Say Your Encouraging Words to Jeremy Lin Post-Trade

As faithful Jeremy Lin fans, we want to cheer up Jeremy Lin after the surprising trade to Atlanta Hawks on July 12, 2018. He must still be taken back by the surprise as many of his fans did so some encouraging words might help to cheer him up that he still has a lot of fans to support him no matter where he goes.

Please post your encouragement to Jeremy Lin below. After a week (July 22 2018) , I can compile all of them into a Word Art similar to what is posted above. If any of Lin fans are professional graphic designer, please feel free to share your ideas of another good way to create a good graphic with the summary of all the words.

We can send it via twitter so Jeremy can use it to motivate him next season.


“Stay strong, Jeremy 💪Your faithful fans will continue to cheer for your journey May you continue to defy the expectations by staying healthy and winning next season 🙏



  1. Dear Jeremy,

    Please think about your own stats. Even your own grandmother tells you to shoot more. Stay healthy and prove the haters, doubters, and naysayers wrong. God bless.

    Your fan,


  2. Dear Jeremy,
    IT’S TIME TO GET YOURS!, It’s time for LINSANITY again! Words of power, not faith. Faith got you into the NBA and will always be there regardless playing basketball or not. That’s what Faith is, but it’s your WILL alone to grab this next year by the horns and own it. “Your not going to ever dunk again?” Nope, It’s time to put down some dunks and posterize people like you did with Knicks. You are not Steve Nash; remember you are JEREMY LIN! Remember the dominate Jeremy Lin in high school and HARVARD; It’s that Lin’s Time! The Time is NOW! Forget the Naysayers and show them why Linsanity was and IS real! We are all on the Journey and we can enjoy every aspect of the Journey but it’s the same WILL that keeps you training and improving, it will be that same WILL power to move you forward and DOMINATE! Confidence is not Arrogance! Dominance is has nothing to do with Humility. NEXT YEAR regardless of what COACH’s or teammates say, go out there and show them who LINSANITY IS!

  3. Soar high on wings like eagles, Lin! – HVJoy, your fan in NY

    Jlin7 (IG) Those who trust in the LORD will find new strength, they will soar high on wings like eagles – Isaiah 40:31

  4. Trust and obey! Let God light your way. Fly high on eagle wings! Grace

  5. Jlin, stay healthy and play ball. The rest will take care of itself

  6. your Faith will give you the strength , courage and wisdom to get through these…learn from it and stay focus as to all your aspirations and let no man dismiss your efforts but use it as encouragement!!!

  7. JLin, time to turn super Saiyan! Looking forward to an exiting and fun year of Jeremy Lin style basketball.

    Rooting for you from the Netherlands, Veel Success!

  8. Dear Jeremy…
    It always amazes me how you continue to fight after so many things that happened… You are brave and I know you will be able to overcome the challenge like you always do.I just want to let you know that us fans will never abandon here.We will always be here and we love you so so much.
    At the end of the day, we just want you to be happy and healthy.

  9. in 2012 I fell in Love with the game of basketball as I saw an Undrafted asian American Ivy League Guard do the unthinkable. Humble, hardworking, and God-fearing were a few of many qualities which made me become such a big fan. Now 6 years later, after following your journey, with both successes and struggles I have become an even bigger fan. You have inspired me to work hard in life, and achieve the unthinkable. Jeremy keep pushing… you can achieve great things this season in Jesus name. I pray that you stay healthy and become an all-star. Prove everyone who has doubted you, cut you, traded you and given up on you wrong!! #NEVERDONE

  10. Isaiah 40:29-31 -” He gives strengh to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall, but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like EAGLES; they will rum and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. ”


  11. I still believe your best form has yet to come Jeremy Lin. Please, please, please shoot more. You’ve put in the work! Feel free to drop by Emory if you want to get schooled by me.

  12. Jeremy, you are NOT an underdog nor do you need anyone’s sympathy. You are an exceptionally strong-minded, strong-willed, exceptionally accomplished individual. Your mom said you were “strong-willed’ in the Linsanity video. And trust me, moms know their kids. If you were strong-willed as a kid, then you are still strong-willed. You have accomplished inwardly and outwardly more than most of us will in our lifetime.

    Please excuse my language as I proceed to rant on.

    You had an amazing basketball career in northern Cal, having grown up and graduated from a great high school, with a loving, supportive, accomplished family around you. You fricken won the state championship in California! Beat the fricken Mater Dei HS for goodness sake. You got a perfect 800 on his Math SATII test!!!!! Then you got into the frickent University of Universities, the snobbiest of them all- Harvard University (which as you know has admitted internally to their internal bias of Asians as the most “unlikable”)

    You get to play college basketball- again, for Harvard! You raduated with a Harvard degree with the strongest alumni network ever!

    You then gets to play in the fricken NBA!!!! (What is the percentage of kids who dream of playing basketball professionally and actually gets to do that? I bet less than fricken 1%!)

    And then just when you want to hang it up once and for all, you rewrote the history of basketball and sports with a phenomenon known as Linsanity! Who the heck gets to have a phenomenon named after them? No one but the hurricanes!

    You get to spread his influence from one city to another, from one continent to another, star in YouTube videos, get paid zillion dollars, has the widest platform ever to talk about the things you believe to be important.

    Jeremy, yes, I’m glad you are learning to enjoy the journey. We all have our journeys to be part of and learn to enjoy. Yours gets to play out in front of the entire world, but so be it, that’s the price of having the platform and the gifts that you have been given.

    Jeremy, you are NOT an underdog- you are on one fricken amazing ride of this lifetime- and your journey is a JOY to behold because it is unpredictable and original. Enjoy the ride, indeed, Jeremy!!!!

  13. 🇹🇼Taiwan fans are always your strong backing !! #neverdone

  14. Jeremy: No matter how others treat you, we always believe in you. You are the role model for my kids that is something no one could take away. Please do know your fans will always follow you and support you no matter where you are.

    Watching you being mistreated in the NBA is hard for us, but a lot of us vowed to keep following the NBA till the day you leave.

    Dorothy (started following the NBA because of you, will stop because of you too)

  15. This is an amazing write up!!

  16. Jeremy, your journey reminds me of the story of Job. Keep sharing God’s love and maintain strength in your convictions, clarity of faith will prevail in the end. #neverdone

  17. Hey, Jeremy! We’re with you all the way! Hang in there. Though I don’t understand either why this is happening to you, I will trust that God indeed has a plan for you. Seek Him out! Looking forward to the upcoming season.

  18. Those who trust in the LORD will find new strength, they will soar high on wings like eagles – Isaiah 40:31

  19. Keep at it, Jeremy, your fans are with you.

  20. I cannot possibly describe how you feel right now but always remember that you have ‘US’ your FANS who will continue to cheer on you and support you. I only what to ask you to be healthy always! We miss you playing on the court. Best of luck Jeremy!

  21. JLin. Wherever you go your fans will be with you. So take us for a ride…..don’t leave us behind…..

  22. “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

    Immanual! God is still in control! Hang in there. All your fans will continue to support and follow you no matter where you are playing.

  23. No matter the circumstances, have faith and know that God is faithful to complete the plan he has for you. It is not a plan to harm you but one for a good future with Him. No worries, God’s love is a promise to make sure everything turns out just fine. Love you Lin and praying for you.

  24. JLIN – You are a true pioneer. The path hasn’t been easy. Full of twists and turns, and trials and tribulations.

    Yet you continue to fight on. You continue to inspire with your resilience. The trail you blaze for others to follow will never be forgotten.

    Just remember that we will always continue to support you. We are all looking forward to the next chapter of your basketball journey! #NEVERDONE.

  25. Practical Advice for JLIN – (you know what you need to do on the court so none of that from me)
    Once Healthy-Switch to Maintenance ONLY– Many HOF NBAers never pushed themselves hard in practices or off-season, but gave 100% in games only, wear & tear at the margins decreases one’s physical longevity.
    Begin a Hawks Bible Study – I am not religious nor am I superstitious but I have never walked in your shoes, if you feel a Bible Study helps strengthen you and connect you to your God, then there is no reason not to. I don’t believe there are any current Muslims on the roster to possibly take offence.

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