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  1. Hello 🙂

  2. Hello, Happy 4th of July 🙂

    Lindependence Day!
    Lindependence Year for JLin!

  3. Jeremy was out for a pizza in Fremont, CA.

  4. Dang, that’s nearby and I’m vacuuming the floor waiting for guests. That’s right by the In-and-out.

  5. JL7 reminds me of Rocky Balboa – down to earth, taking pictures with strangers.

  6. wrong thread, I think…

  7. Jeremy tweets “whoa” — and he makes it onto SportsCenter?

  8. Nets planning to offer Crabbe?? if they gets both Crabbe and Johnson,
    what will be Nets starting 5?
    I went to camping for 2 days..there was no internet connection…
    i got no idea whats going on?
    Nets also interested in Ezeli??

  9. Look at them Asians singing Karaoke…

  10. David the mod starter 3 different threads. This one is about Jlin, another on NBA trade/ FA, and a third one on Nets.

  11. Has Lin cut his hair?

  12. Looks like he did.

  13. @John58318827
    Thank you Jeremy Lin, you inspire me every day to work or try to work as hard as you do, on the basketball court. You play with a tonofheart

  14. Whoa!!! His haircut.

  15. are you sure the picture is new? I think we need ask Nets to sign Spencer Hawes.

  16. I guess a JLin buddy posted it, who knows.

  17. My friend said it’s not new. No earring. But why Lin wanted to put an old picture?

  18. This is an old pic. 2014.

  19. Nets might add some bonus in the contract for his hairstyle. 🙂

  20. Happy Independence Day! 🙂

    And Happy LIndependence to Jeremy…Go Nets Go Lin
    May he has the Liberty to run the team as he always aspired to do

  21. @psalm234:disqus I think having multiple thread under the rules/features of Disqus gonna be tough to moderate and follow the discussion.

    Because a member could reply to any message deep in the page and at times with personal attacks and its gonna under the radar, unless someone call us out by name

    Multiple thread only works with Forum format because new messages are always the last post..

    something for you to ponder…. 🙂

  22. Wow! I think KD will like to work w Curry more than RW.




  23. Oh! I see….

  24. no worries…. 🙂

  25. i dont like how there are so many threads. ppl dont know where to post things, and its not clear what threads to check.

  26. initial glitch…they will get use to it… 🙂

  27. I actually think its an improvement! For example this thread , people can post all those Lin social stuff, pics which for some people(and myself) may not be so interested it.

  28. Yep, I have experienced those buried attacks, and mods don’t see it. It’s not worth feeding, but mods need to see those.

  29. It’s inconvenient for me to browse the different threads on the cell phone.

  30. In my poor memory, Lin posted the photo in the summer after he was traded to the Lakers?
    Another similar photo.

  31. Please combine all into one thread.

    Sooo excited for Linsanity to come back to NYC, but stinks that I can’t watch all of his games via League Pass now (I live in the NY area so all the Nets games will be blacked out).

  32. Glad to see another NY article by John Harder supporting Lin to Nets. The writer will “take this signing over Joakim Noah to the Knicks as a better signing” because (quoting him):

    1) AN AUTHENTIC POINT GUARD – Not since the Nets traded for Deron Williams in 2011 have they had a legitimate threat at the point guard position. More so, I think Lin is more versatile that Williams ever was. Lin will truly use his high intellect to help make plays with Brook Lopez. In fact, the pick-and-roll, which is an INCREDIBLE strength with both Lopez and Lin, will be highly utilized to the fullest…

    back in 2011-2012, “Linsanity” was a worldwide phenomenon and helped grow the NBA into Taiwan and China… Plus, with him being in the number one media market, Lin became an inspiration for young Asian-Americans. Now that he is back with Brooklyn, they have an opportunity for a second chance of lightning in a bottle…

    3) STICKING IT TO THE KNICKS – … I want the ineptitude of the Knicks to regret every time they play against Lin in a Brooklyn jersey. I want Lin to dominate the seemingly powerful 2016-2017 residents of MSG. I want J-Lin to be Knick-Killer on the court. And most of all, I want Lin to bring a title home to Brooklyn and become the #1 team in New York, something that would eat at James Dolan and Cablevision…

  33. Nets is the worst team in the NBA????

  34. Is there a way you guys could add a chatroom?

    Would be nice for games. Forums/Disqus would still be active, and would take over post-game.

  35. a mod would be present at all times though or some famous lin fans will go at each other again…

  36. Would you like to know more?

  37. #2 is not true… he just doesn’t know much about Taiwan and China… NBA has been big in Taiwan since the 70’s… we have Lin today simply because Papa Lin was such a huge fanboys of the Showtime Lakers. China only got into NBA due to Yao Ming, years before Lin.

    I do love the rest of the points. I forgot how much NYkers hates Cablevision. Lin is fighting for the people!

  38. that’s more a disqus issue.. their forum sucks on phones and their iphone app is a slow pice of crap. I wish we can use real forums here but people just got use to this thread format I guess.

  39. It takes time to get used to it but I believe it will benefit everyone in the long-term to have forum-like experience with multiple threads.

    With 1 thread, important Brooklyn Nets discussion get lost so easily with non-related NBA FA moves so people can’t follow what’s happening.

    Also, we can have Sticky Thread dedicated for fans who want to buy Nets tickets, JLinPortal Fundraising, etc.

  40. Hi @manuginobilin:disqus 🙂
    We had a chatroom but deactivated it since it took a lot of resources and people like the Disqus threaded feature more during game time.

    But we can try it again next season if many fans want to try it again

  41. Sorry for inconvenience :[
    For watching games, there might be other options (cable, HD stream) to consider when season starts

    I know It takes time to get used to it but I believe it will benefit everyone in the long-term to have forum-like experience with multiple threads.

    With 1 thread, important Brooklyn Nets discussion get lost so easily with non-related NBA FA moves so people can’t follow what’s happening.

    Also, we can have Sticky Thread dedicated for fans who want to buy Nets tickets, JLinPortal Fundraising, etc.

  42. glad Papa Lin wasn’t a fanboy of Kobe or else we’d see Lin chucking up all kinds of shots

  43. i’m with occpatio and kittyhead. it’s not fun browsing on the smartphones. my biggest problem though is i’m super lazy and don’t like to click out of one thread to get to the other treads

  44. Papa Lin is big Magic Fanboy.. he raised Lin right, being a PG with bball smarts is for the real winners, lol

  45. Look at the view Lin will enjoy soon during practice…

  46. New thread for Lin fans who’d like to register for group discount for tickets for Brooklyn home games.
    Perhaps we can also organize group efforts so a portion would benefit Jeremy Lin Foundation.

  47. best art I’ve seen of Lin to brooklyn

  48. wow that’s a million dollar view

  49. LOL, no kidding… I think like any great view you’ll get used to it when u see it everyday… he’ll see the basket just fine…

  50. That is absolutely horrifying!
    The 2 executioners pretending to be cops need to be brought to justice quickly.

  51. It really looked like an ISIS video, until you realize this is the USA where this is happening…

  52. any chance of another forum format? Or is discus it? somehow people like it, but on mobile it’s a nightmare.

  53. I guess the basket that placed right in front of that grand view is on purpose. ’cause if the players don’t focus, they might throw the ball out of the window. Haha~

  54. funny how 90% of the replies from whites are defending the cops and preaching “all lives matters”. when i hear someone say that, i automatically know he’s a racist or a serious dummy and that’s a lot

  55. Some commentators, typically black one, continuously has venoms against Jeremy Lin despite their effort to disguise it. They suggested Jeremy Lin is making Steve Curry money in Brooklyn. That is a very unfair comparison. Nowadays, most starting PGs, unless they are rookies, make more money than Steve Curry. Mike Conley is making about twice as much as Steve Curry. Does it make him twice as good as Curry. I didn’t hear anyone complaining.

  56. And this guy, Antonio Davis, is supposedly to be a “union guy” whom should want equal pay for ALL players NOT just a certain group of players. To SINGLE out Lin’s pay, the only AA NBA 6’3″ PG, revealed his envious heart towards Lin and let the world know that he’s a LOH! SMH! Thanks for calling him out!

  57. Or may be two, one for the “JLIN & Net”, one for “Other NBA or whatever ….” 🙂

  58. Look at the expression on his face in the video, you would notice that he does his smearing in a planned, premeditated and systematic way. A crook, if I may call him. He is using his position in the Union to cover up his unfair comparison.

  59. The main job for these commentators is to not be boring. Note that the blonde moderator had to prompt the guy (I don’t recognize any of these people) to actually make the Curry comparison. The black dude’s primary point was that this year’s free agency contracts are simply outrageous. He says it’s great and he’s happy for the players, but what he’s really saying is he wishes he had made that kind of money when he was an active player. Good grief. Imagine what guys like Kareem, Dr. J, Jordan, Magic & Bird are thinking?

  60. Well, it’s true all lives matter.

  61. The polices should be always reminded and remember the three words on their police car:
    Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect whenever wherever they perform their duties.

  62. Nets Daily just sent out this tweet today. I’m sure the interview has been covered in earlier JLinPortal threads.

  63. Mikhail Prokhorov (far left) is a big guy. Lopez is around 7 ft. …

  64. The police we used to know are gone; retired. The new ones are mostly fresh war vets, so they are treating American citizens like insurgents. It’s again, karma.

  65. Brooklyn starts to fall in love with JLin 🙂

    They’ll love him for his passion to make a difference through social causes, especially children

  66. That’s just who he is, so yeah, even though Lin is pretty conservative NY will still love him.

  67. no wonder he bought a BBall team.

  68. read somewhere that he is 6’8″

    he has some crazy skills lol

  69. It’s definitely the action that speaks louder than words so NY would love him through his work with JLin Foundation to help under-privileged kids with local charities.

    Lin is already NBA Cares All-Star in real-life

  70. Yoga helped JLin’s hips feel loose so he feel like dunking again soon

  71. he can do a lot more in NYC too. There’s a large number of people in poverty, and a crap tons of Asian kids looking up to him as role model. He’s gonna be doing so much more than just BBall.

  72. Jeremy Lin: ‘There’s a big difference between being humble and being stepped on’
    I learned to appreciate my identity, who I am for myself

  73. Man, Lin looks way to girlish with his hair and earrings…I wish he’d consider getting rid of the earrings, at the very least.

    Glad to his parents don’t support this look.

  74. The only reason I dislike the multiple threads is: it makes me very busy clicking here and there which I shouldn’t, not until October.

  75. wow, he speaks English well.. is he on Russian national team? Played in Euroleague? seemed to have some real skills.

  76. haha.. maybe more like Sept during training camp

    My suggestion is try to click the “Recent Comments” button from Homepage if you only want to see excerpts of recent comments from multiple threads. Click on the time (i.e. “5 minutes ago”) to bring you directly to the comment to read/reply

  77. If you’re not a native New Yorker, and I’m not, you might be interested in the map shown below. It shows the location of the Nets’ new training facility, their arena (Barclays Center), and the airport they use (Newark Liberty International).

    From Barclays Center it’s about 3 miles to the training center, 15 miles to the airport, and 5 miles to Madison Square Garden, where the Knicks play. What I’ve shown as “Manhattan” is actually lower Manhattan. Madison Square Garden is in mid-town Manhattan.

  78. I like it though! 🙂

  79. @linfinity88
    @JLin7 on studying abroad, epic fail in school life & spokesperson for the BOXFiSH Education

  80. “Come and learn how to be ABC like me! Study hard in the US and one day you’l have my 100% authentic ABC accent!”

  81. what map?

  82. I suspect it’s not “girlish”. I kind of have a profile of what his family is and I think it’s because it looked too Japanese.

  83. I’ve been concerned with Lin’s chronic back injury that he’s had since his 2nd year with Rockets. He’s gone through long slumps of bad shooting and missing layups at the rim. But he has mentioned that there’s a good chiropractor/acupuncture doctor in New York, that he sees whenever he’s playing in the area.
    Maybe Jeremy can see them more often and it would help him play more consistently.

  84. Good read on Lin.

    “To make space for Lin, the Nets waived last year’s starting point guard, Jarrett Jack. Brooklyn also previously traded starting power forward Thaddeus Young to the Indiana Pacers for two draft picks, selecting Michigan Wolverines shooting guard Caris LeVert at No. 20 and Coney Island’s own Isaiah Whitehead, a Seton Hall point guard, at No. 42.

    Power forward Trevor Booker and center Justin Hamilton have been signed (the latter returns to the NBA after playing in Spain for a year). The Nets extended an offer sheet to combo guard Tyler Johnson, which the Miami Heat have until Sunday to match, and there are no moves yet to re-sign Wayne Ellington (who opted out) or Shane Larkin.

    Thus, Lin is the biggest acquisition—in name and in game—but does he have enough to work with, both on the roster and in his own skill set?”

  85. Another excellent article by Greg from Sportige to analyze JLin’s Biggest Challenge with high risk/reward

    Jeremy Lin on the Brooklyn Nets is the Biggest Challenge of His Career
    ..The Hornets was Lin’s choice. A calculated one. He knew he wasn’t going to be the starter on the team, but he took less money and what turned out to be a sixth man role most of the time. The goal? Bring up his value. It worked for Lin. When he got the minutes and the ball, he played well. That didn’t go unnoticed, and he signed with the Nets to play for a coach he knows, and for $12 million a season over three years. He probably could have gotten more money, but the whole package is probably better for him in Brooklyn, considering how other vacant spots played out in the first 48 hours of free agency.

    What’s special about this test, this challenge? The Nets still have room to make changes, and more cap space than anyone else. Tyler Johnson might arrive if the Heat don’t match his offer, and they will still be about $10 million under the cap, with some interesting names still available, although none of them very lucrative in the long term. But along with Brook Lopez, this is Lin’s team, and it’s not going to change any time soon. And that’s something he’s never had before.

    There’s the risk of failure, because the reward is bigger. Lin is going to be 28 in a month. This is the prime, although his wear & tear is relatively small, with just six NBA seasons behind him, and only 386 games (64.3 per season). If there was ever a time to establish himself as a starting point guard in the NBA, and not just on one team, it’s now. Careers change. Lin might not be in Brooklyn for life (probably not). He can grow with this team and lead them to great things. And whether or not there’s team success at the end of the line, Lin has the opportunity to show a league that has often lacked faith in him, that’s often not valued him correctly, that he’s a #1 point guard type of player, and more than that. As I wrote two or three posts ago, don’t be surprised that if things go well for Lin and Brooklyn early on this season, he’ll make the All-Star game. He gets a lot of votes even when he’s on the bench and not at his best. Imagine how big of a story it’s going to be, imagine the hype, if Lin and the Nets click right off the bat.

    As far as team success, we have to be skeptical. The Nets, just by reviewing their current roster, aren’t good enough to make the playoffs, probably. But the challenge this season, for Lin personally and for the Nets in general, is establishing something to work with next season, and the one after that. Lin plays the biggest role in this project, which is something he’s been waiting on for his entire NBA career.

  86. from yesterday after a long workout. tired but goofy .. guess goofy lin= happy lin ?

  87. lol

  88. “We are excited to welcome Jeremy to Brooklyn,” said Nets’ General Manager Sean Marks. “He is a high character and competitive individual who will fit our culture moving forward, as well as the style of play that Kenny will be implementing. Jeremy is a proven veteran point guard with strong leadership qualities, who is an obvious fit in this system and city.”

    Some good rant on Linsanity names…lol


  89. lincredible
    lindustry city
    feeLINg it
    telinvision ratings
    lin and bear it
    make to sneak it lin
    LINguine night
    flagged for lack of any lin puns

    (all from nets daily lin signing thread)

  90. Didn’t have anything to watch.. and ended up with this vid. Lin vs Kemba

  91. JLin congratulated Tim Duncan on his retirement
    “Congrats Tim Duncan on an amazing career!! Quiet and humble, but a killer and a champion on the court! #TheBigFundamental

  92. Ignore, please. I’m just experimenting to see if I can get Twitter links to appear.

  93. [comment deleted]

  94. Random: Vietnamese pop girl group Lip B wearing Jeremy Lin’s Hornets jersey @2:40

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