Hornets 2015 Training Camp (Sept 26-30)

Credit to @arsenium12, here is the information of Hornets 5-day Training Camp (Sept 26-30)

See :Hornets Set To Open Training Camp On Saturday, September 26 At Time Warner Cable Arena

The Charlotte Hornets will hold their 2015 Training Camp from Saturday, Sept. 26 through Wednesday, Sept. 30 at the Novant Health Training Center inside Time Warner Cable Arena.

The Hornets are scheduled to have two practices on Saturday, Sept. 26, Sunday, Sept. 27 and Tuesday, Sept. 29 and one practice on Monday, Sept. 28 and Wednesday, Sept. 30. Hornets players and coaches will be available for interviews following practice. There will be no media availability following the evening practice sessions on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. A complete training camp schedule is below.


Saturday, Sept. 26 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Media should arrive by 12:00 p.m.
5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. No media availability

Sunday, Sept. 27 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Media should arrive by 12:00 p.m.
5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. No media availability

Monday, Sept. 28 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Media should arrive by 1:00 p.m.

Tuesday, Sept. 29 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Media should arrive by 12:00 p.m.
5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. No media availability

Wednesday, Sept. 30 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Media should arrive by 1:00 p.m.

The Hornets are scheduled to begin a regular practice schedule on Oct. 1 with practices beginning at 10:30 a.m. Media arrival time will be communicated the day prior to practice.


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  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Psalm. Glad to help. I went looking for the training camp info in response to a question from Yascar.

  5. I guess Jeremy just got out of the shower …

  6. Was Tom a Harvard?

  7. nic batum thinks kemba is an all star and phenomenal guard after the morning practice. I love it.

    Lin better get to WORK.

  8. Clifford and Thibodeau worked together as assistant coaches for the Knicks and Rockets. About 7 years in total, starting in 2000 or so. Thibodeau was an assistant coach at Harvard many years ago (1985-1989).

  9. Lin is a GOAT……:P

  10. so … that Kemba is feeling threatened with Lin’s arrival and decided to WORK hard 🙂

    This is good for the team. Playoff, here we come!

  11. You’re welcome, you do have a knack of finding info :]

    That Harvard connection though.
    Looks like Thibs might be there to help out emphasizing more on D

  12. this hairstyle looks better / more handsome.

  13. What a connection. Thanks.

  14. Once game starts, all the sweat will take away those hair gel.

  15. Look like 2nd team is in white.

  16. Will MJ be attending the training camp?

  17. So what else is Batum suppose to say? They are the starters and he giving him due respect because Batum is the new kid on the block. I would be more interested in what the coaches thought.

  18. I agree w you. Since Lance didn’t do well w Kemba last year, Batum had to try his best to make it work bc this is his contract year.

  19. Lin already worked hard.

  20. Even Batum needs to work hard to keep his starting spot. Base on the report he’s very disappointed in last EU championship games.

  21. So who are the guys to follow on twitter to get latest news now.
    I see Rick bonnell below. Anyone else good?

  22. Check out the thread listing all the Hornets media people to follow.

  23. I’m not worried about Jeremy. He is more than ready.

  24. Any practice highlight today?

  25. It’s called respect

  26. Playoff? Pfff. Championship here we come 😛

  27. Thanks Arsenium!

  28. Here is a gallery of training camp photos from Day 1. Nothing with Lin so far … . In the photo below (L to R) General Manager Rich Cho, Assistant General Manager Chad Buchanan, scout Todd Quinter, and Nic Batum.

    See : http://www.nba.com/hornets/gallery/2015-hornets-training-camp-day-1

  29. Lin got first video up. They know who to showcase.

    2015 Hornets Training Camp – Jeremy Lin – 9/26/15 http://www.nba.com/hornets/video/teams/hornets/2015/09/26/1443296199580-150926-Lin.mov-30649 via @hornets

    Not sure how to direct link

  30. But so short 🙁

  31. Not that it matters but I think he said that yesterday at Media Day.

  32. Not sure. Kemba seems to be wearing same gear as Jeremy in some pics.

  33. 2015 Hornets Training Camp | Steve Clifford – 9/26/15 http://www.nba.com/hornets/video/teams/hornets/2015/09/26/1443297098585-150926-Coach.mov-30656 via @hornets

  34. Well, one thing’s for sure. He’s not doing too much of those endless stupid drills that we all had to watch BS do to the Lakers last year.

  35. Yeah he prefers players are fresh when play live.

  36. Yes to fresh legs 🙂 I also like the fact that he invited coach thibs for feedback. Seems like a good communicator and a leader.

  37. Maybe that the entire team can play and that he is excited for training camp and see how it pans out tempering expectations?

    Lin finally got it. First Said hornets wanted to go far in playoffs at press conf but now says to take it 1 game at a time and not look too far ahead.

  38. Haha, linning!

  39. Good read. Well written article by Landry. Pray he could return and play just for the joy of the game again.

  40. I hope Thibs advice isn’t just to use your starters all game. He is infamous for not using his bench in Chicago.

  41. in that clip we have Batum guarding Harden as well. Batum, Daniels, and Lin reunited in Charlotte! Honestly there is too much roster changes in this new NBA for my liking. Harder to get attached to one team. I guess that’s why I follow Lin more then follow anyone team anymore.

  42. that’s interesting

  43. may be “infamous for” but statistically inaccurate ie. didn’t happen.

    regular season last 3 years, 9 or 10 players played 20 or 25 minutes or more per game.

  44. thats akira sendoh the “slam dunk “character we assume lin’s hair style is based on also # 7 in yer avatar right?

  45. Yes, you noticed. Can’t be coincidence. The hair and number 7, right? Looking to a good year!

  46. Batum and Kemba were all in white too, somehow…

  47. Wow, fantastic!

  48. It turned out people started making Akira Sendoh references for JLin back in 2002.


  49. JL7 is more than ready. We just hope Kemba & Al are on the same page. Three all-stars IS BETTER than one.

  50. And we’re off. You are so full of it. You do you, and I will do me….#MOVIN ON

  51. Yeah, there he is to your right.

  52. Way to go. Big Fella. I’ll be doing the same too.

  53. 2012 right?

  54. Trade street post, swarm & sting. Don’t follow qchspencer or bring back the buzz. They are not Lin friendly. Bring back the buzz is the guy with bogus voting to see how “crazy” Lin fans are.

  55. oh yeah .. :] typo thx

  56. Can Lin play PF if he wanted to?

  57. that’s super-Linteresting.
    Either Kemba & Batum got demoted to 2nd team … or Lin practiced to close games w/ 1st team?

    Most likely, Lin is trying out as a PF … since Clifford said there’s an opening :]

  58. I think so too! Lin as PF instead of SG or PG would be very interesting lol That would match Akira Sendoh even more!

  59. I think you might be onto something. I think Clifford likes lin and I think Clifford knows that whatever lin sets his mind on he will achieve. I am also getting the feeling that Clifford is not high on Kemba Walker.

  60. haha.. that’s true PF/PG
    “Coach Clifford, let me try out as PF … since there’s this character called Akira Sendoh…” LOL

  61. Oh? what makes you say that? I mean the Kemba part….

  62. Just a gut feeling. { think Clifford knows that lin is the better player. Also I believe that Clifford has had many chants with Dtanoi on lin’s high bball IQ. I think Clifford wants to challenge that. Also Clifford knows that lin is a clutch 4th quarter guy. Clifford knows that lin’s offensive skills is on point. he wants to define his defensive skills.

  63. I see…define or refine?

  64. refine is a better word. That is why he had Thibodeau there. Clifford knows that lin is a team concept guy. Lin will do whatever it takes to win. It was interesting to me that lin said clifford watched his game tapes and actually pointed out his successes and failures on defense.

  65. that’s the Lindomitable Spirit!

  66. Just a note about the Hornets’ training camp (via Rick Bonnell / Charlotte Observer):

    The NBA allows each NBA team to have two-a-day practices three times in training camp.

    Each day, only one of the practices can include contact. Many NBA coaches choose to scrimmage in the evening session and introduce concepts in the morning session. Steve Clifford does it the other way around — live action in the morning, film study and teaching in the evening — because he wants the players exerting themselves when they’re most fresh early in the day.

  67. What a bad coach! Clifford should have run them into the ground. And then run them some more until they puke into trashcans. It builds grittiness!

  68. Yeah that worked so well for the Lakers’s training camp last year NOT.LOL

  69. Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all. We are celebrating it now in Asia.

  70. Yeah winning by being tough. BS’s players don’t need any basketball skill or fresh legs. Being tough is everything.

  71. PF in high school ! Yeah

  72. I agree… where is BScott when you need him. They should just call themselves Charlotte Charmins 😛

  73. Ahhh… I see the Lin puns are out now just in time for the season 🙂

  74. As usual, your gut feeling is PROBABLY CORRECT.

  75. Being a BIG NAME is everything.

    Kobe and Nash were too wimpy to practice.

  76. That ain’t gel. More like pomade.

  77. I feel the same way bc Clifford needs Lin to save his job. He knows kemba well after 2 years…He needs Lin & at the same time Lin also needs a coach to support him to play his game. I think Clifford will not like BS.

  78. where’s the mooncakes with double yolk from KeeWah Bakery?

  79. I like Jeremy. I really do…

  80. Ha ha … I am not in Hong Kong or US, it is too far for me in Kuala Lumpur. Cheers..

  81. I ain’t close to anywhere:-) However, mooncake was sold here but not interested to have any as I’d better watched out for the sugar intact:-)

  82. You’re missing out Tey Ling. It’s the only chance of the year to stuff yourself with fatty oils and sugars. You don’t have diabetes right?

  83. Nope no diabetes, already had my share of double egg yolk mooncake for this year.

  84. They’re banned from being brought over the boarder because of the egg yolk.

  85. Too much anti-Kemba sentiments here. Let’s just cheer on the whole team. No need to wish ill on anyone to build up Lin.

  86. Hi, the last time I think we communicate was my “adventure” tracking JLin in Chengdu China and missed his event. Have been lurking this site quietly for past months, now am glad the nba season is round the corner. Yet to decide whether to subscribe for the International pass as last 2 years subscription were sheer wasteful.

  87. The contemporary style mooncakes, popular amongst the younger generation, come with mochi wrap and ice cream filling, so they’re less unhealthy.

  88. We all have to first check out what happens during preseason games to make up our minds. Good thing that Lin trusts Clifford, but never underestimate team politics. Cautiously optimistic here.

  89. Very true … “Once bitten twice shy”. As for me have been bitten twice the worst was last season, just watched the first few games via Intl pass, the rest forego…

  90. Have we ever hit 10,000 comments in this site? Am still suffering from partial memory loss from the disastrous last season. LOL

  91. Exactly. Kemba is Lin’s teammate. From the video, they get along pretty well. They could make each other better. Yes, Kemba has a better contract. It’s not his fault at all. Bless them all. Let Jeremy and his teammate play their best game there in Charlotte.

    But I think there are too many frequent visitors here really buy into anti-Kemba sentiment. Those with this kind of sentiment are only a few and is not representative of this site. Yes, most of us believe Lin could be a more versatile and powerful player than Kemba. Seriously, we are not anti_Kemba at all.

    Kemba is already an established player in the starting lineup while Lin is a new player who naturally has to work himself into rotation not to mention starting for Charlotte. Capable of doing one thing doesn’t mean you are given the opportunity to do so. In Charlotte, we see Lin playing for a coach who wants to win and he likes Lin’s game and potential. Still Lin has to earn his role in the team. I find it Linteresting to see Jeremy working himself up in playing for the Hornets though. Yes, I think I could speak for many of us according to what I read that we aren’t anti-Kemba at all.

    Maybe in the future, we will learn to appreciate Kemba more once we get to know him better. However, it’s quite natural that we have doubts about some aspects of his game which is supported by statistics.

  92. Glad that you were still here:-) Was glad that finally the waiting for the new season is soon to be over. Can’t believe JLin will be in China in 10 days time. Then we can hear more news:-)

    Not going to get any pass but continue to watch via the free website. The ones that I used from last year were wonderful. Could watch it pretty well. Can’t remember the site name but believe it will somehow show up again somewhere soon:-)

  93. Nop don’t believe so as no one is doing the trolling here:-)

  94. Ha ha …. there were days we were hitting 4 digits, right?. Hope this season is a good one for JLin, and we shall have lots and longer highlights, and music videos just like the Knicks days. Fingers crossed.

  95. its because anyone who knows basketball and of those who are selfish lin fans understand that Kemba must not be playing a lot for Lin to explode on the court and win the Hornets a lot of games all at the same time.

  96. Where’s Brent when we need him?

  97. I have retired from that….now for trolling, KOT @maknusia:disqus is handling it….

  98. LOL I like it better when there is substance to read than all the trollings/fightings…… That’s why I don’t visit much of any site except truly for JLin’s sites now.

  99. We may have hit 5,000 comments at point…IIRC…

  100. I think it’s conditioning, last few times Lin fans cheered for “the team” everyone got burned pretty badly, time and time again. So now every competing guard, 1 or 2, is automatically “the enemy”.

  101. Those mooncakes are too “hip” for me

  102. Which traditional brands do you recommend? I like 生計 in particular but I don’t see them around much.

  103. McF…I mean McHale did make him defend Dirk…

  104. That name makes it sound as if it were made in a lab 😛

  105. Maybe he will try something new in training camp this year. Like running..

  106. You can loop it.

  107. I imagine some of the hens will be like..

  108. Just don’t let your head band touch your hair or you will find your hairline receding like Lebron!

  109. Everyone here is so rich. They all buy moon cakes during the festival. Me? I just wait until the festival is over and buy it on sale.

  110. I think it was @TTNN who said that Jeremy was being asked to play off the ball as SG and not off the ball as PG. That this is a big difference from Houston and L.A.

    I agree. The job of the PG in Houston and L.A. was just to bring up the ball, pass to the SG and then wait around.

    Also, I think Jeremy’s growing versatility was stifled by the awful tanking agenda last season. This season I can see Jeremy being able to adjust to different roles with the help of a good coach – combo guard, PG/SG, on or off the ball, and preventing opponents from having an effective game plan to contain Lin.

  111. I am not afraid to admit that I have never a big fan of Kemba Walker.

    That was the case long before Lin even entered into consideration as a Charlotte free agent signee.

    I’ve always thought that Kemba Walker was an athletically limited but fundamentally sound player who’s getting the absolute most out of his ability. That said, I have always thought that he couldn’t drive past or shoot over true NBA caliber guards. I believe that the reason Walker is a shoot first guard is because he is not enough of a scoring offense threat for opponents to take seriously enough to defend.

    Lin coming in at SG ought to help Walker somewhat. Unlike Walker, Lin’s an offensive matchup nightmare in that nobody can stop him without a double team. This pulls additional defenders out of their standard assignments, thus creating gaps for Lin’s teammates like Walker to pass or drive. In today’s NBA, being unable to score means NO PASSING because opponents will seal off passing and driving lanes against a brickhanded player. This is why Charlotte hasn’t been able to score in previous years and the dribble penetrating hot shooting Lin might be much more of a savior than even most Lin fans realize.

    Right now, my opinion of Walker hasn’t changed.

  112. Yes sir~…

  113. Not necessarily.

    For Kemba Walker to play well, Lin has to be on the court to siphon defenses away from Walker.

    Also, Lin can protect Walker defensively.

    A Lin Walker backcourt in stretches won’t work against a powerful Western Conference playoff team, but it ought to work against the much weaker East where almost every Eastern team got weaker this year.

  114. The Lakers and Houston “called” Lin a PG but actually used him as a SG.

    As far as I’m concerned, Lin’s been a brilliant starting and reserve SG for the last 3 seasons.

    There really isn’t any difference between Lin’s Charlotte role and that of his previous three teams. The only true difference is that Clifford will speak positively of Lin and hopefully not yank Lin out of games for doing too well.

  115. No, it’s not that at all.

    Normally a reserve player who badly outplays the starter gets promoted, and the starter who badly outplays the reserve player stays a starter.

    Not so with Lin who’s been the victim of racism at the hands of bad NBA coaches.

    Lin fans SHOULD be leery of any player who plays Lin’s position. It doesn’t even matter if that player is a D League scrub – historically, that nonproducing player would be artificially awarded the highly producing Lin’s minutes and role!

  116. I think I get what you mean (though I haven’t seen Lin’s Charlotte role yet).

    I am definitely looking out for the minutes that Lin will be getting. But on top of that I will be looking out for the number of screens set for Lin and also if many plays are being run for him.

  117. I’m not looking for those things.


    Last season forced Lin to learn how to survive without them. By the end of the season, Lin was playing like an All Star despite Byron Scott trying desperately to freeze Lin out.

    Lin’s gonna GET HIS, whether he gets plays run for him or not.

  118. NBA.. and other competitive orgs..
    all players hope that you as a teamate are good and can contribute to the team..but NOT better than they are

  119. In Lin’s case, it DOESN’T MATTER.

    The NBA’s most vicious ballhawk in Lin is gonna GET HIS off loose balls, rebounds, turnovers, and bailout passes.

    That is the role of a SG in the NBA, and Lin will play that role magnificently no matter who’s freezing him out.

  120. Not me.

    I am NOT a Kemba Walker fan and I’m not afraid to admit it.

    Ironically, Walker’s probably going to play his best basketball of his career now that Lin’s around to siphon defenses away from him and help Walker cover his man defensively.

    Besides, this is the NBA where teammates all want to be them man. It’s up to the coaches, not Lin and Walker, to work the players together so that they’re all producing together to get wins.

  121. If clifford and charlotte actually thought this about lin and that highly of him then they would start him at sg and move batum to the 3.

    Cho saying Lin is coming to be a bench guy has also defined and limited lin’s role and potentially his future with the team.

  122. Walker reminds me of a younger Rondo.

  123. Disagree. Lins best games last season were after all star break where byron inexplicably let lin run a massive number of pick amd rolls.

    Sure there was the boston game where he was a 1 man fast break but that was 1 out of 82

  124. No way. Their games are totally different

  125. Hes like a less athletic but marginally longer Will Bynum with more polish at the same age

  126. To be more clear, to win as mamy games as possible while lin does well, kemba should not he playing alot at the expense of guys like lamb who could be lins running mate on both sides of the ball.

    Certainly u dont disagree.

  127. At kembas media day it sounded funny when they asked him what were his personal goals for the season and he said he had no goals. I think he was trying to imply he was a team guy and not selfishly focused on stats but it sounded odd.

    Also i think they asked him about lamb but he heard lin i think on one question at first right?

  128. I like his interview a lot. He said he’s a team guy and it’s about everyone involved.

  129. Lin’s teammates MUTINEED against Scott late last season in order to save their own careers.

    But it isn’t as if Lin used a pick and roll on every play. Lin got plenty of action by creating shots for himself.

    Lin was largely off the ball when Jordan Clarkson was undeservedly handed the starting PG job. That was the entire 2nd half of the season.

    We’ve seen Lin produce mightily over the last 3 seasons with no plays run for him. That’s not suddenly going to change.

  130. Agree.

    Based on sheer performance alone, Lin should be starting at either PG or SG. But it’s NEVER about performance with Lin.

    Clifford has a fine line to walk between keeping Lin on the bench to keep the starters happy vs playing Lin to win games.

  131. I am just most interested to see if Lin will finish games or sit out the last 6-8 minutes in the 4th quarter. And if Clifford does close with Lin, I believe Lin/Kemba duo to close the game is a losing combo for the team particularly on the defensive end.

    So to me, I believe the team will have to make the choice to close with either Lin or Kemba. And it seems there is a 99% chance Kemba will close games.

    So I have concerns for Lin and not sure how Clifford envisions Lin recreating his Insanity impact in Charlotte.

  132. yeah it sucks. I hope Clifford is a miracle worker. What has my hopes up too high is the fact Clifford talks about Lin positively in his press conferences even when not asked about Lin. I hope that translates on the court for Lin.

    And even if Clifford is a Lin fan on some level, where are the minutes coming from and at whose expense? Clifford will have to make at least 1 starter unhappy to play Lin max minutes. How he sees Lin doing stuff like Lin did in New York is very confusing to me.

    Kelvin Sampson might have disliked Lin but he did get it right saying Lin started and finished the offense for the Knicks during Linsanity. That Lin appeared to BE the offense whether scoring or dishing for scores.

    So I temper my expectations that Clifford knows what he’s talking about and what he is doing.

    Will Lin even get to close games? I am not even sold on that yet.

  133. fair enough.

  134. It’s a long season and nobody knows what he’s gonna do. This team has been building the team around Walker and the result has been disaster season after season and they all know it. If Lin does well I’m afraid that they can’t afford to take him out. Remember, this is Clifford last season and he definitely wants an extension so winning is the only thing he has in mind.

  135. don’t get my hopes up!

  136. I secretly hope Cho and Clifford are on the same page and are hoping Lin can secretly explode and supplant Walker, making Walker trade bait. I doubt Walker will be pleasant about Lin taking his spot and coming off the bench for Lin.

    And ok, there is less than a fraction of a 1% chance that Lin is starting by season’s end. Kemba will probably start all 82 no matter how badly he plays.

    Where GM Rich Cho has already proclaimed Lin the new Brian Roberts of the team, who are we to think he has a secret agenda?

  137. I hear Cho’s job is on the line this year too.

  138. No doubt Cho and Clifford are on the same page. Coach done his job by recruiting Lin, Cho flew first thing in the morning to CA the seal the deal.

    Trading Walker is almost a “not gonna happen” thing to think of but you never know in this business. There has to be some seriously wrong.

    They have up to 20 guys to be at training camp. Why limit themselves for getting better and/or a backup plan?

  139. Very possible.

  140. Cho should type MY resume

  141. I just hope that Lin continues to be a net positive to the team in whatever minutes he gets.

    Lin will continue to be one of the most effective per minute players in the entire NBA.

  142. I think KeeWah is the best

  143. Closing games is no big deal.

    If Lin plays his customary unselfish team basketball, he’ll get good individual stats in the minutes he plays even if he is not allowed back onto the court late in close games.

    It’s just like I was like the only Lin fan not unhappy that Lin got yanked off the court in that final Portland playoff game two years ago. I was content with somebody other than Lin taking the blame for the loss.

  144. We could wait and see….

  145. When actual NBA competition takes place, that’s when we see who can play and who cannot.

    This particular Charlotte team this year NEEDS Lin to step in at SG and fill the departed Lance Stephenson’s dribble driving role.

    Clifford can go with that or fight it, at his own peril.

  146. I keep saying that it really is not a “Lin vs Kemba” issue.

    It’s a “Nicholas Batum vs himself” issue because nobody knows whether Batum can become the dribble driving SG that Lance Stephenson and Gerald Henderson tried to be but lacked the athleticism to be.

    Should Batum somehow emerge as a fleet footed flex cutting SG stud that Charlotte keeps saying he is, then Lin indeed would not play much because Batum would be THE ANSWER that Charlotte needs.

    But if Batum plays the way he typically does, then Charlotte will desperately need Lin at SG to look even halfway decent.

  147. interesting that both Lamb and Kemba was asked how do they feel about their reunion stuff, and they were like not that excited. I think only fans like to think about who is going back with whom, the players might not really care that much. Previous teammates etc. might not be as a big deal as we thought, unless they were pretty close before.

  148. 2015 Hornets Training Camp | Steve Clifford – 9/27/15 http://www.nba.com/hornets/video/teams/hornets/2015/09/27/1443378504728-150927-Coach.mov-31263 via @hornets
    Nothing on lin. Troy pulled his groin yesterday so didn’t practice today. No more 2 a day practice after today.

  149. This reminds me the opposite of the dumb a hole Byront Scott.

  150. Yeah, Byron Scott WANTED to injure his players so the Lakers can tank the season. Too bad Lin had to suffer through that experience, and he got blamed for a losing season.

  151. that’s fine.. but he didn’t leave lin out..remember, he also said ‘and jeremy lin’.

  152. You can say that about every aspect of making a living. The real problem is in attitude. When people are selfish and want everything for themselves in excess of anyone else, then you have problems with team chemistry and sharing. You can have this in the office and corner small businesses.

    I don’t believe that there can be no way you can be a tough competitor and a good guy. One of the reasons why Roger Federer is so popular with his own opponents and his fans is that he treats them with respect and dignity. He treats his fellow competitors as a necessary foil to measure of his own craft. He needs them to play as well as possible in order to become the best he could be. Jeremy Lin treats his teammates and competitors the same way. This is the Warriors code.

    Guys like Kobe, Harden and Melo represents a lot of our culture of greed. It’s interesting to hear the pope’s message of sharing and self enlightenment. Lin has been the living embodiment of that higher moral ground. We can only hope that the Hornets are less about personal greed than about winning.

    The Fields, Lin story goes beyond Linsanity, even though they were great friends and teammates in NY. After that
    time they both have gone through great adversity. As Lin fans, we all know Jeremy’s story. Fields posted an article about his days after NY that tells also of his very difficult times.
    Lin’s trials did not start after Linsanity, but through most of his life, possibly due to jealously and racism. Attached is a link revealing Fields experiences. From a Christian viewpoint, I believe these struggles have made them both better people and possibly better players. http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/injury-interrupted-my-idolatry

  154. shouldn’t happen to him .. should have happen to some ahole…of your choice. knocko on woodio

  155. Too bad most of the politicians EVERYWHERE are like the NBA fake superstars mindset. Human nature?

  156. Angry bird?

  157. Hoping Lin has a breakout season but hope he gets his max contract next year as the starting PG on a playoff team with large market. Charlotte doesn’t befit an international icon.

  158. Not a Christian but it’s a very positive way of thinking. I do believe these struggles do force us to improve as a person and change our bad habits.

  159. Charlotte will ride JL7 like a Secretariat. It’s their Only hope for the postseason and retaining him for 2016-17 season. EC has gotten tougher. This Hornets team are hungry for a top seed playoff and not some secret agenda to keep a max player happy. They will be a laughing stock if they failed again this season. I don’t think MJ cares who’s the stars are if they’re not even “competitive.” Bottom line: Winning is everything. For this Hornets team. For this season. Kemba is to stay OR Kemba needs to go – I think this topic is Open for discussion going forward IF the team is not heading in the winning direction. Will they replace Kemba with JL7 ? Certainly, if needed to.

  160. yes i notice a lack of excitement between the 2. I guess they were not so close at UCONN.

  161. I don’t think the Trailblazers were stupid. Batum was used properly at the 3. He is long but not that explosive. Not quick enough and what not to play the 2. Paul George seems faster and INidana wants to use Paul at the 4!

    I think the log jam at 3 with MKG and Nic is why the Hornets created this stupid idea of playing Batum at the 2 and saying he will be the best 2 of all time when he’s never played the 2 in his life.

    I think the politics of the NBA keep getting in Lin’s way.

    On Charlotte, it’s clear Lin at PG is best unless they can play Lin at the 2 and get a big PG like Iman Shumpert at the 1 who basically passes to Lin and plays D/hit 3 like Fisher. That what I like Lamb at the 2 with Lin.

    Nic should be the 3 and MKG should be 6th man type like ANdre Igudala.

    Kemba should be the backup scoring super stud like Vinnie Johnson.

    But the entire NBA Is backwards and tied in politics.

    So the wrong guys with the big contracts are stuck starting.

    The Rockets wanted to bench Lin in year 1 but probably were not allowed to as Lin was a new signing and the owner may not have allowed for it. POlitics.

  162. At least he (Fields) got paid before his injury. It would have been a lot worse if he got injured before his big contract with Raptors.

  163. Kemba should have said “I have no goals because either I am the most non-selfish player ever or I am the greatest already.” Lol

  164. they overlapped only one year. Not like they really shared the court that much. I think just like people ask Lin about reunion with Troy, but they might be together for 2 weeks only.

  165. I guess if a player averages 3 minutes of PT per game and scores 3 points and one assist, that player will be the most efficient per minute player in the entire NBA. For all role players and scrubs in NBA, they should give out the MEPM award for the Most Efficient Per Minute Award, so even a player averaging less than 5 minutes per game can win an award.

  166. After reading Fields’ testimony, I am happy for him that his wife is now a believer. God is so gracious that He had allowed both JLin and Fields to cross paths and have such a wonderful friendship and testimony for the world to see.

  167. Kind of sorry for Landry, he has a pretty promising career, and don’t know really what append to him, so many injuries.

  168. Not sure whether the competition is too high, that everybody are all going at it or not. Since according to coach, they don’t really do much at night, only film study stuff.

    But there is only 3 2-a-day, I thought they could have a lot. And pretty strange that they have half of them are new and never played together before, and instead of teaching them their play book, coach will let them scrimmage directly. Got to have super high intensity as pretty much each position there is no fixed rank order, and guys would go pretty hard at each other then.

  169. You dont need a playbook to see who can play ball. They just want to identify the best talent right now. Hopefully JLin is doing his part to dominate.

  170. Mangled right elbow — completely ruined his shooting. I read that he tried shooting lefty because his right elbow just wasn’t the same anymore.

  171. Why would they trade Walker? There is no evidence to prove that Lin and Walker are incompatible. We have been accused of having anti-Walker attitude. Why don’t we let the games play out by themselves. God knows! Walker and Lin might be better than Neal and John Wall. Let’s don’t jump to conclusion so fast.

  172. Philosophers have been at this question forever. It is human nature to want to want to be provide for your own family and to promote your own prosperity.

    Adam Smith “Theory of Moral Sentiments, Smith refers to an “invisible hand” (“By preferring the support of domestic to that of foreign industry, [an individual] intends only his own security; and by directing that industry in such a manner as its produce may be of the greatest value, he intends only his own gain, and he is in this, as in many other eases, led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention.” The fall of communism was caused by the fact that it took away that “invisible hand” or drive for personal gain.

    To balance this human nature is the idea of the social contract. When we live in a community of many, the individual rights must be balanced with the greater good. The Chinese ideals of Confuciusm of family, village, province and country promotes the idea of duty to all those units. Duty and responsibility is in some ways at odds with individual freedom. As a son, I’ve had to balance what I wanted with what is expected of me. As a member of a society, we also have that responsibility. That is the social contract our constitution must spell out to us by laws and charters of rights and freedoms.

    The speech by the pope brought me to tears because he has finally opened our eyes to our need to be socially responsible as per our social contract.

  173. Lin will be a superstar once he gets around 30 minutes and Coach Clifford knows this more than anyone else.

  174. After the salary hike next season and the following season, both Walker and MKG’s contracts are peanuts. There is no point of even mentioning it. They play to win. For that to happen, a team with no superstar should rely on teamwork and the ability in play making.

    Players like Steve Hawes, Jeremy Lin, Kemba Walker, Marvin Williams, Jeremy Lamb and Nic Batum are all having chips on their shoulder. There is one thing they have in common, they have just had one of their worst season in their NBA career.

  175. He had a very good shooting in his rookie season, and then he got a shooting coach and try to improve his shooting, turns out he shoot super flat shot and lost his touch, then he was never the same.

  176. I thought usually a training camp is the time to put in a system and then you see how guys fit into a system. Unless coach Cliff somehow just let the player play it out and see who like to do what, and start from there?

    You could always see who is good in scrimmage games, that’s not conflict with put in a playbook though.

  177. First time posting here! Looking forward to Lin developing chemistry with his new teammates and learning Clifford’s playbook. Not so concerned with minutes, but I expect 26-30 mins. More concerned about how Lin contributes to wins in as many ways as he can, especially late in the game. See ya!

  178. Welcome! Hope we will see more of your contributions in this new season.

  179. Apparently, Clifford said that Lin would have his biggest role since his days in New York.

    I’m cautiously optimistic, but I think Lin will “play his game” for 28-30mpg. If so, I think he can average 16/5 on great efficiency. Maybe even more depending on his teammates’ cooperation. Brad Stevens gives Isaiah Thomas complete freedom for 28-30mpg in Boston, and IT averaged almost 20ppg as a 6th man.

    I don’t see the Hornets starting lineup succeeding. Kemba can’t shoot. Batum has never played SG in his life (he can defend them, but not play SG). MKG can’t shoot from 3 at all. Big Al has no jumper or passing skills. No matter who plays starting PF, the starters will struggle to score and Lin will have to play big minutes.

  180. Hi Rose! Welcome!

  181. “My personal goal is to not get traded or have Coach Clifford replace me with Lin.”

  182. dont know if its been posted here previous but theres a guy with minutes breakdown on a site that did a lin/kemba comparison before projects lin with 28 minutes (link and quote below)

    as does espn in its “fantasy” projections (not updated that recently).

    a fantasy publication i have has him less with i beleive more like 23.

    i would think these two numbers would provide a realistic range.


    “240 Minutes of Action

    There are 5 positions on the floor that need to be filled over 48 minutes for a total of 240 minutes per regulation game. If Clifford opts for a strategy similar to the above, we’re looking at an approximate minutes breakdown of:

    Kemba: 34mpg
    Batum: 34mpg
    MKG: 30mpg
    Cody: 28mpg
    Big Al: 30mpg
    J-Lin: 28mpg
    Frank: 20mpg
    Lamb: 18mpg
    Hawes: 18mpg”

  183. agree with all yer thoughts on hornets sl (as do most veteran hornets fans posting on hornets sites).

  184. Net positive is really important…..how positive is another story.

  185. Welcome Rose!

  186. This is really bad….

  187. what are you talking about? Lebron has a full head of hair…NOW! haha

  188. You go ahead and do that if you think you’re so smart for coming up with that.

    Leave actual basketball discussion to those who are actually interested in it. I’ve been telling you that for YEARS.

  189. Welcome to the board.

    Despite the attempts of known trolls to take this place down (see discussion earlier today), the moderators run a tight ship here.

  190. Welcome, you’ll find it much more civil and respecting here.

  191. Don worry, Lin can be a good PF…I mean they put Batum as SG…..LOL

  192. I wonder if there’s a special night for the African community.

  193. Agree on all points except for Kemba being a backup scoring super stud – Kemba Walker lacks the athletic ability to do that.

  194. Lin did a Q&A with the Charlotte Observer that appeared yesterday. There was a link given to the article earlier in this thread but I thought I’d flag one of the more substantial questions anyway …. .

    Q. What are the main misperceptions about the way you play basketball and what have you been working on in your game this summer?

    A. A lot of that kind of goes back to New York and some of the perceptions formed there. One was defense. People are like, ‘Oh, he’s a terrible defender.’ But honestly, if you really dig into the numbers, if you look at my isolation defense numbers, you will see me leading all point guards in blocks per 48 minutes. People think, ‘Oh man, he’s not that athletic.’ To me, people just see me being Asian and they think a certain thing. That’s not all of it, but that’s part of the story.

    Three-point shooting? That’s another one. They say, ‘He can’t shoot,’ but look at the numbers. And I can go to my left, too. Turnovers – that’s another one. None of this is isolated to me. You see a lot of guys in the NBA that it happens to. Blake Griffin. Dwight Howard. They get better at certain things, but there are still all these old misperceptions about their game.

    As for what I’ve been working on this summer – ball-handling, a lot of defense, a lot of shooting and a lot of floaters. On my shot, I tweaked the shooting form, lowering the release point slightly. As for the floater, you don’t have to take as much of a beating when you shoot it, and against elite shot-blockers it gives you another option.

    See : http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/scott-fowler/article36681396.html

  195. Hi Rose, I just joined because of you!! I really enjoy your level headed comments. Let root for Lin to become a integral part of the Hornets (Go Team!!!)

  196. This makes me a bit nervous, actually.

    With all these new players, there’s a lot to integrate. These guys need to spend more time learning each other.

    You’ve got guys like Batum who’ve never played SG in his life but will be the seasonlong starter and go to guy on this team.

    It’s interesting that Clifford keeps comparing Batum to Hedo Turkoglu. Anybody who watched Turkoglu in Orlando knew that Turkoglu was not a 2 guard but actually a stretch 4 with the body of a 3. Turkoglu wasn’t THAT great in Orlando, though Turkoglu had passing instincts and dribbling skills that I’ve never seen Batum do.

  197. Welcome!

  198. Historically, Eastern Conference teams have only single covered Lin due to being unfamiliar with his Western Conference game.

    That all changes this year.

    This season, Eastern Conference opponents will load up on Lin with multiple defenders just the same as the Western Conference did.

    So I don’t anticipate Lin being able to shoot those floaters or lowering that release point or doing much fancy dribbling with all of those defenders ganged up around him bumping him on every step.

  199. That’s why he’s grown to 6’6″ in anticipation.

  200. If Lin had to play against a short power forward like Draymond Green, Lin would have no problem doing it even if Green tried to post Lin up on every possession.

  201. JLin looks as tall as 6’5″ Jeremy Lamb

    His mushroom hair is kinda growing on me

  202. Hmm… looking at the roster pretty obvious that second unit, lead by Akira Sendoh.. erm, Jeremy Lin, has more scoring power than first unit. Second team defense better too. Wouldn’t be surprised if Hornets’ bench gets touted as this season’s best bench.

  203. welcome, Rose :]
    You are correct. True Lin fans would want to see Lin contribute to wins, winning will take care of PT & all.
    Lin is a great playmaker; it only makes sense for Clifford to have many playmakers to close out games so I’m hopeful.

    Not only the mods but the posters have helped to create respectable discussion here.
    Will look forward to reading more posts. Let’s hope and his teammates will shock the NBA w/ team plays!

  204. hey IJ 🙂

    yes, best PG for 2nd team
    then best PF for 1st team

    Very fitting for Akira Sendoh (PG/PF) lol

  205. That all depends on how poorly Lin’s teammates play.

    If they play poorly, more Lin.
    If they play well, less Lin.

  206. Hey psalm 🙂

    1. AGREE
    2. AGREE
    3. Both loves fishing and are easygoing dudes.

  207. Agree.

    I really really like the 2nd unit, especially if Tyler Hansbrough is on the court.

    I feel that the lineup of Lin, Lamb, Williams, Hansbrough, and Kaminsky is the strongest lineup Lin’s ever played with in the NBA.

  208. and with weapons on their head….very SPIKY weapon

  209. Hey KHuang 🙂

    Yup, Charlotte’s second unit is pretty much covered in all positions, offensively and defensively. I’m looking forward to the Hornets playing against basketball powerhouses in the Western Conference.

  210. Maybe that’s the true reason the Hornets security guard questioned who he is when he tried to enter Hornets’ facility. 🙂

  211. I firmly believe that the Charlotte 2nd unit would be very competitive against any powerhouse Western conference 5 man unit.

    Of course, I am not talking about players like Roberts or Hairston or Daniels.

    I’m talking strictly about the 6 (Hawes included) young athletic proven veterans, Lin being the most accomplished of them.

  212. I’m glad Jeremy is comfortable speaking out on these issues now.

  213. NBA TV used to have a program called “Real Training Camp”…..I wonder if they will cover HOR this year? Anyone has the info?

  214. LMAO

  215. I’m in Lin-Puns Training Camp now :>

  216. Boston traded for Isaiah Thomas and gave him half a season to prove he was a starting point guard. Same with Reggie Jackson, MCW, and Dragic, and they performed average at best. Lin doesn’t even get 1/5th of a season before he gets told to give up the ball, then gets benched in favor of Ronnie Price.

  217. Nice, I didn’t see anything because it was cloudy. I missed so much.

  218. Almost every night

  219. Byron Scott is lethal to basketball players’ career. Anyone who told him that he wants to play for him is insane. Perhaps Lou Williams did for a pay raise. Maybe Brandon Bass too. Let’s see what’ll happen to them.

  220. Must be a dream come true for you, I remember you talking about Hansbrough for the last couple of years. Never thought it’d actually happen, did you? 🙂

  221. beautiful, do you know what camera and settings?

  222. yikes, that’s never good.

  223. All those misperceptions are actually great. All the more advantage for Lin if opponents don’t realize he can go left, shoot 3s, defend, etc.

  224. I’m holding out any optimism from coach talk until I see what their actions actually are when the season starts.

  225. welcome! hope to see you here often, I think you’ll like it here!

  226. “By the way, Lin’s recent video has more than 3,100,000 views (Sunday, 2 pm ET). ”

    Lin is smart to leverage his network. Getting other superstars (especially Riley Curry) to cameo really boosted the views! =)

  227. It probably wouldn’t happen because mods would create new threads once the number of comments get too high (too slow to load, especially on mobile).

  228. 4 digits easily. We were hitting 1000 comments per day during nba free agency.

  229. why is Lin wearing the headphone behind his head? 😉

  230. One month from now, Lin will be playing his first game for the Hornets against a mighty Miami team. Then a double header with Atlanta. Wow! Time flies.

    Wednesday, October 28 7:30 PM EDT Charlotte @Miami
    Friday, October 30 8:00 PM EDT Charlotte @Atlanta
    Sunday, November 1 2:00 PM EST Atlanta @Charlotte

  231. Despite the intake of several nice draft choices, specially the 2nd draft pick for whom the Lakers tanked the whole season, the team is ranked 28th out of 30. My prediction is the Lakers will tank for the 2nd straight season. With Kobe on their roster, the team doesn’t have any real urgency in winning. All they will be doing is pretending to compete.

    On the contrast, Lin’s team is all out in preparing to win more games next season. Go Jeremy!

  232. agree that they will (lakers) tank again and that that has been part of the plan the whole time; and that they will be sucessfull in getting that 3 protected d.p. (or at least be in position to do so depending on how the ping pong balls bounce).

    just keep kobe happy and tank. 2 things scott was hired 2 do for 2 years.

  233. Khuang says that Kemba and Lin can coexist on the floor and that will be good enough for me right now. Kemba, a poor shooting but low turnover PG should be able to complement a dynamic scoring combo guard like Lin.

    I think Lin will get decent minutes. He may not finish games right away but very soon it will be clear that they need him on the floor to win, and he will close out games. Lin and the bench will also be awesome.

    I have decided not to be worked up about Lin starting since there will always be NBA politics which Lin cannot control. Charlotte seems to be committed to Kemba as a starter and I will just have to wait and see how this ride goes. One game at a time.

  234. Great to see Lin speaking out for himself. He seems liberated, as @JeremyLintel has pointed out. In the past he was too humble to the point of being apologetic. Some people abuse this modesty and humility, and pile stuff on him.

    What I also like about the way he articulates the truth and to right the wrong, is that he does it without being arrogant or self-serving.

  235. Btw, small detail that don’t change the point: I recently looked up his block stats on NBA.com. Last season he was 6th among all PG’s in blocks based on actual minutes played. But when “normalized” to 48 minutes, he was 3rd. Yep. he was up there.

  236. Humans measure life in a myopic vision of wants and needs. The only constant is change from birth to the grave. When you look at faith and God, that existence of human time compared to Eternal time of God makes our lifespan insignificant. It takes a very long time for us humans to come to terms with that truth. Often we push that need to know for a rainy day when we must come to terms with it.

    The commonality between Landry Fields and Lin is that they’ve come to the same conclusion, that the real lie is the trappings of fame and riches. I don’t feel sorry for Landry a Fields, I envy him. Fame and riches are existential trappings that gets in the way of the truth. If we flame out like May flies as insignificant blips, it is because we’ve not taken the time to address how we can change from existential time to Eternal time.

  237. as a new season is about to begin rather than speculating about what might be forward for lin it might be instructive (as my old profs used to say) to see what he’s actually done thus far.

    in 2010 there were 60 players chosen in the nba draft. (standard)

    lin was not one of them.

    here’s how lin stacks up against those 60 other players in what im calling “basic career production” numbers thus far. (total points, rebounds and assists)

    below are the players from that draft in the order they were drafted and in parenthesis where they rank in terms of (my thus defined) “basic career production”.

    (minimum 1000 bcp to have actual # listed, everyone else is below 1000; only above 3000 given numbered position/rank)

    lin exceeds all but 9 of those 60 players drafted while he was not.

    john wall 10585 (2.)
    evan turner 7607 (4.)
    derrick favors 6974 (7.)
    wesley johnson 4665 (14.)
    demarcus cousins 11266 (1.)
    ekpe udoh 2111
    greg monroe 9741 (3.)
    al-farouq amaniu 4795 (12.)
    gordon hayward 7470 (5.)
    paul george 7041 (6.)
    cole aldrich 1380
    xavier henry 1521
    ed davis 5056 (11.)
    pat patterson 4764 (13.)

    larry sanders 3031 (21.)
    luke babbit 1473
    kevin seraphin 3467 (18.)
    eric bledsoe 5912 (9.)
    avery bradley 3335 (19.)
    james anderson 1967
    craig brackins
    elliott williams
    trevor booker 3932 (17.)
    damion james
    dominique jones
    quincy poindexter 2267
    jordan crawford 4610 (15.)
    grevis vazquez 6265 (8.)
    daniel orton
    lazar hayward

    tibor pleiss
    dexter pittman
    hassan whiteside 1081
    amon johnson
    nemanji bejilica
    terico white
    darrington hobson
    andy rautins
    landry fields 3242 (20.)
    lance stephenson 4510 (16.)
    jarvis varnado
    dsean butler
    devan ebanks
    jerome jordan
    paulto prestes
    gani lawal
    tiny gallon
    latavious williams
    ryan richards
    solomon alabi
    magnum rolle
    luke harangody
    pape sy
    willie warren
    jeremy evans
    haranday ndaiey
    ryan reid
    derrick character
    stanley robinson
    dwayen collins

    jeremy lin 5564 (10.)

    on a personal note this is my last post here. obviously not been a popular poster (see votes to posts ratio) but have enjoyed and appreciated some give and take with some posters, you should know who you are. and might hope that at least some information i have provided proved useful to at least someone.—-will continue to follow the lin story privately.

  238. all i care is lin plays good minutes and a game change (in a good way) that he contribute so much that even media can’t ignore..and get 50-40-90, then he can secure his next big and reasonable contract.

  239. Thanks for the post!

  240. why yo last post..?
    what does vote and popularity have to do with you posting?
    heck, I don’t give a zamm if I’m popular here or not.. I just post. This is AMERICA!! hahaha
    At least you spent time to analyze these stuff and post them.. this is actually good bit of info

  241. hey! did you take that from nasa’s website somewhere!

  242. At least you justify your opinion. It’s the mindless dissing that is bothersome.

  243. Instead of saying he had no goals he should have talked about team goals instead.

  244. He has a canon 6D. I’m not sure of the setting.

  245. Attitudes are also different. Rondo was a killer. Walker? nah.

  246. appreciate your posts which have always been well reasoned. i wouldnt worry about upvotes or lack of it, but in any case sorry to see you go. do drop by to cheer lin on with the rest of linnation!

  247. Words of wisdom. “A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions”. Adversity sometimes makes is aware of this.

  248. True. I think we have all “matured” in managing our expectations and staying poaitive.

  249. Why your last post? Have often enjoyed your posts. Always sad to see people leave.

  250. I have DirecTV here in the states. I did a program search and only see RTC for Cleveland Cavs, Memphis Grizzlies, Milwaukee Bucks and Minnesota TWolves through 10/6. Maybe they will have Hornets later.

  251. It must have been posted before but I still think it’s time to review this.
    Jeremy Lin VS Kemba Walker: By The Numbers
    However, I believe that there is a great chance the two will create synergy together.
    There is one thing they have in common, they are fast on the lane.

  252. They sometimes announces very late…..let’s hope they will pick up Hornets.

  253. Didn’t realize we’re running Mr. or Ms. Congeniality here, if we were I’d probably be out fairly quickly. 🙂

    FWIW, you’re welcome to come back whenever you changer your mind.

  254. Way better input than anything Ewing can provide.

  255. Sounds like Dallas had been interested in Lin then suddenly weren’t. Wonder if they had gotten word that DWill was going to get waived by the Nets?


  256. Let them ROT!!

  257. Sorry been lazy with votes but enjoy reading your posts

  258. Parsons recovering, Matthews recovering, DWill’s ankles a liability. They may be struggling

  259. Well…I am just glad that Lin did not choose DAL

  260. Right about the time D Jordan had a change of heart.

  261. Me too. It’s a bad idea to be w CP as Point forward. smh!

  262. Was wondering how you guys are going to watch nba games this season, league pass or something else… ?

  263. Hey…I’m still learning…more over I have so much catch up to do….missing all the fun stuff here…my travel had been hectic lately

  264. Thanks…great stuff! That says alot in terms of how drafting goes…

  265. Ballstreams here…

  266. I think that would be good. I’m also following Warriors, Spurs, OKC

  267. Definitely give it a try at least….also LP will have a free period I believe?

  268. It was posted here before somewhere, but another great article from baselinebuzz.com regarding player rotation with Jeremy Lin assists video for 2012-2014.

  269. I said it but you are telling me to say it. You can also tell me to go ahead and say it. Ah, the way you reframe the issue . . . you would have made a good attorney.

  270. definitely dodged a bullet not signing with Mavs

    ironically, by declining Mavs starting PG offer (but w/ danger of deferring to Parsons as designated Point Forward) and choosing Hornets backup PG role playing his style, Lin proved to be a maverick in his own way

  271. yeah, I still shudder about it .. imagine all of us watching Lin deferring to Parsons for the whole season

  272. #NBArank continues today:
    200 @Jmeeks20
    199 @matthewdelly
    198 @JLin7
    197 @MrAnthonyMorrow
    196 @TreyBurke http://t.co/YWNSoqH3NH

  273. What a joke.

  274. Lin is in the background talking to somebody.

    #HornetsCamp Day 3! Brian Roberts working on his corner-3 ? http://t.co/MpqERhny4K

  275. JLin has been rejected many a times and so did Jack Ma, and below is an extract of Jack Ma’s interview in Feb 15 with Charlie Rose.
    JM: There were 5 of us who went to apply at the police force, 4 people were accepted and I was not. There were 24 people who went for the KFC job, 23 people were accepted and I was not. I applied at Harvard and was rejected there – 10 times.
    CR: They’re sorry now. Ten times, you wrote to them and said “I’d like to come to Harvard”.
    JM: Yes, and then I told myself that perhaps I should go and teach there, one day.

    Moral of the story: Never give up.

  276. We know ESPN is a comedy business already….:p

  277. For those that have seen DBZ, I say that JLins hair is a SSJ2 transformation. Meaning he will be taking his game to a whole new level.

  278. He would be on a different path had one of those accepted him. He should thank them.

  279. ha ha … goodnite here, zzzzz

  280. Joy Jeng
    Haha…we see you @JLin7 at today’s training camp ~ ??

  281. Sleep well.

  282. In the above article Spencer Hawes feels the week together in China will be a good team bonding experience because they will get away from distractions. I’m concern the extra attention Lin gets on the trip will be a detriment. The extra attention Lin gets in China will reinforce that Lin gets undeserved fame for just being Asian. Hopefully the trip doesn’t create jealousy between LIn and his new team.

  283. I took a bit of time to listen to Steve Clifford’s 4-part Media Day press conference. Here are the passages that seemed important. Clifford seems smart, knowledgeable, current in his thinking, as well as being straightforward and respectful of the players.

    Part 1 ; 2:50 mark
    “There are always trends in our league. Last year the 3-point game became even more prevalent in the NBA. The five best 3-point shooting teams were the four teams that played in the conference finals and the LA Clippers. Those teams were all
    top-10, all-time, in NBA history, in 3-point percentage. Also, the number of 3-point shots attempted was way up. … . The teams that won big did two things : they shot and made 3s at a high percentage, and they combined that with good defense.”

    Part 2 ; 1 minute mark
    “Your shooting is your spacing in this league. They’re going to guard you to where you can shoot from. And if you’ve got four guys out there who can shoot 3s, there’s more room for everyone else to play.”

    Part 2 ; 2:20 mark
    “You [i.e. players] have to get enough minutes playing with a set group, knowing where your shots are going to be from, knowing what your role is, in order to play well. If you start saying “I’m going to play this guy this night, and that guy another night” what usually happens, at any level, is you look back on it and say “Gee, none of those guys played well.” So, there will be some nights where you can probably downsize or play bigger but for the most part you need to get to a “playing” group.”

    Part 3 ; 1:45 mark
    “I’m direct with them [i.e. the players]. There’s two things in this league that you can never do. You can’t ask them to do things that they’re not capable of (that’s bad coaching), and the other thing is you have to be honest with them; because they know, too.”

    Part 3 ; 5:25 mark
    “We’re not bringing any guys in where we’re saying “Thanks for being here, now you’re going to have to get a little less here.” The guys that we’re bringing in, they’re going to get more. Nic’s always been a 4th or 5th option, now he’s going to be a 2nd or 3rd, or 1st option. Jeremy Lin has the potential to play a much bigger role than he’s played since New York. So, … they’re actually going to get more.”

    Note : To access the 4 video clips just go to — http://www.nba.com/hornets — and search for the string — 2015 Hornets Media Day | Steve Clifford

  284. espn even got Lin’s email wrong, what a joke!

  285. Thank you so much for the summary!

  286. Thanks for doing all the work and gleaning out the relevant parts.

  287. You’re apologist logic is flawed. The people that made bigoted decisions should not be “credited” for their “tough love”. How do you know he wouldn’t have been a great police officer, captain, commissioner, or any other field he was allowed to enter.

    Such flippant comments cheapens the difficulties minorities must continually face to get ahead.

  288. Isn’t he injured right now?

  289. You mean ‘Murica. Lol

  290. But the season is about to start… come back! Don’t go 🙁

  291. that was very helpful! seems like the opposite of byron scott.

  292. I will definitely miss your inputs. It’s always thoughtful and pact with info. I often feel like maybe my comments are too long and not very well received as well. Then I think of the humble worker bees that goes out to find honey and comes back to the hive and makes its frantic dance to tell everyone what’s out there. I then realize that our community needs everyone to contribute anyway they can to bring honey home. I hope you will reconsider and help us and me with such great insight.

  293. New poster as well

    Was at another popular site. With all due respect to them, too many personal attacks on me as well as NBA players/coaches for my tastes (by a small few) which were a little tiring.

    Followed some other posters here. The respectfulness, open mindedness, level headedness here is certainly refreshing.

    Am a major Linfan since GSW days. Personally am a longtime hockey player and track athlete (100m relay specialty)

    Look forward to some respectful discussions here!

  294. Welcome! Enjoy your stay 🙂

  295. welcome :] ..we will look forward to reading your insights as a hockey/track athlete
    we do allow differing opinions but with mutual respect.

    Our mods definitely appreciate all posters who have helped to foster a good, positive environment. It makes our days a lot easier :>

  296. I don’t know if he would ever be a great police officer, captain, commissioner etc….but now he has tens of billions to buy a city where he can be a major for life.

  297. Something that JLin has never uttered for his previous 2 coaches


  298. Welcome!

  299. When did Lin say this? Today?

  300. don’t go, @1mtoldman:disqus 🙂

    I’m not sure who didn’t like you here but I enjoyed reading your insights & information.
    It’s clear you follow & understand bball a lot; even the EuroLeague that many don’t follow

    if you’re fatigued, do take some sabbatical but then come back.
    I got a feeling we’ll be thrilled with Buzzanity once the season starts.

    if you have some concern, please email [email protected] so I can get your feedback

  301. not quite sure if he said it again recently

    I know he said something similar after he signed

  302. no it doesnt you trippin cuz

  303. can’t we just stick with the guy who said, “I like Jeremy. I really do. ” ?

  304. Someone saved you from being embarrassed by deleting my original response. By the way, thanks God for Mr. Ma and Mr. Lin for not sitting back blaming and accepting their prior failures because of racism. They don’t need any fake politician to fight for them to get ahead.

  305. you have to “fit in” to post here. since you’re quite an athlete, where’s your “chocolate shoulders?”

  306. 2015 Hornets Training Camp | Steve Clifford – 9/28/15 http://www.nba.com/hornets/video/teams/hornets/2015/09/28/1443467083016-150928-Coach.mov-32355 via @hornets

  307. So everyone will take turn to talk?! Well, it’s not matter Lin will talk or not… just hope coach can really let him plays his game.

  308. Thanks, Arsenium

    Clifford seemed to understand 3pt-shooting & defense are the keys to get to Conf Finals
    Lin & Batum will be his key guys for 3pt-shooting to create great spacing for others so this is a great thing to know.

  309. in one of the media day interview

  310. Not funny…I mean ESPn not you.

  311. you worried too much.

    What do you mean undeserved fame? Linsanity is way better achievement than Kemba, MSG got.

  312. Lamb’s name popped up a couple of times. Last time from the coach, and this time from Marvin.

    Sure it doesn’t mean anything yet, but if Lamb gets it going, then it might eat into Lin’s time as SG.

  313. Since the season is about to start (& US Election coverage is ongoing), there is a lot of anxiety & negativity in the air. Allow me to give a friendly reminder of our #1 Rule so we can positively work together to support JLin:

    1. We take the “Be Polite & Be Respectful” rule very seriously. We do not tolerate any rudeness. Any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be banned without warning.
    No cursing/swearing or any substitute/variation. Keep the language to PG to be family-friendly.
    Note: It’s good to review all rules in http://www.jlinportal.com/website-rules-must-read/

    If you disagree, please be respectful. If things get heated, please agree to disagree & let cool heads prevail. Violating posts will be deleted w/o warnings since mods have time limitations.

    Life is hard & stressful as it is. So let this place be focused on positive discussion to support JLin with his new team, Charlotte Hornets. Please avoid bashing his teammates, be kind to Charlotte media so JLin & his fans will be positively received by his teammates & media. True JLin Fans would want to help JLin to have 100% support from his coaches, teammates & media.

    And to inspire all of us, here is a recent music video of almost-90 year old Dick Van Dyke who looks & dances like a 50-year old. His secret? Keep laughing & keep moving. I’ll be grateful if I look as fit as him when I reach my 60s

    ““Women will never be as successful as men because they have no wives to advise them.” Dick Van Dyke

  314. JLin sports “flat-top” mushroom hair during training camp.
    That thing is alive :]


  315. Looks like Stephen Silas who was JLin’s coach from Golden State.


  316. JLin sports “flat-top” mushroom hair during training camp.
    That thing is alive :]

  317. Pink shoes?

  318. So good, JLin’s smile is worth posting twice or thrice


  319. Good that Lin spent time this summer working on his floater …

  320. The funny thing is BScott followed by saying ” I think he’s a kid that plays the right way [and] plays extremely hard.”

    McHale did the same thing with “kid” comment for 25-26 year old player.

    If Clifford doesn’t say the “kid” word again, perhaps he’s the right coach who thinks JLin is man enough to play in the NBA. Let’s hope so

  321. thanks. Great to see JLin reiterated the same view

  322. Oops. sorry. all blacks looks the same to me. JK.

    Watching Williams’ interview, thought that was the same guy, but you are right.

  323. Irving: play less defense? (just kidding!)

  324. smh =)

  325. October is breast cancer awareness month. Many sports (such as NFL) wear pink gear that month.

    I’m guessing Lin received those shoes ahead of time, and he’s breaking them in.

  326. well, Clifford’s talk is encouraging. I hope Clifford walks his talk.

  327. So what did they say about Lamb?

  328. I love it.

    Anyone know what was Lin’s previous lowest ESPN ranking? Probably his GSW year?

  329. I’m moving to Charlotte to watch all 41 home games. =p

  330. I think they got consumed (understandably) by the DeAndre Jordan fiasco.

  331. when asked about new players, they basically said the new players are doing well, and Lamb’s name would pop up. I’m guessing mainly regarding his outside shootings.

  332. why leave? I enjoyed your posts, 1mtoldman. I hadn’t seen much backlash to your posts.

  333. I found how Coach Clifford commented (after the 1st practice) about how skilled his team this year is super Linteresting.
    So skilled, he mentioned Lin TWICE 😀

    I think Nic’s & JLin’s skills stood out to Coach Clifford after the 1st practice so it’s fresh on his mind when talking to reporters afterwards

    [mark 3:21]

    Clifford: “This is a more skilled team than the team that we had in the last 2 years.
    Nic is really skilled and .. Jeremy Lin can really shoot, he can pass off-the-dribble
    Spencer is very skilled, Frank is very skilled so ..
    And Jeremy Lin you know .. is very skilled
    I mean, the thing that we added you can see on the floor”
    Link: http://www.nba.com/hornets/video/teams/hornets/2015/09/26/1443297098585-150926-Coach.mov-30656

  334. well, if you need a break, enjoy your break, but you are always welcome back!

  335. Clifford should stop giving scouting reports to the opponents. =)

    Everyone knows that Lin can’t shoots 3s, can’t go left, can’t defend, etc. =)

  336. I thought that the first mention is Lamb and not Lin. He kinda threw Lin’s name at the end.

  337. I think today most of about these younger players. Among them, Lamb sure it’s the best shooter. Don’t worry.

  338. yeah, Clifford is not shy to give opposing teams tidbits on who to guard.

    What’s up with telling them to game-plan against Lin who can really shoot & pass off-the-dribble?
    Now they lose a bit of competitive advantage.

    smh Coach Clifford 😀

  339. What did he say about Kemba?

  340. ah, you could be right. Thanks
    He might’ve said “Jeremy Lamb” for the 1st one

    oh well… let’s just see how preseason game will play out then

  341. Looks like Lin is #197 instead #198 that I saw posted earlier this morning. Looks like they lost a higher ranked player and everyone moved up one.


  342. So this statement it’s about Lamb? Jeremy Lin can really shoot, he can pass off-the-dribble.

  343. They projected Lin a NEGATIVE rpm, and got his email wrong, what a joke.

  344. This was what I was referring to below as well when I said Lamb’s name got mentioned by the coach and also Marvin today.

  345. If Lin w Lamb in the same group, Lin is PG not SG.

  346. yes, I think that was for JLamb, I believe.
    sorry for the error

  347. Just watched the video, I think what he mentioned all SG.

  348. JLin looks younger than the “baby-faced” bearded one?

  349. A real man would not be afraid of wearing pink 😛

  350. “Just hit the dang open corner 3 when JLin gives you the rock!”

  351. Hard to believe Stephen Silas graduated from Brown University in 1996 (so he’s around 40). Also, if you go to the Hornets’ web site, here is the photo of Lin they have on their roster page (see : http://www.nba.com/hornets/roster ). Maybe it’s Photoshop or a lot of gel.

  352. The main thing I’ll be watching this preseason is whether Kemba and Lin can play together. There’s no way the projected Hornets lineup can succeed, much less play “4-out, 1-in” like Clifford says.

    Kemba is a chucker, but he doesn’t seem like an egomaniac like Harden or Kobe. Maybe he and Lin can make it work like Bledsoe and Dragic did in Phoenix (until Thomas was signed). Until the Suns got IT and ruined the backcourt balance, they had a nice “double-barreled” attack going.

  353. Looks like Photoshop

  354. yes,likely Photoshop-ed

    OTOH Frank’s picture looks the saddest of all

  355. yes, it only makes sense to have Kemba/Batum/Lin to close out games as playmakers but it would be interesting to see how Clifford wants to experiment in the preseason.

    Unfortunately we don’t have details on which lineup is being used during Training Camp so we have to wait 5 more days

  356. I think Lin is very well scouted already having been in the league so long. It’s up to the coach to give him those high screen rolls with an able bodied big man and no scouting report can stop that.

  357. and also take more jumpers

  358. Isn’t the picture on the Roster page from when they first signed him and he flew out to Charlotte? Hair wasn’t so long then.

  359. Don’t think he can do that, Kemba was 30.4% 3P% last year and 31.8% career 3P%.

  360. I’m not sure how it would be related. They would have needed a PG whether they got D’Andre or not.

  361. The problem with that is you assume they devalue MKG, that MKG wont play, and that MKG will be ok with it after signing a decent contract.

    Lin is better off with two 6 foot 6 plus long winged guys than Kemba and 1 long guy. It’s just reality.

  362. Jeremy can only take a hard look in the mirror and reflect on being ranked alongside Dellavadova who is nothing more than a quality hustle player.

    Corey Joseph is ranked too low in my opinion here along with Lin.

  363. MKG could see a lot of minutes at PF. He’s there for defense anyway and today’s PFs can’t post up very well to exploit a height advantage. Better to have a smaller player who is mobile enough to guard stretch 4s. Draymond Green is the same height and weight and defends PFs regularly.

  364. “Kemba, we are trying to win here.”

  365. he’s only like 6 foot 5.7 inches. I know what you are saying but he is way too small to play PF on a long term basis. Could you imagine Lamarcus posting up MKG? I don’t care how good MKG is on defense, he is just too short.

  366. remember who guarded Lin last season? MKG when Lin got hot. MKG guards wings and tries to lock them down. He cannot guard some monster PF’s like Lamarcus Blake or even hold off Tristan Thompson off the boards.

  367. Lol that pic he looks really cooked

  368. Clifford said he likes 3pt & defense.

    MKG provides 1 aspect in defense only as a SF. Batum is a much better SF IMO but they do want to start MKG so he’s one big SG at 6’8″

    Going small at end of game w/ Kemba/Batum/Lin plus MKG/any PF definitely can be a problem but it really comes down to who can playmake & create spacing.

    If MKG can’t shoot, he’s definitely liability to close out games.

    I think Clifford would want to experiment w/ best lineup to close out games but I suspect he would go w/ 3PT shooting & spacing (Kemba/Batum/Lin) rather than MKG defense.

    Can’t wait to watch preseason games to find out.

  369. Seems every player listens to coach Clifford. There is no superstar that could dictate the team and coaches there seem to be in control of how the game should be played. Players would then have to change for the team when necessary.

  370. Really? That’s good but if they really did that why Lance couldn’t do well last season?

  371. Last season, Lin has an RPM of 1.66. It would be difficult to believe that under coach Clifford, Lin’s role would be minimized and his RPM would decrease. It’s not going to happen. Lin will only be better this season.

  372. lance was soon overrated. really stupid to leave pacers

  373. BTW, did Clifford say anything about Kemba?

  374. these ranking are basically last years ranking. this year has not happened yet

  375. I agree. After Pacers his value go bad year after year.

  376. Kemba is only 25 and he can change if he doesn’t have to carry the team by himself. I’m still optimistic.

  377. LOL

  378. At least he’s healthy. Troy Daniel pulled his hamstring and is on a DTD basis.

  379. I haven’t heard anything yet.
    Clifford declined to comment about players in today’s interview; he said it’s hard to say anything after 3 days

    I think he doesn’t want reporters to speculate lineup, etc. based on his comments., which is a wise thing to do

  380. The exposure of Lin is at least as much as any player on the team. Don’t worry.

  381. And Lin is the strongest and most physical.

  382. Those old cats weren’t kidding but they weren’t men enough to tell James and Kobe how to play the game the right way.

  383. I heard cooked mushrooms is even better to remove any toxins lol

  384. ESPN gets a little better every year or isn’t as bad as last year.

  385. true, Clifford likes PnR so it will be curious to find out which big man he’ll match with JLin. I’d like to see this experiment in the preseason games

    If we see Lin partners with starting big men, it’ll be even better to increase chances to close out games

  386. I subscribed nba basketball from cable TV. If they don’t show enough Hornet’s game, I will complain or even threaten to cancel my subscription.

  387. maybe this is the downside of Asians looking youthful lol

  388. Surely surely. Ewing has never been a PG. Lin won’t be asked to play center. Mind you, Lin is decent in posting and playing against centers according to what I have seen on TV; Lin did well against much bigger players like Dirk, Blake Griffin etc as results of switching.

  389. LOL. Yeah! Who care!

  390. Hansbrough has good form in shooting jumpers.

  391. How the hell Byron Scott got to be a coach? There were some blind GMs. What he said last season were totally wrong. His basketball IQ was even comparable to a coach in YMCA. Sorry, I’m insulting the YMCA basketball coach. It’s not my intention.

  392. Lin likes to play in a very fast pace.

  393. Lance is exposed. That’s perhaps the best he could be as an NBA guard. Doug Rivers doesn’t seem to think too highly of him either.

  394. You make good points. But it’s all a work around to Lin not being the starting PG.

    At the heart of it, I think the problem is really Lin should be starting with Lamb at the SG, Nic at the 3, and PF with Frank or Williams and Tyler/Hawes to backup. Then Center between Zeller and Al and whatever tall PF gets no time.

    Kemba comes off bench as the first guard.

    if I were coach, that is how I would run this team because I want to win an NBA title and not pander to NBA politics. And that’s why I’m an armchair fan and not in the NBA.

    Finally, MKG is not 6 foot 8. He is 6 foot 5.7 inch. HE also is not slated at SG but SF. Nic Batum is slated at SG.

  395. Last season, Lin was playing in one of the worst team in NBA, much worse than Charlotte Hornets with less good players that the Hornets this season. It’s illogical to rate Lin worse than last season. If Lin has players who could space the court like the Hornets this season, he’s going to flourish.

  396. Cory Joseph gets paid many times of Jeremy. That makes ESPN a donkey starting with letter ‘a’ in assessing players.

  397. j smitty
    Met @jlin7 at Bang Bang! @bangbangburgers @getstealz

  398. of course but that ranking is based on his production last year

  399. His production last year wasn’t so bad.

  400. I don’t think so, MKG is not long enough and could not stretch the floor at 4, so you will have a small line up disadvantage but don’t have the small line up advantage there.

    Most likely they will put Batum at 4, and keep MKG at 3, and then Lin at 2. However, I don’t think Batum is strong enough to play 4, but at least he could shoot and stretch the floor. MKG is really limited the flexibility of the line up variation.

    However, I do think Hornets still has question mark with Batum, you are not sure whether you can keep him or whether he is good enough that you won’t feel overpay next season, so they extend MKG as a safety concern.

    But I still think that is stupid to lock down with Kemba and MKG for their cap space.

  401. Already injured? So Parson’s & Matthews out beginning of season and now Deron Williams already fighting injury? Dallas should have taking the tough as nails Asian kid.

    theScoreVerified account ‏@theScore 3h3 hours ago
    Deron Williams battling calf strain, may be limited for start of camp. http://thesco.re/1QJfYHf

  402. Haha! Good job, Cuban. I guess DW just wants to wait for CP to return so two of them can share the point job. LOL!

  403. Lin also worked on his floater last summer but he never used it on a regular basis last season. Hopefully his floaters will finally be back. He haven’t really used floaters often since NY.

  404. Of course, Doc wants his own son to shine not Lance in 2nd unit.

  405. Shows how stupid the NBArank was last year to give Rondo 37:

    NBA on ESPNVerified account‏@ESPNNBA
    Could it be the biggest drop in #NBArank this year? Rajon Rondo goes from 37 last year to 223 this year.


  406. Mavs aren’t going anywhere so long as they have an old beat up PG in Deron Williams. Glad Lin had better offer.

  407. Thanks, everyone, for your comments. It’s easy to see why Jeremy felt at home signing with the Hornets. Here’s a tweet I saw today from Bobby Marks, that recalled the antics of Byron Scott in LA. [Note : HC = head coach]

  408. I didn’t know Rondo is 223?! Went to the wrong team, that’s what you got…

  409. Wonder why is that? He used his floating in NY and just stopped. Is it against Morey Ball doctrine or something?

  410. It could also be disinformation. Lol

  411. Lol at Nick. DNP!

  412. I meant to say Batum’s 6’8″ and he’s a better SF than MKG.

    Clifford got his hands full; he needs to figure out how to make all pieces work.
    Basically, he needs to figure out how the incumbent starters (Kemba/MKG) will work together with Batum/Lin even if they’re worse.

    Keep everyone happy to play team-game so Rich Cho can find good trade values for lesser players. And this is also Clifford’s contract year.That’s definitely easier said than done.

    Lin can help secure Clifford’s coaching job by being the ultimate team player. Knowing Lin, he’ll offer all his brilliant PnR ideas to Clifford on how to make things work. Let’s hope Clifford trusts Lin enough.

    Winning can solve a lot of problems

  413. they will tank this season, for sure.

  414. Looks like the best PG for Mavericks is still Barea because Deron Williams goes down before the season starts. Chandler Parsons will have to sit on the bench too. The starting forward could be rookie Justin Anderson. Pachulia is going to be the starting center. Delvin Harris has to be Dallas’s starting SG. Yes old Norwitzki is still the starting PF.

    I won’t give my 2 cents to this team. Portland Trailblazers is going to kick its butt. A perfect match with Lakers.

    Seems when owners are taking control, the team records often go south.

  415. Yeah when the tank starts going, Nick would have to sit on the bench.

  416. Laker has the better and more experienced tank commander though.

  417. Comrades, how to view just Hornets games online this season ??

  418. I used to think Cuban is smart guy but w this summer’s FA…. Don’t think he’s anymore. But you got what you asked for it. LOL!

  419. U sound so ignorant reagan… Read acbc above and learn something… sorry mod but this guy deserves a azz kickin…

  420. That is the dumbest thing ive ever heard reagan… u obviously r not a minority or a woman… r u a woman? Sorry mod but u cant let this guy post such things…

  421. Remember, Cuban dismantled the team after winning the championship. A few years later, he’s trying to sign the former players back together. Try explaining that.

  422. Librafree
    @JLin7 and @hornets’ teammates & coaches. Fresh start, GO!

  423. I don’t get the joke?..Why would Nick want to avoid the media so that Byron doesn’t get mad at him?

  424. On houston local news Harden said Lawson gives them speed they (Rockets) had not had before. What? Lin is fast too!

  425. I don’t think Lawson is fast but never mind about what Rox said bc they have to say they made the right move no matter what….LOL!

  426. I’ll will bet anyone at ESPN a THOUSAND FREAKING BUCKS that Lin has an RPM over -0.24. Guy is healthy, in his prime, and playing in a favorable system…what a joke.

  427. most people will sign up for NBA League Pass or Ballstreams.
    free stream is often unreliable & can spread virus

  428. Ok, so JLin is only 1 of 21 players to average 11pts/4asts on 53%+ TS%, has an RPM and WAR that places him in the top 80/90 players in the league, and played under a coach who hated his guts and crafted his system to ice him out…and for that he gets ranked 197th in the league?!?!?! Now, there’s undervaluing a player, and then there’s openly disrespecting them…

  429. thanks, most posters do a good job flagging violating posts to make them disappear.

    mods will delete disrespectful posts & give warning for repeated violations

    we don’t always see all posts but will respond properly

  430. ignore ESPN highly subjective ranking.
    IMO it’s fully designed to incite & cause excitement before NBA season starts.
    When Buzzanity breaks out, it’ll be even sweeter.

    In 2014, here’s the subjective selection process. I expect the same for 2015

    How did we rank the players?

    We asked our ESPN Forecast panel to rate each player on a 0-to-10 scale, in terms of “the overall level of play for each player for the upcoming NBA season.”


  431. ESPN is as “good” as Bleacher Report these days, if you catch my drift. And that’s walking a fine line between complimenting ESPN and insulting BR.

  432. are they referring to “speed” drinking? Cause Lawson is a world class chugger…

  433. Jeremy was also playing in the western conference last year, which makes the “l”eastern conference look like the freaking D-League…whatever his box score stats are, I’m expecting no less than top 50 in RPM and WAR

  434. Those espn can’t be that stupid, they have to be uniformed.

  435. Only idiots would rank him that way

  436. It just shows you how much Celtics has improved.

  437. Seems that it has something to do with conditioning rather than injury.

  438. Zing! Ouch! LOL

    I would’ve said the same of the Mavs, except Cuban went and got DWill. Heh heh heh…

  439. To be honest, that explains everything. It’s completely subjective, from the choice of panel to the ranking. How completely misleading and unscientific.

  440. Isn’t the preseason usually free on NBA League Pass? Even if you were planning to go with Ballstreams because it’s for 6 months wouldn’t you want to wait until the regular season starts before starting Ballstreams? Otherwise if you do for the preseason then 6 months would expire with a month left on the NBA season.

  441. It is just wired to have rookies ranked there, just wondering how they ranked this. And curious how they ranked Anthony Bennett before.

  442. Mark Cuban has single-handedly destroyed almost the most potent offensive team in NBA in order to get Rondo. He made another move to get Chandler Parsons but he hasn’t been playing at his prime for him since Houston. He let Tyson Chandler go away for free and he’s still paying Raymond Felton because of the trade. They also lost their best perimeter defender in Al-Farouq Aminu to Portland.

    It would take years to recover from these mistakes. For the time being, Mavericks don’t have depth on their roster.

    Portland Trailblazers although lost players like LaMar Aldridge to Spurs, they have signed Ed Davis from Lakers. They lost Robin Lopez to NY KNicks but they got Mason Plumlee from Broklyn Nets. They let Wes Matthews to Dallas but Wes Matthews couldn’t play for Dallas now. However they received Gerald Henderson and young Noah Vonleh a 6’10” PF from Hornets for Nick Batum. Also they signed Al-Farouq Aminu from Dallas. I betcha that Portland Trailblazers can recover sooner than Dallas.

    ESPN ranked Portland Trailblazers 29 and Dallas 18. Perhaps the reverse is true. I think Charlotte should be ranked 16th ahead of Utah, Detroit, Dallas, and Indiana. Phoenix is ranked 22nd which I think should be 17. Broklyn is ranked 26 which I think should be ranked 20. With Utah which should be ranked 19 despite their lack of depth in guard position.

  443. I don’t think Austin Rivers would be up to the challenge. Rockets simply couldn’t defend anybody in the guard position. Patrick Beverley is only an overrated one way defender. Lawson is worse but at least he’s a legit PG.

  444. Kaminsky is not playing at NBA level but he could be next year.

    I doubt if Hansbrough would be given much minutes by Clifford.
    Coach Clifford preferred a 9-player rotation.
    Batum, Walker, Jefferson, MKG, Zeller, Lin, plus
    (Kaminsky, Williams, Hansbrough, Lamb, Hawes)
    Only 3 out of the 5 players are going to be in the rotation. My bet would be on (Lamb, Hawes, Kaminsky/Williams)

  445. Let’s take Kobe Bryant for example, he shouldn’t even be in the top 200 considering his performance last season, but in order to keep some people happy, they have to put players like him within top 100.

  446. Jeremy Lin is ranked 87th among all NBA players.

  447. Rookies are unknown and shouldn’t be ranked at all.

  448. People from ESPN assessment team is worse than stupid.

  449. Jefferson is very impressed with Pycho T.
    Ireally hope that coach Clifford can use Hansbrough more but my guess is he won’t.

  450. I agree w you on Portland is better than Dallas bc players always can’t do well after the injury for a while. Cuban’s really not thinking well in this FA.

  451. Really interesting. Can’t wait to see what Kobe will do this season.


  452. Watch out Lakers, You have a serious competition for the tanker spot.

  453. Thanks for these photos. I added names to the faces …

  454. Yes, very interesting. In a train wreck sort of way. ?

  455. Cuban chased Steve Nash out of town after he had brought the franchised back from obscurity and reached the finals of the western conference. nash was an allstar but Cuban decided that Nash was on his way down and let him go to the Suns. Cuban instead gave a long tern contract to a player who became a dud and was never a starter in his entire career. He broke up a couple of friends in Nash and Nowitzki that could have ended up being like Stockton and Malone. Dallas would have been a dynasty.

    Cuban also broke up the team that won it all when he let Tyson Chandler go to NYC. Parsons, Rondo and Dwill re just the latest examples of his ego before brains way of running that team. I never wanted Lin to go there for that reason. Cuban talks big and people give him the benifit of the doubt because he’s a self made man. The truth is that he is just a tech geek pretending to be a jock.

  456. Thanks, Makes a good spotters guide to learn the team, coaches.

  457. that’s true. Those who choose 6 months-subscription would need to start on Oct 13 to cover regular season, then for playoff it would be separate subscription.

    Maybe it’s worth 1 yr subscription then

  458. Yes, leave and praise the one that attacked me personally is ok?

  459. I exposed the fake war on women and fake minority victim card. Only a losing argument would shut down facts from other.

    Did you know that Ma was saying he was was rejected in his own homeland against his own skin?

  460. Calling other dumbest is very respectful?

  461. Is it my imagination or does Lin look confident this season more than seasons past? He seems more at peace with himself like he knows who he is and what he can do (and not do). They say that athletes come into their own when they understand their potential as well as their limitations, then focus on maximizing. Jeremy seems to have found his “sweet spot” . I pray that it transpires on the court!

  462. Cuban didn’t chase anyone out of town, it’s called business decision.

    Somehow that tech geek got himself a ring while Nash is still in search for his first, maybe not as a player.

  463. He does look good…no imagination at all.

  464. JLin actually does look more confident on-court and off-court.
    There are noticeable things that he didn’t do in the past 3 years:

    1. praised his coach repeatedly for knowing how to use his strength (vs “I got to play my role”)
    2. praised his high-character teammates in the locker room
    3. sport Spikey-Mushroom hair & be more of his jovial self
    4. …

    When his confidence carries over & he can play loose on-court, watch out 🙂

  465. my attempted translation “He will be hateful to all around him, showing disdain at every action by teammates, coaches and even the janitor, but he will continue to demand the ball so he can shoot as many times as possible, he will not however make many of those shots which the Kobe 5 /10 years ago used to do as he bashed everyone around him as being lessor than himself and chased any friends away”

    other attempts at translation are welcome. not sure google translate is up to this task ;-0

  466. Thanks!

  467. hmmmm… poor Beverley/Wolverine already last night’s trash.

  468. calling others dumbest is also not ok.
    let me check the thread

  469. Some support for Lin from local fan site “Bring Back the Buzz” :

    Last season’s back up point guard Mo Williams is gone, having left to reunite with LeBron in Cleveland. In his place, is Jeremy Lin. I like this signing, I’ve always felt that Lin was a victim of his own success, and its overshadowed what has since been a very solid career. Lin will fit in perfectly in Charlotte and I think this was a great under the radar signing for the Hornets. Clifford has said he will experiment with lineups that have Walker and Lin on the floor at the same time, which could work well, allowing Kemba to play off the ball more as a scorer.

    See : https://bringbackthebuzz.wordpress.com/2015/09/29/buzz-weekly-training-camp-edition/

  470. let’s also refrain from calling others names.

    this thread is getting heated so I would encourage everyone to not reply to this thread. thanks

  471. I don’t see any reports about Jeremy yet…

  472. Great post

    In addition to what you said, I also see Lin playing off ball as a scorer because of his superior driving and shooting skills. Admittedly Kemba is a slightly superior ball handler at this stage, so it might make sense to have him set things up with Lin as a scoring option when the two are on the court together. Of course they could easily switch roles to keep defences honest, both being great PnR catalysts.

  473. This team is really low profile on their camp. Maybe don’t want to show too much on what they can do?! Just wait until season starts….

  474. From Tuesday’s practice (Day 4) : Jeremy talking to Stephen Silas again …

  475. lin being underrated is a blessing in disguise. people can no longer talk about being over paid. . they can no longer talk about the hype. its almost like lin gets away from the insanity hate that came with the love aspect of it. sure some will still hate. but they have no reason to. if lin breaks out no it won’t be because of the hype. nor the money.

  476. insanity was possibly the worst and best thing to happen to lin

  477. Like in Lakers, AS coach always talked to Lin….?!

  478. From Tuesday’s practice (Day 4) : Lin and Silas in discussion (viewing computer) …

  479. It’s possible that we may not hear much about JLin during training camp. Just prior to camp, the Hornets had an open house featuring JLin, and they had to turn away some of the crowd that showed up. JLin makes one tweet about a security guard, and it’s picked up by national media — and whole articles are written about it. He puts out a funny video, and it goes viral. .
    JLin’s priority now is finding chemistry with his team mates. I’m sure he’s cool now with the coaches putting some of the public focus off him and onto other players to balance the spotlight out a little. For all we know, it may even have been his idea. It’s what the coaches are saying to him and the team in private that’s important. We’ll know after the first couple of games whether the team intends to use his abilities to the fullest with reasonable minutes on the court.
    As we’ve learned from listening to past team management and coaches — talk is cheap. If the Hornets give JLin a fair shot during game time, I’ll be a happy camper.

  480. JL7 has had his fair share in the media already. We all want: less talking now and more actions from coaches to JL7. I already can envision he’s going to start many games this season. JL7 & Kemba CAN work. Nothing is impossible. As long you’re willing to put your mind into it (Cliff’s mind).

  481. Who is player holding the basketball?

  482. Jeremy quickly loses weight after the last two days of practice and that may be due to the amount of work that he put in practices.

  483. Yes, Lin does not need this additional noise. time for play is over. All down to business.

    Too bad for us fans though. Waiting it out.

  484. The Mavs are not going anywhere. Parsons is the overrated one here. I think the Blazers led by Lillard will surprise some teams.

  485. Cody Zeller is quick and he can jump. Tyler Hansbrough is very energetic. I doubt if Jefferson is up to it with his legs. Frank Kaminsky needs to put more work on his footsteps around the rim, Marvin Williams is more like a PnP type.

  486. Glad JL7 isn’t in a Mavs jersey. I’m not too high on CP, coach, and owner. I like Dirk tho.

  487. Is it me or does Lin hang out with the coaches alot? Coach Lin.

  488. Jeremy got so used to China, nothing can distract him anymore.

  489. yeah, same feeling here.

  490. same question, MKG?

  491. you never know. However, I do like that media giving him a little space, as it is usually harder for PG to get use to a new system and new team. Even Nash said it will take 2 month….

  492. Small sample size, only a few pictures but they mostly have them with Silas.

  493. They won’t see any talent like Okafor available next season. It’s too bad they miss the chance to build on such a big man posting inside for their old posting offense.

  494. no, at lakers they are busy counting laps for suicide and don’t have time to talk to players. they make big decisions whether player need to re-run their suicide drill.

  495. I’ll feel better if I see him talking to the head coach more.

  496. trend is there, 100% of the practice days with picture Lin talking to coach Silas. 🙂

  497. My concern as well with the Pick n Pop. Don’t like that at all with LAL & Boozer.

  498. No. Lin was number 1 in BLKP48M; even better than John Wall and Eric Bledsoe. Kemba was the distant 4th.

  499. Normally AS coach is the guy to do it.

  500. MKG?

  501. great point…man i cant wait

  502. does anyone else think lin looks like L from death note.

  503. It’s MKG. Your picture is #17/27. You can see MKG in #19/27 and #21/27.

  504. Well, he sure like to take the clipboards from the coaches so you never know 🙂

  505. That’s what I thought but wasn’t 100% sure…

  506. 1 yr is probably worth it because you can freeze your account during the off season.

  507. They know each other from GSW days(?). Jeremy wants to learn and is a very detail orientated guy. It is not a bad thing for his development to talk to coaches and pick their brains. Or he’s a teacher’s (coach’s?) pet 😛

  508. Sounds like batum likes to share the ball. This team will be fun if everyone is looking out for each other. Be a breath of fresh air.

  509. “Weak. What’s all this sitting an thinking. Camp is about running. Running. Running” – BS

  510. Actually, I always thought Batum was too good at sharing the ball; must be his European background or something.

  511. Kemba’s strong point: He can create spacing in ISO plays and get off his shots.

    Kemba’s weak point: His shots don’t go in as much as they should.

  512. What a bunch of bull. It’s a polite way of asking Kobe “Please don’t shoot our team to losses.”

  513. http://www.nba.com/bulls/news/derrick-rose-injury-update-0


    Posted: Sep 29, 2015

    September 29, 2015 – Bulls Guard Derrick Rose was struck in the face by an elbow during today’s practice. He was taken by the Bulls medical staff to Rush University Medical Center for testing and evaluation which determined he sustained a left orbital fracture. After consultation with several specialists, it has been determined that he will require a surgical procedure, which will take place tomorrow at Rush. After the procedure, a timetable for return to play will be determined.

  514. Man, DRose can’t buy a break. Guess he has to wear that plastic mask.

  515. This orbital fracture is Derrick Rose's 7th significant injury since 2012. Incredible bad luck.— Rick Bonnell (@rick_bonnell) September 29, 2015

  516. The different between Heaven and you know, BS.

  517. Isn’t double vision a worry with these injuries? Hope it isn’t that bad.

  518. Difference here may be: They might hand him the clip board. He had to pry it out of the coaches hand before. Haha.

  519. Is that guy injury prone or what? Poor diet? Too much soda?


  520. Okie doke.

  521. Wait a sec… u removed my post?

  522. Clifford probably realize his players will like continue to train on their own. Players probably know what they need to work on now.

  523. yes, sorry. I know you meant well but since the post can be deemed as personal attack (dumbest) or sexist (woman, chic), I had to delete all posts that can incite more fights so it will be fair.

    If you’d like to revise it, I’d be happy to restore them for you to modify.

  524. ah, I didn’t know that. Thanks! I need to ask them to change it then

  525. I like the fact that his head coach and his players are singing high praises about Lin. I’ve said this on twitter already but I genuinely think Coach Clifford is a fan of Lin’s unlike Byron Scott.

  526. Where/what are these praises? Haven’t heard any since day 1 of camp. Am I missing something?

  527. Day one Clifford said Lin was a good shooter and passed well off the dribble. A couple of sentences later he mentioned his name again. I didn’t understand what he said

  528. Actually I fully expected Lin to be very low key during training camp. That has been his approach for the last 3 training camps that I followed. But once we move on to real games and the team has to translate all they have learned onto the real stage, some will cope and will falter. Lin will rise up. He has always been best when the lights are brightest.

  529. I remember watching most of a training session at the Lakers last season on NBA TV. At that time I was giving Scott the benefit of the doubt. I remember the fact that there was a lot of running. The drills looked really simple and Scott’s instructions / explanations were extremely “general” and easy to understand. (Unlike other coaches whereby there is such a high level of detail and you have to struggle to grasp everything they are saying).

    Have not seen a full training session with the Hornets but the sense is that it is very different. Glad that Batum, Lamb, Kaminsky and Hansbrough are getting praise. They deserve it.

  530. Ya! I think they were running more game like training camp than BS that running around for injury. Low key probably bc they don’t want to show too much about what they were really doing.

  531. I think they are definitely keeping their secrets. Or maybe the Charlotte media is not so pushy?

  532. Jeremy was mic’ed up last year for during the training camp on NBA TV and majority of the time all you heard was panting. It was very physical. Hornets seems to be the opposite and balanced.

  533. What media got only the interview by coach or players… don’t think they really talked too much details about the camp… just shooting good… etc.

  534. Big LA media reported on every little thing and we got our fill but Charlotte media is keeping us hungry… very hungry 🙁

  535. Lin also talked to AS coach a lot… that seems like he is talking about game plan to him or discuss w him…

  536. I signed up around this time last year but because I froze my account here and there and off season, my account is now extended to February 🙂

  537. Ok no problem… but watch out for this reagan person… (s)he does not appear to be a lin fan and often makes offensive comments…

  538. Lin was the fastest they’ve ever measured using their high tech electronics. Though Clyde Drexler said it may be so but he still doesn’t believe it.

  539. I apologize for the temporary unavailability. The tech support discontinued the incorrect web hosting domain so I had to talk to them to fix it.

    It should be all good now :] Sorry for the scare.

  540. whew, please don’t scare me like that again.

  541. no worries; I’m still talking to tech support to ensure everything is okay :]

  542. thank you for your understanding. will certainly do

  543. very smart! … I need to save some dough blubell-style :]

  544. Good to see everything back up, and site not hacked. Brace ourselves for first game, all that traffic may bring this site to a crawl. Lin can do that.

  545. BS is a disgrace and he made used car salesman seem like an honest person.

  546. Bscott is from the pat riley philosophy of being the best in shape team… riley actually injured scott due to his rigorous practices just bf the 1989 finals against pistons… magic was also injured that series… both teams were at the height of their powers that year… would have been a beautiful series if they had been healthy… scott never regained his form after the tear in his hamstring… magic pulled his hammies during series… you would think scott wouldve learned but well hes byron scott…

  547. looks like Rick Bonnell is the main guy covering the team, and what I heard from At the Hive, he is not very good, not that into basketball, thus might just take what is given by the team, and not really dig into the situation and look for things. Small market team, thus reporting has no competition. Not like in LA, you don’t want to miss any information, and you have to dig deep to get things other reporter did not see. Way higher competition.

    On the other hand, I do feel LA reporters are more team friendly, I think in order to win out in the competition, they have to have good relationship with the team to get better info. But that might not be the case here. I saw Rick rant on his tweeter, sometimes he is pretty blunt, not sure that’s team’s opinion or his though.

  548. also sounds like they don’t get to see anything, everything was pretty much heard from the coach or players.

  549. Thanks, I panicked a bit there, especially so close to the season. We need our portal! ?

  550. Bill OramVerified account
    Wes Johnson on Lakers tenure: “Nobody really knew what was going on. Nobody ever knew….Nobody was playing together” http://www.ocregister.com/articles/johnson-685305-going-rivers.html

  551. Unfortunately the only outcome of that is that is Lin almost got railroaded out of the NBA

  552. His actions were sanctioned by the Lakers front office.

  553. True. It’s good though that the other players are speaking up. Jeremy isn’t quite as direct as Wes.

  554. Adi JosephVerified account‏@AdiJoseph

    I don’t think this team can win 30 games.


  555. But I thought they had given Wes a lot more opportunities to succeed than what Lin got. Wes wasn’t able to hit the open jumpers and really didn’t produce with the amount of minutes that he got.
    Then again, getting the minutes with Kobe around really doesn’t mean much.

  556. I wonder when the Lakers crash and burn again this year will BScott’s buddies at Time Warner keep covering up for him or eventually throw him under the bus?

  557. AT 18:00 Hive Talk Live talking about Kemba Walker in PG and of course Jeremy Lin is ready to take over if Kemba fails.

  558. He might take over even if Kemba doesn’t fail 🙂

  559. You scared me to sleep.

  560. Charlotte is a very interesting team with so many players with a chip on their shoulder. Batum, Lamb, Hawes, Lin (of course), Cody, Kaminsky, Marvin Williams, Jefferson. Every one of them are going to work hard to have a break out season. They can either take it to the next level or can be a bust like Lance Stephenson. It’s so polarizing.

  561. The first Kobe is referring to his attitude towards his teammates, the second Kobe is his athleticism.

  562. China meet Carolina..surprise to find Chinese investment in Carolina USA..Seems postive


  563. I do hope China learn the American way of life and the culture. This is the first step of peace making. Aggression and war never pays. Hope that there will be an understanding that democracy is not something to be afraid of.

  564. Yeah, I’ll rank the Dallas team at the same level of 76ers and Lakers but below NY Knicks.

  565. They are building a real team there playing all for one and one for all to win. (The motto of the 3 Musketeers)

  566. Never mind. There aren’t any Lin haters around worth mentioning.

  567. Poor Tyler; He seems to get stuck with coach Ewing.

  568. Clifford actually mentioned Jeremy Lamb first and then at the end he mentioned Jeremy Lin.

  569. More than fair share of attention, I must admit. Lin is always a star wherever he goes.

  570. It’s Tyler.

  571. Lin doesn’t want to say much about the Lakers. Whatever he wants to tell, he has already shared with us in his exit interviews with BS and Kupchak. They damn right know what they have done to players like Carlos Boozer, Jeremy Lin, Jordon Hill, and Wesley Johnson.

  572. Charlotte has given us, Lin fans, a breathe of fresh air, free of Lin haters.

  573. Hello All first time poster long time reader. I dont like what they said about Lin’s Defense. Kemba a better defender? in what world.

  574. You think Kobe would care.

  575. I really think Portland has the players to win more games than people think. They are really underrated. Dallas is as usual overrated.

  576. Charlotte Hornets is a better defending team than LA Laker.

  577. Agreed, but the guy also said that Houston Rockets play Defense lol!

  578. I thought At the Hive did the “Jeremy Lin’s defense under a microscope” and gave his defense positive review?

  579. I think Mavs can be .500 team

  580. Getting elbowed in the face is a freak accident. His knee issues are the much bigger concern.

  581. yup, Lin’s rookie year he was sitting on the bench next to Coach Silas most of the time.

  582. literally (potentially career-ending injury) suicides

  583. hope he gets another chance in the NBA

  584. lol

  585. Yeah, seems like this season Lin is under the radar, so I think that is good for him. He can just be free to play his game and not be constantly be judged against a large contract.

  586. Rankings are all the rage in online media. Because they know people get all worked up about them and rankings get lots of clicks because people want to argue about them.

    Who cares what someone’s arbitrary preseason ranking is?

  587. I never thought Lawson was considered fast either.

    Hmm, well maybe he was fast his rookie season, but after his substance consumption, I doubt it anymore.

  588. LOL, notice how Lin’s head is lower than everyone else’s to fit his hair in the frame. =)

  589. Team trip to China will help them bond and build a strong foundation.

  590. He’s not an intelligent person. Thank God he had basketball.

  591. If everyone wants to chip in for my salary, travel and living expenses, I’ll move to Charlotte and give you the Lin/Hornets coverage you want. 🙂

  592. Like you ever needed any help. Sleeping is to you what tanking is to BS, it comes naturally. 🙂

  593. thanks for sharing!

  594. I think the false narrative about Lin being a bad defender will take some time to dispel. I think the general body of sports fans cannot deny Lin’s offence capabilities. But they need to understand why he was benched. We have Kelvin Sampson, McHale and Scott to blame for the false narrative.

    2 things helped me see the truth early on.

    Firstly, stats from Lin’s NY days actually show that the team’s +/- improved mainly because the defence improved a lot when he was on the floor.

    Secondly, I watched the whole Linsanity Nets game. Not just the highlights. Lin shut down the 2012 Derron Williams and took him out of the game.

    Since then Lin has countered Tony Parker and many other great guards but Houston and L.A. buried that.

    Hopefully this year we can change the narrative with some help.

  595. I think anyone watching the games last year knew this. It was very obvious there was no game plan other than get Kobe the ball and let him shoot…Once he surpassed Jordan on the NBA All Time Scoring List they soon admitted his shoulder had been injured and then well the season was over. there was no game plan after that. The players knew it and therefore they scrambled to make a name for themselves in an attempt to save their own careers.

  596. We just have to accept that some people are too lazy to actually research the facts and can’t look past stereotypes. Not to mention those who will still refute facts despite hard proof. They will still make some excuse.

  597. Yeah there will always be haters or doubters. At least the article on Jeremy’s defence under the microscope is a good start.

  598. Hornets promo for their China trip. Lin is the only player who appears. Maybe there are other videos to come.


  599. Shut down Lillard in the playoffs too. Couldn’t score the whole quarter until the last 0.9 seconds when McHale took Lin out.


  600. Jeremy is one of the best in the league at containing dribble drive guards. It frustrates me that the the media narrative is so far from the truth.

  601. I started to love the people in Charlotte more

  602. A littleof both

  603. The one problem I have with Lin as for defense is sometimes, I feel he’s too easily screened on the pick and roll…I feel he should fight harder against being screened..He needs to be more physical and push the screaner and fight it off more figurously

  604. what else is new 🙂
    good to see you again, @Michael.
    We need your nap for a new season!

  605. Don’t know whether this was posted earlier:

    NBA China has announced that NBA Global Games 2015 have attracted a record 15 marketing and promotional partners for the games.

  606. A poster at HornetsPlanet reported that “Clifford said today that their rule so far in training camp was that if the ball wasn’t past half court in 4 seconds it was a turnover.” [link] It sounds like Clifford’s message also means that players better get their posteriors over the line and in position if they want to be part of the play. Sounds like it’s Jeremy’s type of game.

  607. I hope sponsors will start using Lin-puns for their marketing slogans!

    Adidas: “Linpossible is Nothing”
    Gatorade: “The Linsatiable Thrist Quencher”
    Tencent: “Creating Lin-happiness for users by heart”

    I’d offer my <Lindelibleservice to these companies LOL

    @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus , do you want to partner? =)


    NBA China announced today a record 15 marketing and promotional partners for NBA Global Games China 2015 presented by Master Kong: Master Kong, adidas, American Airlines, CLEAR, Gatorade, Greenland Financial, Harbin Beer, Harman International, Marriott International, Inc., Mengniu, NBA2K, Nissan, SAP, Tencent, and ZTE Mobile

  608. Love this poster, it reminds me of those classic kungfu movies in the 70′

  609. I’m starting #LinPuns campaign to get NBA Global 2015 sponsors to take notice & cash in =)
    Imagine JLin appearance in Gatorade, Adidas videos dealing with all kinds of Lin-puns from fans!

    It’s a cause worth supporting LOL


  610. Saw that too. Scary. Lunatic or terrorist. A lunatic terrorist (or group) for sure.

  611. amazing they are calling this letter bombs… come on this was not some simple letter sized bomb these demolished entire sides of apartment buildings… scary indeeed. http://www.rt.com/news/317030-china-massive-blasts-liuzhou/

  612. Psalm, it’s only 10 AM and you already used 4 Lin puns… should we be worried? 😛
    Repeat after me: my name is psalm and I am a Linaholic.
    Yes, this is a Lintervention. LOL.
    Seriously, one more Lin pun, I will have to give you a technical and issue a fine, which will go to JLinportal Cares foundation. HAHA.

  613. hey, remember that a Lin pun a day will keep the doctor away LOL

    I see you also used up 2 puns out of your daily quota :>

  614. this is truly very scary. more violence to resolve medical dispute?

    I also wonder why ‘letter bomb’; perhaps something is lost in the translation.

  615. it looks like he paid people to deliver the packages… so yeah ‘letter’ ‘parcel’ ‘package’ probably translation issue. amazing he ability to get your hands on that much explosives… scary…

  616. Here’s an interesting clip. It’s Jeremy playing a game in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) in Sep., 2011, during the NBA lockout. Lin played a few games for the Dongguan Leopards.

  617. OH that was fun! I have not ever seen this before :-))

  618. It’s preseason, everyone is limited.

  619. So why is JLin getting so little press? Mgnt doesn’t want to upset the apple cart? Batum is a much more heralded addition? Frank was a high draft pick? They’re warming up for the China trip? They didn’t make Lin available? Why is it?

  620. When the games start his play will do the talking. Press just showing their ignorance right now.

  621. I think less media for Jlin is for the best. Too much hype for Jlin is not good.

  622. I prefer it this way. Want to see Lin play with less pressure. So far, he has matured a lot. No worries, all eyes will be on him in the China games.

  623. I think it’s very less press for the whole team. Batum is the #1 scorer for this team coming season so they did talk more about him but not too crazy either. So far it’s very low key for this camp so far. Not too worry.

  624. Color me confused. I *think* Paul was making a point that Jeremy doesn’t shine in practice and needs a game situation to shine. Not only that, Paul’s point seemed to be that Jeremy needs his teammates functioning at their best to shine. Did I hear him wrong?
    Starting with the Knicks and Linsanity, I observed something quite different. Jeremy came in and knit together a bunch of bench players with whom he’d had little practice, and he drew their best out of them — individually and as a team. We only learned later from players that he’d been doing the same in practices.
    It wasn’t that he couldn’t do the same things in Houston or L.A. In Houston, he led the team just fine when The Beard was out, and tied his 38pt score against Tony Parker and the Spurs. In L.A., he was doing so well with a dysfunctional team, that the coach broke up any successful chemistry with other players that Jeremy started to establish in order to preserve their tanking record. Jeremy’s reward for bringing the team back from a deficit in one game was more likely additional bench time rather than more playing time the next game.

  625. We’ve all seen too much press when he first arrived in Houston and LA. Let this city of Charlotte be low profile like he first arrived in NY.

  626. Watch today’s video below from P. Villarreal. The guy is always fair and is a great “spokesman” for JLin.

  627. linspiredinca
    friia_strength IG: @hornets players working hard on day off.

  628. Day off strength training from: instagram if Matt Friia
    Matt Friia Strength & Conditioning Coach Charlotte Hornets

  629. FYI
    Tech Support will perform a small maintenance so if there’s a glitch, I will be working with them to fix it quickly.

    Just a heads-up

  630. Okay. Thanks for the heads-up.

  631. The maintenance is ongoing.
    I think as long as people don’t refresh the thread, you can reply to posts

  632. I go in through:
    and click on the number of comments (see image)
    That gets me right into the discussion just as if I’d gone in through JLinPortal. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2dcdf67a7d4219be7d68db56f613cfe6428153e612d0b6167af9471ab9d1932e.jpg

  633. Lol!

  634. Thank you, @lleepar:disqus
    I’ll tweet to others since the downtime can be up to 4 hrs.

    I don’t trust Tech Support again. They said it will be brief 🙁

  635. Here is the backup link when the site is down for maintenance.
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    Please click on ‘Comments’, not the thread title. Thank you, @lleepar:disqus


  636. Here is the backup link when jlinportal.com is down for maintenance:

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    Note: Please click on ‘comments’, not the thread title

    Thanks again, @lleepar:disqus



  637. Personally, I don’t like any press, media coverage on JL7 unless it’s coming from the Hornets org. I don’t care if the media praise him or not, but the coaches around the league are not sleeping when JL7 breaks out. It’s a matter of when and not if. I just want This Hornets team to quietly sneak into the Top 4 in EC and we all know the how they got there.

  638. Hornet isn’t a popular or playoff team so of course the coverage will be less. It’s a good thing, let the team focus on training instead. They will get the needed attention when they play well this season.

  639. ok, things seem to be back up.
    I’ll continue talking to tech support just in case.

  640. Benefit of going to a less popular Eastern conference team!

  641. Of course it’d be great if China has democracy but most important thing is getting rid of corruption! Look at Russia it’s democracy now but government still just as corrupted and messed up.

  642. According to someone on the Hornets fan forum, Lin played with BOTH the ‘A’ team and ‘B’ team in their last scrimmage. Apparently, Lin was “traded” between teams mid-scrimmage. Sounds like they really do want him to be a super 6th man. Cautious optimism…

  643. 1st time seeing this. Thanks

  644. Today? Link please.

  645. If true, so far it’s exactly what coach Clifford has said all along. Adding to that Lin has been seen working closely with assistant coach Silas about team strategy.

  646. Did he start with 2nd team then “traded” to the 1st team?

    High in demand is a good sign

  647. Page3/3 #58 by Spaceshoes

    Everyone was split up. Looked like they were split up more to make each
    other work against each other in good matchups. Walker, Batum, Frank,
    MKG, Lin, Hawes on one squad, Zeller, Jefferson, Roberts, PJ, Williams,
    on another. Lin did get traded at one point. Walkers team won. Didn’t
    notice Frank getting pushed around too much, he was outside a lot.
    Matched up with Cody some.

  648. If they really want him to close the game then he had to practice w starters.

  649. Why no Jeremy Lambs?

  650. I think it’s great Lin is in Charlotte. The media is so casual we don’t have videos or busy bodies or even Asian media sniffing around like in past places. All we will have to really go on are the games.

    If Lin is used to his strengths to win games and not some weird agenda, there is no doubt Lin’s effect alone can help this team make the playoffs in the East.

    Lin might only be a 11PPG, 3rb, 3 assist guy off the bench, but his effect will lead to many wins and fans will probably love the 2 million dollar player who plays more like a 8-12 million dollar player. Nobody in the media or fan base will complain about him if he performs like that.

    Even if Lin is just the ultimate hockey assist guy with stats that don’t show up, that will be enough to win A LOT of games.

    One thing I am really hoping for is that Clifford lets Lin play loose on both sides within reason. If so, I fully anticipate Lin to be in the running for the NBA steals leader.

    Houston and LA held Lin back from being an NBA steals leader with their emphasis of Lin playing close pressure man defense, which is not how Lin naturally likes to play defense.

    I’m a very selfish Lin fan. I already anticipate Lin’s impact will be very strong. I also anticipate this team will win. However, I want Lin to get starter type stats in the process and that’s the selfish Lin fan in me. But if I can let him getting stats go, there is no doubt this season will be a solid on for Lin and he will be highly praised by his coaches and teammates as a fantastic vastly underpaid backup guard.

  651. Longer excerpt from same poster. Apparently Lin didn’t hit any shots in the scrimmage he got to watch. I am calling on fellow Lin fans to take a deep breath and relax. We’ll see what is really happening when the games start in a few days.

    “As far as the scrimmage portion, Kemba looked good, and Clifford mentioned that he’s looked good since Saturday. I thought Lamb looked good as well. I’m wanting the Hornets to keep Harrison, so I was looking for him to do something, but he was just there, didn’t stand out either way. Don’t think Lin hit any of his shots. Zeller knocked one down from right on the 3 pt line. Dropped a pass in the corner when he was wide open. Looked as he was shooting before he caught it. I took that as a positive that he’s looking for the outside shot. It was a faster paced play than last season though not tons of fast break points. MKG didn’t knock them down, but he took a couple shots from deep and looked good doing so. Though it was fun, it’s tough to take too much away from just one scrimmage where they were tired after their first few days of practice.
    Clifford mentioned that different people have stood out different days. Said that Monday PJ had 19 points in 3 quarters of play. Also mentioned Al had a great shooting game only missing a shot or two. All in all it was a great day. Football season is great and all, but I’m ready for basketball season myself.”

  652. Another selfish fan’s hope, Lin rises on the circumstances to become a unquestionable starter PG.

  653. that’s a stupid comment from Gottlieb.

  654. Lin seems to be like a coach to me in this camp. He & AS coach talked more during the break or after end.

  655. Lin was brought in to play 20-30 minutes a night no matter what he does in preseason. So none of this matters. He’s a known commodity now with 4 seasons of play under him and game film. Coaches know what he can do at worse.

    Sure it’d be nice for Lin to play so well that coaches confuse him with Michael Jordan, but even if Lin plays that well, I bet he is still going to be the 20-30 minute bench guy no mattter.

  656. wait for the regular season games and then the coaches start playing who they really care about. NOne of this training camp stuff matters right now.

  657. that means coach wants less dribbling and more passing

  658. and leads the Hornets to their first ever championship 🙂

  659. under the radar is good. Let Lin’s game speak for itself in regular season (and playoffs hopefully!)

  660. where does arsenium get all these sweet info? =)

  661. wow, that fast break where he went into triple coverage and did his patented reverse layup!!

  662. sad times. LOL

  663. Hopefully, Batum will be the glue guy that gets the team game flowing.

    “Don’t confuse offense with individual points: Clifford wants Batum’s decision-making and playmaking for teammates as much as he wants Batum baskets. The Hornets are making a bet (Batum will be an unrestricted free agent in July) that he can improve ball movement on a team that struggled in that area since the departure of power forward Josh McRoberts last year.

    “I won’t be the guy who takes 25 shots, no. But I have the game to help this team win games,” Batum said. “We’re a playoff team and we need to show it from day one. I know I can be a guy who does more than I have been doing the past few years.”

  664. you indeed is a selfish Lin fan. If you really a team guy, you would want Lin to play not just a guy off bench, and with the stats you indicated. You would want Lin to play a major role on this team.

    Also, if you are a team guy, you would not want Lin to go for steals leader.

  665. hmm..why not? Drose, harden, melo or others go for their own stats… problem is that those DOESN’T know how to really play team ball… their point can also not be stats but just get the ball in and score.

  666. nothing special.. it was the same lin we all knew.. just that woodson is confused, mchale is blind and bs is clueless.

  667. thus the reason for not seeing those moves other than during linsanity.

  668. hope doesn’t develop chemistry problems like in houston after the manila tripa
    you are putting cp and lin ..(as oppose to walker).

  669. I mean you want Lin’s stats better than 11pts 3 assists.

    And for steal leader, not necessary a good thing there, so should not chase that. Only selfish player do that.

  670. Baseline Buzz‏@BaselineBuzz

    Baseline Buzz Retweeted Tom

    Also: Best backup PG in team’s history. Coaching stability, Quality depth and a few young guys who could break thru


  671. Paul is a super fan with a lot of knowledge so I’m not ever going to go through his comments and opinions with a fine tooth comb. I don’t always agree with everything he says but that’s okay. Khaung and many other experts on this site has opinions I don’t always agree with either.

    On Paul’s point about Lin in practice, I can see his point of view. Why do you think Lin is such a clutch 4th quarter player? It’s because he is totally engaged and has decided upon a strategy to pull out a win. Why doesn’t Lin start right from the first play of the game? It’s because he’s a true quarterback and PG. he’s more concerned about how his teammates are doing. Whose hot and who’s not. Who matches up well against his particular defender and what tendencies can he use to make a good run to win the game.

    IMO, Lin is “coach Lin” right now. He’s not looking to score, he’s looking for chemistry and patterns of play from each and every teammate. Lin is the rare player that can summon his sharpest powers when it’s called for. I think this is what Paul means.

  672. Jeremy, Nick Young and Hill at the end…

  673. Lin’s in the last one but so short…

  674. Joy Jeng‏@Loveforlife0323

    @occaaf What an awesome work and appreciate for what you have done for the community! The shirt is just beautiful!


  675. And they do it in good fun. BS & Kobe made a big deal out of it and they are really jerks and bullies.

  676. Exactly, what players do off the court is none of their business as long as they do not break the law or hurt the reputation of the team. SMH. Lin was too kind.

  677. NBA style of basketball has been for showing athleticism which is unnecessary basketball for winning games. Most of the time is for show. To me, a glamorous dunk is worth as much as a mid-range jump shot or a layup. They made a big deal out of it. On the contrary, the entertaining basketball should have lots of passing and open shots like the following. (Game starts after 1:11)

    After this game, LeBron knows that he has had no chance of coming back against San Antonio. He left Miami.

  678. Lin gets slimmer every day.

  679. It has its value…its intimidating to opponent, it boost’s your teams confidence/morale and the player as well.

    Hence there is some positivity in it as well…

  680. Don’t agree. A speed scoring of basket will have twice as much impact on the game as a dunk. A long pass and score will impact the game even more than a dunk. A 3 pointer of course impacts the game more because it’s worth 3 points.

  681. I think you could agree to disagree but the word you chose isn’t fair to Nathan.

  682. Jeremy has enough attention and coverage. He’s almost the one who has got the first of almost everything. It’s fine that he could concentrate on the game now.

  683. This is both good news and bad news.
    Pick and Roll play is one of the strong suit for Jeremy Lin.
    But in Hornets, he could hardly find his ED Davis. The closest one is Cody Zeller who is excellent in transition game.
    A center who is athletic, and can sprint at high speed but lack of strength around the rim.
    He will have problem putting up a basket in traffic. His wingspan is 6’10.75″; not very long.
    but he could really jump high, 35.5″.

    Watch at 6′ mark about PnR of Cody Zeller.

  684. Jeremy’s new PnR partner. Cody Zeller is really athletic. He runs the transition offense pretty well. His wing span is more than the scout report and plus his jump, he could block shots and be a very good cutter driving to the lane. I’m looking forward to seeing him running with Jeremy Lin. I have confident that he could shoot 3s. He’s a mighty good shooter.

  685. Cody Zeller can run circles around Boozer. He’s quick and tall and he loves to run and drives to the basket.

  686. After watching Cody Zeller’s game, I’m not sure Frank Kaminsky can beat him out in the PF spot. Giving him the go, the guy can shoot 3s as well as Steve Hawes, Frank Kaminsky and Marvin William.

  687. ESPN is running out of excuses in their silly ranking about NBA players according to team and coaches.
    The base of ESPN ranking has to do with NBA politics。
    Jeremy Lin under Byron Scott, one of the worst coach in decades was ranked 100
    Jeremy Lin under Steve Clifford, a decent coach is ranked 197 with almost all of his stats improved from last season.
    Lance Stephenson is ranked 149 who is going to be the third string guards in the Clippers. He probably won’t even play a lot of minutes..

  688. For the first in modern bball, the game is no longer dependent on size and strength to bull your way to stuff the ball at the rim. The game isn’t about throwing the ball inside to Wilt Chamberlain, Hakeem, Shaq or Tim Duncan for the power jam. It has been the most feared play in the game for the longest time, BUT NO MORE!

    For the first the most fear weapon is the 3. It has changed the course of the game from size and jumping domination to skill and speed. The current MVP Stef Curry is small, not especially athletic or fast, like a John Wall or DRose. BUT HE HAS THE QUICKEST RELEASE AND THE MOST DEADLY 3 pt SHOT.

    This shift is cataclysmic, but too bad the old cronies that run the league will not notice it. Lin is on route to be one of the greats of the game, if he can continue to improve year by year, his outside shooting.

  689. This is the MDA game, fast pace and relentless the way that Nash and the Suns used to run it. The idea is simple, a slow down half court game has only so many possessions per game, if you run a fast pace game, you basically use half the time of the 20 sec clock and presumably run 50–100% more possessions. Instead of scoring 90 pts per game, you score 110.

  690. Lots of fans think that Frank Kaminsky would replace Cody Zeller. I don’t really think so.
    They are both very young PF/Center. Let’s examine a little closer.

    Silmilarity between Cody Zeller and Frank Kaminsky
    Age: 22
    Height: 7′
    Weight: Around 240 lb
    Difference: style of play on the court.
    Frank Kaminsky is more traditional type of center that can shoot 3s.
    Cody Zeller is athletic and can really flourish on a running game. Zeller can jump. Zeller has very good shooting form. Can he shoot 3? He may. If the team wants to play small, Zeller can indeed be on the court because he can run and he’s skillful to drive to the basket and good in transistion games.
    They could co-exist because they are good in different style of plays.

  691. A spectacular dunk also gets the fans involved more and pumps up your teammates. Remember when Lin did that 360 against Derek Fisher.

  692. Nothing wrong with wanting Lin to max his potential. Especially since I think he is good for 16pt, 7assists, 3 reb, 2 T/O, 1 steal or block kind of player.

  693. Looking forward to the first preseason game tomorrow.

  694. totally agree, my first thought for another ed davis with Lin would be Zeller.

  695. Nylon Calculus ranked Hornets 7th in East Conference

  696. Oh ya, finally some bball

  697. Not sure Frank is a traditional center. The report is that he grew up playing PG so they were surprised by his ball handling and passing skills during the summer league. With his outside shooting, he can easily spread the floor and play the center.

  698. Tomorrow? what time zone are you in?

  699. yeah, and Randle who played half a NBA game in his whole life is next to Lance……

  700. So according to this league pass schedule


    The first charlotte game wont be on league pass. So how can i watch this game?

  701. Should be Oct. 4 6:pm ET, 3 more days 2 go.

  702. That’s not good.

  703. Shouldn’t it be Oct 3, 7pt ET vs Magic??

    Oct 4 is vs Miami Heat.

    You can check the counter on top right or homepage.
    Or the calendar


  704. That’s why I use Ballstream, it covers everything, preseason, playoff, even Marchmadness and FIBA. I was signed up 2 years ago thus I’m still with $59.99/yr rate, it has been great for me. 🙂

  705. True. So we shall see what that looks like.

  706. Does Ballstream show the game live?

  707. several seconds lag.

  708. They all have delay on live TV.

  709. better quality than league pass. I had league pass for one year, always traffic jam for popular games, that I have to go to firstrow something illegal

    Also League pass is very slow for archive, if I missed an east coast game, i will not be able to see it late night, as it sometimes took hours, and I will have to see them the next day. Ballstream don’t have that problem.

  710. But they don’t open for new member?

  711. How is this even legal? you know that whole thing about broadcasting without the Expressed written consent of the nba etc.

  712. I don’t know. Looks like they are operating outside of US.

    And, I will delete my message then, I hope they could keep their business. 🙂

  713. I doubt they even have that game on Ballstream either since no local TV broadcaster will be there.

  714. Mike Kidd-GilchristVerified account
    Extremely excited about heading to China #2015NBAglobalgames #HornetsChina

  715. I’ve seen someone mention they are based in Netherlands where it’s legal to rebroadcast news and sports are considered news.

  716. League Pass also blacks out the national tv games live. You are only able to watch them after the game.

  717. what do those chinese characters say?

  718. probably because it’s based in another country with different copyright laws.

  719. I agree. Kaminky’s skill set is more similar to Novitzki. Excellent 3pt shooter, and for a center, very good ballhandling skills, can put the ball on the floor and drive to the hoop. Not so much of a post up center.

  720. You know that the whole reason ESPN does their rankings is to stir up controversy and page views, right?

  721. Only 2 more days until first preseason game! Boy, it’s been a long wait.

  722. You can get an invite from an existing member, like me. But you should just sign up because they approve membership pretty much right away… well, at least for me it was last year. Let me know if you need an invite 🙂

  723. Oh, no. I checked and it’s really not there… 🙁

  724. 2015 Hornets Training Camp | Steve Clifford – 10/1/15 http://www.nba.com/hornets/video/teams/hornets/2015/10/01/1443727222942-151001-Coach.mov-37514 via @hornets

  725. Victory/Win is decided/determined by me.

  726. I wonder if they put out a notice to the media not to ask about Lin. They know the traffic increase for Hornet is from Lin followers so this gotta be a conscious effort not to stir the pot one way or another regarding Lin. Probably don’t wanna give fans or haters any ammunition since anything said can be twisted either way.

  727. All these interviews are so annoying because I can hardly hear the questions.
    He said not everyone will play 2 games this weekend so I hope Lin will sit out the first one since it won’t air.

  728. yea. i was trying to figure out who coach was talking about. finally figure out it was about Tyler. And I’m like, Tyler? Who cares.

  729. Hahaha…imagine that? Like the Jeopardy TV game, hear the question then figure out what’s the question.

  730. Thanks.

  731. They are not taking public enrollment request now. Can you invite me? [email protected] (yes, odd email, use it only for home camera.)

  732. Will NBA League Pass show the 1st preseason game ? I’m considering spending my money on the NBA again.

  733. What is the Ballstream rate now for New Subscribers ?

  734. From Hornet forum:

    1 Question: Were you at the entire practice? Specifically wondering if these were the units for the whole session.

    2 Reply: They raised the curtains just for the scrimmage part, so got to see all of that part. Mainly the same teams, Lin and maybe one other swapped, but that was it.

    The Hornets training camp seems to be very secretive. No wonder we haven’t seen a few second clip video.

  735. None either. Don’t believe any TV crews will be there, not even the local broadcast channel.

  736. Something like $89.95

  737. that Asian dude does not look like Jeremy one bit

  738. Is that even Lin ?

  739. They have 18 people, should at least break into three groups then. I guess it is the hardest for Lin as he will be trying to fit multiple roles and also need to try to fit with pretty much everyone. And he is not the main person, so his role also depends on what other people can not do. So depends on Kemba, Batum, how they are going to play.

    So for shooters like Lamb, Marvin, they just need to focus on their part, shooting etc., should be easy to stand out if they are hitting their shots. And Batum might just need to focus on how he play with Kemba and AI, as long as he could find them, he is fine.

    Lin will need to know when to play as shooter, and when to play as playmaker. I guess it will take quite some time for him to fit in. Also, I think coaches might not sure how to fit him in either, need other pieces to fall in place first….

  740. I just sent you a referral link. Let me know if it works or not… you’re my first invite 🙂

  741. I think it’s $89.95 for full year and $59 for 6 months.

  742. Do you watch it on your phone/tablet/computer or do you stream it to your Tv using Roku or Chromecast?

  743. I don’t think so….

  744. Chinese players will join the Clippers just for special event.

  745. I keep checking back to this website to see if there is any news or hint of how Lin is doing in these practices but so far…nothing. Can’t wait for the preseason games to see how his chemistry is with his teammates. =)

  746. It works on all of those you mentioned. For me phone, computer, and Chromecast worked. see below for details.

  747. For Chromecast, it’s just the stick thing you plug into the tv hdmi port, right?
    Also, do you know if ballstreams is going to show the first preseason game and the game in China?

  748. I don’t think so… it’s not on the calendar 🙁

  749. This is why fans are dying to see some clips to figure what direction and progress the guys are heading. We have no idea until their first preseason game and the closer it gets the longer it feels.

  750. Looks like it’s only showing on NBA TV. =(
    Thanks Blubell for answering my questions.

  751. jeremy lin jeremy lin jeremy lin

  752. Do you have link to this ?

  753. oh I c. true with more than 11 and 3.

    steals are basically by product in my opinion…. in fact it’s not really trying to steal, you are trying to get the ball away from the opp but afraid not to foul him. I think that’s why mchale finds it annoying when lin try to steal because he literally can foul the guy or not stay in front of him.. (but yet, he doesn’t say sh-t when harden or pb does it).

    Lin naturally can have good steal number.. it’s defense.. and it’s always there. Defense is not just staying in front and preventing the guy from getting in or use your body for a opp’s offensive foul, it’s also about distracting him so you can make them TO.. stealing is one of them.

  754. yeah you know me..
    opp yeah you know me.

  755. ah, Davidson, Steph Curry’s alma mater!

  756. as BBL posted, “Victory is determined by me”

  757. Thanks for trying.

  758. Since not much news until preseason starts, I thought I’d take the web metrics again. jlinportal is continuing to inch up the rankings. Great job everyone of keeping the content here high quality!

    Oct 1, 2015

    “jeremy lin forum”: page 1, #1 overall
    “jlin”: page 2, #14 overall (#1 Jeremy Lin related website. Fell because top results are now some music producer named JLin.)
    “jeremy lin fans”: page 1, #2 overall (rose by 1)
    “jeremy lin hornets”: page 3, #30 overall (lower since new team)
    “jeremy lin”: page 4, #35 overall (rose by 2)

    Mar 21, 2015

    “jeremy lin forum”: page 1, #1 overall
    “jlin”: page 1, #2 overall (above the official jlin7.com!)
    “jeremy lin fans”: page 1, #3 overall
    “jeremy lin lakers”: page 3, #24 overall (back to normal)
    “jeremy lin”: page 4, #37 overall (previously did not show up at all)

    Full history at http://www.jlinportal.com/jlinportal-site-guideline-feedback/

  759. I guess they’re not doing the referrals anymore… too bad but understandable.

  760. Id like to try ballstreams to if you can send a referall thatd be great. [email protected]

  761. I did some digging around… Ballstream is not taking any new registrations at this time because they’re having issues with their billing. I received the following message when I tried to add a new subscription to my existing account.
    “Registration is closed until we sort out billing issues.”

  762. doh, thanks for the update

  763. They’re not taking any new registrations, not even referrals, at this time because of their billing issues. I sent you a referral anyways so you don’t have to wait to get in once they fix their billing.

  764. No, actually LP shows even less number of preseason games.

  765. Gr8! 2 more days… Thx!

  766. Gr8! 2 more days, thx!

  767. : (

  768. You are not alone….look under the bed.

  769. Rick Bonnell’s latest article, regarding Hansbrough. Excerpts:

    With Clifford wanting to play mostly one-in/four-out sets (center Al Jefferson in the post, surrounded by shooters), it’s incumbent on Hansbrough to extend his range. He spent much of the summer with shooting coach Bruce Kruetzer. For his career he’s made one shot in 19 attempts from 3-point range.

    For you to play power forward in this league you’re eventually going to have to shoot a 3,” Hansbrough
    said. “If a team chooses to isolate you on the outside, it’s important to have that as a tool.


  770. Harden’s new Adidas shoes. Uuuuuugly. Look like tennis shoes (literally) for Wimbledon. =)


  771. That is good news. Big Al has not exactly been a defensive juggernaut….wait where did I hear that term from.

  772. yes, they got weird billing issues
    I got charged 2X so I’m subscribed until 2017!

  773. The tributes of the 2015th hunger…

  774. wow.. so clean-shaven
    I’d expect some beard-theme for the Beard

  775. your post highlights why we should expect Lin to have a huge impact on games but not necessarily a huge impact in stats.

  776. yeah it’s a really smart move on their part if they did.

  777. maybe it’s Joseph Lin LOL

  778. I second that, I don’t know how many times I have seen Brent say “Lin!!!!” and then 5 seconds later I see him make a great play.

  779. who are the players supposed be anyways?
    from left to right:
    Chris Paul, ???, Blake Griffin, ???, Cody Zeller, MKG.

  780. Do they just go by the rankings in NBA Live?

  781. LOL wow Adidas basketball are really bad! I have their knit running shoes and even that looks 10x better! Most of Jlin’s Adidas basketball shoes are bad too except for the dragon pack ones. Speaking of those shoes, did they ever release them? Can’t find them online at all.

  782. Are they going to air the first preseason game on Saturday? Gonna be tough to wait until Sunday to see Lin play.

  783. Wonder if I can watch it on BS (not byron scott ) in Taiwan. League Pass was very frustrating.

  784. Really bad not bc I hate Harden…. LOL!

  785. It is scheduled in NBA International League Pass.

  786. Is this a way for Harden to troll Adidas for protesting him not wearing their shoes? “I wear the most hideous pair I can find!”

  787. It is like primary school shoes in Singapore, plain white.

  788. First preseason game in ILP

  789. So, will league pass show hornets this weekend?

  790. Zeller’s 3P% last season was 100%. Could anyone guess why?

  791. Zeller is incredibly mobile and athletic for a 7 footer.

  792. The first Hornets game available on BallStreams is against Miami on Oct 4th. They are not streaming the game on the 3rd, probably because their source, League Pass, isn’t streaming it either.

    Maybe one of the free sites will carry the first game.

  793. Harden represents hero ball and nothing more and he is the most inconsistent player in the playoff.
    Steve Curry is my type of MVP; not Harden.

  794. Sounds very amateurish and not like a professional company that has dedicated accounting staff and customer service.

  795. I am based in Singapore and there no local boradcast. Can someone post link of any free broadcasts. Also need advise whether I can buy purchase any online broadcasts for Hornets games?

  796. Big Z’s midrange jumper was about 37%, so moving a bit further out to the corner 3 (The closest 3 pointer to the rim and the easiest), he can probably shoot around 32% which is OK. Patrick Patterson was not a jump shooter initially, but now that all he does.

  797. NBA.com league pass international

  798. league pass and ballstreams are known to work ok in Singapore, at least last season.

  799. First pre-season gm will be aired 10/4 on nba league pass.

  800. I guess if there is no TV station broadcast the game, they will not have any source…..

  801. It’s probably keeping registration closed for now to minimize legal complications/attention when the season starts — and LeaguePass is available.

  802. Local TV station probably does not have contract or obligation to broadcast unofficial games. So, my guess is it won’t be aired at all.

    btw, Hi, long time no see.

  803. Thx

  804. what I’m trying to say is that Lin might have a slow start…..

  805. So I asked this guy to cover Lin more, and he responded with: he thinks Lin was adjusting well…… That’s good.

    This guy is a intern, and he shows up in Hornets Weibo report in China. He has not been saying much in previous reports, pretty much just shown what the team video with a Chinese intro. And in Weibo Hornets whenever he shows up, all the replys were : where is Lin? What happens to Lin? etc. Guess they heard Lin fan’s voice. lol

  806. Give it some time, hair will start growing out of those shoes.

  807. Good to see you here, occupatio!

    It’s unbelievable to me that a preseason NBA game would have zero TV coverage of any kind. But yeah, I haven’t been able to find any TV info on Sat’s preseason game.

  808. looks like not Sat’s game, but yes for Sunday.

  809. Very nice, but I’m gonna wait for the Swingman.

  810. so… anyone going in person to the Sat preseason game? Would you like to periscope it for us? =)

  811. R u rose frm ny? Welcome.

  812. Hiya c. I still remember your pic with Lin’s parents.

  813. (Sorry if this was posted already.) Cody Zeller is going to add 3 pt shooting to his game. He had shoulder surgery in the offseason. Hope he’s able to shoot 30%+ from 3 pt range, it would certainly help space the floor.


  814. It seems that both game on Friday and Saturday nights will be televised on LP.

  815. Just saw the video. Any of our Chinese-speaking friends care to translate please?

  816. Here is the translation. Not the best:-)

    Brandon: How do you view training camp?
    JLin: We have already practiced for 5-6 days. It is rather hard in every practice. Often we play 5 v 5. They are hard. We hope for the seasons to begin now.

    Brandon: What is your main expectation of China Games?
    JLin: Good to see/meet fans. Often they watch games in TV but now they can watch live games in Shenzhen & Shanghai. It will be fun. We play games there to say thankyou for supporting us.

  817. I just checked with Dish Network and the game on Oct
    3 Will NOT BE TELEVISED. SORRY for the misinformation.

  818. Thanks!

  819. Thanks! Not long to wait now. Really praying he’s settling in well in Charlotte.

  820. I think it is : they were trained very hard, most of time was playing 5 on 5, and they are all looking forward for real games.

  821. Great news for Lin. Thanks!

  822. If you haven’t subscribed to any, why don’t you subscribe to International League Pass using proxy (i think the cheapest is Phillipines). The first game will be tomorrow, 14 hours and half from now Nuggets vs Clippers and first game for Hornets is 2 days from now, scheduled on Sat, 7 pm ET (Sunday, 7 am my local Singapore time).

  823. In Singapore, there is NBA TV by Starhub. But if you want to follow Hornets, NBA International League Pass is recommended.

  824. I am wrong this is not the first preseason game, but the first Hornets preseason game, the time shown is my local Singapore time, if i click the game, it will show the game is Purchased. If the game is not in ILP, it will not be shown in the selection. the first preseason game shown in ILP is Nuggets vs Clippers tomorrow.

  825. It is not zero coverage, it will be shown in ILP.

  826. New hair style? Lol….

  827. thanks

  828. Wait at least ’till the preseason is over to verify that Clifford walks the walk.

  829. Good idea.
    My last Lin jersey is still the New York one. Boycotted Houston and LA.
    But so saying, I’m itching to buy one.

  830. There is no reason he couldn’t. He shoots in good forms, balanced. Last season he was 100% in 3P% (of course for a reason). In the past, his coaches must tell him not to but I’m sure he has range and he can shoot 3s like Steve Hawes. He’s very athletic and he can runs up and down the court like Parsons Chandler. All he needs is the 3 pointer now. He’s only 22 with a wing span close to 6’11”. He can jump vertically for almost 3 feet. Boy, he runs really well in transition offense.

    The more I look at him, the more I like him as Jeremy’s PnR partner. He’s quick and athletic; more so than Frank Kaminsky. Just figure when Lin pass him the Alley-O and he jumps up and dunks over whoever, includes Pau Gasol. His quickness is his asset.

  831. For a 7 footer, the shooting % won’t fall off much by taking the shot a step further. His jump shot is steady and in good form.

  832. Chris Paul, JLin, Blake Griffin, ?, Zeller, MKG.

  833. Why does this offseason seem longer than all the other offseasons in the past 3 years?

  834. Some more info on the Hornets’ trip to China …

    NBA China will host an “NBA Fan Appreciation Day” on October 13, in Shanghai, at the Oriental Sports Center. The event is free. Fans will be able to watch the Clippers and the Hornets participate in drills and interactive games. Along with the games, Hornets players will participate in a variety of off-court activities, including NBA Cares community programs.

    The Oct. 14 game in Shanghai will be at the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

    See : http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/sports/2015-09/25/content_21983288.htm
    See : http://www.nba.com/hornets/press-releases/hornets-participate-nba-global-games-china-2015

  835. This guy is an Exec VP with the Hornets. He later tweeted that the first televised games will be from China next week on NBA TV.


  836. It doesn’t seem that way to me.

    It seemed like a really short offseason.

  837. It’s “Spencer” Hawes, not “Steve” Hawes.

    Big men being able to shoot the 3 is not as critical in today’s game as people think.

    For big men like Zeller that have essentially no offensive skills other than a dunk, 3 point shooting is absolutely necessary. Then again, this particular Charlotte team has so little dribble attacking and perimeter shooting in the starting backcourt and small forward that opponents would jam the perimeter and take away Zeller’s shots anyway.

    But for fundamentally sound proven NBA scorers like Tyler Hansbrough that cannot be stopped without a double team, such players will siphon defenders away from teammates and out of the passing and driving lanes.

    As long as a big man can collapse a zone either by scoring wildly inside or scoring wildly from outside, it really doesn’t matter if a player like Hansbrough has a 3 pointer or not.

  838. lol
    We’re all on the edge of our seats, eager for Lin to get a fair shake

  839. The team was SO BAD, letting the brick handed Zeller huck a few wild flings wasn’t exactly going to turn the tide in Charlotte’s favor.

  840. I disagree with both Hansbrough and Bonnell.

    Hansbrough doesn’t need 3 range.

    Whenever and wherever he gets the ball, opponents have to guard him. Otherwise he scores EVERY TIME.

    Against a zone, a dribble driving post up big time scorer like Hansbrough will siphon help defenders toward him out of the zone. That leaves other players – especially the REAL three point shooters like Lin and Lamb and Hawes and Kaminsky – open at the 3.

    If I were coaching Hansbrough, I’d tell him NOT to change his game to be a 3 point shooter. I’d tell him to just be himself and focus on aggressively attacking the double teams either as a scorer or passer.

  841. Lin’s doing exceedingly well.

    Trust me on this.

    We’ll see it in games soon enough.

  842. That’s EVERY YEAR for EVERY PLAYER, not just Lin.

  843. He WILL NOT.

    Depends on what you mean by “slow”.

    Since I’m measuring Lin by winning, I guarantee that Lin will not start slow.

  844. Won’t make a difference.

    Al Jefferson missed out on defensive concepts taught in college.

    Jefferson in Clifford’s defensive system will react, but he cannot ANTICIPATE the way Hansbrough or Kaminsky would because he doesn’t have the fundamentals.

  845. Speak for yourself.

    I’m as much of a Tyler Hansbrough fan as I am a Lin fan!

  846. You’re probably right, both from the media perspective and even from the coaching perspective.

    The Hornets have a very fragile balancing act with Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lin, especially since the “newcomers are playing so well”.

  847. One of the terrible things about small market teams. At least with the lakers you had a tv channel dedicated to showing the games.

  848. Jeremy working on his 3-pointers. It looks like five in a row …

  849. so there will be no links to the game tomorrow? i have one for clippers vs nuggets.

  850. maybe the nuggets will broadcast it????

  851. Yup. Lin and Silas again …

  852. More Lin …

  853. if you listen, you can hear someone counting, “18… 19… 20… 21…” as Jeremy makes the baskets.

  854. Left-handed …

  855. Good to see Jeremy’s releasing the ball quicker while jumping lower than b4 he tweaked his shooting form.

  856. I can’t wait! Good to see you on this forum Khuang. I have tons of respect for your basketball knowledge and enjoy reading your posts.

  857. Still waiting for Jeremy’s new vid about his hairstyle…also why isn’t there any news about the TV reality show that he shot during his July China trip?

  858. I like this calendar…@psalm234:disqus if its worth, you could place it at homepage or something


  859. Great! Thanks @Arsenium …finally some pictures!

  860. Interesting after-practice interview today with Steve Clifford. He talks about the Hornets playing two pick-and-roll players on the floor at one time (Kemba-Jeremy ; Nic-Jeremy ; Nic – Kemba). Most of the interview is his recollections of going to China with Houston and, I think, Orlando.

    You can get the video here : http://www.nba.com/hornets/video

  861. Ok, thanks!

  862. So the 2 weekend preseason games are not televised but on radio ?

  863. Lookin good… smoother, more set shot like…

  864. Mentioned Lin this time.

    Hornets Practice | Steve Clifford – 10/2/15 http://www.nba.com/hornets/video/teams/hornets/2015/10/02/1443805757240-151002-Coach.mov-38609 via @hornets

  865. I guess I am speaking for myself.

    I hope Tyler do well, but I really got nothing invested in him. If he becomes Lin’s next Ed, great, but once they no longer teammates, I wouldn’t care about him again. Spend too many hours following Lin on these sites.

  866. That’s last season’s Calendar.

  867. @JLin7 On the plane to our first road trip #BuzzCity! http://t.co/R1wHpF43N3

  868. Good observation. Perhaps we will see him beat his record 9 3’s this season.

  869. Who’s that on the right? M. Kid-Gilchrist, M. Williams?

  870. Lakers making stuff up, starting false rumors to fool people into thinking they have a future plan?

    NBA Central‏@TheNBACentral

    “I don’t talk to Stephen A. Smith at all. No one in my family, my friends do. So he’s lying.” – Kevin Durant speaking on Lakers rumors


  871. lol, more ouch on stephen a smith

  872. i think thats m. williams

  873. Nothing but net! Love it!

  874. Kind of hard to tell with the shadow from the cap and the big smile. The guy in the background above the baseball cap kind of looks like Marvin Williams too but could be Troy Daniels. Blurriness doesn’t help either.

  875. http://www.nba.com/schedules/national_tv_schedule/NBALP/
    According to this site, League pass is broadcasting both games. Am I wrong?

  876. You can often tell who gets along with who when you look at who they sit with on the plane. Big Al and Jeremy have always gotten a long. In almost every preseason interview Big Al has given, he has always said something positive about Jeremy. Hope to see some chemistry between Jeremy and Kaminsky as well!

  877. not really. its not like one person can sit next to everyone. what if Jeremy sat down first and the seats next to him filled up? you especially can’t tell from their first photo.

  878. miami one is televised in florida.

  879. You did noticed that Jeremy sit among the bigs, right? 🙂

  880. yeah, Jeremy in the opening day already call AI “goof ball”, sounds like those two were pretty close to each other at that time already. I think AI should be excited to play with Jeremy and Batum who like to feed their bigs.

  881. Funny JLin new piece of his own journal entries:

  882. It may just be a basic video feed you’d see on the arena’s jumbotron. Still, better than nothing.

    I’m not gonna read too much into these preseason games, esp. the early ones. Lin had a great preseason last year and BS let him play his game when Kobe wasn’t out there, but when the season started all that changed.

    Mostly, I just want to see if Kemba and Lin can play together. Make or miss, will Kemba be willing to share? Will Lin be able to get touches playing off ball?

  883. This is funny and so honest. Our boy is on his comic best.

  884. Should be aired next Friday night, the last episode of Yes Coach while JLin is in China. My suspect is they changed this around to fit in JLin’s time in China.

  885. I threw the couch into a Uhaul and as I was trying to move it into my spot, I got the Uhaul stuck in the garage #notsosmart #harvardgrad. Yea…not one of my finer moments. Ended up letting air out of my tire and got out okay hahaha.

    Ya, I could see this happening. You drive in with a loaded truck so it’s lower. Once you unload the truck rises a little and you’re stuck. Must have been pretty tight clearance to start with though. LOL

  886. This Lips-shaped couch is a winner! #Lipsanity

  887. as southerner yes Chik-fil-A is the bomb! Their secret which you can do at home is soaking the chicken in dill pickle juice… yep that’s the secret. Usually we learn from our grandmas to soak in buttermilk before frying but they use pickle juice. basically any acid will do to help tenderize the chicken prior to frying. Chik-fil-A could be the new food place for stalking him 🙂 welcome to the south JLin… Texas does not count!

  888. Im not cutting my hair though. Me and six others (including my bro, cousin, trainer, agent, etc.) have agreed to eventually have the same hairstyle. Stay tuned.

    Thanks for reading! Will post again after training camp starts!!

    Is he going to grow a man bun?

  889. love Chik-Fil-A and their super friendly employees 🙂
    Your description makes me want to stop by one this weekend

  890. Pickle juice? Huh, who knew? Chik-fil-A invaded so cal a few years ago and It’s a welcome addition.

    Take it, Chipotle isn’t out there yet.

  891. Cool, our boy in good mood.

  892. has the unofficial lin media embargo finally been lifted? im seeing more videos and pictures and blogs this past hour then the entire past week.

  893. I saw the Bruce Lee’s t-shirt at Honolulu’s Urban Outfitters store for $34. I was going to buy it, but the gold glitter around the glasses and neck were a bit too much for me.

  894. infinity88
    landonb94: NBA season has arrived! Linsanity. #jeremylin #linsanity #charlottehornets #nyknicks

  895. Miami one 10/4 listed as being on League Pass. I heard the preseason is free?


  896. $34 t-shirts? i wear $2 tees

  897. could also be Lin fan’s voice got heard. 😉

  898. Guy doesn’t seem excited to be taking the picture with Lin.

  899. Interesting. Then again, if they insist on starting Kemba, MKG and Jefferson together, then they really have no choice. Even with Marvin and Batum, the spacing will be subpar.

    I like Lin playing with Zeller, Hawes and Kaminsky though. That’s perfect for PnR and PnP.

  900. From what I’ve read, the Charlotte sports media is very small and underfunded. I think the Hornets only have one official beat reporter (Rick Bonnell).

    I’m kinda glad we’re not getting too much preseason chatter. Talk is cheap and only the actual games really matter.

  901. Yeah, I’m on the same page. The preseason games are just showcase, warm ups for the rooks and new members, etc. but can’t be all that much yet. It will takes time to gel, to play Teamball, to run as one cohesive unit. Wait til the end of Oct. to see some serious actions. And I hope that these Hornets can come together much faster than expected. JL7, Kemba, Batum, MKG, Al OR JL7, Lamb, Batum, Frank Tank, T-Hans.

  902. IMO Hansbrough will be a key contributor this uraer, especially playing with Lin.

  903. Honestly I think Al Jefferson prefers to play with Lin than Kemba because he knows Lin will get him better stats and better quality of touches and lots of gimme baskets near the rim. Also Kemba is so small he is pretty bad on defense.

    But if Kemba plays really well then more power to him and he should start. I just think as the season wears on, we’ll see Lin do his thing and wonder why he has to come off the bench to salvage games.

  904. Kemba has a 4 year contract. Al is an expiring contract. So we’ll see with Frank and Zeller waiting in the wings to take over the franchise for the Hornets.

    I have a feeling Al will gobble up a lot of Lin passes on the weak side where Lin uses a more mobile screener to get freed up to the bucket. I think Al knows this too and knows Kemba can’t do it.

  905. I agree on Big Al. He’s in a contract year, and I’m pretty sure he knows the unselfish Lin is a much better ticket to $$$ than Kemba. But for now, Lin will likely play most of his minutes with the other bigs.

    Even before Lin got to Charlotte, I never liked Kemba and thought they should move on. But MJ gave him a dumb extension after a “clutch” game where he hit 2 big shots (despite shooting below 50%).

  906. I see KHuang’s point about Hansbrough and think he and Lin could make a great duo, but I doubt that Tyler is going to get much playing time unless there’s an injury or trade. There’s a logjam at PF and the Hornets have 2-3 guys ahead of him.

  907. Wow! Can’t wait to see the game.


  908. and tickets ain’t cheap either.

  909. 60,000 seats? That can’t possibly be an indoor basketball arena.

  910. Maybe from two cities.


  912. Whoop

    there goes what was left of Charlotte’s defense.

    Cody Zeller WAS Charlotte’s defense the last two seasons.

    I like Marvin Williams, but I regard him as a 3 on both ends of the court.

    Now the bench has TWO athletic enforcers who play above the rim: Hansbrough and Zeller!

  913. That means 2 games all total not one game.

  914. what can we do? Just hope Lin plays 20-25 minute of empowered basketball…

  915. Zeller should be a center on this team.

  916. every NBA player is confident but Frank looks pretty cocky in that photo

  917. Usually NBA arena seats around ~20K, so even for two games, 60K is way more than normal NBA game arena.

  918. Well, that’s how NBA earn money even with pre-season games. They are not selling that many tickets locally.

  919. A center with the speed of lightning. I betcha no center in NBA can catch up with him.

  920. It is funny I was hearing Dunc’d on podcast, and they were talking about Hornets should perform way better than ESPN prediction, and one of the reason was that Lance got traded and Marvin will play less. 🙂 Guess they are not following Hornets training camp.

    On the other hand, if they play Zeller in the starting line up, there is no shooting on the floor, it might not work well either. I wouldn’t mind to have Zeller paired with Lin though, I like him.

  921. Lin-Lamb-Zeller & Walker-Batum-Big Al
    I have no problem with that.

  922. Ooops, I repeated what you are saying too. haha, shake hands.

  923. I’m almost certain it’s 16,000!

  924. Who is the guy with the Seattle Mariners out and teeth out>

  925. No No No.
    Those are ONLY 2 pointers.. look at WHERE HE LANDED. inside the arc.. bad habit.

  926. Tyler will not have much minutes unless somebody is injured. This is an 11-deep team. Tyler is the 11th player.

  927. No No No.

    Those are ONLY 2 pointers.. look at WHERE HE LANDED. inside the arc.. bad habit

  928. No No No.

    Those are ONLY 2 pointers.. look at WHERE HE LANDED. inside the arc.. bad bad habit..

  929. This is not 3 pointers.. Look at where he land his feet.
    I thought that the result is where you land..not where you plant no??

  930. Sorry my understanding of 3 pointers is that it isn’t where you land but where you start.

  931. That would be 4 out. Who is going to stay in?

  932. The natural position for Zeller should be at 3. Of course no NBA coach has tried that. That makes it special. Cody has all the tools to be at 3 and he will have the height advantage and the jumping ability and he will be a damn good perimeter defender that is a threat to block anyone from behind. He did block LeBron from behind with his height and speed.

  933. “Feed me, Lin, like what you did to Chandler & Ed…..” said big guys on the team 🙂

  934. SportsFromMyEyes ‏@JTyree704 9h9 hours ago
    #Hornets look for combinations of Kemba/Batum, Kemba/Lin & Lin/Batum this weekend. Also, Jeremy Lamb and Lin had a good week of practices.

  935. Ur right, he has a bad habit of doing that…. but form looks better…

  936. I know Wikipedia isn’t the final authority on basketball rules, but here’s what it said about feet position in three-point shots: [link]
    Rule specifications: [content omitted] A player’s feet must be completely behind the three-point line at the time of the shot or jump in order to make a three-point attempt; if the player’s feet are on or in front of the line, it is a two-point attempt. A player is allowed to jump from outside the line and land inside the line to make a three-point attempt, as long as the ball is released in mid-air.”

  937. Steve Clifford’s comments about Batum makes me feel like Batum is going to be the Point forward for Hornets.

  938. It’s not where you land, it’s where your feet are when you shoot.

  939. Really? I thought he’s SG?

  940. Librafree
    @JLin7 with fan in Orlando. #brighteyes

  941. You are correct. Just looked it up. Player must start from behind the line but can land inside the line.

  942. It is where you start according to rules.

  943. interesting.. so that means that there can be a 3 point dunk.. if the player can fly/jump that far.

  944. yes, true, I realized that it can be where it’s planted..
    but that also can mean either an offense foul or foul because he jumped into the person.

  945. wow joyce!!! where you been girl! hibernating. =).

  946. Clifford stresses that Batum is a playmaker, a creator, and a scorer. Only Point forward fits the description.

  947. hmm is that good thing…

  948. No, this is autumn. She couldn’t be.

  949. Definitely not; the last one called Parsons Chandler failed big time but he got a good contract without sweating now.

  950. First quarter not even half over yet and Mudiay with 3 TO already.

  951. Oh my!!!!!! ooops

  952. 2015-2016 Calendar

  953. He is a rookie – the leash will be long for the whole season

  954. Clifford keeps comparing Curry and Kyle. So he wants to have that all the time. His last interviews says, Walker & Batum(probably starters), Walker & Lin, Lin & Batum.
    Will have to see if Lin will get enough touches to allow Lin to succeed.

  955. I believe coach said 16,000 seats 🙂

  956. Go Lin. A coach used Lin and the word good in the same sentence. 🙂

  957. Lin and Zeller will be like LED. Go ZEN!

  958. Is he a NBA player?

  959. lol…..some like to smile alot and others just have a controlled smile

  960. Cool…thats all I wanna hear! 🙂

  961. Good that Lance got traded. I don’t like him.

  962. Zeller isn’t good like that.

    On offense, he lacks skills and fundamentals and instincts.

  963. are you sure? He is too long for 3, and don’t shoot 3s. I don’t think he is fast enough.

  964. Marvin’s shooting vs Zeller’s defense.

    That’s the question that Charlotte grappled with last year.

    Zeller won out last year because Lance Stephenson and Gerald Henderson at least tried to dribble penetrate.

    Now with Batum who’s not a dribble penetrator, Williams will be expected to create for the brick shooting slow unathletic perimeter starters.

  965. Zeller is not as fast as you think he is.

  966. it is kind of hard that Hornets extended two non-shooters, and obtain shooters that can’t defend in bigs. Basically you are picking your poison.

    I kind of like Lin/Lamb/Batum/Zeller/Hansbrough line up, balanced offense and defense, could shoot in perimeter, and strong inside. Hope I got to see that line up sometime in preseason.

  967. “I like when the ball is moving. I hate when it gets stuck with one guy,” Batum said, via the Observer.
    “It’s a beautiful game. I’m going to try to be the guy who shows them how that game can be played. That’s the way we’re going to win games.”

    Well there’s no James Harden or Kobe on the team and who’s going to stop you..

  968. Well he forgot to mention Walker and Batum and Lin.

  969. Linsanity style bball is also ball stuck with 1 guy. But that 1 guy can dominate with a simple pick and roll. When thats stopped, he simply passes off. Hopefully batum is ok with that

  970. Thats a lin domination lineup. Of course u like it

  971. Josh Smith is pretty good for Clipper, and Lance is a disaster. Glad he got traded, I don’t think I could tolerated him.

  972. Ya! Josh Smith is really good pick for Clipper. Rox is so dumb to let him walk away. Lance maybe will not get too many playing time.

  973. 2/10 today, Lance, looks horrible, kind of lazy defense there, don’t get how he get the defensive reputation. And other than occationally get a good assist, most of the time is horrible.

    Clipper still has a bad bench, almost lost 20 pt lead.

    I don’t think Rockets really appreciate good player anyway, so its their loss.

  974. I am so happy Rox didn’t keep Smith bc they could win Clipper one of the big reasons it’s Smith. But he played so well that Harden got benched in 4Q for the first time. That maybe the reason he couldn’t stay in Rox. LOL!

  975. Josh 5/13, not particular efficient but he does hit big shots.

    Clipper starters still looks pretty good. Did Wes got start today? Looks like PP started but play very limited minutes.

  976. I guess they will show respect to PP so maybe he will start…?!

  977. Yeah he looked awful. Has he always played like that? Never really followed his career but I know he didn’t play well for Charlotte. He looked really awkward with the ball at times today.

  978. Good to be back.. 😀

    Will there be a game thread for tomorrow’s Cha vs Orl game?

  979. Glad to see many regular posters are back since the preseason just around the corner. Not going to wake up early in the morning (5am) to watch this game. Expect to read comments on how JLin is doing with this new team:-)

  980. How about the scene where the old Chinese lady calls Carter “Kobe” in the stairwell?

  981. Here are some brief info in response to some earlier queries on the venue stadium capacity in China for the NBA Global 2015 games:
    a) Shenzhen Universaide Centre: completed in 2011, a multi-use stadium, 3 levels of spectators stand, capacity for 60,000 audiences.
    b) Shanghai Mercedes Benz Arena: opened in 2010, indoor arena, capacity for 18,000 audiences.

  982. Ok, thanks!

  983. Thaxks!

  984. Lol… that is novel…

  985. I bought that exact one last week! Its awesome and i got tons of compliments…

  986. Lol… i wear free ones!

  987. Man bun… lol!

  988. That would be awesome!

  989. So it is 60k?

  990. My girlfriend wears my tees.

  991. Shenzhen Universaide Centre

  992. this does not look like 16K to me…….more like 600K

  993. This line up is two way dominance, left and right PnR and blocking feast line up.

  994. for a soccer, track and field events, it’s fine to be so big. Not so sure I really wanna watch a basketball game at the nose bleed section. At least there’s that big tv they can watch.

  995. Yes, its for 60,000 audiences.

  996. So…you must have tons of credit cards, or atleast the registration?! LOL

  997. NBA needs money ^_^