Getting to Know Atlanta Hawks Players

So i’ve been looking into the ATL players and i was surprised. there is actually a lot of potential here. im actually starting to like what i see. not sure who starts but i think i see a potential “death lineup” of

PG: young
SG: lin
SF: baze
PF: prince
C: collins

-young is obvious. he’s their new star.
-lin is obvious.
-baze is a prototypical 3&D player. started at the 2, but i think he can move over to the 3 and be just as effective.
-prince started at the 3 but i think he can be like RHJ, a small ball 4. one BIG difference though is that prince can handle the ball better and is a WAY better shooter.
-collins looks like a beast. not great size at 6’10” but he’s fast, athletic, plays above the rim and can shoot the corner 3. he started at 4 but i suspect this season we will play 4 out and he moves to the 5.

bench pieces:
-dedmon started at the 5 but i can see him get pushed to back up 5. last year showed he can hit the 3.
-huerter is a good shooter and attacks the rim. reminds me of a young parsons.
-spellman is a stretch 4.
-bembry is a young wing. attacks the rim and ok shooter.
-muscala and plumlee are vet bigs.

last but not least schroder still has to get traded so who knows who else they might get?

Same feeling here. Their 3 1st round drafts from this year are particularly exciting. All three are excellent 3pt shooters. (And one of them is fond of logo shots from time to time.) There are so many coverages on Young, so I’ll pass him.

Take a look at the #30 pick Omari Spellman: This guy is a monster athlete + an excellent 3pt shooter @ 6’9 253lb. In his short one-year career at college, he led his team with a .433% 3P%. I think sooner or later he will be the starter PF in Hawks lineup. My “death lineup” will have Spellman in place of Prince. Check out #71 @ NBA Combine Scrimmage Highlights | Totals: 24 Pts, 21 Rebs, 7 Asts: