“His Name is Jeremy Lin” OutsideShot Podcast with Randy Foye

JLin_Foye_podcastRandy Foye did a wonderful job interviewing his Nets teammate, Jeremy Lin, in his OutsideShot podcast interview.

“His Name is Jeremy Lin” podcast offers a unique interview where Lin fans can hear Jeremy sharing many stories of his NBA journeys in a comfortable setting with his teammate, Randy Foye. There is a sense of closeness and comfort of close friends just exchanging stories of how they made it to the NBA after being underdogs for a long time.

  • being called racial slur chink in a Georgetown, Yale, Vermont, throughout the game [19:50] and his coach advised him to not to let it affect his mind [22:25]
  • NBA possibility mid-way in his Harvard senior year: NBA basketball scouts started calling his Harvard coach after his UConn game that put him on the map [23:23]
  • Jeremy shared 3 excellent workouts before NBA Draft. One of them was Mike D’Antoni telling him he was blown away by his workout with New York Knicks [24:30]
  • After not being drafted, Jeremy took his family to Wing Stops to take out his frustration. He ordered 100 wings and managed to devour 40 by himself [28:00]
  • Jeremy shared how Steph Curry has shown glimpses of greatness in his rookie year despite being injured [31:00]
  • Foye shared a funny anecdote of how he heard about Linsanity tearing it up in NY [35:00]
  • Jeremy’s parents used not to have much money that they would fish and freeze fish in the freezer for weeks to eat [43:00] Foye shared his childhood story of going hungry to bed and praying it won’t snow the next day so he can get breakfast at school [45:00]. They shared how important their faith in God helped their journeys.