Say Your Encouraging Words to Jeremy Lin Post-Trade

As faithful Jeremy Lin fans, we want to cheer up Jeremy Lin after the surprising trade to Atlanta Hawks on July 12, 2018. He must still be taken back by the surprise as many of his fans did so some encouraging words might help to cheer him up that he still has a lot of fans to support him no matter where he goes.

Please post your encouragement to Jeremy Lin below. After a week (July 22 2018) , I can compile all of them into a Word Art similar to what is posted above. If any of Lin fans are professional graphic designer, please feel free to share your ideas of another good way to create a good graphic with the summary of all the words.

We can send it via twitter so Jeremy can use it to motivate him next season.


“Stay strong, Jeremy 💪Your faithful fans will continue to cheer for your journey May you continue to defy the expectations by staying healthy and winning next season 🙏