Hornets NBA Global Games China 2015

Charlotte Hornets have left to travel to China for the 2015 NBA Global Games

Here are some interesting articles

1. NBA Global Games China 2015 Fact Sheet

– The Hornets will play two preseason games vs. the Los Angeles Clippers as part of NBA Global Games China 2015
– Game 1: Sunday, Oct. 11 in Shenzhen at Shenzhen Universiade Center
– Game 2: Wednesday, Oct. 14 in Shanghai at the Mercedes-Benz Arena
– The Oct. 11 game will be the NBA’s first game ever in Shenzhen
– This is the Hornets first trip to China
– This is the second time that the Hornets have played preseason games overseas: Oct. 18, 1994 vs. Golden State in Paris and Oct. 21, 1994 vs. Buckler Bologna in Bologna, Italy

2. Hornets & Charlotte Chamber of Commerce up to Promote Charlotte in China

– As the Hornets look to build their international fan base and corporate relationships, the NBA Global Games offers a unique platform for both organizations.
– Over the last five years, the number of Chinese companies with a presence in the Charlotte region has grown from five to 34.
– In fact, international firms now employ more than 61,400 people in the local economy, with 958 foreign-owned companies from 45 different countries calling the region home.

Jeremy will certainly increase the Hornets popularity in China.
Would we expect Michael Jordan experience with Jeremy Lin to promote his team in China?
Would Jeremy play a big role in his 2 preseason games to generate the crowd’s excitement?
Would it positively influence Jeremy’s role in the season once MJ realizes how important Jeremy is to his franchise?

We’ll just have to wait and tune in all the festivities.


  1. Oh yeah

  2. Am I second too? hahaha.

  3. Why not the top 3?

  4. Not fourth LOL

  5. I hope the refs don’t cheat Lin like they usually do against the Clippers and allow all kinds of shoves, trips, tackles, and grabs like they usually do.

  6. They will not bc the game is in China. Plus it’s only preseason. They will try to make Lin’s fans or China’s fans happy.

  7. I wouldn’t call them cheater, they just have bias bone on their backs.

  8. Any links to watch this weekend’s games? Appreciated.

  9. Kool-aid man? 😛

  10. Yeah. They would not dare do that in China. It’s Jeremy’s turf!

  11. I guess DeAndre Jordan will see firsthand just how many people will want to take pictures with Jeremy!

  12. Perhaps Jordan will make a “How to fit in” video of his own. lol.

  13. way way to early

  14. If anyone is interested, here’s Michael Jordan’s private jet, a Gulfstream IV.

    Notice the registration number : N236MJ. 23 = his jersey number ; 6 = number of championship rings …

  15. MJ too. Comon MJ, fly the team in style too.

  16. And Jumpman logo on the tail!

  17. I wonder if this kind of small jet would carry enough fuel for a long oversea 18-hour flight. Besides it’s probably not safe if it encounters some big turbulence. I would rather just take a big jet with the team.

  18. I think so. This jet probably will not have enough fuel for 18 hours fight. He should fly w the team bc he’s the biggest star for this team.

  19. Interesting flying route: via Alaska. Why?

  20. JLin: We are on the plane and will be on the way to China. My teammates say hi to you.

  21. From east coast, I’m guessing, shortest flight path is a curve towards west. Map deceiving.

  22. Can be. Just that I’ve never known about this kind of route. Normal route is via LA.

  23. Yeah true for regular commercial flight. NBA charter takes the shorter route.

  24. Make perfect sense. Anyway, they are in Anchorage to refuel and JLin posted a vid (above post) before their second leg to Shenzhen.

  25. Bummer, can’t view. US restriction?

  26. Oh no. Maybe it’s because I took it from a restricted view site. Will repost when I can find another one. Sorry about that! JLin posted it in his Chinese FB which I can’t access. Since this is freshly new post, believe will take a while for JLin Chinese fan to convert it.

  27. OK, when a “broadcast legend” comes out with that same old tired “…not the best defensive player in the world…”, then IMHO “broadcast legend” is either a$$ kissing or the standards are very low. They think it makes them sound smart to come out first with something sort of negative, and then give a few props. That makes them an “expert”. Do I sound annoyed? If somebody has some critique of Jeremy, I’m fine if it’s sound…but I just loathe smug and thoughtless “commentary”. Shoot…and he’s the Hornets’ broadcaster. Well, not everybody has Clifford’s low-key even-handedness. Just have to wait for the media tune to change as the season goes on….:l

  28. Can anyone try this one and see whether you can view this?

  29. Can see tweet, but can’t go to vid. The Great Wall between China/US FB.

  30. Yeah I can see the same URL. How come I can watch this and you can’t. Puzzling! Definitely IT retarted:-)

  31. Thanks for trying. Not on your end.

  32. Kinda reminds me of a young Rupert Gee comb over from David Letterman. Fresh.

  33. when I flew to Guangzhou, China which is close to Shenzhen from LAX, we flew over Alaska but did not stop but that was a Boeing 777 (China Southern Airlines)…

  34. I heard that part but I just take it that he said best defensive player. I think Lin does fine defending wise, but I’ll give it a pass to the criticism that he’s not the best.

    He did talked about that players with steals are not consider better defenders since that means they are on the passing lane and not defending their own guy. And you do see Lin does that quite often. Perhaps that made him question Lin’s defensive capabilities?

  35. I wonder why the Hornets took all summer to reach out to Lin. It’s not like that 2 million dollar offer was going to change. Or did Lin get the offer from day 1 and sit on it holding out for Dallas at first? I’d be interested to know.

  36. no guts to cheat Lin in China, only on US soil.

  37. Cannot see the video either

  38. The way Lin talked about it, Hornets waited til the very end talked to him seriously about coming over. Early on, it was just rumour. Maybe Hornet like everybody else thought Dallas was a done deal.

  39. I’ve tried one more time above post. Can you watch that one???

  40. Nope, doesnt work for me either.

  41. Ok, forget steals for a minute. How about blocks, does that also mean bad defense? Smh at original commentary.

  42. no

  43. which video are you trying to link? (describe it)

  44. No. Can’t find the video post from his FB account either

  45. It’ll pop up later

  46. I understand…and I could have been more forgiving. BUT…the guy is a Hornet now. Why even bring up “not the best defensive player” at all? Why not just focus on what he did well in these first two games and how he can help out the team. Why not focus on the best possibilities of this new addition instead of this ‘give with one hand, take away with the other’ kind of approach. If coach Clifford is willing to spend 5 hours of his busy time talking with Jeremy, why can’t this guy look at some footage and really pay attention to the games in front of his eyes and say something informed and useful in a positive way. Does he have another day job that makes that too much effort? I really do think that “not the best, but here’s some OK stuff” is an ego ploy to seem critical and “expert”. It always makes me wary. Oh well…serenity now!

  47. Showed up in my FB notification from JLin but also can’t find in his FB. Wondering why. Not an IT savvy. Sorry! Hopefully someone who knows how to link this later on.

  48. JLin’s newest vid to his fans about his trip to China. Said it in Chinese: I’m on the plane and is going on the way to China. Then he showed teammates to say hello to fans. It was about 1:09 long vid.

  49. I don’t think theres a new video. I looked at the videos section in his FB and nothing new is there

  50. I know but this vid only shows in my notification. Click it and find the vid. If I go to his page, can’t find the vid. No idea what’s going on. Can’t figure it out. Sorry! Definitely not a IT savvy.

  51. leave it up to arsenium to track down MJ’s private jet. =) nice work detective!

  52. what if MJ just tailgates the 747? then he would save a lot of gas and probably make it. LOL!

  53. they should do a gag video where Chinese fans go up to DeAndre and ask for a photo, then give DeAndre their phone and pose with Lin. =)

  54. hmm, I’m actually curious about this situation. I get error message:
    “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now.
    The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.”

    Can you still view the video now? If so, that means the video is not expired, but somehow it is only visible to certain regions.

  55. I get what you’re saying. When I watch bad commentary during a tennis match, it annoys me to no end. It’s unfortunate that American broadcasters feel the need to add “colour” commentary when it is all but self evident. They fill the air with garbage just to feel important kinda like insecured teenagers that must make noise to fill the empty spaces of their lives. Often I get so angry that I insist to my wife that we should just turn off the sound and then she gets annoyed with me! Lol. I call this the “BBC” coverage because they used to cover Wimbledon by hardly saying anything. Oh the sweet silence was wonderful. So if you can get away with it, try the BBC coverage when ever these so call experts get on you’re nerves.

  56. Refuelling in Anchorage …

  57. They need to refuel in Alaska? I thought they can make it direct flight.

  58. OK Librafree delivers this again. Now you definitely can view it:-)

  59. Bonnell’s on the flight with the team? He doesn’t have college football to cover this weekend? Clemson vs Georgia Tech is a pretty big game…

  60. can see it now, thanks! fb is lame, youtube rules!

  61. awkward silence? at least they could muster a few “ni hao”s LOL

  62. Yes I can still see this. It’s still in my FB notification link from JLin. LOL Maybe I’m the chosen one in this:-) hahahahahahaha Never happen to me before. Normally I don’t get one until hours later. Somehow this vid I’ve got it immediately JLin posted it:-) Huge huge surprise!

  63. Check in around game time, and I’m sure they’ll be posted. They’re not available in advance.

  64. well bonus for you! =)

    Is the JT894 twitter account yours or someone else?

  65. I love this weather simulation site… it takes real data and turns it into simulated data… any way you can clearly see the cyclone they are diverting around here: http://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/isobaric/850hPa/orthographic=-206.65,49.10,832

    if you are a weather nerd like me you can play around with all kinds of settings on this site and rotate the earth around have fun 🙂

  66. Now we understand why Hornets flight was routed via Anchorage:-)

  67. Not great firewall issue, because
    1) this video was posted in U.S.
    2) Facebook is blocked within china, so it’s not like Chinese users can upload to Chinese FB that US cannot access. (They other way around, of course, is true).

  68. OK, thanks. So I’m 90% sure that the video has regional block, for some odd reason. Because more than one person can view the video, so it’s not a unique URL for one individual. Looks like JT894 may be in Japan, based on their Following. So maybe the fb video is only accessible in Asia region.

  69. wow, that would be an awesome screen saver!

  70. who’s Coach B?

  71. Whoa! Love the weather site!! Thanks for the link Wu Kong. (yet again, jlinportal is the best!)

  72. ah, probably due to rerouting around the cyclone.

  73. Hi,
    I just checked the travelmath.com site and they estimated the flying distance from Charlotte to Shenzhen at 13,420 km. The Delta Airlines site says that the range of a 747-400 is 11,800 km. So, they have to refuel.

    They still have a long way to go if they left Anchorage in the last hour or so.

  74. I’m from US and I could click on the video with no problem O.o

  75. Is Lin going to be the mandarin teacher for the team?

  76. An intriguing site. Thanks!

  77. U.S. east coast to Asia direct flights always fly near Alaska (unless due to weather, or have a layover).

    Are you referring to Australia to U.S. flight?

  78. Very cool, thx

  79. The Honey Bees coach is Brandii McCoy.

  80. Wow aresenium, you know everything 🙂

  81. I forgot they are flying farther to Shenzhen, I was thinking Shanghai.

    Wikipedia says 747-400 has range of 13,450 km, but maybe that’s cutting it too close.

    They could have flown direct with a 777-300ER or 777-200LR though. There are currently commercial direct flights with longer routes.

  82. Mostly due to Jeremy and MJ…

  83. Kemba and Troy are practicing too… NBA2K!

  84. I’m not in Asia. I’m in Australia.

  85. Thanks! Now it becomes more puzzling:-)

  86. No, I was referring to US and Asia route. When I studied in US in my young days, I always had layover either HK, Taiwan or Japan from Malaysia/Singapore, then LA/SF before I arrived in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth…..

  87. I’m not sure Steve Ballmer belongs in there. Not really much star power there.

  88. Wow that’s cool.

  89. Honeybee’s stuck back in coach:


  90. some people would prefer to lose than have a funky asian kid lead the way and be forced to cheer for their favorite team with a guy they can’t accept leading the way.

    this is not limited to us stateside. you know this to be a worldwide phenomenon. People in asia are arguably worse when it comes to stuff like this.

  91. Dallas not much match for Houston.

  92. I’m in HK and I can see it clear and loud.

  93. Looks like a Van Gogh painting!

  94. Harden talking trash to a rookie. He always did take the higher ground. Such a classy player.

    So at least we don’t have to watch J with the dumpster that is the Mavs.

  95. Rockets are good, but lost of smith is big and having to play bev will hurt them. I think rockets don’t pass second round this year.

  96. I do think it’s beautiful too when the perspective is like this.

    But for those of us whose countries go through the eyes of those storms at least 20x a year, not so cool. More like dangerous.

  97. Miami losing big to magic. PFV said Miami style was like a dinosaur basketball. Get the feeling Miami will not keep up with the rest of the league and lose a lot.

  98. Now only lose by 3.

  99. That’s where Carlos Boozer is from.

  100. Can someone answer this question: Didn’t the Phoenix Suns used Dragic (6’3″) as SG and Bledso
    (6’1″) as PG and were they not effective/successful? I remember they were the buzz
    talk during that time.

  101. Really hate him. I think he did it on purpose. He will not let anyone to in charge the ball. smh!


  102. So Dragic is the same high like Lin?

  103. lawson barley played pg last game anyways

  104. it work well. but not really defensively taller sg could be an issue

  105. Yes.

  106. Did they make the playoff that season? Did their offense carried over to offset the defense?

  107. Is he injured or being rested? He hasn’t played up to third quarter.

  108. He wants PB not Lawson. Just like the way he did to LIn. smh!

  109. Haha, when I first saw that picture I thought they were studying film. I was thinking how hard core they were.

  110. idk

  111. its the west o i think they either barley did or just missed it.

  112. Darn, can’t track that tail number:

  113. Miami is a great basketball team and they are going to do well this season. They let lots of players play for the preseason and they want to see how their new players far too. They won’t be blown out!

  114. One person per row, still roomy. They’re the loudest too. haha

  115. frankly i dont understand what hes saying. its terrible writing even for a tweet.

  116. My head hurts trying to figure it out.

  117. lol

  118. These guys don’t look as friendly as the Hornets:

    Dennis Rogers‏@DRogNBA

    Off to China for #NBAGlobalGames #NBA #Clippers


  119. Because of the lowly $two millions?

  120. Their plane looks bigger. Could be the deck of the enterprise.

  121. Anybody interested in tracking the flight can use this link. I think this is the right plane. No other Delta flights going from anchorage to Shenzhen


  122. Only flying plane bigger than a 747-400 is an Airbus A380. Seems like the seats are different. The ones on the Delta are individual pots you can lay all the way down in. Perhaps it looks smaller because pods take up so much more room.

  123. wow.. the lin effect.. you guys even tracking his flight..
    it’s getting creepy.. borderline between stalking and following. lol

  124. he wants stats because lawson will take away his stats.

  125. bravo, my good sir. bravo

  126. 9 more hours

  127. I don’t think so… Lost of Smith is not going to hurt them but with Lawson is really going to help them. However, I don’t think they will be Top 4 this year cause other teams has gotten better and Harden is “ain’t that good,” can’t be running for MVP again.

  128. If you look in the Activity Log at the bottom of the screen, this plane took off from Charlotte at 10:18 today. So, it certainly looks like the right plane. Looks like they had a long layover in Anchorage (~ 3 hrs).

  129. It’s probably the same 747, but the clippers players got the front nose section or top deck

  130. Interestingly it seems like it still fly’s pretty close to the cyclone in weather map Arsenium12 posted earlier. Just that little notch south off the east coast of Japan to avoid the most intense part.

  131. Well, ballmer could easily afford to charter a a380. ballmer net worth $23B >> Jordan $1B

  132. oh.. he didn’t mentioned jeremy lin..
    so is kemba a hater. lol

  133. Yes I don’t think there are any regularly scheduled flights from Charlotte to Anchorage. Also if you look at the activity log it went from Charlotte to Orlando to Miami to Charlotte to Anchorage to Shenzhen. Doubt it’s anyone else’s plane.

  134. I think the last sentence should be “who he is without”?

  135. I think only certain certified airports can allow the A380 to land. Even LAX had to do some modifications to accommodate it.

    On the other hand that might just be for the jetways. Charter planes probably have buses pick them up off the tarmac.

  136. Must have been hungover 😀

  137. damn, our boy LOVES to eat 😀

  138. 🙁

  139. nice work detective!

  140. They should be glad they got a free trip to China!

  141. are these official and put out by coaches? Seems strange that a decision is made this soon, could be just the PR department’s projected outlook

  142. As everyone I would like Jeremy to get more playing time too and play with the starters but he just seems more effective at PG than SG to me when I watch him play. And then he expends so much energy trying to defend some of the top SG’s in the league.

  143. Somehow I’m not surprised, as I do think they need to give Kemba/Lamb/Batum play together a good look.

  144. Good point, that is just a media guide, not coaches depth chart. There’s no such thing as an official lineup or depth chart anyways.

    However I wouldn’t be surprised if lamb started at SG

  145. If the Cubs win, it will be the strangest movie prediction of all time!

  146. I feel like the rest of the Preseason will be a battle for the starting SG spot between Lamb and Jeremy, with the most important element being how Roberts plays as backup PG

  147. This might finally be their year.

  148. I think Lin would expend more energy defending top PGs than SGs. PGs are smaller and quicker. Lin might give up an inch or two to SGs, but not strength or weight

  149. IMO, offence is equally important as defence and vise versa. If Lin can shut down his man, I’d say he’s done very well; especially if it happens to help his team win.

    It’s just that we’ve had so much PTSD from M&M and BS that we worry that his shut down defence will be totally ignored as was the case with Parker and Lilliard. Scoring a lot did nothing to impress those bias coaches either so let’s hope This coach will be totally different.

  150. LOL What’s new? His Chinese fans call him “吃貨林” for a reason:-)

  151. Here’s the plane’s flight path from the Delta Airlines web site (Flight 8923). See : http://www.delta.com/flightinfo/viewFlightStatusByLegDeparture.action

  152. Van Gogh’s brushstroke are thicker 🙂

  153. As soon as the food is ready, he digs in right away.. lol

  154. They are using visualization techniques lol

  155. I guess this maybe not too bad for Lin after all bc when Lin & Kemba together, the other team will target Lin more than Kemba. Plus Lin will not be able to in charge the ball as a PG.

    Somehow I feel maybe Kemba wants to play his own style bc game 2 they changed to less team ball. I just hope they can let Lin run his game w his own unit.

  156. not really, it is pretty much determined how is the best to spread out Lin/Kemba/Batum’s time across that 48 min.

    Then I think between Lamb and Lin, and Robert, who have better defense, who will have more time. Lin of course will have the playtime due to play making, Lamb/Robert could all shoot, and could all handle the ball a little, so whoever defend better, who will have more time. However, Lamb could play a little SF, so he had an edge.

    For Lin, he might not get to start, if the timing is really hard to arrange.

  157. WOW You are awesome. Thanks!

  158. I’m sure he has no problem acting under a high profile director. His amateur video was done by friends with low budget project.

  159. LOLOLOL JLin: “我不吃會死的.”

  160. Well, it is only preseason, they will need to test multiple situations first.

  161. Ya! I know so have to wait until season really starts….

  162. My colleagues would think I am up to no good.

  163. One word Helicarrier.

  164. he is on his way out?

  165. Somehow I feel Lin still will not start, but he should have lots of play time.

    Oh, I read somewhere, and people say coach Clifford like to play his best guard off bench. 🙂 Not sure how real that is.

    But they have three play maker on the team, Kemba/Lin/Batum, if they all start, that’s kind of waste. Unless Lin beat out Kemba, I think there is little chance for him to start.

    Even Lamb Clifford was still hesitate to start him just because he don’t want to change the rotation too much, then think about change Lin’s rotation, even bigger impact on other people’s rotation.

  166. Clifford told Lin he would play significant minutes as a back up and play Lin style of basketball. If Clifford stands by his word then I am happy for Lin. He plays. He plays his style. Coach trusts him. Coach was honest with him. All things Lin was denied the past 3 years. So if he is a back up with all the above I think Lin made the right choice.

  167. The best position for Lin is PG but w Kemba he will not get the chance to start no matter what? So I think Lin will get big role like coach said…. I believe he will have his min & close the game too. Just hope he gets good stats & good contract next summer.

  168. And you know this how?

  169. Ya! I believe that’s why Lin came here for bc he wants his game & his min. I believe coach will do it unless top say NO. But when the time they signed the contract maybe already made the agreement.

  170. Thank you ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  171. I was looking over his shoulder when he was painting it.

  172. I think he will got his chance.

  173. Lamb better STEP UP his intensity and focus.

    Otherwise JJ Redick will burn him badly.

  174. oh boy.. will kembademba like that

  175. Of course not. But no one cares about who is Kemba in China.

  176. no. the mets will win it all

  177. then might create chem problems … afraid it will be similar to ‘something’ happened in chemistry with players on the roxies after the game in manila…remember.

  178. I’m sure Kemba understands the situation

  179. I think it’s expected by everyone that in China the focus is on LIn. It’s like Bulls go to spain and Pau is the focus in marketing.

  180. hopefully.. don’t want no roxie deja vu after their asia tripa

  181. Ballmer certainly belongs. Money is very attractive.

  182. No need to worry. Lin is already a bench. But in Manila, he was from starter to bench. Only thing will upset him it’s they don’t let him plays his game.

  183. This is the NBA where it’s the responsibility of the coach to keep the team together even if players don’t get along.

  184. Michael Jordan did not fly with the team. He was at the Cubs playoff game today throwing out the first pitch! Maybe he’ll fly to China later.


  185. Starter bench, it doesn’t matter.

    Kemba Walker can’t really say or do anything when he’s shooting way under 40%!!!

  186. BTW, it was a terrible throw, sailed way over the catcher. =)

    White Sox fans can’t be happy about that. =)

  187. MJ hasn’t even seen his team play.

  188. I hope not.

  189. Kemba’s no Harden. Harden still can’t get over not winning MVP.

  190. Sub 40% shooters like Kemba have no right to pout.

  191. On this particular team, Lin is needed more as a SG than a PG.

    Even if Lin doesn’t shoot a lot, he siphons so much defense toward himself that teammates are left wide open.

    And on defense, Lin’s more concerned with anticipating SG opponent moved than with being scored on in isolation.

  192. SI article about MKG’s injury. I think you guys will like it. He actually refers to Lin as a “productive starter”!

    Jeremy Lin—one of free agency’s biggest bargains after inking a two-year, $4 million deal with Charlotte—has already proven himself as a productive starter with the Knicks and Rockets. His averages with the Lakers a season ago weren’t glimmering, but he actually notched more points, rebounds, assists and steals per 36 minutes in Lakerland when compared to his 2013-14 season in Houston.


  193. Nobody in the media realizes that Lin was the Lakers leading scorer, assister, and who knows what else in other statistical categories.

  194. Nyk hk is nonstop 14 hrs. With the typhoon they are taking no chance so a quick dash for gas in Alaska.

  195. oh you’re bad 😀

  196. Lin was not the leading scorer last year.. that was Jordan Hill

  197. J’s checking the pics he took of them on the plane. Yup, y’all look good.

  198. Problem was always there to begin with, Manila game or not.

  199. Highest RPM and WAR…by far

  200. Besides only 2 games. So no big deal. When they back to USA, he’s still their starting PG.

  201. Maybe bc it’s preseason game.

  202. I like the team ball movement. When the ball handler is being guarded well and doesn’t have an opening, and a teammate curls off a screen, the ball handler passes to the curler. And the 3pt spacing is nice.

  203. I kept rewatching the Green block on Lin because I couldn’t believe that Green went under the screen and still managed to the block the shot.

    After watching several times in slow mo, I finally figured out what happened. Green went way under the screen and slipped TH’s screen. What Lin should have done is as soon as he saw Green go under the screen, pop the 3 when TH is exactly between them (like a lunar eclipse =). Instead, Lin dribbled too far to the right past TH, which allowed Green to close and block the shot with his length. Incredible play by Green.

    On the other hand, TH also made the mistake that when Green went way under his screen, TH pivoted with his left foot towards Lin, which is useless. TH should have immediately pivoted with his right foot and rolled to the basket. Easy dunk.

  204. I think they both understands the situation in China and the overall picture C’mon, Kemba is a 4 years/48 million player, do you all think he feel threaten by a 1 year/chump change player? He knows Jeremy can help take some of the pressure off him. Together, they might go very far this season, and Kemba welcomes that. Just my humble opinion.

  205. That’s true. Lin is one year deal player but Kemba is their long term plan. I think even Kemba will feel a little bit unhappy to see this but he knows it’s in China. There are not that many fans for Hornets in China — I read from Baidu. LOL! Anyway, when Lin signed w Hornets, he answered one of the fans about to replaced Kemba, Lin said he has no intention to do so…. I think it’s one year deal for Lin in Hornets & Kemba knew it.

  206. come on guys. kemba’s ego can’t be that big. he doesn’t have the game to go with that.

  207. you need to get on that coaching staff my man!

  208. the worse those guys look, the better Lin looks!

  209. LOL. Did you upvote yourself?

  210. They are both 747’s. But I think what it is is that the Hornets took their picture further forward where the plan’s nose make the cabin less wide. Whereas the Clippers took theirs a little further back where the plane is wider. It probably just depends on how the airline arranges their seats and that dictates the best place for a group to take their picture.


  211. Very cool. Another reason for flight path to utilize tail winds. Also, was curious, so I connected CHA to Shenzhen on the globe with a string and pulled it taunt. Bam, shortest “straight” path goes through Alaska, almost halfway point. Yes, geek alert.

  212. I think its demeaning when you keep on mentioning the same thing over and over again. Can we drop it…I know its a fact but when one repeats its multiple time, it doesnt seem to be a polite and healthy posting. Thanks

  213. Right. There’s no nonstop flights from CLT to ANC. NBA teams use charters, so to looks like the hornets chartered the Boeing 747 to China. That’s a big bird with 376 pax load. Interesting flight path to avoid the storm.

  214. A direct flight from HKG to DFW would still fly directly over Anchorage
    So if you were on a direct flight that needed refueling, you would refuel in Anchorage.

    LAX adds 372 miles to the trip.

    However, since airlines operate by hub and spoke model, it’s more economical for them to have layover in a major intl hub like LAX.

  215. Which part of HK are you at?!

  216. no strings needed!


  217. Michael
    Jordan N236MJ private plane for the glory of the North Carolina blue,
    part of the jet engine has N236MJ words, represents the graduate from
    North Carolina and played 23 career six NBA championship.


  218. latest…

  219. 1:50 Kaminsky showing his good handles. Wade was on him but couldn’t steal the ball. Kaminsky even had a nice pull back dribble between his legs.

  220. Anybody have an itinerary of what they will be doing there each day?

  221. It’s 5 am EDT in USA. Either you guys get up early, stay up late or live in the Asia zone. Or the truest JLin fans and supporters. Have fun and enjoy Hornets’ and JLin’s great success this season.

  222. Lin
    will start 1 of the 2

  223. What Byron Scott has done to Jeremy is deeply below sportsmanship.
    Lakers is going to suck as long as Byron is the coach for the team.

  224. Getting excited now. JLin’s flight should arrive in 1.5 hours. Can’t see to see some pics from fans:-)

  225. See how Jeremy Lamb works out in the starting lineup. Coach Clifford has to put Batum back to SF now with MKG gone for good. That leaves the 2 open. Lamb is limited in his capability. and 2 is the only position that he could play well while Lin should concentrate on switching between 1 and 2 for the Hornets on the court. Putting Lamb there now is a good move and a natural and logical choice under the circumstances and Lamb needs the opportunity to polish on his game more than Lin.

    Putting Lin at starting 2 will overload Lin a bit in his learning process for a new team. This is only the preseason and everybody gets tryouts in different positions for the regular season. Jeremy Lamb needs to do well at 2 for the most part of the coming regular season for the Hornets to do well anyway. It might as well start putting him there now.

    Jeremy has a lot to do in switching his roles on court between 1 and 2 and working on his defense. I believe Lin can do well in both and he needs less minutes in polishing his game than Lamb at 2. As long as Lin gets the minutes, starting or not seems unimportant now.

  226. The injury of MKG no doubt would put more pressure on the players of the Hornets to pick up the slack of defense. It could be a blessing in disguise for Jeremy though because the team would expect more output from him and he’s up to the challenge. During the preseason, the coaches would concentrate more on him to step up his performance to elite level in order for the Hornets to earn a playoff berth. In fact all Hornets have to step up to make up for the loss of MKG for the season. This is not a bad thing in the long run.

    Coach Clifford is a good coach in defense and he’s facing a challenge to do just that for the regular season. Every player has to dig in to make up for the loss of MKG and it’s a good thing for the team. Hard work will always pay off.

  227. Vroom! Vrooooom!

  228. I don’t think MKG’s absence affects Lin very much. They don’t overlap at all in position or skill set. Unless Clifford starts Lin at SG, his role will be the same. And if Lin does start at SG, his slightly higher minutes will be negated by sharing with Kemba.

    MKG’s injury gives Lamb a lot more minutes and changes Batum’s role back to (primarily) SF. Also, Hairston gets a chance to crack the rotation. But Lin? Not much changes.

  229. The addition of more minutes per game is almost certain. Batum will have to work exclusively as the SF. His minutes would likely to be shared by Jeremy Lamb and Jeremy Lin. I don’t think Jeremy Lamb could be a starting 2 for NBA right now and the rest of the SGs are even worse. Lin will have to play more minutes per game as SG.
    30 minutes per game will not be unlikely.

  230. Lin was simply the player with the best RPM in the team。

  231. According to that flight tracker, the eagle has finally landed. ?

  232. Yes it has landed. May not have as many fans are in the airport to greet the team as the fans couldn’t find any flight info until today. Fans can’t make any arrangement to meet the team.

  233. Oh that’s too bad. They’ll be tired though so just as well perhaps.

  234. I know. I saw info that many fans have greeted Clippers. Wonder why NBA China wouldn’t let fans know when the flight would arrive. Many fans said that they called all parties and received no info until tweets about JLin and team left for the trip. Even then they still didn’t know exactly when the flight would arrive.

  235. they arrived.

  236. Derek Fisher’s triangle offense gets disrupted by Barnes defense.

  237. at airport

  238. Fisher seems to be dating Barnes’ ex-wife and that infuriates Barnes

  239. I don’t think this has been said – the main reason why Lin will not start is he can play two positions. Unfortunately all the other players (Lamb, Hairston, Daniels and Roberts) can only play one position. Therefore it makes sense for Lamb to start at SG.

  240. Some notes about the China trip :

    Michael Jordan will be making his first trip to China in more than a decade. [according to NBA]

    Yao Ming will serve as an unofficial host, accompanying the teams to several stops on their itinerary.

    The NBA officials are shipping a basketball court (i.e. 27,974 wood squares) to China to ensure the playing surface has a “regulation-quality” feel.

    David Shoemaker, the NBA’s chief executive in China, said the league decided to hold its first-ever game in Shenzen because it’s one of the country’s tech hubs and it’s close to Hong Kong. Shanghai was also selected as a host because of its size (population: 24 million) and historic significance.

    See : http://mediacomtoday.com/news/read/category/News/hashtag/Sports/article/los_angeles_times-clippers_to_get_some_real_fanfare-tca

  241. more

  242. oh i heard that shenzhen you can get a lot of nice female as ‘2nd wifes’… is that true? anyone know. or anyone in hk know?

  243. If anything, MKG’s departure will IMPROVE Charlotte’s defense.

    Since MKG didn’t have to be guarded on offense, opponents could relax when guarding him. They could then focus more on scoring.

    Now with MKG out, Nicholas Batum now owns the 3 spot. Batum as a SF actually has to be guarded, unlike MKG. And that leaves opponents less energy for offense.

    This is why the Charlotte Hornets have not lost a defensive step and actually have gotten STRONGER defensively with MKG going down.

  244. Jeremy Lamb could easily start in the NBA if he had a real point guard like Lin playing with him.

  245. Rockstar. Not to be confused with roxstar, tho he was one.

  246. http://t.cn/RyQowvf

    another angle.

  247. Lin is looking like a kid in a candy store. Such happiness in a long while.

  248. Thank you, I was wrong.

    When I am wrong, I admit it.

    Lin still was #2 by a tiny amount for the Lakers, and that was with Byron Scott DNP-CDing Lin not just for that one midseason game but for at least 2 more games at the end of the season.

  249. I wonder if Michael Jordan will even attend the game.

  250. Lots of men go get “haircuts” there.

  251. Maybe the Hornets can get someone like CJ Wilcox in a trade. CJ Wilcox and Jamal Crawford for Cody Zeller?

  252. Or 3rd ….I know a man who has 2nd & 3rd wife in Shenzhen….

  253. Deleted…

  254. jesus christ..they are shipping the bbal court.. and assemble it there.. what is wrong with chinas floor?

  255. They want the players to use the same court as at home. Difference in bounce I guess. With the humidity here, those American wood floors would not last. But for a couple of games it would be fine.

  256. man.. a master bball player can play on ANY floor.

  257. Accepted.

  258. Good catch.

  259. I feel it’s mainly for marketing. I mean, China hosts FIBA and the Olympics so it’s not like they can’t make an amazing floor if they really wanted to.

  260. Maybe he will only attend the one in Shanghai

  261. Isn’t this the case in every major city around the world?

  262. Agreed. I think everyone understand what Jeremy means on this trip.

  263. please stop it. It’s so demeaning to the Chinese girls.

  264. Yes I love the word starter but hate “backup”,”off the bench” be used on Jeremy.

  265. I liked this passage (from the link in the above tweet) :

    Needless to say, Hornets guard Lin – whose parents immigrated to the United States from Taiwan and whose grandparents grew up in the mainland – was the star of the show. Jeremy was gracious as various customs workers and regular folk tugged at his elbow for one more selfie about 30 times. He’s used to this, having visited China many times for promotional tours.

  266. Great guy indeed! Thanks mate

  267. Looks like Rich Cho in the background?

  268. Yeah, but by bringing their own, the NBA can totally control the look and feel.

  269. Good to see Rick got Lin’s family history correctly. He probably would’ve gotten hounded if that wasn’t correct.

  270. Staying at the Ritz. Best hotel in town.

  271. Comments from Nathan said that’s Big Al. Isn’t that Patrick Ewing?

  272. is it me or did lin not get this type of mediaa when he went to china with houston???????

  273. houston never went ti china with JLin, philippines and taiwan.

  274. ok thanks…. but do you remember “any” nba twitter tweets about it??

  275. no can’t say i have.

  276. NBA really cares about China market & they need Lin.

  277. its like houston hid lin from the league the 2 years he was there

  278. pretty much…..

  279. of course but in houston they ignored him. I’ve notice a difference with the way the media treats lin. also i would count taiwan as a large market as well so why didn’t the say anything when lin went there with houston a “playoff team” in their mind??

  280. I don’t remember but I guess they did bc at that time the chairman of NBA went to Taiwan w Lin.

  281. Plus Hornets is really not that popular in Asia. ( and USA) Maybe that’s why they keep promoting Lin w Hornets.

  282. i don’t remember anything about it. it was a quick mention but the major media and nba quietly supported lin.

  283. I don’t know about other Global Games, but when Lin/Rockets played in Taiwan and Philippine two years ago, NBA also shipped the wood floor to there. You don’t want any accident (game delay? player injury?) happened when the floor quality is not good enough, right?

  284. maybe

  285. I remembered bc he asked Lin to stand next to him for group picture (push Mc away… LOL) in the welcome party.

  286. I read somewhere… the Queen City for business org also went to China this time w the team. They really want to do some business w China.

  287. Here’s Lin dealing with the media when the Rockets went to the Philippines. He got quite a bit of attention. Taiwan was even more supportive.

  288. i know the media there gave him the attention but did the nba media was my question. I’m just saying i notice the media is treating lin better

  289. And I thought my wife packed a lot of luggage! 😉

  290. ok thx.

  291. Someone was asking about their schedule in China. Here is some info I found from Chinese Baidu fan forum.
    Local time:
    10/9 ?
    10/10 @19:00 Welcoming Party in Shenzhen (invitation needed)

  292. It is Ewing.

  293. Lin’s numbers were favorable despite playing on a terrible team. In 74 games,
    averaging 25.8 minutes, Lin averaged 11.2 points, and 4.6 assists,
    shooting 42.4 percent from the field and 36.9 percent from the 3-point
    line. Despite relagation to the 2nd unit, Lin’s usage percentage was
    21.9, the highest it’s been since his year in New York, while his
    turnover percentage was 17.7, the lowest of his career. Additionally, he
    finished with a PER of 15.6, also the highest it’s been since his Knicks
    days. This is telling, because Lin managed to be a more efficient
    player despite the lack of talent around him. It suggests that Lin has
    shown steady improvements since entering the NBA, which is good news for

    Nothing from a team standpoint worked for Lin in Los Angeles — the team wasn’t good, and he never had a clear role — but individually, Lin had a fairly efficient season,
    which suggests he comes to Charlotte with a more well rounded game.

  294. Lin’s strengths should benefit the rest of the roster. He’s very good at attacking the lane, and with career 60.8 percent field goal percentage between 0-3 feet, very good at finishing at or near the basket. His 3-point shooting has steadily increased each season, with last year’s 36.9 percent a career best. Even if he just maintains that percentage, he is the best 3-point shooting point guard on the roster.

    It’s an unsuccessful play, but it shows how active Lin is in an offense, even without the ball, and shows his playmaking ability when attacking the hoop. He doesn’t seem to be the type of player to get tunnel vision, and should help with increasing the flow of the offense.

    With the second unit, Lin should create a lot of the offense. Many of the second unit players don’t create scoring opportunities for themselves, but Lin seems adapt at drawing defenders to him, particularly when driving, which creates open shots for others.

  295. Knicks and Lakers jerseys?

  296. 11 ppg in 25 minutes is amazing. especially given those minutes fluctuated a lot

  297. Wow. Thank you for sharing this.

  298. Yes there pretty and nice females in Shenzhen. as long as you rich or as long as you have a sweet mouth and deceptive mind, you probably can get a second wife anywhere, whether it’s Shenzhen hk USA Europe or Central America…etc.

  299. Great thanks !

  300. Yeah it is not hard to understand if you talk your boss into betting the franchise on another player who may not be as good.

  301. Jeremy’s prayer request 12.
    Thank you all for your prayer submissions! The JLIN team has been meeting to pray for your prayer requests and we wanted to invite you all to join us in praying. There were many prayer requests for similar things so we have summarized them below with our prayers for you all. Below that you’ll find excerpts of individual prayer requests that you can pray for. Thank you for sharing and remember to “4 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5 Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God,which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:4-7

    Prayer for Healing
    I pray for those of your friends and family that are sick, suffering, and in need of healing right now. God please release your healing power over their bodies as you are the sovereign Lord. We fully entrust their lives into your hands, please move through the power of your Holy Spirit. Also bring peace and rest to their hearts and to the hearts of those around them. Bring wisdom to their doctors and caretakers.

    Prayer for Families & Friends
    I pray for families that have broken relationships and for relationships between family members that are in need of restoration. Father, drive away any bitterness between children and parents or between other family members, and teach them to love each other unconditionally as you love us. I pray that children would be obedient and honor and love their parents. Father, we also lift up friendships to you– that you would surround us with people that we can impact and support. I pray that we would genuinely care for our friends, and not look only to our own interests but to those around us as well. That we would love our neighbors and pray for those in need, and care for our community as well.

    Prayer for Personal Devotion
    Father, I pray that we devote time to meet with you each day and that we would prioritize our relationship with you over anything else. Help us remain focused on the eternal and not get lost in the things that the world offers. I pray that we would live by faith and not lean on our own understanding, but be committed to becoming disciples of Christ. Instill a sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit in us, that we would go to you as our sole source of joy and fulfillment.

    Prayer for Salvation
    I pray for all the requests for salvation of family and friends. There are many lost souls that just need to have their eyes and hearts opened to the grace of Jesus Christ. I pray for revival and for the salvation of these individuals being lifted up in the prayer requests. I also want to pray for Asia that the Gospel and salvation would rapidly transform lives there and people are allowed to worship and learn about You freely.

    Prayer for Churches & Missionaries
    Father I pray that all churches on earth will help teach their congregation to live lives that are transformed by the renewing of our minds. Then we will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will. I I pray that the churches will work in unity, opening their doors to the community, the needy, and going into the world to show them what a compassionate God you are. Let the churches be the salt and the light to the World. Father we also pray for all the missionaries in the world. Give them safety, health, strength and the ability to adapt easily into their host culture. Please protect them from evil and give them peace and joy as they serve away from home.

    Prayer for Provision (school, finances, work, etc.)
    Thank you God for being our Provider. I lift up those that are going through stress at school, career struggles, and financial difficulties. We know that you know best what we need and will provide for us at the right time. Please provide discernment and purpose for those that are lost in their careers or searching for the right path. Help us all to trust in you and to know that you are a good God and that our futures are safe in your hands.

    Prayer for the World
    Lord we thank you for how much you care for the world and for those that are suffering. We especially want to lift up to you the Syrian refugees that have been through so much trauma. We pray for compassion and healing on them and for peace in the region. We pray that you would give our world leaders wisdom in dealing with the refugee crisis and for encouragement and strength to those that areworking to help the refugees. We also want to pray for the dengue fever outbreak in Taiwan and throughout Asia. We pray that the epidemic would be contained quickly and that people would be healed. Help those that are fearful to turn to you for comfort and strength.

  302. Thanks for sharing! We should all click for support.
    BTW, now we know why BS benched Lin last year. 🙂

  303. I didn’t include the fans prayer requests. Too many to copy and paste.

  304. Thanks for posting the excerpts.

  305. The fake Hornets Jersey were not ready yet.

  306. that was pretty cool of Jeremy to include that though!

  307. the fake Hornet jerseys should have been printed months ago. =)

  308. Indeed!

  309. I had already complained about Lin’s lack of dunks last year (first time he didn’t dunk since his rookei year). =)

  310. Haha! Maybe. I remembered last year, Lin was not even back to USA to sign the contract yet… a fan from China already got his jersey. LOL!

  311. Wow, thank God for Lin’s strong spiritual walk with God. I am so encouraged by these. God truly has a plan for Lin after basketball career. Believers and non-believers alike, how can you not appreciate his humility and kindness. He prays for all. From his mouth to God’s ear.

  312. Whats to feel demeaning about? what he said and asked about is somewhat true. 1. Yes, there are a lot nice girls in Shenzhen. 2. Yes, men go there to seek for another women other than their wifes.

  313. I think more like the fake ones were sold out…lol

  314. Are they going to have a training camp practice session in China?

  315. true does not make it less demeaning

  316. OT – Interesting WireTap article on NBA Execs’ opinion of Kobe’s future in NBA. [link]

  317. In all seriousness, I can even agree with his criticism. It is fair and stat based. Not those “poor defense” “can’t go left” type of boring lazy regurgitation.

  318. Does training camp practice mean the same as regular practice? JAD posted some practice times below.

  319. from JAD’s post:

    10/9 ? Private Practice #1 (while adjusting jet lag)
    10/10 @11:30-13:30 Open Practice #2

    Note: I remember I read somewhere that Hornets will have 4 practices
    during the trip, so I assume the other two practices will be held on
    10/12 and 10/13.

  320. I mean the regular 2 a day practice….I guess not..those are more like pre game practices

  321. Only people think that what these girls are doing is shameful will find it demeaning. (And How about it’s demeaning to the men? Why is it demeaning to the Chinese girls? ) Only people who want to hide the facts or afraid to disclose the facts will think it’s demeaning. he’s merely asking what he read or what he heard from others. If it’s not the case then tell him, if it’s the case then help him sees why. People who made the choice they don’t feel demeaning at all about themselves so it’s probably not your business to feel demeaning for them.

  322. Fake Hornets jersey’s probably came out before the official ones. The Hornets took so long to come out with them.

  323. Lol!

  324. Actually, everyone in China wants the authentic ones now. Just too much into big brands. Hornets? Who are they? Now Knick and Lakers are flashy brands.

  325. Global recognition, Knicks and Lakers. Very capitalist there. Notice no rockets.

  326. Seems like many are airport personnel and in uniforms. I wonder if the general public weren’t able to get close so that’s why we aren’t seeing as big a mob as before?

  327. Coast to coast dunk:

  328. Good article. As Linzen says below, free of the usual re-tread criticisms and included important stats to back up his positive comments. Hope it will be a continuing media trend 🙂

    Read thru some of the comments below the article and came across this really excellent reference to an article from Grantland about Kobe Bryant. I didn’t get into bball until Lin, so my only interest in Kobe has been about how such an accomplished person could be so aggressive in his insecurity. Great article. http://grantland.com/the-triangle/wolf-on-the-rock-the-ludicrous-glorious-doom-of-kobe-bryant/

  329. No problem!

  330. Lakers really wanted to win the last preseason game in OT. Kobe on bench, Nick took the last shot.

  331. It would be awkward if the fake jersey was misspelled with a “y” instead of “et”

  332. Don’t telle security doesn’t recognize him. Good grief!

  333. Daryl Morey is the NBA executive most afraid of Lin’s success. Somehow I hope Lin gets to dominate on this team and takes them to the EC Finals against Lebron.

    And if Lin somehow gets a team win, I would love for him to match up against Houston (no chance in hell of making the NBA finals) in an ironic twist of fate and watch Lin dismantle Harden and the pretenders in Texas.

    I hope Lin shines through and helps Morey lose a few pounds this season.

  334. The false notion of Lin better off the bench is fallacy at its best. Look, the big time starters play 28-38 MPG depending on who you are.

    Unless the bench is running hot, the bench guys get 12-18 minute per game at best unless you are a special sixth man like Manu Ginobili or Jamal Crawford.

    So assuming Lin is not the “special Manu” of the team, people who prefer him come off the bench basically see Lin in a 15-22 minute role to spell the “stars of Charlotte”.

    I say forget that.

    Lin should start because a 36 MPG Lin/Kemba leaves peanuts in minutes for the other guards off the bench. If Lin aint starting, likely he will be the one eating peanuts.

    My point is that saving Lin for the bench to spell Kemba and starters for 10 minutes does not warrant not starting Lin and letting Lin rip for 36 MPG to wreak major havoc rather than coming off the bench to stop the bleeding.

    Now unfortunately the starting spot is at 2 rather than 1 so Lin’s impact will be diluted some, but still he impacts winning more than Lamb or PJ.

    This is where we will see if Clifford is a real coach or one who succumbs to politics and pressure in failing to start Lin to help coach win the most games and really fight for a title.

  335. I’d assume Lin is in a Manu’s role.

  336. I would love Lin to start at SG and drop 38 on Harden.

  337. He’s not being treated as manu yet by anyone for better or worse. Like others have said, Clifford is keeping his options open till end of preseason.

    The media in Charlotte seems pretty clueless to me. They can’t even tell really what Clifford is planning to do. It’s basically team ball but the fans and media seem like they are just waiting for it to fail.

    Here’s the rub: if Lin is going to close games with Kemba, he might as well start games with Kemba.

    In LA, the Clippers often benched JJ Roddick for Jamal. Sometimes they would go three guard depending on who the opponent was.

    If Lin is going to be used as an interchangeable part like Roddick and Crawford, well shoot. But I’m hoping Lin actually takes it up a notch, more like Dwayne Wade vs. Jamal where you still know Wade is playing no matter what. I hope Lin can achieve that status.

  338. Morey will ask the coaching to go Santa Clara on Lin. Lin gets like 1 point and 2 assists but his team wins by 20.

  339. LOL. Are you the trainer? =p

  340. another astute detective!

  341. I tried to do this but seems no tickets. anyone try to do this???

    Please register at http://t.co/FHRRb19gjV for the Asian night, we will group fans together to cheer for Lin. pic.twitter.com/E1BBf38CFb— occaaf (@occaaf) October 8, 2015

  342. exactly, I want to see more of those!

  343. Oh NO. I know Lin is a team player, but I really hope he can be selfish for once when playing against Harden and Kobe.
    Please drop at least 38 on them! 🙂

  344. In game 2 vs Heat, they didn’t play team ball no ball movement, what do you think about that?

  345. After you click occaaf.org, click the Jeremy Lin image.

  346. Thanks! I finally figured it out. I tried initially clicking on the Tickets link and that did not work…

  347. Good! It’s too far for me, otherwise I’d go too. But i’m going to the Warriors vs Hornets game in Jan.

  348. Super excited that JLin is in China now. Hopefully we can see more news from fans and media in the next week. Also glad to see that his personal bodyguard in China is with him as well. Wonder who pays him–JLin, Hornets, Adidas…..??? (That’s my wonderment:-) Please don’t shot me for my curiosity:-))

    Another observation: Look at the feel of Hornets vs Clippers in this trip. Much more love and harmony in Hornets than Clippers.

    Another wonderment: Both Hornets and Clippers stay in the same hotel. Wish am the employee of the hotel to observe the interaction between two teams:-)

  349. a new bodyguard, or just someone in his entourage like trainer Josh Fan?

  350. Lol. It’s I the opposite in China.

  351. Anybody familiar with Madam Butterfly?

  352. See this longer vid at Hotel?

  353. You are correct. I would just tell you it’s a work in progress and a lot of people who won’t play that much were playing with Lin at the time. Lack of talent will make it hard to move the ball.

  354. my take is that, that is exactly the reason Lin need to play as a lead guard, and that’s exactly the reason you need Batum to play. And you will need either Lin or Batum on court all the time.

    Unfortunately, that might be the reason Lin will not start for now, unless they are willing to bench Kemba.

  355. I feel that you are in a hyper mode and start to think too much, no good to your health………….

  356. I think they used up their quota, could have total 3, and they did twice, and coach dismissed once. So I don’t think they will have any more 2 a days.

  357. Yes, believe it has posted below:-)

  358. No. This bodyguard is with him everytime JLin is in China. He is with JLin every step of his time in China. He used to be only wear black suit with dark sunglasses; never smile. Have seen him to be more relaxed this year. He becomes even more casual and relaxed this time by wearing JL7 shirt. Surprise to see his smile.

  359. He probably doesnt care anymore
    He, himself, has build a team that can contend for the championship
    he got no worries

  360. It all depends on Kemba. If he’s willing to share, then starting at SG is definitely better. If not, I’d rather have Lin as super 6th man. Even on the awful Lakers, he had near-Linsanity games in 28-30mpg off the bench after the break.

  361. So Lamb is starting as SG and Lin still glued on the bench and Brian Roberts likely the back up PG again…hmmm I dont think Clifford thinks as highly of Lin as we thought

  362. Chinese security: “Stop sir! Where do you think you’re going?”
    Kemba: “I’m Kemba Walker.”
    Security: “Who?”
    Kemba: “Kemba Walker, I’m an NBA player”
    Security: “Yeah right, what team?”
    Kemba: “The Hornets.”
    Security: “You don’t look tall enough to be an NBA player.”
    Kemba: “Are you serious? Google me.”
    Security: “Hmm, I can’t seem to access Google. Sorry.”
    Lin: “Hey man, it’s cool, he’s with me.”
    Security: “OMG, it’s Jeremy Lin!!! Hey, Simba, can you take a picture for us?”
    Kemba: “It’s Kemba!”

  363. Just the opposite, Clifford has confidence on Lin but he has to test to see what Lamb could do given the situations to resolve his doubts. Lamb is more unpredictable.

  364. I don’t consider 26 mins as glued to the bench.

  365. LOL
    Simba is not going to like this.

  366. Lamb’s unproven and Clifford has to see what he can get out from Lamb. On the contrary, Clifford seems to know more about Jeremy and wants him to finish both preseason games.

  367. It’s because the dead wood pencil heads need to have the players play on their own NBA deadwood.

  368. As long as he gets to close games out and play 28-30, I don’t care who starts.

  369. Somehow I got the feeling by watch the game vs Heat, Lin didn’t really want to be a SG. He wants to be PG more than SG. Have to see more games to tell. But I guess Lin will get what he wants from the coach.

  370. This forum is not for those who want to discuss promiscuity. A lot of Christians like Lin himself would treat this subject not as chit chat but rather as a sin.

  371. MJ is in HK now. He will travel to Shenzhen soon.

  372. According to the HK news, MJ has arrived in HK and would travel to Shenzhen soon.

  373. Not necessarily.

    Clifford appears to be using Lin to lead the bench to win the game.

  374. The bench with Lin is really strong.

  375. At around 0.30, is that Colin Pine, Yao Ming’s interpreter when he first joined the NBA? Wondering what happened to Colin? JLin’s bodyguard looks to be around 6’2″

  376. preseason

  377. It’s too early for Anything…
    Winning is Everything!
    Whatever lineup coach Cliff is going to use must produce at the highest level otherwise the team is ain’t competing with the best teams out there. I like the coach to try everything at least a couple of times and take the best option. You can’t argue with that. But no matter what, we will see JL7 getting his 30+ min. playing with the 1st & 2nd unit. Coach Cliff know Lin is the 2nd best player, if not the best player, that he’s got. You don’t have to start with your best but you definitely want to close out games with him. I have no worries whatsoever right now. Just enjoy the ride, guys.

  378. Lamb already started once
    Lin none

  379. It’s not all about starting.

    Lin was on the court to WIN THE GAME.

    Marvin Williams “started”, but he didn’t play much because he could not make a positive impact at PF.

  380. Please sop over reacting. He finished both games and played starter minutes.

  381. OMG, these workers sure were busy….LOL!

  382. Lin has played more minutes than any other player on the entire roster. More than Kemba.

  383. He has a body double?

  384. I think they cleared all the regular people out and only customs, airport personnel there. That’s why you don’t see big crowds of fans with signs and stuff shouting.

  385. preseason.

  386. Interesting tweet by Rick Thames who tweeted: “Charlotte Hornets land in China, where Jeremy Lin is a rock star.” [link] Thames is Executive Editor of the Charlotte Observer, and his tweet includes a pic of JLin.
    Given his paper’s total snub of JLin’s opening game for the Hornets (where Lin led CHA scorers and was called player of the game by national sources), there was reason to worry about the paper’s editorial policy when their coverage of the game only praised other players, and mentioned only Lin’s turnover.
    Let’s hope the paper’s sportswriters note their boss’s tweet as a signal that their coverage could be a little more even-handed.

  387. linspiredinca
    @JLin7 guest on @FreshOffABC. Lots of nice shots. (Credit KinuJL)

  388. preseason
    usually players who are going to play big minutes in regular season play less minutes

  389. preseason
    and real starters barely played any, if thats any indication…
    im not overreacting
    overreacting is when people freak out over someone not mentioning Lin in their article about MKG and calling them names

  390. Not all about starting, agreed
    Clifford didnt play the real starters all that much
    but played Lin and other scrubs many mins thats what concerns me

  391. According to the fan who posted, it was the combined of two pics.

  392. Looks like it is the section of the airport where immigration officers had just checked your passport. Hence the pics with airport immigration officials and staff .

  393. The Charlotte observer didn’t snub Lin, they snubbed the entire Hornets team. They didn’t have anyone covering preseason game 1. Their article was just a repost of the Orlando Magic writer! So if anyone snubbed Lin, it was the Magic writer.

  394. Oh I see, it’s two pics side by side. LOL

  395. girl holding her mouth is fiiiinnneeee lol

  396. Ya! I think his teammates sure had to wait for a while for the immigration check up. LOL!

  397. I guess Jeremy doesn’t drink?

  398. I practically convinced myself it was two different people!

  399. he prefers ball in hand

  400. but how much time would they get? 10 minutes is not enough to impact the 48 minute game where the stakes are high. Even 20 minutes is just not enough.

    Nobody can answer or address if Lin and Kemba can’t start due to size, ability, skill overlap, then how the hell can they finish games? Everyone tap dances around this issue.

    “Oh Lin doesn’t have to start if he finishes games” is a crazy notion that fans somehow convinced themselves of. Why can Lin play undersized 2 to finish games when the stakes are highest yet not start games at the 2? Lin fans themselves cannot square this conundrum.

    If the team is concerned that Lin cannot start at 2, I surmise the team feels Lin cannot finish games at the 2. I’m not sure Lin fans understand that yet.

  401. haha, Houston cannot compete for a championship. They are not even close.

  402. thank you for straighten this out before this delusional lleepar got start tweeting offensive remark and saying the editor is a lin hater.. that will be embarrasing for lin fans and start chem problems.

  403. well you don’t know if she has buckteeth..
    that’s why she is holding onto her mouth! =)

  404. who that white girl?

  405. chill

  406. who doesn’t

  407. you need to test and experiment something, you spend more time with it first during the qa process.

  408. hahahah love your revenge get back at you sarcasm

  409. no, he’s a good boy

  410. Both r babes…

  411. as long as JLin get to finish games i will be happy the minutes will take care of itself. i hate last year having to root for the other teams to win cause BS took JLin out. i reakky want the hornets to be successful as well of course as long as JLin is being treated fairly.

  412. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha omg. stop it!!!!!!!! lmao

  413. The best is yet to come!

  414. LOL JLin really concerns about his hair:-)

  415. Anyone recognize the hat Lin wore all day?

  416. After 20-hour flight, I’ve arrived in China with the Charlotte Hornets


    [email protected]


    Greetings from mainland China. A 20-hour airplane journey ended about 8 a.m. (EDT) in perhaps the shortest trip through customs I could imagine.

    China loves the NBA, particularly when Asian-American Jeremy Lin is part of the traveling party. The Charlotte Hornets brought more than 100 personnel with them on the charter flight, and it took next to no time to clear customs.

    They looked at our passports, saw we were with the NBA and nodded us on with a smile. No questions, no searches, but a whole lot of phone cameras.

    Needless to say, Hornets guard Lin – whose parents immigrated to the United States from Taiwan and whose grandparents grew up in the mainland – was the star of the show. Jeremy was gracious as various customs workers and regular folk tugged at his elbow for one more selfie about 30 times. He’s used to this, having visited China many times for promotional tours.

    This will be the first time Lin has played professionally in China when the Hornets play exhibitions in Shenzhen and Shanghai against the Los Angeles Clippers.

    It’s almost 11 p.m. Thursday night locally as I write this. The Hornets will practice tomorrow, but Friday will be a relatively quiet appearance schedule as the teams and other staff catch up through jet lag.

    Couple of quick observations of my first few hours in China:

    ▪ Shenzhen is such a modern, clean city with great infrastructure (perfectly paved highways, no signs of trash anywhere I saw). I was surprised that almost all the highway signs had English subtitles below the Chinese characters.

    ▪ I’d been warned to be wary as a pedestrian of the aggressive drivers. Our bus driver was one. We never felt in danger, but the man was constantly weaving from lane to lane. Some of us chuckled when he did a U-turn in a busy intersection. He pulled off the move, but that wasn’t something you’d see in Charlotte.

    Rick Bonnell: 704-358-5129, [email protected], @rick_bonnell

  417. lol, me too.

  418. Lol

  419. Noticed Lin brought his suit with him, wondering when he wear those, how he is going to do with his hair? He can’t spike them up and wear a hair band any more. LOL

  420. It’s nice when Americans go to China and realize that the views they held of China from the 1970’s are no longer valid. One person at a time is better than none!
    (Not assuming that Rick Bonnell had any stereotypes…just saying)

  421. I remember in Houston when someone post a picture of Jeremy with a hot girl he would have a big game after. Maybe this is a good sign.

  422. Ohhh.. Nooo… He’ll be the spotlight 4 wearin’ a suit w/the Saiyan look… lol

  423. Exactly, so no need to fear that Jeremy isn’t starting just yet. It’s just preseason.

  424. preseason

  425. Go big, or go home! Wear it proud!

  426. They have welcome dinner parties. When they visited Manila, they had to dress more formally as well.

  427. So I guess Kemba isn’t going to play much during the season. He played a lot so far, just a little less than Lin.

  428. real starters barely played any

    Kemba Walker 47m in 2 games. Only 5 less than Jeremy.

  429. Pass the eye test.

  430. “If Lin plays a lot, it means that he won’t play at all during the regular season. Real players don’t play much in preseason.”

    “If Lin plays not enough, it means that he won’t play at all during the regular season. Real players play a lot in preseason.”

  431. Lin WIN.

    That’s all that matters.

  432. Lin fans don’t understand the concept of Lin not being able to finish at the 2 because it is NOT TRUE.

    Lin’s been a 2 guarding and guarded by 2s for the last 3 years.

  433. Salmon as one of the pics showed it:-)

  434. Candy posted this on the other site:

    乔丹:林书豪是今夏最大收获 在奇才曾留下遗憾

    大江网·体育频道 2015-10-09 11:16:21 来源:新华网


  435. Hornets need to clear the logjam at PF: Marvin Williams, Kaminsky, Hansbrough…Hawes and Zeller play PF/C.

    That’s way too many guys, which will lead to discontent and lack of chemistry. 1-2 of them need to go and a decent backup SF should be brought in (PJ Tucker?).

  436. Wow! It’s really good to hear… I agree w what MJ said… Plus he signed Lin for like nothing after the endorsement from Taiwan tire com & TV broadcast money from Asia… In fact, he made money.. $$$ Really good deal for Hornets.

  437. Nice try! Not!

  438. He’s had his new haircut?

  439. Don’t think so. He just brings the hair down and it looks like mushroom hair:-)

  440. Eventually we heard the comment fm this successful bizman n bball lengend abt Lin.. Nice!!

  441. ok, not bad look thou.. ha.. 🙂

  442. LOL Earlier he made a short vid on how his looks like when he first woke up. Don’t believe he will have a chance for a hair cut between waking up, luncheon, and going to practice:-)

  443. This pic makes him look neat, just cant image how he attends the event w/the wakin’ up look? lol

  444. Calm down, still in training camp.

  445. So if it is preseason why are you making a fuss over ‘glued to’ and coach does not think highly…? If it were preseason, then the proper reaction should be ‘whatever’.

  446. It is about starting for fans like Tommy.

  447. From the all time greatest? Wow.

    Yes so true right there despite people have been saying the same about Batum.

  448. Says the guy who doesn’t get backstabbed by his own coach, GM, team and the media.

  449. Thanks Crawford for the advise but for Jeremy it’s not about scoring or reading the game either, it’s about playing without shackles.

  450. So what else does Crawford do but score?

  451. Ya! What Crawford do? Score. smh!

  452. He teaches Harden how to play matador defense.

  453. Hornets don’t make TV broadcast money in Asia. The NBA gets paid for all international and national broadcasting rights, and the money is split equally among 30 NBA teams.

  454. I’ll like to hope that he’s not just saying that because he’s in China.

  455. and score very inefficiently if you ask me. this dude is in no position to give Jeremy advice

  456. what up fam?

  457. If you have not seen this, watch it and you’ll love it. Sad for MKG. PnR with Al.


  458. Ya, like what’s he supposed to say when he’s in China and Chinese media ask him questions about JLin?

  459. It is terrible….lol

  460. Believe he said it before the trip to China.

  461. Hello. It is good to be back.the hottest topic nowadays is about jlin’s hair….lol

  462. Oh. That’s better. But doesn’t the tweet say “MJ in China”?

  463. Why does she take a picture with a hand over her mouth?

  464. Sorry I may be wrong. MJ arrived late last night and this was written this morning. Maybe the interview was done early this morning in HK???!!!! The link of the article is: http://sports.sohu.com/20151009/n422800394.shtml

  465. MJ met JLin & said JLin is the biggest acquisition in the summer? Stop the press 🙂



  466. Not yet. MJ will meet JLin probably for the first time in welcoming night. Translation is slightly off.

  467. oh ok.. still really like MJ’s comment though :]
    Coming from him is huge

  468. Yes. MJ said really good things about JLin. Whole paragraph of it. Read it soon after the article came out:-) Tried to hold my gun off because of past two teams experiences:-) Still suffer from PTSD!!!!!!:-)

  469. I’m right. MJ interview happened in US and not in HK. Here is the original link of the article:

    新華網華盛頓 (Washington)10月8日體育專電(記者 李博聞)


  470. this could be big. MJ can see in person how JLin’s popularity in China can help expand Hornets brand & his own Jordan brand

    As an owner, it can translate to direction to GM & coach to have a definite role for Jeremy 🙂
    Nothing is guaranteed but it can be big to impress the owner.

  471. Yep the article said it loudly and clearly about the business side of Hornets and Jordan brand. Look at NBA and Hornets news: Almost always about JLin but no one else. Some fans even said everyone only know JLin comes to NBA global games in China. No one knows who is the opponent.

  472. I though BS said that Jeremy doesn’t have any PG instincts???

  473. how can Lin be the biggest pick up and Nic be the biggest pickup? I’m no genius…

  474. Nice find. Thanks !

  475. (Rough translation quotes only)
    This Hornets team next season should be quite good, we have a lot of new blood, everyone is excited, including me, but I don’t want to get too excited.

    Lin is our greatest acquirement this summer. His penetrating ,shooting abilities, understanding of the game as a point guard, passing and energy he displays in each game, makes me feel that Lin will help to upgrade our team a lot. We also added Batum, and a lot of quality youngsters, so next season should be interesting.

  476. reading the stats after the game…

  477. I never get that when I go thru customs, hmmm.

  478. Thanks Michael for the translation. You did much better job than me:-) Gave up on translation this day:-)

  479. Thank you. You guys do all the heavy lifting with the constant flow of info. I just troll around.

  480. Sure wish the quality was better, so I can see …..Lin’s eyebrows clearer. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  481. I would guess these security guards know who Jeremy Lin is and which team he plays for.

  482. Exclusive interview with Michael Jordan

    Jordan said that this year’s China Tour mainly includes two parts: one was to let the fans know better about the Hornets through the game, the other was to promote the Jordan brand, introducing what the brand really means to the fans.

    As for Hornets’ prospects for the new season, Jordan showed his sober optimism. “They should be ok. We changed a lot of personnel. Everybody is excited I’m very excited but I don’t want to get overexcited.”

    Jordan made specific mention of Jeremy Lin, who joined in the Hornets from the LA Lakers this summer. Jordan saw it a successful deal, “We just got Jeremy Lin, who I think is going to be our biggest acquisition. His penetration, his shooting capability, his point guard savvy, he can really pass the basketball, his energy about the game of basketball something,” Jordan said.

  483. JLin: Thanks China fans for watching my games every year. Hopefully I will meet with you.

  484. WOW! Fans do show up for JLin:-) Wonderful!

  485. Those are China TSA officers I guess?

  486. Wesley cannot be wearing number 33! He’s not as good as the dude from French Lick, Indiana…

  487. Librafree
    @JLin7 said he’s dissatisfied with his hair also, but he has to keep his promise. #HornetsChina

  488. lol…but that would be awesome!!!

  489. LOL @blubell. Thanks for posting my curiosity on who this reporter is:-) Anyone has any clue??? I know he came from Taiwan.

  490. Well you know, the guy has shoes to sell in China. Haha, I’m so cynical.

  491. Not overly excited about MJ telling the Chinese media that Lin is Hornets’ biggest acquisition this summer. If he really meant it, he would have said it right after the signing. Hope it’s not just 見人說人話, 見鬼說鬼話.

  492. Of course…..at least he said it….and it probably does not matter because Lin will have a good season either way.

  493. lol of course he is gonna say he is a cool cat.. what else is he gonna say smh.

  494. When charlotte named MJ business man of the year he was in tears. Succeeding in business is very important to MJ. He is very competitive. Hopefully this will be a positive for Lin.

  495. Quality of play per dollar, yes.

  496. Nice video…..

  497. About Lin’s hair style…, at least not many have it, yet.

  498. Spencer Hawes’ 3 point shots are amazingly effortless.
    Absolutely deadly!

  499. You can see Lin practicing his 3s in the background.

    Hornets Practice | Steve Clifford – 10/9/15 http://www.nba.com/hornets/video/teams/hornets/2015/10/09/1444393188629-Clifford-Post-practice-100915.mp4-49866 via @hornets

  500. Wesley finally gets to play for a winning team. He would be a different player. He will become the player that he wants to be without Kobe messing up his game.
    LA is going to be Clippers town this season.

  501. Spencer is really drilling his 3’s. Jeremy not quite.

  502. With that much attention from Customs, you couldn’t handle it.

  503. Lin has been given a consistent role to fill. Lamb is trying out his new one. Hope the team wins.

  504. From Sendoh to Miyamasu ?

  505. There is no other position that Lamb can play. Lin can play both positions well. So Lamb is the natural choice to fill the 2 so the team can still be functional when the 1 and 2 need a rest. If you start Lin at 2, who’s going to back up Walker and Lin; Brian Roberts is not the play maker that the Hornets need on the court when Walker rests. If coach Clifford starts Lin at 2, Lin may have to play more minutes at 2 than at 1 which is not a good thing. Now Lin will play equal time at 2 and at 1 which is ideal for a combo guard.

  506. Lin is not a scrub. His teammates that play as many minutes as Lin aren’t scrubs.

  507. shouldn’t it be like ‘I, like Jeremy,’

  508. Jordan made specific mention of Jeremy Lin, who joined in the Hornets from the LA Lakers this summer. Jordan saw it a successful deal, “We just got Jeremy Lin, who I think is going to be our biggest acquisition. His penetration, his shooting capability, his point guard savvy, he can really pass the basketball, his energy about the game of basketball something,” Jordan said.


  509. Ya! Fun to read this article.

  510. Ah memories, memories… brought me back to my sweet Jeremy Lin memories of NBA Global Games 2 years ago.

  511. Haha! I am sure about that.

  512. You know what happened. We were talking as events unfold 🙂

  513. 🙂

  514. Add to that the horror and embarrassment of finding out your “field report” has been translated and reposted to many websites.

  515. I know. You should show up more. Busy …$$$ LOL!

  516. So far, coach GM and owner MJ all giving Lin props and play time. Sooooo much better than BS

  517. Lin practicing at the Shenzhen City Arena …

  518. A sponsor from Mr. GOAT himself is a big deal!

  519. every pic of lin he is smiLIN lol

  520. Kemba’s sharing gives us some sense of what JLin and teammates are doing.

  521. i noticed that too.

  522. Obviously not as leap-gifted, but Lin’s ability to penetrate and draw defenses is Jordanesque

  523. nice bus!

  524. Those watches might be counterfeits.

  525. hmm.. at least he say ‘but it is a team game, so it’s not just me” when mentioned go against cp3.

  526. No big deal, it’s probably a response to a reporter baiting Crawford.

  527. This is the best compliment I have heard, I feel good about his role in Hornets.

  528. Like a boss with all that security behind him.

  529. Kemba sounds like a cool guy and interested in seeing China. He likes to take a lot of pictures so there is an Asian side to him. Also sounds like the team is getting along. A lot of new faces. Hopefully Clifford and his staff are able to lead the team with a good, unselfish culture.

  530. Jordan’s ability to really go after people defensively was LIN-esque.

    However, Jordan always slacked off defensively unlike Lin who plays all out on every single defense possession.

  531. He likes to take a lot of pictures so there is an Asian side to him.

    whatz??? you kidding right.. what kinda logic is that… that’s why he has an asian side to him?
    There are asians who hate taking pictures.. so they are american or blackside???

  532. he is like just walkgin to the fans like he knows he needs to autographs.. the rest of the team is like heading into hotel.

  533. What a great guy. No wonder lin chose this team.

  534. relax, I’m just joking.

  535. hahaah if you read a lot of my post.. you should also suspect that I”m semi joking too.. because I don’t take myself too seriously when I don’t need to.. that’s how I’m able to relax constantly…work hard play hard or joke hard.

  536. he chose it because of silas! and cliffa!!! def not for da monay!

  537. coach sounds geniune…

  538. lin gonna go super saiyan by next year…..good goal lol. took goku seeing his friend die. lol who knows how vegeta got it

  539. But the iPhone 7’s are real!

  540. Those crazy gardeners!

  541. refresh my memory, what happened?

  542. Lin spends way more time with his fans than any other NBA player.

  543. Although we made fun of harden bail out passes. lin did do a good job with catch and shoot threes while in houston.

  544. Wesley’s like “nice hair!”

  545. Yes JLin did know this group of fans very well. They are Jeremy Only Lin Garden fans from Taiwan. It is easy to recognize because of the sign they make: Hornets Lin 7 In Lin We Trust sign. The members always use this sign whenever they watch JLin games in US and when JLin visit Taiwan.

  546. Thanks Blubell…nice to get more intel on who J’s new compadres are.

  547. He is just the best with his fans. No ceiling to his likability! 🙂

  548. LOL

  549. As someone who’s done a lot of overseas traveling in my day…LOL…no, ROTFL…about the customs officials in their station with cameras on Lin. Not smart phones…real cameras…with, like, lenses!! Can’t say I’ve seen on-duty border-control officers doing that before! 😀

  550. she can’t believe she’s standing next to J Lin..hand to mouth OMG OMG! 🙂

  551. Great JLin influence. I remember last year when the bodyguards were soooo serious and all in black suits looking like they’d seen way too many action movies with thug enforcers 🙂

  552. Hehe. Lin with anewed confidence.

  553. Sounds like no big ego guy like Harden or Kobe. Good.

  554. The Hornets will be playing the Clippers in Shanghai at the Mercedes Benz arena. Here are two views of the dramatic architecture; day and night …

  555. Are you sure it’s not an alien spaceship?


  556. I’m so happy for Lin. More I hear about the hornets and their media the more I get the impression that the atmosphere is low key, no drama, and focus on basketball.

  557. Wow! Really pretty.

  558. Just shave it, and it’s back to normal lol

  559. how much points did lin average after the all star game????

  560. we kidnap your nba stars, kill them, and send back alien look-a-likes

  561. Yeah ok I do like this team and I like Jlin on this team. I think the coach gets Lin and maybe he might not think Lin is right to close games or perhaps the roster limits his ability to max out Lin’s effect on team wins, but this is probably by far the best team Lin can be on in the NBA. I don’t think another team offers anything close in terms of chemistry and opportunity.

    This team will be a tough out by season’s end. Their ceiling, if they can hit it, is probably becoming a top 3 eastern team right up there with the Cavs. I think Clifford is capable of doing what Bryon Scott miserably failed to do last season and that’s run 48 minutes of hell against the other team where there are constantly 2 waves of talented players coming at you at all times.

  562. its too early need at least till January to tell. remember lin average 16 ppg in Houston till December then it fell apart almost like lakers the second haifa was way better then the first haif. we will have to wait to see if he can have a great “year” of course there was a lot f other “factors i didn’t mention.

  563. What made you think so? “I think the coach gets Lin and maybe he might not think Lin is right to close games ” ?

  564. Wow, they built that but can’t build an adequate enough floor that the NBA had to bring their own?

  565. They’re up and on their way …

  566. NBA has a very specific floor to be used. It was the same wherever the global games were played. Nothing to be too “excited” about.

  567. I like this team because the team is focused on being a team, the coaching staff is up to date on offense and defense, and they are talented.

    Rockets were not bad in terms of basketball, just Harden, M&M agenda to marginalize Lin was annoying. I think if Lin was used as a starting pg they could’ve gotten to WCF in 2014. Harden just didn’t want to share the spotlight (He probably had enough of that in OKC).

    Lakers were the perfect storm for misery. Kobe focused, not team focused, coaching staff ideas antiquated, and lack of talent.

    Lin biggest obstacle in the past were the “star” players ego. Kemba and Jefferson are not big stars to begin with. The city of Charlotte doesn’t seem to treat the players as stars to feed anyones ego. And Kemba and Jefferson don’t seem to be all about themselves. If Clifford just does what he says he would do with Lin, I think it will be all good. Even though he doesn’t start.

  568. Breakfast in Asia is the best especially the Ritz?

  569. We? You must be in China so hello to our fellow Lin fan.

  570. If China were on the south border like Mexico, there would be at least 2 NBA teams there.

  571. 40 basketballs to be signed … . I guess they’ll be distributed as mementos or prizes.

  572. Ya! The floor costs lots of money so normally they will just rent from NBA.

  573. This article talks about how dedicated Jeremy Only Lin Garden fan is going over to Shenzhen to watch JLin plays………

  574. Nothing quite compares to the buffet breakfasts in Asia!

  575. So they’re going it long? what hairstyle would that be? He should at least wear a headband during games.

  576. Wow thanks! I was hoping someone would post this.

  577. Normally, breakfast is extravaganza in Asian hotels (especially American chains); but the Ritz is another level, out of this world.

  578. What do you guys think about Clifford talked about Lin? My friend in Taiwan said he seemed not as high as before about Lin now? I guess maybe bc vs Heat Lin played longest min among 3 PGs but got lowest score…. consistent… Clifford needs to secure his job.

  579. Don’t pay too much to little details.

  580. weren’t u the one mentioned in the “little scary” article? u game him flowers didn’t u?

  581. The iPhones are actually assembled in Shenzhen.

  582. It’s rare that Lin hangs out with Chinese dudes that are as or taller than him.

  583. owned by the cartels?

  584. Is this guy related to manu ginobili of the spurs haha

  585. So Jeremy isn’t even a starter in a game played on the China soil where he’s one of the world most adored and followed star athletes
    What about the poster showcasing him vs CP3?

  586. Kudos to these die-hard fans.

    There are fans who can’t either folk out the amount of money or squeeze out time to take the trip.

  587. Nop he is Taiwan reporter.

  588. haha, cool ok.

  589. he has said jeremy lamb is better off the bench so this is likely a filler.. as for if lin starts or not i don’t think it matters I’m happy with either. clearly starting is the goal but goal is to play well starting comes after that.

  590. I think Lin wants to be a PG not SG. He will have his time as SG in 2nd half w Kemba. Just hope he can have good season. That’s more important.

  591. https://twitter.com/penny10654/status/652699943249969152

    it says “coach said Lin will start tomorrow.”

  592. exactly. although lin in a tragic role like on the suns would no be a bad idea. still goal is to produce and find a long term home.

  593. What? I thought it’s Lamb?! Video? But I do believe this reporter.

  594. Niceee!

  595. similar names lol. i think its lamb. bronnel seems legit

  596. if you look at vid lin playing with back up

  597. they might start all back ups.

  598. this reporter used to be Sina reporter with Rockets for years.

  599. no thats for teams that have been together for a while. hornets have to play the preseason because of new pieces

  600. I know so I believe her English should be OK. Lin & Lamb…?

  601. they are testing different line ups.

    I do think they feel they need to start Lin in China, but…..

  602. Lamb or Lin? now I’m confused

  603. still coach said lamb is not gonna tart at least he has insinuated that

  604. Nice Lin-Hansbrough connection

  605. lamb was playing with Kemba and AI. I do think coach are still testing line ups and different combinations.

  606. she said when told Jordan said he is the biggest new comer, Lin said in Chinese “Thanks boss!”. Also when told him coach said he will start, he said:” I don’t know that”.

  607. Kemba is so small compare to Lin.

  608. Yum 🙂

  609. LOL, Cho just blend in if he don’t speak. And he is brave, fried what? seahorse? spider? sticking Tofu? Gosh, I don’t think i would try any of these.

    BTW, Chinese fans will love Hornets so much, they go on streets, try Chinese food, and have fun with fans. Not like Clippers, they spend a night in Hongkong, That team is so…… Well, I’m not sure what kind of culture Doc is trying to foster.

  610. Apparently the reporter has deleted the tweet. Misheard. Should be J Lamb to be a starter.

  611. Just want to let you know. The Chinese reporter has deleted the starter tweet. Apparently misheard the name; should be J Lamb not JLin is the starter.

  612. well, she deleted her Weibo, so must be an mistake then.

  613. yeah, just noticed she also changed another one where she said Lin said he don’t know he is going to start too…..

  614. Can’t blame them too much, after all they must kinda feel like Washington Generals or the team Harlem globetrotters always plays against. Lol. They are the side show whenever Lin is playing against them.

  615. Hornet is a kind of Chinese food too.

  616. One time, my wife had a cough that lasted for months. She was so desperate that she went to a Chinese doctor and he recommended crushed desiccated bees. It worked right away! Probably she psychologically didn’t want to have to take that potion too long.

  617. Well in works. It’s hornet; not bee FYI.

  618. Seems they get used to each other.

  619. Haha! I think Lin knows… I believe he wants to be a PG more than SG. playing off the ball is not what he wants…. start or not is important but close game is even more important to him.

  620. Hawes Zeller Lin – a very deadly combination.

  621. uh, creative fans artwork.

  622. I miss the food markets… sigh… so much adventure and yummy foods. lived in Zhuhai loved the food markets.

  623. lmao can i get the link to this site?

  624. @disqus_Qw9GaYTag0:disqus can you get him a link?

  625. thanks @wu kong !

  626. ESPN Player
    X. Al Jefferson 1st Round 15th by Boston
    71. Nicolas Batum 1st Round 25th by Houston
    77. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 1st Round 2nd by Charlotte
    79. Kemba Walker 1st Round 9th by Charlotte
    151 Cody Zeller 1st Round 4th by Charlotte
    188. Frank Kaminsky III 1st Round 9th by Charlotte
    197. Jeremy Lin undrafted

    224. Marvin William 1st Round 2nd by Atlanta
    272. Spencer Hawes 1st Round 10th by Sacramento
    300. Jeremy Lamb 1st Round 12th by Houston
    302. Tyler Hansbrough 1st Round 13th by Indiana
    310. Troy Daniels Undrafted
    320. Brian Roberts Undrafted
    332. P.J. Hairston 1st Round 26th by Miami

  627. It’s called bait and switch marketing.

  628. is that Lin next to Silver?

  629. Yes. That’s right!

  630. His hair mingles well with kids’!

  631. He was next to Stern two years ago when Jeremy was in Asia with the Rockets.

  632. Here how players got to become red guards:-)

  633. Little Red Gurads

  634. He spoke in Mandarin?

  635. LoL

  636. Jeremy should’ve been ranked ahead of Kobe.

  637. Jeremy seems to be a bit dehydrated.
    Hope he sleeps well tonight and wakes up fresh and looks great tomorrow…then kill CP3 in front of the Shenzhen crow…hahaha *.*

  638. i mean Shenzhen crowd ;P

  639. We want more scrimmage vids to quench our thirst of Jeremy basketball…so fat there r only 2 vids on the internet :((

  640. I liked what MJ said about Lin. He gets what Lin brings to the table. I loved the fact that MJ recognizes that Lin is a PG and recognizes his strengths and the fact that he called lin the biggest acquisition they made this summer speaks volumes.

  641. This just tells you how irrelevant ESPN’s ranking system is?

  642. Yes he did. Saw one report that JLin spoke Mandarin in his whole time in NBA Cares event.

  643. LOL JLin encouraged the kid to smile:-)

  644. JLin as a Hornets representative to give signed bb to the school:

  645. ESPN “system” is an oxymoron.

  646. Kobe is projected to contribute to 2 wins next year…..makes no sense at all.

  647. Cantonese food is awesome ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  648. 2 wins for the Lakers’ opponents, perhaps.

  649. Ha those kids have no idea who Silver is. They are just there to meet JLin.

  650. The hair is a little distracting…☺️

  651. every time I see this guy I think of Farnsworth from Futurama he just needs thicker glasses 😉

  652. oooh the back… 😀

  653. back related??? back tight?!?! I hope not

  654. MJ has much more business sense than the likes of Dolan, Morey, Jimmy Buss, Cuban, etc.

  655. Clifford has such an accent that Jeremy Lamb sounds 95% like Jeremy Lin! No wonder some of the reporters were confused.

  656. a few more year lol not old enough

  657. They really need nick names for both….

  658. Jlin needs a Gel ( hair product) endorsement deal out of this!

  659. Anything Jeremy endorses will sell like hot cakes…especially in China!

  660. Lin can go by either Gohan or Vegeta depending on his hair style of the day. Lamb can go as…Staff Officer Black?

  661. More like moron system and that’s an insult to the morons.

  662. He probably uses up 1/2 a can each time!

  663. I think MJ just tell the truth about Lin on court. LOL! Well, that’s really good endorsement for Lin. No matter it’s more business talk or not but I really think he likes what Lin bring in for this team so far. We just have to see how this team can go in regular season.

  664. Hair power!

  665. Great idea!

  666. JLin fb:
    Jeremy Lin 林書豪
    Page Liked · 9 mins ·

    Hanging out with my teammates at the NBA reception!#BuzzCity

  667. Super hold, Gravity defying hold,…Linsanity hold!

  668. I know. Just say Lamb or Lin.

  669. Hehe. The Chinese formal events. ” Is it over yet? When can we eat?”

  670. Hehe

  671. Is JLin gauging his ears? or is that just a big earring?

  672. FYI:

    We are expecting to have the Buzz City jersey available around the Thanksgiving window. https://t.co/RtsQPgrvrx— Pete Guelli (@PeteGuelli) October 10, 2015

  673. Pete Guelli


    EVP, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Charlotte @Hornets

  674. Is it just Hornets that their executives can not have hair?….sorry JK…can not help

  675. what time is it in china right now??

  676. I didnt know that the game starts at 1:30AM ET. Almost missed it. LOL

  677. You still have a 12 hr cushion…lol to find it out

  678. I don’t know what the rest of the nba thinks about this global game. But feels like the Jlin show from here.

  679. Shenzhen Universiade Center

  680. He’s not stretching his ear loops. He’s been wearing that style earring recently, it’s just bigger

  681. Jeremy’s reaction after knowing Jordan’s comment about him being the biggest acquisition this summer.


  682. Did they bring Damien Wilkins to China?

  683. cool, Hornet colors. Tonight it is the Hornet Nest.

  684. Wow! It’s really pretty. They set up the color for Hornets, right? LOL!

  685. wow…I didn’t know that…I live in PA USA and I thought the game be broadcast sometime tomorrow night….Well, glad it will be earlier…

    I hope it will be on NBA TV….I still plan on buying NBA league pass for the season.

  686. the biggest acquisition does not come off the bench & maybe not even finish games while supposedly lesser acquisitions start and are option #1 per the coach’s own words.

    MJ is just s savvy guy looking to sell Jordan Brand in China.

  687. Michale Jordan is all in on Kemba. Walker just got a Jordan shoe contract. He’s not going anywhere and he’s going to be put in a position to shine and make sure he gets the stats so kids want to buy Kemba shoes.

    We’ll see how that squares with Lin’s role .

    Will be very interesting.

  688. I don’t take MJ’s comments on Lin very seriously (talk is cheap), but Lin’s fanbase is 100000X bigger than Kemba’s. So the financial argument doesn’t really apply.

    If/when MJ sticks with Kemba, it’s because of pride (he gave Kemba the big contract extension) or because he thinks Kemba is better than the Asian guy.

  689. Feels like Kemba is the starter. Lin is the back up. Both play 20+ minutes a game. If Lin and the Hornets do well together then a new contract next year or Lin goes somewhere else. I think Lin will be happy. But your right, no way Kemba is not the main guy unless he plays bad, but with all the talent they have I don’t see Kemba playing poorly.

  690. Joyce temper those expectations. Bemba Walker just signed a Jordan Brand deal for shoes. Jordan is very selective in who wears Jordan Brand and hand picks the guys.

    So Kemba is not going anywhere as the starting PG.

    Jordan’s comments do not square with his actions.

    The biggest signing will come off the bench? Makes no sense.

    The coaches did not call Lin the biggest. Nic was. Makes no sense.

    Starting PG Kemba signs big Jordan shoe deal. Lin is PG who is biggest signing? Makes no sense.

    Lin may not even finish games if they view him as PG because Kemba is the star PG with new shiny Jordan shoe deal that mJ personally made happen. Makes no sense.

    Let’s wait and see

  691. I can only SMH when I read very poorly rationalized comments from big Lin fans like Joyce Ward (great fan). MJ is just talking to sell shoes and playing Lin fans.

  692. no. he stayed in Charlotte

  693. I thought NBA forbade Jordan from giving a NIke shoes contract to his players?

  694. Feel sad but have to agree with your rationale, sigh…

  695. Lin should have said: “It’s great knowing that MJ will pay me money next year commensurate with his statement.”

  696. We don’t know if he will finish the game or not yet. Biggest acquisition could be more than just a starter, he could be a piece of puzzles they need.

    The man said what he said and we should take what he said, no one knows the future.

  697. MJ meant that Lin was the biggest acquisition in terms of saving us money or giving us value and saving us money. Lol

  698. the timing is really bad for Lin and Lin fans. They announce yesterday I think almost as way for Jordan to reassure to Kemba that Walker is the man and has nothing to worry about when it comes to Lin.

  699. Are those 2 sleeping?

  700. my rationale may be bleak too often, but usually it’s right if you look at my track record.

    My only miscalculation was saying I thought Lin on Lakers would be competitive still. I was very wrong.

  701. As you see in the video, Zeller/Tyler missed their assignment, no one on the weak side empty space.

  702. Girlfriend get your life and stop posting my name in your messy comments. You need to check what the rules are on this site. Also. I really don’t think you are a fan of Lin, but a critic of lin. You go from one thing to the other about lin. When you feel the heat on your critiques you switch sides in a heart beat. I will stand by what I said about MJ’s comments about lin If you notice MJ isn’t really sincere about any comments about NBA players in the league now. That is who MJ is and for him to even comment on lin is a novelty in itself. So you can have several seats and stay out of my comments.b#FAKE LIN FAN

  703. It’s okay if JL7 is Not the starter. It’s okay if Kemba is the face of the franchise. What matters is How JL7’s talent is used by the coach. I’ll be happy and most Lin fans too, when coach Cliff unleashed Lin for 30+ mpg for whole season. It’s possible. Lin will lead the 2nd unit & play alongside Kemba in the 4th. Let’s take one step at a time. The team comes around before MJ comes around. Lin has to prove that he can be the face of a franchise too. Starter or not: Spurs’ Ginobili.

  704. I think you got this right too 🙁

  705. No doubt Kemba is the future starting PG for Hornets. I think Lin will get his min unless he really plays bad. Don’t think he will stay w this team next year.

  706. Hornets definitely looks Lin as 1 year player, unless Lin is willing to back up Walker, he will have to go to another team.

  707. So CP3 is on Doc Rivers immediate left and JLin on Clifford’s immediate left? Which one is Walker?

  708. What happens with gel in a game mixed with a lot of sweat and running?

  709. I don’t think that’s really that big deal bc Lin never plan to stay or take Kemba’s job. From the day Lin announced that he will join Hornets, one of the fans asked him that are you going to replace Kemba? Lin said I have no intention to do so. It’s only one year deal for both & they all know it.

    The shoe deal it’s part of the reason why Jordan came to China this time bc to promote his brand. CP3 & Griffin all part of Jordan shoe’s com.

  710. Congratulation!

  711. That’s why I don’t come here hardly anymore because you have a few posters on here a;ways bringing the doom and gloom, which a lot of posters jump on board with. MJ has several NBA players’s under contract for his shoes. The season hasn’t even started and here come the naysayers. smh

  712. Child bye.smh

  713. Very soon NBA teams will be so afraid of signing Lin because some of his crazy fans, the latest is attacking team owner MJ for his insincere (assuming) comment and Kemba’s shoe deal.

  714. something posted earlier about parents I guess rushing jlin and things getting out of control so they made a hasty exit. I guess this might have been part of that episode.???

  715. Oh, I thought they were joking about “things getting out of control.” Wow. Jeremy is definitely big in Asia.

  716. Exactly. We have the fake lin fans on this site who create drama and then the bandwagon fans jump on board. The season hasn’t even started and the drama has begun.smh

  717. I really think that shoe deal it’s not that big deal bc like CP also signed the shoe deal w Alex’s shoe com but guess what? He left Rox. Not really surprised that Kemba signed w MJ com bc he’s Kemba’s boss.

  718. Sadly it took lin to twitted out to tell his fans to calm down (atthehive incident). Now they start to disrespect his owner and the NBA all time great.

  719. Would you do that to your player? Of course, it also to promote your franchise too. Remember, Kemba is so nice as a teammate to have Lin on board with him. We need to support them all.

  720. I agree. Lin knows what he is doing with his career. He doesn’t need any advice from the peanut gallery because we are spectators and we don’t know what is going on behind the scene.

  721. No need to be too bleak, as long as Lin is getting some decent minutes. At least, he seems to be finishing games. It’s good to know that I can skip the 1st quarter entirely and not miss Lin playing. With Lakers, I didn’t know when Lin would be playing or sitting on the bench. Having followed Lin several years, I am just glad to be able to watch Lin play because it might be a very long time we have a “decent” skilled Asian player playing in NBA.

  722. yup, noone is rolling to empty space.
    Hansbrough is good in setting screen, though

    With more time playing together, Lin/Hansbrough would be very formidable

  723. Must be fake Lin fans causing issues or even reporters stirring the pot. Seriously who dears to disrespect MJ the best player to ever play basketball?

  724. Yes. If I had a million dollars to invest, I’d put in Lin Corp. not those crazies obsessed fans.

  725. I think Lin’s plan is a one year deal to break out playing his style and getting a big contract for 2017 when the cap is due to go up big time due to TV contracts. I’ve felt that JLin destiny ultimately is a big global market team like New York or Los Angeles, perhaps after big failure seasons and regime change.

  726. Well you got a few fake lin fans that post on here. I know you were being sarcastic but i a m dead serious.

  727. Exactly, I don’t care what was in his mind when he said Lin was the biggest acquisition, etc……but for MJ to mention that about you is such an honor.

  728. After this season (assuming Lin plays pretty well which I think he will), Lin will really have to face the decision whether he wants to stay with Hornets as a non-starting but nevertheless a valued player OR try to find that elusive starting spot with another team, IF he’s ever offered one. I personally prefer his staying with one team AS LONG AS the team treats him decently, and I DO think he will want to stay with Hornets as long as the contract amount is fair in his opinion, not anyone else. Hopefully, Hornets players will gel more and make a deep run into the playoff. Then, I can drop by Charlotte and attend one of their home games and eat that good old Southern BBQ. Lol

  729. “We will sign lin up to 1 billion!”

    Fool me once…

  730. Have you ever played poker? That flop didn’t work.

  731. That’s exactly what I thought. NYK will be good for his fame (w Dolan media power) but I guess he will back to Lakers. I know lots of fans don’t like the idea or think so… but I just got the feeling he will. My friend & I all talked about this yesterday …. it’s so unusual that Lin wrote the letters to most of LA media before he left LA. I really think this year just escape from Kobe & BS. He just found a team to play his game. Don’t think he really cares about starting this SG bc he wants to do PG job more to me.

  732. …but you wanted to share your opinion, didn’t you?

  733. Don’t you? Lol

  734. That’s what I say too. There are many players in this league would love to be acknowledged by MJ.So people with their one cent negative opinion on what MJ said about lin can have several seats.#FAKE LIN FANS

  735. . . . but you wanted to share your opinion, didn’t you? Lol

  736. UNITED THEY WIN, DIVIDED THEY LOSE. Is it really that simple? I think so.
    I have confidence with the acumen of coach Clifford, they will REMAIN united. Why thInk otherwise at this point.

  737. I think you speak the truth about MJ giving honor to JLin:
    “but for MJ to mention that about you is such an honor.

    MJ has reached the position that he can speak his mind as he wishes.
    If MJ thinks any less of JLin, he could’ve simply said “JLin is very promising guard that can help a team to win”

    But instead MJ spoke very highly of his skills to pass & penetrate plus the potential to be their biggest acquisition

  738. I agree. Lin wants a team that will let him play his game and a coach that believes in him.

  739. It’s an honor — I grant you that since MJ doesn’t speak of that many players — but I would take his offering Lin a good contract next year as a greater honor. Until then, the words will have to do. I do agree that no reason to spin what MJ said about Lin this way or that way, and it IS a positive thing.

  740. Exactly, and I don’t think his opinion bout Lin was over the top because we as Lin fans have followed his career for so long we knew it’s all true. Lin is the biggest acquisition, period.

  741. Also according to ESPN. Nick Batum was the Hornets greatest off season acquisition

  742. Hope Clifford stays with Hornets. Who knows? BS or McHale might come on board. Lol I have a feeling that Clifford needs to get Hornets into the playoff this year OR he’s out.

  743. Hopefully noone has taken to twitter to question MJ’s comment?
    That would certainly not support JLin to be in such predicament with MJ. I shudder to think about it.

    All JLin fans should really support JLin’s career either in Hornets or any other teams and not put him in bad position with teammates or owners.

  744. We will all find out soon enough but for now we need to stand behind Lin and his new team.

  745. so MJ just topped ESPN’s opinion 🙂

  746. Agreed. I don’t think see Hornets doing anything bad to Lin at all. It’s good change to NOT get upset at Lin’s team. Hornets kept their word: they never said they would start Lin, so in no way am I disappointed. I would be happy if Lin got to play more than 25 minutes and finished the game.

  747. Well you have a poster on here who is always creating drama with their pessimistic outlook on things. Also, I am not the one for them putting my name in their messy drama.

  748. Child ain’t nobody gonna hire Byron Scott after he leads them to another lottery season.LOL

  749. Would MJ sit court-side to watch his team play against Clippers in 9 hours?
    If yes, it would be the 1st time MJ watches JLin play for his team while sitting with big JLin fans who’s willing to pay $500 court-side tickets.

    I’m just saying for now this is a very, very good thing! =)

  750. They had a great group together. 3 of their biggest stars are welcoming Lin (Kemba, MKG, Jefferson)

  751. Yeap, I have nothing to complain of, the way Lin has been treated so far.

  752. . . . but he followed the Owners’ orders so well while making feel Kobe special. Lol I don’t even blame BS for Lakers’ debacle. The Owners empowered BS.

  753. I think MJ will do that.

  754. The Hornets have assembled this season a group of very talented players. For whatever reason they have never been given the opportunity to play to their potential
    They are like a pack of hungry junk yard dogs waiting to be unleashed.

  755. LA is gonna be a Clippers town soon.LOL

  756. I watched a little bit of Lakers backstage, oh boy he made those guys running.

  757. I’m glad Jeremy has confidence in his coach. He has repeatedly said Clifford understands him and his game, which was missing all these years. I’m ignoring the second half of your comment… blasphemous. LOL

  758. So same old BS. lol.

  759. I’ve only seen him in the VIP box but never court side.

  760. McHale, having done a fabulous job, will definitely get offers to coach in NBA. A lot more offers than BS.

  761. Yes, some of them complained in a nice way like compliment the coach for hard work (liars).

  762. Funny that Lakers’ tickets are much more expensive. Can’t understand why though. Lol

  763. JLin could be the “Dog Whisperer” to play “Who Lets the Dogs Out?” song 🙂

  764. It speaks a volume that Al Jefferson said that this was the best bunch of guys both ON and OFF the court. It bodes well IMO. Too bad Gilchrist guy got injured. My only complaint so far is with Lin for getting that hair cut. Makes my lousy hair cut sexy.

  765. oh, I gotta post the clip from last season between Hornets vs Clippers when MJ sat court-side doing a double-take who just drained a long 3.. it was JLin 😀

    many people haven’t seen it yet.
    I was like “Yessss… MJ noticed” when I watched it

  766. Very clever.

  767. Pls, I want to see it. Maybe I did but not noticed.

  768. Stop teasing us and post the clip already! 🙂

  769. I agree. The rookies even look good.I think Clifford likes lin’s game and his ability to bring out the best in players. Notice how he left lin on the court with rookies to stabilize the game against the Heat.

  770. Let’s hope he will have more highlights to get everyone’s attention tonight.

  771. thank you, I do love dogs 🙂 I wish someday I can have one

  772. man, now I gotta find it .. things that I do for fellow JLin fans 🙂

  773. Who cares about them as long as they stay far far way from Jeremy 🙂

  774. Hornets Nation
    Tonight’s starting lineup for the Hornets.
    Kemba, Lamb, Batum, Marvin, Big Al

  775. Not making any changes for China I guess.

  776. LOL. I think Lin will be the glue to the defense and offense this season for the Hornets. I think Lin and Batum are the only guys on this team to see the game really well. I like that Clifford said today that lin has done very well in the practice scrimmages. I also like the fact that lin is working one on one with coat Silas.

  777. I know you enjoy doing things for us… come on, you looove us 😛

  778. I think coach Clifford is still experimenting with the lineups. I ain’t even mad.LOL

  779. I will be mad if I can’t watch this game on Ballstreams because I don’t have NBA TV.

  780. You won’t be mad. It’s on their calendar 🙂

  781. It’s ON now. It wasn’t in the morning though. I honestly think it was due to my having emailed them a nasty message. Seriously.

  782. I’m mad, my charter cable does not have NBAtv.

  783. The dogs just need to be unleashed to release their frustrations and use their pent-up energy. Ex.. Hansbrough’ s 17 rebounds.

  784. Yeah, they update it at the last minute. I’ve seen a lot of angry posters over there.

  785. I emailed them one hour ago. I have a complete belief that it was due to my email. lol

  786. Well, you’re an attorney 😛

  787. I am a retired one but keeping my license just in case I have to un-retire.

  788. Hmm, I wonder if NBA has any rules about conflicts between player salary and endorsement with the team owner? Theoretically, the team could underpay a player in their contract to circumvent the salary cap, and then make it up with a sweet endorsement deal with the owner’s company.

    Not saying that this is the case with Kemba and Jordan (especially since Kemba got a big contract), but just in theory. Could easily happen with owners like Cuban or Ballmer.

  789. As long as you use your power for good 🙂

  790. SHENZHEN, CHINA – Eleven seasons into his NBA career, Charlotte Hornets center Al Jefferson doesn’t have time to waste pursuing team success.

    So he went proactive this preseason and reached into his wallet to help make that happen.

    Jefferson organized a players-only dinner before the Hornets’ first exhibition against the Magic at Charley’s, an Orlando, Fla., steakhouse. Then Jefferson and fellow veteran Marvin Williams foot the bill for themselves and 16 teammates.

    That gesture helped start a trend. The Hornets’ first night in China 10 players got together at Shark, a steakhouse in Shenzhen, for some similar bonding.

    Sharing a meal or a drink with a teammate doesn’t necessary promise mutual success, but eight-season NBA veteran Spencer Hawes says he’s never seen anything quite like this.

    “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that with something voluntary where every guy was there,” said Hawes, who has played for four other NBA franchises. “We took the young guys out to eat and talk about our interests. We talk enough basketball; it’s good to talk about something else.”

    Hawes is one of seven Hornets players with guaranteed contracts acquired in the off-season. That’s nearly half the 15-player maximum regular-season roster. Assimilating all that won’t be easy and Hawes says the Hornets can’t afford the slow start they experienced a year ago.

    “We don’t have a choice. It’s not like we have the luxury of going cruise-control into the season,” Hawes said after practice Friday.

    “Obviously you prefer not to have to initiate so many guys (into a new system) and not just the young guys. Guys like me, Nic (Batum), Jeremy (Lin) and so on. But that’s the situation we’re in. I think in a lot of ways we’re making a positive out of it.”

    Hawes said before training camp ever started that this nine-day trip to Asia could be a plus rather than a burden. He believes the best way to fast-track a sense of team is get out of town to promote interaction.

    “It’s tough at home to become close because guys have lives and families. You don’t spend the time together,” Hawes observed. “But when you do something like this, you don’t have a choice. You travel with each other for (darn) near 24 hours a day, on a bus together, and that stuff adds up.”

    Jefferson sure hopes so. He’s stated publicly that he’d like to end his career with the Hornets, playing for coach Steve Clifford. For that to happen, this team can’t keep repeating last season’s 33-49 results. They’ve already taken a hit this preseason, losing ace defender Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to a shoulder surgery.

    “Usually a team waits for things to get bad before they have team meetings,” Jefferson said. “This year I wanted to set the tone with a bunch of new guys on the team: (See that) everybody hangs out together, gets along better.”

    Point guard Kemba Walker says he’s never been on a successful team at any level that lacked chemistry. That comes from a guy who won a high school state title in New York, then led Connecticut to the NCAA championship.

    “When you’re cool and collected off the court, it translates,” Walker said.

    “Everyone has to be on the same page, together and willing to sacrifice something for each other. Doing things together off the court definitely helps on the court.”

  791. as expected

  792. I have 3 and we’ve only ever bought 2, ever. All other dogs were rescues and friends who insists that we have lots of property and room to take it in. The latest is a 10 year old Pomeranian just a month ago from a friend of a friend. 5 years ago we took in another from another friend of a friend.

  793. People need to calm down. I’ve seen Lin and Kemba together for almost 4 min of last game, and they were the best.

  794. sorry 🙁 I started to think I might’ve mistook an assistant coach for MJ because I couldn’t find it.

    But I’ll keep looking

  795. If MJ has any business savvy, he’d hang around the lamplight of Lin and let that glow shine off of his glittering mug. His business would get so much buzz and advertising just acting as Lin’s boss. You can’t buy that type of advertising or goodwill.

  796. It good to know that Lin has teammates like them… Heart warming piece of article for me. Thumb up!

  797. Eventually MDA will get a job somewhere. Lin just needs to up his 3 percentage and he’ll get his wish to play for someone who trusts and believes in him.

  798. Al Jefferson paid for 1st team dinner to create #TeamChemistry
    He’ll be 1 of @JLin7 ideal teammates #FoodTeamWork LOL

    I really like this team now

  799. Nah, he’s a guarantee lottery pick coach. Any team wanting to rebuilt via that tanking route would pay him big bucks for his proven ability! Lol.

  800. nice! they sure bring lots of happiness despite messy things once-in-a-while :]

  801. very nice article.

  802. Guess it’s getting old for JLin:-)

  803. This is the mark of not only an experienced, but a GENEROUS, veteran.

  804. “He also knows this is a little different from his off-season trips to China for promotional appearances, basketball camps and inspirational speaking.

    This is his day job, even if the games don’t count in the standings.

    “I’m excited and I’m also kind of scared,” Lin said before the 20-hour trip from Charlotte to Shenzhen. “I feel like in some ways I’m indirectly hosting it. But I think it will be fun. Honestly I’m excited to see the fans over there.”

    As you might expect with any homecoming, Lin is wary of being overly amped to show what he can do on the basketball court.

    “There is definitely more pressure. I’d be lying if I said this was just like Miami (the Hornets’ first preseason trip). It’s not. But I have to stay in the mindset this is still the preseason.”

    The good news for Lin is he’s been through this drill in the biggest market the NBA plays.”

  805. If anyone wants a quick tour of all of the Shenzhen Universiade facilities, here are the 3,000 seat swimming facility (top) and the 60,000 seat stadium. Click the photos to enlarge …

  806. awesome, so much better than other sport traditions of making rookies dinners for veterans.

  807. I don’t know why but his bowl cut somehow reminds me of Kim Jung-Um…

  808. Here is the gymnasium where the game will be played tonight. It seats 18,000 and can be used for hockey, basketball, and other indoor sports. It was designed to meet FIBA (International Federation of Basketball) requirements for the 2011 Universiade …

  809. @psalm234:disqus you’ll be creating a game thread for tonight, right?

  810. We assume way to much based upon our experience with Dolan, M&M and BS. Yeah PTSD is rampant and certainly not unexpected.

    IMO, be like Lin and never prejudge others by your own negative experience. Life is full of surprises good and bad. Lin will always look for the good and to that end he will forever give people the benefit of the doubt and live with that consequence. So here we are in a new team, new coach, GM and owner. I’m with Lin. The future is what I choose to make of it. There will always be those who wants to get in my way, but I’m not going t let them bring me down to their level. This is how Lin has survived and continues to plow ahead when bad selfish men stand in his way. He keeps improving and smile as if it doesn’t bother him. I’m sure it must bug the heck out of Dolan, M&M, BS because they just can’t get under Lin’s skin. Lin may be hurting but he’ll never give them the pleasure of seeing him break.

    The future is in Lin’s hands, for the first time maybe, he can actually earn his way to the top. If I’m MJ, all you have to do is look at the numbers on the wins shares metric, look at the gate support and merchandising sales, look at the value of his franchise as it goes up and look at his own Jumpman sales gone up in China having Lin around to sell his company.

    All Lin needs is a fair chance and he can beat anyone to anything.

  811. How to watch games? There may have been posts in the past on this…point me in the right direction maybe? Don’t know about the various options…will watch only Charlotte games, so don’t need NBA-wide service. Apparently some of you use Ballstreams? though at the moment they apparently aren’t accepting new members. What to do?

  812. Links are usually provided on the game thread. Plus many posters post direct links come game time. Don’t you worry. We got your back 🙂

  813. I’m guilty of repeating myself. More I hear about this team, more I like.

  814. League pass has cheaper options this year for only team $120. Or single game $7.

    You can get bootleg streams too, but very likely to get infected with virus or malware unless you know what you are doing and use ad blockers and don’t click on the wrong things

  815. From when JLin signed with Hornets, I had little reservation of why JLin chose Hornets. I always trust JLin on his choice; never question about his decision. If I don’t understand, I try to understand from his viewpoints rather than impose my views on him.

  816. Ok time for my church. Believe will get more action when I return from church:-) Closer to game time. So glad it’s a change of scenery by watching JLin game more on my time:-)

  817. NBA TV is broadcasting. In live.

  818. coming off the bus they all looked so tired. someone yelled for Kemba Walker and JLin gestured to him but Walker obviously said ‘no, you get this’. Jlin smiled and went over and signed and took photos. nice guy. looking jet lagged and tired. need a nap and some fluids.

  819. What time is game. Eastern or Pacific time?

  820. yes, I will
    There is a bug in the editor but we’ll just have to find a workaround for now until we get a fix

  821. NVM. 1:30 am EST or 10:30 pm PST. Ouch for east coast.

  822. 🙂

  823. Thanks, never noticed the store before. 🙂

  824. I thought Yao was going to be at some of the events or festivities? Anybody heard anything? Perhaps at Shanghai?

    Kevin Hart looks like a midget. Kevin Hart is 5′ 4″ tall


  825. Know you’ll be praying for Lin

  826. new game thread is created!
    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s go, Shenzhen!

    Give the most raucous reception that any player has been greeted in Shenzhen so the Hornets Laoban will be left with lasting impression


    The 3rd preseason game is about to start in Shenzhen, China.
    Michael Jordan, the greatest player, himself has come back to China after 11 years to promote NBA Global Games and his own team, Charlotte Hornets.

    And it has been an honor that MJ has praised Jeremy skills with his penetration/driving ability plus the shooting/passing/energy/PG savvy. Plus he thinks Jeremy will be their biggest acquisition. Will this bode well to a significant role of how JLin will be used throughout the season? Only time will tell but nonetheless the combination of MJ’s accurate assessment of JLin and his financial impact in Asia can only help JLin’s career.

    Jordan made specific mention of Jeremy Lin, who joined in the Hornets from the LA Lakers this summer. Jordan saw it a successful deal, “We just got Jeremy Lin, who I think is going to be our biggest acquisition. His penetration, his shooting capability, his point guard savvy, he can really pass the basketball, his energy about the game of basketball something,” Jordan said.
    Let’s kick back and enjoy Jeremy’s game to help his teammates to get a raucous reception in Shenzhen, China. Let’s hear the roar for Jeremy like never heard before, Shenzhen!

  827. I don’t believe currently Lin will finish games at least not in the regular season beginning of the season except against small ball opponents. I believe Kemba is the PG and Kemba will finish games no matter what.

    I think there may also be a tug of war between the front office, ownership, and coaching staff in terms of who they want to play and how they want to play.

    Maybe Clifford really believes in Lin and MJ does not. Maybe nobody believes in Lin and only Cho does. Maybe MJ believes in Lin more than Clifford. All these variables, we simply do not know.

    I’m jumping the gun too with my predictions and concerns. I’d like to think of myself as the counterbalance to the many overly hopeful Lin fans here and elsewhere who are too quick to jump at thinking Lin is the MJ heir apparent now after MJ said something nice about Lin.

    It is frustrating that Lin fans are jumping on MJ’s bs comments and acting like MJ has now ordained Lin the Hornet’s savior when the truth is MJ gave Kemba a highly desirable Jordan Brand shoe deal & GM Cho gave the press release that Lin was a nice helpful backup PG when he was signed. Just wish Lin fans weren’t so gullible to always buy the hype and so desperate.

    I think we all believe Lin is in the best possible situation in all his options right now. I don’t think there’s another team where he could do any better so it is what it is.

  828. I’m so cautious about what I stream on the web, but thanks for the warning…and the League pass advice.

  829. if Lin closes games with Kemba, it will be fine. But if Lin cannot start, why would he be closing games?

  830. agreed

  831. true, let’s give it a month. I agree with that.

  832. I am more concerned Clifford doesn’t have the guts to play Lin as much as he wants because of politics like this. MJ would not like his prized player wearing his shoes stuffed on the bench behind Lin in the 4th quarter.

  833. It’s more like a Beatles hair cut to me. That was my very first impression anyways. I like it because it reminds me of my youth when the fab 4 ruled the world.

  834. We’ve had 7 before these last 3. They are all in doggie heaven along with our 6 cats and 2 birds. Lol. The joy they bring is well worth putting up with the grief of their passing. It makes us aware of the majesty of life and to value all living things in the now.

  835. Are you talking about me?

    Because if you are, I’m all for Jordan’s statement.

  836. you have my deep respect, can’t stay up for this.

  837. Didn’t gave him flowers. Gave him books.It’s the other Jane, LAJane.

  838. IsabeliJane as the “stalkerish” gal from Manila 😉

  839. Buy nba tv or watch a stream online at 5am. Or wait for an archive afterwards

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