and feed them…CC need to step in to address

  363. Actually thats the other option for Lin…if he decides to leave CHA, be could also find team with good PG who passes to make their living….Lin could fit just right for SG and a second combo guard

  364. With this win the Hornets have more wins now (22 wins) than the Lakers won for the whole of last season (21 wins). Even if there is nothing else, at least Lin can be happy about this.

  365. Only after Kemba get his stats.

  366. He is allowed now because the asg voting is done. And he still shouts at Lin if he makes mistakes not on Kemba and Batum. Think about being fair.

  367. We need to be positive Khuang. I understand what you mean but God works in mysterious ways.

  368. Yes yes yes

  369. wow…that is a long long video….its been awhile since I listed to Paul’s video…which I thought it either had become a short or medium version only…anyways he is a great Lin fan….immaterial we agree or disagree to his pov

  370. I feel its okay for Coach to shout at his players…thats his role as well…..as for KW…maybe we are not seeing it on our streams

  371. totally disagree…will see as season ends

  372. triple yes 😉

  373. Charlotte Hornets’ Jeremy Lin Proved Too Hard To Handle for Former Team New York Knicks -by Jeff Harris

    They may be his former teammates but Jeremy Lin is constantly proving that the New York Knicks made a wrong decision in letting him go four years ago. How so? Well, he just went on to beat the entire Knicks team in his every move with team high 26 points along with Hornets superstar Kemba Walker.

    Becoming famous during his Knicks’ Linsanity days, Jeremy Lin may have found a home with the Charlotte Hornets, sharing scoring responsibility alongside their first option, Walker. This after the team decided not to field Nicolas Batum and Jeremy Lamb, giving Lin even more playing time – 40 minutes.

    Once a Scorer, Always a Scorer – Just Put the Ball on His Hand

    But the scorer that he is, Jeremy Lin proves that when he has the ball, he can do whatever he wants to – scoring in penetration or jump shot, dishing out five assists or even getting five rebounds – that’s how he developed into some a potential firepower for the Hornets.

    “Jeremy Lin has played on teams where he has started for the majority of the year,” Hornets coach Steve Clifford said as quoted by News Day. “I think the guys that have had those roles before are a big advantage because they have done it before.”

    ”We need to rack up some wins and keep playing together, regardless of who’s not playing,” Kemba Walker said as posted by Yahoo Sports. ”We’ve got guys who are very capable of stepping up and making plays. Hopefully, we’re able to keep doing it.”

    Jeremy Lin Delegated as Hornets Starting Shooting Guard

    As Andrew Snyder of Hoops Habit said, “If the Hornets are going to start stringing together wins and make a push for the playoffs, Lin is going to have to be a huge part of that. With all the injuries plaguing the the team, Lin is clearly Charlotte’s second-best player at the moment. Until Batum returns, Lin’s role in the offense needs to mirror this performance against the Knicks.”

    Snyder added, “He’s the type of scorer that can change the game when he gets hot and the type of passer that makes the game easier for his teammates. The only other players on the Hornets roster that can do that are Walker and the currently hobbled Batum.”

    And with Batum out, it looks like we’re going to see Jeremy Lin’s minute to rise.

  374. Then why didn’t Karl and the Kings easily pick up Lin this summer?

  375. Just because Lin might not be in the NBA much longer doesn’t mean that he’s not doing God’s way.

  376. Even if Lin is forced to stay because nobody wants him, Charlotte will replace Lin’s roster spot with either a clueless rookie draft pick or a veteran bench PG who earns more and produces far less than Lin does.

    Expect Lin to be phased out next season,even if he has to stay for another $2 million.

  377. Walker “is a type of passers that makes the game easier for his teammates. “…. laughable…smh

  378. “Lin is the 2nd best player”?

    The numbers don’t support that view.

    Lin’s +/- is badly dragged down by Walker’s terrible play.

  379. The trend will continue.

    Even when Batum returns, Lin’s teammates outside of Walker have fully placed their trust in Lin.

    I’ve been writing all season that Lin’s output would be completely dependent on how much his nonWalker nonBatum teammates learned to play off Lin for their own shots and defense.

  380. Clifford shouting at Lin and the “role players” HELPS the role players play more teamball and produce more.

    Clifford being terrified of criticizing Walker and Batum for their terrible selfish mistake filled play HURTS Walker and Batum’s production.

  381. Bad article

  382. Lin beat the Knicks “along with Walker”?


    After Walker’s brick filled 7-25, the only reason I’m not bombing this article is because it is a pro Lin article.

  383. That’s if PHI wants Lin at all, which I kinda doubt because of Sam Hinkie’s refusal to sign free agents and especially star searching Jerry Colangelo who I suspect doesn’t think Lin is good enough to play in the NBA.

  384. Too bad it was Gay and not Melo that Walker hit.

    Then again, Walker’s always been a step slow.

  385. It’s not just the hips.

    It’s also the wrist, elbow, and shoulder placement.

    Lin has been shooting curveballs until now.

    Right now, we are watching the best jump shooting in Lin’s career.

    As long as he doesn’t take too many 3s off the soft dribble, he’ll raise his percentages.

  386. Oh yes, it’s called the NBA illegal defense era of no zones.

  387. That has not stopped Lin from GETTING HIS this season.

  388. It seems to me that there are some NBA power-play to pump up Walker, either for ASG or for other unknown reasons.

    MJ team must did some behind the scene works to get NBA and refs to collaborate. Just look at the calls favored Walkers last game all game (especially the last call in 4Q that Walker should have won the game with FT, how was that a foul) at the expense of Lin getting non-calls. And the past few games lately with the calls and plays for Walker. You will see what I meant.

    It was luck that Hornets won the game. Where was the luck coming from? Laboring Under Correct Knowledge, from teammates minus Walker and the incompetent coach that can not stand up to the fake star, letting him almost losing the game. Just watching the smile from the coach after 2OT win make me wanting to vomit.

    I am wondering what was in Batum’s mind when he experience this time and time first hand. I doubt he will sign with Hornets, knowing that there is always a star-wannabe in the team that kills the chance in winning. (Well, if Batum is rational)

    But I am grateful that Lin showed up with team-ball, a sharp contrast to the heavy iso hero-ball. It shows vividly in this remarkable game:. 3Qs of Linsanity vs 1Q and 2 OT of hero street ball. Men and queens with reasonable sense can see it.

    I don’t foresee Lin will get much chance than this game from now on because of political agenda. Unless something substantial surfaces. Just stay healthy and play your brand of games, Lin. You will find your permanent home.

  389. I agree Walker had become another Harden now for FT… Well, w/o the FT he only made 11 pts.

  390. lol…I didnt watch the game… but we cant just dish KW….because just having him together with Lin diversifies the offensive threat.

    And yes, I do agree KW need to be more intelligent in understanding teamball and not chucking shots for the sake to shooting.

    Having said that…that doesnt make the article a bad one

  391. Totally disagree again. His present form is so much better than his old form. It’s so much more efficient off the hop using his body more to shoot that “girlie shot” you speak of. If that’s a girlie form then Curry is a girlie star.

  392. I really suspect that Sam Hinkie will stay in his job for long. This could be his last NBA JOB and he would be forced out soon after what 76ers has gone through in the last 3 seasons. Sam Hinkie is bad news for the entire league.

  393. My theory after watching Karl & Cousins saga last offseason plus ownership is owner wants big name PG to keep Cousins happy & Rondo was it despite DAL drama.

    Lin’s stats was ruined by Lakers tanking season so really not many teams had him in the radar.

    The only good news we know for sure about who wants Lin now is the Hornets, Grizzlies even rumored Nets for backup PG last offseason and finally MDA who was quoted recently of looking forward to be coaching Lin when he has a chance.

    If MDA becomes HC, I see it as Lin’s best chance to be a star again

  394. You’re negativity is way beyond reason. We already know that Hinkie and his coach are basically lame ducks. The league office is desperate to get rid of that chapter of tanking and replace it with a new winning tradition. What we see already is that MDA is running the show with reacquirering a real PG to help change the culture. MDA is on very friendly terms with Lin and they text one another from time to time. Why would you think that they don’t want someone that fits their system perfectly? They know that with Lin next year, they can win at least 50 games. I fully expect MDA and Lin to reunite next year somewhere.

  395. didn’t watch the game, but it bothers me that p.j. didn’t give lin the ball when lin went to get the ball from him. (i saw someone post this.) is that true? what was the context there?

    were teammates IN GENERAL (not just kemba) icing out lin? why would they do that when Lin brought them so far with so many assists? were the lin-friendly teammates all on the bench?

    lots of questions. =)

    glad to see that his 3-pointer seems to be back… last two games, it’s been pretty decent.

  396. They already have the elephant in the house called Rondo. Who likes to play with Rondo? Boogie man. Karl was already on shaky ground with Divac for his clashes with Boogie. Even if he liked Lin, I don’t think he has much weight in the matter.

  397. It could be that the play was for Walker. But who knows. Like the last play in OT1, Troy singled-out Walker not sticking to the play. Questions that can not be answered outside the locker room.

  398. I think that’s all from coach’s order. Like in 3Q why everyone all passed the ball to Lin & let him run O bc coach said so… (not bc all the sudden they all like Lin so much… ) in late 4Q it’s all Kemba… that’s not new…That’s the way it’s.

  399. Still half a season to go. Last 3 months have only been an upswing for Lin, every month has been better for him. Lets see.

    Stop scaring us KHuang! 😛

  400. Griffin hurts or breaks his hand in an altercation with a Clipper’s staff member. Some of these NBA players need to grow up and get it together.

  401. At mark 5:25 on Jun’s video above, where Lin got called for the bogus foul for elbowing DMC while protecting the ball on the floor. After he got up, I like how Lin stood firm and faced up to DMC head on. The refs and players got in between them and DMC backed down. Lin has to do this more when he knows that he’s in the right, especially when he gets hit on the face and head. Having said that, DMC is a talented big man. He could have become superstar long ago if he has Lin as PG on his team.

  402. Thanks for the article.
    Superstar Walker?!??!! ??

  403. Really easy… they just stand around and watch. lol

  404. okay!!! More scoring we love.

  405. but poking someone in the eye on a challenge? That’s more than slow lol.

  406. Reply to DanCohen– (somehow I cannot reply to you directly. So here’s my reply.). Exactly! That’s what I said and meant. Lin didn’t have to say or do anything, just sternly face the perpetrator. Lin knows better NOT to take the first swing, and I know he won’t. That may have been the first time I’ve seen Lin had done that…

  407. Jeremy Lin how u do dis? #CHAatSAC
    Vine by Hive Talk Live


  408. Demarcus should know a thing or two about throwing elbows. Except Lin’s was just trying to protect the ball and his space. Cousins’ was not.


  409. Omri Casspi: Not THIS again!

    THIS is the best screen Jeremy could get from the Hornets bigs.

  410. That’s disappointing. I thought Griffin was a high character guy. Turns out he’s another Kevin Garnett (who sucker punched a teammate in the mouth and chipped his tooth because the scrub was scoring on him during practice. Garnett also punched teammate Wally Szczerbiak in the head before).

  411. probably another ROID RAGE incident.

  412. this requires a big who will roll to the basket. nice job hansborough! you can imagine other scenarios where the big doesn’t roll like he’s supposed to and then lin gets stuck, gets a turnover, and then gets blamed.

    i think he also ran a nice pick n roll w/hawes earlier in the game, which was great, since hawes always seems to prefer the pick n pop. maybe the bigs are learning! (bigs that can roll AND that can shoot 3s is deadly…)

  413. No agenda from Jordan other than to pump his one possible All Star player into the game.

  414. Actually, positivity is beyond reason if one thinks about it.

    We have NO INDICATIONS that ANY team wants Lin, including this Hornets team which views Lin as strictly a one year rental.


    Lin is not on the Kings because they did not want him.

  416. “Ruined?”

    Marco Belinelli who had a scrub game against Lin averaged less points and stats than Lin, yet he’s earning $7 million to Lin’s $2.

    The Kings under Karl could have got a younger cheaper better bigger stats player than Belinelli by getting Lin at less than 1/3 the cost, but they REFUSED because the Kings don’t deem Lin worthy of a NBA contract.

  417. that’s how a PG gets the ball to the wide open teammate under the basket while being double teamed.

  418. Not just Cousins’ loss.

    The WHOLE Sacramento franchise’s loss.

    That team sure could use Lin to reverse their endless losing.

  419. 1) Dribble in
    2) Draw a triple team
    3) Pass to the wide open Hansbrough cutting to the basket or pass to the wide open Kaminsky on the 3 pt line.

  420. Higher percentage of making it with a cutting Hansbrough than an open Kaminsky. Koufos simply gave up there.

  421. Come on man..just stop it…Can we enjoy this great game by Lin without reverting to conspiracy theory??…wow!

    As a Lin fan, I wasn’t happy by how the Hornets completely ignored Lin in the 2 OTs but I’m glad Lin had a great game anyway…..

    Saying that, I think Lin should not re-sign with the Hornets…Kemba is simply too selfish and Clifford is unable or too afraid to tell Kemba to stop hugging the ball during crunch time.

    It’s amazing how he always get the ball during cluch time eventhough he’s not shooting that well.

    Lin has started some charity stuff in the Charlotte community and I just hope this is not a precursor for him to get too comfortable and stay…I really worry that he may stay for the sake of continuity…That’s his 4th team and he might feel that he need a bit of familiarity.

    If Lin can keep his stats up, he should get a few starting gigs with some other teams…so I just hope he doesn’t get too comfortable in Charlotte.

  422. I remember at the begin of the season, Clifford yelled at big Al about a missed defence assignment. Big Al got really mad and screamed back at him. I remember Clifford backed down right away… and I think he lost his control over his team since then.

    I guess he doesn’t want to be yelled back by Walker, Batum or big Al… sigh…

  423. Exactly!
    Hawes, Cody and Frank, please take note. That’s how you roll with JLin.

  424. Just watched Lin’s reaction once T got the ball. he turned back to defense without looking.

  425. That PnR was his answer to Rudy Gay blocking his shot earlier in the play. Right back at yah, Rudy!

  426. Hawes and Frank usually stay and wait to shoot 3.

  427. Well, just watched X-Files. Can’t help …

    The truth is still out there.

  428. Was there a Kings post game? Can’t find any from NBA. Wondering what Karl had said if there is one.

  429. Knew that Hans know how to play PnR. He can thrive w/Lin like any other bigs, but better. Only if he gets consistent PT. Lin makes his teammates better. Haven’t seen KW make any notable passes (only easy ones) to any of his teammates. Probably, that’s one of the reasons, they have to take it upon themselves to score. No setting up for easy basket from KW.

  430. Tyler properly rolled. That’s key also. Great play. Lin took his time too, totally under control.

  431. That was a great play by Rudy. Lin’s move was a wow move, but Rudy stayed with it got up and blocked it.

  432. Cliff doesn’t play Hans much because he is the only one who can PnR dangerously well with Lin, which will make KW look like a scrub.

  433. 20%? Is this supposed to reflect well on Kemba?


  434. which situation was worse LA or HOU? where do you want to see lin go next year?

  435. Lin wasn’t even looking at DMC.. he was looking at the ref. DMC was looking at Lin. It was kind of awkward. ha

  436. Cousins was waiting for Lin to say something then pounce, but of course Lin is too smart for that. A tech would not be economical for a Econ major.

  437. What’s yours?

  438. I think Cousins knows that Lin wont do anything though. He knew it was pointless lol

  439. He might not like Lin, but he respects his game!

  440. Lin looka yoked out in that picture. Got me feeling all sorts of way.

  441. Things that make u go , “Hmm, so it’s not Kemba who helped the Hornets won over Cousins & the Kings”

    In the battle of EC vs WC player of the week, Hornets offense is more balanced.

    Kings can’t score well after Cousins fouled out

  442. Professor Lin used his A++ geometry knowledge to find a passing angle between 2 tall trees ?

  443. The more I watched that last play the more I’m convinced that the play was drew up for Troy Daniels. Kemba cut to the corner without any urgency. Clearly he’s just a decoy.

  444. Jeremy Lin interview post game ‪#‎CHA at SAC‬

  445. LA

  446. SPURS

  447. Reporter: “Do you prefer your role being like a starter or bench for this team?”
    JLIN: “Every player wants to start”

    Occasionally an odd meme floats around the blogosphere that JLIN is content to be a backup scrub bench player for Hornets team.

    You heard it from JLIN’s mouth himself – please put that fallacy to rest wherever you hear it.

  448. Whichever MDA coaches.

  449. Jeremy said it in HOU as well when he was asked about Beverly starting ahead of him.

  450. Jeremy was never in a situation where he had to stood firm despite the hits he’s received from other players. Just laughing it off (foul from Kobe and Carmelo) was sufficient but last night situation with DMC was different and standing his ground was the right thing to do. I don’t think DMC was expecting Jeremy to do that.

  451. Didn’t find the coach’s interview. But from the players, they were really sad. Indeed, Hornets injured 4 main players and fouled out 3 bigs, still won. No excuse for Queens. 🙂

    Cousins not satisfied even after scoring 56 points

    Casspi’s reaction after tough 2OT loss to the Hornets

  452. that’s a stupid question.

  453. Come on, guys! There is nothing wrong being Queens. If you want to insult the Kings, call them false Kings or something…

  454. Not sure it’s so stupid.

    Personally have been told repeatedly that JLIN likes to be a bench scrub for a playoff team that treats him fairly compared with his past teams – so that question and JLIN’s answer clears the air.

    We can argue whether the Hornets are a playoff team or not, but the idea peddled by many Hornets fans that JLIN is happy with a Ginobelli-like role is false and now it’s unequivocal.

  455. No offense, I like queens.

  456. Lin’s usg% is 22.1 so far this year and I think it’ll be higher. It’s his second highest usg% in comparison to all other years (the highest was 28.1 during Linsanity in NY).

  457. whoever told you that’s their opinion not Lin. Lin wants to start but when he was treated badly in the first weeks of the season, people got frustrated. Now is a different story but wait till the Hornets get back Batum and MKG then we’ll find out.

  458. Re: GT: Hornets @ Kings Mon Jan 25 10PM EST

    Post#785 » by fatlever » less than a minute ago

    W/out cheating, anyone want to guess who holds the franchise record for most games with 25 or more field goal attempts?

    1. Rice (15)

    2. Kemba (13)

    3. Chapman (10)

    4. Jefferson/LJohnson (9)

    6. Jackson (8)

    *Kemba now holds the distinction of having the lowest made field goals (5) for any player in franchise history with more than 25 attempts, breaking his previous record from his rookie year when he shot 6-for-26 vs the Bucks.

  459. Looks like Lin is saying to Daniels. ” I’ll start the play and you finish it. ”

    Then Daniels says, ” hell yeah!”

    And kemba behind Daniels is saying,
    ” hey guys, don’t forget about me?!”

  460. Like a Boss!

  461. Kemba: “Need to rub some of that mojo onto me!”

  462. I know 🙂

  463. That’s A+ answer due to proven Linsanity ??

  464. Please observe the rules and do not attack other posters.

  465. Blake is always nice to Lin..

  466. Do you know that Lin’s 11 asts:
    – is the season high as a Hornet exceeding previous high of 7?
    – is more than Kemba season high of 9?
    – ties his season high in LAL and HOU in the past 3 yrs?
    – is 3 away from his career high of 14 as a Knick in 2012?

    And finally, it could easily be 14+ if he had 5 more min as the main playmaker?

    LinsA+nity 2016 is much better than Linsanity 2012 despite not being in MDA system … Yet ????

  467. The odd meme floating around is probably from what Lin said when he was asked whether he would be a starter for the Lakers, “There’s a possibility, but again I think one of the things that I have learned in Houston is not necessarily that. Watching the way the Spurs did, and watching what Ginobili did, I just think starting is great but that’s a lot lower on my priority list now that I’ve been through it.”

  468. That quote was made when Steve Nash future Hall of Famer was still the Lakers PG, nobody starts over a healthy Nash, JLIn was simply being realistic and diplomatic with that quote.

  469. So Batum hasn’t had more than 9 assists? Interesting that no one had double double with assists.
    Just imagine Jeremy playing full time PG. He would easily get 14 assists and triple double here and there 🙂
    EDIT: Oops, I realized you only mentioned Kemba’s assists not Batum.

  470. Houston worse – they deliberately disrespected him.

    I’d like Lin to go to a team like New Jersey that would presumably have a nonhater coach that would allow Lin to play point guard as a starter.

  471. I was wondering why Lin didn’t get the assist for PJ Hairston goal-tending FG?

    Have you guys emailed the league about this?

  472. Ok, thats what I thought.

  473. He mostly praised Daniels. Daniels deserved it. 28 points is great. His shooting really gave them a lift and they don’t win without him. Of course, Lin drove the big 3rd quarter and just played a great game. Hawes and Marv also made big 3s.

  474. It’ll really be Linsanity if he can have say 7 out of 11 more of these 20 point scoring games and get at least 5 assists in the next 11 or so games. He’s played Linsane games for the Hornets, but hasn’t really strung them together. The last 2 are the start of something? Might be tough tonight, after 50 minutes playing in Utah will be tough.

  475. LA first off from a basketball stand point was horrible, but based on the way lin was treated Houston was way worse. I hope he reunites with Mike D’antoni and becomes a starting point guard.

  476. Or prove yourself right.

  477. 11 assists 3x.

    Lin and Batum just need to touch the ball to get assists. Calling them PG, SG, SF really doesn’t matter. Lin probably can’t get that many with Batum on the floor however.

  478. That’s ast record is just sad. This team is so bad on so many levels.

  479. Lin had 2 rebounds that were called fouls. One was bogus and one was him jumping over Cousins on the floor for the rebound. Had he gotten those, he would’ve had almost a triple double 20/11/9.

  480. I’d rather have queens than the joker jacks we have on Hornets. Lol


    From the Pulse radio interview today on Kings gm (at 2:20):
    “at some point my ankle was kinda giving me issues, and that’s really where I was feeling it…it was getting really really sore…”

    Said still doing physical therapy on the ankle, having 3 sessions of therapy today.

    For those of us keeping track, the ankle has been bad now since Dec. 29th.

  482. Exactly!
    … I want to be at the end of the bench just collecting cheques… lol

  483. So it’s still not good yet… But right now they don’t have enough players so he can’t possible to take a break then… I hate he played that long min. smh!

  484. so that might be why they weren’t running the game through him.

  485. I know I’m in the minority view, but if he had to get 3 therapy sessions on the ankle today… he should rest the ankle and sit out the Jazz gm.

    Risking permanent ankle weakness or worse. Stephon Curry at last count has had some 11+ ankle injuries — once you have a severe sprain, the ankle is never the same.

  486. I think so but I doubt Cliff will let Lin rest unless Lamb can play….

  487. isn’t it so sinister to think Coach Cliff thought of having JLIN play hurt or to say force him jeremy to play? or it is maybe that JLIN wants to play because we know Jeremy’s character for he wants to help the team much.

  488. The fact that Lin is playing like this and is not 100 percent is crazy

  489. Hawes was finally making 3s and Marvin played well despite the wrist injury. Great team win.

  490. players usually play throng ankle sprains. The injury is just very nagging because it stays for a while and can get worse a any given time. Wade would always get those injuries and play through it. Sometimes he would just take a week if or so to heal but luckily the allstar break is not far away

  491. My imagination of the conversations:

    Clifford: We really need you JLIN on defense tonight.
    JLIN: Ok coach still pretty sore but if you really need me, I’ll try to go.

    Clifford: Batum want to give you all the time you need, you’re our superstar and we want you happy.
    Batum: Thanks coach, organization really makes me feel at home; will keep that in mind contract time.

    Clifford: Lamb no pressing need for you tonight
    Lamb: Alright coach, I won’t rush – still not 100%

  492. players play their injuries some of the times, but to say a Coach FORCED players to play even they know the players is hurting is as sinister as making the player risking their profession by a permanent injuries? i know they have people who decide who to play or who should not play, but coach Cliff or all coach for that matter has no power to decide to play a hurting player , but he can ask a Player who is hurt NOT to PLay.

  493. Examine Kemba’s memory & sincerity to his own words..

    1. JAZZ 52pt gm 2OT
    “You know, I basically made all the mistakes down the stretch to keep these guys in the game. As one of the best players on this team, I can’t make those mistakes. So I’m a little upset with myself right now.”

    2. KNICKS 7-25 shooting
    “deja vu” tried to shoot team to loss

    3. KINGS 5-25 shooting
    “it’s like deja vu all over again” nearly isoheros team to loss (multiple times)

    That’s a total of 12-50 shooting in two games and not surprised to see 17-75 after next.

  494. I wouldn’t say it’s force but more ask him to do it.

  495. like waves, if he doesn’t play, heh heh, iso kemba will come and be the style for another 10 games. Lin has his finger in the dike.

  496. that’s focus-in-da-zone for ya!

  497. did you mean it’s a Hornets season hight also? Nice if so.

  498. “Let me go on record that how we finish games isn’t very impressive, but we’ll take it.” how i hear it.

  499. thx for the update.

  500. Man i just gotta throw this out there out of respect for demarcus cousins even though its a Lin forum…Rarely do you see a player like that who burns so much for the game and has that much passion…yeah he might get out of control at times but man i would have loved to have a guy like that on my team and on Lins team…

  501. Modern Rasheed Wallace/Dennis Rodman hybrid

  502. Kemba’s future actions on the court will speak louder than words. He can’t keep having 5-25 shooting games and playing hero ball down the stretch. It’s hurting the team and almost lost them the last game.

  503. I put half the blame on coach. Coach should have smoke coming out his ears when he sees Kemba ISOing down the stretch. Especially when he’s not making them.

  504. Yeah Cousins is the only player I voted for ASG other than Lin.

  505. Cousins is like the Lebron of the West.

  506. Tyler with the proper screen.

  507. thats what he always do. He will run back on D once hes done with O.

  508. not sure y it wouldnt be ok here. but i was thinking the same bout him as a player. would b an excellent teammate for Lin

  509. So talented. But he has to exercise better self-control. If he can do that, he’s one of the best in the game.

  510. Thank Klueless Kemba for causing so many OT games that Lin could have won by the 3rd quarter.

  511. Compared to previous seasons, Cousin’s “anger management” and impact on the game has improved; I mean 50+ points without chucking is crazy! But I will give credit to Rondo too. Cousins now has a great assisting PG to get him good looks!

  512. No team in the NBA is even close to challenging the Warriors this year for the championship.

  513. yeah thats true rondo is a big difference for this team.. but what i do love about rondo in this team is that he is the one trying to calm cousins down when he gets mad..that to me is the big difference with rondo on that team.

  514. Wow, and Spo was the coach that got him two 2 rings! But I do wonder when did Lebron try getting Spoletra fired, before the rings or after? If it was before then I understand but after then that’s just cold and unacceptable!

  515. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/samaki-walker-says-kobe-bryant-once-sucker-punched-him-over–100-213438549.html

    Well, can’t really say I am surprised about this. It’s actually kind of sad how some “superstar” can get away with something like this.

  516. Not unlike the Lin-Ed situation under BS.

  517. Glad to hear.

    That may also mean that if Lin were to be offered a starting gigs elsewhere, he will surely leave.

    My fear is that the Hornets may convince Lin to stay and tell him he’ll get good minutes even when coming off the bench…I hope Jeremy doesn’t buy into this…With MKG and Batum and Lamb, his minutes will diminish.

    Nets, Sixers and Knicks could use a PG like Lin.

  518. I just received a Reply e-mail from the NBA Stats department:

    Hi Whitman-

    We will forward your observations to the department responsible for reviewing plays. If they feel they have incorrectly assigned the statistic to the wrong player, a correction will be made.

    If there are any further questions, concerns or feedback, please feel free to reply back, and I’ll do my best to answer accordingly. Thank you for trying the new NBA.com/Stats and/or NBA.com/DLeague/Stats!

    NBA Stats

    D-League Stats

    Sent: Monday, January 25, 2016 2:45 AM

    To: NBAStats

    Subject: Uncredited Assists in New York Knicks @ Charlotte Hornets game 01/23/16

    Dear NBA,

    I’m a longtime NBA fan and League Pass subscriber who was watching the game and following the NBA website box score, I want to report some Stat Errors.

    Game: January 24, 2016 New York Knicks at Charlotte Hornets game started at 7:00 PM ET

    2 Assists in the game were not credited to Hornets #7 Jeremy Lin .

    Missing Assist 1: @ 9:27 mark in the 2nd Quarter , #7 Jeremy Lin passes the ball to #44 Frank Kaminsky for the layup and the foul for the And One basket (2 Points)

    Missing Assist 2: @ 8:43 mark in the 2nd Quarter , #7 Jeremy Lin passes the ball to #22 Brian Roberts for the Pullup Jump Shot made (2 Points)

    Please add these 2 Assists to the box score.

    Jeremy Lin should have a total of 7 Assists, not 5 Assists for the game.

    Thank you for your hard work, let me know if you have any questions.


  519. And no team will be for quite a while. Lebron’s team is too busy playing power game instead of winning a championship and he’s also getting old. His “legacy” window is closing fast on him. If GSW 3 peats which is highly likely, it’d be Curry’s legacy! In fact Curry’s already the new golden boy of NBA with an actual humble and down to earth personality! So glad good guys like Curry are finally the no.1 player and team over cocky ones like Kobe and Lebron!

  520. Excellent! Hope they follow through, if they aren’t totally biased the changes should be apparent to anyone in the NBA

  521. Great! Perhaps you can send another email to NBA regarding last night’s uncredited assists, rebounds, and steal 🙂

  522. it was uncredited assists in NY vs CHA? I thought SAC vs CHA.

  523. Yes, but those play through injury games are usually in the playoffs in an elimination game. Most players do not try to risk it on a regular season game.

  524. It was from the previous game, I sent the e-mail on Sunday.

  525. Is this the email address you used: [email protected]? Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  526. And there you have it fans, NO Lin will not settle as bench player! His goal has and will always be to be a starter, all-star, and then championship! If Lin reunites with MDA, Linsanity will break loose!

  527. The team with MDA on it, nothing else!

  528. LOL Popovich:

    Marc J. SpearsVerified account


    Popovich: “I’m glad my general manager wasn’t in my locker room or I might’ve gotten fired.”


  529. Yes, that’s the e-mail I sent it to.

  530. Thanks.

  531. Troll King Pop

  532. THanks! Nice work!

  533. Haha. Takes one to know one? 😛

  534. Heart, do you know exactly what stats are missing from last night?

  535. Looks like on NBA Official’s review Daniels should have been called for traveling and the winning shot shouldn’t have counted:


    But earlier with 00:25.6 left in the first overtime Cousins got a shooting foul and free throws that he shouldn’t have because Kaminiski didn’t foul him so the right team won.

  536. you mean you know that is trollish, right?

  537. I’ve to check to see if Lin was credited for assist on PJ’s goal-tending basket.

  538. Nothing screams “quality officiating” quite like back-to-back bad calls that affect the outcome of the game.

  539. Even they reviewed the whole game, probably 4+ missed calls on Lin. They need a bigger review center with like 100 employees.

  540. Byron Scott threatening a fan?


    Then using the old “someone hacked my Instagram account excuse”

  541. Bleacher ReportVerified account


    Unreleased footage of Blake Griffin hurting his hand


  542. Is Byron’s girl half Asian or full Asian?

  543. Also there was a steal missed.

  544. Yes, sitting Duncan and losing by 30 is quite a troll to set up the playoffs. Next game, he’s going to give SAS a taste but still lose?

  545. Sport, times have changed and things move faster now with the internet and population growth. What I love about GSW having the chance to create a dynasty is that nobody on GSW are going to have a TV show to all hail their greatness and announce career choices.

    I want JLin to be a part of this new change in the NBA too, and hopefully JLin can get his rings too in the next 5. So, there’s little room for LeBron if it’s me doing the cheering.

  546. Mchale gave the last shot to Parsons in regulation and he failed. Lin made the first 3 in OT as if to say to Mchale, I would have made that corner 3 for the win.

    It’s amazing how stupid these coaches are.

  547. If this is for real, then could be the end of the road finally for Byron Scott.

    Byron Scott the worst Coach in the NBA today, the worst Coach in the history of the Lakers franchise and a testament to Jason Kidd to get as far as he did in NJ with Scott as coach — thus Byron Scott gets my vote for possibly worst coach in the history of the NBA.

  548. i hope you guys arent seriously thinking pop was gonna show all his cards before the playoffs. why do you think duncan sat?

  549. I don’t agree. IMO, it’s very bad when coaches show favouritism. If you scream at one player you must also scream at all players.

  550. Griffins fractured HAND
    Lebrons has a HAND in getting blatt fired
    Anthony Davis HANDS on his head after a concussion
    Warriors HANDS over Spurs worse loss of the season.

    NBA with busy hands this week.

  551. half or full, i got zero respect for those types

  552. why is that comment toward me bro? the guys above said Cliff is trying to hurt lin. I said this injury can be played thru and usually is. Lin has played thru this before.

  553. edit: nvm

  554. Only Jojo fans will get this…The Hand!

  555. how did he know that LBJ got Blatt fired when he’s Miami’s part owner and not CLE’s part owner? must still be bitter. but either way, this star driven league make me sick

  556. Agreed. Pop is so cagey that I wouldn’t put it pass him to just play ropey dope like Ali while scouting GSW to see what he needs to do to beat them in the playoffs.

  557. it’s getting harder to predict Lin’s stats.
    I got 21pts/5asts and he got 20pts/11asts

    but I’m glad to be wrong =)

    Kemba needs Lin’s help to win to get All-Star votes.. so I’m thinking 8+ assists again for Lin to work in 4 quarters before Kemba becomes hero in the 4th

  558. I’d rather miss all 82 stat polls if it means Linsanity games more often than not. 🙂

  559. Kemba’s chance at this stage is solely the coaches votes.

    Problem for Kemba is the last two showcase games he has gone a combined 12-50 shooting – not enough to impress anyone contemplating All-Star.

    Personal feeling is he has zero chance at this point.

  560. You the WhitMan!

  561. Kemba’s been in the league 4 years, and during two of those he led the Bobcats to an 18 and a 23 game losing streak. Coaches are well aware of his tendencies and true worth. Just like Corey Brewer’s 51-point game, people know it’s only a blip rather than the norm. As much as I want Kemba gone, and as hard as Hornets are trying to shop him, I’m not optimistic about anyone being duped unless there’s a new tanking team in town. But even then, you can tank for far cheaper than Kemba. smh

  562. Yeah, it’s hard to unload Kemba because of his contract and the fact that he’s undersized and shoots at a low FG%.

    He’s also not a great passer.

    He’s been a starter the whole year at the PG spot and only managed to hit 9 assists once. Lin hit 11 assists last game.

  563. I used to think that MJ and Co. got duped on Kemba, but read somewhere else that Kemba and Al have the same agent/agency, which used Al’s contract to leverage Kemba’s. In either case it shows poor decision-making from the higher ups. Al was good but not worth getting stuck with Kemba for 4yr/48M, unless perhaps if he’s playing at Akeem level (he’s obviously not).

  564. They missed a goaltending on Lin’s layup.

  565. yuP

  566. Lin is a physically tough NBA-level athlete that plays through an immense amount of pain. He has a mindset of play if possible like most crazy athletes have. Where are people getting notions that Lin is being made to play. He wants to be out there helping his team and most highest level athletes, like Lin is, have to taken off the field/court/ice by medical staff not to play. His ankle sprain is the type that many BB players get and he’s obviously better some days on it than others. Last 2 games, he wasn’t 100 percent on it, and it may have been sore, but was able to play well on it.

  567. Nothing new. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird had coaches fired. I don’t know who Katz is or if he is reputable, or if he has any ax to grind with LBJ, but star players have more power than even good coaches. Harden got McHale fired. It happens.

  568. I’ve fractured my right hand like that before during my younger party days (I was very very very intoxicated).
    As you know a correct punch is suppose to make to contact with your index/middle finger… My punch landed incorrectly where the pinky/ring finger had almost a 90degree bend. It’s commonly known as a ‘boxers fracture’ on the 4th/5th metacarpal. If surgery is not required he’s going to have a to wear a cast thats going to make him look like wolverine for a good few months. So, he tore a quad and now fractured his hand lol. Hello pain killers!

  569. kinda immature in some ways..temperamental, maybe he’s a loner.LOL!

  570. rondo seems a nice fellow and Matured as a player now.

  571. Do an over under for points and assists.

  572. dont forget that brewer’s 51 pt game was with harden ‘guarding’ him. that shouldnt even count hah.

  573. Lol. Why? As a coach he may be a really an awful one, but maybe as a bf he’s very generous and caring to his gf. Who knows.

  574. Good argument but poor example at the end. McHale is more of a puppet of Morey’s than a real coach, much less a good one. Magic and Bird might’ve gotten “a” coach fired, but Lebron’s on a roll here, 3rd coach fired, IIRC.

  575. He’s fallen from “stardom” for many years now sure hope he’s matured.

  576. Generally speaking, if a person is behaving like a poor excuse as a human being, chances of that person being nice in other capacities ain’t all that great.

  577. “Kemba just isnt good enough, I’m sorry thats the hard truth”

    Why are you sorry? Except for KembaSanity and one of the two Lin Win’s, it’s pretty much a consensus here that Kemba sucks as a PG and is too short as an SG.

  578. Got one just like it punching an eucalyptus tree once, two hairline fractures and two metacarpal dislocations. In cast for bit over a month, still hurts if I rotate a door knob the wrong way.

  579. at least he’s got Stephanie Ready’s help with all this “captain” talk

  580. He gave lin a dirty look… so no for cousins for me…

  581. Irving can’t lead his team into greatness, but he’s a very good ISO player, Kemba’s good at neither. If Lin wasn’t Asian he’d be the starting PG and Kemba the backup.

  582. Got one just like it punching an eucalyptus tree once, two hairline fractures and two metacarpal dislocations. In cast for bit over a month, still hurts if I rotate a door knob the wrong way.

  583. yeah, i bet. generous cus he got the $$. gold diggers, hooking up for fame or status, whatever it is.. just very typical of those types

  584. In retrospect, entirely possible that T-Wolves were trying to unload Brewer, and lookie here Corey is with the Rox! I think Hornets trying to pull the same stunt here, but it’s more tricky with 12M players that don’t perform as such.

  585. i would have given a look like that as well if i got elbowed in the face…its in the heat of the game..lots of emotions adrenaline i have done the same thing when someone did that to me. Cousins is an emotional player.

  586. I’ve often compared Lin to an ultimate fighter using all of his teammates like the legs and knees that can kick, the head that can head butt or elbows that can smash someone’s face. Then we have Clifford and Kemba like a welterweight boxer that can only use their pillowed gloves to try to knockout and opponent. With KW, Clifford can only use his one good right arm and nothing else. It’s not even a fair fight when they play a team like the GSWs that are basically using all their arms and legs to beat up the one good arm that Clifford is using. How can someone be so dumb and stuck in the past.

    The way Kemba ISO is exactly like a boxer trying to punch out someone with one good arm and not involve the rest of the fighting tools available. They become useless and atrophied. When an opponent is using every asset they have to fight, you are basically playing shorthanded.

  587. If you want to be a really good troll, emulate Popovich’s style

  588. just expounded on what you’re saying with respect to the injury issue and CJSHYY comments on cliff’s forced playing JLIN…chill.:P

  589. T-Wolves trying to unload Brewer, and lookie here Corey is with the Rox! I think Hornets trying to pull the same stunt here, but it’s more tricky with 12M players.

  590. good point and also except when the team really needs the win!

  591. Right on ??

  592. person whoa re looking at his own mirror can’t see what you described most of the time, and if they do see it, they vehemently denied it to themselves to the bone, UNLESS he is open to changes!

  593. Pretty much what g (@monkeyes2) has been saying:

    2paragraphs: Jeremy Lin Secret Revealed — Big Minutes Is Key


    Jeremy Lin has tantalized fans with how he’d perform given adequate minutes on the floor. Last night in the Hornets thrilling 129-128 OT victory over the Kings, he gave one very positive answer. Lin scored 20 points on efficient shooting (8-of-19, 50% from 3-points) while dishing 11 assists and grabbing eight boards. What’s the key to Lin’s success?

    The control factor in the Jeremy Lin experiment continues to be minutes. When you add minutes to Lin’s stat line, you get more from Lin as a player. In the Kings win, Lin played 50 minutes — more than any other Hornet. It was a game filled with gaudy statistics. On the Kings side, Damarcus Cousins had 56 points and was only stopped by his sixth foul. Rajon Rondo had 20 assists and ten boards. For Charlotte, Troy Daniels lit up for 28 points on scorching hot shooting, going 8-of-11 from three.

  594. Which situation was worse: same level of WORST for me.

    Where do you want to see Lin go next year: A championship contender.

  595. DMC 3-16 tonight lol

  596. Kemba is a dinosaur in the modern game for PGs. There’s so many better PGs that can score AND PASS. Kemba is a undersize SG handling the ball in order to set himself up for scoring. He hells no one else on his team. That’s just not good enough today. A PG needs to a quarterback that can run and scramble.

  597. That’s basically 25 lay ups. Lol

  598. It’s a tough business! LOL

  599. He’s dog-tired after fouling out not one…not two, but three Hornets’ bigs last night. Schedule loss.

    Blazers: Thanks for the 2OT last night, Kemba!

  600. Forget what movie, but it kinda goes like this the line :” he might not be a good person, but he’s a great dad.”

  601. Not Lin related

    Kobe Bryant makes Larry Nance JR sit on the floor. ?? https://t.co/TqRlzHDHgK— NBA SKITS (@NBA_Skits) January 27, 2016

  602. As a tennis coach, I’ve often told my students that when they go for dumb low percentage winners, they are basically opening themselves up to making errors that punches them out of the match. If Kemba was an ultimate fighter, he’d be punched out so often, he’d learn very quickly. It’s too bad they can’t learn by getting kicked or elbowed instead.

  603. Just look at the highlight, and start to realize how selfish Kemba was to break the play at the end of OT1, that bring the whole team to go through second overtime.


    This is first overtime. Kemba suppose to run to the corner and bring his defender over, and you can see Kaminsky set up a screen for Daniel, and you could see how open Daniel is when he run up, but because Kembe refuse to go down, so his defender is in the way that Lin could not safely pass the ball over to Daniel. Kemba was well defended, with a guy stick to him, but he just push back and ran feet back from 3pt line to have space. Lin had no choice but to pass over to him, and he had no space and barely get the ball off his hand, that’s a horrible shot. Meanwhile, Daniel was totally open with a screen set for him. And with Daniel totally hot that game and with Kemba not shooting well, I just don’t understand how he would go against coach, and totally break up the play. Not sure how his teammates feel.


    Now this is the play at the end of OT2, exactly the same play, Kemba this time ran out of the way, and bring his defender out of the way, now you can see how open the passing lane it is for Lin to pass to Daniel, however, since this is the second time to run this play, Daniel did not have as big a separation, but he still nailed it. Gosh, I really did not realize how selfish Kemba behaved in this play.

  604. Whew, long way of saying denial! 🙂

  605. So, Jeremy’s 18.4pts/4.3asts/58.1%TS as a starting SG would rank as 8th, 5th, and 7th in the league for all SGs, respectively…quite simply, he’s been a top 5 SG in the league as a starter

  606. too harsh!LOL!

    the fallacy of saying so many words of a “one worded opinion” has the notion of being fair and subtle and will make a better impression on the minds of those opinions target, not to mention non combative!

  607. u watch too many movies

  608. “Not sure how his teammates feel”

    Daniels-san was pretty expressive about how he felt: “I knew I was going to get the shot. I was open on the last one. Kemba ran the play wrong. But it’s all good.”

  609. KW wanted badly to be the HERO even against his coaches wishes!

  610. doubt it. kemba is a typical nba darling. high draft pick, scores a lot, has moves that make you go ‘wow’, and a ‘star’. he can miss 20 shots in a row and then hit the game winner and still be the hero.. a case in point if he hadn’t missed that FT to win it last night. that’s the kind of league this is

  611. wow. nice work! they ran the exact same play except the second one shows kemba actually cooperating


  612. He is not happy there for sure. Coach trusted him, but Kemba don’t want to give him the chance. Lucky they got the second chance to run that play to close the game, otherwise, Daniel will never got this opportunity to prove himself.

  613. pretty sure Lin was disgusted with Kemba. I thought Lin walked off after the buzzer with disgusted body language. I didn’t realize the extent of Lin’s disgust until now. When Khaung says Kemba breaks the offense this is what he probably means. How many times a game does Kemba do this. He is holding the team hostage since he is the point guard and has the ball in his hands. I am surprised someone doesn’t pull a Griffin and punch him in the face.

    I thought Kemba was annoying but now I am moved to irritated. He is ruining this team by not being part of it. He walks around smiling like he is doing the team a favor. He could say the right things. He could think he thinks the right things. But what he does is what he really believes. Selfish.

    Thanks for the great post.

  614. Then you aren’t going to like a lot of players. To Cousins, Lin is the guy wearing the other uniform. I don’t think it’s anything personal as it isn’t something lingering. Just two competitors going at each other.

  615. He’s not particularly nice from what I hear.

  616. this should be posted in the kemba thread on realgm’s hornets forum

  617. Hornets got very lucky because the second time Collison fought through Kaminsky, giving Daniels a lot less space and time to release a longer shot (compared to the first OT’s execution that Kemba sabotaged).

    BTW, awesome presentation and crystal clear explanation. Really appreciate it.

  618. I don’t agree with that. Kemba is very similar to other scoring PGs like Westbrook, Wall, Rose and Irving. He is not as skilled as they are, but the scoring PG is less the dinosaur than the Rondo and to an extent Paul type of PG. Westbrook and Wall have expanded their games somewhat to assisting. I think the passing PG is a throwback more than the scoring one. Curry is a scoring PG. In many offenses, the role of facilitator is being shared too, like in GSW Draymond Green does a lot of facilitating.

    Lin actually is a hybrid of the scoring PG and the PnR PG. The criticism of Lin was he needed the ball in his hands to be effective. That’s going away now as he needs to be more in the flow, but doesn’t constantly have to control the ball.

  619. Irving is like a better Kemba. Not really a team player though. More one-on-one razzle dazzle, shake-and-bake type with a good jump shot.

  620. Well, Lin was asked about Kemba break up the play, and according to Lin, “it is all good”, LOL.

    Here is the link for Lin’s interview.


  621. Why do I need to like a lot of players? most of them are a bunch of punks. I support duncan and steph curry…

    you already got the call in your favor… you don’t need to try and intimidate the guy who accidentally elbowed you… do that to me and I’m just going to punch you in the nose and try my hardest to break it… what cousins did is total disrespect… he was clearly looking for a fight… it didn’t break in a fight because lin is a nice guy… and he didnt escalate the matter… if it was another guy like matt barnes, what will be a full on fight…

  622. yep

  623. this is excellent work!

  624. Does everything fall down to Lin being Asian? I don’t think that’s the reason myself. I think Lin’s flexibility and sometimes not as razzle-dazzle ball handling is it. Kemba in a groove can score. Come on. He scored 50 and 40 in the same week. He can put the ball in the basket. Sometimes efficiently, sometimes very inefficiently.

    Lin really isn’t a backup even though he’s called one at times or a “sub” or “reserve”. He’s a 6th man now.

  625. Exactly. But some nights he is as good as anyone offensively. Not defensively.

  626. He’s undersized for the 2. Lin is playing alt 1. Combo. That flexibility makes him valuable. I’m away from Lin is a PG. I don’t think that. I think he’s a creator/facilitator and a combo guard. I think that’s what folks here have in mind as a PG but Lin doesn’t really play like a conventional PG or even a shoot-first one.

  627. Lin’s gotten better in the SG role because of mistreatment in the last three years. He’s now a more versatile player as a result. But his strength is still Nash-style PG and it’s his greatest asset to any team willing to give him a chance. Probably not a good idea to advertise heavily as SG unless PG bridges are completely annihilated.

    Selling as combo guard, as sws94 suggested, may be a good idea.

  628. If someone giving you a dirty look is going to cause you to punch him, then you don’t belong in professional sports. You stay professional. Some players are punks, some are far from it in all sports.

  629. i suspected as much, but didnt get it until you pointed it out. love your posts. thanks.

  630. From what Daniels said, he was pretty disgusted as well. Fairly sure Kemba has lost the team. Marvin/Hawes/PJ all having great career moments and season highs with Lin at the helm, whereas KembaISO freezes out everyone else. Batum/Lamb must be sick with Kemba too as both suffer in stats as result of Kemba hogging.

  631. errmmm obviously I don’t belong to professional sports. else I won’t be posting here.

    did you actually see the play? or you just talking? that is not just ordinary dirty look… that is actually looking for a fight look… you do not come towering over me with a look that wants to fight me. bumping me with your chest.. you do that and you get a fight…

  632. So happy Mavs beat the Lakers. For one Sixers are now only 1.5 games behind Lakers, and also Mavs get to stay in front of the Rox. Not a fan of Mavs either but hate toxic Rox more.

  633. the point is, I do not respect cousins because of what he did to lin… not too sure why you are so defensive about that…

    I respect you if you give respect to other people… does not matter what your emotional state is… you just give proper respect period…

  634. Lin’s ceiling? Nash
    kemba’s ceiling? IT (the current one)

  635. Or just IT (the racist one), friend of Mayweather’s. The Pistons’ IT gave Lin ample praises.

  636. He gets close (70+% of peak Nash) when he’s allowed to, just hasn’t been allowed to play PG very often in the last 3.5 years.

  637. so if you think Lin is not PG, or don’t play like a PG, what do you call Kemba? What he is?

  638. Not EVERYTHING, but in 90% of the cases, absolutely. The “eye-test” does indeed exist like it or not (even for Caucasian players). Heck, David Stern himself commented that Lin’s career’s been affected by ethnicity.

    How many times has Lin been short-changed by non-calls? Even when he bleeds he doesn’t get it. Almost a third of his so-called TOs are fouls not called. His assist stats get shortchanged all the time, and there were some instances where other players’ TOs were counted as his.

    Any non-Asian player with his numbers and who won HS CA State champs would’ve gotten full basketball scholarship for college, and drafted in first round. Any non-Asian player who lit up John Wall would’ve caused a sensation.

    If Lin led a team to 18 and 23 straight losses, he would’ve been crucified. But in Kemba’s case, he gets 12M/yr (more than Curry). Sure, Kemba “volume shot” 52 and 40 points, but often at the detriment of the team and chemistry. Never mind the 12-50 during the last two games.

    Kemba’s a streaky volume shooter at best, but don’t take my word for it, check his FG% year by year: 36.6 42.3 39.3 38.5 42.5, so that groove sure don’t come very often. Artificially raised numbers are more reflective of F/O agenda (ASG, trade, etc.) than the player’s true talent.

    Apologies if I come across a bit abrasive here, but I’m growing fairly frustrated with Kemba apologists (not referring to you) and false narratives about Lin’s TOs and handle and not going left and all that garbage. It’ll always be a skewed comparison when the playing field isn’t even leveled (coddled superstar beyond accountability vs. perennial shortchanged underdog.)

  639. I think Lin is a distributing, playmaking guard who sets up his facilitation and own scoring off his dribble/drive penetration. Kemba is a shoot-first PG like Rose, Irving, that type but not as skilled. Kemba’s height, ball-handling make him suited for PG but his lack of passing skills, court-vision makes his limited to ball-handling skills and needing a facilitator (on Charlotte Batum or Lin) on the floor to help him. Kemba is not a complete PG until he learns how to run plays for the team and not revert to creating just for himself the majority of the time in crunch time and other parts of the game.

  640. so Lin do all the distributing, playmaking, facilitation, dribble drive penetration and yet you don’t want to call him PG, and Kemba shoot-first, lack of passing skill, court-vision, and could only handle the ball, and you still think he suite for PG, and IS a PG now.

    Then can you tell me what is your definition of PG?

  641. But it may just be Lin doesn’t have the status of a star player. How was Yao treated? There needs to be more Asians in the NBA for me to say, look, as a group Asians are always treated badly. I suspect there are some refs that may have a bias because of race but some may just have a bias for some other reason. Star players get star calls, Lin isn’t the only one in the NBA that doesn’t get calls he should get.

    Lin may not play PG because NBA coaching staffs feel he’s so versatile that he’s better used a different way. It’s as simple as that. Not everyone sees Lin the way his fans sees him. Especially in the NBA.

    Kemba has improved his shot and has been more efficient. I don’t know why this board talks about Kemba so much. I seriously don’t need to dislike Kemba. I know his shortcomings I think, but I don’t think he’s against Lin more than I think he has bad habits and can’t see but so wide. But he does what he does sometimes very well. And it’s up to the coaching staff to get him to play better team ball. Charlotte fans are just as annoyed with him as anyone else but he has some ability beyond just being a volume shooter. He does some things very well and other things very poorly.

    Lin is playing a lot of minutes, is playing crunch time for the most part, sometimes guards the toughest guy on the opposing team during crunch time. That’s respect from the coach. I think that’s being overlooked here because we want to see Cliff use Lin as a PG more. Well, he probably won’t. We can only hope he uses Lin to facilitate like he did 3Q in the last game. The results were great. And it really doesn’t matter if he is called PG or SG or SF or whatever. He was given the ball by Kemba as the featured facilitator and he did great things with it. I hope to see that happen more.

  642. That’s the thing, it’s clear on some teams, blurry on others. A PG used to be the one to call out plays, direct guys on the floor, run PnR etc. but that’s now expanding to more than one guy that may do that. I think a lot of people think a PG is the player with the best ball-handling skills and usually one of the shortest or the shortest players. Or the PG is the guy that initiates the offense. But on some teams, that’s not always the case. Cleveland, it’s LeBron a lot. Miami, it’s Wade. And while Steff on GSW initiates offense, sometimes it flows through Green. In D’Antoni’s system, or the way Rondo or Paul play, the PG has the ball in his hands more than other players. In other systems, they don’t.

    On Charlotte, when it is Kemba/Batum, Kemba has the ball a lot but it goes through Batum a lot. It’s more Kemba has it a lot when Lin is with him, but that wasn’t the case 3Q of the King’s game. Lin played more the Batum role and it ran through Lin. So Lin is combo. Sometimes the ball goes through him, sometimes he initiates with Kemba and Roberts off, and sometimes he’s a 3rd facilitator with Kemba and Batum on the floor. When Phoenix had 3 guards, Bledsoe brought the ball up and Dragic played more of a 2, but they’d alternate so it was hard to tell who was the 2 or 1 sometimes once Bledsoe brought the ball up.

  643. He’s seen as a smaller Ginobili by much of the league (but they call him a “backup”. Fans here and elsewhere see him as a D’Antoni style PG but much of the league sees him as Ginobili. Ginobili in his prime was a dynamic, winning player. So that is not an insult, don’t know why fans here think it is. It’s a big compliment if you aren’t stuck into Lin has to be a Nash-like PG definition of him. I think he has some Nash and some Ginobili but a lot of Lin and he’s significantly different than both.

  644. I think it is the heat of the moment, I hate the opponent, attitude Cousins take. It’s not against Lin personally, he’s not only the opponent, but one that is hurting your team. Off the court, he’s fine. On the court, he’s the enemy.

    I have issues with dirty plays and I don’t like Cousins flopping and losing control. But a dirty look is absolutely nothing but part of the game. I think Cousins may even respect that Lin can take hard hits and get back up. I don’t know, but he sure knows Lin can help beat his team.

  645. Of course I saw it. Nothing to fight over. It’s part of basketball. Lin handled it fine. Lin’s a tough guy with a mild manner. Fighting/posturing would be counterproductive to his team and really, Lin would let down the team by going into some immature macho stance in this situation. Lin let his game beat the other team, and that’s the best way to handle it.

  646. Last time lin played this many minutes was his second year in houston against the 76ers. Lin played 49 minutes and finished with 34 points and 11 assists.

  647. I’m asking you what’s YOUR definition of PG, when you say Lin is not a PG, but Kemba is one. So what definition you used to make that conclusion.

    Just tell me where you draw the line that Lin get out of PG category and Kemba stay in. Has nothing to do with Batum or other team or other player, I’m asking only your definition.

  648. you wrote a lot without saying much of anything.

  649. LOL, you are too sharp

  650. Really, the Nash, Stockton, Magic, J Kidd type. But that’s another era. I can only answer you like I did before because the definition is expanding now. I don’t have my own, I go by how guys were used in the NBA through my time watching them. Kemba isn’t a 2 guard due to his height and really not playing off of the ball like a 2 guard. He’s not so versatile. He’s then used as an incomplete PG. Lin has both qualities of today’s NBA, so he’s a combo guard.

  651. whatever.

  652. Not really. Just has his own opinion on things. We all do.

  653. Here’s something I want you to think about. I’m happy for Lin because he’s become more effective playing with ball-dominant players. I believe they are in every team. I don’t wish to critique or talk about Kemba so much. It isn’t his forum.

  654. I really don’t care about the Western conference anymore since Lin is on the East Coast now. I DO want to see Houston get swept by the Warriors or the Spurs in the 1st Round of the playoffs, and Mavs helped keep the Rox in their place tonight with a win over the Lakers. Lin is a better point guard than Clarkson AND Russell combined.

  655. So because Kemba was starting at 1(that’s how he was used), even he is not capable of doing what 1 is needed to do, you consider him PG. Because Lin was used at 2, was asked to play off ball, even he is way better in play making, passing, set up his teammate, you would like to claim he is not a PG, and you think he should not be played as PG, since he is not.

    You know what, I don’t really care your definition of PG, I just want you to realize your ridiculous logic that you can’t even explain yourself and you are hella double standard.

  656. Has nothing to do with Kemba, I’m having problem with your logic and double standard.

  657. that is beyond the point, aras said he respects Demarcus cousins… I don’t because of his attitude towards lin… that is my point… nothing about lin… nothing about professionalism… nothing about the team…

  658. its so hard for others to admit and say JLIN is good at being a PG and second a SG, because they themselves doesn’t want to define it, but they can easyly define other player because they got no hold on them…

    Yes your question is easy to answer..JLIN is a PG first and good SG if needed and called for that position as well as KW is a PG, but NOT GOOD at PG because he lacks some good qualities of a PG so he is stuck at ONLY being a PG, but can never be a SG because of his height.

  659. good point!

  660. What is the double standard? I don’t care that much about PG vs. SG. As long as he facilitates, what do I care what position they call it or when he gets the ball. He has to play with Batum and Kemba. Only thing I care about is he takes that situation, picks his spots, helps his team win doing what he’s assigned.

  661. so goes the saying….when one starts to compare, you need to define, but when discussing only one thing, it applies to that thing only!

  662. Lin has some issues as main PG. Specifically his advancing the ball under pressure. That’s the one area that is a major weakness for Lin as PG. If he has open space, he’s great. But as a half-court primary ball handler, he’s vulnerable.

    Lin can distribute from whatever position he plays therefore I say the PG/SG isn’t that important and he actually saves energy and can be more effective as a combo (not SG or PG, combo).

  663. so with Kemba, you are pretty tolerant that because he has limitation of height and he could handling the ball, so he could be called a PG. With Lin, you don’t consider height, and don’t consider Lin within the team still have good ball handling than most of the other players, but, since he is not the best ball handler, he could not be called PG, even he could perform all the other tasks way better than a lot of PG in this league.

    You could tell all other no-position stuff to fuzz it, but your logic and double standard is pretty clear.

  664. Well, what is he gonna say anyway. Daniels can say it because he’s not the polarizing one-year rental with the worldwide fan base. Lin say something like that and it’d be disrupting on a whole other level. He’s come too far rehabbing his sabotaged rep to get involved in anything like that. Plus can you imagine the earful he’d get from Mama Lin?

  665. So maybe he meant Cousins’s skills. Don’t know. Cousins is very skilled.

  666. What double standard? When talking about Kemba, you are inclusive, so Kemba just need to meet one aspect (ball handling and short) to be inclusive as PG, and when you talking about Lin, you are exclusive, so Lin just need to have one unmet aspect (ball handling under pressure) to be exclusive as a PG. And you don’t call that double standard?

  667. yeah, but there are opinions more people agrees on, and there are opinions less people agrees on.

  668. i know what you mean but the point raise was, can we not call JLIN a PG then though he can be an SG also if needed on that position, just as you branded KW as a PG only because of his height limitation…Kw is a PG only player while JLIN can be a PG or SG because of his versatility and his height.

    its not semantics but better definition of each players position when inside the court..if no position was made each game, such gamer will be a CHAOS!

  669. LOL, we started with you came here claim Lin is not a PG. I have problem with your claim and have a bigger problem with how you derived that claim.

    And you even get our main disagreement wrong.

  670. that’s why i said “nice fellow and Matured as a PLAYER” not as a person!

  671. if you don’t know then why are you replying and arguing for him?

  672. I don’t care what he’s called. If he facilitates, play makes, plays to his strength, you can call him a GIDG (get it done guard). It doesn’t matter. Use Lin to his strengths as a playmaker and you elevate the whole team. That was clear in the 3Q of the King’s game.

  673. Doesn’t matter to me. My opinion is what I’ve observed and thought out and I’m not afraid to go against majority opinion anywhere. It’s not validated by anything other than than the careful thought I put into it. IF someone has a stronger thought process and proves me wrong, great. But all I hear is PG vs. SG and they are just terms. What people do on the court goes beyond those position definitions and they are in flux anyway.

  674. I didn’t say that. I said he is a combo guard. Combo guards play multi-positions. Of course he can play PG and does, but he doesn’t have to play it only to be a weapon on this team. He’s not just a PG, he can play other positions as well and that’s why Cliff values him.

  675. OK.

  676. Not a basketball expert but to me Kemba hasn’t faced the ball pressure that Jeremy receives so I disagree that Kemba can handle ball pressure better than Jeremy. Also, poor passer being a ball handler seems like a bad idea. Kemba should just shoot and let Jeremy be the primary ball handler seeing that Jeremy is a better passer. This would limit Kemba’s iso plays and we would see better ball movement.

  677. I’ve seen him get rattled by ball pressure. But he’s more directional and gets rid of the ball faster. The thing that will make Lin a better ball handler is to sense the traps earlier and get rid of the ball and make the defense pay for trapping. Kemba’s crossovers and behind the back stuff is tighter. His footwork is more controlled. He’s generally less bothered and quicker up the court under full court pressure also. Of course he’s not perfect and has had the ball stolen from him. He’s not the best ball handler in the league, but he’s one of the better ones.

  678. well, your first sentence is enough, I’m amazed you could simply deny it like that.

    If you are truly feel it is not important to you regarding PG,SG,CG, why would you to claim Lin is not PG, but Kemba is one? You never give me a definition how you separate those two, and claim that’s not important to you, yet, you are more than happy to call Lin to SG or CG, but fix Kemba as PG.

  679. “He’s undersized for the 2. Lin is playing alt 1. Combo. That flexibility makes him valuable. I’m away from Lin is a PG. I don’t think that. I think he’s a creator/facilitator and a combo guard. I think that’s what folks here have in mind as a PG but Lin doesn’t really play like a conventional PG or even a shoot-first one .”

    Your own word.

    “Lin doesn’t really play like a conventional PG or even a shoot-first one”
    “Lin doesn’t really play like a conventional PG or even a shoot-first one”
    “Lin doesn’t really play like a conventional PG or even a shoot-first one”

    Important quote need to quote three times. LOL.

  680. I don’t and I’ve explained it enough times already.

  681. I think he will make it based on his huge scoring nights.

  682. there’s a big difference when you’re a PG and a SG(in its truest sense of the position and Role), that’s why it is called that way..definition of roles and there’s seeming advantage of being a PG than a SG..you can see this advantage to KW way..he has always 2 options, to pass or to shoot beginning bringing the ball downcourt…the only chance an SG can do and perform is when the ball has been passed to him..either way if the PG shoots everytime, then the SG needs only to defend and rebound.(limited), but a PG is very important because f you have a PG like JLIN, team will be involved because he always thinks to facilitate first before shooting the ball (and that’s a better PG i believe so)

    Kings game, JLIn was the PG there even KW brings the ball down and KW became a non performing SG/default PG because he’s not in the flow of the game. and that’s ideally a team should play the game (hybrid Princeton and P&R plays). it will benefited KW in the long run because if he moves and goes with the flow of the play, he can be the 2nd or best be the first option of plays because the ball will comeback definitely.

  683. And? Why is it so important to so many of you what I think regarding Lin as PG or SG? I agree with people that he should facilitate over Kemba and is way superior at it. I only think Kemba is better at ball handling and maybe one-on-one moves to create his own shot. And?

    People can take different approaches to essentially what is the same thing.

  684. “we started with you came here claim Lin is not a PG. I have problem with your claim and have a bigger problem with how you derived that claim.

    And you even get our main disagreement wrong.”

    My words.

    “And you even get our main disagreement wrong.”
    “And you even get our main disagreement wrong.”
    “And you even get our main disagreement wrong.”

    Important quotes need to repeat three times.

  685. I’m sorry but you don’t remember the games Lin brought the ball up and gave it to Harden? Or Lin bringing up the ball and giving it to Kobe or someone else and never getting it back? It’s not that simple as PG or SG. It all depends on touches more than any designation of PG or SG. As PG that was the complaint on the Lin boards. He brings it up and never sees it again. In fact, he brought it up, gave it to Harden or Kobe and went to the corner.

    Lin wasn’t any position other than facilitator on the court in the game and officially SG. All these distinctions of PG vs. SG mean nothing to me and they won’t mean anything to me. You can all disagree, good. But that’s my position on it.

  686. That’s a misinterpretation. He’s expanded beyond any position. That’s how I see him now. He’s a guard, a facilitating guard. If you need him to play PG, he does it great, especially in an open court. SG, he can do much of the same things if given the touches. I’m not stuck on the PG/SG thing, it doesn’t matter. Touches and integration into the offense with him leading it a good amount of time matters. Don’t care WHAT you call him on the court if that happens.

    Lin has a very different style of working things out. A probing style or dribble/drive style so he doesn’t look like a conventional PG or SG in my eyes. But he’s great at the Lin style when in rhythm, so who cares about those designations really? I don’t.

  687. I have problem with your double standard, period.

    You use one standard for players whose name is not Lin, and you use a way higher standard on Lin. PG or SG is only one example.

    I have big problem with that.

  688. real sense meant real function..harden doesn’t pass or if he did at the last seconds, he always ask the ball from their designated ball carrier, and we saw that JLIN was not the PG then as being used during NYK…and why was that happened, because the COACH SAYS SO..we all know McHale dictates how JLIN do his job, no freedom..he can only do HIS THING, when fast break opportunity comes or when Harden was injured…then JLIN became the REAL PG during Houston days!

    Kings game was like houston game, JLIN being the SG and facilitates differently from harden (as KW was the PG- just like JLIN in houston)because he make plays and he pass the ball before thinking to shoot.

  689. That makes no sense. I’m not here to compare Lin to anyone but what I’ve seen his best level of play is. He’s in a situation with a structure, and like any worker has to deal with the limitations of that structure in how he’s being utilized as well as with his “coworkers”.

    I’m here because Lin has me watching basketball again after years of hating the Knicks with Melo as the “star”. Lin brought a wonderful feeling to a team and city that is special and it’s the city I’m from. Where I’ve watched basketball since the 1960s. While that time is now history, Lin is still working his magic but in a different context. That’s what I care most about.

    Let’s move on. Nothing more to say about this and I’m not changing my position.

  690. “if given touches”, that’s the key. We all know when Lin play SG, whether he got touches all depends on PG’s mood.

    Look, there is no way Lin play SG better than PG, he has size advantage at PG, but lost that playing SG. He has his strength with transition offense, and he find people quicker in transition, you lost all that opportunity when that initial couple of seconds he don’t have the ball. He is good at directing traffic, you don’t get to do as SG.

    If you don’t want to call that PG/SG, you could change to whatever name that is, but consider the position, the role and the opponent Lin is guarding, whatever position Lin is playing now is not the best way of using Lin, Lin is more effective used as primary ball handler, (if you don’t want to call that role as PG), which he is not currently used that way. And he is not even a secondary ball handler when Batum is healthy.

  691. I hope something has finally clicked in Lin and he will continue to take 17+ shots every game even he’s forced to the bench again! He’s an efficient scorer and if he wants to be seen as a starter those are the number of shots he should take every game to average 20+ points for an entire season! For star PGs 15 is the average number of shots taken! There have been too many games these past seasons where he only took 6-9 shots and that’s below average which shows in his low 10-12 PPG. No coach or GM (besides MDA?) would start him without the stats to support their argument due to all the bias against him!

  692. Cliff not willing to buck the system by going against the wishes of his star player. Look at MDA. He tried to do the right thing in NY and LA and lost his job twice. Blatt tried to stand up to LBJ and now he’s gone too. There’s just too much money at stake so they play it safe. It takes a Popovich/Doc Rivers/Phil type with the pedigree and backing from FO to rein in their franchise players. It’s all about managing ego and frankly most NBA coaches are pretty crap at it.

  693. If he gets screens, he works from those. Lin being guarded by bigger guards makes him better.

    I believe all disadvantages forces you to work harder and turn them into advantages. So Lin is improving as an offensive player dealing with longer defenders. As PG you can put anyone on him. Pop put Leonard on him, I’ve seen Iggy play Lin when he played PG. If Lin starts penetrating, you put your best defender on him. You could call Lin a center, it wouldn’t matter. Best defender on him. Or at least a better defender on your team.

    As PG, Jeremy Lintel wrote Lin was a “ball boy” in Houston. We saw MUCH bigger misuse of Lin in Houston and LA. What saved Houston is they played fast sometimes where Lin could go crazy. But he played off-ball there too the second season and off-ball to Harden the first season.

    In Charlotte, he plays and he’s able to create even better skills the way he is utilized. That’s the way it is. Wherever Lin goes, he may never get to utilize all of his strengths because the star players are a higher priority. We may not love this, but that’s the way it is. Lin, in Charlotte, is becoming a better all-around player even if he’s not utilized to his full capacity. And that’s good.

  694. Pop has agreeable players. And rings.

  695. me too, great post TTNN.

  696. great post ttnn!

  697. this is TTNN’s work based on Daniels’ own interview. Not KHuang’s work, and I like what KHuang posts too.

  698. And don’t let them cower you into silence. I enjoy your thoughts even if I don’t agree with all of them. Else this place will only be a Lin adulation forum.

  699. because JLin needs time to figure out and break down the defense.

  700. you gotta tell us how Ronda R is coming back … I don’t really like her as a celeb, I’d rather admire her as an athlete.

  701. good poestry!

  702. stud!

  703. how about the end of regulation rebound, was that in time ? He did shot it up but not sure if the buzzer had gone off.

  704. Some Jun Liu highlight screens, refresh to see:

    First one: NBA should give JLin another Rebound and see the fouling hand in there, 0.6 sec foul time on the clock going to 0.4. Regulation, baby! Hey, if Lillard can score in less than a sec, that foul and Reb should have been called.

    1st is when Lin got his hand on it 0.6 sec.

  705. now see when JLin shoots it … he’s clearly being fouled, and he’s clearly shooting because it’s now 0.4 sec.

    Lin is not only a heads up player, he was robbed the WINNNN!!!

  706. This highlight cut off when announcer said it was a jump ball, but this was called a loose ball foul on Lin. Lin has every right to go for it at this point DMC does not have control.

  707. Now, see DMC momentum roll into JLin’s leg and how Lin has to dive over him to get safe? How is that a foul by Lin? (ignore this repeat pic, it’s the following one – I don’t know how to delete extra pics.)

  708. oops, I meant to post this pic to show the DMC roll into Lin. (don’t know how to delete the other re-pic.)

    Notice DMC relative to that Kings crown. He rolled his hips back about 2ft, and rechecking, it was his dive momentum not a dirty play. Notice the ball is moving forward only about 1′ and Jlin is now extended over the crown to jump over and protect his knees from being twisted. This isn’t a foul, right? Ball’s still not in DMC’s control. Just checked play-by-play, Lin got called for this. Loose ball foul. Anyone know the rule?

  709. This illustrates OT1 end when TTNN did that excellent analysis. The pic is at the time right when KW should have been in the corner. This backs up TTNN’s gif that is going by pretty fast. Daniels is going to meet the pass at the shooting position, and you can see clearly Kam has a great screen set. In fact, Daniels can’t come toward Lin because KW is right there as TTNN pointed out. That’s a much harder 3 where he’s running to.

  710. This is the same play in OT2, just a fraction later, and now you see what TTNN was saying, that the screen was not as tight. KW is in the right place, and Daniels is catching the pass at the shooting position that was drawn up for both OTs.

  711. Here’s another, just fractions before, in case you think this is the same in-play-time-stamp as the pic 2 above for OT1. TTNN was 100% right, and this all comes from one small statement by Daniels KW didn’t rung the play right “… it’s all good.”

  712. PS,this is why JLin has long hair – he looks great diving for the ball, there’s speed lines on his head.

  713. It did look like a foul but sometimes they may not call that in the last .4.

  714. Sixers clobbered the Suns last night. MDA is starting to get them playing team ball.

  715. Sure, that’s realistic let’s be idealistic lol.

  716. They need backing of their GMs and FO. That’s why MDA with Sixers is so ideal. Jerry is a no nonsense guy, always has been and league office put him there for a reason. The NBA wants badly to wipe the stain of Hinkie’s tanking crap for good. Jerry was an owner and has the power of the league behind him. MDA has that kind of power now as well. Lin with the Sixers is so perfect it’s almost by some unearthly design. Call it Devine intervention, but Lin has the opportunity to do something really great next year with the Sixers.

  717. not gonna happen…..i mean 17+

  718. Just remember how SAS lost 4 to Rox in regular season. Pop is too smart and he’s not using these games to do anything else but testing what he needs to do come playoffs.

    I used to do that in my prime against other top players in the club in fun matches. I don’t throw the matches as much as probe and test attacks and counters. Play and watch for tendency. There’s nothing better than matching your skills against others in real time. Watching films or scouting can be misleading. Knowing what you can do and can’t do is the key to putting together a winning strategy.

  719. MDA has done an excellent job for 76ers winning again. If they want Jeremy, they should think about getting Coach Silas too.

  720. You definitely need to coach more, here lol.

  721. Kemba, stay in the corner you put Jeremy in all the ISO times. How do you like them apples?

  722. Troy Daniels actually traveled by moving his pivot foot before making the last shot,. It’s lucky that Hornets wasn’t called for that.

  723. interesting finding there, I didn’t notice that at all. any other experts can explain the rule? can that hop be considered 3-step layup?

  724. Before MDA joined 76er, the won-loss record was 1-30.
    After that it was 6-9.
    I don’t think Brett Brown was such a good coach at all. At least try to get a win for your team, coach but you only give the team a win in 31 tries.

  725. Just to share how Spurs operates..

    The fact is, the history is there,” West told Yahoo Sports. “You’re not going to question it. You’ve got guys like Tim, who is basically a coach. You’ve got Manu, who is basically a coach. Tony is basically a coach. They know this stuff. They know this system. They know Pop. We lean on those guys first. Then we just look to them for direction.

    “They’re not complaining. If Tim doesn’t get the ball, he doesn’t say anything. Some nights, Manu may be the distributor. Tony may be the distributor. If those guys accept it, you’ve got no choice. You just understand: That’s the way it works.”

    And works. And works. And works. All these years, all these incarnations and, yes, this franchise has evolved. Yet the Spurs’ way is unchanged.


  726. DeMarcus Cousins: NBA shouldn’t choose All-Star starters by fan vote.
    The problem is he totally ignores who is footing his paycheck!

  727. lol

  728. You speak like sws94 is the only reasonable voice here. All else just adulation towards Lin. If you think people here are like that, then don’t hanging on then.

  729. lol…lets not be picky here…he just meant its merrier with diversity of thoughts and view

  730. Lol. Hahaha. I get what you said there. 戏如人生,人生如戏。one can only live one life, so need movies to experience and taste other kinds of life. :)

  731. OK! FINE!

  732. Yup.

    Now you guys are seeing EXACTLY what I’m seeing.

    Walker is a CANCER who is deliberately trying to knock out his teammates.

  733. Kemba does that on EVERY play.

  734. Kudos to Troy Daniels singling out Walker breaking the play in OT1.

    You just don’t know how many broken plays by Walker since game 1. Cliff/Walker are losing the locker room for sure. It is like a mini Lakers situation all over again, except that Lin has the chance to play his games.

  735. He also wasn’t credited for the rebound here, they credited as team rebound……..

  736. 3pt layup? that’s a jumper

  737. Just like sometimes they don’t call the travel.

  738. I take exception to your assertion to ‘all of you’. Address TTNN as he has done to you, as an individual. That is ironic, since you so readily tell posters not to rile the natives at realgm, yet you seem to be doing the same here. You actions are definitely the highest form of trolling.

  739. Just hope geting better after Kemba’s all star dream and play off closing.

  740. Cliff yelled at Hairston for coming towards Roberts and breaking up a play in the previous game in the first half. Yet at a much more crucial time out of a time out, no less, says not a peep when Kemba does the same. Am I the only one seeing a double std here?

  741. You can say what you want about Kemba’s weaknessesbut he is undoubtably a competitor. He cares and hates to lose. Very admiable qualities. Youdon’t lead your team to Ncaa championship without that. Lets bot turn this into a Lin vs Kemba issue.

  742. all of you that take the PG over SG position. My 2nd sentence said “a lot of you” and it is a lot of people that express a similar opinion here. And saying someone is a troll isn’t cool unless they are actually trolling. Stating and defending one’s perspective is that only.

  743. Everybody sees the double standard.

    If Clifford keeps it up, he’ll LOSE THE TEAM and GET FIRED the way Mchale did in Houston.

  744. Hope so. I think that’s the plan by the FO.

  745. Koufos came over to stop the DEADLY GUY in Lin.

  746. That’s why coach Lin is so special.

  747. Let’s why some ppl think he is weak/naive…LOL

  748. I seriously doubt any changes will be made.

  749. I predict that the Hornets can win this game.

    It’ll go down to the wire, maybe overtime. But the Hornets ought to be able to win.

    Kemba Walker is the Hornets’ biggest opponent. His ballhogging and playbreaking badly hurts the Hornets, even when he is hitting shots or getting assists. When guys are not in the right spots because Walker is breaking the gameplan, it makes the game much harder.

    That said, Jeremy Lin has been a lifelong thorn in Utah’s side. Their guards are not quick enough to get past Lin and their forwards are not strong enough to overpower Lin. Lin will GET HIS, especially now that he’s an extremely rugged and superquick small forward playing against less rugged and slower small forwards.

    The only player that can prevent Lin from attacking the rim and dishing out to wide open teammates is Kemba Walker, but even Walker’s defense on Lin cannot fully hold Lin down anymore.

    Speaking of defense, I’d like to see Lin guard Gordon Hayward. Hayward has been wayward with the Hornets, scoring in the 30s against Hairston. Clifford is increasing his trust in Lin’s defense against small forwards, so I’d like to see Lin take on Hayward. I have no doubt that Lin can guard Hayward without fouling.

  750. Refs should never make that call

  751. Ever since Walker entered the NBA, I’ve always viewed him as a player who had the fundamentals to play teamball and knew how to run plays properly.

    This season, though, I’ve started to change that opinion.

    Kemba Walker simply doesn’t have good team fundamentals.

    Unlike his college teammate Lamb who entered the NBA fully schooled in fundamentals, Walker seems to be unable to make basic court reads. He literally misses them every time.

    Still, it is on him and Clifford to at least TRY to run the plays. Nowadays, Walker doesn’t even do that. And that’s why I hate his game.

  752. Kemba will play teamball if put him under Pop. Right now, he keep going the wrong way, but did get good stat. for himself and no blame from Coach & GM. Why not ISO? Same as Kobe and Harden.

  753. Teague being shopped? Atlanta is looking to deal him and Knicks may be interested.

  754. Where did you get this news?

  755. It makes perfect sense for ATL to trade one of them since their contract will expire at the same time and I’m sure you can’t sign both of them.

    I think Schroeder could start in this league + he’s young so has potential to improve beyond what he is now.

  756. I agree with you..It’s unlikely to happen “consistently”….When Lin is hot, Clifford will call more plays for him..when he’s not, there won’t be as many play callin for him.

    Also, Kemba being a shoot-first PG makes it a bit difficult…Even when Kemba was very cold, he still managed to take 25 shots, so there not too many shot left for others…..The good news was that Daniel, Hawes, Marvin and Lin made their shots at a high %…If it wasn’t for that, the Hornets would have lost because of Kemba bad shooting night.

  757. Is Lin going for the Nash’s long hair look?…Always enjoyed watching Nash long hair flopped behind his back as he sped toward the lane for a lay-up.

    Lin game is also increasingly looking like Nash….Nash didn’t have Kemba-Walker fancy dribbling moves, but he knew how to use the PnR but importantly, he had a pure jump shots…This is really what Lin needs…a very consistent jump shot to be like Nash.

  758. @parentofan8thgrader psalm234
    Hi, everyone,
    1. I finally finished the list and videos of the Nonsense Fouls/Non-calls on Lin.
    I put the list in the thread, Jeremy Lin NBA Missed Stats & Non-Calls.
    Please take a look ! If you have found other fouls are not listed there or any suggestions, please let me know.

    2. I put the most blatant and brutal five flagrant/hard foul non-calls (The Brutal Five) in one video. They also have their individual video from various uploaders, so I created a Playlist for all the fouls on YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnteRc9IDNTcYfmawJSeGhh0_jBP-avsz. You can see them in the above thread I mentioned.

    Here is the Brutal Five video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jyKOp9fwb0

    4/25/2014 Rockets Playoff G3 @ Trail Blazers: OT @4:02 – Lin got hammered in the head by Aldridge and fell down hard => Just a common foul, not even a Flagrant 1.
    Based on NBA Video Rulebook, this should be at least a Flagrant foul Penalty 1 (Contact to the head & Contact to opponent’s face). http://videorulebook.nba.com/rule/flagrant-foul-penalty-1/

    10/31/2014 vs Clippers: 4Q @4:06 – DeAndre Jordan hammered Lin with lots of body contact on the drive, Jordan should be fouled out (6th foul) => Non-call + DeAdre Jordan got a block!

    12/28/2015 vs Lakers: 2Q @0:22 – Kobe Bryant smashed Lin in the face and the neck, Lin fell down => Not a flagrant foul, just a common foul. The refs didn’t even review that play.

    1/9/2016 @ Clippers: 4Q @10:14 – Jeremy Lin got hit in the face (nose bleed) by Wesley Johnson and also got fouled by Jamal Crawford on the drive => Non-call at all.

    1/23/2016 vs Knicks: 2Q @3:57 – Carmelo Anthony gave Lin an uppercut slap in the face. => Not a flagrant foul, just a common foul.

    Parent of Lots of Kids, please write a letter about this! We’ll count on you to stop the brutal abuse on Lin by the NBA refs. Thank you!

  759. Great works. My respect for your diligent efforts !!!

    Are these 2 videos the same?

  760. “If Tim doesn’t get the ball, he doesn’t say anything.”

  761. Jeremy Lin is ranked 275 in the league in salary http://hoopshype.com/salaries/players/

  762. Maybe, or maybe they should make calls according to the rules. You see, it’s pretty clear because the buzzer had not gone off, JLin was jumping toward the ball and yet without even coming down for a rejump, he’s leaning backwards. It was clear to me there was non-cylindrical contact watching it from TV angle why not the ref right in that pic frame? (see the game thread). Idealistic = following the rules. Bbball has vid. Even rugby now has vid for years. Only soccer does not have vid. These days, you walk down the street and there’s vid. This isn’t a risky call, it’s physics and vid. Ya, you are right, I understand.

  763. Please “Be Polite & Be Respectful” per our site rule.
    He was not trying to spread rumors but merely asking for other’s input.

  764. Does that make Tim passive as well? LOL.

  765. i don’t want the refs to decide the winner in the end. Players every year wine about contact late in game. Too bad. Make the shot. This is the way the NBA has always been. Lin dint make the shot. Game over move on. Unless the foul was egregious. Move along folks nothing here to see.

  766. new UTA game thread

    JLin has hit his stride to orchestrate team-offense with 11 assists to help the Hornets get 3 winning streak but Kemba ISOs dominated the 4th quarter and OT at the expense of team-ball. It’s good that JLin can connect with a hot-shooting Troy Daniels for the winning 3pt shot in the 2nd OT

    -Will JLin be allowed to continue to orchestrate the offense so the Hornets can play a winning team-ball?

    -Will Kemba take over in the 4th quarter to play hero-ball?

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s pray and hope that gets to be 100% healthy soon and will have a chance to be the playmaker to help the Hornets to win

  767. wouldn’t that have been glory had he made that shot yes.

  768. @JAD2456:disqus can you re-post this on the new thread? I’ll feature it so more people can see it.

  769. lol. you spell it out. Let’s have fun, let’s just say now TDuncan is passive aggressive and see how many people disagree 🙂 Flamers on the boards have called Lin passive aggressive too as false narrative.

  770. I’ve been waiting since the toronto game during insanity. I didn’t notice how selfish so called stars are. If Kemba borderline allstar player can break plays like that and get no reaction from the coach then I completely understand why harden was a diva. Why he doesn’t play defense. Kemba is haif the player harden is. Kemba has the hornets in his control.

  771. The only notable pass I remember from KW was the bounce pass to Lin for an easy bucket.

  772. great job w/the video!

    i still think there’s reason to think that melo went for the ball.

    i think it’s worth posting jason kidd’s hair grab.

  773. So let’s just call this thread one to look for those moments of glory and inspiration and call it a GOOD Day! lol, nod to KHuang.

    Yes, many people in positions of power do not do their job and make life v hard for people under their authority to even function right. This happens in families, companies, teams. My thing is if people have responsibility and authority, they must use it well for the greater good. The opposite, responsibility without authority, that’s a tough place to be. So I’m happy if JLin does not take responsibility, and yet he does even at his $2m.

  774. Yep. That was when Lin had a clear cut to the basket. KW had no choice bc he was trapped in the corner. We saw that coming. However, the one that Lin passed to Hansborough, we didn’t know if he was going to shoot it or pass after it had happened so quickly. He bounced passed the rock to Hans in a very narrow space between two defenders. That’s why I like Hans’ PnR. He moved to where he needed knowing that Lin could shoot instead of passing to him. And he could tip the rock back in if need be.

  775. Heh heh, afterthought, that makes Lin as good as TDuncan, as least from the confidence perspective.

  776. the Carmelo upper cut was not even a foul on Carmelo but Afflalo…http://www.nba.com/games/20160123/NYKCHA/gameinfo.html#Q2

  777. Very good find. Thank you.

  778. He knows Lin won’t scream back at him.

  779. He will still be in the nba Khuang, he can be a good assistant coach and later a head coach or a gm

  780. You are so right… but sometimes I wish he would… 🙂

  781. Thanks for pointing that out! I really missed it. I’ve made corrections to the list and added some comment to the video. Thanks!
    The non-call on Carmelo really angers me more now.

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