Hope and Trust: A Cycle of All-Star, Primadonna, Lamb and Jeremy Lin

Years have passed since Linsanity happened. Jeremy grew up and improved a lot as a player:
– his defence is better,
– his 3 point percentage is higher,
– his turnover rate has been going down year after year,
– he learned to play off ball and catch-and-shoot.

What we have now is a mature player, a very skilled one, capable of any sort of things. One thing Jeremy still doesn’t have. Trust. And unfortunately, it’s not up to him.

Despite what happened in New York, despite all the great games with few shots, few minutes and lots of points, despite of a triple double in less than 30 minutes, people in NBA still think Jeremy is merely a spark off the bench, an energy guy who can score against weak opponents but can’t contribute when things matter the most.
Call me mad but things will change this year. I’ve got this feeling and maybe I’m wrong but it’s like Jeremy has found home in Charlotte. Let me explain better:

A Cycle of All-Star, Primadonna, Lamb and Lin

When Jeremy signed with the Rockets, Houston had All Star Game that year. They drafted a promising player named Jeremy Lamb and, I don’t know how many of you were on jeremylinet those days, but we were all excited about the Jeremy’s backcourt and how good that could’ve been throughout the season. Then happened the Harden trade and Rockets was 100% sold on their primadonna and honeymoon was over pretty soon.

Now it’s like things are going in full circle. Charlotte Hornets have All Star Game this year and there’s Lamb on this roster. Kemba Walker is their primadonna but looks like he wants share spotlight with Jeremy. No matter what, it’s Jeremy’s time to shine. I’m hanging onto this hope for this season.

No matter how bad the treatment could be or how little Clifford might have faith in Jeremy despite his praising words (acts speak louder), no matter if their teammates freeze him out, things will fall into place. I don’t know what will happen but it’s as if after God tested his faith, He will say: ”Now that I made you stronger, you’re ready for what you almost had 3 years ago”.

So, to borrow a song by The Smiths,”Please, let him get what he wants, this time”.

Let Jeremy find his team and the organization who finally trusts in his skill to show the world how good he’s become and how far he can lead a team.

By Spot