[HoopsHabit] Jeremy Lin: Why He’ll Win 2014-15 Most Improved Player

HoopsHabit had a very well-written article about Jeremy Lin’s chance to win the  2014-15 Most Improved Player (MIP).

Source: “Jeremy Lin: Why He’ll Win 2014-15 Most Improved Player“, Michael Dunlap, HoopsHabit

Look no further than last year’s winner Goran Dragic for proof of that. The bar of 20.3 points, 5.9 assists and 1.4 steals with a shooting line of .505/.408/.760 is quite heady and would be a remarkably optimistic prediction for even the greatest Lin fan, but couldn’t Jeremy get to 17/6/1.5 with a line of .480/.390/.800? Those numbers would be in the discussion in just about any year.


After Goran Dragic won it last year with 20.3pts/5.9ast/1.4stls season avg, they predict Lin to have 17pts/6ast/1.5ast season avg to be in the contention. The number is very reasonable considering how Jeremy averaged 13.4pts/6.1ast/1.6stls/3.0rebs as a starter with Houston in 12-13 season. If we consider how Lin struggled in the early season due to knee recovery, had to share the ball with Harden, had Asik’s butter hands bringing his assist number down, the numbers could be higher especially in points and assists.

The X factor is definitely Kobe’s and Steve Nash’s health and how Byron Scott will use Jeremy Lin in his offense. But things look bright with Byron’s recent comments on Lin as a triple-threat player and how he has helped to develop Jason Kidd, Chris Paul and Kyrie Irving in his offense. I have high hope that Byron will maximize Lin’s potential to help Kobe’s offense for the betterment of the Lakers team.

 What do you think Lin’s season average with the Lakers would be?

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