Hope and Trust: A Cycle of All-Star, Primadonna, Lamb and Jeremy Lin

Years have passed since Linsanity happened. Jeremy grew up and improved a lot as a player:
– his defence is better,
– his 3 point percentage is higher,
– his turnover rate has been going down year after year,
– he learned to play off ball and catch-and-shoot.

What we have now is a mature player, a very skilled one, capable of any sort of things. One thing Jeremy still doesn’t have. Trust. And unfortunately, it’s not up to him.

Despite what happened in New York, despite all the great games with few shots, few minutes and lots of points, despite of a triple double in less than 30 minutes, people in NBA still think Jeremy is merely a spark off the bench, an energy guy who can score against weak opponents but can’t contribute when things matter the most.
Call me mad but things will change this year. I’ve got this feeling and maybe I’m wrong but it’s like Jeremy has found home in Charlotte. Let me explain better:

A Cycle of All-Star, Primadonna, Lamb and Lin

When Jeremy signed with the Rockets, Houston had All Star Game that year. They drafted a promising player named Jeremy Lamb and, I don’t know how many of you were on jeremylinet those days, but we were all excited about the Jeremy’s backcourt and how good that could’ve been throughout the season. Then happened the Harden trade and Rockets was 100% sold on their primadonna and honeymoon was over pretty soon.

Now it’s like things are going in full circle. Charlotte Hornets have All Star Game this year and there’s Lamb on this roster. Kemba Walker is their primadonna but looks like he wants share spotlight with Jeremy. No matter what, it’s Jeremy’s time to shine. I’m hanging onto this hope for this season.

No matter how bad the treatment could be or how little Clifford might have faith in Jeremy despite his praising words (acts speak louder), no matter if their teammates freeze him out, things will fall into place. I don’t know what will happen but it’s as if after God tested his faith, He will say: ”Now that I made you stronger, you’re ready for what you almost had 3 years ago”.

So, to borrow a song by The Smiths,”Please, let him get what he wants, this time”.

Let Jeremy find his team and the organization who finally trusts in his skill to show the world how good he’s become and how far he can lead a team.

By Spot


  1. 1st

  2. First and Only!

  3. Spot, thanks for the article. Hope Lin and Lamb will fulfill their full potential on this team.

  4. Good article hope your gut feeling is right

  5. Spot on!

  6. I hope I’m right too 🙂

  7. lol .. and it hit the right @Spot:disqus

  8. heart it.

  9. the heart is Spotless

    we can go on all day :]

  10. let’s @Hope:disqus so

    so far I haven’t @disqus_IFBkFbRLrH:disqus any mistakes.
    We’re no @disqus_kq1CzK2p0F:disqus


  11. lol

  12. The offense looks totally different than it was in the preseason.
    If you remember the first game of the preseason, Jeremy played the point and he would get multiple screens from the bigs. Jeremy would pass the ball, immediately get the ball back and once again get multiple screens. They would run pick and rolls with the floor spread and had a lot of success with that.

    In the past few games, Jeremy would dribble to the corner, get trapped and pass it to the big who comes to the top of the key. The offense was so predictable. These are obviously set plays that the coach wanted him to run. You could see during the game that the coach was calling plays for them while he was on the sidelines.

    What happened to the free flowing offense from the preseason?

  13. The preseason free flowing game was just a mirage. Now it’s just passing the ball to Batum and (shudder) Hawes at the top of the key, so that THEY can be the play maker while Lin stands in the corner.

  14. I think Batum is playing a little more selfish during regular season than in preseason. In preseason, even when Jeremy passed the ball to Batum, Batum would often pass it back to Jeremy who would then run a pick and roll off the weak side.

    Now, when Batum gets the ball, he looks like he is looking more to score. This could be more the coaches fault though because the coach did say he wants Batum to be the number 1 or 2 option.

  15. I’m Spotting a lot of puns right now!

  16. That’s what I’ve been saying… and it does not help if he micro-manages too much on the side line. Where’s the autonomy for Lin to make decision when he’s on pg duty? That’s one of the reasons why he seems hesitant knowing that he has to execute the instruction as ordered.

  17. Players with large contracts want their stats to lead (rather than letting Lin shine), and the coach is in his contract year and copes with them. The coach coped with Walker a season ago and lost the playoff chance.

  18. From at the hive, poster comment, for a different perspective:

    Overall, the Team has been playing WELL.

    They’ve played 3 tough games against teams which will likely be top 10 in both defense and offense this season. Atlanta won 60 games last year and Miami is loaded with talent and could win 45-55 if they click. It’s also worse to play Miami early in the season when they are still fresh and injuries haven’t taken their toll.

    Hornets played Hawks close 2 games without MKG—the player who some consider to be our best player. Miami game wasn’t as close but there we showed flashes that game.

    While some kinks need to get ironed out, this team is playing well and it’s a nice change from this time last season when it clearly was playing horribly to start the season. We’ll pick up some wins sooner rather than later the way we are playing.

    Through 3 games, Hornets are:

    22nd in Off RTG
    18th in Def RTG

    That’s actually solid considering the level of competition. Those numbers will improve significantly once we start mixing in some games against more mediocre teams.

    We’ve shown flashes on the offensive end of the court, with a 37 point quarter. We actually look like a modern offense. We’re 4th in 3-pt makes and 5th in attempts. We’ve traded away some defense to make this happen, but it’s arguably well worth the trade—keeping in mind that our defense would have been better with MKG.

    The Biggest Issues:

    Beautiful Turnover Game — It’s fine that we’re moving the ball and getting various people involved. We have 6 players scoring in double digits, so that should make a lot of people happy who were screaming for scoring “balance” last season. The problem is that, when the ball is out of Kemba’s hands, we’re often moving the ball out of bounds or into the hands of opposing players. While Kemba still needs to improve his shooting, as I said before, nobody gives standing ovations for NOT committing turnovers. But when the turnovers start coming in flurries, people start to notice that not turning the ball over is actually quite valuable. I think we were 1st in turnovers last season. We’re 8th now. It’s not that bad, but it’s a big drop from 1st.

    Transition defense — I think this will get fixed. Taking care of the ball will help tremendously.

    SF Depth — This is an issue I harped on a lot in the preseason. We’re starting PJ Hairston, one of the worst NBAplayers in the league last season. Cliff has had him focus on defense, and in my view, he’s been solid on that end with his hustle. But it’s just not enough when you also shoot 25% FGs and 2 for 12 on 3s. The guy’s shot always looks lovely, with that arc, but the reality is that the guy just can’t shoot. SF depth was a problem even before MKGwent down, but now there’s no easy solution because the only natural SF is Batum.

    Overall Depth – We’re one significant injury away from not being competitive.

    Notes on individual players:

    Kemba – This will be his best season as a pro. Still needs to improve his accuracy and passing, but he’s drawing tons of fouls and getting to the line. Slight uptick in 3-point accuracy is also encouraging. His defense continues to be solid.

    PJ – His hustle on defense just can’t outweigh 25% shooting.

    Batum – He’s going to be generally pretty good for us. It will be his best scoring season as a pro. But with increased responsibilities his turnovers have been too high so far. His defense is pretty solid. I feel he has a higher gear which hasn’t kicked in yet.

    Marv – He’s been arguably our best players so far. Not surprising since he came into training camp in the best shape. He’s on fire from the arc and he’s always been a solid defender. 9 rebs/game is just icing on the cake. But I doubt he can sustain.

    Al – He seems to be slowly fading, but he’ll be solid for us this year. He’s leading the team in rebs/min and blocks/min among the players who have played all games and that’s what he needs to do in an offense that is de-emphasizing him.

    Lin – His shot hasn’t fallen much but I really like his energy level. I can see what MJ meant when he called Lin the team’s most significant acquisition.

    Cody – He’s played ok, but he’s again in the lead for the 5/5 award again this season. He’s actually averaging 6/6.3 in fact and that’s concerning because this is his 3rd season and he was the 4th pick. Yeah, his defense is solid and he does the little things, like set screens etc. But he’s just not doing enough and not aggressive enough. Like I said in the offseason, making progress on his arc shot would mean maybe making around 20 of them this season, but it’s not clear whether he can’t reach that modest goal. Without the arc shot he would needs to be a good inside scorer or rebounder to be anything better than a solid role player, but he’s neither.

    Lamb – A risk probably worth taking. He’s come out strong. but he’ll probably always be inconsistent.

    Hawes – He had a bad game, but he’s been ok other than that.

    Frank – I like that he’s hit 2 for 4 on threes. His time may come later this season and ppl need to be patient. He’s just a rookie.

    Roberts – Had just one short cameo so there’s not much to say.

    Regarding the players we gave away, none of them have shown much so I don’t really miss them. Biyombo is doing his Biyombo thing of rebounding and blocking shots but he’s also averaging a hilarious 10.6 personal fouls per 36 minutes. Lance was a complete disaster in the preseason and I’ll be surprised if he isn’t in Doc’s dog house by January. He hasn’t been marginal averaging 5.7 ppg and 2.7 apg in 21 minutes on mediocre efficiency playing alongside Chris Paul. Vonleh barely gets off the pine in Portland, which is remarkable considering the Blazers are going with a youth rebuilding movement. Henderson is injured. not sure what Maxiell and Taylor have been up to.

    Our season will be up and down but this team has a chance to grab one of the low playoff spots and i’m ok with that.

    Have fun all and try to enjoy the season.

    by MZURK on Nov 2, 2015 | 7:48 AM

  19. Accurate observation

  20. Jimmy butler is going to feast on the starters tonight…Batum is clearly the problem. overrated on both ends of the floor. let’s not forget dude struggled mightily playing in Europe this summer. he’s definitely not a bonafide playmaker. time for coach to reign him in and end this experiment…

  21. one thing I want Jeremy to stop doing in this game is to dribble to the elbow and pick up the ball to hopelessly look for cutters. there have been no such cutting action in these games by his teammates. so Jeremy needs to either turn the corner and get to the rack or take the step back J, which he is very good at…

  22. Lakers fans knows only Lin could bring them free tacos last season (win with 100 points game). This year, I hope Hornets fans realizes that Giving Lin 30 mins, he would bring you 50% off papa johns pizzas. Here are Hornets scores (and Lin’s mins) 94/L (27 mins), 94/L (27 mins), 92/L (21 mins) . When you put a player with the highest PPS under 30 mins play time, you are not thinking of winning!

  23. I was told that the FO got some fast players last season expecting a change in offense but the coach still preferred slow games for better defense, and didn’t play them that much. This season Lin was signed obviously for pushing the pace in offense and we have seen how wonderful the offense looks in preseason games. And then suddenly the team goes back to the slow paced games as in previous seasons. Maybe there is bifurcation between the FO and the coach.

  24. coach also needs to call more high PnRs for Jeremy to get him playing downhill. but the guy setting the pick needs to be either zeller or Hansbrough. hawes or big al do not set good screens

  25. spotless without them, lol.

  26. Funny how preseason is for gauging the team. what did they learn?

  27. no plays called for Lin
    Clifford brought him in as a back up and thats how hes gonna use him

  28. Maybe MJ hates pizza.

  29. I know. They are doing the exact opposite of what made them successful in preseason.

  30. I don’t know any Michael’s that don’t like pizza….

  31. With Hornets, JLin should have his chance to resurrect his NBA carrier since this team does not have established alpha-dog and their head coach seems to be supportive or at least he is not biased against JLin.

    But there are things that JLin should do and not do in order to achieve his goal. Otherwise his carrier would be over much quicker than all of us anticipated.

    Mind sets JLin needs to have:

    Survivor mode: treating every game as your last like the one against Nets on Feb 04, 2012

    Nothing to loose mode: playing relaxed and focus on the game itself like the one against Lakers on Feb. 10, 2012

    Alpha dog mode: Play dominating role if needed like the last couple of plays in the game against Raptors on valentine day 2012.

    Fearless mode: aggressive no matter what like the game against DAL on Feb 19 2012.

    Minds sets he needs to forget:

    Submission role mode: like the games played with Harden in Rockets uniform, mindlessly defaulting everything to alpha dog James Harden without fight.

    Wandering mode: playing with constantly changing role in Lakers uniform by mindlessly following BS’ sabotaging/backstabbing instructions.

  32. I would add “yet” to -> ‘established alpha-dog’…

  33. solid post

  34. I lower my expectation a bit. I hope for 25&10 instead of 39&10

  35. Could be that defenses weren’t game planning in preseason, or just playing super basic defense.

    That’s why preseason doesn’t count for much.

  36. Long post.

  37. Haha I love this!

  38. The coach tested that Lin’s style could win for him in preseason games, which makes him feel even more comfortable to explore in another direction which is closer to his style of defense oriented slow pace, because he knows he can always return to the Lin’s style offense to save himself.

  39. With current rosters, seems nobody could become an alpha-dog. Either lacking of skills or needed personalities.

  40. I like this part the best:

    “Lin – His shot hasn’t fallen much but I really like his energy level. I can see what MJ meant when he called Lin the team’s most significant acquisition.”

  41. You noticed that the whole team don’t run much high PnR, and most of them start from the side? Run right into Hawks’ hand as they like to trap there….. That’s why you need two PnR guys there so that you have secondary offense.

    Last game even Lin was not that great, still a big difference when Lin/Batum were together, these two had the synergy better than no other. Lin and Lamb don’t have that. Lin and Kemba is good but not the same way as Lin/Batum. Notice the coach play Lin/kemba in the first Hawks game, but change that to Lin/Batum in the second game.

    Hopefully it would be better against Bulls.

  42. I agree. It won’t be easy because there are major lineup issues right now, but Lin has gotten so good with his jumper that he should just shoot fearlessly. I noticed Clifford didn’t bench him in the 4th even after he missed a bunch of shots — and a commenter on the other site said that Clifford “got on Lin for not shooting MORE” in the first ATL game.

    He has the greenlight (finally!) so just shoot. Will the %s be low? Probably…until they fix the lineups. But the sad truth is that the NBA respects 17PPG 40% shooter more than 12PPG 50% shooters.

  43. In preseason there were lots of Lin/Zeller PnR, and Zeller works hard and roll hard, but in these games, somehow Hawes were the most frequent player come to screen for Lin, and his screen is soft, and he don’t roll. Then when he pop and got a good look, he don’t shoot the ball, but pump fake and try to drive, and give that mini floater that never go in. Just look at his shooting % and FGA, that’s why.

  44. Nobody cares who scores? It was PRESEASON! Lin needs to have 20 FGA, it could mean 20 PTS for his high efficiency.

  45. When you get paid cheap, would you be treated cheap? You cannot be too nice!

  46. The CauldronVerified account‏@TheCauldron

    Hey, Byron Scott, maybe it’s not your team(s) that are soft; maybe it’s YOU: http://on.si.com/1NoYIsi | via @SInow |

  47. That is why I said it came to the fruit picking time, and the fruit growers were not allowed to pick first.

  48. Lin’s better with Zeller, I’m wondering about Hawes’s basketball IQ. I read on Hornets Planet Cody is out tonight. That may mean we get to see Lin with Hansbrough.

  49. Lakers front office setting him up now. Get public opinion against him, then can him when everyone is for it and team won’t take no flack.


  50. new game thread vs CHI is open


    With 0-3 start against strong playoff teams, criticism started to come to Coach Clifford but they have been competitive.

    Can they win against a tough 3-1 Bulls team?
    They lost against DET on a road game that Hornets beat during preseason but this is a regular season.

    Will JLin regain his shooting touch? It’s good that Coach Clifford still trusted his playmaking in the 4th quarter but it will be a good time to have the preseason JLin back to shoot aggressively without hesitation, even if the PnR with Hawes doesn’t work out smoothly as in the past 3 games

    Will Hansbrough play in place of a dehydrated Zeller who lost 10 lbs? It would be a good test to see if his rebounding can help against CHI big men

    Let’s persevere to hope/pray/wish/support JLin to stay healthy and have fun to play his aggressive game whenever he steps on the court

    Let’s go, JLin!

  51. Hopefully No big egos will show up on this team. We don’t know the heart of man. We can only tell by his actions. He can change into a selfish individual if the circumstances/Mgmt/FO/Coaches enable him, case in point=>Harden. Currently, there’s no ‘stars’ on Hornets, so it’s good so far. But once they become stars, that’s when we’ll know their true characters.

  52. OMG! Spotless mind used to be my username 🙂

    Now I know how Jeremy feels with all these puns! 😀

  53. Embrace hard reality for bench players, you have to be good/efficient in any situation in order to earn your PT staying on court.

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