Hornets 2015 Preseason Schedule

The Hornets 2015 preseason schedule is finalized.

(Edit: China games date/times corrected.)

Fri Sep 25 Media Day
Sat Sep 26 Training Camp
Sat Oct 3 7:00pm ET @ ORL Orlando
Sun Oct 4 6:00pm ET @ MIA Miami
Sun Oct 11 1:30am ET vs LAC Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Wed Oct 14 8:00am ET @ LAC Shanghai, China
Sat Oct 17 7:00pm ET vs NYK Charlotte
Mon Oct 19 7:00pm ET vs CHI Charlotte
Wed Oct 21 7:30pm ET @ DET Detroit
Thu Oct 22 7:00pm ET @ IND Indiana



Notes about China games: Most of the times listed for the China games are wrong. I believe they are erroneously based on the Clippers preseason schedule, which lists the game times as Oct 11 1:30pm and Oct 14 8:00pm. Usually, the game times are the team’s home time zone, in this case Pacific Time. So many sources converted that to 4:30pm and 11:00pm ET. But actually, those are local China times. http://china.nba.com/globalgames/

There is also a discrepancy among official sources for the exact start time of Oct 14 game. nba.com lists as 8:00am ET, but china.nba.com lists as 7:30am ET.


  1. thanks

  2. Thanks for doing this! Finally something solid to look forward to:-) It has been a long long break for JLin and us:-)

  3. Looks like Lin was doing some handles training with Johnny Stephene:


  4. His website says he’s worked with:

    Kevin Durant
    Nate Robinson
    Gilbert Arenas
    Demar Derozan
    Avery Bradley
    Randy Foye
    Christian Combs
    Quinn Cook
    Danielle McCray


  5. In the meantime, NFL opening season is just in couple weeks.

  6. OK, Lin football highlights then =)

  7. lol

  8. Thanks for the update but not sure if the time of the 2 games in China are correct, esp the Shenzhen game, which means 4:30 am in Shenzhen?

  9. Pretty sure Shenzhen game is 1:30pm on 11 Oct and Shanghai game is 8pm on 14 Oct China time.

  10. I’m investigating this. do you have any links?

  11. thanks a lot, I think I’ve figured it out.

  12. Also look into this here: http://china.nba.com/globalgames/

    This gives you a better idea of what’s going on on those few days:-)

  13. Can we watch these games on NBA League Pass?

  14. Thanks to PPP and JLFFA for pointing out the wrong times for China games. I’ve corrected the post.

    I see what happened. The Clippers release their preseason schedule and times, which are usually in the team’s home time zone. So U.S. media interpreted the Oct 11 1:30pm and Oct 14 8:00pm as Pacific Time and added 3 hours to convert to Eastern Time. But actually, those are China times. So I’ve converted them to ET properly based on http://china.nba.com/globalgames/

    I think this is the only site that has all the Hornets date times correct! Thanks everyone.

  15. No idea. Believe I was able to watch all JLin games trial NBA League Pass in the past 2 seasons. Presuming this is true this season as well:-)

  16. Congrats to those who are able to support JLin’s foundation with this quarterly box:

  17. Is it weird that I’m excited about the stickers? lol.

  18. Please show us all those that are included in the box when you receive it:-)

  19. that converts to 6’1″ and 150 lbs (!)

  20. Wow the Lin boys appear to have really bad genes…. for hair. ?

  21. i think he has one of the best handle and dribbling style ..heres his compilation:

  22. There will be one Asian night and one Chinese New Year night on 11-15 and 2-8-2016 respectively.
    The first night will be mainly focus on welcoming jeremy Lin and the second one will be more of a whole Chinese New Year celebration.


  23. occaafThank all of you who like this t shirt design. The shirt should be coming out early August. Will keep you posted when it ready to order online.-:)

  24. occaafWe also think about make some apron and carry bag for Lin’s fans if there are enough interest-:)


  25. If only I can find time to bake cake again then I would like to get the apron… ;P

  26. Suspect one of these days Jeremy gonna style his hair like that of Harlem’s… nice.

  27. Just a note about the posts below from “Maine Lobster.” OCCAFF is the Overseas Chinese Culture Athletic and Arts Federation. Their website says : “OCCAAF is a non-profit organization that promotes the understanding and culture exchange between Chinese American and other ethnic groups.” They’re active in the Charlotte area. See : http://www.occaaf.org/about_us

  28. Seriously, what’s up with his hair???

  29. cool! Not sure how much Chinese community there in CHA though. But I remember they had a Harvard alumni meeting there when Lin was in Lakers, so they could have combined….. Hope occaaf reach out to Harvard…

  30. Nice color and design. I like it. This color is better than the hornet jersey one. It’s more of Spring fresh energetic feel.

  31. Rather I like the bag. The Apron color is not my color. It’s not that attractive to the eye and the mood.

  32. I think it’s because he wears headband, it flatted the hair.

  33. WEAK preseason schedule for the Hornets.

    This is not like 2012 Houston preseason where Lin’s minimum wage minimum age team went 6-2 against powerhouses like OKC, Memphis, San Antonio, and other good teams.

    The LEASTERN Conference is so much weaker than the BEST WESTERN Conference.

  34. Most of the superstars like John Wall, Chris Paul, Chris Bosh, etc. will likely sit out or play limited minutes anyway. Preseason is pointless to them, just a place to watch rookies and scrubs develop.

  35. Those were before the Harden trade.

  36. wish I had as much hair as Jeremy.

  37. Lin has much better hair and height genes.

  38. Seriously. leave the head band off. Get it cut shorter some it easy to manage. Terrible photo moment. Like a Trump comb over, lol.

  39. Why are the Hornets so slow to get JLin’s jersey out in the NBA store? The Lakers had it out July 23 last year. (checked the order confirmation in my email history)

  40. nice drawing. They should have drawn the left hand also bent at 90 degrees, then it would look like “J” and “L”!

  41. Yeah, I saw some sources say 8:00. But http://china.nba.com/globalgames/ says 7:30. So to be on the safe side, I put the earlier time.

  42. Wow, that’s a really personal touch to put the post-it notes of his thoughts from the book!

    Is this only his first quarterly box?

  43. Hornets org seem to be slow at many things (like getting the schedule out). It’s pretty silly that this site already derived the Hornets preseason schedule the day before (based on their opponents schedules).

  44. Did the Hornets have an Asian night or Chinese New Year previously?

  45. I edited post and put both 7:30/8:00 until both nba.com and china.nba.com agree.

  46. OK, this was the video from May, and Box #2 is coming in Sep.

  47. Enes Kanter (6’11”) next to the world’s tallest man (8’3″)! Yao Ming seriously needs to take a photo with this guy, Yao will look tiny. =)


  48. So glad Lin didn’t return to the Lakers. Jim Buss said that he would welcome Kobe with open arms if he decided to continue playing after this year.


  49. They will give him the contract bc Jeanie Buss already said Kobe will decide when he will retired?! (Who’s the boss?) These Buss kids have no guts said NO to Kobe. smh!

  50. Thanks for putting together Hornets preseason schedule & even getting the Asia times correctly

    LA is definitely a mess. Lin did a favor for himself and his fans by not going back.
    I don’t know if I could take it watching another season in a tank :]
    I’d probably grow a mushroom hair like JLin’s except much worse!

  51. Kobe is doing “favors” for Jeannie Buss…

  52. That makes sense. Maybe it’s just a temporary photo then as I don’t think any professional photographer would just take it like that.

  53. What are your expectations for training camp? Based on the past few training camps, it seems to me that Jeremy spends the training camp finding out more about his team mates and the coaching scheme and the plays. He does not try too hard to prove a point to anyone.

    He seems to switch to a higher level in games that matter and reaches an even higher level in clutch time.

    That’s just my view. Maybe this year will be different and he will really dominate in the camp.

  54. attempting to research an answer to a question below about the relative numbers of chinese community in charlotte produces some contradictions:

    multiple sources list the asian american population of charlotte as 5% or thereabouts which would put it in the top few cities or metro areas in the country and #1 in the south east just ahead of atlanta.

    however charlotte doesn’t show up on those lists themsevles tho they come from some of the same sources as the ones stating a 5% asian american population for charlotte.

    (edit: i did eventually find a list where charlotte was included at #13, ie. 13th largest asian % of population of any u.s. city).

    it would seem at minimum charlotte has one of the highest % of asian community in its geographic region and one of the top 20 of any metro area and top third of nba teams locales.

    whats addtionally curious is that 5% of the us population is reported as asian yet only a handful of cities reach that number; this would seem to suggest that the asian population in the u.s. is not concentrated in cities.

    but the question asked was not asian american but chinese american: and the more detailed answer to that is whereas in the rest of the u.s. chinese is the predominant asian ethnicity; in charlotte it ranks a distant fourth beyond indian, vietnamese and “other”.

    addtionally charlotte is anotehr locale where the population demographics have dramatically shifted over the past 40 years.

    where it was 70% “non hispanic white” i.e white. in 1970 it is now a majority (as the rest of the u.s. will soon be) non-“white-white”. ie. a combination of black, hispanic and asian exceed 50% of the community thus in charlotte: (again as soon to be in the u.s.): everyone is a “minority”.

  55. Might head over to Shenzhen.

  56. I expect Lin to be on the second team for training camp. I am hopeful that this will be a good thing, because then he can be the alpha dog and not have to worry about other people’s touches.

  57. My expectations are similar. Lin doesn’t try to show anyone up. He learns schemes and seems to generously teach them even to those that may not have good motives.

  58. game report!

  59. Q&A with Steve Clifford in the Charlotte Observer. Here are a couple of excerpts …

    Q: You’ve said you’re intrigued by the potential in playing point guards Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lin together. Can you describe your vision for that combination?

    It’s always good to have two pick-and-roll players on the floor. That way you can put pressure on the defense at one side, then switch it to the other. That makes more room to play similar to how Golden State does. You’ve got Steph (Curry) on one side, so defenses have to load up there, and then you’ve got Klay Thompson on the other with room to operate.

    That’s what Kemba can do for Jeremy and Jeremy can do for Kemba.

    ********** **********

    Q: Center Al Jefferson was very open in saying he needed to lose weight. Have you checked in on him lately and where does he stand?

    I was in Santa Monica (Calif.) with him about 2 1/2 weeks ago. He had a plan month-by-month with (strength and conditioning coach) Matt Friia. He’s on target. He feels good and looks good. Now he has to finish up in August and September.

    Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nba/charlotte-hornets/article32740182.html#storylink=cpy

  60. I m thinking of going to Shanghai. *.*

  61. Thanks for the post..I was on the verge of “breaking down”..gosh, this wait is just too loooong..

  62. LOL, hang in there….

  63. Yeah, counting stars in the sky…I just saw Jeremy Lin in the sky

  64. At least you have stars to count………not too many ppl has that kind of sky nowadays…lol

  65. I have a mini telescope at my balcony to count stars..*.*
    At times there isn’t blue sky but I still gaze through the haze searching for shimmering galaxies.

  66. nice to see Coach Clifford touring around and meet up with his players, last year this time, coach Byron was busy to have his own tour and shows in different city. What a difference.

  67. The Q&A with Steve Clifford mentioned Frank Kaminsky and Aaron Harrison being at “Grgurich’s” camp.

    Here is an excerpt from an interesting 2014 article by Jared Zwerling that talked about what coaches do in the off-season and had some info on the basketball camp run by Tim Grgurich :

    The second week in August is the most significant of the month for coaches. That’s when Tim Grgurich, a former longtime NBA assistant who’s known as the “godfather of player development,” runs his annual summer basketball camp in Las Vegas, as he has for about the last 20 years. It’s the second-largest event of the offseason in terms of coach and player participation, according to agent Warren LeGarie, who represents 50 coaches in the NBA and the NBA D-League.

    Coaches such as Joerger, Budenholzer, Bernie Bickerstaff, Jim Boylan, Mike Brown, Rick Carlisle and George Karl all got their start there, as the invite-only camp enables about 35 young coaches (mostly assistants) to lead games and instruction for
    about 75 first- or second-year players in the NBA or ones on the borderline.

    See : http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2223881-nba-training-camp-culminates-a-long-learning-filled-offseason-for-coaches

  68. LOL I will probably quit watching NBA altogether and go back to watch JLin highlights when he has a good game. Don’t think I can stand for watching 10-15 minutes of his time on the court, see KB’s bricking, BS sour face, continuous tanking mode… of Lakers. 1 season of Lakers is more than enough to destroy any desire of watching NBA for good. Never know the existence of such an unprofessional and unethical conduct until Lakers. What I mean is I know it happens but hasn’t prepared myself to witness one for the whole season. JLin, JLin pray that you and we fans have a much much better and more enjoyable season of watching your play in Hornets.

  69. WOW. I just had awesome 40 min phone interview with Lin’s longtime shooting coach, Doc Scheppler, who worked 2 months this summer on Lin’s J. Gave me great insights into Lin, his career etc. Going to post it on HoopsHabit Monday, when editor told me they have highest viewership. The reason he agreed to the interview was because he said he read my Q&A about Lin on
    HoopsHabit. He said I was first writer to tell truth. He even showed the interview to Lin’s high school coach. We talked about the misconceptions of most writers about what happened LA/Ho/NY. He said after Lin interview with Clifford: “Doc, this guy knows the game. He reminds me of Peter (Diepenbrock, HS coach). He’s into Xs & Os.” One money quote: “The last 3 years faced teams that would chop him, hit him, try to make him get rid of the ball…Both team’s coaches … left the poor kid on an island. Other teams didn’t see any screens for him, so they would trap him, chop him, make him get rid of ball.”

  70. Don’t follow ABDC but this Kinjaz crew looks AWESOME! Mixed Asians group ?? I like their mission =). Wish them the best!

  71. Is any information available if the Hornets pre-season games in China will be televised in the USA? Thx.

  72. I posted this, I did not include too much Lin’s info there, not trying to over sell Lin there. but I will leave one of the table for Lin here for those who are interested.



  73. here is the table

  74. Gigantism – Yao is naturally tall due to genetics. This guy is tall because of a defect, excessive growth due to hormonal imbalance.

  75. No information yet but I’m pretty sure the games will be on nbatv

  76. Brilliant job, @TTNN. Thank You.

  77. Thanks, always interested in this type of stat. Futurists have predicted that as human migration continue that inevitably homogenize the population will continue. This is already slowly happening in America. In the movie Blade Runner, it hinted what futurists have predicted that future population will have a very strong Asian cultural influence in life and appearance.

  78. Amazing work once again.

  79. Good stuff! I doubt Kemba is willing to share with Lin, but who knows? If his 38% shooting improves with Lin on the floor, maybe he and Lin can be a double-barreled backcourt just like Bledsoe and Dragic in Phoenix.

  80. Here is what happened last year. This announcement came in October.

    NEW YORK, Oct. 7, 2014 – …. The preseason Global Games in Europe and China will air live on NBA TV, with the preseason Global Game in Rio de Janeiro airing live on ESPNEWS. All Global Games will reach fans in 215 countries and territories and are available on International NBA League Pass.

  81. Another friend getting married, the clock’s ticking.
    Last month somebody tweeted that JLin’s going to rent tux at his place, guess this is it.

  82. So Kobe will be even worse this year. Figures.

  83. Weird, Ellington did worse. Jordan Hill and Nick Young is just shoot bad no matter what haha. And Ronnie Price was a perfect 1 for 1 with Lin.

  84. Nick Young was shooting decent with 40.3% on 3s from Lin’s pass, and that’s from 67 FGA so not a small sample size either.

  85. The problem is both Thompson and Curry are good shooters. On the Hornets only JLin is, Walker is not.

  86. Sounds like a good idea.

    Hornets coach Steve Clifford plans to play Jeremy Lin and Kemba Walker together http://t.co/JcYtQ1KLIv— Kurt Helin (@basketballtalk) August 30, 2015

  87. ha ha. what clock? Jeremy looks like he is having a bunch of fun. he has plenty of time.

  88. Thx

  89. FWIW, Lin always does that, around 78% for the past seasons…

  90. Excellent stats analysis.

    Good job for using hard numbers to show that Lin isn’t the crappy scrub that the haters insist he is.

  91. Groan.

    It’s not the same as shooting in games.

  92. Grgurich is incredibly well respected.

    In his time as a NBA assistant, he has demanded only one year deals because he wants to show everybody that he’s so good that he can stick even without a multiyear contract.

    Grgurich really made a name for himself by helping Amare Stoudemire of the Suns.

  93. Nick Young should be forgiven.

    He battled a bad knee from Byron Scott’s overly difficult training camp all season long.

  94. But Jeremy has his 3pt shooting % gradually improving despite bad coaching and deliberate shalking by his own teams. I’m anticipating better fg% this season since Jeremy being the harshest critic of himself has set realistic targets of better fg%. I’m confident while hopeful.

  95. You both are correct…….

  96. I know & he’s improved.

  97. Exactly what I said:

    Jim Park‏@SheridanBlog
    I understand PnR aspect but saying Walker can play the role of Curry for any offense is straight silly. Walker’s career 3-point% is 31.8%!


  98. This shows a lot of Lakers will miss Lin. That’s how I read it. Am I right?

  99. I agree Walker sure is not Curry. But I guess maybe Walker is also tried hard practice 3P too.

  100. I’m looking forward to this!

  101. Great job, TTNN !
    More hard numbers to educate the ppl that don’t follow Lin’s games. More “Real” info is always better.
    Lin’s 3-pt shooting will improve drastically with the Hornets. It’s all about fitting in and being comfortable with the coach and team mates.

  102. Agree. Having a gf is fun but he’s living his dream out right now (most of our dreams as well …) – and there’s still few more things to accomplish before he can have the luxury to divide his time and attention to that special someone =)
    Distractions won’t be nice at this moment. In sports, but more so for JLin, he have to step up or … Step down.

  103. yup. I love seeing young people that know they have more options than jumping into marriage and kids right away. lin knows that’s a big commitment, and he will know when he is ready.

  104. @disqus_SyuAk23JI7:disqus, thanks for your detailed explanation of x & o on the other thread. Have been super busy lately and didn’t get around to reply to you earlier. 🙂

  105. The clock’s ticking for Jeremy to accomplish his unfulfilled NBA dreams–All-Star, Championship. God has a perfect plan for Jeremy, and yes marriage is in God’s hands. *.*

  106. Not a word is mentioned about the addition of Jeremy Lin to the Hornets. That’s ridiculous.
    Hornets Offseason Report from CBS’s Ken Berger.

  107. Last time I heard it’s 70% two seasons ago。

  108. But it’s the baseline。
    If you couldn’t shoot 3s well in practice, you would definitely not going to shoot 3s in games。

  109. Tweet to point this out?

  110. If so then no need to click for this article. We don’t need his opinion on Lin.

  111. My way to look at it is to compare the margin of shooting% with and without JLin in descending order of the number of total passes. JLIn makes a huge difference to some players but not to others.
    For Jabrai Brown, the shooting % is 63.6-41.2=22.4% in 2FG% but -10% in 3P%. But Lin only passed to him for 49 times for mere 6 assists in only 49 passes. I think this should be crossed out for small samples.
    For Kobe is 9% in 2FG% but -7.2% in 3P% for 23 assists in 417 passes. But we all know Kobe is a ball hogger and he does well by himself.

    What about others.

    For Carlos Boozer is 0.7% in 2FG% for 92 assists in 587 passes
    For Jordon Hill it’s -2.9% for 2FG% for 44 assists in 365 passes.
    For Wesley Johnson, is 5.6% in 2FG% but -0.9% in 3P% for 34 assists in 302 passes.
    For Ed Davis is 17.5% in 2FG% for 56 assists in 273 passes.
    For Nick Young, is 2.4% in 2FG% and 4.9% in 3P% for 25 assists in 272 passes.
    For Ellington, it’s -7.1% for 2FG% and -5.5% in 3P% for only 20 assists for 230 passes.
    In general, the more the number of passes to the player, the more
    effective Lin’s passes with the exception of Jordon Hill.

    For less than 200 passes, I simply ignore them.
    For Ryan Kelly, it’s -5.8% for 2FG% and -11.8% in 3P% for 142 passes.
    For Jordon Clarkson, it’s -5.2% in 2FG% and 2.2% in 3P% for only 11 assists in 131 passes.

  112. I wouldn’t take Clifford’s comments too literally. I think he just means having a “double-barreled” backcourt. Phoenix is a more accurate example, but it sounds better when you reference the NBA champs!

    For the first time, it sounds like a coach is making up stuff to HELP Lin. I don’t think Lin and Kemba can excel together, but if maximizes Lin’s minutes, then I’m all for it. After Melo, Harden and Kobe, Kemba isn’t so bad.

  113. Shooting is largely contingent on rhythm and Lin keeps improving even with no rhythm — thanks to erratic minutes and usage and touches. I see 38-40% from 3 if Clifford plays him a consistent 28-30mpg.

  114. From now on, I pay no attention to Ken Berger.

  115. I think the block shot of Josh Smith when Lin played for Houston Rockets should be included.

  116. That was a monster of a block.

  117. Lin simply overpowered him. That was an awesome block; among the best in NBA. Josh is bigger and taller than Jeremy.

  118. When will I hear Lin’s marriage?

  119. I binged watched their performances this weekend. Pure art.

  120. Clifford has given me the distinct impression of being a gentlemen. That’s hard to find in NBA.

  121. Watch your weight, Jeremy!

  122. I don’t have a tweet account. I’m one of the old timer.

  123. Perhaps, Ellington played more at the point when they were both on the court.

  124. Everybody can play the role of Curry but not giving even close to the result.

  125. But can he jump!

  126. They’d better get that out b4 going to China!

  127. NIce! Super nice!
    A suggestion! Would it be better if you use small letter i instead of I and push letter L and N further apart?

  128. Training camp and preseason breeds team chemistry.

  129. What about the play where Lin blocked LeBron James ?

  130. I haven’t seen that. I guess it may be a marginal block or close to a steal. The blocks against Josh Smith and Draymond Green are clean blocks. I’m sure both Josh Smith and Draymond Green wanted to have the ball back.

  131. I never read anything from him about Lin it’s nice before….so….

  132. At 2:28, Jeremy blocked Josh Smith in the game held on New Year’s Eve of 2013.
    Jeremy had 16pt, 4 stl and 2 blks.

  133. Thx. This is the block to be remembered.

  134. not sure whether I remember it right, somehow he had a lazy reputation that he don’t really report anything new, and don’t do too much research, thus its okay to ignore him.

  135. I like this one, very nice defense of Lin.


  136. For player like Kobe, they iso a lot, or dribble quite a bit before they shoot, thus would not account for assists, and also, how good the timing of pass really does not matter much, as they will hold on the ball to find their own timing, thus I was pretty surprised to see Lin was able to help Kobe to get better 2FG%.

  137. There are still nuts claiming that Lin is not a good defender based on Lin defending the PnR all by himself under Byron Scott. Watch your super black Mamba got the bad end of a stick by Lin, Byron Scott.

  138. Ever since Linsanity, this is the first time that Jeremy Lin plays for a coach that wants him to succeed.

  139. The downfall of Rose was when he turned the Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks game to a personal contest against Lin. It was after that game that he injured his knee and never the same again. Rose scored more that game but he shot a lot more too.

  140. Perhaps Lin knows more about court spacing than others.

  141. If Jeremy matches against Rose now, my bet will be on Jeremy. Rose is definitely on his way down but Jeremy is still improving steadily every year.

  142. Rose is no longer the same explosive player. My money is on Lin.

  143. Couldn’t agree more!

  144. Lin will then be the exclusive playmaker for his teammates on the court. Of course the 2nd team will challenge their first team.

  145. Jimmy Buss seems mentally ready to be kicked out of the franchise.

  146. I heard him say at one point that’s pre FA? I don’t know if he will respond.

  147. The extension contract of MKG is more recent than Jeremy Lin’s signing with the Hornets and yet Ken Berger includes it in his off-season report of the Hornets. I can’t see any excuse for him not mentioning Jeremy.

  148. At 2:56, Hou announcer said “now Lin’s got James”, then at 3:01, Jeremy blocked James’ shot.
    Jeremy had 3 BLKs in this game.

  149. Very smart and elite one on one defense by Jeremy. One of my favorite smart plays by Jeremy.

  150. Another off-season Review of Charlotte Hornets from RealGM by Keith P Smith. RealGM seems to be a better source than most others. and I tend to agree with almost everything the writer says but the grade.

  151. The airball was simply ugly and I’m pretty sure that Jeremy would have nightmare over that.

  152. It’s been 3 years since that game. Jeremy played hard and pretty well in that game. All Jeremy needs to remember is that all NBA players, even his boss MJ has had a good number of airballs throughout his career. Just keeps improving and plays hard each game. No regrets for playing hard despite didn’t make that shot.

  153. Here is another offseason report of Charlotte Hornets. Not too positive but the writer still manages to cover lots of ground.

  154. Another off-season grading of Charlotte Hornets. by Gerald Bourguet of HoopsHabit
    The write give the addition of Jeremy Lin a grade of A-; yet he still biases against Jeremy’s ability as a defender.

  155. Another off-season grading of Charlotte Hornets. It gives a favourable grade of B+ for the Hornets to address their need.

  156. I’ve been kind of surprised by the relative silence that has followed the brief flurry of talk after Jeremy was signed. I have been kind of annoyed about it, but now I’m thinking it’s a good thing. There’s the Kemba issue, plus a lot of new players. Probably better chances of them all meeting and meshing in training camp if there’s not too much Lin-mania influencing the atmosphere. I’ll bet Jeremy’s fine with flying under the radar for the moment. The truth will reveal itself soon enough 🙂

  157. Less than a month, we are gonna see some live actions!!!

  158. from SI top 100 rankings:
    Kemba Walker, Hornets
    Before coming to the NBA, Walker had a lifetime of experience to confirm the idea that good things happened when the ball was in his hands. Life in the pros has offered no corroboration. In four years we’ve seen very little to suggest that Walker is a competent NBA scorer, his impressive averages more a product of volume attempts than bankable skill. We’re talking Nick Young levels of chucking at truly crummy efficiency. Of those players who took at least 15 shots from the field per game last season, the only one to post a lower true shooting percentage than Walker (48.6%) was Kobe Bryant (47.7%).

    Walker just doesn’t give the ball up. He dances, he crosses, and he does everything necessary to set up a relatively clean jumper. The returns just aren’t good enough to justify his process, especially when it’s not as if he’s supplementing his case with high-level court vision or especially stingy defense. The only big-picture quality really working in Walker’s favor is his amazingly low turnover rate —the coincidental byproduct of his self-driven style. — R.M.

  159. Haha…I thought articles on Lin were harsh…..this is almost equivalent to….

  160. It’s perfect that Lin is flying under the radar as the “backup PG who can score with tremendous value”
    It will only help him to gel w new teammates & surprise everyone by making his teammates better

  161. yes, it’d be awesome if ballstream will broadcast preseason games!

  162. They will.

  163. if Kemba gives up the rock to Jeremy, he will have a career year similar to Ed Davis.

  164. This is out now
    Exclusive Interview With Jeremy Lin’s Shooting Coach Doc Scheppler
    “Scheppler said Lin’s two years in Houston under McHale were largely misunderstood by most reporters, and also by Rockets announcers. “When he was in Houston, writers around the country were saying Patrick Beverley beat him out for the starting job. That’s not true. Beverley was just a better fit with (James) Harden, who doesn’t even try to play defense or get in position to. What writers don’t know was that Jeremy was told by the coaches that they wanted him to be their (Manu) Ginobili coming off the bench. As for the home announcers (Matt Bullard, Clyde Drexler, Bill Worrell), he’d make a great pass and they wouldn’t even point it out. They were so negative. They’d rip him to shreds. He’s such a great passer, and they never talked about it.””

  165. thanks, Brent. The last 2 paragraphs were the best ones for me.
    Doc pointed out Lin’s recent coaches were not real coaches, just former players who pose on the bench. BAM!

    And the last one is to temper Lin fans’ expectations on Linsanity with the expected 30min PT off-the-bench.
    “Productive player” would be a good start. Anything more would be gravy. I like Doc’s style!
    We, true Lin fans, also just want to see him to be happy.

    In comparing Clifford to Lin’s previous three coaches, Scheppler says there’s really no comparison. “We’re excited about Charlotte because he’s going to get to play for a true coach, not some former player who just poses on the bench; not a former player who never trained to be a coach, like Woodson, McHale, and Scott. They weren’t taught how to coach. Clifford started coaching in high school. Then he was head coach for a Division III school, and an assistant for both Division I schools and in the NBA. Clifford is a real coach, who knows how to win. He understands sound principles and gets his team to buy in.”

    Scheppler tempered expectations for Lin fans this year by saying, “Will we see Linsanity? No. But we’ll see a Jeremy who can be a very productive player for 30 minutes a night. I just want him to be happy.”

  166. Didnt see this in twitter?

  167. ?? what do you mean?

  168. Sorry, meaning no one tweets about this aritcle. We may want to spread this out?

  169. Well….lol….ppl are afraid of tweeting the truth?

  170. Morey tried hard to make Harden as the only star in Rox. They told Lin one story. But spread the news about Lin’s poor D to media… smh! Just hope Lin don’t have to repeat the same miserable season again w Hornets.

  171. LOL, Jeremy BLOCKS Lebron’s layup … announcer says, “James loses the ball, here come the Rockets.” Then Lin goes coast to coast, gets 2 defenders up in the air, and passes the ball back to Patterson for a FT line jumpshot that he hits. “Lin got bailed out by Patterson, who was there to pick up the ball and make the shot.”

  172. awesome! thx

  173. Really don’t see what Walker would contribute to a Walker / Lin backcourt. JLin is a more productive passer, is an outside scoring threat. To me Walker would be a good backup PG to back up JLin when he needs a rest. I think the Walker / Lin backcourt stuff is just politics to not cause much of a stir right now but we’ll see what happens once the season starts.

  174. not really. Since Kemba don’t really have too much talent there. He is not really good at shooting, and he is pretty bad finishing at the rim too. He is not good in passing and find his teammates.

    So far the best thing I found for Kemba is that he is very good in driving into the paint, but the sad thing is, he could get in there, but can’t do too much more after he gets in. He can’t finish well and he can not find his teammates there. They described him really well, he danced and danced, and he is pretty good in ball handling in traffic, and try to find a good shot. That’s pretty much it.

    That’s the reason I could not find a good way for Lin to play with him. Pass the ball to his to shoot? He is pretty bad career shooter, pass him to drive? He could drive but can’t finish or assists.

    Kemba used a lot of pick and roll, since he got a lot of screens to get himself open, Lin could do that for Kemba by attract defenders so he don’t need a screen to have openings, but that’s pretty much it….. If he do not pass the ball out to Lin, then they two will not work well, just like Kemba and Mo or Kemba and Lance.

  175. haha.. I got a bad flashback.
    Yes, I’m hopeful that JLin will enjoy playing for a real coach.
    I want to cheer for his team to win games again.

    Cheering for a Tanking LA team was definitely much harder than rooting for him in HOU jersey.

  176. perhaps Kemba’s FG% is a shot selection issue? Lin will get him more quality looks.

  177. how reliable is ballstream? could NBA shut them down?

  178. aww thank u for letting know the beginnings of this years top 100 players in some form are appearing.

    last year (for comparison) i believe i had about 3 separate lists i was monitoring; lin was (along with pbev) one of the “bubbling under” (snubs in this list you mention):

    this year he is not (at least in this list)–indicating how his stock has dropped further after the year in la. (what player on the lakers last year other than jordan clarkson improved his stock? answer none)

    what you fail to include here is that walker didn’t make the s.i. top 100! was just a “snub”. (not surprising giving the fairly brutal remarks above).

    will be interesting to see other lists when they appear awa the rest of the si list (they release it in sections from bottom up).

    btw lins other new teammate n. batum was one of the most under-performing players last year based on pre season rankings such as these.

  179. I’d say for me about 80-90% reliable for smooth broadcast
    I thought the last 2 years they might be shut down but they’re still there.

    I think they might have a secret deal w/ NBA since LP has been a lot worse 2-3 years ago (too laggy, too much time to archive, lots of blackout, etc.)

  180. Many have re-tweeted it out.

  181. It’s lyrics to a beautiful song
    “Come As You Are” by Crowder
    May heaven bless JLin more to continue reaching out to the needy

  182. Not sure about Morey spreading news about Lin’s supposed poor D, but I do remember Morey being upset about Harden not getting alot of All Star votes while Lin had more than him. Not once did I recall Morey mention anything about Lin’s All Star votes. Clearly their focus was only on Harden and not on Lin.

  183. Harden is Morey’s guy. Even after they signed D12 supposed to be #1 guy in the team but look at who’s the boss now? Harden.

  184. dont click this link if you dont want to hear things about lin like “he’s mediocre”.

    the author is more walker is bad too so flip him for assets and lin can (maybe) be a cheap replacement not any worse.

    but it is a new site to check out i was not familiar with and has a lot of wnba stuff which is unusual. i couldn’t find this article tho from the front page of the site–only thru using link here.

  185. arsenium12 jiln portals answer to wikipedia.

  186. damn, fans at the other site are already arguing about this article. and this is a positive article…

  187. Great share!

    I liked this:

    ‘Scheppler says. “Basically he was getting his shot off too slow. So we worked on speeding up his release. Another reason his shooting percentage was down last year was he got tired in games because he was putting too much power in his legs when he shot. We worked to correct that, too.”

    Lin and his coach also watched the NBA Finals together and there were lessons to be learned there. “Jeremy would watch Curry and he’d say to me, ‘I want to shoot quick and efficiently with my release like him, like Kyrie does.”’

    This is what some of us mentioned last year, that Steph gets his shot off quickly and if JLin had more shots and got them off faster, he too could do some of those fun circus shots when the game got all insanity mode.

    Great news, that JLin is working the fundamentals and we all hope this year, he can show his game.

  188. Slow news :]

    I understand there’s concern of haters in media can twist Doc’s statement as an insider to stir up conflicts, overall it states truth and ends up positively to praise coach Clifford & temper Linsanity expectations a bit in the 30-min for Lin fans.

  189. Lini-pedia? 😀

  190. I tweeted that they should read Nate’s article & enlighten themselves on Lin play.

  191. Haha…..refugee is welcomed..”.jk

  192. Humans think on many levels with simple or multiple didactic skills. Through following Lin, I’ve come to appreciate how pliable and intuitive our minds are. Some it due to millions of years of survival instincts that gets us through life easily wading through information overload.

    Attention deficit was so thing I learned from a fellow Lin fan. How is it possible that we can miss the gorrela in the room waving to us? Check out the utube video and tad the test. You will be surprised by how our survival instincts for hunting causes us to ignore unnecessary info to apply total energy to task at hand.

    Another book I am reading is by Roger Martin called “The Opposing mind” which has ties to books by Malcom Gladwell called “Tipping Point” and “Blink”. They all talk about how the truth is often hidden in layers of half truths and to uncover the roots of the problem or solution, we need to willing to look much deeper.

    The prime example is from “Tipping point” where h examine the root causes of plane crashes disasters that have killed hundreds of people. It was easily could have been attributed to human error but when it happened repeatedly to Air Korea, it became necessary to allow a foreign investigation team to find answers. It was that or risk losing landing rights to international airports. What they found was that the chain of command was such that co-captain could never challenge the captains flying or decisions. The captain failed to accept solid oppinions from his subordinates because culturally, it was deemed unnecessary to the point that they would risk death.

  193. Not surprise because of how the interview was written.

  194. Last year, I ordered JLin LAL jersey on 7/23.
    Now it’s already Sept., and there is still no JLin jersey sold in CHA NBA store.

  195. The money flowing in the system is cementing in bad coaches, etc. It’s amazing. Though I’m a GSW fan and loved they play, it was so boring to see LeBron try to win alone. Good post, life is like that – we are all in a reality distortion field if we keep our minds rigid. Yet, we have to have wisdom to keep what we know from experience. A hard thing, to make the right call, and that’s probably why it’s good to take time out every week or every day to reflect, pray, think, etc.

  196. Check Lakers store online.

  197. I used ballstream last season, pretty decent.

  198. reflect pray think

    is that your “take on”

    eat pray love?

    with jlin’s prediliction for food i think he would prefer the later.

    most people (korean or otherwise) will simply rather die than lose face. hence the phrase: die of embarssment.

  199. im still surprised by the vast numbers of nba players who are essentially playing year round with “pre-season” if you will fiba-ish games all over the world currently. (pau gasol, mirotic, batum, parker and the fabulous frenchies, and all those canadians, both bogdanovic’s, ….the list goes on and on).

    do nba organizations have some control over this? wouldn’t they prefer some of the (especially older or perhaps injury prone) players only play for them.

    does all that extra play help keep sharp or wear down?

  200. That is what I think as well. Just need JLin to bring it on the court.

  201. I guess we’ll see about that this season.

  202. If only Kobe would pass out of those jams more.

  203. From very limited amount of videos that I have seen about FK….I think he will do great with Lin. I am glad CLT picked him…

  204. I love how Doc says those are only his opinions and nothing to do with Jeremy’s thoughts. I bet they are one and the same.

  205. Players play year round in order to maintain their conditioning.

    If they’re not playing in these leagues, they’re playing in leagues of their own.

    NBA players prefer their veteran players to not play in those events, and they encourage their younger players to stick around the franchise in the offseason if there’s a lot of fundamental training to be worked on.

    I’ve long suspected that the training pace of national team commitments is SOFTER than the NBA offseason training regimens of most players and so national team players get injured from LOSING CONDITIONING by playing with their national teams!

  206. If Lebron had Love and Irving, it would not have been all Lebron and Delly ball.

    Love and Irving are extremely injury prone.

  207. yes, and it still stands – LeBron is better as a team player than say RWestbr, Harden, but his claim to be the best player in the world didn’t really resonate with me at all …

  208. The Professor? wow, JLin is serious to up his ball-handling skills!
    Looking forward to seeing “Professor Lin” in the future

    You should sign up to be an assistant prof, blubell :]

  209. I like the saying you put up, I was just riffing like a jazz band does. Yea, good food and love, why not do that too!

    Face, or “Die of embarrassment” – good to have self assessment, but if it’s driven by pride or insecurity, not so good. Fragile way to live, to preserve face to support a weakness. Face is important though … v important as ppl seem to need it to a sensitive level, from all cultures. So much of the fighting in this world is over ‘face’ issues. I’m going to try to count how many times I see and can transcend some ppl interaction blockage that is caused by over-amp of ‘face’. Just this weekend, an old dude biking almost ran me over. I yelled out hey! And he yelled back he warned me he was coming, sheesh. Face, and the consequence of his choice and then wounded pride might have been a broken leg for him or me. Ppl have so many ways they can just choose to live life better.

  210. New stat for next season, abg

  211. …a little off topic about that Korean Air issue. The Korean air industry worked hard to solve that, bringing in top trainers from the US to teach their pilots and staff how to let go of that deadly cultural pecking-order mindset so they could work properly as colleagues for safety’s sake. Younger people aren’t taught about this culturally embarrassing but commendable effort, so the young heiress/exec who abused her position in the “nut rage” incident was probably surprised by the swift punishment she received when her Korean peers in other businesses get off very easily with their bad behavior. The powers that be were not going to let their hard-won upgrade in industry confidence be tarnished by old behavior rearing its ugly head…nor have their landing rights put in doubt again.

  212. I feel I have not seen you for awhile….lol

  213. hm, I’m stumped.
    abg? maybe “awesome ball-handling/game”? :>

  214. Nothing intentional, just been swamped trying to bust a move in work, life. Good things, working on my game lol.

    Been here though, and y’all posting great stuff.

    Been inspired by the humility of all the ppl involved in the French train heroic moves, by all 6 of the crime stoppers.

  215. I added an Off-Topic link in the Off-Topic thread
    @joyceward:disqus, you might like this 🙂

    I just discovered a beautiful song by Da Wen: “Beautiful”
    Warning: Can’t get this song out of my head for days now so consider yourself warned LOL (yes, I’m looking for fellow friends to share the same fate)
    Note: Da Wen is a Taiwanese-American musician who grew up in Boston but moved back to Taiwan in the past 3 years to be a recording artist

  216. ankle-broken per game…

  217. oh yesss! I can already imagine some of our favorite players in Lin ABG highlights who ABG-ed LOL

  218. #Fishing & #BacherlorParty? Interesting
    If I don’t know any better, Lin might give hints of catching a big “fish” this weekend


  219. I remember Mark Cuban objected about his NBA players wearing down playing international games for their countries.
    Yao Ming was the big example of having to retire early since he didn’t give enough rest for his broken foot to heal during summer.

    But it’s really up to the players so it’ll be hard to enforce IMO

  220. that’s another good consideration. Players still need to maintain conditioning so there’s benefit playing FIBA games during NBA off-season.

    I think the key is for players not to tax their bodies too hard esp. w/ injuries

  221. @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus ,that’s an interesting analogy from “Tipping Point” that cultural barrier that increase risk of Air Korea plane crashes is similar to NBA decision-makers to never admitting they messed up by not drafting/waiving Lin.

    It’s always hard to change the paradigm but when ego is involved in the case of M&M or even Melo threatened by Linsanity’s popularity, it will get even worse. Success will not be the #1 goal but self-preservation or being right would be #1

    That’s why we love innovators like Steve Jobs who’s open to change the game to succeed. Let’s hope Steve Clifford will also be rewarded handsomely like Steve Jobs by discovering the “apple of his eye” in JLin

  222. good to see some changes start to happen like in the “nut rage” incident
    Perhaps international pressure helped to make it happen?

  223. Hi: For the last three years I’ve been watching JLin teams on the NBA League Pass choice package that gave you a choice of five teams to watch. Mostly I watched whatever team Lin was on, but sometimes I tuned in other games as well. Today I got a notice that starting this coming season the choice package would be restricted to one team, meaning I could still watch Lin’s team (when the game is not blacked out) but not any others. This got me angry, because I have always been a Celtics fan prior to Linsanity and I still like to watch the Celtics occasionally, plus sometimes other interesting games/teams. True, they did reduce the price, but I am not going to go for the entire package of all teams, and this reduces my choices (thus making something of a mockery of the “choice” moniker). Ok, so I wanted to ask are there people here who have used Ballstreams and are they are for real and reliable. Are their transmissions in good fidelity and do they give both the home team commentators and the away commentators as choices? Would appreciate any advice on this. And what is with the “invitation” bit with Ballstreams – do you have to get invited to subscribe? – Thanks for your response.

  224. Although I agree with “cultural hurdles” Lin may be facing in the league and media, I think we can be on very shaky ground when we attempt to use supposed cultural phenomena to criticize a broad group or race of people.
    I think destructive, hateful, and dangerous behaviors are more of a result of HUMAN phenomena than racial phenomena.

  225. you mean like this:

    but in fairness to other fans, I have to include this as well:

  226. yes, some of us have been using BallStreams for a while.
    – personally, it’s about 90% smooth broadcast
    – yes, home/away announcer option
    – faster archiving than LP (30 min vs 4-5 hrs after game time)
    – good mobile/PC option

    I’m not sure about the invitation option. Maybe others can explain
    Just precaution that we don’t know if they have licensing from NBA
    NBA should be aware of it but so far there’s no litigation news. It’s possible NBA wants to see if people like it and they eventually might buy it to replace LP which is progressively getting worse.

  227. Would be great to see him break CP3’s ankles in China. Stadium would go crazy.

  228. Can’t say I’m excited about the pigtail. Hope this isn’t JLin’s eventual hairstyle:


  229. I’m not a fan of the pigtail either. In fact, I worry about JLin having any hair on his head which is long enough for the opposing team to grab. I recall the a play when he was with the Knicks where he was going up to shoot, and his opponent grabbed his hair and snapped his head back — causing him to fall awkwardly. I think his season-ending knee injury dates from that play.

  230. Yup. The older I get, the more my view of human “exceptionalism” plunges! 🙂

  231. I have heard that jlin will join taiwan national team for fiba……any truth to this

  232. If JLin wanted to play for Taiwan in the 2016 Olympics would he have to play in FIBA?

  233. dont know the rules ………the best to answer that and my question are people from taiwan……hoping somebody is from there and clarify this

  234. Then…we would be able to dedicate a new thread just for ABG! 😉

  235. I doubt…but will wait for confirmation from fans in Taiwan

  236. Prof Lin!!!…I like that

  237. Interesting. I really hope this translates in real games.

  238. And you had paid for it?! Thats crazy, did you tried writing to them or contacting them?

  239. Thats a good design!

  240. K-iiiid ! (refresh … Khaaan!)

  241. Lin’s shoulders look big.


  242. Even though I’m not from Taiwan, have good connection from there. Thus far I have never heard about this.

  243. OMG!!!!! I can’t breathe!!

  244. …what is he thinking?

  245. LOL So funny! JLin, you seem like hook into undercover role:-)

  246. https://youtu.be/Y0u0rp5vw6E

    Cant believe this hasnt been posted yet. Lin last season shooting highlights. 3p, 2p and lay ups. 41 mins long

  247. so who’s the lady? She’s an Olympic medalist for weight lifting?

    Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=60&v=CdqeNacXs5U


  248. His hair is going to look like Bart’s on his shirt there.

  249. Wow some makeup, need a horse, armor and his sword for chinese movie.

  250. I assume this will be a screensaver? 😀

  251. Wheres the abs? 🙂

  252. 🙂

  253. kind of give up on Jeremy’s acting there.

  254. Hard 2 believe no one could recognize his cute accent.. 🙂

  255. Excellent written on JLin’s journey (in Chinese only)

  256. Any idea who is the other guy???

  257. His hair looks better now

  258. I’m afraid I will lost 500ml of bloods everyday from staring at it. Too harsh. Too harsh.

  259. Wonder whether JLin will show up in the ” Fresh off the Boat” show:-) Please let me know if he does later on:-)

  260. I think HY C meant they ordered a LAL jersey in 7/23/14 and it’s September and Charlotte doesn’t have a JLin jersey for sale yet. I was thinking same thing.

  261. Three lovely kids. They all look cute in their own ways.

  262. LOL

  263. aka for Chinese only.

  264. Need to take them off…………………….sandals i mean………………

  265. I like the Uncle Drew videos where Irving demonstrates some basketball skills rather than just being disguised.

  266. What other guy? I only see Jeremy 😛

  267. since it’s so popular with Lin fan girls, I will feature this Comment LOL

  268. nba finally got around to releasing an official all league pre season sked; you can take another crack at the china times they list and see how they synch up.


  269. LOL

  270. or the sweat pant, with the sandals……I mean…. He can have just the pant on. It will be too much to handle if it’s all off. I can’t take that. I can’t.

  271. prolly need a separate thread.

  272. Unless they also show something like Jeremy. 😛

  273. In Lin’s case, it’s racial and not cultural.

    Lin’s culture is 100% American. He’s never received any schooling or lived abroad. Someone like Kobe Bryant who grew up overseas is actually “less American” than Lin is.

    The media hates Asians so much that they’ll curse and flame American citizens like Lin even though Lin is 100% American.

  274. This cultural hurdle I’m speaking of isn’t about race at all. It’s about a mindset. My apology for referencing the wrong book From Gladwell. The Cultural idea Gladwell talks about comes from “Outliers”. Gladwell was talking about “individualism-collectivism scale” from the chapter “the Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes”. He sites the work of Dutch psychologist Geert Hofstede’s paradigms on cross-cultural psychology. It’s less about race than about attitude and the roots of how that attitude can become a problem in the cockpit of an airplane. The manner in which decisions are made is based upon a prescribed path and this was what lead to the disasters and death.

    In the case with Lin, I’m merely suggesting that this same mindset is why M&M and Scott ignores any logic to make decisions that only aligns with their own beliefs.

  275. My apology for referencing the wrong book From Gladwell. The Cultural idea Gladwell talks about comes from “Outliers”. Gladwell was talking about “individualism-collectivism scale” from the chapter “the Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes”. He sites the work of Dutch psychologist Geert Hofstede’s paradigms on cross-cultural psychology.

  276. pretty much just a re-write of the SI article there, not bad, but nothing new there.

  277. My apology for referencing the wrong book From Gladwell. The Cultural idea Gladwell talks about comes from “Outliers”. Gladwell was talking about “individualism-collectivism scale” from the chapter “the Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes”. He sites the work of Dutch psychologist Geert Hofstede’s paradigms on cross-cultural psychology.

    Unfortunately culture often is mistaken for race when in fact it’s more about the seed of how that race has built its collectivism. It’s the thought patterns that built the physical expressions of that culture. The tangents that leads a race into opposing ideas such as the case with North and South Korea or Northern Ireland and Ireland are examples of how xenophobia can’t be explained by race. Somewhere in their history, the people split by an idea. It’s this idea logical impedes that begat all the things that followed.

  278. Our world can be very ugly. if we look at the last 3 years Lin has faced, how is it that we could even continue to subject ourselves to be witness to such ugliness. The real truth is that we watch in awe and wonder at the strength and power of Lin’s righteousness. How is it that he can endure so much pain, suffering and injustice? Lin is my inspiration to look for the goodness in life and to ignore the ugliness.

  279. Good grief…I totally did not get this. Um…who’s the hairy guy…another celebrity visitor of some kind? All of a sudden the eyes looked familiar. Holy cr#p…that’s Jeremy! Geez…late to the party again Jane. Love this guy.

    Edit: Thought this was just a random photo. Hadn’t gotten as far down the thread as the Adidas video yet. Guess it would have been obvious then ;]

  280. There’s another guy?

    Guy candy isn’t usually my thing – at my age I’m so much more into character 😉 But…holy cow YUM.

  281. Prolly hip and fashion forward…but seems like a sports liability to me. Let some guy grab that thing to keep you from running around a screen and see how that works.

  282. This is welcome water in the pre-season drought. Interesting to be reminded how often Kobe passed to him in the early days. For two seconds it looked like it might all work. Worked too well, probably…Kobe ended up not liking that. Moving on now to the potential goodness of coach Clifford. Refreshing highlights here.

  283. like i said in the past a few times..ego of scouts and nba scoutinh system will be at jeopardy when lin exceeds all expectation and win the championship with him leading the team since they all missed out on him. thats why many scouts and nba in general try to damping his mention.

  284. d12 get hurt a lot

  285. Chao Hsien (The fan who wore JLin’s jersey) shared his story on his FB:

  286. maybe we should title it, “Guess JLin’s Body Fat %” & make a poll =D

  287. This looks like he is on set. Maybe he will be on FOB after all

  288. Oh no… We’ve come to this….LOL. The season really needs to start now!!!

  289. Translation please 🙂

  290. dont feel bad even after id seen the video i still “totally did not get this”. (later to the party).

  291. someone should notify the “other jane”. (i remember she was always the one i think who had or so it seemed some serious intentions towards the jlin).

  292. uhh i think “omg i can’t breathe or “need to take them off…sandals i mean” (both below more appropriate to the general response).

  293. He isn’t thinking…x s x p…sigh

  294. Same, would have been hilarious to see that, but I guess Adidas didn’t want to seem like they copied them.

    Wish they would have had more people finding out it was Jeremy.

  295. Maybe his younger brother?

  296. He’s has a CD out that has some good songs.

    Another good one by him,

  297. It says lin is eating a lot of Blubell ice cream…..jk

  298. this is perfection.

  299. Baby Lin got 19 pts & they won.

    效力SBL(Super Basketball League,超級籃球聯賽)富邦勇士NBA台裔之星林書豪的弟弟林書緯,今晚進行SBL夏季聯賽首秀,先發上陣出戰4連霸璞園,上半場和陣中另一華裔前鋒陳山眉聯手「左撇」出擊,展現讓人驚豔的切入破壞力,兩人上半場各下6分與8分,富邦打完上半場以34比39落後。璞園華裔前鋒馮威力夏季聯盟首秀替補上陣,上半場也拿下6分。


    林書緯夏季聯盟首秀,已展現人氣效氣,比賽現場逾千人觀戰,一樓幾已滿座,林書緯的媽媽吳信信也陪同林書緯的外婆在場邊觀戰。林書緯賽前受訪表示:「有些緊張,大概是我想要有好表現的緣故。」SBL夏季聯賽比賽地點在台北市立體育館,球學網站:http://www.choxue.com/zh-tw/watch 進行直播。

  300. Jeremy is in great shape for the coming season. Wow! He’s simply professional not like those professional who are kidding around with lots of money and don’t know how to spend it right.

  301. I am old enough to be his mother but This… oh my This makes me feel much younger. a little sweaty sheen and some nice muscles. yes this makes me feel youthful 🙂 sigh…..

  302. Lin last season Passing and Defense highlights, 38 mins long:


  303. Complete box score of Baby Lin’s 1st game.
    8 – 14 FGM-A57.1%
    3 – 6 3PM-A50.0%
    0 – 1FTM-A0.0%

  304. exactly 1 month from 2day will be real live nba (preseason action) tho i suppose the above photo/ has taken precedence/ in fan girls/ intents.

    agree with the moomin lin needs to take off ….those sandals. (once and for all).
    tho only thing more omnipresent than food and the hover hand in lin photos. (indoors and outdoors, in sunshine and in snow).
    im sorry but (up the chute) those sandals

    got to go.

  305. To boldly go where no one has gone before…

  306. lol

  307. Does the Lin clan always dominate the boxscore?
    It seems they always manage to fill out every single statistical category. Impressive

    Boxscore-wise, it seems Baby Lin is a good shooter (high FG%) but does not attack the rim as much as JLin (low FTA)

  308. yes, thanks. Other than his good songs & voice, I like how creative he is with his videos. Very unique & great in story-telling.

    Is he getting more popular in Taiwan?

  309. LOL ..yes, yes.. I’m only thinking for your benefit & other Lin fangirls plus his superb athletic physique in the offseason. haha

  310. Okay, you’ve finally tweak my interest. I’ll bite! Lol

  311. yeah, I’m sure they will be lost for words & try to explain away that JLin is only one in kind, etc. Typical “save-my-reputation” responses

  312. ah ok, I like how Gladwell is always good in providing data to conclude his findings. Love the Canadian hockey boys observation that age within 1 year does matter within hockey development

  313. lol .. I thought you’re about to write “50 shades of Lin’s”

  314. He does not have a Pro body yet, unlike his brother.

  315. I can only conclude that … some candies have characters, too 🙂

  316. It’ll be interesting if he plans to build his body like JLin.
    He seems smaller so maybe rely on quickness & shooting since he doesn’t have to attack the rim so much?

  317. With parental guidance. Pg13!?

  318. BTW, what if we issue a challenge to JLinPortal fans to try to get as close to achieve JLin’s Pro physique? LOL

  319. Lol…….I think it can be a disaster…….jk

  320. on 2nd thought, achieving JLin’s appetite in In-N-Out, Chipotle is a lot easier :]

  321. Well, but his deficiency in terms of his physique is clear…..and is understandable.

  322. Zero ft and 4 fouls say something about it…lol

  323. Woohoo bought my Lakers vs Hornets tickets for Jan 31! The presale tickets are out today

  324. congrats!
    pls report interesting interaction (Lin, Kobe, BScott) that might not be on TV :}

  325. JLin is only human, admitting he got hurt after bumping to 2 aunties in the video 😀



  326. You know it! Will do!

  327. You may just lose a lot of posters from embarrassment! Myself included. Lol

  328. Go on… lol.

  329. worked super hard to have facial hair grown.. hahaha

  330. if Kobe lasts that long… I think he was out for the season by that time last season… (and maybe the previous?)

  331. You may be right!

  332. Watching this, I wish so bad that Charlotte could have signed Ed Davis.

  333. Yup, it’s very impressive.

    I think he is getting more popular, but he’s still not a household name as most of my cousins have heard his songs, but don’t know who he is.

    To get really popular in Taiwan these days, it seems like you have to be on those variety shows 🙂

  334. Hope BScott doesn’t last that long either. Should have been fired last year.

  335. Gladwell actually mentioned how the coaches and teachers that fall into this trap of picking kids born the early part of the year because they were more physically developed would inevitably look for the results to meet your expectations.

    Lin in fact had to be twice as good, or 3-4 times as good because he was born in August, Asian and small for his age as a kid! As a teaching pro, I’ve had to be extra aware of not falling into that trap of prejudging a child’s development based upon set markers.

  336. Any experienced game attendees out there? Could use some advice. The Hornets only play one game in LA this season – 2016, Jan 31. It’s close enough to my birthday that I was going to break the bank (cough cough) with a good ticket. I’ve searched every available vendor and it seems you are pretty much always required to buy TWO tickets. I’ve only found one offer for a single ticket, in the rafters. Is this usual? Should I grab this single now while it’s available? Is it realistic to wait for perhaps a single on something like StubHub at the last minute?

  337. In my experience, StubHub always has the best deal with 1-2 months before game date since season ticket-holders will know if they can attend or they need to sell them. But that was Phoenix and it’s generally cheaper if the team has losing record.

    Perhaps other Lin fans in LA can give advice on when’s the best time to buy.
    If Lakers is losing and Kobe is injured again, you might get a great deal.
    But if Linsanity starts streaking in Hornets, you’d better buy 4 tickets since you can sell the other 3 to new Linsanity fans for a profit 😀

  338. or make a funny video with JLin :]
    I guess it’s really about who you know wherever we go

  339. that’s very true. I think Kobe wants to play the whole season in this farewell season ala Derek Jeter so he might only play 25-30min
    But if he still can’t shoot, perhaps he will retire early. It’ll be interesting to see

  340. Not sure KB is retiring. He wants to continue playing:-(

  341. Stubhub will have tickets available as the season starts. If the Lakers sink again as I predict they will I think the price will go down by January. Tickets are usually sold in pairs but many times can get more. There are a few single tickets too that come up on sale.

  342. Those varying, and divisive, cultural thought patterns are expressed in language. Think the Tower of Babel.

  343. You’re going alone? If you need a fellow JLin fan to keep you company at the game let me know… I’m also thinking about breaking the bank 🙂

  344. That would be great. Lin AND a portal sister! I have no friends interested in basketball, and actually none who could afford the nose-bleed prices anyway. I was thinking section 110 on the opposite side of the court from the visitor’s (Hornets) bench, so I’d have a clear view not only of the court but of interactions on the bench. Tix are pricey at the moment – about $280. Could wait for them to come down…can’t always guarantee where they’d be, or by how much they’ll come down. The single ticket option I have now is in the rafters above section 110 for a mere $81 🙂

  345. Btw, thx for the vids.

  346. If both of you bring white towel & carry a giant JLin poster of his buff picture above entitled “Little White Bunny Warrior!”, I guarantee you’ll be on ESPN 🙂

    Or at least get a smile from JLin when you get signature in the tunnel before shooting warm-up!
    Just an idea … feel free to change the picture hehe

  347. Hmm. I do believe the Lakers will suck. So that counsels a wait. On the other hand, if I double down on belief in Lin and hope in coach Clifford and a long-awaited Lin bust-out, then counsel would be buy now ahead of the Lin-fan ticket rush. Oh the decisions. I can see you have a more entrepreneurial mind than I do. I could do with a little less caution 😉

  348. after the shoulder surgery, he might shoot worse.
    If that happens, he probably wants to save his legacy by shutting it down.
    He’s got too much pride

  349. Same here. My friends don’t have any interest in basketball at all. I have a co-worker who loves basketball but is a Clippers fan. This would be a great opportunity to actually attend a game! $280 is pricey… hopefully it will go down. Please let me know what you find and I’ll do my own research as well.

  350. Will do. Let’s make it work!

  351. Woohoo!

  352. You can check StubHub every week until the game. The market price will move around. I don’t know what LAL are like this year, but if they keep messing up, you should be able to pick 2 tix up for ok price between now an then. I don’t think JLin is going to change the market price unless he breaks out, and don’t take my word for it. Just saying StubHub is pretty good and I think they have a service where if you get cheated, you can call their cust svc and they will try to get you into the venue. Read the fine print.

  353. we need pix!

  354. wow. that’s expensive. GSW about 4 yrs ago was $50 for nosebleeds, but no more.

  355. hopefully, all the media slight of hand with Lin will keep your tix prices down. I’m not going to buy GSW/Hornets tix until the season gets going.

  356. But of course!

  357. Lily might attend that game. Make sure to say hi 🙂

  358. Make a TV worthy sign!

  359. ah, I’m just kidding around 🙂 .. it might take way too much time & effort to try resell tickets to make it worth your while.

    But going together with @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus and other Lin fans will be fun!

    I highly recommend to come in early 2-3 hr before game time to wait at the tunnel for JLin to come out for the shoot-around. Most time he will give signatures. But he’s usually in serious mode before the game so he might not smile much, don’t take it personally 🙂

  360. Yea, the character you play in the video is worse than you.

  361. 81 is affordable to me, but 280 is bit too much. I would think of how a great meal I gonna have with that amount or use that money to buy something.

  362. That was quick!

  363. He should play at least twice in LA, one against Lakers and one against CLIPPRs, right? Should be able to buy one ticket, sometimes local Craglist also have game tickets.

  364. uh, you did not go to their game last year?

  365. But it’s more fun to watch Jeremy crush the Lakers than the Clippers 🙂

  366. That’s true, but I thought Lakers game might be more expensive than CLIPRs, but it might not be the case coming season.

  367. Don’t believe he has any pride but is just a loser. Money is everything for him. He will want the greater pie from next year on. He will not retire voluntarily. AM just glad JLin is out of Lakers. Anywhere but Rox and Lakers esp Lakers as long as KB and BS are still there. Buss kids are just too weak for these two.

  368. Expect two full reports from both of you LAJane and blubell:-)

  369. Byron Scott might step out with Jim Buss.

  370. yup, money & power is everything to him.
    He’s going to want a piece of the pie of LAL ownership if the Busses let him.

    Perhaps Kobe shooting poorly for the next 2-3 seasons will finally make Lakers fans publicly demand his retirement. Ego often has its way to find the self-destruct button.

  371. They won’t let you in earlier than 1 1/2 hours before the game and you need to have seats in the area near the players tunnel to get down there. Otherwise they won’t let you down there.

  372. Good to know.

  373. Wait… 2% as in 2% there? Hah! Or do you mean 2% body fat? Because that seems unhealthy!

  374. ha,ha. I’m sure he’s used to getting hit, the crazy amount of no calls he gets playing in the NBA 😀

  375. this is so cool. I don’t have any people interested either and I planning on going to a few games this year. hope you guys are able to get together.

  376. I have an old book in my library written by John Wooden on his faith and coaching. You can really see how his coaching has a pastoral aspect to it. He was not just a coach of basketball, he was also a coach of the spirit.

    It’s a bit like being a good parent. Imprint the rules of being righteous and good, then teach them how to be self ruled by those principals. Becoming a good teammate or family member is personal enactment of those principals.

    Great coaches have a way of making someone do things as if it was their own decisions. An easy illustration of this skill is Phil Jackson and how he was able to do it with MJ and Kobe. Even though Phil was born and raised a devout Christian, he used Zen as his own template of self guidance.

  377. Lol, the pride of an old lion must be chased away or killed. That’s the rule of the jungle. In the NBA that Kobe lives in, it’s kill or be killed. Kobe will forever be a loner because of this belief.

    Lin on the other hand sees his teammates and opponents as a fraternity of competitors that rely on one another to push each other to become greater at their craft. Lin lives by this ideal of the code of warriors.

  378. yes, Lin is tough. And it’s good the aunties don’t do any hair-pulling LOL

  379. I’m referring to 2% resembling JLin’s physical shape so .. yeah, 2 arms and 2 legs 😀

    2% body fat sounds like almost skim-milk ..hehe..

  380. ah, thanks. Staples Center is more strict than Phx US Airways center then.
    Here we can just walk to seats close to the tunnel if the ticket holders are not there yet

  381. One of my ex employers – a very difficult and weak man despite his large size – had a cocaine addicted son who met John Wooden when the son had a flat tire on the side of the road.

    Not only did Wooden help with the tire, he regularly contacted the young man to assist with beating the drug addiction. And the young man had no interest in basketball.

    Alas the intervention by Wooden did not work, but my employer spoke glowingly of Wooden’s generosity and personal interest.

  382. Great story, thanks for sharing.

  383. Thanks for sharing the story, @KHuang:disqus

    That’s a measure of a great man. Doing the right thing when noone else is watching.
    Even if it didn’t work out, it speaks volume about John Wooden’s character to keep contacting the struggling young man. I mean the guy must be so busy but still took the time.

  384. TTNN beat you to it…LOL

  385. Haha yeah… just saw it. I’ll delete.

  386. He already banked $20M courtesy of Linsanity. Set for life….

  387. Does anyone know what Lin sent this thank you note for?

    Here's a first: Thank-you note from an NBA player, even tho I was sometimes hard on him. Classy move, J-Lin pic.twitter.com/vLTYI26PkD— Mike Bresnahan (@Mike_Bresnahan) September 3, 2015

  388. Lakers game tix are always more expensive than CLippers .

  389. Nice picture of Jeremy in Honolulu, last year.


  390. Very interesting. It looks like a folder/envelope with ‘JLin’ & ‘Los Angeles’ written on the top

    I wonder if many LA reporters receive them or this is something specific to Bresnahan.
    I remember he was vocal about JLin leaving the locker-room early before all reporters came in (while listening to Kobe).
    It was a misunderstanding IIRC

  391. Lin’s shoulders definitely look bigger when we compare the pics from June 2014 to Sept 2015

  392. Jeremy Lin on failure, food, and free time


    These questions originally appeared on Quora. Ask a question, get a great answer. Learn from experts and access insider knowledge.

    Answers by Jeremy Lin, Point Guard for the Charlotte Hornets

    Q: What do NBA players do in their free time?
    Many NBA players enjoy spending time with family and friends because free time is so rare. Often times when we are on the road, we like to visit restaurants or places that are really particular to that area.

    Many cities have cool restaurants, malls, or landmarks that are always interesting to visit. For example, in LA, I love to go to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, or in New York, I love going to Sushi of Gari.

    Q: What is a typical daily diet for an NBA player during the season?
    My diet consists of healthy carbs, proteins, veggies, and fruits. For carbs I like to eat pasta, couscous and rice. All the meats I eat have to be lean and healthy like fish, chicken and steak. Every once in a while I’ll treat myself to a very unhealthy meal which usually consists of going to multiple fast food places in one night.

    More from Quora:

    Why do NBA players never get up by themselves after falling down? | How do street basketball players measure up against the professional NBA players?
    My biggest no-no’s are fried food, candy and soda. I’m a big snacker so it’s hard to give up my normal snacking habits. If I could pick, I would always drink soda, eat gummy candies and devour huge bags of chips. My snacking habits have been changed to yogurt, trail mix, granola and veggie platters…it’s the worst.

    Q: How has Jeremy Lin used his personal failures and mistakes to grow as a basketball player and as a person?
    Often times, failure makes me re-evaluate what I need to get better at, whether it is on the court or as a person. God has frequently turned my shortcomings and failures into life-changing experiences.

    For example, breaking my ankle junior year in high school taught me the lesson of humility and hard work as I watched my team lose in the playoffs without me. Before that happened to me I had a terrible attitude and was very arrogant. I was constantly getting kicked out of practice because of my attitude.

    During this time I also remember my older brother writing me a letter while he was away in college. His letter reminded me that my career could end at any time, and that all I could control was my attitude — that I shouldn’t take basketball for granted.

    The recovery process seemed to take forever because all I could think about was giving my best effort and adopting a humble attitude in training. I am confident that without this lesson, my career would have been over a long time ago.

    Q: What do NBA players do after games?
    NBA players shower immediately after a game (or at least I hope so). After that, many players get into a ice bath or cryo chamber, stretch to regenerate their bodies, and then grab a huge meal. Typically I eat anything in my way after a game because I am so hungry from expending so many calories.

    Q: How has Jeremy Lin been so successful even when so many people doubted his abilities?
    I think God has empowered me in many situations and really opened the door for the perfect opportunities that have allowed me to overcome obstacles in my life. I can undoubtedly say that God has been with me every step of the way, giving me strength even when I didn’t think I had enough to go on.

    For example, there were many times I thought about quitting basketball my rookie year, especially after getting sent to the D-league several times and again after getting cut from two teams my second year in the NBA. During those situations, God reminded me that everything happens for reason, and that He has a perfect plan and that my job is to glorify Him with my heart and work ethic.

    In addition, I have been blessed with an amazing support system. My family and friends have been with me every step of the way and have kept me grounded. While I was in the D-league, I remember my parents driving to every game in Reno, Nevada. Once they had to buy snow chains for our minivan tires in order to drive to one of my games since there was a snow storm coming through. They made it to the game by halftime!

  393. Thanks for sharing. Great interview.

  394. From the article in the tweet : “Palo Alto High School’s “Big Gym,” where NBA star Jeremy Lin played and famed wrestling brothers … , was demolished on Wednesday morning, Sept. 2, to make room for a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art sports complex.” Apparently, one family has donated millions of dollars to help build the new complex.

  395. I try to make a listing of Charlotte Hornets players according to their last season’s performance (RPM)
    Stats given are ORPM DRPM RPM
    Order according to their ranking in their positions

    Cody Zeller ——–PF ranked _5th 1.12 3.23 4.35
    Michael KG ——–SF ranked 10th -0.82 3.63 2.81
    Tyler Hansbrough PF ranked 15th 0.67 1.79 2.46
    Jeremy Lin ——–PG ranked 19th 1.39 0.27 1.66
    Nicolas Batum —–SF ranked 25th 0.26 0.12 0.38
    Marvin Williams —-PF ranked 31st -0.60 1.03 0.43
    Kemba Walker —–PG ranked 37th 0.97 -2.00 -1.03
    Al Jefferson ———C ranked 37th -1.47 0.56 -0.91
    Jeremy Lamb ——SG ranked 60th -1.42 -1.40 -2.82
    Spencer Hawes —PF ranked 62nd -2.60 0.91 -1.69

    What surprise me are the rankings of Cody Zeller, MKG, Tyler Hansbrough
    Tyler Hansbrough though signed almost with minimum is actually outstanding in his ranking in RPM.
    MKG has just been given a fat extension contract.
    Both Al Jefferson and Kemba Walker have had dismal seasons of their own.

    The weakest spot in the team is SG because their best SG last season was
    Gerald Henderson SG ranked 26th -0.65 1.01 0.36
    who was traded to Portland for Nicolas Batum.

    The stats seems to be reasonable by and large. My prediction according to RPM is that Jeremy and Nicolas Batum definitely should play a lot in SG position if the Hornets want to go to the playoff.

    Would Coach Clifford Put Cody Zeller, MKG, Tyler Hansbrough, Jeremy Lin and Nicolas Batum on the court at the same time?
    It seems to me that they probably would be the best combo on the court for the Hornets. It’s not really that crazy an idea.
    Jeremy definitely can make it work. The best defensive team for the Hornets!
    What do you think, KHuang?

    Anyway if Jeremy Lamb doesn’t have a step up performance next season, Hornets is going to have the problem with their depth in SG? The strength of this team is in PF and the weakness is in SG. Yes, I believe Jeremy Lin this time around will have enough minutes playing for the Hornets.

  396. Info on the new Palo Alto High Athletic Center. I’m sure JLin will be featured in their new hall of fame section.

  397. Browse the Lakersground.net forum, specifically the LG Neighborhood. Lots of useful info about attending games. Season ticket holders often offer to sell their tickets on there.

  398. Oh yes, last year was something.

  399. Will do … I still have to download the schedule. Lazy …

  400. I think “JLin” is the top of the return address and Los Angeles is in that ink dot pattern text that the post office prints on envelopes.

  401. Yeah, it’s Jeremy related cuz the kid is so cute… *.*

  402. For Jeremy’s fans, 280 isn’t at all too much!!!

  403. May all parents be as supportive as Jlin’s parents.

  404. The two preseason games that the Hornets play in China will be on NBATV live according to the schedule herein:


  405. As pointed out by realdsb, NBA has the game time wrongly published on the link above. However, on http://www.nba.com/gameline/20151011/ , the tip off time is correctly stated at 1.30am ET and so is the game held in Shanghai http://www.nba.com/gameline/20151014/

  406. Was that guy in black the one being A$$ slapped in the video??

  407. huh? really? when did it happen? ;P

  408. no…just checked, it was the guy in blue….The black shirt guy was the one who wants to eat “cake” LOL

  409. This is really above the sport itself….those are training to make the boy grow as a person, as cute one…LOL

  410. I mean, seriously somebody’s A$$ got slapped by Jeremy?

    Ok, I watched the vid again. It wasn’t Jeremy but Vanness who did that…my eyes were locked on Jeremy the whole vid, hardly noticed what Vanness was doing(sorry, Vanness) *.*

  411. LOL yes it was him

  412. Aya! *stomp* LOL

  413. I believe the Hornets will shoot out to a strong record at the start. I will not be shocked in the least if they are 15-5 or even 18-3 or something like that. It’s pretty obvious the NBA back loaded the Hornets record and by now it’s obvious Lin will explode off the bench if the Hornets organization is sincere in using him right and Lin will create score gaps off the bench the other team cannot prepare for.

    To start the season, most teams will still be foolish enough to treat benchwarmer Lin like any other typical benchwarmer and not give him the attention he deserves. Lin will slice up teams the first 20 games before opponents begrudgingly game plan for him. That will enable the Hornets to win most of those first 20 games.

    The NBA Is like a predictable broken record. I don’t see what these other people see when they say the Hornets will struggle with their record. Maybe they end up as a low seeded team, but I believe they will shoot out the gate to start the season.

    When I am proven right, I hope psalm and brent make me an honorary mod for the day or refer to me as Linstradamus from then on.

  414. You are back!!! for some reason….:P

  415. I have Linsanity forum chat withdrawal. I really hope Lin can help the Hornets win and amass a .600 record or better. I think failing to reach the Eastern Conference Finals will be a failure of a season for the Hornets. I think Lin fans have set the bar too low and are too concerned with Lin starting and getting stats.

  416. 98 games later, we will know 😛

  417. Not all Chinese people can read it. Having left when I was 10 and in a situation where the 2 main languages aren’t Chinese, you’d either live as a hermit or become fluent in the local languages. 50 years later, you can easily lose the written language if you don’t get to use it.

    I do sympathize with you. I’m in the same boat. I’ve been “past due off the boat” for many years now and since I live in a village with no Asians around for miles, it pretty difficult to remember how to order in Chinese when I do visit the big city Chinatowns.

  418. A question for people that watch Taiwanese b-ball games: is there a general lack of team defense? Or is it just just the highlights that make it look that way?

    I remember watching a few games a long time ago, and in general, it seemed very 1-on-1, street ball type playing. There was very little teamwork on both offense and defense.

  419. Lin’s little brother is better than I thought he’d be. This competition level is not all that for pro ball so I’m sure little Lin might not look so relaxed or capable against NBA level competition. However, he looked pretty good at this level. Nice shot, decent athlete for that level, and can move without the ball to keep the defense honest.

    Jeremy Lin though is just blessed with the athleticism in the family by leaps and bounds. Little brother seems like a better shooter just from his release and shooting form. But Lin’s shot is more NBA pro and Lin gets off the ground on his shots, sometimes to the detriment of making the shot.

  420. its just sub par pro level basketball.

  421. Hah! Cute kid. But no one makes a funnier noise when fighting than koalas,

  422. The competition is just smaller, slower, and less athletic.

  423. Their mom said Baby Lin is a better shooter.

  424. The concept are still “old” in TW…

  425. I would not play those players together.

    Stats don’t tell the whole picture, especially RAPM.

    The unskilled Zeller and the unathletic and unskilled MKG are conservative offensive players who can do decently against bad teams but are still playing in a net negative offense.

    Hansbrough, on the other hand, was Toronto’s spark off the bench despite being benched behind a nonproducing Amir Johnson and Patrick Patterson. That’s why Hansbrough ranks so high despite low minutes.

    Personally, I’d prefer the bench to be platooned as a single unit with Lin being the lone player that goes back and forth between the starters and bench. I don’t like MKG or Zeller with the much more talented bench.

  426. For those who only speak english, here’s what Lin was up to …


  427. lol. how deep does that go into playoffs? All the way knowing you.

  428. I sure hope that’s not the main reason #HeisHappy LOL

    Joy Jeng said he recognized JLin by his voice but the look might’ve thrown him off.
    The guy is happy with his #LifeTimeExperience

    Joy Jeng ‏@Loveforlife0323
    He said that he actually recognized @JLin7 more by JLin’s voice but his look lol..I agree w/ him bc JLin speaks Chinese w/ a unique accent

    Joy Jeng ‏@Loveforlife0323
    The guy listened music also posted pics on his FB saying he’s so excited & happy 2 meet @JLin7! #LifeTimeExperience

  429. Hello GoodDayLA!
    That’ll be a perfect season if The Hornets get to the EC finals! I’ll join you on the same ship. If everything goes well (teammates gellin, the coach staff coachlin, the team battlelin…), yeah, the sky is the limit.

  430. Yeah they prepare for Kemba Walker head on and get Jeremy Lin burning their tail off.

  431. Well they’re team players and time will tell. They show amazing balance in offense and defense. Zeller and Hansbrough definite can pick and roll with Batum’s long bomb keeping the offense honest. Batum and MKG are excellent perimeter defenders. Plus everyone of them would love to cut and drive to the rim. They have proved to be very effective players.

    Lots to look forward to in the Hornets preseason.

  432. It’s very “strange” that TW still leans on “old” concept despite the nation is avid fan of modern NBA.
    Maybe the sports ministry should take a hard look at the entire system if the country wants to remain competitive internationally.

  433. Huh. I predict the opposite. I expect a mediocre start (e.g. 10-10) where it takes a while for Lin to build trust and chemistry with his new teammates. I also think Kemba will shoot them out of a lot of games because he’s eager to “prove himself” as more than a 38% chucker.

    Also, while I think Lin will end up playing 28-30mpg by season’s end (even if he’s not a starter), he may start out the season at only 24-26mpg.

  434. i agree/with/zxcvb

  435. I’m inclined to agree with you though I have a slightly optimistic prediction as I expect 14-6 those 1st 20 games.
    The biggest challenge for Hornets isn’t CLE or OKC but GSW who play similar style/coaching yet better shooters.

  436. serena_winters Couldn’t help but share this because it reminds you how much it’s the little things that go a long way. Genuinely a good person & a class act. (And if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for handwritten notes & I still mail out all my thank you notes too so receiving one from someone else put quite a smile on my face this morning!)#thankyou #jeremylin

  437. 2015 EPA Hoop Fest.September 6th 2015
    link: http://www.teamesface.com/epahoopfest/

  438. I wonder if Linstradanus could predict how many people will be banned on that “honorary” day.

  439. Jeremy could learn a thing or two from his brothers form. It’s quick and efficient.

  440. It is hard to predict what is going to happen. We are all a bit wary after the last few seasons. Nevertheless I have seen some interesting season predictions here.

    So here are my thoughts on what could happen. I will assume that politics, native agendas and other such stuff will be minimal (unrealistic I know). Here goes:-

    1. If Jeremy is a bench player and a new player in the Hornets, it stands to reason that he will get lots of minutes in the preseason, when established players rest more. Lin will explode and people will be clamoring for him to start.

    2. Lin rides the momentum and confidence to a great start to the season. His bench will overpower any other bench easily. Lin gets more and more minutes since they need him to win.

    3. Not sure what happens now. Haha.

  441. oh, brother, you are back!

  442. BS would be considered a genius then in TW since his outdated “pro NBA” concept is so modern. Lol.

    When Andre Agassi broke into the game in the early 1980s, all the old school tennis teaching pros, USTA, and former tour players ALL said Agssi’s form was wrong and that all of the power came from his wrist snap. Then he started to beat everyone and they tried with no luck to teach his signature stroke. So they taugh kids to snap their wrist and ruined many player’s arms. For 20 years they kept saying it wasn’t a good stroke to copy when what they meant was they weren’t able to understand why it was so powerful, therefore it must be wrong!

    The NBA is going through this now with the new game from MDA and the quick release of Curry. The pencil pushers in power will forever look at credentials like those of Scott and Mchale and believe their “expert” opinions.

  443. Given time and developement, I believe Chinese athletes can be competitive with the best in the world.

    Li Na had to fight her own Chinese bureaucrats who believed Chinese ladies couldn’t compete against the best ladies of the world. They forced Li to play more doubles instead thereby stunting her growth as a singles player. In frustration she retired and forced the rubbers stampers to allow her to plat singles and control her own scheduling. Li slowly rose in the rankings by gaining mor eexlerience

  444. Serena got a handwritten note. The rest got a printed one..

  445. Of course, Serena is special. She really should lock it up in a safe as somebody suggested and I add she may show this to her children for years to come: the first thank note from the first Asian American Basketball Star in NBA.

  446. Kobe could definitely be hurt in the previous game and rest out for this one.

  447. Lin’s game does not depend on the big man that he has teamed with. Tyson Chandler could be great, Asik, Terence Jones, Dwight Howard are OK. Ed Davis is also special. Who would be his next PnR big? My bet should be on Frank Kaminsky?

  448. Very hard to know how the “trust and chemistry” will go. Training camp is pretty short, then only two games before they head off to China. Very few Americans have any idea whatsoever about the wild enthusiasm of Asian fans who show up for their idols in large numbers. Harden and Biebs were shocked (and jealous) the first time they witnessed the Jeremy fan tsunami. Every team has players with something to prove, jockeying for position. Between coach Clifford and the good Lord, I’m hoping (as you say when you’re trying to make a good jelly) it will “set up” well.

  449. I think they all got handwritten notes. The others just didn’t show the inside.

  450. JLin sent hand written thank you notes to select LA Lakers writers.

  451. I think they’ll be like 7 and 13.

    The starters are terrible and are actually weaker than last season.

    Lin and their bench will play fantastic, but the bench and Lin will not be on the court long enough to stave off defeat.

    Besides, it’ll be garbage time the moment Lin enters the game and so Lin will be fighting an uphill battle from the start.

  452. Batum is a good defender, MKG is not.

    Both players are clueless on offense. Batum is likely a major league bust at SG and MKG has no feel for the game.

    Clifford’s system will do a good job protecting them, but that only goes so far.

  453. It’s more impressive than even the most diehard Lin fans think.

    Magic, Stockton, and Isiah all played during the ILLEGAL DEFENSE era when it was much easier to score due to the ban on zone defenses!

    All the media “expurts” who still trash Lin as not being good enough to play in the NBA are too Asian hating to realize that if all of the players from the illegal defense are eliminated from the Lin comparison, then Lin’s achievement looks even more superhuman than it already does.

    I don’t even know who the 2nd guy behind Lin is in the modern post illegal defense era, regardless of position!

  454. Too bad the Lakers reporters including Medina were NOT class acts toward Lin.

    I’m so tired of the American media constantly spewing racist hatred at Asian Americans.

  455. It’s a testament of JLin’s ability that he can be spoken of in the same breathe as these greats.

  456. and the haters said it’s a weak stat..

  457. Haters have hijacked this exact same topic on the other forum.

  458. serena always has a great smile and good eye contact while interviewing players.

  459. Jeremy and I have similar hand writing, sloppy lol

  460. I’m hoping for Lin to be on court with Kaminsky a lot and Physco T to teach him some toughness. I also think Kaminsky is going to be the better of the top drafts. With the help of those two vets, he’ll have a big advantage over everyone else.

  461. Which is why many of us ditched the other forum, as the haters run unchecked.

  462. Do any of you remember if Jeremy gave thank you notes to the media / press people in Houston when he was leaving? If not, I wonder if it was because he was busy after being suddenly traded, or was he just unhappy with them? LA media definitely seemed a lot fairer to him than the Houston media.

  463. Don’t remember I have seen one from Houston. Wonder maybe the media in Houston wasn’t as friendly. Hence, they wouldn’t disclose any classy deed from JLin. JLin is a very consistent person, my belief is he did do this to every place he went.

  464. I can’t remember the ex-Rockets writer or podcaster name whom Lin gave a pair of red sneakers to. He wrote an article or talked about Lin’s classy move. I don’t want to click on their website. I think that guy had moved on from the team. I think he was the one wrote most positive things about Lin while Lin was there.

  465. Agree.

  466. Here’s the story of the “red sneakers” (Jason Friedman used to work for the Rockets) :

    “Jeremy Lin is the genuine article, the real deal,” said Jason Friedman, … , testifying to Lin’s character through his first-hand encounters with Lin last spring and behind-the-scene observations. During the team’s away game in Portland against the Trailblazers, the majority of Rockets’ players, coaches, and staffs shopped at the Nike Employee store, and he was looking at a pair of blue running shoes and Lin came walking by.

    “Oh, you’re getting those too?” Lin asked him. He replied yes but that he had been hoping to find them in red, only to find that the store has been long out of stock on that particular color. Then, the two chatted briefly about the shoes. About two hours later, someone knocked on his hotel door, and when he opened the door, a bellman was holding a pair of shoes. They turned out to the red pair that he had wanted in his shoe size.

    Lin’s simple gesture of kindness “blew me away,” wrote Friedman, adding that he was caught off guard not because of the shoes, but because of the “thought and effort involved.” Moreover, he said this event reminded him how simple acts of kindness makes “such a difference in the world and how we perceive it.”

    See : http://www.gospelherald.com/articles/49207/20131022/jeremy-lins-gesture-of-kindness-blew-me-away-says-houston-rockets-sportswriter.htm

  467. Jeremy is a consistent person. Maybe the Houston media just weren’t so friendly.

  468. This was Friedman’s tweet to Jeremy when Friedman left the Rockets …


  469. Why is the groom wears the same as the groomsmen? He should wear something different.

  470. I feel better about my handwriting after seen his.

  471. What? You can fully read his handwriting (or should I say hand printing).

  472. Maybe just in case the groom gets cold feet then any of them can step in? Hah 😀

  473. Jeremy follows Jason Friedman and Howard Chen on twitter, that says a lot about his friendship with them.

  474. Not it’s racism, stereotyping or jealousy, observed that Isiah Thomas has been pretty “unfriendly” toward Jeremy…

  475. Not sure if it’s racism or something else…

  476. Penny Lee
    @JLin7 had dinner at Bushido restaurant in
    MV the day before yesterday!
    (Credit bushidoizakaya )


  477. Interesting description of Lin:
    Deep League Sleeper: Jeremy Lin:

    I am not sure I am legally allowed to type “Jeremy Lin” and “sleeper” in the same sentence, let alone the same context. But, here we are.
    Lin was subject to a horrific fit with the Los Angeles Lakers last season, and now is somewhat under-the-radar as a combo
    guard with the Charlotte Hornets. He should serve as the primary backup to Kemba Walker, but Lin can play alongside him as well, giving him added real-life utility that could boost his fantasy bottom-line.
    The Hornets lineup right now is a bit wonky with Nicolas Batum starting at shooting guard, and it’s possible that Lin could see
    his fair share of time at the two when the team slides Batum over to his natural slot at the three.
    When he plays enough minutes, Lin has shown the ability to add points, assists, threes, and steals to table. In an offensively
    challenged environment like Charlotte, he could enjoy a very nice season as the go-to sixth man.
    As of this article, Lin is still ranked in ESPN’s Top 210 as the 142nd-ranked player, so he is going to get drafted in the latter
    rounds of many deep-league formats. He is a guy that you may have to pull the trigger on during the draft, rather than take a wait-and-see approach.

  478. here’s Friedman’s article on Lin:


  479. I could feel the Friedman’s deep appreciation for Jeremy class acts, a dedicated player with integrity. Shouldn’t be surprised that Friedman didn’t want to stay in that scheming, crooked org.

  480. the key words here are ” when he plays enough minutes”.

    as i have attempted to point out here thru direct analysis game to game when lin gets more than his average minutes he (and his team) perform signficantly better.

    when he gets less: not so much.

    this was true both in houston and la.

  481. funny. (and realistic!) .

  482. In SBL for example. From what I can see. You can tell coaches were trying to install NBA sets….but the players could not make the reads properly or I should say, can not read it like NBA players. This problem comes from training when they were young. Athleticism and personal ball skills were emphasized too much. JMO

  483. Are you talking about Isiah Thomas the ex Pistons great or Isaiah Thomas the Celtics guard?

    Isiah Thomas the ex Pistons great has been VERY complimentary of Lin over the years. He’s the one who’s in this statistical discussion.

    Isaiah Thomas of the Celtics is a competitor against Lin. He’s not supposed to like Lin.

  484. If it’s Isaiah Thomas of the Celtics, it’s simply because he cannot physically compete with Lin and thus has to play borderline dirty to make plays against Lin.

  485. I think it was on truehoop.com years ago that I read that a player’s per minute production typically increases exponentially if they get past 30 mpg.

    When I read that, I thought “Of course, a player worthy of playing 30 mpg will be more trusted by teammates and coachrs alike”.

    Now there are slow unathletic unskilled scrubs like Patrick Beverley who cannot produce more if handed 30+ mpg, but Bev would never even make the NBA had he not been “Lin’s replacement”.

  486. On that forum, there are more topics trashing Lin and Lin fans than there are celebrating Lin.

  487. Heh heh.

    Fantasy basketball is purely STATS BASED.

    Thus racial eye test biases against Lin don’t apply.

    If Lin is looked at strictly numerically, he’s a phenomenal fantasy basketball stats pickup!

  488. This

  489. Looking at the pictures, it seems like the bride is also Asian, so I’m really wondering what Asian last name was translated into “Sheen?” Or maybe she was adopted?

  490. is the bride pregnant already?

  491. I think she saw him not because he really that stands out among the rest,(especially in such a blurry pic) rather, it’s because he is all that is on her mind. Lol ^_^

  492. The continent of Asians is very broad. Some of them translated to pronunciation that is closed to their original language, that might not look like the typical Asian names people generally recognized, say something like “lee”, “Chen”, “Wong”, “Kim”…etc.

  493. Recently, there was an analysis presented at the “Nylon Calculus” web site, studying shots labelled “grenades.” A “grenade” was defined as a shot taken with less than five seconds left on the shot
    clock, when the shooter had had possession of the ball for 5 seconds or more. It’s a “last ditch” shot attempt.

    The table below shows the top performing point guards, ranked by effective field goal percentage. The data analyzed was from the 2014-15 season. To be included, a player had to have shot at least 30 “grenades.” Players who played on more than one team had their data combined and their affiliation given as TOT (i.e. total).

  494. Incredible find, Arsenium12.

    On that list, Jeremy Lin is the only player who is actively being frozen out by teammates and coaches.

    The interesting thing about Lin is that his FG% in the last 5 seconds of the shotclock is the same as his overall FG%. That indicates that Lin is the same high efficiency super aggressive scoring guard that he is in the previous 19 seconds of the shotclock.

    Hardcore unbiased Lin fans have noted over the last three seasons that Lin can accurately shoot under pressure when his iso teammates are throwing the ball to him in desperation. I’d bet money that if a stat were developed that broke down the last 5 second shots into deliberate plays vs bailout heaves, Lin would lead not just those players but the entire NBA in scoring off bad passes.

    Haters who claim that Lin “can’t shoot” and that Lin “doesn’t shoot enough” would be greatly angered upon seeing this excellent statistical analysis that proves them totally wrong.

  495. There are the sandals you all love so much 🙂

  496. Why should the author APOLOGIZE for writing “Jeremy Lin” and “sleeper” in the “same sentence or context”?

    How come the author can’t just come out and compliment the Asian guy? Is it because the author is afraid of the media backlash that strikes out at journalists for complimenting an Asian guy?

    The author wrote a great article and was bold enough to actually proclaim Lin as a positive, which very few American media journalists dare do.

  497. With all the weddings I play professionally, I’m surprised I haven’t played for a wedding involving Lin yet.

  498. Can you please give me the link so I can tweet it out? Thanks.

  499. maybe she is adopted?

  500. Best Man- @JLin7 with Maid of Honor- Esther Suh at Jung’s wedding!


  501. @JLin7 (IG)Extremely proud of @phillip_jung n @hannah_sheen..Congrats on the beautiful wedding!! #twobecomeJUNG http://t.co/cMdRqy0EGu

  502. Doest look like it from a frontal picture that Lin just posted. Maybe just shadows here.

  503. uh, this is not the status for the bumb we usually talked about, like teammates pass out the last second shot to Lin. No, this stats is for the play of hero ball, who was holding onto the ball too long, and since the shot clock is running down, the player has to throw up a shot.

  504. http://nyloncalculus.com/2015/09/04/horseshoes-and-shot-clock-grenades/

    So this is the website that give out the analysis, however, I do have problem with Nylon Calculus site, that site was somehow lousily maintained and if you go to the link I gave, their data table was messed up. It was way more complete when they first published the data, but somehow, at this moment, the data is obviously not complete, and a lot of things were messed up.

    In this case, the Grenade shot was described as an hero ball, the ball was in a player’s hand for at least 5 s and they have to shot it within 5s of the shot clock.

  505. It doesn’t matter whether the stat is for Lin holding the ball or Lin catching it.

    Since Lin’s always the LAST option on whatever team he’s playing for, he always has to create a shot out of nothing with no help from teammates or coaches.

    While other players have plays run for them, Lin does not. It doesn’t matter if he’s catching a bailout pass or is stuck trying to create while his teammates either are stationary or have been defensed out of the play.

    Lin has to CREATE and he does so as well at the end of the shot clock as he does in the beginning of the shot clock.

  506. listed here is eFG%, not FG%.
    LIn’s regular season overall eFG% is 47.3%.

  507. I saw your message left there. Sure hope the website would notice.

  508. That’s exactly what’s interesting about.

  509. Hi. Here is the data for the upper-half of the PG contingent. If you want the other (lower-half) data just let me know. Kemba Walker had 81 shot attempts with an eFG% of 27.2%. Among PGs, only Trey Burke had a lower eFG% (24.0%).

  510. essie137: Rehearsal dinner with the fam #twobecomejung #latergram @JLin7


  511. Here is where the reception was held. It’s in San Ramon, about 45 miles inland from Palo Alto.

  512. The only “sleeper” the author meant is inappropriate, is that Lin is too exciting to watch. No sleeping there.

  513. She should stand on the chair.

  514. Head, shoulders, and hair above the rest, lol!

  515. Yes, different languages and dialects translate differently.

  516. zam.. are you stalking him. That’s bad.

  517. what. is. up. with his flaming hair. He can die it red/orangish and it will look cool.. not with just black..unless it’s all burnt

  518. zamm. I don’t see dragic braggic there.
    And also all this is useless if the media doesn’t think lina is a coola duda.

  519. because he knows there is a lot of haters out there.

  520. is this isiah thomas the same isiah thomas that is short and with the celtics?

  521. bcecause they say he wasn’t scouted and also plays in mda system because he is an ‘mda’ boy like the emedia said.

  522. actually I predict that in the future, jlin will be remember as the first and best bball player in the nba..and given credit for it since by then, the asian population sprobably exponentially exploded and it’s common and therefore, it’s more ‘acceptable’ to have an asian sport bball player so to speak.

  523. oh,
    you saying that all starters (or the one who is taking his place position wise) has to be injured in order to be 13 and 7.

  524. don’t have optimistism..
    you will have disappointism.
    Look at the lakerism.
    I was optimistism..but end up being disappointism because of bryonscottism phisophy on bball.

  525. .

  526. Perhaps by the time the season starts he will comb it over to a David Beckham style. If someone with Photoshop skills could replace a Beckham photo with JLin face and perhaps a Hornets Jersey and we will get a sneak peak of what he will look like when the season starts.

  527. “Dragic Braggic?”

    That’s really funny because it’s true!!!

  528. Close enough.

  529. Penny Lee‏@penny10654

    @JLin7 at @phillipjung ‘s wedding 2015/09/05 (: heeweddingsandevents)


  530. Absolutely not.

    This is Pistons great “Isiah” Thomas who played 35 years ago. He’s the player in this statistical comparison against Lin.

    Celtics guard “Isaiah Thomas” with the extra “a” in his first name was named after “Isiah Thomas”.

  531. Wow, even Curry is only 39.1% well below JLin 44.3%

  532. Penny Lee‏@penny10654
    sean_kelly_805 S/O to my guy @JLin7 n @adidas 4 linking up w/@teamesface 2 make one heck of a the day 4 so many kids


  533. Penny Lee‏@penny10654
    jimboyao(IG): I also got some hella nice free stuff!!! @JLin7 thx!! cc:@PeteStopTire


  534. Richard Yao‏@PeteStopTire
    @jlin7 Always a Great role model for kids


  535. I just got my ticket to see Jeremy in the Miami Heat preseason game on Oct 4th. So stoked! Also, I’m going to be in Orlando on Oct 3rd and am contemplating if I can sneak away from the conference activities, which is why I’m in Orlando in the first place, to watch that game as well… Can you tell that I’m trying to slake my thirst for Jeremy bball games!!?!! Please don’t mistake me for a groupie, following him from game to game. It’s just that I have not see him play live for the past couple years. Now that he is in the east coast and in the same division as the Heat, I get to be lucky enough like the fans in LA last year and be able to go to watch him play SEVERAL times this season. Which I am planning on doing… Woo hoo!

  536. Great! Be sure to give us a game report. You going to be sitting somewhere where you can see the interaction on the bench?

  537. I think I picked lower level seats near the Visitor bench, so I hope I can get a good view of the game and the team, crossing my fingers that I see good interactions with his new teammates and coaches.

    And yes- I’ll do my best to do a game report… Not extremely bball knowledgeable but can share my take based on what I know.

  538. JLin responded and told him not to swear. LOL

  539. JLin is always a good role model & knows how to talk to kids.

  540. 27+ days.

  541. Sheen = Shin. Sounds same.

  542. That could be it. I always find these different translations to really neat. I had a friend with the last name Jing (gold) but they translated it to King.

  543. points per game leaders thru first two games of eurobasket (current nba players only)–might have missed one or two marginals not sure still in league but the known commodities:

    1. gallinari
    2. gasol
    3. bjelica (looks like could be a steal for the whatever the team is called in minnesota)
    4. parker
    5. valanciunis
    6. illasoyva
    7. casspi
    8. nowitski
    9. gortat
    10. batum (lin upcoming teammate)

  544. Serious props to those of you who are able to find snippets of Linfo and then share with the rest of us.

  545. Yes, that’s what I’m saying.

    The Hornets starting lineup might be the worst in the entire NBA.

  546. This site is AMAZING.

    The personal information on Lin and the generalized NBA analysis are unmatched anywhere.

    Plus, this forum is completely troll free. Even the trolls that are not banned here have zero interest in posting on a site that doesn’t allow flaming.

  547. It’s not useless.

    We Lin fans and our stats and video analysis on this forum are the ONLY counter to the overwhelming hatred of Asian Americans in the American media.

    Anybody can read this forum and go against us if they dare. Let the haters bring their stats and video analysis, and we’ll shoot all that down just like we’ve been shooting all the other Lin hate down for the last 5 seasons.

    We are publicly saying “HELL NO” to the constant race based lying and cheating that racist haters use to artificially bash Lin.

  548. 39.1% is still acceptable efg% in the last 5 seconds.

    Also, Curry’s level of difficulty on those shots rivals Lin’s in that Curry draws almost as much defensive coverage as Lin does.

  549. They should also compile a stat of % made where they were passed a “grenade” by teammate where they had 5 sec or less to shoot. Harden loves throwing grenades to Lin.

  550. Lovely picture of Jeremy with the kids at the basketball clinic held in East Palo Alto, on the weekend…

  551. Here’s one more …

  552. Article discussing rotation patterns and line-up strategies for the Hornets. Includes a nice video highlighting Lin’s passing …


  553. He is so great with kids 🙂

  554. so let this just sit there like the rotten meat that it is. what a jerk.

  555. i seriously love his hair. all jokes aside I really love it.

  556. Agreed. It’s a rather ridiculous way to beg for attention by showing major disrepect to the fan base of one of the Hornet’s new players.

  557. We’ll just be patient, in 26 days JLins play will do the talking for us.

  558. Is that a loop playing the same drill over and over again?

  559. Optimum input from each of the nine players. Guess what: Kemba Walker, MKG, Al Jefferson, Batum, JLin, Jeremy Lamb, Mavin Williams, Zeller (Kaminsky), Steve Hawes (Tyler Hansbrough). The bracketed player plays the third string. So I guess Kaminsky and Hansbrough will not be in the nine man rotation unless one of the nine is hurt.

  560. I rather not hype.. that way.. ‘linsanity’, despite it’s old, can really be reborn.

  561. what about that old jeremylin.net

  562. but thing is, I do notice lin gets more 3 point shots IN at the last minute. (I guess that’s what people say clutch).. I think maybe is because he doesn’t ‘think’ too much… just automatic release.. especially the image I’m having as I”m typing is when he shot over chris paul last minute when he was a lakie.

  563. 2 pull up midrange jump shots from the FT line. Nice soft touch.

  564. I do not see how it is possible?

  565. kids love people who are willing to play with them, like a kid.
    Mark my word, if you want be love by kids. ( ̄▽ ̄) I speak from my extensive experiences.

  566. I am fairly confident that Jeremy will get decent minutes. In addition, I just hope he can close games out. I am sure he will play so well most nights that the coach will let him finish the game. Anyone know if coach Clifford “rides the hot hand”?

  567. The long wait is almost over:-)
    19 days to Media Day!
    20 days to Training Camp
    27 days to 1st preseason game

  568. It’s a great feeling to know that this training camp will easily be 10K times better than last year’s.

  569. Don’t hate me for this, but this ‘do really reminds me of the Inhuman version of Raina in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season two…

  570. Yup. And glad to see the mods have put up the Amazon referral links. So remember to click on it before you buy anything from Amazon.

  571. Props

  572. More hate of the Asian American by the media.

    This hatred of Asians in the American media will never go away.

  573. If Clifford inserts Kaminsky and Hansbrough into the game, he won’t be able to take them out.

  574. Too much anti Lin flaming, too much trolling.

  575. Clifford does these things:

    1) Benches players that are not playing his defensive system

    2) Uses stats to pick the lesser of two evils when you have a brick handed scrub like MKG still playing better than whoever would come in for him.

    3) Seems to be able to bench an offensively nonproductive player in favor of a producing one – though there’s no telling what happens with Lin who historically whoops Walker.

  576. Charlotte’s bench will demonstrate amazing team play.

    The starters, NO.

  577. Where’s Kobe’s angry face?

  578. No hype can understate or jade audiences toward Linsanity.

  579. Why doesn’t that journalist pick on the most highly paid offseason pickup: Nicholas Batum?

    How come the journalist has to choose the $2 million player, not the $13 million one???


  580. That is good to know.

    My feeling is that MKG should be giving up minutes to Batum while Jeremy plays at SG. That seems to be the best way to give Lin minutes without benching Walker.

  581. Once that superbench comes in and starts whooping the starting lineup, Steve Clifford’s intended rotations will be completely thrown out of whack.

  582. Agree.

    If the team wants to win, MKG needs to play as little as possible or at least be surrounder by guys like Kaminsky and Hansbrough and Lin and Lamb that will carry him.

    Of the three Charlotte small forwards, Marvin Williams is by far the best player.

  583. Hooo hooo…its getting closer…my current travels is killing me…

    Oh man…I missed the preseason schedule game in China…I will be there a week prior to that and than flying to HK 🙁

  584. Is that even hair? I mean those spikes on Raina’s head…

  585. https://mobile.twitter.com/hornets/status/641266406701465601

    Looks like Jeremy is going to be at Charlotte on September 22. Something else to look forward to!

  586. In a way, it’s good that Lin endured that training camp which was designed strictly to injure him so that Kobe could “beat Lin”.

    After that, all future training camps will be a joke to Lin in terms of difficulty and injury risk.

  587. Are you a flight attendant?

  588. “A player has to be selfish in the pursuit of the development of his skills, but he can not be selfish when it comes time to blend them in with what’s good for his team ” –Agree!

  589. Hay, those are new photo shots? Based on his hair style. I think his hair style start to grow in me, and I kind of like it now.

  590. Just a thought, Coach Clifford used to hide Kemba to guard a lesser guard and leave the PG to their SG. Now if he left Batum to play SG, even he could guard PG, he is not fast enough to play that position long enough, and compare Lamb and Daniel, both of them are not good in guarding PGs, so that job would most likely fall on Lin, who is big and a willing defender. So that’s another reason coach Clifford will play Lin a bit more even with Kemba. They traded Gerald Henderson who used to guard PGs last season.

  591. It will all start with how Lin match up with Kemba in training camp….

  592. “At the Hive” is doing a series on the new Hornets acquisitions. First up is their analysis of Batum’s offense creation abilities. They’re going to do Jeremy next — but they’ve chosen to focus on his perimeter defense among the various talents he brings to the team?

    His defense is better than analysts usually give him credit for. I guess we’ll have to wait to see why they’ve chosen to give their observations about Jeremy’s defense rather than his offense.

  593. Nicholas Batum is going to be in trouble next season.

    It’s one thing to “create” when LaMarcus Aldridge and Damien Lillard and Wesley Matthews are roaming the perimeter and have to be guarded even when they don’t have the ball.

    It’s another thing entirely to create on this Charlotte team with Kemba Walker who can’t shoot or drive, MKG who can’t shoot and is largely clueless as to how to play, and with Batum himself who will be forced to put the ball on the floor and make 2 guard decisions on and off the ball that he’s never made in his entire career.

    For all I know, Batum could come in and suddenly dribble and cut as a 2 guard as if he were the second coming of Jeremy Lin. But I’ll wait until Batum actually produces at a 2 guard before I stop feeling doubt over him.

    As for Lin, he’s THE BEST perimeter defender in the NBA regardless of position. Lots of people get angry at me for saying that over the last 4 years, but the shutdowns of All Stars and the defensive RAPM comparisons and the statistically significant blocks and steals that usually are at the top of the NBA all point like a flashing neon sign to Lin’s defensive domination.

    Prior to seeing Lin play, I felt that Michael Ray Richardson and Jason Kidd were the best defensive guards I had ever seen. But now I feel that Lin is better than both of them defensively.

  594. Jeremy Lamb probably could guard the PGs.

    He’s got the All Star athleticism, the court intelligence, the proper fundamentals, and the willingness to get after people.

    What Lamb didn’t have in previous years was the physical maturity. He has that now, and he’ll be a terrific NBA defender.

  595. hmm, I did not get the impression that Lamb is a good defender. He got all the tools to defend, but I don’t have the impression that he is determined to defend.

  596. Amazing, just realized that the whole starting 5 of Hornets, only AI and Batum are shooting at the league average or above league average of FG% at rim or within 3 ft close to rim. Kemba, MKG and Zellar were all at least 5% below League average, more than 10% for Kemba. And both AI and Batum were taking only half of the league average of their shot in that region.

    I thought MKG and Zeller were good finisher at rim, and I’m really disappointed to find out they are not really that good of a finisher, then without outside shots, Batum will be left on a no man’s land. Poor Batum. And this starting 5 will be sad, and hopefully they will change that somewhere into Dec.

  597. Agree. No going half way. AllLin! Exudes confidence.

  598. Same as sonic the hedge hog

  599. The haters just look at the Laker’s terrible W/L record last year and point the finger at Jeremy Lin, instead of the coach.

  600. Boozer and Hill were mostly mid range jump shooters, they were putting up the same shot with more or less the same % or without Lin on the court. Ryan Kelly was going through a bad shooting slump after coming back from a hamstring injury.
    Clarkson is more comfortable looking for his own shot off the dribble, instead of making shots off the pass. As the season came to a close and Lin was replaced by Clarkson in the starting lineup, the Lakers started playing more fast paced and put up more 3’s. This was probably the coach’s decision, to put up more points in transition even if the team was losing the game overall. The change in pace was beneficial to Wesley Johnson, Ellington, Clarkson, and Jabari Brown.

  601. That’s mostly true. Ellington was the point guard when he was on the floor, even though it was obviously not his game.

  602. Waking up and seeing another item that we are able to look forward to:
    22 September Open House – JLin autograph session; exactly two weeks away.
    Anyone is able to attend this??? Please do a full report if you are attending:-)

  603. No idea, Charlotte may have just photoshopped an old pic. It looks like his LA haristyle to me.

    And for what it’s worth, his current hairdo has grown on me, too!

  604. Apparently Jeremy has the most twitter followers (1.47m) among the Hornets players. I’d expect some of his team mates will gain instant boost if they’re friendly with and play well alongside him.

  605. My suspicion that this was taken when he first signed up with Hornets. That was back in July. The only way to compare the two is going back to the time and compared the pics:-)

  606. Ok. Did find the vid that JLin met with media back in July. I’m wrong on this:-)

  607. Maybe. I’ve never followed any of JLin teammates except Landry and Novak. That was way after Linsanity event (maybe a year or more after Linsanity).

  608. The Starters: Kemba, JL #7, Batum, Al, Zeller. 2nd Unit: Lin (again), Lamb/Daniels, MKG, Kaminsky, Hawes/Hansbrough.
    Ride JL #7 like a Secretariat, 35+ mpg – Get as many W’s.

  609. DeAndre Jordan was the steal of free agency. He was truly stolen from the mavs.

  610. If you have zero fire power…I guess it is really hard to win games..

  611. Lol, Mak wouldn’t dignify such a question. A lot of VPs do a lot of travel. My cousin flew all over the world and hated it. All you ever see is the hotel and the clients and nothing in between.

  612. I wonder if part of that is Kemba not getting them the ball in the right position to score. Wouldn’t surprise me if team shooting average goes up with JLin on the floor breaking down the defense and getting teammates easy buckets.

  613. Haha! At least on pssport it looks like you been to many places. ^.^

  614. Agree on the blessing in disguise, but before the 20/20 hindsight perspective kicked in, it was worrisome for us fans as that workload could potentially cause serious injury, as it contributed to Randle’s.
    Also, it was a high price to pay as it did affect Jeremy’s stats on the court, and therefore his FA market value (in addition to Lakers’ tanking record). Early in the season Jeremy was getting real close to 50/40/90 before exhaustion caught up with him.

  615. FYI NBA made a change regarding playoff seeding based on records, not divisions.
    They might eliminate divisions soon, then perhaps conference in the future.
    West is much stronger than East conference so that might be the direction.


  616. Coach Clifford will have to make adjustment if the starting five fall behind early. Jeremy Lin may then have more minutes.

  617. Inept lineup will be replaced.
    Perhaps JLin will step in sooner and Frank Kaminsky will take over Zeller’s starting spot. Jeremy Lamb, Marvin Williams, Tyler Hansbrough, Steve Hawes will break into the rotation too. There are tons of opportunities for the bench to make up for any deficiencies in the starting five. After a few games, the real starting five will be in place.
    This season is for win and coaches will not tolerate inept performances.
    Nothing is carved on stone on the starting five. Even MKG, Kemba, big Al are replaceable.

  618. He sure has the wing span.

  619. FYI, Byron Scott is now receiving his due attention from sport writers. They’re not distracted by players thrown under the bus by him anymore.

    Can Byron Scott create a future for the Lakers while stuck in the past? By Matt Moore

  620. word!!! l:( sadly!

  621. How I wish!…

  622. A passport that I dump every year and half!…sigh It gets filled pretty fast

  623. I kinda doubt it…dont think its his latest picture

  624. Kinda scary when you thik about it…hope the Coach get his buyin and free to move around players, without much misunderstandings and ego

  625. For once, I dont mind they talk about his defense

  626. Good to see some sane writers out there

  627. JEREMY LIN Charlotte Hornets

    Tuesday, September 22, 2015



    Time Warner Cable Arena
    333 East Trade Street
    Charlotte, NC, 28202
    United States

  628. http://www.cravetheauto.com/autograph-appearances/2015/9/22/jeremy-lin-charlotte-hornets

    Autographs are free at this open house event! Hurry and register!!

  629. Amazing post.

  630. Because Kemba Walker cannot shoot over people and cannot drive past them, opponents guard Walker very loosely and encourage him to shoot his low percentages.

    Since opponents don’t really have to guard Walker, opponents can sag into the passing lanes and take away Walker’s passing targets.

  631. “Opponents guard Walker loosely” can that be the reason for Walker’s lower turnover ?

  632. Yes, that’s a big part of the reason.

    In the NBA, a brick shooter like Walker is encouraged by opponents to shoot as much as he wants.

    Also, Walker does play for Clifford who has such an organized system that even Kemba Walker cannot mess it up past a certain point.

  633. Maybe some crazy trade could happen where Roy Hibbert is sent to CHA, Markieff Morris is sent to the Lakers, and Al Jefferson is sent to the Suns.

  634. They’d better bring their stats and video.

    I’m sick of the constant media fantasy that Lin cannot defend just because he’s Asian.

  635. It was NOT exhaustion that knocked Lin out of his early season dominance.

    It was Byron Scott artificially benching Lin for outplaying Kobe Bryant.

  636. Trust me, Lamb WILL defend.

  637. yet Kemba is the starting PG and Lin the lowly backup PG who plays behind him. And that will not change barring injury. My fear and my expectation this season is that this is a good statistical year for Lin (say 15ppg, 5 ast at a minimum) in terms of maxing out stats as a bench warmer. But I think the team will underperform, wrong players and combinations will be played, and most Lin fans will be frustrated that Lin does not play more or get handed the keys to lead the team to more wins.

    I think it will be Houston 2.0 for Lin and that still might be good enough for 6th seed in the weak east.

    That’s a real steal

  639. It’ll definitely be better than Houston, but you are right in that Lin won’t be allowed to lead the team to more wins.

  640. It won’t make that much of a difference.

    The West is simply run by better owners than the East is.

    Also, players prefer “destination franchises” in the West Coast. That’s why teams like Charlotte routinely have trouble signing good free agents.

  641. I read some earlier post stating that Lin would not be permitted to contribute to more Hornets victories. IMO, as a novice, I think he will. He would not have joined the team if he had not had FAITH he would be given freedom to excel.

  642. Jeremy at the wedding …

  643. Where’s Jeremy? Look for the guy with the tallest hair …

  644. One more … (all of these are via LibraFree)

  645. Doesn’t it concern anyone that the coach supposedly recognizes Lin’s abilities, but at the same time has Walker as the starter who doesn’t bring nearly what Lin has to the table?
    Do you think he knows he has to have Lin show everyone else that he should start before putting him in that spot?

  646. Agree – and there’s more.

    Everybody here not only knows this but is aware that it might not even be a “Walker vs Lin” issue.

    Lin’s more needed as a SG than as a PG on this team.

    The Hornets don’t have a single SG other than Lin who is proven. Lin’s played SG for the last three seasons and can be the dribble driving offensive star that the Hornets desperately need because of Walker and MKG’s utter inability to produce from the perimeter.

    Clifford will likely figure out that Lin’s presence protects Walker and that the team cannot win without Lin playing SG.

    If anything, it might be a “Lin vs Batum” issue.

  647. I think he will….l

  648. If true, it will certainly improve the quality of NBA playoff since good Western team like OKC would’ve gotten in before Brooklyn Nets & Boston Celtics w/ losing record

    It should be a better product for the fans.

    But NBA really needs to fix the “tanking” strategy to get lottery picks. Last season it was so horrible to watch Lin w/ Lakers

  649. I like the idea of just take the top 16 teams regardless of the conferences…better

  650. An improvement but what they should really do is take the top 16 teams with the best records regardless of East or West! Next understood the need to separate East vs West conference.

  651. Jeremy at the Jubilee Conference (via LibraFree) …

  652. One more from the same conference …

  653. So either the groom or the bride is Korean. Mother is wearing traditional Korean dress.

  654. Dang, looking jacked son!

  655. The linkage to Nicolas Batum’s ability to create offense key for Charlotte.

  656. Like you said, this must be a crazy trade. Roy Hibbert for Al Jefferson! I’m not sure Byron Scott want to make this trade.

  657. I think they are both Korean parents.

  658. Nobody will give you the position that you want in NBA and you have to beat down someone to get it.
    When opportunity comes, Lin will grasp it.

  659. Also BS inserted guards like Jordon Clarkson who doesn’t know a damn thing about court spacing and all he did was chucking up the shots and asked his teammates to make space for him.

  660. Batum is the first Hornet who sent his welcome message to Jeremy. Yeah after the Rockets-Trailblazer series, they get to know each other better than any others in their team.

  661. Mo Williams had a fantastic season with the Hornets until Kemba Walker went back into the lineup. Seems that Kemba a bit toxic to other players. Lance Stephenson simply flopped playing with him.

    The major addition of Hornets is more than 50% of what Hornets were. Jeremy + Batum would make a difference in playmaking. Steve Hawes would give solid backup to big Al. Kaminsky could probably replace Zeller, Jeremy Lamb remains questionable though.

    Only MKG is the franchise player. The rest are all movable.

  662. Still remember the Portland-Rockets series, Jeremy was definitely the star of the series for the Rockets. It’s the coach, Kevin McHale who lost the series for the Rockets. What did Portland have? Lillard, Lmar Aldridge, Nick Batum, Wes Matthews and Robin Lopez. Wes Matthews is paid a max contract. Lillard is signed for another. Nick Batum is traded to the Hornets. Lmar Aldrige is another max contract player. Sixth man Mo Williams is still productive over 30s playing for Cavaliers. Jeremy ought to be an elite player to be able to dominate in a few games of the series and matched up with them.

  663. overall i agree with yer assesment; the only note missing that some long time hornets fans mite add would be that its as much or more “big al” who is “toxic” to the rest of the team; as a poor defending, out of shape, offensive black hole. (not the opinion of all but i think more see him as a problem than do walker).

    jefferson was eveidently way overweight last year and after all he is no “spring chicken” as my parents would have said back in the day.

    tho many hornets fans think that stephenson will go back to favorable numbers away from charlotte i think its more likely he will not.

  664. added 3 inches of lean hair height too.

  665. updated eurobasket indvidual scoring leaders: (nba players only)

    1. gasol
    2. gallinari
    3. schroeder
    5. caspi
    7. parker
    8. illyasova
    9. mirotic
    10. bargnani

    note: king of fiba americas luis scola and j.j. barea (world cup scoring leader last summer) leading scoring there (nba players only)

  666. How do you like this:

    Therefore, the Hornets appear to have received good value with their haul. Lin is more of a playmaker than Kemba Walker and should be able to supply decent production off the bench. In spot duty, Lin can be effective, as he was with the Lakers. When given a load to carry, then his faults rise to the surface, as they did in Houston.


  667. what faults exactly?.. I’m asking.. not saying lin is flawless.

    Also from those replays.. I dont’ think kemba and lin can mesh well as it seems like kemba needs the ball in his hands so he can do those ankleo breakers. (reminds me of hardenio). So when he is doing that, lin will be standing/spotting around? I don’t see how this is ‘spur-like’. let me know what yall thinkobingos.

  668. Everyone entitles to their POV…including those writers…will await the season to start….only then we would know how Lin is being used and how soon he is adaptive of the system

  669. lin should not only be the one to adapt? how about kemba and all adapting to each other. If lin is the one to adapt and all others.. to say kemba.. it’s no different than when he was in houston ‘adapting’ for hardenio.

  670. Sorry, I have to disagree with your “Everyone entitles to their POV…including those writers..”

    Professional and responsible journalism have to have facts to back up. A subtle jab that appears to be POV simply cant justify lazy and biased opinion. Back the statement up with analysis. Otherwise, it’s irresponsible and unprofessional to simply throw in a statement which nullifies FACT.

  671. “When given a load to carry, then his faults rise to the surface, as they did in Houston.”

    Contrary to this statement, when Jeremy carried the load in Houston and LA, good things happened. McHale and Byron Scott didn’t want Jeremy to shine and we repeatedly vented the unfair treatments here often enough…

    For me, this is discouraging the Hornets to play Jeremy minutes for him to produce for the team.

  672. if lin die his hair
    should be color
    of red on the
    outside.. orange
    on the center so
    it looks like his
    head is on firagra
    .. smoking..

  673. or just the color green..so it looks like weeds or needed to trim grass

  674. I do agree with you as a Lin fan, because a parent will always be bias towards their own child, similarly fans. Why?, bcoz, they know, what Lin is capable of at micro level.

    My contention is general population and sports fan are not gonna look at micro level, hence its always at macro level. Bottomline, has he produced?…immaterial to the environment of push back or shuffled with minutes and rotations and role.

    He still need to produce…the problem or rather the good notion/intention of Lin is, he puts team before him, which is not a bad thing, but from a business/performance sense, no one cares, they will only look at you as individual first and only then as a team contributor.

    Its the same in working environment, if you want to be heard, prove yourself first, fish to water will follow

  675. The question here is…who is trying to prove that he is is NBA start worthy? I have explained above…

  676. Super Saiyan God?! 😉

  677. The report is an annual pre-season team assessment so the writer must not do a shoddy job.

    By simply slot in that statement is very unfair to Jeremy.

    Jeremy has produced so the writer has to state the FACT and back his statement with stats.

    No excuse for such statement as Jeremy produced.

  678. Just some lazy writings…does not worth your time to be mad….Lin will silence him next season….

  679. Yeah, lazy and unprofessional.

    it’s like an audit report written by a flight attendant, not the Audit VP.JMO

  680. I know…..not sure what he meant by those, but I guess he never watched HOU games…

  681. So no other player on the Rockets had “faults” ? Harden, Parsons, and Jones weak defense. Dwight bad court vision.

  682. nope..they are flawless
    because mchale say so.

  683. dont put this down to “lin hater” tho; yer right about this–i didn’t read the piece on lin and charlottle but i started to read some of this guys posts on other teams and they are really bad; both poorly written and clearly little or no knowledge of the teams.

    i mean pretty much all his pieces are “irresponsible and unprofessional”–i dont know what his status is (dont care)–but absolutely the worst pre season writeups ive seen, embarassing actually to read.

    (like when you feel bad for watching a performer who really isn’t very good.)

    i quit after the first few.

  684. This video was made last year, but should summarize Hornets’ last season well. Not sure whether this was posted before.


  685. this is a nice video though was about a game two seasons ago, but was only out last month. It was a classic game of Lin.


  686. It’s weird because I would say it’s the opposite. When given a load to carry, his skills rise to the surface. It’s when he’s yanked back and forth and marginalized that his faults are more evident.

  687. Yup. He saved them in OT and basically won Game 4 for them. He also held Lillard scoreless in the last game and Lillard only scored after Jeremy was taken out.

  688. Which Asian countries still wear their traditional dress for special occasions? I know Korea and Japan do. I seem to recall Thailand does too? And maybe Malaysia and Indonesia, but I wasn’t sure if that was their traditional dress or more of a Muslim dress. I know for sure the Chinese regions don’t.

  689. whocareswhattheysay

  690. I have seen this, did not post it….so sad…

  691. Nice match-up.

  692. “Lin is more of a playmaker than Kemba Walker….”

    They must balance the opinions (even untrue) before making Kemba look bad.

  693. “dye” his hair…

  694. Given how badly this writer judged the other players, Lin actually got complimented more than the other Charlotte pickups.

    The FOOLS like this Shaun Powell guy who think that Frank Kaminsky and Cody Zeller are the same player are going to find out the hard way that the outside shooting post up scoring Kaminsky is completely different from the offensively limited raw athlete Cody Zeller.

    And what’s this garbage about “Jeremy Lamb getting a good chance in OKC?” Anybody who follows NBA basketball at all knows that Lamb was buried behind Kevin Martin and then a slew of other players.

    I take issue with the author’s overall cluelessness, not with his singling out of Lin.

  695. There’s no such thing as a NBA player who doesn’t “have faults” if he’s being yanked around and mistreated.

  696. Lin will mesh with Walker, but Walker will not mesh with Lin.

  697. Totally agree.

    The writer embarrassed himself, not Lin.

    Lin was actually trashed less than Charlotte’s other players were.

  698. Actually in Lin’s case, it’s produce first and get trashed for it.

    And Lin “producing?” The bar has been set very low now that Lin’s only making $2 million. If Lin scores more than 4 ppg and 2 apg, it’s LINSANITY.

    Most of Lin’s capacity to perform well is actually completely out of his hands. All he can do is stay ready which he’s been since the day he entered the NBA. There really isn’t any room or even need for improvement in Lin’s game.

  699. This game really angered a lot of Lin haters.

    They keep arguing that Westbrook has always stomped all over the Asian guy. But then they start cursing and flaming after this game is put up for show.

    This is the kind of hard stats and video that really enrages Lin haters.

  700. Sick of these Biased commentators– At the end of the game they said what a game for McHale and James Harden when Lin was the one bailed them out time after time in this game.

  701. Knicks should have traded Anthony and kept Lin before:


  702. Scam and desperate for click, as usual Bleacher and Grantland:

    ….Grantland wrote that the Knicks aren’t yet ready to engage in trade talks for Anthony but that “they’re getting closer.”

    closer to engage talk is NOT the same as closer to trading.

  703. I know for sure the Chinese regions still do.

  704. They’re going to show this game over and over which showed how much discrimination in the commentators.

  705. The writer’s claim below is absolutely unfounded. When James Harden was hurt and sidelined, Lin stepped in and carried the load successfully.

    In spot duty, Lin can be effective, as he was with the Lakers. When given a load to carry, then his faults rise to the surface, as they did in Houston.

  706. Nobody can make Kemba Walker a decent shooter if he didn’t work hard on it every season and showed improvement on it. Lin on the contrary showed improvement season after seasons in his shooting percentage even at the worst possible manipulations and discouragement from his coaches.

  707. I agree with you 100% that this is a faulty assertion.

  708. Doc Rivers just wants to get rid of Steve Hawes as much as Hornets wants to get rid of Lance Stepenson. The catch is Steve Hawes has a long guaranteed contract that Lance Stephenson doesn’t. Hornets seems to get the better of the trade.

  709. Looks like Lin might well be in Charlotte …


  710. I was gonna say that too…LOL

  711. No shoulda coulda woulda. Also getting rid of melo and keep lin??? Realistically that will never happen during that time.
    keeping lin along with melo is possible but to get rid of melo for lin. Only dreamy lin fans will say that.

    Your but will be on the line if you ever made the decision and execute it if it never worked out. Lin during that time was still unproven and also melo has that big contract that’s hard to move. It’s like an advisor telling people to dump a known good stock A in favor of stock B which is a penny stock. If it works out, he’ll look like a genius. If it doesn’t the advisor’s future is bleak, esp when the boss is asking what were you thinking. Even the boss won’t dare to make a move like that so it’s all on the advisor. So an advisor will never say dump stock A in favor of stock B when stock B is unprovened.

    And don’t tell me if this and that.. hindsight is 20/20.

  712. The description of the color hair put the picture of a “clown” in my head. Lol.

  713. was pb there.. who is number 12 back then? wb blew by him.

  714. y and i.. same thing
    joking. but was too lazy to go back and chang it.

  715. oh, challenging his hair gel, LOL

  716. uh, to be fair, James Harden got 46 pts that game.

  717. It’s like when I’m fishing… Aww, almost got a bite…

  718. Wesley Johnson is a very good player. He is great at the receiving end of Lin’s long passes but it seems that BS didn’t want Lin to make those long passes last season. He may start for the Clippers.

  719. Kemba Walker seems to be those who dribbled and take contested shots. Derrick Rose took too much contested 3s last season and his % went downhill.

  720. JLin brings Maxxis Tires to the Charlotte Hornets:



    Maxxis Tire Named The Official Tire Of The Charlotte Hornets

    The Charlotte Hornets announced today that the team has reached a multi-year partnership with Maxxis International, making Maxxis the official tire of the Hornets. It marks the first time in franchise history that the Hornets have had an official partner in the tire category.

    Elements of the partnership include courtside signage within Time Warner Cable Arena, the ability for Maxxis to utilize Hornets logos and marks, a Maxxis promotional giveaway night during an upcoming Hornets home game and hospitality elements.

    “Adding Maxxis as the official tire of the Hornets is a great addition to our partner lineup,” said Hornets President & COO Fred Whitfield. “We are thrilled to have Maxxis join our team and are delighted to make them our first official tire partner. This addition of an international brand like Maxxis highlights the continued momentum our organization has been experiencing with corporate partners as we prepare for the start of the 2015-16 NBA season.”

    “We’re excited to be partnered with a great team and a great city, and we’re looking forward to coming on board with the Hornets next year,” said Maxxis Marketing Manager Matt Clark. “Sponsorship of an exciting pro team is a great way to promote our brand, and given basketball’s popularity both in the U.S. and around the world, we expect to gain even more exposure for Maxxis next year through this partnership.”

    The Hornets join a Maxxis professional team partner roster that includes the Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees baseball teams and the UK’s Liverpool Football Club. Maxxis also sponsors major sporting events, including the Australian Open, which they will sponsor for the sixth straight year in 2016.

  721. Thanks…thats good news….This in returns would make Hornets understand the off court value Lin brings in!

    They had been following Lin since NYK

  722. Too bad they do not see the size I need for my car…otherwise I would use their tyre….Their tyre is pretty good.

  723. Really? Where?

    I’ve never seen a Chinese person wear anything that I would consider “traditional dress.”

    And I don’t consider the qipao to be traditional as it’s more of a modern thing.

  724. That makes Jeremy’s contract a super bargain for the Hornets. Thank you Maxxis Tires.

  725. How many Hornets players are team players.
    Nick Batum and Jeremy Lin are in.

  726. Will this be a break out season for Wesley Johnson? Sure hope so. That will make the Lakers front office look really bad! Lakers is a toxic organization?

    Report: Clippers consider starting Wesley Johnson over Paul Pierce

  727. I doubt he will “break out” within next 10 years..

  728. with the brent on this one; johnson the incredible disappearing man, no one can be more invisible on the court.

    he was drafted high on “athelticism”. is a great athlete, just not a basketball player.
    4 of 5 years in the nba a starter yet never scored in double figures, doesn’t rebound, doesn’t pass, alleged to be a “defender”; but never saw him defend anyone while lin was with lakers,

    struggles to shoot 40/35/ and doesnt shoot either.

    basically a great dunker, otherwise just putting a empty uniform on the floor.

    his career dbpm sums up what you get with johnson: a big 0.

  729. He can contribute in some situations. Coaches need to be smart to know how……….if you ask more than what he can handle….well…we all know what will that be like…

  730. I think Maxxis naturally fits with Nascar country. Good move on their part.

  731. The guy who tweeted this (Will Murray) lives in Charlotte …

  732. Should be nothing compared to when he was in Taiwan!

  733. Who is Will Murray? Google doesn’t seem to have much info about him…

  734. Indeed Harden got 46pts but wonder if he could have had the same score without Jeremy played PG in that game?

  735. That’s right. Harden scored that much because he benefited from Lin’s offense and defense in this game, and Harden had the freedom to do whatever he wanted on court in which Lin did Not have. Lin drew defense and bailed out last seconds pass from Harden many times in this game.

  736. Harden scored that much because he benefited from Lin’s
    offense and defense in this game, and Harden had the freedom to do
    whatever he wanted on court in which Lin did Not have. Lin drew defense
    and bailed out last seconds pass from Harden many times in this game.

  737. so what’s that training exactly now? Keep his other arm low for protection?

  738. training camp hasn’t started yet. sure they will have to really see him in action.

  739. Ok. so it is the same tire company then. Wasn’t too sure.

  740. Wow! I really like this Maxxis Tires so much. Ya! Just follow Lin.

  741. Just some guy there videoing.

  742. well, Wes will be in a newer version for sure, maybe version 243 by now. He is athletic, somehow I just feel he is not focused. But again, in LAL, it is hard to do that anyway.

  743. I think Hornets almost don’t need to pay anything for Lin & earn money from his contract… really good deal.

  744. From behind that guy look like the professor.

  745. Misleading headline, desperate for click article again.

  746. Good for tanking though, he is athletic, trying hard, and promise to improve, and yet get nothing out of it somehow.

  747. it is not that he don’t pass, it is that he had no handle. Hard to not be able to handle the ball as a SF now.

  748. em, good question, I’d say Zeller is one, Hansbrough maybe another, not sure about others.

  749. Joy Jeng
    drmwaura IG: Staying at the same hotel as @JLin7 #Linsanity
    lococole IG: Quick flick wit #Linsanity out in Charlotte

  750. Yeah, the Houston Rockets got lucky when Melo didn’t sign with them. Melo ISO game would have sank that franchise faster than the Titanic, and I’d be so happy right now.

  751. Lin does a decent job of staying in front of Westbrook and forcing him into contested jump shots. WB has dominated and owned Patrick Beverley every time. But Clutchfans would not acknowledge it …. all they see is Beverley purposely injuring WB in the playoffs.

  752. Lin must seem like such a pleasant guy he just attracts others…..

  753. Here’s some info on Lin’s workout

  754. MKG is not good enough to be a team player, though he has a great attitude.

  755. Whole bench is made of of team players.

    Whole starting lineup is made of guys who are simply not good enough to be team players.

  756. Maxxis basically following Lin around, paying for his salary so that nobody can say that Lin cannot be afforded.

  757. That’s really not saying much.

    On a Chris Paul team, nobody is allowed to do anything except Paul.

    Moving Paul Pierce to the bench removes the possibility of constant conflict between Chris Paul and the respected veteran Pierce who will not back down from anybody.

    Historically, the Clippers in the Paul years have not wanted a dynamic ballhandling small forward who would clash with Paul for decisionmaking.

  758. Lost in the anti Lin media tirades are the hard truth that Wes Johnson and Jeremy Lin were picked in the same draft.

    The undrafted Lin looks like the high lottery pick while #4 overall Johnson looks like the undrafted player.

  759. On Instagram the fellow in the picture said : When your company takes over the Time Warner Arena you get to run into some cool people!! @jlin7 is an awesome dude very down to earth and humble. Keep it up bro!!

  760. I don’t follow other sports celebrities around the internet so don’t know, but doesit seem JLin is usually nonplussed about getting asked for pictures with fans. He seems to hae a smile for everyone and appears truly to appreciate his standing. I hope never loses that attribute.

  761. venezuela has taken all nba canadian team to overtime despite 40 points from olnyk for canada.

    venz. had a chance to win in regulation but missed a 3 pointer at the end.

  762. Basically, defenders can sag off of anyone and pack the paint, because nobody can shoot 3’s. This was similar to the situation Lin had with the Lakers …. coach B.S. didn’t WANT any 3’s. I hope the floor spacing is a lot better for the Hornets this season, or else everyone will struggle.

  763. Is this why it is taking forever to have Lin jerseys in the NBA store? I don’t wan’t to spend the extra for a custom jersey just because the Hornets are dragging their feet to milk local sales.


  764. So true. Every time Lin set him up with a great alley oops, they would ignore the pass and talk only about how great an athlete Wes was. The Clippers will find out how “great” Wes is soon enough without someone making him look good.

  765. Oopa, let me join you on the sofa, so you won’t be boring! ^_^

  766. They were shooting great from long range all though out the tournament. But they failed when it mattered when all they needed was a win to lockup entry to Rio Olympics. The pressure can kill a young team. Too bad they didn’t have a “captain Canada” like Steve Nash to make the clutch shots for them.

    People don’t realize how the nerves can make the simplest things difficult. Choking is what happens when something means way too much more than just a game. Look at Jordan Speich misses two of the first 2 playoff events of Fed ex cup. Serena Williams chokes at semis of US open chasing history of a calendar slam when she has lost only 3 times this whole year!

    This makes Lin even more remarkable because he seems to always come up big when it matters. It’s an ability that few have. Only the great ones have that mental toughness, which is why I’ll never put Lebron on the same page as some of the other greats of sports.

  767. my understand is that jersey sales income were split by 30 teams, but all sales inside the arena belongs to the team.

  768. nice shot there…comfy

  769. Hope to see more of his training videos out

  770. Jeremy Lin workout 2015 Summer

  771. Wes Johnson is like Landry Fields when he was spoon fed by Lin in NYC. Sure it takes athletic ability to leap and twist in the air to slam it home but without a great quarterback, no receiver could ever be great. That is why in football, they recognize the quarterback as the leader of the team.

    Only in basketball AND in the “BIZZARO” world of Jeremy Lin do we see the twisted comments from bias announcers and writers.

  772. Lin typically came back from poor plays time after time. After a turnover, he turned a lost ball of Harden into a game winning assist to Troy Daniels in the playoff game of Rockets vs Trailblazers. He could still shoot an air ball but he wouldn’t let them bother him anymore because he knew that the next would go in. Only skew reporting told us the one side but omitted the other on purpose.

    Lin is more consistent than people have given him credit to. Yeah his turnovers are still a problem and he needs to work on his dribbling to find ways out of the situations by himself rather than counting on teammates to bail him out because they just wouldn’t. He would find the missing pieces to be an all round basketball player. Before then, he would still be a threat to break the game open by his valiant effort season after season.

  773. I call this growing pain: 17 Canadian turnovers, or the 5-of-17 shooting from three.

  774. What strikes me most about Nicolas Batum, Kemba Walker and Jeremy is they are all rhythmic players. Once they find their rhythm together, they would become unstoppable. I have confidence they could compose the best music on the court.

  775. Good to see Jeremy working on his dribbling.

  776. This writer has been trying to be fair to everyone on the Hornets roster. I would think this is a better article than most I have read about Jeremy.

  777. This is an article written 40 weeks ago by Michael Dunlap on 29/11/2014
    Jeremy Lin Quietly Having Career Year For Lakers
    Jeremy in fact had been doing well despite Byron Scott constantly abused his contributions to the team to disguise the fact that Kobe Bryant was in fact over the hill and was the losing factor for Lakers. I guess next season will get what he deserves, to be axed out of the Lakers.

  778. Lakers is having Roy Hibbert as their center next season. Good Luck, Byron Scott you deserve everything you get.
    Listen from first talk about Roy Hibbert

    New Lakers Brandon Bass, Lou Williams, & Roy Hibbert Haven’t Heard From Kobe! – ESPN First Take

    I’m sure happy that Jeremy is out of the Lakers, as far away from Kobe the toxic Bryant as possible.

  779. s but kemba is a ball hogger no? he needs da ball in his hands too.. so how you are gonna compose music when one person wants to have the musical instrument in his hands.. once it’s off, he can’t compose!

  780. Well..Lin can sing…I guess….

  781. Kemba is in fact a dancer. Jeremy would play the instrument for him.

  782. Does anyone know how/where to watch the Hornets’ preseason games?

    I just received an NBA League/Team Pass email, and I’m itching to buy the Hornets’ Pass. But not unlike all other Lin fans I’ve been burnt to a crisp by Lin’s first season with the Rox, and haven’t bought any pass since. Would like to hang on to my $110 until I see solid evidence that the Hornets are using Lin the right way.

  783. Not sure, but I thought LP has trial period or something like that…

  784. Cool pic…

  785. All the changes in analytics is window dressing as long as BScott is coach. He says he doesn’t look at or utilize the stuff.

  786. FO is essential telling Byron Scott his philosophy is wrong and to have team take more 3-pointers. If he doesn’t listen, he’ll be gone after this season.

  787. Wonder how Jersey sales in China at the game are split? If they had business sense they should have a lot on hand.

  788. basically the team had no incentive to sale Lin Jersey early. That’s a lot of people keep telling Lin fans, Lin’s Jersey sale don’t really help his team more than other teams.

  789. All players in the NBA are “rhythm” players.

    Lin is the only player I’ve seen who can consistently play well despite having his minutes and role yanked around on a game to game basis.

  790. Lin will compose and perform the music while Walker gets all the credit for Lin’s work.

  791. So now that JLin is gone BScott is going to do all the things he should have allowed JLin to do to succeed? Spread the floor, shoot 3’s, run PnR, rein in Kobe?

  792. FIBA is different from NBA.

    A surefire NBA success means excellence but not dominance in FIBA and vice versa.

    Lin would be far more successful in FIBA than the NBA. That’s because the refs wouldn’t constantly cheat Lin like in the NBA, and also Lin would probably have more willing teammates in FIBA than in the NBA even if Lin played on an Asian team.

  793. There’s nothing going on here.

    As long as Jeannie and Jim Buss run the Lakers, it’ll be a steady diet of Byron and Kobe and whatever bad draft picks are messing up the floor.

    The problem with the Lakers is that their ownership runs teams by media hype and not by looking at their own product.

    The only reason the Lakers are making cosmetic analytic changes is because the media has turned Byron Scott into a laughingstock. But come the season, no differences will happen in the coaching.

  794. It doesn’t matter if Lin is there or not.

    The Lakers no longer have the capability to run pick and roll even if they wanted to.

    The Lakers are banking on #2 overall pick DeAngelo Russell who had the grand total of ONE good summer league game in which he repeatedly scored on a slowfooted white no name Jazz center in the pick and roll.

    Once the games start, the Lakers will discover that Russell is not athletic or heady enough to crack NBA defenses.

    Of course, the Lakers will turn to Jordan Clarkson. But without not just Lin protecting him but Boozer and Hill and all the other veterans who were ejected for siding with Lin against Kobe and Scott, Clarkson no longer has veteran scorers to run pick and roll with.

    The other veterans the Lakers picked up are historically non scorers. Hibbert and Bass are not proven scorers, though Hibbert is going to end up as the Lakers’ go to guy because at least he knows how to play teamball even if nobody will pass to him. Reigning 6th man of the year Lou Williams is a major league BRICKER shooting 40% on tons of shots.

    The Lakers don’t even have Lin to lead the team in scoring and other statistical categories. Look for big time blowouts to happen to the Lakers now that Lin is gone.

  795. Agree mostly, though I think it’s more Jimmy than Jennie, since he’s the one running basketball operations and who wants to show the world that he’s Da Boss. From Jeanie’s tweets she appears to be waiting to hold her brother accountable for the three-year-long disaster after Jimmy promised “back in contention in three years”.

  796. I am Roy Hibbert’s biggest fan, but even I expect Hibbert to be utterly terrible with the Lakers.

    Kwame Brown was serviceable for the Lakers despite Kobe Bryant trying to eject him.

    Hibbert has never played with a real point guard in his NBA career. On this Lakers team, the touches he get will leave him badly out of position.

    Now if Lin were passing to Hibbert, that would be a totally different story. Lin would easily get Hibbert scoring in double figures every game. Hibbert would be a 15 ppg scorer on a Lin team.

  797. Jeremy LinVerified account
    Went to the Hornets arena for 1st time and tried convincing security im a player. She said, “what team?!?” lollll #everywhereigo #literally


  798. Wonder if they will be bottom 3 and keep their 1st round draft pick?

  799. Might as well, Russell appears to be a bust.

  800. Chris SheridanVerified account
    The #Hornets had a nice bargain signing in Jeremy Lin. Unfortunately for him, Charlotte’s arena security is unaware:

  801. a security who is terrible in recognizing people???
    I wonder how she got the job

  802. Still better than having 5 white cops tackle you in front of your hotel! This is exactly what happened to James Blake, a former great black American tennis player in NYC to do TV coverage at the recent U.S. Open. The cops refused to listen to reason and look at his ID and just roughed him up first, then ask questions later.

  803. She just missed the memo and doesn’t follow anything related to Charlotte basketball. But at least she knew not to easily let in someone she doesn’t recognize.

  804. Ballstreams.

  805. cannot wait until training camp. he is ready

  806. Hudson David YangVerified account‏@HudsonDYang

    Just me and @SHAQ you know hanging around and stuff OK later guys we’re going to go change the game #FreshOffTheBoat


  807. ESPNVerified account‏@espn

    Apparently Linsanity didn’t reach Charlotte.


  808. FOB should have JLin this upcoming season

  809. Sorry to hear that bro. No any kind of player ID maybe to show to get entrance? Not just you, I mean it just easy for anybody black or white or red or orange to get in without an ID ?

  810. On September 9, 2015, Blake was taken down to the ground and handcuffed by one plain cloths NYPD officer in front of the Grand Hyatt New York and mistakenly arrested and subsequently released after 10 minutes New York City Police Department The officers were relying on a witness and photo of a suspect that looked strikingly similar to Blake, they mistook him for a credit-card-fraud suspect staying in the same hotel.[36] Bill Bratton apologized for the mistake and stated the “arrest raised serious questions about [the officer’s] actions” but denied allegations of racism.[36]

    Mistaken identity NOT racism.

  811. when Lin said to her, “I play for the hornet, that’s why I m here”. The next reasonable thing for her to do as a good security guard would be to verify the info. Since Lin used the word “convincing”, that just shows he’s having hard time with her. Wonder what’s following? Did Lin get in or he left?

  812. Must have gotten in. Later posted picture of him practicing on Hornets court: https://twitter.com/penny10654/status/642748290677628928

  813. #everywhereigo top trending on NBA Pulse

  814. When was the last time Hornets get that much attention on NBA Pulse?


  815. apparently lin is getting known for being unknown.

  816. could you imagine how scary if this happens to you? hopefully one day they can get it together so people will not question whether these things are race related. maybe stop treating people like animals.

  817. Thanks! knowing Lin from some of his previous actions, I assume him and the security guard will later working out their “miscommunication” and “misinterpretation”.

  818. Too funny.

    This is like a Mad Libs where Lin’s too (fill in the blank) to look like a pro athlete!

  819. i have been saying on here since watching summer league where they were terrible playing 3 5ths of their supposed regular season starting lineup against essentially d-leaguers on other teams for the most part and the occasional recent draft pick that yes they will be bottom 3 and keep their 1st round draft pick.

    imo thats what scott was brought in for: to keep kobe happy for a two year thanks for all youve done for us in the past and meanwhile tank to 2 dp’s. then dump him.
    course there are varied opinions as to whether b.s. was in the plan.

    tho the aforementioned russell i beleive has assured they will make the playoffs.

  820. not surprising pretty cool backpack.

  821. Most likely the security guard will end up being one of his biggest fans.

  822. Lin put Charlotte on the map with a tweet. LMAO

  823. Wait until the season starts. He will put them on the map on the basketball court.

  824. 🙁 poor guy, has to deal with that kind of stuff again and again.

  825. No, the best thing is for Kobe to remain relatively healthy for the season and allow him to skip practices and just play Kobe ball for 36 minutes and just let him do whatever he wants and see Lakers drop in the standings. And have Byron Scott standing there with his arms crossed like a hardas$ doofus. Just like last year.

  826. Season not starts yet… besides Hornets’ player who else will go to Hornets arena? smh!

  827. A “Doc Scheppler” commented on Jeremy’s FB post workIng out at TWC. Said his head is too far forward on the drive. Looks legit.

    If it is really Doc, nice to know he’s got Jeremy’s back from afar. Guess he always has.

  828. Hornets shooting coach Bruce Kreutzer is a “1-2 step” guy as opposed to Doc Scheppler who likes the “Hop”. Wonder how that’s going to work out?



  829. Lin benefit from Harden’s offense too.

  830. It was showing availability just now when I tried …

  831. Just ordered a t-shirt, but couldn’t specify the size.

  832. LOL…again! 😉

  833. It could also be…that Lin didnt bring his ID

  834. It’s easy to believe in fairy dust when you ain’t the black man being roughed up.

    From the New York Times article showcasing your “mistaken identity NOT racism”.

    “In 2012, a Queens man said, Officer James Frascatore pulled him over for a broken taillight, opened his car door and punched him three times in the mouth, unprovoked.

    The following year, another Queens resident claimed, Officer Frascatore punched him in the stomach several times outside a bodega and called him a racial epithet.

    Those accounts, both made by black men, came to light after a rough arrest by the same officer on Wednesday in which he wrapped an arm around the neck of the retired tennis star James Blake and threw him to the sidewalk after mistaking him for a suspect in a credit card fraud investigation.

    The New York Police Department released surveillance video of the arrest on Friday, offering a minute-long glimpse of the manhandling of a biracial sports star by a white plainclothes officer that compelled officials to swiftly strip the officer of his gun and badge.”

  835. After seeing JLin’s tweet about security instance in Hornets, my like of Hornets goes south pretty quickly. Just can’t believe this happens to JLin again. I pray for JLin to have a really amazed season. Can’t wait for him to show the world what he can do.

    9 days to Open Autograph Day
    12 days to Media Day
    13 days to Training Camp
    20 days to Preseason Games

  836. It could also been that, Lin didnt bring his ID hence the Security would have questioned him. It happens, eventually he was let in to use the court

  837. Probably a lowly employee of some security company that is hired by the Time Warner Arena to provide security and not reflective of the Hornets Organization.

  838. This is all part of the same problem with the belief that Asians aren’t athletes. Look, even when Lin is on the floor, that female referee would make stupid calls against Lin just because she still can’t believe lin’s a player.

    The real problem is with the team leadership that doesn’t provide players with badges and access passes.

  839. Maybe she asks all entry persons for ID.

  840. Who knows what happened. I didn’t make any response when I first saw JLin’s tweet. I wanted to let it sit for few hours and have good sleep on it before saying anything. Waking up for few hours and I felt even more upset than before:-) Just can’t believe it happens again after in NBA for 5 years.

  841. Just caught up on Lin’s news today, I’m feeling like a perfect storm is coming and all stars are aligning in Lin’s favors. At least that’s what I’m hoping and praying–a sequel film of Linsanity 2.0. Everything happens for a reason. Only God knows. Aside from that, Lin’s struggle in the NBA is real. I am glad Lin put out that tweet to bring attention to the public of the stereotyping that he’s facing as an Asian American NBA player.

  842. quite a few’ve practiced there through the off-season. Plus the security guys should be briefed of newcomers, especially millionare players, lol.

  843. Remember, Rockets were trying to build up Harden’s stats to make him a star at Lin’s expense. Lin is a team player & would be a benefit to any teammates on any team if they don’t freeze him out and play their role when Lin passes them the ball. Remember, Novak (3-pt shooter)? Yes, when Harden is in the zone, he’s able to give Lin’s assists. But the biggest difference in offense between Lin and Harden is that Harden was/is playing with freedom not with fear of being yank for every little mistake or miss shot. He could miss many shots from Lin’s passes or incurs turnovers after turn overs, but was still able to stay in the game and get into rhythm, and to accrue the most points while Lin could Not. McHale did not have Lin’s best interest at heart. He would not allow Lin to out shined Harden, especially in points.

  844. Remember that JLin did say he hoped this didn’t happen to him again either in Linsanity the documentary or some other interviews. Anyhow, sad that this happened again.

  845. It looks like he’s going to the comb-over thing with his hair. He can’t rock it like that during the season lol

  846. Yep, I think he was disheartened to see it’s happening again in 2015. I think that’s why he put out that tweet. I am glad he has become more outspoken lately (which I like). I am praying for him as always.

  847. Oh boy, his hair is “fashion terrorist” – a quote from “Hotel King”, my favorite Korea drama.

  848. Thanks.

  849. LOL JLin forgot to use gel and he met too many fans along the way:-)

  850. Man that hair makes his head look like a big mushroom. Needs headband for the Naruto look.

  851. There’s only a difference if you let it become a set form for all occasions. The “1-2” is the old school form but the hop has its modern roots from modern shooters that shows its advantages in quick release. My feeling is that footwork is a reflection of the ability for the athlete to stay light by keeping his upper body levitating at an efficient level so as the body can push down on the ground with maximum ground force. The hop is when an athlete wants to maximize his push while using minimal time to do it by landing both feet at once. The “1-2” would be advantageous for situations where movement will be needed to create separation. It’s best to have the body control to have both instinctively.

  852. This reminds him of the encounter in NY after they took him off waiver list for a week. But now Lin has been in NBA for almost 4 years since then and the Hornets has signed him since 2 months ago. How hard is it to distinguish Jeremy Lin? He is the one and only thoroughbred Asian American player in NBA.

  853. I still think it would be a bun like ninja!

  854. Which tweet?

  855. The tweet that Lin had tweeted out today which has been in the news all day. Lin said in the tweet that he tried to convince the security guard to let him in the arena, and the guard asked him ‘what team?’. Search online and you’ll see.

  856. Me Howard Jr.

  857. Can’t believe it happened to lin again?

    He’s not Kim Kardashian. What’s a big deal?

  858. That’s one way to distract us away from his slippers. Is that a hat or hair, lol.

  859. That would be better at this point.

  860. we gotta admire Lin’s confidence to wear his mop-hairstyle in public :]
    Only the braves can do so!

  861. Gotta love the last line that this clip would make a great ‘Linsanity Movie Sequel’:

    “Lin is known for having a strong work ethic, so if nothing else, his appearance at the team’s facilities on an offseason Saturday speaks well to his motivation. And if Lin somehow plays well enough in Charlotte to justify a Linsanity movie sequel, perhaps Saturday’s awkward scene could make the cut.”
    Read more at http://www.sheridanhoops.com/2015/09/12/tweet-of-the-day-security-questions-jeremy-lin-at-charlottes-arena/#yHCm6rvjvtjZz9mZ.99

  862. It’s a good omen, it happened to him at NYK too.

  863. apparently this poll was set up to play “gotcha” with Jeremy’s fans.

  864. That’s very disrespectful to Jeremy’s fans. shame on whoever set up the poll.

  865. Good looking girls with nice heels. fresh looking boy with sanders and soft hair. me likes

  866. I’ve never seen so many grown-assed men fussing over another man’s hair. Hair today, gone tomorrow.

  867. Lin in a Oreo three way. Way to represent.

  868. hahaha, indeed. i particularly don’t like anybody to say anything about my hair, especially i cut it short after keeping long hair for the longest time.

  869. @ajRAFAEL – you had 5 words. I counted.

  870. If you go down a couple pages down this thread, you will see the tweet. It appeared a few times:-)

  871. lol 🙂

  872. ‘can’t wait! 🙂

  873. myshoe freak attracted to lins’ “up the chute” perpetual fashion faux pas sandals.

  874. Well Linsanity happened shortly afterwards so hopefully this is a sign of things to come 😀

  875. So sick of this…

  876. Hair, hair, guilty as charged, lol.

  877. Thnx to both you and heart. After 42 years in USA, people still ask me “what team” . Ha

  878. Moses Malone, a three-time NBA MVP has died at age 60. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2001.

    Tomorrow is promised to no one.

  879. This was Jeremy in the Philippines in October, 2013, when the Rockets played the Pacers.

  880. Like Doc said in this vid….HOU tried to change Lin into a 1-2 guy too…Great that Lin did not listen…

  881. I think what Doc meant in other vids is…that you should always start with hop upon catch the ball….and convert to triple threat later if no chance for immediate attack. So basically….hop should be the only choice…..because it contributes to the things that are before you actually shoot the ball.

  882. Once upon a time, hair was a statement of youth and defiance. In the 60s, we all wanted to have shoulder length hair like the Beatles and Rolling Stones. We even had a Broadway musical called “Hair”.

    “My hair like Jesus wore it
    Hallelujah I adore it
    Hallelujah Mary loved her son
    Why don’t my mother love me?

    Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair
    Flow it, show it
    Long as God can grow it
    My hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair
    Flow it, show it
    Long as God can grow it
    My hair”

  883. She probably thought Lin was on the Charlotte Quidditch team.

  884. I know that Doc believes that and I agree with it in reference to a pop and shoot type situation and a triple treat set. Lin does tend to do the 1-2 step more than I see the hop. A coach would always want to have a new correction to be overused instead to force muscle memory to take.

    I am saying that footwork is only right or wrong depending on situation and what it sets up for the body. Good body control allows the legs to find optimum static balance either with both feet set in a hop or an active balance set on one foot.

    The triple threat is useful to freeze an opponent to make them come to a dead stop. However, sometimes you can be more effective to take advantage of existing spacing with a active balance push to not allow opponents time to catch up.

  885. I dont see the need to get upset about it! May be Lin tweeting it for fun with a ‘lol’ !

    The truth is Lin gained lots of attention for this tweet which is good for him before the season starts. I saw it all good and not a bad thing at all, plus the security person might be just a worker working there and not even an NBA fan! She just did her job and not knowing who Jeremy Lin or Tony Parker is!

  886. then Lin has no clue what he is doing in selecting teams as an NBA pro. He said he wants to be on a winning squad and not with losers.

  887. then the coaches are as dumb as hell. and Lin was lied to & Lin is bad at picking and choosing teams and probably caused his own demise after insanity.

  888. Baby Lin jumps a lot less probably because he is much less of an athlete than Jlin or perhaps his mechanics are better. Jumping less will be tough to get shot off with NBA level guys running at you or covering you but it creates a more consistent shot.

  889. it shows possible mental instability. The guys in the NBA who change their hair a lot or do strange things or change their looks have traditionally been unstable.

    Rodman (definitely not a leader but talented)
    Iman Shumpert (not mentally unstable but you don’t see him as a steady hand leader & more role player)
    JR Smith (unstable and not leader)
    Mehta World Peace (enough said)
    Nick Young (….)
    Jlin this summer (???)

  890. hopefully Jlin just don’t give a $)#* no more. And it translates on the court. I mean the physical appearance is WOW.

  891. his hair is terrible. But as long as he balls out, he can do whatever the heck he wants.

  892. to say the least…

  893. TWC doesn’t seem to like Lin..

  894. there’s nothing to get upset about. Lin is a nobody in the NBA except to people like us on this site.

  895. You comparing Lin with different level plsyers!

  896. Violet is a horrible ref. You hope her bad calls on Lin like the phantom kick are not due to racism but really because she is a poor ref.

  897. As long as you say the same thing when you are tackled to the ground, then that’s fine.

    I just feel a lot of people have not dealt first hand with this type of stuff. If it happened to you, would you really be so calm and just say that it was ok they tackled you due to mistaken identity?

  898. back during Lin’s golden state days I hoped he trained with Micah Lan. I guess it’s never too late. finally.

  899. Apparently, the Hornets’ practice facility has a fancy name; the Novant Health Training Center. It’s on the “back” of the Time Warner arena.

  900. Lin in the middle of two beautiful women. I bow down to the master. Now lets do something about the plant on the top of his head.

  901. Here is a view of the inside of the Hornets’ practice facility.

  902. Photo: Sunday Swag! #gotmycouch #tokyodrifting #junkinmytrunk https://twitter.com/Its_JeremyLin/status/643153740422324224?s=09

  903. It’s not like Charlotte has great shooters. Walker’s shooting has declined. They should hire Scheppler.

  904. I think Lin is a top 5 NBA PG and possible top 10-15 NBA guard period. Go ahead and call me a hater though.

  905. Those lights are low. Hope they raise.

  906. RIP Mr. Malone.

  907. Wrong … hair is a cultural thing. Ask any salon manager.

  908. you must be one of them, who change their hair and look very often.

  909. Looks nice, much better than Lakers, much bigger and brighter.

  910. Librafree
    @JLin7 with his PALY classmates at Phillip Jung’s wedding. ?nathanmlui

  911. GoodDayLA,
    Haven’t seen you around for awhile…

  912. She is more knowledgeable than the Hornets security!

  913. Or he might cut it back to normal again. Having his hair spiked can get ruined in a game which could be a worry. Same with the combover look. The man bun is a possibility.

  914. Lin brininging the Asian bowl cut back in style! Lol

  915. Argh, one of my all time favorite players!!

    Moses Malone was one of the most dominant centers of all time. He was incredibly quick and had amazing reflexes that allowed him to get to the ball before anyone else could.

    What Malone would do is legally beat up on the opposing center until that center stopped contesting shots and stopped playing with focus. Then Malone would just dominate the game. It didn’t even matter if he was facing an All Star center, Malone wore down everyone he faced.

    I’ve always wondered if Moses Malone could wear down the NBA’s most intimidating presence in Shaquille O’Neal. Malone was not big like O’Neal and would not have been able to stop Shaq inside. But the crafty and highly skilled Malone would’ve taken O’Neal off the dribble and gotten his 30 anyway.

    In today’s game, DeMarcus Cousins has the same talent as Moses Malone but doesn’t have Malone’s ability to concentrate.

  916. Back then, hair was a statement of who a man was.

    Today, hair is mutable like changing one’s T shirt.

  917. One week Lin is Ernie, the next week Lin is Bert.

  918. Nice. Can see some similarities w/ Jeremy on the passing. So is the season over already?

  919. Walker’s shooting woes are because he can’t physically compete, not because his form is off.

  920. Uhh, ALL of the guys you’ve mentioned have been very consistent in their year to year production. Lin TOO.

  921. I think Lin is a top 5 PG and a top 5 SG.

    There isn’t a PG or SG in today’s NBA that I’d rathwr have than Lin.

  922. is lin going for l from death note look. lol all he needs now is eye shadow.

  923. Baby Lin highlights. SBSL Best Rookie:


  924. Curry barely jumps….one motion shot is becoming a trend…

  925. Let’s hope Lin does not have to use triple too often…I think it means their coach sucks…